Panic Anxiety Attacks Can Be Deadly!

Why do some people experience panic anxiety attacks? People who do not understand this illness will think that it is the result of too much stress or nervousness. However, this assumption is very wrong! It has been proven to be a serious medical condition, where victims could not actually control it. It is not a sign of weakness for having panic attacks so frequently.

Panic anxiety attacks may last for only minutes, but for some, it can last for hours! Some of the symptoms of panic attacks include intense fear, difficulty in breathing, shivering or shaking and heart palpitations. These symptoms may not all happen at once, but if the symptoms do happen on 2 or more occasions, you might already be experiencing panic and anxiety disorders.

Today, there are many treatments that can help anyone suffering from panic anxiety attacks. One should not be ashamed to seek professional help if they are suffering from panic attacks, as it is always better to seek treatment on the earlier stage than waiting for the conditions to worsen, as it might just get more difficult to totally cure the attacks.

Here are one of the simple steps you can follow to control panic anxiety attacks. First, you can do some breathing exercise. With the right way of breathing, you can gradually control the frequency of your panic attacks, and eventually totally get rid of it. Start by taking slow deep breaths. Next, hold it for five seconds and release it through your mouth.