Echinacea and Fighting the Common Cold

If seems that the average person has a hard time making it through an entire year without contracting a "cold from Hell" and finding a cure for the common is an elusive as ever, however there are ways to ease the symptoms.

Unfortunately, once a cold virus is solidly entrenched in our bodies, there is little you can do but let it run its course. The key to dealing with a cold or flu is to find a way of preventing it in the first place or taking action at the "very first" symptom. If you do not, buying any of those cold remedies that come in every color of the rainbow will do you little good. Even the one that makes your face pucker, but apparently works.

So they claim.

Echinacea is one of the herbal remedies that has actually been proven to work. This plant is native to North America and although it has been known for some time that it has medicinal qualities, recent studies have confirmed its healing powers when administrated for the common cold. The root and aerial components of the flower is used to make Echinacea powder. If used on a regular basis during the cold season, Echinacea has the potential of cutting the risk of colds by 50%.

Researchers also discovered that even if a person is infected with a cold virus, beginning a treatment with Echinacea will reduce the time a person is infected by almost a day and a half. This is quite significant as most remedies do little good once a cold virus has established itself in the system.

Before Echinacea was recognized for its power to fight colds, herbalists often used it to treat stubborn kidney infections and other respiratory problems. By utilizing the "tincture" of Echinacea every few hours, marked improvements were seen in flu and urninary tract infections as well.

The Echinacea herb is very versatile and can be combined with a variety of other herbs to form a potent combination against much more serious conditions. For instance, Echinacea can be combined with buchu and even couch grass for a potent combination that will provide an effective treatment against stubborn kidney infections.

Scientists studied the results of over 14 trials and came to the conclusion that Echinacea is indeed effective as a cold fighter and remedy, but has not yet gone as far as recommending it as a prescription until the proper dosages for effectiveness can be established.

What to Say in Order to Pull Your Ex Back? Here is a Must Read Advice You Can not Miss

At some point, you're going to have to talk to your ex. There simply is no way for you to avoid that particularly if you move in the same social circles. You're bound to bump into each other and forced to make small talk. If you want to get your ex back, you have to know the right words to say.

I'm sorry

First things first. You have to apologize to your ex and take accountability for your actions that may have led to the breakup. Own up to your mistakes without pointing out that your ex also did something wrong. This is not the time to point fingers over who is more wrong. Admit your mistakes and apologize for them. That is the most mature thing to do, anyway and your ex will appreciate your being adult about the whole thing. This may even lead to a conversation on what has gone wrong and how you can make things better.

Talk about new interests

Later on, when you and your ex are already in speaking terms, it's only normal to catch up on what you have been doing during your time apart. Tell your ex about your new hobbies or new interests. Tell him or her about the promotion that you got or how you broken a major deal. Focusing on things other than love when you talk to your ex will make them see how much you've already changed, and how attractive the new you has become.

It's OK to start dating again

Once you find your ex back on the dating scene, things will get awkward when you bump into each other. Assure your ex by saying that it's easy to understand that he or she is already dating again. Say that it's a good idea to see other people. This will get your ex wondering who you're seeing. Follow through by seeing other people as well.

Tell your ex you still love them

This requires proper timing. At some point, both of you will probably have to think back and talk about how you were when you were still together. At the right time, it would not hurt to say you still love your ex. It would take a load off your shoulders because you have already said your piece. Your ex will also start thinking about the possibility of giving things another try, particularly if he or she still cares about you.

The best psoriasis treatment – Platysol cream!

For many years, people have searched for a psoriasis treatment that is effective. Clinical trials and patient-controlled studies have shown that Platysol cream reduces the dry red patches covered with scales, providing exactly the relief the patient expected. Finally, they can stop wondering how to treat psoriasis. This cream guarantees the skin to gain a healthier aspect, being saved from psoriasis patches. The product is made only from natural ingredients, demonstrating that even a serious skin disorder such as psoriasis can be effectively treated.

Platysol cream is the psoriasis treatment that can be easily described as safe, effective and natural. Patients are recommended to try out a free sample and observe the results on themselves before actually purchasing the product. As opposed to other treatments that have been presented on the market, Platysol has done wonders for a lot of people and their testimonials stand as clear proof. How to treat psoriasis? The answer is simple. By using Platysol cream on a regular basis and allowing the active natural ingredients to perform true miracles. Not only will the number of red patches will be reduced, but the skin’s overall image will be improved.

It is a recognizable fact that psoriasis is one of the most difficult skin disorders to cope with, affecting ones personal image as well. Patients are willing to spend important sums of money in order to find relief and thankfully, Platysol is offered as an affordable psoriasis treatment. Highly effective when it comes to treating the symptoms commonly associated with psoriasis, this cream is superior to over-the-counter treatments. The natural ingredients are active on different types of lesions associated with psoriasis, whether we are talking about dry red patches or those that are covered with scales.

Psoriasis lesions differ depending on each individual patient, leading to a wide range of symptoms such as soreness, itching or even bleeding. One can easily learn how to treat psoriasis, applying Platysol cream just as instructed. The cream will reduce the psoriasis plaques, eliminating all of the symptoms mentioned above and others as well. That means no more bleeding, soreness or itching, no more discomfort or disappointment with the psoriasis treatment. From all the treatments present on the market, it seems that Platysol cream delivers exactly the results the patient expects. There is no need to visit the doctor and one can easily order a sample from the Internet, enjoying the discounted prices.

For anyone tired of creams and all sorts of lotions, Platysol is definitely one of the most recommended treatments. Why spend all your life suffering this rather devastating skin condition when you can take the matters in your own hands, finding a psoriasis treatment that actually works? Try Platysol cream and discover how to treat psoriasis effectively. Say goodbye to the disturbing symptoms of psoriasis, forget all about joint bleeding, irritation caused by the lesions and scratching. Look at the before and after photos present online in order to convince yourself how powerful the active ingredients in Platysol cream truly are.

Water – Beyond Its Libido Powers!

“When the body is well hydrated, all of the physiological and hormonal prerequisites to a satisfying sex life and more-than-adequate libido will be in place. In addition, one or two glasses of water before the “event” will help in achieving a firmer and sustained erection in men and the joys of participation in women.” – Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner for over 15 years. I am a healthy 43 year old woman. Most people are stunned by my age and ask me what my secret is. I tell them plenty of water and plenty of sleep. Of course it’s just words to them. But to me it’s my life, my body and my entire well being. I kid you not when I say that water has been my preventative medicine and a big part of my daily and sacred rituals. Simply put, I just can’t live without water.

Throughout the years of my practice, I have seen, treated and coached 2 – 3 hundred clients. What I find common in every last one of them is their lack of sufficient water consumption and their belief that they are drinking plenty of water. Add their illusions and misunderstandings around the power and properties of water and you get a dried up prune trying to dance. Constipation, migraine headaches, low libido, tumors, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, back and neck pain, asthma, allergies, cancer, obesity, depression – just to name a few – are all signs of dehydration in the body. Those imbalances and cries from the body have only been given names and titles that have now taken on a life of their own.

The mental thinking is drugs for pain; surrender to someone else to take care of the imbalance rather than an active participation and understanding of the way the body functions. (And when you get to understand that powerful temple you live in then you have mastered one of life’s greatest lessons and mysteries.) Everyone knows that water is good for the body. They seem not to know how essential it is to ones well-being. They do not know what happens to the body if it does not receive its daily need of water.

The truth is dehydration is the underlying cause of diseases. The rest is the scientific and medical community stroking their egos with massive words and the titling of some imbalance in the body that they, in fact, do not quite understand themselves.

In his book, The Body’s Many Cries for Water, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj says, “Medical professionals of today do not understand the vital roles of water in the human body. Medications are palliatives. They are not designed to cure the degenerative disease of the human body. Medicine doe not cure diseases. They only mask them.”

“We misinterpret thirst signals as pain, and treat them with drugs which silence instead of cure the problem. Because dehydration eventually causes loss of some functions, the various signals given by water distribution system regulators during severe and lasting dehydration have been translated as indicators of unknown disease conditions of the body. I discovered that histamine is a vital chemical messenger in the brain. Histamine has a most important function not written about in medical textbooks. It is in charge of water intake and drought management in the body. It is less active when the body is fully hydrated, and becomes increasingly active when the body becomes dehydrated. To hush the body’s call for water by masking the symptoms with drugs is like turning out the dashboard light that signal us that our car is about to overheat.”

“Every function inside the body is regulated by and depends on water. Water must be available to carry vital elements, oxygen, hormones, and chemical messages to all parts of the body. Without sufficient water to wet all parts equally, some more remote parts of the body will not receive the vital elements that water supplies. Without sufficient water to constantly wet all parts, your body’s drought-management system kicks into action. The histamine-directed chemical messenger systems are activated to arrange a new, low quota of water for the drought-stricken area. When histamine and its subordinate “drought managers” come across pain-sensing nerves, they cause pain. This is why dehydration produces pain as its first alarm signal. If the dehydration persists and is not corrected naturally with water, it becomes symptom-producing and, in time, develops into a disease condition.”

I am also a mother and I apply my natural health practices and beliefs in my role as a mother. I can not afford expensive medical bills and frankly do not fully trust a system and industrial complex that is based on capitalism and profits while gambling my health away. So I use the natural resources of the earth to restore balance and to remedy any issues that my family and I may have or encounter.

My son’s gum recently began swelling. I knew that his body was fighting an infection as a result. I paused and asked for guidance from the divine healer within. My son had not brushed properly and a piece of food had been stuck in his teeth that had caused the swelling and canker sores in his mouth. I knew that if I took him to the dentist they would put him on an antibiotic that would get rid of the harmful bacteria as well as the ones that his body needs. And I would walk out with a big bill. Empowering the Dentist while dis-empowering me and my pocket book.

So I did my research and chose the healing herbs and methods that I knew would work. My son even played an active role when he walked straight up to a homeopathic remedy, picked it up and said, “Here Mommy”. When I looked it up it was exactly what he needed to cure the canker sore in his mouth. I applauded and thanked him for listening to his inner healer. So I made him drink plenty of water. At least a huge cup full every other hour. (room temperature) I wanted him to go to the bathroom and clean out the toxic from the months before and from traveling to Brazil with his father, being away from me for a while. I also gave him Echinachea (tincture) to take care of the infection. And I had him rinse his mouth with hydrogen peroxide – making sure he doesn’t swallow it. This alone is so powerful in drawing out the toxic from any punctures or wounds in the body. The very next day the swelling began to diminish. And of course I got him back on track with brushing twice a day and flossing. This is only one of our natural remedy stories throughout our 10 years together. Ask any one who knows me and they will tell you that when i was told my son needed steroids I grabbed him and ran out of the hospital daring anyone to touch us. Believe me when I say that i am a Doctor’s worst nightmare because I challenge them and ask them questions that not only leave their heads spinning but also provokes them as well.

Please…. when I say that water is so so powerful I am not whispering it. I am screaming loud at the top of my lungs hoping all humans would hear me. And that it can prevent even the most horrific diseases that man still does not understand like..cancer, diabetes, etc. As well, the healing industry has taken on a fast pace life of its own with everyone telling you their way or the highway. Don’t be fooled. It is so simple! We only make it complicated. And all the therapies are worthless without the proper consumption of the purest and most readily available element and remedy- WATER!!. YES!! And I am not here to convince you at all. I am just here to share because if I don’t then it would only be selfish of me and I would not be in alignment with my true purpose.

I am a living testimony to curing myself of “fibroid tumors”,” infertility” and “Bells Palsy”. I only wish you greater wisdom and healthy choices in living and loving. And today I am giving you information to make that decision.

Of course, readiness plays a vital role and one must be ready and willing to make a change and put “love” in action”.

All quotes above were taken directly from, The Body’s Many Cries for Water by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

Top 5 Pieces of Advice to Stay Healthy and Fit

Nowadays, when the pace of life is so fast that sometimes you are not realizing the times of events passed by you need to stay fit. It does not matter actually what kind of fitness you need – at least a healthy style of life, timely dinners and suppers and physical exercises. So there is a list of top 5 suggestions to be healthy and stay fit:

1) Eat according to the schedule – do not take any food even snacks after 8 pm Your stomach would not probably digest the food in a proper way and fat would not be split. The result of such consumption is already known to everyone – you become fat, experience a shortness of breath, feel unwell and your heart is always overloaded.

2) Do not stay up late and wake up early. This is not a one-time-fits-all policy as there are larks and owls but many people feel much healthier when they get up early in the morning and have enough time for practicing sport activities.

3) Do some morning exercises! Yes, it is clear that you would not think of them as a pleasant activity early in the morning when your body is lazy enough to make a single move. Just spend half an hour per day for your fitness activities and the result will be visible in several weeks.

4) Stick to a personalized nutrition plan that is based on different active supplements and vitamins that help you to organize your diet. But there is one thing to remember and keep in mind – you are to buy and consume only the highest quality vitamins and natural supplements. There are many stores that sell fake diet supplements and that is why always attentive and careful purchasing vitamins and herbal supplements.

All in all, the things are to be done in order to stay healthy are not so hard to accomplish – just lead a healthy style of life – do not smoke, refuse alcohol, avoid fat food, eat more salads and fruits and do not forget That auto-suggestion as well as being always in a cheerful mood help as well!

What is Neurotransmitter Deficiency Disorder and How Can It Cause Depression, Anxiety, and …

Neurotransmitters (NTs) are essential chemical messengers that regulate brain,
Muscle, nerve and organ function. The most common NTs are serotonin, dopamine,
Norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Low levels of these important chemicals is
Extremely common in the general public and is due to innumerable lifestyle,
Environmental, and dietary factors. This article is intended to help the reader
Determine whether they may be deficient in NTs and how evaluation and treatment
Of this disorder can help.

People with neurotransmitter deficiency disorder can suffer from one or more of the
Following conditions: obesity, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue,
Insomnia, attention deficit, learning disorders, panic attacks, migraines, pms,
Menopausal symptoms, digestive complaints and many more.

Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and other drugs working on the
Neurotransmitter biochemistry such as Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, Celexa, Wellbutrin,
Etc. Are currently some of the most commonly prescribed drugs. They work by
Artificially increasing the amount of serotonin in the synapse of the nerve which
Allows a temporary improvement in the chemical messaging system.

The problem with this approach is that these drugs DO NOT increase serotonin
Levels and in fact depletes reserves of the NT. This occurs because the SSRI class
Drugs cause an increase in an enzyme called MAO. It is common for people to
Experience only temporary improvement due to this effect.

The most effective way to correct a neurotransmitter deficiency is to perform a
Simple urine test to measure the NT levels. The treatment for optimizing the
Neurotransmitter levels is to provide the basic amino acid precursors or building
Blocks so the body can replenish theadequate levels.

The true value of any treatment is the results it produces. Using this approach over
The last year, I have assisted coach many patients to a higher level of wellness.
Patients with chronic depression, anxiety, and or insomnia have experienced a new
Sense of wellbeing while continuing their prescription, others have successfully
Weaned themselves off their prescription SSRI drugs after their symptoms have
Improved. Weight loss patients using slightly higher amino acid dosing consistently
Lose 1.5-2.5 lbs. Per week without hunger while improving their lean muscle / body
Fat ratios.

FAQs relating Dr. Nelson's NT program for anxiety and depression

Q. If I already taking SSRI drugs, can I safely use this amino acid approach?

A. In my clinical experience I have seen great results with patients who have been on
SSRI drugs for many many years. First, we get the person feeling better, then if the
Patient chooses, we slowly wean them off their prescription drugs.

Q. How does amino acid therapy increase NT levels?
A. 5HTP is converted into serotonin and then melatonin. Phenylalanine is converted
Into tyrosine, then dopamine, L-Dopa, norepinephrine, and lastly epinephrine.

Q. How do you measure for the neurotransmitter levels in order to determine
Appropriate treatment?

A. The levels for epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, GABA, PEA,
Histamine, and many others can be measured with a simple urine test. An initial
Urine test can be given and then repeated after 6 to 12 weeks of therapy to
Determine optimal neurotransmitter levels have been obtained.

Q. Are there any side effects associated with the amino acid neurotransmitter

A. Not only are there no side effects, but there are numerous side benefits. People
With depression often find relief not only from depression but also insomnia,
Fatigue, GI symptoms, chronic pain, pms, menopausal symptoms, obesity, food
Cravings, etc. In a small amount of people (less than 5%) people could have gastro
Intestinal symptoms such as nausea, cramping, diarrhea, etc. This occurs in people
With severe neurotransmitter deficiency. This usually occurs within the first three
Days and is solved by stopping all amino acids. Therapy is continued at very low
Dosing after symptoms abate and then slowly increased to the therapeutic levels over
Three to six weeks.

Q. How long will it take until my symptoms of depression / anxiety improve?

A. Each individual responses differently to treatment. Some patients have noticed
Incredible improvements in moods in a few days, others do not notice any
Improvements for a period of time (sometimes 3-4 months) and then notice gradual
Improvements over the following 3 to 6 months, most patients notice preliminary
Improvements beginning after 1 month of treatment and then continue to improve.

Q. What should I expect during a normal course of evaluation and treatment?

A. Evaluation involves an initial office visit to determine overall health history,
Prescription drug levels, severity of symptoms, and any related health concerns.
There is an optional urine test for neurotransmitter levels. Treatment consists of the

1. Conditioning Phase – a one to two week period to prepare the patient for higher
Levels of the therapeutic amino acid dosing.

2. Therapeutic Phase – a period lying anywhere from two months to 1 year + where
High levels of amino acids are given to restore the neurotransmitter levels.

3. Maintenance Phase – onging treatment with a small amount of amino acids to
Maintain the levels of neurotransmitters. This provides enough amino acids to
Replace the neurotransmitters excreted through the day.

Q. Will I need to stay on amino acid therapy indefinitely?

A. Most people need to stay on a low level maintenance dose in order to continue
To feel well after their 2 month to 1 year plus treatment phase. If people stop taking
The amino acids, their neurotransmitter levels will slowly decrease over time.

Q. What amino acids are used in this therapy?

A. The amino acids used depend on the unique situation. The therapy will include
Any number of the following: 5HTP, tyrosine, phenylalanine, cysteine, mucuna
(Herbal L-Dopa), theanine, glutamine, taurine, methionine, GABA, phosphorylated b
Vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

Q. What is the approximate cost of the therapy?

A. The cost of the neurotransmitter replacement therapy can range from $ 80 to
$ 120 + during the therapeutic phase. After the patients symptoms have improved
And the urine tests show optimal levels, the cost for the maintenance therapy is
Significantly less.

Q. What's the success rate for anxiety and depression using this approach?

A. Anxiety and Depression are conditions that are multi-factorial. Patients that
Follow the dietary recommendations, take the supplements and do not give up before
The neurotransmitters levels have been restored to have a very high success rate. This
Natural therapy corrects the biochemical imbalance associated with these
Conditions. Patients working with a qualified counselor or therapist to address the
Mental and emotional aspects of these conditions have an even higher success rate.

Medical Supplies for Diabetics

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people all over the world and is a condition that can lead to other more serious health problems, including kidney failure and even death, if it is not treated and managed properly. When a person has diabetes, their body is either unable to produce enough insulin, or can not use the insulin it does create properly. Often, medications are required to manage diabetes and there are a number of medical supplies that diabetics use to make sure that their blood sugar levels remain where they should be.

There are three main types of diabetes: Type 1 or juvenile diabetes, Type 2 or adult diabetes diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Of the three, Type 1 is the most dangerous and the one that needs to have the most treatment, including regular insulin injections. Gestational diabetes is a condition that usually occurs around the middle or last third of a pregnancy and goes away once the baby is born. Mothers with gestational diabetes usually do not pass the condition on to their babies.

Medical Supplies

When a person is diagnosed as being diabetic, they are going to need to have certain medical supplies on hand at all times, in order to monitor their blood sugar levels and make sure that they are getting enough insulin. A blood tester, usually referred to as a home testing kit, is needed and these are often used multiple times a day, as the blood sugar levels change with the foods that are ateen and even after certain activities. These home testing kits used to be large and cumbersome and the tests were painful (pricking the finger to draw blood for a sample). Today, the machines are very small and diabetics can test on other, less painful areas of the body, such as the arms or the legs. Some diabetics will also be required to give themselves regular insulin injections and their medical supplies will include syringes for this purpose.

The Insulin Pump

For decades, the only way many diabetics could get the insulin they needed was to give them injections, sometimes several times a day. Now, there are medical supplies that eliminate the need for injections and provide diabetics with a much more normal lifestyle, because they will not have to worry about taking time out of their activities to give them a needle. The insulin pump is one of the latest types of medical supplies for diabetics and it is normalizing a lot of lives. This has been a great thing for kids who have diabetes, because with the pump, they are able to lead much more active and normal, lives.

An insulin pump is a wonderful tool for helping to manage and treat diabetes. It provides the body with insulin as it needs it, eliminating the need for insulin injections. And, by using an insulin pump, diabetics are able to keep their blood sugar levels regulated and in many cases, patients may end up requiring less insulin over time. Insulin pumps are popular with diabetics of all ages and are used by many people who have Type 1 diabetes and even some people with Type 2 diabetes.

The insulin pump is a device that delivers insulin at different times through the day, whenever the body needs it. Since it is something that works continuously, the pump must also be worn during sleep and it keeps the blood sugar levels regulated at all times. Because it is small, it is not a hindrance to wear in bed and, after a while, wearers will not even know it is there. You can do just about anything when you wear an insulin pump, even go swimming, as long as you are not diving in deep waters. It is not a good idea to use the pump in hot water, so if you are bathing or using a hot tub, you should remove it for that time period.

You can even wear the pump when you are taking part in sports, even contact sports. The pump can be disconnected but it can be easily worn under clothes and padding, so you can take part in just about any sport you can think of, something that you may not have been able to do previously, when you had to take injections through The day. Insulin pumps are great medical supplies for kids who were never able to be really active before.

Insulin pumps are medical supplies that are not inexpensive but there are many health plans that will cover some, if not all of the costs. If you or someone you love has diabetes and needs to take insulin, you really need to learn more about this terrific little device. If will make your life a whole lot easier and you will be able to easily manage your diabetes without having to stop to test your blood and give yourself a shot.

A Healthy Diet Is Essential for Diabetics

Although it is not something that would be included in your list of medical supplies for diabetics, it is important to remember that a healthy diet is a useful tool in the treatment and management of diabetes. When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, it is going to mean a number of lifestyle changes will have to be made, including dietary changes. It will be more important than ever to make sure that they are getting the proper nutrition and knowing which foods they can and can not eat. Often, at least in the beginning, diabetics must follow severely restricted diets. This can sometimes lead to a lack of certain nutrients, such as protein, which is necessary for our health, not to mention the fact that it is a natural source of energy.

What Is The Difference Between Being Obese And Being Clinically Obese?

We are all familiar with the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and, in many ways, a similar phrase can be applied to weight. Just what do we mean when we say somebody is overweight?

As far as the medical profession is concerned a person’s ideal weight is the weight at which the body functions at its best. As we start to gain weight the excess fat that we are carrying begins to affect the way that the body functions. A little excess weight will not place any great strain on the body but there comes a point at which health problems begin to develop and at this point we are said to be obese. If we continue to gain weight these health problems become increasingly severe until we reach the point at which our weight is likely to give rise to health problems that could literally be a threat to our lives. We have now reached morbid obesity.

But how do we know when we’re overweight, obese or morbidly obese?

The commonly used measure of obesity is known as body mass index, or BMI, and is calculated simply as a ratio of your weight to your height. If having plugged your weight and height into the equation you come out with a number between 18.5 and 24.9 you are said to have a normal weight. However, if you come out with a number between 25.0 and 29.9 you are overweight and between 30.0 and 39.9 you are obese. Once you reach 40 or more you are morbidly obese.

In other words, obesity is simply a function of your weight and height.

Unfortunately, while this is a fairly good way of getting a quick indication of whether or not you are overweight or obese, it’s not entirely accurate and there are a number of factors including age, sex, race, ethnicity and others which are also important in the determination of obesity and which the BMI calculation simply doesn’t take into account.

To get a true measure of obesity a number of factors have to be determined such as those already mentioned as well as you waist measurement, waist to hip ratio, percentage of body fat and a few others and these can only be determined by your doctor in a clinical setting.

In other words you can get a good idea of whether or not you might be obese by calculating your BMI, but you’ll need your doctor to tell you whether or not you are really obese – in other words, clinically obese.

Mistaken For Each Other

There is one distinction between two words that people typically garble in their everyday speech and they are park and playground. The words park and playground are typically used interchangeably in the vernacular, but do not actually refer to the same places. Typically a playground will be inside of a park, so the mistake is understandable. But, there will never park inside of a playground. They do have one thing in common and that people typically go to either of them to enjoy themselves. Other than that, parks can have a variety of purposes, while playgrounds always have the same purpose.

Playgrounds are already used as place for playsets, swings and such, on which kids play. Playgrounds tend to be located in urban areas, school yards, amusement parks and parks. Playgrounds are also specifically geared towards kids. Parents play in playgrounds for the benefit of their kids and teenagers might just because they are being obnoxious. To summarize, a playground is found in the same places and used by the same age group. Also, playgrounds tend to contain roughly the same type of things, playground equipment. Although, sometimes the largest difference between a playground and park is the that a playground can be found indoors, while it is impossible to find a park indoors ..

On the other hand, a park is a broad open space, as in no buildings or buildings of which to speak, used for various purposes. A park is just a piece of land set besides for people to go through it. There are national parks, which are spaces protected by the government, but people travel through them to marvel at nature. A state park are much like national parks, but they are also geared towards providing a place for outdoor activity than conservation. Lastly, there are city parks. These parks are grassy places, maybe trees. The city park is supposedly to a place where people can escape the concrete and breath some reliably fresher air, because of all the oxygen processing greenery. A park, because it is a place of recreation in one sense or another tend to contain at least one playground, although they do not have to have one.

Most people in their daily speech fail to distinguish between a park and a playground and use the words interchangeably. Although both places of recreation, a park is spot of natural space, having various purposes. Meanwhile, a playground is a place that contains playground equipment on which children play. The name playground summarizes what it is entirely. In fact, park and playground are not interchangeable.

Overcoming Anxiety Attacks – How I Beat Anxiety Attacks Naturally

Overcoming anxiety attacks is usually through drugs. But I beat my anxiety attacks naturally. Here, you’ll discover the symptoms of anxiety attacks, the usual drug-based treatments and their side effects, and, information on how I eliminated my anxiety and anxiety attacks naturally.

So if you are struggling with any of the following types of anxiety disorders then don’t worry, help is at hand:

Phobias – fear that’s not in proportion to any real danger.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) –

Panic disorder –

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) –

Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) –

feel worried most of the time about things that might go wrong.have or witness a traumatic eventliving ‘in fear of fear’. recurring obsessions and/or compulsions.

tightness or pain in your chest

shortness of breath


difficulty swallowing


You can also get psychological symptoms with anxiety, which can include…

sleeping difficulties

feeling worried or uneasy all the time

feeling tired

being irritable or quick to get angry

being unable to concentrate

If the above is familiar, then don’t worry as there is help available, which is powerful, but also practical. Don’t let finding ways of overcoming anxiety attacks worry you any more: I beat my anxiety attacks naturally. This natural solution worked for me and now I feel incredible. You’ll get the information at the bottom, but first, here’s my anxiety story…

My anxiety attacks were related to a social phobia; crowded public places were a hell-hole for me. My chronic anxiety invaded my life and kept me from going out with friends and having fun. Friends and family would do my shopping and I never went to the cinema, just waited for the DVD.

I was prescribed drug-based treatments. But I found my anxiety disorder drug treatment had basically ‘duped’ my brain into a better state. I was prescribed a serotonin-specific reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), basically an anti-depressant. It made me feel unmotivated and constantly tired. I was going about in a daze.

If you have already sought medical advice, then the chances are that you have been prescribed some form of drug treatment programme? But before this you would have been asked countless invasive questions. Typical drug treatments include…

Tranquillisers – Such as Benzodiazepine. Short-term stress-related anxieties. Risk of addiction if taken for long periods.

Buspirone – Can relieve anxiety over time but has side effects. Different from Benzodiazepines.

Antidepressants – Such as Seroxat, Sereupin. Three month course, but may require longer.

Beta-blockers – Such as Inderal or Lopressor only relieves physical symptoms of anxiety such as shaking. Doesn’t affect psychological symptoms. Not suitable if asthmatic or diabetic.

The above can help to a degree, but the thought of taking these for lengthy periods scared me stiff. I felt like I was slipping back to where I started; I felt dependent on them. Some of the drug treatments listed can be addictive and also have otherside effects, such as Buspirone which causes nausea, headache and nervousness. So I took another, more natural route to overcoming anxiety attacks…

If you don’t want to go down the same costly ‘drug’ route with their negative side effects, then go now to where you’ll get the facts on a completely natural remedy for overcoming anxiety attacks successfully used by thousands of ex-sufferers worldwide. Plus, a free video of an anxiety attack as it happens.

But before we look at ways of overcoming anxiety attacks, let’s look at the symptoms.

When you’re suffering an attack, you may experience a range of physical symptoms. These occur because of the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response which is caused by the release of the stress hormone adrenaline. These symptoms can include…

Which Foods Should I Eat For Rosacea?

Is there such a thing as a diet for rosacea? Can certain foods cause rosacea? Are there certain foods to eat for rosacea cures? Most people who suffer from this skin disorder find that right after eating certain foods, they suffer from flare-ups.which leads them to ask: Which foods cause rosacea. In reality, foods do not cause rosacea, but allergic reactions to foods can cause flare-ups.

Most people find that once they identify the offending food and eliminate it from their diet, their eczema flare-ups are reduced. For others, they may still have some eczema symptoms and need to find a natural treatment for rosacea.

What is rosacea? Rosacea is a very common skin disorder that starts out as a flush or rash on the face, mostly the on the cheeks and nose. For many people this flush or redness is hard to distinguish from an allergy, rash, or sunburn. However, in the case of rosacea, the redness is almost always there and ever swells burns and becomes inflamed.

Physicians do not know what causes rosacea but suspect there might be a genetic connection and that this disorder could be hereditary. Other causes may include:

– Too much sun exposure
– Certain medication
– Hormones
– Environment

So, which foods trigger allergic flare-ups? The most popular foods are dairy products. Up to 75% of rosacea sufferers are allergic to some type of dairy product. Other less popular foods include gluten, wheat, soy, nuts, food coloring, and preservatives.

Rosacea Diet: One of the best ways to reduce rosacea flare-ups, in addition to avoiding allergic foods, is to change the diet and stay away from highly acidic foods. When following a good rosacea diet try to avoid:

– Meat
– Alcohol
– Fried foods
– Processed simple foods

Try keeping a food diary for 2 weeks and see if you can find the offending foods that cause your rosacea flare-ups. This can help reduce common rosacea symptoms.

Useful Home Treatments for Constipation

Constipation is a condition of the digestive system where someone experiences tough bowel movements which happen less frequent than normal. Everyone has experienced constipation at some point in their life, and they can attest that it is not a very pleasant experience. Though it is not chronic, everyone would give anything to get their bowels back on track. The amount of time between bowel movements varies widely from one person to another.

Most people have them three times in a day while others have them twice or even once! However going for more than three days is enough to cause alarm. This is because food takes longer in the digestive tract which means the colon absorbs more water from the stool. This makes the stool hard and dry and therefore difficult and even very painful to eliminate.

Causes of Constipation

1. Low Amounts of Fiber in the Diet

Fibers act as cleaners to the digestive tract. Diets that lack fibers result in an unclean digestive tract. This, consequently, results in accumulation of food particles and wastes that block the passage and thus cause constipation

2. Physical Inactivity

People who are physically inactive, for example, those who are bedridden for several weeks, are more susceptible to constipation. This is because physical activity helps us maintain a high metabolism, and thus body processes such as digestion happen more rapidly.

3. Some Drugs

Some of the drugs that cause constipation include

Antacids that contain aluminium such as Basaljel

Diuretics such as chlorothiazide

Antidepressants such as imipramine

Narcotic pain relievers such as hydromorphone

4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

People who suffer from this condition suffer from constipation more frequently

5. Aging

As we grow older, our metabolic rate slows down. This results in a reduced rate in body functions such as digestion and thus cause constipation

6 Not Drinking Enough Water

This results in more absorption of water from the food which makes the stool hard. The result is constipation

7. Not Emptying Your Bowels when Needed

Ignoring this vital call of nature means the stool spends more time in the colon. As a result more water is absorbed from it leaving it hard and dry.

The Remedies for Constipation

1. Add Fiber-Rich Foods to Your Diet

The main role of fiber in our body is cleaning the digestive tract. They clean up the system by scrubbing off food leftovers and waste particles and even soaking up the water, thereby treating and preventing constipation. Some of these foods include cereals, almonds, beans, barley, vegetables, and fresh fruits, among many others. You should also drink plenty of water

2. Mint or Ginger Tea

Research has proven mint and ginger to be handy home remedies to digestive problems. Methanol that is contained in peppermint has an antispasmodic effect which helps relax the digestive system’s muscles and thereby allow rapid movement of food. Ginger, on the other hand, helps the digestive tract generate more heat thereby speeding up digestion through increased metabolism as heat increases the metabolic rate.

3. Healthy Facts

Oils from avocados, nuts and olive oil help in lubrication of the digestive tract and hence ease constipation.

4. Lemon Water

Citric acid present in lemon juice helps stimulate the digestive system and also flush out harmful substances such as wastes. Taking a glass of fresh lemon juice every morning or adding lemon to your tea will not only help treat and prevent constipation but also make you drink more water everyday.

5. Coffee

Coffee is a good stimulant to your body. It works by increasing metabolism through heat and thereby speeding up your trips to the toilet. Other hot drinks work just as well.

6. Raisins

Other than being rich in fiber, raisins contain tartaric acid which helps loosen stools. Research shows that people who take raisins have their food go through their digestive track in half the time it takes people who don’t. When should you call your doctor? If you experience sudden constipation that is accompanied by belly pains, cramping, or you are not able to pass stools or gas, call your doctor immediately.

7. Water

Taking a cup of water after waking up is recommended. Water helps in peristalsis and therefore helps prevent constipation.

8. Massage

Massaging the abdomen also helps in relieving constipation. It achieves this by stimulating intestinal muscles that are involved during bowel movements.

9. Taking Honey

Honey is a natural laxative. Taking a cup of honey water will help loosen stools and hence prevent and even relieve constipation.

10. Using a Sitting Stool

Using a stool to sit on during defecation helps you adopt a squatting position which helps open up the colon more and helps achieve an easier and more effective elimination of stools.

6 Silly Lead Generation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Is your traffic going away without converting into leads?

For marketers and business owners it’s important to know the nitty-gritty of B2B lead generation.

Leads are the coal and ice of any business. After all, with no leads, you cannot have any sales. Lead gen is a difficult business because leads can be at diverse stages in the buyer journey and so you need different levels of nurturing. This is why the majority of business search and hire the best Lead Generation Company that specializes in offering qualified leads. However, whether it is a lead generation agency or a sales professional if they want to build a pipeline of hot leads and magnetize high-value clients, they need to avoid these blunders at all costs.

Let’s take a look at six lead generation mistakes to keep away from for increasing sales conversions

Don’t know your audience

If you are unaware of your audience needs then it’s hard to craft the right message as well as offer to grab their attention. You also cannot drive them to take the next action and so any marketing activities will be wasted. So, research well about your audience and identify their interests, demographics; problems, and inclinations.

You are not a specialist

People aren’t looking to solve ‘common problems’, in fact, they are looking to solve ‘particular problems’. If they find you as ‘jack of all trades and master of none’, you will be swallowed up. If you are too ordinary, look at where you can go in for. This will help you will get referred constantly and people will look you up when you study intensively. You can also make a good amount of fees as a specialist.

You try to be all over

With thousands of marketers promising riches of Solomon at the end of their arc it can be easy to follow the extensive publicity. Don’t waste your time on Facebook if your target audience is on LinkedIn, no matter what the experts say. Take a foot back and research to make out which platforms your prospects are on and fixate your attention there. Then after scrutinize, measure and fine-tune.

You don’t have a concrete referral system

Don’t wait for consistent referrals unless you have a powerful system. These days’ people are asked a lot for referrals more than ever. That is because referrals are hot qualified leads that don’t cost you anything up front. If you look for referrals you have to make it simple for people to refer.

Your business brand stands weak and bland

Knowing your audience is not enough, you also need to know yourself as well as your business position. And this truth should be expressed in your message because without this understanding you will lose your true significance and you will be just a run-of-the-mill. Hence, let your audience know what you represent and what you stand up against.

Let them see the persona behind your business –

• What you own?

• How is it unique?

• How will it help your audience?

• And why should they trust you?

You ask for too much

Asking a lot of personal questions to your date when you meet him/her for the first time isn’t right, similarly, it’s not right to get too personal when you ask for details on forms. Just as a date, the early you catechize, the rate of the conversion gets lower. Thus, be patient and start by knowing the basic information like their name and email. Nurture your lead with more content-based information and once they trust you, ask for more details.

How I Cured My Anxiety In One Week

Anxiety is one of the most suffering disorders in the western world up there with back pain and depression. It is known to be a reliably new illness affecting a wide range of people of all ages, sex and nationalities. I myself have suffered from it for the last 10 years. I had episodes so intense that I often came to a point where I just wanted to kill myself just to put an end to it. The only things that kept me from committing suicide were my respect and love for life.

When you are in a state of high anxiety, you lose a lot of your self-control abilities. You feel as if your brain is spinning and literally frying in your cranium, your mind is all over the place but you can not seem to focus on anything, you become really, extremely afraid that you are going to lose your mind and you have Tingling sensations all over your body (if it's not just plain numb like it often happened to me).

All of this is highly unpleasant. The 2 most important things that you have to know are:

1) you just CAN NOT go crazy and lose your mind from having anxiety, do not ever be scared of that, 2) the dizzy feeling you get is just from the lack of oxygen that your brain suffers when you stress out and panic. It's a natural response from your body. Your breathing becomes too shallow. Try to force yourself to breath deeply through your belly and you should regain clarity of thoughts.

These 2 things kept in mind, it will calm you down if you ever get a panic attack again. Yes you read well. If the causes of your anxiety are the same as mine, you might be able to get rid of it in about a week just by changing CERTAIN THINGS IN YOUR DIET. It took me 5 years to discover what I am about to share with you. I consider everyone on earth to be my friends and I care. This is why I am going to tell you what the FOOD AND DRUG INDUSTRY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.

The first thing you are going to learn is how to read food and drugs labels. It's a pretty easy thing to do once you get used to it. It is a life-saving skill that most people underestimate.

There are 2 things to look out for when you are a sensitive subject to anxiety.

1) Aspartame and other brand names of artificial sweeteners, and 2) Any kind of free glutamates like the famous MSG or monosodium glutamate (also known as Annatto, Accent and many more) found in a LOT of processed food.

I am not going to enumerate in details all the things you have to look out for on labels as it is going to be one of the tasks you will have to go through on your path to sanity and well deserved peace of mind and health. Simply go to Google and type in the keywords "MSG, aspartame, anxiety, dangers, poisons, cancer, etc." And a whole new world of secrets is going to unfold in front of (a maybe skeptical) you. Print out a list of things to avoid and stick it on your fridge. Stay open-minded about it all, even if you have been putting your trust in the big food and drugs industries for many years, it's hard to swallow when you realize how their primary goal is not your health but your MONEY.

Publicity and marketing are really good at numbing your mind and having you believe that every product out there is for you own good and safety. But think about it for 2 seconds. In a world where there is war without shame, hunger and so, so much violence and greed for power and money, how could we think anything would stop major companies from wanting to make money? These people cruelly test products on animals, destroy forests and use children as slaves. Those harmful food additives are on the market just because the FDA approves the chemicals and everyone up there is buddy-buddy! You scratch my back, I scratch yours. One says it's ok, the other one sells it. Everybody makes a profit and everyone gets a ranch, a yacht and a face lift. That's how dishonest business works. These business people are not charitable souls, they are money making sharks. Do you really think they care about YOU? Do not be naive and think about it. You owe it to yourself to be aware and take responsibility for your own health.

As soon as you eradicate those chemicals from your diet you should start feeling better in a short time. There is no damage to your brain from your anxiety and you do not have to live with it ever again. There might be damage from aspartame and MSG, but it should be minor if you are still reliably young (under 35). If you are older and have been using these chemicals for a long amount of time, like let's say, if you've been drinking large amounts of Diet Coke for years, you might want to consider seeing a naturopath that would recommend a DETOX plan for You (well it is considered a hard addictive poisonous drug). What those 2 chemicals were doing was to excite your brain cells to a point where they would just fry out and die. Here is the spinning / frying brain feeling in the most sensitive of us. They also mess with your metabolism, keeping it from normally processing food and nutrients and therefore CAUSING WEIGHT GAIN AND PAIN CAUSING DISEASES (like Fibromyalgia or arthritis). Remember that our bodies are wonderful machines and when we feed them right, they should work perfectly and obesity is not natural in any animals, not even in humans. Have you ever seen a wild animal that was obese? Of course processed food is not part of their diet.

But why you, you might ask? What makes you different from other people who do not seem to suffer from these symptoms? When you hear about people who are "allergic" to MSG or Aspartame, it is not entirely true. Those people are just "above average" sensitive to the chemicals. In some way, everyone is "allergic" to them. They are labeled as POISONS by chemists. When you eat poison, you're poisoned. Not allergic! Other people might experiment different symptoms like developing cancers or having heart failure and seizures. So consider yourself "lucky" to only be experiencing mental symptoms.

As a final word, I would like to warn you about a couple of things. The first one is restaurant food. When many places tend to not add any pure MSG powder to their food, they use sauces and powders that contain some. Some fruit cocktails that are not labeled "diet" also contain Aspartame in order to lower the sugar amounts and make you buy it instead of another one (Aspartame has other names. Look on Google for alternative names). Vaccines sometimes also contain free glutamates. Ask for a list of "ingredients" before you get a shot of anything. You certainly want to know what they are injecting you or your CHILDREN with. And also keep in mind that most traditional doctors are not aware of the effects of Aspartame and MSG on people's health. It is often an honest mistake of their part when they do not diagnose someone with food chemicals poisoning.

They have studied medicine in SCHOOLS, which are GOVERNMENT institutions. They do not teach that in schools. Did you know that the company that sells Aspartame often gives money to research teams in universities and threaten to withdraw the "gift" if they publicly come out with negative results on the artificial sweetener? You can easily check that out online. I find that organic "processed" foods tend to have a lot less additives and colorants. They are more expensive but taste much better, are more filling, do not contain pesticides or herbicides and do not make you sick. Surely it is worth the extra money. Also be sure to check the labels on meal replacement drinks like ENSURE, waters with added vitamins and WHEY POWDER PROTEIN SHAKES. My father was heavily using protein shakes during exercising for years, and besides being really healthy looking and fit and having the heart of a 20 years old's, he died of brain cancer at the age of 50.

So I really hope this information is going to help you get rid of anxiety forever, become healthy and who knows, help you with weight issues if that is one of your goals. It is going to be hard. I sometimes get little episodes after going out for dinner or having a nice-tasting flavored latte from the coffee shop. I sometimes go nuts and binge on salt and vinegar chips, which keep me shaking, sweaty, panicking and confused all night. I should know better. Since free glutamates and aspartame are highly addictives, you might crave them for a while after you go off them, as if you were trying to stop smoking. The human body gets used to any poison we may choose to feed it. You might get moody and angry. It's all part of the process. Do your own research and please, please … spread the word.

-Marie-Eve Harvey (Self-heal ex-anxious wreck)

Gift Picker – Learn How to Choose Wisely

Have you been designated gift picker for someone by your mate, mom, dad, sister, brother, great aunt, Fido the dog, or maybe just yourself? Do not despair. Being a gift picker can be great fun, especially if it means the fruit of your work will make someone happy. It's a great time to be creative about picking out something the recipient will enjoy and appreciate. Think relaxation. Go for something that the gift receiver will not expect, something that will force them to relax. After all in this fast paced, leave no time for ourselves world, sometimes we need a little push to take the time for ourselves.

As a gift picker you may very well hold in your hands the ability to snap someone out of the funk of routine, and help them lapse into a temporary world of rest and relaxation. Allowing them to morph into a state of bliss, if just for a short period of time, is sure to invite gratitude. Massage, aromatherapy, a spa getaway, the possibilities are endless. Maybe something as gastronomically pleasing as it is therapeutic, like chamomile tea, or any assortment of bedtime teas. Receiving a gift like that would make anyone who is stressed out, or suffering from a bout of insomnia, thankful to have you as a friend.

Consider tossing all those items into a gift basket. A sort of catacomb of all things relaxing is sure to be appreciated. It is something as pretty on the outside as it is satisfying on the inside. A basket full of fun items one would not normally buy for themselves; Spoiled with something lush and opulent. See, is not it fun being a gift picker. This is your chance to pull off something big that will be appreciated for years.

As a gift picker, choose a well-appointed gift, a gift set catering to discriminating tastes. Take the opportunity to show how much you care through generosity. Different retailers put different things into their insomnia gift bags, but some common items are: exotic herbal sleep teas, a truly plush, decadent robe like the ones found in fancy hotels all over the world, Bling H20 water masked in beautiful museum quality glass bottles Encrusted with Swarovski crystals, a comfy lavender bath pillow, soothing aromatherapy eye mask, relaxation music CD, best-selling books and various bath and body spa items that will make it or her feel like a movie star.