Diseases Caused by Alcohol

Since your college days, or maybe even earlier, you may have found that you have an affinity for alcoholic beverages. Perhaps you enjoy a beer every now and then, or take shots like a boss, or maybe there is never a time of day that you are not drunk. Whatever your relationship to alcohol is, you should know about the long-term effects of drinking before you continue down a path that may be harmful to you. Alcohol-related diseases can be life-threatening and have painful symptoms.

One of the more common organisms attacked by alcohol-related disease is the liver. Alcohol goes to your liver to be broken down, and if it has to break down alcohol too much, it can ever overwork itself and develop a disease. The good news is that the liver has an amazing capacity to regenerate, but again, if you push it to its limits, you can wind up with diseases like cirrhosis or alcoholic hepatitis. Women who drink heavily are more likely to get cirrhosis than men.

In the beginning stages of cirrhosis, you may not notice any symptoms. However, as the disease progresses, you may notice a loss of energy and appetite, fluctuation in weight, fever, your skin or whites of your eyes getting yellow due to jaundice, and itchy skin. These are just a few of many symptoms that may possibly develop with cirrhosis. Your doctor will likely need to diagnose your disease by blood test, biopsy, or surgery.

As unlikely as it may sound, alcoholism can also cause osteoporosis, which is a disease that can lead to fragile bones. Once you have developed osteoporosis, your likelihood of fracturing a bone increases significantly. It is possible that you may fracture a bone without even realizing that you have this disease. Like cirrhosis, you may not feel symptoms early on, but as time goes on, you may start feeling a dull pain in your bones or muscles, especially in your lower back and neck. As the disease progresses, you could start to feel much sharper pains that appear suddenly. Your doctor may choose to screen you for the disease by using a bone mineral density test. There are also many machines that can measure bone density noninvasively, and they are painless and safe to use.

While there are several diseases that can attack your body due to alcohol abuse, drunk driving is one of the worst killers of all. People who drink and drive are more likely to die in a wreck than an alcohol-related disease later on. It is a sad but true statistic that approximately 40 percent of total fatalities in the United States are related to driving and alcohol. Even sadder is the fact that people between 18 and 20 are responsible for over 10 percent of drunken driving accidents. As if that were not enough, 50 percent of holiday driving deaths are also related to alcohol, which is incredibly depressing. The best thing to do if you drink too much is to either call a cab or have a designated driver already planned ahead of time.

Herbal Remedies For Kidney Stones – Find Relief From Kidney Stones With Herbal Remedies!

More and more people are becoming interested in herbal remedies for kidney stones and natural remedies in general. The truth is that herbal remedies are very effective, in helping the body flush out kidney stones. There really is no wonder that so many people have become interested in alternative remedies. In this article I will tell you exactly what herbs are helpful, so you can get quick relief.

Herbal remedies for kidney stones

  • Dehydration, as you may well know, is the main reason why people develop stones in their kidneys. The body simple does not have enough water to flush out all the junk, that is deposited in the body, especially calcium deposits, out of which the stones are made out of. So drinking water is essential.
  • But some people need more help, that's just drinking plenty of water. That is why herbs are so important. For example juniper is considered one of the best herbs for treating kidney stones, because it helps to restore and heal the kidneys. Chewing on juniper seeds can provide quick relief, if you suffer from the pain, that is associated with this disease.
  • Chlorophyll-rich vegetables, such as parsley, are also known to be very effective, in combating this disease. The reason is that vegetables are high in fiber, which help to flush out the stones. You can easily find fresh parsley in any grocery store.
  • Another popular and effective herbal remedy is hydrangea, which is a flowering bush. It is often used to eliminate graffiti deposits and it helps by relieving pain, when the calcium deposits are moving through the ureters from the kidneys to the bladder. You can also try gravel root, if you suffer from uric acid stones. It is mostly used for urinary or renal calculi (stones) caused by too much uric acid.

These where just some examples of herbal remedies for kidney stones . The more remedies you know, the easier and more effectively you can find relief from this disease. All of these methods are safe, so you don`t need to take any risks.

Male Ejaculation -The Chinese Sexual Secret of Internal Male Ejaculation

To properly understand this article and the reasons (and preparation) for the Chinese sexual secret of internal male ejaculation.

Ejaculation needs no discussion, except that the Taoists believed (and called it) it was a small death, and disbursed, rather than conserved, sexual and vital energy. Instead, they proposed a technique known as internal ejaculation, where the seminal fluid and actual sperm were returned to the body, re-absorbed as it were.

Internal ejaculation still has all the pleasurable effects of normal ejaculation, and even more so, as the spasms are slow and the orgasm prolonged. There is no spillage of sperm, and as the Taoists consider sperm in itself a highly vital substance, and it should be made available again to the man.

This means that after an orgasm with an internal ejaculation, the man will regain his attention much more quickly, and substantially, and intercourse can re-commence without too long of a hiatus.

How to Ejaculate Internally

First you must locate an acupressure point in a meridian in between the bottom connecting point of the scrotum and the anus. This is medically located on the perineum.

The Chinese call it the Jen Mao point. The man can (and should, if he is interested in pressing it during the crisis moment of intercourse) find it easily while in the shower or while still lying in bed. There are the nerves controlling orgasm and sperm / prostatic fluid flow.

So, while during arbitration, as the man feels the crisis of orgasm impending, he can take one hand, press firmly on the Jen Mao point with his index finger.

The sperm and prostatic fluid will not be able to enter the urethra, and be reabsorbed as the orgasm proceeds.

The man needs to "hit the correct spot", as if you press too close to the scrotum the sperm and prostatic fluid will enter the bladder. It will then be expelled with the urine (causing a clouding appearance), which is undesirable.

If the man presses too closely to the anus, the sperm and prostatic fluid will pass out normally, rather than enter the bloodstream.

If any man has a prostatic infection, or prostate problems, this technique should not be attempted.

The Benefits of Internal Ejaculation

The major benefit of internal ejaculation is conservation of the vital fluids and thus an increase in the man's creative and sexual potential. Additionally, such conservation will typically rule the man's energy flow, which is beneficial to a man's health and longevity.

As the principles of acupuncture, acupressure are now being accepted in the West, so the above technique, will one day hopefully become part of the sexual repertoire of aware and cultured man.

This article, when combined with the articles on practice of the Exercise of the Deer, and the Nine Steps, can bring to the man a new dimension of sexual awareness, pleasure not yet experienced or anticipated, and yet another element to add to his good health and vigor.

Health Information: Coping With Stomach Ulcers

Do you suffer from ulcers?

If yes, what kind is it and how do you cope?

In American society where most people depend on junk food, ulcers can become familiar and persistent health problem.

Some of these foods contain additives and chemicals that can become toxic in our bodies and so cause various health ailments including ulcers.

It is not surprising that most people depend on junk food.

Most people must have two or more jobs in order to survive.

So, they hardly have time to cook. They have no choice but to eat fast and junk foods most of the time.

One type of ulcer that some people suffer from is peptic ulcer.

Peptic ulcers, which are in the stomach and the duodenum (the first part of the intestine leading from the stomach) can occur at any age and affect both men and women.

Untreated, sufferers can look forward to a long siege with them. But today's peptic ulcer sufferers have a brighter prospect for relief than did those of even a single generation ago.

There is now less than 1 chance in 18 that surgery will every be necessary and new medications act faster and better and offer more relief than ever before.

The warning sign of active ulcers you will most likely experience (if you get any warning at all) is a gnawing discomfort in the middle or upper abdomen that typically comes between meals or in the middle of the night.

Food or liquids, including antacids and milk, can provide some temporary relief, but milk may not be all that good a remedy since it stimulates production of hydrochloric acid and other digestive juices which further aggravates the pain.

Antacids blended from aluminum, calcium or magnesium salts, have long been the non prescription drugs most people quickly reach for get relief from their stomach pains.

But, because antacids interfere with absorption of some medications, be sure to go over this with your doctor and get his approval.

You should never ignore any warning signs of ulcers. Ulcer complications are serious and in some cases can be life-threatening.

If paid from ulcers persists after more than 10 to 14 days of self-treatment or comes back when treatment ends, you should see your doctor.

The passage of blood through the bowels may be caused by some other problem, but it can also be an urgent warning of a bleeding ulcer.

Bleeding ulcers can cause anemia or, if the ulcer gets larger it may expand into a major blood vessel, a leak can turn into a hemorrhage, with only minutes available for life saving emergency treatment.

Ulcers can also perforate and may erode completely through the wall of the stomach or duodenum.

If this happens and the stomach's contents flow into the abdominal cavity, severe infection can result. A perforated ulcer is an emergency that requires immediate surgery.

It has been determined that smoking doubles a person's risk for ulcer disease.

Physicians and researchers have found that ulcers heal a lot slower for smokers, and smokers also have a higher relapse rate.

And you're definitely at risk for ulcers if you take aspirin and any of the other products containing aspirin.

High-dose Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Maproxen and Piroxicam are in wide use today for many conditions, especially to relive pain and swelling among the millions of people who have arthritis.

These medications can irritate the stomach's lining and cause gastrointestinal bleeding.

Ulcers have frequently been the target for humor in describing the stereotypical aggressive, pressured, goal-or-career-oriented person.

But for those who have them, ulcers are certainly no laughing matter. Peptic ulcers strike 1 out of ever 50 Americans each year.

As research continues, there is now mounting evidence that something other than smoking, drinking, spicy meals, or a possible battle with the boss may be associated with ulcers.

It is now believed that ulcers are the result of a combination of conditions, the dynamics of which researchers do not yet fully understand.

Hopefully, these health information and insights about ulcers will help you to cope with them and enable you suffer less.


I-key Benney, CEO

Ginger – The Divine Wonder Cure

The Wonderful treaure of Healing Herbs from India, Ayurveda, esteems Ginger as the most valuable herb with excellent medicinal properties. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) known as Gingembre in French, Ingwer in German Zanzabil in Arabic & Persian texts and fresh variety as known as Ardhrakam in Sanskrit or Adrakh in common Indian texts, is cultivated in many parts of India on a large scale in the warm moist regions, chiefly in Madras, Cochin & Travancore and to a somewhat less extinct in Bengal & Punjab. The dried rhizomes of ginger are known as Shunthi or Maha-oushdham in Sanskrit and Sonth in Hindi texts. Possessing excellent medicinal values, Ginger & Dried Ginger powder have been considered as a Wonder Cure in all Ayurvedic texts. The scraped and dried rhizomes as well as the green ones are used in many Ayurvedic remedies.

Ginger contains an oleo-resin Gingerine and an essential oil Gingerol and acts internally as an aromatic, carminative, stimulant to the gastro-intestinal tract, stomachic, sialagogue & digestive. Ginger also acts as a local stimulant and rubefacient when applied externally. According to Ayurveda, dried varieties of Ginger are ushna-veeryam (hot potency), Laghu-snigdha-gunam (mild & oily), katu-rasam (acrid taste), madhur-vipakam (sweet after effect) and fresh varieties ushna-veeryam , guru-ruksha-teekshan-gunam (heavy, dry & pungent property), katu-vipakam (acrid after effect), and is valuable as a suppressant & remedy for vitiated Kapha (phlegm) & Vatta (air) disorders. Ginger stimulates nerves, heart & circulatory system, and is useful in all Vata disorders and in hepato-splenomegaly & other liver disorders, bilious disorders, jaundice, oedema, abdominal disorders, flatulence, loss of appetite, constipation, and as a liver regulator, digestive, restorative, and also as an anti-inflammatory agent. Ayurveda considers Ginger as a pungent herb par excellence, as it does not have the concentrated irritant pungency of chillies, which can sometimes be too strong, yet it is irritant enough to challenge the muscles & blood vessels & wake them up. It also challenges the internal organs, particularly the digestive system, where ginger is said to awaken the agni, or metabolic fire. Symptoms of low agni include poor digestion, poor absorption, poor circulation, wind, constipation, poor resistance, a tendency to cold & influenza, congestion, body odors & obesity (all lighter because there is insufficient fire to balance the water). All of these problems are precisely those which ginger trees.

An ancient recipe of potentiated Ginger, peeled & dried under shade, is finely powdered and later on macerated with fresh Ginger juice and processed similarly for seven consecutive days, and under under optimum conditions, ground and filtered through muslin cloth to make it fiber free. The magical effects of this recipe in all common ailments like Coughs, Colds, Dyspepsia, Flatulence, Vomitings, Stomachaches & Spasms, Constipation, Bowels unattended by fever, Indigestion, Sore-throat, Asthma, Howseness & Loss of Voice, Diarrhoea, Nausea, Loss of Appetite, Piles, Chronic Rheumatism & Arthritis, Headache, Toothache, Fainting, Senselessness and what not, ideally regarded GINGER as a WONDER CURE. Being aromatic & pleasantly pungent, Ginger can be used regularly for the prophylactic management of or as an insurance for all of the mentioned ailments. Ginger, in its ancient references, has been called as Maha-aushidhi (a Great Medicine) and used as a carminative and anti-fermenting medicine. Ginger is esteemed for its flavor, pungency, aroma and medicinal value. Even Greek Physicians, like Galen, Aviceena, Pomose etc. have been using Ginger, in various forms, to rectify the imbalance of morbid functions of body, treatment of paralysis caused by phlegmatic imbalance, treatment of gout and gouty arthritis and even as an aphrodisiac. The calorific value of Ginger has been rated 67. Also useful for taste & appetite as a food-seasoning spice for all kinds of foods and can be added to Tea.

The use of Ginger as a regular spice reduces the risk of indigestion, flatulence, dyspepsia, hyperacidity etc. caused due to heavy intake of non-vegetarian and fried fatty foods. Ginger strained after boiling with water, and by adding fresh lemon juice and a pinch of rock salt can also be used as an appetite stimulant, if taken just before meals. This recipe cleans the tongue, throat, increases the appetite and produces an agreeable sensation. Ginger, mixed with honey and hot water, can also be used as an excellent remedy for non-specific coughs & colds. Ginger boiled in water with fennel seeds and mixed with honey is an excellent diaphoretic mixture which increases sweating to reduce fever in influence. It also acts as an expectorant in bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough and phthisis. Ginger in paste form with little water can also be applied locally as a pain-reliever in headache & toothache. Half teaspoonful of Ginger with honey and half-boiled egg, given once daily at night for a month, tones up the sex stimulating centers and helps to cure impotency, premature ejaculation and spermatorrhoea. The similar recipe of Ginger added with boiled milk, also helps to cure female-frigidity.

In a nutshell, wonderful multipurpose recipes can also be self-created with Ginger for a wonderful cure of any ailment. For regular use, the Vedic texts suggest a dose of 1/2 to 2 grams of dried Ginger powder with honey two to three times daily. Imagine the majority of Ayurvedic remedies contain ginger in one or other form as an effective portion of the complex herbal formulas. Quoting the Divine Wonder Curing properties of Ginger, it is even said that Ginger alone can make even the illiterate person as a successful physician.

Plantain – The Healing Qualities Of The Herb Revealed (Part 1)

Plantain is a perennial with many fibrous roots. Quadruple blossoms are arranged in spikes. Petals fuse to form a tube. Stamens are longer than the corolla lobes. Fruits are capsules longer than calyx. The herb blooms starting from June till October.

The article deals with the healing qualities of greater plantain and ribwort plantain. In addition, it describes guidelines on how to use the herb to deal with various health problems, such as various types of gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer, bronchitis, hemorrhoids and etc.

  1. Greater plantain leaves contain iridoid glycoside aucubin, flavonoids, carbohydrates, mineral substances (such as copper, iron, zinc, molybdenum, chromium and other micro elements), mannitol, vitamin C, vitamin K, mucilaginous substances, citric acid, tannins and other biologically active substances. Seeds contain up to 44 percent mucilaginous substances, 20 percent oil, 22 percent proteins, 16 percent amino acids, steroid saponins and a lot of other micro elements.
  2. Ribwort plantain tops contain phenyl carbolic acids, flavonoids, carbohydrates, fumaric acid, while seeds are rich in mucilaginous substances, oils, proteins. Roots contain various phytosterols.
  3. The herb possesses anti-inflammatory, secretory, bactericidal and antispasmodic properties.
  4. The active substances of greater plantain stimulate glandular secretion, fight inflammation, relieve pain, heal wound and stop bleeding. In addition, it has bacteriostatic action. Extract made of the leaves reduces blood pressure, calms you down and has antispasmodic action. Tea, infusion, decoction and other remedies made of the herb are used to facilitate anticipation in case of bronchitis, bronchial asthma, whooping cough and even phthisis. In order to make the infusion or decoction, you should infuse 2-4 grams of the herbs with a glass of boiling water. Let the tissue brew for some time and drink it 3 times a day. Infuse greater plantain (1 part) with an alcohol at 25 percent concentration (1 part) and take 2-4 millilitres of the extract. The tincture should be made by infusing the herb (1 part) with an alcohol at 45 percent concentration (5 parts). Take 2-4 millilitres of the tincture.
  5. Mix greater plantain with comfrey root and use the remedy to deal with hemorrhagic gastritis and hemorrhoids.
  6. Juice plantain leaves and drink the juice to deal with stomach and duodenal ulcer, and anacid and hypacid gastritis.
  7. Some nations use plantain remedies in case of nephritis, urinary retention, diarrhea, lung cancer and parasite infestation. In terms of external use, these remedies are proven to be of great help when dealing with strain, dislocation, wart, boil and insect sting.

Arthritis – Symptoms of Arthritis

Symptoms of arthritis may vary from person to person, however there is usually a common theme running behind the symptoms which will make it easier for you to spot if you are developing arthritis or if in fact you just have some aches and pains, and that is what we are going to look at now. On the whole, the main symptoms of arthritis tend to be pain and limited function of joints. Also another characteristic of arthritis is to have inflammation of the joints that are stiff and this could also be accompanied by swelling, redness, and warmth. Sometimes these symptoms may occur and then, for some unknown reason, they may not return for several years. One thing to be aware of though, is that if your pain is accompanied with fever, then you need to see a doctor as soon as you can, as this kind of arthritis can sometimes be deadly .. Osteoarthritis is more prevalent in people as they start to reach older age, and they start to feel the joint inflammation which causes pain and swelling. Joints are surrounded by a capsule, which work as their protection. A tissue called synovium, lines the capsule and produces synovial fluid that aides the joint tissues by nourishing and lubricating them, and it is the break in this process that can lead to joint inflammation. Arthritis symptoms may flare up suddenly or appear gradually over a period of time. Joint stiffness and pain may be mild one day but become so severe the next day that it is impossible to move that particular area without being in a great deal of pain.

Now if you couple this with issues such as being overweight, then you are going to put extra pressure on the affected area, especially if the arthritis is in the hip knee or spine area. Joint problems can become a major long-term symptom. Other possible features of this form of arthritis include inflammation of the outer lining of the heart (pericarditis) or the lungs (pleuritis); anemia and high white blood cells and platelets (cells that help with clotting); and enlarged lymph nodes, liver or spleen. Researchers have identified several risk factors for developing arthritis. For example, osteoarthritis is often blamed on genes that cause weakness in the cartilage.

Researchers at Tufts University found that bone and cartilage deteriorated faster in those with a low vitamin D status. Research has shown that it does matter for certain medicines. When you take your medications may affect their effectiveness. Medication can be used to treat the pain and inflammation, but there are many natural remedies that have been more successful in eradicating the cause of the inflammatory arthritis. However, as with most things these days there is a growing demand for natural remedies to treat arthritis. Now opinions vary as to which is the most effective, natural or medical and personally I really think that it comes down to your own beliefs which way to go, but which ever route you choose, you may want to get the advice of someone that specializes in that field, such as a homeopath for sake of argument

Lymphedema Massage

Lymphedema is a condition that causes the limbs to swell because the capacity of the lymphatic system is either reduced or damaged. The two lymphmedema massage therapies manual lymph drainage and lymphatic massage are based on the idea that the blocked or damaged lymph vessels can be manipulated so that its function improves. Lymphatic massage involves application of pressure that is gently which also aids in relaxing the body. On the other hand MLD massage therapy involves a technique that deals in circular technique along with gentle stokes that is towards the direction of your heart.

Lymphedema massage is extremely beneficial in treating and alleviating the circulation that all lymphedema patients are subject to. The massage therapy also helps in relaxing the body so that it deals better not only with stress but involuntarily Strengthens the immune system as well. The therapy works wonders and unlike surgery that is not 100% guaranteed and even causes a lot of pain; the lymphedema massage therapy helps the individual lead a normal life. However these massages need to be carried out under the supervision of a certified lymphedema massage therapists.

The lymphatic massage therapy system works at simulating the lymph vessels and nodes so that the blockages are reduced which keeps the lymph fluid flowing so that the immune system remains healthy. The massage therapy involves getting rid of the toxic substance thereby promoting an immune system that is strong.

The manual lymph massage on the other hand has been around since ages and was initially used to detoxify the body. Today this massage is used so that it helps regulate the lymphatic system, and this is bought about by gentle massaging that unblocks any lymph vessel. This in turn allows the free flow of lymph fluid in the body thereby inducing the release of toxins.

Significant Advantages of Using a Rupture Pin Drilling Valve

A relief valve, by definition, is "a device that controls or limits the pressure in a system or vessel." There are several circumstances where high pressure can build up in a vessel or system. These circumstances could include equipment failure, a fire, or a process upset. Valves are a critical component of a pipeline, and they always need to be in top working condition so as to ensure the unobstructed flow of the said substances, and to protect the pumps and systems.

There are a number of high pressure applications that need solutions that are on the cutting edge of valve technology. Valves that are used in drilling applications are often referred to as drilling valve. These valves are widely used at offshore locations such as oil rigs.

They could also be used at sites where intensive drilling operations are required to be undertaken. Such sites would include natural gas wells where the gas or liquid is collected, piped, processed or treated, and then piped to an on-shore location. Such operations are constantly in need of valves that can effectively control or regulate the pressure in these systems. The smallest knee of pressure levels could prove to be hazardous to the work as well as the entire process.

Conventionally, devices such as rupture disks have been used for pressure relief However, over the last two decades or so, a simple yet effective technology that is based on a rupture pin has been gaining popularity. Valves with rupture pins are in use for a number of mud relief operations. A mud valve with a rupture pin has proved to be a cost-effective pressure relief device for thousands of applications. A mud valve or slurry relief valve especially meant for pressure relief for toxic fluids or steam or corrosive fluids can be custom made to specifications.

Here are a few reasons why the oil and gas industry is steadily switching over to a drilling valve with a rupture pin:

  • A fire is probably the single biggest threat to operations of the oil and gas sector. Such valves automatically open in the event of a fire. This provides instant pressure relief preventing further damage.
  • These valves also combine an indicator that tells you when the set pressure levels have been exceeded. The indicator enables personnel on-site to rectify the problem instantly.
  • These parts have only one moving part in the form of a piston. Due to this, the maintenance and operational aspect becomes simpler.
  • Such valves are far more reliable as compared to conventional pressure relief valves and rupture disks.
  • There is virtually no limit to the size that such a valve can be manufactured in. From a few inches to several feet, drilling valve can be made in a myriad of sizes and dimensions based on specific applications.
  • High Pressure relief valves with rupture pins are also used in hydraulic fracturing operations. A frac valve with a rupture pin adds definite value to any pressure relief or emergency shutdown operation. Industries in the oil and gas sector are constantly in need of a dependable frac valve range.

Worries Over New Arthritis ‘Smart Drug’ Monthly Injection

While the media currently feeds a frenzy of excitement regarding the new arthritis gene therapy drug known as Tocilizumab, Hundreds of thousands of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers are offered new hope in beating there debilitating condition.

The new drug is being heralded as a mile stone in rheumatoid arthritis treatment following a trial in which nearly half of patients on the medication found their condition did not get any worse. Tocilizumab, which will be sold under the brand name ‘Actemra’ works in conjunction with an existing treatment, methotrexate, and is administered monthly in hospital.

In the trial, taking methotrexate on its own only stopped symptoms in eight per cent of patients.Combined with Tocilizumab, 47 per cent of patients saw their condition halted. The drug is still under review in the UK by Nice ( National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) but is it expected to gain its UK marketing license in January 2009.

Nice caused some controversy recently by ruling that rheumatoid arthritis sufferers could not switch from one form of a pain relieving drug to another if the initial treatment did not work. There are fears that Tocilizumab – which could cost up to £10,000 per annum – may not become available on the NHS and if it does become available will it be available to the masses and not just the few.

Known side effects include diarrhea thalamic infarction, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, vomiting, upper respiratory tract inflammation, ligament rupture, hypoaesthesia, headache, cholelithiasis. gastrointestinal bleeding, gastroenteritis, bronchitis, Pneumonia and a potentially serious bacterial skin infection called cellulitis. Concerns have also been expressed in regard of cholesterol levels apparently Tocilizumab is thought to raise LDL, which is bad cholesterol, & could put patients at risk of heart attack or stroke.

Study participants who took Tocilizumab also had a higher risk of serious infections compared to study participants who were treated with methotrexate alone or with a combination of a disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug and a placebo.

Reported problems with Tocilizumab in Japan,

Reported Tocilizumab problem on Oct 25, 2005. Male patient, 34 years of age, was treated with Tocilizumab. After the drug was administered, patient experienced the following problems/side effects: acidosis, alpha haemolytic streptococcal infection, bacteraemia, brain abscess, candidiasis, cerebral hemorrhage, dehydration, depressed level of consciousness, disseminated tuberculosis.

Dosage: unknown.

During the same period the patient was treated with Klaricid, Iscotin, Ethambutol, Hydrochloride, Rifadin & Pyrazinamide, following the medication the patient was hospitalized. Patient unfortunately died on 02/19/2006.

Another reported Tocilizumab problem was reported by a Physician from Japan on Nov 30, 2005. a female patient, 53 years old, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was treated with Tocilizumab. After the drug was administered the patient in question experienced the following side effects: condition aggravated, hyperlipidaemia, hypertension, thalamic infarction.

Tocilizumab dosage: unknown

During the same period the patient was treated with Methotrexate, Predonine, Diclofenac, Misoprostol, Nifedipine, Arotinolol, The patient was hospitalized but later recovered.

These are just a couple of incidents which have been reported, however many more can be found if you Google Tocilizumab, of course, as with any medication, problems will exist due to their toxicity. Tocilizumab may be an excellent treatment for some, but perhaps not so for others.

Prevent Heart Attacks

A condition where the oxygen and the blood supply is restricted to the heart, if left untreated results in heart attacks. It may also lead lead to death. You can also prevent the recovery of a heart attack by:

Taking your medications regularly.

These drugs are prescribed to prevent blood clots and lower the levels of cholesterol. Change your lifestyle to some extent like you need to quit smoking immediately as it has high risks of heart attacks. Eat a low fat and low cholesterol diet that will reduce the amount of fat in your blood. Control the levels of your blood pressure and diabetes by having a healthy diet, exercising regularly, medicines, and controlling the amount of salt and sugar in your diet. High blood pressure damages the lining of the arteries and leads to heart complications.

Control your stress and anger by learning many different skills like time management, yoga, or relaxation to lower your stress. Use these skills effectively at times to control you stress or anger that may otherwise lead to heart attack. You can also enroll yourself and participate in the cardiac rehabilitation programs, wherein you can learn the different techniques to avoid or control your stress and anger and what to do in case of emergencies. Avoid sex for the first 2 weeks as you are at a greater risk of heart related problems during sex. This risk becomes less after 6 weeks. There are exercises that help to prevent the heart attacks by reducing stress, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and excess weight. It is recommended to exercise at least half an hour a day. This should include jogging, cycling, walking, swimming, etc. you can even go for exercise machines like simulated skiers, stair climbers or elliptical cross trainers. Even yoga exercises are very helpful to prevent the evidence of heart attacks. Exercises make your heart stronger, but make sure that you do not over exercise. Weight lifting in particular can trigger a heart attack. It is always better to consult your doctor before you start you exercise program. Once you face a heart attack, you need to try hard to try to prevent it from occurring the next time. For this, you need to keep your heart healthy and minimize the risks to prevent future damages to the heart.

You need to take proper care so that it does occur again the next time. Use this article as a guideline to help you in the process. Number of people surviving a heart attack have recovered completely and are leading productive lives.

7 Ways on How to Increase Your Good Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol in general means its drastic effects in our body. It is actually essential for our body to continue our daily routine. Fat contents deposited in excess in heart are being removed by nice cholesterol. Plaques that are formed due to bad cholesterol in arterial walls will be removed by good cholesterol.

Many years, experts in medicine were involved in the process of lowering the bad cholesterol and getting up the level of nice cholesterol. The suggestions concluded by them are:

1. Be fitter: Regular exercising does better for well being. Involving in walking with shoes is a must. Beneficiary exercises for heart such as running, fast walking and exercises will make your body to increase the good cholesterol level.

2. Reduce weight: In case of excess of weight or obesity, we have to follow a control in diet. It does not mean that we need to avoid food to death. Rather, reduce some high caloric foods and take some balanced diet.

3. Avoid Alcohol: Not able to live without taking beer or vodka? It is terrible to take those drugs, it will be increasing bad cholesterol in our body. Avoid those drugs to lead a peace and healthy life.

4. Smoking does all harm: Right from the time of invention smoking has been linked with all diseases. It affects the liver and plays a part in bringing up the bad cholesterol in our body. Leaving smoking will make us fitter.

5. All fats are not considered to be harmful: Monounsaturated fats will be bringing up the level of good cholesterol. It is present in canola oils, olive oil, avocado oil and peanut butter.

Fish oil or omega3 is good source that will increase the good cholesterol. Omega3 is also found in fishes like tuna and salmon. Apart from fishes there some nuts and almonds that contain omega3

Apart from that we should aware about the term "partially hydrogenated vegetable oils". They too are harmful as they contain trans fatty acid that will bring up bad cholesterol.

6. Soluble fiber is to be credited. Taking lot of fruits, vegetables, oats, wheat and legumes will bring up the good cholesterol level. They contain lot of soluble fiber and will bring up the good cholesterol in our body.

7. All fruit juices are good for health but, cranberry have a special mention as it can increase the level of good cholesterol, which in turn will decrease the level of bad cholesterol.

Investigations in Respiratory Diseases

General investigations of importance which point to disease of the respiratory organisms include peripheral blood picture, total and differential leukocyte counts and determination of ESR. Lymphocytosis is suggestive of chronic inflammatory disease like tuberculosis whereas neutrophil leukocytosis occurs in acute infections like pneumonia. Increase in eosinophils above 10% calls for estimation of the absolute eosinophil count. Mild and moderate increase in eosinophils is very common in Indian subjects. This is caused by factors such as helminthiasis and external allergens. In susceptible subjects even moderate eosinophils may present with symptoms of respiratory allergy. High eosinophil counts are found in bronchial asthma, hydatid disease and pulmonary eosinophilia. Chronic hypoxemia results in the development of secondary polycythemia. Elevation of ESR is a nonspecific indicator of inflammatory and neoplastic lesions in the lungs. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is not a reliable parameter for diagnosis, but in the follow up of a chronic disease like tuberculosis, the ESR may be helpful.

Sputum examination
Sputum should be examined macroscopically, microscopically after proper staining, and bacteriologically. Total quantity of sputum in 24 hours, color, consistency and other characteristics like odor and presence of blood are of great value in diagnosis. Presence of fungi in mycotic infections, asbestos bodies in asbestosis and motile amoebae in pulmonary amoebiasis can be detected by direct microscopy of fresh sputum. Gram's stain and Ziehl-Neelsen's stain are employed to identify the bacterial pathogens in the smear. Malignant cells can be detected by cytological examination, Wet preparations stained with methylene blue may suggest the presence of malignant cells, some staining help to identify the malignant cells further.

Bacteriological tests
Sputum culture is done to identify the organisms and their sensitivity to various antibiotics. Proper collection of the specimen is essential for getting reliable results. Sputum should be taken directly into sterile receptacles. Contamination by oropharyngeal organisms leads to fallacious results on culture. Uncontaminated specimens of sputum can be obtained by trans-tracheal aspiration. Bronchial washings collected through a bronchoscope or smears collected by a brush during bronchoscopy are ideal specimens for cytological and microbiological studies, where facilities are available.

Radiological studies
Plain X-ray chest-posteroanterior (PA) view
Radiographs are taken in full inspiration with the film placed in front of the chest and the source of X-rays kept 1.5-2m behind the patient. In addition to PA views, lateral views are also taken with the affected side close to the film to locate the bronchopulmonary segment which is the seat of disease. In normal skiagrams, the lungs appear as translucent zones in which bronchovascular marks are clearly detectable and can be traced almost to the periphery.

The trachea, mediastinum, costophrenic, and cardiophrinic angles and the level of the diaphragm are taken as landmarks in the interpretation of chest skiagram. On either side the lung fields are compared zone by zone. For purposes of description the lung fields are divided into the upper, middle, and the lower zones. A horizontal line at the level of the lower margin of the anterior end of the second rib separates the upper from middle zone, and a horizontal line passing through the lower margin of the anterior end of the fourth rib separates the middle from the lower zone. Chest radiographs give evidence of morphological lesions. In many instances, radiological appearances help to infer the aetiology as well.

The Role of Skill Development and Higher Education in Economic Growth

For shaping the future of state, government is promoting skill development centers and higher education centers. Some major expansion has been done by state government in the field of higher education. Engineering colleges have become the prime center for nurturing talent. Top engineering colleges are busy in producing talented engineers year after year.

Role of Higher Education: Higher education plays a key role in the development of any country, state or region. The chance of economic growth of any state is as good as the pool of their skilled people. No plan of economic development can succeed without skilled people, as economic development depends a lot on the quality of resources they have.

When it comes to higher education shaping the economic development in any state, engineers play a key role. Since infrastructure development is a key thing for economic boost of the state; since, engineers become vital as they play key role in the construction of roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, railway tracks and many other things.

Higher education also helps in shaping the future of people as skilled people not only get good employment opportunities they also create employment for other as well. Skill development program has helped people to become self-reliant and financially independent.

Roles of Higher Education Institutions: Role of educational institution has changed a lot over the years, unlike the earlier years where most colleges and universities focused on traditional courses, nowadays these higher education institutions offer different programs which not only help them develop certain skill sets but Also these programs are designed according to the need of corporate sector, the aim is to groom youngsters in such a way that they become industry ready.

For years Indian educational system was considered as a system which could only produce clerks and it has changed a lot. Nowadays engineering and management has become the preferred choice of the youngsters. Higher education institutions also focusing in developing more entrepreneurs these days in this way they help state government to resolve the issue of unemployment. Skilled people create their own employment rather than someone who holds a degree and wait for someone else to provide him or herself employment.

The number of educational institutions is growing every year with private institutions and universities making their impact as well. With growing demand of quality engineers and management graduations number of institution and universities has started mushrooming. One needs to be very careful while selecting from engineering colleges.

Brain Cancer Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy is one of the most popular methods of killing cancer within the body. It uses combinations of chemical compounds that kill off microorganisms. Although chemotherapy is an affective treatment it also comes with some negative consequences. Brain cancer chemotherapy side effects may include a loss of hair. It is possible to lose hair other than the top of the head. Hair loss may occur under armpits, face or even the groin area as well. Another concern includes feelings of nausea or the need to vomit. This usually occurs directly after receiving treatment. It can last for several hours after as well.

Some of the most common brain cancer chemotherapy side effects also include changes in bone marrow. Bone marrow is the liquid substances in side of bones. It is responsible for the production of red and white blood cells as well as platelets. During the chemotherapy process it interrupts bone marrows ability to produce enough cells that are vital to carrying oxygen and to fight off infections. It may also interfere with the body's ability to stop excessive bleeding from cuts. It may also leave brain cancer patients feeling weak as well.

Some brain cancer chemotherapy may affect sexual ability. It may reduce sexual desire. Sexual desire will resume at the end of chemotherapy treatments. Although sexual desire may return it may cause problems with infertility in women. Exposure to the drugs in chemotherapy may reduce the ability to become pregnant or produce children. While some may be physically able to perform sex the desire may not be there. This is not a cause for concern, as the desire will reemerge once chemotherapy sessions are completed.

Chemotherapy can be invented if the proper methods are used. Physical conditioning before chemo is started may determine the severity of its adverse reaction. Not all chemotherapy treatments are the same so some individuals may experience more or even less side effects from therapy than others. If you experience memory function or memory loss as a result of chemotherapy it is best to talk to your doctor about possible solutions.