Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms in Dogs

The pancreas is one of the most important endocrine glands in the body of all vertebrates. The major role that pancreas plays is the regulation of the blood sugar levels. Secondly the secretion of the digestive enzymes is important for the digestion of food in the body. In cases of pancreatic disease the dog is seen to have a debilitating condition that greatly affects the health of your dog. Though the diagnosis of pancreatic disease may be done by a well experienced veterinarian, sometime the diagnosis may be very elusive as well. Pancreatic cancer is not very common in dogs but may be seen in a high percentage in older dogs. The breed predisposition to pancreatic cancer is only seen in the Boxers and Airedales.

The etiology of pancreatic cancer in dogs remains to be a mystery. The most devastating thing is that these tumors are malignant and they wreck havoc when they spread to other body organs. A good number of pancreatic cancers are malignant. This means that they have the likelihood of spreading from the pan crease to the other adjacent organs. The nightmare in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancers in dogs is that the signs are seen in the progressed phase of the disease. It is therefore to have proper diagnosis and treatment undertaken on time before the tumor has metastasized. In my own opinion I think what triggers this tumors is possibly an underlying auto immune disorder or inability of the pancreas to work when it is over worked resulting to increase in the amount of the new cells being formed to cater for the increased demand of it functionality. This topic of the cause still remains to a subject of debate.

So what are some of the obvious signs that may be suggestive that the dog is suffering from pancreatic cancer? Some of the obvious signs that indicate pancreatic tumor include persistent vomiting, lack of appetite, wasting due to loss of body weight, general body weakness-lethargy, loss of coordination and blood observation in the feces. This are some of the signs that may be suggestive of pancreatic tumor in your dog.

The prognosis of pancreatic cancer in dog is usually poor due to the fact that it is diagnosed in the late phase of the condition. You can read more insightful articles about dogs and the various ways that you can improve your dog general health from my site.