Causes of and Treatment for Cirrhosis of the Liver

Causes of Cirrhosis of The Liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is caused by chronic injury to the liver cells including scarring (fibrosis) within the liver, and the formation of regenerative nodules. Causes of cirrhosis of the liver can be due to excess alcohol consumption, however, only ten to twenty percent of alcoholics actually develop cirrhosis liver disease. Hepatitis B or C virus can be another cause of cirrhosis. Unfortunately viral hepatitis leads to chronic liver inflammation, often resulting in chronic cirrhosis. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease often results in cirrhosis of the liver. Obesity, diabetes and elevated triglyceride levels often lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Other health conditions such as billiary cirrhosis and cardiac cirrhosis can lead to chronic liver injury and inflammation resulting in liver scar formation and subsequent cirrhosis.

Treatment For Cirrhosis of the Liver

 Whatever the causes of cirrhosis of the liver, there are a number of safe, natural nutrients one can take in the treatment for cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol consumption lowers the liver’s levels of necessary nutrients such as vitamin E, C, A, riboflavin, zinc, vitamin B6, glutathione and S-adenosyl-L-methionine. Adding tobacco use to the mix depletes the body’s nutritional stores even further. Low levels of these nutrients leads to free radical damage within the liver itself. Normally the liver maintains a safe supply of antioxidants to ward off free radical damage, however, if these stores are depleted and the liver is constantly burdened with the threats mentioned in the causes of cirrhosis of the liver, this will result in inflammation and the formation of scar tissue on the liver. It is extremely vital that an individual suffering from cirrhosis of the liver consume a healthy diet, abstain from alcohol and tobacco consumption and take high amounts of antioxidants.

Treatment for cirrhosis of the liver should also include omega-3 fatty acids and sesame lignans, which have been shown to reduce inflammation. Increasing omega-3 fatty acids and reducing the consumption of omega-6 fatty acids (such as corn oil) has shown in studies to reduce liver damage. However, this treatment for cirrhosis of the liver should include a high intake of vitamin E, as fish oil’s polyunsaturated bonds are readily oxidized by free radicals, and without vitamin E can actually worsen liver damage. That being said, cirrhotic individuals would benefit from lowering their intake of animal fats and corn oil. Monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, should be the major source of your fat and oil consumption.

Another important treatment for cirrhosis of the liver is S-adenosyl-L-methionine or SAMe. SAMe is a glutathione precursor that restores antioxidants, thereby decreasing free radical liver damage. In addition, phosphatidylcholines are produced in the liver with the help of SAMe. Phosphatidylcholines stimulate the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of liver collagen. Phosphatidylcholine supplementation, in and of itself, can accelerate regression of preexisting fibrosis and scarring of the liver.

With regards to herbs, Silymarin or Milk thistle, has proven to be one of the best treatments for cirrhosis of the liver. Silymarin inhibits the formation of mediators of inflammation, such as leukotrienes. In addition, Milk thistle has shown to protect the liver from carbon tetrachloride damage and slow the accumulation of fibrosis in the billiary tract.

No matter what you choose as treatment for cirrhosis of the liver, keep in mind it is a life-threatening disease and should be closely monitored by a health professional. The above-mentioned nutrients are regarded as safe and natural, but you should always check with your doctor before incorporating them into any cirrhosis management program.

Racquetball Equipment For Starter

Racquetball looks like a daunting sport to play with the ball bouncing heavily in a closed court. But with the right racquetball equipment, racquets, gloves, balls, clubs, supplies, and most of all attitude, the game becomes a fun albeit challenging experience. Too costly? Not really, because with the popularity and following the game has, sporting goods manufacturers produced a variety of equipment that could fit any budget.

The basic racquetball equipment set you need to start playing includes a ball and a racquet. Accessories like the gloves, grips, protective goggles, and other supplies are for safety and improvement of playing skills. Though these accessories can not guarantee that you'll win your first game, at least they'll keep possible bruises, muscle pains, and losing points difference to a minimum.

The first equipment you must pay attention to is your racquet. As a general rule, the more expensive the racquet, the better it is. But for starters, a medium-priced racquet will do just fine. Aluminum-framed racquets are cheap but you'll have to exert extra effort for more power. They also cause too much vibration making them harder to hold steady. Advanced players prefer the more expensive titanium or graphite frames because of the power these racquets give. These are basically light racquets for ease of maneuvers on the court. Balls and clubs are usually standardized, though, whatever you buy is just fine. The differences between high-priced balls and clubs from lower-priced ones are so subtitle that they are rendered insignificant.

Gloves are just like racquets. This is where price difference again come into play. Better quality gloves are generally more expensive. But before settling for cheaper gloves, consider this: The gloves, away from helping you to hold and steady your racquet, also protects your hand from blistering. They also prevent possible wrist injuries. The blisters that cheap gloves might give you can dampen your interest in the sport even before you have fully-experienced it. Another body safety item is the goggles. These protect your eyes from possibly getting hit by the ball because of too slow reflexes. With these on, you need not to worry about coming out of the court with bleeding eyes.

Lastly, before buying any racquetball equipment, racquets, gloves, balls, clubs, supplies, and other racquetball gears, it is important to do simple tests. Check the comfort of the goggles and the gloves. Grip the racquet and give it a few swings. It's no use buying top quality equipment if you're not comfortable using them. Aside from the right gear, confidence and attitude will serve you in your game.

Venerx Unlocks A Woman's Passion and Desire

Venerx's botanical nutrients work in many key ways to grant
Your body with the care and nurturing to needed to bring
Back your mind, body and spirit to prime sexual fitness.

Your Body

There exist many areas of a lady's fitness and body that may
Impact a lady's healthy sex life.

Even though majority of the investigations on Sexual
Dysfunction has been directed towards males (Too Much) and
Treatments to assist them, the output has also spurred
Investigations to assist female's requirements.

The Viagra Effect for females. Like males when a lady is
Aroused blood surges to their sexual organs. If this does
Not happen adequately then pleasure and consciousness are
Deteriorated and an orgasm may not occur.

Nitric Oxide (Viagra encourages this in males) this plays a
Vital part in expanding the proper blood vessels in both
Males and females for healthy genital blood circulation to
Take place.

Venerx's botanical elements enhance Nitric Oxide's result to
Help you have healthy blood circulation to your sexual
Organs during stimulation to insure the greatest pleasure,
Consciousness and attaining an orgasm.

Even though Testosterone is thought of the male hormone it
Is also essential for females and plays an essential part in
Your sexual passion. Too little and you have minimal sexual
Passion however with direct testosterone replace you may
Have undesired side consequences such as facial hair.

Vernerx natural encourages your body to lightly promote your
Testosterone providing you the boost you require to add to
Your craving without undesired side effects linked with exact
Testosterone replacement.

It has long been confirmed that estrogen plays a essential
Part in a woman's sexuality. Low estrogen is lack of
Yearning, arousal and problems causing excruciating

Venerx's elements are specifically formulated to grant your body
The mild nutrients to help strength and stability key regions
That assist your sexual fitness.

Your Mind

In this busy world you are probably all too aware how mental
Stress and apprehension may put a stop to all amorous
Yearning, no matter how healthy you are. That is why it is
Essential that your mind is appropriately nourished,
Receives well oxygenated blood and has the correct
Hormonal stability.

The botanical elements in Venerx enhance all three features
To assist your mind relax and decrease mental stress and
Anxiety that may be in your life. The elements also result
In an aphrodisiac result on the mind improving your mental

Now that your mind is peaceful and well nourished your
Yearning and senses are no longer restrained by stress. You
Fervor may flow through your body and your sensual emotions
Are elevated.

Your Spirit

When your spirit is alive with emotions of health, you feel
Wonderful, you feel sexy, you feel alive! Conversely, if you
Are unhappy your romance and passion within may never come

Venerx is designed to mildly elevate your spirits so that
You feel great and prepared for life and love.

Safe Herbal Ingredients To Feed Your Mind, Body & Spirit Our
Unique all natural formula helps to improve the overall
Fitness of the nervous system, tissue and genitals, boost
Your sexual organs, invigorates the balanced circulation of
Hormones, enhancement blood circulation to the pelvic section
And developed capacity to achieve an orgasm.

Exactly Developed With Your Protection In Mind

We carefully selected each of the elements to make the best
Use of the trustworthy immediate and long-lasting
Consequences to assist your sexual fitness and the fitness
Of your entire body. While carefully avoiding any elements
That have stated harmful side effects, may be
Controversial | contentious}, or deemed a prescription
Medication in other nations.

Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca)

Damiana is known for its sexual-enhancing qualitites and its
Advantageous consequences on the reproductive organs. It is
Employed for enhancing sexual function, it's advantageous
Consequences on the reproductive organisms and it's aphrodisiac
Consequences. In the "Handbook on Medicinal Herbs" damiana
Is said to "make each nerve tingle with sexual
Consciousness, whetting the appetite of unrestrained
Yearning. "Damiana also makes a mild euphoria which relaxes
And reduces unease.

Two US patents have been bestowed for botanical blends
Utilizing Turnera diffusa as the principal elements, to
"Conquer natural inhibitors of human sexual response and
Allow for enhanced response and psychological consequences ".
"Believe nervousness, despair, head aches during
Menstruation, and tiredness. Damiana also helps to stability
Female hormone levels and manage hot flashes. "

Choraka (Dong Quai)

Dong Quai root has secured a standing as the "greatest herb"
For females. It is employed to bring back stability to a
Lady's hormones and cycles and is helpful in re-establishing
Menstrual regularity and for conditions of the reproductive
System. New treatments recommend the herb to combat PMS and
To assist females restart normal menstruation after taking
Birth control pills.

Dong quai contains vitamins E, A and B12. Researchers have
Determined at least six coumarin derivatives that wield
Antispasmodic and vasodilatory consequences. Antispasmodics
Are a medication for menstrual cramps. These elements may
Stop spasms, decrease blood clotting and ease peripheral
Blood vessels. Studies has determined that don quai makes a
Normalizing result on estrogen activity.

The herb has been found helpful in normalizing and
Revitalizing many female systems and cycles. Dong quai's
Constituents may work to invigorate the central nervous
System which may remedy weaknesses and headaches connected to
Menstrual disorders. It strengthens internal reproductive
Organs, assists with endometriosis and internal bleeding or
Bruising. It eases menopausal conditions similar to vaginal
Dryness and hot flashes.

The herb has also been employed as a blood cleanser, to
Strengthen blood circulation and encourage the blood in both
Sexes. It is high in iron content and may assist to stop
Iron insufficiency and anemia. Researches prove that it may
Help in stabilizing blood sugar and in bringing down blood

Shatavri Extract (Asparargus recemosus)

Shatavri acts as an aphrodisiac, advances and improvements
Muscle tone, moisturizes arid tissues of the sexual organs,
Kidneys, stomach and lungs, and improvements overall strength.

Shatavri contains Phyto-estrogens which prevent the change
Of testosterone to dihyrotestosterone, thereby raising the
Level of testosterone in the body. Even though testosterone
Is usually regarded as a male hormone, with out it females
Have less sexual yearning.

Because satavri functions with the body to organically make
A balanced level of testosterone there exist no side effects
(Facial hair, lower voice, etc) that females obtain when
They are recommended with testosterone replacement treatment
For minimal sexual passion.


Schisandra chinensis fruit has long been employed for the
Medication of cardiovascular symptoms linked principally
With menopausal symptoms. Schisandra has a vasodilatory
Effect which helps blood move to your pelvic area. Also
Studies information shows that extracts of Schisandra
Chinensis fruit function as a phytoestrogen.

Ashwagandha – Extract "Indian Ginseng"

Known as the "Indian Ginseng," Ashwagandha grants powerful
Dietic help to strengthen and invigorate. It helps
Minimize the harmful consequences of stress, encouragements
Resistance & helps develop deep vitality, stimulates sexual
And reproductive stability.

Ginkgo Biloba

Scientific evidence from more than 300 investigations in the
Last 30 years have demonstrated that ginkgo prevents and
Advantages many difficulties All over the entire body.
Ginkgo has obtained credit as a brain stimulant that
Encourages memory because of its advantageous consequences
On the vascular system, and as a medication for various
Neurological diseases and circulation problems. Ginkgo may
Assist to counter the consequences of aging, including
Mental fatigue and lack of power.

Ginkgo functions by improving blood circulation to the brain
And all over the body's system of blood vessels that supply
Blood and oxygen to the organ systems. It improves
Metabolism stability, controls neurotransmitters, and
Develops oxygen levels in the brain which employs 20% of the
Body's oxygen.

Methika Extract

Fenugreek seeds have estrogen-like saponins, blood levels of
Full cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides may be lessened
(With no change in HDL)

Ginseng Eleuthero

Gingseng helps incentive, vitality, function and
Stimulation. In a research of student nurses, ginseng
Improved their stress and mood disorders.

Ginseng contains ginsenosides have been thought to result in
Ginseng's action in the body is because of its stimulation
Of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis to exude adrenal
Corticotropic hormone (ACTH). ACTH has the capability to
Attach straight to brain cells and may affect different
Behaviors in the body.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa stimulates overall body repose and also
Encourages female genitalia sensitivity.

Haridra (Turmeric)

Turmeric, as a wealthy source of iron, is valuable in
Anemia. A tea stingy of the juice from unprocessed
Turmeric, mixed with honey, must be taken every day in the
Medication of this illness.

Mishreya (Fennel)

The primary constituents, which include the terpenoid
Anethole, are located in the volatile oil. Anethole and
Other terpenoids prevent spasms in level muscles, similar to
Those in the intestinal tract, and this is deemed to add to
Fennel's use as a carminative (flatulence-alleviating and
Gastrointestinal tract cramp-alleviating vehicle). Related
Compounds to anethole may have mild estrogenic actions
Ache-lessening, fever-lessening, and anti-microbial actions.

Shunthi (Ginger)

Relieves motion sickness and queasiness

Stops upset stomach, flatulence and loose bowel movement

Relieves ache from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

Functions as a heart tonic

Kumari (Aloe)

As a food supplement, aloe eases food absorption, assists in
Blood and lymphatic flow, as well as kidney, liver and gall
Bladder functions.

Crucial Details When Determining a Treatment For Acne

If you have suffered from outbreaks then you can be frustrated and feel helpless on behalf of your fight against an outbreak. In addition, you can experience low self-assurance plus fail to attend several significant occasions because you by no means want to encounter folks. An outbreak could have arisen from your teen years as well as long into adulthood years. Whenever your circumstance is starting to get the most of you then it is time for a cure for severe acne.

Just one or two pimples are able to grow into a serious instance, so you must stop them when you spot them. A solution could combine non-artificial components to written prescription medicine from a doctor. A large amount of severe circumstances often produce scars for the reason that it gets very overwhelming to take care of with simply washing when you wake up. A serious scenario can include the formation of nodules or cysts.

When blemishes gets bad you may want to dedicate a habit which aids to care for your skin tissues as well as rid the condition. It will require applying medication, washing your face and moisturizing two times each day seven days weekly. By no means take off weekends since you will be on the mission to take care of your breakouts but it takes perseverance to be able to achieve. Bear in mind it probably will become worse before it starts becoming improved.

It is possible to obtain a cure for severe acne OTC or in your kitchen pantry. If the skin will be experiencing a severe problem then you will want to fix it utilizing the most effective substances. The more normal your treatments the less inclined a system could react within an unhelpful way. These products will give you additional helpful contracts and accelerates recovery for the reason that you tend to be essentially supplying skin with just what it needs to deal with bacteria.

Whiteheads and blackheads have the ability to emerge in a single day and could spread fast which can be by what manner it is possible you will end up with a serious predicament. Whenever you realize one or two blemishes developing you may start a proper antidote so they are not able to become rampant. The course of action that you choose might or might not be successful. Dedicate a minimum a week to be able to decide whether or not you really need to switch. When you develop negative reactions then you should discontinue making use of it immediately.

Employing non-traditional techniques as treatment for severe acne may aid the blemishes immediately plus will begin to be able to succeed efficiently. Using this tactic can furnish the system the ability it necessitates to treat the outbreaks. When the natural antidotes will be in the system they will enhance the way in which you appear and that will cause you to feel better. So, you desire immediate remedy once you notice your initial pimple.

How To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally – Simple Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goal

As we all know it's the simple things in life that can make all the difference. While you may be unhappy with your breast size – we could both agree that it is wise to think out carefully what we want to achieve so as to ensure the best results.

By the very fact that you are reading this article means that you are something curious as to how to improve your breasts naturally. However in the back of your mind you may have some skepticism.

This is understandable since everyone out there is trying to sell you something and take advantage of your hunger to achieve a certain end. So with this in mind you need to proceed with an informed mind which will help you to discern between what good information is and what is bad.

Good information will provide you with basic principles since providing you with logical steps that will yield realistic results. After all we do not care about products we care about results. When it comes to improving your breasts naturally overall good health is imperative. Good health will result in clear tighter skin and a younger looking you. This is logical right?

To achieve this you need to eat good food and exercise. You do not need to be on fad diets and starve yourself in the process. You can eat as much as you want as long as the food you eat is good.

You need to drink lots of water as this helps with skin care. You need to exercise to improve blood circulation and increase your metabolic rate. All this while not necessarily convenient will improve the tone of your body. Then with good food and exercise add natural herbal supplements that will improve the health of your breasts and naturally you can achieve the appearance you desire.

By the way since I am recommending natural herbal supplements I do so because they have some clinical background and a money back guarantee so that while you aim to improve the size and shape of your breasts you also improve your health. So if it fails you lose nothing and at the same time you can see for yourself if you can get the result you desire while improving your overall well being.

You're smart enough to know that good health will improve your appearance naturally and this will always be better than doing so artificially.

The truth about Ulcers and how you can cure Ulcers naturally

What is an Ulcer?

A peptic ulcer is a break in the tissue lining either the stomach or the duodenum (the part of the digestive tract that immediately follows the stomach). Normally, the lining of the stomach and small intestines have protection against the irritating acids produced in your stomach. Nature intended for the intestine to quickly neutralize this acid but this neutralization does not always happen. For a variety of reasons, the protective mechanisms may become faulty, leading to a breakdown of the lining. This results in inflammation (gastritis) or an ulcer.

The most common cause of such damage is infection of the stomach with a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori). Most people with peptic ulcers have this organism living in their gastrointestinal (GI) tract. However, not everyone who is infected will go on to develop ulcers.

Other factors can make it more likely for you to get an ulcer, including:

  1. Using anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

  2. Drinking alcohol excessively.

  3. Smoking cigarettes and using tobacco.

  4. Family history of ulcers.

  5. A rare condition called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome in which a tumor in the pancreas secretes a substance that causes ulcers throughout the stomach and duodenum.

Many people believe that stress causes ulcers, others refute this. In any event, even if stress is not a causative factor, it certainly is a contributing factor. Stress may aggravate symptoms of peptic ulcers and, in some cases, delay healing.

Who is affected?

Duodenal ulcers affect up to 1 in 10 people at some point in their lives, and tend to affect especially younger men. Stomach ulcers are less common. They are rare in people before middle age and are most common in elderly people.

In Western countries the prevalence of H. Pylori infections roughly matches age (i.e. 20% at age 20, 30% at age 30, 80% at age 80 etc). Prevalence is higher in sub-Saharan Africa. Transmission is by food, contaminated groundwater, and through human saliva.

What to look out for

  • Abdominal pain is a common symptom but it may not always be present. The abdominal pain from peptic ulcers can differ a lot from person to person. For example, the pain may get better or worse after eating a meal.

Other symptoms include: Nausea, Vomiting, Heartburn, Indigestion, Belching, Chest pain, Shoulder pain, Weight loss, Fatigue, Vomiting blood (which may look like ‘coffee grounds’), Bloody or dark tarry stools.

Serious complications include internal bleeding, perforation of the intestine and peritonitis. In all cases, symptoms of an ulcer should be reported to a doctor. Symptoms such as vomiting blood or dark, tarry stools require urgent medical attention.

About 4% of stomach ulcers are caused by a malignant tumor, so biopsies may be carried out in some cases. Duodenal ulcers are generally benign.

Managing ulcers

With the increasing availability of over-the counter ulcer treatments, it can be easy to think of ulcers as just being a minor irritation rather than a potentially life-threatening problem if complications occur. Over-the-counter antacids and acid blockers may relieve the gnawing pain, but the relief can be short-lived. With a doctor’s help, prompt relief of ulcer pain can be obtained as well as a complete healing of the ulcer.

Conventional treatment often involves a combination of medications to kill the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, reduce acid levels, and protect the GI tract. This combination strategy allows the ulcer to heal and reduces the chances that it will come back.

If a peptic ulcer bleeds, an Endoscopy may be needed and a procedure carried out to stop the bleeding. If bleeding cannot be stopped in this way or if the ulcer has caused a perforation then surgery will be required.

How to heal ulcers naturally

First, is Aloe Vera. Most people know about Aloe Vera for its healing and soothing properties on the skin on the outside of the body. We all have skin on the insides of out bodies that line the digestive tract as well as the lungs, the sinuses and all the internal surfaces and membranes. Taking Aloe Vera internally i.e. drinking it has the effect of helping those surface and membranes to become healthy and remain in good condition. Aloe Vera helps to balance the immune system, is good for the skin and is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent so this is why it is helps when taken internally. As far as the digestive system is concerned, I have personal experience of helping people with ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and more.

Second, are various herbal teas and their natural healing properties that can also work very well in existing cases of peptic ulcers or to prevent them from occurring in predisposed individuals. As with many areas of medicine, this is an increasingly popular way of keeping ulcers under control.

Continuing to follow these guidelines once the signs and symptoms clear can help prevent further outbreaks and minimise the need for medical intervention. This is integrated medicine – not to say that you shouldn’t go to your doctor because you should – but this can help alongside and can help the body to get back into balance and start to function as it should.

Dr. Sylvia Chukwuemeka is a Medical Doctor and a Consultant in Health Promotion and Natural Health. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health and a Member of the Institute of Health Promotion and Education, a Member of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and a Member of the International Stress Management Association. She been a Natural Health Advisor on TV and radio in the past and is a freelance health writer.

Type 2 Diabetes – Looking at Microbes Present in Diabetes and Heart and Blood Vessel Disease

In November of 2016, the Journal of Medicinal Food reported on a study showing people diagnosed with diabetes and/or heart problems, as well as healthy people, have distinctly different types of bacteria predominating in their intestines. Scientists at the University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine and the University of Bucharest in Romania analyzed the different bacteria taken from the intestines of the three groups…

1. The diabetic group showed higher levels of aerobic bacteria and coliforms, and low levels of bifidobacteria. Clostridia was present in large numbers, and there were different numbers of each species of bacteria throughout the intestines of the diabetic group.

2. The heart and blood vessel disease group showed a more nearly normal bacterial content, with a higher number of beneficial bacteria than were seen in the people in the diabetes group.

Some bacteria make lactic acid, or lactate, which changes the acid balance in the colon. The three groups showed different levels of the molecule, suggesting acid levels could play a part in colonic health.

Another molecule, ammonium, linked with colon cancer, was found in high concentrations in gram-positive bacteria, a type of bacteria found in quantity in Type 2 diabetics. Could this be the reason for the high risk of some types of cancer in diabetes?

The researchers concluded these discoveries could lead to important treatments for the two serious diseases.

The types of bacteria usually found in the colon are as follows…

1. Aerobic bacteria are those that use oxygen to “breathe.” Anaerobic bacteria do not use oxygen.

2. Clostridia are commonly found in the gut of many species, including humans. There is some research showing this particular bacteria might help protect against the development of food allergies. Clostridia can cause illness if it overgrows.

3. Bifidobacteria are classed as being helpful bacteria because they produce an acid that blocks harmful bacteria.

4. Coliforms include E. coli, harmless strains which are typically found in the human gut. Rare strains can cause severe disease. Other species include Klebsiella, Enterobacter, and Citrobacter.

5. Lactate-forming bacteria are often given as probiotics and can be found in yogurt. There is some concern about the overgrowth of these bacteria causing lactic acidosis.

6. Gram-positive bacteria refers to the gram-stain test, used to help identify the species. Bacteria can be either gram-positive or gram-negative depending upon their cell wall compositions. Ammonium is usually found in the small intestine and is harmless in small quantities.

Countdown To A New You!

As the New Year quickly approaches, one of the resolutions topping lists again this year will be to lose weight and get fit. So many folks will start out gung-ho, completely devoted to the fitness cause, yet fizzle out before spring approaches. What is the key to being successful in a weight loss journey? Noone should make a life-altering decision without research, thought and preparation. Losing weight and becoming fit is just that … a change of lifestyle. Set a starting date and use the time prior to prepare yourself!

1) Start planning your weight loss strategy several weeks in advance. Research various diets and exercise programs. Join online support groups. Decide which plans YOU can adhere to and have this decision made prior to your start date. You’ll want to begin collecting recipes and building a support team of friends with similar weight loss goals. Pick up a few fitness magazines and start flipping through them to determine which ones you find motivational. A few popular women’s magazines to try are: Fitness, Shape and Oxygen.

2) Choose your goals, but make them attainable. A fixation completely on scale weight is not necessarily the best strategy. You’ve heard it time and time again and it is true: muscle weighs more than fat! Focus on measurements, body fat percentage, clothing size or even an athletic goal. Set mini-goals as well … it’s much easier to stay motivated as you are reaching each individual goal than waiting to reach one distant goal. Be sure to allow non-food rewards as you reach each goal, and put these in writing to remind you what you are working towards. Treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure, massage, new lingerie, slinky dress or other perks.

3) Document your “Before” self. Have a friend or spouse help you take your beginning measurements. At a minimum, measure chest, waist, upper arm and upper thigh. Be sure to note your body fat percentage as well. Most gyms will perform this measurement for a small fee and it is vital to track your body fat for a more accurate portrayal of your true progress. Take photos of yourself in a swimsuit or sports bra and shorts. These will be extremely important to compare along the way and show just how much progress you are truly making!

4) Find the perfect body and plaster it everywhere! Perhaps you have a photo of you from your youth. Maybe there is a fitness model that has the shape you’d like to have. Again, be realistic about the body you choose, but once you find a body type that fits your desires, post pictures all around you as reminders. Tear out a magazine ad and tape it to the refrigerator. Find that pre-baby picture of you in a bikini and post it on your computer monitor. Use these as constant reminders of what you are trying to accomplish.

5) Join a gym or pick up the necessary equipment to workout at home. Joining a gym can be strong motivation to stay on track with your fitness plan for several reasons. The most obvious is that you have to watch that monthly fee come out of your checking account for at least a year in most cases! If you are going to be paying for it, you might as well use it, right? There are such a variety of exercise opportunities at a fitness center that you will be less likely to become bored. Most offer free weights, weight machines, aerobic classes, and a variety of cardio machines, at a minimum. Many also offer personal training instruction and swimming pools. Over time, you will probably form friendships that will help motivate you to continue working out regularly.

6) Accustom yourself to writing down everything that you eat, good or bad. You may be telling yourself that you really aren’t eating “that” bad, but can’t figure out why your weight loss is slow or non-existent. Pick up an inexpensive food scale and begin weighing and measuring your portions. Quite often, looking at it on paper, you can pinpoint your problem times and trigger foods. There are many sites online that offer food journaling, including

7) Begin weaning yourself from your bad habits early. Living a healthy lifestyle will most likely be enough of a shock that you will not want to “go cold turkey” with all the changes at once. Use the weeks prior to your goal date to begin making subtle changes. If you are a heavy soda or coffee drinker, begin cutting back one or two a day, then as you adjust, cut out another, etc. If you are a chocolate fanatic, begin cutting back or perhaps replacing with sugar-free items. Teach yourself to eat five or six smaller meals throughout the day instead of the normal three large ones. This will help keep your blood sugar stable, preventing cravings and deterring binge eating.

Most importantly, take this time to prepare yourself mentally. Use the weeks leading up to your starting date to make sure you are emotionally ready. Look at it as the last opportunity to eat certain foods without guilt. A healthy and fit lifestyle change is not going to be easy, but it will be less difficult if you have convinced yourself mentally that you are prepared and that you will be successful.

Maqui Berry – The History and Legends of This Magical Superfruit

The maqui superberry is a dark purple berry that can only be found deep within the Patagonia region of Chile. Known as a powerful and sacred plant, the Mapuche Indians of Central and Southern Chile have enjoyed its many benefits for hundreds of years. From the history, legends and myth behind this maqui berry, the many uses the Mapuche Indians were able to discover and some of the health benefits they enjoyed. This article aims to explain the history and untold legends of this magical maqui berry.

Unlike virtually every other Native American Indians, the Mapuche Indians have been able to remain unconquered. No other Indian group in the entire continent has been able to avoid this. First the Inca and then later the Spaniards attempted conquer without success. It has been said that they fought the Spanish for over 300 years. Legend would have it that their mythological power, strength and stamina was largely due to drinking the fermented maqui berry juice several times each day.

Over the centuries the maqui berry become a symbol or icon for strength and stamina. Its healing powers were believed to be profound and mystical. This was especially true during the winter months when the berries were used to increase warmth and stamina. Traditionally the Mapuche Indians would use the maqui berries for ailments including tumors, fever, sore throat, diarrhea, birth delivery, ulcers and hemorrhoids. There have been reports of the maqui leaves being used to treat diabetes, and reduce inflammation.

Today the Maqui berry and the native forests of the Mapuche Indians are under constant threat of deforestation and industrialization. Although there are a number of projects underway to help prevent this, the story of the maqui berry and the Mapuche Indians must be told before its it’s too late. Even today the berries are hand picked and harvested by the native families. Their environmentally friendly methods and plant sustaining practices are a great example for all of us.

The Awesomeness of Owning Freezer Mugs

Ever wondered how freezer mugs work? What is it in these mugs that make them function the way they do, like keeping your beverage cool and refreshing long after removing them from the refrigerator? Basically, these mugs are containers with a double-side wall, filled with a certain type of gel-a mixture of propylene glycol and water-at the core, which serves as an antifreeze. The antifreeze works by keeping the mugs’ freezing point lower than what it usually is, so in effect, the liquid contained in it is kept cold for a longer time. While it is similar in many aspects to the freeze preventive used in automobiles (ethylene glycol), propylene glycol is considerably less toxic, so the freezer mugs are still kept safe even in cases of accidental leakage.

Freezer mugs come in a variety of styles. You can find them in the form of a beer mug, a wine glass, or even a tumbler. You can also find them plain clear or frosted, or even with colored gels inside, depending on your preference. These mugs can also be made from different materials, such as plastic, glass or acrylic. But whatever the material your mugs are made from, it is important that they are well taken care of. Habitual use in environments of very different temperatures can shock the mugs and cause them to crack, so it is important to know how to properly store them.

To care for your mug, wash it in lukewarm water by hand and place it in the refrigerator for an hour to cool it down. Remember not to leave it soaking in the water or to use a dishwasher to clean it. Afterwards, move the mug to the freezer and put it in an upside down position, out of the direct path of the air inlet. By the time you need to use the freezer mug, take it from the freezer and wrap a dry towel around it. You are now ready to use your freezer mug again.

As a whole, users of freezer mugs seem to have a good review on it. For them, the mugs work just great, in terms of keeping their favorite beverages cool and fresh as it does not water the drink down. Also, it saves them from ice and all the hassles that come with it, as it is able to keep the cold temperature longer. Indeed, there are so many benefits from keeping your own freezer mugs.

When shopping for freezer mugs, it is highly recommended to buy them online by bulk because online markets offer the best selection for the best prices. You can even choose your favorite sport team on your mug! Happy drinking!

Financial Projections For New Businesses:

This article is subjected to review financial projections for a new business. It provides basic tools and components required for forecasting financial situations for a new business. The significance of financial forecasting cannot be overestimated easily. It is equally important to the investors, suppliers, employees, financial institutions and customers.

The significance of financial planning and forecasting helps new business entrepreneurs to make realistic moves and through financial forecasting, they can estimates return on the ventures. For a new business; financial forecasting helps to forecasts the financial difficulties such as, when and where to reduce expenses. It helps in developing a pace for the company’s cash flow and financial matters. It involves management of long term and intermediate transactions to understand the concepts being associated with the term finance like; revenues, expenses, cash paid, or cash received.

Financial projections involve:

  • General forecasting issues: It includes forecasting revenues and expenses of an organization to examine the financial conditions, cost structure and profit margin. It helps in determining the size of the potential market, company’s operational scale and the market share.
  • Issues present in forecasting new business results: In the development stages of new business, financial forecasting plays a pivotal role. From scarcity of resources to development decisions. It includes multiple scenarios like market size, growth rates, and profitability of market and structure of cost. It is necessary to study the possible partial failure, or success.
  • Growth in sales and capital: Sales generation ultimately leads to raise capital and resources. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the substance of sales to give pace to your company’s sales. For a new business a boost in sales is required which needs outside financing.
  • Utilizing working capital: A company’s capital includes; cash, inventories, liquid securities, debts owned by company, these all are essential components of a company’s net working capital
  • Credit policy and pricing: The business planninginvolves pricing and credit policy. The financial analysis in this regard prevent from the possible upcoming loss.
  • Dividend policy: It directly affects the company’s balance. These policies affect your cash, because if your policy to pay higher dividends means your liquidity will be low to re invest that amount in assets, but vice versa if your policy is to re invest than dividend will be less, or none. Low dividend policy means high re investments and higher dividend policies means low cash balance.

Getting Back With Ex Boyfriends – How You Can Tell If They're Genuine

Getting back with ex boyfriends more often than not means just one thing. More heartbreak.

If your ex is showing you some attention and seems to want to hang out more, or even worse, flirting with you, what are you gonna do? Let's face it, it's flattering and you'll even be a little hopeful that a reconciliation is on the cards. But hold on right there!

There is a way to handle this that puts YOU in control. Play hard to get.

I know it's an old trick, and people do not like playing games, but all of fair in love and war right?

Remember, if you've been with someone for any length of time and then there's a breakup, there's bound to be a level of missing each other, and this can manifest itself in feelings of wanting to be back together.

If you're feeling this way, the odds are that your ex is too.

What these feelings are not taking into account are the reasons you broke up in the first place.

The other danger, and I wish this was not so, is that there may be ulterior motives involved.

Often your ex may be lonely, he has not managed to meet anyone else so he'll fall back on you.

He may be horny. This is blunt but it's a fact. He may miss the sexual aspect of your relationship and the single life he imagined probably is not his reality now, so he's come crawling back for a quick 'fix'. You have to be very careful of this as if you do have intentions of getting back with your ex, this may well damage that plan.

It may even be revenge. Yeah, I know that sounds dramatic, but if you dumped him and he thinks he can get his own back. It's happened to me.

In essence, the only way to know for sure is to play hard to get. Getting back with ex boyfriends is a risky business, but you'll have a much more realistic view of his true intentions if you play a little hard to get. If he persists and will not give up, without becoming a weirdo stalker, then he might be genuine. Good luck!

Breast Cancer – Recurrence

One of the issues that every breast cancer survivor must deal with is the possibility of the cancer coming back. We call this a recurrence and even though rates of breast cancer recurrence are lower and survival rates much higher, there is still that chance that the breast cancer will come back after the initial occurrence and treatment. There are three ways in which breast cancer can recur.

The first type of recurrence is called a local recurrence. When cancer recurs locally, it will come back in the original breast area. This is because of a failure of the original treatment. Even when there is a mastectomy, a local recurrence can happen because it is impossible to remove all the breast tissue, skin and fat from the area. If even one cancer cell remains after the initial treatment, a local recurrence can happen.

The second type of recurrence is regional in nature. By regional we mean that the cancer has come back outside of the original breast and lymph node area. This is considered to be more serious than a local recurrence, but not as serious as a distant recurrence. The areas in which regional spread of the disease occur include the chest muscles (pectoral), the lymph nodes surrounding the neck area, the internal breast lymph nodes in the breast bone and rib areas and in the lymph nodes above the collarbone. This type of recurrence is rare.

The third and most serious type of recurrence is called a distant recurrence. This is also referred to as a metastasis. The areas where distant spread can occur are most likely to occur are bone (25%), liver, brain, bone marrow, lungs or other organs. Sometimes this is referred to as metastatic disease or Stage IV breast cancer. The survival rate becomes much lower once metastasis occurs, with a life expectancy of 18 months on the average after discovering it.

Symptoms of metastatic breast cancer may include bone pain, shortness of breath, lack of appetite, weight loss (possible indication of liver metastases, neurological pain or weakness and headaches.

If you are a breast cancer survivor, you should be aware of the symptoms of metastatic spread. These symptoms can include bone pain (bone), weight loss (liver), loss of appetite (liver), headaches (brain), neurological pain or weakness (brain / spinal) and shortness of breath (lungs). However, keep in mind that having one or more of these symptoms does not mean you should panic. A good rule of thumb is the "three week rule". If you have a pain or other symptom that lasts more than three week, see your doctor. If you have an unrelenting pain or constant pain, see a doctor. Cancer pain does not go away compared other types of pain which will come and go. Like back pain caused by muscle spasms and / or non-cancer related disc problem.

If you suspect you have a recurrence of breast cancer, see your doctor. They will schedule some diagnostic tests like a CAT scan, bone scan, or MRI to try to find the root of your symptoms. Usually surgery is not a treatment option, but there are many other treatments, such radiation and / or chemotherapy that could potentially put a recurrence cancer back into remission. There are amazing advances in treatment being made all the time.

Health Insurance

There are a few kinds of health insurance available:

O Hospital and Surgical Insurance

O Hospital Cash Benefit

O Critical Illness

O Long Term Care Insurance

O Disability Income Insurance

Hospital and Surgical Insurance is most immediate, urgent and a must plan for everyone.

Illness and accident can occur to anyone any time, anywhere. So when it is so serious that hospitalization and / or surgery is required, there will be a substantial sum of money incurred. And it is a NECESSITY to get us well and up again so that we can continue to lead our normal life, be it be continue to work, take care of family or to study.

If we buy any shield plan to cover the hospitalization needs, the premium can be paid from your own or family member's Medisave. With an additional small sum of premium, there are now a few private shield plans that covers the full hospital bills for both the government / structure and private hospital. Even if you are financially stable and cash-rich, you may not want the hospitalization to wipe out your savings for business expansion, your child's education, your holiday plan or even your retirement! It is a small sum of premium to pay to enjoy such a great assurance just in case … Touch wood, but disaster or accident always strikes when you least expect it.

There are currently two insurers that offer total coverage (ie as charged) from first dollars, NTUC Income and Prudential. You may check out their websites for the premium and coverage. Note also that even if the medical procedure / operation is covered by the insurance, pre-hospitalization deposit may still be required when admitting to hospital unless a letter of Guarantee is provided for by the insurer.

Hospital Cash Benefit is a benefit plan where the insurer will pay you regardless of the number of policies you have and the actual expenditure you incurred in hospital. It can be used to offset the lost income and personal expenses while in hospital. T pays a fixed sum of money per day, up to 365 days.

Critical Illness varies among insurers but it usually includes heart attack, cancers, stroke, kidney failure, paralysis, major organ transplant etc. It is important to all ages because we will need the money to buy essential medicine, tonics to improve our health once out of hospital. There may be a need to even employ maid to take care of our everyday livings and / or essential aids to help in our daily livings. All this cost money and we do not want to impinge financial burden to our family. Critical illness insurance is about getting ourselves well again from the insurer's payout.

Long Term Care Insurance is designed to meet the cost of care of a person who is physically impaired that he needs help from others to perform the most basic activities of daily living. The activities of daily living include washing / bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, mobility and transferring. Some insurer will start the payout if the insured can not perform any 3 of the activities. Eldershield is the long term care insurance offered by the Singapore Government from age 40.

Disability Income Insurance provides a personal income replacement if the insured is unable to work in the current job. The amount is payable monthly and it is up to a certain percentage (usually 75%) of the salary drawn. The insured has to be disabled for 3-6 months before the insurer will commence the payment of benefits to the insured till he recovers or till a certain age, say 65 years old. This insurance is important to the sole breadwinner who brings beacon to the family.

Firmer Abs

Any woman who has ever despaired of firming up her floating abdominal skin after the birth of a baby or any person discouraged by the appearance of his or her stomach following a large loss of weight should know that there is hope. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to trim the abdominal area. It involves removing fat and skin from the area and tightening the abdominal muscles. This eliminates sagging and wrinkles and leaves the abdomen looking firmer.

This can be partial or complete. With a partial tuck, only a small incision is made, and the process typically takes one to two hours. In a complete abdominoplasty, the incision stretches from hip to hip. Much trimming and reconstruction is involved. With either a partial or complete tummy tuck, liposuction may be required for fine sculpting.

Just because this is cosmetic, however, do not be fooled into thinking it is not a real surgery without risks. In fact, hospitalization is often required. It carries a significant recovery time, with initial recovery taking one to four weeks and a full recovery between three to six months. Even after that, scarring will be evident. A tummy tuck is definitely not to be taken lightly.

Not to be taken lightly, either, is your choice of surgeon. Choosing an unqualified surgeon can result in a nightmare. Everyone has heard horror stories of botched cosmetic surgeries. Take the time to do your research. Make sure you entrust your body to the best doctor available. It is also important to know the risks and side effects going in. A good surgeon will honestly discuss your expectations with you so you can be absolutely comfortable with your choice to have a major cosmetic procedure such as a tummy tuck.

If you have worked to lose the weight, and you know it is what you want, go for it! But do not go into it blind. Know what you are in for before you go under the knife.