Five Key Supplements for Women

We all require vitamins and minerals to protect our bodies from many diseases and to be healthy. Women on the other hand, require much more unique supplements because they're more susceptible to diseases and conditions as a result of their physiological make up. For example, girls are susceptible to osteoporosis, which can cause them to break their hips and other bones at the slightest fall. Girls also can get cervical cancer or breast cancer and these of course are conditions that are isolated to girls. As a result, women are required to take special supplements that will make them healthy and will help them fight off these diseases or diseases. Girls need to take certain supplements which will make them stronger and help them fight off certain conditions that just they're sorry to. What are these supplements and how can they help? Read on to know more.

* Calcium – Arguably one of the most essential supplements that girls need today. Previously, it was generally believed that only girls who were menopausal or had reached a certain age like 45 needed to take calcium supplements. But these days, the harried lifestyle that we lead has not helped much in terms of supplying the calcium needs to women from their regular diets. Processed foods have become a part of the culture and everyone knows that very little nutrition can be extracted from them. This is why it has become essential for girls in their 20s and 30s also to start taking calcium supplements. Be careful about what calcium supplement you take such as dolomite, calcium carbonate, or ground oyster shells, they're very poorly absorbed. Do your best to get it from natural sources like kale and broccoli.

Once the calcium quotient in a woman's life is significantly lowered, she's prone to osteoporosis, a disease in which the skeleton is weakened and bones crack easily. Girls who are less than 50 years of age should take calcium supplements of at least 500 mg, whereas those who are above 50 years should take 800 to 1000 mg of calcium in a supplement. While supplements make sure that your calcium requirements are met adequately, you should as well try and take calcium as part of your diet also. So, make sure to include milk and milk products. Whenever shopping for calcium supplements, ensure to look for those that are fortified with Vitamin D.

* Omega 3 – Omega 3 fatty acids are important because they can lower the risk of heart condition considerably. Ordinarily, heart disease was concerned to be something that men were susceptible to, more than women, but all that has changed now. With changing lifestyles and increased pressure on all fronts, women today are also slightly prone to heart problems. Omega 3 is typically found in oily fish and girls who do not eat fish that regularly are losing out on the wonderful benefits that omega 3 offers.

Frequent intake of omega 3 is linked to lowered levels of triglycerides, healthier joints and reduced inflammation. In today's world, there has been research to recommend that lowered levels of omega 3 are also connected with depression and mood swings.

Women who will benefit from omega 3 are those who do not consume fish regularly, those who have a risk of heart condition (either in the family or because of high triglycerides), pregnant and nursing girls and girls who are overweight and suffer from tenderness in The joints.

* Folate – Folate is usually the most overlooked vitamin because it is not considered to be that life changing or essential. But in fact it is. Folate is disolveable in water and is mostly found in dark leafy plants such as spinach and asparagus. Folate is really quite essential because it is required to form DNA and this is much more required in girls who are of child bearing age.

Pregnant women in the early stages of their pregnancy can cause great harm to their babies if they do not take sufficient folate in the first few weeks itself. Babies can develop a condition known as spina bifida in which the spine is left unclosed at the critical stage of their formation. Often women are not aware that they're pregnant and this is what causes the problems. This problem can be avoided in case women take folate supplements regularly even when they're not pregnant.

Here all adult women should take folate supplements of at least 400 mcg while those who are pregnant should take 400 to 800 mcg of folate.

* Co-enzyme Q 10 – Co-enzyme Q 10 is a nutrient that acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body, keeping you young and helping you have a healthy heart. This nutrient is soluble in fat and can be found usually in meat and fish. Women who do not eat either of these are vegetarians should ideally consider taking supplements of co-enzyme Q10 because they can not get it from their diet. Also, those girls who are at risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer should take this supplement also.

On a daily basis, at least 30 to 100mg of co-enzyme Q10 should be taken in the form of supplements. In case you are taking more than 100mg, then split it into 2 doses so that there is better absorption. It is also recommended to take the supplement along with meals or oil based gel capsules.

* Lutein – Lutein is an antioxidant that helps fight blindness in older women. It is also found in the breast and cervix and keeps these tissues healthy. In the skin, lutein protects from the damage inflicted by sunlight. Typically, lutein is a carotenoid which is fat soluble and can be found in corn, egg yolks and dark green leafy vegetables.

Girls who have a known risk of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMRD) should take lutein supplements. Also those who are regularly in sunlight and face pollutants regularly should also take lutein to protect their skin. Ideally, a supplement should contain 6 to 10 mg of lutein, and when it is taken with food, it is absorbed better.

These five supplements are not the only supplements that girls should take, although these are many of the five most essential supplements that should become a part of your regular lifestyle. Most girls tend to take vitamins that have a combination of all the important vitamins in them and this is a great idea, although care should be taken to include these supplements also to maintain great health.

Risk and Rewards of Steroids for Psoriasis

Steroids are anti-inflammatory agents which are availa­ble in creams and ointments and come in different strengths. They are normally applied to the skin on a daily basis and are ideal for treating limited areas of psoriasis and sensitive areas like the face, groin and breast.

Aside from being easy to use, topical steroids, which are also called corticoids, cortisone or corticosteroids aren’t messy and can clear up plaques rapidly. Skin treated with steroids can be covered with a plastic wrap or occlusive dressing to intensify their effectiveness.

“The more potent steroids tend to be used on those areas of the body that are more treatment resistant such as the knees and elbows. The lower strength steroids can be used on the more sensitive areas such as the groin, breast and face,” according to the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) in Portland, Oregon.

The main problem with steroids is their side effects. Long-term use can cause thinning of the skin, stretch marks, pigment alterations and black-and-blue marks. On the face, topical steroids can cause redness, dilated blood vessels and acne.

With prolonged, uninterrupted use, they begin to lose their effectiveness and can make your condition worse. This is called the “rebound” effect.

“Steroids can stop working after prolonged use. Also, psoriasis can tend to rebound when topical steroids are withdrawn. Often, a physician will gradually taper the patient off a steroid medication to avoid any reaction that might result from sudden discontinuation of the steroid. This ‘rebound’ phenomenon is sometimes seen after using a nylon or plastic occlusion suit following the application of topical steroid medication to large areas of the body,” the NPF said.

Another problem with steroids is that they can be absorbed through the skin and lead to serious ailments like hypertension, diabetes and a puffy or “moon” face. This can occur if topical steroids are used continuously for many years.

No one knows how long these powerful drugs can be safely used before experiencing their side effects. But in general, the patient should see a doctor after more than two months to detect any skin changes. Blood tests can detect how much steroid medication has been absorbed through the skin.

If steroids are prescribed for your particular type of psoriasis, follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and be aware of side effects. Here are some guidelines from the NPF:

One or two daily applications of a steroid medication are generally used. Multiple daily applications do not usually increase effectiveness enough to warrant such frequency.

Overuse of topical steroids can seriously flare an existing case of psoriasis.

Generally, the more potent a steroid medication, the more effective it will be.

If one brand of steroid stops working, switching to another brand of steroid medication may be beneficial. (Next: More tips on steroid use for psoriasis.)

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Slimming – Exploring the Options

Why do people want to lose weight? The answer to this is complex and can involve a wide variety of factors. While some people recognize the damage they are doing to their body by carrying more weight than it was designed to carry, others may decide to lose weight for purely aesthetic reasons.

The only sensible reason to lose weight is because you are overweight and there is putting your body, particularly your heart, at risk. Exercise becomes difficulties and minor illnesses affect you as a result. The fact is, if you are overweight, you are unhealthy.

So, what is overweight? Although there are weight charts which give a general idea of ​​what weight you should be for your height, important to weigh yourself at the same time each day and under the same conditions. For women, it is essential to realize that your weight can fluctuate alarmingly during the menstrual cycle. You should keep a chart of your weight patterns and a diary of the food you eat in order to understand how various foods affect your body.

Each individual is different and these charts can only provide a general guide. One way to determine whether you are overweight is by the 'pinch test'. Pinch your flesh just above the waistline and if you have two inches or more, you are overweight. Or, just simply stand in front of a mirror, naked, and turn sideways – you will soon notice if you have too many bulges.

Successful weight loss

Before starting any weight loss program successfully, you need to assess your eating and drinking habits. There may be medical problems such as hypothyroidism or poly cystic ovaries syndrome involved. Your first step is to consult your doctor to rule out any medical reasons for your weight problem. Also, if you drink alcohol on a regular basis, it is time to cut back. If medical problems are ruled out, then start a food diary of everything you eat and drink each day. Do this for at least one week and then assess what you need to abstain from or cut back on. Often, you can replace these 'bad' foods with low fat alternatives.

Learning to re-educate your palate is not so easy despite the preachings of many that it is the only way to achieve permanent weight loss. This is because the brain controls our eating and drinking patterns, telling us when to eat, when to stop and so forth. For this reason, you need to assess whether you prefer to eat three calorie controlled meals per day or whether you would prefer a diet that includes small snacks throughout the day. It is only by knowing your own eating habits that you can choose a diet that will result in long term weight loss. Whatever you decide, always seek medical advice first.

Before choosing a diet, it is necessary to consider the huge variety of diets available. Although some diets promise drastic weight loss, we should remember that two to three pounds per week is considered to be a safe weight loss. Without a regular, balanced diet, your body will lack essential minerals and vitamins and will therefore fail to function efficiently.

In general, it is accepted that diets based on counting calories or carbohydrates or those that concentrate on fat control are the most successful. When counting carbohydrates, it is essential to remember that the body needs at least 50 grams of carbohydrates each day for proper brain function. Any low carbohydrate diet that allocates less than that is dangerous.

Calorie control

We hear all about calories and how we need to count our calories but what exactly is a calorie? It is basically a unit of heat or energy. All food and drink contains these units of energy and, if your intake of calories is the same as your output, you will remain at a normal weight. However, if your intake becomes more than your output, the body will store the excess as fat. A continued diet of high calories will lead to obesity. It is therefore essential to reduce this intake to reduce this storage of fat. Normally, a safe weight loss is achieved by following a diet of around 900 and 1200 calories per day, depending on whether you lead a sedentary or an active lifestyle.

Fat control

To practice fat control, it is necessary to eliminate the visible fats such as butter, margarine, oils, and the visible fat on meat. There are sufficient hidden fats in meat, fish, and dairy products to provide the necessary fats for the body. There are also many low fat products on the market and these are a sensible substitute. Diets that work on fat control are normally very successful.

Carbohydrate control

There are two main groups of carbohydrates and these are sugar and starch. Sugar includes all sweetened foods such as sweets, desserts, cakes, and biscuits. Starches include bread, potatoes, grains, cereals, beans, and lentils.

Usually, low carbohydrate diets are based on an accurate balance of foods and therefore do not allow for deviations. This balance is designed to burn the fat quickly. It is essential that a low carbohydrate diet is strictly monitored as the body needs to find its vital energy from replacement foods. Carbohydrates are the body's source of heat and energy.

One component that is vital in any successful diet is water. To encourage the kidneys to work more efficiently, it is important to drink at least two liters of water daily. It is best to drink the water as it is but, if you find that difficult, you may take it in the form of tea or coffee as long as it is black and unsweetened.

Diet aids

There are currently many diet aids on the market and these can be very beneficial to those who feel that they need the extra help. These come in forms of appetite control suppressants, meal replacement drinks, and a variety of special diet food.

Appetite suppressants, whether they come in tablets or sweets, are designed to cure hunger pangs. Unfortunately, the sweets do not help to reeducate the sweet cravings.

If you find it difficult to count calories, meal replacement drinks and other diet foods can be very useful as the work has already been done for you. These can be used up to two meals a day. There are also diet cookies but these should only be taken as a meal and not as a snack as they are still quite high in calories.

Drastic measures

Some people take drastic measures in their quest for a slimmer body but the reality is that willpower can not be substituted.

Certainly, there has been some success with hypnosis and acupuncture but these can not be undertaken lightly. Hypnosis, if not carried out by a professional, can be quite dangerous. Acupuncture, although quite successful, need to be ongoing on a regular basis over a long period of time.

There is also surgery that can be performed to remove fat from localized areas but this is only done if the person is very obese and if the surgeon is convinced that it is absolutely necessary. Likewise, the use of amphetamine based drugs for weight loss must be strictly monitored by a medical professional because of the danger of addiction.

Another dangerous practice is the use of laxatives and diuretics as diet aids. It is much better to eat more roughage to tie constipation if necessary. Laxatives should never be used to increase the loss of body waste. Similarly, the use of diuretics for anything other than chronic fluid retention is dangerous and should not be used as a diet aid. If the dieter believes that they are suffering from water retention, they should increase their water consumption and decrease their salt intake. If this does not help, diuretics may be prescribed by a doctor.


An important factor in weight loss is exercise. This does not mean that you need to join a gym or purchase expensive exercise equipment. One of the best forms of exercise is walking. Start small and increase until you are comfortable. Not only does it assist with weight loss, it also stimulates the endorphins which makes you feel much happier. Physically, it assays your muscles and joints, increases your oxygen intake, and increases circulation. Thus, it is extremely important to your overall health and wellbeing.

Everything you wanted to know about Bee Sting Allergies

Honey bees attack people in two instances, when they feel their hive is attacked or when they themselves are threatened. When a honey bee attacks, it lodges its barbed sting into the victim’s skin. A normal reaction involves swelling, redness, pain at the site. However, if the person has bee sting allergy, the reaction is severe and it can even lead to death. In fact, about 40 to 50 people die from bee sting allergies, every year in the United States

Symptoms of Bee Sting Allergies:
If a person with bee sting allergies is stung, the hives would not be localized it but moves to other parts of the body. Following are the symptoms of bee sting allergy:

  • Red, itchy hives which spread beyond the sting to other areas of the body
  • Swelling of lips, mouth and throat
  • Itchy, watery eyes and runny nose

Bee sting allergy can progress to anaphylaxis which is life threatening. The symptoms of anaphylaxis are low blood pressure, breathlessness, difficulty swallowing, dizziness etc. To stop the anaphylactic reaction, Epinephrine should be injected to the victim

First Aid for Bee Sting:
Persons who are allergic to bee stings should immediately be administered epinephrine to prevent anaphylaxis and they should seek medical help. It is also important to remove the stinger out of the skin by scraping it or by flicking it. Avoid squeezing or pulling out the stinger. Apply cold compresses to the sting site for relief.

How to Avoid Being Stung?
If a person is allergic to bee sting, it is very important to take steps to avoid being stung. Here are a few tips:

  • Prefer light-colored clothing. Avoid wearing bright colored clothes as bees are attracted to them.
  • Bees are attracted to flowery perfumes. Hence, avoid wearing deodorants, colognes, perfumes with floral scents when entering into a bee or wasp colony
  • If bee hives are around your place, make sure they are removed
  • Avoid leaving food outdoors and close the dustbins, as bees are attracted to food

Bee Sting Allergy Testing:
An allergist can determine if you have bee sting allergy by conducting allergy tests. Blood tests ( RAST) and skin tests are used to test for bee sting allergy

Bee Sting Allergy Treatment:
To prevent the progression of anaphylaxis one should use epinephrine. Self-injectable epinephrine such as Epi-Pen can be used by the victim. Epinephrine should be carried all the time to avoid an anaphylactic reaction.

Venom immunotherapy or allergy shots are long-term treatment option for those with bee allergies. This treatment involves administering minute amounts of allergen over a period of time. Gradually, the person would overcome bee allergies.

Medic-Alert bracelets could be worn by those who have bee sting allergies. This bracelet identifies the medical condition, allergies and enables the doctors to give proper treatment.

Getting yourself tested for bee allergies is the first step in overcoming them. Bee sting allergies are very dangerous and those who have this condition should carry a self-injectable epinephrine all the time.

Lasting Longer in Bed

Hopefully you've been paying attention to the information from my articles. Better yet, I hope you've started using it and have made some life changes and increased your performance.

Today we're going to talk about arousal and how it's a MAJOR contributor to premature ejaculation. If you do not use these techniques to control arousal and last longer, chances are you will never last very long. At best you might make it to Mr. Average.

Arousal control is crucial to learn if you want to last longer and delay ejaculation. Learning to control arousal should be one of your main objectives right from the very beginning.

Let me be CLEAR that this is not about shunning out arousal and taking away the wonderful pleasures of sex. That only makes things worse for both parties (because women can sense when you're not paying attention or not enjoying the act, and it turns them off). Also, trying to avoid arousal will only make you more sensitive to it.

The approach is simply to learn how to regulate arousal so you can allow yourself to go through the arousal-pleasure process slower, so that you adequately satisfy your lady, and so that you too can get more out of the deal, including long-thinking Sensual sex, and, of course, a more explosive orgasm for the finale.

By controlling your arousal, you prevent an overabundance of energy (by energy, I mean blood, hormones, neurochemistry, and chemical reactions) from building up and causing ejaculation and orgasm. You're basically keeping your body from activating the ejaculation-inducing sympathetic system, by keeping yourself relaxed and in a parasympathetic state. Learning to control arousal will also aid in building your tolerance for receiving physical and mental sexual stimulation.

Someone with the ability to control arousal can remain physically and mentally calm, clear minded, and relaxed for long periods of time through a sexual encounter. It's not that they are not aroused; They're just able to get to a certain level of arousal and stay there. The more you practice and become familiar with your body and sexual response, the longer you'll be able to maintain control.

Before you learn how to control arousal, it's important to understand how it works. First of all, no one can fully explain EXACTLY how arousal and the human sexual response operate. There is just too much physiology, psychology, and unknown phenomenon at work to comprehend. Different religions and cultures have surprisingly different opinions on how it all works.

Regardless, different people have different opinions on sexual arousal. I classify arousal into four basic stages that are easy to comprehend. Get familiar with these stages and become self-aware of the process as it happens through your body.

Stage 1 – A physical and / or a mental sensation triggers arousal and the penis begins to fill with blood, resulting in anection.

Stage 2 – The erection becomes fuller as arousal continues to climb. In this stage, you have a full inspection and everything should feel relaxed and under your control. Heart rate increases slightly. Your scrotum will hang fairly loose. In this stage, your parasympathetic system is more active than the sympathetic.

Stage 3 – Arousal becomes more intense and begins to take hold. Warm sensations develop in the genital area because more energy / blood has been drawn there. The Glans (penis head) increases in size, which results in an increased sensitivity. The scrotum and testicles snug up to the penis. Heart rate increases and breathing becomes more rapid. Ejaculation and orgasm seem imminent. The sympathetic system becomes more active and the calming effects of the parasympathetic system fade away.

Stage 4 – The intestinal arousal and continued mental and physical stimulation has led to a buildup of energy in the pelvic / genital area, causing your nervous system to become stimulated enough to prepare for ejaculation. The perineal muscles contract as ejaculation and orgasm occurrence.

Keep in mind, there is no time frame for these stages of arousal. The whole process can happen in a minute or an hour; It just depends on how fast you allow it to happen. Naturally, because of our body's urge to reproduce, it will happen quickly if left uncontrolled.

What's even more IMPORTANT to understand is that getting to stage 3 can be done WITHOUT any physical stimulation. This is why most men ejaculate prematurely! They were already in stage 3 by the time they started stimulation! This is just like what happened to the guy from American Pie, except he went all the way to stage 4 before stimulation (that can actually happen too, and if it does, you really need to calm down and clear your head). As I mentioned, the arousal process can happen very quickly if not kept under control; It's only human nature.

Hope For Malaria Vaccine In The Form Of Starch Grains

Researchers from the Center de d'Infection et d'Immunite de Lille and the Unite de Glycobiologie Structurale et Fonctionnelle have come together and designed a new way of vaccinating against malaria which refers to the consumption of genetically modified starch.

The researchers produced antigens of Plasmodium and fused them with enzymes found in grains of starch. The starch grains were consumed by mice that were inoculated with the parasite. The experiment showed that mice were vaccinated by the grains of starch and were protected from infection as a result.

The innovative use of starch grains means that the vaccine is easy to produce from plant extract and purified. Furthermore, they can be produced in large quantities. The starch can be stored for months through changes in temperature and weather. Ingesting the starch means that it is easily absorbed into the body and the method of production will not harm the environment or present as expensive for the economy.

This strategy would allow for vaccination in is simpler form, do away with the use of needles therefore eliminating risk of HIV contracting and eliminating problems regarding storage space. The starch would also act as a food supplement for children in impoverished malaria endemic countries. The research continues and various antigens will be tested along with the efficacy of the vaccination in humans.

Malaria effects between 300 and 500 million people globally and kills one million every year with children being the hardest hit. Young children have not built up immunity to the disease, in fact every 45 seconds one child dies from malaria.

Having successfully protected the mice using the starch from green algae which were genetically modified with vaccine proteins, it may now be possible that young children in malarious regions may have a chance against the spread of malaria.

Top 10 Tips To Help With Math Homework

One of the hardest scholastic subjects to get through is math. With few exceptions, there are people that can not figure out the numbers or the formulas, and that can be a rough patch for academies. Children especially have difficult mastering the numbers, and can end up feeling helpless when they can not seem to make things go their way. When it comes to working with numbers, it's important to look into math homework help to assist with the issue. With a little bit of help, even online math tutor options, things can be turned around for the brighter. This is all a matter of understanding where a child's coming from and where the true nature of their problems start. Consider the following tips in regards to helping them with math, and you'll find that they can turn things around in due time.

Directions Matter

The first thing that you'll have to look into, regardless of whether you are tutoring or not, is the directions. Every math concept has specific instructions. There are rarely any "exceptions" to the notification of numbers. The formulas and processes that make up the curriculum in this world are directly implemented through rules. Going over the rules with a fine tooth comb can help.

Teaming Up With Others

When in doubt, a child that is not getting movement forward with math needs a buddy. The buddy system can work within the context of school because they can help each other. One good student can be paired up with an average one and the two can improve on a lot of areas together. This is a great solution that has been proven successful with online math tutoring and more.

Finding a Good Starting Point

One of the most important aspects of math is in regards to the starting point. Finding a good place to start is always important. Finding out how far behind an individual is, can be cruel. No online math tutor is going to be able to assist without fully understanding where a student is at. That means asking questions as to how far along they are and where they are having trouble in a specific format.

Changing The Notes

Many times students assume that note taking can only be done in one style. That's not true at all. With math, note taking can turn into a very personalized manner. For students that are figuring out their work, it's important to ensure that proper notes are taken, but not in any "formula". Instead, allowing a student to take notes in a way that they will be able to go back and remember is critical here.

Using Familiar Examples

One of the best ways to invigorate math problem solving is to use the examples shown in the classroom. Often times the best way to grasp a concept is to repeat it often. That's why teachers go over several methods in class. When at home, doing homework, to further respect the concepts, go over the specific examples from the classroom to revitalize the memory and continue on the path of learning math the proper way.

Using Illustrations For Math Concepts

Many children find that the best way to get a bit of tutoring is through illustrations. Many individuals are visual learners, and math lends itself quite well to this. Finding a way to draw an example with an illustrative language and visual design can help a child learn more about math and the right elements that need to put into place to get the answers. This is a tough concept to grasp at first, but in practice, it works miracles.

Consider Problem Solving Steps

When working with math, often times it's best to follow a tutorial format. That means asking questions as to what the next step is, and then painstakingly going forward with the same rhetoric. Often time's children are left to learn without any sort of assistance. With involvement and proper questions being asked, it can be a simple matter of moving forward here. Ask what comes next after every initial step and a child will ever pick up even the hardest of concepts in regards to arithmetic.

Getting A Tutor

Teachers today are stretched farther than ever before. They have to deal with a wide variety of students, and individual attention is proven difficult. That's where a good online math tutor can come in hand. There are several options that you can pursue. Many are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can help with any type of problems. You can use real time video and audio with many teachers using chalkboards and images to help illustrate match concepts. With just a little bit of help, a student can learn along the rest of the class.

Never Do It For Them

One of the largest issues that parents have in regards to helping their children with math is in regards to doing it for them. It's tempting to give a child the answers. Frustration can set in, they can end up feeling lost, and parents will want to come in and rescue them. It's important to go through the homework slowly, and steadily. If they want to give up, parents should not jump to the answer. Instead, they should work things out with them, even to the point of doing the problems along them and speaking out loud the steps. Repetition is the key here.

Delighting In Math

Perhaps the most crucial thing that a parent can do to help their children learn math, is to not speak negatively about it. Even if one is not good at the problem solving or formulas, tutors can be called in. A good online math tutor can help teach concepts, and improve attitudes towards math. Math does not need to be scary or spoke of in a negative light. It's important to pursue helping students slowly, methodically and with patience. Done right, they can end up with a positive experience and continue on to learn even harder concepts in the world of math.

At the end of the day, a math tutor can help, but parents also have a huge role to play in education. Helping children with math can be a great way to improve their overall self-esteem and educational pursuits down the line.

Hypnotherapy: The Best Treatment For Phobia

Phobias or the irrational fear of something can often hinder our daily lives. Starting from something as simple as the fear of heights it can go to something as bizarre as the fear of panicking itself. According to statistics, 1 out of every 23 people have some form of Phobia that sometimes manifests into panic attacks as well. To treat a Phobia sooner is to have the freedom to a live a healthy life and with different treatments and therapies available in the modern age, anyone can get rid of this. Hypnotherapy has emerged as a good option for treating a variety of Phobias and just requires a few sessions to make the Phobia-ridden person lead an anxiety-free life.

What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy relaxes the person suffering from fear, any lifestyle disease, depression or anxiety by inducing a trance-like state that brings about relaxation. Working on the subconscious mind through Hypnosis, this therapy has proven to be very effective in various cases. It is better as compared to other such therapies as it reveals deep-rooted problems that are not brought out by conversing in the conscious state. Extensive research has already been carried out on the hypnosis practices being used today that are proven by successful clinical trials, so one can definitely opt for Hypnotherapy for combating Phobias.
Why Choose Hypnotherapy For Treating Phobia?

  • For long-term results: The treatment is altered as per the stage at which the Phobia is and through a combination of techniques, it provides benefits that last- with no fear of the Phobia ever returning to haunt the person.
  • To deal with any Phobia: Hypnotherapy addresses a wide variety of Phobias including- the fear of heights, death, insects, flying, confined places, animals, driving, doctors, public speaking, social interactions…the list goes on. In short, there is a cure for every type of Phobia if you consider Hypnotherapy.
  • To combat the problem from within and not just the symptoms: While other treatments seek to remove the outward symptoms of phobia, hypnotherapy reaches into the deepest recesses of the mind to find out the cause and eliminate it.
  • To get relieved quickly: Hypnotherapy is based on advanced scientific principles (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that start working from the first few sessions itself.

No matter how you choose to get the Hypnotherapy session-whether it is through consulting someone online or meeting with them, ensure to have only a qualified professional address your problems. For effective results you need to have someone who can work with your individuality and delve deep to cure the Phobia as soon as possible.

Electrical Injury and Lightning

The risk of electrical injuries is often over-looked to over familiarity. In most cases, accidents occurring from faulty domestic electrical apparatus, rarely it may be from high tension lines of other installations. Electrical characteristics of the exposed part, conductivity of the tissues, extent of grounding and the duration of contact determine the amount and the path taken by the current which is important in relation to the severity of injury. Electrical accidents are common where electrical installations are more, eg, surgical theaters, intensive care rooms etc.

The type and severity of injury depends upon the strength of the current, its type and duration of exposure. Individuals vary in susceptibility to the effects of electricity. Injuries associated with electricity may be due to either direct electrical shock, or burns resulting from electro-thermal shock, or burns resulting from electro-thermal effects and flames. Alternating current (AC) is more damaging than direct current DC. A current of 100 mA flowing from hand to feet can inductive ventricular fibrillation. Following the passage of the current, the myocardium is vulnerable and highly excitable. Fatal ventricular arrythmias may occur. Burns develops at the sites of entry and exit of the current. When the current is high, instantaneous ignition of clothing or nearby objects add to the injury. The burns get secondarily infected in 2-3 days.

The nervous system is highly sensitive to electrical injury. Spinal cord may develop lesions leading to paraplegia and urinary retention. Convulsions, cerebral edema, and cerebral thrombosis may develop. Cardiac symptoms include tachycardia, which may be persistent, shock, cardiac arrhythmias, and cardiac failure. Pneumonia, pleural effusion, disorders of ventilation, and hypoxia are the common respiratory lesions. Secondary hemorrhage from blood vessels and acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding may develop in a few days. Acute renal failure is a common sequel. Current passing through the abdomen may be complicated by damage to the viscera. Cataracts may form as late sequelae.

Treatment : First aid includes immediate disconnection of the live contact and cardiorespiratory resuscitation. Due to muscle spasm, the limit holds on to the live wire. This prolongs the injury and this is the main cause of death.

Administration of intravenous saline or Ringer lactate solution helps to combat shock. Dexamethasone 8 mg given intravenously and 20% mannitol 250 ml given intravenously help to reduce cerebral edema. Furosemide 40-80 mg intravenously is given to overcome pulmonary edema and prevent renal shut down. Sodium bicarbonate is given to prevent acidosis as an early measure. The progress is monitored by estimating the hematocrit, urine volume and arterial pH serially. Suspicion of visceral damage calls for surgical management.

Prevention : Proper insulation is necessary while handling electrical equipment. Low plug sockets should be protected from the reach of children. While rescuing an electrocuted person, the rescuer should take enough care in first insulating himself properly. Many deaths have occurred among rescuers who have failed to observe proper precautions.

Injuries due to lightening are encountered in the tropics. Lightening induces a high electrostatic charge on the victim. Identically charged particles repel each other, giving rise to disruptive forces which lead to damage of organs. Organ damage may occur even without external injury. The high current produces violent muscular contractions and severe burns and ignite inflammable objects on the body. The patient is usually restless, disoriented and may be comatose. Retrograde amnesia is common. Later on he may show psychiatrist and hysterical manifestations. Severe vasoconstriction produces manifestations like cold limbs and transient ischemic palsies. Arterial spasm may result in loss of pulse in the affected limb. Increased vascular permeability results in massive edema of the affected part. Cardiovascular manifestations including tachycardia, extrasystoles and electrocardiographic abnormalities such as elevation of ST segment and depression of T waves. Sudden death may occur on account of respiratory center paralysis, ventricular fibrillation, or Cardiac arrest.

Treatment : If the vital signs are absent, immediate resuscitatory measures should be started. Even in apparently hopeless cases, gratifying results are not uncommon. Management of survivors consists mainly of supportive measures and treatment of the complications. Vasodilators and low molecular weight dextran help to prevent gangrene. Tetanus prophylaxis must be given if tissue injury has occurred.

Curing Your Insomnia Naturally With Sound to Sleep the Night Away

Sleep is a necessary facet of life but in this fast paced world you live in, the tendency is to not get as much sleep as needed. Too bad for people with busy lives then, but it’s much worse for those of you experiencing sleepless nights brought about by insomnia. This type of sleeping disorder is fairly common and can target anyone it chooses to. Over the decades, there have been various attempts to find ways to cure insomnia. One result of these attempts is through sound therapy. This article explores how you can go about curing your insomnia naturally with sound.

The Right Breed of Music

It may have not occurred to you that there is wisdom to that lullaby moms used to sing to their children. Nonetheless, getting babies to sleep with a lullaby actually results in positive gains. For those experiencing insomnia, you can relive those lullaby days of yours by trying out instrumental or classical music to relax your mind. Those jazzy notes may be just what you need to get into that much needed sleep mode. If you’re not into the whole classical scene, you can try out the more modern alternatives such as house and new age music. These genres sound similar though the former relies on electric instruments and the latter on more natural sounds such as bells, chimes, and drums. The syncopated beating and soothing rhythms may appeal more to your sleeping senses rather than the traditional lullaby. You may not readily accept these modern alternatives curing your insomnia naturally with sound but do maintain an open mind. Whatever your choice may be, this assortment of sounds are just the right meditative, lulling type of music that may be the perfect way to lead you to a deep slumber.

The White Type of Noise

Yes, noise is one of the leading factors of insomnia. Unwanted noise can disrupt your sleep and may mean one restless night for you. However, studies have shown that a certain noise type is actually a way of curing your insomnia naturally with sound. This is none other than white noise. This is a type of sound that merges the differing frequency sounds that a human ear can well, hear. Simply put, it is a random sound in the background that you usually don’t pay that much attention to. These noises can prevent your brain from resisting sleep and stimulate your state of slumber to dominate. Examples include the whirring of your fan, rain drops on your roof, the hum of a waterfall, among others. Several companies have manufactured machines to imitate these sounds and act as sleep machines. If this option is more expensive than you can manage, you could always try out audio cassettes, CDs, or MP3s that will do just the trick. Some sleep generating sound clips are easily available online for your trial.

Nothing to Lose to Sleep Soundly

Though some of the above mentioned suggestions might not appeal to you, there is no harm in actually trying it out. You might have tried out several cures in the past without success but this may prove to be different. Curing your insomnia naturally with sound is not that radical an approach and may actually benefit you. For the most part it’s less of a hassle than other form of treatments such as oral medication. Another advantage of this therapy is that it is non-invasive and will not result in negative side effects. So go ahead, choose the sound that’s right for you and sleep the night away.

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Breaking Open the Broken Heart

The word "heartbreak," evokes tension and dread. Who would consciously wish to lose a loved one, be rejected, or face the void that follows the loss of a love? The thought of this kind of loss, and the pain that accompanies it is terrifying. And the thought of facing the inevitable void that follows the loss of a love is overwhelming. Yet, with all the complicated factors that contribute to relationships is today's world, heartbreak at one time or another is indeed inevitable.

In response to the loss of a love, or anticipating a pending loss, many people shut down or tense up their hearts, trying to escape from the pain. Many people also self-medicate or anesthetize themselves with work, alcohol, drugs, compulsive internet use, or by jumping too quickly into a new relationship. These are all ways to resist, suppress or numb out the deaf feelings in their broken hearts.

Sitting with the pain and fear of a broken heart takes great courage, and often, great support. Diving into the void is a hero's journey, yet one we have few models for. We fear that leaping into the void will annihilate us, rather than taking a risk that is well worth taking if one really wants to heal and grow from such a profound and impactful loss.

There's the saying, "what does not kill you makes you stronger," and I think it really applies when a love is lost. We've all heard stories of people who've literally died of broken hearts. Like when a long-term partner leaves or dies, the remaining partner soon passes away. Yet, another far less visible response – one who visacity would actually do much good, is to embrace the depth of the loss, and to come out more whole. The image that illustrates this process for me is going through the eye of the needle by fire, and coming out the other side. It's very scary to do it. Fire can burn us or even worse, take our lives. Yet, the fire can also purify us and burn away whatever layers we need to shed to grow and evolve.

Learning how to feel safe enough inside ourselves to go through the fire, to ride the rapids of our deepest feelings is a much needed, but sadly untaught skill. And learning how to slow down, to get grounded, to breath, to create more space in our bodies and hearts so that we can really BE WITH our deepest feelings as they bubble up and ask to flow through us, is another too often untaught skill That is very important to our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

I guess, when we are faced with enough loss, enough heart break, we are presented with sufficient opportunities to learn how to face and embrace this kind of pain and overwhelm, so we can grow deeper from it, and even transform the pain to open Our hearts, rather than close them.

Sadly, or perhaps unfortunately, I have been given many, many opportunities to go through heartbreak in my life. And I have come to realize that by fully embracing all the feelings that come with the loss – the pain, the anger, the fear of the void and the unknown, the lost hopes and dreams, the feelings of missing the loved one, the Loss of sanctuary that a deep relationship brings, and the loss of soul deep connection in daily life – my heart breaks open and breaks through.

At times, I feel like I've been training, through no conscious choice of my own, for the emotional Olympics, building an emotional resilience I could have never imagined, until I found myself in the emotional embodying building gym again and again. Yet, having had the inner strength, having found the courage and learned many skills to go inside and ride the rapids, to feel the feelings that deep loss evokes, I have realized I now am stronger. And the pearl created inside this oyster is a much deeper compassion for myself, for my lost loved one, and for the others I encounter in my life.

I have learned to work really, really hard at putting myself in my lost loved one's shoes, and try to imagine what might be going on inside them to step away from what was once understood to be a very mutual love. And even if I can not understand it, I work very hard to embrace that this is just what my loved one has had to do. If I really love someone, I want the very best for them. And if the very best for them is to let them go, then to really love them is to let them go.

While this does not make the process of loss any easier, in time, it has bought me a sense of peace – the kind of peace that comes with a sense of personal integrity, an integrity that comes with really embodying and living from my Commitment to love.

I have learned to ask a loved one to give me the respect of having a process through which I can let go. The most painful thing for me is to just "cut something sacred off." I know this can happen with sudden death. In the blink of an eye, a loved one is gone. This happened to me when my mentor of 17 years died of a heart attack a number of years ago. But short of a sudden death, there can be some time set aside to go through a transition time, where both people consciously move through and work with their final time together in the spirit of letting go.

This transition time can be imbued with love, appreciation and respect. I find it easier to let go with love, than any other way. I find it easier to curl up and hold and be held tight before being released into the world raw and new. Sometimes this is some of what it feels like to be a baby, moving through the birth canal in the journey to be born. In this sense, losing a love and breaking open the heart is a process of being restructured, of being reborn.

What I have certainly learned is that breaking through a broken heart is much better than the alternative, which is internalizing the tension that comes with fear, pain and loss, and holding it inside. Held tension creates stress and taxes the heart. If I am physically held, it is much easier to release the tension I am holding inside. Being held – physically and emotionally – allows the deepest feelings to move through. Loving touch or embrace can provide the comfort needed to release what is most deeply held.

If our loved one has the space to hear us in our pain, to hold us in their arms, to nurture our souls as we prepare for the final separation, the sanctuary of the love and connection that has been the good in the relationship can become The birth chamber, rather than the cold dark isolation of being cut off and rejected. Not everyone is brave enough to journey through this kind of passage. A loved one leaving may feel their own pain and fear, sometimes layered with guilt and even doubts if their leaving is really the noble or right solution.

Leaving a relationship from a place of full heart power takes as much courage as facing being left. How fundamentally transformative it can be if two people hold each other close, mentally and emotionally put put themselves in the other's shoes, and literally have compassion for the two sides of this heartbreaking coin. Breaking open the broken heart with love brings a deaf connection with self, with one's truth, and sometimes, ironically, with the loved one even as the separation process occurs. It allows the soul deep thread of love to continue, even as the relationship ends.
I would so much rather live with heart breakthrough than a broken heart!

© 2008 Linda Marks

Make Peace With Your Heart – And Take Charge Of Your Health

“Just thought you would like to hear the latest report from my Cardiologist, whom I went to see on Monday, just because it has now been over one year since my MI.” This was the beginning of an Email message that Susan, a 62-year old patient of mine from Sedona, Arizona, sent me recently, one year after she suffered a major heart attack. “He was a bit disturbed when I first saw him” she continued, “because I said I was not taking any medications and had not since last August. As he was talking with me he said he would probably prescribe a couple of medications for me to start taking again, but first he wanted to do an echocardiogram and a stress test.”

“I agreed to them both and they were done in his office. While I was on the treadmill, I became tired, so I told his assistants I was getting tired and they said ‘You maybe, but your heart is not!’ They said the echocardiogram and stress test were well within normal limits. When the Cardiologist came back in the room he said, ‘I am totally surprised, just totally surprised, these tests show a healthy heart, no failure at all! So you can go home, continue doing what you have been doing and come back to see me in six months.’ He did not mention anything else about medications.”

Her message ended by saying how grateful she was for having received all the advice and recommendations that had given here the power to claim a healthy normal heart. Susan is one in thousands of people who were listed as incurable heart disease patients but have learnt to make peace with the heart.

Love is the greatest power of the universe. It is an impulse of the heart that bestows peace, vitality, and happiness and also sets up the right karma to lead us towards completion. The necessity of heart disease arises when the need for inner transformation is not acknowledged. The degree of heart disease corresponds to the degree of negativity we hold in our heart against others and ourselves. When we choose love as the principal power and motivation behind our thoughts and actions the limiting effects of our karmic issues begin to crumble and a new sense freedom and peace begins to dominate our intentions and desires. Those who are willing to make this choice will not only recover from heart disease or its beginning stages but also awaken to a clarity of awareness that can truly make sense of the chaos, confusion and fear that is prevailing at the current stage of global transformation. Negative issues are no longer seen as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and expansion of happiness.

Love-based Medicine

Less than a hundred years ago heart disease was an extremely rare disease. Today it kills more people in the developed world than all other causes of death taken together. The most extensive studies on heart disease have shown that lack of happiness is by far the greatest risk factor for developing heart problems. Since happiness is one of the principal expressions of love, only love-based medicine can truly heal the heart and protect the body from disease and ageing. If fear is the motivation that drives a person to accept a particular treatment or make major changes in diet or lifestyle, the chances of improvement or recovery are very small. The current approaches of dealing with heart disease are mainly symptom-oriented and don’t address the underlying causes.

In several industrialized nations mortality rates from heart attacks have slightly decreased due to a generation of breakthroughs in heart care – the new medicines, the bypass operations, the angioplasties. Now the beneficiaries of this care are living with the consequences: Their damaged hearts still beat, but not strong enough for enjoying a decent quality of life.

Apart from generating a whole range of harmful side effects most currently used treatments for heart disease instill tremendous fear in cells of the body, which respond by secreting large amounts of the stress hormones cortison and adrenaline. This by itself can jeopardize the healing process. Until recently, these treatments were considered more or less harmless but are now recognized by leading heart researchers to be the main causes of a new disease called “chronic heart failure.” Chronic heart failure is a slow-motion death-experience that has reached epidemic proportions. The treatment-caused disease reflects the major dilemma in which the medical system is engulfed, although this development can also be seen in a positive light. The inability of the medical system to cure heart disease and other chronic illnesses puts the responsibility for healing back where it belongs, that is to the heart, mind and body of each individual. It opens the doors for love-based medicine.

Cleansing your body from any internal blockages is an act of love towards your cells, your heart, and the whole of your Being. Each time you cleanse an organ, the blood, the tissues and cells from toxic deposits of metabolic waste material, chemicals or the remnants of undigested foods you are actually practicing love-based medicine. Every part of the body will feel grateful, relieved and loved and in return generates impulses of love. This frequency of love and care occurs simultaneously in all the cells of the body and stands in contrast to the frequency of fear that is generated when symptoms of toxicity or congestion (called disease) are suppressed with drugs or surgical intervention. The act of self-help or self-love has the power to awaken the soul and strengthen the link to our higher self. This turns the body into a temple of God.

Be Kind to Your Body

At every moment of their existence the cells of the body send enzymes and light-encoded signals to the heart. The related messages may convey either feelings of comfort and well being or feelings of discomfort and distress. Any form of congestion in the body, which involves thickening of the tissue fluids or the formation of excessive mucus, fats, cell debris or other obstructions in the organs, muscles, skin, bones and their respective blood and lymph vessels, puts a great strain on both the physical and emotional heart. This increases the workload (and wear and tear) of the heart and reduces its very capacity of delivering vital nutrients to the 60-100 trillion cells of the body. As a result, the cells become increasingly congested, undernourished and damaged, which urges them to send signals of depression, sadness and irritability to the heart. This highly stressful situation stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete more of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, leading to further wear and tear in the body.

The challenge of this time is to start loving and accepting our physical body and to take care of all its needs, as we would take care of a loved one. Assisting the body in its attempt to heal itself generates happiness in each of its cells; it also frees the mind from its limitations and leads us to the recognition that Spirit is our true nature. Without giving any attention to the disease itself it begins to disappear in the same way as it came. By giving the body the nourishment, attention, and care it needs to remain vital and happy and by removing the impediments that prevent the body from healing itself, the cells will feel loved and protected.

Excessive Protein – The Major Cause of Congestion

On the physical level, circulatory problems and heart disease are caused by a build-up of impurities in the blood, the lymph, the tissue fluid that connects cells (connective tissue), and the walls of the blood vessels (capillaries and arteries). Of all the foods, protein from animal sources has the most congesting effects. Since the human body can only utilize a very small amount of the protein contained in meat, eggs, fish, or cheese, etc., much of the unused protein is passed via the blood stream into the connective tissues.

When too many proteins enter the connective tissue it thickens to the consistency of jelly. This obstructs the cells’ nutrient supply and removal of metabolic waste materials. To make the tissue fluid thin again the excessive proteins are stored as collagen in the basement membranes of the capillaries and arteries. Once their storage capacity for protein is exhausted the blood pressure may rise and the blood becomes thicker. The cells of the body begin to suffer malnutrition and, unable to remove all their metabolic waste products, the level of impurities in the body’s organs, tissues and cells starts to rise. This greatly adds to the workload of the heart, cuts down oxygen supply and the body as a whole becomes tired more easily.

Since the blood pressure is naturally higher in the arteries close to the heart, hardened coronary arteries are particularly vulnerable to injury. Any wounds or cracks that occur in these arteries can be life threatening and are consequently patched up by the body with special glue-like blood chemicals and cholesterol. In the long-term these first aid measures, however, may lead to total occlusion of the heart arteries, which starve the heart muscles of oxygen and trigger a heart attack. All this generates anxiety, insecurity, anger, depression, or other stressful emotions.

Other Causes…

Overeating protein foods in not the only cause of heart disease. Anything that has a strong acid-forming influence and leads to congestion anywhere in the body affects the circulatory system. Exposure to X-rays, intake of antibiotics and other medical or narcotic drugs, alcohol, coffee, cokes, tea, cigarettes, sugary foods, artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, processed, preserved, and microwave foods, etc. deplete the body’s mineral reserves and disturb its basic metabolic processes. As a result, the daily normal turnover of 30 billion cells becomes disrupted, leaving behind a large number of old and worn-out cell proteins.

Whatever amount of the protein is not deposited in the connective tissues and blood vessels begins to putrefy and form such poisons as cadaverine and putrescine. More and more toxins begin to appear in the blood, causing irritability, bad moods, fear, anger, and nervousness. One way of pushing the toxins back into the connective tissues and to suppress the corresponding emotions, at least for a little while, is to keep using such nerve toxins as nicotine, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, or even sugar. This causes addictions. It is very difficult to give up an addiction unless we use methods of cleansing that prevent new toxins from appearing in the blood stream. Drinking, for example, a glass of water before smoking a cigarette or drinking a cup of coffee thins the blood and aids the removal of toxins. Thus the urge to use stimulants lessens drastically.

The Purpose of Heart Disease

The current time is the best time ever to improve ourselves and to raise the vibration of global awareness. Our planet is a planet of emotions and is destined to become the most demonstrative example of love-based living for the rest of the universe. This means that the people on Earth must learn to live from their heart. Love is and will be the most effective way of achieving anything, from physical health to abundance and spiritual wisdom. This also means that the days of fear-dominated methods of success are numbered.

The modern heart disease epidemic merely reflects the enormous transition we are passing through on an emotional, physical and spiritual level at this crucial time in human history. We have collectively created this epidemic to deal with our emotions and to turn the planet of fear into a planet of love. Since emotions are mental impulses that have physical expressions we can effectively balance them by clearing any obstructions that may have occurred in the heart, the blood and lymph vessels, the liver, kidneys, intestines or other organs. Since this is the most favorable time for clearing old karma, we are now able to discover more simple solutions to our complex physical problems. These solutions are particularly made available to those who feel the need to take self-responsibility for their health and well being. The desire to mend the heart or any other sick part of the body through non-invasive, non-violent and natural means is an impulse of love that opens the heart. It also opens the door to recognizing Spirit within.

The last issue already covered one important method of healing — liver cleansing. Removing gallstones from the liver and gallbladder can by itself prevent and reverse heart disease especially if it is combined with programs of hydration and improved diet/lifestyle. A clean liver is perfectly capable of protecting the heart and its blood vessels from becoming blocked and damaged. If heart disease has already occurred, other organs such as the kidneys and intestines must be cleansed, too. The lymphatic system, which serves as the body’s waste removal system, has to be clear of any congestion for the body’s cells to enjoy stress-free and frictionless functioning.

Cleansing does not only free our cells from struggle and strive but also our entire life. It is good to remind ourselves that whatever we do on the physical planes we automatically do on the emotional, astral, and mental planes as well. In addition to restoring balance in our body we spontaneously restore balance in our world and also in the universe. Although heart disease can be a devastating experience for a person and his loved ones, it can also be an opportunity for a quantum leap in personal development.

Some Useful Tips:

To effectively remove congestion in the body and reverse heart disease and hypertension you need to do the following things:

o Remove gallstones from liver and gallbladder through a series of liver cleanses

o Dissolve kidney stones through a kidney cleanse

o Drink a minimum of six to eight glasses of water a day

o Take the main meal of the day at around midday

o Exercise for a minimum of 10-15 minutes a day

o Reduce or cut out protein foods that are of animal source (meat, fish, eggs, cheese)

o Avoid stimulants that act as diuretics (tea, coffee, cigarettes, sodas, alcoholic drinks)

o To remove toxins from the tissues, the lymphatic system and the blood take 1-2 sips of hot, ionized water (boiled for 15 minutes and kept in a thermos) every half hour throughout the day, for several weeks.

o Give yourself a full 5-minute massage with cold-pressed sesame oil, or at least dry-brush your body, every morning, followed by a bath or shower.

o Set aside time for meditation and recreation every day.

Do It Yourself Nail Care

In my own opinion the nails on the fingers as well as on the toes actually reflect how hygienic a person is. It shows just how concerned a particular person is when it comes to cleanliness. With the busy schedules most women may be leading, it is common for most to neglect having their nails get the regular manicure and pedicure. You can actually have to die for nails at a fraction of the price and in the comfort of your own home with this nail care guide.

If you want to clean your nails it is best to remove and wipe off any nail polish that may be remaining on your nails. Soak a cotton ball with a nail polish remover or acetone and apply on nails.

Long nails are great to look at but nails of just the right length would be ideal. Cut and trim your nails with a nail cutter based on your desired length. Toe nails though are better if they are snipped short.

The nail cutter does not all the time give straight cuts so refine your nail’s cut with the use of either a nail file or emery board whichever one you have. It is best to file in one direction instead of going back and forth which have the tendency to cause your nail to break. The direction of filing should be from the outside towards the center. A square cut that is somewhat oval in shape as well is ideal to avoid ingrown nails which can be very painful.

To remove unwanted cuticle, rub a solution of cuticle remover and gently push it with a pusher. If you know how to use a nipper, you can slowly cut them as well but you have to be extra careful because an incorrect way may cause infections. It is best to have your cuticles cut by a professional. Soaking your fingers and toes with the cuticle remover in warm water helps speed up the softening of your cuticles.

Before any color application a base coat is important to help protect your nails as well as prevent it from absorbing the color. Before applying nail color rub the bottle between your palms to prevent clumps. Apply a first coat allow to dry before doing another coat. Prevent smudges by applying nail color in a single direction. A topcoat is then applied to help maintain the shine as well as prevent chipping.

Schizophrenia – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Schizophrenia is a severe brain disease which usually manifests in adolescence or early adulthood. It causes negative symptoms like lack of motivation, self-neglect and reduced emotion. It causes positive symptoms like hallucinations, delusions and disorganized thoughts and speech.

In Ayurveda, Schizophrenia is known as "Unmaad". Most doctors treat this disease according to the presentation of symptoms. Patients who are excited or injured are given a "counter-irritant" treatment in the form of nasal drops. Vacha (Acorus calamus) in the powder or oil form, Shigru (Moringa oleifera) seed powder, Marich (Piper nigrum), Tagar (Valeriana wallichii), Yashtimadhu (Glycerrhiza glabra), Hingu (Ferula narthex) and Shunthi (Zinziber officinale) Jaggery are some of the medicines used, usually combined with "Puran Ghruta".

After the patient is subdued, other medicines are started. These include Sarpagandha (Raulwofia serpentina), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Ajwayan (Hyoscyamus niger)), Raupya Bhasma, Suvarna Bhasma and Puran Ghruta. Different mediated ghrutas (ghee) are used orally, such as Kalyanak Ghruta, Panchagavya Ghruta, Brahmi Ghruta and Jatamansi Ghruta. Some doctors advocate the use of "Panchakarama" procedures like induced vomiting, induced purgation and medicated enemas.

Treatment also differs according to the predominance of the "dosha" involved. For the predominance of "Vata" dosha, Brahmiprasha, Sarpagandha powder, Sameepannag rasa, and Vatavidhvansa rasa are used. For the predominance of "Pitta" dosha, Sutshekhar and Sarpagandha are given with Brahmi juice. Where "Kapha" dosha is predominant, medicines like Unmaadgajakesari and Bhootbhairav ​​rasa are used.

There is currently no cure for Schizophrenia, but many patients can be successfully managed with medications and professional counseling. Consistent, long-term treatment is critical to the successful management of Schizophrenia. Many patients discontinue medicines because of incompetent or intolerable side-effects of modern medicines. Ayurvedic herbal medicines score positively on this aspect, since they can be used long-term without any serious side-effects. Several herbal combinations are now available which can be used independently in patients with mild to moderate symptoms. For Schizophrenic patients with severe symptoms, the Ayurvedic medicines can be added to a modern medicine as adjuvant therapy, so that the therapeutic effect is optimized, without increasing the side-effect load.

Rehabilitation of patients is an important aspect of treatment. Patients need to be kept busy, in accordance with their capacity and ability for work. The regular supervision of a caregiver, both at home and at the work-place, helps a lot.

The Best-Selling Items to Sell on Cold Winter Days

Many people shop at swap meets to save money and get good deals, and cold winter days do not stop them.

Many people begin shopping more at indoor flea markets because they like the warmth, but the hardcore flea market shopper will still hit the outdoor flea markets even when it is snowing, because they know that since many people wimped out and went indoors, that leaves all the bargains for them. (Mile High Flea Market in Henderson, Colorado is open year round, yes, even when it is snowing, and the vendors and shoppers still come out like always.)

Sellers will still offer the usual swap meet fare, the used stuff and the new stuff, but no matter the time of year successful flea market vendors will still follow the rules: always sell what people want and need.

In winter people do not want swimsuits and shorts and sandals.

They want heavy coats with tall collars that can snap shut, furry hats that fold down to keep their ears warm and gloves to keep their hands and fingers warm.

They do not want sun tan lotion.

They want chemical hand warmers. They want thicker socks and warmer shoes and insulated boots. They want ski pants that the icy wind won’t cut through. They want insulated bib overalls.

Air conditioners and box fans don’t sell so well during winter, but electric space heaters do, as well as kerosene heaters, propane heaters, propane tanks, and propane hoses.

People will want snow shovels. They will want ice scrapers.

They will want to buy bags of rock salt and chemical melting compounds to spread on their sidewalks and steps.

People will also want snow tires. Used snow tires are great sellers, especially during the first few months of winter, but they don’t move so well during the summer months. Most people do not think, or shop, ahead.

Used tire chains in good condition will also sell well, as will tow chains.

Cold remedies, cough syrups and cough drops always sell, but especially in winter.

Buyers will also be looking for snowboards, inner tubes and other things to have fun with on the slopes.

Many flea markets run their own concessions and will not allow anyone to compete with them. But many smaller markets don’t have any concessions at all, and you can do quite well selling coffee and hot chocolate.

Just follow the rules and sell what people want and need. Change your inventory with the seasons and success will always be your friend.