Who are Some Famous Alcoholics?

Many people became famous in spite of (or sometimes because of) their alcoholism. Here is a short list:

Ulysses S. Grant. 18th president of the United States (1869-1877). His drinking seems to have been brought on by boredom. In other words, when he wasn’t busy, he drank. It did interfere with his work enough that he was relieved of his military duties in 1854. The Civil War came along and his drinking lessened, but did not stop. He drank, but continued to function, throughout the Civil War, emerging a hero. Voted to the presidency in 1868, he died shortly after his second term of throat cancer.

Edgar Allen Poe. Interestingly enough, Poe’s father was an alcoholic, showing yet again the strength of a genetic link for the disease. Poe himself was raised by friends of his birth family. He made several attempts at the military, but his drinking eventually got him drummed out. He published much of his now-famous literature in between bouts of drinking. In 1849, at age 40, he was found lying unconscious on a Baltimore street and taken to the hospital, where he died.

John Daly. PGA golfer and admitted alcoholic, John began drinking at an early age. Beer at age eight, then wine, then whiskey at age 14. His history has been one of huge ups and downs. He won big tournaments, then got arrested for alcohol-related crimes. He has been suspended from the PGA more than once, and even involved in scuffles with fans. His marriages have all dissolved into divorce, and his self-absorption with both gambling and alcohol seem fated to bring him more difficulties in life.

Stephen King. Yet another famous writer, this time born in 1947. As early as 1975 (age 28) he had problems with alcohol. He admits he was drunk when he delivered his mother’s eulogy. King fought multiple addictions, including alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs. After a family intervention he got sober in the late 80’s and has remained sober since.

Joseph Stalin. The son of an alcoholic father, his birth name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. He adopted the name Joseph Stalin (“Man of Steel”) in the early 1900’s as he moved toward Marxism. He was jealous and insecure, unfortunately rising to a position of such power that he could either exile or execute those who he felt threatened him. Stalin died suddenly in 1953, and no definitive cause of death has ever been released to the West.

Senator Joe McCarthy. A U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, McCarthy became the face of anti-Communist sentiment in the 1950s. His Senate hearings have been called “witch hunts”. Although his alcoholism has never been officially confirmed, he did demonstrate many of the classic symptoms, such as anxiety and paranoia. He was only 48 years old when he died of acute hepatitis; it should be noted that this is a common complication of alcoholism, and that is generally considered to be what killed him.

Bonnie Prince Charlie. Charles Edward Stuart, The Young Pretender, The King Over the Water. Known by many names, he was the leader of the Jacobites in one of the bloodiest battles in Scottish history–Culloden, where the Prince’s Jacobite forces were annihilated by Cumberland’s army. It was after Culloden that Charles’ drinking took him on a downward spiral. His wife took their daughter Charlotte and left him in the mid-1700s. He died in exile in Rome in 1788.

All of these people are or were powerful in their own rights, even considering their drinking habits. Just think what they could have accomplished had they not succumbed to the lure of alcohol.

Experiencing Lucid Dreams: Expanding Our Lives Through Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming is a completely natural experience; in fact it is a fundamental part of being human. Each and every one of us experiences a dream state when we sleep. Some of us are quite proficient at remembering and retaining the dream experience, while others claim that they “Do Not Dream” because they experience a complete absence of any dream memories.

Regardless of whether we recall our dreams or not, each of us experiences several dream states during the course of our daily sleep. The dreams that we each experience come to us in a wide range of styles and forms. The focus of our dreams can range from the mundane to the incredibly exciting and thrilling. Many people experience something frightening when they are asleep; these terrifying dreams are commonly referred to as nightmares or night terrors. At other times we experience dreams that are exciting and exhilarating, or even erotic. Unfortunately, the majority of our regular dreaming could be classified as trivial or mundane.

Many people often view dreams as a mental “sorting out” of the events found in their daily lives. Still others believe that God or some other higher power imparts dreams to us, and that dreams explain issues that are occurring in their lives, or even foretell events in the future. On the complete opposite side, other people often believe that their dreams are simply links to the thought held in their unconscious minds.

According to scientific studies, all humans dream on a regular basis. What is different among us is our ability to recall our dreams. Some of us can quickly and accurately recall several dreams from one night. While others have difficulty recalling any dream images at all. Some people go far beyond simple dream recall, and can even control the events that occur within their dreams. This ability is known as Lucid Dreaming.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

A Lucid Dream is a dream in which the dreamer realizes that they are in fact dreaming, and achieves a state of “Conscious Awareness” within the dream. Often this allows the dreamer to then take control of the dream and determine what happens. This ability to have Lucid Dreams allows us to gain knowledge of what we experience when we are asleep.

Lucid Dreaming usually allows a person to control the flow of events within the dream. However, the degree of control experienced will vary from person to person and from dream to dream. So sometimes you will have more control over your dreams then you will at others. The two things that are constant within a Lucid Dream are:

1) You will have some degree of control over what happens within the dream.

2) You will be aware that you are not awake, and that you are in fact dreaming.

A Lucid Dreamer may not always have the ability to fully control their dreams. However, they will be far more likely to affect changes within a dream than a person who does not practice lucid dreaming would be able to accomplish. It is important to remember that having Lucid Dreams does not necessarily mean you will be able to fully control the dream, but you will certainly be able to experience the Dream while being aware that it is in fact a dream.

Lucid Dreaming can be done by anyone. Yes that’s right – Anyone. Some people find it easier to get started than others, but with some practice and a little perseverance anyone will be able to experience Lucid Dreams. The ability to elicit a Lucid Dream State is simply just a matter of practicing and training yourself to differentiate between when you are awake and when you are dreaming.

Many people are initially attracted to Lucid Dreaming because it offers a simple and inexpensive (Free!! Yippie!!) outlet for us to experience our fantasies. Lucid Dreaming provides us with an opportunity for adventure and gives us a place to experience all of our deepest desires. It gives us a place to play with our creativity and it provides us with access to our subconscious minds.

Dreams provide the most vivid mental images that most people will ever experience. A Lucid Dream state gives us direct access to these experiences. Once you start experimenting with Lucid Dreams you will discover that you just can’t get enough.

You will find that you yearn to have more Lucid Dream experiences.

Why Would I Want to Become a Lucid Dreamer?

The most amazing thing about lucid dreaming is that it can give you full control over everything that happens inside of your dreams. Essentially, you are the Boss; you are in complete control over your entire dream world. When you are in your dream world you can do anything that you want.

Have you ever wanted to fly?

Go Ahead!

Want to swim underwater for hours on end?

No one’s stopping you!

Is that building or mountain in your way?

Simply jump over it!

Some people are able to gain such a complete level of control over their dreams that they are able to actually create and form their own dream worlds. This gives the dreamer complete control over every aspect of their dreams. This opens up the possibility to the dreamer to experience, or “Live Out”, any conceivable fantasy or experience that they may desire.

The only limits to what you can do in your Lucid Dreams are those imposed by your imagination (and its your dream world so why would you put any limits on anything!!) Remember, all of these things are happening in YOUR dream world, none of these things are happening outside of your own mind. But just because they are not “Real” it certainly does not mean that they are not a whole bunch of fun.

What Are The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming?

One of the most obvious benefits of Lucid Dreaming is the fact that you are in control of your dreams. You get to do what you want, you are in charge. As we discussed in the section “Why Would I Want to Become a Lucid Dreamer?”, The only limit to what you can do in your Lucid Dreams are those imposed by your imagination. So if you have ever wanted to take a trip to the Moon or to Mars, or perhaps meet a celebrity like Paris Hiltom or Brad Pitt – Now is the time. And Best of all – Its All Free!!

Another great benefit is that you can use all of this time for productive tasks. That right, the average person who lives to the age of 80 will spend 20 Years ASLEEP!!! Can you imaging, 20 full years sleeping, incredible. Well, by using Lucid Dreaming you will be able to regain a portion of that lost time. You can use your Lucid Dreams for any number of tasks. You can use it for fun and recreation, take a flight around the world (you won’t even need a plane), See the world and meet new people (even celebrities) all from the comfort of your own bed.

Besides being a whole bunch of fun, Lucid Dreaming also provides you with some great chances to explore the inner workings of your own mind. Its important to understand that the time you regain by using Lucid Dreaming can also be used for more “Concrete” undertakings. Are you trying to learn a new skill or improve on an existing talent? Why not practice it while you are in your Lucid Dream state. Learn a language, play the piano, practice public speaking – whatever it is that your working on you can now work on it in your sleep.

When you are experiencing a Lucid Dream you can control the course of events as they unfold. You are able to steer the action away from hostile or unpleasant experiences, and guide the dream towards more pleasurable experiences. You are able to limit, or even entirely eliminate, any hostile or negative themes that can arise in dreams. This ability allows you to virtually destroy any nightmare before it even happens.

Many people also find that the time spent in Lucid Dream states can be well used to focus on Healing or Problem Solving. Many people report that they have made incredible physical recoveries from illnesses or found the answers to difficult questions in their lives by using Lucid Dreaming techniques.

And Best of all it can all be experienced Risk Free!

How Do I Become a Lucid Dreamer?

Any one can become a Lucid Dreamer. The first step involved in becoming a Lucid Dreamer is simply to possess the desire to become a Lucid Dreamer. Once you have made this simple decision it is only a matter of time until you are capable of having this phenomenal experience.

The ability for someone to elicit a Lucid Dream State is simply just a matter of practice and training. Once you have taught yourself how to differentiate between when your are awake and when you are dreaming, you will be well on the way to experiencing Lucid Dreams on a regular basis.

There are some “Tricks” you can use in becoming a Lucid Dreamer faster. Try these techniques and you should be Lucid Dreaming in almost no time at all:

* The most common technique is to periodically throughout the day ask yourself “Am I Asleep?”. Start now; ask yourself “Am I dreaming?” now do this 20 or 30 times a day. Leave yourself notes all over the place that ask this question. Asking this simple question will become so routine to your mind that eventually you will ask this question when you are asleep and you will answer, “Yes”. When this happens you will be well on your way to Lucid Dreaming.

* Another technique that people use with a high level of success is this: Before you fall asleep at night, tell your self repeatedly that you are going to have a Lucid Dream and eventually you will. If this does not work then try to be more specific, try something like “I’m going to Fly”.

Some people are able to experience a Lucid Dream state very quickly, sometimes within a matter of days of undertaking the attempt. For others it takes significantly longer to achieve their first Lucid Dream. For some people it can take weeks or even months before they begin to experience Lucid Dreams states. If you are not one of the people who can pick this up quickly, don’t despair. Just keep at it and remember that Anyone can do it – All that is needed is practice and perseverance.

Lets reiterate – Any one can become a Lucid Dreamer, it simply takes time and practice and the right understanding of the techniques involved in creating a Lucid Dream State to become a Lucid Dreamer.

How Do I Know If I’m Experiencing Lucid Dreaming?

If you find yourself asking a Giant Pink Elephant for directions to the supermarket, you may want ask yourself if you are asleep.

There are a few tricks to determining if you are asleep.

Ask your self “Am I Dreaming?”, if you answer “Yes” well then their you have it – You are experiencing a Lucid Dream. Be careful though, because you may be a liar! You may tell yourself that your awake when really you are asleep! This is because your mind wants to believe that everything it sees is always reality so you may get the answer that you are awake when in fact you are asleep. Luckily there are ways to spot this. Read something like a sign or a book title and then look away, now read it a second time. Is it different? If so chances are pretty good that you are asleep.

One of the most important things that you need to do when you first attempt Lucid Dreaming is to Question things. Question Everything! Start questioning your surroundings. Do things around you make sense? Are the people around you real? Are animals Talking? Can you Fly? Did another Giant Pink Elephant just give you a thumbs up and then run away? Where the heck did an Elephant get thumbs? These might be clues that not everything is as it should be, and that therefore you may actually be asleep and having a Lucid Dream.

This is important, when you ask yourself “Am I Dreaming?” do not just answer right away (remember your a liar anyways). Instead take a second and think about it. Look around, is everything really “Real”? Is something strange going on? All joking aside, but it really is important to take a second and pay attention. It is amazing how many people will just accept their surroundings as real, deny that they are asleep, and then politely wave back to the pink elephant and carry on as if everything is as it should be.

Look for incongruities, things that happen within your dreams that you should realize are “Not Normal”. Sometimes we enter a Lucid Dream state without even meaning too. Just pay attention to your surroundings – Look for things that shouldn’t really happen in “Real Life”. Did a Gorilla just tip his hat to you in the Elevator? Ask your self if your dreaming (If the answer is “No” you may want to get off at the next floor even if its not yours! Or ask yourself if maybe this is one of those times where you are lying to yourself.) You can also use incongruities to enter a Lucid State by simply realizing that you are asleep.

Another great thing about the Human body is the fact that your body is naturally paralyzed during sleep, and this natural paralysis will keep you from “Physically” acting out your dreams – so you can rest assured that if your flying about the universe chasing rocket ships in your dreams, at least you will know that your body is still safe in bed at home.

Remember, when Lucid Dreaming you are in control of what takes place. After all, it is taking place within your head. All of the action is taking place within your mind, which gives you complete control over everything that happens to you, so make it a pleasurable experience and have some fun with it.

Check out www.intelligenceunderstood.com [http://www.intellieunderstood.com] for more on Lucid Dreaming and other Mind Improvement Topics.

Hiatal Hernia Natural Remedies- Natural Remedy Secrets That Will Save You Hundreds

Thousands of people search the internet everyday for simple hiatal hernia natural remedies and walk away disappointed. This is because there are a lot of remedies that are simply not researched or the web is so bogged down with medical jargon that most people think that medical treatment from a hospital is the only way to treat their problem.

A hernia occurs when one part of the body protrudes through an opening into another part. A hiatal hernia forms at the opening in your diaphragm where your food pipe (esophagus) joins your stomach. Part of the stomach pushes through this opening causing a hiatal hernia. Typically there is no problem but this is not the case if there is a larger opening. Usually the result can be consistent heartburn, chest pain or acid reflux.

Most people will seek medical help to only discover that simple lifestyle changes (typically diet) can create the cure. Some most seek surgical treatment to treat their hernia. Most will visit the doctor regularly to keep an eye on their reflux and hernia problem.

But why give half of your pay check to the oil companies and the other half to the medical industry. Have you considered how simple hiatal hernia natural remedies could cure your reflux problem and save you hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars?

A Simple Remedy Cures Reflux

The year was 1976 and my dad, Bob Barton, suffered from everything you are dealing with! Hiatus hernias, acid reflux, bile reflux, heartburn-you name and he had it! After a failed stomach surgery, my dad spent most of the next year throwing up multiple times per day. The doctors mistakenly connected the bile duct to his stomach instead of his esophagus.

Doing his own research, my dad discovered that he was the perfect candidate for esophageal cancer until a miracle happened

Quick Easy Cheap Meals

How to put a meal on the table quick.

It is very important in our busy life to be able to serve up an appetizing meal in a quick fashion. If you get in the habit of doing this one easy thing, you will become an expert at getting a meal on the table in only minutes. Here's one habit you can start: as soon as you walk in the door, put a pot of water on to boil. Small pot for small family; Larger pot for a large family. Practice will make perfect in judging how much water to use. Then, as you are getting ready to come in the kitchen, the water is well on its way to boiling. What can you do with boiling water? You can cook potatoes, rice, macaroni, spaghetti, hard-boiled eggs, use it for hot chocolate or herb tea, throw in bouillon cubes, some veggies and leftover meat for a quick soup. The possibilities are numerous. This one habit is your first step to having quick, easy, cheap meals.

Make it easy to get dinner done.

Dinner is something that has to happen every day, for the rest of your life. Whether you cook for yourself or a family, how can we make this job easier? Plan ahead. You can plan ahead by making a list of what dinner will be for the next week and making sure you have all the ingredients. You can plan ahead by cooking several meals in one day when you have time and then freezing them to eat later. You can also plan ahead by cooking some extra food every time you cook and then using that extra food for another meal later. Talk about easy! Some of the work is done already, with very little effort. It takes only a little more effort to make 2 meatloaves instead of 1 or make 2 batches of cookies instead of 1. Then these "planned-overs" can be put in the fridge or freezer to use later (or sooner; its up to you ). This is your second step to having quick, easy, cheap meals.

You can save a lot on your food bill.

You can eat healthy, fun, nutritious food and save money at the same time. One great way to save money on your food bill is to try cooking with beans, peas and lentils. If you've never tried them, they are very delicious, filling, and a powerhouse of nutrition. Maybe you have had them before and did not care for them. Try them cooked a different way. Scout around for a variety of recipes that use these healthy legumes as they are an excellent way to stretch your food dollar. You could make bean burgers, lentil loaf, or split pea soup as the main course and accompaniment it with some nice vegetables. When first trying out these foods, start out a little at a time. This is your third step to being able to prepare quick, easy, cheap meals.

Design Your Custom Rugby Head Gear

Rugby is the sports that was originated at Rugby School Warwickshire. During the 19th century, it had become a very popular game worldwide. Generally, there are two types: Rugby Union and Rugby League. In 1987, first rugby world cup match was held. It is a physical game in which team players play with a lot of strength and stamina. Rugby kit is an important part of this game. It includes Shorts, T-shirts, boots, base layers and trousers. These are traditionally designed and printed for all the team players. Every sports game which involves physical efforts like running, ball throwing, kicking, pushing, etc. increase chances of physical injuries to the body parts that may also lead to severe conditions like swelling, dislocation of the body joints, cramps, strain, wound, bone fracture, Spinal cord and brain injuries.  In order to avoid these cases, it is very important to wear protective gears while playing games. For the body parts protection, there are many gears like Rugby Headgear, Shoulder Pads, Mitts, Forearm and Bicep Guards, Junior and Senior Mouth Guards, Head Guards, Body protection Pads etc. These are designed in such a way that they not only give you comfortable fitting but also protect your body parts from physical injuries. The outer covering is manufactured with the durable and solid stuff that give protection to your head. The Inner part is made with the quality  fabric and it is provided with the pads that will give you complete comfort while wearing. The laces are provided on the front side that can be tied as per your comfort. The quality fabric will act as good absorbent that will let you sweat free playing. The manufacturing companies also provide an opportunity to choose your own choice colors, prints and designs. On the basis of these, the head gears are categorized into: Custom or club head gear and V2 Headgear design. In the Custom or club head gear, the players can select the designing pattern, base color, lace and trim colors. The same facilities are also available with V2 headgear designer pieces. In this way, you can choose your comfort and style in the safeguards. For the customized articles, you have to book your order first. Once the order get ready, it will be quickly delivered to your place. For the last 10 years, Impact Rugby is one of the wider distributor and dealer of Rugby  Sports items and protective gears. We have a wide range products. All of our sports items are designed and manufactured with the top quality products that features flexibility, comfortability, and durability. You can also have customized designed articles. Our latest product range includes lace packs, lightning bolt and Aussie Camo Pink Head guard. For fast home delivery, you can book your order online. Our package shipping services are available all over in Australia. For any query about production and manufacturing, you can contact us at + 61 7 3040 0524.

Cardiovascular Services That Can Save Your Life

Heart attack victims don’t always have warning signs. In fact, over half the men who die from it have no idea they have a cardiac problem. Few people know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for all men of all races. The statistics for women aren’t much better. It is the number one cause of death, and nearly 65% die suddenly without ever experiencing any symptoms. A couple of hours of waiting are often the difference between life and death.

Risk Factors

The best way to prevent heart problems is to know the risk factors. The only way to ascertain heart health is through precise testing conducted by cardiovascular services. Granted the symptoms could be deceptive, such as a jaw ache, cold sweats, or nausea. These are critical indicators that most people will ignore. Other signs are just as precarious like severe heartburn, extreme fatigue or swelling extremities are often “watched” for a while before seeking medical help. Cardiovascular services perform diagnostic examinations to provide an accurate representation of the hearts current condition.

Treatment Options

An EKG can tell a cardiologist if there is a conduction problem, if a calcium or potassium level is off balance, and if the patient had a previous heart attack and in which part of the heart it occurred. This is a simple, non-invasive procedure.

If a person complains of chest heaviness or a dull pain after exercise or during stress, the physician may suggest a cardiac stress test. There are several versions of this test currently in use. A stress test measures how well the heart muscle works with an increased heart rate. Some of the most common scenarios to increase the rate are a fast bike ride, a healthy run on a treadmill, or the administration of medications. This exam takes a little time but is non-invasive except for the injection.

Nuclear testing is frequently done in conjunction with stress tests to provide an image of the blood flowing to the heart muscle. These test results can indicate an abnormality that demands further investigation. Narrowing of coronary vessels or even a complete blockage can be discovered and treated quickly to prevent heart damage.

Under certain circumstances, a cardiac catheterization may need to be done immediately as a life-preserving measure. However, it is far better to have one performed to prevent emergencies. This is an invasive procedure that can have complications, although they are rare.

When cardiovascular services perform a cardiac catheterization, it provides a massive amount of visual data that demonstrates how well the heart muscles and valves are working. It is one of the best ways to diagnose early coronary artery disease. The images also reveal stiffening of the heart chambers and any reduction or interruption in blood flow.

These examinations determine if a patient needs to make significant lifestyle changes or if they should seek further medical attention. The results allow the physician to formulate a plan to limit the risks for heart disease and strokes.

High Blood Pressure And Dizziness – What's The Real Story?

High blood pressure and dizziness what's the real story? Well ironically dizziness in relation to blood pressure probably has more in common with low pressure than actually high blood pressure.

That being said it could be a serious problem and in many ways the fact that you're suffering from dizziness and potential drops in blood pressure are probably more important than the levels to which the blood pressure drops to so it is extremely important to get to The bottom of it if it is indeed a regular occurrence.

If you are suffering from dizziness and have correspondingly have been diagnosed with high blood pressure then it could indicate a whole series of events, all of which will need to be investigated by your doctor or healthcare practitioner. This last point can not be stressed too heavily enough as there are too many occasions in relation to medical conditions where people place too much emphasis on common folklore or old wives tales as opposed to getting the correct medical advice from experts.

If you suffer from high blood pressure then by all means listen to other sufferers and people in general but do not ever make the mistake of ignoring the advice of professionals – it could be fatal to be the last mistake you ever make.

I make no apologies if I sound too dramatic but high blood pressure is serious and as such has to retreat it as such.

Back to high blood pressure and dizzy spells however. These could be as a result of the number of things none of which in isolation could be that serious but they could be little indicators of potentially something more serious further down the line.

Usually dizzy spells occur as a result of changes in your blood pressure from moving from low blood pressure to high blood pressure normally when you first get up in the morning as it is a known medical fact that your blood pressure is usually low at night and rises Sharply upon waking. Conversely you could suffer dizzy spells when your blood pressure drops Sharply as a result of dehydration, blood loss, allergic reaction, postural hypotension, sometimes some people suffer from dizzy spells when they change post if they have been in one position for a long time. The dizzy spells could have been taken about by what is called postprandial hypotension; This is usually an occurrence that affects older adults with high blood pressure or what could be best described as autonomous nervous system disorders such as Parkinson's disease and basically occur after meals.

Lastly in certain cases dizziness could be caused by usually mediated hypotension and by this I mean this usually occurs in young people in these usually calls because of a miscommunication between the high and the brain which leads to dizziness and nausea painting as a result of standing for Long periods.

Whatever the reasons, if you are experiencing any dizziness or any form of light-headedness on a regular basis then you need to see your doctor as soon as you can. It might not be anything serious at all but it's much better for them to make the decision rather than you.

There Are No Excuses for Giving Up!

The worst thing in the world is when your dad gets into a financial problem while you’re really young and you have to leave your hometown with your family!

In the new city, dad is better off and life gets better. It was during his high school years that he lost his father. He had to start all over again!

Everything got more difficult…

Before he could get his high school diploma, he had to start working to support his family. Back then he was only 17.

We’re certain that Shahrokh, the hero of our story, will succeed, but why is it that in almost all the stories I tell, the successful people have always been through so much.

It’s not just them who have been through lot; everyone experiences the hardship at some point in their lives.

When ordinary people face a problem, they actually feel happy for the fact that they found an excuse to stop working and let go of everything even if it’s half done.

But in this kind of situation, successful people don’t act like others and therefore they succeed. In this story, I’m trying to remind that these two groups have been created by the same God. Successful people choose differently, meaning that they choose the difficult path.

Shahrokh could easily choose to stop studying due to his father’s death and family’s financial problem and just say I have to work instead of studying, and whoever listened to his story would have surely agreed with his decision.

But, with all the hardship in his life, Shahrokh was completing his diploma in literature. And the interesting thing was that he was even trying to get into university to study a major in Law. This field of study was really difficult for someone who is working as well.

But Shahrokh studied, studied and studied!

That year 4000 people were competing for a place in the Law faculty at Tehran University and I could easily say that none of them where providing for their families. Only a small number of people could get in and since when you try not only for yourself, God will help you more, he got into Tehran University.

He was living in Qom (a city close to Tehran) and he travelled to Tehran 3 times a week to attend his classes. The rest of the days he worked to support his family.

With all his effort, his life was on a good path until the age of 28 when he was diagnosed with a pulmonary problem which later on the doctor told him that he had tuberculosis. That was the same disease which killed his father. He was scared but, never gave up hope. He remembered all the obstacles he had encountered in his life and so, he started to fight again, but this time it was for his health. Even though he was working two jobs, he tried so hard to fight and finally he succeeded in defeating the disease.

He had big dreams, but even though he was trying really hard, as he moved forward he felt as if he was moving further away from his dreams. He was facing a lot of problems at work and on the other hand his disease and other life’s problems were pushing him away from his goals.

But Shahrokh Zahiri never gave up; even though now he was 42 years old and most people around his age were starting to think about retirement, with great courage he opened up a factory, producing new products which were never seen before in Iran. It takes a lot of courage to introduce tomato sauce and mayonnaise to people who only used yoghurt and egg whites. But Shahrokh Zahiri learnt the courage to live from all the previous years (from his childhood). He listened to his heart which said: have faith, and you’ll succeed.

When people saw his sauces, they would ask: are they edible or not?

With different techniques, he introduced this new product into ordinary peoples household.

He managed to start up the company with the name of “Mahram” and unless you read his life story, you wouldn’t believe that a brand which has more than 10 factories and more than 10,000 employees was started by someone at the age of 42 with a small amount of investment.

Unfortunately at the age of 48 his heart grew weak and the doctors told him that he might only be able to live for a short time but, it’s close to 40 years that he continues to live with his battery operated heart since his heart beats for his country. At the age of 84, he works 12 hours a day with his weak heart to teach a lesson of effort and perseverance to the students who stop working when they catch the flu.

Let’s summarize Shahrokh Zahiri’s lessons:

1- Just like all the other successful people, we have to be prepared for the obstacles in life and we have to believe that we can overcome them.

2- The physical problems that we come across shouldn’t pull us away from trying, even if they are life threatening.

3- Death of loved ones, financial and family problems do not have the power to stand in a way of ones efforts. These problems can’t stand in the way of brave men and women like you and I to continue studying or working.

4- He has two recommendations for the youth: Firstly is that to put your pride a side for yourself, family and your work. He says back then he was the only person in his company with a bachelor degree and used to get to work so much earlier than his illiterate collogues to clean everywhere even though it wasn’t his duty. He did it just because he enjoyed it and liked cleanliness.

Mahram’s great success never caused him to become too proud and in all his charity trips he did everything he could to make the kids happy.

Secondly, he owes his success to his teachers, university and business. He believes that people, who do not respect their teacher, will definitely face failure in life.

5- He worked two shifts through his life.

A message to take with you from this story:

If you want to reach your goal before anyone else, you have to run faster than the rest towards your goals. This is the only way you can get there quicker.

Low platelets and low white blood cell count, Natural Remedies

The white blood cells are also called as leukocytes are an important party immune system of the body and it helps to prevent the body against the foreign things and infections. The general count of white blood cell in the human body will be around 4000 to 10000 cubic millimeter of the blood. If the count of the white blood cell in the body is extremely high, then this condition is called as leukemia and if the number is very low then this is know as leucopenia.

When the white blood cell count is very low, it may be the signal of a number of various essential medical circumstances that includes live disease, lupus, deficiency in the minerals like copper and zinc, spleen disease and vitamin deficiency. Thus when the count of the white blood cell in the body is reduced, the body will not be in a position to fight the infections very quickly as it can be done under the normal stages.

The first symptom of infection will generally be fever and will turn the person to become ill very frequently. Some of the other generally symptoms are canker sores, urination issues, cramps in the stomach and also excessive bleeding. When a person experiences headache or sore throat together with sneezing, then these may be the indications of infections in the lung or sinus. Correct treatment consulted on right time will pave a good way to get rid of infections.

Some of the most famous aggravators of the situation that develop out of low white blood cell count or the low immunity that includes stress, complete lifestyle and the dietary practice. It is also quite natural that the aging factor that cannot be avoided will also play a role in the white blood cell count. The food that is consumed will affect harmfully or contribute positively to the quantity of impact the position has on the daily life.

The food items that contain more zinc like pumpkin, oysters and dark meat turkey are very advantageous to increase the white blood cells production in the body. The food that has got more level of cholesterol or fat should be avoided. Regular intake of fatty items will lead to more infections on the body. It is better to increase the consumption of fish. A good and hygiene life style will help to ensure to have minimum infections in spite of the low potential of the immune system. It is also suggested to avoid going to places that are really crowd as more people present will prone to contraction of more infection of bacteria.

The Natural Remedies for Low Platelets
A simple breakthrough method that will not only restore your low platelets to normal but will do so without any invasive surgery or prescription drugs. There is a 100 percent all natural alternative to steroids, huge hospital bills or worse…a complete splenectomy. You can now increase the platelets in blood naturally in a very short time. The less expensive home remedies that help increase platelets, decrease their destruction and greatly boost the chances of survival of platelets in the blood manifold. You can learn more on treating low platelets and increasing their count by visiting the guide on natural remedies for low platelets here.

New Life For Route 66 Motels

John Steinbeck dubbed Route 66 The Mother Road, a road that was and is today the lifeblood of Williams, Arizona. Unlike most of historic Route 66 communities, Williams has preserved the heritage of The Mother Road and the historic motor hotels are experiencing a renaissance as new owners take over, in many cases run down properties, and re-energize them with unique furnishings and a fresh exterior. The business district with vintage shops and restaurants line old Route 66 and the entire town is very walk able with motels and shops along about ten blocks of historically preserved architecture.

When Rob Samsky first considered rehabilitating a vintage Route 66 motel he knew he had a big project ahead, the building was on the slate for condemnation by the city. Rob says “It was a labor of love and hard work for over a year with a whole lot of family and local community resources going into the rebirth of our motel. The pine wood that we used for the exterior treatment was cut from the forest right here and milled by a local sawmill. We combined many of the original rooms to create suites to make a very comfortable lodging experience.” The Lodge on Route 66 has the exterior character of the small vintage Route 66 motor hotels but the owners redefined the standard of luxury in all nine standard rooms and nine suites with wood and travertine flooring, top of the line pillow top mattresses with luxurious cotton linens, and solid wood furniture. Complimentary breakfast is served in the covered exterior cabana which is central to the motor court.

The Samsky family took on another significant renovation project to bring the motel across The Mother Road, the Downtowner, back to life. In this project the rooms have an upscale “downtown” feel with flat screen TV’s, granite & slate appointments and two of the 16 rooms have whirlpool tubs. The essence of the original Mother Road architecture has been preserved an, of course, a quieter and tamer Route 66 is right out the front door.

The Wild West Junction is a unique development that connects visitors to an era gone by that is the true Wild West heritage of territorial Arizona. Owners, Mike DuCharme and Jay Redfeather, dress the part of the vintage west as do all the employees at the Junction. The original motel has been totally reconfigured and is now one of the most unique tourist facilities in America. Staying in one of the six one-of-a-kind guestrooms in the Drover’s Hotel is like being invited to stay in someone’s museum. Each room portrays a theme from the Old West. A highlight of the Bordello single-queen room is a mural on one wall depicting an upscale brothel from the late 1800s. The rich décor of the room is worthy of the Madame of the establishment. The China Camp, with its two comfy Queen beds and Chinese motif, was decorated with the Chinese in mind who were such an integral part of the building of the West. If you like Westerns, then the Movie Memorabilia single-queen room is the perfect place to slumber, with movie posters on the walls, one of the ten original hats worn by Clint Eastwood in “Pale Rider”, as well as the “Quigley” gun, and a portrait of Tom Sellick over the bed. The Hacienda is a two-room suite, with fireplace, wet bar, Jacuzzi tub, and two private patios.

To recognize the heritage of the Chinese laborers who built the railway that comes through Williams, the Junction owners created Hop Sings Chinese Restaurant. The building is new but, like the rest of the Junction, it looks like it has been standing since the heyday of the era of the wild west. Dining is on two floors with four outdoor patios and an upstairs bar with a terrific view of the sunsets, mountains, and the Ponderosa Pine forest that surrounds Williams. With the Typhoon Saloon Restaurant & Bar within footsteps of the Drover’s Hotel, as well as the Territorial Museum, the Courtyard where most days cowboys hang out (and most nights there is live entertainment), the Wild West Junction is a great place to relive the Old West and stay right on The Mother Road, Route 66.

Skin Cancer – Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

In the United States, Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) accounts for 90 percent of all skin cancers in the southern states, and 47 percent in the northern states. Basal Cell Carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer in Australia and New Zealand, representing 70-80% of diagnosed skin cancers. Occurrence of Basal Cell Carcinoma mainly occurs on the head and neck. It occurs less often in Asians and rarely among darker skinned races. As with all skin cancers the risk is considered to be related to sun exposure. The positive about Basal Cell Carcinoma is that it is slow-growing and rarely metastasizes through the body. However, it is locally destructive and can invade neighboring bone and nerve tissue.

Description – BCC is a malignant epithelial cell tumor that begins as a papule (a small, circumscribed, solid elevation of the skin) and enlarges peripherally, developing into a crater that erodes, crusts and bleeds. BCC originates in the basal layer of the epidermis, the lowest layer of skin.

Signs and Symptoms of Basal Cell Carcinoma – There are five typical characteristics of basal cell carcinoma that are quite different from each other. Two or more features are frequently present in one tumor. BCC sometimes resembles non-cancerous conditions such as psoriasis or eczema and requires diagnosis by a trained person. The five warning signs of basal cell carcinoma are:

  1. An open sore that bleeds, oozes or crusts, and remains open for three or more weeks. A persistent, non-healing sore is a very common early manifestation.
  2. A reddish patch or an irritated area, frequently occurring on the chest, shoulders, arms or legs. Sometimes the patch crusts. It may also itch or hurt. At other times, it persists with no noticeable discomfort.
  3. A smooth growth with an elevated, rolled border and an indentation in the center. As the growth slowly enlarges, tiny blood vessels may develop on the surface (telangiectases).
  4. A shiny bump (nodule) that is pearly or translucent and is often pink, red or white. The nodule can also be tan, black or brown, especially in dark-haired people, and can be confused with a mole or melanoma.
  5. A scar-like area (white, yellow, or waxy in appearance) which often has poorly defined borders. The skin itself appears shiny or taut. Although a less frequent sign, it can indicate the presence of a more aggressive tumor.

Diagnosis of Basal Cell Carcinoma – Diagnosis is almost always by biopsy. Tissue is cut away from the site and examined under a microscope.

Medical Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma – Allopathic treatment depends on the size and type of tumor. There are various types of surgery or non-surgical treatments chosen from.

Non-surgical treatment of BCC – Allopathic non-surgical treatments have low success rates.

  • Topical application of 5-fluorouracil for 2 to 12 weeks is only beneficial for superb BCC. Fluorouracil is used to prevent excess cell proliferation as found in skin cancer and psoriasis. It follows the formation of RNA which in turn leads the formation of DNA.
  • Imiquinoid cream -Currently the use of Imiquinoid cream is considered experimental. It is an immune response modifier that stimulates the immune system to release cytokines that destroy cancer cells. Treatment causes significant skin irritation. Not all types of BCC are affected.
  • Ionizing radiation: Superficial x-ray. It results in radiation damage, therefore it is used more with older patients. Impaired immune function and general malaise also usually results. Used for facial BCC and appears less effective for BCC occurring elsewhere.

Surgical Removal of BCC – Surgery is the most studied, and most used treatment for removal of a BCC in allopathic medicine. The effectiveness of surgery depends very much on the skill of the surgeon. Different surgical methods:

  • Electrodessication and Curettage – the BCC is burned and removed with a scalpel. The main disadvantage of this method is that the tumor often tracks down hair follicles. (9)
  • Cryosurgery – liquid nitrogen to freeze burn the BCC.
  • Excision surgery- the BCC is cut from the skin with a scalpel. To increase the likelihood of complete removal of the tumor, a portion of normal-appearing skin surrounding the BCC is removed.
  • Microscopic or MOHS surgery – the BCC is cut from the skin, along with some of the healthy surrounding tissue. This is examined under a microscope to check for any remaining cancer cells. Tissue is then taken in increments of thin layers of skin, until no more cancer cells are detected. Mohs is the most effective allopathic medical treatment (99% cure rate for primary BCC, 90-95% for recurrent BCC).
  • Laser surgery. Lasers are also used as a secondary therapy when topical medications or other techniques are unsuccessful.

Recurrence of BCC – Once a basal cell carcinoma has been removed, another growth can develop in the same place or nearby area. It has been found that 36% of people who develop a basal cell carcinoma will develop a secondary primary BCC within the next 5 years. Radiotherapy can result in more aggressive and invasive cells in a recurrent BCC.

Effective Alternative Treatments – Allopathic medicine is often successful in completely removing BCC's but obviously also often fails, given the high number of recurrences suffered by many people with repeat visits to the doctor and then specialist. These treatments do not always work as well as expected or hoped.

But there are natural treatments that are worth trying and have proven to be safe and effective. You can read the full text of this article in the e-book entitled "How to Treat Skin Cancer Naturally". The book includes descriptions of different types of Basal Cell Carcinoma as well as images and additional text. It covers other types of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma) with helpful information on various methods and herbs such as bloodroot applications. Real cases of people who have successfully used these methods are included.

Health benefits of drinking Lemon Juice this summer by Medimanage.com

Drink lemon juice this summerIndia is renowned for its brutally hot summers and with the sun coming out in full force this time every year, people turn to drinks to refresh themselves and seek some respite from the heat. While the market remains perennially flooded with drinks that promise to cool you down, nothing comes even close to the small-round, very cheap lemon juice which not only refreshes you but also provides amazing health benefits!

How is the lemon healthy?

drinking lemon juice has many health benefitsSmall. Round. Cheap. Healthy. Garnisher…. are just some of the adjectives that are applied to the Lemon. But still many remain unawares of the health benefits that this little citrus fruit can grant! This innocuous looking fruit comes packed to the brims with Vitamin C, an important vitamin needed by the body to function normally. But other than Vitamin C it also contains other vitamins in high amounts such as Riboflavin, Vitamin B, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and many proteins and carbohydrates. To put it simply, the little yellow lemon that we know is actually a pocket dynamo when it comes to granting health benefits.

Following is a list of 6 health benefits that are provided by the tangy tasting lemon juice,

Helps with High blood pressure: Lemon belonging to the citrus fruits family, comes loaded with Vitamin C and Potassium, both of which are found lacking in a High Blood Pressure patient and both of which help control blood pressure. The high Potassium content also helps those suffering from heart problems immensely as potassium helps in maintaining a normal heart function.

Helps with mental stress: Lemon juice with its high levels of Vitamin C helps to reduce stress and depression. Individuals with a weak immune system are prone to lose Vitamin C from their bodies whenever they are faced with stress. Plus lemon juice has a very calming effect on our nerves, making it the ideal drink whenever faced with high levels of stress.

healthy teethHelps to maintain healthy teeth: Fresh lime juice when applied on the gums helps in reducing tooth ache not only this but topical application of the same also stops the gums from bleeding. Lime juice also works wonders when it comes to alleviating bad breath and removing stains that form on the teeth due to plaque accumulation.

However, one is advised to exercise precaution when using lime juice for oral hygiene as it contain a high level of citric acid which can weaken or erode the enamel – protective covering found on the teeth.

Helps in reducing Cholesterol levels: Lemon Juice is an excellent natural choice when it comes to maintaining one’s cholesterol levels! It helps raise the HDL cholesterol levels – good cholesterol levels and also stops the LDL cholesterol from being oxidized. The vitamin C found in abundance in lemon juice along with limonin, a liminoid found in citrus fruits help reduce the total cholesterol levels in those who have high cholesterol levels.

drinking lemon juice helps cure throat infectionsHelps to cure Throat Infections: Lemon juice has amazing anti-bacterial properties and gargling with lemon juice has proven to help with the curing of throat related infections such as sore throat, oral ulcers and tonsillitis. Drinking Lime juice daily has also proven to be quite beneficial for those suffering from peptic ulcers.  To read more about Health benefits of drinking Lemon Juice this summer by Medimanage.com

Chest Coach System Review – The Expedition is Over!

There are a number of over the counter treatments available for those suffering with the problem of Gynecomastia. For male society, the problem was more than a single issue to handle. Major aspects like self esteem and confidence level were significantly the largest casualties over here. Our topic of discussion is about chest coach system review and how it can bring a significant difference in the out of events. Before we try to move further, there are no implications that number of people has already been benefited from the program. It is an online guide to lose man boobs. The entire approach towards the health issue has been accurately presented and easy to understand philosophy is encouraging more and more participation.

The person in charge of the proceedings here was himself a patient some time ago. He went through every stage as like any other regular patient. He kept on the fight and then finally came with chest coach system review. The whole program is built around few specific techniques as how to religiously follow special diet and set of daily exercises. The availability of manual guide has made it further easier for the audience in question. Health experts are also excited about the opportunity. The special kind of diet being mentioned over here targets the amount of chest fat.

It seems that other health treatments have lost the battle where the above mentioned program has stuck amazingly well. The missing connection was about bringing in a personalized approach and in-depth analysis of all the involved techniques. It can also be said that the same factor became a source of inspiration for Cliff Manchester, the designer and creator of the program. From now onwards, nobody would have promised or played down by such health problems.

Fibromyalgia – Acupuncture & Energy Therapy-EFT – How Can it Help?

In our pursuit of pain relief, Fibromyalgia & other Chronic Pain patients are always looking for something better when it comes to treatment. Most of the time, medications are not enough and we look to alternative ways to treat our pain. Acupuncture and Energy Therapy (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are two methods that have shown to have some benefit for chronic pain sufferers.

Acupuncture is an important element of Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM). Acupuncture is thought to have originated in China and is most commonly associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Different types of acupuncture (Japanese, Korean, and classical Chinese acupuncture) are also practiced world-wide.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles at specific points (acupoints) which are primarily located along meridians. Meridians are interconnected channels through the body and the theory is that these meridians hold vital energy ("Chi") that circulates through the body. This energy flow is crucial to ones overall health and well-being. If the energy flow is blocked, it can lead to pain and health problems. There are twelve main meridians of energy and eight located in "inner pathways". The use of Acupuncture stimules certain points in the energy channels, restoring a healthy flow and balance.

TOM is becoming increasingly popular to treat Fibromyalgia in the US to treat chronic pain and FM symptoms along with the over-lapping conditions we face. It is also being used for a multitude of other conditions: sinusitis, common cold, bronchitis, asthma, conjunctivitis (pink eye), nearsightedness and cataracts, toothache, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders including paralysis following stroke, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sciatica, Osteoarthritis.

Theory suggests that numerous emotional and psychological disorders can be appreciated by acupuncture, which can help with addictions, phobias, obsessive behavior, eating disorders, and anxiety. Acupuncture can also be beneficial when used in conjuction with conventional medicine for both acute and chronic disease. It is also used as a form of preventive medicine.

The National Institutes of Health issued a statement indicating that acupuncture looks most beneficial for pain from musculoskeletal conditions and nausea. More research is being done to determine the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating and possibly preventing Fibromyalgia and other conditions. In a Mayo Clinic Proceedings (June edition) study, it says that acupuncture can relate fatigue and anxiety in FM patients.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of psychological acupressure. The basic theory of Energy Therapy or EFT is that all negative emotional and physiological issues are caused by a disruption to your energy system. This is the same energy flow involving meridians that is used in acupuncture. EFT can be used for pain relief, but in theory, you have to determine the main cause of the pain – the emotional side of the pain. There is an undeniable link between our emotions and our physical body.

FM patients have to deal with the stress and demands of everyday life just like anyone else, but sometimes our coping mechanisms are out of whack, so to speak. The pressure, stress and anxiety builds up and we are left feeling like everything is out of control. We feel helpless and overwhelmed. With some patients, there is often a tragic event that has inflamed their inability to cope, whether it be a physical or emotional trauma, it can leave us with the feeling of hopelessness. EFT is a gentle and noninvasive tool to address and mitigate perception and the reality of stress.

The main goals of EFT are to remove negative emotions, lessen food cravings, decrease or eliminate pain and to instill positive goals. This is done by the practitioner tapping their fingertips on the meridians on your head and chest while you think about your emotional barriers along with verbalizing positive affirmation. In theory, the combination of these things helps remove the emotional barriers from your energy system and reestablish your mind / body balance.

This does mean that Fibromyalgia is "all in your head"! No one can legitimately say that! It is simply a fact that our emotional health is absolutely essential to our physical health and healing. You can change your eating habits and lifestyle, but your body can not completely heal without removing the emotional barriers that trip you up.

How to Write a Letter To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: 10 Tips

You’ve written the letter three times now. Yet again, it ends up crumpled in a ball and used for basketball play. Great shot! The crumpled mass ends up in the garbage again and you become increasingly frustrated. What do you say? How do you say it? Hopefully, I can help answer those questions.

The fact is that men think differently than women, so how you express yourself can make the difference between success and failure. Women usually think in terms of “feelings” and men are practical and like to provide solutions. Women want to be heard and understood while men tend to dominate and “bang heads.”

These differences can, and often do, influence our relationships. Although these differences in communication and problem-solving can be challenging, compromising and accepting another person’s perspective is key to writing an effective letter to your ex girlfriend. Here are 10 tips you can follow:

(1) Be sincere. No matter what you say in the letter if she doesn’t read sincerity in the words you will never win her back. Don’t “yes” her or tell her what she wants to hear if you don’t mean it. Instead, speak from the heart with honesty and a loving attitude.

(2) Remind her of the love and joy you shared during happier times. No matter what you experienced during the end of your relationship, there was a time when you were compatible and in love. There were moments of fun and laughter during your relationship and those are the memories you want her to focus on.

(3) Admit your problems and mistakes. Instead of blaming your ex girlfriend for all the problems in the relationship admit the part you played in the more difficult times. You both made mistakes and had your individual issues, but you should focus on the roll you played and the mistakes you made.

(4) After admitting your mistakes or issues tell her the steps you will take to correct them. Be concrete and specific so that she can see you are serious about correcting and working through the problems you shared in the past. These concrete and specific steps will prove to her that you are willing to change and work on creating a better relationship. It also lets her know that you are aware that these changes must be made to have a successful future together.

(5) Ask for forgiveness. If you did something that destroyed the trust in your relationship, such as, a betrayal or an affair, ask her for forgiveness. Asking someone for forgiveness is a powerful tool. It is an admission to your partner of the serious damage done to your relationship. Asking forgiveness is difficult and entails putting aside your ego and being prepared for your partner to deny the forgiveness requested. However, it will be impossible for your relationship to move forward without forgiveness. After asking her for forgiveness, ask what you can do, specifically, to make it up to her. This shows that you are concerned about her needs and that you plan to change the undesirable behavior with focused actions.

(6) Always be honest and truthful with your feelings and actions in your letter and in the relationship. Never weave a web of deceit. One falsehood always leads to another and eventually they will be discovered. You cannot build a relationship based on fabrication and lies. When you keep your promises and tell the truth, trust has the opportunity to grow.

(7) Share your feelings with your ex girlfriend. As difficult and uncomfortable as this is for most men it is the manner in which women relate and feel validated. Women appreciate when a man gets out of his mind and into his heart. When emotions and intimate feelings are expressed and shared women feel closer to the men they love. Emotions rather than practical solutions will tug at the heart of your ex.

(8) If you and your ex girlfriend can’t resolve the issues between you, state in the letter that you are willing to compromise or seek help as a couple, rather than lose her. Accepting differences is part of a healthy relationship. These differences influence our relationships on many different levels, but you shouldn’t try to change your partner to conform to your expectations. It is better to compromise and rejoice in those differences.

(9) Don’t forget to mention in the letter how much you appreciate and love her. Let your ex girlfriend know exactly what it is you love about her. Everyone wants to be appreciated and acknowledged. Focus on all of her endearing and positive qualities.

(10) Deliver the letter in some romantic way. This will immediately set a positive tone and she may be more receptive to your letter. An example might be to have the letter delivered with her favorite flowers. Or perhaps you could buy a beautiful small box, enclose the letter and send it to her. Any creative and romantic method should work well.

So go ahead and write that letter keeping these 10 tips in mind. Take your time and write with confidence and love. Know that you are creating the first building block to becoming a healthy, functional couple. I hope the letter you write will help win back your ex girlfriend, clarify your feelings and strengthen your future relationship.