Panic Attack/Anxiety Attack?

Panic Attack.

I used to shut myself away from everyday life through fear of experiencing a Panic Attack or an overwhelming fear of anxiety. Does this sound familiar? Do you shut yourself away from everyday life? Do you wake up with that feeling of dread? Do you feel stuck in a rut with no way out?

These are often feelings of anxiety and depression and can often lead to experiencing panic attacks.

Panic Attacks caused by anxiety can be extremely distressing and upsetting for not only the person involved but for their friends and family. There are natural ways to prevent a panic attack or anxiety attack and this article will address the benefits to adopting these techniques.

Many of the coping strategies on the Internet tell you how to cope with Panic or Anxiety Attacks not how to prevent them. There is now a revolutionary way to end anxiety and panic.

I recently attended a course on coping with a controlling stress, anxiety and depression and it has been amazing in changing my attitude. The course used Cognitive Behavioural Techniques or CBT which can teach you to overcome anxiety by changing the way you think without using medication. Books often refer to techniques such as relaxing and changing your breathing, ways of coping not prevention.

I was taught that anxiety and having a panic attack is extremely common, and results show that 1 in 3 people suffer from anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

Interesting when I attended my course there was substantially more men than women, this shocked me, there still seems to be a stigma attached to anxiety and depression and I think people associate it more with women as we are more open.

Anxiety is learnt through behaviour which you can correct, it is not a mental illness.

Here are a few tips to help change this behaviour

1. Slow down your breathing, press one hand on your chest the other on your stomach and breathe in without letting your chest rise but feel you stomach swell and breathe out – repeat

2. Keep busy, starve the anxiety and depression by not allowing it to thrive by keeping your mind occupied

3. Keep a diary of when you feel a Panic Attack or Anxiety Attack to try and recognise what sets it off, also record how you coped

The benefits of using natural techniques are endless

1. You will feel genuinely happier and in control of your life

2. You will be able to participate in events you would have previously declined

3. No longer will you feel anxiety over going to work or that meeting with your boss

4. No longer will you wake up each morning with that feeling of dread

5. You can feel the results within days even hours

6. Medication and therapy can often take years to take effect

The benefits go on and on. I suffered from anxiety and depression and it impacted greatly on my life to the point where I even left my job. I have decided to use natural techniques after months of being fobbed off with medication by my GP. The effects have been dramatic and I am slowly turning my life around for the better, my partner and family have been commenting on the positive changes they have witnessed in my personality.

Give these natural techniques a try and see how this revolutionary idea can change your life for the better.