Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack – How to Stop Them From Happening

Many people get panic and anxiety attacks, in fact it is probably more common that you think. It seems that a lot of people do not know how to distinguish between the symptoms of an attack with those of other conditions and this can lead to them being missed and not treated.

A lot of people think they will never be able to cure their panic and anxiety attacks and think they just have to live with them. This is not the case and it does not need to be this way, they can be cured.

Panic Attack Anxiety Attack Symptoms

A lot of people mistake anxiety and panic attacks for heart attacks, as the feelings can be similar. However, there are certain specific symptoms that only go with panic and anxiety attacks and can be used to easily distinguish between them and heart attacks.

Some of the main symptoms of panic and anxiety attacks are:

– Dizzy Spells
– Tightness in the throat
– Racing heart
– Hot flushes
– Obsessive worries

If you notice any of these symptoms then there is a good chance you are having a panic attack and need not think about phoning the emergency services.

How to Treat Panic Attacks Effectively

The most fundamental trick to stop panic attacks from happening and getting a hold on them for good, is to break the fear of having future attacks. Once you can stop your brain from entering into it's panic state then you will be finally cured and can control them for the rest of your life.

You do not need medication, or deep breathing exercises. These methods just relax the body once an attack is underway, but this does not need to be the case and you can easily learn to control them so that you can stop them before they even happen!