Panic Attack Symptoms and Curing Panic Attacks

What are some panic attack symptoms? Well, there are outward and inward panic attack symptoms, that is to say, physical and psychological ones. First, let’s go over a few of the physical symptoms.

Some of these include palpitations of the heart, excessive sweating, trembling or shaking, shortness of breath or a feeling of smothering, chest pain or discomfort, a sensation resembling choking, chills or hot flushes, light-headedness or dizziness, vertigo, nausea or abdominal distress, “pins and needles” (like when your foot “goes to sleep”) all over, and dry mouth.

One of the psychological panic attack symptoms, which usually manifests from excessive anxiety, is a feeling of derealization or depersonalization – a feeling of being disconnected from the body, almost as if viewing yourself in a dream, or feeling as though suddenly disconnected from the rest of all life experience, as though all of life is like a projected film that you are not taking part in.

This can be overwhelmingly alarming and distressful, leaving the person thinking that there has been some kind of permanent damage in their brain, or that they are utterly losing their mind. Such an unnerving experience may take even days to get over and shake of the eerie feeling of it all. This however is not permanent damage, but an effect of excess anxiety, and when the body learns to relax and dispel the over abundance of chemicals produced by the adrenal glands, everything does go back to normal.

These are seriously torturous panic attack symptoms indeed, but the most common feeling while a panic attack is about to strike is an overwhelming sense of impending doom that feels like an invisible phantom lurking all around, stalking you as its prey. There seems to be nowhere you can go to escape this and feel safe.

The fact that there are ways to combat the symptoms of panic attacks at their source is a ray of hope for many. Instead of medicating to the point of temporarily numbing these sensations, there are techniques to put an end to this condition permanently. Would you like to learn more?