Urethral Stricture Cure With Homeopathy

Urethral stricture is a common condition encountered in clinical practice these days. It is more common in males than females. Urethral stricture occurs due to the formation of fibrous tissue following damage to the urethral mucosa. Damage to the urethra can be due to gonococcal infection transmitted through sexual intercourse and obviously the sufferers are young adults.

Clinically patient gives a history of recurrent urinary tract infections, bad instrumentation (catheterization) following prostatectomy or any other surgical procedure, direct injury following treatment for rupture of urethra.

The patient experiences various symptoms like difficulty in passing the urine, feeling the desire to pass urine very frequently, thin stream of urine, retention of urine, dribbling of urine, painful urination. Depending on the cause of the stricture every patient has different symptomatology.

Homeopathy has amazing remedies for stricture urethra. In homeopathic treatment whole history of the patient is taken; both general symptoms and disease symptoms are considered while prescribing medicines.

In my clinical experience, every patient has different symptoms and responds in a different manner to homoeopathy remedies. Some patients start feeling better in few days, some in few weeks and some show signs of improvement in months. But in most cases, patient feels better after taking around two month course of treatment.

Patients feel better in their symptoms like burning in urination, urgency, frequency of urination, thin stream of urine and dribbling. Patients who starts taking homeopathic medicines as soon as they are diagnosed with urethral stricture, they generally start getting better earlier than those who are chronically suffering from urethral stricture.

There are wonderful homoeopathic remedies for recurrent urinary tract infection. It is experienced clinically that if a patient is diagnosed with urinary tract infection and he starts taking homeopathic treatment for infection then he or she will not suffer from urethral stricture in future. Even in worst cases of urethral stricture, homeopathic remedies are seen to give relief to the sufferer.

Homoeopathic remedies for urethral stricture can be given along with surgical intervention like urethral dilatation. Now the question arises how one can know that the homoeopathic medicines are working? The answer is the need of dilatation will reduce slowly as homoeopathic medicines start working.

There are remedies which are known to dissolve the scar tissue but in allopathy, there are no medicines to dissolve the scar tissue, surgery is the only treatment which is also not a permanent solution because the stricture reoccurs after few months or even few days.

I am treating some patients of urethral stricture who are allopathic pharmacists. They acknowledge that there are no medicines in allopathy and surgery does not provide permanent relief. But in homeopathy there are medicines which are natural, safe and have no side effects.

Height Growth Vitamins – Can Vitamins Help You Gain Height and Grow Taller Fast?

A good diet plays an important role in proper growth & development of your body. It is responsible for your weight as well as height. If you want to get taller, the first step is to look at your diet. Your body needs the right balance of all the essential nutrients. The diet must contain the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, calcium and zinc that need to be supplied to the body for its proper growth. The researchers have proved that protein, zinc and vitamin A enhance your height growth. Vitamins need to be taken in large quantity as they are really important in gaining height.

Height Growth Vitamins

Vitamins help you get taller safely. Here are some benefits & sources of the height growth vitamins:

Vitamin D

. It helps in absorbing the calcium from the food and helps in forming calcium & phosphorus in the bones.

. It regulates the growth that is required in kids during the formative years.

. This vitamin is present in the egg yolk, fishes and liver.

. It is recommended to take 400 IU of this vitamin daily.

Vitamin A

. It is essential for the proper body to grow for the proper functioning of your eyes, immune system and the reproductive organs.

. The foods rich in vitamin A include the orange colored fruits like sweet potato, oranges, papaya, lime, carrots and red bell peppers. It is also present in the egg yolk, fish cod, liver, salmon, figs (dried or fresh), plum, tomatoes and broccoli.

. The recommended daily intake of this vitamin is 4000 to 5000 IU.

The other height growth vitamins that help in getting taller are the Vitamin B, C, E & K. Apart from having a proper diet, you need to go for regular exercises too, especially the stretch exercises.

Crash Cart Supplies List – What Should Medical Emergency Crash Cart Contents Be?

Medical crash cart is an important piece of equipment in every medical center or hospital. It is designed to always be on the ready for the situations that require quick action, such as restore consciousness, or to restore living signs in patients. Examples of such situations will be a heart arrest, breathing cessation, or drug overdose.

To be quickly accessible, emergency carts are always positioned near emergency rooms (ER), operating rooms, intensive care units (ICU), or recovery rooms.

Emergency carts always feature at least five sturdy drawers for medications, suction devices, scalpels, needles, air supply tubes, a working surface with heart monitors and AEDs, or automatic electronic defibrillators, as well as space where oxygen containers are securely attached.

Nurses and doctors that are first in line to provide life support and resuscitation, need to always be clearly aware of the placement of the medical emergency cart as well as of its contents and their use, down to the contents of each individual drawer.

We will provide here a quick checklist of crash cart supplies. The list is intended as an overview only, it is not complete, and can be different in different hospitals or ERs. If you are studying for an ACLU exam or similar, you should look into the literature given to you for more details on basic life support, and details of conditions that require quick recognition of the need to use an emergency cart and the resuscitation procedures.

Top surface of the hospital emergency cart: This is commonly reserved for the heart monitoring device and AED, automatic electronic defibrillator, to be used in heart arrest situations.

Crash cart medication list for adults includes: Adenosine, Amiodarone, Atropine, Calcium Chloride, Dextrose, Dobutamine, Dopamine, Epinephrine, Etomidate, Flumazenil, Lidocaine, Magnesium Sulfate, Naloxone, Nitroglycerin, Norepinephrine, Procainamide, Vasopressin, Verapamil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride. (Note: emergency cart drugs for children should be different, see below.)

Breathing equipment and air supplies: Tracheal (windpipe) tubes such as endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, nasal tube or nasal cannula, oxygen flow meter, laryngoscope (throat viewer) supplies such as light bulbs, batteries, exam gloves, and suction devices such as suction cathethers.

Intra venous (IV) equipment supplies: Blood tubes, sterile water vials, alcohol swabs, tape, IV start kits, syringes, arterial blood gas (ABG) kits and syringes, IV solutions such as lactated ringers, normal saline, and IV tubes like macrodrip, extension tubing.

Heart and chest procedures: In addition to the heart monitor and AED machine that are normally positioned on top of the medical emergency cart, one of the drawers will include cardiac (heart) and chest procedure supplies, such as ECG electrodes, sterile gloves, face masks and face shields, large dressings, cardiac needle, betadine solution, chest tubes.

Specialty items in the medical crash cart: Cutdown tray, CVP catheter tray, suture.

Warning: Due to the strength of the above medications and resuscitation equipment, the contents of a pediatric crash cart should be much different.

It is important for nursing and medical students to understand the use of emergency crash cart and other life saving supplies and devices. It is also important that all of these devices be stored in a secured, always ready medical crash cart. To be effective, hospital must prepare a comprehensive crash cart policy that includes crash cart medication list, complete crash cart inventory checklist and the appropriate staff training procedures.

Helpful Things For a Happy Forty

Being at the age of 40 can be hard for most women. This stage is usually the onset of menopause where the levels of progesterone and estrogen dramatically decreases. It is typically coupled with emotional downturns like depression, irritability, too much exhaustion and nervousness which could make life miserable. Here are some things that you can do to avoid the said scenario:

Laugh and take a break. Slow down and take time for yourself. Have a walk at the park or sit at the beach while watching the sunset. Bake or cook something for yourself or read leisurely the book you always wanted. Treat yourself to a decent spa or watch a movie.

Be generous. Nothing can beat the feather-like feeling when you share your time and resources with someone no matter how small or big. This is one of life’s many paradoxes – the more you give, the more you receive.

Relive your dreams. Forty-something is not a stage to stop dreaming. In fact, you shouldn’t stop dreaming at any point. Dreaming of achieving something give us the drive to live life everyday. It’s like a fuel that keeps us going.

Take pleasure with your life as you live it today. Don’t be bothered of yesterday’s history or too anxious of what tomorrow has to offer. Be thankful of today’s blessing. Enumerate the things you are thankful for. Most of us often worry too much for what tomorrow would bring because we forget to be thankful for today’s blessing.

Be positive. A famous author once said that when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it. The same is true for you. When you want something, affirm it. Be positive towards it and you will see things unfold as you expected it to be.

Forgive. Unload that unnecessary baggage of grudges in your heart. No one ever wants a useless heavy stone inside her backpack. Unload it by writing a letter of forgiveness to everyone who hurt you in any way. You may not want to give it to the person involved but at least write it. You will realize that letting go of the sadness is the key to having a peaceful life.

Take time to have friends. It doesn’t matter how many you have. Only the true ones count. Friends may come and go but they will leave a lesson in life. Learning and comparing would make you a far better person.

Ask for advice. Always listen to those who criticize. Asking for help doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not strong.

Stand out, don’t fit in. As the saying says “man move to survive”. You must take initiative and take the first step to achieve your dreams and most importantly, walk a straight path that will not lead you astray.

Go to http://www.i40club.com for more helpful tips.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Liquid Medicines Over Tablets And Pills?

Every person needs to take medicine at some point in their life and the normal format usually comes in the form of a pill or a capsule. Patients who find it difficult to take medication, like very young patients or older patients are given liquid forms of the medication. Most people are aware of the liquid OTC analgesic formulations for babies and toddlers, as well as the liquid cold and flu remedies marketed for adults, but few realize that it is possible to obtain alternative formulations for many prescription drugs when the patient has trouble swallowing pills. As always, when taking any medications, whether they are sold by prescription or over the counter, care must be taken to make sure that there will not be any adverse side effects when two or more medications are taken concurrently. You always need to tell your physician and pharmacist about any medicines you are currently taking.

Normally, individuals who take their medications in the form of pills or capsules do not have any difficulties in swallowing the medicine. These may come in several different sizes that range from fairly small to others that are rather big. Sometimes patients have trouble swallowing because of a condition called dysphagia. This condition may develop when one is young and persist throughout life, or it may develop later in life, brought on by an illness or condition that impacts the ability to swallow. When this happens, the best thing to do is to consult with the physician or pharmacist to find out if the prescribed medication comes in a different form, such as a liquid, that would be easier to swallow. There is a lengthy formulation and development process that drugs in a liquid formulation must go through prior to being prescribed for utilization by patients. This is because it is essential that the drug is evenly dispersed throughout the formulation. Liquid formulas frequently state on the label that the bottle needs to be shaken up before ingesting the medicine in order to ensure that the medication is evenly distributed and has not settled at the bottom of the bottle.

It is necessary for the design of liquid formulations to be a bit different than that of tablets so that the patient receives the proper amount of medication without imbibing large quantities of liquids. In addition, it must include an additive that masks the taste of the drug, which is frequently quite bitter and foul tasting. Normally, the average dose is not more than 5 millilitres for children, but adults usually need to take the medicine in a higher dosage. Normally the medication comes as a syrup, mixture or solution and includes sweeteners and flavouring agents to disguise the drug’s taste. Frequently fluids with a thicker viscosity are utilized so that they are not as likely to be spilled or inhaled in error. Additionally, it might have other ingredients that help the drug to stay in the liquid, which will ensure that the drug is going to be effective.

A special measuring spoon comes with liquid medications to ensure that the proper dosage is administered every time. A recent study revealed that when the special measuring spoon was not utilized, the dosage size could vary greatly due to the fact that teaspoons are not made in standard sizes. If you learn that you cannot easily use the spoon that is provided to you, ask your pharmacist for a special medicine cup or an oral syringe so that you will be able to measure the proper dosage correctly.

There are a few basic steps to follow when taking liquid medicine:

1. Be sure that you are aware of the dose you will need to consume.

2. Measure the dosage into the spoon, cup or syringe with care

3. Once the dose has been administered, clean the dispenser thoroughly so that it will be ready when the time comes for the next dose to be administered.

4. Be sure to store the bottle properly; some drugs, like antibiotics, may need to be refrigerated.

A medicine dispenser can be greatly beneficial for any medication that needs to be taken long term. These pumps are designed to fit into the medicine bottle and dispense a specific amount with each pump. These devices will make it easier to provide a correct quantity of a liquid medication when it is administered, especially at night when the lighting may be poor and in situations where dexterity or vision problems are present. Any issues should be discussed with your pharmacist or doctor.

Proper storage of medication is essential and any instructions with regard to the dosage and timing of administration must be followed exactly. In addition, any old medication should be taken to a pharmacy for proper disposal.

Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction Is Highly Painful With Foul Odor


Dry socket is a temporary dental condition that sometimes develops during the first few days – 1-3 days – after the extraction of tooth. This is alternately known as alveolar osteitis. This condition is extremely painful and has a foul odor. The formation of dry sockets takes place if the blood clot fails to form or if the formed blood clot gets dislodged from the socket. The blood clot formation is necessary for healing of the bone and without blood clot the bone is exposed to air, food, and fluids and produces a foul odor. Further the process of healing gets delayed. This condition occurs because of complications that occur after extraction of tooth such as impacted Wisdom Tooth.


The symptoms of alveolar osteitis are – acute pain after tooth extraction, bad breath, bad taste, visible bone in the socket, lymph nodes around the jaw or neck get swollen and radiating pain from the socket to your ear or eye.


After extraction of teeth you will find that a blood clot forms at the site of tooth extraction. This clot protects the underlying bone and nerve endings in the empty tooth socket. This clot forms the foundation for the new tissue and bone growth.

There are certain cases wherein the formation of the clot is improper or the clot is dislodged from the socket much before healing. In the absence of this clot the bone and the nerves in the socket get exposed to food, fluids and air. This causes acute pain both in the socket and also along the nerves that radiate to your ear and eyes on the same side as the tooth.


The following methods are followed for treating dry socket; these methods are mainly aimed at reducing your pain.

  1. Medicated dressings – your dentist or oral surgeon will pack the socket with medicated dressings. Dressing has to be changed often depending on the severity of the tooth pain.
  2. Cleaning the socket – your dentist or oral surgeon removes the debris or food particles collected in the socket by flushing it out..
  3. Pain killers – depending on the pain you have your surgeon will prescribe pain killers. If OTC pain medications are ineffective the surgeon might prescribe stronger pain medications for relieving your pain..
  4. Self-care – it is also possible that your surgeon might train you to flush your socket using a specialized syringe, water, salt water, mouthwash or a prescription rinse..

Within a few hours of starting treatment you will get relief to certain extent. As days go by the pain will start reducing and the wound will heal within a fortnight.

Risk Factors

Some of the risk factors are – oral contraceptives, past history of having dry socket, lack of post-operative care, smoking and infection of gum or tooth.


Some of the complications are – absenting from school or work, delayed healing after extraction, infection and pain.


Occurrence of dry socket can be minimized by taking proper precautions both by the patient and the oral surgeon.

Some of the actions that will prevent the occurrence of dry socket are – application of medicated dressings after surgery, oral antibiotics, avoiding smoking and taking tobacco products, using antibacterial mouthwashes, timing the surgery when your estrogen levels are low, avoid eating foods like pasta, peanuts, popcorn etc. whose pieces that might embed in the socket.

The Manifestation of Depression

The Manifestation of Depression

A client once came to see me because she was feeling very lethargic about her whole lot for the past few years. This is not a unique problem since many people suffer from depression of all sorts. They long to live a life of purpose and fulfillment but unconsciously they live a lie constantly of sheer cold fear, boredom, hopelessness, discouragement and even terror.

Someone whose mind and emotions have been trampled on and abused from childhood will automatically seek this isolation to ward off further pain. We are built with pain when we are born. A baby cries when it first breathes in this outside material world. It has two meanings that the baby, who is essentially spirit-soul, feels like a total stranger to this hostile material atmosphere and the second reason is that the baby is already grappling to adapt to live and stay with the life force with its utmost possible courage and efforts.

Depression is a faint knocks and cry of the soul’s point-of-view and why it came here to experience the humanness in the first place (for crying out loud). The reasons can be multifarious. For instance, the cry could be to resolve past karma. Or to learn some lessons in a safe or in an unsafe and difficult environments, respectively; perhaps may be in a bit of a dangerous surroundings so that it can move in its evolution of consciousness. Or it can be some of these “scenarios” as a whole for the soul’s growth, conscious evolution and to do its life purpose.

The time has come to pay heed and give respect and love to this feeling of depression of the soul. This is the point when each personality must make a courageous and resolute decision to start or initiate and go through the healing journey of itself and the living soul that is residing in the person. No need to say it is an easy and flower-scented process. No it is not, and we all know it is not in these times of perpetual violence, unknown lies, theft of ideas, identities, greed, anti-social behaviours, etc.

It is possible that depression can take a form of a disease in the mind, mentally-physically, as a symptom if ignored for a prolonged time. Depression itself is not a disease but only a “depressurizing” of the personality by the soul’s needs and what it is trying to tell.

Literally thousands of books and programs have been designed revolving around depression and the stigma of colossal proportions have been attached to it, because the collective unconscious pact of the human beings is to deny and hide it first and then call it a physical disease only, later. As if any drug can ever cure it. The prescribed drugs can only give a covered-up relief.  Let alone all the researches and developments that go along with it never end to solving the problem. It is because that it is not a personality problem and no doctor of material science can do anything about it but to hide it for a while with covering-deforming-dangerous drugs which obviously has very dangerous side effects to block other vital energies on top as a severe burden.

Finally, only a Spiritual doctor of Conscious Evolutionary-Subtle Yoga Systems can help the patient along with the spiritual psychotherapy counseling and with the recommendations of new-lifestyle healing journey from the past to the going forward in to the future in a true innovative way.

We often confuse sadness with depression, it has been researched and condoned every time with a blinding eye.  But they are very different from each other. Sadness is reflective and depression just deludes the mind and thoughts. It is a terrifying, panicking and full of anxiety disorder that is experienced by millions of people throughout the globe.

It will require courage and conviction from those souls who want to restore to their original innocence and then work with the Higher Self to become what they were already meant and are ready to become.

Nobody can pretend to be safe on this planet let alone in this material universe .The first step is to learn the crucial faculty of engaged detachment to the temporary things and people of this material universe , solar system, and this planet. Planet Earth has both energies of Spiritual/Inner and material/outer, respectively. Now with the new millennium our Creator wants it to evolve and restore itself again in a New Harmonious way. So you see, Earth is also depressed and under lot of horrific pressure by the wars with terrible and obscene destructions to its delicate and living eco systems and its hemisphere on the whole.

I would like people to be not lazy and call depression something “Chemical” only. It is of a ratio of 2:9. The other “ratioed” 9 is unseen by many factors of good and bad and evil energies from within the person and from the many dimensional universe.




Instrument Transformer

The instrument transformer are special type of transformers these transformers are defined as the transformer intended to supply measuring instruments, meters, relay and other similar apparatus.

In the measuring large current in a do circuit current and voltage is measured by using low range ammeter with a suitable shunt. For measuring high voltage high resistance is used in parallel.

For AC circuit measurements specially for high voltage measuriment the simple instruments are not suitable as these are designed for low voltage. Also a high rating instrument are not suitable on the economic point of view.

The measurement of these quantities is done with special device known as instrument transformers. These transformers steps down current and voltage in definite proportion. This reduced quantity is measured with the help of low range ammeters and voltmeters and are then changed to actual value by knowing the transformation ratio of the transformer.

Advantages Of Instrument Transformers:

The following are the advantages of instrument transformers over the shunts and multipliers etc.

1. The readings of instrument transformers does not depends upon their constants such as resistance, capacitance and inductance etc.

2. The secondary winding of CT &VT shows a current and voltage respectively of such a low value which falls in the range of measuring instrument can be done easily.

3. With the use of instrument transformer the measuring circuit is isolated from power circuit.

4. With the standardization of CT & PT’s secondary winding it is possible to standardize instrument around the rating and so it becomes easy for manufacture to have a great reduction in costs of instrument transformer.

Types of instrument transformer:

Two types of instrument transformer are there.

1. current transformer (CT)

2. pottential transformer (PT/VT)


Current transformer is an instrument transformer in which the secondary current in normal conditions of use is substantially proportional to thee primary current and differs in phase from it by an angle which is approximately zero for an appropriate direction of connections. It should be noted that in case of CT and PT that if one stteped down the another will get stteped up.

All current transformers operate on the principal of ampere turn balance in a closed magnetic circuit. The CT consists of a primary winding of Np turns and secondary of Ns turns carrying current Ip and Is respectively. A component of the primary ampere turns is utilized in magnetising the core with the result that ampere turns available for transformation is the vector differ of primary and exciting ampere turns the exciting ampere turns give rise to error in CT.


CT cores are of two types:



Laminated core:

The laminated cores are made from T, U, L, E and I stampings. The strips of such a shape are cut and arranged in a struck to form complete core cruciform core is not popular in case of CT’s.

The laminated cores are convenient for making CT’s of the type in which primaries are also wound.

Spiral wound core:

The CT’s of high grade are having spiral wound core. The core is made by ring shapeings stacked in cylindrical form. The secondary winding is wound on the core. The conductor carrying the current acts like primary winding and is made passing through the hole.

The spiral wound cores may be of two different types one so to have a stack of ring shaped stamping and another is to use stamping of spiral form. The cores of such a type are called torodial cores. These cores are most popular these days because it ensures that the flux path is always along the grains of grain oriented material and so minimum reluctance is there.

Core Material:

The requirements of core material for CT’s are

1. Low reluctance

2. Low core loss

3. Highly permeable

4. Small retentively

5. Easy availability

6. Low cost

The high permeability nickel iron cores are used for high precision CT’s.

The materials used for making CT cores are.

1. Mumetal (70% Ni)

2. Permandur (50% Co, 50% Fe)

3. Hipernik (50% Ni, 50% Fe)

All the materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. The material is chosen on the basic of the requirement of CT’s.


Irrespective of the types of CT due to core material some more types of CT’s are popular on the basic of their use and winding.

1. CT Wound Type:

It is type of CT in which the primary winding of more than one full turns wound on the core. The wound types CT’s are used for measuring current in a circuit of high voltage where a very precise measurement is not essential.

2. CT Bar Type:

It is CT in which the primary winding consists of a bar of suitable size and material forming an integral part of the CT. the current line on which we have to measure current is connected to the bar. This type of CT is suitable to measure high currents.

3. CT Liquid Immersed:

Ordinary CT’S are of dry type they do not require and oil or cooling medium other than natural air for its operation.

But a special class of C’s has been developed which require use of oil or other suitable liquid of suitable characteristics as insulating and closing medium.

These types of CT’s are used in switchyards and substations for the purpose of measurement and for connecting relays etc. for protection of the device.

4. Hermetically sealed CT:

It is a liquid immersed CT which is sealed and does not communicate with atmospheric air. A casing of suitable material is made which does not allowed the air to be in touch with CT.

5. Ring type CT:

It is type of CT which has an opening in the center to accommodate a primary conductor through it. In these types of CT’s the core is wound only for secondary winding. The conductor passing through CT itself acts as primary winding. These are the most popular type of CT’s. Because of their easy availability and ready to use property.

6. Multicore CT:

It is CT having more than one secondary core and winding with a common primary winding.

The different cores of such a CT are used to connect different relays and protective devises with it. Such as one core is used for measuring current other is connected with differential protection relay.

7. Multi Ratio CT:

It is type of CT in which more than one ratio is obtainable by reconnection, tappings etc. in primary or secondary winding. This is the advantage of this type of CT on others. It can be used for measuring a wide range of currents according to the measuring conditions. Ordinary CT’s are manufactories to measure a particular value of current and for a higher value of current they are not suitable. But the multi ratio CT’s can be used for measuring a long rang of current by changing the turn’s ratio.

Area Rug – Top 10 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Handmade Oriental Rug

When you are planning on buying a rug to compliment the décor in your home and to help keep the floors warm, there are some things you need to consider. After all, you are going to spend a fair bit of money and you want to be sure that you get a high quality product. You also need to be aware that there are people out there who are selling fake Persian, Turkish, and Oriental handmade rugs and passing them off as the real thing. Here are a few things you should know before you go out and buy a rug:

  1. Where was it Made: Be sure the rug was made in Turkey, Iran, or Central Asia. If it isn’t, then it simply isn’t genuine. This is one time when you do not want made in the USA.
  2. Is it Handmade: You need to be sure that what you are buying is really handmade, especially if you are paying handmade prices. There are people out there who will try to sell you a machine-made rug and tell you it is handmade. You can tell the difference by looking at the back of the rug. If you can clearly see the design, then it is handmade, but if the design is faint or not visible, then it is machine-made.
  3. Quality: Now that you have determined that you are looking at a handmade rug (if it isn’t you would have walked away) you need to know if it is a well made rug. You can tell the quality of the rug by feeling it and looking at it. If the rug feels very dry and the colours are dull, then the rug is probably made from dead wool, which is wool that has been taken from a dead sheep rather than from a living sheep. You want a rug made with live wool. You also need to measure the number of knots the rug has. You can do this by measuring the knots per square inch. This means that you need a ruler and you literally count how many knots are in one inch and then square that number. The higher the number, the higher the quality.
  4. Take a Photo of Your Room: When you go to the rug store to buy a rug and you are certain the rugs are genuine and of good quality, you can easily get swept away by the selection of rugs. Having a photo of your room with you can help you stay focused on the task at hand – buying a rug that works in your room. This way there is less of a chance that you will end up with the wrong rug. If you buy rugs online, then you don’t need to take a photo of your room.
  5. Determine the Size: Before you choose a rug to buy, make sure of the size you want. You can tape fabric on the floor and get a good idea of the size you want before you buy the rug.
  6. Rug on Wood: If your rug will be on a wooden floor, then be sure to leave an eight inch space all the way around the rug.
  7. Padding: When you get padding for under the rug you will prolong the life of your rug.
  8. Dark or Light: Getting a dark or light rug depends on what effect you want in the room. If you want the room to look more spacious, then choose a light coloured rug. If you want a cosier feel, then choose a darker rug.
  9. More than One Rug: When you are buying more than one rug for a room, make one rug larger than the other ones. This is the dominant one and the other rugs can similar in design and colour.
  10. Rug and Curtains: When you choose your rug, consider your curtains and make sure they don’t clash.

These tips will help you pick a Turkish area rug or runner rug that will compliment your room or hallway and give you lasting beauty and warmth for many years to come. Then all you have to do is bring your rug home and enjoy it.

Cancer Man in Love – Detect His Emotions

Are you wondering if your Cancer man is in love? Is this your first time dating a Cancer man and you’re not sure you know how to read him? Could this man be in love with you and you don’t even know it?

Let’s take a look at this very romantic and monogamous Cancer man and see if you fall into his type.

The Real Deal

If you’re looking for a man you can settle down with and trust, a Cancer man will make you happy. Truly given to romantic gestures, he is a creature of habit who is quite happy being in a stable and solid relationship.

The Ego

Part of winning the love of this man may mean having to remind him of the good man he is. Given to bouts of self doubt, he is humble to the point of often doubting his true worth. However, be careful with false praise. He’ll sense your lack of sincerity and may hold it against you.

Knowing that he has a woman who is prepared to stand beside him, come what may, is a great reassurance to the Cancer man in love.

The Kindness

Open and generous, this man is always willing to help out a friend in need. His loyalty to his friends and family runs deep and he will never hesitate to be there for them.

However, don’t think this makes him a pushover. As willing as he may be to help out a friend, he can be quick to spot the person who dares try to take advantage of him. If you’re calling him for help, you better be certain you have a legitimate reason.

The Grudge

While he won’t pout and make a scene, he does at times have a way of hanging onto his feelings, whether good or bad. If you wrong him, he won’t quickly forget about it. You’ll have an uphill battle trying to get past your mistake. Work hard to make it up to him and prove that you truly are sorry for whatever pain you caused him.

The Humor

Most Cancer men have a vibrant sense of humor although he can at times be difficult to understand. Given to episodes of moodiness, his sense of humor gets him through unpleasant times, but can often be dark and sarcastic.

The Father

If you’re hoping to have a big and happy family, this is the guy who may just be what you’re really looking for. A true family man, they make for wonderful fathers who take great pride in being hands on with their kids.

Children can really bring out the kid in a in this guy and most thrive on fatherhood. However, his mate needs to be open-minded about his way of parenting. He’s more apt to have fun with them than discipline.

Once you truly understand the make up of a Cancer man in love, getting along with him and forging a truly hot and romantic relationship will come easy. Be ready to love him as he is and he may very well give you his world.

What to Do During Anxiety Attacks – the Top 4 Things You Must Do!

Anxiety attacks is one of the most prevalent and treatable mental condition. However, a lot of sufferers are clueless about their condition and they are severely crippled by it, limited them from daily activities and a normal care-free life. Hence, its essential you know what to do during anxiety attacks to prevent it from escalating beyond your control.

Make An Appointment With Your Doctor Now!

To completely rule out any physical condition/disease that is causing these symptoms, you will need to have a complete medical examination. You will not be able to start your recovery if you are still convinced that there is something physically wrong, so this step is very important.

If the doctor DOES find a physical condition that is causing the symptoms then you may find that once it is treated and cleared up, the panic attacks will stop.

Otherwise, if you are given a clean bill of health, you really MUST believe that panic attacks is not going to kill you and the symptoms will in time, fade away naturally.

Accept The Feelings, They WILL Pass!

I know that “accepting” the feelings can be an extremely difficult thing to do. However, resistance will only increase you anxiety and panic, especially if your calming method did not work at all!

Take it positively. You have been through these panic attacks before, you KNOW that your will ALWAYS survive. You won’t have a heart attack, you won’t go blind, you won’t faint and you won’t die. You KNOW all that and so, REMIND yourself!

Sit down, breathe slowly and let the symptoms subside naturally. They WILL pass! Remember that.

Distract Yourself. Keep Yourself BUSY!

If you really have difficulty in “accepting” these feelings, than try distracting yourself. When your busy, your mind is usually concentrating on whatever your doing at that moment. Hence. You will be less likely to feel fearful or think that your going to die.

The more you able to concentrate and “get into things”, the more effective this method will be.

Start Exercising & Have An Active Lifestyle

There’s no better incentive to start exercising! In addition to keeping yourself fit and healthy, regular exercise also helps to prevent anxiety attacks. When you exercise, you are burning up the excess adrenaline and stress hormones you accumulate daily due to stressful or panic episodes. Hence, regular exercise can DRASTICALLY reduce anxiety attack. Don’t you want that to happen?

Furthermore, exercise is really the ONLY real action you can easily take against anxiety attack. Simple but effective. Don’t coop yourself at home everyday. A physically fit body REALLY do make a difference. Be it a 20 minutes jog, swim or brisk walking…start exercising today!

How to Get a Girlfriend Even If You’re Ugly, Fat, or Have a Disability

If you’re one of the millions of guys who believe that you can’t get a girlfriend because of some aspect of your physical appearance this article is for you. You’ve probably carried the weight of this burden for a long time. You’ve seen your friends get girls and you’ve probably established a belief that due to your appearance, having a woman in your life just isn’t your “destiny.”

If this sounds familiar you’re not alone. You would actually be surprised at how many guys share the same suffering. Statistics say that 20% of guys get 80% of the girls. Some would believe that this only further supports the notion that physical appearance is important and people who are unattractive are destined to live a life of loneliness and sorrow. But as a guy who struggled with his own limitations when it came to women I can tell you that there is hope. The truth is, being unattractive in some way can actually play as a major advantage when pulling girls. Impossible you say? Well, I’m telling you, it isn’t!

The thing to realize is that when it comes to women looks do not matter all that much. I know it sounds like a lie, but I’m telling you, it’s the truth. Yes, looks will help a good looking guy get his foot in the door, but they will only take him so far. Women are attracted to VALUE, nothing more and nothing less. If you can show a woman that you have high value then she will become attracted to you regardless of what you look like or what disabilities you have. I have seen midgets, cripples, and even dudes with no legs pull hot chicks. And the only difference between them and you is that they didn’t think the same way that you do. They believed that they had something to offer their girls, and consequently they reflected that belief in everything that they thought, did, and said.

So here’s how you do it: Imagine that women have the ability to see right through you. They can look at you and immediately tell what is going on inside you. They can see your beliefs by way of body language, your insecurities by the way your eyes flip, and even your level of self esteem just by the tone of your voice. The funny thing is that most women don’t know how they know, they just do. So when a guy can present these attractive qualities he will literally turn into the best looking guy they have ever seen, and regardless of what physical limitations he may have, women WILL sleep with him.

What’s more, when you can show women that you have a high self esteem despite being fat, ugly, or with a disability, they will actually become MORE attracted to you than they would a good looking guy with the same level of self esteem. Why? Because like the peacock who survives despite the limitations of his enormous tail, they will see that you have the internal strength to rise above societal definitions of attractive and unattractive and have high self esteem despite of it. This is EXTREMELY attractive to women, and that is why some seriously ugly dudes have some of the hottest girls out there. It’s all about their belief system.

In order to learn how to change your beliefs you will need to do some serious work. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and tell you that it is going to be easy; it won’t. But what I will tell you is that it is possible. With the serious motivation of pulling hot girls, I’ve seen guys rise from the deepest depths to become seduction machines. You will need to work on the way you speak to yourself, your body language, your internal belief systems, and most of all, your self esteem.

Low Frequency Hearing Loss – What is it and What Causes It?

Most loss of hearing follows a standard pattern. As the person gets older, they lose the ability to hear the higher frequencies. By the time most people reach their mid-twenties, they can’t hear the highest pitched sounds that teenagers can hear anymore. Women and children become harder to understand than men. This is high frequency hearing loss — the most common loss of hearing and the form most hearing aids are designed for.

But what about the people whose loss is the exact opposite of this? The people that can hear women better than men and can’t hear the roar of machinery that bothers most sufferers? These people have low frequency hearing loss.

You can probably already tell that it’s uncommon. There are only a few things that bring about this condition.

The first and most common cause is Meniere’s Disease. It’s a rare condition caused by a weakening of the membrane in the ear, and in addition to low frequency hearing loss, it causes episodes of vertigo, uncontrollable falling down, nausea, ringing in the ears, and feeling that the ears are blocked up. Sufferers of this disease usually feel exhausted after these episodes. The low frequency hearing loss is one of the milder symptoms of this disease.

The second is genetic factors. Low frequency loss of hearing often runs in families, and many people with it can trace it several generations back. People with the genetic form usually start losing their ability to hearing lower frequencies in childhood. In many ways children with this form of hearing loss are more fortunate than those with others, since all the sounds needed for normal speech are audible, and they can learn to talk normally without the need for speech therapy.

The third possible cause is childhood illness. In some instances, diseases such as Measles and the Chicken Pox can lead to low frequency hearing loss, though this is very, very rare. The advent of vaccines for such diseases is making it even rarer.

People unable to hear low frequencies have different sounds causing them problems than the average high frequency sufferer. As said earlier, men will be more difficult to understand than women. In addition, consonant sounds are slightly higher-pitched than vowel sounds, and so they’re easier to hear. Thunder, car engines, appliances, and other machinery are often difficult to hear or inaudible. Traffic noises are also hard, which is one of the dangers of this form of hearing loss.

Tips on How to Train a Dressage Horse to Do Turn on the Haunches and Walk Pirouettes

The systematic way to train a dressage horse to do a walk pirouette is to start with turn on the haunches.

A turn on the haunches is a 180-degree turn done at the walk. Your horse bends in the direction of the turn. His forehand moves around his haunches until he’s facing the opposite direction. His outside hind foot and his forefeet move around his inside hind foot, which forms a pivot.

o Your horse must maintain the regular rhythm of his walk. His pivot leg gets picked up and put down each time, slightly ahead of where it was before.

o Turn on the haunches engages the hindquarters and encourages bending of the joints of the hind legs. The end result is that your horse’s body feels more packaged.

o Turn on the haunches is an introductory movement for the walk pirouette. It differs from a pirouette because it’s done from a shortened medium walk while a pirouette is done from a collected walk. Also in the turn on the haunches, your horse’s hind feet make a small circle, (about the size of a dinner plate). In a walk pirouette, your horse’s inside hind leg should be picked up and put down almost on the same spot.

The aids to train your dressage horse to do a turn on the haunches to the left are:


Put your weight on your left (inside) seat bone.

Left leg (inside leg):

Place your left leg on the girth to promote bending and engagement of your horse’s inside hind leg.

Right leg (outside leg):

Place your right leg behind the girth to help bend your horse around your inside leg and to prevent his hindquarters from swinging out.

Left rein:

Turn your wrist to ask for +1 flexion.

Right rein:

Use your right rein as a siderein to limit the amount of bend you get in the neck.

Both hands:

Move both hands in the direction of the turn to move the forehand around the hindquarters. Keep your hands side-by-side and equidistant from your body. Think of your left rein as an opening rein and bring your right rein closer to your horse’s neck. Imagine that your hands are like the second hand on a clock sweeping around the face of the clock.

The sequence of aids are:

1. Prepare for the turn by using a “stilled seat” to shorten your dressage horse’s medium walk.

2. Bend your horse to the inside.

3. Set him up for the turn by riding in a slight shoulder-fore position.

4. Bring both hands in the direction you want his body to turn to guide his forehand around his hindquarters.

Since the two most important ingredients to train a dressage horse to do a correct turn on the haunches are rhythm and bend, preserve these qualities by introducing it on a circle.

o Do haunches-in on a 10-meter circle.

o As long as your horse keeps his rhythm, bend, and desire to go forward, decrease the size of the circle while you’re still in haunches-in gradually.

o Make the circle only as small as you can while keeping the rhythm, bend, and forward desire.

Back Pain Shoulder Blade—Causes and Treatment

Pain in the upper back and shoulder blades can be excruciating. It may be a referred or local pain.


Anatomy of the shoulder

Shoulders form an important part of the upper back. Their anatomy makes them highly vulnerable to pain due to sprain, strains, tears and inflammation. The muscles and ligaments in the shoulder joints can themselves be the cause of back pain.

Rotator cuff

A rotator cuff is made up of four main muscles. It binds the shoulders joints together and is very sensitive to tension and stress.


The movement of the shoulder blades is also controlled by small sacks of fluid called bursae. The bursae can become swollen, infected and inflamed leading to acute pain at the point of shoulder.

Neck and arm

 Arthritis and disc herniation in the neck can lead to pinched nerves. The resultant pain is referred to the shoulder blades.

Trigger points

The trigger points in the front and side muscles of the neck often cause annoying pain in the shoulder blades in the upper back. It is known only to very few people that some times the upper back pain is caused by these trigger points.

Trigger points located under the arm can also cause pain at the lower tip of the shoulder and the middle back.

The role of trapezius muscles

The movements of the shoulders are also controlled by the two triangle shaped trapezius muscles which together form a trapezoid. 

The trapezius muscle lies at the back of the neck and covers the shoulders. It makes the two shoulders blades move towards the midline in the back. It also rotates them and makes them move up and down.

The muscle is very sensitive to anxieties, frustrations, tension, stress and poor posture. Sitting in the same position over long hours in the office or driving the car shortens and tightens the fibers in the trapezius muscle. It develops spasms that send shooting pains to the shoulders.

If there is a pain under the shoulder blade, it may be a warning that it is being triggered by some other organ of the body. For example, it may be referred by some problem in the stomach or the heart. Heart attacks often cause pain in the shoulders.


Initial back and shoulder blade pain caused by spasms or stains can be cured by simple exercises that rotate the neck and shoulders or move them up and down. It may also go away by applying balm or massage upon the affected areas including the trapezius or taking over-the-counter medicines.

You should consult your physician, if the pain refuses to go away by such home treatment.

Are you suffering from back and shoulder blade pain? It does not matter that you have suffered from it for 10, 15 or even 30 years. You would be completely cured in just 21 days even if you are a lost case. Click Here Right Now  to learn more about how you can get fast and permanent relief from any kind of back pain.