Paintballing Clothes – What to Wear to Greatly Reduce Painful Bruising

Paintball is an incredibly fun sport to play, but like most sports it comes with its fair share of pain. In the case of paintball, the vast majority of pain is caused by getting hit by paintballs. So in this article I will outline what clothes you can wear to greatly reduce the pain and also the chance of getting hit.

One of the first things to understand about paintballs is that they hurt a lot more when they hit your naked skin compared to hitting your trousers or a jumper. For this reason its wise to wear long sleeved tops and trousers, even on hot days, to protect yourself from excess bruising. When you are playing paintball there will be a good chance that you will be diving behind objects and crouching on the floor, so it is wise to wear clothes with some kind of padding on knee and elbow joints. You can buy specialized paintball boiler suits, that have padding in these area’s, and are relatively hard wearing, allowing you to dive around without doing to much damage to the suit. If not you can invest in small elbow or knee pads.

Because you are going to be running and diving around when playing paintball, it is wise to wear baggy clothes. This will do two things; allow you to move around a lot more freely and baggy clothes tend to take a lot of the momentum out of the paintballs, reducing the pain upon impact.

If you are playing in a dark field or the woods it is also wise to wear dark colours to try and camouflage in as much with your surroundings. The same logic applies to shoe’s, as it can often be easy to spot people hiding behind trees if they have bright coloured trainers popping out.

If you follow the tips above, then you will be able to greatly reduce the pain you suffer from bruises caused by paintball. You can reduce this pain further by wearing specialized clothing if you are willing to make the investment.