Protect Your Artwork With Advice From a Frame Store Expert

For centuries, people have recognized paintings, drawings and other works of art to be worthy of preservation. Museum curators and restorers have worked tirelessly through the centuries to make sure that the works of Picasso, da Vinci, van Gogh and Monet are reserved for generations. During World War II, the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives program was established to protect or recover priceless cultural treasures from the Nazis. While your collection might not warrant the formation of a special governmental unit, it likely has special meaning to you and your family. Experts at a frame store or gallery can offer advice on how to care for your collection.

Gallery experts advise that one of the most important things you can do for your art is have it framed properly. Visit a frame store for advice on how to properly display your painting or drawing. If your painting is on canvas, it should not be covered with glass. Additionally, the canvas must be stretched to prevent cracks in the paint as a result of changes in temperature and humidity. Works on paper must be displayed under glass, but the paper should not make contact with the glass. An expert at a frame store can create a custom mat to surround the paper and prevent it from touching the glass. Consider a special sheet with UV filters instead of glass to help prevent especially valuable pieces from fading.

The next step in caring for your collection involves taking special care in deciding how it will be displayed. You may have a particular spot on the wall in mind, but you should take a number of factors into consideration in determining whether your investment will be safe there. The safest place to display a painting is on a wall with a stud using eye screws and wire of the appropriate weight. Ideally, this spot is away from a heat source and direct sunlight and in a room with stable humidity. Keep a small gap between a painting and the wall to allow for air flow. Two small pieces of cork placed behind the bottom edge will help create a space.

Housekeeping for your properly displayed artwork is relatively simple. Use a feather duster to gently brush off dust. Take it off the wall twice a year to check the back of the canvas and examine the frame for wood worm. During your examination, you may find signs of damage. You should immediately consult a professional if you spot cracks in the paint layer or lifting from the canvas. Yellow spots on the back of paper could be fungi that might be removed. Waves or bumps indicate that the canvas needs to be re-stretched. A professional is more likely to be helpful if you spot these signs of damage early.

Paintings and drawings are family heirlooms that will hopefully increase in value over the years. Taking special care to keep the work clean, out of direct sunlight and to look for signs of damage will reserve your collection for the next generation, and a frame store can help you do this.

Self Acceptance – Lessons From My Hair Affair

For our diet and, indeed, in every aspect of our lives, we must remember to relax from the demands of the unrealistic ideal. For those trying to lose weight, you can not be the Barbie. For those lifting weights, you can not be the Governor of California. Accepting this principle first, can give you the peace of mind to love what you do have, lower frustration, and actually make weight loss easier in the long run!

A few years ago while driving to the drugstore I watched a family walk across the street. There was a woman who appeared to be in her 70's with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back. Next to her was another woman 40ish with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back. And walking with them, a teen with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back, and alongside her was a girl about six years old with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back.

The teen was pushing a pram. I craned my neck and observed a tiny baby tucked inside – no there was no flowing mass of black hair. But I could see little black tufts starting up and I was willing to bet what that would look like in the future.

I drive on to the drugstore feeling a bit gloomy. When I got to the store, I saw rows of hair beautification products. Products to pump up the volume, smooth, curl, add bounce. I had tried many of them in the past with maybe some improvement but not much. What I really needed was more hair. If any of those ladies walking would give me just a little bit of their hair I would really benefit and I doubt if they would miss it. I have baby fine blond hair. The kind that wilts in the heat, hangs limply in the rain and loses its style quickly.

Later that week, I happened to catch the talk show Maury. Women were on the show complaining about their hair. One young African American lady caught my attention. About 14 years old, she had wiry black hair. It sprouted out from her head and went all over the place. She married as she told Maury that she had not had a comb in her hair in years because it got all tangled. I was shocked as she told Maury that insects landed in her hair and stayed there. And I thought I had problem hair.

After watching the show, I started thinking about my hair and instead of viewing it as a problem I decided to focus on the assets. OK my hair was very fine … but that meant a couple minutes with the blow dryer was all it took to dry it. My hair grows very slowly … but that meant I saved money when I got highlights because it took them forever to grow out. Also I would never have to pay for an "UPDO" because there was not enough hair to do up!

I thought about my struggle to have long hair. My dream hair was a long, shiny mane. I had given that idea up long ago and decided to settle for a chin length bob. But that was not working out either. My hair looked flat and drab.

It was the same with my fingernails. I wanted medium length nails but nail products and calcium were not producing results. Right then and there I decided to ACCEPT what I had and work with it to make life SIMPLE and ENJOYABLE. Instead of fighting my genetic code I would work with it.

Next stop the hairdresser. I had my hair cut off to a very simple bob that hit just below the ear. On "good hair days" I could wear it over the ear. And on bad ones or when I got caught in the rain, I could slick it back behind the ear. Highlights to give it body and more shine were added and I purchased products that while they did not work miracles they were suitable for my hair.

Next I thread out all my nail hardeners. They might work for other people but they were not working for me. I filed my nails down to a simple, blunt length. I purchased a very good file and a chamois buffer. If I paint them I will use clear or a pale pink. But usually they are just buffed to a healthy glow. No more struggle with the nails. Wow!

It's amazing how good it feels and how much simpler our lives become when we accept what we have and work it to our advantage. Think about what you have, that you struggle to change. Is it something you can change or is it something that you can not. Life is so much easier when you work with what you have.

Indeed, no one is going to mistake me for the Breck Girl or the lady in the Herbal Essence Shampoo commercial. But that's OK because I enjoy my hair and nails now and that's what matters!

Knowing About Suntan, Sunburn And Sun Poisoning

A moderate sun exposure has never harmed your skin. It helps in building vitamin D in your body which proves to be very beneficial for your body. It has been found that vitamin D can minimize the cancer deaths with the presence of enough vitamin D. With the presence of pros, sun also has enough number of cons in its bag. Due to sun’s exposure you can get a suntan or sun burn as well as sun poisoning. We have glorified the suntan skin due to the continuous glaring visions of half-naked men and women running on the beach. But there is more truth to it than what you see on the TV. Suntan causes skin to deteriorate faster with a leathery, wrinkled skin which may be diseased by skin cancer.

Sun poisoning is also known as Photodermatitis, sunburn or sun allergy. It is non-scientific term which mainly results in skin allergies. It affects people with light-skin as they have less protective skin pigment. Anyone for that matter can be affected when over-exposed to the sun. Sun poisoning occurs when combined with drugs, cosmetics, chemical and plants. If you have been working in a farm and in contact with the chemicals as well the plants it may cause an allergic reaction. Wearing a certain deodorant or using a certain kind of soap or shampoo can also lead to an allergic reaction for sun poisoning. Having medicines for blood pressure, birth control, diabetes or fungus infection or ringworm can also be one of the causes for sun poisoning. Suntan affects differently to the different skin types. They are slotted into six categories which depend on the different skin types.

The different skin types are-

Very sensitive which burns and never tans
Tanning is very little but can burn easily Tanning is gradual and burning is moderate
Easily tans with less burns
Tans abundantly and very rarely burns
Least sensitive with less burns and heavy tanning

Self-Care Measures

If you want to get a sun tan do it gradually as over-exposing your skin for the first time may just burn your skin

Avoid sun when it’s at the peak i.e. between 10 to 2 pm

Wear a suntan lotion to avoid those UVB rays

An overcast weather dosen’t mean safe from UVB rays, it can still burn your skin.

Keep your body hydrated by drinking good amount of water

Have zinc oxide as your sunscreen

Use a sunscreen which has Parasol 1789 as it helps in protecting your skin from ultra-violet rays

Apply sun screen at least 15 -20 minutes before you head outside

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

The Hazards of Working in a Call Center

The glitz and glamour of the call center profession slowly fades as health issues come into the fore. Some employees are forced to resign due to medical recommendations; others undergo stress management seminars in order to keep up with work demands. Truly, the risks of working in call centers are already manifesting in its workforce.

Studies show that people who are employed call centers are susceptible to stress and anxiety. This is because of the weakened “employee autonomy” which stems from the policies of the work environment. Employees frequently set aside simple personal duties like going to the restroom, recovering from irritation caused by an impolite caller, and eating meals on time in order to meet the call volume traffic.

Sleeping disorder is the most common problem that call center agents have. Because of the demand of keeping up with the company’s offshore operations, employees need to be awake for a very long period of time. Frequently, those in the nightshift team suffer distorted biological clocks because of interchanging daytime and nighttime.

Consequently, call center agents take their meals in different time frames. Shifting schedules cause them to eat at an earlier or later time. Worse, those having nightshift shuffle meal routines at exactly opposite mealtimes. For instance, one treats a dinner meal as breakfast before going to work at 6 o’clock in the evening. This leads to digestive-related disorders such as hyperacidity and ulcer. Some agents even suffer severe stomach ailments.

Moreover, a call center agent’s excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation results to eyesight problems. Doctors say that working in front of computers without breaks causes extreme stress to the veins of the eye. Similarly, many employees have ear problems because of the headphones that are placed on the ears for a very long period of time. Thus, another common issue which call centers are trying to address to is hearing problem.

Many people are attracted to work in business process outsourcing because of the financial compensation that call centers give to their employees. However, call center jobs are becoming less popular because of the health hazards of working at a different time frame, with the given working conditions.

How Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefits Patients

Both men and women find that, as they get older, they see a decline in certain areas of their lives – lower libido, decreased eyesight, decreased metabolism, bone density, and an increase of other things – such as weight gain.

Getting older certainly takes a toll on the human body, and, for a long time, there seemed to be nothing anyone could do about it. As menopause and andropause (male menopause) approach, many people believe it is just something they have to accept, and deal with the decline.

Fortunately, menopause and andropause don’t have to mean the end of enjoying life. This is especially true for people who have discovered Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). BHRT uses bioidentical hormones to replace what your body is losing as you age. In fact, many people can benefit from bioidentical hormones and BHRT.

You can benefit from BHRT if you have any of the following issues:

  • Stubborn belly fat – the “spare tire” many people get as middle age approaches (and only gets worse as they get older)
  • Difficulty losing weight – when exercise and diet are making the scale creep, or worse, stand still, it may be time to consider BHRT
  • Joint pain – stiffness and aching joints are commonplace complaints among aging people
  • Difficulty sleeping – the reduction of hormones produced by the body can cause insomnia, either trouble falling asleep, or premature waking
  • Difficulty focusing and short-term memory problems (not associated with Alzheimer’s or similar disease)
  • Low stamina or energy
  • Low libido
  • Thinning hair (in both men and women)
  • Increased cellulite – those pockets of fat that just sit and make “dimples” all along the thighs, buttocks, lower back, and stomach
  • Other issues associated with aging

One of the biggest uses for BHRT is for weight loss therapy. By using bioidentical hormones, your body assimilates them more easily, as they would if you had produced them yourself, and your body will begin to react accordingly, helping to fight the aging process.

If you’re feeling tired, with achy joints, difficulty losing weight, increasing belly fat, or increasing cellulite on your buttocks or thighs, you may benefit from BHRT. Of course, this doesn’t mean running out and buying supplements that say they have bioidentical hormones in them.

BHRT should be done under the supervision of a healthcare professional. During your treatment, you will need to be measured and monitored to make sure you’re getting the right amount of bioidentical hormones, and that your body is responding appropriately.

Long Term Effects of Alcoholism & Role of Alcoholism Treatment Centers

Those individuals who often drink a lot are always at a high risk of suffering from severe physical harm. However, the level of harm will certainly depend on the degree of alcohol intake. The various body organs which help in the assimilation and digestion of food, such as throat, esophagus, and stomach, liver and then the pancreas are the most vulnerable organs to the damage caused by intake of alcohol. The brain is also not left out from the realm of this sustained abuse of alcohol for a considerable period of time. Alcoholism treatment centers have well qualified doctors with them who can treat these severe effects on the different organs of the body. The following is a list of the side effects that a person faces in the long run: 

Effect on Liver: The liver being an essential organ used for the digestion of food as a whole and certainly alcohol stays the worst affected organ also. Unwarranted alcohol abuse is also known to cause fatty deposits to be accumulated in the liver, resulting in a condition of fatty liver. According to research, the experts have concluded that a large portion of the alcohol addicted population suffer from the condition of fatty liver. The side effects of fatty liver are a feeling of sickness, queasiness, loss of appetite and weight along with fever. There is a possibility of recovery from the condition of fatty liver if alcohol abuse is stopped. Liver cirrhosis and cancer are the effects of extreme alcohol consumption and the last type of damage that can happen to the liver.

 Effect on Stomach: The stomach is the second most important organ that contributes in digestion of food and drinks as well. One of the often heard diseases of the stomach is that of gastritis. Gastritis is usually coupled by some form of inflammation of the lining of the pancreas. Severe case of Gastritis can also cause bleeding in the inner lining of the stomach. As a result of deterioration in the proper functioning of the stomach and pancreas there results a lower assimilation of food nutrients. This may result in decreasing your health by either increasing your body weight or making you loose weight. 

Effect on the Brain: Prolonged alcohol is bound to cause brain damage. The most common disease hence caused is the Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome. 

When to reach out to Alcoholism Treatment Centers?

Be completely certain when you think of approaching these treatment centers. You have to look for some signs of alcohol dependence and be certain of its presence in you or your family member who needs treatment. There are some signs which are almost the same as the symptoms of certain types of mental problems. The treatment is effective when the patient is ready to accept the problem of alcohol abuse and wants to attain sobriety. As part of the patient’s family you have to be extremely well informed, aware and sympathetic towards the patient. 

The treatment of alcoholism or alcohol dependent should try to take within its premise the detection of alcohol abuse, detoxification, treatment, counseling as well as the care required in specific cases. It is the greatest challenge of the alcoholism treatment centers to provide tailor made treatment to each patient. The process of detoxification and after treatment should be such that it encompasses the possibility of severe medication along with relapse and its treatment. The alcoholism treatment centers first try to detect the degree of physical abuse brought about as a result of prolonged alcohol consumption. Then the process of treatment is embarked upon.

Night Urination – Causes and Cures

Night urination is determined as waking up once or more throughout the night to be able to urinate.  This might be a common phenomenon that affects the quality of lifetime of much of the population and may have an effect on the average number of years a person can expect to live . It arises resulting from quite a lot of issues, for example, enlargement of the prostate gland, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, etc. 

The proportion of those that endure from night urination vary with increased age.  Numerous observations discovered that the incidence ranges from 16-40 percent amongst these aged 45-40 and 50-90 percent amongst these aged 80 years or over. It’s  additionally thought of as a sleep disorder because it’s the trigger for daytime sleepiness and weariness, depression and decreased mental ability.  In consequence, there may be elevated morbidity, increased threat of problems and elevated mortality rate which can be primarily due to falls and bones fractures.

In a healthy person, there are every day  adjustments within the creation of urine by the kidneys.  Daytime urine output is bigger than at night time. 
By definition, elevated night urination output means greater than 20 percent of the full output of urine a day.  Based on some researchers, the manufacturing of more than 0.9 to 1.3 cubic centimeters per minute of urine at night is taken into account as elevated night time output. Patients who sleep six hours a night and their nocturnal night urination is 324 cc or more can be thought of as suffering from increased nocturnal urine output, as a result of they produce over 0.9 cc per minute. Healthy persons are not supposed to rise up at night time to urinate.

The well-known public notion is that extreme night urination is brought about exclusively because of  a swelling of the prostate gland.  But the issue could have several different important factors.  One is a defect in the “anti -night urination” hormone creation.  This defect could be present at birth or achieved.  In many circumstances, it is part of the growing old process, as a result of the hormone manufacturing lessen with age.  Even consuming fluids or alcohol earlier than bed might affect the manufacturing of this hormone.

One more reason is the excessive secretion of salts and water by the body or as a consequence of congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure means your heart can’t pump blood efficiently.  In consequence, fluids remain within the body, concentrated mainly in the space between lower limbs cells.  These fluids cause edema.  Edema can disappear within the morning, as a result of when lying the fluid flows back into blood vessels, the heart and, finally, to the kidneys.

Kidney failure or sleep apnea syndrome can also cause blood drainage problems from the lower extremities.  In consequence, the cumulative fluid within the area between the cells is as in congestive heart failure. While you’re lying down at night time, the fluid is dripping to the veins in the legs and reaches the kidneys. That produces extra urine.  Lack of estrogens, i.e. female hormones, causes urinary system dysfunction and frequency in day and night urination.  Sleep disorders and urinary bladder storage problems additionally increase the need for night urination.

The best-recognized problem related to night urination is an enlarged prostate which causes the  obstruction within the bladder’s output.  As a result, problems are created causing the need to urinate frequently day and night.  A male with the problem should have a short and easy medical examination, which features a physical examination, completing a questionnaire about his medical condition (illness, surgical procedure and medications he takes) and, of course, filling in a diary documenting his urination output throughout a 24 hour period. 

Suggestions are supplied to patients to alter their lifestyles, such as elevating the legs while lying down or utilizing elastic stockings for patients suffering from edema.  These measures improve the vein drainage and cut back edema.  One other suggestion is to keep away from drinking a lot, particularly alcohol, tea and coffee, before going to bed.  If the patient suffers from sleep apnea syndrome, utilizing a positive pressure mask improves sleep quality and reduces night urination.

Different technique of dealing with the problem are the treatment of illnesses such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, situations of an overactive bladder or blockage of the bladder by an enlarged prostate.

Type 2 Diabetes – Medical Nutrition Therapy Helps With Newborn Birth Weight in Gestational Diabetes

In May of 2017, the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics reported medical nutrition therapy was found to be helpful in keeping newborns from becoming overweight in cases where their mother was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is the kind diagnosed for the first time during pregnancy. It affects about 7 percent of pregnancies…

  • a fetus receiving high levels of sugar can store it as fat, just as in adults.
  • overweight children often become obese adults and are then at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
  • mothers of overweight newborns are at risk of needing a c-section.

Scientists at Herning Hospital in Herning, Denmark, found the longer the mother diagnosed with Gestational diabetes followed their prescribed healthy diet, the lower the birth weight of their baby. They compared four hundred and thirty-six women who had been diagnosed with Gestational diabetes with two hundred and fifty-four healthy pregnant women. The women with Gestational diabetes were given medical nutrition therapy to follow…

  • the participants who followed the medical nutrition plan best had infants with the lowest birth weight among the diabetic mothers. Birth weight was 1.2 g less per day of diet treatment.
  • overweight babies were more common among non-diabetic women than among the mother who had been diagnosed with Gestational diabetes and treated with diet therapy.

A total of 27 percent of non-diabetic women had an infant weighing over 4 kg, compared with 18 percent of diabetic women controlling their condition with diet.

The University of California in San Francisco, United States, recommends pregnant mothers consult with a registered dietitian when Gestational diabetes is diagnosed in the second half of the pregnancy. Dietitians calculate how much carbohydrate is needed and how much should be eaten throughout the day…

  • three meals a day and two or three snacks are important to keep blood sugar levels normal and steady.
  • the equivalent of two slices of bread each meal is recommended, although diets must be individualized according to height, weight, preferences, and needs.

Mothers and unborn babies both need proper nutrition at this time.

Some foods to be avoided include…

  • fruit juices – high in sugar and absorbed quickly.
  • sugary desserts and snacks – raise blood sugar levels quickly.
  • added sugars, including syrups and honey.
  • sugary beverages

Sucralose (Splenda) is often recommended as a substitute for sugar because it is the same molecule as glucose but turned inside out. It will not raise blood sugar levels. Bacteria cannot digest it, so it is better for the mother’s teeth as well.

How to Get Rid of Panic Attacks Forever

Panic Attacks are one of the most terrifying experiences you can go through. You may feel like your mind is out of your control and you are going insane due to the strange symptoms that hit you. The deadly signs are all there: heart pumping madly, breathing heavily, and feeling dizzy and faint. You feel as if you are going to die right then and there.

However, you need to understand that panic attack can never kill or harm you in anyway. It may not feel like it, but all these strange symptoms are part of the body’s natural panic response – it coming from you – not illness, not disease. Thus, in order to get rid of panic attacks, you need to convince yourself that you are safe and there is nothing to fear or worry about.

A lot of panic attack sufferers have this unhealthy fear that something is wrong with them. They suspect that they are suffering from some illness which could potentially kill them or pose some serious health problems. It suffices to say that most of them are perfectly normal when they undergo medical checkups. If you had been to the ER or seen the doctor for your panic attacks, you would most probably be told that you are perfectly fine. Hence, to be on the safe side and for the sake of your peace of mind, go for a full medical examination if you have not done so. If you are given a clean bill of health, you MUST believe it in and accept that you are just suffering from panic attacks.

To get rid of panic attacks forever, you need to identify and work on your fears. Different people have their own unique fear and problems. For some people, they are afraid of being alone because they fear that no one will be around to save them if they had a panic attack. For others, they are afraid of going out alone because they fear that they might be in danger and no one is around to help them. Rationalize your fears and validate them. Is there a strong reason for you to feel fearful? Are you really in danger? Trust your logic, not your feeling – stop the overreaction.

Satisfying Wine and Beer Pairings for Lamb

So you want to showcase your culinary skills at the upcoming dinner party you are hosting this weekend with a delectable lamb feast? Be sure you choose the right beer and wines to match the flavors of your dish!

Although both red and wine are great for any American lamb meal, it is important to match the right type to compliment the particular ingredients in the meal you are preparing. As for beer, finding a match is a bit more of a challenge. Once you decide on the recipe you want to prepare, it is helpful to know which batches and bottles to serve with your lamb course. Continue reading for delicious wine and beer pairings perfect for a variety of lamb dishes.

White Wines:

Pinot Gris – Pairs well with Lamb Goat Cheese Salad

Pinot Gris is a light-bodied wine celebrated for its citrusy flavors and crisp, clean finish. These light attributes makes it perfect for lighter lamb dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc – Pairs well with Lamb Roast and Root Vegetables

Sauvignon Blanc is a fresh-tasting, light to medium-bodied wine with a sharp, bold finish. These qualities allows it to pair well with both hearty and light lamb dishes.

Chardonnay – Pairs well with Lamb and Vegetable Stew

Chardonnay is a medium to full-bodied white wine that delivers rich oak and vanilla flavors. This makes it a good match for heartier lamb courses.

Red Wines:

Bordeaux – Pairs well with Leg of Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic

Bordeaux is a combination of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, making it a very easy-to-drink red wine. It pairs well with almost any simple lamb dish.

Pinot Noir – Pairs well with Roasted Rack of Lamb

Pinot Noir offers earthy, subtle flavors ranging from dried cherries, raspberries, and hints of vanilla. This makes it perfect for the most elegant of meals.

Syrah – Pairs well with Grilled Loin Chops

Syrah red wine offers deep, dark flavors. This intensity makes it perfect for a variety of lamb meals, including leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic.


Porters – Pairs well with Lamb and Vegetable Pasta

Porters are rich, dark, and malty, often times resembling pure coffee or cacao beans. They also pair well with leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic.

Stouts – Pairs well with Braised Lamb Shank

Stouts are silky and savory, and beautifully compliment the earthy flavors of lamb meat. They also pair well with lighter lamb dishes.

Pale Ales – Pairs well with Roasted Rack of Lamb

Pale ales are terrific choices for a bold flavored lamb dish. They also pair well with grilled lamb loin chops.

Amber Ales – Pairs well with Spicy Lamb Chili

Amber ales have a balanced flavor of fruit and malt. They pair well with spicy and heart lamb recipes.

Behind the Sun

(Inspired by real events)(Summer of 1936)

She lived, during that summer of 1936, in a small room, on the first floor of an old mansion, near Rice Park, downtown, St. Paul, Minnesota, near the Mississippi River, a hop-skip-and-jump, away. It was July and the evening was hot. On the grass outside of the large house where she was a maid, she sat cross-legged. Sweat trickling down her back, armpits, forehead-the arclights of the city had just gone on.

People of the city were sitting on the curbs of the streets, down along the riverbank on the grass-sleeping on blankets, to cool themselves off.

Elsie Evens had just finished her evening’s work (so she thought)-; sixteen-¬years old, she had lived at St. Joseph’s Orphanage, since 1933, since her mother Ella had died of double-pneumonia, and her father Tony (Anton) couldn’t take care of her and her several siblings -she had been working at the Rosenberg’s since the previous winter.

She walked Eastward from the house she worked in, more into the inner city, great masses of people: men, women, children, old folks (to include, even dogs, cats) -all had left their apartments, and homes to spend the night out-of-doors, some by the river.

Here was a city of over 250,000-people all overheated, all hunting for a spot of land (some even fighting for it) to sleep in peace and quiet and get some cool breeze, behind the sun.

Out of near-darkness they flooded the streets, the houses and apartments were empty-even fashionable folks were filling the parks where once bums, tramps, and hobos (transits) normally slept.

Elsie thought, ‘If only I could get out of here… like so many of the rich could do, were doing, about to do, going to Europe and Canada, etcetera (so she had read in the papers), to escape the July heat wave.

She stumbled in the gray-darkness, from street light to street light, resting here and there wherever she found an open spot of grass, a few babies could be heard crying in the distant and sinister dark.

It was past one o’clock when she had returned back to her domicile, explained to the elder Mr. Rosenberg, the owner, and her employer, who didn’t pay her for her duties, but gave her room and board, explained to him, she had taken a long walk (to cool off)-he had handed her a list of things he waned her to do-now, said he had been trying to find her earlier. She was cool-headed about it.

You must have gone a little off your head and could not work anymore,” he remarked. And then he went out to lie in the front lawn, a blanket in hand.

No: 586 (12-4 & 5-2009) SA

Ways to Save Your Home Thermal Energy

In home keeping, one large expense item in the household bill is normally electricity usage. It is such an indispensable need that any power outage raises a very audible howl of protest among the population. In apportioning electricity usage, meanwhile, heating takes a large chunk, often more than the lighting, ironing and housecleaning portions. It therefore follows that if you can minimize heat loss in the spaces within your home you automatically save on electricity expenses. The following suggestions may help you keep the warmth in your home better and longer.

Find the air drafts:

Openings or gaps in your wall, roof or ceiling allow heated air to escape and cold air to seep in, forcing your radiator or furnace to work harder to raise the interior temperature to the level set in the thermostat. This costs you money.

To find the drafts, visit the corners where the walls meet and hold up a wet finger. Any extra coldness at one side of the finger will indicate an air draft and its directional source. Gaps may have appeared in the wall’s frame abutments due to the wood shrinking after some time. Scrutinize the place and find the gap or gaps so you can seal it with silicone, sealant, filler or similar material your hardware salesman or building engineer might recommend.

You may do the same near window frames, door jambs, floors, foundation concrete and wall sidings, or wherever there possibly are gaps. A lighted candle (if not dangerous), puffs of powder, and cigarette incense smoke are alternative methods of finding gaps and openings.

Lower your thermostat setting a little:

One degree lower and you save about five percent in your electricity bill. And you will hardly notice the difference in the warmth levels, too.

Let the sunshine in:

If it not too cold, open your drapes and windows during the day to allow the sunshine and its heat into the room, then close them before the day closes to trap the heat in. At least it will jumpstart your temperature control later to minimize radiator or furnace usage.

Refrain from heating spaces you do not use:

If your floors or rooms are heat-controlled separately, you can turn down the heat in those you don’t use. Lowering the thermostat setting on the ground floor since you all sleep upstairs, for instance, can save much electricity consumption in your home.

Insulate the house:

Drafts may still exist in places you cannot reach easily such as the roof. To determine this, look several times at the snow on your roof a few hours or days after the snowfall stops. If the snow on your roof disappears faster than your neighbor’s, you might have a drafty roof which allows heat from the house interior to escape. Have it insulated by a professional so the warmth stays in longer and save you as much as one third on your heating bill.

These simple measures can save you money in the short and long terms so why not do them?

If You're Looking For a Muscular Bicep, Try This Extreme Workout

Getting a muscular bicep takes more than just regular training. You need something extreme, something extra. The people with the best bodies are those who attack their training with explosives and always keep their body guessing.

Your body only reacts that way. Training averagely or taking your time or being to traditional for to long will not give you a good body. It will not give you a solid bicep. Your body needs shock it needs something extreme to force it to growth. If you're not taking your biceps to their limits every time you're training, you're missing out on your training and are not getting full benefit from your training and your time. Getting a muscular bicep is not accepted by performing traditional 4 sets of 8 reps. You can only get so far with that approach but then what.

To really have that muscular bicep you need something drastic. Something you have never tried before, something that can truly toast your biceps. And that's exactly what I have for you, so rejoice. Use this routine for about 2 weeks then switch back to your regular routine. Keep using this routine every time you get stuck. Each time you feel you're at a plateau or your just bored of the regular routine. Doing so will enforce the fact that you always grow and always head towards the goal of that amazing muscular bicep

Muscular bicep extreme routine

Standing Barbell Curls 3sets rest pause

A rest pause is when you use a certain weight that allows you to fail at the 6th rep. Stop at the 5th rep, rest for 15 second, pick up the same weights and continue performing reps. Keep doing this until you can no longer perform a proper rep. This is a perfect starter to give you the muscular bicep muscle that you desire. Rest 2 minutes in between each complete rest pause

Alternating dumbbell curl 3 sets 8, 10, 10

This is a solid move and should be in any every bicep routine mean to give you that muscular bicep look. Make sure to choose the proper weights. If you're doing more than assigned reps than you are going to light.try and go heavy and fail at the assigned reps

Barbell preacher curl 3 sets drop set

A drop set is performing the move with a certain weights to failure. Upon reaching failure and without resting pick up lighter weights and continue performing repetitions. Keep doing that till you can no longer perform any more reps. This will definitely give you a muscular bicep. Choose the weights carefully. When you first begin the drop set use a weight that allows you to fail at the 12 rep then keep dropping from there.

Hammer Ax curls 3 sets 10, 10, 10

Super set

Hammer dumbbell curl 3 sets 15, 15, 15

This torturers super set is the finisher to this muscular bicep inducing workout. Do not rest in between super sets. Meaning perform a set of hammer ax curls then directly get up and perform hammer dumbbell curls.

So there you have it. If muscular biceps are your goal this routine is sure to grant your wishes. Work hard and never give up and in time your biceps will be everything you want them to be

How Do You Build Physical and Mental Toughness?

How is Toughness Built?

I am a big fan of mental and physical toughness. Every man will tell you they are physically and mentally tough but their lifestyle contradicts their belief. I have heard people comment on the high rep training that I do, and how boring it seems. They are right; it is boring and downright physically and mentally painful.

My question is how do you build toughness? You don’t build toughness staying in your comfort zone or quitting at what experts call failure. Toughness is always built through pain and constant perseverance. You just can’t build toughness without pain and suffering.

Most people need to follow a cult to workout they need people cheering them on, anyone can do well when you have cheerleaders. But to put yourself in a mentally and physically tough situation on purpose is border line sick.

Anyone can work out and do things when they are having fun, it’s when the fun stops when people QUIT! But they will almost always make excuses for QUITTING!

The fact is most times they are just soft and are not willing to go through pain to achieve anything outside of their mindset if they can’t see it no one else can do it.

When I do a lot of my workouts I know they will be tough and I can’t stand the thought of doing them sometimes, then I have to talk myself up with some tough talk and go and do it and get the job done.

So when I hear how boring high rep training is useless it is usually from people that can’t stand pain, people that lack concentration and focus, ones that have an attention span of a five year old.

You can be a physically strong man but be weak mentally. If you are the type of person that has everything handed to them and was coddled, you are probably weak. You can always tell the weak ones, they are the ones that comment with excuse after excuse.

The ones that will tell you why the ones that will tell you not everyone is like that, no… but if you are commenting and making excuses but making them look like you’re giving me your educated opinion you are probably one of the weak, there is never an excuse for being weak, but society say’s different. Like the old saying goes, “Only the Strong Shall Survive”.

Debt Problems – You Can Laugh at Them if You Follow This Simple Spiritual Plan

We’ll start the engines today by looking at a popular scripture the book of Luke 6:38

Give and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” NKJ

Please take these 2 prayer points with fire in your spirit:

o I retrieve all my properties from satanic banks in the name of Jesus

o O Lord restore seven-fold everything I have lost as a result of spiritual ignorance.

The Bishop and the Vision

I know a bishop who wanted to build a 50,000 seat worship hall in 1999. The unusual thing about it was… he expected to do it from start to finish without borrowing a dime from anyone… not even from the bank.

He also set a target of 12 months for completion.

Now this kind of project had never before been undertaken by anyone in his part of the world. So everyone watched with interest… expecting him to fail.

Well he did not just succeed… he succeeded brilliantly.

The entire project, which took the size of 4 football fields, was completed in 11 months – one month ahead of schedule!

And this happened in a place, a geography where as much as 90% of the people were living far below the poverty line.

He has since made further progress and established a full-fledged university there.

Such “impossible” feats excite me… so I decided to dig a little into the background of this bishop to learn how he did it.

Here’s a few of the interesting facts I uncovered:

o This man of God is a chronic, incurable giver. He has been that way for 30 years. There’s a story of how he gave away the only money his wife had reserved to buy baby food for their 6-month-old infant… to a church member who had an urgent financial need!

o Half of that time (30 years) he and his family were living in abject poverty… and he kept right on giving.

o Before his ministry exploded in signs and wonders he was fasting every day for 3 years (yes, you read that right).

o His might just be one of the longest dining tables around – it’s designed to sit at least 40 people at a time. And at least 40 people have lunch in his home every single day … as we speak.

That’s right. This man lives and breathes the well-known message we’ve all heard, “You can’t out-give God.”

What sets him apart however is that he doesn’t just stop there.

He takes things to the next level… and herein lies a deep secret.

The Next Level

He creates relationships… with people big and small, poor and rich, young and old.

He believes that essentially all relationships in life act like “arteries” or pipelines in the spiritual realm.

For instance when God blesses you He usually does it through someone. The relationship with that person is really the pipeline through which the blessings come to you.

Relationships are the key to everything!

No wonder the Lord Jesus said we should do unto others as we want them to do to us.

When they asked Him (Jesus) about the greatest commandment in the book He gave them two:

The first is about relationship… with God

The second is about relationship … with people

Please pay close attention here:

All your relationships are pipelines through which God will use to bless you.

But a blockage can occur in a relationship.

For instance a blockage can occur in a marriage relationship. When this particular artery is blocked, love and passion can no longer flow between a husband and wife.

Call it a heart attack, or a death in a marriage.

Your various business relationships are also arteries… connecting employers and employees, bosses and staff, sellers and buyers.

The money that flows to you through your business transactions or the work you do travels through these arteries.

When they are clogged… then money fails to flow to you.

In many cases severe blockages might also transfer into the physical arteries of the body… resulting in physical illness.

All the relationships between people, between business partners, between husband and wife, between brother and sister, between parents and children – are spiritual arteries that can become blocked and cause “disease.”

Each time you interact with someone in your life – friend or stranger, family member, fellow worker – please remember that you are affecting the arteries in your life that extends out into the world… the exact same pipelines that blessings will flow through to you.

If you fail to watch over the relationships in your life… and allow blockages to continue to grow unchecked… “disease” might set in.

This disease can manifest itself as:




Kids on drugs


A dysfunctional family

Or even a heart attack

Any of these can happen –

– in spite of your praying

– in spite of your giving

If you do everything else right but allow blockages in your relationships your miracles may not manifest speedily enough.

At this level please close your eyes and take these prayers with a holy cry unto the Lord:

o Fire of God burn away every blockage in my spiritual pipes in the name of Jesus

o Every power creating relationship problems in my life, be buried be buried be buried in the mighty name of Jesus.

o Anything in my life scaring away my divine helpers, get out now in the name of Jesus.

You now understand why the Bible warns us about things like anger, evil communication, gossip, hatred, envy, bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, etc.?

It is for our own good!

Letting go of anger, revenge, envy, worry, fear, etc. and working earnestly to build sound relationships is a crucial secret to getting your desires to flow into your life… day in day out.

If you are serious about praying to get out of debt, you will have to watch what you say about others… and how you react when others say terrible things about you.

And remember what I’ve said here:

o Create relationships and build bridges of understanding with folks you meet everyday.

o Give of your substance… and your time – be generous, so the channels can open and stay open.

Now here are the rest of the prayers to get out of debt.

o O Lord send me divine counselors who can help me with my finances

o Father, show me what to do so that financial crisis would not arise again in my business in the name of Jesus.

o Father, help me to formulate a plan of recovery to get me out of debt in Jesus’ name.

o Lord, give me wisdom to avoid unfavorable business situations in the name of Jesus.

o Lord, help me to erect safeguards to prevent financial failure.

o O Lord, create new and profitable opportunities for me.

o I refuse to be a borrower. I shall lend to many nations in the name of Jesus.

o I bind every spirit of impulse buying and worthless acquisitions in Jesus’ name

o Every spirit of greed operating in my life I bind and cast you out in the name of Jesus.

o All my money that has been siphoned away spiritually be restored to me 7-fold in the name of Jesus.

o Every power delaying my miracles be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.

o Anything in the spirit realm casting an evil eye on my life, receive total blindness in the name of Jesus.

o O Lord, begin to use those around me to bless me in a powerful new way in Jesus’ name.