Panic Attack Symptoms After I Was Locked in a Drawer

Ever since that playful day my life has been riddled with anxiety and panic attacks.

As time went by over the years I developed some freaky panic attack symptoms that had been all to common to millions of other people in this world. Unfortunately I only recently (within the last few years) realized what I had, and what was causing me some crazy physical symptoms caused by thoughts of fear.

Maybe you were not locked in a drawer but also suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?

Stress can also cause this as well, but everyone has their own story. But the funny thing is that it is not often clear as to what causes panic disorder.

In my case I had several near death experiences where others were just stressed out with work, marriages, family issues, or drugs and alcohol use.

Yes I also at the age of 11 almost drowned in the ocean when our fishing boat capsized off the coast of Fort Bragg in California. This all happened on Easter morning so maybe the good Lord was looking over me that day ….

So anyway, your probably wondering what are the panic attack symptoms? How do you feel when you have a panic attack?

Well the symptoms can vary from person to person but there are some commonalities that have come to light.

Some of the symptoms you may expect are racing heart, skipping heart beats, tightness in your chest, hard time swallowing or choking sensation, intense fear of death or impending doom, disorientation, claustrophobic, and needing to pace back and forth or get away from the area where you are having these intense feelings.

I know it all sounds crazy and I would not wish this on my worst enemy …

Panic attacks are actually caused by fearing fear itself and nothing more. Being stressed out or overwhelmed can often trigger the onset of these intelence feelings.