Warning: Your Home Can Be Your Place of Doom

When you think of home, what comes to mind is a place of rest, comfort, peace, serenity, and joy.

Is it? But do you know that your home may have more than a dozen hidden hazards that can turn it into a place of doom at the blink of an eye?

And seniors, especially those 65+, are more often hapless victims because of failing eyesight, poor balance, and diminished cognitive functions.

To prove the point, here are some startling figures that can make you give your home a second look:

o In 2009 in England and Wales, alone, 7,475 people aged 65 and over died from home accidents, with 49% of those were due to falls. – rospa.com;

o According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), millions of people 65 +, or one out of three elderly, suffer from falls. – cdc.gov.

Home accidents involving elderly people have become a great concern for government institutions, and regulators because some of these are preventable. But because of complacency, carelessness, or ignorance, they end up in emergency rooms, or meet untimely death.

To avoid becoming a figure in home accident statistics, these tips are very useful to you or your love ones.

1. List down all emergency numbers:

Have all the contact numbers of your children, close relatives, 911, poison control, fire department, your personal doctor, or a suicide help center.

Put the list in your wallet or a secure and easily accessible place, or in your phone’s Contact list.

If you are hi-tech savvy, load Apps in your phone so you can get in touch with them fast and easy.

2. Check for possible sources of falls:

Check for frayed floor carpets, power cords, lamp stands, wobbly dining table chairs, stepladders, porch welcome rug, high cabinets or cupboards, living room extension wires, foot stools, etc.

Don’t take them lightly. Even if you can move around your home with eyes

close, these can easily make you trip and fall.

In addition to the above, add these to your precautionary list:

o Sleep in the ground floor, if possible;

o Have handholds along the walls of your home – from the living room, kitchen, to your bedroom;

o Secure the carpet edges to the floor, or remove it;

o Put shoes and books where they should;

o Keep food items on kitchen counter tops so you won’t have to reach up when you need them.

3. Identify possible sources of fire:

In 2010, 143 people died in the U.K. due to fire-related accidents.

Home fires are normally caused by faulty electrical wiring, overloaded electrical outlets, using inferior plugs and sockets, unplugged electric appliances, smoldering cigarette butts, oily rugs thrown near a hot source, failure to turn off the gas, etc;

To remove these potential hazards:

o Use certified wires, sockets, plugs and outlets;

o Turn off appliances before going out or going to bed; properly store flammable items, don’t overload sockets;

o Install smoke alarms in your home and make sure they are functional;

o Have fire extinguishers in your bedroom, living room and dining room And be sure you know how to use them or that they are always fully charged;

o Don’t attempt to douse a fire if it has already started. Get out and call 911.

4. Burns and scalds:

Burns and scalds can come from radiators, cookers, kettles, hot bath, or even a cup of hot chocolate you drink before going to bed at night.

Don’t take this lightly. Contact burns among people over 65 can be fatal if they get infected.

To avoid this risk,

o Do not take hot drinks more than you need to;

o Arrange your tea or coffee utensils as near to each other as possible.

o Handle your cooking utensils with extreme care;

o Use gloves all the time when working around hot items in the kitchen;

o When taking a shower, always turn on the cold water first, before slowly turning on the hot water knob to prevent burning.

5. Is your bathroom safe?

Bathrooms, as small as they are, are big when it comes to home accidents.

Accidents happen around the toilets, shower stalls, and bathtubs.

To avoid these risks, be sure to:

o Use non-skid mats;

o Have grab bars installed;

o Set the thermostat no higher than 1200F to minimize the risk of scalding;

o Use special chairs if you have difficulty getting in and out of toilets and bathtubs;

o Have your cell phone nearby to dial an emergency number should you need to.

6. Get rid of toxic substances:

Seniors are especially prone to poisoning because of weaker immune system and lower metabolism.

Accidental poisoning or drug overdose happens if you have no adequate knowledge of your prescription drugs, or taking drugs not meant for you.

Storing partially opened canned goods too long in the ref can also cause food poisoning.

Don’t’ stretch your food budget too thin to eat stale or moldy foods. This can give you food poisoning, too.

To help avoid this home risk:

o Always wash hands before working around food;

o Avoid recycling food that has been in the ref for more than two days;

o When buying canned goods, always check their expiry dates;

o Don’t store canned goods in partially opened cans;

o Throw away moldy fruits and other food stuff;

Regarding your medications:

o Always buy from credible and reputable pharmacies;

o When asking for prescriptions, ask your doctor possible adverse reactions with other medications you are talking;

o Never experiment with drugs. Be sure you are taking what is prescribed by a doctor, not suggested by a friend;

o Don’t take medications of others just because you have the same illness. Different people react to medications differently.

Last year I ate something at dinner that gave me a severe case of food poising. I had diarrhea starting 5am in the morning, until late in the afternoon. Every hour on the hour, I had to rush to the toilet to discharge.

It subsided when my daughter and son-in-law, both doctors, IV-fed me with saline solution.

Last night, while attending the wake of an aunt who died four days ago from a bad fall, I met a young girl who was also attending the wake of a neighbor.

She was already in her 60s, alone at home, and died from a fall while using the bathroom.

When relatives found her she was already bluish, with a large gash on her head.

No matter how safe you feel at home, accidents can happen at the most unexpected time and circumstances.

The safety of home can easily turn into a disaster; your retirement days can easily be cut short by a sudden fall, a stale food, or a smoldering cigarette butt on your mattress as you slowly drift into sleep.

Misdiagnosed Michael Douglas Throat Cancer

Michael Douglas’ doctors missed seeing his throat cancer. He felt in his own body that something wasn’t right. He complained of chronic ear pain, a dry and sore throat and troubles with his vocal chords. His wife, Catherine Zeta Jones could also see and feel that her husband just was not himself.

Cancer is often misdiagnosed because we all want to believe that we are invincible and it could not happen to us. Well it can. Cancer has no favorites. Cancer, in its early stages has few if any symptoms because it works from the inside out. Some symptoms can be attributed to numerous other causes or simply ignored because, “it’s just a little sore throat.” Misdiagnosis can also come from inadequate testing, misinterpretation or something is overlooked. There are so many variables. There are so many choices, as there are treatments.

There are alternative cancer effectiveness of your treatment of choice and the prognosis of your survival. In the heart of Beverly Hills, there is an alternative throat cancer treatment that has seen great results. There are conventional ones too. Each type of treatment offers a way to cure and/or heal your body from the cancer. The difference between them is how your body reacts to your treatment of choice. The side effects of each treatment are as different as night and day.

What is Hyperthermia? Hyperthermia is the application of concentrated therapeutic heat to treat cancer. Hyperthermia means “high temperature.” It is the process of applying energy to elevate the temperature of cancer cells – in order to destroy or damage the tumor. The high temperatures can destroy the malignant tumor without harming the surrounding healthy tissue.

In modern day hyperthermia, controlling heating placement is done using fine sensors and directional applicators that are now standard in hyperthermic medical treatment worldwide. Using microwaves and computers with these devices, cancerous tumors is heated at about 104°F – 40°C, breaking down the tumor without harming the surrounding tissues. Because of its research and clinical tract record, it is considered as effective in some cases as even surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, and is now recognized as the “fourth modality” in approved cancer treatment. Yet due to its relatively recent acceptance in major medical circles, it is least know, yet is a treatment with genuine promise.

With the Hyperthermia therapy being much more kinder and gentler to your system with little or no side effects and the other with tremendous changes in your physical appearance and weakening your body’s ability to heal itself. We all must be aware. We are the ones living inside our bodies not the doctors. If you feel that, something is wrong even after you go to see three doctors and they tell you it’s nothing, go see a fourth! It’s your life, your body IS your temple, and you live there. The same thing goes for when you are seeking a treatment. Explore all the possibilities of alternative cancer treatments before you remove or poison any part of your body. It’s the only one you’ve got.

One of the most important risk factors is excessive tobacco and alcohol use. Here are seven signs and symptoms that you may have a form of throat cancer:

  1. A Chronic Cough
  2. Change in your voice like hoarseness
  3. Pain when swallowing
  4. A Chronic Ear aches
  5. A Chronic Sore throat
  6. Enlarged Lymph nodes
  7. Visible sores in the mouth

If you have any combination of these symptoms, go see your doctor just to make sure it is not cancer. As with all cancers, early detection is the key to optimum results.

Fasd (venesection): introduction, uses



Fasd is one of the oldest classical modes of treatment in unani system of medicine. Venesection is a method used for cleansing and evacuation of morbid humors from the body that is one of the important methods adopted by unani physicians since long time. Venesection may be cause diversion of the blood flow from and so indirectly relieving the inflammatory congestion. Hence it is highly effective method against various diseases. The maximum quantity of blood that may be let out should not exceed one pasha i.e. 640 gm at a time. The operated site should be bandaged with a piece of cloth soaked in medicated oil. The art of Venesection (Phlebotomy) or blood letting was flourishing well before Hippocrates in the fifth century B.C the practice reached unbelievable heights in the 18th and early 19th centuries, phlebotomy, also called as fasd in Arabic. Is the act of drawing or removing blood from the circulatory system through a cut (incision) or puncture.

Types- (1) Fasd-e waride

              (2) Fasd-e shirayni

 Anatomy and description of vessels of Venesection

Total blood vessels in body 42, Veins (Warid) 34, Arteries (Shirayn) 08

 Blood vessels of the skull, head about (12)

  1. Warid-e Al-haama (Parital vein) –one
  2. Warid-e Al-jabah (Forontal vein ) –one
  3. Warid-e Moakharas (Pharyngeal vein) –one
  4. Warid-e Khalaf al-ajan (Posterior auriculor vein) – two
  5. Warid-e Khashasha (Inferior occipital vein ) – two
  6. Warid-e Arnbah (Supra orbital vein) – one
  7. Warid-e Maqeen (Maxillary vein) –one
  8. Warid-e Aanfiqaa (Interior labial vein) –one
  9. Warid-e Jahera (Lingual vein) – one
  10. Warid-e Bateen (Anterior jugular vein) – one

Blood vessels of the hand about (6+6 = 12)

  1. Warid-e Qeefal (Cephalic vein )
  2. Warid-e Bazleeq (Basilic vein)
  3. Warid-e Akhal (Median cubital vein)
  4. Warid-e Habl-uz-zirra (Median vein)
  5. Warid-e Ibti / Syringe  (Axillary vein / Medial ferarm vein)
  6. Warid-e Usailim (Palmar metacarpal / Salvatella / 3rd dorso metacarpal)

Blood vessels of the leg about (4+4 = 8)

  1. 1.      Warid-e Mabij rkbah (Poplitial vein)
  2. Warid-e Shafin (Great saphenous vein)
  3. Warid-e Arqun nisha (Sciatic vein)
  4. Warid-e Mustkadam (Tendocalcanum vein)

 Instruments used in Venesection

 Antiseptic lotion, tourniquet, cotton swab, scalpel with 11 No. blade, sponge, bandage and kidney tray



 Procedure and precautions

Period for fasd-

1) Autumn season – day on which climate is not cloudy and its. Neither too hot nor too cold, 2) Rainy season – on the day which is freefrom cloud, 3) Summer season – in morning or evening time.

Following points are to be kept in view-

1)      Status of disease, 2) Status of blood, 3) Condition of the patien.


  • Amraz-e Jild (Skin disorders) e.g. leucoderma, scabies, alopecia areata
  • Cardio-respiratory disorders
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Opthalmic disorder
  • Locomotor disorders- i.e. arthritis, sciatica, hip pain, gout.
  • Inflammation of anus, rectum, penis
  • Disorders of spleen
  • Bawaseer (Haemorrhoids)
  • Eruption
  • Throat disease
  • Abscess

Sites of Venesection



Blood vessels

Drains part of body

Prevent of disease


Qeefal (Cephalic vein)

Head, Neck, upper part of liver

Meningitis, otolagia


Bazleeq (Basilic vein)

Abdominal pain, Hepato-spleenomegaly


Akhal (Median vein)


Headache, pneumothorax


Habl-ul-zirra(Median vein)


Usailim (Salvatella)

Liver and Spleen

Diseases of liver, heart, spleen,


Arqun-nisha (Sciatic vein)


Sciatica, Elephantiasis, Varicose


 Mabij-rkbah (Popliteal vein)

Lower abdomen

Menstruation, Obstructed piles


Frontal vein


Headache, Conjunctivitis, Eye


Parietal vein


Migraine, Eczema of Scalp



Temporal vein


Leukoma, Trachoma, Cataract,                                                                         Night blindness, Chronic conjunctivitis



Jugular vein


Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia                                                                        Angina, Pleurisy, Pleuraitis,                                                                       Dyspnoea, Diseases of the spleen



Labial vein


Mouth ulcers, stomatitis


Inferior lingual

Chin, throat

Angina, tonsillitis


Temporal artery


Eye’s diseases


Post auricular


Glaucoma, leukoma


(1)Amraz-e Jild (Skin disorders) e.g. leucoderma, scabies, alopecia areata (2) Cardio-respiratory disorders (3) Nervous system disorders (4) Gynecological disorders (5) Opthalmic disorder (6) Locomotor disorders- i.e. arthritis, sciatica, hip pain and gout (7) Inflammation of anus, rectum, penis (8) Disorders of spleen (9) Bawaseer (Haemorrhoids) (10) Eruption (11) Throat disease (12) Abscess


Venesection is not advisable during pregnancy, menstruation, extremly cold temperament, extremly cold climate, severe pain, after resolving baths, after coitus, in children under fourteen years of age, in elderly person, unduly thin or obese persons, pale puffy complexion, oedema (general / local), weakness, anaemia, irritable bowel syndrome, jaundice, just after emesis / enema, infertility & impotence, dyspnoea / asthma, fever / palsy, thirsty / unconscious, inflammation of eyes and excessive dryness in the body.


Gangrene, severe haemorrage, severe haemorrage, shock hypovolumic and constipation.

The Dog’s Circulatory System

The system that is called the circulatory system of the dog is comprised of the blood, the blood vessels and the heart. The heart of the dog is a four chambered structure that consists of the right and left upper chambers called the atria and the two lower chambers that are called the ventricles. Essentially the heart is a two sided pump, a right side and a left side. They are independently dependent, that is, the upper right chamber or atrium receives the used or deoxygenated blood from the body and them it goes through the right A/V valve or tricuspid valve into the right lower chamber of the heart or the right ventricle and then pumps it to the lungs through the pulmonary valve into the pulmonary artery. Then the left upper chamber or atrium receives the blood from the lungs and then it goes through the left A/V valve called the bicuspid or mitral valve into the lower left chamber of the heart called the left ventricle.

It is then pumped out the aortic valve through the aorta and out to the body. The two sides of the heart are separated by a muscular wall called a septum. The left side of the ventricles is much thicker than the right side due to the fact that the pressure inside the left ventricle is much greater than in the right ventricle and so it has to withstand more pressure and so it is thicker. In a fully developed heart, the blood cannot get from one side of the heart to the other without first going around the circulatory path that all the blood has to follow. The four valves that we have mentioned are in place to keep the blood flowing in only one direction. When the heart or the valves are diseased, blood can leak through the valves and flow backwards, creating more compromise in heart and circulatory function.

We have talked about the heart being a right sided pump and a left sided pump and that they are independently dependent. This means that the one side acts independently of the other, but its function is totally dependent on the function of the other side. For example, if one of the valves of the arteries, like the aortic valve, is leaking and does not seal the opening properly, then blood can flow back into the ventricle and create a flow problem for all the blood that is coming from the lungs or from the body. Over time there are two things that the heart itself tries to do to make up for the inefficient action of the leaking valves. First the heart tries to increase its rate of action in an attempt to increase the volume of blood that is being pumped. Then it tries to increase its stroke volume by filling the chambers more and so it dilates in an effort to increase its volume pumped with each stroke or contraction. These two mechanisms fail in a short time and then the heart ends up failing and the dog develops congestive heart failure or CHF.CHF results in fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity or in the chest, depending on which side of the circulation is affected by the left or the right side of the heart that is failing.

Disability Tax Credit for Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Disability of any type causes the normal functioning to deteriorate or completely stop it. Disability can be of any type and may be acquired as a result of some accidents or gradually because of a disease. One of the most widespread disabilities especially affecting women is Fibromyalgia. A woman affected with this disorder constantly complains of fatigue and pain in the entire body. There is pain in most part of the body such as the in the lower back, in the hips, knees, shins, shoulders, neck and elbows. The person affected with this disorder finds difficulty in accomplishing his day to day tasks.

There can be many reasons for Fibromyalgia. One of the most common and widely understood reasons for Fibromyalgia is metabolic abnormalities. As a result of this the blood flow is hampered in certain parts of the brain such as the pituitary area. This decrease in the blood flow leads to a chain reaction in the brain and certain hormones decline. The most important hormones which decline as a result of the decrease in the blood flow are the somatotropin hormone and thyroid stimulating hormone. All these changes in the hormones result in problems at a mental level such as a person being unable to take a proper decision.

There can be many more reasons for this problem. Sometimes the symptoms are extremely difficult to uncover. Some of the most common causes which lead to this problem are stress, depression, nutritional deficiency, insomnia and high level of toxins. All these can very much result in fibromyalgia.

There can be many symptoms of fibromyalgia. Often it is difficult to know as what precisely leads to the problem. Widespread muscle pain is one of the most important symptoms of this problem. Fatigue, sleeping difficulties, dizziness can also be fibromyalgia. If a person is constantly anxious or is depressed, then he or she may be suffering from fibromyalgia. Headaches, impaired memory, problems in vision, skin rashes and problems in coordination can also be very much the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

There are many complications associated with fibromyalgia. Continuous tiredness and pain is experienced by the person suffering from this problem. As a result, he or she is not able to concentrate on the work on hand. There is pain in the specific portions of the body. Cognitive disabilities can also be the result of this problem and the person suffering from it may not be able to do his day to day normal job.

There are many tax benefits available for people suffering from the problem. Canadian Disability Corporation can help you in a great way to get you the disability tax credit. CDC will let you know about the rights of a person suffering from the problem. CDC will provide information about all the benefits that a person can get suffering from this problem. CDC will provide all the extra information that you need in order to get the disability tax credit benefits. The people employed at the CDC are all experienced professional and they help the individual concerned after he has filled the online application form giving out all the required details.

What Is the Average Price for New Furnace-Air Conditioner?

Many people purchase their very first furnace-air condition without even knowing about it. Usually when they buy their home, the HVAC system is already installed. Even when people purchase their next HVAC system they often open the contact book and call the foremost HVAC contractor referred on the list. This strategy will help to keep the house warm but can lead to spending an amount which is more than necessary.

There are many ways by which one can minimize the cost of buying and installing a new furnace-air conditioner. First contact several HVAC contractors to request a bid. Keep in mind that the decision an individual makes should not just depend upon the cost of the equipment alone. Choose a reputable contractor as it is very important in identifying the overall price and satisfaction. Various private and public entities provide financing and rebate incentives for buying a new HVAC system.

One of the best ways to raise the value of the house is by upgrading the home with new furnace-air conditioner. One of the great reasons for updating is to conserve energy. Preserving the energy which is used each month can substantively help to lower the utility bills. Helping to save the homeowner money on utility bills and enhancing the upfront market value of the house are just two of the benefits of installing a new HVAC system.

Many homes already have older HVAC systems that use a refrigerant known as R22 refrigeration and this is used to chill out the air passing in the room. R22 is known for depleting the ozone layer. In order to ban all R22 refrigerants from further depleting the ozone, the government passed new laws which were made mandatory for all the new air conditioners that were being installed to use only a new refrigerant named R-410A. This R-410A refrigerant is costlier but is effective in not harming the ozone.

Houses are generally operating at around a 70-80% rate of efficiency which implies that 70-80% of the energy is used to run the furnace in the house and the rest 20-30% is wasted. At present times most of the furnaces that are being installed are 90% better or more efficient which implies that 90% of the energy is consumed, which in turn can help to save large amount of money over the entire lifetime of the home furnitures due to Less waste.

Updating the equipment is a good method to improve a home but it does require upfront cost. First there is the cost of the new HVAC system. This cost can range between $ 750 – $ 3000 depending on the brand, size and the model. The average cost for a new furnace is approximately $ 1,400 for the unit and includes no other elements costs which are used for installing the furnace. The price of a new air conditioner is between $ 600- $ 3,000 which depends upon the brand, model and size. The average cost for a new air conditioner for a 2 bedroom / 1 bath house is approximately $ 1,200 which is just for the unit and does not include any installation costs. The coil of the new furnace costs around $ 300- $ 600 and that of a new air conditioner costs approximately $ 400.

When it's time to get a new HVAC system, price is always an issue. It's important to do your homework, ask lots of questions and get at least three quotes from reputable HVAC contractors.

Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer?

A part of me wishes we definitively knew the answer to this question simply to get people to refrain from talking on their cell phones while driving. Nothing is more frustrating on the road than seeing bad driving practices only to see the driver blabbing on a phone. In addition, we know that driving while talking on a mobile phone is equivalent to driving with an illegal blood alcohol level with regards to reaction time and focus on the road. People have been killed in car accidents by someone talking on a phone. I was in a car accident about 3 years ago when I was rear-ended by a woman talking on her cell phone. It is now illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving in California and other states are catching on as well. We also know that a headset or speaker phone does not reduce the risk of an accident. But I digress, we were supposed to be talking about brain cancer.

According to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association Americans spent 2.2 trillion minutes on their cell phones in 2008 which was a 100 billion minute increase from the previous year. Cell phones are becoming more and more advanced in their capabilities and at the same time, increasing their radio frequency output. A few studies have shown an increase in brain tumors on the same side of the head where the user holds the phone, but other studies have shown no association.

A 2009 study looked at 23 studies of 38,000 people and found no connection between cell phone use and brain tumors. However, there was a subset analysis of eight studies which showed a 10-30% increase in the risk of tumors from long-term use compared to people who rarely used a cell phone.

The European Environment Agency has stepped up and warned against the use of mobile phones in children because they have their entire lives ahead of them with exposure to radio frequencies and radiation. John Bucher, the associate director of the National Toxicology Program, testified before the Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee. He stated that cell phone radiation penetrates deeper into a child’s brain because of the configuration of a young, growing skull.

Professor Lennart Hardell is a Swedish researcher who is at the leading edge of cell phone radiation and brain cancer risk research. He has found an increased risk of brain tumors from 10 or more years of mobile phone use. Several studies of his have been published with the following key findings:

  • For every 100 hours of cell phone use, the risk of brain cancer increases by 5%. For every year of use, the risk of brain cancer increases by 8%.
  • After 10 or more years of digital cell phone use, there was a 280% increased risk of brain cancer.
  • For digital cell phone users who were teenagers or younger when they first started using mobile phones, there was a 420% increased risk of brain cancer.

Why is there conflicting evidence? Is there special interest involved and who funded the studies in question? Dr. Hardell’s research is very compelling and I tend to trust European studies over American studies because there is usually less of a money-trail in Europe. There is a lot of money to be made on cell phone use and we live in a country where the bottom line means everything.

In addition, why is it clearly stated in the fine print of cell phone manuals to use caution regarding radio frequencies and warnings about keeping the phone as far away from the body as possible? Radiation decreases as the square of the distance from the phone. The farther the phone is from your body, the less radiation exposure. One example is the Blackberry 8300 which clearly states: “When using any data feature of the Blackberry device, with or without a USB cable, keep the device at least.98 inches from your body and it should not be worn or carried on the body.” This is clear enough for me that the cell phone manufacturers know the potential dangers of radiation.

Dr. Devra Lee Davis is the director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and author of the book Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide it, and How to Protect Your Family. She has testified before congress about this subject and has published numerous articles as well. She recommends the following to reduce your risk:

  • Put your phone in the “flight” or “off-line” mode when carrying, storing, or charging it.  This stops the electromagnetic emissions.
  • Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body or storing it near your body at night.
  • Use a wired headset (not Bluetooth!) or the speaker-phone mode to keep the phone as far from your body as possible while talking.
  • Switch sides of your head regularly while talking.
  • Use text messaging instead of talking.
  • Choose a device with the lowest SAR possible.  SAR stands for specific absorption rate, a measure of the strength of electromagnetic fields.
  • Children should only use cell phones near their heads for emergencies.  Texting away from the body is safer for children than talking on a cell phone.
  • Avoid using the phone while the signal is weak or when moving at high speeds as in a car or train.  This increases the power to the phone as it tries to stay connected.

Until more research is done that is not funded by the phone industry I will treat this as if cell phone radiation is in fact detrimental to my health. It is better to be safe than sorry and the studies that show an increased risk of brain tumors are simply too compelling to ignore. Use the simple steps outlined in this article and choose a phone with a low SAR to protect yourself from potential damage.

Obesity Causing More than 100,000 New Cancer Cases Every Year

Approximately a third of American adults are classed as obese and numbers are increasing.  Although there is a known link between cancer and obesity, the American Institute for Cancer Research has published an alarming analysis revealing the levels of cancer cases being directly linked to excess weight.

33,000 cases of breast cancer and linked to obesity; 20,700 cases of endometrial cancer; 13,900 kidney cancer cases, with 13,200 being colorectal cancers, 11,900 pancreas; 5,800 esophagus and 2,000 cases of gall bladder cancer; all linked with obesity and its related problems.

41,000 new cancer cases in the US in 2002 were attributed directly to obesity and Michael Thun, emeritus Vice President of Epidemiological Research of the American Cancer Society, notes that other cancers are suspected to be linked with cancer but are yet to be confirmed, such as multiple myeloma; liver and some strains of leukaemia. Obese people who weigh in at 30 pounds or more in excess bulk are in a much higher risk group for heart disease and other weight related diseases such as Diabetes.The National Cancer Institute notes that lack of exercise and obesity account for up to 30% of breast, colon and endometrial, kidney and esophagal cancer.

Also, acid reflux, which is related to esophagus cancer, is more often found to be associated with those who are overweight and cancer.

Cancer has also been found to be closely associated with insulin resistance and insulin.  Higher levels are found in obese people: cell division is stimulated by insulin and cancer is the penalty of cellular growth that is not under control.

Obesity is caused by consuming too much high calorie, high fat and low nutrition food, combined with a lack of exercise and generally leading a sedentary life.  The increased risk of cancer can be significantly reduced by adhering to a controlled and well balanced diet, getting the right amount of exercise each day and generally improving quality of life.

For those who are not overweight and do not wish to be, controlling diet and exercise is an excellent preventative measure to limit the risks of contracting cancer.  Certainly exercise reduces the risk of developing cancers of the colon and breast. Anyone who is having difficulty maintaining a normal weight or sticking to a balanced diet should seek professional medical help and advice for a personalized weight loss program.

The Cold War – Just a POSSIBILITY OF WAR

Although there was a joint anti-Nazi sentiment across Europe and the world, and global politics seemed to be united in the relief of the defeat of Germany at the end of World War II, there were also many conflicts during this time. Why then does the Cold War differ from any of these confrontations?

I believe these tensions to be different from previous occurrences. The world changed because of the relationship between the two great powers – the United States of America (USA) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) – and the actions that they took because of this increasingly situation. This polarization was a move from traditional warfare and exhausted only as a possibility of war and an introduction of the nuclear threat.

The mistrust between the USA and the USSR became more noticeable at the end of World War II when both sides had raced to get to Berlin to defeat Germany. Although there were smiles and handshakes for the media, the reality was an increased suspicion between the two sides.

The USSR felt they had been the most severely affected by the war and wanted to be compensated. The US was the most economically stable; It had a trade surplus and large gold reserves. Militarily they were the most powerful of the warring countries and were in possession of the revolutionary atomic bomb. This position proved to be a threat to the USSR, especially as the US had chosen not to embrace its isolationist policy and thus remained involved in global politics, and especially in Europe. It seemed natural for the countries of the world to align them with one of these states, and have them dictate global politics.

After the Second World War the Allied forces met at Yalta and Potsdam to consider actions to settle Europe, but it was at these meetings that misunderstandings and tensions between the two powers started to surface. At Yalta, the USSR demanded a seat on the newly formed United Nations General Assembly for each of its republicates, but this was rejected by the USA. It was officially agreed that the USSR and the USA could have 3 seats. One of the most important aspects that came out of Yalta was the division of Germany and Berlin. Each of the Allied countries gained a piece. The Soviets later decided to erect a blockade cutting West Berlin off. The Allied forces came together to airlift supplies, but this of course created more tensions with the Soviets. Many clauses of these agreements were also ambiguous and led to further misunderstanding.

It was held that the USA's Marshall Plan of 1947 would help Germany and 15 other nations recover economically and inject money and business into Europe. When the Soviets went against some of the conditions laid out in the Yalta and Potsdam meetings, the USA stopped reparation payments to the Soviets. Hostility increased.

Many historians will agree that the most obvious aspect of the Cold War was an intense clash of ideologies – political, economic and social differences. Truman had even declared that he would fight communism and support any global democracy and Churchill coined the phrase 'the Iron Curtain'. And on the Soviet side, Stalin's speech in February 1946 laid out his 5 year plan and emphasized his desire to defeat the 'evil of capitalism' to counteract the West's offensive policies. These public declarations helped with the division of the two powers. It seemed logical to expect that as they had been allies in the War, and had a common enemy in Nazi Germany, that they would remain on friendly terms, but as they both depicted the other side as 'evil' their 'friendship' wasnt To survive.

The wedge was driven in deeper when the Allied forces came together under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This was created as an alliance against a security threat from the USSR. The rivalry was heightened when the Soviets set up the Warsaw Pact in response, drawing in members of the Communist Bloc and controlling with decisions coming out of Moscow.

Technological developments influenced the relations further. To end the war in Japan, the US dropped two atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With the US technological monopoly at this time and as the USSR had not been informed about the Manhattan Project, the Soviets felt provoked. In 1949 the detonation of the first Soviet atom bomb set off the arms race and was a clear starting point for the start of the Cold War – this now became a threat to humanity.

The main factors that so set off this Cold War was distrust and mistrust from both sides. This was fueled by a mutual fear for one another and had many of its roots in misunderstanding. Truman did not understand that the Soviets wanted to create a buffer zone in Eastern Europe as they feared a new German state and there was always the Western fear of communism to keep this speculation alive. Of course the Soviets were not prepared to accept a position of inferiority once they had regained their strength after the War.

Although this polarized tension had its roots in history – the Bolshevik Revolution and suspensions during the Second World War – it came to a head after the War and ushered in an atomic and nuclear age and was fueled by disagreements, treaty violations, suspicion of motives and Paranoia. The Cold War appeared to fill a power vacuum which reflected in global leadership being thrust into the hands of the USA and the USSR.

This war was different – power politics became more intense and once the Soviets engaged in their atomic bomb experimentation in 1949, uncertainty greater. The worry for the politicians on both sides was to prevent this polarization of the Cold War from evolving from, as historian John Lewis Gaddis called the "long peace", to traditional warfare and contain the technological threat of nuclear destruction.

How to Quit Smoking for Good

If you have ever attempted to quit smoking cigarettes, you've obviously found out how difficult it can be. The famous American author, Mark Twain once quipped, "to quit smoking is one of the easiest things in the world, I must have done it over a dozen times."

Although it will take much effort and hard work on your part to quit smoking, you can do it. Or maybe you would like to consider the alternative which is nearly half of all those who do not quit smoking will die as a result of health problems that are directly related to smoking.

Research has indicated that most people who smoke want to quit. Sales of books written to help people quit smoking have soared by over 260%.

Even though we realize that it is very difficult to quit smoking you should not be discouraged. Remember that millions of Americans have given up the smoking habit for good. In fact it is estimated that over 46 million Americans have quit smoking permanently.

Before you know it, after you decide to stop smoking, you can be free from smoking forever. You want to keep reminding yourself that it is never too late to kick your tobacco habit.

You May Be Wondering Where You Begin to Quit Smoking

Before you begin down the road of quitting smoking, you must first ask yourself if you really want to stop. If you can honestly answer 'yes' to this question, you are now ready to begin your journey towards becoming an ex-smoker.

As you begin your journey you will discover there are a number of ways to quit smoking and many programs available to help you quit. Keep in mind that there is no one perfect way for you to quit smoking but there will be one way or a combination of ways that are best for you.

How you are able to cope with stress when you quit smoking will significantly affect your comfort level and your ability to remain an ex-smoker.

To help you increase the chances of success, you may possibly consider including medication, such as is available in a nicotine replacement therapy program for instance. However not everyone who makes the decision to quit smoking will want or need to use these certain medicines.

However, although many smokers are able to quit smoking without using nicotine replacement therapy, it is found that most people who attempt to quit without NRT may not be successful on their first attempt.

You will find that there are many stop smoking aids that can assist you with quitting smoking such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches, prescription medications such as Zyban and Chantix, herbal stop smoking products, stop smoking hypnosis, and acupuncture.

Most folks who decide to quit smoking may decide to use a combination of these methods and we will discuss some of them further on.

Harmful Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

You've heard it all before I know, smoking cigarettes is bad for you. If you did not already know this you would not be here, right?

But Just How Bad is Cigarette Smoking?

When asked why they want to quit smoking, most people stated their concerns for their health as one of the top reasons for wanting to stop smoking. Quitting your tobacco habit is singularly one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself. Your decision to stop smoking will not only improve your health but also the health of people around you.

We are all aware that smoking cigarettes can result in a large number of health problems including lung cancer. However what most folks do not realize is that smoking cigarettes is a major risk factor for many other kinds of cancers as well. These include cancer of the mouth, larynx, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, cervix, stomach, pancreas, and even some leukemias.

It is estimated that one out of every ten moderate smokers and close to one out of every five heavy smokers (excluding 15 cigarettes a day) will die of lung cancer.

Unfortunately for men smokers, we are 22 times more likely to develop lung cancer compared with women smokers who are 12 times more likely to develop lung cancer than are non-smokers.

Of those smokers who do develop lung cancer, men who smoke are 10 times more likely to die from lung cancer than those folks who do not smoke. Also lung cancer is a bigger killer of women that is breast Cancer.

And even if you survive the lung cancer for now, the surgery to remove diseased lung and the ongoing chemo treatment will not be pleasant.

And let's hope you do not live in Canada – the wait for treatment might just kill if you are needing rapid treatment.

However lung cancer is not the biggest killer of a smoker – its circulatory disease.

Smoking plays a large part in increasing your risk for heart disease, stroke, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and various other lung diseases. Smoking has also been found to increase your risk of periodontal disease which results in swollen gums and teeth that fall out.

Smoking has also been found to increase one's risk of age related loss of vision. Smokers have a much greater likelihood of developing the eye disease called macular degeneration.

The surgeon general has for decades been reporting on the health risks that are associated with smoking. The surgeon general concluded in 1990 that quitting smoking has major and immediate help benefits for both men and women of all ages.

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for yourself to dramatically improve your life and health.

Stop Smoking Medication

The use of nicotine replacement therapy such as found in nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, or nasal sprays, can be quite helpful in your attempt to quit smoking. The inhalers and sprays are only available by prescription but the nicotine patch and gum are available without prescription and over-the-counter at pharmacies or online.

Nicotine patches and nicotine gum help to lessen the severity and discomfort of nicotine withdrawal symptoms by controlling the release of nicotine into your body. This can help you deal with the physical component of nicotine addiction and can drastically reduce your withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine gum and nicotine patches may also enable you to control your weight as well while you are involved in your smoking cessation program as nicotine acts as an appetite suppressant. This may keep you from having to rely on a restrictive diet, appetite suppressant drugs or diet pill to help you not gain weight.

The nicotine patch is applied like a Band-Aid to your skin and slowly releases a controlled amount of nicotine into your system through the day. The patch can be used by individuals who may have problems with gum due to dental work or may find the gum inconvenient due to school or work place restrictions.

The nicotine gum is chewed slowly to release nicotine and then placed between your cheek and gum until another nicotine urge arises. Nicotine gum can also replace some oral gratification that cigarettes may have given.

Other Quit smoking aids include Zyban (same active ingredient as Wellbutrin) which is a prescription antidepressant, bupropion hydrochloride, and is thought to work on the reward / withdrawal receptors in your brain.

Another prescription stop smoking drug that has been designed exclusively as a stop smoking aid is Chantix. Chantix is ​​not an antidepressant so is not subject to the same types of side effects.

Also some natural herbal products like the herbal patch, which works like the nicotine patch but uses herbs instead of nicotine and herbal drops which are added to water or your favorite fruit juice, have shown promise in helping to alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms, reduce your irritability , Curb your hunger, and eliminate toxins from your body.

Hypnosis as an Aid to Stop Smoking

Some people find that hypnosis or hypnotherapy can be helpful to help them stop smoking. Hypnosis is a suggestion to your subconscious mind while your body and mind are in a deep state of relaxation.

Research seems to suggest that stop smoking hypnosis can be successful in helping folks to quit smoking and if visiting a hypnotherapist seems to be bit inconvenient, self hypnosis tapes and audio CDs are available online.

The Medical Hypnosis and Counseling Center believes that while not a cure all, hypnosis can play a long-term role in keeping folks away from cigarettes.

Support for Smokers Who Would Like To Become Non-Smokers

Most folks who have been successful at quitting smoking make the suggestion that you develop a network of support from friends and family. Research that has come out recently seems to suggest that continued support as well as encouragement from friends, family, and health care providers can be extremely helpful.

Studies also suggest that people will find greater success with their quit smoking efforts if they combine several stop smoking subsidies. As an example, gettting on board with a support group as well as possibly using nicotine patches or gum can be quite effective. To locate support groups or a stop smoking helpline, you might want to check with the American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345.

With the combination of smoking cessation aids, support, and good old-fashioned determination you will soon find yourself if the ranks of ex-smokers.

Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

Staying out inside the sun, they say, is undesirable to suit your needs. While it could sound like an outdated wives’ tale, a nt kind of cancer which isn’t extremely uncomplicated to area. Squamous happens from the Latin word “squama,”probably deadly pores and skin cancer termed squamous cellular skin color cancer is really a very genuine result of staying out as well extended inside sun. And when we say “as well very long,” we imply prolonged exposure to UV rays. A hazardous style of pores and skin cancer, it affects balanced surrounding tissues, and if not caught instantly, may well unfold on the lymph nodes and prove lethal.

Also known as squamous cell carcinoma, it’s a maligna which suggests scales, therefore defining squamous epithelium as epidermis which has a scaly floor. The earliest warning of squamous cellular carcinoma is really a tumor, which generally appears in unique sorts in your pores and skin, often a hard crimson bump, or a pale scab with a scaly surface. On your much more non-public elements, the tumor will resemble a sore. Because they glimpse a lot like sores and raised patches of pores and skin, it truly is difficult to detect the earlier signals of this cancer. These sores and bumps might be identified also in your lips, inside of your mouth, as well as inside of your anus, as squamous mobile skin tone cancer is only a single type. This carcinoma can take place on various organs inside your physique for example your lungs, esophagus, bladder, cervix and vagina.

From the distinct forms of cancers with the skin color, squamous cell carcinoma will be the 2nd most typical after basal cell carcinoma, but not as scary. The injury accomplished by squamous cellular skin color cancer occurs around time, accumulating the extended you expose by yourself to sunlight, as well as within a tanning bed, permitting your DNA tissue to get harmed too. It truly is the deterioration of DNA that leads to this carcinoma. Other leads to involve undergoing radiation remedy, publicity to chemical toxins and utilization of immunosuppressant medicine. It is also identified that all those with honest skin tone, people that have been diagnosed also with squamous mobile carcinoma previously, and heavy smokers boost their possibility of building this form of cancer.

Although it is not uncomplicated to catch this carcinoma within the early stages, it can be not all that tough both. To generally be for the safe and sound side, if a bump or sore doesn’t disappear right after two weeks or so, do have it examined by your medical professional. If cancerous, you will discover numerous remedies to avail of. Cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen may perhaps freeze off smaller tumors, laser remedy is employed for floor tumors, or perhaps a medical professional can simply just reduce out that little bit of pores and skin. For bigger tumors, Moh’s surgical treatment, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are advised.

Prevention of squamous cellular skin cancer continues to be a lot better than catching it earlier and undergoing treatment, so shield oneself with sunscreen whilst outdoors and keep in for the duration of noon, which would be the time the sun would be the strongest within the sky. You might also get your Vitamin D from meals and pills in place of by way of the sun, and consume additional inexperienced, leafy vegetables. Furthermore, steer clear of tanning beds totally, if you may. What good can be a tan, when your pores and skin has cancer?

Robert Grazian is definitely an accomplished market internet site developer and author.

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Grow Taller – Practical Tips to Increase Your Height Naturally

Grow taller by changing something about your lifestyle! Many people want to increase their height, but just a few of them are aware that some changes can make a difference. It's easier than you think! Read further about what can make you grow taller.

Your body needs protein to stay strong and healthy. Unfortunately, many foods rich in protein contain large amounts of fat and calories. Proteins are recognized as the main component of living cells, having an essential role in bones development. It is important to note that women need to consume between 75 and 100g of protein daily, and men- between 100 and 175g.

Grow taller by drinking milk! Rich in vitamins D and K, milk is excellent for our bones. Vitamins B2 and B12 found in this product improve the health of cardiovascular functions. Milk also contains an important amount of calcium, which strengthens our bones.

Eggs contain high quality protein. For years, egg protein was used as a standard to measure the quality of protein from other sources. These foods are rich in lecithin, lowering the level of cholesterol. A large egg contains 6 grams of protein and has 80 calories.

Calcium, zinc and magnesium are extremely important for your health. By consuming foods rich these nutrients, you'll grow taller sooner than you think. Diversify your menu and include all groups of food. Do not forget to hydrate your body properly.

Stretching exercises and certain sports will help you to grow taller. Start practicing cycling, basketball or swimming, in order to stimulate bone growth.

Make sure you have a good night sleep. During sleep, certain body cells are regenerated. Opt for a quality mattress that provides support to your spell.

Stay away from wonder pills, surgery and other methods that promise you amazing result. It's much healthier to increase your height naturally, by making the right decisions when it comes about foods, eating habits and lifestyle.

Listerine Mouthwash Remedy For Nail Fungus

Listerine Mouthwash for killing nail fungus: Would it be a waste of time?

If you are one of those people who are uncertain about using Listerine mouthwash for clearing their nail fungus, then this article will truly help you.

Curing a nail disorder is a daunting task. Still, many people prefer ineffective and inexpensive remedies to cure their nail fungus.

This article contains all the relevant information about the use of Listerine for eradicating the nail fungus.

What Is the Main Purpose Of Listerine?

Most of us know Listerine as a powerful antiseptic mouthwash. It effectively kills the bacteria in our mouth and on our tongue that causes bad breath. However, nobody could ever imagine that Listerine could be used to clear nail fungus.

Why People Try Listerine?

Many people claims the potency of Listerine mouthwash in curing their nail fungus infection. These people who have had the success with Listerine took many months to notice the initial signs of improvement in their nail fungus.

Well, in this busy life-style, do you think you can afford to wait for so many months to just notice a little improvement in your nail?

Still, some individuals opt Listerine to get rid of their nail fungus since it is cheap than prescription medication, and other alternative natural treatments that are particularly manufactured to clear nail fungus.

Remember, Listerine fungus cure is not prescribed by doctor nor it has enough evidence to prove its efficiency. Its recommendation comes from just a handful of people who found success in using Listerine as toenail fungus remedy.

How Listerine Works?

Thymol, Eucalyptol, and Salicylate are some of the ingredients of Listerine that are known for their healing properties.

Eucalyptol works as a stimulant for an immune system, and is popularly known for its antimicrobial properties.

Salicylate, an organic acid, causes a greater amount of dead skin cells to shed, thus, promoting the growth of new skin cells.

Thymol is an alcohol soluble substance, which has a strong ability to kill bacteria and fungi. Listerine can work as a nail fungus treatment because of the presence of Thymol.

Continue reading to have more information on Listerine as a toenail fungus remedy.

How To Use Listerine To Cure Nail Fungus?

Are you interested in using Listerine to cure your nail fungus?

There are two ways of using Listerine as nail fungus treatment. First method involves the soaking of the nails in undiluted Listerine mouthwash for nearly 30 minutes each day. You may also use a dropper or cotton swab to apply Listerine on the infected nail.

Nail fungus infection can also be cured by combining Listerine with vinegar in the ratio of 1:1.

Repeat this process two times a day regularly as it could take months to fully heal the infected nails.

Side-Effects Of Using Listerine

As Listerine is a mouthwash made to be swashed throughout your mouth, side effects would be rare. The only issue to be aware of is that if you use the Listerine for longer duration your feet may change to green color. It is only a cosmetic and temporary condition that does not cause any internal harm, moreover, this discoloration eventually disappear with time.

Nail fungus can be cured by using the wonderful natural treatment mentioned below.

Try Natural Treatment For You Nail Fungus

There are few claims on the effectiveness of home remedies including Listerine in curing the nail fungal infection. Such treatments require the individual to be diligent and regular with their nail fungus treatment. Moreover, it is not sure whether your nail will be cured of fungus after using Listerine.

There are no medical studies regarding the use of Listerine for curing nail fungus. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using Listerine for nail fungus.

Listerine toenail fungus treatment needs time and effort, if your busy lifestyle does not allow you to follow this treatment you may use Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil effectively fight all sorts of nail fungal infection due to its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. Tea Tree Oil is the first choice for many people to cure their nail fungal infection.

Tea Tree oil is the primary ingredient of the natural products that are particularly manufactured to combat nail fungal infection.

Applying this natural product is an effortless task, and it only takes a few minutes to use it properly. In just few weeks of using this natural product you will notice the growth of a healthy nail.

Listerine is the home remedy supported by few individuals only, however, you may click this link to have more info about this cure: Listerine Mouthwash For Nail Fungus.

Alternatively, you may click this link www.nail-fungus-cures-that-work.com to explore a natural cure that will work for your nail fungus.

Psychological Tricks Which Will Force Your Ex to Feel Attraction Towards You Again! A Must Read!

Brute force or shedding tears by the minute will not get your ex back to you.

If your ex has not been responding to your reunion overtures then a stealth attack in the form of psychological tricks will force your ex to feel attraction towards you and will compel him / her to rush right into your quivering arms.

Get away from the situation for a short time. Both you and your ex could be too emotionally charged up to listen to any reason. A break from an un-winnable situation will help both of you to calm down and compose your thoughts in a logical manner again. This cooling down time will also help you to focus on your entire life instead of simply focusing your energies only on your ex. Your ex could also start wondering about you and possibly even start missing you all over again.

Come back to your own life. When you do come back in your own neighborhood, make sure that you return back to reclaim your life. At least, that is rather the impression that you need to give to your ex. Start working again, get your body in shape by joining a gym and spend your free time amongst close friends. This will divert your mind away from your breakup but more importantly, will puncture your ex's ego and force him / her to think that you just might forget about him / her and move on in life.

Let your ex run towards you. Whenever you do bump into your ex, make sure to talk politely with him / her but do not throw yourself over him / her. Instead, give your ex short glimpses of your improved looks and positive attitude and impress him / her enough for sparks to fly again. Once your ex has been psychologically tricked that you could simply walk away with your new body and improved demeanor, he / she is sure to make all possible moves to win you back. Once the tide has turned in your favor then all you need to do is to wait for your desperate ex to run right into your life again.

The Three Types Of Allergic Reactions In Dog

Allergic reactions in dogs are hard to control and are usually chronic in nature. This is why the right diagnosis and therapy has to be started early to minimize the allergic reaction. The most common symptom for allergic reaction in dogs is excessive itching, or pruritis. It is the high strung dogs that tend to itch more than placid dogs while chewing, licking and rubbing of the skin are all manifestations of pruritis.

The common areas on the dog’s body that are the hardest hit for pruritis are its face, feet and armpit. However, due to some extent of excessive pruritis, it might cover the whole body of the animal. Scratching is normal for them and sometimes not a sign of any irregularities on their skin. But when tiny blood spots appear, it’s already a sign of an allergic reaction. The reason for this is, flea dirt comprises more of blood and they usually appear as small blood spots in any place that they are left behind.

Basically, there are three types of allergic reactions in dogs where the dog may suffer from one of these reactions or a combination of all three conditions. First is food allergy in where a dog is allergic to ingredients or preservatives found in food like beef, wheat, dairy products which are most common food allergens. In addition, even premium dog foods have a tendency to contain these products.

For some dog owners, the best way to stop allergic reactions is to immediately “haul” their pets off to a pet store or a veterinarian’s clinic. Usually, the people running the establishment would recommend some of their dog food to stop these allergic reactions thinking that this is the best way to stop excessive scratching or biting. However, they have to bear in mind that food allergies are the least cause of allergic problems in dogs.

With flea allergy dermatitis, it is the allergens found in the saliva of flea that bites the dog. The flea inserts a coagulant in the dog through the saliva to prevent the clotting of the dog’s blood, and this is what induces an allergic reaction in dogs.

However, because of the intensive research and never-ending “crusade” to discover a cure for allergic reactions in dogs, many treatments were administered thus diminishing the occurrence of flea allergy dermatitis.

The last type of allergic reactions found in dogs is what they call allergic inhaled dermatitis or atopy, a pre-inclination in the animal to produce IgE antibodies on exposure to an allergen.

Allergic reactions will then be evident when there is a re-exposure to the same allergen. Common causes are usually pollen, grasses, animal wastes or animal dander, molds, mites, house dust and feathers which can be either pass through inhalation or through or in-between the pads of its paws.

An insect bite is something that practically everyone experiences. It usually brings about some minor discomfort, especially in the summer months. Though most people don’t have any problems with insect bites apart from some pain and irritation, there are some people who suffer allergic reactions to insect bites. This allergic reaction to insect bites is called hymenoptera, and to people suffering from it, bites and stings prove to be very dangerous.