Lead Paint Poisoning – A Chronic Health Issue

Many children have suffered lead poisoning. Find out the symptoms and complications and how you can go about getting compensation if your child has suffered lead paint poisoning.

Despite implementation of regulatory preventative measures, lead poisoning remains a chronic health issue, particularly for children. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 310,000 children have elevated lead levels. The US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Agency approximates one in 6 children has a high lead level in their blood.

Children are vulnerable to lead poisoning as their absorption rate is much higher than adults. Gastrointestinal absorption in children is 40 to 50 percent, versus 3 to 10 percent in adults.

Chronic lead paint poisoning is cumulative over a long period of time. Toxic concentration may occur after many years of a minimal degree of exposure to lead paint. Chronic lead poisoning is the most common form. Acute lead poisoning infrequently occurs due to the large amount of lead intake required over a relatively short period of time.

Lead paint was banned in 1978 after scientists discovered its harmful effects. However, low income children still tend to have higher susceptibility to lead paint poisoning. They typically reside in older homes or buildings that pre-date the prohibition of lead paint and whose building owners may not have deleaded their properties. Federal law requires states lead paint hazards known by sellers, landlords and realtors must be disclosed.

However, it is not necessary for children to live in a building containing lead paint to suffer poisoning. Regularly visiting a home which has lead paint or is in the process of being remodeled or deleaded poses a risk.

Lead paint becomes brittle over time and deteriorates. This disintegration produces lead dust, particularly around windowsills and door frames where friction is caused by the opening and closing of windows and doors. The dust settles on surfaces children come in contact with, such as floors and toys, and is transferred to their mouths by hands and toys.

Another factor in lead paint poisoning is chipping or peeling. A child who eats a chip the size of a thumbnail will have ingested enough lead to be life endangering.

Children suffering from lead paint poisoning may exhibit any of the following symptoms:

* Anemia
* Learning disabilities
* Hyperactivity
* Mental retardation
* Kidney malfunction
* Hearing Loss
* Headaches

Infants in utero exposed to lead may have the additional concerns of:

* Low birth weight
* Low gestational age
* Growth retardation
* Delayed sexual maturation in females.

A blood test is the only conclusive method to diagnose lead poisoning. For children at risk from lead paint poisoning, it is recommended blood tests be performed at six months of age. All other children should be tested at one and two years old. Testing is vital as the child may not demonstrate any symptoms of lead poisoning.

Some states have mandatory lead poisoning blood tests for children. The ages of testing may vary according to the state.

Is Burning Fat a Secret?

I have seen and read headlines about Secret of Burning Fat. And I often question why is it a secret?

In the world today, our appearance played a very important part in our ever day lives and ever so often we see so many people struggling to loose weight. Some claims that they exercise regularly but they seem not to be able to loose the weight, instead they seem to maintaining rather than losing weight, just imagine if that individual should stop exercising, the result would be weight gain.

Why does it seem so hard to loose the weight? The answer is discipline. Eating more food than your body required would cause weight gain. After we reached adult years, growth stop, therefore the food we eat is for maintenance and nourishment to the body cells and tissues and for. If we should continue to eat more food than what we need then we will not be doing justice to ourselves, and we will continue to gain weight especially if we do not have a regular exercise program.

If you are trying to loose weight, you need to stop and think for a moment and ask yourself "where have you gone wrong?" Loosing weight is not hard, like I mentioned all you need is discipline. You have to start by eating less. When you eat less you would start burning more of the food that was stored as fat. Your body has enough fat stored to take you through each day. The fat cells produce a protein called Leptin a peptide hormone that is produced by fat cells which plays a role in body weight regulation by acting on the hypothalamus to suppress appetite and burn fat stored in adipose tissue. Start "eating less" and you will start seeing result. Develop an "exercise program", where you can work out three to four times a week, start slowly, especially if you have not been doing this for a while, I will also suggest that you check with a health professional for advice before starting an Exercise program.

The Angry Guy on the Phone …

Health problems Caused by Anger:

The constant flood of stress chemicals and associated metabolic changes that accompany recurrent unmanaged anger can eventually cause harm to many different systems of the body. Some of the short and long term health problems that have been linked to unmanaged anger include:


Digestion problems, such as abdominal pain


Increased anxiety


High blood pressure

Skin problems, such as eczema

Heart attack


Anger just is not worth the effort.

Let me explain …

The guy on the other end of the phone was having a terrible day.

He was angry with a capital A.

Apparently, someone had failed to meet him for a pre-arranged appointment and he was on the telephone, letting me have it with both barrels.

I listened.

Tried to get a word in edgeways.


Waited whilst he raved on about "the importance of sticking to appointments"

Then I said something that stopped him dead in his tracks.

"My name is Chris. Not Dave."

"You have the wrong number."

After he hung up the phone (Just in case you are wondering, no – his did not apologise) I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on for a cup of coffee.

And I thought; I wonder if, after he calmed down, he would have realized how utterly his point anger was and how in the big scheme of things it was not worth it.

You see, somewhere in this world a child is dying of cancer.

Somewhere a baby is taking his or her first breath.

Somewhere a man is sat by the bedside of his wife of 50 years, watching her fade away.

Somewhere, a teenager is falling in love for the very first time.

A couple are getting married.

Another are being torn apart by the pain of divorce.

A kid is learning to ride a bike.

A refugee is hiding in a ditch with soldiers searching for her, ready to shoot to kill.

When you compare THOSE things with the fact that some guy missed an appointment – our angry friend really has nothing much to worry about now does he?

What about YOU?

Are you getting stressed out over the little things?

Things that in the scheme of things really do not matter.

Next time you feel like getting angry – stop and make sure that it is something worth getting angry about.

9 times out of 10 you'll see that it is not.

Use your energy for better things.

Go outside and look up at the stars and stand amazed at the beauty of God's creation.

Let go of your anger. The proverb says "Anger rests in the bosom of fools"

100 years from now all that will matter is how you have lived your life.

Choose the path that says; "I'm not going to give in to anger. I'm going to see things in perspective. I'm going to 'let it go' and choose to be calm.

The Secrets of Healing Cat Wounds

If you have a cat, then you know that they can get into some mischief. If you let them go in and out as they please, you will find that sometimes your cat will come back home with various bites and scratches from a cat fight. If you find that your cat’s scratches are not healing, you can get into trouble with infections and abscesses forming on the skin.

If you notice that your cat is developing an abscess on its wound, you can take care of this yourself at home. Because most cats are naturally resistant to infections, a cat getting an infected wound is not uncommon. If you are worried at all about your cat’s wound, you will need to take it to a vet immediately and seek treatment.

The cause of the abscess is bacteria that had found its way inside the wounds. A cat’s mouth is full of dangerous bacteria that can be deposited into the wound by licking it. Reasons that the cat came home with the wound in the first place might be because of a bite that was given to it by a tomcat, because the cat was defending its territory. That means that bacteria from another cat can also infect the wounds as well. Besides fighting, a cat can get an abscess in the mouth, usually in older cats. This is because of a lack of proper dental care for the cat.

How do you know if your cat has an abscess? The wound will look swollen and be warm to the touch. There is also usually a soft lump present which when touched is probably painful to the cat. If the abscess is left alone for too long, your cat will experience a loss of appetite and fever. This will need to be treated quickly so that you can prevent an infection from going deeper into the tissue. Not seeking treatment can worsen your cat’s condition and shorten their life span maybe even dying as a result of an untreated infection.

If you take your cat to a vet, they will provide your cat with the care it needs. If the wound is too serious, surgery may be called for in order to get all of the infection out of the cat. What all cat owners need to do it be observant with their cat. If you let it roam around outside, know that it will get into its fair share of trouble. Make sure to check your cat after long periods of time away from home and make sure that there are no visible wounds. If there is a cut, scrape, or bite, make sure to clean the wound before you take your cat to the vet. And if your cat gets another abscess, make sure to take it to the vet again. You will need to check to make sure that it isn’t worse than the time before. It is also important to follow all of the care instructions that your vet gives you. This way, your cat will heal from the abscess and can live a longer, happier life with you.

Meaningful Visits

In today’s society people are living longer because of healthier lifestyle choices. The senior citizens are living well in to their 80’s and 90’s. However, this puts them at an increase risk of developing dementia. It has been said that if the individual does not develop a chronic illness by this age more than likely the individual will develop a form of dementia. Dementia is a term that is used to describe an illness of the brain. The term “Dementia” is an umbrella term for all of the types of dementia that exists because there approximately 35 different types. Alzheimer’s Disease is difficult to deal with.

An individual diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia is difficult to deal with because of the disease progression. Families have to decide on the course of care for their loved one. Where will their loved one live? Will they live at home? Will they be placed in an Assisted Living facility or long-Term care facility? If the family chooses to place the individual in a facility setting then other questions a rise.

You find yourself in a dilemma when visiting with your loved one. What can we do together? What can we discuss? There are a variety of activities that you can do. This provides the opportunity for the two of you to enjoy a meaningful visit.

Your family member has a wealth of information. Although the short- term memory is affected, the long-term memory is still active. Your loved one recalls stories from long ago so interview them then record those memories down in a journal. Remember to ask specific questions related to his/her life. Later on you can create a book about them, any way that you wish, then call it “This is Your Life” in. However, what do you do on a visit when there is a severe cognitive decline? This is when sensory and tactile stimulation is important. One tool that can be used is aromatherapy. Bring in hand lotion to apply on his/her hand for a massage. On nice days go outside to sit because Mother Nature is wonderful tool to use for sensory stimulation. Provide the opportunity for each one to hold a leaf, a stick or a flower. Be careful that they do not put it in their mouth.

These few suggestions are some ideas that will lead to a meaningful, purposeful and interactive visit with your loved one when. Then the visit will be meaningful for all of those who participated in the visit.

Natural Cure By Ayurveda

Ayurveda is perhaps the oldest system of health care in the world and originates from the Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda is based on scientific principles of diagnosis and treatment. It differs from conventional medicine in the basic principles of investigation and assigning causes to processes rather than specific areas of physiology.

Ayurveda has been a vogue since 5000 years ago. Our Vedas have been repeated references to the efficacy of Ayurveda as a science of healthy life. The western world is now realizing the value of Ayurveda in treating Chronic diseases like Arthritis, Paralysis, Stroke, Neurological disorders etc. Even WHO has given high rating for Ayurveda system.

It differs from conventional medicine in the basic principles of investigation and assigning causes to processes rather than specific areas of physiology. The increasing awareness of herbal medicines in Western markets such as USA, UK, Canada and Japan and the technological advancements in biotech industry were two major reasons which compelled us to offer a platform like this.

Here are some Important Herbs and their Uses:

Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera), ( Winter Cherry): Traditionally, Ashwagandha has been used in many ways–as a sedative, a diuretic, a rejuvenating tonic, an anti-inflammatory agent, and as an “adaptogen” (endurance enhancer). Many Western herbalists refer to this herb as “Ayurvedic ginseng” because of its reputation for increasing energy, strength, and stamina, and for its ability to relieve stress. It is especially beneficial in stress related disorders such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, general debility, etc. It has also shown impressive results when used as stimulants for the immune system.

Amla ( Emblica officinalis), ( Indian Goosebery): Amla contains the highest amount of Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), Phyllembin, Phyllemblic acid, Gallic acid, Ellagic acid in natural form and Cytokin like substance identified as Zeatin, Zriboside, Z nucleotide, Tannins 30%. It is one of the strongest rejuvenatives in Indian pharmacopoeia. It contains 30 times the amount of Vitamin C found in oranges. Its antibacterial, carminative, hypoglycemic, stomachic, Hypotensive and astringent action prevents infection, helps in healing of ulcers, treatment of jaundice, dyspepsia and cough and controls hyperacidity. Alma is a good Cardio Tonic and its mild stimulant action on heart helps to control blood pressure. The use of Indian Gooseberry enhances the antidiabetic action of Karela. Phyllanthus Emblica is a very good hair tonic.

Brahmi (Bacopa Monniera): Aside from increasing intellectual and cognitive function, Brahmi induces a sense of calm and peace in its users. It is unique in its ability to invigorate mental processes whilst reducing the effects of stress and nervous anxiety. This makes Brahmi extremely applicable in highly stressful work or study environments where clarity of thought is as important as being able to work under pressure. Many people have the intelligence to perform to strict standards, but lack the composure and self-confidence to reach them. Additionally, Brahmi helps soothe the restlessness and distraction that nervousness causes. Brahmi is ideal for students and workers faced with this problem.

Shallaki ( Boswellia Serrata): Today its major use is as an anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, low back pain, myositis, fibrositis, and osteoarthritis. Experimental and clinical usage of boswella indicates it has none of the side effects on blood pressure, heart rate of the gastric irritation and ulcers associated with many anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic drugs. It is now an approved herbal medicine in India for use against osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism, low back pain, myositis and fibrositis. In the United States,physicians are giving boswella high marks for effectiveness. Dr. E. W. McDonagh, a Kansas City physician, has reported success among some 350 patients suffering from a variety of advanced muscular and skeletal conditions for which other treatments had failed to help.

Karela ( Bitter Gourd), ( Bitter Melon), ( Momordica charantia) : Bitter Melon, also known as Karela, Momordica Charantia or Bitter Gourd is a herb that helps regulate blood sugar levels and keeps body functions operating normally. It contains Gurmarin, a polypeptide considered to be similar to bovine insulin, which has been shown in experimental studies to achieve a positive sugar regulating effect by suppressing the neural response to sweet taste stimuli. Karela’s principle constituents are lectins, charantin and momordicine. The fruits have long been used in India as a folk remedy for diabetes mellitus. Lectins from the bitter gourd have shown significant antilipolytic and lipogenic activities.

Shilajit (Asphaltum) : This is Shilajit, one of Ayurvedas most potent and unique rejuvenatives. The ancient medical literature attributes many health benefits to Shilajit known as “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.” It has been said that there is hardly any curable disease which cannot be assisted with the aid of Shilajit. Shilajit has been used historically for general physical strengthening, anti-aging, blood sugar stabilization, libido, injury healing, urinary tract rejuvenation, enhanced brain functioning potency, bone healing, kidney rejuvenation, immune system Strengthening, arthritis, hypertension, obesity and many other application for numerous conditions.

Garlic ( Lasuna), ( Allium sativum): The platelet and hypolipidemic activities of Lasuna ensures smooth coronary function. Garlic is regarded as one of the most effective remedies to lower blood pressure. The pressure and tension are reduced because it has the power to ease the spasm of the small arteries. It also slows the pulse and modifies the heart rhythm, besides relieving the symptoms of dizziness, shortness of breath and the formation of gas within the digestive track. It has an antiseptic effect and is an excellent remedy for infectious diseases and inflammations of the stomach and intestine. Human population studies show that eating garlic regularly reduces the risk of esophageal, stomach, and colon cancer. This is partly due to garlic’s ability to reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds.

Triphala: Triphala, a cornerstone of ayurvedic medicine, is a composite herbal preparation containing equal proportions of the fruits of three myrobalans, Emblica officinalis, Terminalia chebula and Terminalia bellirica. When consumed for a long period, it helps reduce excess weight. It promotes good colon health and acts as a laxative without causing cramps or irritation. It gently stimulates the intestinal walls and restores tone to the colon, thus helping in the elimination process, providing a colon cleansing effect. When consumed for a long period, it helps reduce excess weight. It promotes good colon health and acts as a laxative without causing cramps or irritation. It gently stimulates the intestinal walls and restores tone to the colon, thus helping in the elimination process, providing a colon cleansing effect.

Guggulu: ( Bedellium), ( COMMIPHORA MUKUL): Studies show that a 14-27% of LDL cholesterol and 22-30% of triglycerides levels were reduced when guggul was given to men and women with high cholesterol for 12 weeks with no change in diet or exercise. Research with laboratory animals suggests guggul may help enhance thyroid function. Since the thyroid gland produces hormones that are needed to regulate metabolism, it can help in weight loss. Studies show guggul may change thyroid hormone metabolism, increase levels of circulating T3, or triiodothyroxine, a thyroxine metabolite known to raise overall metabolism, which in turn increases fat burning. Since guggul supports atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), which may impede blood flow to and from the penis, guggul may possibly be the treatment for impotence many men are looking for.

Tulsi ( Holy Basil), ( Tulasi): Tulsi has antioxidant properties, and helps boost the body’s ability to fight off damaging free radicals, which have been linked to disease and aging. It is an adaptogen that helps the body fight the effects of ongoing stress and also balances the mind, nerves and emotions. Tulsi maintains the health of the throat chest and lungs. In fact, it helps protect the entire respiratory tract. It is an anti-inflammatory. A herb that promotes optimum respiratory support. Tulasi has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant properties and is useful in respiratory tract infections. It helps during respiratory stress.

Neem (AZADIRACHTA INDICA): Neem effectively kills the bacteria that cause Acne and studies prove that Neem will reduce inflammation, even the inflammation produced by Acne. In the case of eczema clinical studies demonstrate that even the application of weaker Neem leaf extracts effectively cured acute conditions of eczema, what to speak of the fresh cold pressed oil with its high concentration of active ingredients.Modern clinical studies have identified a number of compounds in the Neem tree that effectively regulate immune system functions. Whether drinking a simple cup of tea out of the leaves or taking extracts of the Neem leaf, Neem significantly and consistently reduced insulin requirements for nonkeytonic, insulin fast, and insulin sensitive forms of Diabetes.The pain, inflammation, and swelling of the joints in arthritis can be greatly reduced by different compounds in Neem

Arjuna (TERMINALIA ARJUNA): Arjun improves cardiac muscle function and pumpingactions of the heart. Scientific studies have shown Arjun to be very effectivewhen used regularly over a period of time for the treatment of angina, coronary artery disease, heart failure, edema, and possibly hypercholesterolemia. Studies have also shown Arjun to have positive effects in the treatment of gonorrhea. Externally, this herb has been used to treat acne, blemishes, wounds, dysentery, and diarrhea.

Diverticulitis and Stress

It was interesting when we did the survey for the End Diverticulitis Reference what our Newsletter readers had to say about stress.

It turns out that Stress was the number 1 cause for people to have a flare up, ie Diverticulosis to turn into Diverticulitis.

What happens?

Well Stress causes your body to not digest food properly. Usually when under stress blood and oxygen are not directed to the digestive system but to other areas in the body. This has a direct effect on how well the digestive system works. When the stressful situation is resolved the blood and oxygen is directed back to the digestive system. So imagine that you have the Diverticuli and you body is busy fighting an infection in them. A stressful situation comes up, blood and oxygen is taken away from where your body is fighting the infection. Guess who starts winning, yep, the infection. So you have a full blown flare up of Diverticulitis. It is important to give your digestive system the best possible chance for fighting any infections, and stress does not allow that to happen.

So what do you do?

Well avoid stress. That’s obvious isn’t it.

However while it is obvious we all live in the real world and not some utopian society.

So it will not always be possible to avoid stress. So we need to learn to manage it and control it.

There are things you should consider.

If it is your job that is causing the stress, is it continuous? Are you under constant pressure to perform and is the place you work a high stress work place?

You need to ask yourself. Do you really need it? I know some people thrive on it and love the stress and high action jobs, but if your health is failing then why risk Diverticulosis for the sake of a job. Might be time to have a look around at something else.

Is it something specific in your life, money, illness (Diverticulitis can itself cause stress, which can cause Diverticulitis, nasty circle that one). Then you need to face the problem and find a solution. Once it is brought out into the open and discussed you might find the solution is closer than you think. But keeping it inside will not help.

Some simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to help relieve stress.

1. exercise. get out and stretch the legs

2. deep breathing, very simple take a few deep breaths when you feel the stress building and calm down.

3. identify what is causing the stress and take actions to fix it.

4. understand what you can and cannot change. and change the things you can

5. avoid unrealistic expectations

6. have a break

7. enjoy a pastime, be it family, hobbies, something you can loose yourself in.

8. avoid chemical stress enhancers, coffee, alcohol etc

9. learn relaxation techniques, from meditation to sport

10. if all else fails GET HELP don’t be too afraid to ask a professional

Is it yourself? This one is a tough one. I know a lot of people are worriers, spend all their time worrying about things and places and a lot of the time it is really just pointless. You need to control concerns and anxieties as if they get out of hand they will cause stress which can flare up your Diverticulitis.

I strongly suggest that you seek some sort of solution if Stress is a major factor in your life. As Stress is a major factor in Diverticulitis. You need to control Stress, manage stress and avoid stress. Things will go wrong and problems will happen. It is how you face these and treat these problems that will determine how well Diverticulitis is managed.

Four types of eye occlusion

Blocked blood flow may bring strokes in some parts of the body, including the eye. Eye blockage is caused by damage on vital structures such as retina and optic nerve. Nutrients and oxygen can no longer flow through your blood, so that eye strokes occur. eye exams can search out signs of an eye occlusion. There are several types of eye occlusion, depending on the location they are found.

A painless branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO) can cause peripheral vision and central vision loss. Main reason for BRAO is a clot in the carotid or from certain valve in the heart. A BRAO can lead to visual acuity loss if the arterial blood flow is disrupted or the macula is swelling. “Symptoms” of a BRAO include narrowing carotid, high blood pressure, cardiac disease or combinations of these conditions. Ocular massage can be applied to treat acute or sudden arterial occlusion. And a glaucoma medication can be used to dislodge the embolus within 12 to 24 hours after a BRAO happens. The majority of patients with BRAO can restore visual acuity of 20/40 or better and complications such as neovascular glaucoma are rare.

Another type of occlusion is branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO), which may cause decreased vision, peripheral vision loss or blind spots. As its name reflects, BRVO is caused by a localized clot in a branch retinal vein. BRVO always occurs in people with high blood pressure accompanied by retinal bleeding. BRVO patients should receive eye exams every one to two months, in order to detect potential conditions such as macular swelling and neovascularization. Persistent macular edema requires a laser treatment named laser photocoagulation. And significant neovascularization requires a pan-retinal laser photocoagulation. Most patients can resume a 20/40 vision after treatments.

Central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO) always affects only one eye and leads to womens vision loss. CRAO is mostly caused by a clot from the neck artery or the heart, which blocks blood flow to the retina. CRAO patients usually also suffer from high blood pressure and carotid artery disease, cardiac valvular disease or diabetes. Symptoms of a CRAO can be pale retina and narrowed vessels. Your doctor may use a fluorescein angiogram to determine that if you have a CRAO. Within 24 hours after acute vision loss begins, your doctor can take some treatments such as glaucoma medications for eye pressure decrease, ocular massage and a minor surgery named an anterior chamber paracentesis. Statistics show that most patients suffer severe visual loss.

A fourth type of occlusion is central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO). CRVO patients always have mild to severe hemorrhages and cotton-wool spots in the retina. There are still two types of CRVO: ischemic and non-ischemic. Non-ischemic CRVO is more easily to treat than ischemic CRVO. Ischemic CRVO always bring dissatisfying visual acuity and other complications. If the initial vision is bad, a CRVO will result in severe visual acuity. The evaluation of signs for neovascularization or abnormal vessel growth is also important. The treatment for both two types of CRVO is usually a pan-retinal photocoagulation.

Article Source:http://vision.firmoo.com/eye-diseases/four-types-of-eye-occlusion.html

Is It Possible To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Really?

Okay, you’ve probably seen the ads or read the articles that there’s a new miracle drug or method out there that will “CURE” you type 2 diabetes. Is it possible? Well, “CURE”, no. “REVERSE”, YES!

In a nutshell, it is thought that there are 3 causes of type 2 diabetes:

1) Genetics – your family’s history will show you who to blame for that.

2) Environment / Lifestyle – the way YOU were living life, so blame yourself.

3) A combination of those two – okay now blame everyone on the planet for your diabetes.

Well, when you look at those numbers, it just goes to say that if you can change, reduce, eliminate or reverse one of the two, you will eliminate 50% of the cause of Type 2 diabetes, right? As the saying goes, “you can pick your friends (or your lifestyle), but you can’t pick your family (your genetics)”. Do you see where I’m going with this? Change what you can – lifestyle – and just work with what you can’t – your gene pool!

When you read about Diabetes in general, the first thing you will come across is that it is a chronic and progressive disease – basically, a life sentence, once you are diagnosed with it. What doesn’t immediately pop up is that type 2 diabetes is actually almost always reversible. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong!

Well, for the doubters, let’s have a look at how diabetes progresses. The typical cause of type 2 diabetes is obesity related, having the following characteristics.

  • High-calorie diet – particularly refined carbs
  • Weight gained around the mid-section
  • High insulin levels – causing increased weight gain
  • Body’s resistance to insulin – causing an increase in blood sugar levels
  • Lethargic feeling – leading to inactivity
  • Hunger – leading to sporadic feeding and overeating
  • Beta cell damage – the body struggles to produce insulin and recognizable symptoms appear

From this, we see that type 2 diabetes is mainly caused by poor lifestyle choices. However, the good news for over the over 50% of American adults who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes is that it is completely reversible. Recognising that you have the power to reverse the disease is actually the first step to remission. The only way to sustain this change is through diet and lifestyle changes.

Diabetes medications will not permanently reverse the disease. Actually, insulin is notorious for causing weight gain. Also, you may treat the symptoms associated with diabetes, such as lowering your blood sugar levels, but that will only make you feel like the disease is getting better when it actually isn’t.

So, how can you reverse your diabetes?

The main feature in type 2 pre-diabetic and diabetic patients is that their bodies are filled with sugar. Yes, I said FILLED. Not only is there sugar in their bloodstream, but it is everywhere! When we start out – ie when we are born – our sugar levels are at a minimum. We then start eating all the wrong food. Sugary snacks, desserts and a whole lot of white bread. This continues for years and years until our bodies just cannot take it anymore. So what do you do about it?

1. Stop taking in all that sugar

Eliminate all the sugary foods and refined starches from your diet. The only benefit of sugar is it tastes good in your mouth. It no nutritional value and can thus be eliminated from your diet. Starches are simply long chains of sugars which are quickly absorbed into the blood.

2. Burn off all the sugar you have accumulated.

Committing to a regular workout schedule will help you burn off all that sugar.

If you have a mostly sedentary lifestyle, sitting at a computer all day, take a ten-minute break every so often. Walk around your office block a couple of times or go up and down the stairs.

So you ask again, when it comes to reversing type 2 diabetes, is it possible? You bet. You can start your journey to getting rid of your type 2 diabetes today. Right now even! All without the heaps of cash you’d part with for medication or surgery.

Medical Benefits of Massage Therapy

Health experts and professionals estimate that up to ninety percent of disease is stress-related. Perhaps nothing ages us more quickly, both internally and externally, than high stress. The effects of stress can affect many systems of the body from the central nervous system, the muscular system, the reproductive system, the respiratory system, the cardivascular, the immune system and even the lymphatic system. Stress can affect hormone levels which can result in a low or non-existent libido to trouble conceiving or infertility.

The effects of overtaxing the parasympathetic nervous system can also result in muscle tightness which causes pain, stiffness and leaves peoeple feeling tight and stiff. Stress can disrupt healthy breathing patterns which result in shortness or constrictedness of breath which results in less oxygen to the muscles and organs which impairs its ability to heal, repair and rejuevenate. The cardiovascular system can also be affected which can result in higher blood pressure which puts one at risk for cardiovasuclar disease or heart attacks. People often eat more as a coping mechanism when they feel high levels of stress which can result in obesity and all the other comobidities that often accompany weight gain such as cardiovasulcar disease, diabetes and stress on the joints of the body carrying excess weight such as the knees.

There are a variety of integrative health care or holistic health care modalities that can help to manage stress such as yoga, meditation, controlled breathing exercises and massage.

Massage has proven to be an effective tool for managing stress, which translates into decreased anxiety as well as enhanced sleep quality. Sleep is one of the most important biological processes for the body and mind since that is when the body is able to heal and repair on a deep and sustained level. One of the most ideal times to receive a massage is just before going to sleep.

Other benefits of massage include:greater energy, improved concentration, increased circulatio as well as reduced fatigue. Therapeutic massage can also help specifically address many chronic health issues. Regular bodywork can: alleviate low-back pain, correct imbalance and poor posture and improve range of motion.

Prenatal massage should be done by a massage therapist specifically trained to address the health needs of a pregnant women. It can assist with shorter, more manageable childbirth for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays.

Other health benefits of massage can include ease of medication dependence, enhanced immunity by stimulating lymphatic flow which is the body’s natural defense system.

For athletes, regular massage therapy is a critical compoent to allieviate and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles. Massage therapists often assist athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts with regular sessions.

Massage improves the condition of the body’s largest organ–the skin. It is important to use natural or organic lotions or oils when massaging since the skin will absorb it and the components of them will go into the bloodstream.

Other critical effects of massage include:Increase of joint flexibility, decrease in depression and anxiety, promotion of tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks, oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital internal organs, improving circulation and cardiovascular flow, the release of endorphins– that work as the body’s natural painkiller.

Facts About Cornhole

Cornhole is a game that has been played for a very long time now. Though its popularity may have decreased in the recent years, it still remains to be one of the simplest yet very fun games of all time. This game is played by many people in different countries. Many people loved it since it could be played by anyone and can be played in many different places with enough space. The materials used for the game is not that hard to find and can even be made by the players themselves if they want to. It is ideal for different occasions such as birthday parties, team events, and even a regular gathering of friends and family members. Even if you have not heard or tried this game, you can easily learn it. Rules are relatively simple much like other corn toss games and games like horseshoe and washer toss. Children will definitely have a great time playing it as well as adults.

The game is played by 2 opposing players or teams. A special platform is made for this game which is has an angle of inclination of about 45 degrees and has a hole. 2 platforms are placed on opposite sides and a string may or may not connect them together. The distance between the 2 platforms would depend on the players’ preference but they are usually around 15 to 20 feet apart. Each team would have 4 all weather bean bags each which are filled with corn kernels. Players take turn in throwing all their bags. If the bag goes inside the hole, the player who threw it will be given 3 points. If the bag does not go inside the hole but remains at the top of the platform, it is considered as 1 point. If the bag settles at the edge of the platform, the platform is lifted to determine whether the bag stays on top or falls off of it. No point is given if the bag falls off the platform.

In order to win the game, a team must score 21 points. A round is over when each team throws one bag each. In a round, the total score that is given to a team is the difference of the points gained by each team. For example in round 1 team A scored 3 points and team B scored 1 point, 2 points will be awarded to team A for that particular round. This game is usually played in a lawn but it could also be played in other venues which have sufficient space. It is great for team building activities and parties as well. It would also be ideal if you want to pass time with your friends.

Cornhole is a type of game that will be loved by future generations. Though it is old and simple, it is very fun to play. It is a great alternative to video games and it is also a way to have quality time with people who are special to you.

Halloween Costume Ideas – 25 Homemade Costumes to Make

Halloween costumes are fun to create. Many items to use with your Halloween costume can be found in your own home or at your area thrift store. Creating costumes can be inexpensive and lots of fun to make and to wear. You’ll find some of these will even work as last minute Halloween costume ideas.

Here are 25 costume ideas to help inspire you to make your own costume this year. It can be pretty simple to put a costume together and after you decide on one, browse the online Halloween retailer’s websites for your costume. You may get a few more ideas. Use your imagination and creativity when making a costume, as this makes the costume unique and truly yours.

Dracula: For this scary costume you will need a pair of black pants, a long sleeve white shirt, a black jacket and a white vest. Wear a black cape with a collar and a gold necklace. Slick your hair back with hair gel. Wear pale face make-up, dark eyes and bloody lips with blood also dripping from the mouth and of course, vampire teeth.

A Witch: You will need a long black dress with long sleeves, a witch’s hat, black shoes and a broom. Wear green and gray face make-up and dark gray lipstick. A fake wart on your nose would help too. Blacken out some of your teeth for a really ugly effect.

Tom Sawyer: Wear overalls that look worn, a dull plaid shirt and be sure to go bare footed. Place a straw hat on your head and chew on a piece of straw that is somewhat long. You can also add freckles to your checks and make your feet look dirty.

A Genie: You will need a pair of loose-fitting pants that fit tight around the ankles and a halter top or vest to match. Use a brightly colored scarf as a belt tied around the waist. Wear wide bracelets on your arms and large loop earrings. Go barefoot. Make a turban out of fabric and add a large plastic jewel on the front of the turban with fabric glue. If you can’t find the pants this outfit calls for, then use a pair of loose-fitting pants and, tie the pants down to your ankles with colorful ribbon and make the pants look puffy.

Instead of a turban, you could pull your hair up into a pony tail on top of your head. Add some bling in your hair. Drape a thin scarf across the bottom part of your face.

Peter Pan: Using dark green fabric, make a tunic that hits above the knee and has a jagged hem and jagged sleeves. Wear opaque black or green tights, a black belt and black shoes. Make a hat using the green fabric and add a feather to the hat. Place a dagger under your belt and you’re Peter Pan.

Igor: For this costume you will need a very large lab coat or white long sleeve shirt. Place stuffing into a pillowcase and sew it into the inside of the shirt for the hump. (You could also just use Velcro to keep it in place). Wear a pair of raggedy pants with holes in the knee areas. For a belt, use a rope and tie it in the front. An old and dull looking t-shirt that is ripped at the collar, sleeve and hem looks great. Carry a jar of brown colored water (use food dye) with a chunk of cauliflower in it for the brain. Shave your head and walk hunched over… shaving your head is optional.

Jack and the Beanstalk: For this costume, wear all green and wrap wired silk ivy all over yourself from head to toe. Using a straw hat, glue cotton balls on the hat for a cloud effect. A sprig of ivy should come out of the top of the hat. Make a tunic for a Ken doll and Ken becomes Jack, and you are the beanstalk. Carry a bag of beans to hand out.

Octomom: This is a really fun one. Wear long dark hair and big very red lips. Attach eight baby dolls all over yourself and you are ready to go.

Indiana Jones: For this costume you will need a brown hat with a brim. Use a rope for the whip and attach a handle – or use a jump rope, pull off one of the handles and spray paint the rope and handle. Wear brown paints, a tan shirt and brown boots. Wear a leather jacket. Use a rough sponge and brown makeup to create beard stubble. Add a few lines of dirt around your cheekbones, temples and under the jaw line.

A Sorcerer: For a sorcerer, use a long black or dark colored robe with long drooping sleeves and a robe belt (use a drapery tieback for the belt). Hang mystical items from the belt such as a pouch, herbs, crystals, and carry a staff.

Mrs. Claus: For this cute outfit glue cotton balls on a shower cap for the hair. Wear a white button down shirt, long white skirt, a red apron, red and white striped stockings and wire rim glasses on the tip of your nose. Add rosy red cheeks and you’re ready.

A Hunter: This one is really easy. Wear camouflage clothing, a hunter’s vest with lots of pockets, a camouflage hat, gloves and rubber boots. Carry binoculars, a canteen and a fake rifle.

A Devil: Wear red tights and a red turtleneck shirt. Make pointed ears out of red felt. Make the horns out of red felt with wire inserted or foam painted red and attach them to a headband. Make the tail out of felt with an arrow shape at the end and insert wire into the felt. Cover all the exposed skin with red body paint. Take a black brow pencil and draw your eyebrows at a sharp outward angle. Color your lips red or black.

Cat Burglar: This guy wears all black. Wear black leggings, a black turtleneck, black stocking cap, black socks and shoes, black eye mask and black gloves. Hang some tools from a belt and wear around your waist. Carry a sack over your shoulder.

Tinkerbell: Cut the hem of a short green dress into a jagged pattern. Put your hair in a bun and wear very little makeup (mainly, a little blush, lip gloss and mascara). Wear green flats with pompoms on top. Wear little fairy wings and carry a wand and a big smile.

The Easter Bunny:To be the Easter Bunny wear white sweatpants and a white hooded sweatshirt. Using wire and white and pink felt, make the bunny ears and attach them to the hood of the sweatshirt. Cut an oval shape out of the pink felt for the bunny’s chest and attach it to the front of the sweatshirt. Create a bunny nose and whiskers using makeup and wear white gloves. Carry a basket filled with colorful plastic eggs.

A Soldier: Wear military clothing such as: fatigues, hat or helmet, black boots, dog tags, utility belt with canteen and a fake grenade. Camouflage your face and carry a fake gun.

Teen Wolf: Wear a basketball costume and headband. Buy some fake fur from a craft store and using spirit gum attach it to any exposed skin. Wear rubber fingernails and high top tennis shoes.

A Rapper: For this hip guy you will wear baggy jeans that sag down your hips, a t-shirt and hoodie, a baseball cap tilted on your head, gold chain, big watch, a grill on your teeth (silver gum wrapper will work for the grill) and cool tennis.

Black Eyed P: This costume is super quick and easy. Wear a white t-shirt and with a black marker draw the letter P on it (be sure it is a large P). Using black face make-up, give yourself one black eye. Now you are a black eyed P.

Circus Clown: Wear coveralls over a brightly colored long sleeve shirt, converse tennis shoes (the older the better) and a clown wig or color your own hair with colored spray. Paint your face white and create a clown look that you like. Carry a noise maker and spray silly string.

School Crossing Guard: This one is quick and easy. You will need to wear dark colored clothes (slacks and button down shirt), a whistle around the neck and carry a stop sign.

Rock ‘n Roll Star: All you need to be a rock star is a pair of leather pants, leather jacket or vest, spiked dog collar, fake tattoos, long haired wig or spiked hair, and sunglasses. Be sure and carry a toy guitar.

A Used Car Salesman: Slick your hair back using lots of hair cream. Wear a plaid polyester suit, a button down shirt and several neck chains. Hand out business cards you made yourself and tell people you can get them a great deal.

Marge Simpson: Wear a Marge Simpson wig or make a wig out of blue yarn. Wear a green tube type dress with elastic around the top, orange flat shoes and a bead necklace. Use make up to color your skin yellow.

How to Dig the Right One Out From the Heap of Numerous Anti Aging Lotions

Just take a look at your neighborhood shop or visit an online store; You will find hundreds and hundreds of anti aging lotions.

Now, while an optimistic person can feel happy about the number of choices that have been offered to her; In reality these large number of choices actually make your decision tough. Even the probability of it being wrong gets increased.

So, how to save yourself from this variety of anti aging lotions and find the one which really works?

By checking if or not it contains the natural ingredients which really work. Some of these ingredients are Cynergy TK ™, Phytessence Wakame, Active Manuka Honey etc.

There are numerous advantages for choosing anti aging lotions containing these powerful ingredients:

1. These ingredients work by attacking the undercoming cause of the skin condition and eliminate the problem from the root level itself.

2. As a result, the effects are immune and permanent. The skin becomes healthy and beautiful naturally and effectively.

3. Being natural, they do not have any kinds of side effects and are absolutely safe to be used. Unlike the chemical laden creams which have magnificent side effects, these natural substances are gentle on the skin.

4. The combination of multiple strong natural substances helps in enhancing the overall health of the skin; Apart from taking care of the specific skin condition for which they are most effectual.

5. They target more than one problem at one time. For example, Active Manuka Honey regenerates Collagen skin protein and thus makes the skin smoother and wrinkle free.

It also penetrates into the skin and provides nourishment and hydration to it. Hereby keeping the skin well moisturized – either too dry, nor too oily.

Furthermore, it regenerates the old damaged cells and rejuvenates them. Thus, it keeps the skin soft, youthful and naturally healthy.

It has anti bacterial properties which help against acne, blemishes, eczema and psoriasis as well. It has special enzymes having anti oxidant properties which stimulate the complete immune system.

So you see, so huge is the power of these natural ingredients. A single lotion bottling up the power of these miraculous substances clearly stands apart from the usual anti aging lotions.

So go out there and find out these effective anti aging lotions. Having a youthful and healthy skin is like a dream. Fortunately, yours is going to be realized very soon!

The Delightful Mushroom Named the Porcini

If you are looking for something to garnish your special family sauce with, then look no further than the porcini mushroom From Italy. These mushroom are a seasonal fungi that can be found along the country roadside forests in Italy pretty much throughout the country. These mushroom are great for cooking with, or even with a salad. They are not only plump and delicious; They are also large and beefy too. These mushroom are very much like the common portabella mushroom that you see so many people grilling or using as a burger itself.

Seasonal Forest Shopping

If you are going to go looking for the porcini mushrooms for yourself, then you are going to want to wait for a fall rain to obtain the best crop of mushrooms. This is when the fungi are at their peak, and you will find them in abundance within the forests that line the roadways through Italy. You will not have to travel far or look very hard to find these mushrooms, as the forest floors are usually littered with them. You will always want to pay close attention to what you are actually picking. There is in fact another mushroom that is very similar in appearance and size that is anything butible. You need to keep a keen eye out for the Amanita Muscaria, as it is quite a bit like the porcini mushroom with the distinct difference of an extreme neurotoxin found in the Amanita.

So Popular, You Need To Be A Licensed Picker

When you are going to pick Porcini mushrooms to either use immediately or even to store for later use, you will be interested and sometimes even shocked to learn that you are going to need a license to pick them. This is a rule in effect by the government of Italy, and there really is no way around this. This is nothing to fret about however, as it is anything but difficult to obtain a permit to pick these mushrooms. The largest issue is that the government wants to ensure that the wildlife habitat is and will remain in tact while you pick these fungi. They have placed a bag limit on each picker to ensure of this. This is a small thing when you consider that you can actually buy preserved Porcini mushrooms on the roadside or even in specialty shops throughout Italy.

A Fantastic Addition To Any Sauce

If you are looking for the right addition to your homemade pasta sauce, then you really should consider the porcini mushroom as a good candidate for it. These mushrooms are bold and strong in flavor, and they have a wonderful aftertaste. These mushrooms are practically nature's ingredients for the right sauce, and you will not find a better mushroom to use if you want the sauce to be traditional and true Italian pasta sauce. These mushrooms are great for grilling as well, or can even be used an ingredient for kabobs or other various side requirements.

Living With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that usually occurs in the winter months although it can start as early as September in some cases. Milder forms of the condition are often described as the “winter blues.” Sufferers can experience loss of energy and general depression along with problems sleeping, feeling anxious, general irritability, increased appetite, strong cravings for carbohydrates and sweet foods, and experience headaches, muscle and joint pain and in severe cases, can have suicidal thoughts. The condition can affect people of any age and gender although is most common in females and can have a profound effect on a person’s personal and professional life. SAD may even be hereditary. Many sufferers tell of a parent or relative who suffers or has suffered from the disorder.

SAD can also affect children who show symptoms of decline in academic achievements resulting in a loss of desire to take part in activities, especially sports, memory impairment, poor organizational skills and difficulty in writing. Children suffering from SAD may also show behavioural difficulties such as:

  • Withdrawal from family and friends;
  • Crying spells;
  • Temper tantrums;
  • A tendency to watch a lot of television without retaining what they have seen.

SAD is more prevalent in northern parts of the world and seems to develop from inadequate light. Researchers have discovered that bright light changes the chemicals in the brain but just how this occurs and the details of its effects are still ongoing. They do know however that lack of light produces Melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone which reduces the production of Serotonin – a “feel good” chemical resulting in the above and many other symptoms. The disorder as far as I can ascertain, was first recognised only as recently as 1985.

While it’s unfortunate that people who suffer from the disorder have in the past through a lack of knowledge and/or understanding been told to “pull their socks up” or “get over it” the good news is that treatment is widely available now. If symptoms are severe, know that help is at hand and don’t suffer in silence. The first step is to seek professional help as you may need, and could benefit greatly from antidepressants. If your symptoms are milder, you can also benefit from a difference in lifestyle. Try spending more time outdoors and sitting near windows. A good breakfast is also important and foods containing Vitamin D such as fish (especially wild salmon and mackerel), chicken, cod liver oil, milk, eggs and fresh vegetables (chickpeas and spinach should be high on the list) will help greatly. Try also to eat at regular intervals and not to make do with fast foods no matter how busy your day is.

Another source of help can be found in light therapy boxes which can be used at home or the office and dawn simulators are proving to be highly effective in giving the feeling of waking up on a bright summer’s morning on the darkest of winter days, thereby giving rise to a gentler wakeup and feeling of wellbeing.

Taking regular exercise also is important. It’s been said that there is no such thing as “bad weather”, only “bad clothes” so bear that in mind. Equipped with the proper clothing (and attitude), a walk on a windswept beach in the middle of January or snow covered hills can be just as invigorating as a walk through a meadow full of flowers in the height of summer. Don’t forget all those books you have meant to read either. Get warm, comfortable and open page 1 or put on your favourite music. Life is for living – not just in spring and summer but for the entire year – live it!