HIV Basics

Of course you've heard of HIV and maybe you've even signed up for the support group found on Facebook. The question here is, do you know how it spreads or exactly what HIV is? HIV is not as common as a disease as a cold, but it severely affects the lives of those it plagues. Do you know how to protect yourself from it? Let us first get to know what HIV really is.

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is a retrovirus that plagues humans when it comes into contact with tissue like the vagina, mouth, eyes, anal area or simply through a break in the body's primary defense – the skin. This slow progressive disease has three stages:

1. Initial stage or Primary Infection that occurs in just weeks of getting the virus. This stage is characterized by a "mono-" or "flu" like illness that gets better in weeks.

2. Chronic Asymptomatic Infective Stage. This stage has no symptoms present that last from 8 to 10 years.

3. Symptomatic Infective Stage. This stage is where the body's immune system has already become suppressed so allowing infections or diseases to easily latch on to the body making the person with HIV sicker.

The only goal for HIV treatment is to strengthen the immune system and prevent further damage to it by halting the progress of the infection to that of a symptomatic disease. Therapy for HIV includes drug combinations that markedly decrease the growth of the virus by bolstering the immune system.

As I've mentioned above, the virus spreads by coming into contact with the areas such as the eyes, mouth, anal area, and vagina or through a break in the skin. The most common way is through unprotected sexual contact with an individual diagnosed with HIV. Sharing needles or even during labor is also a way through which HIV can spread. Unprotected oral or anal sex with an infected person is also a way through which one can get infected with HIV.

Contrary to the belief of some, kissing an individual infected with HIV does not cause you to get HIV. Sharing items suck as razors or toothbrushes may transfer the infection to you especially if you've got an open sore or break in the skin. Knowing how it infects others exactly what are the symptoms of HIV? Symptoms are classified into groups which are as follows:

* Symptoms of Acute HIV: fever, muscle or joint pain, headache, sore throat, diarrhea or rashes.

* Symptoms of the Immune System: swollen lymph nodes, night sweats or fever.

* Symptoms of the GI tract: rapid weight loss, diarrhea, substantial fatigue and poor appetite.

* Symptoms of the Respiratory system: shortness of breath, dry or productive cough

* Symptoms of the Mucous membranes and skin: skin rash, lesions on the skin with colors ranging from red, pink, purple or brown; Patches of white inside the mouth, gums and tongue.

* Emotional or neurological symptoms: depression, peripheral neuropathy suggested by numbness or tingling of the face, feet or hands, and confusion or change in level of consciousness.

Knowing all the symptoms, how it transfers and most importantly what HIV is, you are now armed with the knowledge to prevent the occurrence and spread of HIV.

Epileptic Encephalopathies – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Epileptic encephalopathies are a group of medical conditions characterized by epilepsy which is difficult to treat and usually progressive in nature. This group comprises of eight age related syndromes which include Early Myoclonic Encephalopathy, Ohtahara Syndrome, West Syndrome, Dravet Syndrome, myoclonic status in non-progressive encephalopathies, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, and epilepsy with continuous spike waves. Usually refractory to standard anti-epileptic drugs, these conditions cause a progressive cerebral dysfunction and related physical, mental, and cognitive disabilities. These conditions are usually seen in early childhood and are believed to be due to brain damage resulting from excessive bursts of electrical impulses, during the maturation stage of the brain. Severe cognitive, behavioural and neurological defects can be seen with these conditions, which may even cause early death. Affected individuals who survive to their teens display a reduction in the symptoms of epilepsy; however, residual neurological and cognitive defects are significant.

Most of the syndromes included in epileptic encephalopathies need to be treated aggressively with a combination of new anti- epileptic drugs. These may partially control the convulsions: however, the overall prognosis in most affected individuals remains extremely poor. In such a scenario, Ayurvedic herbal medicines can be judiciously utilized as supportive therapy in order to treat the refractory convulsions, improve and/or prevent cognitive, behavioural and neurological deficits and related symptoms, and improve long-term survival. Though being traditionally refractory to standard treatment, supportive and additional herbal medicines, given in combination and in high doses for prolonged periods – often several years – can bring about significant improvement and maintain the beneficial effect.

Herbal medicines which are useful in these conditions need to perform the role of reducing excessive electrical discharge in the brain cells, and preventing brain damage, as well as preserving and improving the brain’s structural and functional ability to the maximum extent possible. Herbal medicines useful in the treatment of these conditions include Ashwagandha, (Withania somnifera), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Shankapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis), Vacha (Acorus calamus), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia serpentina), Khurasani Ajwayan (Hyoscyamus niger), Pippalimool (Piper longum), Bala (Sida cordifolia), Yashtimadhuk (Glycerrhiza glabra), and Haridra (Curcuma longa).

Other herbal and herbomineral combination medicines useful in the treatment of these disorders include Bruhat Vat Chintamani Ras, Maha Vat Vidhvans Ras, Vat Gajankush Ras, Brahmi Vati, Sarpagandha Ghan Vati, Dashmoolarishta, Ashwagandharishta, Shankhpushpi Syrup,Saraswatarishta, and Unmadgajkesri Ras.

Ayurvedic Panchkarma procedures like Shiro-Basti, Shiro-Dhara, Nasya, Basti and full body massage followed by steam fomentation of medicated decoctions, may also be useful in the treatment of epileptic encephalopathies. Medicines like Nirgundi (Vitex negundo) and Dashmool (Ten herbal roots) are especially useful in these procedures. Shiro-Basti involves the retention of medicated oils on the scalp, while Basti involves the use of medicated enemas using oils or decoctions. Several courses of these procedures may be required in patients who are refractory to other treatments.

Ayurvedic herbal medicines can provide an additional as well as supportive role in significantly controlling symptoms, improving quality of life, and increasing the overall life span of affected individuals suffering from these conditions. Ayurvedic herbal treatment thus has a significant role to play in the management and treatment of epileptic encephalopathies.

Wade Fishing in Mississipi

All along Mississippi’s 44-mile coastline you will find hundreds of anglers who spend their time standing in or along the surf line casting huge rods with large spinning reels and weights as far as they can heave. This is surf fishing. Now don’t confuse wade fishing with surf fishing.

And don’t get me wrong, if you have a friend named Wade who goes fishing with you, it is purely a coincidence. True wade fishing involves going for a swim. The neat thing about the Mississippi Sound is that most of it is less than six feet deep which means a great deal of the near shore area is open to those who are OK with getting their feet wet. It’s not uncommon for waders to be able to walk 200-300 yards offshore and still be in waist deep water. Just be sure you keep out of the marked channels and wear bright clothing to help watercraft spot you before they are on top of you.

Tactics for Wade Fishing

Unlike the shore-bound surf fishermen and the landlubbers pier side, the wade fisherman can wander around offshore in areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Across all of the coastal counties, countless stark and abandoned pilings were once docks and piers. These pilings are encrusted with barnacles, weeds, and growth and are a haven for small baitfish, ghost shrimp, and other creatures that reds and specs eat like gumdrops. Of course, be careful in these areas that you avoid stepping on underwater wreckage, stumps and submerged driftwood that can really ruin your day. When you are out within walking distance of shore, live or dead shrimp, and shrimp-like lures are a must. Cocahoe minnows, small shiny spoons and other standard saltwater lures work well.

Wade Fishing Equipment

Wade fishing is easy and exciting but it can be dangerous. In Texas, just a few months ago an experienced wade angler was pulled out into deep water by a rip current and never came home to his family again. Now rips are rare in the Sound, but any open body of saltwater is still unpredictable and with this in mind, a life jacket is a must. If you get one of those jackets with pockets and mesh netting, it can help eliminate the need for a tackle box. Some waders like swim trunks or shorts but to keep those big bad jellies off you, especially in late summer, a light set of dungarees or fishing pants are a better bet.

Never go wading without shoes due to broken bottles and random wreckage. Your favorite fishing hat, sunblock, and a floating cooler or foam ring and bait/tackle box attached with floating rope complete your rig. The cooler can be done away with for those who use stringers, but beware that a nice line of white trout or specs attacked to you in three feet of water is a good way to call your local blacktip or hammerhead shark in for a closer look. A stiff rod and a smaller diameter salt-water baitcast reel help you keep ahead of the game.

The fish are out there, go get em.

Tumors And Internal Growths

The word tumor literally means a lump or a swelling, but as a scientific term it is now referred to as a swelling of a particular kind. A tumor has been defined as “an atypical new formation not resulting from inflammation.” This definition excludes such a swelling as a boil or abscess, because these result from inflammation. Swellings due to overgrowth also are excluded. The swelling of a blacksmith’s arm, for example, is not a tumor, because it has the typical structure of muscle. Nor is an additional or a supernumerary finger a tumor, because it has the typical structure of a finger. We see from the above, tumors are abnormal growths which differ from the tissue in which they develop. There may be (but as often is not) inflammation associated with their formation, but the growths are not the result of the inflammatory process. There are many types of tumors, differing in nature and effect, some being comparatively harmless and some being of a malignant type. The harmless ones are called “benign” tumors.

The benign tumors, while in themselves not destructive of adjacent tissue and not toxin producing, often may become serious through pressure upon adjacent or nearby organs or upon blood-vessels, thus interfering with circulation to or from a part.

The cause of tumors is not definitely known. In fact comparatively little is known regarding their origin. So many appear to result from injury that this must be considered as at least a contributing cause. As an illustration, tumors of the breast quite often develop after a blow, and cancer of the lip or tongue often appears in an incessant smoker, particularly of a clay pipe. While cancer may not be inherited directly, heredity may have some influence as a predisposing factor. It is claimed now that, while the usual age after which cancer develops is thirty-five or thereabouts, there is an increasing tendency to earlier appearance. This is thought to be due to inherited predisposition and a continuation of certain unknown habits of living that develop certain unknown toxemic states that make the growth possible.

It is considered by some pathologists that cancer, and possibly some other forms of tumor growths, are due to parasitic infection. This is not considered a factor by some scientists, and all endeavors to locate or discover a causative parasite have led to failure, as have all serums for inoculative treatment concocted with the idea of combating bacteria and their toxins.

While the simple and benign tumors are not so definitely the result of abnormal chemistry of the body, it is reasonably clear that malignant growths arc in a considerable degree, if not entirely, the result of such altered chemistry. For the recent few generations during which malignant growths have steadily increased there have been gross changes in diet. During this time (until within very recent years) white flour and its products have supplanted entirely whole grain products. The use of sugar and its products likewise has steadily increased. An additional possible factor has been the long decline, as agricultural conditions were superseded, in the use of green vegetables and fresh fruits until quite recent years.

These various factors have tended to deprive the cells of the body of the required amount and balance of absolutely necessary mineral elements and vitamins. In addition they have supplied elements wholly foreign to the body. Combined with the numerous other factors that have resulted in enervation or reduced nerve tone and also that have had their influence upon the systemic chemistry, there is reason enough for believing that malignancy has increased because of these factors and that malignancy is wholly preventable.

It is unnecessary to go into any detail regarding the types of tumors, but something of their nature will be briefly considered.

Simple tumors grow slowly and often intermittently. They usually are enclosed in a capsule. They remain where they are formed, except for increase in size, without invading neighboring structures. If they are removed, there is no recurrence. There is no tendency to similar growths developing in other parts of the body through the blood-stream. They are not painful unless they cause pressure upon nerves. They have no direct detrimental influence upon health and do not lead to a fatal termination except through mechanical interference with vital organs.

Malignant tumors, on the other hand, grow more rapidly and constantly. The more malignant their nature, the more rapidly they grow. They are not encapsulated, but involve the neighboring tissues. They eventually undergo suppuration or ulceration, and may bleed. Secondary growths elsewhere in the body result. There is a general undermining of health from them, because of the underlying extreme toxemic condition, because of the toxins produced in and absorbed from the malignant growth, and because of involvement of vital structures or circulation. Upon removal the tendency is to recurrence. When left to themselves they destroy life through the discharges and hemorrhages and toxemia resulting, and the invasion of vital organs.

Since tumors result from an abnormal blood chemistry and glandular activity, constitutional measures will be necessary to favorably affect them, and if the growth has not developed to too great a degree and is not involving vital structures to too great an extent, their complete eradication by constitutional measures may sometimes be procured. One theory regarding the cause of cancer is that the involved cells (if not the whole body) are old before their time. Natural procedures will have the effect of removing toxemia, removing old and broken down cells, rejuvenating cells that are below normal, modifying functional activities and improving the function of the blood-making organs and the quality of the blood they produce. Hence a radical blood-purifying procedure is necessary, as well as general eliminative measures.

The fast is the most important of all procedures in the treatment of tumors. During a fast the blood is in condition, through lack of surplus material, to absorb any elements in the body that are not necessary. It has been noted that during the fast cancerous tissues, as well as non-malignant tumors gradually diminish in size and not infrequently wholly disappear. It cannot be stated as a certainty that this will be the result. But even if surgical operation is considered necessary the fast will put the body in such a condition that recuperation will be more prompt and recurrence will be much less likely. Furthermore, since malignant tumors tend to spread out like a multi-tentacled octopus into the neighboring tissue, the fast will aid in removing at least the more recently formed of these extensions so that the operation will be much more likely to remove all vestiges of the growth. But one should take the fast for its possible curative effect primarily (not in preparation for operation). If there has not been too great a loss of flesh and hemoglobin, that is, if there is not too great emaciation and anemia, the fast may continue for many days or several weeks. If after two weeks or so of a fast any palpable growth has made no appreciable reduction in size it may be better to use fruit juices or vegetable broth or both.

In fact, fruit juice may be used from the beginning, and particularly in cases of anemia and emaciation. The grape is considered one of the best fruits in this condition – either the juice of the fresh grape or unsweetened bottled juice being used. However, oranges, grapefruit or any other fresh fruit may be used, and with as satisfactory results. One may take a dozen oranges or so daily or the equivalent in any other juice. There should be copious water drinking, to add to the fluid in the blood-stream so that its absorptive powers will be increased.

The enema should be used daily to remove all possible sources of blood contamination from retained bowel wastes. The skin should be kept thoroughly cleansed by warm soap baths, followed by cool baths or, if the strength and energy permits, by a moderately hot bath followed by decidedly cool or moderately cold baths. However, reaction to complete warmth must be established shortly. There must be an abundance of fresh air at all times, as oxidation must take place and fresh air is necessary for this.

If the growth is in some location where physical activity does not disturb it, muscular exercise may be indulged in moderately. It is important that the circulation be maintained reasonably normally throughout the body and exercise is one of the leading means of accomplishing this. Naturally, if there are emaciation and anemia, the activity necessarily may be confined to walking. As intimated, no movements should be taken which cause discomfort in the affected region. There must be adequate relaxation and sleep, for in these conditions the energy usually is reduced and it is not regained as readily or as promptly as it may be in many other conditions.

Spinal compresses and massage may be of considerable value. Specific spinal therapy usually is not of particular importance. General massage may be given, and should be given in cases where physical activity is denied – though it may be used in any case with benefit.

Additional stimulation of the skin activity may be secured by the hot or cold wet-sheet pack or the blanket-pack, hot tub bath, or any other sweating bath if the general condition permits. Even in somewhat anemic and underweight conditions the blanket-pack may be used with some measure of benefit. Naturally, these baths cannot continue for any appreciable duration, because of the weakness often associated with the condition.

The diet after the fast or fruit diet should be aseptic and barely enough to support the body’s activity. So long as ample food is supplied for complete nourishment there will be no further absorption of any growth. The fruits and vegetables, particularly the fresh juicy fruits and the leafy vegetables, should form by far the greater portion of the diet. These provide the essential neutralizing minerals and vitamins and they give the blood elements which it can use to combine with broken down tissues and waste products, thus making them more easily eliminated and at the same time less injurious while in the body. Meats and all flesh foods (fish and fowl) should be eliminated from the diet, also all spices and condiments and particularly salt, including all salt-preserved foods, all pickled and vinegared foods, and smoked foods.

All rich and fried food should be avoided, and what foods are cooked should be baked or broiled or cooked in parchment paper or in covered enamel ware or in non-aluminum steaming vessels. Pressure cooking may be used also, and the double boiler is excellent in cooking. However, one of the best means of cooking is parchment paper, which retains every possible value of the food, including its natural flavor, with the addition of no extraneous substance whatever, even including water. Moderate amounts of whole grain cereals may be used, but these must not form a large portion of the diet. Milk may be used, and in many cases especially some form of sour milk.

The strict milk diet is of benefit in some cases, but owing to the considerable quantity of protein in this diet, it is not always an ideal diet.

Strange as it may seem, the sunbath is not favorable to malignant growths. In non-malignant cases the sunbath may be used with benefit, though it will have only an indirect beneficial effect. The reason for sunlight being detrimental in cancerous conditions is not understood as yet. If one would begin the use of the sunbath by five-minute exposure to the feet and then after several days increase a few inches up the lower extremities until after a month or so the entire body is exposed for short periods, it is possible for the body to utilize the chemicals produced in the skin by the sunbath. But when the entire body is exposed there is an unfavorable reaction, possibly due to an excess of these chemicals generated in the skin.

Malignant growths often produce agonizing pain. Unless they involve the surface, hot or cold packs may be employed to somewhat alleviate the pain. Thus in cancer of the stomach the abdominal packs may be employed, also the cold wet abdominal pack may be applied at night, being sufficiently covered with dry flannel that warmth is re-established at once. The pack may remain on until morning. The hot pack is preferable in case of anemia and emaciation, otherwise the cold pack may be preferred, as the effect is similar.

The sitz-bath or hip-packs may be used in case of pelvic cancer and cancer of the uterus. The sitz-bath may be hot or cold, but preferably hot and cold, two or three changes taken once or twice daily. The cold should be momentary only.

In cancer of the breast the local wet-sheet pack may be employed with some benefit. This is similar to the abdominal girdle except that it involves the chest. It may be hot or cold, according to the patient’s general condition. Sometimes this greatly relieves pain.

If the numerous causes mentioned above were avoided, if people returned at least in some measure to nature in their diet and general mode of living, if they would not house themselves inside and so cover their bodies as to smother all natural skin activity, and if they would not deny themselves sunlight, adequate sleep, normal physical movement and so on, there would be fewer of benign growths, and fewer still of malignant growths. In order to correct the conditions once they have developed we must revert to more primitive means of living, at least in our diet if in no other factor, but for best results in all of the factors already enumerated.

In the treatment of superficial or skin cancer, known as epithelioma, most excellent results have been obtained by the use of the X-ray combined with proper diet, and with other natural methods of treatment as mentioned above. Radium has also proved beneficial in the treatment of skin cancers. In the treatment of deep-seated malignancies, results of radium applications have not been so satisfactory.

What's Causing My Depression and Fatigue?

Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Depression are absolutely systemic in our society today. Recent studies done by the AMA and CMA purport one in four people in North America are suffering from some form of chronic fatigue or depression and it's expected eight out of ten of us will experience similar afflictions in our lifetime. But numbers like these do not speak to the cause and only tell half the story.

In June of this year, my new book entitled, "Until You've Walked the Path" hit the bookstores. In it, I chronicle my own real life battle and recovery from CFS [Chronic Fatigue Syndrome]. I am pleased to say that from the responses I've received, the book has touched many people in a positive way, both those suffering from the disease, as well as caregivers, looking for new ways to aid the afflicted.

In conversations about CFS, the one question I am asked the most is, "What's causing my [their] chronic depression and fatigue?" Followed by, "Is it just stress?"

I'll admit I am not a doctor and have no medical training, however, I have done a fair bit of research over the last decade and I am a real CFS Survivor. That said, it is my belief there are three fundamental 'Camps' if you will, that can cause depression or fatigue and it is absolutely essential to determine what camp you are in to expedite speedy recovery.

Camp # 1: CFIDS [Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome]

CFIDS is the new acronym for most immune dysfunctional disorders which covers a broad base of causes and outcomes. More specifically, the factors that can bring on CFS are viral. In my case I was diagnosed with the Epstein-Barr Virus [EBV]. Another common virus known to cause CFS is the ME Virus [Myalgic Encephalomyelitis]. An income associated with CFS sufferers is fibromyalgia; An excruciatingly painful disease that effects all muscles and joints in the body.

I could go on but the important point to understand is that most of what causes 'Real' Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is most often viral. These viruses attack the immune system causing acute un-wellness, fatigue and depression. Stress is another immune-weakening phenomenon and is often a major cause for CFS. On the other hand, motivators like post viral infection – as it was in my case – is known to be much of the cause because of the damaging consequences it can affect to an otherwise healthy immune system. One outlet is Depression and Fatigue.

Camp # 2: Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are perhaps easier for most people to understand. Not the diseases themselves but rather the fact that there are commonly known diseases like: By-Polar, Manic-Depression and Schizophrenia, to name but three. We all know they can cause behavioral – often unpredictable-changes in those afflicted. Another opportunity is Depression and Fatigue.

Camp # 3: Substance Abuse

Whether it's drugs or alcohol, [prescribed or otherwise], many people fall victim to their effects that over time, can clearly evolve into conditions of un-wellness.

Stress-relief is often the reason for those who use drugs and alcohol on a regular basis and one need not be addicted to experience many of the health deteriorations that very often come about. Another opportunity, of course, is Depression and Fatigue.

By now you may be seeing a bit of an assertion I am making in this article which now compels me to make two important points:

1. Depression and Fatigue can be emerging from many different motivators.

2. It is critical for sufferers to seek out immediate professional help in determining precisely what is causing their fatigue and depression.

I have seen too many people needlessly wither away with diseases like these, never getting the right help. Many of them try to hide their problem and shrink into the shadows because it's not a glamorous disease and for the most part, it's still a little misunderstood – even by many in the medical field.

My advice is to find the right medical specialist who deals specifically with what's causing your fatigue and depression. Understand that no doctor can be a specialist at everything and that the medicine, treatment and care for someone with Schizophrenia would be entirely different from what's required to treat someone with substance abuse or a viral infection. The specialist would be just as different.

It's also vitally important for those afflicted and caregivers similar to know that there is a short window of opportunity in getting diseases like these under control. That is to say, from my observation and experience, the longer one goes without proper diagnosis and treatment, the harder it is and less likely it is, recovery can be achieved.

Chronic Depression and Fatigues is not something one chooses to have and treatments like "Suck it up soldier!" Or love deprivation does not work. Ignoring it works even less.

The Bottom Line:

What's causing Your Depression and Fatigue could be many things. You need to align yourself with the right specialist, the right medication and the right treatment As Soon As Possible!

The good news? You can recover from it and you can triumph over it! I am living proof.

Let’s Talk Toe Socks

All throughout my collegiate running career I strayed away from toe socks. Something about them just drew me away and regrettably I never gave them a try. This is an issue I’ve found to be common among the running community.

While discussing toe socks, the typical response is, “eh, I dunno.” Perhaps people think it looks funny – which doesn’t even make sense considering no one will know you’re wearing them on your runs. Or maybe people just think they won’t be comfortable or there really are no benefits. All of these things are, of course, wrong.

More people than you think are using them for their runs and other recreational activities. At my company, performance toe socks are consistently one of our top sellers. They’re constantly in demand and fly off our shelves. So yes, they are popular.

The benefits to wearing toe socks are most definitely there. Most importantly, they can help prevent those pesky blisters from forming in between your toes. They help reduce friction from your toes rubbing against each other, and your toes rubbing against your shoe. With that lack of friction, you can kiss blisters goodbye!

They can also help beginner runners learn the proper toe push-off in their stride. Improper running strides are a common thing amongst beginners and they can eventually lead to injury and discomfort. The “toe-off” is an essential part to an efficient running form. This means when your center of gravity rolls through the ball of your foot, your toes will help push your stride forward. They will provide extra sensory feedback due to having fabric in between your toes. You may find it’ll draw more of your attention to the movement in your toes during the run. Yes, the way you run is something you want to pay attention to.

The comfort found in these socks is another delight. They obviously contour to your foot better than any other sock providing you with true restriction-free and natural movement from your heel to your toes. The fact you can wiggle your toes while wearing these socks is a very underrated benefit. It seems silly now, but once you have them on, you’ll be wiggling like crazy.

Price-wise you’ll find toe socks don’t cost all that different than an average pair of running socks. Plus, if cost is a really an issue, consider this: With toe socks you won’t have to worry about purchasing any blister-preventative cream or aid. The purchase is basically a two-in-one deal.

The biggest brand for toe socks is Injinji. Toe socks are their bread and butter and they’re very popular. SmartWool has also recently introduced a toe sock for this year. Both of the brands are good choices and you’ll find great comfort with them.

The bottomline is, try them out before you make your judgments based off appearance.

Antioxidants in Skin Care Products – The 3 Most Effective Ingredients

If you want to know the benefits of using antioxidants skin care products, as well as the three most effective ingredients to look for in antioxidant skin care, keep on reading.

One of the reasons your skin ages is because of oxidation. But if you take antioxidants, orally and / or topically, you can put off the visible signs of aging a lot longer and get healthier skin.

But, just putting fruit topically on your face is not going to be as effective as using a product of the latest cell rejuvenation technology. You see, the molecules need to be small enough to get absorbed by your skin where they can effectively counteract oxidation.

1. CoenzymeQ10 – This vitamin-like antioxidant prevents wrinkles and is most powerful in its nano-form, Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, where it effectively penetrates through 7 layers of skin. In most skin care products CoenzymeQ10 is seriously ineffective as the molecules are not small enough. So look for the nano-form.

2. CynergyTK – One molecule of the powerful enzymatic CynergyTK antioxidants can eliminate millions of free radicals, and boost the body's own antioxidant activity at the same time. This means a powerful anti aging effect!

3. Phytessence Wakame – This is a Japanese sea kelp-extract which by its antioxidants and other nutrients is moisturizing, smoothing and healing. It is also proven to increase elasticity, which means firmer skin for you.

But in order for these to help, there needs to be enough of them present in the antioxidants skin care product. The only way you can be sure of that, is by finding a trustworthy, sincere skin care company that truly cares about you.

The Benefits of the Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation

Anyone can learn how to interpret their own dreams with the scientific method of dream interpretation, which is the unique method that exactly translates dream messages, giving information and guidance to the dreamer.

In order to properly interpret your dreams, you only have to learn the basic dream symbols and the way you consider your dreams when you try to decipher their enigmatic message.

I continued Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the psyche through dream interpretation, discovering the wild side of the human conscience and the meaning of many more symbols, which made the complicated scientific method very simple.

Why? Because now we know the basic theme of the dream messages.

Jung didn’t know many things; this is why he was obscure on so many points. So many, that in the beginning I couldn’t understand a word of what he was saying… I had to read his books many times and take notes of my dreams every day in order to understand his method.

My simplification is due to the fact that I know very well what the wise unconscious mind that sends us dreams is talking about.

The main subject of all dream messages is the fight against craziness. The unconscious mind is always trying to help our human conscience fight against the anti-conscience; the primitive and violent conscience that tries to destroy the human side of our conscience through craziness.

Knowing this basic fact, dream interpretation becomes a very well defined translation.

Jung was never clear. There were many unexplained points in his statements. However, he did explain very well a few other points, and on these he was correct. He really is a genius to have discovered the exact way to translate dream messages.

He discovered the correct translation but he didn’t trust it enough. He had many doubts and fears, and so he didn’t continue the research.

With my simplification of his method, you simply look at your dream the same way that you look at a document written in another language. You translate the symbolic language into words that your conscience can understand and this way you can see what the unconscious is showing you.

Your dream is a representation. Suppose someone could not tell you in words what they wanted to, but could only use slides. This is what the unconscious mind does with the images you see in your dreams.

When someone tries to tell us something without using words, the number of possibilities about which they could be talking, are infinite. Without some sort of reference point, things are too hard to be guessed at.

When you try to guess the message, you ask the person to give you a clue. You ask them to tell you some feature or attribute, such as where you can find it, how it is used, and so on. Without knowing anything about what you are trying to guess at, you will never be able to find the correct answer.

If however, you do have a basic attribute, you have more chance of easily finding the correct answer. The more you know about what you are trying to discover, the easier your research becomes.

Usually the unconscious mind shows you the mistakes you make by following only one side of your personality and only one psychological function, as well as having another side only half-developed.

Jung knew that, but he didn’t take the unconscious warnings as seriously, and he thought that, ultimately, the human conscience should decide what the human being needed to do, even if it meant he ignored the advice of the unconscious.

He was wrong, because the human side of our conscience is also illogical, due to the existence of our ego, which connects the human side of our conscience to the wild anti-conscience. Our human conscience needs psychotherapy in order to be completely developed and eliminate the ego.

So, now you know the basic theme of your dreams.

I have already given you many lessons about dream interpretation and even the translation of many dream symbols in my previous articles.

Start writing down your dreams and compare them. Only when you write them down will you understand their mysterious messages and verify how true they are in your own daily life.

You’ll see that you must trust the unconscious mind, even when you don’t agree with what it is telling you. For example, you want to buy a house and you are very excited because you believe that this house is exactly what you need. However, the unconscious sends you many negative dreams about the house. What must you do?

Ignore the warnings? Or pay attention to the warnings and lose a good opportunity?

If the opportunity really was going to be good for you, the wise unconscious mind would not have shown you that there were problems with it.

You will see something that confirms the unconscious’ wisdom in the future, and you’ll be able to verify that you were protected when your unconscious stopped you from buying the house. You will see that, at the time, you ignored many things about the vendor of the house and its previous owners.

This is a very simple example, to show you that you must always follow the unconscious’ guidance, because the unconscious mind is wise and is always trying to protect you from craziness and despair, while your human conscience is quite absurd in many ways and ignores many things.

Home Remedies for Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes or madhumeh as per ayurveda is a disease in which there is improper functioning of insulin and as a result sugar level in the blood increases. Diabetes may cause heart problem, kidney failure, blurred vision if not treated timely. Diabetes is a lifelong, chronic health condition, in which the body is unable to break down sugar so the sugar levels are high in the blood, and also can’t produce insulin or have resistance to insulin and therefore loses energy. It is also caused due to increase production of glucose level in the blood vessels and less production of glucose in the body, and also caused due to infections caused by viruses.
Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes natural treatment: Eat 1 teaspoon of cinnamon daily.

Yemeni med: Soak 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds (Hilba) in 1 cup of water at night. Drink the water in the morning on an empty stomach and eat the seeds. Very good for diabetes because it works like insulin.

Take 1 small bitter gourd, remove the seeds and saturate in a cup of water. Drain and drink every morning.

Wash and peel a green plantain, put the peel in a jar, cover with water and drink this water three times a day.

Boil 13-16 mango leaves in one cup of water, saturate over night and filter in the morning. Drink every morning on an empty stomach.

Home remedy for diabetes: eat garlic or take garlic capsules.

Take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 3 times a day.

Add turmeric and cinnamon to your cooking, it is very good for diabetes.
Yoga Exercises for Diabetes Treatment

Increased sugar level in the blood leads to diabetes. This is due to many reasons like, obesity, improper diet, and stress. Diabetes disease can be controlled by doing yoga and various other physical exercises.

Exercise helps in keeping sugar level to normal in the blood cells. It helps in controlling stress level which is the primary cause of diabetes. By doing regular exercises various diseases like, heart diseases, kidney disorder, diabetes, constipation are effectively cured, and give much energy to do everyday work.

Walking controls stress level and helps in controlling body weight and in turn diabetes.

Regularly doing pranayam and various other yogic exercises keeps sugar level in the blood under control and gives much strength to perform the daily activities. Stay stress free by doing meditation and try the above remedies it will definitely bring good result.

Housing Debt – Should You Stay or Go?

Real-estate in the United States over the past 60 months has continuously seen housing prices fall. Their current values ​​are now less than (some far lower than) what is currently owed on their mortgages. This is true in many areas of the US with few geographical exceptions. As inflation increases, expect the value of your home to decrease even more. The value of your home is expected to lose an additional 5 to 8 percent in 2012 alone. This also is absolutely not the time to go buy a new or used home, once inflation reaches around 20 percent most likely you will see a total collapse in the real estate market. A large number of Americans now believe that a second "Great Depression" is very possible within a few years.

What should you do?

GO – If you DO NOT own your home outright and have a variable rate loan …

Then sell your home now & Rent! Many smart economists and market forecasters are highly recommending that anyone who owns a home today with a variable interest rate mortgage sell out now regardless of the profit or loss incurred. Holding onto any variable rate loan will keep costing you more money each month. Because of rising inflation your interest rate will continue adjusting up to keep with inflation.

Because of this, at some point depending on your financial situation you could have lost your house to inflation as well. So selling it now will by far save you more money. Once you sell do not buy a new home now. Houses will become consider cheaper as market prices continue to fall due to rising inflation. So lease your next home and get that new house after everything collapses for much less than current prices. The money you save and any possible profits from the sale of your home can be put to work now, by investing in physical gold and silver to hedge against rising inflation.

STAY – If you own your own home free & clear, have a low fixed rate mortgage or …

If you're in no way going to give up your home (probably many will feel strongly about this) then get yourself a fixed rate loan today. Get rid of that variable rate loan fast. Act today and not tomorrow while lower interest rates are still available. If you have a higher fixed rate try re-financing to get the lowest fixed rate possible even if it costs you more in fees and points. A lower fixed rate will save you that much more money each month when the rates start climbing. The recent US credit rating downgrade from Standard & Poor's to AA + from Triple A makes it possible that current low rates will start increasing. If you fall into a credit trap where you do not now qualify for a new fixed rate loan it is best to sell out now as I stated above, regardless of how attached you are to your current home.

Fixed rate loans are actually your friend during an inflationary period, because your loan will not be intolerable to future rate increases keeping up with inflation. Thus your borrowing costs will actually reduce as inflation continues. This means you're paying less out of pocket the higher inflation goes. One more comment on this is not to pay off your loan early by paying down your principle with additional payments. You're actually throwing your money away if you are doing this now. Money that you would normally want to use to pay down your mortgage now would best be utilized by acquiring physical gold and silver that will hedge against inflation. Throughout history, gold and silver has always protected investors against virtually any and all economic calamities that have ever developed. And NOW at this specific time, Gold and Silver will be absolutely critical to your financial survival.

Tom Genot –

Panic Attacks Treatment: What to Do to Overcome Panic Attacks

Panic disorder is a medical condition described by regular and repetitive episodes of severe fear and panic attacks. A lot of people across the world suffer from this kind of disorder. The effect of this disorder can be very severe. Individuals with panic disorder suffer in social situations. They feel the need to hide from people due to extreme anxiety and fear. At some point, they are unable to carry on even with their daily routines, habits and activities. The most common symptom of panic disorder are frequent panic attacks.

What causes panic disorder has been under study for decades. Research suggests that the illness can somehow be linked to the genes – this means that this medical disorder can be hereditary. Further researches also addressed to some other probable causes such as substance abuse such as alcohol and caffeine, stressful lifestyle, and traumatic experiences.

Panic disorder can be very hard to handle if left untreated. It may even lead to more severe mental illness. But if you are suffering from the disorder, do not lose hope just yet because it is completely curable. There are many things that you can do to solve your panic problem. Below are some effective tips that you can do to overcome panic disorder:

Tip # 1: Listen Classical Music
Classical music is very well-known to soothe and relax a person. Countless researches and studies point out that listening to classical music reduces stress. Reducing stress then means reducing chances of a possible panic attack.

There are also lots of positive effects when we listen to relaxing music. These include reducing blood pressure, therapy for pain, and immunity-boost. Classical music is also known to improve a person's IQ level.

Tip # 2: Undergo a Therapy Session
Therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy to be more specific, is said to be an effective answer on how to overcome panic attacks. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on what causes or triggers the panic attacks – the way the person thinks and behaves are carefully studied to determine the stimuli of the attack. The person is then helped to see things that he fears in a more realistic way (panic disorder tend to exaggerate things that we fear).

Tip # 3: Deep Breathing
Much like the first tip, deep breathing focuses on reducing stress. Deep breathing is a very well-known stress buster. When faced with a stressful event or experience, try to take a break and take a deep breath. Make it a habit.

Tip # 4: Stop Substance Abuse
Some individuals who have panic disorder are abusive to certain substance. These substitutes include cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and sedatives. Studies are being conducted and there is a growing number of evidences have been found that correlates and creates a link between panic disorder and abusive use of the said substances.

Substances with caffeine are also said to cause and provoke panic attacks. Tea, coffee, soft drinks, and some energy drinks. Try to lessake of these substances.

Understanding How Depression Could Change Your Life

Depression is a mental illness that can be treated with either medicines or counseling. It is difficult for people who are depressed to walk out on their own. Therefore, it is important to have the support, care and help from the people around them. They need a lot of time to cool themselves down and to get over it.

Depression is usually caused by an imbalance in brain chemicals that will ultimately affect the mood and sense of wellbeing of a person. Dopamine and serotonin are the common chemicals that are involved. Dopamine help to covers instinctive reactions, addictions, cravings and reward-activated behaviors while serotonin can keep people calm and less impulsive. This two elements that flow in the brains need to balance themselves in order to prevent depression. Once the neurons get stuck and the chemical level is unbalanced, depression will most likely to occur.

Not only that, depression can be a serious illness. It can last for days, weeks, months or even years. People who are depressed will start to show feeling of sadness, loneliness and is no longer interested in their favorite past time activities. Different people will experience different depression, but the symptoms are more or less the same. It ranges from consistently experiencing tiredness, loss of appetite, insomnia, problem waking up to having thoughts of suicide.

It is no doubt that depression can cause many problems and affect one's life. People who are depressed will experience difficulties at work, study, daily activities and their brain will not be able to function properly. They often think that they are worthlessness. This may be due to the work, school, friends or family members they faced. It can also lead to the loss of job, filing for a divorce or even involving in an accident.

Therefore, it is important to take preventive action before hand. These are the few symptoms that are likely to be seen. This includes:

– Feeling worthless and incompetent
– Experience difficulties in sleeping
– Frequent waking up in the middle of the night
– Loss of appetite or Overeating
– Start to have anxiety, without knowing the reasons
– Constantly feeling tired
– Loss of interest in favorite activities
– Sudden headaches, stomach upset, pains and aches everywhere
– Frequent mood swings, easily irritated over small matters
– Having thought of suicide and death
– Feeling despair and hopelessness

In some cases, people who are depressed should go for counseling. It may help to solve the problem and their depression days may end. Alternatively, medications or a mixture of drugs, counseling, and therapy may also work to treat depression.

London, Ontario Spas and Hair Salons – 5 Tips to Help You Choose One You'll Love

If you live in or near near London and are considering a trip to a spa hair salon there, you'll see you have plenty of choice. In fact, Google offers up over 50 businesses that would be more than happy to accommodate you. So how on Earth does a person choose between them?

I'd say there are 5 main points that will help you tip the scales in one direction or another:

1) Friendly staff and recommendations

2) Sterilized equipment and clean facility

3) Well trained staff

4) Convenient location

5) Fair prices

For most people, once they've had a pampering spa treatment, they can not believe they ever doubted how fantastic it would be. Personally I prefer the spa hair salons where I can get my hair and nails done all at the same time, and I'd like to share with you a few things I've found to be important when going a place to give your hard earned Dollars to.

1) The staff must be friendly and make you feel great.

I know there are lots of other things that really matter – like points 2 and 3 below – but even if a spa or salon is perfect on every other count, bad staff will be all that a personembers. So yes, good staff can be any business's most important asset.

If you can ask recommendations that's always a great start. Otherwise check with the London, Ontario Better Business Bureau. You'll want to be sure the place you choose is a member and also that they have no complaints against them. If they have complaints then they've certainly made someone very unhappy and you'll want to avoid them like the plague.

2) The facility must be clean and the tools used (for manicures and pedicures for example) must be properly sterilized.

Naturally, you'll want the hair salon section of the facility to look clean. You'll also want to be sure each station has Barbasol for the combs to soak in.

As for the spa, ask if they use an Autoclave to sterilize. I know they do not all have them so do make sure you ask – it's a must have if you want the tools used on you to be sterile. Also, if you're curious and want to see it when you get there, it looks a bit like a microwave.

I also like to see the tools come out of their own packaging in front of me but that's simply a personal preference that's no formal indication of it being safely germ-free.

3) The staff must be well trained and know what they are doing.

Most spas will state this in their advertising and also display diplomas on their walls or desks through the facility. The staff do not needlessly need to be London trained, but if you are looking around for "real" diplomas, some London schools include Fanshawe, Trios and Medix.

4) Location must be convenient.

Location of the business is important if you do not have your own vehicle. If you are visiting London and will be taking a cab or walking on foot, location will be a big deal to you. Our largest hotels, such as the Delta London Armories (which is gorgeous) for example, are downtown.

If you drop by a city information kiosk, like the one on Wellington Street just North of Southdale Road, they can give you an idea of ​​what spas are closest to where you are staying.

5) The prices must be fair.

I could have said to look for inexpensive pricing but, this is one of those times when the saying you get what you pay for might just be true. So if you are after an inexpensive pedicure and the facility you go to is sparse and small, well, that's fair. But if you want a warm, bubbly water soak, half leg massage and a thorough foot scrub, it may cost you more, but this price is fair due to the greater service offered.

Of course you can still look for a deal on whatever service you choose. While you are at an information kiosk, be sure to also ask if they know of any specials. Some businesses in London will offer coupons for visitors to use. You may be able to get a discount on a combo spa service and hair salon visit and also a dinner deal at the same time.

Now that you've reviewed my points, please take the plunge and find a favorite spa and treat yourself – you know you deserve it!

A Remedy For Psoriasis – Can Modern Medicine Really Cure Psoriasis?

Has modern medicine found a remedy for psoriasis that actually works?

That’s a question that many have asked in frustration at trying to rid the skin of this horrible condition, including myself!

When I got my first outbreak and had it diagnosed as psoriasis, I was desperate to find a remedy that would cure my condition. The first thing I turned to, like anyone would, is modern science. Surely they would have come up with a remedy for psoriasis in this day and age?

So, what do doctors have in their arsenal for psoriasis?

In the first instance most doctors will prescribe corticosteroid creams, as these are proven to be an effective remedy for psoriasis patches. The problem for me was that due to the large areas of skin affected, I would need a hell of a lot of these creams that would cost a hell of a lot of money.

Another problem with these creams is that prolonged use can cause a thinning of the skin, making it tear easily. I didn’t like the idea of being afraid to leave the house without a pack of band aids at the ready!

The second treatment you may be given is phototherapy. This involves exposing the affected areas to UV rays, which has shown to be effective in treating the condition.

While an effective treatment, UV therapy involves visiting a special clinic that has the equipment several times a week. This could be difficult for those who work long hours or live far away from such a clinic.

Is there an easier alternative to phototherapy?

Yes, that big yellow thing in the sky!

Nature got there first with this one. Getting exposure to the rays of the sun is an excellent natural form of phototherapy, and a good natural remedy for psoriasis.

Obviously, heed the usual warnings about over-exposure to the sun. Psoriasis is bad, skin cancer is worse!