Buy Generic Duphaston online without a prescription

Buy Generic Duphaston online without a prescription

What is it used for?

Duphaston treats conditions where there is a lack of the female hormone progesterone. It is used for:
* restoring bleeding in the absence of menstrual periods
* controlling irregular bleeding which is due to hormonal imbalance
* the treatment of endometriosis, which is a disease where fragments of the lining of the womb grow outside the womb in
the pelvic cavity
* painful periods which do not have any specific cause such as fibroids or infection
* a supplement for menopausal women who are taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), in which it helps to protect the womb.

Contraindications and cautions:

Before taking any medicines, you should make sure that it is safe for you to do so.
Do not take Duphaston if you are allergic to any of the tablet. If you have been told by your doctor that you have an intolerance to some sugars, contact your doctor before taking this medicine.
Do not take Duphaston if any of the following applies:
• you have, or have had, or your doctor thinks you might have, breast cancer
• you have had or your doctor thinks that you might have a tumour which is made worse by progestogens (e.g. meningioma)
• you have, or you are being treated for, a blood clot in an artery or in a vein in your leg or anywhere else (a deep vein thrombosis), or a blood clot that has travelled to your lung or other parts of your body (an embolus), or you have had one of these conditions in the past
• you have angina, or you have had a heart attack or stroke

• you have or have had serious liver disease
• you have or have recently had abnormal liver test results
• your doctor told you that you have porphyria (an inherited metabolic disorder)
If you take Duphaston as part of a HRT treatment, you will also be prescribed an estrogen product. In addition to the above do not take Duphaston if any of the following applies:
• you have had or your doctor thinks that you might have a tumour which is made worse by estrogen (e.g. endometrial cancer)
• you have irregular or unusually heavy periods which have not been diagnosed or
• you have or have had endometrial hyperplasia
For further information look at the leaflet in your estrogen pack or talk to your doctor or a pharmacist.

Side effects:
All medicines can have side effects. Often they are not serious but sometimes they can be. You may need medical treatment if you get some of the side effects.
Tell your doctor if you notice any of the following and they worry you:
* dizziness or headache
* breast pain or tenderness
* acne
* swelling of the ankles and feet
* weight change
* feeling sick
* change in body and facial hair. These are all mild side effects of Duphaston.
Tell your doctor immediately or go to Accident and Emergency at the nearest hospital, if you notice any of the following:
* menstrual changes, which may include change in the pattern, change in the cycle length, spotting, breakthrough bleeding, or no bleeding at all
* severe and/or sudden headache
* if you faint
* shortness of breath, slurred speech, or vision changes
* soreness of the veins particularly in the legs or groin
* heart or lung problems
* depression
* severe stomach pains
* yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice)
* skin rash, or irritation.
These are all serious side effects of Duphaston. You may need urgent medical attention.
Tell your doctor if you notice anything that is making you feel unwell.

Buy Generic Duphaston online without a prescription

Upper Ab Workout

When we do our upper ab workout at different tempos it will ensure that we have strength through the whole range of movement and it asserts to overburden the muscles, which will make you work a little harder and create a more rapid strength gain.

Upper Ab Workout Number One: The Basic Crunch

  1. Easy: Begin this exercise lying on your back. Keep your knees bent, with your feet about shoulder width apart. Put your hands in the back of your head and pull your navel into your spine while slowly squeezing your abs when your shoulders and head raise up from the deck. Raise straight up toward the ceiling, with your chin pointing up. Lower slowly back down to the floor. Repeat.
  2. Harder: Lie down on your back keeping your knees bent. Pull your knees toward your chest, with your feet hanging next to your buns. Draw your navel to the spine and slowly constrict your ab muscles as your shoulders and head come up off of the deck. Lift straight up towards the ceiling, pointing your chin up.
  3. Hardest: Instead of putting your hands in the back of your head, try to extend your arms like you're going to dive in a swimming pool, while keeping your forearms next to your head. Concentrate on relaxing your shoulders to keep the tenseseness out of the neck. Also, try altering the speed of upper ab workout raising and lowering motion.

More Upper Ab Workout Hints: Try to stay lightly off of the floor when you reach the end of the upper ab workout movement. You should also try to clear the shoulder blades off the floor; Make certain you are not only lifting your head. Try to Really Concentrate on pulling your navel in toward your spell.

Upper Ab Workout Number Two: The Frog Leg

  1. Easy: Start this upper ab workout by lying on your back and with the bottoms of your feet touching. Let your knees drop down to your sides, and put your hands in the back of your head so you support your neck. Draw your navel in toward your spell, slowly contract your abdominals as your shoulders and head raise up from the deck. Slowly lower back to the deck and repeat.
  2. Harder: Begin by lying on your back, bend your knees and draw them in near to your chest. Let your knees drop down to your sides, while crossing your ankles, put your hands in the back of your head in order to support the neck. Draw your navel in towards your back, while slowly contracting your abs when your head and your shoulders raise up from the deck. Elevate straight up toward the ceiling, aiming your chin up. Slowly lower down to the floor. Repeat.
  3. Hardest: Extend your arms like you're diving in a pool, keeping your arms close to your head. Concentrate on relaxing your shoulders to keep tenseseness out of the neck. Also, try changing the speed of the rising and lowering motion.

More Upper Ab Workout Hints: This routine will primarily work the upper area of ​​your rectus abdominis, as well as into your lower segments. Be careful to really draw your belly button up tightly to protect the back and try to not lower completely back down to the deck at the bottom.

Upper Ab Workout Number Three: The Demi-Crunch

  1. Easy: Start this upper ab workout by lying on your back while bending your knees, keep your feet on the deck shoulder width apart, and put your hands in back of your head. Draw your navel in toward your spell while lifting your shoulders and head a few inches off of the deck. You should be able to feel your abdominals contracting. Now Raise straight up toward the ceiling, with your chin aiming up and return slowly to the starting position – do not go all of the way back down to the floor.
  2. Harder: Start this upper ab workout by lying on your back while bending your knees and pulling them in next to your chest. Let your feet hang close to your bum. With your head and your shoulders also the deck a few inches while pulling your navel in toward your back. You should be able to feel your abdominal muscles contracting. Now elevate straight up toward the ceiling, with your chin pointing upwards and slowly return back to the starting position – do not go all of the way back to the floor.
  3. Hardest: Start this upper ab workout by lying on your back while bending your knees moving your feet down away from your butt. Keep a very slight bend in your knees. Bring your feet closer in toward your buns if you start to feel any discomfort in the lower back. This leg position will target your lower abs, too.

More Upper Ab Workout Hints: When doing an upper ab workout , it's important to keep your navel drawn in tight in order to protect the back. Stay slightly off the deck in the end of the movement.

Quit Smoking Now

Nicotine addiction is a reality for hundreds of thousands of people
The world over. There are numerous `stop smoking 'programs to help
The smoker to stop successfully in a reasonable amount of time, and
Offer support and advice when it gets tough. Of course, it is much
Easier to start smoking than to stop once you are thoroughly
Addicted, as the body becomes used to the inflow of nicotine and
Ceases to make the substance itself.

Much as overweight people try many diets in the hope of finding the
Magic bullet, many smokers quit more than once before they are
Finally able to stop for good. They try different `stop smoking ';
Programs until they find one that works for them. Success depends
Heavily on how long the person has been smoking and how motivated
They are to quit.

Smoking is now proven to cause chronic or deadly illnesses, such as
Chronic bronchitis, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
(COPD), or even lung cancer. You would think that diagnosis of one
Of these conditions would motivate people to quit immediately `cold
Turkey ', but sometimes it just is not enough. Smoking is so highly
Addictive that people feel compelled to feed their nicotine
Addiction before they address their medical issues.

For those who really want to give up smoking, there are quite a few
Stop smoking programs available. A health care professional should
Be communicated first for advice regarding which `stop smoking '
Program, or combination thereof, would be most beneficial. If you
Are a smoker who has enough motivation and support from family and
Friends to do it on your own, then nicotine gum, patches, or pills
Could be tried first. Many people choose to join `stop smoking '
Programs such as Nicotine Anonymous, which is based on the
Traditional 12-step philosophy pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous.
There is also private and group counseling available to people who
Need more intensive support. A number of online `stop smoking '
Program options are also available consistent of therapy and support
Forums, herbal supplements, pills, and other potions. Be sure to
Research these `stop smoking 'programs well before you spend a ton
Of money on something that just is not going to work for you.

Whatever `stop smoking 'program you choose is only as effective as
Your desire to quit. Without motivation to change your habits and
Lifestyle, your efforts will be for nothing. Plan a `stop smoking '
Program in advance. Plan how you are going to deal with temptation
In social settings and times of stress, since this is probably when
You have the greatest desire to smoke. Pick a date when you are
Going to stop – maybe when you are on vacation and things are less
Stressful – and get your support system in place.

As it's especially difficult to stop if those around you are still
Smoking, you should see if you can persuade those around you to stop
Too. And you should have a thorough clear-out of all the things that
Remind you about the pleasures of smoking. Keep thinking of all the
Advantages: no more smelly house, no more having to go outside for a
Smoke because smoking is banned in your office or home, no more
People turning away from you because, frankly, to a non-smoker you

A `stop smoking 'program can be very successful if it is planned and
Stuck to by the person who wants to quit. Mind over matter, right?
Next time go for a brisk walk or call a friend instead of lighting
Up, your lungs will thank you.

And there's one more thing that no would-be ex-smoker should forget.
Most smokers, especially those who find it hard to quit, smoke for a
Reason. Perhaps it's good to have something to hold in social
Situations to save you feeling awkward with your hands. Or it could
Be a comfort feeling – we all learn from birth that having something
In your mouth is very soothing! So when a smoker quits, there's
Always a temptation to put something else in its place. It's no
Accident that many ex-smokers put on weight in the months after they
Quit, or start to drink more alcohol.

For more ideas on how to stay
An ex-smoker without becoming hooked on something else, read Kris
Kerr's book '101 tips for Fighting Addiction' at

The Reason For Obesity World-Wide

Human beings the world over are putting on weight and there are scientific studies to show that this is true. Places in the Far East like China, Japan and Korea are facing an obesity epidemic. Earlier it was comparatively rare to find fat people in these countries, but now they are the rule rather than the exception. The reason for this is very simple and that is poor nutrition. As people moving away from traditional diets which comprised more of fresh foods, freshly cooked, as people are going in for fast foods which are more easily accessible, as portion and calorie sizes are going up, people are getting fatter. Fast foods and ready to eat foods are notoriously high in fats, sugars and preservatives, none of which do anything for the nutrition the body needs. If you have your nutrition facts right, however, it is easy for you to combat this problem.

Energy Comes From Food

If you think about it, nowadays more people lay emphasis on taste than anything else where food is concerned. People forget the food is actually a source of energy for the body, providing the fuel for the daily working of the human machine. And when the energy intake exceeds expenditure, it gets stored in the body as fat. Let us not forget that fat is actually of vital importance in our body – it provides our body with warmth, it cushions our internal organs and our muscles and also acts as fuel. Unfortunately, if fat is not used up, it gets stored in the body and a person becomes first plump, then fat and then obese. If a person keeps on eating without exercising or indulging in physical activity to burn off the fat, then the intake-output ratio gets skewed and a person puts on weight

Moderation And Balance

These are of prime importance in a balanced diet which will offer good nutrition. You really don’t need to go on a starvation diet or deprive yourself of your favorite foods. But if you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and nutrition supplements to augment your daily diet so that it is well-balanced, you can treat yourself to small portions of your favorite desserts, as long as you eat in moderation and do not go overboard. For example if you eat a good balanced diet most days of the week, and just eat what you want a couple of times whether the foods are fast foods or desserts, you can do so without feeling guilty as long as you work it off.

What If You Are Fat

Fatness or obesity needs to be dealt with. It is vital to lose excess weight if you are fat and good nutrition as well as a physical fitness regime is the best way to do it. The changes you have to make to your lifestyle are small, but worthwhile: eat five or six small meals a day, make sure you are getting all the nutrition that you need, do at least thirty minutes of exercise a minimum of three times or more a week. If you control your diet and have more of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats and fish and less of fast foods and high calorie desserts, you will find that the excess weight comes off easily. It is not a sacrifice, because in the end you will be healthier and your intake of nutrition-rich foods will help you stay fit as well as keep disease at bay.

England, 2016: Thirty-Year Reunion, College of Medicine, Class of 1986, Ibadan, Nigeria

The gathering took place on Friday, July 29th through Saturday, July 30th, 2016, at De Vere Venues, Staverton Park, Staverton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.

Days before the event, a final list of who would attend was sent out. Everyone wanted to look their best coming into the reunion to impress their colleagues, many of whom they had not seen for thirty years, since medical school graduation.

In Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Nigeria, and the United States of America, colleagues packed their bags. Anticipation reached a crescendo. The women purchased glittering dresses, and the men shaved and dyed their hair. Only Moses left his gray to run amok, for which he earned the Wisdom Hair award.

When we arrived at De Vere venues, matching all the names on the list to all the faces on the ground proved a task. Unless friends revealed themselves, they were strangers.

In the mid-afternoon of Saturday, Salako, Provost of the College of Medicine, on the speech podium, glanced at a man who had entered the auditorium. The man wore a brown-colored, dome-shaped hat. ‘The hat,’ the stranger confessed, ‘is hiding badly-dyed gray hair.’ Sympathy and laughter welcomed him.

Following the ‘Remember to give back to Alma Mata’ speech, people zigzagged across the hotel vestibule to search for classmates.

‘Have you seen Fred Akpochafo?’ asked a sharp-eyed, toothily smiling fellow of a bespectacled man with an easy smile and pumped-up speech. ‘I am Fred,’ the guy in glasses responded.

Upon mutual recognition, Chinwe Nwokoma and Fred mobbed each other in fifteen-minute bear hugs and handshakes, following which both men suffered elbow dislocation.

‘Did you see Ntekim Bassey?’ the guy with the badly-dyed hair asked Barry. A croaky voice answered, ‘I saw him half a second ago.’

The longer people conversed, the more certain they were that a particular voice belonged to a particular colleague.

Ayo and I had exchanged many e-mails but not until Saturday was I able to match the person to the name. Yet he remained fuzzy in my memory. We continued to trade jabs of handshakes and hugs throughout the evening, waiting for a complete memory download.

Each handshake tugged on the memory. Each hug recruited more sleeping neurons. Yes! He is Ayo, his voice never left. It was just hiding, somewhere in the nuggets of the hippocampus. The same experience happened with Benjamin Oke, I think.

More mind authentication lazily occurred when I saw Ajibola and Osahon, Mase and Mojisola, Adebayo, Prof. Musa, Pal Loolo, Man Jaji and Evelyn, Kehinde and Sammy Best, Chuks, Essein, Tony N. and Taiwo. Peter Olukowi almost slipped away. ‘My father is Henry Akpabio,’ said a boy to me.

People such as President Yemi, Obi, Abolade, Emeka, Bolo, Onome, Peter Eweje, Ngozi, and Vero, I will never forget.

By the evening of Saturday, seventy percent of the class had been identified. More discoveries continued during dinner. Sunday morning and afternoon saw new revelations.

If Leslie owned Friday night by his picture-perfect poses, then Goze held the Saturday night by his dancing. Austin, Bhardwaj, Yinka, Titi George, Dayo, Ifeoma, and Adanna tried so hard to match him. Had Roro or Olaopa been there they would have given him a run for his moves.

Nobody could get enough of one another. The fellow with the poorly-dyed hair hugged Emma Nnopu thirty times to make up for the thirty years they hadn’t seen each other.

During dinner time, more surprises snuck up like forgotten bills. Awards exchanged hands. A shower of money rained on a baby. Members of the Adanta dance group soar through the air like teenage eagles. An entertainer who transferred two fast-spinning aluminum basins from his pinky fingers to broomsticks kept us on our toes for seven hours.

Except for a cashew nut-colored mustache, Peter Olumese remained the same in physique and character and was rewarded. And for adulating Professor Cole, Leex and his party won a group contest.

‘There you are’ the man with the poorly-dyed hair said when he finally spotted Ntekim Bassey.

‘Anselm, you have been looking for me, I understand’, Bassey said.

‘Yes, I have not seen you in thirty years.’

Suddenly, torsos, hands, and shoulders came together multiple times. Except for ten, maybe fifteen pounds’ weight gain Ntekim had not changed a speck. Later, in an unchanging, even, confident tone he conversed with the ever-graceful Moji, O.

How Olamide and her team were able to stretch the funds to the level of fun we had is mind-boggling. Kudos!

Before the trip, I made name tags for each person on the list, not knowing the faces who would occupy so many labels. Not anymore. Every face is in my consciousness.

For two reasons, the event in London would be hard to beat. Dancing legs are yet to reach a breaking point, but will be there soon. Secondly, almost everybody has been discovered within fifteen years since the reunion began in Memphis, Tennessee. If colleagues yet to attend show up in the next event, then all bets are off.

Thanks to prayers, led by Morafa and Dave, all the heavenly stars aligned together in harmony.


How to Look Cute for a Guy? 7 Do's and Do not You Should Follow Before You Harm Your Chances

Some guys are not very particular about the way a girl looks while others insist that their girl looks cute. Some are more inclined to have a cerebral girl as a girlfriend while the more demanding ones want their girls to be both cute and cerebral. Whatever your boyfriends preferences it does not take much to look cute and here are some dos and don'ts that you need to bear in mind.

Never dress like a Christmas tree
Too many necklaces, and big earrings along with nose, ears and body piercing will make you look like a Christmas tree and that is definitely not cute. A simple pearl necklace that will go with your dress is enough to enhance your look. Avoid too many accessories that are bright or fluorescent in color.

Do not try to be a diva
A cute girl is definitely not a diva. Change your attitude and be confident yet approachable. This will ensure you look cute. A diva like appearance and attitude will intimidate your guy and he will start avoiding you.

Make up or the lack of it
Light makeup is the best no matter what your complexion. Nude lipstick gives the impression of having moist and inviting lips. Avoid heavy foundation and other stuff that is too bright. Sometimes even no makeup gives you that cute girl next door look.

Natural hair
Hair extensions, streaks and unnatural colors do not make you look cute. Instead wear your natural hair color and do not try to change the texture of your hair. Manageable and contemporary hairstyle is what you should have to look cute.

Body odor
Use light perfume and make it point to have a signature perfume that is exclusively yours. Do not smell like a perfume counter. Always carry a deodorant and body odor masking products in your handbag and use them throughout the day.

Confident walk
Walk with a spring in your step. Wear high heels only if you are comfortable in them otherwise go for moderate heel height. Choose your dress shoes carefully so that they do not affect your gait. When you walk confidently with your head held high you definitely look cute.

Body language
Have an open body language. Your body language tells your state of mind. Do not fiddle with the hemline of your dress or play nervously with your hair. The way you sit, talk and the way you laugh all convey your state of mind and you have to make sure you do not give negative signals.

Building Muscle the Easy Way

To build muscle you need correct training. Your routine should absolutely consist of a full-body workout where each body part is worked once a week minimum and certainly no more than twice. Your routine should have made up large of compound movements with occasional a few additional exercises for good measure.

It's important that your routine be set up in such a way that during the week each muscle part has plenty of time to recuperate. Do not work the biceps two two days running, for example. Spread things out as much as you can.

Varying your exercises is also important. For instance, a slightly larger or narrows stance in squats or grip in bench press can help to hit the muscles at a slightly different angle and keep them growing. An unchanging routine will soon become stale after several weeks and gains will stop without changes are made.

Take plenty of rest. You have overloaded your system with calories for a reason: so they will be used for growth. They'll do no good whatever if you eat your 500 calories surplus then go jogging or playing basketball, burning them off.

Okay, so we now know the mechanics of building muscle, but exercise goes hand in hand with a diet. The diet that is suitable for anyone wishing to really seriously build muscle is rather impressive by any standards.

When it comes to packing on pounds of pure, unadulterated muscle, diet is the single most important part of your overall body building program. You can workout all you want, but if your diet is not in check, you will never achieve the physique of your dreams.

The body rests heavily on nutrients from the foods and supplements that you consume to help create an environment conducive to huge gains. Although there are an infinite number of choices out there, a select few muscle-builders come up time and time again on every true bodybuilder's shopping list.

So if your goal is to pack pounds of pure muscle onto your frame, you can not be "empty" calories that do nothing but add mass to your waistline. You need to carefully select the right foods and supplements and incorporate them into your daily diet.

Treat Yeast Infection at Home

Yeast infections occur in various parts of the body, like, skin, mouth, vagina, etc. While females are more prone to candidiasis, in the form of vaginal yeast infection, males too get affected by this condition. You search endlessly for something, anything that will take away the pain and the embarrassment you experience. If you want to cure your yeast infection for good, then forget about conventional modern medicinal treatments and try out  a safe natural effective treatment and get relief within hours.

A dip in the population of beneficial bacteria in the human body results in a rapid growth of yeast fungus, which causes yeast infection. Yogurt is rich in lactobacillus acidophilus, one of the body’s beneficial bacteria. By including a generous amount of yogurt in the diet, you can fight these yeast infections. At least one cup of yogurt must be consumed per day, for a full week, in order to treat yeast infection at home.

The usage of Aloe Vera is a great infection treatment, you can get it at too many places and it is most of the time free. Its ability to fight off microorganisms makes it an effective remedy. The application of this home treatment for the infection of yeast is very simple. Apply the Aloe Vera on the respective parts and leave it like that for the better part of an hour and then wash it all off with lukewarm water. It can instantly provide relief from the wretched pain and unease caused by the infection.

Use boric acid (just a word of caution here, boric acid is a toxin, it can have adverse effects and never, ever take it orally or if you are pregnant.)

Fight yeast infection naturally using probiotics. The probiotic Lactobacillus acidophiles destroys excess yeast in the body. Acidophilus supplements are available at most drug stores. Use an acidophiles douche to treat a current yeast infection.

Apart from consuming yogurt, you can also apply it on the affected region too. In case of vaginal candidiasis, you can apply yogurt (non-flavored and without sugar), directly on the vulva and the vagina. The best time for such application is before going to bed. You may insert a tampon coated with yogurt, into the vagina or directly use it.

Garlic can also help in healing the yeast infection. Just apply the paste of some garlic on to the affected area and see the results. The garlic has to be applied for a proper timespan for it to work. If garlic paste is not available, cut some garlic up and place its slices on the affected parts. The usage of garlic may cause some irritation but it would be temporary, wash the place with warm water after the application.

Use tea tree oil (can be used as a douche, and inserted into the vagina.)

Prevent yeast infections through diet. Take acidophiles supplements daily. Some foods are natural yeast antagonists. Eat yogurt often, but choose it wisely. Read the label of the yogurt container to be sure it includes live active cultures. Limit your consumption of sugar if you experience recurrent yeast infections. Alcohol converts to sugar in the body, and consumption should be limited.

Holistic Health News: A Licensed Naturopathic Doctor Explains the Link Between Allergies and Asthma

Western VS Alternative Medicine: What Are the Options When You Are Living with Allergies and Asthma?

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA: asthma affects more than 20 million Americans (approximately 1 in 15), and over 50% of asthma cases are related to allergies. Combined, more than 60 million Americans suffer from asthma or allergies. Western medicine provides a number of helpful solutions for people suffering from asthma. The most common are:

1. Fast acting, short duration inhalers contain a bronchodilator to open up airways quickly when an asthma attack is in progress. They are often referred to as rescue inhalers.

2. In recent years corticosteroid inhalers have become a common conventional treatment. Corticosteroids effectively reduce inflammation in the lungs and often times are paired together with a long acting bronchodilator.

In addition to inhalers many asthma and allergy specialists seek to identify various allergens with allergy tests. Then they often prescribe allergy medications or shots to help reduce allergic reactions that may lead to lung inflammation and airway constriction.

Holistic Medicine and a Naturopathic Doctor’s Approach to Allergies and Asthma

As a naturopathic doctor I have both personal and professional experience dealing with allergies and asthma. I have struggled with allergies and asthma since childhood and at one time was prescribed nine different medications to mange my symptoms! I believe firmly that Western medicine has a lot to offer, especially to manage emergency situations, but holistic medicine and natural treatments also have an important role to play.

Holistic Health Considerations

Asthma can have many underlying causes. Asthma is an inflammatory condition that affects the airways. The lungs have an increased amount of reactivity to triggers that cause constriction of the airways and mucus production. Allergies are one of the most common triggers. In order to create a holistic health solution for asthma patients with allergies I must evaluate all of the internal and external environmental triggers.

First I speak with the patient about potential external environmental triggers. Do they have sensitivities to dust mites, pet dander, molds, chemicals, etc? Even poor air quality can be a trigger. The AAFA recently released their annual list of Top 10 Worst Cities for Asthma. Six out of ten are in the Southeastern United States.

Next, I evaluate the internal environment of the patient. I examine the patient’s constitutional strengths. I consider nutritional factors, as well as hormonal balance, and identify if the patient requires a body detoxification program.

Naturopathic Treatments for Asthma and Allergies

Important nutrients are often deficient in people who have asthma. Essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are often needed in order to strengthen the respiratory system and the body as a whole. Herbal medicine can also be recommended to clear mucus, reduce congestion and tonify the lungs. In my holistic health and naturopathic practice I also use Electrodermal Screening to identify allergens and desensitize patients to them. This is a fairly uncommon treatment, but has excellent results. This natural treatment helps patients remove triggers such as fragrance allergies, seasonal allergies and mold allergies.

Common Food Allergies Related to Asthma

Many people do not know that living with allergies can make their asthma symptoms much worse and more difficult to manage. Common food allergies are often triggers for children and adults suffering from asthma. Electrodermal Screening can also help identify common food allergies like wheat allergies, gluten allergies and milk allergies. This is why, as a naturopathic doctor, I place high value on the relationship between asthma and nutrition.

Dairy and wheat allergies have been shown to aggravate inflammation in susceptible individuals, which makes asthma symptoms worse. With proper nutrition, herbal medicines, allergy desensitization and supplements, people with asthma can see a great reduction in the number of asthma symptoms or attacks. This holistic health approach combined with conventional treatments can improve quality of life for even some of the most serious asthmatics. You may find with more natural treatments that reliance on an inhaler decreases over time as the body becomes healthier and functions at a more optimal level. When Western medicine and naturopathic approaches are combined, patients with asthma have the opportunity to improve quality of life and overall health.

Type 2 Diabetes – Having This Form of Diabetes Is a Lifestyle Choice

You have many choices to make during your lifetime. When it comes to your health, the choices you make are inevitably far-reaching. There could be severe consequences should you carry out the wrong decisions. Never forget gambling with your health is gambling with your future.

With Type 2 diabetes, the situation is no different. Although this is something you may not want to hear, this form of diabetes is a lifestyle choice from its onset all the way through development. If you are diagnosed, it is because you allowed it to thrive in your body, even if it was unknown to you. Once diagnosed and you are beginning to suffer from its effects, this could be because you have allowed it to remain untreated.

Failing to act is a choice in itself, especially when you have a gut feeling compelling you to change. It is well-known, change is not always easy. In the case of reversing Type 2 diabetes, it is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks one could ever face. If you a Type 2 diabetic, the choice is yours. Whether you attempt to change or not, you will deal with the results of your decision.

Without a doubt, it is better to not have to deal with the complications of having high and unstable blood sugar. There is no telling how long it would take for unhealthy blood sugar readings to take a toll on your body. At first, it might be tingling or numbness in your extremities. Or it could be your vision begins to fail. Knock on wood, but a fatal heart attack or stroke are also realistic possibilities.

Even if you were fortunate to avoid the worst-case scenarios, you would still be likely to suffer some debilitating effects. What is more, the mere presence of high blood sugar is enough to shorten your lifespan.

For better or worse, having Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle choice once you have a diagnosis.

On a positive note, not all decisions in regards to Type 2 diabetes involve grim circumstances. If you are motivated, you can undo the disease. You might not be able to reverse some of the damage already done. But, there is good news in the reports of those who have successfully recovered. You can stop many side effects in their tracks, and regenerate damaged organs and systems. More importantly, you can regain good health. It is infinitely a better alternative to being ill and at risk of an untimely death.

Clearly, Type 2 diabetics have some decisions to make. Will you make the right choices?

If You Are Not Feeling Emotionally Stable, Get The Facts Here To Help You Get Your Life Back

A friend of mine told me to-day that she was really upset that some of her friends who were not feeling emotionally stable were displaying worrying traits. Apart from the obvious ones such as anger, irritability, joy and sadness she had noticed how much hate and resentment there was and how this had corroded people’s personalities and their lives. Their lives were being eroded by this lack of emotional stability and this depressed her so much. She was particularly struck by the fact that a mother and daughter harboured such a lot of hate for each other that it seemed their whole reason for living was just to feed that addiction.

So how do we judge a person’s emotional stability? If you find that you are married to a person who loses it for the slightest thing and this happens frequently, then you may well feel that they are not emotionally stable. They lack the stability to react in a reasonable manner and to approach a problem calmly and rationally. Keeping feelings in check is key because we cannot go off the deep end every time a feeling of irritation or anger or grief hits us. If we all did that, society to-day would be bedlam.!

If we are not feeling emotionally stable, we may well despair of ever getting back our lives. We do not want to have to take anti depressants or tranquillizers because we fear that we may become dependent on them. We may be reluctant to face psychotherapy because we feel that it may be too expensive in terms of time and money.

If we are not feeling emotionally stable, it could just be a matter of getting our emotional balance right. That is after all what emotional stability is. We have got our balance right and we can react in a stable, rational manner without becoming ’emotional’.

I know that there are many factors that can affect us when we are not feeling emotionally stable and our whole lifestyle can make or break us here. If we are over anxious, too irritable and have mood swings which can send our partner running for help, then it is time to seek assistance.

I know that loads of people have been able to regain their emotional stability in a painless and inexpensive manner. If you are hoping to get your life back without having to spend a fortune, why not check out my website where I have explained what you can do and the type of treatment you can opt for.

Let Customers Do Your Marketing For You

You know about testimonials – those little blurbs from customers that tell prospects how great a product or service is.

But did you also know that over 70% of customers look at product reviews before buying? And 90% of participants in a Zendesk survey say they were influenced in their buying decisions by positive reviews.

According to research firm McKinsey, customers that come in through the advocacy of other customers actually stay longer and pay you more over time.

And it gets even better, because according to Influitive, customers who advocate for you will actually stay longer and pay you more.

Talk about a win-win-win, with YOU coming out as the biggest winner of all.

But getting testimonials can be a problem. Business people don’t want to ask for them or don’t know HOW to ask for them. And customers, while they might want to give them, don’t know how.

That’s why we’re going to show you exactly what to ask to get testimonials, how to use the testimonials to overcome the biggest objections of your prospects, and even how to get testimonials without asking.

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – that is, the problem with 90+% of testimonials out there right now…

“I don’t believe it!”

The problem – and it’s a big problem – with testimonials is they tend to be too sugary. Too positive. Too… unbelievable.

“Since I bought the ABC Super Scooper Money Making Machine, I’ve made so much money I dumped my wife of 22 years and I married 18 year old super model triplets. I now own 16 homes, 83 cars and my own personal rocket ship to Mars. Plus my skin rash cleared up real nice and I’m about to buy a big yacht and an island and become president of a South American country. Let me tell you, that was the best $19.95 I ever spent!”



You believe that, don’t you?

Me neither.

Testimonials are a lot like resumes…

What happens when you hand your snazzy jazzy resume to a hiring manager? Sure, they read it. But do they BELIEVE it? Nope. If they did, they wouldn’t do all that digging into your past, your social media accounts, your previous employers, your college records and your references.

Why don’t they believe what they read in resumes?

Two reasons:

1. A lot of people ‘pad’ their resume, making themselves sound better than they are. And since they don’t know you, they just have to assume you’re padding until proven otherwise.

2. It’s all positive. Nearly nobody every puts anything negative on a resume. “That company canned me because I didn’t do a darn thing for 8 months but play video games on the computer and play with the company dog.”

And what does this teach us about why people don’t believe testimonials?

1. A lot of testimonials are fake, or at least people perceive them as being fake

2. The reason they think they’re fake is because they’re all positive – sometimes ridiculously positive – like the example at the beginning of this article.

With those two strikes going against you, how do you get real testimonials that people BELIEVE?

By getting believable testimonials.

Which brings us to the question:

What makes a testimonial believable?

If the testimonial starts out on a negative note, people’s defenses go down and they your credibility goes up. In fact, not only does a bit of negativity ring true and become believable, but there’s a second benefit as well:

Because the testimonial starts out negative, people are captivated into reading it from start to finish.

Let’s say a friend is recommending an auto mechanic to you. What might they say?

“You know that repair shop on 5th and Vine, the one in the tacky yellow building? Well I went in there the other day because something was wrong with my car.

The place came highly recommended, but I gotta tell you when I walked through the door, I wasn’t too sure. It didn’t look nearly as modern as the repair shop at the dealership.

But they took great care of me and my car. They diagnosed the problem in minutes, told me exactly what was wrong and how long it would take to fix it.

It cost way less than I thought it would, and they had me back on the road in 40 minutes. I was so impressed.

The last time I went to the dealership they tried to upsell me on a bunch of stuff and I know they overcharged for what I let them do. I’ll never go back to the dealership again.

That repair shop might look a little funky, but the mechanics are top notch, fast and friendly, and they don’t try to rip you off.”

Notice how different this testimonial is from most of the testimonials you see online. This one starts out negative, talking about “the tacky yellow building,” and “it didn’t look nearly as modern as the repair shop at the dealership.”

And near the close it gets negative again, saying “That repair shop might look a little funky.”

But there is no doubt the author of the testimonial is thrilled with the service he received and the price he paid.

THIS is a testimonial people will believe.

In fact, if you have several of these kinds of testimonials, half your job of selling will be done for you.

That’s because your customers will be overcoming prospect’s objections for you, in a way you alone could never do.

Just imagine, you haven’t written one word of your sales letter or sales video yet, and you already have half of your selling done.

How sweet would that be?

We’re going to teach you right here and now how to do this in your own business for your own products, with REAL life customers and real life testimonials composed by your customers.

Your prospect’s mindset:

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that your prospect is skeptical. She’s skeptical of your product, your claims and possibly even your industry. She’s been scammed before and she’s heard of numerous other people buying products that didn’t do what they said they would do.

In a word, she doesn’t believe you.

Not yet.

That’s why when you hit her with “This is the world’s greatest product ever!” type of testimonials, you’re not getting through to her.

You’ve got to start where she is in her thinking, take her hand, and lead her to where you want her to go.

And she’s thinking, “I don’t believe this!”

That’s why testimonials that start out with some variation of what she’s already thinking are so powerful.

“I was skeptical this could even work so imagine my surprise when… “

“I had tried so many things before, I didn’t think this would work either. But it was the only thing I hadn’t tried yet, so I gave it a shot and… “

“I was sure the investment was too high, but when I got the results I realized it was the greatest bargain I’d gotten in years… “

“I thought the whole process would be too difficult for me, but once I tried it… “

“I hated the product name, I didn’t like the way it looked, but the first time I used it I became a believer because… “

So how do you get testimonials that answer the objections of your prospects?

By asking your existing customers a very specific set of questions. Here’s how:

Testimonial Questions:

Whether you’re writing to your customers or calling them on the phone, you’re going to ask them the following questions, in order (feel free to adapt these to your business as you see fit.)

1. What was your main concern when deciding to buy this product?

2. What did you discover as a result of buying and using this product?

3. What is your favorite feature of this product, and why?

4. What are 3 other benefits of this product?

5. Would you recommend this product to others? If so, why?

6. What else can you tell us about your experience with this product?

Let’s break down the reasoning behind each question:

1. What was your main concern when deciding to buy this product?

This is where you’re going to uncover the main objection the customer had to purchasing your product.

As you do more of these, you’ll likely notice a pattern of just a handful of objections buyers had. This tells you what the issues are and how to handle them in your sales copy. And it often provides you insights you may not have considered.

2. What did you discover as a result of buying and using this product?

This question is the flip side of the objection. “I had this (objection) but when I bought the product I discovered that the purchase was worth it because… “

For example, “I thought it was priced too high, but once I got it I realized it gave me 10 times the value of any competitor. I’m amazed they don’t charge more.”

3. What is your favorite feature of this product, and why?

You want specifics here, which is why you’re only asking about that ONE favorite feature. For example, saying the product is great isn’t going to make any sales. But saying the secret revealed on page 44 made them an extra $1000 a week is going to sell your product like hotcakes.

4. What are 2 or 3 other things you like about this product?

You’ve got their favorite feature, so why not see what else they like about your product? You might be surprised by some of the answers you get.

5. Would you recommend this product to others? If so, why?

Now you’re asking your customer to put their own reputation on the line. If they’re willing to, then it’s clear to prospects they really do believe in your product.

6. What else would you like to tell us about your experience with this product?

This is a wild card because you never know what they’re going to say. They might reveal something that could be improved, a feature you didn’t consider important that they love, or a unique way of using your product that you haven’t even thought of before.

From the answers you get from these six questions, you can compile a testimonial that rocks. When you do, be sure to send it to your customer for their final approval. Yes, they did say every single thing you’ve compiled into the testimonials, but you still want to get their final approval to use it.

Answering Specific Objections

This is an advanced technique that is a slight variation of what you did above, and it goes like this:

Let’s say you keep getting the same objection from prospects – for example, your product costs too much.

You might already have some testimonials that cover this objection, but if you don’t, then you can go to your customers and ask them directly, “Did you think the investment in the product might be too high?” If they say yes, ask follow up questions. If not, that’s okay.

So let’s say they said yes, they initially thought the price was just too much. Ask them why they went ahead and bought anyway. Do they now feel it was worth the investment, and if so, why?Knowing what they know now and after getting the value or benefits from the product, do they still think it was too high, or did they make a good decision / return on their investment?And so forth.

In just an hour of phone calling or emailing, you can accumulate a half dozen testimonials that strike right at the heart of an objection. And you can do this for every single objection that you repeatedly get from prospects.

Do you see how powerful this is?

“But what if I don’t have any customers yet?”

The fastest way to get some great testimonials is to give your product away to people in your niche, in return for their feedback.

This doesn’t mean randomly giving it to every person you can find. Instead, hand select your ‘guinea pigs’ to try your product.

Ideally you want people whose opinions are respected and trusted. For example, if your niche is online marketing, you can go to established online marketers and ask them to review your product. Some will, some won’t, and that’s okay.

And if you need a specific objection answered – such as price in the example above – be sure to ask a question such as… “Do you believe this is a terrific deal, considering everything the customer gets for this price? Why?”

For those watching closely – yes, that was a leading question. We didn’t ask what they thought of the price, we asked if they considered it to be a terrific deal. Not a good deal, or an okay deal, but a great one. Remember, they are still free to answer any way they choose. But it doesn’t hurt to help them just a bit by pointing them in the right direction.

“HELP! I’m afraid to ask for testimonials. What should I do?”

First, if you go back to those 6 questions above, you might notice something missing. Never did we ask for a testimonial. Never. We are simply asking for feedback.

And if the feedback is positive, we’re going to use it as a testimonial. If the feedback is negative, hopefully we’re going to correct the situation and make it right with the customer. (Unless, of course, if the feedback is ridiculous. Like, “This $20 sweater didn’t get me an A on my algebra test!” or some such.)

So you’re not asking for a testimonial, you’re asking for feedback. If you like what they wrote, THEN you ask permission to use it as a testimonial.

That’s part one to my answer on how to get testimonials without asking for testimonials.

Part two is kinds sneaky, and it works like this:

Sometime in your product’s life span, there are likely some milestones built into it. For example, if it’s a course on how to build an online business, the first milestone might be to build a website.

Now then, how does your customer feel when they’ve reached this milestone? Probably pretty fantastic.

So why not build a questionnaire right into your course at that point that asks for feedback?

Simply ask them about their experience with your product or service.

“Hey Joe, congrats on building your first website… what’s your experience with (this course) been like so far?”

This is really easy to do if you’re providing online courses. But in almost any form, there is a way to build it into the product.

And here’s the kicker – you might want to offer an incentive to get them to respond. In my experience, this will double and even triple the number of people who answer your questions.

Offer something that directly correlates with the product itself. Something useful that they likely want. And all they have to do is answer a handful of questions (six, perhaps?) and they get the reward.

Then you can repurpose their feedback into a testimonial. Remember to contact them to get their permission to use it in your marketing.

Dealing With Reduced Penis Sensation – How to Increase Penile Sensitivity

Reduced penis sensation, or RPS, is popularly believed to be a side effect of aging. However, men as young as their teens and early twenties, as well as older men, often report lack of penis sensitivity. In some cases, the problem affects only certain parts of the penis, but some men are able to experience very little in the way of tactile stimulation, making it difficult for them to enjoy sexual activity.

Men with RPS often experience loss of confidence, frustration, and even depression and anxiety; in some cases, men may also develop erectile dysfunction. However, understanding the causes of RPS and making the right choices about penis care may be effective in restoring sensation and increasing enjoyment of intimacy.

Definition of RPS

According to the article “All about Penis Sensitivity Issues,” reduced penile sensation is diagnosed when a man has normal erectile function and sex drive, but has difficulty achieving sufficient physical arousal to reach an orgasm – often because physical stimulation has little effect on the penis.

Causes of RPS

A number of factors can contribute to reduced penile sensitivity, most of them related either to circulatory or nerve issues. Reduced circulation to the area due to obesity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes or prolonged sitting can result in some loss of sensation. Nerve damage related to penis trauma, circumcision, prostatectomy or spinal injuries may also result in lost sensation.

Another leading cause of sensory loss to the penis is simply a thickened outer layer of skin, which may develop as a result of friction (from rough clothing, aggressive masturbation, and other forms of chafing). This keratinized layer of skin can block tactile stimuli from manual stroking, oral sex or penetration, limiting a man’s ability to experience sensual pleasure.

RPS or ED?

While RPS may eventually lead to erectile dysfunction, they are not the same thing. Men with decreased sensitivity may have no problems at all with their libido, and they may obtain erections through visual stimulation or mental imagery.

Men who are concerned about erectile dysfunction and do not achieve erections during the day may attempt the following test:

Before going to bed for the night, tape a thin strip of paper securely around the penis. If the ring of paper is broken in the morning, this is a fairly good sign that a nocturnal erection has occurred. As an alternative, a doctor can test erectile function by applying an electrical current to the penis to stimulate an erection. If arousal is achieved, then the problem is most likely related to RPS. If no erection occurs, then treating for ED may be necessary.

Impact of reduced penis sensation

As already noted, RPS may lead to erectile dysfunction. Men with reduced sensitivity may also find it difficult to reach an orgasm; in some cases, they may not be able to achieve orgasm at all.

Aside from the physiological issues associated with RPS, men may suffer from loss of self-esteem, anxiety that they may never be able to enjoy sex again, and even depression. Relationship difficulties are also a common occurrence.

How to increase penis sensation

Men who are experiencing lack of sensation can take a number of steps to improve the situation. First and foremost, it is important to optimize all other aspects of health; this can help to rule out some physiological causes for RPS, as well as improving a man’s overall self-image and sense of well-being and confidence. Quitting smoking (a big factor in loss of function), limiting intake of alcohol and maintaining a healthy body weight are an important part of this process.

Visual imagery during intimate sessions can also do a great deal for penile stimulation; whether this comes from watching an adult film or from visualizing erotic scenes depends on the preference of the individual.

Rejuvenating and softening the penis skin and supporting circulatory and nerve health with the right nutrients is also recommended. A specially designed penis vitamin formula (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can provide the penile tissue with the nutrients it needs to regain its supple tone and responsiveness to erotic stimulation.

Get Tipsy the Healthy Way

Some healthy alcoholic drinks that will get you in the right mood and in the right state of health. There are many health tips out there but none like this one. Before we jump in and read further, let’s go through the warning signs.

If you’re a chronic alcoholic, then it’s best that you consult a doctor. If getting wasted is your idea of having a good time, then maybe it shouldn’t be. If you want to have a relaxed Sunday afternoon with your friends and want to remain healthy too, then this might be the best thing you will read this holiday season. Also, remember health is a relative term, especially when it comes to alcohol.

Vodka soda and a lime on top

Well, vodka, soda, and a slice of lime might sound like a boring drink. But you know what? It is amongst the lowest calorie drinks out there. It might make you sleepy if you’ve had one too many. Vodka averages 96 calories per 1.5 ounces. And soda has no calories what so ever. This drink does not have any nutritional value but sure is a drink for people who are trying to maintain their weight.

Wine is the winner

Wine is certainly very good for you. Red wine has a lot of nutrients in it. It contains iron, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals are essential for a healthy body. A good wine is also full of antioxidants which are great for healthy skin. So go ahead, open that vintage that you’ve been waiting to pop open. And, let the sparkles help you maintain your healthy outlook. Again, one too many might cost you.

Beer it with Guinness

This thick lager that most people love is also a healthy brew. This Irish stout is a refreshing drink is healthy at the same time. If you know a brewery that serves this tasty beverage nearby, then head there and have one. Even though it is heavy and has an alcohol content, it is made of whole grains, which are healthy for your body. It has somewhere around 128 calories per 12 ounces. Which is great for an average beer, or shall we say stout? Well, in a nutshell, Guinness is nutritious lager for those who wish to remain healthy.

Now comes another warning for those who tend to go overboard with alcohol. Drink responsibly, and while you are at it, drinking healthy. Who says alcoholic drinks cannot be healthy? Again, drinking too much of alcohol is not healthy. Drink little. Drink healthy.

Could GMO Foods Possibly End Our Lives?

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates

We'll explore the Pro and Cons of GMO foods which are genetically modified by introducing organizations DNA from other species. There are a multitude of opinions from PhDs, Environmentalists, and farmers now up in arms and the producers like Monsanto and their close alliance with the government and the Food and Drug Administration who tell us that GMO foods are so safe, there is no reason to Even disclose GMO foods on the packaging of the foods we buy and consume on a daily basis.

Estimates are that 60% to 70% of processed foods on US grocery shelves have genetically modified ingredients. The most common GMO foods are soybeans, maize, cotton and rapeseed oil which includes most of the packaged foods containing corn and / or high-fructose corn syrup found in almost all the breakfast cereals, most snacks, and even the sodas we drink. It also includes foods from GMO soybeans which include some baby foods and many foods made from cottonseed and canola oils are likely to have genetically modified ingredients.

America is the Only Country does Not require GMO Foods Labeling

The real question is why is America is the only country in the world that does not require the labeling of GMO foods or better, why it is even necessary for the chemical company Monsanto to genetically modify foods that are the very life blood of our existence , And most importantly will they then be safe to consume?

The Engineering Procedure in the GMO Foods Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering starts with some thought to take a cold water flounder gene and insert it into a tomato crop so the crop could withstand colder temperatures. If this sounds like Frankenstein it is, but even worse because Frankenstein was all one species, but what the heck, if it works, what could the problem be?

The next step is even scarier because of the only way to get the DNA of the flounder gene into the tomato gene is what? What is good at invading cells? Bacteria and Viruses are masters at it. It took Monsanto 12 years, but they finally found a soil bacterium that was naturally resistant to Monsanto's pesticide Roundup, a chemical poison which is a slight variation of their WW ll lethal nerve gas and Vietnam's Agent Orange.

Once they recombine the bacterial DNAs, this recombined bacterial DNA is able to penetrate the cell walls. The other two options of inserting this recombined DNA into the plant's genes uses electric shock to crack open up cell walls with tiny holes to pass through and then there's the Gene Gun which blasts the recombined DNA into the cells on minute particles of gold.

The Frankenstein GMO Foods Crop

This creation of the Frankenstein crop with their cells implanted with recombined DNA leads us to the component that is so terrifying that its approval by the Government of Washington DC could be nothing more than irresponsibly self-serving.

Bit, it gets even more enabling because in order to activate the recombined DNA, a separate promoter gene is also implanted to use like an ignition switch for the target gene. This promoter gene which is typically a Cauliflower Mosaic Virus may not always limit itself to just affecting the intended recombined gene. Because of the Mosaic Virus' strong promoter impact, there could have been unintended genes switched on with unintended disastrous consequences, like cancer cells or other disfiguring life threatening growths or illnesses.

GMO Foods Safety Relies on a Wait and See Approach

There is a real possibility that the introduction of foreign virus' and bacteria DNA in plants and animals could turn against us because this GMO foods technology is at such a nanoscopic size that most of the technology relations on a wait and see approach. Absolutely no one yet knows the long range effects of using bacteria and virus DNA to genetically engineer plants so that they could tolerate the deadly poison Roundup. There is also a wait and see approach to the effects of this poison falling to the ground entering the groundwater and environment as runoff, especially now that farmers are realizing that the more they use roundup, the more they have to use it in ever increasing amounts .

Could GMO Foods become even More Terrifying?

Are you thinking how could anything you've just read get any more terrifying? It's because these Frankenstein staple GMO foods crop seeds are patented and owned by the Monsanto Corporation, therefore each planting season, the farmers must buy these "patented" seeds from Monsanto, and the mega gallons of Roundup they need to spray the Monsanto crops as they Grow. The Monsanto Corporation strictly forbids the saving of seeds as farmers have always done and tracks down and sues the farmers who attempt to. In fact, Monsanto sets an annual budget of $ 10 million and a staffs 75 farm detectives devoted entirely to investigating and prosecuting farmers. There are many cases each year of harassment against farmers over alleged unauthorized use of their GMO seed products even if they blew in on the wind from another farm.

This is Not the First Time the Government has Lied to Us

We've been told since the middle of the last century that adding Fluoride to our drinking water would prevent tooth decay and it was not harmful to humans. It has taken us seventy plus years to realize that we've been lied to. There is in fact, no improvement in preventing tooth decay and there is accumulating data of its harmful and devastating effects on humans. Fluoride is not technically a GMO Food because it does not genetically modify the water we drink, but it is an added process making many wealthy. It does nothing of what they promised and is destroying the lives of so many living in areas of fluoridated waters compared to those areas and countries that have refused to fluoridate their waters.

Are you familiar with Today's Experts Disclaimer on Fluoridation?

Paul Connett, PhD in biochemistry remarked that when historians come to write about this period, they will single out fluoridation as the single big mistake in public policy that we've ever had. Of course, that may soon be overshadowed by GMO Foods.

David Kennedy, DDS and President International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology commented that in the history of the planet water fluoridation is the single largest case of scientific fraud, promoted by the government, supported by taxpayer dollars, aided and abetted by the ADA and the AMA, Interesting because now we have the FDA promoting the acceptance of GMO foods.

Charles Gordon Heyd, MD, and President of the AMA was appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs. He felt that fluoride is a corrosive poison that would produce serious effects on a long range basis and to use water this way was simply deplorable.

L. Alesen, MD and President of the California Medical Association advocates that no physician in his right mind would ever hand to his patient a bottle filled with some dangerous drug with instructions to take as much or as little of it as he wished. He is concerned as to why the Public Health Service is engaged upon their widespread propaganda program to insure that communities do exactly that? Dr. Alesen was sure that the purpose of administering fluoride was not to render the water supply pure and potable but to contaminate it with a dangerous and toxic drug for the purpose of administering mass medicine to the consumer without the slightest regard to their age or physical condition.

Albert Schatz, PhD Nobel Laureate for discovering streptomycin has expressed his concern that fluoridation is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on people and believes it has been perpetrated on more people than any other fraud has. Of course fluoridation might become a second rate fraud as people can substitute fluoridated water and toothpaste, but not so easily substituted is virtually every GMO food product on the shelves.

Dean Burk, PhD with the National Cancer Institute has shocked us with the statistical that more people have died in the last 30 years from cancer connected with fluoridation than all the military deaths in the entire history of the United States. As amazing as this statistic is, it's nothing compared to the fact that they still fluoridate water, or that that everyone in America is becoming ill and obese and that that may just be the GMO foods contribution.

An Environmental Protection Agency scientist, Dr. Robert Carton in 1999 discovered that fluoridation was the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time. Dr. Carton now needs to come forth with his opinion on GMO foods.

Monsanto's Defense of Genetically Engineering Our Food Crops

GMO companies like Monsanto have claims for GMO Foods which are introduced here, but do not they eerily come across like those "claims" that fluoridated water was not harmful and will prevent dental decay which we now know to be totally deceitful? Monsanto claims that today's global population near seven billion people and growing an adequate food supply might become a problem therefore their GMO foods are needed to meet this demand in a number of ways:

In Pest resistance, growing GMO foods such as Bt corn can help eliminate the application of chemical pesticides like Roundup but Bt corn is still a GMO Food with the pesticide on the inside of it. They use a toxin produced by the Bacillus thuringiensis bacterium which works like a pesticide. Monsanto started inserting these genes which code for the toxin directly into the genetic code of the corn and must also include a section of promoter gene code which would encourage the corn to produce the toxin. They also insert a marker gene which could be used to track and identify modified corn.

For Herbicide tolerance, Monsanto has a strain of soybeans genetically modified to be unaffected by their herbicide product Roundup, By weakening plants and promoting disease, the chemical glyphosate known as Roundup opens the door to many problems in the environment according to Dr. Don Huber of Purdue University. The use of glyphosate Roundup is reported to develop 40 diseases in crop plants and even this number continues to grow as people come to more recognize the association between glyphosate and disease.

To become Disease resistant against the many viruses, fungi and bacteria that cause plant diseases, therefore it makes sense that Monsanto try and create plants that could genetically engineer to resistance to these diseases. If this were really possible, then they could just genetically engineer all of us so that we too became resistant to all of our diseases. How can they expect to genetically engineer plants to resist diseases when the genetic engineering itself is known to introduce diseases?

To develop Cold tolerance using an antifreeze gene from cold water fish that has been introduced into tobacco and potato plants, but this still has not addressed the issue that the fish genes are introduced into the transgenic plant genes using the recombined DNA from viruses and bacteria . Any unintended consequences from just this are in addition to possible unintended consequences from the additional necessary promoter "kick-starting" gene that no one is yet sure what else this promoter gene can kick start inside the human consumer of these GMO foods.

Creating Drought tolerance and Salinity tolerance plants that can withstand drought and a high salt content in the soil and groundwater is a great goal but, here too farmers have already been doing this for centers through selective breeding without geneticization engineering them. Most importantly, Monsanto is not claiming here that they've even been able to do this making part of that blue sky they're painting to have us think they're on some successful path.

To increase Nutrition because malnutrition is common everywhere people are not eating healthy and especially in poorer countries who primarily rely on a single crop such as rice for their main staple of diet. Monsanto wants to genetically engineer rice for example to contain additional vitamins and minerals to produce a kind of an all-in-one plant that sounds desirable. But again, recombining Virus and bacteria DNA and inserting them with the promoter and marker transgenic genes into plants we eat so that even if they could obtain these false results, would they be safe to digest into human bodies without unintended undesirable side effects?

And do you believe we need more Pharmaceuticals? Medicines and vaccines are costly to produce but even more cost to market as seen by the countless number of pharmaceutical ads on TV twenty-four-seven. Monsanto is working to develop tomatoes and potatoes as another one dose fits all, whether you need it or not delivery system in the same way we poison ourselves with that one dose of fluoride fits all in every drop of water and toothpaste. The same GMO food plant dosage would forced upon infections, toddlers, teenagers, adults and grandparents alike who all happen to eat a tomato or have pasta for dinner, and what pharmaceutical company does not want this?

We could start with the use of engineered plants and trees to remove or neutralize contaminants in polluted soil or groundwater known as Phytoremediation. Soil and groundwater pollution is certainly a problem everywhere in the world. Poplar trees have been genetically engineered to help clean up heavy metal pollution from contaminated soil and here is one place if it works, would be applauded because we do not normally ingest trees.

GMO Foods History

The first commercially grown genetically modified GMO foods crop came about in the early 1990s with a logo named the FlavrSavr by Calgene, which is a California company with Monsanto ownership since 1996. The genetic analysis altered the tomato so that it took longer to decompose except it Did not sell well there last last long on the supermarket shelves as it was unacceptably bland.

Many of our Government's own scientific advisers were concerned over possible negative health effects, but this did not prevent or even delay the government from approving the GMO logo and further decided that GMO foods in general would not require pre-market approval even though Dr Arpad Pusztai Of the Rowett Research Institute in 1996 published his research suggesting that GMO potatoes modified with a snowdrop plant insecticide gene were toxic to rats in feeding trials.

A Personal Perspective on GMO Foods

From a personal perspective are not we shocked, appalled and angry that this information has been purposely understood from us by those government agencies charged with protecting us?

On the positive note is the awaking awareness to the dangers of GMO foods as witnessed by the vast growing number of documentaries which are found on all of the free and paid video networks like Netflix for example. Our food supply and what we eat is today probably the number one subject for documentaries, each one different depending on just how dangerous the Genetic Engineering of our crops are. Much of them are on the complete lack of any real justification other than for the Monsanto Corporation to patent and own our food seeds theseby forcing farmers to buy from them each planting season which now also comes to require more and more of its toxic chemical Roundup to Make them grow.

GMO Foods do not have to be labeled in the USA because Monsanto has forged hard to prevent labeling laws. This is especially alarming since most of the processed foods on the grocery shelves and freezers either are or contain GMO ingredients. And we're the bad parents in this country because many nations like the European Union, Japan, China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand all have mandatory GMO Foods labeling so that they will not unknowingly serve GMO foods to their children.

Monsanto's GMO Foods Perspective

A revolving door exists between Monsanto and our government regulatory and judicial bodies making their own self-serving fraudulent decisions. In 1992, then Vice President Dan Quayle announced the FDA's anti consumer right-to-know policy which stated that GMO foods need NOT be labeled nor safety-tested. This was over the objections of many prominent scientists like Arpad Pusztai and Gilles-Eric Seralini who publicized their alarming research revealing the severe damage to monkeys and lab rats fed GMO foods including: sterilization, cancer, miscarriages, allergies, seizures, and death.

Monsanto also had strong ties to the George W. Bush administration including John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Ann Veneman, Tommy Thompson and Justice Clarence Thomas who was a Monsanto Corporation attorney in the 1970s appointed to the Supreme Court by George Bush Sr. In 1990 where he wrote the majority opinion in the 2001 Supreme Court decision that paved the way for Monsanto to patent and own seeds

In another example, Monsanto lobbyist Michael R. Taylor left Monsanto to work for a law firm gaining FDA approval of Monsanto's artificial growth hormone in the 1980s. He then became the deputy commissioner of the FDA from 1991 to 1994 when rBGH was granted approval. He was appointed Senior Adviser to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner on food safety in 2009 by President Barack Obama.

Dr. Michael A. Friedman was a deputy commissioner of the FDA before he was hired as a senior vice president of Monsanto. Linda J. Fisher was an assistant administrator at the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before becoming a vice president at Monsanto from 1995-2000. Fisher then became the Deputy Administrator of the EPA in 2001.

The most devious of these intertwining relationships might be the former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld under both President Ford and President George Bush. He was the chairman and chief executive officer of GD Searle & Co. A pharmaceutical company which Monsanto purchased in 1985 like some ghoulish plan to generate profits first by sickening us with GMO Foods and then reaping the pharmaceutical profits on the back side.

In July 2008, Monsanto announced its plans to raise the average price of their GMO corn varieties $ 95-100 per bag, a staggering 35%, to top $ 300 per bag even though a 1999 review of Roundup Ready soybean crops found that compared to the top Conventional varieties, they actually had a 6.7% lower yield.

Mr. Fred Stokes of the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) describes the implications for today's farmers not how this absurd $ 100 price increase on a farmer who farms 1,000 acres for example, for a gross increased cost of more than $ 40,000. And yet, there is the real possibly lower yield so, where is any scientific basis to justify this price hike holding true for other GM crops as well? In just 2 years from 2006 to 2008, the average price for soybean seed, the largest GMO Foods crop in the country has risen by more than 50%, from $ 32.30 to $ 49.23 per planted acre.

Just about any food we buy containing oils is either going to be Monsanto GMO soy, Monsanto GMO canola, or Monsanto GMO cottonseed oil. That bottle may read "pure vegetable oil" but is usually 100% GMO soy. Even the "olive oil" mayonnaise lists GMO soy as the second ingredient after water. We already know that organic hemp oil for example, would be a far safer GREENER plant to make these food products out of a reputation that is actually recognized to promote health as opposed to weakening it.

GMO Soy protein is an unlabeled ingredient in a large variety of the foods you may unknowingly believe safe such as salad dressings, soups, imitation meats, beverage powders, non-dairy creamers, frozen desserts, whipped topping, breads, taco shells, cheeses, Breakfast cereals, pastas, and even pet foods and infant formulas.


If supermarket foods were labeled "GE" or "GMO Foods" they would sit on the shelves forever as has been proven outside the USA where there are labeling laws

Is not this an easy problem to see?

  • The Monsanto attorney Justice Clarence Thomas becomes a Supreme Court Judge and then writes that Monsanto can patent and own our food crops?
  • The former Monsanto lobbyist Michael R. Taylor becomes the Senior Adviser to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner on food safety.
  • A deputy commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Michael A. Friedman was hired as a senior vice president of Monsanto. An assistant administrator of the EPA,
  • Linda J. Fisher became a vice president at Monsanto from 1995-2000 to then became the Deputy Administrator of the EPA in 2001.
  • Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was the chairman and CEO of GD Searle & Co. A pharmaceutical company which Monsanto purchased in 1985.

With just this partial list of top Monsanto executives rotating back and forth between the FDA, the federal government and the Monsanto Corporation, how can we still be expected to believe that they have our best interest over their own in mind? How could there not be overt conflicts of interests?

It is OK to be very Afraid

Does not all of this new technology come with questions and fear? What are the real risks of these yet to be known experiences on nature? What next coming effects will this have on the environment? Are not there serious health concerns consumers of altered GMO food should be aware of? Is this Frankenstein technology of recombinant DNA really beneficial for humans in any way? Are not you at all concerned that the runaway obesity and disease growing in this country is in direct proportion to the Frankenstein GMO foods being secretly deceived upon us?

An obvious problem with pest-resistant and herbicide-resistant plants is the strong selective pressure in that habitat which could probably cause an evolution of similar resistant insects and therey nullify the effects of the bacteria, plant and animal transgenic food crop. As the spraying of herbicides becomes more frequent as farmers are now experiencing with Roundup, the surrounding weeds could also develop a resistance. This would naturally cause a further increase in the Roundup dosage and frequency or despite a change in herbicide to another more hideous toxin evidently in development. No one is yet sure whether the pest resistant characteristic of these GMO crops could be adopted into the surrounding weeds causing strains of them to become resistant and even more prolific.

It can even get way more Convoluted and Scary

Since the insect-resistant plants can cause increased death of its familiar pest, could not that eliminate competition for the minor pests to then have them become a major problem? Or, perhaps could not insect-resistant plants cause their familiar pest population to shift to another plant crop that was once unthreatened by them? These unintended effects could multiply out much further. A study of Bt crops showed that unfortunately beneficial insects who prey on familiar crop pests were also naturally exposed to harmful quantities of Bt. We could now understand realistic possibilities for the effects to continue to reach further up the food web to event effect plants and animals consumed by humans.

Further toxicological investigation and scrutiny will determine if residues from herbicides like Roundup or pest resistant plants could harm or mutate vital groups of organisms found in the surrounding soil such as bacteria, the fungi or nematodes, and any other microorganism which unintended biological change could diminish our Food crops.

The potential risks we blindly accept with disease resistant plants deal mostly with viral resistance and can there before lead to the creation of new viruses which there before means new untreated diseases. Naturally occurring viruses that are recombined with viral fragments that are then introduced to create transgenic plants could form new viruses which are then formed into many novel variations of which there is no predictable exit.