Vacancy Vs. Occupancy Sensors

The most convenient feature of occupancy sensors is their ability to automatically turn the lights on in a room or space when they detect movement within their range. Occupancy sensors are very valuable in exterior lighting for added security, and have many other beneficial uses in the home. Another beneficial attribute of occupancy sensors is their energy efficiency. These low voltage modules can be ceiling mounted or mounted in your existing wall switch junction box and can most notably save significant amounts of energy by turning lights off when occupancy is not sensed for a designated amount of time.

With so many advantages, it might not seem too unreasonable to replace all of your home or office’s light switches with occupancy sensors. However, this may not be the best idea to rush into because what you soon might realize is that in some cases this may be more of an inconvenience than a convenience. You may be wondering how, so a few examples will help to clear things up perfectly.

Rooms that are great for occupancy sensors are garages, basements, bathrooms, rec rooms, and sometimes kitchens. In these spaces, it is common for an occupant to walk into the space with their hands full making turning lights on a hassle and if leaving the room with their hands full the same conditions apply. Also these rooms are active spaces. The importance of this is that the lights will not turn off on you if you are remaining relatively still in the space.

One may notice that there are several common rooms left off of this list. These rooms are bedrooms, TV rooms, and if you have pets, other common areas. It may be more practical to install vacancy sensors in place of occupancy sensors in these spaces. The difference between a vacancy sensor and an occupancy sensor is the manner of which they are turned on. Each light switch will detect the lack of occupancy and turn the lights off, however only the occupancy sensor will automatically turn the lights on.

The benefit of a vacancy sensor is that if you don’t want the lights to turn on when you walk into an area, they will not unless you manually turn on the switch. This is practical in bedrooms so you might not wake anyone sleeping in a bedroom when you enter, or if you roll over in bed the lights will not illuminate. The vacancy sensor is especially beneficial from an energy efficiency point of view in children’s bedrooms if they tend to leave the lights on constantly. In TV rooms occupancy sensors may not be the best choice for similar reasons. If your light switch controls overhead lighting that might not be desired when watching TV in a room, the lights will not turn on when someone walks in or if you get up to get a snack. A special case in common areas where occupancy sensors may be a nuisance is if you have pets. Animals are large enough to turn on occupancy sensing switches. If they roam the common areas at night, this may cause unnecessary energy consumption.

As mentioned early, the use of occupancy sensors in kitchens can sometimes be a good idea. This all depends on the placement of the kitchen in the floor plan of the home, and how other rooms may run into the kitchen’s space. In an open floor plan home where the kitchen is considered a common area, a vacancy sensor may be a better idea especially if you have pets. If the kitchen is in its own separate room from the rest of the house, an occupancy sensor is an excellent idea, especially if natural light is not abundantly present. Occupancy sensing lights will help you see where you are going as soon as you walk in with your hands full of groceries. A combination of an occupancy sensor switch controlling LED under cabinet lights will be convenient in function and also provide modern luxury to your space.

With all things considered, consumers can make smart decisions when deciding which rooms to install occupancy sensors and which rooms vacancy sensors may be more appropriate. Some manufacturers offer occupancy sensing wall switches with an optional function to turn it into a vacancy sensor. One cannot go wrong with these products as he or she can decide after they install the switch, which function best suits their needs.

Vinegar For Genital Warts Diagnosis and Treatment

Vinegar has several uses for genital warts. First, it is used in diagnosing the said sexually transmitted disease. Next, it can also be used to treat genital warts and alleviate the symptoms while they are still at the early stages.

Genital warts may or may not show symptoms. If they do, the warts may appear as tiny cauliflower-shaped lesions that may be raised or flat. They may start as small, around 2 millimeters in diameter, but they may grow big and expand into huge clusters in the anal and genital areas. They are easy to detect if they are raised and are big enough to be seen by the naked eye. However, there are times when they are present but are barely noticeable. Thus, in diagnosing genital warts, your doctor will usually apply a three to five percent acetic solution, or white vinegar, directly to the suspected infected areas.

White vinegar, which consists of acetic acid, will turn the warts white upon application. To further aid in the direct visual examination, the doctor may use a colposcope, a lighted magnifying device. However, the white spots do not necessarily reflect the presence of genital warts. Your doctor will still test you for other similar-looking conditions, such as psoriasis, lichen planus, and yeast infections. He/she may also perform a biopsy if any more abnormalities are present. This test involves the removal of a sample of tissue for further examination under a microscope.

Vinegar is also used for other tests for genital warts. Some doctors use vinegar in a test called an acid wrap. A gauze strip or piece of cloth is first soaked in white vinegar. It is then wrapped around the genital area of the individual for approximately 10 minutes. Similar to the acetic acid test mentioned above, the parts of the genital area that become white are identified to as potential genital warts. Again, more tests will be conducted after this to rule out any possibilities of similar-looking diseases.

Aside from diagnosis, vinegar is also used as a treatment for genital warts. In particular, apple cider vinegar is used as a natural remedy. It is effective against genital warts because it contains acetic and malic acid that help combat bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These acids work with the naturally-occurring acids in your body to form a new compound that helps fight harmful microorganisms.

According to folk traditions, you should soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and use it to apply the solution to your warts. Then, you should tape it over the affected area and leave it overnight. When you wake up in the morning, take the patch off and wash the area with warm water. This is supposed to be done daily for one week, depending on the severity of your case. If your genital warts are big and severe or if your immune system is compromised, you may have to repeat this method for a couple more weeks. You may also opt to soak the areas with genital warts directly in apple cider vinegar once or twice daily. Note, however, that this may irritate your sensitive genital area so consult your doctor first before using this treatment.

Type 2 Diabetes – 5 Steps to Improve Your Diabetes Outlook In a Couple of Weeks

It is no secret Type 2 diabetes is becoming one of the largest epidemics of our time. Either you have heard about the disease, are affected by it, or know someone who is. Type 2 diabetes is not inevitable, but a rise of our modern lifestyle has made us vulnerable to going from “normal” to developing diabetes without even knowing it. There are steps you can take to stop it in its tracks before it becomes irreversible. The last thing you need to have is high and unstable blood sugar levels ruin your life or that of someone close to you.

Here are five simple and modest lifestyle changes to help you reap health benefits almost immediately…

1. Control your emotions. Firstly, you must move past any frustration or regret you may have after being diagnosed. What is done is done: it is useless to get worked up over what you could have done differently.

Being diagnosed is not the end. You can fight your condition but only when your emotions are brought under control.

2. Learn and understand Type 2 diabetes. It is time to learn and understand the effect of high blood sugar on your body. Once you start to make changes, you will know exactly where to begin and how to proceed.

Know this form of diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance which leads to elevated blood sugar and weight gain. Uncontrolled diabetes can also cause complications such as damage to blood vessels and nerves leading to…

  • heart disease,
  • loss of vision,
  • kidney failure,
  • amputation, and
  • impotence.

3. Manage your condition. Your physician can only advise you – the responsibility ultimately rests on you. Create a meal plan with the guidance of a professional…

  • watch your carbohydrate intake and monitor your calories.
  • eat more fiber and drink more water.
  • start exercising, and
  • lose weight.

Make sure you hold yourself accountable. Success is a product of consistency.

4. Create a daily routine. It helps to think of your Type 2 diabetes plan as a daily routine. This way you can build momentum one day at a time…

  • eat two healthy (not processed) meals each day.
  • if you snack, keep it light and healthy. There is a reason why fruits and vegetables are recommended.
  • track your weight weekly but do not obsess about the numbers.
  • measure blood sugar changes. You should see patterns in your readings if you make the right changes in your lifestyle.

5. Be consistent. The importance of consistency cannot be overstated. Staying on track is crucial. There is no cure for Type 2 diabetes, although it can be controlled and the complications avoided.

You will be pleased to know it does get easier as you go. Progress should be smooth once you start to see results. It has been proven over and over, a low-calorie diet together with increased physical activity lowers blood sugar levels within weeks, even before you see significant weight loss. To keep the benefits going, you need to keep your weight on the downward slope.

Species of Boa – The 4 Boa Species Best Suited As Pet Snakes

Boas are among the very best snakes to keep as pets. While most boas are large snakes, and not necessarily suitable for owners with no previous experience, in my mind there is no better snake. In fact, after 25 years of keeping snakes, if I could only have one it would definitely be a boa!

In general boas, while large and powerful, are normally a joy to handle, and generally docile by nature. There 28 recognised species of boa, and many of them can be kept in captivity, though some are certainly more suitable than others. This is a guide to the 4 species best suited to captivity.

Common Boas Boa Constrictor Imperator

The Common Boas, also referred to as Central American Boas or Columbian Boas, range from Mexico to central South America. Variable in looks, and also habitat, they thrive everywhere from rainforest to scrub-land. The majority of Boa Constrictors in captivity are Common Boas, most of which originated from Columbia.

While no boa is the perfect pet snake, the Common Boa comes closest to attaining that title. They tend to be considerably cheaper than other boas, such as the Red Tailed, and yet are still beautiful snakes, often with striking markings. They are usually very docile, will normally take defrosted prey with no difficulties, and in general are easy to care for.

Tending to be a little smaller than Red Tailed Boas, Boa Constrictor Imperator will generally reach 6 – 9 feet in length as an adult. Males will tend to be a little shorter and less well built than females, and sex can usually be determined by the anal spurs which are quite prominent on the males

Neonates will be around 14 – 20″ inches at birth, and will normally start feeding well on fuzzy mice soon after their first shed if given optimum conditions.

If you want a beautiful snake that is relatively easy to care for and good to handle, the Common Boa might well be an ideal choice

Red Tailed Boas Boa Constrictor Constrictor

The true Red Tails are only found in the Amazon and Orinoco basins in northern Brazil, eastern Peru, Suriname, Guyana and southern Columbia. They are generally light coloured with striking saddle markings which are a rich red, bordered in black, on the anterior third of the snake.

Generally longer, and more heavily built that the common boas, Red Tails can grow to over 12 feet in length, although 9 – 10 foot is more common.

They are generally considered suitable for more experienced keepers, mostly due to their larger size and the fact that they are more difficult to breed in captivity than the common boa. They are also considerably more expensive than the common boas. Having said that, they are still docile and generally easy to care for snakes. If you are prepared for the large size and can accommodate a large enough enclosure, they are truly striking animals. A large adult will require an enclosure of at least 6′ in length by 3′ and will typically take a jumbo rat or rabbit once a fortnight.

Dumeril’s Boas Boa Dumerili

The Dumeril’s is a CITES protected species from Madagascar. The CITES status of this species means that WC or CF farmed specimens cannot be exported, but it does not prevent CB snakes from being kept. If you do buy a Dumeril’s Boa however you will need CITES paperwork to prove its origin, and be micro chipped. Any reputable breeder or dealer with Dumeril’s Boas for sale will be able to arrange paperwork and advise on micro chipping (adults should already be chipped, but juveniles too small to be chipped will require a visit to the vet to have a chip inserted when they are large enough.

They are an excellent alternative to the Common or Red Tailed Boa for keepers wanting a large boa, but are daunted by the idea of owning an 8 – 10 foot snake. These snakes very rarely exceed 7 foot in length, and adults often to do not exceed 5 foot.

Similar husbandry to Common Boas is required for the Dumeril’s, although some specimens can be more problematic to feed and are slightly more prone to stress.

Rainbow Boas Epicrates cenchria

Rainbow boas get their name from an iridescence on their skin when they are exposed to the sun, or other bright light. There are several subspecies, found on much of South America, and of these the Brazilian (E.c. CenchriaI) and Columbian (E.c. Maurus) are most common in captivity.

In general, Rainbow Boas are considered a more advanced snake, and suited to experienced herpetoculturists only. This is largely due to the fact that these are typically much less tolerant of handling than snakes such as boa constrictors. Whether of not Rainbows Boas are suitable to be kept as a first snake really depends on what you want from a snake. If you want a snake which you can handle pretty much whenever you want, and not have to worry to much about the snake being aggressive, then a Rainbow Boa probably isn’t for you. If, however, you want a beautiful snake that you can observe in its vivarium in the way you would enjoy fish in an aquarium, then there is really no reason why a Rainbow Boa couldn’t be kept as a first snake, provided you are capable of giving it the environment and care it needs.

A temperature (controlled by thermostat) of around 78 – 80 F should be provided at night, rising to 85 – 90 F during the day. The humidity must be kept considerably high. In addition to a pool/bowl of water large enough to soak in, the enclosure should be misted daily. These snakes very rarely drink from pools, but will take droplets of rain water from branches and leaves, and even their own scales. Aim for a humidity of 75-80%. Since high humidity promotes the growth of mould and fungus, extra care must be taken to ensure cleanliness and good ventilation.

Other boa species

There are of course many other species of boa, including much smaller species such as the rosy boas and ground boas. But for the average snake owner, who wants a truly magnificent snake and is able to commit to keeping a large snake for 20+ years, one of these 4 superb species would certainly be my choice.

One-Diagnosis-Fits-All Medicine

Here's the scene: You go to the doctor dragging your patooty behind you.

Your body got fat, but your hair got thin. Overwhelmed by a whole new definition of tired, you find yourself doing spoken whale impressions while life goes to pot. Well, who could have expected anyway? For all you know, your brain left town. And is it normal to wear an overcoat to bed to keep warm?

The doctor nods sagely and announces his on-the-spot, one-size-fits-all diagnosis: Depression.

As he grabs for his prescription pad, you demur. Just a little. After all, he's the doctor. But you explain that you're happy with your life. The problem is not enough energy to enjoy it more.

Ever see a doctor change his pronouncements? Me either. You get a prescription for an antidepressant.

It does not work, of course, Your problem is not depression; It's a thyroid gland that can not get its act together.

Most, if not all, thyroid patients experience this scenario. Maybe multiple times.

Or depending on you go to the doctor with different different symptoms. Still tired. In fact, with a fatigue beyond your darkest nightmare. A pea-soup London fog took over your brain some time back. And you're spending a big chunk of your time in the bathroom, dealing with diarrhea and bleeding.

This time the antidepressant prescription comes with a recommendation to get a less stressful job. Do not bother proving how much you love your job; The doctor has spoken.

Again, the antidepressant does not lay a glove on what's going on with your body. How can it? A gluten intolerance is about avoiding grains, not balancing your brain's serotonin.

And so it goes. If you have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten intolerance, you probably also have a file folder crammed with antidepressant prescriptions.

Doctors go on about practicing scientific, evidence-based medicine, but most medicine arises from opinions and past practices, however misguided. 70% of medicine-or more-lacks any provable, scientific basis.

Maybe that's why doctors love the depression diagnosis so. Depression is real, of course, but the diagnosis of depression, ah, now that's a wide-open door. No tests. No fixed criteria. Anything goes. A best guess sort of thing, do not you know. Best of all, it herds patients through quickly, all paying as they leave.

And have you heard the latest? Based on zero evidence of a problem, doctors want legislation to require all pregnant women to undergo a test for depression. In the theory, apparently, that pregnancy can not possibly be a happy state. The planned "test" seems to be no more than the doctor's opinion. Still no proven, actual tests or criteria. Even worse, no studies on what antidepressant medications will do to the baby.

Will they get their way? Well, a lot of people go for the Gardasil scam even though we're maiming and killing young girls for a very dubious, at best, benefit. And a whole bunch more are on the statin bandwagon, despite the fact the cholesterol-causes-heart-disease train left the station long since, and damage estimates continue to mount. Not to mention the annual flu shot foolishness; Flu shots have zilch effect on the flu, but they set people over 50 up for dementia big time. I could go on. Examples abound.

Sad to say, nobody expresses any concern about what health disaster could result from this latest brainstorm, pregnancy-equals-depression legislation. This one could outdo autism.

Sure will push a lot of pills, though.

10 Amazing Facts About Magnets

1. If you cut a magnet in half, you get 2 smaller magnets as a result, each with their own north and south pole.

2. The north pole on a magnet points towards the north pole on the earth. This is because they are both giant magnets and are aligning themselves together. This is how a compass works.

3. To make a new magnet, take one you already have and then rub it on a new piece of metal. This process is called magnetisation and will turn any piece of metal into a magnet.

4. Electromagnets are not magnetic all the time. If you pass electricity through a nail wrapped in a copper wire, it turns into a magnet. Once you stop the flow of electricity – it is just a nail and wire again.

5. A magnetic field is an invisible area around every magnet that attracts metals and other magnets to it. That is why you can slowly push 2 magnets together and they will jump to each other, due to them entering their magnetic fields.

6. The magnetic field made by The Earth is so big and strong, that it stretches out into space. The Earth is made from metals and materials like iron, which makes it just like a smaller magnet you might have at home.

7. Fridge magnets are used all over the world in families homes and in America, are seen on an average of 20 times per day!

8. The power of a magnet is measured in Tesla (which was the name of a scientist who specialised in electricity). Even though The Earth is massive and is a giant magnet, it is around 1000 times weaker than a small magnet you might have at home.

9. Magnetism was discovered and used over 800 years ago in ancient Greece and China. They even had their own compasses.

10. Iron is the best metal to use as a magnet as it is naturally magnetic. Others are nickel and cobalt, but if you have a magnet at home, it is most likely made from iron or ferrites, which is a metal made from many different elements.

Signs Of Addiction – How To Know When Someone You Care About Needs Help

Drugs and alcohol affect the lives of millions of Americans every year causing devastation to families, friends, loved ones and associates. It is said that on average each substance abortion abusive person affects 16 people around them, this may be an understated estimate. Almost everyone has had to deal with someone else's drug or alcohol problem or knows of someone who has. You are not alone.

You are also not without support. Al-Anon, Alateen (for teens), Families Anonymous, Nar-Anon Family Support Groups, ToughLove Support Groups, counselers, support agencies, friends, and family can all provide support. Al-Anon and the other support groups can help you to understand the signs and behaviors that used to confound you and help you develop ways to cope and deal with the problem. The only requirement to attend Al-Anon is your concern for someone else's alcohol and / or drug use.

If you think you can deal with a drug or alcohol problem on your own, THINK AGAIN! Even trained professionals rarely succeed in resolving someone's addiction while they continue to use. You will need support and lots of it. Make use of all the support you can find and make it your goal to get the loved one into professional care.

Alcoholics and drug addicts think they are all amazingly unique, but as you get to understand the signs of addiction and the logic they use, they are amazingly the same in many ways. Let's take a careful look at some of the typical signs of drug and alcohol abuse displayed by a using person. Virtually no one will have all these symptoms, but if the person you care about is using, you will see several of them.

1) They drink more than those around them and develop more tolerance (need to drink more to get the same effect).

2) They may drink more quickly than others.

3) They experience "blackouts" or lapses of memory from using.

4) They hide their alcohol / drugs to protect their supply or to use in secret.

5) They drink or drug more than they intend to.

6) They utilize lies, excuses, alibis, rationalizations, and denial to cover up their using.

7) Changes in behavior – even when not using. Negative effects on family, friends, job, school, and associates.

8) Negative changes in attitude, health, appearance, mood, or work effort / quality.

9) Drinking alone or sneaking drinks.

10) Possession of drug related materials. Rolling papers, liquor bottles, drug related posters / magazines / music, pipes, bongs, etc.

11) Isolating. Shuts people out, is secretive, spends much time alone, comes home late.

12) Smells of alcohol or pot. The person will often deny use this obvious sign.

13) Person is violent or manipulative. Manipulative behavior is the hallmark of the addicted person. Violence and using go hand-in-hand.

14) The person may borrow money or steal to support drug / alcohol use. Person often can not explain what they spend all their money on. Are items or cash missing at home or at friends? Is liquor missing or watered down in the home? Have they sold personal items to pay for drugs?

15) Accidents, job loss, broken friendships, family arguments, and trouble with the law may occur, even when not using.

16) Eyes are oddly dilated, too wide, too small. Red eyes.

17) Person is overly defensive and avoids responsibility for their actions.

18) Nagging cough, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, dark circles under eyes, headaches, trembling.

19) Change in friends. People who use often need to be around other people who use to provide social support for their using and to maintain contacts with those who can supply them with drugs.

20) Withdrawal / Hangovers. Headache, vomiting, aches, run-down, sleeping late, using in the morning.

21) Burn or cut marks on body, tattoos, brown-stained fingers, change in clothing style / hair.

22) Loss of interest in activities / sports / hobbies.

23) Loss of motivation, lethargic, general loss of interest, apathy.

24) Skipping work, meetings, school, family events, appointments, meals, important events.

25) Secretive about where they have been, what they have been doing.

26) Attempt to cover-up signs of using. Sneaking into house, incense, mouthwash, eye-drops, perfume / cologne, chewing gum, mints.

I hope this article has been informed, but remember this problem should not be tackled alone. Utilize all the support you can find, such as family and friends, to help you weather the difficulties ahead. Also be sure to have the help of someone who knows more about drugs and alcohol than you do, such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and Drug and Alcohol Counselors.

With a solid plan and some dedication, you can hope over the addiction of another and assist them in getting help. My best wishes go with you always, good luck!

Anon Family Support Groups 1-800-344-2666

Nar-Anon Family Support Group 1-213-547-5800

ToughLove International 1-800-333-1069

How to Choose and Match Brick Veneer For New Construction and Additions

My neighbor spent well over $ 200,000 to add a beautiful addition to her traditional brick veneer Cape Cod home. But when the masonry contractor put up the brick he failed to even come close to matching the color of the mortar to the original part of the house. Even worse the new bright white mortar clashes with both the new brick and the old. The house now has a garish and jarring appearance and the cost of repair is prohibitive.

Brick veneer is the most durable and beautiful material that will protect your home from the elements. Brick is essentially maintenance free and will last for generations. Living in the Detroit area it is plain to see the brick in all the dilapidated buildings is still in beautiful condition and in most cases can be salvaged and reused. Brick veneer is more cost and you will have to live with your choice for as long as you own your home. If you're planning an addition or building a new home the money, time and effort invested in choosing the design, brick, mortar and most importantly the contractor will be returned many times over in long-term value.

These are some ideas to consider when choosing or matching brick veneer

• Cost: maybe it would have better to sacrifice square footage for quality and beauty

• Design: Long, high walls need to be broken up with a vertical course of brick, a ledge of stone or brick that varies in color and texture. Design in offset walls with interior or exterior corners to give vertical definition to the house.

• Use "offset" (brick that protrudes from the wall in patterns or randomly) of bricks to create interest

• Make the addition narrows or wider than the existing home for interior or exterior corners to make brick and mortar matching easier

• How does the house fit into the neighborhood? A traditional styled house needs darker reds and more texture with gray mortar. Fieldstone, granite or sandstone can be used carefully

• Contemporary houses can use whites, blushes or neutral colors and smooth to glazed brick. Mortar can be bright white

• A skilled and experienced mason will take the time to try out various mixtures to match the mortar. Remember it is the SAND in the mortar that must match. Ask to see other work the mason has done and will be prepared to pay a little more

• There are many sizes and profiles of brick available. We have a ranch house built on a slab in our neighborhood that used long, low profile brick with a triangle wavy texture. Along with a double-hip roof and deep eves this house would be the envy of Frank Lloyd Wright himself!

• Design the roof and gutters so the downspouts can be used to hide the seam between the old and new brick. There are many decorative gutter and downspout products available. Visit a local siding and gutter supply house

• A faux copper downspout with an elegant leader head (or conductor) can be used to hide a seam too

• Many faux half columns are available in various metal and paintable materials

• Use high quality beveled horizontal or battened vertical siding carefully in your design

• More and / or larger windows, entry doors, shutters and small round or octagon shaped windows can be used to breakup large brick walls

• Be careful using brick up into gables. Because of the roof slope at each end of the brick courses, the careless mason will loose his way; The vertical joints will not line up and the wall will have an undulating and amateurish look. A small window high in the gable would be good in this circumstance

• And remember to choose your roof shingles and materials at the same time. As an example, using a metal roof on an addition can be a way of making the addition "compliment" the original house instead of trying for an exact "match" (for the few of you that are self-confident, brave and daring you Can use a combination of materials and design to "contrast" the original house; I've seen it done and to wonderful ends!)

And finally a special mention when using stone. A cobblestone cottage looks the way it does because it's a cottage! A cottage is a small house. A large stone house must be very carefully designed. Avoid long, tall walls of stone veneer.

Mixing stone with brick veneer can produce a pleasant effect. Try to imagine you are building your house on the ancient ruins of stone fence or an old country manor. The lower corners, some around the entry door and a few randomly located places in the wall are all that is needed.

Brick has been made in local kilns using clay dug up from nearby river banks for centuries. The brick you find made in New England may clash with the landscape of the house you build in Texas. The same is true if you use that blush pink brick that you loved in Florida for a house built in Wisconsin. The brick must be from the same origin as the house. Contemporary or traditional; Single story ranch or two story colonial; Split-level or townhouse; New construction or addition, all need the appropriate brick veneer to enhance long term value and style.

What Makes Air Pressure?

Even though you can not see air pressure it is always there and has real weight. It is made up primarily of oxygen and nitrogen molecules. Air is made up of 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen and less than 1 percent other gases in t he lowest part of the atmosphere where we live. At higher parts of the atmosphere the make up of gases is slightly different due to a number of factors.

Air molecules are constantly moving. They speed up with increases in temperature and slow down when cooled off. The speed at which they move is very fast. Nearest to the Earth’s surface air gas molecules move at an astonishing speed of approximately 1,090 miles per hour. When the air is warmed up they move faster and slow down when the air is cooled.

The impact of the moving molecules is what actually causes air pressure. Air pressure depends on how many molecules are in a given space and how fast they are moving. Heating the air increases its pressure and cooling the air decreases its pressure. Putting air into less space will increase its pressure and allowing air to expand into a larger space will decrease pressure.

Gravity has an impact on air pressure. Pressure is greater at lower levels of elevation because the weight of air above is pushing down on it. Pressure at higher elevations is lower because less weight is pushing down.

At sea level the average air pressure is 14.7 pounds per square inch. At 1,000 feet of elevation the pressure is decreased to 14.1 pounds per square inch. All the way up at 18,000 feet of elevation the pressure is approximately 7.3 feet per square inch. That there shows how air pressure decreases with elevation change due to less weight pushing down. Higher elevations often times have different cooking times when preparing foods due to this.

References were taken from The Weather Book by Jack Williams.

Bowens Disease Treatment Tips

Bowen’s Disease is also known as Bowen’s. Bowen’s disease is a type of slow-growing and scaly skin patch. Bowen’s, most often, looks like a bright-red or pink scaly patch, located on previously or presently sun-exposed skin. Causes of BD include solar damage, arsenic, immunosuppression (including AIDS), viral infection (human papillomavirus or HPV) and chronic skin injury and dermatoses. It is thought to develop partly as a result of long-term sun exposure. The incidence in the UK is around 14 per 100,000 per year but a study of white people from Hawaii gave 10 times that figure, presumably because of exposure to strong sunlightIt is seen most often on the legs of women. Bowen disease most commonly is reported in whites. Bowen’s disease is not infectious or due to an allergy.

Bowen’s disease is most often seen in people in their 60s and 70s, and is about three times more common in women than men. Bowen’s disease typically presents as a gradually enlarging, well demarcated erythematous plaque with an irregular border and surface crusting or scaling. Bowen’s disease is more common in sunny countries. However, since areas of the body that are not normally exposed to sunlight (such as the genitals or anus) can be affected, sun exposure can’t be the sole risk factor. Virus infection has been implicated, particularly human papillomavirus (usually HPV 16 but more rarely HPV 2). Bowen’s disease is diagnosed with a biopsy. This involves a small part of the affected area being removed. A local anaesthetic is given to numb the area.

Once Bowen’s disease escapes the epidermis, it can become a more aggressive form of skin cancer. Photodynamic therapy (PDT), Cryotherapy (freezing) or local chemotherapy (with 5-fluorouracil) are favored by some clinicians over excision. Radiotherapy treats Bowen’s disease by using high- energy x-rays which destroy the abnormal cells while doing as little harm as possible to normal cells. Topical therapy is the use of a cream which is applied over a period of time to the affected area. Superficial x-ray treatment may be best for those unsuitable for surgery, especially with multiple lesions. Imiquimod 5% cream appears to be an effective treatment for Bowen’s disease on the lower limbs. Radiation therapy is rarely used now.

Bowens Disease Treatment and Prevention Tips

1. Curettage is scraping off the abnormal skin under a local anaesthetic.

2. Excision (cutting the patch out) is done under local anaesthetic.

3. Efudix cream is a cream that may control or eradicate the disorder.

4. Photodynamic therapy is a new form of treatment.

5. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a newer treatment which is used for different skin conditions.

6. Topical therapy is the use of a cream which is applied over a period of time to the affected area.

7. Cryotherapy may be possible to remove the area by freezing it. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed onto the affected area to freeze it.

Graves Disease Treatment Ideas

Graves disease is an autoimmune ailment that strike to the thyroid which is located in front of the neck. It composes hormones called T3 and T4 that controls the energy which somebody’s body utilizes. The level of thyroid hormones is operated by pituitary which is small sized gland that is located within the brain. This disease is one in every of the frequent causes of the hyperthyroidism that impact each kids and adolescents. Usually, it has an effect on more in the first age of adult that is mid age. It is the most powerful hereditary issue that has an effect on the female population for over two share and it is aspherical five to ten time it influence ladies’s than males. The higher level of thyroxine increases quickly in a individual’s body, which influence in varied ways in which together with from changes in mood to the physical appearance. The Graves disease is a life jeopardizing that may additionally cause to major complications to somebody’s body.

Graves’s disease is attributable to an abnormal immune system reaction that fights the thyroid gland, and causes excessive manufacture of thyroid hormones. Risk factors are being a woman over twenty years recent, although the disorder may arise at any age and may involve men as well. More often than not, the symptoms of Graves’ disease are just like the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, a condition that can be attributable to Graves’ disease. Classic signs and symptoms comprise an enlarged thyroid gland (goiter), anxiety, heat intolerance, weight reduction, sweating, diarrhea, tremors, palpitations and exophthalmos.Thyroid storm, a complication of Graves’ disease, may cause life- intimidating heart, liver, or kidney failure. Thyroid storm begins suddenly and may be the result of a stressful event. The signs and signs of thyroid storm comprise extreme irritability, high blood pressure, speedy heart rate, vomiting, high fever, delirium and coma. Left untreated, it can be fatal.

Treatment involves getting rid of symptoms and correction of the thyrotoxic state. Beta-blockers such as propranolol are regularly used to treat indications of rapid heart rate, sweating, and anxiety till the hyperthyroidism is controlled. Hyperthyroidism is dealt with with antithyroid medications, radioactive iodine, or surgery. Thyroidectomy is surgical elimination of all or half of the thyroid gland. surgical procedure is the popular treatment for folks with an enormous goiter who chronically relapse after drug therapy. Alternative treatment of Graves ‘disease includes antithyroid drugs which diminish the production of thyroid hormone. Taping the eyes closed in the dark to forestall drying may sometimes be required. Sunglasses and eye drops may cut back irritation of the eyes. Seldom, surgical treatment may be needed to return the eyes to their traditional position.

Tight Hip Flexsors

The muscles found in and around the hips are known as the hip flexors. These include muscles like the internal obliques, iliopsoas, sartorius, gracilis, and fascia latae tensors. When these muscle become tight because of constant flexion and contraction, they can create pain. This pain is most often felt in daily activities like climbing stairs and lifting objects from the ground. Athletically, tight hip flexors will compromise running activities, and all resistance training that includes rotation of the pelvis.

Indicative hip flexor pain is most noticeable in activities that require power from the back, upper legs, and core. Athletes notice tip hip flexors most often when performing weighted lifts like squats and deadlifts. When flexor muscle are tight, they prevent the spine, pelvis, and hip complex from aligning properly. Tightness creates a type of body movement conservation that is contrary to having a proper full range of motion. The result is the sense of having less strength to perform movements, along with lasting, aching pain deep within the core areas of the body.

Relieving tight hip flexors and tension is not easy. It requires the application of specific stretching exercises that target the deep tissues of the body’s core. These exercises also require a bit of “nerve gliding” that can seem uncomfortable to some people.

Exercises that can unlock your hip flexors include:

Piriform Stretches

While seated on the floor, stretch one leg forward and keep one leg in a hurdler’s position. The forward leg should elongate the gluteal muscles. Gently rock forward and back, and side-to-side on the outstretched hip. This rocking motion will alleviate nerve tension and prompt the muscles of the hip to release.

Lunge Stretches

In a standing position, take a wide step so that one leg is stretched backward and the other is at a 90 degree position to the floor. This should look like an extremely long step. With an upright torso, gently push down on the elongated hip side. Try to create a “pulling” feeling in the muscles of the straight leg from the knee to belly button. Hold this position until the body begins to sink downward, then carefully switch leg positions.

Iliopsoas Palpation

Much of the tension that creates tight hips is caused by contraction of the muscles that line the pelvic bones. In order to relieve tension, palpation is necessary. This can require the assistance of another person.

Lie on a bench facing upward. Extend the body to its maximum length by outstretching the arms, and slightly twisting to one side. The person assisting the stretch should gently and carefully place a rigid hand along the abdominal muscles. Glide the touch down the midsection until the ridge of the iliac (pelvic) crest is felt. As the lying person exhales, the massage hand should gravitate inward until it reaches the underside of the iliac crest. If performed properly, the massaging hand will encounter a layer of extremely tense tissue. These are the exact muscles causing hip flexor tension and pain. Once found, the massaging hand should palpate the muscles in the same line as the length of the body. Several minutes of this deep tissue massage should cause the legs to feel freer, and the lower back to feel less curvature pressure.

When you unlock your hip flexors you should immediately experience an increased ability to move the legs in a full range of motion. This includes a longer running stride, and a more comfortable seating path in exercises like squats, lunges, and all types of jumping. The hip flexor muscles help the body’s core assist almost every motion, so having fluid hip flexor motion is vital. Even the healthiest individuals experience hip flexor tightness, but specific stretches and massages can alleviate common problems associated with tight hip flexor conditions.

Tricks To Get Taller (And an Exercise For Permanent Height Increase)

There are ways you can get taller. First I will reveal some tricks to get taller, and I will conclude with an easy exercise you can do for permanent height gain.

First the tricks to get taller:

Shoes. Women are aware of this, but many guys seem to forget that wearing the right shoes can make you look much taller. High heels for women and work boots for men. Big difference! But now days you really don’t have to limit yourselves to just these two selections. There are many high heeled shoes and boots for both men and women that will definitely do the trick.

Hair. Again, more women see to be aware that hair can actually make you look much taller. This is accomplished by hair styles which have a large poof to them on top. For men, you want to consider spiking your hair. Think about it. Just a one inch spike basically transforms your overall height to an added inch in appearance. Hair can make a big difference in your height appearance.

Posture. I’ve known guys who I could have sworn were around 5’9 or 5’10, when in reality they were only 5’7 or just slightly above that. Strong posture can do wonders for your height appearance. So many people now days walk around slouched over. When you focus on a straight up and down posture, your height suddenly appears much greater than it really is.

Now for the exercise I mentioned:

We just finished talking about posture and how most people are slouched over all the time. Part of that reason is because their spines are unnaturally curved and their muscles have adapted into a position which robs them of added inches in height. Many of us are like this.

What you want to do is perform hanging exercises. This is where you simply hang from a pull up or chin up bar and stretch your entire body out for a few minutes, then rest and repeat. Stretch out your body as if your intention is to add extra inches to your height. Practice good posture throughout the day, both while sitting and standing. Then do your stretches at night and you should notice some permanent increases in your natural height.

Fix Error 193 0xc1 in Windows 7, Vista and XP

While installing or repairing "On Demand" features in Microsoft Office suite, error 193 0xc1 may occur in Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP. It may also occur while installing Microsoft .NET Framework or starting related services on your computer. In this article you will find steps which are helpful to fix this problem at ease.

First of all, let us understand the actual causes behind error 193 0xc1 in Windows 7, Vista and XP. The factors responsible for this error are as under:

1. Corrupted Ose.exe File
2. Wrong registry settings
3. Corruption in program files
4. Lack of Free Disk Space
5. Problems with Computer Services

Corrupted Ose.exe File

Error 193 0xc1 may appear if the file 'ose.exe' is not present in the installation directory or it has become corrupt. Replacing this file may solve the problem.

1. Insert Microsoft Office installation disc.
2. Open My Computer, open CD / DVD Drive location.
3. Double click to open the following directory:
Files Setup
4. Select the file Ose.exe and click Edit | Copy.
5. Click Back and open the following directory:
C: Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Source Engine
6. Click Edit | Paste.

Wrong Settings of Registry

Microsoft Office stores installation related configurations in your system's registry. If some of these registry settings are corrupted, it may result in error 193 0xc1 in Windows 7, Vista and XP.

1. Download a Registry Cleaner software.
2. Install and run the downloaded program on your computer.

Corruption in Program Files

For running the instances of Microsoft Office suite, the installation files must be unmodified. Corrupted installation files often lead to Windows error 193 0xc1.

1. Click Start | Control Panel.
2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.
3. Select Microsoft Office from the list of installed programs and click Uninstall button.
4. Select Repair the installation, click Next button.
5. Follow the on screen instructions.

Lack of Free Disk Space

Lack of free disk space for performing Microsoft Office setup operations can result in error 193 0xc1. Using System Cleaner application, clean the disk space to solve your problem. Otherwise use the Disk CleanUp tool by doing the steps provided below:

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories System Tools | Disk CleanUp.
2. Select the system drive and press OK.
3. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Problems with Services

You also need to fix computer services to get rid of the error in question. The steps required are as under:

1. Click Start, type Services.msc and press ENTER.
2. Right click and select Properties for the following two services:
AudioEndpointBuilder, Multimedia Class Scheduler
3. Under General tab, note down the Path to Executable.
4. Click OK when done.
5. Now, click Start, type RegEdit and press ENTER.
6. Locate the following registry location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services
7. First, click MMCSS key and double click the ImagePath string. Replace the value with the Path to Executable that you just noted down in the Step 3.
8. Do the same for AudioEndPointBuilder. Click it, double click the ImagePath string and replace the value with the Path to Executable you have noted down.
9. Close Registry Editor.

How to Get a Big Penis – Secret to Get a Big Penis at Home Exposed!

“How to Get a Big Penis?” Most men find themselves asking this question and this is largely because they are not satisfied with the size of their penises. Not only this, most men seem to think that penis enlargement is a myth and there is no way you can add inches to your genitalia.

However, this is not true. Male enhancement has come a long way from the time when only products that you could use were the old fashioned pumps and weight. New and highly advanced techniques have been developed to make your penis bit and thick without even thinking of an extreme measure like surgery or using bizarre products.

How to Get a Big Penis at Home

What determines the size of your erect penis, is the capacity of the erectile tissue to hold blood. This erectile tissue is called Corpora Cavernosa and lies at the top of your penis. When you get sexually exited, blood fills in this Corpora Cavernosa making your penis swell and achieve an erection. Any attempt at increasing the penis size is therefore directed at expanding Corpora Cavernosa.

The easiest and the most effective method of doing so is with the help of some simple exercises that are more popularly called Jelqs. These exercises are not new but they have existed in obscurity for long. However, it is now that such exercises are backed with clinical findings to suggest their efficacy in real and permanent penile enlargement.

Dr. Brian Richard conducted a study in which he found that almost 90% of the men who jelqed in a prescribed manner experienced real and natural penis growth after a few months. Not only this, when these men quit performing these exercises, there was no change or shrinkage in the size of their penises.

These exercises include certain stretching movements and your erectile tissue reacts to this stretching and pressure involved by expanding over time. This is called Tissue Expansion and is the same method that is used by certain tribal women to enlarge their necks. The same techniques works extremely well in case of the male penis as well.

These exercises resemble the milking motion and hence, they are also called Milking Exercises. The best past is that you can easily do them at home. All you need is access to a good Jelq routine online so that you know how to do these exercises properly.

A typical jelq schedule does not take more than 10 minutes a day and can help you add upto 3 inches within a few months.

However, success comes to those who are patient.

Tissue expansion or growth takes place at a slow speed. It can be frustrating at times when you do not experience any growth even after performing these exercises. However, what you need to keep in mind is that often periods of no or slow growth are followed with growth spurts which can take you by surprise.

How to Ensure Faster Penis Growth

Faster penis growth is achievable by combining natural penis pills with Jelqs. Such a combination provides amazing results not just in terms of penis growth but also in terms of improved erectile function and health.

There are many penis pills, however, top quality pills that really help penis growth contain some exclusive and rare ingredients such as Pomegranate 70% Ellagen.

Such pills not only increase blood flow to the penis but also help increase testosterone production, providing your body with all that it needs to sustain penis growth.

Pills that contain Pomegranate 70% Ellagen along with other ingredients such as l-arginine, maca, muira pauma, horny goat weed, omega 3 fatty acids etc., are proven to enhance the pace of penis growth by up to 53%.

This is truly incredible!

No wonder, such pills have become extremely popular. But this is not all!

Such pills now include free access to a highly advanced penis exercise guide as a bonus so as to ensure overall sexual enhancement for you.

Some of the benefits of such pills, therefore include:

  • faster penis growth of up to 3 inches and more
  • increased sexual stamina and rock solid erections
  • power to last longer in bed with improved ejaculatory control
  • increased semen production to enjoy massive ejaculations etc.,

Not only this, such pills do not have any side effects.

If you want to know How to Get a Big Penis, check out more on the Most Powerful and Highly Advanced Penis Pills System that has been coined as the Best Male Enhancement Product in More than 7 Years!