How to Overcome Bullying

Everyone has their ups and downs in life. Some people get past tough situations while others go deep into it and often suffer from depression and anxiety. Here are some tips to overcome bullying:

  1. Get to know about bullying. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior. There are many reasons for a normal human being to turn into a bully.

    When people have gone through mental harassment and abusing situations at home or in any other place, they will choose bullying as an option to look superior in front of others.

  • Bullies have, at some point, been bullied themselves.
  • Getting jealous of others and being insecure can also be reasons.

If you are being bullied or if you are bullying someone else, instead of staying silent, speak up and try to overcome this!

  1. Speak to the bully. To explain it with an example, sometimes your friends or people at home might get upset because of something you’ve said without knowing it will hurt them. In a similar way, the person who is bullying you may have no idea that it is affecting you. When you speak with them about it, chances are they will understand and stop doing it. Also, you should speak to them only if you think they will understand you.
  2. Stop being silent: When you are being bullied, you may undergo a lot of stress. This makes people unproductive in their work and leads to depression. More than 50% of the people who undergo bullying fail to report it out of embarrassment or maybe the lack of faith in authorities. But it is very important to speak up. Even if you don’t want to report it, speak about it with your teacher/parent/guardian/caretaker or anyone else you trust.
  3. When to report it to the police? Bullying is a criminal offense. You can decide which action upsets you the most. If someone physically or sexually attacks you or shares your images or private information online, it is a crime. You should probably reach out to the police department and file a complaint.
  4. Stop feeling inferior. Besides sexuality, gender, identity, race and disability, another common reason people experience bullying is the inferior feeling they have of themselves. You should know that if a person is bullying you, it is his/her problem and not yours.
  5. Avoid being isolated. Even though you’d want to stay isolated, it is not advisable. Staying away from any sort of support is not going to resolve the issue, instead it makes things worse. It may feel like staying alone gives you peace of mind but it actually puts you in a state where you are being controlled by what happened.
  6. Take care of your health: Healthy eating along with a perfect exercise routine can really improve your physical and mental health. This also helps in stress reduction and clears your mind. Cooking, yoga, craft work, and pottery are good hobbies to help you take your mind off negative thoughts.
  7. Fix your role models. It is important to fix a role model and build positive energy based on their life story. As you can see, a lot of celebrities have been in the place where you are right now but still have managed to achieve something in their life and work their way up to the top.

The One Less Traveled by

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

That begins and ends the famous poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. It is sometimes interpreted as being one man's once-for-all choice when given the opportunity to choose the direction of his life. But I think this ignores a much more realistic and useful understanding of Frost's sentiments.

I believe we come to this fork in the road frequently; In fact, every time there is any sort of singular event in our lives. A person gets downsized, for instance, and they are standing where Frost stood.

Two roads.

The first has a signpost saying, "Why?" Why did this happen? Or more importantly, why did this happen to me? This is the road most frequently chosen, trying to figure out why God, or life, or circumstances led this event to pass in my life.

Poor me.

The second is "What?" What can I learn from this? What can I take from this experience that will make me a better person?

The first path often just goes around the block and right back into the same circumstances that created the problem. The victim remains a victim, doomed to repeat the course until the lesson is learned.

The second is the road less traveled. Those on this road understand that life is for learning – for growth, service, and character development. No experience is good or bad until you make it good or bad.

We all go through Frost's "yellow wood." We all have triumphs and tragedies: promotions, flat tires, exciting times of peak performance, and times when nothing seems to go right. What sort of person will you be when you finally come out on the other end?

A victim? … Or a victor?

You will be one or the other. Frost's insight suggests that the road less traveled is the one you want to follow.

Is There a Solution for Chronic Anxiety?

If you're a long-time sufferer of panic attacks, then you're all too familiar with the feeling; Sweaty palms, heart's racing, breathing troubles, and that uncomfortable and uneasy feeling you get inside.

Professional in the medical industry call what you have a chronic anxiety disorder, but you call it the worst thing that could ever happen to any human being. It really is scary for you since in the middle of every panic attack you get, you feel like you're going to die. This feeling makes your fear and anxiety spike up to insane levels, making your condition worse. You get the feeling that it gets worse every time, and you worry that you might actually get a heart attack the next time.

Well actually medical science has already established that panic attacks are not necessarily dangerous, even though it feels like you're about to die. The most danger you actually get from it is that you get an unscheduled cardio exercise, but you're actually in no real danger.

This reality offers a little comfort for a person who's experienced a somewhat debilitating panic attack. For sufferers, even though they still manage to survive physically from their ordeal, it still feels as though they are jumping off the deep end mentally. That too is false says medical experts. You may feel emotionally unstable for some time after an attack but the feeling will not last and you will get through it somehow.

If you check the internet, or any source of information you can think of, you'll certainly get a lot of advice on how to deal with chronic anxiety. Some will say that you only need to take a couple of deep breaths, some say positive self-affirmation works, and most of them suggest that you go and get medication, which is the most common way humans deal with their illnesses. But sadly most of these suggestions are not really the solution to the problem. Yes, they do treat the symptoms, but not the cause. They treat the physical conditions that arise when someone gets a panic attack, but the real problem is not in the body, it's in the brain.

Researchers are now doing research, looking for lasting solutions and treatment for anxiety disorders. And what they found out was that there is an amazing interaction between the brain and the body when a person is having a panic attack. It's as if they are causing each other to malfunction, and they do not know how to stop. It's like a loop: the mind causes body to behaving unnaturally, which in turn causes the mind to go in panic mode that starting the cycle all over again.

There is a way though to break this vicious cycle of anxiety. All you need to do is have the patience to look for it. Always look for the silver lining in every cloud. Just keep calm and collected, your next panic attack will not do anything to physically harm you. And until you find that solution to your problem, just keep cool.

Do You Want to Know How to Naturally Fall Asleep?

For many many years people have been struggling to fall sleep and stay sleep. There are commercials that tell us to get sleeping pills on the TV all the time. This is a temptation thought when it has been days since we slept. Wait before calling your doctor for sleeping pills. I may have just the answer for how to naturally fall sleep.

When you take sleeping pills you usually wake feeling unrested and groggy. If you feel unresponsive when you wake what is the point of taking these pills? You can try several different things to help you sleep that are effective and safe.

Some people have a hard time believing these things can help them sleep but when you are already not getting any sleep it wont hurt to try them. One great way to fall to sleep naturally is by drinking tea. Hot tea before bed is very relaxing and you can also drink tea made from herbs that are known to help you fall sleep.

Valerian root tea, Catnip tea, and Chamomile tea are all great herb teas to drink before bed. Some people prefer not to drink tea if you are one of them you can also try warm milk. There has never been a given reason as to why this works but the fact is it does.

When you are drinking warm milk you get a soothing feeling in your stomach and that is what I personally believe helps us with falling asleep. Caffeine should be avoided before bed. Do not smoke, or drink sodas or alcohol because it will keep you awake. Try aromatherapy to help you fall sleep.

Light some aromatherapy candles around your bedroom before bedtime just make sure that you blow them out before you get in bed. A hot bath with aromatherapy oils right before bed is perfect too. Basically to fall sleep naturally you just need to find a bedtime routine to follow each night that helps you sleep.

Stress Management – How to Live on a Shoestring Budget and Still Enjoy Life

If you are living on a shoestring budget then you can agree with me when I say that it can be very stressful trying to make ends meet and have money left over to do some of things that you enjoy. I have identified three things that you can do to stretch your dollar and relieve your financial stress. The three things are 1) Do your own self-maintenance 2) Get a low cost cell phone plan and 3) Discount shopping

#1 Self-maintenance

Make a list of your living expenses and examine which bills are reoccurring bills. I noticed that I was spending a pretty penny on going to the hair salon and the nail shop twice a month. The way that I corrected this issue was by discontinuing my visits to the hair salon; I now wear a low maintenance hair style (a natural). I am saving 100.00 dollars a month just by washing and maintaining my own hair!

The other area that I eliminated was getting my nails done twice a month. I purchased a pedicure set and I now do my own pedicures. I saved 40.00 dollars a month by discontinuing this service. I have not sworn out going to the nail shop or the hair salon completely; I go as a special treat and when my budget permits.

#2 Low Cost Cell Phone Plan

My cell phone plan for unlimited talk minutes was very excessive. I was paying 120.00 a month for this service. Whenever I wanted to change my plan to something more affordable I was faced with having to extend my contract. I am now with a local carrier and I am not bounded to a contract. I get unlimited talk time, text, long distance and web surfing for only 50.00 dollars a month. I saved 70.00 dollars a month!

#3 Discount Shopping

You can save a bunch of money by shopping at the thrift store. There a lot of shabby thrift stores out there but if do your research you can also find some pretty good ones. The thrift stores have clothes that are in great condition for a very affordable price. I still like to shop at the mall and discount stores but when I do , I buy clothes that are on clearance. You can save a whole bunch of money if you buy clothes when they are on clearance.

When you are living on a shoestring budget you have to cut out wasteful spending. I go over my bank statement each month just to see what areas I can adjust in order to save money. Living on a fixed income can be stressful but if you learn to budget and have the discipline and commitment to stick to your budget you will see the rewards and savings in the long run.

Athlete’s Foot – 9 Steps to Treat Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is caused by parasitic fungi which usually attack the feet. Many people are plagued by this malady, since the organisms which cause it are spread from contaminated floors surrounding pools and showers. The skin between the toes is most often attacked, but the disease may spread to any part of the feet and may break out on the hands. However, what appears on the hands is usually caused by absorbed toxins in the bloodstream rather than the organisms themselves.

As athlete’s foot develops, blisters or cracks appear in the skin, which softens, turns white, and peels off in flakes. There is itching and burning – occasionally pain. The disease is more severe in warm than in cool weather.

What to Do

  1. Keep the affected skin areas as cool and dry as possible. Wearing sandals or open-toed shoes will help.
  2. Protect other members of the household by refraining from walking barefoot about the house, especially the bathroom. Don’t use the family shower, and before using the bathtub soak the feet for at lest five minutes in a warm, saturated solution of boric acid.
  3. Every night at bedtime wash the feet briefly with mild soap and warm water. Then soak the feet for 15 to 30 minutes in a warm, saturated solution of boric acid. If boric acid solution is not available, use a warm saline solution (one tablespoonful of table salt to a quart of water). Then with a bit of gauze pick and rub away all loose bits of skin, taking care not to get any of the contaminated material under the fingernails. Then apply an athlete’s foot cream, working it carefully into the affected skin, especially between the toes.
  4. Every morning, wipe away the remaining medicated cream with dry gauze and dust the skin area thickly with antiseptic powder.
  5. Wear cotton hose, preferably white, changing it daily. To launder hose, boil for ten minutes or re-infection is certain.
  6. If sores appear on the hands, use only mild ointments. If itching is severe, apply 1 percent phenol in calamine lotion. When the sores on feet have healed, those on hands will probably disappear.
  7. To prevent a relapse after the infection appears to be cured, apply 2 percent ammoniated mercury ointment each evening, and talcum powder containing 1 percent of salicylic acid each morning, continuing the treatment for several weeks. Dust the same powder into the shoes daily.
  8. In severe cases, keep off the feet as much as possible and use the soaks and medicated cream as in (3) twice a day instead of once.
  9. In a persistent case consult a dermatologist. An antibiotic is usually helpful, but this requires a physician’s prescription.
  10. The person with athlete’s foot should be considerate of others by not using public showers or swimming pools until his infection is completely cured.

Choosing the Best Domain Name

The Internet is an endless spring of community, entertainment, commerce and information. Unlike traditional mediums (print, TV, radio, brick and mortar businesses), the web promotes interaction by enabling everyone with a computer and a connection to cautiously dip their toes or cannonball full force into the world's biggest pool party. Encouraging that do-it-yourself spirit in each of us are an endless line of designers, programmers and hosts who are anxious to assist even the most technically timid to sprout wings with their own site. However, you'll never make it out of the nest if you do not have the perfect domain name for your site. And then, the search begins.

Instead of wasting time by throwing darts at names on a wall, it's best to maintain focus and recognize a few domain naming parameters. First off, it's paramount that the domain name does not confuse potential visitors. Scrive for a site name that sounds exactly like it's spelled so you do not need a search engine to find it. A quick trip to Alexa's Top 100 US sites shows there are a few exceptions to this rule. With most basic words already spoken for, be prepared to get creative, mixing words together or coming up with an appropriate onomatopoeia.

While it's a good idea for a domain name to describe the site, it's equally important to come up with an original name that is catchy enough to be passed along at the water cooler. Look no further than domain names Yahoo or Google. While these names really do not reveal much about two of the web's most visited sites, they're easy to recall and short on syllables, making it simple for first-timers to find.

If you're after serious traffic, commit to securing a .com name. It only takes a quick trip to Alexa to discourage any thoughts of settling for less popular .org, .net or .info. Of the Top 100 traffic-ranked sites in the United States, only 10 ended with something other than .com. At the end of the day, why excuse with 90% of the country's most-visited sites.

Now that you're armed with these factors, head over to your favorite domain name registrar. Do not get too discouraged when you discover the fabulous names you've painstakingly researched are already spoken for. This is your opportunity to recruit family and friends to get involved by emailing them your naming guidelines. Do not be surprised if someone who is not invested in the project suggests the perfect, available name.

The company I work for recently survived the re-naming process and we still have the bruises to show for it. Originally named, we're a social music site that allows people to discover unsigned artists in their own communities and across the country. With a complete redesign underway to amplify a more community-oriented experience, our design firm said the .net name had to go. The .com version of our domain name was not available, so we followed the steps above. After much brainstorming and research, we feel we've hit a home run that will elevate our site's experience. The winning domain name: We feel the name conveys the positive experience bands and music fans alike can expect from our site while remaining easy to remember and spell.

Now it's your turn, so dive into your own website with a great domain name.

Home Remedies For Curing Female Infertility – Recommended Natural Treatments

Nowadays, infertility is a common problem for both men and women. It is important to point out that this condition is a problem of both parties rather than of one person. According to statistics, over three million women in the United States cannot get pregnant and this estimate is constantly increasing. There are various possible factors that cause female infertility such as anxiety, stress and other physical factors.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is considered the most common cause of infertility wherein the ovaries create plenty of follicles every month but do not produce an egg. Women who are suffering from this condition should change their diet into a low-glycemic one. Here are some home remedies for curing female infertility:

1.Banyan roots are known to be one of home remedies for curing female infertility. What you should do is to combine banyan root powder with milk and make sure to drink the concoction three times a week. Remember that the ratios must be one is to five for banyan root to milk. However, this remedy is not recommended during the menstrual cycle. Also, it is best not to eat anything for at least a few hours after consuming the mixture.

2. Blackberry leaves are also effective in curing female infertility. Just put blackberry leaves into water and boil (1 is to 5). Let it cool to room temperature and drink. It is best to drink the mixture three times every week.

3. A lot of women have difficulty in getting pregnant because of being obese or overweight. This is why it is important to do regular exercise in order to keep the body healthy and eliminate excess fat that may hinder pregnancy.

Diaper Rash – Natural Remedies for Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a very common infection that can cause a baby’s skin to become sore, red, scaly, and tender. In most cases, the rash occurs because the skin is irritated by diapers that are too tight; soiled diapers that are left on for too long; or certain brands of detergent, diapers, and baby wipes.

Most children get at least one diaper rash, and many get them over and over. If your child gets frequent diaper rashes you might change the type of diaper you are using (cloth vs. disposable diapers), change brands of disposable diapers and/or baby wipes, apply a barrier cream after each diaper change, like Aquaphor or a cream with zinc oxide, and keep a symptom diary to see if you can link the rash to something that your child is eating or drinking.

Natural Remedies for Diaper Rash
Let your baby go diaperless in a sunny spot as much as possible. Yeast thrives in a dark, moist environment, so sun and air will help. If you’re living in a place that isn’t sunny right now, try one of the full-spectrum light bulbs used to treat SAD.

Butt Paste works fast and is especially good for babies with sensitive skin. The bonus with Butt Paste is that it works on a lot more than just diaper rash. You can use it for chapped skin anywhere on the body, so when the diaper rash is gone you won’t feel like you’ve got cream sitting around going to waste.

Let the baking soda dissolve and let baby soak it the water for about 15 minutes. When you get baby out of the bath let him go without a diaper for about 10-15 minutes to allow the area to dry. Then apply Flanders Ointment and put babies diaper on.

For severe diaper rash after you clean their bottom with a warm washrag (No Wipes they contain alcohol) put some Malox (the liquid kind) all over the sores. It will coat their bottom and it is for reducing acid in your stomach and diaper rash is usually caused by acid in their stools. Also be sure to change the baby often (even more than you think they need it) to help clear it up.

Make a very weak vinegar solution (1 T white vinegar to 1 cup of water) and swab your baby’s bottom with it. It will make your baby’s bottom inhospitable to yeast.

Skip the talcum powder, as the dust is harmful to your baby’s lungs if he breathes it in. If you want to use powder, choose the safer cornstarch-based type. Shake powder into your hand, away from your baby; never directly on or near him, and keep the container well out of his reach at all times. At every diaper change, carefully wash away any powder that accumulates in your baby’s skin folds.

Breastfeed your baby for as long as you can. Breastfeeding boosts your baby’s resistance to infections in general and makes him less likely to need antibiotics, which can contribute to diaper rash.

Try placing your baby on an open cloth diaper during nap time. Check the diaper shortly after your baby falls asleep and replace it if it’s wet. Babies often urinate right after falling asleep.

Do Pilates, Live Longer – Part One

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) defines stress as "the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them." The HSE has commissioned research into stress levels in the workplace all over the UK and have come up with the following jaw-dropping statistics: –

1. Approximately 500,000 people in the UK experience work-related stress at a level that they believe is making them ill.

2. Five million people in the UK feel "very" or "extremely" stressed by their work.

3. Around 12.8 million working days a year were lost to stress and stress-related illness in 2004/5. (Probably even higher in the US).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg … this is just the work-related stress. Add to that the stresses of family life (need I say more?), The stress of making enough money to keep the wolf from the door and enjoy a pleasant lifestyle, the stress of trying to be who and what everyone wants us to be. ..and so on.

Some level of stress is essential to our functioning … we just would not be motivated to actually DO anything without it. When it's something we want to do, we call it exciting. When it's something we'd rather not do, we call it stressful! The effect on our body and mind is actually the same, believe it or not. Adrenaline shoots round our system, heart rate and blood pressure rise, our pupils dilate, our muscles get ready for action …. And then Daniel Craig puts his clothes back on !!

But you get my drift …. our bodies are designed by Mother Nature to go into "Fight or Flight" mode, seeing as that's what kept us alive millions of years ago when that noise in the bushes could have meant that either Bambi or Godzilla was behind us …

So life without any kind of stress would be unutterably boring. But our lives today have stresses that last over long periods of time – stresses that can not be dealt with by running away or bashing something with a club … tempting though it may seem when your boss / child / mother-in-law Is winding you up! And stress over a long period of time is what does us in. Your body is not designed to deal with these hormones staying in the system – the idea was that once Man had escaped from the predator, the hormones subsided. Job Well Done. Man then either slept, ate said predator or …. You get the idea! (This is where Daniel Craig reappears …)

Long-term exposure to stress hormones can cause problems inside us. Big problems. High blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and some forms of cancer have been linked to high levels of stress sustained for years. Stress is one of the main causes of premature death in the developed world. Sobering thought, is not it? Well, now that you've read all this and got all stressed about your stress levels, what can you do about them?

You'll have to read the next installment for stress-busting ideas! (Hint: This might just involve some Pilates ). Until next time …

All the best,

Ampalaya and Momordica Charantia May Kill Cancer Cells

Chemical substances found in Ampalaya or Bitter Melon could kill cancerous cells including the destruction of reverse metabolism. Ampalaya (Bitter Melon) or Momordica charantia is a climbing vine and the tendrils of which grow up to 20 centimeters long.

This herbal plant belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. It is a tropical as well as a subtropical vine. Ampalaya leaves are heart-shaped, which are 5 to 10 centimeters in diameter. The fruits of the Ampalaya vine are fleshy green with pointed ends at length. It can never be mistaken for any other variety because its ribbed and wrinkled surface had always been ampalaya’s distinct physical structure. The bitter taste of the this fruit had also been the distinguishing factor from the rest of the fruits with medicinal value, and this is due to the presence of a substance known as momorcidin.

Eating or drinking the juice from the bitter melon can lower the risk of certain types of cancer, and it is also known to decrease and kill leukemic cancer cells. The spreading of cancer cells can also be stopped by taking its juice and increase chances of a full recovery. However, the diet must be consistent for this to become effective in the treatment of this disease. Otherwise, the juice will not work.

Ampalaya or Bitter Melon is very common in some regions of China and Japan and widely grown in the Amazon, Caribbean, and Southeast Asia such as the Philippines. Its leaves and fruits are excellent sources of Vitamin B, iron, calcium, and phosphorus. It is also rich in beta carotene. Beside from being used as cancer cure; it is also used as herbal treatment for diabetes. HIV, coughs, skin diseases, sterility in women, parasiticide, antipyretic and as purgative among others.

Cancer research laboratories and cancer institutes worldwide conducted experiments making Ampalaya’s affectivity for use as an herbal medicine for cancer. Their fruits and seeds including the leaves are considerably effective in the treatment of cancer as they contain alpha-eleostearic acid which is known as effective to induce the death of cancer cells of leukemia. The acid can also cure colon cancer and breast cancer. Its chemical substance, aside from killing cancer cells, also prevents the cancer cells from multiplying.

The Ampalaya fruit juice produced is mixed in 5% in water and proved to kill pancreatic cancer cells. It is conformed that this bitter melon juice eliminates cancer cell lines by 90%. This juice is also applied on animals that is mice and is confirmed that the tumor size is drastically decreased. This would also be applied on humans. It is sure that there no side effects. Because of Ampalaya’s healing ability for diseases, it is worth eating required for a healthy body.

Healthcare Associated Infections – Know the Risks

When you are admitted to a hospital and receiving care in that setting, you are taking a step to heal an ailment or recover from an illness that has plagued you. Your hope is to leave the hospital healthier and further along in the healing process than when you arrived. Most often than not, that is what happens. However, some people leave the hospital with ailments or infections that they did not have when they arrived. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of every 20 patients who is hospitalized acquires a healthcare associated infection (HAI).

What are Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)?

Simply put, it's an infection you contract while receiving medical care for an unrelated illness or malady. HAIs can be accredited in all types of healthcare facilities including nursing homes, same-day surgery centers, physical therapy centers, and hospitals. They can be viral, bacterial, and / or fungal in nature.

How to HAIs occur?

Most healthcare associated infections can be attributed to behaviors by the medical personnel (eg hand washing), characteristics of the individual patient (eg overall health and factors that may predispose one to infections), and the specific environment (eg healthcare facility ventilation systems). It is estimated by the US Department of Health and Human Services that around 70% of HAIs are completely preventable.

What are the most common HAIs?

The following 4 categories account for 75% of all healthcare associated infections

Urinary Tract Infections-associated with the use of a catheter

A urinary catheter is often used for patients who are temporarily unable to easily urinate on their own. It is a tube that drains the urine from the bladder without any effort from the patient. Urinary catheters require regular cleaning to prevent germs from infecting the insertion site of the catheter.

Infections at a surgical site

As the name follows, these infections occur after surgery is completed at the located of the incision.

Blood infections

Blood infections are most commonly attributed to the use of a 'central line' or 'port' which is often times left in for long periods of time. When a patient needs to have medications administrated regularly and / or have blood drawn regularly, a central line is used so the patient does not have to end so many injections and needle pokes.


The type of pneumonia that is a healthcare associated infection is ventilator associated pneumonia. Ventilators are sometimes used as a part of the healing process to allow patients to get sufficient oxygen. However, ventilators can cause harm because they provide a pathway for germs and various bacteria to enter the body and get into the lungs.

What steps can you take to prevent contracting an HAI?

Make sure all healthcare providers assist you have thoroughly washed their hands before coming into contact with you and if they fail to do so, respectfully request it of them. Also, report any signs of infections (redness, swelling, pain etc.) to your healthcare providers immediately. Many infections can be treated if handled in a timely manner but if gone unnoticed and untreated they can progress quickly and potentially become fatal.

Being an informed and observant consumer of the healthcare services you receive are the most important steps you can take in protecting yourself from HAIs. Prior to being informed to a medical facility or having a medical procedure done, you might consider using the Hospital Compare tool to see how your local facilities rank on a variety of quality measures.

Dealing With Phobia of Public Speaking

Are you organized for a pop quiz? Define glossophobia. If you are thoughts that this word means an intense horror of something, you are central there. Glossophobia is an acute concern of known idiom. Now heave your hand if you bear from glossophobia. Chances are, your hand is high in the air right about now. Statistics have revealed that municipal dialect anxiety is right up there with an alarm of snakes and downfall. It is sheer that known terms sends many to the depths of terror, but the good rumor is that there are methods that you can employ to overcome your known words worry.

The first question to address when confronting a community dialect phobia is why the fear exists in the first place. For most folks, the thought of status in front of a group of people makes them worry about how they will be perceived by the crowd. No one needs to be laughed at, or seen as foolish, and putting manually in the broadcast eye seems to intensify the odds of that stirring. You may be alarmed that you will forget what to say, or that you will stumble over your words. If you endure from this kind of fear of known words, here are a few tips to help you overcome them.

How to See your Audience

There is an age-old model of advice that suggests you will be minus worried before a crowd if you visualize the people in the listeners in their underwear. Most community speakers will perhaps approve that this is not the most effective way to style the viewers coolly and professionally. Perhaps a better structure is to ponder the verity that these folks want to see you work in you’re civic chatting work as much as you do. Think of the group as pulling for you, and you will have a, much better gamble of connecting with your crowd. It also helps to calculate to ten once you consider the pedestal, and, before you dawn language. This will give your audience a fortune to groom for what you have to say, and will allocate you to take hegemony of the extent. Once you open dialogue, grin and make eye call with your group to get them to reply to you with addition and enthusiasm. It may not be a relaxed mission if your knees are knocking below, but it will help you to relax a bit and gain some confidence before launch your tongue.

Of course, overcoming a communal dialogue phobia begins before you ever pierce the auditorium. If you have prepared your sermon thoroughly, and researched the scope that you will be dialogue in, the crowd that you will be talking to and the capital that you will be using, you will purely contact the happening with a great pact more confidence. It also helps to follow your oration several epoch before the big day. Don’t rely only on the mirror for your routine time each (though this is one good technique). Practice in front of your family and links, and allow them to suggest constructive opinion to help you improve. This applied will intensely help you to get gone your broadcast dialogue phobia.

Finally, consider that many people bear from the same public dialect phobia that you are experiencing. Even some prominent performers still have to wrestle with stage dread before a performance. Knowing that you are not lonely in your fear will be a great help in overcoming your public idiom phobia. And once you have delivered a few of these speeches, the treat will most definitely become much easier. Practice makes textbook or at slightest minus dreadful.

Can You Use a Patio Heater in a Gazebo?

Many wonder about the safety of using a patio heater in a gazebo. A gazebo is a nice place to sit during the evening and does get cold like a patio during the cooler months of the year. It is fine to run a patio heater in a gazebo under certain circumstances.

Make sure that the gazebo is not enclosed. It must be wide open like your patio would be outside of the beams that are holding up the roof. But if you are really that concerned or there is some enclosed space inside, buy an indoor/outdoor heater which are safe to use even in completely enclosed spaces.

The best fuel source for a heater used this way will be electric. Natural gas lines running to the gazebo will be far too expensive. Propane is an option but it will take up more space. You will have to deal with the cords for the electric heater but it’s a much easier fuel source than the others.

One concern about using a heater inside gazebo is limited space. Full sized heaters might be a little too big for your average sized one. One option to consider as an alternative might be to use the electric wall heaters. These could be hung inside the gazebo saving some space and keeping the device out of the middle of the area. One could also get a standing infrared heater and point it towards the gazebo while it sits on the outside of the space.

Whatever option you choose to do, be safe. Always go with the manufacturers directions and recommendation on the box. Don’t ever try to make up your own version of what is or what is not safe.

Should You Send Flowers to Ex Girlfriend If You Want to Stop Your Breakup and Win Her Back?

What should you do when you want to stop your breakup? Should you send flowers to your ex girlfriend in an attempt to win her back? When ending the relationship for good isn’t what you want, your thoughts may turn to figuring out what action steps you can take to mend things with your ex. For many men, buying something for their ex is the first thought that crosses their mind.

This article explores why sending flowers to your ex girlfriend will be a critical mistake that will do more harm than good.

Should you send flowers to an ex girlfriend? The short answer is no. The first thing you need to realize is gifts like flowers should be bought when a relationship is going strong, not when it is broken. Many men get this dead wrong.

The right time to buy flowers is when a relationship is going strong and you want to show your girlfriend that you love her, care about her, and appreciate her. They are an excellent surprise to bring home from work to let the love of your life know how much she means to you. Unfortunately, many men use flowers only as a way to apologize for something they’ve done wrong.

The problem with using flowers or other gifts as a way to mend a relationship is they weaken the actual apology. To your ex girlfriend, it comes across as, “Here are some flowers. These should make up for anything I’ve done wrong in the relationship.” It makes it appear as though you are trying to buy your way back into the relationship. It’s like saying, “I can continue to make mistakes and treat you poorly in the relationship as long as I keep buying you flowers.” Your ex girlfriend will see right through it.

If you want to make up for something you’ve done wrong in the relationship that pushed your girlfriend away, then make a sincere, heart-felt apology one time and then commit to changing. For example, if you were always the jealous type, then apologize for not trusting her and then work on improving yourself so you don’t get jealous every time she talks to another guy or goes out with friends without you. This is the only true way you’ll ever mend the relationship. Flowers can’t fix the problem.

After all, when you come home with flowers do you want your ex girlfriend thinking, “Uh oh, what did he do wrong this time?”, or do you want her thinking, “I feel so loved and appreciated. I have the best man in the world.” It’s up to you to decide which reaction you train your girlfriend to have.