Reversing Type 2 Diabetes – Is It Possible?

In the long-term, diabetes causes very serious medical problems such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, neuropathy, glaucoma, cataracts and retinopathy, a weakened immune system, and digestive problems.

Though these medical conditions develop slowly, eventually they can be devastating. Persons who let their diabetes get out of control risk going blind, experiencing a variety of infections, having a foot or leg amputated, requiring kidney dialysis or a transplant, or becoming incapacitated or dying from a stroke or heart attack, among a host of other serious outcomes.

Thus taking steps to beat diabetes is critical. It’s not that hard – so it can be done.

Diabetes and your genes

There is a persistent myth that diabetes is all about poor diets, unhealthy life-styles and obesity.

While it may be true that most people who are diabetic are overweight, some thin people also get diabetes. And some people who have an unhealthy lifestyle manage to avoid the disease. Why so?

It is because genetics plays a part in the onset of diabetes. This can be seen from the fact that diabetes seems to run in families.

However, unlike other kinds of genes, the diabetes gene does not ‘dictate’ that you will get diabetes. It only makes it likely that diabetes will develop under particular circumstances.

For example, if the gene that controls the colour of your eyes says that you eyes will be blue, then your eyes will be blue and there is nothing you can do about it. The same goes for the type and colour of your hair. If your genes decree wavy, brown hair for you then that’s what you get.

The kinds of genes that govern diabetes are different. They merely state that if certain conditions come about then you will get diabetes, ie they predispose you to getting the disease.

For example, if your parents were diabetic, it is likely that you inherited the genes that predispose you for type 2 diabetes. So, if you eat the same food as your parents, you are likely to develop diabetes. But if you change your diet and lifestyle, you can probably avoid your parents’ fate.

The big question is, once your diabetes has developed, can it be cured?

The short answer is NO. There is no cure.

But you can beat your diabetes – ie prevent the horrendous consequences mentioned above from developing – by eating a plant-focused diet and taking up exercise.

This is relatively easy to do. If your diabetes is not too far advanced, you should be able to stop taking your diabetes medications.

You may also be able to reverse your diabetes – ie revert to your state of health before you ever had diabetes at all – by eating a vegan diet and following an extreme exercise regimen.

Beating Diabetes

To beat your diabetes, you must reduce the excess amounts of glucose and insulin swirling around in your bloodstream.

To do so, you need a diet that is: (1) low in sugar, (2) low in fat, (3) low in salt, (4) high in fibre, and (5) digested slowly. Your diet must also exclude all dairy products and eggs.

The easiest way to devise such a diet is to concentrate on natural, unprocessed foods that are mostly plants. You also need to drink plenty of water, to aid the absorption of the fibre you eat.

You should also take a range of supplements in order to cover any possible dietary deficiencies you might encounter by avoiding dairy products.

This is the basis of the diet I am using to beat my diabetes, so I know it works.

And it is easy to put into practice. All you need to do is to learn how to read food labels so that you can buy the most appropriate food products.

Because you have diabetes, you are likely to be quite overweight if not obese. Once you have been following a beating-diabetes diet like this for three or four weeks, you will notice your weight beginning to drop rapidly.

This is due to the reduced fat and sugar in your diet. You weight will drop until it has reached its natural level with a BMI (body mass index) of less than 25.


I got my blood glucose under control by following the kind of diet outlined above without doing any extra exercise. So it seems that exercise is not necessary in order to beat your diabetes.

However, I have since discovered that exercise does help. For example, I eat the same breakfast every day and check my blood glucose two hours later. Normally I get very similar results. But I have noticed that if I go for a 20-minute walk before checking my blood, my glucose reading will be up to ten percent lower than it would be without that walk.

My experience with diabetes and exercise is borne out by recent studies.

In one recent study, people with type 2 diabetes exercised for 175 minutes a week, ie 15 minutes a day for seven days a week and ate a low calorie diet. Within one year, ten percent were able to give up their diabetes medications or had improved to the point where their glucose readings could be classified as pre-diabetic rather than diabetic.

These average results were much better for those who has less severe or newly diagnosed diabetes or who lost the most weight. Among these people, 20% were able to give up taking their diabetes medications.

I feel that if the subjects in this study had been put on the sort of diet I outlined above, rather than a diet that merely restricted calories, most of them would have been able to give up their medications entirely as I have done.

Reversing diabetes

Properly-conducted clinical trials (published in 1990) showed that a vegan diet along with changes to a patient’s lifestyle can reverse blockages in arteries.

This diet excluded all meat, fish, dairy products and eggs, so that all animal fat and cholesterol was eliminated from the diet.

Each patient had an angiogram when they first joined the trial and again after one year. An angiogram is a an x-ray technique that uses a special dye and a steady stream of x-rays to take pictures of the blood flow in an artery or vein in the head, arms, legs, chest, back, or stomach.

The results of these trials were impressive. The patients’ chest pains ceased and their average LDL (or ‘bad’) cholesterol level fell by 40 percent.

In addition, comparing the angiograms at the start of the trial with the angiograms taken after one year showed that blockages in the coronary arteries (the arteries that lead to the heart muscle) were starting to shrink and that these arteries were opening up again.

The difference could be seen clearly on the angiograms of 82 percent of patients after one year on the special diet and exercise programme – with no heart bypass operations, angioplasties (artery-widening techniques) or cholesterol lowering drugs.

Given the strong connection between heart disease and diabetes – two-thirds of diabetics eventually die of heart disease – it is likely that such a diet can reverse diabetes to the point where the patient is as healthy as he or she was before their diabetes developed, provided the diet is leavened with a rigorous exercise programme.


It seems to me that you can beat your diabetes, ie prevent it damaging your body beyond repair, by following a plant-focused diet along with some exercise. This is a relatively easy thing to do (as I found out for myself) and, provided you avoid all dairy products and eggs, should enable you to give up taking your medications for diabetes.

Reversing your diabetes, so that you revert to the state of health you were in before you developed diabetes, would be a much harder thing to do. But I believe it can be done, by eating a strictly vegan diet (no meat products of any sort at all) and an extreme exercise programme.

Ten Causes of High Blood Pressure

Because of our growing population and the ever increasing of dementia it is especially important for us to preserve our overall health and well-being. One of the best ways for us to do so it is to regulate our blood pressure.

However, before we can regulate our blood pressure, we must become aware of some of the major causes of it. Many of these causes can be avoided with a bit of awareness and self-control as well as a commitment to our overall health and well-being.

Here are the ten of the main causes of blood pressure.

1. Excess salt intake in our diet is a major cause of hypertension. Excess salt intake tightens the blood vessels and increases the resistance to the flow of blood, resulting in hypertension.

2. Excess sugar also causes blood pressure problems. The sugar that we consume when we drink too much pop, eat too much cereal or too many cakes biscuits or muffins can cause difficulties for us.

3. Obesity also causes high blood pressure. Obesity is a growing problem in our western world. Excess fat squeezes the major blood vessels in the body which in turn causes hypertension.

4. Smoking contributes to hypertension. So, we should think of getting rid of our nicotine habit, if we have one. With every puff of smoke you take, your blood turns a little less red and a little blue, depriving your brain of the energy it needs to function properly.

5. Excessive and persistent alcohol intake can lead to higher blood pressure. Excessive drinking is defined by the medical literature as two or more drinks a day.

6. A sedentary lifestyle may be increasingly imposed on us by modern life’s demands and the wired world. We certainly sit a lot more than our ancestors did. And this is increasing our blood pressure and obesity rates at an alarming rate every year.

7. Insufficient or poor quality sleep can also contribute to high blood pressure. Sleeping in long enough to feel rested is not a luxury. It is an opportunity for the brain to rejuvenate itself and for the proper blood supply to reach our brains.

8. Persistent loneliness, high anxiety and depression can also cause hypertension. These conditions can impair our mind and the flow of the blood to our heart.

9. Excess stress can cause problems too. This is because when we are stressed our arteries get overworked and clots and clogs are possible over the long term.

10. Noise also can cause an increase in heart rate. This is especially the case for noise that is irritating to the ears.

By trying to avoid some of these causes of stress, you will be working towards reducing your blood pressure. And this is so important for overall quality of life. This is because without an effectively functioning heart, you cannot have a good quality of life.

Coaching in Sports

Coaching Diversity in Sports

Sports is the pinnacle entertainment around the world and especially in America but an issue that has been ongoing for quite some time now is how small the diversity is among coaches on teams. Most of the pro sports teams and collegiate level sports coaches’ demographics is middle age white Anglo-Saxon men. In 4 major sports leagues the percentage of minority coaches is at most all together about 20 percent which is a very small number. In the NFL, MLB, and college football minority head coaches represent about 3-10 percent while the NBA has the biggest representation which is about 12-40 percent which is a gradual big difference. This is taken to account all minorities specifically black but other minorities like women, Latinos, and other races percentage representations are even smaller than that. In the society that we live in today where barriers are breaking literally every day this number is appalling. In recent years’ sports commissioners have tried to diversify their coaching in their leagues we have more minorities being hired but they are basically replacing the ones that are getting fired.

Some recent success has been the NBA hiring the first ever full time assistant coach for an NBA team the San Antonio Spurs Becky Hammon has been a trailblazer and climbing up the NBA ladder. Even in football women are becoming a more familiar face to see on the sidelines not as coaches but as trainers, strength and conditioning type roles so some progress is being made but a lot of work still needs to be done. I think the root of the issue with sports not being so diverse is that the people in power of these sports leagues and teams are old school men raised up in the 40’s and 50’s who are wealthy owners that just have not got with the times of the new age. These men are set in their ways and until new blood comes in they will stay stuck in their ways and little progress will be made.

Some ideas to move sports leagues into being more diverse is maybe giving a quota that their needs to be this percentage of minority coaches in leagues or the whole league gets fined. This idea forces leagues to recruit and seek minority coaches and in a lot of times minority coaches are highly qualified more qualified than the majority coaches but are never given the chance. There is so many different ideas we could try to fix this issue just by giving those deserving and qualified members a chance to prove themselves as coaches. Also, with more diverse coaches comes different styles of play and ideas for those coaches to influence their teams making competition more exciting to watch and attract more people that maybe sports don’t attract, just because they have a woman coaching a male team or a Black or Latino coaching a team like BYU or Yale. The more spectators and higher TV ratings the more money that the teams and their owners are making and that’s really all the wealthy old owners care about in the end is making money.

In the end a solution and progress needs to happen soon with the recent current events that are going on in society today sports are one the last sources of entertainment that has been around the longest that needs to conform and start making these changes for the better because they will not hurt in the long run sports has stood the test of time.

3 Tricks to Speed Up a Woman’s Orgasm – Guaranteed

Sexual skills could easily turn into focal points of a relationship’s failure or success. Surely, you must have noticed that women oftentimes go for men who can sexually please them. Even the strangest men can get women to fall for them, as long as they know the secrets to providing quick orgasms. A lot of studies exist wherein women fake orgasms since their men aren’t able to help them in that department. A lot of men just do not know the proper knowledge or moves to get things right.

So, what would be the way to your partner’s quickest orgasm? Here are three top tactics to make women go wild. Pills to enhance your penis size will not help unless you are aware of the right tactics in getting women to orgasm. Since it happens to be a subtle art, it has to be done just right.

Top Tactics to Speed Up any Woman’s Orgasm

Tactic 1: The Focal Point. First and foremost, you need to find her primary pleasure center. Many guys miss the clitoris since it is small and doesn’t seem like it can do a lot. This is because such guys focus on female parts that pleasure them, so they tend not to care. Be very different and spend a lot of time on your partner’s clitoris when in bed. This happens to be the ultimate key to her orgasm.

Tactic 2: The Orchestra. Then, try and find out the kinds of movement and pacing that she likes. Ensure that you try out every type of variation and not just the regular moves. Hearing her moan is essential to figuring out the proper stuff. Oftentimes, doggy style is considered a great position to reach the female g-spot; however, this can be spiced up a bit, too. Make use of pillows so she can get propped up while she lies flat on her stomach. It is a subtle different, but it helps a lot. Try out many different positions to register her reactions.

Tactic 3: The Verbal Battle. Lastly, you need to learn how to spread on the dirty talk. Describe things you wish to do with her to get her excited and make her feel wanted. Make use of nice words like “lick” and “caress” to get her in a better mood. Learn the perfect things that can be said; this is easy. Also, you should try and get her to tell you her sexual fantasies so you might engage in kinky fun.

Do Fish Oil Supplements Make Your Skin Oily?

Using a high quality supplement can have huge benefits for your skin and overall health. But do fish oil supplements make your skin oily? Discover the answer here and how to ensure your oil is pure and effective.

In almost all cases, a quality fish oil will not make your skin more oily, although I have read a few cases where people think that it has. This could be true but also a result of a poor quality oil.

It is the omega 3 fats known as DHA and EPA that provide the benefits and help your skin to become softer and smoother. They can significantly increase the moisture content which maybe why a few people feel that their skin is more oily.

The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil, especially the DHA fats, help to soothe and heal your skin and help to treat conditions such as eczema and even psoriasis.

By moisturizing from the inside out, they help maintain the natural moisture balance and pH level too. Premium oils with extra antioxidants go a step further and help to not only keep your skin healthier by quashing the free radicals but also reverse the effects of aging, including photo-aging (too much sun exposure).

They help to reduce any roughness or leathery feel and can increase the thickness and firm up your skin by over 10%.

These skin benefits are of course in addition to the many other important ones like improved heart and brain health, a stronger immune system and help in preventing cancers like breast and prostate.

Finding the purest and most effective oils can provide the maximum benefits and prevent your skin becoming too oily.

Any supplement you choose should be molecularly distilled to remove all the toxins and increase the amount of omega 3 fats. Check the label or website to find out.

The most skin friendly omega 3 fat is DHA and provides most of the benefits. For this reason, look to get at least 28% DHA fats in each capsule or soft gel to reap the maximum rewards.

Now you know the answer to, do fish oil supplements make your skin oily, you can confidently select the purest and most effective oils to keep your skin in the best of health and help to prevent the signs of aging from creeping in.

If you would like to learn more about the pure DHA fish oil supplements I personally take, visit my website below.

Change Your Eating Habits and Be Healthier

It doesn’t seem fair that the typical grocery store has cheaper prices on food items not good for you. Yet fresh fruit and vegetables are expensive. You need to change your eating habits though to be healthier. Budgeting for your shopping, planning meals, and shopping the right places can help you to get it all in place. You need to shop at a health food store with great prices.

Compare prices to help you find a great location for your needs. The last thing you want is to be stressed about the final bill when you get to the checkout. You need to know you can get all the items you really want for a price you can afford. Eating right will increase energy, reduce the risk of health problems, and help with losing or controlling weight.

Reduce Label Confusion

When you go to the typical grocery store, many of the labels in there are going to be misleading. While they give the impression they are healthy, it isn’t until you read all the information you find out differently. For example, a product can say it contains all natural ingredients so you assume it is good for you. Yet it only contains some all natural ingredients.

It is the other items in it that really aren’t good for you. As a consumer, it should frustrate you that companies do this! It may be unethical but it is legal and until consumers put a stop to it, the problem will continue. At a reputable health food store, you can feel at ease as all of the items they sell there are going to be good for you.

This can reduce your anxiety over labels and try to make positive changes to how you and your family eat. Take along your smartphone so you can look up information you aren’t sure about. This will help you to decide to put it into your cart or back on the shelf.

Recipes and Planning

Spend some time finding new recipes to try and planning a menu. When you go to the health food store, you will be able to get all of the items you need to make great tasting meals you can be proud to serve. It is a common misconception that food which is good for you has to taste bland! Add lots of variety so you don’t get bored and regress to old eating habits.

Planning meals will save you money too as you won’t be dining out so much or going to get fast food. It will also help you to stay full longer so you eat less at each meal. With some planning and prep time, you can have meals ready to go with ingredients you got from the health food store. You can even make larger batches and freeze ½ each time so you have meals available.

Shop Around

Take your time to find a great health food store locally where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other items for your family to enjoy. You can also shop around online to find a provider where you can get terrific items shipped to your home. The selection is vast and you can compare prices to help you decide where to get them from.

It does take time for eating better to become a habit, but those daily changes will all add up to a better quality of life. Turning to a health food store rather than your typical grocery store is a great change that will help you to become better informed. It can also reduce the temptation to put unhealthy food choices into your cart.

Three Minutes a Day to a Better Life

Would you like a restful night of sleep? I mean sleeping like a baby, no insomnia, or waking up in the middle of the night. What about mood elevation, reduced feelings of depression, and stress reduction? What if I told you, that you can reduce chronic pain without medication? A holistic approach to a better quality of life, feel good look good kind of thing. The treatment I am talking about is called Whole Body Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy is the practice of using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness that dates back to ancient civilizations. Reaching temperatures as low as -120 Celsius (-184ºF), whole body cryotherapy is a fast and effective alternative to traditional ice baths. The treatment has been used for over thirty years in Europe and has made its way to the USA. Athletes use it for faster recovery, muscle soreness alleviation, and overall better performance. Celebrities use it for weight loss and for younger looking skin, due to the increased collagen production after regular use of Cryotherapy.

Allow me to tell you my story how I came across cryotherapy. I have been a fitness trainer for the past ten years. I lift weights regularly and live an active lifestyle. The heavy lifting took a toll on my body and I started suffering from lower back pain. At times, I could hardly bend and performing daily activities became a struggle for me. My sleep was interrupted each time I change a position, and I would feel a sudden lower back spasm. I had to learn how to sleep on my back. I did not like living a limited life, and I went to see a medical doctor. She assured me that it’s just inflammation and prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and muscle relaxers for the course of one month. As I was taking the medication, my pain gradually decreased, and I started feeling normal again. Woohoo, no pain! I was so delighted, but not for long. After some time, the back pain returned. I wasn’t happy. Overly I am a healthy person. I take care of myself by eating wholesome organic diet, I practice mindfulness, do yoga, all the things a health conscientious person does to keep herself at the top performance. Therefore, taking medication for the rest of my life to relieve my lower back pain was not a good solution for me. So, I started researching non traditional ways of alleviating my pain. That’s when I came across an article in a health magazine about cryotherapy. The author was pouring about the benefits of cryotherapy and one of them was inflammation reduction! Inflammation! That is what I have, an inflammation!! Being curious and would try anything at least once, kind of person, I dived into the idea. The closest cryotherapy spa to me was 30 min away. The next day I found myself driving there. I have to be honest, the unknown gets me a little nervous, and the thought of me being in such cold temperatures was not making it any easier. (Oh, by the way, did I mention I am not a stranger to cold? I grew up in Siberia.)

I made it there. As nervous as one can be. The friendly staff assured me that the treatment can be stopped at any minute and the door is not locked, which gave me comfort. I had to strip to my undergarments. I was given two sets of gloves, socks and slippers, a towel to wrap myself in.When I walked out of the fitting room, there was a cryochamber cooled with nitrogen gas and the vapors that were coming from the top made it look like something from a sci-fi movie. Since I have a curious nature, I got a little excited. The cryotherapy technician opened the door and I walked in. The floor in the chamber was raised to where my head was above the chamber. I learned that inhaling too much nitrogen will make you feel dizzy and is not advisable. I handed the towel to the attendant. The cold vapor surrounded my body but I did not feel the cold shock one will experience when being submerged in ice bath. Since the temperature in the chamber drops gradually, you get acclimated to the changes. The whole treatment takes only 3 minutes. The first time ever you can cut down to two. As I was in the chamber I kept my mind off being cold by talking to the cryotherapy technician all the time. The fact that she was there through the whole time closely supervising me made me feel very comfortable. The chamber cuts off after three minutes, because going longer is not advisable. I was handed back my towel and helped out of the chamber. I walked back to the fitting room to get dressed.

You probably want to know how I felt afterwards. I felt great! Rejuvenated, energized, my mood alleviated and most importantly my back pain was not there! I called my skeptical friend right away and started pouring on how great I am feeling and told him that he needs to try it for sure!

Needless to say, I got hooked on cryotherapy! I signed up for monthly unlimited membership and started going there four to five times a week, despite the long drive. Because cryotherapy is the only therapy that helps me live a pain-free life, I became a strong believer and advocate for it. After seven months of starting cryotherapy treatments, I have my own cryotherapy spa now. Better sleep, elevated mood, and stress reduction are just icing on the cake. Plus, I can splurge on dessert without fearing the weight-gain because doing cryotherapy daily helps me keep my metabolism high and I burn some calories while my body is trying to keep warm in the chamber. Doing cryotherapy became a part of my daily regimen along with working out and practicing yoga. Our body is an amazing machine; it’s designed to heal itself, if you give it a chance.

What Does the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval Mean?

What is Good Housekeeping?

Good Housekeeping (GH) started in 1885 as a magazine with a mission. “A mission to fulfill compounded of about equal portions of public duty and private enterprise… to produce and perpetuate perfection as may be obtained in the household.” To achieve those high standards, GH Magazine made a commitment to only advertising the very best products. Still to this day, for GH to even accept advertising from any product, the GH Research Institute must first approve. From that point it has the opportunity to receive the ultimate vote of confidence – The GH Seal.

What is a Good Housekeeping Seal & What Does it Mean?

Since 1909, the Seal has backed worthy products while simultaneously validating consumer purchases. According to GH, its seal is “an emblem of the magazine’s consumer policy.” That consumer policy promises a full refund or replacement of a defective product within two years of its purchase, given that the product has been backed with a Seal. That’s one heck of a promise, considering that GH, and not the company that created the product, is picking up the cost of a refund or replacement. That being said, GH doesn’t just go handing out their stamp of approval to just any old product.

How does a Product Earn the Good Housekeeping Seal?

The first step in receiving a GH Seal is to apply. If accepted, the product and its promises will now be tested at the GH Research Institute (GHRI) by researchers, scientists, engineers and nutritionists according to its area for intended use. The GHRI is a product-evaluation laboratory that tests everything from electronics to cosmetics, to the very recipes they print in their magazine.

The Green Good Housekeeping Seal

Keeping up with the energy conservation movement, GH added a new kind of seal in 2009. The Green GH Seal is intended to help consumers, wishing to make strides towards an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly household, in finding the products that actually back up their “green” claims. Once a product receives the Seal, it could then apply for the Green GH Seal. From a product’s manufacturing, all the way to its packaging and performance, the GHRI rigorously tests applicants according to their category’s requirements. Electronics, paper goods, beauty and cleaning products, food, beverages, paint and coatings can all be tested for environmental responsibility and impact, as well as social responsibility.

Why GH Seal Products?

Trusting the Seal is an especially good idea when remodeling or renovating your home. A Seal guarantees longevity and as-promised performance. Windows, doors and large appliances can all be found with both the GH and Green GH Seal. When you choose a product with the Seal, you’re choosing a product backed by a company with over 100 years of consumer advocacy. Look for the seal. Shop confidently.

A Tummy Tuck Is Real Surgery

A tummy tuck, known primarily as an abdominoplasty, is a form of plastic surgery that removes loose skin or extra fat from the abdominal region of men or women. The result is often the type of flatter, more toned stomach that many people long for.

Unlike conventional forms of weight loss such as diet or exercise, an abdominoplasty is an invasive, surgical procedure. During the operation, an incision is made across the stomach and both tissue and excess fat is removed from the lower abdomen so that the muscles and tissue around the abdominal wall can be tightened. The incision is then sewn shut.

The procedure is often a last resort for patients who have tried numerous other options for losing stomach fat. Likewise, individuals such as women who recently save birth or those with extra skin following dramatic weight loss are also prime candidates for the surgery.

No matter the reason for getting a tummy tuck, any potential patient considering it as an option needs to understand what he or she is getting into. There is preparation required prior to surgery and, perhaps more importantly, there is recovery time that must be accounted for.

One main aspect of preparation to consider is that most doctors advise that individuals who are preparing for the operation stop smoking or other forms of tobacco use for at least a month prior, and often times even longer.

The initial recovery from a tummy tuck can take anywhere in between a week and a month's time, although at times it can be longer. Patients are also advised that at least a portion of this period should be taken off work.

During the recovery, swelling, bruising and discomfort may be present at first and should diminish over time. An abdominal wrap or other form of compression dressing can also be worn to help with these symptoms. All heavy, strenuous activity should be avoided and most athletic activity should be shunned at least during the initial stages.

The overall, extended recovery period can extend through anywhere from three to six months in total, if not longer, yet the latter stages of this time is far less intensive. Patients are normally able to resume typical every-day activities during the latter months, but scars and some pain or swelling may still be present for several months before diminishing. Creams and other forms of over-the-counter treatments are often available to help with the treatment of lingering scars.

If you are hoping to slim out your midsection or regain that flat stomach you once had, a tummy tuck may suit your needs perfectly. Just be sure that you understand the procedure and know what you're getting into before going under the knife.

Alcohol Abuse is Linked With High Risk for Heart Ailments, Finds Study

Everyone knows that drinking heavily over a long time can cause serious health issues. Apart from causing immediate effects such as nausea and vomiting, prolonged heavy drinking can lead to a drastic impact on various organs of the body. Its effect on the heart is a major cause of concern since it can lead to fatal consequences like a heart attack or a stroke.

Heart is primarily composed of blood vessels and arteries running in and around it, which pump blood to the other organs of the body. Any damage to these structures can disrupt the working of the heart, resulting in cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Although there are multiple factors that can cause CVD, alcohol consumption is one of the most prominent one.

A recent study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, suggested that alcohol abuse increases the risk of atrial fibrillation, heart attack and congestive heart failure as much as other well-known risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

Drinking may up risk of atrial fibrillation

Heart diseases are the most common causes of death in men and women globally. The current study conducted by American College of Cardiology highlighted the relationship between excessive alcohol intake and the risk of developing heart ailments, even without any underlying factors.

For the study, the researchers analyzed the database of all California residents aged 21 years and older, who received ambulatory surgery, emergency or inpatient medical care in the state between 2005 and 2009. Of the 14.7 million people reviewed, 1.8 percent, or nearly 268,000 people, were diagnosed with alcohol abuse. Taking into account other risk factors, the researchers found alcohol abuse to be associated with a twofold increased risk of atrial fibrillation, a 1.4-fold increased risk of heart attack and a 2.3-fold increased risk of congestive heart failure. “Completely eradicating alcohol abuse would result in over 73,000 fewer atrial fibrillation cases, 34,000 fewer heart attacks, and 91,000 fewer patients with congestive heart failure in the United States alone,” observed the study.

Refuting all previous claims that moderate quantities of alcohol can help prevent heart attack and congestive heart failure, the researchers said that even low to moderate levels of alcohol consumption can increase the incidence of atrial fibrillation.

Effect of heavy drinking on heart

Studies have shown that excessive alcohol drinking is directly linked with high blood pleasure, which is one of the main risk factors for heart attack or stroke. Alcohol intake is associated with weight gain, which also leads to the development of heart conditions. Drinking alcohol over a prolonged period disrupts the functioning of the heart by weakening its muscles. The condition is called cardiomyopathy and can be life-threatening.

Binge drinking is also observed to cause irregular heartbeats. The tendency is largely associated with the holiday heart syndrome (HHS) wherein a person experiences critical symptoms of a heart attack, including severe pain in the center of the chest.

Leading an alcohol-free life is not difficult

Regular drinking may result in high tolerance for alcohol, pushing people to drink more to experience the same feeling of high to be relieved from day-to-day stress. This in turn may result in a dependence on alcohol, thus necessitating immediate treatment.

Know Your Muscle Building Exercises – The Chest

Every bodybuilder and weight trainer will have his or her favorite exercises for each body part. That's how it should be – as you progress through the various stages of learning you'll understand what works best for you. It is useful, however, to take stock of your progress every so often and carry out an analysis of where you are and what changes, if any, are needed to move onwards and upwards.
Part of this analysis should include an assessment of the core exercises that make up your bodybuilding training program. In this article we'll look at the chest exercises that have proven their worth to serious bodybuilders for many years. Where appropriate a series of exercises suitable for achieving pre-exhaustion will be presented. All exercises should be performed to failure with one set of six to eight reps.

1. Dumbbell flyes – this exercise provides a useful means of isolating the pectorals and preserving the triceps for the consequent exercise. The exercise should be performed as follows:
– Hold dumbbells directly overhead.
– Lower them to sides with elbows slightly bent, folded back and to the side. Lower no further than level with the torso.
– Use the pectorals to pull the weights back up to the starting position.

2. Incline bench press – you can move straight on to this exercise if you have reached an appropriate level of experience. If you perform this exercise as the second part of a pre-exhaust routine you may have to use lighter weights than normally.
– Take a shoulder width grip.
– Lower the bar to the chest with the elbows pointed to the side.
– Return to the starting position.

How Hollywood Stars Build Abdominal Muscles

The trick to build abdominal muscles like the stars is you need to know what they do and emulate it to a certain extent. One thing that many stars do is starve themselves and spend countless hours in a special gym, but since most of us have jobs or do something other than get paid to stay in shape that is not a option for us.

The secret that most Hollywood stars use is either a form of Yoga or Pilates. The great thing about both of these is that they not only strengthen your abdominal muscles but they also lengthen your muscles which will give your body a longer leaner look as opposed to just big bulky muscles. Also the great thing about Pilates is that it makes your body and especially your core move in ways that are not normal and doing this will exercise muscles that never get used which will give your body that near perfect look.

Another secret that many Hollywood stars use to build abdominal muscles is a proper detox. The great thing about doing a detox is that you can lose a good amount of weight quickly just by clearing out the bad toxins and food in your body. The one thing I caution people about before doing this is that if you have never done a detox do not do the typical 2 week long detox and stick to a shorter 5 day detox. Doing this for only 5 days will not be a big deal to start because you can always do it again a month or so later to get the full effect.

Remember that these 2 secrets of how the stars build abdominal muscles are to be used along with cardio and proper nutrition.

Kidney Stones: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Different people at peculiar stages in life experience kidney stones and face the cumbersome challenge of how to manage and treat the disease. I will share insights on the causes, and the effective treatment options. You will also get more information on how you can prevent the incidence of this disease and take the right precautions.

Before we go further it is necessary to explain the term “Kidney Stone.”

Kidney stones are small and hard mineral substances that are formed within the kidney.

They are formed from materials that contain crystals such as calcium and uric acid which could not be diluted by the fluid in your urine and this often occurs when your urine does not contain materials that prevent crystals from being stuck together. This results to formation of kidney stones in the body.


Kidney stones are not asymptomatic until they get into the ureter. The following are symptoms of kidney stones.

Blood in urine.

Vomiting and nausea

Reduced amount of urine excretion

Burning sensation while urinating

Acute pain in the groin


There are some precautions that must be maintained and these include the following:

Drink lots of water: Medical practitioners recommend that you should drink lots of water, roughly 12 glasses or about 3 quarts of water in a day, especially if you have a history of kidney stones. This helps to flush out toxins your urinary system. The chances of being dehydrated is higher if you live in a hot and dry climate, so you may need to increase the quantity of water you consume. If your urine is light and clear, it’s a signal that you take enough water, but if it’s dark and concentrated, then it’s time to make the necessary adjustments.

Reduce oxalate-rich foods: If your stones are calcium oxalate in nature, then you may need to avoid foods that contain oxalates such as okra, beets, spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, soy products and Swiss chard.

Reduce the salt intake and animal protein: You need to minimize the quantity of salt you consume; add little amount while cooking or eating and go for non-animal protein like legumes.

Consult your Doctor: If you have kidney stones, you need to consult your Doctor regularly. Also seek recommendation of a good dietitian that could help you plan your diets.

Treatments options

Medical therapy: Your doctor could give you some medication known as alpha blocker, and this will enable you pass out the stones from your body. It calms the muscles in your ureter and makes you pass the stone more easily. This treatment only works if the kidney stones are small.

There are other treatment options that are effective, if the stones are too large.

Sound waves: Your doctor may opt for another treatment if the stones are too large by using extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL). It uses sound waves with strong vibrations to dissolve the stones into little pieces. Then you can easily pass it out in your urine.

Surgery: You may need to undergo a surgical operation if the kidney stones are large and the ESWL procedure was not successful.

Prevention measures

The best preventive measure is by ensuring you eat right, reduce the intake of salt, and increase the volume of water you drink on a daily basis. This will make you hydrated with sufficient water in your body to dilute the urine and flush out substances that could stick together to form kidney stones.

It goes without saying that there are little ways you can avoid this disease. Always ensure you drink enough water, stay hydrated, avoid much salt intake, and seek medical help where necessary.

Do you know other means of ensuring you stay free from kidney stones? Please, kindly share your experience!

Homemade Remedies For The Treatment Of Psoriasis

Just because you have been diagnosed with psoriasis does not always mean that it is the end of your life. It is a fact that psoriasis is a severe problem but it is generally not deadly. There are numerous kinds of psoriasis specifically Plaque, Scalp, Inverse, Guttate, Pustular, Nail, Psoriatic, and Erythrodermic. Plaque Psoriasis is regarded as the common form of psoriasis while Erythrodermic Psoriasis is the only kind that may be fatal, notwithstanding treatments and remedy for it.

 As there are various types of psoriasis, there are also several approaches to cure this skin disease- from home made approaches up to those that are approved by the health professionals or by your skin doctor.

Let’s focus on the natural or home made remedies for psoriasis.

First among the list of home made remedies for psoriasis is natural aloe vera. According to latest research, aloe vera is recognized as great at managing plaque psoriasis. Such efficiency is associated with its anti-inflammatory property. Actually, it is possible to already use aloe vera once you discover indications of psoriasis. Accomplishing this can relieve the indications and preventing the skin condition from spreading. When utilizing aloe vera, all you have to undertake is to apply its fleshy part on the damaged skin or area. The great news is that there are now natural and organic suppliers which offer aloe vera in a gel capsule form. You can easily pay a visit to these retailers and buy from them.

Next is zinc. Are you aware of that you obtain psoriasis mainly because you do not have zinc. A deficiency in this mineral is among the most important reasons for psoriasis. Now you realize that truth, it is highly recommended that you simply begin improving your body’s zinc level. How? Consume meals abundant in zince or take vitamin supplements.

Your third option is dead sea salt. If you had scalp psoriasis, this could be of big help. Salt nourishes the scalp; thus, it is just a smart idea if you use products like psoriasis crème that have dead sea salts. Now you ask , where can you get dead sea salts. Needless to say, you don’t need to go to the Dead Sea just to get them. Everything you should conduct is to discover a retail outlet giving dead sea salts. Once you find one, then choose the salts from that shop. The subsequent question is how are you going to utilize it to manage your psoriasis. Here’s what you must do. Have a bath 3 to 4 times weekly and make use of dead sea salts. It’s essential to have a bath for around 20 minutes. Try this religiously and you will sooner or later start to see the effect.

Psoriasis may have an effect on you on an emotional level but you should still understand how to concentrate so that you will be able to get rid of it and have a perfect skin.

 If you do not wish to have a life filled with psoriasis kløe, then be carefully guided by the previously mentioned recommendations.

Common Symptoms of Panic Attacks

There are many common symptoms of panic attacks. When an individual experiences a panic attack, various symptoms occur that can leave that person in a state of destruction. Typically, these attacks last as little as five minutes, and can be as long as a half an hour.

This attack is a direct result of a high level of anxiety that occurs when fear is experienced at intensive levels. People who suffer from this particular type of attack experience both physiological and psychological symptoms. Rathermore, most people who suffer from panic attacks find that these episodes can actually interfere with day to day living. Here are some of the most common symptoms of panic attacks one may experience.

The Symptoms of Panic Disorder Attacks

If a person suffices from panic disorder, or simply panic attacks that are not directly related to panic disorder, the following symptoms may be experienced:

1. The initial emotion and experience of a panic attack generally involves feeling terrified or extremely fearful. When this occurs, anxiety levels are heightened.

2. There could also be complications when it comes to breathing. Breathing may be labored or shallow.

3. Tightness and immunity pain in the area of ​​the chest is relatively common.

4. Mild to severe sweating may be experienced.

5. Gastrointestinal difficulties that include those of basic nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and similar conditions may occur.

6. It is relatively common for a person to feel as if their heart rate speds up during an attack. In many cases, it may feel as if the heart has become weak.

7. Panic attacks may result in an individual feeling dizzy, and potentially "off balance". In some cases, weakness of the body may also be experienced.

8. It is not entirely uncommon for these types of attacks to result in tingling sensations, and issues with numbness in various areas throughout the body. The most common areas for this to occur are the hands and the feet.

9. When a panic attack occurs, the body is experiencing an undue amount of stress. When this occurs, the natural biological response of "fight or flight" is initiated. As a result, physiological changes such as an elevation in blood pressure and an increased need for oxygen are experienced.

10. Those that suffer from anxiety related attacks often suffer from at least a mild form of depression.

Managing Panic Attack Symptoms

When a person suffers from panic attacks, there are a number of methods in which they can use to manage and over them. Typically, a medical professional will suggest implementing the use of medications and even counseling services to equip the patient with the ability to cope effectively with this complication.

There are certain medicines, such as Prozac, Paxil, Effexor, Xanax, Klonopin, and those that are similar in nature that have been found to be quite effective in assisting in the management of panic attacks. Professional counseling, group therapy, support groups, and cognitive behavior type therapy are also effective coping strategies.

For the individual that experiences severe bouts of anxiety that is marked by an excessive fear, panic attacks may be evident. There are many physiological symptoms such as complications in breathing, rapid heart rate and gastrointestinal complications that may be experienced. In addition to this, psychological symptoms are also experienced. These may include sever levels of terror, the fear of dying, and depression. There are many means to managing this condition. Prescription medications and counseling are top strategies to eliminating the common symptoms of panic attacks.