Ex Has a New Girlfriend? Here’s What to Do

“We just broke up, and he already has a new girlfriend!”

If anything hurts more than an unwanted breakup, it’s losing your ex to someone else. Whether your boyfriend broke up with you in favor of some other girl or he just happened to meet someone while single again, the pain and rejection are equally as bad.

One thing you have to realize right away is that your ex boyfriend has physically moved on. There’s nothing you can really do about this, and the sooner you see that the better off you’ll be. As much as you’d like to jump in your car and try to stop his new relationship from happening, this type of behavior is only going to backfire on you.

Emotionally however? There’s a really good chance that your ex still loves you. Although the act of breaking up might seem sudden, the feelings and emotional attachments developed over the course of your relationship didn’t just disappear into thin air. Your ex still has strong bonds to you… bonds he’s chosen not to deal with in order to move forward and start dating someone else. By playing upon these attachments there are ways of getting your ex to need and want you back in his life again, even if he’s already with a new girlfriend.

Accepting and Waiting Our Your Boyfriend’s Rebound Relationship

Initially, you’re going to need to sit on your hands for a while. When your ex has a new girlfriend, he’s going to idolize her during the honeymoon stages of their new relationship. You already know how this feels, because you had the same thing happen when you and your ex first started dating: those magical few weeks where everything was perfect and neither of you could do anything wrong.

Show up here, and you’ll look foolish and needy. You can’t be angry, you can’t be upset, and you can’t “warn” him not to date this girl no matter how bad you think she is for him. Anything and everything you do to stop your ex’s new relationship will be met with resistance, and your ex will lose tons of respect for you. He knows you’re acting purely out of jealousy, and truth be told, you are.

What To Do When He’s Got a New Girlfriend

So what can you do during this crucial time period? Well, lots of things. For starters, you need to think back to the very origins of the relationship you had with your ex boyfriend, and analyze how you were as a couple. Don’t just remember times and places, try to remember feelings and emotions. Try to recollect how you treated your ex, how you spoke to him, and what your demeanor was like. Also try to remember what he liked about you, because only by recreating those circumstances can make your ex want you back again.

The next thing you need to do is pull out of your downward spiral. Bitterness, rejection, hopelessness, despair… all of these things will weigh you down, further increasing your misery. Think your ex will want you back when he sees you like that? He won’t even be remotely interested. Which is why you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward in ways that make you look confident, independent, calm, cool, and totally collected.

Imagine presenting yourself in the most attractive way possible. Start hitting the gym, get a tan, buy some new clothes… look good, feel great, and do everything you can to knock your ex flat on his ass the next time he sees you. Physically, you want to be at your best. Mentally? Same thing. Put out good vibes – go fun places with friends and family – be happy, charismatic, and someone that everyone wants to be around. All of these great improvements are things you should be doing whether you want your ex boyfriend back or not, so get on them.

Avoiding The Friendship Trap

Some guys will still try and stay in touch with you when they have a new girlfriend. You might think this is a great way to stay in his life, but in reality you become nothing more than a safety net… a backup… a plan ‘B’. Your ex will keep stringing you along while he decides whether his new relationship is working out or not. This isn’t what you want, because it will severely prolong your breakup. And as you hang around waiting for the table scraps of his current romance? It will also erode away your ex’s respect for you.

Seeing and hearing about your ex boyfriend with his new girlfriend will also drive you crazy. You’ll become more and more jaded and nasty toward him, to the point where you almost don’t even want him back. Eventually, even if you did get back together? You’d have sour feelings toward him for the rest of your relationship, and you’d always crucify him for what he did. This would destroy any chance you might have for a healthy, long-term romance, even if you got him again.

Your best bet is to refuse to be friends with an ex who’s dating someone else. Simply tell him you love him too much to enter into a pretend friendship with him. Walk away, and tell him it’s better off if you both do your own thing. This forces your ex to make a choice, and it’s one of the best ways to get him back.

Stop that Sore! Discover How to Avoid Cold Sores from Spreading

Cold sores are the nasty, red, fluid-filled blisters that appear on the skin. They are contagious and are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). The mouth, lips, throat and genitals are some of the areas that are easily affected and you must avoid cold sores from spreading as early as possible. Cold sores are not only unsightly but are also itchy and annoying. It may also be accompanied with fever and aches especially to children.

Direct skin contact or through things that had contact with the blisters helps spread cold sores from one area of ​​the skin to another or to other people. Kissing, touching or oral sex are the common ways of spreading the virus.

Neverheless, cold sores can be invented from spreading. The following are ways to avoid cold sores from spreading.

Avoid skin contact with people that already had the blisters.

To avoid cold sores from spreading, avoid skin contact. Some people that may have the herpes simplex virus may not easily manifest cold sores. However, if you happen to spot red patches on their skin and if you suspect them as cold sores, then better avoid direct skin contact. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Keep your hands clean.

Our hands come in contact with a lot of things so it is not surprising if one of these is the herpes simplex virus. Keep your hands clean to avoid cold sores. Moreover, touching an area of ​​the skin that already has cold sores into another unaffected area spreads the cold sores into other areas of the skin. Hand washing improves the chances of avoiding not only cold sores but other diseases as well.

Use your own, good stuff.

Things that had contact with cold sore blisters may help spread the virus. Toothbrushes and towels are typically moist and warm, providing the conditions that viruses love growing on. Make sure they are always clean, dry and nobody else uses them to avoid cold sores from spreading.

Do not scratch that scab.

Cold sores begin as red patches, then become fluid-filled blisters before finally bursting, leaving a raw skin area to heal and to scab. Scratching the sores or scabs may disrupt the healing process and make it hard to avoid cold sores from spreading. This also makes the broken skin prone to infection.

If the person suffering from cold sores also has atopic dermatitis, extra care must be done to avoid cold sores from spreading into the dermatitis as this would allow the sores to spread into a larger area of ​​the skin. Always keep the sores clean and dry.

Be healthy.

Stress, illness and fatigue weakens the body's immune system, making it more vulnerable to viral infections. These also trigger the recurrence of cold sores. Avoid cold sores by eating a healthy balanced diet, exercise and getting enough sleep.

Load up with lysine!

It was found out that lysine helps in healing the swilling of cold sores. Lysine can be found in potatoes and dairy-rich products. However, pregnant or nursing mothers are not advised to take up lysine since it can interfere with infant growth and development.

Get sun-protection.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun increases the chances of cold sore recurrence. Use sun block to avoid cold sores.

Go natural or over-the-counter.

There are a number of remedies available at pharmacist's shops to treat and avoid cold sores. Cymex and 5% acyclovir cream are the popular products and can be bought without prescription. However, acyclovir cream should not be used on the lips since it may cause irritation. Antiviral medication may also be taken along especially during the initial phase of the cold sore.

Natural remedies may also be used. Lemon balm, tea and Echinacea all have anti-viral properties. Vaseline may be applied to the scabs to avoid cold sores from cracking.

If things get worse, visit the doctor.

Cold sores are sign of a weak immune system and may signal more serious illnesses like pneumonia or HIV. If there are other symptoms besides the appearance of cold sores, it is best to consult a medical doctor for further examination and to avoid cold sores from spreading.

How Anxiety Feels Like

Anxiety takes many forms for each person. Maybe, when patient wake in the morning and open their eyes, a vague, unidentifiable feeling of fear or anxiety envelops them. They are aware of their heart beating quickly, or even banging in their chest.

Or perhaps some patients of anxiety feel just a fluttering sensation. Breathing in and out deeply can be a big help. They scan the room, looking for the source, but know it isn’t there. Fear grows inside them. As they start the day the feeling of anxiety is there. Perhaps it takes the form of a churning in their stomach; or a tingling in every limb; or a suffocating fear wrapped around their throat.

They somehow keep the feeling at bay, and they go on with their daily lives. But inside patients of anxiety still lurks the dreadful feeling that the fear will come back again, suddenly, out of the blue, catching them unawares.

Or perhaps it comes right along with them, that unidentifiable sense of impending disaster. Their limbs are restless; their mouth is dry; their mind is racing with thoughts that they can’t even catch – they slip in and out of mind so fast. It becomes very difficult to do daily tasks. And, worst of all, patients of anxiety have no idea why this is happening.

Or maybe their anxiety is less intrusive than that. They look perfectly normal, behave perfectly normally, get on with their life apparently normally. However, they still feel that something is missing and they don’t feel fulfilled. They are often panicky or nervous. They cannot relax most of the time. {“What if?” and “shouldn’t I?” questions run through their mind most of the time (although they might not be aware of this yet), along with concerns about what others think of them, whether what they do is good enough, and is it worth bothering anyway, considering the state of the world?|There are often bothered by “what if?” or “shouldn’t I?” thoughts.

Or perhaps sometimes their mind just goes a complete blank. They feel they have to do things perfectly at all times that is often the cause of failure in accomplishing these things or sometimes do not even start doing it. The feeling of anxiety burdens them. Sometimes, the feeling goes away at night as they go to sleep but there are also times that they are awakend by this intense and dark feeling. Sometimes, it becomes too much to handle at once and they start to panic.

How do I know this? It’s because I was a patient of anxiety. But I have good news for you…

That tyranny is now about to end, because this I will help put you back in charge. I will help you take control. Instead of anxiety working against you, I can help you to control your anxiety so that you can use it to work for you.

You will need to keep this in mind. The internal mechanism that drives your anxiety was serving you well when it first went on full alert, whatever the original cause (and it really doesn’t matter if you have forgotten what that was). It was doing its job – trying to keep you safe.

This mechanism is on overdrive, and like all things, anything that is over the normal is bad for you.

You will learn why this is happening to you and learn how to take it under control.

We can never eliminate fluctuating anxiety levels and wouldn’t want to, as they have a job to do. What we need to do is to learn how to manage them so we can use it to our benefit. And that’s what you’re about to learn.

The Amazing True Story of Cary Grant’s Mother

Cary Grant is remembered as one of the most famous actors of Hollywood’s Golden Age, the star of such classics as ‘Bringing Up Baby’, ‘The Philadelphia Story’ and ‘Charade’. He was suave, debonair, immensely rich and successful and the very image of imperturbable gentility. What many people don’t realize is that he was actually English, born into a working class family in a Bristol slum, and that his mother was incarcerated in a mental asylum by Grant’s father when Cary was 9 and he thought for the next 20 years that she was dead.

Cary Grant’s birth name was Archibald Alexander Leach. His childhood was not happy. His father, Elias, worked as a presser in a clothing factory. He was a drinker and a womanizer. Archie’s mother, Elsie, came from a family of laundresses and brewery laborers. Elias and Elsie married in 1898 and had a son a year later. In 1900 that child died just short of his first birthday. The effect on Elsie was devastating and it left her seriously depressed. She was advised by her doctor to have another child. She did so and Archie Leach, the future Cary Grant, was born on January 18, 1904.

When he was nine years old he came home from school and was told by his father that his mother had gone to the seaside. He and Elias went to live with his father’s parents who brought Archie up for the rest of his time in England. Cary remembered them as ‘cold and distant’. Over the next few years he was led to believe that his mother was dead. The reality was that she had been declared insane by his father who was having an affair with another woman called Mabel Alice Johnson. She was pregnant and Elias wanted his wife out of the way without the expense of a divorce and this was an excellent way of doing it. The cruelty of the man towards both his wife and his son defies belief.

When he was 14 years old Archie left school, forged his father’s signature on a letter of introduction and joined the Bob Pender troupe of touring acrobats and comedians. It was the start of his life in show business and he went with the troupe in 1920 to America for an extended run in New York. When the troupe returned after two years, he stayed in America and continued his education in show business and in life. He did it very well. In 1929 he changed his name to Cary Grant, and soon became one of the most famous men in the world and immensely rich but he still did not know that his mother was alive and living in a mental institution in England.

He did not discover the truth about his mother until 1935 when his father died and he became his mother’s next of kin. Grant traveled back to England and was re-united with Elsie. It must have been an incredibly emotional time for both of them. Poor Elsie was a confused lady and for the rest of her days found it very difficult to work out the difference between Archie Leach, the son she thought she had lost, and Cary Grant the debonair and famous Hollywood actor.

Grant had her released from the asylum and looked after her well. The doctors recommended she stay in England and indeed Elsie steadfastly refused to travel to America despite many subsequent invitations from Cary. He set her up in her own household in Bristol and visited her regularly. Elsie was as resilient as her son and she lived to the good age of 93, dying in 1973.

It is a sad story but also uplifting. Cary Grant was brought up in a loveless dysfunctional family, yet he lifted himself up by his own efforts, educated himself and became a success at his chosen profession. He finally found his mother and was able to look after her.

4 Tips to Get Rid of Nail Fungus Easily

Be confident – you can get rid of your nail fungus. Even if they say that fungal nail infections are difficult to treat and hard to reach because it lives underneath your nail, be assured that there are now solutions to deeply penetrate the source of your problems.

However, a good treatment solution alone will not be enough to totally eliminate fungal growth. You need to combine it with good nutrition, proper hygiene, and enough sunlight exposure to knock out this fungus.

1. Good Nutrition

As in any other form of ailment, good nutrition is a must if you want to help your body fight off infection. Nail fungus is the same as the other types of body infections because it happens most likely to people who have a weakened and compromised immune system.

So if you take plenty of vitamins and nutrients, it will help to prevent many illnesses. Experts suggest you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables or take a good multi-vitamin tablet everyday. Vitamins E, B5, and C will also help.

Moreover, there are also good bacteria or probiotics that you could take to fight bad organisms. What you should avoid are the following: white bread, soda, wine, beer, and sugar laden food.

2. Proper Hygiene

After washing your hands and feet, dry them thoroughly. When water is trapped under your nails, it could be a great breeding ground for fungi. Also, pay special attention to the gaps between your toes, since this is most often overlooked when you dry your feet.

Remember that fungus always love moisture. It is very wise to use powder on your feet especially if you’re the type of person who naturally sweats heavily. Also, change into dry and clean socks all the time before wearing shoes. Another important thing is to completely dry your shoes before using it.

3. Sunlight Exposure

Since fungi thrive in dark, wet, and warm places, it’s always good to expose yourself in the sun, especially your finger and toe nails. If possible, avoid wearing nail polish during treatment. Dark covering on your nails will definitely worsen your condition.

4. Nail Fungus Solutions

There are various treatments for nail fungus available in the market today. There are people who swear on effective home remedies while others prefer oral prescription medications. However, these medicines come with adverse side effects that may bring damage to your heart and liver. What’s scary is that certain extreme cases will even lead some people to death.

If you like a safer alternative, use topical solutions to get rid of your nail fungus fast. These are composed of natural oils like clove, lemongrass, lavender, almond, jojoba, and tea tree oil. Since these kinds of essential oils possess antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties, it will definitely eliminate your nail fungus in just a few months. And since it’s made up of natural ingredients, you are always assured that it’s completely safe.

Bear in mind that there are no quick fixes. Getting rid of your nail fungus will take weeks, or even months before completion. Just remember to stick to your treatment plan and take the time to apply your solution to achieve a healthy and beautiful nail.

Did You Just Break Up? Here Are Some of the Major Errors You Do Not Want to Make at Any Cost

There are not any straightforward rules when it comes to relationships and dating. In fact, many people make several mistakes throughout a relationship yet do you know about it. If you have recently had a breakup then there are certain things you absolutely need to avoid at every cost.

Here is a code of conduct you must follow right after you break up if you want to get back some of your emotional balance …

– You can not control the other person the only thing you can control is yourself …

Things really turn nasty when you are on the receiving end of the breakup in other words when you are the one who has been dumped by your ex it is never a pretty situation. And this forces a lot of people to do the things they should not do.

Right after a breakup, you might feel inclined to logically convince your ex not to break up with you and in the process you might end up trying too hard to get them back. But in a relationship the harder you try, the further away the other person will go.

It's really important to understand that no matter how desperate you are feeling right now, you must control yourself even if that means avoiding your ex altogether for a few weeks or even months.

No amount of pushing, convincing or pleading will help you get your ex back. Therefore it's important to understand that your ex is another person and you have no control over him or her.

– Remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible …

The longer you stick around your ex, the more compelled you will feel to do all the things which will only make you come across as desperate or needy in the eyes of your ex. Sticking around will not help you, neither will it help your ex.

The reason being is that in order to get your ex to miss you again you will have to provide them with enough space for the time being. And at the same time it will also help you detach yourself and the pain you feel right now will go down with time.

– Your relationship issues will not resolve overnight …

It is usually during a breakup that people look for easy solutions and feel that they can fix a relationship overnight. They do not understand that you can not fix something overnight which has taken years to form.

And if you think that if you try hard enough you might be able to fix the situation right away then you are wrongly mistaken. Not only will you make it worse for both you and your ex, but you will face a lot more pain in the processes as well.

Herb Garden Plants – Basil, Sweet Basil

Ocimum basilicum (Labiatae)


Sweet basil herb garden plants bear tiny, white, purple-tinged flowers in midsummer and produce juicy aromatic leaves. A healthy plant reaches about 30 cms (1 ft) in height with good foliage. ‘Dark Opal’ has a gingery aroma, and when used shredded in salads adds a decorative air and exotic flavor.


Tender herb garden plants, several types are in cultivation. The large leaved, common or sweet basil, Ocimum barilicum, is the plant to choose for the kitchen with its strong, spicy, clove-like aroma. Dwarf or bush basil, O. mimimum, is hardier but has a weaker flavor.


Companion plant to tomatoes, peppers and squashes and essential in a classic Italian tomato sauce accompanying pasta.


An ancient plant from the Pacific Islands which reached England via Asia and Europe in the sixteenth century, and was taken by early settlers to America as essential herb garden plants.


In zones with a cold winter, sow basil in early to mid-spring in boxes or in frames, or later out of doors after all danger of frost has passed. Start the seedlings off in an environment with good protection and temperature until they can be hardened off and planted out safely.

In warmer zones, sow directly into beds – thereafter thin out to about 20 cms (8 ins) apart or transplant. Basil seedlings transplant easily. A plant can be potted up and kept indoors to maintain a fresh supply of leaves until late fall, or be grown indoors in a spot affording at least five hours of sunshine daily. Good patio or window-box herb garden plants which enjoy a sunny outdoor environment.

Do not plant near Rue, Basil and Rue seem to repel one another.

Other uses:

As a fixative in potpourri’s, used in bowls or bunches to repel insects indoors. (Bruise leaves occasionally ) Basil is both an antiseptic and tonic as well as being beneficial when rubbed on the temple for a headache.


Leaves are best picked young. Mine seem to do better the more often I pick leaves off. Because I employ rotational planting I have fresh leaves from late spring to late autumn (fall) – and we use plenty. Bush basil can be kept in a pot in the kitchen for gathering almost at will. Although not quite as flavorful, these are still a wonderfully aromatic herb garden plant.

3 Ways to Collect and Use Solar Energy

If you measure the sun’s power in terms that compare it to the energy produced by oil, the sun gives enough energy to the Earth in about 20 minutes to fulfill all of the planet’s requirements for a year! And in fact, solar energy already provides a great deal of power to the Earth by transforming through a variety of natural means, by heating surfaces, influencing weather phenomenon, and even through photosynthesis, which provides plants with the energy they require in order to grow.

So what are some ways that we on Earth can take better advantage of all this freely distributed solar power? Energy from the Sun can be processed in three primary ways:

1. Passive Solar Techniques

This refers to the ways that the sun’s light and heat can be used to advantage without any further processing needed. This category includes things as simple as allowing sunlight to stream through a window and into a home, warning the rooms naturally.

Some ways to take advantage of passive solar techniques would be use of energy efficient windows, and planning the best placement of concrete and ceramic floors so that they can collect and store more sunlight.

A building that has been optimized for passive solar may have additional windows placed on the south side, for instance, to take advantage of the most hours of sun per day. Even something this simple can greatly reduce home energy bills.

2. Collection of Solar Energy

Solar power can be collected and stored as heat energy. Solar Collectors take in solar radiation and then concentrate it into very defined areas, increasing the strength and heat of the energy. These can be used to heat or cool water or rooms, or to create power to enable air or liquids to transfer heat to a separate location.

Different types of solar collectors include:

– A set of pipes that fits into a copper or metallic flat plate that has been insulated inside a box under glass. The sun streaming through the glass produces heat in the plate, which is then directed into the liquid in the pipes. This is known as a “Flat Plate Collector”.

– A tube is a more efficient way of collecting solar energy at high temperatures. This type of solar collector is made from a series of tubes, which are then installed in separate glass vacuum tubes. These prevent the inner tubes from cooling, and ensure that more heat is sent into the fluid. At extremely high temperatures, a reflector may be used in order to concentrate the solar energy into the tubes.

– Heating water using solar power was the first use of solar energy, starting in the early twentieth century. These systems can be used year round (even in cold climates when combined with use of anti-freeze), and are now commonly seen in many countries.

– Solar powered air heaters mounted to a wall are used primarily to heat the ventilation air for buildings that have large open spaces. The air comes through holes in a dark metal container where it is heated and is then taken into the building.

– A newer form of solar collector involves the use of mirrors to run steam turbines that create electricity. These thermal power systems are becoming particularly popular in hot, dry climates where there is a great deal of both sunlight and open land.

– Evacuated tube collectors can also be used to power cooling systems by taking the high temperature heat from the tubes. This technology can help reduce the use of natural gas, which would ordinarily be used to run cooling systems.

3. Solar Cells

Solar energy can be turned into electricity through use of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. This method uses modules each consisting of an array of solar cells which are connected together inside a glass covered container. Any number of these modules can be used together in order to produce a larger or smaller amount of power, depending on what is needed for a particular application. PV solar cells are usually made from crystalline silicon or quartz. Other materials that can be used are amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride, or copper indium di-selenide.

The cost of making PV cells and solar panels (modules) has been decreasing recently with the development of new manufacturing techniques. These are widely used to provide power for remote stand-alone structures such as lighthouses and radio towers, and for heat and lighting in developing countries. The use of solar panels to supply energy for home use is increasing in developed countries as well, and many governments are encouraging their use by providing financial incentives to those who install solar panels for their residences. In addition, improvements in the process of constructing solar panels is now making it much easier for people to build their own, at a dramatic cost saving over commercial panels. It is now quite feasible for a homeowner to save a great deal on electricity by building and installing their own solar panels.

Have You Thought About Installing a Family Network Hard Drive?

It does not seem that long ago when the average home would only have a single low specification PC for the whole family. Things have really moved on since then and it is now not uncommon for people to own several, which is why I want to suggest the use of a network hard drive for the whole household.

Obtaining and installing a network hard drive is actually easier than you might think. You can browse and select from thousands of low price drives that are available to buy online.

Once you have purchased one it is normally just a case of switching it on and following a simple set up process. You do not even have to run cabling around your house anymore as there are now network drives available that use wireless technology to connect to all your PCs.

There are some great key features available which you should look out for;

1) Backup your files – This is a really useful function of a network hard drive especially if you run a business from home. With the drive I use back up is carried out automatically every time I switch on my lap top and it pairs with my hub. This means I will not lose any of my precious data.

2) Centrally store media files – Imagine keeping all your movies, music and photographs in one place and then being able to access them from every compatible device in your home. That is exactly what you can do with a network hard drive; I even connect via blue tooth a digital picture frame that automatically refreshes pictures from a digitised family album.

3) Secure remote access – I really love this feature as it has definitely got me out of trouble on more than one occasion. Quite simply using encrypted passwords I am able to access my data files from my network over the internet. The system is really secure and I change my password frequently.

The Turbinates: What You Should Know

Most people know about the septum and sinuses when it comes to breathing, but not many people (even most doctors) know about the nasal turbinates. Turbinates are like wings along the sidewalls of your nasal cavity, opposite your midline nasal septum. There are three paired structures: the inferior, middle and superior turbinates. Your sinus passageways drain from underneath the middle turbinates. Swollen turbinates are probably responsible for most cases of nasal congestion.

The turbinates are bony on the inside and surrounded by a mucous membrane covering, with a very rich vascular tissue in between. The vascular tissue can engorge significantly, like what occurs with the penis. Any degree of inflammation, irritation or infection can aggravate turbinate swelling. Allergies are a common cause. Even weather changes such as temperature, pressure or humidity fluctuations can aggravate turbinate swelling. In many instances patients are told by their medical doctors that they have nasal polyps, when in fact, it’s a very enlarged turbinate that’s seen.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether a swollen structure is a turbinate or a polyp. A polyp is a protuberance of mucous membrane that grows beyond the normal tissue boundaries. Most nasal polyps originate from underneath the middle turbinates where the sinuses drain, but polyps can also occur anywhere in the nose, including on the turbinates.

Turbinate Trivia

One important feature of the turbinates that not too many people know about is what’s called the nasal cycle. The turbinates alternate in size from side to side every few hours. One side shrinks and the other side swells. Normally you won’t notice this, unless both your turbinates are somewhat congested. If you have a deviated septum, then you’ll notice this more.

Gravity also affects the size of your nasal turbinates. When you lay down, blood pools in the vessels, leading to slight engorgement. However, your involuntary nervous system detects this relative change and automatically constricts your blood vessels to improve breathing. The same process occurs when you exercise—due to activation of the sympathetic nervous system, the turbinates shrink, opening up your breathing passageways.

Sometimes, the balance between the two halves of the involuntary nervous system(the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts) is out of alignment, and this automatic mechanism doesn’t work properly. So when you lay down or exercise, the vessels don’t constrict fully. Other times, the turbinates become extra sensitive to allergies, weather changes, chemicals, scents or odors. Once it’s irritated, an inflammatory reaction occurs which leads to engorgement and production of mucous. This is called vasomotor or nonallergic rhinitis. Throat acid reflux has been shown to be associated with this condition.

Ultimately, how well you breathe through your nose is determined by a combination of the size of your turbinates, your septal geometry, and the how flimsy your nostrils are. (See the other sections on the septum and flimsy nostrils.) Your nose is not just a passive tube that acts a channel for air to pass into the lungs—it’s a very dynamic structure, able to change minute by minute.

What You Must Know About Turbinate Surgery

If you’ve tried all the conservative options for treating your allergies or nasal congestion, and surgery is the only option left, there are a few very important facts that you must know before undergoing any type of turbinate surgery. Decades ago, surgeons use to remove significant amounts or completely the lower nasal turbinates. Initially, patients would breathe much better, but years later would complain of either a dry nose or a constantly runny nose and even a return of nasal congestion. Paradoxically, when you look into these patient’s noses, the nasal cavity would be wide open. The is called the empty nose syndrome (ENS).

We now know that turbinates are a vital part of your nasal anatomy and functioning, and you need a certain amount of nasal resistance to perceive and benefit from proper breathing.

There are a variety of options for shrinking nasal turbinates, from more conservative to more aggressive. The simplest procedure that can be performed in the office is an intramural cautery procedure. This is where a needle or a probe is placed underneath the mucous membranes and the blood vessels are either cauterized or vaporized. With time, the scar tissue that’s created shrinks and tightens the turbinate soft tissues. You’ll see various names such as radio-frequency or Somnoplasty. One recent variation called Coblation uses radiofrequency energy to vaporize tissues at relatively low temperatures. All these procedures have the advantage that they can be performed in the office, and no cutting or excising of the mucous membrane is involved.

The remaining procedures are usually performed in the operating room, under local or general anesthesia. There are many ways that surgeons modify, shrink, de-bulk, or excise parts of the turbinate. The previously mentioned in-office procedures can be performed along with any other procedures, such as a septoplasty or sinus surgery. The simplest way is to physically cut the front-lower portion of the turbinate off using scissors or electrocautery. Sometimes the deep bony parts are removed as well. Complete inferior turbinate resections are rarely performed anymore due to the possible risk of the “empty nose syndrome.”

Another popular method is called a sub-mucous resection (meaning the any deep bone, cartilage or tissue is removed, leaving behind the overlying mucous membrane). For the turbinates, an incision is made lengthwise along the lower portion of the inferior turbinate, and the bone is exposed and a portion removed.

The mucous membrane layers are replaced and pressed down onto the raw bony bed with soft nasal packing. A more recent way of doing this without making an incision is to use what’s called a suction microdebrider. This device has been used for years in sinus surgery. The tip of a long thin rod with an open end has a rotating blade which oscillates back and forth, while simultaneously applying a vacuum to suction out whatever tissues is removed (either soft tissue or bone).

What To Expect After Surgery

Most surgeons still use nasal packing, especially with the more aggressive procedures, to keep the mucous membrane layer pressed against the raw surfaces. Since turbinate procedures are usually performed alongside septal procedures, nasal packing with or without splints are more common than not. Depending on surgeon preference, packing may or may not be used for some of the minimally invasive procedures.

Turbinate procedures by themselves are not considered painful. Most patients don’t take any pain medications, unless other procedures are performed simultaneously.

It may take anywhere from days to weeks before your breathing improves significantly, since there will be swelling, blood and mucous immediately after the procedure. Many surgeons clean out this debris a few days to a week after the procedure in the office during follow-up.

Nasal saline can be applied every few hours just after the surgery to loosen the secretions. Blowing your nose is discouraged until you get the go ahead from your surgeon during the first post-op visit.

Turbinate surgery is a very useful procedure that can be done alone or in combination with other procedures. Bleeding and infection, although rare, can occur, just like any other surgical procedure. There can be anesthesia risks as well. In the rare chance that the procedure fails, reasons for failure include too conservative of a procedure, persistent nasal septal deviation, or nasal valve collapse.

Understanding Your Senior Dog!

Becoming a senior happens to all of us, from the days we attend school, to the day we become a senior citizen and it happens to our dogs, too. Dogs also grow into that “golden age,” which requires some understanding by their owners.

In this article I will try to alert you to what is happening to your dog, as it grows older. With dogs and I guess people too, the process of aging is more physiological than chronological when it comes to determining when one is mature. People age in different stages and dogs follow suit.

Aging occurs when the body begins to slow down and the body’s cells start falling apart faster than the body can repair them. In dogs, aging can begin as early as five years for larger breed dogs and seven years for small and middle sized dogs.

How well your dog responds to the aging process depends a great deal on its genetics and environment. Nutrition also plays an important part, the quality of the food you feed your dog nourishes its cells and helps to prolong a long and healthy life.

The aging process still demands quality food and while your dog is growing older the need for nutritious food becomes more important, actually it is as important as it was when your dog was a puppy. The difference is the quantity and the way the nutrients are provided.

So, the first thing in understanding your senior dog is to become aware of its nutritious needs and what your dog’s food should provide. A senior dog needs high quality protein, which comes from meat such as chicken and lamb. Some sources say older dogs do not need protein because it will cause kidney problems, but that way of thinking is actually unfounded. Protein is necessary for building muscle and cell reserves.

Older dogs need less food (quantity wise) and food that is lower in fat, as they burn fewer calories (just as humans do as they grow older). They need food that has a good supply of digestible fiber to help with elimination. To help maintain a balance within the body, they also need antioxidants to fight off the free radicals, plus vitamins and minerals, which can come from a nutritionally balanced dog food and not necessarily from supplements.

What can you expect to see in the aging process?

When humans age, we see certain changes in hair color and body development; dogs also have significant signs of aging. Obesity is one of the main problems in the process of aging in dogs. We humans, tend to feed our dogs the same amount of food every day, not realizing that they do not need it and that they are not metabolizing the food as they did in their younger days. The result is weight gain, which puts extra weight on limbs that may be suffering from arthritis or other problems. If your dog is not eating be certain to call your vet, as there may be medical problems you are not aware of.

A dog’s skin and hair coat begins to show changes as a dog ages. Gray hair around the eyes and muzzle begin to appear and the skin coat may become thinner and duller. This can also be a sign of a nutrient deficiency, so be aware of it. It is possible that benign tumors can begin to develop in various places throughout the body. These usually do not need to be removed unless they are in an area that is constantly annoying the dog. Have all tumors checked by your vet to be certain none are cancerous.

Older large breed dogs have a tendency to develop calluses on their elbows due to the fact that they are lying down more. Provide bedding for your dog in its favorite resting-places instead of having them lay on hard surfaces.

You may also notice your dog’s pads thickening and its nails becoming brittle and needing to be clipped more often due to inactivity.

Older dogs tend to move less and many suffer from arthritis. It is important that you walk your dog or see that it has some type of mild activity no matter how old it is. It is necessary for you to move your muscles in order to keep mobile and that goes for dogs, too. You either move it or lose it, as the saying goes and that is very true.

A ramp, elevated feeding dishes and/or a set of steps maybe necessary to help your dog get up and downstairs, to eat comfortably and/or on to furniture. Chondroitin, and glucosamine can be beneficial to help support healthy joints.

Dental disease, decreased heart function, kidney problems, decreased liver function, urinary and bowel problems, sensitivity to temperature changes, hearing and sight loss and many more things can all be signs of increasing old age. Developing a good relationship with your vet is important at this time of your dog’s life. It is important to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone who understands what is going on.

Cognitive dysfunction is a possibility, according to Pfizer Pharmaceutical, 62 percent of dogs ten years and older will experience some sort of dysfunction. They will become confused or disoriented in their own back yards or even inside the house. They will pace at night and change their sleep patterns. Some may not even recognize household members and many will sit and stare into space. There is a drug called Selegiline /L-Deprenyl it is not a cure, but will help with some of the symptoms of cognitive dysfunction. Should your dog appear to be suffering from this condition contact your vet at once for help.

What behavior changes can I expect to see?

Older dogs have a much harder time coping with changes in the daily routine. Vision or hearing loss may make them anxious and sometimes a dog that never had separation anxiety becomes very anxious when it knows you are about to leave the house.

The secret here is to make leaving and coming home, a simple act with not much fuss or attention. Giving the dog a Kong toy filled with treats will keep him/her busy for awhile and its mind off your leaving. Make certain the dog will be comfortable while you are gone, sometimes soft music or the TV being on helps comfort the dog when it is alone.

If you are gone for long periods of time and if it is possible, have someone come in and take the dog out for a short walk. Senior dogs need to go to the bathroom more frequently than younger dogs.

Some dogs feel safer when crated; this depends on whether or not your dog is used to being inside a crate. There is also medication that can help make your dog less anxious, but as a rule it should not be used continually.

Older dogs may become aggressive. Pain, loss of vision or hearing, and some diseases can cause an otherwise friendly dog to become a bit aggressive. If aggressiveness is a sudden behavior, have your pet checked by your vet, as there may be an underlying cause you do not see. Work with your vet to try and find the cause of the aggression.

House soiling can become a problem as your dog suddenly starts having “accidents.” Again have your vet examine the dog for underlying medical problems. If you cannot have someone take the dog our frequently when you are gone, think about penning the dog up in an area that is fairly easy to clean up after an accident.

Do not leave a senior dog outside all day if that is not the norm for the dog, it will only create more problems and anxiety.

Older dogs can become frightened of loud noises due to the fact they cannot move away from it as quickly as they could in younger days. Stress, also will cause some senior dogs to bark and whine more. However, some of it may be a call for attention especially if the dog has a problem getting up or down, it is calling you to come to him/her as it cannot get to you.

Older dogs that are not in good physical condition have trouble coping with a new and younger pet. So do not expect your senior dog to be overjoyed when you bring home a new puppy. Consider the fact that the puppy is a pest and your older dog does not have the patience and the ability to move away from the puppy fast enough.

Monitoring your senior dog for disease and other conditions.

There are many common diseases and conditions that your senior dog can suffer from and some of them are silent killers unless your are an observant owner.

I know you lead a busy life, but your dog has been a good companion and needs just a little of your attention in regard to keeping an eye on its health.

Your dog’s eating habits need a watchful eye. How much is he/she eating, what kind of food (kibble or canned,) if you are feeding both kinds, which is the one being eaten the most? This can lead you to finding dental problems.

What about water consumption? Drinking more or less is also a sign of some common diseases. Weight gain or loss of weight, behavior patterns and changes in them, sleep patterns, obeying commands, anxious when left alone or around people, activity levels, coughing or other respiratory problems, bad breath or drooling, all these can be signs that your pet may have a problem, the vet needs to check out. A call to your vet or a quick visit may in the long run save you money and prolong the life of your dog.

I hope that this information has been of some help and that you and your canine companion have a long and healthy life together.

The Healthy Impact Physical Fitness Can Have on Your Life

Among the simplest and most efficient methods to cut down blood sugar levels, reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease, and improve overall health and well being is physical fitness and physical exercise. All the same, in our progressively inactive world, where just about every crucial chore can be executed online, from the vehicle, or with a cell phone, working out and being physically healthy can be tough event to sell.

Actually, everyone should exercise, however study estimates that just 30% of the US adult population obtains the claimed 30 minutes a day of regular physical activity, and 25% are not active at all.

Inactivity is believed to be among the key causes for the soar of type 2 diabetes in the US, because inactivity and obesity raise insulin immunity and additional elements that set off additional forms of diseases.

The good news is that it's never too late to get started, and physical exercise is among the easiest methods to begin moderating the onset of any forms of diseases. For people who are already nominees for a few life-threatening diseases like diabetes and heart failure, physical exercise and fitness can improve the condition of some parts of the body like insulin sensitivity, bringing down the chance of heart disease, and boost weight loss.

In 03, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism had released an issue involving the outcome of their study and determined that lack of physical exercise and fitness were the key components behind obesity and additional dangerous diseases like diabetes.

Therefore, it is exceptionally cruel for a person to stay healthy and be physically fit in order to avoid such sicknesses.

Getting going

The initial order of business with any physical exercise plan, particularly if you're a couch potato, is to consult with your health professional.

If you have cardiac factors, your physician may prefer to execute a stress exam to determine a safe degree of physical exercise for you.

Certain complications of a few diseases will also dictate what type of physical exercise plan you are able to undertake. Activities like weight-lifting, jogging, or high-impact aerobic exercise can potentially pose a danger for people with diabetic retinopathy attributable to danger for additional blood vessel harm and potential detachment of the retina.

Health experts also debate that patients with sever peripheral neuropathy should avoid foot-intensive weight-bearing physical exercise such as long-distance walking, jogging, or step aerobic exercise and prefer alternatively for low-impact activities such as swimming, bicycling, and rowing.

If you have conditions that make physical exercise and fitness a challenge, your provider may refer you to an exercise physiologist who can design a physical fitness plan for your particular claims.

If you're already physical in athletics or work out on a regular basis, it will still benefit you to discuss your routine routine with your physician.

New Jersey Nets Season Preview For 09-10

The New Jersey Nets saw the departure of Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter in recent years, leaving an entitlement new nucleus of talent to build around. While Nets fans still long for the days they were in the hunt for the Eastern Conference title, they might not be that far away.

The higher ups in the Nets front office have flipped the three aging stars for a collection of young talent with a ton of potential.

Leading the way to make New Jersey Nets tickets a hot commodity is Devin Harris. The point guard is a star in the making, and some believe he has already arrived. Inside, Brook Lopez will look to follow up an outstanding rookie campaign to have a building block in the middle as a true center.

Finally, two acquisitions that could turn out to be solid is Courtney Lee and Terrence Williams. Lee had a great start to his career in Orlando, but was stuck behind a ton of talent.

The one wild card for New Jersey Nets ticket-seekers is Yi Jianlian. The Chinese import was much-heralded, but things did not work out in Milwaukee and not really in New Jersey so far as well. If he can turn it around (he's still young and has the height to make an impact), the Nets could be legitimate playoff contenders.

New Jersey Nets tickets will also be coveted for those looking to catch them before making the jump to Brooklyn. This team is definitely geared up for that time, but with the young guns already on the team, they should be able to compete most nights.

If looking for New Jersey Nets tickets, the best bet would be to obviously go after the marquee matchups. Attendance has been down overall in New Jersey, meaning it is one of the better places to land quality tickets to not only see a young rising team, but also the best players on other teams.

Evaluating Wrinkle Cream Brand Names Reviews

We all age and is completely natural process that begins since we are born, however there comes a time when unwanted wrinkles and other skin problems start to show up. Different anti aging treatments and wrinkle creams are available, but you have to be careful on what type of creams your use on your skin.

There are many wrinkle cream brand names that you can find on your favorite retail store or on the internet, however you must be careful not to choose just the most popular cream or the most known brand name cream, you should make your choice based on the Results you can achieve and ingredients a cream contains.

Let me be clear, there are great wrinkle creams but most contain some type of cheap chemicals, additives or allergens that are not good for your skin, in fact the wrong ingredients can produce more wrinkles in the long term.

So before buying any brand name cream read reviews on forums, on amazon.com or ask people you know what creams they have used successfully.

The best creams are those that only contain natural extracts that come from plants, herbs, honey, nuts, water and other natural sources.

On the other hand you should avoid substances like alcohol, fragrances, parabens, petroleum and many others, so is important to read the label of any cream that you want to buy and make sure that it only contain natural ingredients.

Even though some creams with harsh chemicals may work for a little while in the long term will harm more your skin. For example using a wrinkle filler that contains alcohol will dry up your skin and end up producing more wrinkles.

Choose only brand name creams that are safe to use in your skin, do not fall for the hype of instant results, usually it will require a certain period of time to see regular results in reducing wrinkles.

Eczema Treatment For Children

With children, it can be very complex and difficult to find an effective way to treat eczema. Because children are not as responsible as their parents, it can complicate the search for effective eczema treatment for children. My recommendation is to provide as much teaching and monitoring of your child as possible to make sure that the condition does not worsen as a result of neglect.

That said, healing eczema in children is practically the same as adults. The only real difference is that children have more sensitive skin than adults, and sometimes can have negative reactions to powerful steroid based medicines that some adults might be able to use safely. It also means that whatever an adult reacts to a small amount, they may react to a lot more. This means you need to be that much more vigilant for your child's health and well being.

Here are a couple of simple tips to keep your child's eczema under control without expensive procedures or prescription medicines:

Pack your child's lunch and be sure to eliminate allergens that cause a reaction. Once you know what your child is sensitive to, be sure they are not going to school and eating whatever is available. There is a good chance that they will eat something they are not expected to and have a flare up as a result. Prevent this by making sure your child has a lunch packed safely for him or her every single day to keep allergens out of the body.

Show your child proper cleaning and moisturizing techniques and if necessary, help them practice these techniques. Children do not always know exactly how to take care of their skin with moisturizing body wash and topical creams, so show them the right way rather than leaving it up to chance. Make sure they wash their hands several times a day to keep allergens out of their hands while eating that might make them scratch later.

Make sure your child has plenty of antioxidants and healthy oils in his or her diet. Eczema treatment for children means having moist, healthy skin, and oils are essential in this. For that reason, feed your child fish such as salmon or perch or if he or she is allergic, try flaxseed oil pills to keep the skin moist and healthy. Moist skin heals and resists irritation a lot more effectively than dry skin.