Peanut Allergies – Most Life Threatening Food Allergy

Well, what is Peanut Allergies? According to health studies Peanut Allergies can be defined as an allergic reaction to peanuts, which is the number one cause of anaphylaxis, popularly known as the most life threatening allergic reaction.

Peanut allergies are caused by the body's hypersensitive response to a substance when one eats peanuts or peanut particles and oils. Some of these are peanut butter, expressed peanut oil, mixed nuts, arachis oil, groundnut oil, hydrolyzed plant and vegetable protein and natural flavoring. There are also many foods that contain peanut as their ingredient which include: breakfast cereals, crackers, biscuits, ice cream, desserts, nutrition and energy bars, curry sauce, candies, salad dressings, vegetarian dishes, soups and topical ointments.

Anyone can have peanut allergies. But according to health surveys it is more seen among children. There are several signs and symptoms on how to identify if one has peanut allergies. Symptoms of peanut allergies range from mild to severe. When one has a mild reaction to the said allergies the most common signs are you get stomachache, runny nose, a skin rash, hives or urticaria and if you feel thrilling sensation in your lips and tongue. On the other hand if you're allergies become different here are the most common symptoms. There is urinary frequency, hypotension or what we call low blood pressure, inflammation of the brain, flushed appearance, night blindness, sudden swelling of the neck, lips, face and throat, vomiting, erectile dysfunction and frequent itching all over your body, difficulty In breathing and swallowing, diarrhea, dizziness and loss of consciousness.

So when one feels any of these symptoms it's very important to have an abrupt treatment. It's better to be diagnosed by your family physician to be able to know if your allergies need a serious treatment. Usually, doctors always conduct a skin test to the patient by injecting a peanut extract to know if there will be swelling or redness which indicates allergic reaction. Afterwards the physician will conduct a blood test to identify antibodies which correspond to a peanut allergy sample that can be found in the patients sample blood. And to make the diagnosis more effective the physician will conduct a blind food challenge tests which and determines the cause of the food allergy. Lastly is the elimination diet. It is a process wherein peanuts are removed from the patient's diet for weeks. This method will help physicians to determine if allergic reactions continue and persist.

Now as an individual, it's very important to have enough information on how to prevent peanut allergies. The most general prevention is avoidance of peanut in your diet. Make sure that when you buy anything that is eaten always to read the labels to be able to know if the products you buy are peanut free. Remember health is wealth!

Specific Measures to Eliminate the Poison From the System

Poisons in general can have both general and systemic effects on the Human. HEN elimination of Poison from the system will need some measures such as Forced alkaline diuresis, the usage of specific antidotes, removal of absorbed poisons and some more.

Gastrointestinal tract : In many cases of ingested poisons, significant amounts remaining in the gastrointestinal tract up to four hours, it is absolutely necessary to take appropriate measures for their removal. Induction of vomiting is useful in conscious patients. Vomiting is induced by tickling the pharynx, administration of concentrated common salt solution, or 10 ml of 15% tinct. In the case of corrosive poisons highly irritant substances like kerosene, emesis and gastric intubation are contraindicated. Gastric lavage by using a stomach tube is an effective method to empty gastric contents quickly and this can be done even in unwilling patients. This is the method of choice in all conscious patients who have consumed noncorrosive poisons. However, it is risky in comatose patients due to the danger of aspiration into the respiratory tract and in such cases aspiration through Ryle's tube is preferred. Gastric contents should be preserved in a sealed bottle for chemical examination and further medicolegal procedures. Use of activated charcoal which absorbs many toxins reduces gastric absorption further. Purgatives such as magsulph, 15g orally followed by bowel wash 2 hours later help in eliminating the poison from the intestine.

Removal of absorbed poisons : Forced alkaline diuresis enhances the renal excretion of many poisons. Hemodialysis helps to eliminate many water soluble substances. Phenobarbitone, glutethimide, salicylates, amphetamine, tricyclic antidepressants, methaqualone, and heavy metals can be eliminated in various amounts.

Forced alkaline diuresis : The kidneys can be made to eliminate poisonous drugs at a rate consistent with the urine output. Alkalinisation of the body fluids helps in mobilizing the drug and increase excretion. Some drugs like barbiturate have antidiuretic properties and this effect is counteracted by restricted diuresis. In an unconscious patient a Foley's catheter should be introduced to facilitate uninterrupted flow and for proper monitoring. Normal saline is given intravenously continuously (1000 ml over 4 hours) and 20 mg furosemide is given intravenously followed by 100 ml 7.5% sodium bicarbonate. Furosemide and sodium bicardonate are repeated in the same dosage every 4 hours. In addition, 20% mannitol 300 ml is given intravenously every 6 hours. By this method urine output can be increased to 6-10 liters in 24 hours. The pH of the urine and blood should be determined and the dose of sodium bicarbonate adjusted to keep them alkaline. Although the danger of pulmonary edema is rare, this should be watched for. Since hypokalemia may occur, 1g of potassium chloride (10% -10 ml) should be added to every liter of fluid. The serum electrolytes are monitored repeatedly to maintain the fluid and electrolytes at normal level. The diuresis is continued till the patient becomes conscious and the blood level of the drug is reduced to safe limits.

Since most of the cases recover with forced alkaline diuresis, hemodialysis is indicated only in a few. Indication for hemodialysis are:

1. high blood levels of the drug,
2. renal failure, and
3. non-responsiveness to forced diuresis.

In the absence of facilities for hemodialysis, paritoneal dialysis should be undertaken.

Specific antidotes : Antidotes are available for various poisonous substances. These may be chemical antidotes which neutralize the action of the poison or biological antidotes which prevent their pharmacological response. They should be employed only after ascertaining the nature of the poison. In most cases, the antidote is indicated by the manufacturers on the packing of the toxic chemical. Many of the patients with suicidal poisoning attempt to repeat these episodes because of their basic psychological problems. Here, it is necessary to instruct their relatives and also arrange for proper psychiatric treatment after the initial episode is treated.

Malnutrition and Obesity

Obesity is caused by several different factors such as overeating, diseases as well as malnutrition. It may come as a surprise to you that someone who is obese is malnourished, but it is very possible.

The reason behind that is that when your body does not have enough nutrients it craves for food. Usually this is junk food as that will give your body the quickest fix. However, this does not provide your body with proper nutrients, and thus you crave for more, and the cycle continues.

What Causes Malnutrition

Malnutrition occurs when your body does not get enough nutrients so that it can function properly. This could be due to reasons such as poverty, or not choosing a proper diet. It could also be the result of a sickness or disease where the body rejects the food or is unable to absorb the nutrients.

There is little that you can do if you are living in poverty and just cannot afford to buy food, or if you are sick, then you may need to take care of your condition first. However, there is a lot that you can do to choosing a proper diet in order to prevent malnutrition.

Choosing a Proper Diet

The foods you should eat are fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds. And you should eat these foods raw as much as possible, as cooking destroys many essential nutrients.

They say ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, but you need much more than just an apple a day. Your body was designed to live off of raw and living foods. Studies have shown that plants can provide you with more usable proteins and other nutrients than any other foods such as meat, dairy and eggs. But most people do not even eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as recommended by the FDA. As a result the majority of people are malnourished.


Your body sends a signal that it is hungry when it needs more nutrients, not when it has eliminated all the foods from the last meal. This means that you can still have food in your stomach from your last meal when it sends the signal. Some of the so-called healthiest foods such as animal proteins can leave you in this state where you just keep craving for more and more before your previous meal has been digested.

Raw and living foods will not leave you in this state, as they are digested quickly and eliminated from the body in less than 24 hours. Therefore in order to prevent yourself from overeating you should stick to a raw food diet as much as possible so that your body will not cause you to overeat on junk foods.

Vegas Baby! The Beating Heart of Gambling – Las Vegas

Situated in the smoking hot desert, Las Vegas has an allure that not many world destinations can live up to. What pictures do the words “Las Vegas” conjure up in your mind? For me, it is the dream destination. I can live in the lap of luxury, and get involved in the hustle and bustle of casino life and possibly make my dreams of fame and fortune come true.

If you want to play poker, then this is the place to do it. I am still haunted by the magical scenes and wonderful atmosphere of a place like the Bellagio. If you need to give yourself an insight into this place, then why not rent George Clooney and Brad Pitt’s classical Ocean’s Eleven. Better still, why not the original Rat-Pack version. However, seeing is believing. If you too find your breath taken away by the spectacular, you can do no better, than spend a long (and i mean long) weekend in Vegas.

Is Poker and Vegas just for the rich and famous? Hell No! It’s time for you to check out the Klondike. This is a tourist hotspot. It may not have the appeal of some of the more famous casinos, but this is somewhere dreams become reality. You can sit at the poker table, soak up the ambience, gamble until your heart is content and not lose your shirt in the process!

If you want to be inspired by the great players, such as, Wynn, Helmuth, Eastgate and Chan then wander down the strip. You will find a host of famous and great names at Caesars, El Cortez, Golden Nugget or the Horseshoe.

You know if you ever go to Vegas, then you are going to have to visit the casinos. Just be careful and do your homework. As an added bonus, many places will offer free drinks to even part-time and low-wager gamblers!

Do You Know What is the Best Anti Wrinkle Cream?

What is the best anti wrinkle cream in terms of safe ingredients?

What is the best wrinkle cream, overall? Here are the answers that you need.

If safety is not important to you, you need to read some consumers reports of adverse reactions.

Even people who have never had an allergic reaction end up with skin that looks burned or wrinkled.

Some have ended up with permanent black bumps after using a cream designed to “lighten” their skin.

So, even if you are only concerned about your appearance, you need to look for safe, non-toxic ingredients.

So, what is the best anti wrinkle cream in terms of safety? Look for a company that has signed the “Compact for Safe Cosmetics”.

Here’s another question. What is the best wrinkle cream, when it comes to your skin’s health? It is one that contains nutrients.

In order to combat wrinkles, you need to grow some “new skin”.

When we are young, the process is automatic. The process becomes less efficient as we age (or because of poor nutrition) and it needs some stimulating nutrients to get going again.

What is the best wrinkle cream in terms of these stimulating nutrients?

It is one that you use at night, because that’s when new growth happens.

There are a number of effective ingredients to look for.

What is the best anti wrinkle cream for moisturizing and why is that important?

Moisture is important because dry skin is more easily damaged.

Using an effective moisturizer at night will help prevent some of the damage from the environment that happens during the day.

The most effective product contains three naturally effective moisturizers and Babassu palm wax to help lock that moisture in.

Shea Butter is included to reduce scars, blemishes, brown spots, stretch marks and wrinkles.

Avocado oil is included because it has been shown to stimulate collagen product; new skin growth.

Functional Keratin, a patented protein peptide, is included because it has been shown to stimulate skin cell production.

All three are effective moisturizers, as well. Looking for these four ingredients will help you find out what is the best wrinkle cream, but there’s more.

The most effective product contains coenzyme Q10, natural vitamin E and honey.

All of these are powerful antioxidants that counter free radical damage and repair damage already done.

On a molecular level, free radicals damage collagen fibers. They damage the membranes of skin cells.

They eventually damage DNA strands and can cause the formation of cancerous tumors. They are also responsible for wrinkles.

So, what is the best anti wrinkle cream to use at night, in terms of ingredients? It is one that contains Functional Keratin, Shea Butter, Avocado oil, Babassu wax, coenzyme Q10, natural vitamin E and honey.

But, what is the best wrinkle cream, in terms of price.

It is one that is not advertised on TV. Manufacturers that advertise heavily cannot include effective ingredients.

What is the best anti wrinkle cream, overall? Now, you should be able to find it.

Fish to Catch From Whitby Piers in December

Arriving in Whitby on a cold December evening to fish the piers you can find plenty of accommodation like the Arches or Ashford Guest Houses. The George Hotel located very close to the harbor side also caters for fishermen and provides free space for your catch until your departure date.

There is nothing like staying in a nice hospitable place when you have been fishing in the cold depths of winter.

Fishing on the Whitby Piers really should have gotten into it's own in December. By the end of November and the beginning of December then hopefully the cod fishing should really be getting better. At the start of December we would normally expect some very good fishing with good size whiting and codling getting caught. Unfortunately this year the season has started slowly, mainly due to the weather patterns in my opinion. We have only just started to get the first cold snap of the season, so water temperatures have been higher than you would expect at this time of the year. Things do now appear to be looking up with a recent good Northerly blow that has stirred the sea and given it a bit of color, coupled with a cold spell we might at last have turned the corner.

There have been a few good reports of fish being caught from all along the N / east coast so hopefully this will continue.

Both piers at whitby fish well but most folk seem to keep to the left hand pier, probably because it is a bit more accessible than the far pier and at the moment you can not access the far end of the pier due to some sea damage . During December when fishing for both cod and whiting I would always 'tip' one of my worm baits with a bit of mackerel strip, normally a good bait for whiting.

I normally only eat whiting by making fishcakes – a lovely tasty fish for making these. My family and especially the kids, love them. The trick with whiting that I have always found best, is to boil them first before using them in fishcakes. If you try to fillet them, they are a boney fish and have loads of small bones but if you boil them for a short while first, you can just peel the flesh off the bone and it makes it a whole lot simpler to use.

Peeler crab is a top bait for cod at the beginning of the season before Xmas but after at the start of the year I would normally prefer Rag or Lug. My preferred worm bait has always been ragworm, many, many would disagree I know, saying big black lug or 'yellow tails' fish better. Everyone to their own but I always preferred ragworm for a few reasons. In very cold weather, and I have fished Whitby pier when it was minus 10 degrees, ragworm will stay alive longer than lug, lug tenders to freeze when it is really bitter and I have had ragworm freeze to be fair, but it will last longer . Ragworm is also a tougher bait and will stay on the hook a bit longer than lug in rough weather. I have always loved 'rock fishing' and found rag to be tougher and a better bait than lug. Like I say earlier, everyone to their own.

I remember one night when we fished Whitby east pier, every time we reeled in the ice was coming off the line onto your fingers as you guided the line back onto the reel! Might not sound bad but believe me at 2 or 3 in the morning when your cold and hungry, it hurts! The worms froze solid.

'Coalies' will also be about but again I've had better luck catching them just down the road at Sandsend in the car park. They can sometimes be to a good size too and they will usually put up a spirited fight.

If you fish into the harbor off either of the Whitby piers then eels and flatties are probably the mainstay here. Lug tipped with a bit of mackerel will account for flatties at any time of the year. The far pier has kelp beds and rough ground casting out to sea but it does throw up some really good cod in the right conditions.

Mussel and razor are two very underated baits as far as I am concerned, they both fish well and mussel fishes very well after a good storm when the sea is dropping off and has a good color to it.

'Darn Sarf' they are rarely seen and I have had many discussions about the pro's and con's of using mussel. A lot of the guys stick to big blow lug or 'blacks' and will not use anything else. One of the guys I sometimes fish with is like that, will not use anything else besides big lug, possibly tipped off with squid, another underated bait. I have out fished him using rag and other combinations, he has outdished me on many occasions as well but until you try something, who is to know whether it will work or not?

I often keep a few mussel in a jar wrapped in elasticated cotton ready to use. I have found it better to do it this way than to try loading a hook when your hands are cold and wet. Plus if they have been in a jar for a while, they tend to smell a bit more and I believe the smellier or rancid the better to be honest.

I'm not putting myself up as an expert on the subject but with over 40 years of experience behind me, fishing a lot of area around the English coast, I think I know a little about the subject. I did fish the N / east coast for around 20 years on a very regular basis. Only being limited by "Her who must be obeyed" as most of us are!

It's always a good idea to phone one of the local tackle shops to see how the fishing is doing and you can always book some top class bait at the same time.

One thing I would say here is remember, if you are going to fish off a pier, breakwater or jetty of any type. The last thing you need to happen is loose that fish of the season when trying to lift it up the side. Get yourself a decent 'drop net', you can either buy one or make one, quite easy to do out of an old bike wheel! Many years ago off Saltburn pier I lost a fish that I estimated to be around the 20lb mark, got it half way up the pier and it fell off.

I know it is quite easy to over estimate but I have always believed that the only person you are kidding is yourself so no point in exaggerating! I had a 3lb cod under that one and did not even know it was there until the 'lump' dropped off.

I always carry a net now if I am fishing piers or jetties or a gaff if I am fishing off a steep beach, I have no intention of losing a good fish again and never have. How many times do you read on the forum's or in the angling press about the fish that came off in the surf when someone was trying to beach it.

Whitby is a great place to be if you want to catch some fish in December.

Dealing With Season Allergy Symptoms

Dealing with season allergy symptoms has become a fact of life for many of us. This year has been officially called the worst allergy season ever. People who have never suffered of any type of allergies have reported season allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny noses, sneezing etc.

Fact is more then 20% of American population suffers with some sort of allergies; 14 million visiting their doctor and it was estimated 4 million sick days will be taken due to the season allergy. Hartford, Connecticut took the number one position in seasonal allergies this year due to high pollen count.

Here are some myths and facts to treat the season allergy:

* Myth cold medications. These medications are only efficient for colds and will not help in any way your allergy symptoms. Do not have them even if friends and family tell you they are effective. Only allergy medications will help you get relief.

* Myth air purifiers. It is true that this will help to a certain degree, because keeping the air clean, which the air purifier achieves, is part of keeping the allergies at bay, however, they cannot clean out pollen.

* Fact Over the counter medications do work. Those that are available in pharmacies are great provided you already know that you are suffering from season allergy. Do not self medicate.

* Fact Know your condition and be aware of the foods and places that trigger the allergies. Avoid the following (to name a few): carrots, apples and pears.

* Fact Have a shower before you get to bed. Cleaning off all the dust and pollen is very effective. You can even take a shower when you get back home for fast relief.

* Fact sunglasses block pollen from getting into your eyes preventing you effectively from season allergy.

Treating season allergy symptoms is not as simple as some new set of laws do restrict over the counter sale of some decongestants. That is any medication containing pseudoephedrine will be sold only by prescription and that too limited amount a month.
The good news that is many of the over the counter drugs are very effective and can cure you of the season allergy.

Surviving season allergy is not an easy task, it’s something you have to constantly be conscious about and in control of; with constant surveillance and organization, care and a lot of love and understanding from your family you should get through even the worst of the seasons.

3 Tips For Healthy Breakup Recovery

Getting over a breakup is a serious undertaking, and doing it alone can feel all but impossible. When I went through a pretty bad one recently, I had my mother to talk to and help me out in getting over the hurt … but not everyone has someone like that so I'm going to try to do for you what my mother Did for me, with 3 pieces of advice for getting through this time.

First piece of advice: Do not just sit around in your house feeling bad. My mother encouraged me to get out of my apartment and have some fun, even inviting me to my parents' place for a little family get-together. Whoever you have that you can spend time with, go to them and just enjoy their company … having someone there for you will make a lot of the pain more bearable.

Second piece of advice: Try to meet somebody new! Somebody you've seen around at work or class, but you never got to know them and you'd like to … now's the time to give it a try! You can try going on a date or two, but it does not even have to be THAT serious … just spend a little time with a fresh face to remind yourself that it's a big world and you can be happy wherever you're With your ex or not.

Third piece of advice: Keep your place in shape! This may seem like an odd tip for getting over a breakup, but the truth is that losing yourself in an hour or two of straightening up and cleaning your house (I like listening to music while I do it) will help to distract you from the Loneliness, and a clean house always makes you feel better than surroundings that have been "let go" too long.

The Forgotten Vitamin

Well, apparently we are in full swing of British summertime at the moment. As I type I am definitely snug and warm, but this is due to my pink fleece and slipper socks, NOT the rays of sun penetrating my pores.

Being an eternal optimist, I firmly believe that August is going to drench us in an eagerly awaited wave wave … I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Not only because blue skies and bright sunshine reflect into each and every one of our souls, but also because as a nation, our bodies are particularly deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is actually a hormone that the body can metabolise on its own. Whilst vitamin D is found in some foods, the sun is our main source. Our skin actually produces vitamin D when it is exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. During all seasons bar summer, light fails to reach the earth at the correct angle in the UK there is insufficient UVB rays are generated by the sun to meet our vitamin D requirements. This is where diet and supplement comes in …

Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium. When the sun does not shine, the skeleton sighs, strops and may start to weaken. A severe deficiency of vitamin D in children can lead to rickets – weakening and softening of the bones. In adults it causes the equivalent condition which is called osteomalacia. In Victorian times, these bone conditions were prevalent and we are now beginning to see an incredibly unsettling return …

With rickets, the bones begin to soften due to lack of structural support in the form of calcium. Body weight is no longer supported adequately and the legs start to visibly bend, fraction and begin to crumble. Without the skeleton we would be a puddle of blood, guts and skin – pretty huh !?

The importance of vitamin D is not exclusive to our skeleton. It is also required for immunity and protection against killer conditions such as heart disease, type I diabetes, certain autoimmune diseases and some cancers.

There is some confusion over how much vitamin D we need in our inner pool of nutrients. In fact, we are the only country in Europe who does not have a recommended daily take figure. Currently, it is only pregnant and breastfeeding women alongside children who are recognized to require a certain amount of vitamin D dashing through their bodies. Beyond these special groups the Department of Health asserts that people should be able to acquire their D-vitamin needs through a balanced diet and sunshine. However research suggests that this is extremely illegally during the months of winter and spring … and perhaps this summer too.

So how can we help deliver some D?

Well, get outside when it's sunny! 15 minutes a day of sunshine between the months of April and September should suffice. It's always important to bear in mind the dangers of over exposure to the sun too, so protect yourself outside of that 15 minutes and NEVER allow your precious shell to singe. Not only is sunburn a style sin, but it is also a sure-fire way for your skin to reach old age before you do … Slip, slop, slap – you know the drill peeps.

And how do we get the big D from the diet?

Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are definite D-lists, featuring some of the highest levels of this nutrient. It is not advised to exceed the recommended 2-3 portions a week. Eggs and meat also have small amounts, alongside milk and natural yoghurt.

The way to go really is supplementation. If you are taking a high quality multi nutrient then D should make an appearance. If not, a vitamin D supplement alone is recommended during the months from October to March. 15-20mcg a day is a good measure. Cod liver oil is another source of vitamin D with the added benefit of some levels of omega 3 and also vitamin A.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for August anyway, not only for the vitamin but come on SUMMER: I thought you came with the promise of some sun smooches, or a freckle or two at the very least …

What is Clinical Depression?

Have questions about Clinical Depression? Clinical Depression is a serious disease. The way you feel, act, and even think can all be impacted by this illness. It doesn’t mean you’re a loser. It does mean there’s a medical problem that requires treatment. You may find it very difficult to function like you used to. What used to entertain you might now bore you, or seem a useless pursuit. Clinical Depression results in long term hopelessness and feelings of remorse. This illness does not simply come and go. It’s not like losing a loved one, the sadness eventually lessening. Clinical Depression is long term.

Clinical Depression can and will touch almost every element of your day to day life. Your thought patterns might change. You might become confused. Your will is no longer your own as this condition affects your very behaviors and moods. You can also experience eating and sleeping disorders that will turn your life upside down. Where you once may have been able to do your work or study for school without any hesitation you may quickly lose the ability to do so. Clinical Depression will target the way you deal with people. You will find that you often do not feel like yourself.

Clinical Depression is not a personal problem like always being late or being lazy. Wishing won’t make it disappear. There are no quick fixes like the power of positive thinking. It requires a medical treatment that can go on for weeks, months or years. People have been known to attempt suicide if this condition isn’t treated. The reasons for the depression may seem known to you. However many different factors might contribute to this illness. Typically, it is a group of factors that lead to Clinical Depression. It can be psychological, perhaps genetic and even associated with the environment in which you live.

Clinical Depression can also be a result of biological conditions like chemical imbalances that work on the brain. It’s also known that one of the leading causes is stress. Your psychological condition can be affected greatly by stress at school or at work . Worries like managing a family budget can be disastrous. Clinical Depression can even result from abuse of alcohol or drugs. Don’t hesitate to consult a medical professional if you or anyone you know shows signs of this disease.

Importance of Protein For Your Diet

Protein is an essential nutrient for your body and has many function including cell maintenance and repair. Literally every single cell in your body requires it to repair, grow and maintain itself. The amount of protein that you require will depend on primarily on your activity level; The more active you are the more you will need so that your muscles can recover and grow new mass. Also if you have fallen ill you will require more to recover.

A complete protein is made up of amino acids, which are like the building blocks of proteins. An easy way to imagine this is to think of a house as a protein, and the bricks as the amino acids – only once all amino acids (or bricks) are in place, the protein (or house) is complete. There are 22 amino acids of which 8 are called essential because they must be consumed by our diet. The other 14 amino acids can be made in the body by using the other 8 essential amino acids.

So how much do you need? The accepted figure is roughly 0.8g per kilogram of lean body mass for an adult. However if you want to gain muscle mass you will need to eat about 2g per kilogram of lean bodyweight. Again the recommended figure for protein take for normal adults is about 15% of caloric intake, but this shoots up to a massive 40% when trying to build muscle mass. It is vitally important to consume enough when looking to build muscle mass; If you do not eat enough you will not be able to pack on slabs of lean muscle.

The best source of protein are lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish such as salmon and salmon, red meat and eggs in addition to protein supplements such as whey protein. These sources will contain complete proteins (22 amino acids). Other foods such as carbohydrates sources like pasta, couscous and beans will contain protein but not complete protein so it is vital to try and supplement your diet with a protein supplement such as soy protein or whey protein if you are vegetarian.

How To Use Ayurveda As Pigmentation Treatment

The melanin pigments that are produced by the skin help in identifying the color of your skin. More than hundreds of genes affect the skin color and the natural pigmentation of your skin cannot be corrected. Ayurveda suggests Pigmentation Treatment for those with excess or less melanin secretion.

When does pigmentation become a problem?

Pigmentation occurs when there is too little or too much of melanin produced by your skin. The skin will either appear dark or discolored due to the melanin secretion. The root cause of the pigmentation is due to the internal factors of the body like hormones and pregnancy. External factors like burning, chemicals, ultraviolet rays, stress and dietary issues also cause skin pigmentation. The good news is Ayurveda has pigmentation cure for every condition.

Implementing Ayurveda as Pigmentation treatment

Drink water

Your body and skin need water to get rid of the toxins. The toxins in your body cause pigmentation so it is advisable to fight with the pigmentation by drinking a lot of water. Lukewarm water is best for pigmentation cure as it keeps the digestive track under control. Drink two to three liters of water a day to stay hydrated and keep all diseases away.


Turmeric is a great disinfectant and it has antibiotic features that keep skin diseases away. A powerful aid is used in Pigmentation cure. It controls inflammation on the skin and lightens the skin tone. Applying turmeric paste on your face and body keeps your skin healthy and it also controls the discoloration of the skin.


It is a blood purifier mostly used in Pigmentation treatment. It is used to treat various skin disorders. The herb has a lot of medicinal value that eases the trouble caused by pigmentation.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has a lot of medicinal value and it is used to treat various conditions, skin and hair care treatments. It moisturizes the skin and cleanses the skin. The aloe vera has the medicinal property that softens the skin and it fights aging. As a pigmentation treatment, it helps in exfoliating, skin tightening and lightening.


An aromatic ingredient is widely used in Ayurveda to treat various illnesses. It regulates the secretion of melanin that triggers pigmentation. Sandalwood paste should be applied on the face and body every day to correct skin disorders and to improve the skin color. Wounds on the skin get cured and it is an effective pigmentation treatment that is easily available.


Yes, Fenugreek plays a vital role in Pigmentation treatment. It combats pigmentation and eases the condition. It has the chemical component diosgenin that controls melanin and regulates pigmentation. Apart from skin care, Fenugreek also provides immediate effects on weight loss and constipation.

Try these ayurvedic remedies to treat it and keep skin disorders away. Ayurveda is always best to treat any kind of problems and it has effective pigmentation treatment that works for all. Consult the expert and get suggestions to improve the pigmentation before it’s too late.

How to Beat a Woman’s Mind Games – And Get Her to Surrender to You Completely!

This has happened to most of us – you met a girl and she seems to be interested in you. She seems to be captivated by everything you say, and laughs at your (sometimes unfunny) jokes. You start to believe that you have hit a home run – she seems to like you. Then, without prior warning, she turns totally cold to you. You get really confused.

Trust me – most women like to play mind games like these. You will have to have the ability to know for sure that she is not just playing you, and is really into you for good. Read on to discover the sure ways to react to her if she plays mind games…

How To Beat A Woman’s Mind Games – And Get Her To Surrender To You Completely!

Tactic #1: Grow A Spine. This tactic involves calling her out on her games and confront her about it. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind – in fact women greatly admire men who have principles and do not tolerate their nonsensical behavior.

Tactic #2: “Next” Her. If she plays too much mind games – then just move on to the next girl. She’s just not worth it! Be willing to WALK away – and you will find your success with women skyrocket. This shows that you are not needy – which is super attractive to women!

Tactic #3: Hypnosis. Now that you know how to handle a woman’s mind games, what can you do to further enhance your seduction abilities? Simple – use hypnosis!

Moral questions aside, hypnosis tools are known to be able to make women fall in love super quickly upon meeting a stranger.  One such hypnosis tactic, known as fractionation, is said to be able to make a woman want to sleep with a man in 15 minutes, or even less.

This technique involves making her go through an emotional rollercoaster, and in the process ‘anchor’ her pleasure states to you. As a result, she becomes dependent emotionally on you – and she will do anything you ask her to. Powerful stuff, but highly controversial at the same time.

Data Recovery By Online Storage Disk

There are many ways with which you can backup and recover your data both from windows and Linux operating system. One way of doing so is to have a local data center to be created so as to make a backup of each and every data bits you create. And another way is to make an online Data Storage disk so as to store the data in a remote data center.

Both the technique mentioned above is helpful and depends large on the needs of yours. If you are ready to invest and a bit serious about your important data then go for having a local dedicated data center so as to have the data stored locally. This way you can have an extra control of each and every data bits which will be stored on the backup drive.

But if you decide to go for and online storage disk then you will have a less control of it. It will be a bit cheaper than the dedicated one as well. The online data backup facility will be more prone to security threats as being online storage of data can lead to leak of some of your important data as well.

The above two methods of storing data totally depends upon your needs and how much you are serious about your data backup needs. The storage of data or having backup locally will cost you a lot as you will have to locally setup it data house which will cost more. But this will be the best and the most reliable for any firm if they decide to go for this type of backup solution. In spite of having the large setup cost it also needs a good technician to manage and look after the system as well.

While opting for having online backup storage you need not have to care for anything.

Only you have to do is to go for having the best service of online data storage. Judge the best one and also the most reliable one. Another major problem on having an online data storage is of security. This is the major threat and can never be shorted out permanently. But somehow if you want to save some bucks then you have also to pay for it Never mind you can have a faith on online data storage as well. There are many companies now available in the market which provides the online backup facility in a secure and reliable way. So go and judge for the right thing to backup your data.

If you need more information about backup and laptop visit The Laptop Support Community .

Chemistry – How to Determine the Number of Bonds in an Element

In order to determine the number of bonds that an element will form, you must determine its charge. Once you know the charge, you know the bonds because for the most part the number of bonds is equal to the absolute value of the charge. So, lets learn how to determine the charge or oxidation number of an atom.

First, you will need to gather a few tools to help you with your task. You will need a periodic table, the octet rule and a couple of physics concepts. You can get a periodic table from your book, your teacher or online and the octet rule is below.

The Octet Rule:

An element will tend to gain or lose electrons in order to obtain a Noble Gas valence.

Physics Concepts:

Nature tends to move toward a state of lower energy, which basically means nature takes the easy way. Also, you need to remember that opposites attract an likes repel. These two concepts will help you decide whether an element will gain or lose electrons to obtain the Noble gas valence.

Alright, ready to put these tools to work? Good! Lets determine the charge for lithium.

  • Find lithium on the periodic table and determine the valence electrons.
  • Lithium has 1 valence electron.

Now remember the octet rule and ask, “Is it easier to lose 1 electron and go back to helium or is it easier to gain 7 electrons and move toward neon?”

I hope you answered that it is easier to lose one and go back. So, lithium will tend lose one electron and become a (1+) cation.

Remember, if you lose electrons you become more positive and if you gain electrons you become more negative because electrons are negative.

If the charge of lithium is (1+) then it will have one bond. It really is just that easy.

Should we try another? How about chlorine?

  • Find chlorine on the periodic table and determine the valence electrons.
  • Chlorine has 7 valence electrons.

Now ask, “Is it easier to gain 1 electron and go toward argon or is it easier to lose 7 electrons and move back to neon?”

That’s right it is easier to gain one and move toward argon. So, chlorine will have a (1-) charge and form one bond.