Exercises and Workouts – How The "Reps for Time" Workout Principle Works

Want a fast way to boost your fitness level? Try a “reps for time” workout set-up. Reps for time is a concept that originated in a unique community gym, however, now more and more people are adding it into their workout protocol.

What does it entail? Let’s take a closer look…

1. What Reps For Time Is. “Reps for time” essentially means rather than aiming for a target number of reps each set, you are going to perform as many reps as you possibly can in a particular time frame. Usually, this time frame is around one minute in length, but if you are a beginner, you might just use 30 seconds instead.

You will perform the exercise in question, doing as many reps as possible in that period and if you have to stop at any point during the time frame to rest, so be it but do pick back up again as soon as possible once you are ready. Then once you have finished the time frame, jot down the number of reps you did and next workout, work at beating that number of reps.

2. The Benefits Of Reps For Time. What are the advantages of using the reps for time protocol? First, you will work your endurance level. Since you are exercising for a longer period than normal, this can cause your body to become better trained and withstand fatigue.

Second, you will also get the ultimate metabolic boost. Since you are essentially doing more work in less time, this means you will jumpstart your calorie burn, so you burn more calories both during the workout session as well as after the workout is over.

Finally, you will also work your strength level. As you are still performing a strength training workout session, this means that you will still have the benefit of keeping your muscle strength and power up, despite working in an endurance related manner

All in all, if you want to get…

  • great conditioning,
  • improved fat loss, and see
  • good strength progress,

this is a set-up for you.

3. Adding It Into Your Workout Session. To add this into your workout, choose one or two exercises you want to perform with. Usually, this will be enough when first starting and from there if you become more skilled, you can begin adding more exercises to the mix from there.

If doing this on a compound focused exercise…

  • squats,
  • shoulder press,
  • rows, etc.,

do it at the start of the workout when you are feeling fresh. If you are doing it on an isolation move, the end of the workout will be just fine and will help to “finish you off” so to speak.

Do this once or twice each week depending on your recovery ability.

There you have some facts about the “reps per time” workout protocol. It can be an excellent way to structure your workout if you are looking for a change of pace.

Increase Serotonin Levels – 3 Ways to Start Over

If you are concerned that depression may be taking over and that your life is just a shadow of what it used to be, then it might be time to seek help. Certainly if depression symptoms are predominant and interfering with you living your life, then it is time to start thinking of a few remedies. One of these of course will be to seek to increase serotonin levels because that is a vital brain chemical which governs our good mood or the lack of it!

If some of the following symptoms have been present for more than a month and are starting to prevent you from being your normal self, then you should look for treatment of some sort, rather than letting it take over. That is the first way to start over . Recognizing that you have a problem.

Negative thoughts can swamp you, depression can even lead to severe physical symptoms such as chest pains and the permanent feeling of sadness means that you cannot enjoy doing what used to be a real pleasure. But to increase serotonin levels is not the whole story as the whole area of brain chemicals is rather complex and there may be well be other factors, chemicals and health issues all affecting our general mood and level of optimism.

The second way to start over is that once you get medical advice on taking anti depressants, you should also look for alternatives because these medications may not be suitable for you at all. On the other hand, they may well be alright but being aware of the alternatives and trying them is not going to do anybody any harm, least of all yourself.

The anti depressants of course have their pros and their cons. Let us have a look at a few of the cons. Some people feel numb and groggy all the time. We now know that suicides, self injury and aggression and violence have all been linked to these medications and the warnings on the boxes are enough to put anybody off. The drugs companies have admitted that they do not know exactly how the SSRIs work. These are the serotonin reuptakes which of course actually increase serotonin levels. But we need to approach all this with an open mind.

The third way to start over is to look at some lifestyle changes which are easy to implement. Then you can have a closer look at the herbal remedies for depression which, in my view,are a valid alternative and are safer than the SSRIs. The German people also agree with me as this is their favorite way of treating mild depression.

So, now that you know that there are alternatives, why not look at my website and decide if this could be the best way for you to increase serotonin levels. I know many other people who have done so and never looked back. This could be the way for you too to start over.

Get More Out Of Life While Managing Your Diabetes

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 21, I had not given the first thought to living a healthy diabetic lifestyle. As far as I was concerned, a healthy lifestyle was reserved only for fitness junkies and overweight moms.

I didn’t know squat about the benefits and overall happiness a healthy lifestyle would lead to. I was perfectly content eating frozen pizza, smoking cigarettes, and binge drinking on a regular basis. After I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had a lengthy discussion with my doctor that resulted in an epiphany, “Everything I love is killing me!”

First, we’ll define what I mean by healthy lifestyle. When I asked the question, “What is a healthy lifestyle?” the common answer seemed to be, “Don’t smoke, don’t drink, eat only vegetables and protein, and make sure to exercise every day.”

My first thought was, “You can give that crap right back to the birds.” I was 21, loved to party, and absolutely chock full of testosterone.

The ideas, practices, and benefits a healthy lifestyle provided sounded great for managing my diabetes, but I sure didn’t like the idea of my social life falling off the face of the planet. Believing in the power of moderation, I made some compromises with my disease:

1. Smoking

I quit smoking cigarettes and only smoked cigars on special occasions such as bachelor parties, Super Bowls, or the birth of my first child. That last part was a joke. After many years of searching, special occasions are the only reason I can find to put nicotine or smoke of any kind in your body.

2. Drinking

For me, this was a big one. I’m not really the type of guy that likes to meet girls at church, and school was not really an option for me, but drinking was all my friends and I did. As a result, drinking alcohol (sadly enough) was a major component of my social life. From that day forward, I laid down some basic rules.

No liquor. Liquor causes severe instability in blood sugar levels, and will cause serious problems. I stick only to beer and wine with a maximum of three drinks. If you monitor your sugar regularly and eat beforehand, you should be able to enjoy a nice night out.

3. Eating

Of the areas available for improvement in my lifestyle, eating was the easiest for me to adapt and overcome. When I learned that protein had a minor effect on my sugar that was good news, any hamburger and steak-loving American would be happy to hear that, but the bad news was that French fries, baked potatoes, and (my favorite) sweet potatoes were off limits. That meant I had to learn to love vegetables.

From that point forward, I began cooking veggies with light butter and cayenne pepper. I know that sounds odd, but I like spicy food. As far as your diet is concerned, for the sake of your happiness, find your favorite spices and seasonings and begin experimenting with healthy foods.

4. Exercise

When it comes to exercising many people (including myself) do not follow through for long enough to see substantial results. Personally, I believe in living an active lifestyle instead of becoming a fitness and free-weight junkie. What worked for me? Basic exercises (lunges, squats, and crunches) in front of the television every morning followed by a 15 minute walk.

Complying with the guidelines I listed above, I’m still able to have a fun, active lifestyle while controlling my diabetes. Finally, I need to say that I’m not a doctor, just a guy with Type 1 Diabetes. The practices I listed worked for me to maintain the young-adult lifestyle that I wanted. You may be different, and understanding your own personality traits is critical to successful moderation and control of your diabetes.

Small Business Owners: Eliminating Organizational Waste to Increase Profits

You’ve heard it said often… Management can be broken down like this; eliminate, automate, delegate. You must always eliminate anything (and everything) that is not working, is wasteful, too costly, has no return on investment (ROI), and is not making the right kind of progress for your business.

Automate everything you can. This includes client reminders, billing, marketing, promotions, follow-ups, etc.

Delegation is REALLY important, and most often not done. It’s not done enough because we (you, me and most everyone) has a hard time “letting go.” Basically, we’re control freaks. You must determine your value per hour and NEVER do work that is below that pay level. Begin by delegating (outsourcing) all the things you loath.

It will instantly free your time for doing “HUBU” – your Highest Use and Best Use of your time to attract the next big client.

No one talks about how to eliminate unproductive routines, corporate bureaucracy and ‘administration trivia’ that kills ambition and sap energy for far too many employees. That’s demoralizing for employees and a waste for companies, which badly need the full energy and commitment of all their workers to keep or make the business profitable.

No one talks about how to evaluate the true causes of organizational drag — all the practices, procedures and structures that waste time and limit output — not just the symptoms. The symptoms may seem minor annoyances and inconveniences that could be wiped out without much effort – too much process steps to get orders out, too many meetings, meaningless goals, and time wasted on work that no one will even care about.

But those symptoms stem from fundamental problems. Companies wind up in trouble and squander the time, talent and energy of their workforce when they lose focus, spend money on things that don’t make a difference to employees or the future of the business, and use operating models that are out of whack.

Below are some areas that waste can be eliminated from an organization or restructured to help it to become more profitable.

• Board of Directors — being complacent and procrastinating on leadership, governance and compliance issues.

• President – wasted authority, responsibility, ability, talent, technology and knowledge by fighting ‘we don’t do that here’ mentality

• Administration (wasted efforts) — outdated technology, lack of current policies and procedures, poor tracking of costs, expenses, lost files, inadequate reports, inefficient ordering methods, no competitive bidding, facilities inefficient for operations and employees mindset of ‘we know what we are doing’.

• Human Resources – Poor Employee Handbook, Ambiguous Employee Responsibilities/ Inadequate Job Descriptions, Irregular Employee Evaluations, Outdated Employee Benefits, Poor job training, high employee turnover and improper employee tracking, record keeping systems and the ‘don’t rock the boat’ mentality.

• Finance/Accounting (wasted profits) — credit losses, poor refund/returns tracking system, poor budgeting (profit planning system), Excessive Expenses, Slow Collections from current/former customers, delayed invoicing, inefficient record keeping (inventory/order management) and idle money

• Sales (wasted business opportunity) — neglected customers, uncalled prospects, lack of sales, calls on unqualified prospects, unsatisfied customers, high pressure sales tactics, rash promises and out-moded compensation structures

• Marketing Communications (wasted actions) — executing old marketing plan (targeting wrong customer audience), ineffective advertising, no publicity, lacks ROI measurement, poor coordination with other internal departments, outdated marketing material, outdated marketing message, no coordinated social media marketing presence, uninformed about company plans, internal employee communications lacks credibility and the ‘they can’t handle the truth’ mentality by senior management

• Operations (wasted products/services) – unused capacity, wasted labor, poor training, absenteeism, slow work pace, idle employees, spoiled work, out-dated methods and equipment.

• Ownership (wasted investment) – no profit on investment and the it’s a ‘write off’ mentality.

No one shows you how to attack the root causes of organizational drag listed above, which allows companies to eliminate unnecessary work, reenergize the workforce and at the same time, put the business on a better course. Making improvements allows you to ‘raise the bar’ in the organization by following the three R’s.

• Refocus on strategic priorities

• Resets the budgets

• Redesign the operating model

Refocus on strategic priorities

Refocus the organization on the most important business units, customer segments and geographies in which the company has a repeatable formula for growth and a ‘right to win’.

A. Within business units, eliminate any sources of profitless volume.

1. Look closely, company may have stretched their brands and used product portfolios to customers and market in which they are undifferentiated and profits are weak. This contributes to drag as well as costs that rob resources from better and potentially, more profitable ideas.

Reset the Budgets

How companies allocate money can contribute to organizational drag by keeping nonessential work going on. But it is not easy to make the tough decisions to defund.

I recommend profit planning based on zero-based budgeting and planning to make the choices clearer.

A zero-based budgeting and planning process using stretch targets challenges conventional thinking and brings forth bolder ideas.

Redesign the Operating Model

After streamlined portfolio and reset budgets, it is important to redesign the operating model —- that is, the way the company is organized to deliver on its strategy. Thinking ‘customer-back’ or ‘frontline-back’ provides lens to eliminate work. Just ask: How does this activity help to serve the customer better? Or How does this activity or information serve the internal stakeholders better? —- Companies look at inefficiencies cross-functional, cross-geographical or cross-business unit activities, where no executive or team has any account activity.

Understanding and taking deliberate steps to mitigate identified wasteful process areas in all business units would drastically reduce all kinds of cost and increase profitability regardless of what industry your organisation plays in.

The idea of categorizing seven wastes is credited to Engineer Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production System (TPS). Although the classifications were intended to improve manufacturing, they can be adapted for most types of workplaces.

The following are the seven wastes, as categorized by Taiichi Ohno:

• Overproduction — Manufacture of products in advance or in excess of demand wastes money, time and space.

• Waiting — Processes are ineffective and time is wasted when one process waits to begin while another finishes. Instead, the flow of operations should be smooth and continuous. According to some estimates, as much as 99 percent of a product’s time in manufacture is actually spent waiting.

• Transportation — Moving a product between manufacturing processes adds no value, is expensive and can cause damage or product deterioration.

• Inappropriate processing — Overly elaborate and expensive equipment is wasteful if simpler machinery would work as well.

• Excessive inventory – This wastes resources through costs of storage and maintenance.

• Unnecessary motion — Resources are wasted when workers have to bend, reach or walk distances to do their jobs. Workplace ergonomics assessment should be conducted to design a more efficient environment.

• Defects — Quarantining defective inventory takes time and costs money.

Since the categories of waste were established, others have been proposed for addition, including:

• Underutilization of employee skills — Although employees are typically hired for a specific skill set, they always bring other skills and insights to the workplace that should be acknowledged and utilized.

• Unsafe workplaces and environments — Employee accidents and health issues as a result of unsafe working conditions waste resources.

• Lack of information or sharing of information — Research and communication are essential to keep operations working to capacity.

• Equipment breakdown — Poorly maintained equipment can result in damage and cost resources of both time and money.

By identifying, improving and eliminating wasteful areas throughout the organization that decrease profitability. A business owner can increase their ‘profits’ on the bottom line in a good or bad economy.

Dog Aggression – 3 Ways to Reduce Aggressive Behavior

Dog aggression happens when there is a natural intention to do because of an apparent threat. This is demonstrated by barking, biting, growling, and chasing. Some of these are exhibited as defense mechanism and are not intended to attack. When the message of superiority is established, the aggressive behavior stops.

Dog aggression is inherent in all breeds of dogs but this is more apparent and strong in the terrier and bull breeds especially with the mature ones. Since this is known for such breeds, it is important that the dog owner accepts the responsibility to train his dog to reduce aggressive behavior.

The following are the effective ways to reduce or prevent your dog from being aggressive.

1. Provide your dog with the right amount of exercise.

Aggression is a way to release the high energy level of your dog. It is important to provide your dog with daily exercise. You can walk, run or play with him and make him interact more closely to you. Regular walk using a leash will make him understand acceptable behavior and not. Pulling the leash when possible display of aggression and divert his attention to an interaction or a game with you.

2.  Establish your leadership.

Dog aggression is a statement of superiority. Dogs are by nature social animals and they submit to a leader or assume authority when nobody acts as the pack leader. It is important for your dog to understand that he is inferior to all the members of the family. This is a training that needs to be done during the early stages of his life. You have to give him the right attention when he eats and make every member become involved in feeding him especially for the more aggressive type. Any display of aggression while he eats should be immediately corrected until the message becomes clear.

3. Understand the cause of your dog’s aggression and address the concern.

Aggressive behavior is caused by many factors. These include fear, phobia, anxiety, trauma, threat to territory, undefined structure, genetic makeup or physical ailment. When the reasons are emotional, a closer bond and interaction is necessary to assure him of acceptance but your superiority should be clearly established.

There are many other approaches to handle dog aggression. It is helpful to have a training material to be guided on the specific approaches of handling simple and challenging situations.

Wine Accessories for Gifts

So, for a gift you want to purchase a bottle of wine. Did you know that the popularity of wine is widespread? Getting a bottle of wine and putting it into a brown gift bag is cheesy. Your gift is for someone special and not some ordinary person. A true wine lover not only loves to drink it, but share it with special people. Your gift should come with one or two accessories making it personable and attractive to the recipient of your gift.

The wine bag or tote will make your gift appealing to that special friend. It makes your bottle of wine, even if it is empty, special and something to be kept. Wine bags and totes come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. They are available in wine stores or local shops, even grocery and drug stores. If you are handy with a needle and thread or know someone who is, you can make them yourself with some beautiful fabric, glue and ribbon. You can also look for unique shops, vintage, antiques, even at Goodwill Stores.

Depending on how well you know the recipient, a corkscrew is required. Make sure you pair your bottle of wine with a corkscrew, what type depends on your budget: and ordinary or a stylish one.

There is nothing more enjoyable than sipping wine from a wine goblet or glass. However did you know that their sizes are not just for the sake of style and that the have certain purposes? Tall wine goblets are better paired with red wines, because once you pour it into a tall wine goblet the aroma and flavors of the wine emerge out of the goblet just in time for drinking: thus holding its original taste. Red wines are bolder and bigger in taste so red wine goblets are larger.

On the other hand if you are buying a white wine choose the short goblet, its bowl is more U shape and upright than that of be the red wine goblet allowing the aromas to be released while also maintaining a cooler temperature. The white wine goblet style that’s best for younger whites has a slightly larger opening directing the wine to the tip and sides of the tongue to taste it sweetness. The goblet for more mature white wines will be straighter and taller to dispense the wine to the back and sides of the tongue to taste its bolder flavors.

Why not help your recipient start their collection of wine (that’s if the have not already)? Why not give that person a wine rack with the bottle of wine? You can choose between a stainless wine rack or wooden, with choosing from contemporary to rustic. There are so many different designs of wine racks to be found. Depending on the taste of your friend whether their style is an old classic look or a modern touch, you have a large range to choose from. There are a few racks that are even made for storing wine inside the refrigerator. Wine bottles have to be kept and stored with utmost care. Wine racks old the bottles in contact with the cork, thereby preventing any loss of taste or smell of delicate liquids.

Anxiety Dizziness and How to Deal with it

In this article I will talk about anxiety and dizziness that result from it.

The phrase ‘feeling dizzy’ is often used as a general term to describe anything from a vague sense of wooziness to feel like you’re about to faint or lose consciousness.

The word ‘dizziness’ means different things to different people. For some it may mean a feeling of faintness, for others it may be a feeling of being unsteady on their feet and a little off balance. Either way, it’s not a pleasant occurrence!

You may sense that the room is spinning, or your head is spinning in place. Some people have portrayed as the feeling it’s a bit like when you’re on a boat in the water – or the floor appears to be moving, imitating the motion of waves.

These symptoms may be signs of having an inner ear or balance problem which is always very essential that you see your doctor and get things checked out thoroughly as a precaution.

Having stated that, many people are surprised to learn that dizziness may be a sign, and a symptom!, of anxiety.

Many suffer wooziness often and experience anxiety, and then begin to feel anxious about when it might happen again. And as a result the cycle of fear – anxiety, dizziness starts again. If the anxiety after cure leaves you feeling that you are no longer in control, then this can make you feel a little panicked, and even more anxious. And so the cycle continues.

How to Cope

A lot of people who experience anxiety dizziness say it is helpful to sit as soon as possible. If you attempt this, make sure that when you stand up again rise slowly. If you get up too quickly it can cause a temporary drop in blood pressure. This once again can make a starting point, with a light headed sensation.

You may find it helpful to focus on one point ahead of you, and concentrate on that until you feel that the room has stopped revolving around you. Yet again, as with the sitting down, make sure that you move gradually once you start to feel better.

Hyperventilation can also lead to giddiness. As this is one of the major symptoms of a panic attack can immediately begin to see where the connection between anxiety and dizziness comes. Over-inhalation when under pressure may cause drowsiness and a feeling of loss of balance.

It may seem silly, but these symptoms can be relieved instantly by breathing in and out of a paper bag. What this does is increase the level of carbon dioxide in your blood which then helps to reduce symptoms. Do not be embarrassed to try this trick!

If you can not do this, then try to breathe slowly and deeply, in reality the accurate air suction at the bottom of the lungs. Exhale slowly and try to uphold a smooth and slow rate of breathing. Maintain this speed for several minutes until you begin to feel better.

How to Check Anxiety Dizziness

Living with dizziness anxiety every day can be very sturdy. Victims may find that their lives are restricted by fear of it happening over again. The crisis with this if it creates a cycle of fear, which leads to more anxiety, of course, leads to more dizzy spells.

There are some sensible safety measures you can take as cut refined sugars and artificial sweeteners from your diet, taking supplements of vitamin B6 and ensure that you are not dehydrated.

Though, the only long term solution is to address your problems of anxiety. To reduce anxiety to an adequate level and you will be amazed at how your anxiety dizziness disappears too!

toenail fungus treatments

Toenails fungus could be a very embarrassing condition that leads many people to restrain their toes within covered shoes for all occasions. Imagine not having the ability to wear those beautiful flip-flops just because somebody might catch a glimpse of that evil condition of your toenails. The excellent news is that there are effective toenail fungus treatments, you can essentially be cured of the condition and ensure that the fungi never come back to haunt you ever again. Fungi survive under wet and humid conditions, so a preliminary step is to ensure that you keep your feet completely dry at all times. After taking a bath, clean your feet so that there is no additional moisture left in the skin. An excellent idea will be to cleanse your feet with an anti fungal solution every day before going to sleep.

Here are some tips that you can implement in day by day life and say goodbye to toenail fungus forever:

  • Protect your toenails at any time, the dust and moisture from the outdoors can help the fungi stay alive so keep your feet clean and wear well protected shoes.
  • Proper private hygiene is awfully important, so clean the toenails regularly and trim them after every 3 or 4 days.
  • Every night before going off to sleep, soak your feet in a vinegar footbath for approximately thirty mins ; this could stop the sickness from widening to the remainder of your nails.
  • You can also buy Tea Tree oil from the stores and use it for a footbath ; the results will start to show within just a few weeks. Most of the people touched by toenail fungus have received gigantic benefits from the time-tested footbaths.
  • If you need to get rid of the toenail fungi fast then you need to go to the doctor, as they will probably prescribe some oral antifungal medication to take care of the problem.
  • If you are beginning to show signs of toenail fungal infection, stop wearing nail polish right away as they seal the fungi and provide ideal condition for their growth.
  • Some other solutions like Zeta clear can have great effects on the toenail fungi and cure them within the shortest possible time. The solution goes into the root of the difficulty and destroys the fungus.
  • Even after the toenail fungus is gone, one should take proper measures so the condition doesn’t return, an excellent idea will be to melt the nail and let a fresh and uninfected one grow back.

Before you get a toenail fungus treatments see your doctor and discern if you’re allergic to certain chemicals before you wage war against the toenail fungal infections. Always take proper care of your feet and maintain private hygiene, as’prevention trumps the cure‘.

Setting Up A Triage

If tragedy strikes in a big way and you are overwhelmed by a medical emergency you may need to set up a Triage. Triage is the sorting of patients according to the urgency of their need for care. This system is used when it is not feasible to treat all patients at one time due to limitations. For instance a mass casualty situation, crowded emergency rooms or even battlefield scenarios. How effectively your triage works will depend on your organization and availability of resources. You should also remember that Triage is not treatment. You are sorting patients for those who will treat them and if you do not have those medical professionals available, it could be a very long wait.

If you have a group and it is your intention to be able to set up a Triage the first thing you will need to do is to establish a plan on how you will set up your triage. Make sure that you have a written plan and that it is actionable. It’s important to have a written plan so that things don’t get forgotten or slip through the cracks. Make sure that your plan is realistic and achievable based on your knowledge, capabilities and resources. Once you have your plan you should practice or at the bare minimum review that plan with all those that will be involved so that everyone is comfortable and familiar with their role. You will need to review your plan periodically because things or people may change and you will want to make sure that nothing has seeped out of that steel trap in everyone’s head. You will also want to keep that written plan nearby and accessible.

Of course the best case scenario is to have the availability of healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses or EMT’s. If you don’t have this as an option, get training. There is a saying in the preparedness community, “two is one and one is none.” This holds true in this instance as well. If your one and only person with medical knowledge goes down, you have a problem. Everyone within you group should have at least a rudimentary understanding of first aid. There are many places to get that training from, the Red Cross, online courses, private courses or even community colleges that offer first responder or EMT courses.

When deciding on a location for your Triage area you need to keep your surroundings in mind. For instance, is the area safe? If there is a possibility of further injury or exposure to harsh elements such as snow, rain, or exposure to a lot of direct sunlight you will need to find a better location with some sort of protection. Is the area reasonably clean? You don’t want to setup in the city dump or up against the port-a-potty. The last thing your patient needs is a greater chance of infection.

In formal Triage settings, Triage tags are used to indicate a patients priority. This is to ensure that a patients priority is easily visible by those treating the patient and so that someone with life threatening injuries isn’t waiting for treatment because of someone with a cold. Triage tags use a color system to determine a patients priority, blue for deceased, black for expectant or deceased, red for immediate, yellow for delayed and green for minor. The person doing the initial start writes down the time and then initials it but does not fill out the tag. The tag is then torn to indicate the patients priority and attached to the patient. You should only spend about 30 or 40 seconds per patient and then move on to the next. When you Triage and tag your patient you will probably not be perfect, even the pros make mistakes, just do your best in that 30 – 40 seconds that you have. In the second stage of the process the tag would be filled out. This could be done by ambulance personnel, treatment personnel or those specifically assigned to the task.

When tagging patients the things to look out for are PM’s:

Respiratory Effort- Whenever approaching a patient in an emergency situation you need to check for responsiveness. Gently shake the patients shoulders and loudly ask if they are okay. Gasping or inadequate breathing should be considered unresponsiveness and requires immediate action. Normal respiration rate for adults at rest is between 12 – 16 breaths per minute anything over 30 likely means your patient is in shock and should be tagged red or Immediate. If the patient is vomiting roll them on to their side.

Pulses- Check the patients radial pulse by firmly placing two fingers on the arteries located at the wrist, the inside of the elbow or at the side of the neck. Count the number of beats per minute. If the patient has no pulse tag red or immediate. You can also do a blanch test by pressing on an area of the skin until the color is gone and then time how long it takes for the color to return once you have removed your fingers. If it takes longer than two seconds for the color to return, treat for shock by elevating the feet 12 inches and tag red or immediate. Do not elevate the feet if the patient is suffering from back, neck or head injury or possible broken hip or leg bones. If patient is suffering from severe bleeding take immediate steps to control bleeding.

Mental status- If the patient in conscious but unable to respond treat for shock and tag red or immediate.

Walking Wounded are generally tagged green and asked to move to a specified area. Someone should be with these patients to comfort them and keep them informed. If they are capable they can be utilized to help direct patients where they need to go. Those that may be deceased should be moved out of sight of the patients but kept nearby.

There are some important things to remember if you are in this situation. The first is to stay calm. You are going to be of little help if you are panicked. Second is no matter who you tagging do not get emotional even if you know them. Everyone deserves the same care and you must stay calm and focused. Third, remember that you are sorting patients not treating them and last, whatever your level of expertise, just do your best.

Texts to Send Your Ex Girlfriend That Will Get Her Back

So you really want to text her… but you don’t know what to say.

If you’re trying to get your ex back, texting can be a dangerous thing. However, it can also be an awesome tool. Say the right things, and you can immediately grab your ex girlfriend’s attention. Send the correct text message, and she could soon be begging you to take her back.

Before we begin, understand that texting your ex is generally not a great idea. Not at first, anyway. There are several other steps in the ex back process, and these should be considered first. Make sure you learn them all before you resort to text-messaging with your ex.

With that said, let’s begin.

First, understand that your ex girlfriend will be receptive of only SO much contact with you. The first time you reach out to her after the breakup, she’s going to listen to what you have to say. But the 642nd time? Not so much.

In essence, less is more. So when you decide to make first contact after the break? Make sure it counts. You’ll want to ensure that everything you say is going to work for you in the long run, and that you’re not making any of the bigger mistakes guys always make when trying to talk to an ex girlfriend.

Texting Your Ex Girlfriend

When you’re about to text your ex, make sure it’s at a time she can respond. You don’t want to text her in the early morning (when she’s getting ready), in the middle of a busy day (when she’s not likely to get back to you), or while she’s at work or school (where she can’t get back to you).

Texting her in the evening has two advantages. One, she’s probably got the time to reply to you. Her day is winding down, and there won’t be so much going on. Two, your ex girlfriend will be more likely to be lonely at night. She might by lying there, worrying about things. She might even be missing you.

Below are three different texts you can send your ex girlfriend in order to lure her back.

The ‘I’m Okay’ Text Message

Your first goal is stop resisting the breakup. You do this by letting your ex know you’re 100% in agreement with her about wanting to break things off (even though you’re not).

“Hey listen, I wanted you to know I’m totally cool with ending things. The more I think about it, the more I realize you’re right. Maybe we can be friends one day. Until then, take care.”

This is the simplest, easiest way to not only let your ex know you’re okay with breaking up, but that you actually agree with what she’s saying.

See, your ex can’t argue here. She can’t fight you. She was probably all prepared for you to come up with 10,000 reasons why you should stay together. Instead, you did the exact opposite.

The genius part about this text is that it aligns you with her own interests. Suddenly, you’re on the same side. You’re allies. You’re buddies! Like it or not, you’re basically in the same boat.

Best of all, your ex will instantly wonder what CHANGED with you. Why are you not fighting for her? What happened since she dumped you? Did you find someone else? Get a better prospect? Or did you really come to the realization that YOU don’t want HER???

The ‘Cutting off all Communication’ Text

This is a good one. Right now your ex is ready to ignore you. She expects a barrage of communication, all from your end, and she’s prepared to completely snub you on each and every attempt.

So instead of doing the mass-communication thing, you tell your ex girlfriend:

“You’re right. It’s probably best that we don’t talk anymore. Best of luck, Jennifer. Maybe one day we can be friends.”

BOOM! Preemptive strike. With just a few short sentences, you shifted the balance of power back in your direction. Suddenly, SHE can’t call YOU. Why? Because you told her not to. You basically told HER that staying apart is what YOU want, instead of the other way around.

Know what people hate most? Being told what to do. Your ex girlfriend will be instantly pissed because you stole her fire. Not talking, not communicating? That was HER line! And here you are, throwing it back in her face. Making her own the breakup in the best possible way: by making her see she stands to actually lose you.

And after being pissed wears off, guess what? Your girlfriend faces a new emotion: FEAR.

Fear of being wrong about breaking things off. Fear that maybe, just maybe, you see something that she doesn’t.

Fear of losing you.

This text tells your girlfriend one quick thing: that you don’t need her. And more than anything else, to feel comfortable in continuing the breakup? Your ex girlfriend needs to feel like you still DO need her.

Uncertainty is one of the biggest tools you can use to get your ex back. Make her feel uncertain, and she’ll soon be doubting the breakup.

The ‘Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous’ Text

After the breakup, you get one good shot at making your ex jealous through a text message:

“You’re right, and I think it would be best if we both started seeing other people. Sorry it didn’t work out. I hope we can be friends again one day.”

Think about it: your ex dumped you because she thought she could do better. She expected you to be heartbroken, and to chase after her in trying to get her back.

This “chasing your ex” phase is something your girlfriend was counting on. It allows her the opportunity to let go of you little by little, at her own pace, because she’s safe and secure in the knowledge she can get you back with the snap of two fingers ANYTIME SHE WANTS.

So what just happened? You basically told her you were happy to go out and see other people. All of a sudden a picture forms in your girlfriend’s mind… a picture of you hugging and kissing some other girl.

Trust me, this is NOT what she wants! Your ex wanted you to sit around wallowing in misery and chasing after her for a while, inflating her ego while SHE got to go out and possibly see other people. Instead, just the opposite happened. YOU plan to see other people (apparently at the first available opportunity), and she’s the one left wondering if ending the relationship was the right decision.

She also has to wonder, for the first time ever, if getting YOU back is even a possibility.

See what happened? The entire situation has been turned around. Instead of looking for reasons to continue rejecting you, your ex girlfriend will begin searching for ways she could get back INTO the relationship, should she decide to do so.

Colon and colon cancer in women

Summary: Colon Health is the Key to a Long, Happy, and Disease-Free Life

Colon health is becoming exceedingly important; colon related diseases are some of the most prevalent diseases among Americans today. Colon health is dependent on the maintenance of beneficial intestinal bacteria and proper elimination. Colon therapy is a form of healthcare that in theory restores the function of the colon. Colon therapy refers to flushing water through the entire length of the colon or large intestine.


Conventional diets comprised of refined, processed foods, high in saturated fats, and low in fiber contribute to many problems associated with the large intestine. When the colon is packed with accumulated, hardened feces due to a poor diet, constipation, or some other gastrointestinal problem, waste can build up.

Most conventional doctors do agree, however, that avoiding red meat and other fatty foods, and eating a healthy, high-fiber diet, is the best way to keep the colon healthy.


Colon therapy offers many health benefits including detoxification, cleansing of the bloodstream and the stimulation of internal organs.

Controlling Your Weight

Difficulties controlling weight may be due to the excess garbage piled up in the colon.

Dietary Fiber

Fiber will increase the volume of stools, thereby increasing the frequency of evacuation. Aside from the benefits that fiber provides for your colon, it may also promote cholesterol health. Colon health is important and diet, fat consumption and fiber content can all impact the health of the colon.


Colon health is important and diet, fat consumption and fiber content can all impact the health of the colon. Good colon health is as much a function of the quality of food we eat, as it is our elimination status. It is believed that colon therapy can relieve a score of symptoms from gas, bloating, and constipation to depression, insomnia, and headaches. In practice, the herbal colon therapy has proved to be almost a specific for spastic colitis.

Summary: Colon Cancer and Colon Cancer Symptoms

Cancer of the colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in America. Cancer of the colon is believed to be preventable, by specialists, if regular colon cleansing is performed. Development of cancer stimulating polyps is promoted by toxins that are present, and amass within the colon wall, according to experts.

Body detox and colon cleansing can bring many health advantages. If recognized quickly, colon cancer can be avoided even though it is one of the most familiar forms of cancer in the world. Nevertheless, it is normal for a colon cancer patient not to feel manifestations during the early phases. With an average diagnosed age of 64, about 90 percent of cancer of the colon examples is from individuals over 50. Cancer of the colon as well as many other forms of cancer and disease have been linked with smoking as a contributing factor. When you smoke, you can worsen the risk since the inhaled tobacco can transmit cancer-causing agents to the colon and can increase the size of the cancer polyp.

Foodstuffs that are rich in cholesterol and fat are likely to raise the risk of colon cancer. 

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Gastric Bypass Low Cost Weight Loss Surgery

Roux-n-Y or Gastric Bypass is modern way to reduce weight. Obesity surgeries sometimes become inevitable options for those who couldn’t maintain healthy weight on their own. Health care industry always remains in need of low cost and convenient obesity surgery options. Affordable weigh loss surgery options can enable more and more obese patients to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Gastric bypass can prove a life changing surgery option to obese patients. The surgery is meant to reduce the amount of calories an obese person uses to absorb from his food. During the procedure surgeons create a small pouch by stapling off a section of the upper part of patient’s stomach. It’s like you create a compartment at the upper side of your stomach. Below the staple line the stomach continue working normally it continue producing gastric juices and other essentials to digest the food, but the food cannot enter here.In that way surgeon reduces the space of stomach that helps to reduce the amount of calories to enter in the stomach and an obese person start feeling satisfied after eating smaller amount of food. A smaller piece of intestine is attached to the compartment for limiting the absorption of calories from the food.

Like any surgical procedure gastric bypass do have some complications and risks. The surgery takes two approximate hours, and the patient is supposed to stay for 3 nights in hospital after the operation. Unhealthy eating and habit of over eating can decrease the success rate after the surgery; the side effects include stomach cramps, dizziness, sweating and dumping syndrome. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The success depends on how good you are with the pre and post surgery preventions. You may lose rapidly after the surgery in coming two months but after that weight loss stabilizes. Patient has to take nutritional supplements on daily basis and some injections after every 3 months to prevent pernicious anemia for the rest of his life after surgery. Only then one can gradually lose up to 80% of his/her weight. Gastric bypass is available in European countries, USA, And in Asian countries also. Medical tourism Malaysia is providing obese patient and chance to come to Malaysia for low cost weigh loss surgeries like Gastric bypass. Wellenssvisit is the forum that provides you exceptional healthcare facilities with less expensive medical travel compared to European countries. If you are obese and want a low cost Gastric bypass surgery contact www.wellnessvisit.com the premier resource of information on medical tourism Malaysia.

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back When She Is Not Interested

You’ve been dumped by your ex girlfriend and now she’s giving you the cold shoulder like nothing you’ve ever seen. You’ve done nothing wrong, yet she’s treating you like something stuck to the bottom of her shoe. Where’s the logic? Where’s the compassion?

What you must realize at this point is that her attitude towards you at the moment is more of a self protection mechanism than anything. In fact, you shouldn’t be taking this personally at all – there’s a very good chance that you’ve done nothing to deserve this sort of treatment.

Still, it is what it is and it is something that you must deal with. While you may think that nothing is going to get through her tough exterior, if you step back for a minute, have a little patience, and really think about what’s going on, you can take steps to remedy the situation.

This involves playing your long game. It is not for someone who has no patience, needs the relationship back yesterday, and cannot function without their ex-girlfriend. No, it’s going to take perseverance, patience, and the confidence that things will get better.

Give her some time to cool off. You’d be surprised what a difference a week can make. Treat her with respect (even if she is treating you with none), let her know that you will be there as a friend if needed, let her know that you’re not trying to force her into making a decision, and make sure she realizes that you have no ulterior motives (even if you do).

By completely taking the pressure off, she’s going to be knocked for a loop. She is fully expecting you to be devastated and to start acting desperate and needy. She’s expecting you to come to her begging for another chance. When that doesn’t happen, it’s going to throw a huge wrench in the works.

When you do establish contact after a week or two, do not bring up the old relationship, don’t make a pass at her, and definitely don’t tell her that you are still in love with her. It’s tough love, but you have to take the wind out of her sails before she will listen to reason. There’s no other way to do it.

Bide your time, have patience, and you are almost guaranteed to see tiny sparks of affection and desire again. The key is to not rush into this – take your time and you’ll be rewarded.

Three Natural Ways to Stop Sweating

Sweating is something that we all do. But unfortunately, some people sweat more than others due to overactive sweat glands in the body. You've most likely tried all the main antiperspirants and pills to help control your excess sweating, but you probably have not tried natural methods, and you should.

If you would like to stop your sweating problem, then you have come to the right place. In this article I'm going to provide you with the top 3 natural ways to stop sweating.

Try using baby powders containing corn starch. They're well known for reducing the amount you sweat. Although the powder does not actually block any sweat glands, it does absorb any sweat through your day. These baby powders can be used on any part of the body too!

Sage tea is one of the most effective natural methods to help with sweating. Personally, I've never tried it. But I have heard some great success stories from people who have used sage tea to cure their excessive sweating problems. You simply brew some sage leaves, leave to cool, and then consume. Although it does not directly stop sweating, it does relax over sweat glands so you will not sweat as much. You should try and have one glass of sage tea a day.

Dietary changes are also needed to help eliminate your sweat problem. You need to avoid certain foods that trigger off your sweat glands. Spicy foods, alcoholic drinks and drinks containing caffeine can all trigger off your sweat glands. Avoiding these foods and drinks will seriously reduce the amount you sweat.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 3 natural ways to stop sweating. If you put the information to good use, I'm sure you'll be able to cure any excess sweating problems you may have.

Properties of the Colloidal Silver Water

The last decades have been marked by the urge to create a healthy environment populated by people who appreciate nature and the ecological products that it offers. The medical system has developed new strategies that involve the use of the real, natural elements that are to be found in nature. One of these substances is the colloidal silver. This is an ecological product that is dissolved in water in order to be administrated to those who wish to prevent the illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria.

The colloidal silver has a strong antibiotic effect that allows the quick removal of the effects that the viruses have on the immune system. The water with colloidal silver is no different from the normal water, because it has the exact same taste with a greenish color. The great thing of the treated water is that it is absorbed by the organism as soon as it is found in the mouth. The effects of this drink, at the level of the mouth, consist in the whitening of the teeth, in the improvement of the dental cavities, bad breath and depositions on the teeth.

The colloidal silver makes possible the cleansing of the organism by the removal of the bacteria and of the viruses that threaten the well-being and the health of the body. The body will lack the micro-organisms that affect the well-functioning of the internal medical system, thus determining the consolidation of the metabolism and the regulation of the body weight.

Even if the colloidal silver is an aseptic solution used for the stopping of the pathogen organizations in their developing process inside the body, it can also be used for the eye infections, or for the inflammations that appear at the level of the nose or ears. These conditions include chronic sinusitis, rhinitis or otitis; By spraying some treated water in the ears, the colloidal silver is reducing both the symptoms and the causes.

The colloidal silver water is ideal for the prevention of the diseases by the removal of the toxins that are inside the body; In order to do that, it is advisable to drink the colloidal silver water, but also as many liquids as possible, to permit the elimination of the destroyed toxins.