The Secrets of Hair Structure – Hairdressing and Styling Training

Every one of us looks at our hair every day but do we really see it? Do we see all the components that make up just one strand of hair? For most of us no we do not take our hair for granted. Its there where its suppose to be and that's good enough. For the professional hair stylist though that is not near enough. They must be aware of all of the components of the hair and how they are going to react to the numerous services perform on them. This is especially true when it comes to hair coloring services.

The various hair textures are the determining factor when it comes to quality and density of the color. The various textures all respond differently when it comes to color. This is the very reason why a stylist much have a solid knowledge in the basic structure of the hair.

There are many contributors to hair color away from texture. There is the individuals overall health, the climate they live in, their ancestry, as well as age.

The hair is dependent, large, on genetic factors and the environmental surroundings for its structure and form. Heredity, age, physical condition and climate all contribute to color, strength and growth of hair.

When one starts a thorough study of the hair, it's hard to phantom the complexity of each and every single hair. It starts its growth from the follicle emerging from a papilla that is made up of living cells. Here mitosis or cell multiplication occurs to start the formation of the hair. As these multiple cells receive oxygen and continue to grow, they remain in a soft state while the outer cells become flattened against the follicle wall where they are now known as the hair cuticle. In this state not only have they become flat they are now hard and scaly and have taken on the job of encompassing the hair by overlapping one another. The cuticle has several layers, which in turn protect the inner cortex. This cortex is the most important layer and makes75 to 90% of the hair. This is where the pliability, strength, elasticity, texture, growth direction and quality of the hair are formed.

In some hairs, there is a central core. This is the medulla which is present in some hairs but not in others. Alternately, some hair may even have two. Keratin is the hair build up and protein. Sulfur is one item contained within the protein and is what gives hair its strength. Coloring affects the balance of these proteins, and over processing, weakens the hair to the point where it becomes brittle.

The hair goes through three growth cycles being antigenic which is the growth phase. Antigenic second phase where it starts to slow down and finally the telegenic stage, which is the resting stage.

The natural hair color of the hair comes from melanin. The melanin begins as a clear substance that goes through a course of various changes which finally it ends up as black pigment where it continues to go through changes and finally based on the size of the granules it depicts the darker or lighter hair. Gray hair is simply a hair mixture of white hair with natural color. In the end, it comes down to all the different natural hair colors that we see are corresponded of various mixtures of black, brown, red and yellow pigments.

Top Reasons to Buy Diamond Gold Jewelry

According to Paco Underhill, the great retail guru, there are three reasons why men buy diamond and gold jewelry for women:

1. Affection: Marriage, engagement, anniversaries or any other statements of affection and affiliation are made with the purchase and offer of expensive diamond and gold jewelry.

2. Indulgence: Any commitment that bypasses what is sanctioned by society requires expensive gifts. Girlfriends and mistresses come under this category.

3. Repentance: Misbehavior of any sort is sure to attract a full-blown emotional warfare. The only way to get out of this smoothly is to buy expensive diamond and gold jewelry.

While the author has succinctly hit the nail on the head, you might want to consider other reasons too to invest in diamond and gold jewelry.

Impulse: Many men and women buy jewelry because they see something they like and can not resist the dazzling brilliance of jewelry. These days, it is particularly hard to fight temptation what with fashion gurus, TV personalities and Hollywood stars making public appearances decked in their finest diamond and gold jewelry.

Value: As the price of diamond and gold climbs up, many people are beginning to invest in these precious metals. They figure that the value of these precious materials will only go up and since it makes sense to invest in them – which is true.

Rarity: Many people buy diamond and gold jewelry because of their received rarity and worth. This is particularly true of diamond jewelry. Not everyone can afford magnificent diamonds. It naturally follows that those who can afford them belong to the elite class.

For many centuries now, diamond and gold jewelry has been used to indicate power, wealth and social status. Even psychologists agree that people buy jewelry because they like to differentiate themselves from the rest.

These days, a lot depends on the image you project. As a class of people, Americans are especially conscious of their outward appearance and indulge in a nip here and a tuck there so that they look younger and more beautiful. Jewelry and good clothes are important factors in the way you present yourself to the outside world.

While there is no disputing the importance of jewelry in our lives, it must be remembered that high quality jewelry speaks for itself. In the past, people did business only with local jewelers who enjoyed established reputation. These days, however, many people like to buy diamond and gold jewelry online. Before buying jewelry online, it is important to check out the reputation of the seller. Reputed manufacturers and sellers may be trusted to sell quality pieces of jewelry. When spending huge amounts of money to buy jewelry you like, it is important to invest wisely. A wise investor can enjoy the fruits of their investment for many, many years.

Snowboard Helmet Certifications

From beginners to the most advanced riders, a snowboard helmet is the most vital piece of protective gear you can wear. While it is common to break or sprain a wrist or ankle, or end up with some bruises and scrapes, these injuries will typically be minor and heal over time. The most recovery you're looking at is a cast or in the more severe cases, surgery. However, a head injury can offer a multitude of problems, some irreversible. A debate, brain damage and paralysis are injuries that you want to do everything you can to avoid. Make sure you know the proper certificates so you are one hundred percent confident in your helmet choice. There are a few different choices in safety and certification, so it's important to do your research.

EPS foam is a light weight, yet stiff material. This is what snowboard helmet liners are made of. They protect you by condensing, cracking, or breaking apart so your skull will not have to feel the impact. However, this EPS will only protect you from ONE heavy impact. After that, you'll need to replace your helmet since your original will not be able to give you the optimum level of protection as it should. As far as the outer shell material, most of them are made of ABS plastic (a hard, tough, resilient plastic), polycarbonate plastic or carbon fiber. This offers a light, but durable shell. The EPS foam can be used for both half cap and full face snowboard helmet. This provides you with the most comfortable helmet around, and you can be assured that if you take a major spill your head will not be taking the impact. Make sure your helmet uses this EPS, you'll be comfortable and safe.

Your snowboard helmet NEEDS to have at least the ASTM F2040 certification for snow sport helmets. To pass this certification, a helmet must undergo rigorous testing to determine that it is fit to carry this title. The European Union standard, CE EN1077 is also acceptable, but not quite as tough as the ASTM. With this guarantee, you'll be protected while enjoying any of your non-motorized snow sports. The toughest certification standard, the Snell RS-98 is the best around, but most companies have still decided to certify their snowboard helmets with just the ASTM. This is primarily because the Snell is more expensive and bulky, which does not make it appealing to the consumer.

Aloe Vera – Medicinal Uses, Interactions, Dosage

Plant Description:

Aloe is a genus of plants associated to family asphodelaceae. Aloe is a popular houseplant having multipurpose folk remedy. Commonly known as Aloe vera . Aloe vera means true Aloe and it was originally spread through the Mediterranean.It is stem less plant, short stemmed plant growing to 100 cm tall.The leaves are lanceolate, thick and fleshy, green to gray green with serrated margin.The succulent plant having Leaves that are being radical, spiny and toothed. The spike of the Aloe vera plant on which the flowers are produced are of 90 cm tall. Each flower having pendulous with a tubular corolla 2-3 cm long.

Gel and latex are the two basic products of aloe vera. Gel is the leaf pulp or mucilage, the jelly-like substance obtained from the parenchymal tissue that makes up the inner portion of the Aloe vera leaves.

Uses and Benefits

External uses

Aloe vera is used externally to treat different skin conditions such as:

  • The sap of Aloe vera heals pain and reduces inflammation. Aloe vera is mostly used for the treatment of burns and bruises.
  • Aloe vera gel urges the healing of insect bites, and relieves itching and dandruff.
  • Aloe vera is the safest and stimulating purgatives to persons of sedentary habits and phlegmatic constitutions.
  • Extract of Aloe vera are regularly used in herbal medicine and by cosmetic companies.
  • Aloe vera is also work as the remedy for coughs, ulcers, diabetes, cancer.

Internal uses

  • Aloe vera is able to enhance the formation of collagen when applied to skin wounds.
  • Aloe vera helps intensify normal muscle joint functions.
  • Aloe vera promotes healthy digestive surfaces through the esophagus and stomach.
  • By adding Isabgol and aloe vera gel to the diet, there was a marked reduction in total lipids, total serum cholesterol, serum triglycerides, fasting and post meal blood sugar levels in diabetics.
  • Aloe also boost the immune system and act directly to abnormal cells, thus preventing or treating cancer.

Side Effects
There is evidence of significant adverse side effects:

  • Aloe containing laxatives pose cancer risk to humans.
  • Internal use of aloe vera latex may turn the urine red and may also cause abdominal pain.
  • Chronic internal use may increase the likelihood of potassium losses.
  • Overdose can also cause heart arrhythmias, nephropathies, edemas, accelerated bone deterioration.

Drug Interactions

Drug interaction based on the two principles pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic. Certain medicines interact with the Aloe: some interaction may positive so they may increase the need of Aloe, some may get failed so before taking it, consult your doctor.Aloe vera is a common herb used for antibacterial and lipid lowering effects. Compounds that are present in the Aloe vera cause the reduction in prostaglandin synthesis, which may inhibit secondary aggregation, and prolongs bleeding.


  • Only for maintenance take one in a day or every other daydose.
  • In the presence of others with compromised immune systems take three times a day.
  • Use Sovereign SilverT in its pure form, rather than mixing with water or anything else except for aloe * (where appropriate). Hold dose under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. Please allow no less than 5 minutes before drinking or eating and no less than 45 minutes after drinking or 1-1 / 2 hours after eating.
  • If you would like to insure delivery into the intestinal tract, take 1: 1 with whole leaf aloe vera and swallow directly.
  • MPS-GOLD is taken in the form of powder mixed with water once a day only for the health maintenance.
  • Aloe vera cream having 0.5% of aloe is applied on the burn surfaces three times a day.
  • For diabetic patient, they should take one tablespoon of aloe juice twice daily.

The Symptoms of a Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Although most ovarian cysts (functional [fluid filled]) tend to show little or no noticeable symptoms of being present at first (a vast part of the female population tend to suffer from ovarian cysts), when one ruptures, things can quickly change (they become decidedly uncomfortable [even intolerable]). An ovarian cyst rupture can occur in just about any woman, of any age, who suffers from them.

There are two different types of functional ovarian cysts that a woman can suffer from: follicular, and luteal (both can keep growing until they are treated).

1. Follicular cysts – tend to occur when one of the sacs on the ovary does not release an egg, causing it to swell-up with fluid.

2. Luteal cysts – tend to occur when one of the sacs on the ovary releases an egg, but re-seals quickly after-wards causing it to swell-up with fluid.

Symptoms of the existence, and the rupture of an ovarian cyst:

  • Pelvic aches and pains, generally in the lower abdomen, back, and upper legs which usually occurs during the mid-part of the menstrual cycle.
  • An either delayed or inhibited start to the menstrual cycle (often several days or more).
  • An abnormal uterine bleeding (often called breakout bleeding) that usually occurs between normal menstrual periods.
  • Severe pain (often sudden), that may be accompanied with bloating, the feeling of light-headedness, nausea and vomiting (an indication that either a rupture has taken place, or a cyst is twisted).
  • Pain during or after sexual intercourse (an indication that either a rupture has taken place, or a cyst is twisted).
  • Painful bowel movements, and pain during urination (an indication that either a rupture has taken place, or a cyst is twisted).
  • Anemia, chills, fatigue, fever, and muscle weakness may also be present.
  • Heavy blood-loss can result during and after a ruptured cyst has taken place if medical attention is not received.

Often ovarian cysts are only diagnosed during a routine pelvic examination, and where a pelvic ultrasound will usually follow to indicate whether the cyst is either functional, or is solid (often cancerous). However, more often than not, functional cysts tend to clear-up on their own (when not the case, medical treatment should be sought). The most common treatments include both hormone treatment, and surgical removal. However, two alternative treatments which may also be used are: homeopathy, and Chinese medicine (both have shown an excellent degree of success).

How is Thyroid function related to Vitiligo?

Thyroid is the most effective gland in the body. It produces hormones that influence almost all of the metabolic process in the body. The disorder caused due to thyroid glands can be as small as goiter (swelling of neck or larynx) or life threatening disease like cancer (uncontrolled growth of cells).

Vitiligo is although not life threatening but is a chronic disease, in which white patches appear on different parts of body. These white patches appears as the melanocytes (pigmentation cells) are unable to produce enough amount of melanin (pigments) required by the body. This is because these pigmentation cells are either damaged or die.

Most of the researches believe on the theory that such dysfunction of melanocytes is caused due to the antigens that is produced by immune system because of the autoimmune disease. These Autoimmune diseases that are associated with Vitiligo include: hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is the term for overactive tissue within the thyroid gland causing an overproduction of thyroid hormones that causes the immune system to malfunction. The immune system due to overactive response, detect melanocytes as a foreign bodies and fight to kill them. Therefore, white patches of hypo-pigmentation appear on the body.

Like hyperthyroidism the treatment for re-pigmentation can not give a sure vitiligo cure. But according to the research that has been conducted have lead to some treatments that are being used world widely.

Most of the people all around the world are dissatisfied with the results of allopathic ways and therefore natural vitiligo treatment is being used by most of vitiligo sufferer as the results are way better if compared.

Exotic Dancing Today – Love Program

Being among the pioneer exotic studios in Singapore and Asia, it has been a very enriching and thought provoking journey for me. I have been a keen observer of how exotic dancing, which was frowned upon when it first hit on our shores, and how the dance movement has slowly but surely crept its way into the hearts of many women, and dare I say, men as well .

This ancient dance form has evolved greatly through the generations, bearing its origins in tribal and ancestral ritual and ceremonies. Who would have imagined that today it is more commonly seen as a mode of seduction and attraction of the opposite sex. It has always been my personal belief that a woman's body is one of the greatest wonder from Mother Nature.

To date, encouraging Asians ladies to lead a happy, healthy and sensual lifestyle has been a challenging and uphill task, to say the least. However, it is heartening to see more and more women from all over the world stepping into the door of our sacred sanctuary for a little fun and laughter, as well as reasons of health and fitness.

Still, a true understanding of the power of exotic dancing and how it can powerfully transform the way a woman lives and the way she feels about her body but but only at its infant stages.

For a lady with no reasonable movement background (eg dance, yoga, pilates, etc) to appreciate and embrace the possibilities of exotic dancing in a mere few lessons is no easy feat. However I applaud the courage and initiative of the women who at least attempt to take advantage of what's available to empower their lives.

This thought gave birth to the LOVE Program. Rather than tediously going from course to course without understanding what exotic dance was about, I decided a holistic and comprehensive course was the way to go.

Based on what I have experienced overseas and through personal observations of varied exotic syllabus, I finally came up with a regimen for Asian ladies that holds them by the hand and takes them from pole dance to lap dance.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. It is my sincere desire that more women cross their comfort zone and step up in pursuit of a more empowering and satisfying lives for themselves. You can only make others happy if you make yourself happy first.

See U in Love Program.

Herpes Types With Cold Sores – Here's the Scoop!

If you have a cold sore that does not mean you have herpes! Does it? Sorry to break it to you my friends, but if you have a cold sore you have herpes. But do not fret, there are a few different forms of herpes and the types with cold sores is much different than other, more ominous types of herpes.

"Herpes," the word carries a nasty connotation, but understanding herpes and the types with cold sores can help take the stigma off this annoying little virus and allow people to get the treatment they need to properly treat their cold sore outbreak. Do not let the fact that you now have "herpes" keep you from getting the treatment you need.

Herpes in the genital area (which causes lesions 'down there') is called Herpes Simplex Virus 2. Herpes types with cold sores cause the lesions to form around the mouth and are known as Herpes Simplex Virus 1. There is also another type, known as Herpes Zoster virus that causes shinglees.

The "cold sore herpes" are spread from mouth to mouth contact. And once the virus forms and enters your body there's no getting rid of it. You are stuck with this little present for the rest of your life. But understanding the herpes virus, and knowing how to best prevent an outbreak and best treat the cold sore can allow you to lead a happy normal life with few cold sore interruptions.

Talk to your doctor about getting a prescription of Valtrex which, if taken right away, can dry up the cold sore before it's had a chance to fully form.

Also learn what make the types with cold sores tick. An outbreak can be caused by a poor immune system, too much stress or too little sleep. Everyone has different "triggers," and after time you will learn what yours are also and how to best control your cold sore herpes.

Do-It-Yourself – Deep Cleaning Your Teeth

You make sure that your family has good dental cleaning habits. You brush twice a day, for at least five minutes in scrupulous circles, zoning in on specific geographic regions of the mouth. You floss with the latest, most technologically advanced dental tape. You even buy your family the newest fad in contoured toothbrushes, just to reach those hard-to-get spaces in between.

Now that you’re listening, a qualified dentist or hygienist should do your dental cleaning, preferably every six months. Professional dental cleaning can be broken down into three main subcategories, namely: scaling, root planning, and polishing.

You do your homework, and you provide your children with calcium-rich foods that are not too high in sugars. You stock the pantry with cereals and grains high in B Vitamins. You make consistently sensible food choices, because you know that any foods that augment muscle and bone growth are generally recommended for teeth and gums.

But, no matter how you slice it, the time will come for you and your children to get a professional dental cleaning. While brushing and flossing alone can remove as much as 70% of the plaque on your teeth, the other 30% lurks in areas that are harder to reach, and semiannual cleanings are the most sensible preventive medicine against easily avoidable oral health problems such as bad breath (halitosis), gingivitis, tartar (calculus) buildup, and tooth decay.

The American Dental Association (ADA) used to recommend that a child get their first dental cleaning at the age of three. But the recent wave of cavities in children entering kindergarten has forced the ADA to redefine their guidelines, and now most dentists recommend an initial visit to the dentist shortly after the eruption of the first teeth, which takes place during the first year.

If a child’s teeth are developing normally, this visit can be put off longer. However, if the tendency toward developing cavities is deemed to be genetic, so if the parents have had a history of cavities, it is better to get the child into a dentist earlier, in order to establish a sensible oral hygiene routine. Also, children whose teeth show staining, crowding, or other abnormalities should go to a dentist before the age of three.

Root planning is basically gum work, the cleaning of pockets to prevent further development of periodontal or gum disease. When gums are inflamed, the pockets tend to become deeper, making it much easier for them to trap plaque deposits, further worsening the condition of the gums. Root planning can sometimes be a painful process requiring local anesthesia.

Polishing is the final step of a good dental cleaning. Prophy jet polishing works but spraying powered water mixed with baking soda on the teeth. The powered water helps remove any excess plaque, and the baking soda neutralizes acidic conditions in the mouth while simultaneously fighting stains. Your dentist is equipped with the knowledge and the technology to optimize your own personal dental hygiene program for maximum success. So, please, every six months, get thee to a dentist!

Popular Natural Nail Fungus Treatments – Homemade Remedies

Nail fungus can be stubborn and not respond to treatment. Meanwhile it leaves embarrassingly broken nails with funny colors. At times, even the pharmaceutical products may not just respond as expected. Besides some reported failures in responding to treatment, the pharmaceutical products may too expensive and leaves a lot more of the non-biodegradable products.

Before we look at some of the most popular natural products, let us look at the reasons why you should prefer the use of natural homemade products as compared to the conventional pharmaceutical products.

One of the obvious reasons is the fact that the natural products are 100% biodegradable. This means that even when you swallow the pills, there are minimal side effects. This is because the body has enzymes that would be able digest even the non medicinal components of the products. This is important because it helps in protecting the liver and kidney from toxins.

Besides the biodegradability and reduced toxicity, the use of natural products at home makes it cheaper and more accessible. You do not have to spend money revisiting the doctors or pharmacists. Enroll today and experience the freedom that comes with using natural homemade nail fungus treatment.

Leucatin is one of the natural products nail fungus treatment that is very popular. Though a natural product, its ability to stop the fungus growth has been proven scientifically and therefore made into preparations that can be bought from pharmacy. It comes as either capsules or topical cream that can be applied on the nails.

You can actual make a preparation of leucatin from the known natural ingredients. These are all plant based products that can also be included as food spices. The oral leucatin treatment has in it products such as Ginger roots, St. John Wort, Echinacea Purpurea Tops and bromlain. These can be mixed and crushed at home. You can then prepare this as herbal concoction and take in warm water. A very hot water would not be good because it can lead to vaporization of the essential oils.

The topical application of leucatin can also be prepared using a concoction of the natural oil products. This will include almond oil, ginseng roots, neem oil, tea tree oil among others. These must be dissolved in natural solvents such as the plant oils. Because most of these products have antibacterial and antifungal properties they would not need to have a synthetic preservatives added to it.

Another preparation that you can make at home is apple cider vinegar. You can also use hydrogen peroxide on the broken toenails to stop any further developments. These are available kitchen products that would not be too expensive to buy.

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New Year and New Shoes

As the month of January continues to march along, how many of us are losing confidence in our new year's resolution. The biggest problems with new year's resolutions is that it is only an idea and we never prepare, adjust our schedule, or really invest in our future.

So here is your mid-January resolution pep talk. If getting in shape and exercising was your new year's resolution, you need a starter package! First dedicate time into your schedule. It is like lunch. It is in your schedule every day. It may get pushed back or shorter depending on the day but you always eat ever. You will always exercise ever day! Find something you enjoy doing. If you get board running around the track, do not do it. Try out community classes, new sports, and get a work out buddy! Most importantly, you have to be physically prepared for the activity. See your physician if you have any current medical conditions to learn about activities best for you. Ladies, I have great news! You need to buy new shoes – Doctor's Orders!

Not all sports are created equal and they cause different pressures on your body and especially your foot and ankle. Pushing, slamming, crushing, jamming, twisting, and turning; Your shoes and feet are taking a beating. If you are pulling your old athletic shoes out of the closet, you probably need to move them to the garbage. Athletic shoes break down over time and lose their supportive properties. Depending on the sport and how often you use them, shoes should be replaced every 3-6 months. It is also important to buy sport specific shoes. Different sports or exercise programs involve varying movements and are at special paces. Your supporting structure should accommodate these different stressors. Your new shoes need to be well fitted. Make sure to go shoe shopping in the afternoon since your feet do increase in size throughout the day. Do not be afraid to try on different sizes. You may think you are a size 8 but sizes do vary from brand to brand. Most people wear their shoes too small. This can slowly cause deformities and complications of your feet.

So how do you know it is the right size?

It is most important that your shoe bends where your foot bends and that the widest part of the shoe is at the widest part of your foot. After this is established, then look to see where your toes are. There should be at least a finger's breadth of space from your longest toe to the end of shoe. You may need to try several different brands, styles, and sizes to find the perfect match. Also, make sure you stand up and walk around in the shoes on BOTH feet. Your feet are not the same size so what feels right on one foot may still be too small for the other.

After you find the perfect fit, and you start your work out, do not be discouraged if you began to feel foot pain. Over 75% of the population has at least one foot problem. Increasing activity may aggravate your condition, but there are simple answers and solutions. Most foot problems are due to the biomechanical structure and function of your foot. When these problems are present, it is common to experience pain in your foot, ankle, knees, and back, but using orthotics quickly corrects the problem. Orthotic help control and correct the biomechanical function of your foot. Since not all feet are created equal and we do different activities, custom orthotics is the best solution. A podiatric physician can cast your foot and a mold will be created. A lab will then use that mold to form an insert. Depending on your history and physical, the doctor and lab chooses specific materials, and accommodations to accommodate and correct your specific foot structure and biomechanical function.

So go buy some new shoes and get to the gym. You are not allowed to use the excuse "my feet hurt too much." Podiatric doctors can help you find the right shoes and help treat pain while you continue to gain at the gym! It is a new year and time for new shoes and a new you!

Can A Cyst Become Cancerous?

Now, here's the big question.

That's again the cancer fear that all women have. The answer, I'd say is no. This has been looked at pretty, pretty extensively. There was a much large study I think it was in Sweden. They looked at something like 90,000 – they've got a very sophisticated system of registry in Sweden where they can look at data. And something like ninety thousand women were paired with 90,000 normal ones and the various kinds of cysts, endometriomas, the functional cyst, the non-functional cyst. And they said "Well what's the likelihood of any of these women come back for ovary cancer"? And there was no difference. If you had an ovary cyst that was benign you had no increased incidence of having cancer later. The only difference in this was endometrioma which had a slight increase difference. And possibly the reason for that is something to do with estrogen sensitivity around the ovary. But again it's, it was something more common but it's nothing to say "My gosh, I've got endometrioma, by now I've got to have cancer." That should be the farthest thing from a persons mind. So I'd say without your question –

The fact that one has a cyst it is not going to develop to, you do not have an increased cancer risk. Now certainly the cystadinomas it's felt that some of these, these are the benign tumors. Can these cystadinomas develop into cystoadnocarsonoma? The answer is, yes probably. But, once you've removed it, the cystadinoma, as well as removing the dermoid cyst, which are very rarely cancer you've eliminated that risk. If a woman is going to have a cancerous cyst it's going to be there from a cancerous cyst per say. She most likely is over the age of fifty and their, in general the reproductive years do not have, a woman does not have to be concerned that a cyst is going to transgress, develop into a cancer.

There was something else I wanted to mention. I'm sure we've got several questions, yet I do want to go through these. I think that's pretty much my overview on cysts and the various diagnoses of cysts, the types of cysts. The treatment we can summarize that at the end.

What happens when a cyst is likely to rupture?

This is probably the number one life threatening complication that New York OB / GYN Christopher Freville has to deal with on an almost basis. A cyst can rupture be it a, most likely it's a follicular cyst or a corpus luteum cyst. These are the so-called functional cysts, or the functional cyst with pregnancy. When they rupture generally nothing happens. In fact, there's usually a pressure relief.

Because any distracted cyst is often what gives, as a cyst's nerves are increased by the distension, by the fluid, that's often what causes the pain. The relief of the pain comes whenever it ruptures. Often like, unfortunately a ruptured appendix. Sometimes when a patient feels an appendix ballooning up and brings him to the doctors the fact that the appendix becomes distended. Immediately after that there's a rupture and they do not feel the pain. Unfortunately what causes the problems with ruptured cysts is if the cyst has a very rich blood supply and that blood supply, the arteries start pumping blood and do not seal off and the abdomen can fill up with blood. And I've dealt with many cases both as an ectopic pregnancy, but the conditions typically much worse, but also, as a, rarely as a ruptured cyst that's bleeding off a cystic pregnancy. And often times the abdomen can literally become distracted. In a severe case woman can go into shock meaning their blood pressure falls out, it's an emergency, life threatening situation that if undiagnosed can be fatal. Fortunately, with emergency rooms being equipped the way they are, doctors being as smart as we are – we rarely miss this. But once in a great while this is a complication. And when the cyst ruptures it does not, you can usually reserve the ovary. Usually it can be sutured over, quarterized. The ovary stays in tact and even in a rare case if it had to be removed, again that does not affect fertility.

13 Steps to Mentalism – An Overview

If you want to perform “mentalism” you may have heard of a book called “13 Steps to Mentalism”, and for good reason. This book is considered a classic of mentalism – but does it deliver? Just what will you learn from this book?

Well to start, 13 Steps to Mentalism has been around since the 1960’s and was written by Tony Corinda. Originally it was published as 13 different booklets in London. Thankfully it has been published in a single book format containing all 13 steps. The fact that it has such staying power in a market flooded with books and dvds speaks of its quality right off the bat.

Each chapter or “step” in his book describes different techniques or methods that a mentalist can use to perform different acts of mental magic or mentalism. Below I will briefly give an overview of what each step teaches.

Step One – Swami Gimmick

I haven’t know a mentalist worth his salt that didn’t own and frequently use a swami gimmick. They are a ‘must have’ for any mentalist. It is one of the mentalist’s most powerful tools and nearly invisible to the spectator. This step goes over the various types of swami gimmicks available and when to use each one. Corinda describes how to best use these gimmicks while minimizing detection. At the end of this step, he goes into various mentalism effects possible with use of this gimmick.

Step Two – Pencil, Lip, Sound, Touch and Muscle Reading

By means of this step one can make predictions on the basis of gathering sense information from the spectator by means of touch, sound and sight. Pencil reading is watching how the pencil moves to determine what is written without actually seeing what the spectator has wrote. Sound reading works remarkably well with a spectator writing on a chalkboard or perhaps its more modern equivalent, the erasable slate and non-permanent marker. Lip reading is straightforward, but takes practices as does the art of muscle reading. Muscle reading, that is feeling the small changes in muscle tension in the spectator, can be a devastating and very accurate method of prediction if practiced. Sample effects of all these methods are given by Corinda in this step.

Step Three – Mnemonics and Mental Systems

Yes, by learning mnemonics (memory systems), you can perform amazing feats. Of course this will help if you want to perform some astounding magic using a deck that is memorized. Additionally, he teaches some amazing mathmatical feats.

Step Four – Predictions

Numerous techniques for predictions are described, including switches, forces and “stooges”.

Step Five – Blindfolds and X-Ray Eyes

Various types of blindfolds are discussed and how to obtain information while blindfolded. Numerous tricks are described, as well as driving as car blindfolded!

Step Six – Billets

Billets are small folds of paper with information written on them by the spectator. In this section Corinda discusses how to obtain that secret information without your spectators knowing! This step includes various effects that can be performed with billets.

Step Seven – Book Tests

If you’d like to perform mentalism with books, this step is worth its weight in gold! Describes ten different mentalism effects performed with books.

Step Eight – Two Person Telepathy

Two sections are devoted to telepathy, “Major Systems” and “Minor Systems”. Includes discussion on verbal techniques and electronic devices (obviously outdated as it is over fifty years old). Total of eight routines are described.

Step Nine – Mediumistic Stunts

This Step is probably going to be the one you skip over as it is very outdated. But it is still worth the read. Perhaps the most useful is his section on “spirit writing”. Includes other effects as well.

Step Ten – Card Tricks

This isn’t a complete treatise on card magic, but Corinda does list some mentalism effects that can be worked with cards.

Step Eleven – Question and Answer

Divided into two sections: Questions that are unknown and questions that are known. Discusses various techniques on how to obtain information to questions that are unknown. Great introduction to ‘cold reading’.

Step Twelve – Publicity Stunts

Want to ‘market’ yourself as a mentalist? Well, the price of the book is worth it for this step alone! If you want to increase your exposure and reputation as a mentalist, this is the chapter you’ll learn how to do so. With slight modifications this chapter is easily relevant today, although written in the 60’s.

Step Thirteen – Patter and Presentation

Even if you have all the techniques if a mentalist down and you fail in the area of ‘patter’ or presentation – no one will want to watch you perform. This step covers the building blocks of a good performance, appearance, misdirection and more. A very good chapter.

Conclusion: The short answer to ‘is this book worth it’ is a resounding ‘Yes!’ Even if you are not altogether interested in mentalism, this is still a good book for the magician’s library. If you are interested in performing mentalism, then the answer is altogether different – it is a must-have. You will be referencing this book for a long time to come.

Anxiety and Depression Medical Treatment, Pro Et Contra

Anxiety and depression differ from each other, but they both share a common trait. People who suffer from anxiety are so downcast and fell psychological discomfort as depressed ones. Natural substances and ways of treatment are preferred by far. But sometimes the problem goes far and it seems natural preparations do not work in consequence of different reasons (age, tolerance for chemicals, grave condition). Therethrough sometimes patients with anxiety and depression symptoms need drugs. The joint name for these drugs is antidepressant medication; they include some elements which take antidepressant effect.

There are some groups of these meds and they should be taken on doctor’s orders strictly. Each of these drugs affects at least one of the brain’s three neurotransmitters, so only a specialist can pick up and order the necessary one. Remember: each antidepressant med has its own particular effect and side effects. Never resort to self-treatment!

Well, on the one hand the penny dropped: you have a problem (anxiety or depression) and doctor treats you. Antidepressant medications are made for depressed people, you will take them if you have a depression is that any better? Of course better if you consider your organism as a machine. The scheme: conk out – fix is not convenient for a human organism and especially for psyche aspects. So, on the other hand you will try to tread down your depression, without consideration that any physiological problem is a symptom of any problem and disorder in your life.

Federal regulators said that clinical trials of popular antidepressants such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft show a greater risk of the disease aggravation, to the extent of suicide. Today, lots of psychiatrists speak in favor of more careful use of the antidepressant medicines.

Anxiety and depression can be treated, but if you won’t listen to yourself, prefer not to get outside of a problem, it will get back sooner or later. Think twice about the real course of depression in your life. Think all the more about the meds necessity. Even if there is no causal link between antidepressants and suicidality, the fact remains that taking meds you do nothing about your physiological problems. Apply energies and you will definitely notice small improvements to your overall health and well being. There are a lot of other ways of treatment that are so effective, though they may require great efforts. But the great benefit you’ll get in pulling through the depression yourself is the ability to self-control and self-righteousness!

The Key to Getting Your Ex Back is to Make Them Curious About You Again! 4 Tips on How to Do That

Curiosity might have killed the cat but if you do not manage to arouse the curiosity of your ex again, you might as well have killed your relationship for good.

Use these vital tips if you want your ex to become curious about you again so that you can open the channels of communication again.

O Think about what raises your ex's antenna : One general technique will not work for everyone. The first step is to delve deep into your ex's mind and think about how to raise his / her curiosity. Merely getting your ex into a panic by raising a false alarm will only result in your ex shunning your forever.

Think like a telemarketer so as to arouse the interest of your ex when you call or leave a message.

O Half a compliment can do the trick : Your ex's curiosity is sure to be aroused once you leave half a compliment on his / her answering machine. Thank your ex for any help extended by him / her or any gift or book given by him / her to you but keep the message vague. Inform your ex that you would like to thank him / her personally.

Such an incomplete compliment will please your ex but also make him / her curious to learn more about the reason for the compliments. He / she will call back to learn the truth and you can now maneuver the conversation in a direction of your choice.

O Attract your ex with your individence : Instead of begging or pleading with your ex for a reunion or informing your ex about every minor detail in your life post your breakup, make it a point to ignore your ex.

Carry on with your life, socialize, party and in general prepare to enjoy life without your ex, irrespective of your true feelings. Your ex will be perturbed by your behavior and might also get afraid that you might simply move on. Your ex will now start keeping tabs on you as his / her curiosity gains an upper hand.

O Use the green tool called jealousy : One risky move, albeit with instant results is jealousy. If you can act as if you are getting serious about someone else then your ex is sure to sit up and notice your antics.

Your ex's jealousy will get activated if he / she still has feelings for you and your ex is sure to try hard to throw a spanner in your new relationship while making a bid to claim your hand again.

These tips are sure to get your ex's attention and raise his / her curiosity levels to a state of action. Use them and watch your ex make concrete moves to cement your broken relationship again.