Pain in the Right Chest Area – Do You Really Need to Worry?

When you experience pain in the chest, the first thing you worry is if you are having a heart attack. Pain in the right chest area is something that can affect people of all ages. It can be sudden, erratic or intermittent. However, it is to be noted pain in the right chest area is not always caused by a cardiovascular problem. There are several other factors can also lead to such pain.

If you happen to over exert yourself through some physical routines, pain in the right chest is an output. In case you happen to experience some problems in the digestive tract, it is also give rise to such problems. Succumbing to illness is yet another reason for pain in the right chest area. For example, if you happen to contract Hepatitis or Liver Inflammation, chest pain is a side effect of this problem. Yet another example is Pleura Inflammation. When Pleura get inflamed, pain can be felt in the right part of the chest. This pain can also occur as a result of gall bladder or pancreas dysfunction.

At times, when we eat food or drink any liquid, it is possible for the esophagus to choke on it and cause congestion on the chest. This congestion can result in chest pain on the right side of the chest. Acid from the stomach can flow back to the chest and cause heart burn. Liver inflammation is yet another cause for pain.

Pain in the right chest area can also be caused by rib subluxation. This is where there ribs get displaced and as result pain radiates from the ribs to the right area. This pain can get intensified by actions such as leading over.

In today’s hectic life environment, the most common cause for pain in the right chest area is the stress. Extensive mental stress and anxiety puts pressure on the mind and if life is very sedentary, it can take a toll on your physical form can cause many health problem, one of chest pain.

In case of gall bladder problems, pain can occur in the chest. Gall stones can result in sever abdominal pain which can extend to the chest. Such pain can also result as a side effect of gall bladder surgery. These are some of the many causes for pain in the right chest area. Treatment for pain in the right chest area can come about only by knowing the exact cause of the problem.