How to Control the Uric Acid Level? Know the Power of Molybdenum

In protein metabolism, uric acid is the end product. It is present in the blood and the urine. Our body has to maintain the uric acid level within an acceptable range. American Medical Association has prescribed the range of uric acid in the blood plasma between 3.6 mg/dL and 8.4 mg/dL.

Before we discuss about the controlling aspect, we should know the problems associated with the deficiency or abundance of this acid in our body.

If the level is elevated more than the range, it gets deposited in joints, tendons and surrounding areas. This will lead to a kind of arthritis. This is called gout. Kidney stone formation is possible. Though half of the antioxidant capacity for blood plasma is coming from uric acid, the elevated level might lead to pro-oxidant situation. Consequently, cardiovascular diseases cannot be ruled out.

If the level is below the range, it affects the central nerve system. Obviously, this will lead to many nervous related diseases.

Food habits and hereditary reasons are the main causes for low or high level.

Taking plenty of water and eating vegetarian foods can maintain the level.

I would have wasted your precious time if I stop here with the above advice. Now read the important aspect of controlling the uric acid level.

There is an enzyme called xanthine oxidase. This enzyme helps in the production of uric acid. Molybdenum is an essential part of this enzyme. What does that mean? If appropriate level of molybdenum is provided, uric acid level can also be maintained.

Molybdenum is a trace mineral. Milk and milk products, green vegetables and grains can provide this mineral. Of course, if the soil is deficient with molybdenum, these sources will also lack the same. It is also rich in organ meat products like liver and kidney.

However, molybdenum has a side effect. Since USA is rich in this trace mineral, instead of deficiency, abundance could be the culprit. Molybdenum inhibits copper and iron absorption in the intestine. This is precisely the reason why it is always recommended to look at the nutrition requirement in its totality instead of in isolation.

Unless copper and iron minerals are supplemented, taking molybdenum alone to maintain the uric acid level will lead to serious health issues. Having known this, the next task is to find an equation between molybdenum on the one side and copper and iron on the other side. Since this involves lot of science, I am sure that even medical practitioner may not be able to give you the right prescription instantaneously.

I know for sure that a natural nutrition supplement having more than seventy natural ingredients including seven important natural minerals should be able to maintain the uric acid level. This has molybdenum as well as copper and iron mixed in the right proportion. These are manufactured out of a GMP compliant facility with the involvement of scientists. This is a fantastic natural nutrition supplement that can offer you complete planned nutrition benefit for your health. You have to visit my website where you will find very useful tips regarding nutrition, health and wellness. I am sure you will not be disappointed for the time you will spend.

Crate Training 101 – How To Crate Train a Dog

Crate training uses your canine’s natural instincts just like a family room animal. A crazy dog’s family room may be the home a crib, hide from danger and lift a family group. The crate becomes your canine’s family room, where possible comfort and solitude when you are aware they’re secure (rather than shredding your house when you are out errands).

The primary use for any crate is housetraining because dogs tend not to soil their dens. The crate can limit the utilization of all of that other house when they learn other rules, like to not gnaw on furniture. Crates will also be a secure method to transport your pet within the vehicle.

Crating careful attention

A crate isn’t a magical means to fix the common canine behavior. Otherwise used correctly, your dog can seem to be trapped and frustrated.

  • Never make use of the crate as a punishment. Your pet can come to fear it and won’t enter.
  • Don’t leave your pet in the crate too lengthy. Your dog that’s crated all night and day does not get enough exercise or human interaction and may become depressed or anxious. You might want to improve your schedule, employ a pet sitter or bring your dog to some daycare facility to lessen how long they spend within their crate every day.
  • Young puppies under six several weeks old should not remain in a crate more than 3 or 4 hrs at any given time. They cannot control their bladders and bowels for your lengthy. You have to adult dogs being housetrained. Physically, a mature dog holds it. However they have no idea they’re designed to.
  • Crate your pet only until you can rely on them to not destroy the home. Next, it ought to be a location they’re going under your accord.

Crate selection

Several kinds of crates are available in the market:

  • Plastic (often called “flight kennels”)
  • Fabric on a collapsible, rigid frame
  • Collapsible, metal pens

Crates come in assorted sizes and is purchased at most pet supply stores or pet supply catalogs.

Your canine’s crate ought to be just big enough to allow them to stand up and switch around in fully. In case your dog continues to be growing, select a crate size which will accommodate their adult size. Include the surplus crate space so that your dog can’t eliminate at one finish and retreat to another. The local pet shelter may book crates. If you rent then, you can trade to the appropriate size for the puppy until they achieve adult size, when you are able to purchase a permanent crate.

Crate training process

Crate training may take days or days, based on your canine’s age, temperament, and past encounters. You need to keep a couple of things in your mind while crate training: The crate ought to always be connected with something enjoyable, and training should occur in some small steps. Don’t go too quickly.

Step One: Introduce your pet towards the crate

Put the crate in an area of your property in which the family spends considerable time, like the family area. Place a soft blanket or towel in the crate. Go ahead and take the door off and allow the dog explore the crate at their leisure. Some dogs are going to be naturally curious and begin oversleeping the crate immediately. If yours is not one of these:

  • Drive them to the crate and speak with these questions happy words. Make sure the crate door is open and guaranteed so that it will not hit your pet and scare them.
  • Encourage your pet to go in the crate by shedding some small food treats nearby, then just within the door, and lastly, completely within the crate. When they don’t go completely in initially, that’s OK don’t pressure these to enter.
  • Continue tossing treats into the crate until your pet will walk comfortably completely into the crate to obtain the food. When they aren’t thinking about treats, try tossing a popular toy within the crate. This task might take a couple of minutes or as lengthy as a few days.

Step Two: Feed your pet meals within the crate

After presenting your pet towards the crate, begin providing them with food your regular meals close to the crate. This can produce an enjoyable connection to the crate.

  • In case your dog is instantly entering the crate when you start Step Two, put the food dish completely at the rear of the crate.
  • When they remain unwilling to enter, residence the dish only as far inside because they will readily go without becoming fearful or anxious. Every time you feed them, put the dish just a little further during the crate.
  • When your dog is standing comfortably on the crate to consume their meal, you can close the doorway while they’re eating. The very first time you need to do this, open the door every time they finish their meal. With every continuous feeding, leave the door closed a couple of minutes longer until they’re remaining within the crate for ten minutes approximately after consuming.
  • If they start to whine to become discrete, you might have elevated the amount of time too rapidly. The next time, try departing them within the crate for any shorter period. When they do whine or cry within the crate, don’t allow them to out until they stop. Otherwise, they’ll discover the best way from the crate would be to whine, so they’ll carry on doing it.

Step Three: Practice with longer crate training periods

After your pet is eating your regular meals within the crate without any manifestation of fear or anxiety, you are able to confine them there for brief periods of time while you are home.

  • Give them a call to the crate and provide them a goody.
  • Give them an order to go in, for example, “kennel.” Encourage them by pointing to within the crate having a treat inside your hands.
  • After your pet enters the crate, praise them, provide them with the treat, and shut the doorway.
  • Sit silently close to the crate for 5 to 10 minutes, after which get into another room for any couple of minutes. Return, sit quietly again for a short while, after which allow them to from the crate.
  • Continue doing this process several occasions each day, progressively growing the amount of time you depart them within the crate and the amount of time you are from sight.
  • When your dog remains silently within the crate for around half an hour along with you mostly from sight, you can start departing them crated when you are gone for brief periods of time and allowing them to sleep there during the night. This might take a few days or days.

Step Four, Medicare Part A: Crate your pet whenever you leave

After your pet can spend about half an hour within the crate without becoming anxious or afraid, you can start departing them crated for brief periods whenever you go out.

  • Insert them in the crate making use of your regular command along with a treat. You could also wish to give them a couple of safe toys within the crate.
  • Vary as soon as on your “about to leave” routine that you just place your dog within the crate. Even though they should not be crated for any lengthy time before leaving, you are able to crate them between five to twenty minutes just before departing.
  • Don’t help make your departures emotional and prolonged-they must be matter-of-fact. Praise your pet briefly, provide them with a goody for entering the crate, by leaving silently.

Whenever you go back home, don’t reward your pet for excited behavior by answering them within an passionate way. Keep arrivals low-answer to avoid growing their anxiety over whenever you will return. Still crate your pet for brief periods every so often when you are home so that they does not affiliate crating with being left alone.

Step Four, Medicare Part B: Crate your pet during the night

Place your dog in the crate making use of your regular command along with a treat. Initially, it might be smart to position the crate inside your bedroom or nearby inside a hallway, particularly if you possess a puppy. Young puppies frequently will need to go outdoors to get rid of throughout the night, and you will want so that you can hear your pup once they whine to become let outdoors. Older dogs, too, should initially be stored nearby so that they don’t affiliate the crate with social isolation.

When your dog is sleeping easily during the night using the crate in your area, you can start to progressively move it towards the location you want, although time spent together with your dog even sleep time is an opportunity to strengthen the text between both you and your pet.

My Experience With Meal Replacement Shakes

I started researching meal replacement or weight loss shakes several weeks ago. I went online to find which shake I could use to lose a few pounds as well as to provide good nutrition and a good hunger blocker.

I tried one because it was convenient, one because it was free and the third as a result of my online research.

Slim Fast: The first shake I tried was Slim Fast. Since I am a chocoholic. I chose the chocolate shake. I must say I really like the taste of the Slim Fast chocolate shake. The convenience of Slim Fast was another big plus. It can be purchased at most grocery stores, drug stores and Walmart. I can also be purchased already mixed in a handy plastic bottle at a price of $1.30 to $1.80 per shake.

The drawback for me was 200 calories and 22 grams of sugar. Since my goal was to lose weight and to get the proper nutrients I just thought I could find something better. Another drawback was the hunger blocker. Although I very much enjoyed the taste, I was hungry an hour later.

Advo Care: The second shake I tried was Advo Care. A package of chocolate shake mix was given to me by a distributor. The flavor was good but I preferred the taste of the two other brands I tried. The hunger suppressant was very good. I felt satisfied longer than with Slim Fast.

One drawback for me was 220 calories. Another was the price of about $2.57 per serving. The product is only available through distributors.

IdealShape: The last shake I tried was IdealShape. I am still using IdealShape to replace two meals each day. I like the taste and I think it is comparable to Slim Fast which was my favorite taste wise.

Nutritionally IdealShape is great with 50% RDI per serving and only 100 calories and 2 grams of sugar. The hunger blockers seem to work well. I am usually satisfied after each shake until my next shake or mealtime.

With only chocolate and vanilla flavors available some might think that would be a drawback but for me it is okay since I am very happy with the chocolate. The website does have recipes available for adding different flavors.

IdealShape can’t be found in stores and must be ordered through their website. The good news is that it is not MLM so there are no hassles when ordering and it comes with a guarantee. At a price of $1.33 to $1.66 per shake it comes with a handy blender bottle that works great.

My Results to Date: I have been using IdealShape for about two weeks. I enjoy the flavor and I feel satisfied from one meal to the next. The blender bottle works great. A few good shakes of the bottle and I have a nice smooth shake.

I have lost 7 pounds so far but at a beginning weight of 235 I still have a few pounds to shed. The great thing is I have noticed an increase in energy. I am not very good at eating the right foods so I think IdealShape is insuring I get the right nutrients.

Cut Your Belly Fat With Bariatric Surgery

Keeping a strict control over your diet, performing various fat reducing exercises or consumption of some Ayurveda medicines for reducing fat will not help you in reducing your belly fat which is also termed as obesity. It is tough for a person to burn so much amount of calories at once. This is the reason that bariatric surgery came into existence. It is also known as obesity surgery or weight-loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery is done to help people reduce their excess weight. It is an operation in which the whole belly fat is burnt down to make the person slim fit. Scientific study reveals that people who undergo bariatric surgery are less prone to be a victim of some of the dangerous diseases caused by obesity, such as:

1. Heart attack

2. Increase in blood pressure level

3. Diabetes

4. Cancerous diseases

5. Gallbladder infections

6. Osteoarthritis (observed mostly in women after the age of 40)

7. Gout

8. Problems related to breathing, like asthma and sleep apnea (stopping your breath for a very short period while sleeping)

It is not mandatory that every obese person has to face all these problems. But the chances increases if you have a family background, satisfying one of these conditions.

Various Types of Bariatric Surgery

Four types of bariatric surgeries can be performed. They are as follows:

1. Adjustable Gastric Banding (AGB)

2. Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB)

3. Biliopancreatic Diversion with a Duodenal Switch (BPD-DS)

4. Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG)

In this surgery, the surgeon uses an “open” approach, which involves cutting of the abdominal portion, i.e. with the help of surgical instruments, a small half-inch cut is made in the abdomen. This method is scientifically called as laparoscopy. Since in laparoscopy, less long cuts are made, this operative method comes out to be more beneficial than open surgery. The benefit of laparoscopy is that it leads to less tissue damage, less post-surgical complications, fast recovery and early discharge from the hospital.

Bariatric Surgery-Being a Boon to Save Many Lives

Obesity is one such kind of a disease which gives rise to multiple numbers of other vulnerable diseases and infections. In this condition, it is the bariatric surgery that gives hope to every obese patient. It is said that bariatric surgery has led to lower death rates in case of severely obese patients, which is a miracle indeed! This surgery not only helps in reducing weight but it has also saved several lives of morbidly obese patients. The quality of life for obese or overweight people has been drastically improved.

Out of the four bariatric procedures offered, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) is people’s first choice. VSG is opted by those patients who want to lose weight but at the same time do not want to suffer the after-effects of gastric bypass surgery.

Academic Medals

Medals received during school and colleges are the hardest earned and respected medals in the life of an individual. There is immense competition among students to gain academic as well sporting excellence. It a great honor for students to be awarded a medal for academic achievements or excellence in sports.

Academic Medals are not only awarded to school and college students but are given to those who excel in science and technology, engineering, medical sciences and other academic fields. Many people receive medals from the state government or are honored by national governments for breakthrough inventions they have made. The Dannie Heinemann Prize for Mathematical Physics is an important academic medal, as is the American Physical Society award presented by the American Institute of Physics, which is for outstanding lifetime contributions to humankind. Gibbs Brothers Medal — Naval architecture, Marine engineering is awarded by the National Academy of Sciences.

NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement is given by NASA for those who have shown extraordinary academic excellence. The National Medal of Science is considered a very prestigious medal that is given by President of United States on recommendation of the National Science Foundation. It is awarded to scientists and engineers in behavioral and social sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and physics.

Academic Medals contribute significantly to the portfolio of an individual just like a star on uniforms of law enforcers. Readymade medals are available in gold, silver, and bronze. The price for each medal is around $2.50; that includes a red, white, and blue neck ribbon. Other colors are available as well but at an additional charge. Universities require a large number of academic medals. They award medals to candidates who have qualified for a bachelor degree with first class honors. Those who have attained a Grade Point Average of no less than 4.5* in all but their first year of study are also eligible to receive an academic medal.

Toenail fungus; The Facts You Need to Know

The scientific term to describe toenail fungus is onychomycosis. This generally refers to the fungal infection that affects nails. It affects both finger and toenails and can be considered as the most common disease of the nails that covers approximately half of all the abnormalities affecting nails.

This condition however predominantly affects toenails rather than finger nails. Statistics have also shown that toe nail fungus is more prevalent among the adult population as compared to the young population. This can be attributed to the causes for the condition.

This condition can generally be classified into four major types. The first type is called distal subungual onychomicosis which is the most common of the four. It basically affects the nail bed and also the nail plates underside.

The second predominant type is the white superficial onychomicosis that is generally caused by fungal invasion to the superficial layer of the nail plate. The fungal invasion causes the formation of white parts or islands on the nail plate. It is in some causes formed due to reaction with nail polish leaving the nails with a chalky white appearance.

Proximal subungual onychomicosis is the third type of toenail fungus and generally describes the fungal penetration of a newly formed plate through the primary nail fold. This type is the least occurring type and can be found on patients in the rarest of cases. The fourth and last type of toe nail fungus is referred to as the Candidal onychomycosis. This is mainly caused by the invasion of the Candida species into nails especially when a person frequently inserts their hands in water.

There are some general signs and symptoms that are evident in most patients with toenail infection. These include thickening of the nail plate, the nail turning yellow or having a rather cloudy appearance. The toenails of the patient also turn and become rough and crumbly. It can however be noted that toenail fungus conditions cause no pain to the patient or any other body harm.

There are many common causes for toenail fungus that range from, a person having damp feet, working in a warm or humid area, the person cutting toenails to close to the skin, a person’s poor general health, too much tightening of shoelaces, or the use of communal showers. Other common causes include a weak immune system, general old age and in some cases it can occur to people suffering from diabetes.

There are three main diagnostic tests done to people suffering from toe nail fungus infections. The three tests are namely the potassium hydroxide smear, histology and the culture the method. Culture involves testing of a patient’s nail clippings. It has however been proved that the combination of both the smear and histological methods is the most effective method.

Treatment of toe nail fungus can be tricky at times hence it is always advisable to prevent. This can be done by wearing good shoes around humid places for example pool areas and gyms. You should also take care not to share socks or other personal footwear with someone having toenail fungus.

Gay Dating Tip – The One Exercise That’ll Help You Meet Gay Men

What would your love life look like if you could walk up to any attractive guy and strike up a conversation?

How many more dates would you have?

How much more sex?

How many more relationships?

If you can’t meet gay men because you can’t get yourself to talk to a guy you’re attracted to, you need new goals. Because yours are killing you.

Approach anxiety –the fear of starting a conversation with an attractive stranger–gets triggered by unreasonable goals. And it’ll put a flat tire on the gay dating scene. Telling yourself you need to go to the other side of the bar and pick up that hottie in the corner is about the most unreasonable goal you can come up with. You can’t expect to get to the top of Mt. Hottie without so much as setting up base camp.

That’s why you’ve got to set reasonable goals. “Meet a quality guy,” “Sleep with a hot man” or “get a husband” may be things you want, but they don’t qualify as reasonable goals. You can’t get there from where you are. You’d get better results–and faster ones–if you had goals that weren’t tied to outcomes. So here’s a stellar gay tip: From now on, your main objective is:

Be More Talkative

It’s the only way to convey the allure of your personality. No talking means no gay pickup. No personality means no chance of climbing Mt. Hottie. You have to practice being talkative with EVERYONE not just the guys you like. And you have to practice it EVERYWHERE, not just in bars or parties.

If your ultimate desire in climbing Mt. Hottie is, ahem, planting the flag, then you need to change your goal from getting something to being something. Namely, TALKATIVE. It’s the first commandment of picking up gay men.

Now, it’s true that you have to get good at specific kinds of conversations, but even that doesn’t matter unless you get into the habit of being naturally talkative. Gay tip Duh: If you can’t talk to strangers you’re not attracted to you’ll never be able to talk to strangers you are.

Start with fun exercises to get you into the swing of being more talkative. Try these and see if at the end of just a couple of days you don’t already have way more confidence about climbing Mt. Hottie than you did before you started.

1. Say Hello to Strangers

To everyone, everywhere, all of the time. Whether they look at you or not. Whether you think they’ll say hello back or not.

2. Go out of your way to say hello to acquaintances

I’m talking about that acquaintance on the other side of the coffee shop. You’d say hello if there weren’t so many people in the place. STOP. Move your body. Get up and say hello.

3. Make small talk with acquaintances you typically only say hello to.

You know that person you’ve been saying hello to, for like, years, and you’ve never had a proper conversation? Start one.

Remember, If you can’t talk to strangers you’re not attracted to you’ll never be able to talk to strangers you are. Once you get used to being talkative everywhere with everyone, you can start using conversational techniques covered in ebooks like Meet The Hottie In The Corner–The 21 Day Plan To Overcome Your Fear of Rejection, Master the Art of Icebreakers and Snag Guys You Never Thought You Could Get.

And then you’ll get a breathtaking view from the top of that mountain.

Impressions Hardwood Flooring Line

Impressions hardwood flooring features high quality select grade oak flooring, Brazilian cherry flooring & teak flooring in engineered and solid platforms. The Impressions hardwood floor line is broken down into 5 collections that each emphasize select grade flooring at its finest. The flooring line features Smooth finishes & hand-scraped surfaces in their product collections and colors that are nationally picked as the hottest colors on the market. Each collection has a specific reason it is in the line.

The Cape Cod series is the front runner in this flooring line. The Cape Cod hardwood collection features 3/4″ Thick solid Oaks & Brazilian cherry hardwood in widths of 3 ” & 2 ” for the Oaks & 3 1/4″ & 5″ for the Brazilian Cherry. The Select Grade hardwood is imperfection free with no signs of mineral streaks, knots or other bad features such as warping or poor milling. The Cape Cod Collection features an Aluminum Oxide finish that is free of pitting. The surface is so smooth on the Cape Cod that it puts many other high end brands finishes to shame. The Cape Cod Collection features a eased edge and square butt joint as many prefinished hardwood floors on the market today, carries an amazing 50 year warranty for finish and lifetime structural warranty. Cape Cod is produced from a renewable farm and is a green hardwood product that produces only a mere 3% waste factor and is constructed out of Appalachian Oak. This hardwood floor is capable of being sanded & refinished for a lifetime. One feature that stands the Cape Cod oaks apart from the rest of the Prefinished market is the fact that it is harvested & made in the USA. The Brazilian Cherry hardwood is harvested from a managed forest that is Lacey Act Compliant. The Brazilian Cherry of the Cape Cod collection is a TRUE clear grade hardwood floor and is guaranteed to have no Silica. The Cape Cod is just one of the 5 products in the Impressions Hardwood Flooring Line.

Another force to reckon with in the prefinished hardwood line is the Hampton Series. The Hampton Solid Hardwood Flooring line features 3/4″ Thick 6 – sided sealed Oak flooring that has square edged & ends just like a floor that is laid in unfinished than site finished. The 6 sided seal improves the moisture resistance in this flooring product dramatically and achieves the best square edge product on the market today. The Hampton series is available in 5 colors: Natural, Saddle, White Oak Natural, Honey & Gunstock. The color choices for the Hampton series are based off of the top 5 colors selling in the country today by designers & builders. The Six Sided seal is a feature ONLY available in the Hampton series anywhere in the world and is provided by Ten Oaks of Virginia. The finish on this hardwood product is a UV Cured urethane as well as aluminum oxide on the top of the product, and is pre-sealed on all six sides. The Hampton Series is a green product that is produced from Appalachian Oak and can be sanded & finished for a lifetime. The Hampton Series like the rest of the Impressions hardwood flooring line features a 50 year warranty for finish and a lifetime structural warranty. The Hampton Series is produced by a AHMI Member which is a sustainable hardwood forest product. This product is available in a 2 ” & 3 ” wide product.

The next product in the Impressions hardwood flooring line is a top selling 1/2″ thick engineered hardwood called the Salem Series. The Salem series features a Perma-Finish Commercial Grade Water Based finish and is stocked with only Prime Select Grade oak products. The Salem Series has Red Oak & Brazilian Cherry as species available to the name and can be installed below, above & on grade. The Salem Series is an engineered hardwood floor with a hardwood base panel & 2mm thick sawn face wear layer for Oaks & 1.4mm for the Brazilian cherry. The Perma-Finish, being that it is a water base, allows the true coloring of the grain to show through and shine and is added protection against scratching. This product features boards of 1′-4′ and an average board length of 31″ making it a longer plank than most engineered wood flooring on today’s market. The edges on this product are a 4-sided micro bevel and prevent chipping at the edges while defining the edge of each board. This environmentally friendly hardwood leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the planet due to less waste & less use of domestic trees in the creation of this floor. This is a very thick engineered hardwood and may be sanded and recoated many times over the life of this floor and will last many years. This product is only available in 3″ widths for both the Oaks & Brazilian cherry floor. This product can be easily installed either by Glue, Nail or Staple down. The Brazilian Cherry is Lacey Act Compliant being harvested from forests that are used solely for hardwood flooring purposes.

The next engineered collection by Impressions Hardwood is the Traditions Series. This collection brings engineered hardwood flooring to the market with a hand-scraped surface. The Traditions series is a 6″ wide by 1/2″ thick engineered hardwood with a 2mm sawn face wear layer available in oak or plantation teak. This product is finished with a commercial grade Perma-Finish water based finish to pull the look of the hardwood through the finish to the homeowners view. This artisan hand-scraped finish is done perfectly with no rough ridges, just nice smooth rolling scrapings. The Traditions series Oaks are colored in Rocky mountain or Yellowstone which are two of the most beautiful dark brown colors in the flooring market today, and the Plantation Teak is natural in color. The Teak is a lacey Act Compliant Vintage grade that is hand-picked for a quality floor for the new owner. The Oak is a Vintage Red Oak that is custom crafted for an Old World look and is hand-picked to give this floor the look you want in a nice rustic atmosphere. This product just like the rest of the Impression line sports a 50 year finish warranty & a lifetime Structural warranty. The construction of this product is a hardwood base panel to go along with the thick 2mm wear-layer that can be sanded & refinished 1 time.

The final product in the Impressions hardwood flooring line is the 3/4″ thick solid hardwood floor Classic Series. The Classic Series features a Hand-scraped surface and 3 colors of oaks to choose from. The Wheat Color available in this line is an extremely popular color that is a light coloring over natural and pulls on neutral tones to look great in any room. This product is 3/4″ Thick solid hardwood floor and 5″ wide with all 4 sides beveled to define the board. The Classic series features a Vintage Grade white oak hardwood custom selected to reflect the old world look and rustic styling. The Classic series carries a 50 year finish warranty & lifetime structural warranty and can be installed on or above grade. Each plank in this collection is hand crafted individually and is plantation grown making this a green hardwood flooring product. The finish on this product is a water based finish called Perma-Finish, which is a commercial grade finish that shows the grain in the hardwood underneath with more vivid coloring and when scratched doesn’t show coloring from the finish. This product is milled from 1 foot to 7 foot lengths with an average board length in the 4 foot range, making this a long board product that is great for large expanses.

The Impressions Hardwood Flooring line features today’s top hardwood flooring products in the Oak family with a few exotic choices. The 5 series in this hardwood line really stand out in quality & style. The 50 year warranty offered in this product line stands as the strongest solid & engineered warranty in the industry. With products & colors not available in any other brand, your floor is sure to be set apart from any other.

Panic Attack Therapy – To Medicate Or Not to Medicate

Whether medication is necessary in the treatment of panic attacks is still up for debt. While some believe very strongly that no drugs are needed, others maintain that the use of them has its place. A new study by the National Institute of Mental Health in Maryland, however, seems to support the latter view.

The study found that there is a predisposition to anxiety in people who lack a key neurochemical receptor in their brains. It is the first to find that people suffering from panic disorder and depression have a deficit in the 5HT1A receptor – about a third less than people who do not have these conditions.

5HT refers to serotonin, a hormone found in the brain (as well as other areas of the body but it's the brain activity that we are interested in here). Our brains are the result of millions of nerve cells all communicating with each other via nerve impulses. Serotonin in one such neurotransmitter. Serotonin effects our moods, anxiety levels and depression – as well as sexuality, sleep and vomiting amongst others!

Why imbalances of serotonin occur are still not known but it has been proven that anti-depressants can increase the amount of serotonin available to the body. One category, known as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), preceded the breakdown of serotonin but has many bad side effects. Another category which has proven to have few side effects is SSRIs, or Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors. Some of the better known drugs in this category are Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa and Lexapro. They work to prevent the depletion of serotonin from the bloodstream.

The good news is that SSRIs have been found to be very effective and patients report an improvement in symptoms within weeks. The bad news is that SSRIs are addictive and so they should only be used for short term emergencies. Also, one of the effects of withdrawal is – anxiety!

Serotonin levels can also be increased using natural methods. Getting a good nights' sleep is considered essential and foods high in Vitamin B, Calcium, Magnesium and Tryptophan (turkey, soy, peanuts and almonds) help in serotonin production. Herbs such as Valerian Root and St John's Wort have also been found to boost serotonin levels.

Panic attack medications are useful and effective in the right hands. But like all drug therapies, you should have a thorough knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks before agreeing to take them.

Do You Have Small, Tiny Red Bugs in Your Bathroom?

Although there are several possibilities, the potential of a stored product pest infestation should not be overlooked- in particular, the presence of flour beetles.

The confused flour beetle and the red flour beetle look very similar in appearance. The best way to distinguish the two is by examining their antennae. The RFB’s antennae take on a clubbed shape with three segments at the end, while the CFB’s antennae gradually enlarge towards the tip, ending in a four-segmented club.

Another difference between the two beetles is that the RFB (primarily found in southern states) is a strong flier, while the CFB (primarily a northern pest) does not fly.

As adults, both beetles have shiny, reddish brown bodies that are about 1/8 inch long, flattened, and oval. They have a very wide food range including flour, rice, cereals, grains, spices, grain products, shelled nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, beans and other similar materials.

Average life span of both the confused and red flour beetle is between 1 and 3.5 years. They have four life cycle stages, which include the egg, larvae, pupae and adult. It’s important to note that all four stages of the life cycle may be found in infested grain products at the same time.

When female beetles of either species lay their small, white eggs, they do so in flour or other food material. The eggs, which are coated with a sticky secretion, become covered with the product and easily stick to the sides of sacks, boxes, and other containers.

In the larvae stage, both species are small, slender, and worm-like in appearance. When fully grown, the larva is 3/16 inch long and white, tinged with yellow.

As confused flour and red flour beetles transform into a small pupa, they gradually change from white, to yellow, and then brown. Shortly after turning brown in color, they transform into an adult beetle.

So now that we’ve identified the pest, the next question is:

Why is a pest that feeds on flour, rice, and other grain products in my bathroom instead of my kitchen?

The answer to the above question is very easy- you have a food source in your bathroom.

To eliminate the pest problem, you just have to remove the food source. Thoroughly inspect your cabinets, drawers, and closets for rodent poisons, septic system treatments (powder or flake form), hidden pet treats, rice bag heating pads, prescription drugs, etc. It can be a frustrating task, but with a little persistence, you should be able to locate the source of your problem.

Happy Hunting!

The Sweet Sound Of Vinyl Records

When I was a kid growing up, vinyl records were the primary source used by music lovers to listen to their favorite songs. Eight tracks had been going out of style fairly quickly and the latest trend was the cassette tape. Even with the passing of the eight tracks and the emergence of the cassette tape, many music lovers still kept with traditional vinyl records for their listening pleasure.

We have certainly come a long way since those heads of vinyl records. Compact discs (CDs) are all the rage today, and with good reason. The sound quality is truly pure and clear, and you almost feel as if you are in a sound-proof room when you focus your listening solely on the CD player. The clean, crisp sound that comes out is a huge improvement from the vinyl records that cracked as they played.

However, it is that crackling sound that is only offered by the vinyl records that I find so appealing. There is something about that sound that is so neat & even soothing to listen to especially when I'm in a nostalgic mood. Perhaps it is due to the crackling sound which is tied so closely to the songs I loved when I was a child. I simply can not separate the two.

I actually took notice of my love for that unique antique sounds of the crackling vinyl records by accident. A really good friend of mine had offered to be the disc jockey for my wedding without charge. Of course I did not refuse the kind wedding gift. However there was a catch. My friend played only vinyl records, nothing else.

This was certainly not a problem for me. I had wanted to skip all of the trendy pop-chart music of today and focus on older dance music and classic songs available on vinyl records. My friend started playing dinner songs at the reception. He chose classic Irish music during the wedding meal.

The whole reception hall had kept silent during the prayer. And once the prayer had ended, the DJ slowly placed the needle on the record and the quiet room began filling up with soft crackling sounds followed by lovely Irish music. The transition was magnificent and the memory of the moment the crackling sounds overtook the reception hall still gives me chills. You simply can not replicate that with a compact disc.

Technologically, we have come a long way when it comes to music. However, we should not completely let go of the little gems from our past. The haunting sounds of the crackling vinyl records help us really touch the past even if for just a moment.

Arrhythmia – Palpitations

What is an arrhythmia?

An arrhythmia is an abnormality of heart rhythm or heart rate in which the rhythm is irregular or the rate is excessively slow or fast.

What causes an arrhythmia and who is at risk?

Normally the heart beats regularly at about 70 beats per minute, although it can beat very fast during and following exercise or with fear or anxiety. It can also beat very slowly in healthy athletes at rest. Occasional irregular beats are also normal and can be more frequent after drinking coffee and in early pregnancy.

Arrhythmias result from damage to or an abnormality of the heart’s electrical conduction system, which is responsible for setting the rate and rhythm of the heart. The most common cause is coronary artery disease, especially a heart attack, which interferes with the conduction system. Another common cause is an overactive thyroid (a gland in the neck that produces a hormone that controls the rate of the body’s chemical reactions). Certain medicines can also cause arrhythmias:

  • antidepressants such as amitriptyline can cause a life-threatening arrhythmia when taken in higher doses than prescribed,
  • medicines such as terfenadine and astemizole used to treat hay fever can cause a life-threatening arrhythmia when taken at higher doses than prescribed, or when taken with other medicines (especially a commonly used antibiotic called erythromycin). Terfenadine can also cause a fatal arrhythmia when taken with grapefruit juice.

A few types of arrhythmias are inherited.

What are the common symptoms and complications of an arrhythmia?

Normally the heart fills with blood between each heart beat, and then pumps this blood out of the heart with each heart beat. The blood supplies the body with the oxygen and nutrients it needs. An arrhythmia can interfere with the heart filling with blood and so the heart pumps out less blood than normal with each beat. If this quantity is a lot less than normal, symptoms occur due to the lack of oxygen reaching the body. The first part of the body affected is the brain and this results in dizziness and faintness. If the lungs do not receive enough blood there is difficulty breathing, and if the heart does not receive enough blood there is heart pain (angina) and may be heart failure.

There are many types of arrhythmia:

  • atrial fibrillation (rapid, irregular beats of the upper chambers of the heart) is common in the elderly and also in people who have an overactive thyroid gland; it is not usually life-threatening, but can cause deteriorating heart function,
  • ventricular arrhythmias (rapid, irregular beats initiated in the lower chambers of the heart) are most common in people who have had a heart attack or who have heart disease, and are life-threatening. They are the most frequent cause of death in developed countries and are common in the first few days after a heart attack. This is why people who have had a heart attack are monitored for a few days afterwards.

The other main symptom of an arrhythmia is palpitations. This is an awareness of the heart beat, which may seem to be excessively fast or irregular. However, palpitations do not necessarily indicate that there is an arrhythmia unless they are excessively fast or irregular. Palpitations with a normal heart rate are normal, as is an awareness of an occasional missed beat.

How do doctors recognize an arrhythmia?

Many arrhythmias can be seen on an electrocardiogram (ECG). This is an electrical recording of the heart that is obtained by placing small round plates on the chest and recording the electrical activity of the heart. Some arrhythmias only occur intermittently (especially those associated with heart disease) and in this situation continuous monitoring is required to detect the arrhythmia. This can be done at home by wearing a portable recording machine. The times when symptoms are noticed are noted. In this way a continuous recording can be obtained over 24 hours, and the times of the symptoms can be compared with the recording and any arrhythmia diagnosed.

What is the treatment for an arrhythmia?

Self-care action plan

Most arrhythmias cannot be prevented by self care, but a self-care action plan to reduce the risk of developing coronary artery disease and subsequent arrhythmia, and the heart disease that can cause them, involves:

  • stopping smoking (which speeds up the heart rate),
  • eating a healthy, low-fat, high-fibre diet,
  • taking daily exercise as advised by a doctor,
  • avoiding stress and anxiety,
  • avoiding alcohol (which dulls the nervous system) and coffee (which stimulates the nervous system) if prone to arrhythmias,
  • avoiding medicines that might cause arrhythmias (antidepressants such as amitriptyline and the anti-hay fever medicines terfenadine and astemizole).


A variety of prescribed medicines are used to treat arrhythmias. The most commonly used is digoxin. This is used to slow the rate of atrial fibrillation, and so increase heart filling and the amount of blood the heart pumps out with each beat. All anti-arrhythmia medicines can cause life-threatening side effects. They must be used as instructed by a doctor, and any unusual or new symptom must be reported to the doctor immediately.

Atrial fibrillation due to an overactive thyroid reverts to a normal rhythm once the overactive thyroid has been treated.

Electric shock treatment

Some types of arrhythmia that occur after a heart attack are treated by ‘electric shock’. A controlled electric current is passed through the heart and this shocks the heart out of its abnormal rhythm and returns it to a normal regular rhythm.


Pacemakers are used if there is a block in the electrical conduction system of the heart that means that the heart is unable to beat fast enough to supply enough blood to the body. The pacemaker provides the electrical stimulus to make the heart beat faster. It consists of a control box and leads that connect the box to the heart. These leads are inserted into the heart through veins. The pacemaker may be temporary and used only for a few days after a heart attack, or it may be permanent. In permanent pacemakers the control box is a small, specially designed box powered by a lithium battery, and is usually implanted on the front of the left side of the chest.

A few rare types of arrhythmia caused by an abnormal electrical conduction pathway, which is often inherited, are treated by destroying the abnormal part of the pathway using an electric current or a radiowave.

A general anaesthetic is not usually needed for either inserting a pacemaker or destroying the abnormal part of a conduction pathway.

What is the outcome of an arrhythmia?

The outcome of an arrhythmia depends on its type and cause. Many arrhythmias cause few, if any, symptoms, and most can be treated successfully.

Hair Loss in Women – A Big Problem

Hair loss or baldness is something women always worry about. However, if this problem occurs at young age, it perturbs in a catastrophic way. But before finding any solution to the problem of hair loss, it is eminent that you must beware about the root causes.

Some of the scientifically proven causes of hair loss in women include a wide variety of reasons and some of them are listed below:

Medical conditions: The endocrine conditions like thyroid and uncontrolled diabetes are one of the most dominant reasons for hair fall problems. These conditions basically interfere with the production of hair and that is why lead to major hair loss. The main reason for this hormonal imbalance is occurrence syndrome of polycystic ovary.

Medications: Through researches it has been observed that in case medication is not consumed as per prescription, it may lead to hair fall at massive pace. So, it is always advised to consume medicines and pills that are prescribed by an authorized physician or medical expert. Generally it is seen that people of young age, especially adolescents take acne medicines such as isotretinoin as well as lithium that can create bipolar disorder. And if you are in the habit of consuming diet pills, just consume those that are prescribed by physicians as they may contain amphetamine which is a major cause of hair loss.

Alopecia areata: This is a skin disorder which is basically an autoimmune disease. Under this disease, hair follicles get badly damaged as it directly affects the immunity of a person. The common visible symptoms of this skin disorder include round patches on scalp. And gradually they increase in size.

Trichotillomanioa: This psychological disorder induces the person to pull out hair all the time. As a result, the roots of hair get weakened and hair fall becomes a usual activity. In order to rectify this disease, you need to take professional medical help.

Hair styling and treatments: Nowadays hair treatments and styling have become “in” and more and more people are opting for it in order to give themselves new cool look. But these styling treatments cause enormous harm to the hair texture. This is because the styling treatments contain harmful chemicals like traction alopecia which cause mainstream harm.

Poor nutrition: As far as nutrition is concerned, it is vital to take healthy diet full of fruits and green vegetables. This is because deficiency of essential nutrients leads to considerable loss of hair. Many people having the eating disorder such as bulimia and anorexia lose the hair line more frequently in comparison with others. On the other hand, fast food eating habits also restrict nutritional value from body and resultantly lead to heavy hair loss.

But the next question arises how will you come to know about massive hair fall taking place? The answer to this question lies in the fact that women generally lose hair from the entire scalp and it leads to thinning of hair. This is the most typical symptom for women found so far through which you can come to know about hair fall. 

Sports Medals

Medals are awards received in the form of a metallic object that signifies an achievement, commendable work in academic field, superior rank and other such distinguished services. Medals hold high value and are considered prized possessions. They could also be symbolic of honor and victory earned during a particular sporting event.

Many companies manufacture medals that could be customized as per the requirement of a sporting event. They stock large collections of medals that are available in two categories. The first being a generic medal that comes with a recess to hold a colored or metal sporting image in order to customize them to a specific sport. The other category is specific to an individual sport that depicts a sporting scene molded as part of the medal face. Both types are appropriate for engraving on the reverse and are available in gold, silver, and bronze.

The list for sports medals is a comprehensive one. There are medals that could be awarded for several sporting events such as Archery, Baseball, Basketball Bowling, Boxing, Cross Country, Darts, Diving, Field, Hockey, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Karate, Netball Skiing, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and Wrestling. These medals can be bought from a local sports store or may be ordered through Internet.

Many sports agencies may take orders for manufacturing medals in gold, silver, and bronze. They require you to engrave the copy of a logo on a disc as per choice and send it across to them. The graphic design team of the medal company builds on the given sample and screen-prints the logo on a disk. Appropriate colors are selected to complement the design depending on the sport or event or country. This is then sent out to the workshop where the final medal is prepared. Customers may need to place an order 2 weeks in advance to manufacture a medal. Prices may range anywhere from $ 7.50 to $ 15 per medal.

It is fairly simple to purchase medals but quite tough to win one.

Debt Consolidation Counseling – Key To Finding The Best Way Out Of Debt

Debt consolidation counseling is a must for any individual who approaches a debt consolidation company to obtain a loan to clear their debt. These companies employ professionals in the field, who after going through your particulars give expert advice in respect of your requirement of a particular loan.

Why Go For Counseling

Credit cards, touted to be the gifts of modernism to society for making life easy, have in fact made life difficult for a large number of people. Most of them areiable to pay hefty sums to many credit card companies as a result of owning multiple credit cards. However, they are not in a position to make the payments. As a result, they receive numerous calls in a day as well as postal reminders to clear their dues. The stress in the minds of the people who are caught up in such situations is unimaginable.

Credit card debt consolidation or a debt consolidation loan is quite effective and helpful in paying off debts. However, a rash decision to obtain a loan can lead you to an even more complicated position. Debt consolidation counseling is of paramount importance to enable you obtain an appropriate loan. Before giving you any kind of advice, a genuine debt consolidation company arranges a meeting between its financial experts and you. You are required to bring the necessary documents and provide the complete and correct information to the experts. They thoroughly examine your particular case and work out your specific needs. Thereafter, they suggest a debt consolidation loan / plan. They explain all the aspects to you and during debt consolidation counseling you also get the chance to ask as many questions as you wish to. A loan or a plan that you opt for after that thorough deliberation and consideration is most likely to work for you.

Debt Consolidation Counseling – Know More

While you go through a debt consolidation counseling, you come to know that there are various options for you to clear off your debt. The first and most common type of option is debt consolidation loans. Against this type of option, the company offers you a loan to pay off your debt that contracts pending payments of many creditors. Then, you need to repay this loan in the form of monthly installments. Therefore, you become liable to only one company instead of several companies. Another option that you will come across is debt management plan. This option enables you to make a consolidated payment every month to the debt consolidation company. The money you pay goes to your creditors as per the distribution plan of the company.

If neither of the two options mentioned above seems viable for you, you will be given a final option during debt consolidation counseling – debt settlement. In this case, the company will talk to your creditors and try to convince them to waive off certain portions of debt.

However, it must be kept in mind that it is best to contact a number of companies. Only after obtaining multiple debt consolidation quotes and comparing benefits and downsides of each offer can you arrive at best debt consolidation program.