Pain In Shoulder Lifting Arm – Possible Causes

Why is it that you have pain in your shoulder when you raise it up towards the ceiling? Before we can get into why that might be, it is important for me to outline that you have to get an accurate diagnosis of your shoulder pain before even guessing what it could be.

The diagnosis is crucial to ensure that you do not injure yourself and that you don’t cause more damage to your shoulder joint, since it could be a variety of different injuries.

To get an accurate diagnosis, you can have a consult with a physician, a specialist, or a physical therapist who could do some manual testing on your shoulder to determine if it might be something like arthritis, a tendon or ligament problem, or simply a mechanical problem such as impingement.

After an accurate diagnosis is made, whether it be manual or special tests like x rays or an MRI study, a plan of treatment can be devised and you can systematically work at correcting the problem and rehabbing yourself.

So what are the type of shoulder pain causes out there?

Since the shoulder is a multi directional joint, in other words it rotates, flexes, extends, abducts and adducts, it could be a variety of things.

The joint has to take a lot of load and movement, there’s a lot of wear and tear which can cause tendinitis, arthritis, impingement and tendon tears.

A rotator cuff lesion is basically a tear.

Your rotator cuff is comprised out of four different muscles that attaches around the bony area of your humerus. Sometimes, due to trauma or repetitive strain, you can have a tear in different grades where the muscle tendon attaches to the bone.

Usually, this will not heal by itself and needs to be repaired surgically, and after that, adequate exercises to rehab your shoulder.

A precursor to this type of injury might, many times be inflammation in the muscle tendon and this could be because of repetitive lifting due to a muscle imbalance, even poor posture.

You’ll see that there’s a reddish color that starts occurring in the muscle tendon, which leads to increased blood flow and irritation, and inflammation of that area. That’s why it’s so painful to touch or when you raise the arm, for example, up towards the ceiling.

Another reason could be an impingement. This simply happens when you lift your arm and, between the arm and the bony area of your scapula part of the muscle and tendon is physically being impinged, which leads to inflammation and pain. And if that’s not corrected, for example, correcting your posture and strengthening your back muscles so that you can have a little bit more freedom of movement in that region, the pain will increase and you will lose motion as well as strength in your arm.

This is just a few examples of conditions that can occur in your shoulder and cause pain when raising your arm. But We’ll go into more depth about some specific exercises for specific conditions in your shoulder joint, but this is a good starter and I hope it’s been helpful to you.