Panic Attack & Chest Pain – Should You Be Scared?


If you have a severe form of anxiety disorder then you'll know that it can cause any number of related problems. Some of these are minor, some of these are major. One of the major ones, and one that can be truly terrifying, is panic attack chest pain.

The reason it's terrifying is obvious: people experiencing panic attack chest pain are sure they are having a panic attack. That's enough to scare someone who is calm, never mind someone with extreme anxiety. And to make matters worse, if you have an anxiety disorder you may also experience palpitations at the same time, making you even more sure that something terrible is wrong with your heart.

That's the bad news. Here's the good news.

Panic attack chest pain, as you may have guessed from its name, is caused by panic, not by anything heart-related.

If you have any doubt at all about it then obviously you should check with your doctor for your own peace of mind. But once he or she gives you the all clear, you'll then be in a great position in the future to know what is a warning sign and what is nothing more than anxiety and panic.

Having that one little piece of information is enough to stop most people's panic attack chest pain, simply because they now know that their heart is healthy, and so the pain must be caused by the stress and the anxiety.

Do you see how learning just a little bit more about your anxiety can take away all its power to scare you? You can apply this idea to many other areas of anxiety and panic too.

So learn all you can about it. Take away its power of you by educating yourself.