How Changing Your Mindset Can Help You to Reduce Your Blood Pressure in a Sustainable Way After 40

As you get older a combination of hormonal changes like the reduction in growth hormone level and the build up in stress that comes from work and family life will lead to weight gain due to an accumulation of body fat. This is usually a gradual process that starts in your thirties and becomes more obvious in your early forties. Unless you recognize these changes early, change your mindset and take sustainable healthy action, you will continue to gain weight and struggle to reduce your blood pressure, Here are 3 tips on how changing your mindset can help you reduce your reduce your blood pressure in a sustainable way after 40.

The first change in mindset you need is to focus on long-term lifestyle changes instead looking for short-term quick fixes. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. You need to stop chasing after the latest diet, the latest “pill” that will magically burn off fat, reduce your weight and help you reduce your blood pressure. Research has shown that 60-90% of people who start a new exercise regimen give it up within 6 months. Unless you have a change in your mindset, you will end up being part of this group.

The second mindset change you need is to look inwards. Instead of looking outwards, look inwards and try to gain a deeper understanding of yourself so that you will know which set of physical activities and exercises will best fit your personality, sense of self and your energy level. It could be running with friends, walking, swimming, tennis or playing golf. Once you discover which form of exercise works best for you schedule, budget and personality, stick to it. You need to do an exercise regimen for sometime before you get the full health benefits associated with it. A mindset that makes you change from one exercise to another repeatedly will lead to failure. You will end up not getting the results you desire in terms of reduced blood pressure.

The third mindset change you need to help you have a sustainable healthy lifestyle is perseverance. Stick to your chosen plan. Do not get easily discouraged by initial poor results like slow weight loss or inconsistencies in bed time. Sleeping on time and having deep sleep will help you to reduce your blood pressure because it will help you to become well-rested and have fewer hormonal fluctuations.

You also have to remember that your negative health changes occurred gradually due to bad habits like insufficient sleep, eating junk food, inconsistent exercise, and poor stress management over a period of time. In order to over come these changes in a sustainable manner you need to persevere. You need to give up the mindset that seeks for overnight solutions.

Primal Burn Fat Burner System Diet Plan Review – Does It Work?

Primal Burn Book Review – Does it Work?

The Primal Burn program is a popular & successful eBook by Ken Smith and has helped thousands of people worldwide to lose weight successfully. It incorporates a formula that helps the body to burn fat quickly by eating foods and doing targeted exercises that cause the body to speed up metabolism.

Helps Increase Your Metabolism.

Primal Burn Fat Burner System is based upon health and weight loss information obtained from extensive research in this field. The exercise structure of the program has two sections that are designed for various fitness levels. It also includes an “absolute beginner” workout so that those who are brand new to short duration and high intensity exercise can learn gradually. The program also incorporates a plan which includes eating foods that speed up a sluggish metabolism to help lose weight quickly.

Reveals a Secret to Burn More Fat Naturally.

The book will reveal a secret that almost everyone does each day without effort. Research has shown that it helps to shed pounds, simply by going to sleep. Insufficient sleep slows down the metabolism and also increases the BMI, which we know means the body is carrying around excessive fat in. So, in addition to causing an insatiable hunger due to the appetite hormone, the poor restless sleeper also has a slower metabolism because of lack of sleep. To put it another way, lack of sleep often causes an increase in the appetite, leading to overeating either during the night or the next day.

Lose 10, 20 or Even 50 Lbs Naturally.

Primal Burn is a program that incorporates all of these things through safe nutritional guidance that results in weight loss without starvation. The book also addresses exercise, which is vital to losing and maintaining weight, by offering safe and effective routines to supplement the nutritional plan for people at all levels of fitness. No matter your current weight and figure, this formula can help you burn fat fast, set your metabolism right into a fat-burning state, reach your optimal weight, develop more energy, reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure, and improve your overall health. It is an easy to use guide including step-by-step pictures, diagrams and schematics show you how everything is done. It works for both men and women as well. So if you need to drop 10, 20, or even 50 lbs of fat, then try the Primal Burn Fat Burner System!

It’s Not the Job You Do, It’s the Way You Do It

Everybody would probably love to be working in a field that they love; however, some may feel that’s just not possible given their current circumstances. If you are currently doing work that you no longer enjoy, try taking the necessary steps to get to where you want to be. It doesn’t mean quitting your current job straightaway, it just means looking for opportunities to monetize where your passions lie. Start planning how you are going to get there.

What new skills do you have to learn? What new places do you have to network? You should, however, perform your current position to the best of your abilities. Be positive that whatever job you are doing now is not forever. Positive energy is essential to shape your attitude. No matter how bad your current situation is or how bad your boss may treat you, stay positive, you will build resolve and show your mind that nothing can get you down.

Maintaining a positive attitude can take you a long way in life. No matter how bad you think your situation is, there’s always somebody that has it worse, much worse in fact. In this world one could make a strong case that many don’t enjoy doing their jobs, but yet they persist on bringing the same negative attitude to work every day which exacerbates the problem. Only you yourself can stop yourself from doing whatever it is you wish to do provided that you of course have the talent for it.

You can continue to meet your present obligations by working your current job with a great attitude, and then in your free time, pursue your passion. Make sure it is indeed your passion, as you will have to work your body harder than usual. But passion is great for the body, the mind craves passion, it will serve to liven up your spirits, you may find it will give you more energy and enthusiasm at your current job, your boss might even want to give you a raise.

Even if your co-workers have a negative attitude, do your best to try and reverse the situation, always put a positive spin on something. The mind works best when you maintain a positive frame of mind. Understand that it’s only temporary till your work day ends and you can go back to working on your passion. But of course your passion shouldn’t be work.

Successful Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, usually affects specific areas such as the armpits, palms, and soles of the feet. This condition is due to overactive sweat glands and is usually prevalent in both men and women. The idiopathic variety, in which there is no known cause, is usually bilateral, and present in affected individuals from their early teens. Secondary hyperhidrosis may present as unilateral sweating in one limb, and is usually due to trauma, neurological disorders, or metabolic disorders causing a dysfunction of the sympathetic nerves supplying specific areas of the body. Although not a serious medical condition, hyperhidrosis can be extremely disturbing and socially embarrassing for affected individuals. About one in every three individuals is reportedly affected with this condition, although the severity of symptoms may vary significantly.

Conservative treatment for hyperhidrosis is usually in the form of local applications, medications, local injections, or surgery. Local antiperspirants usually form the first line of treatment in the management of this condition. Oral medications are not usually used since the benefit observed variably considerably. Local injections like Botulinum toxin bring about temporary relief for a few months and can be quite costly.

Thoracoscopic sympathetectomy is an established treatment in several countries and can bring about substantial relief from excessive sweating in the palms; However, surgical options have their own known side-effects. Laser ablation is used for treating excess sweating from the armpits.

Overall, the current management of hyperhidrosis is there before quite unsatisfactory. Ayurvedic herbal treatment can be judiciously used to completely control and treat hyperhidrosis in affected individuals. Medicines are given in the form of herbal extract tablets which can be taken orally, and are usually quite safe for long-term use. The aim of Ayurvedic treatment is to reduce stress, treat the overactive sweat glands, and also treat any known causes or associated causes of the condition. A majority of affected individuals typically have associated hyperacidity which needs to be treated along with hyperhidrosis.

Treatment is usually given for about six months; However, most individuals report improvement within the first month of treatment. Depending upon individual patient response, medicines are continued till a complete remission from symptoms is obtained. After this, medicines are gradually tapered over the next few months and then stopped altogether. This treatment has several advantages over conservative treatment in that the medicines are completely safe for long-term use and relapses are usually not seen.

Regular treatment with Ayurvedic herbal medicines usually modulates the overactive sweat glands so that affected individuals can cope with stressful situations with optimum comfort and carry on their day-to-day activities without any hindrance. While sweating is a normal and physiological action on the part of the body for heat and water regulation as well as keeping the skin soft and smooth, the excessive sweating – which is an undesirable symptom – can be phased out both on the physical and Psychological levels in affected individuals. Ayurvedic herbal treatment can not only help cure the physical problem but also helps affected individuals improve quality of life as well as confidently move ahead in their professional carriers.

Type 2 Diabetes – Do You Take Care of Your Body?

It is a travesty, so many people neglect their health and well-being because caring is inconvenient. Managing one’s health requires work and attention, the same effort often given to other areas of a person’s life.

Your job, relationships, and the activities you engage in are undoubtedly important to you. But do you give the same amount of attention and effort to your health? Most people do not, and this is one reason why preventable diseases like Type 2 diabetes and obesity are rampant in our society.

You ought to take care of your body. If avoiding diseases or complications is overshadowed by other priorities, then care for your body for no reason other than to live a better life…

  • investing in your body is investing in your health.
  • investing in your health is investing in your future.

Isn’t this the reason why so many people work hard? Money can be made with an exchange of effort and time. If your health is at risk, your ability to work is compromised, and your life expectancy may be affected. Type 2 diabetes on its own reduces the average life expectancy by up to 10 years. Other complications can suddenly arise and threaten a person’s well-being with more immediate consequences.

The point is there is no more precious resource than your health. Once you realize this, you should stop making excuses for not taking care of your body. Moreover, taking care of your body also implies taking care of your appearance.

While your physique is a component, it is not a vital factor. Weight loss is relevant for many trying to improve their health, but there are often more benefits beneath the surface. Internal health is measured by more than just body weight, even if high body fat is indicative of poor inner well-being. Two individuals may have the same body composition, but one may be healthy while the other is ill. This is why nutrition is so important…

  • healthy eating is number one on the list of priorities when it comes to taking care of your health.
  • weight loss is relevant, but particularly for those who are overweight.

In regards to physical activity, it is essential for everyone to the same degree. There is no avoiding exercise. However, it has so many benefits you should not be avoiding it anyway.

There are other things to keep in mind when taking care of your body, such as…

  • avoiding stress,
  • limiting alcohol, and
  • improving the quality of your sleep.

But you cannot go wrong by starting with healthy eating and making positive changes to your diet plan…

  • create a weight loss plan if it’s relevant for you.
  • start exercising or make a greater commitment to physical activity if you are insufficiently active.

Do it for your body, for your health, and ultimately for your future

Scorpio women

The Scorpio woman is very particular. She is better about herself when she is strong. Added to this, has a great ability to jump over obstacles and difficulties. Never give up because they work hard to win.

They have a great imagination and intelligence, but are not fully aware of that ability. However, once they do, they can exploit their full potential, and be very good in almost any field they choose.

There have great chances of having a very positive development in their life. The exceptionally strong vibrations of Scorpio, combined with their ability to self-control, give them an extraordinary ability to achieve excellent results.

On the negative side, they tend to be compulsive pleasure-seeking, so they can use a lot of determination only for the purpose of seeking personal satisfaction. Can have influence over others, but struggle to improve their own being.

Anyway, they can be very effective in matters relating to business and finance. Are trustworthy and safe, and have the ability to help others even beyond their limits. However, if they do any damage, it will be substantial. Nor do they pay much attention to the feelings of their subordinates.

The Scorpio women are dynamic and think very fast, so they can, with a strong wit, beat their opponents. With their ability to make the right contacts at the right times, can get very high in life. They want a high quality life and are able to achieve it.

Mental attitude

Have an inclination to have a logical mind and strong willpower, determination and an independent nature. They have the ability to do original research, and tend to draw profound conclusions about the mysteries of nature.

Mentally, can address almost any situation, and bring more benefits to them.

Physical Appearance

Scorpio women have a broad face, a dominant look, muscular body, and normally wear their hair short and curly.

Their hands are usually long and the stature is above average. The body is well proportioned and overall impressed personality.

Have a look in their eye, and a glow on the skin that makes them different from the rest.


They have a strong constitution and good health. Rarely have health problems, but if they occur, will take time to heal. Reproductive organs and the gallbladder are their weaknesses.

They may also have problems like insomnia, inflammations and disorders related to excessive heat in the body.


Have plenty of money and be able to manage their finances well. Will also have a strong tendency towards speculation and will be located in places where they will gain a lot.

Although the cost related to earnings is very good, the savings are not substantial for them, which lead them in time of needs and difficulties.

Romantic and sexual life

Are quite attractive and appealing to all men, but may find it a problem to choose the right man for them.

Romances tend to be slow, the style of a storybook. Enjoy the love, but can not always feel completely satisfied.

A Scorpio woman is very honest to her lover and expects the same from him, i.e. total devotion. Want to have the best romance, and more of classical type. Have the ability to seduce her man with one eye, so the power of her eyes has much to do in the romance.

It is not their style to declare openly that they are in love. In fact, they say it very well with their gestures and glances. They do not need any special clothes for the occasion; they will have the ability to achieve their goals with the most common clothing.

They have the ability to make their voice sweet and magnetic, and be able to control the man with few words and glances.

They are very easy to meet, but that does not mean that every part of your body is an erogenous area for them.


Once they do, can care and worship their husbands in a way that no other woman could do. Seek to improve their powerful position.

On the negative side, a Scorpio woman may have moods and outbursts of anger frequently and are quite capable of destroying her married life. So, exercise to control their character will be useful especially for them.

Anyway, we have seen that the marriages of Scorpio women are generally durable and stable.


They are the men born under the sign of Pisces, Scorpio and Leo.

To take care

They are very optimistic and see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Usually get high on their lives because of this optimistic nature, but this can also lead to disappointment and falls. Their decisions can be risky for that optimism as they overlook the negative possibilities associated with them.

Days, numbers, lucky colors

Lucky day for Scorpios are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Your lucky numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 9.

Your lucky colors are yellow, red and orange

Recommended Gems

It is recommended to keep a yellow sapphire and / or Red Coral. The gemstones should be of a vibrant aura and should never have been worn before. The weight of the same shall be decided taking into account their body weight and age.

Why Does Chocolate Make a Good Gift?

Everyone loves chocolate! There’s a type of chocolate for everyone! For every budget there’s a chocolate gift that’s just right! Being able to find the perfect gift of chocolate is easy! Just look for the type they eat normally during the year. Check out what they love eating – the stuff they don’t share might well be their favourite!

It’s easy to ask well in advance of a birthday or Christmas what sort of chocolates they like the best? Make a note of it so you don’t forget and then when it is present buying time you have all the ammunition you need to ensure they get the perfect gift.

Some people like dark rich chocolate that is bitter yet very sensual to eat. Some love the smooth soft taste of the white chocolate, and some love milk chocolate!

Should you look for a large box of what they like or buy a couple of different lots? It’s entirely up to you – but bear in mind what they like. If they like lots of different types then they will be touched to know you’ve remembered and got some of each for them! This can be a very thoughtful gift if you’ve taken the time to track down hard to find brands.

Wrapping them is fun! If you buy one large box then wrap it carefully, remembering to hide the edge part of the paper under the box! Brighten it up with a bow in a corner and a label so they know who it’s from. You can buy ready wrapped boxes from places like Thorntons – many other places will gift wrap if you ask though!

If you are buying several individual items then you can either wrap them all in one parcel, or wrap them individually. It looks more impressive sometimes to give a big box of items – but lots of little items all stacked up can be quite a lovely sight to behold! If you’re doing separate parcels then tie them altogether with a nice ribbon for a lovely looking present!

You will find this sort of gift goes down well with members of your family who you might otherwise struggle for ideas for!

Battery main elements impact on human health

Cadmium is an element that human not need, the body cadmium is uptaking from the external environment and then accumulation through the respiratory tract and the digestive tract after birth. The clinical manifestations of chronic poisoning is emphysema, bone changes and anemia.Japan found that some regions have the occurrence of pain patients due to long-term consumption the contaminated, high cadmium content rice and water.The main lesion is osteomalacia, The pain began lower extremity,and then throughout the body until the bedridden.

Chromate dust and chromic acid mist can cause nasal septum, part of the long-term contact patients’ symptoms include headache, weight loss, digestive disorders and gastrointestinal ulcers, mild renal injury.Carcinogenic chromium is increasingly attracting attention,ferrochrome smelting workers lung disease rate higher than that of other occupations.

Nickel usually from dietary intake, are considered to be induced lung cancer and nasal sinus cancer.Abroad have reported that nickel-induced lung cancer incidence have worked an average of 27 years.Nickel poisoning mainly caused respiratory damage,severe cases will be vague or unconscious mind,concurrent myocardial damage

Mercury is fat soluble. Through the blood-brain barrier into the central nervous system. Mercury is found in various tissues and organs, mainly in the liver, enters the body after 2 weeks, 85% – 90% of the mercury deposited in the kidneys, the main symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning is easily excited disease, tremor, stomatitis. Symptoms of mild poisoning is neurasthenic syndrome, autonomic dysfunction, and the impatience, irritability, crying, etc.when severe poisoning occurs the obvious personality changes, affective disorder, mental deterioration.
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Intake of lead, mainly through food, drink and atmosphere.U.S. study suggests that the increase in human blood lead concentrations, lead to a corresponding increase in the degree of negative impact on health.Because lead can not easily be excreted, so it affects the kidneys, liver, nervous system and blood-forming organs, increasing blood pressure (increase the risk of heart attack in the middle-aged), renal function and interference with reproductive function, and irreversible brain damage. High blood lead levels can cause behavioral problems of children, low IQ and concentration difficulties

Manganese is an essential trace element the human body, but excessive absorption can lead to poisoning. Manganese can enter through the respiratory tract,also can be entered by the digestive tract. Liver is the main accumulation organ manganese, excessive exposure manganese accumulation in the central nervous system, which discharges slower than other organs

How to Treat Cushings Disease in Dogs

Cushings Disease, also called hyperadrenocorticism, is relatively common in older dogs. Dogs with Cushings Disease produce too much of a natural hormone called cortisol, producing symptoms such as excessive drinking and urinating, a distended, swaying belly, hair loss and a sparse hair coat, possibly an increased appetite, and frequent panting.

Dogs with Cushings Disease may have been tested for other causes of increased drinking, including diabetes, kidney and liver disease, where all tests have come back negative. This is another sign of Cushings Disease.

The disease is an overproduction of a hormone (cortisol) which produces the signs of excessive drinking and urinating. The most common cause is due to a tumor on the pituitary gland (a gland at the base of the brain). A small percentage of cases are caused by a tumor on the adrenal gland (a gland in the kidneys). In some cases, dogs can show all these signs by being on steroids, such as prednisone. In this case, the treatment is to wean your dog off the drug.

To begin with, as always, have your dog correctly diagnosed – take him to your Vet. If he has some of the signs of Cushings (excessive drinking and urination) then it is first important to rule out other diseases. Your Vet will check for diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease. A general blood screen will be suggestive of Cushings Disease. At this time they may recommend further screening tests and discuss treatment.

Treatments that your Vet may suggest might include drug therapy with trilostane or mitotane. Other conventional treatment might include radiation therapy or in some cases, adrenalectomy.

There are natural alternatives that can be used in conjunction with the conventional options. In this article, I offer several that you can try that may help.

A possibly effective natural solution is to try antioxidants. In Cushings Disease, the cells are more prone to injury from the high cortisol levels. The three most effective antioxidants are Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Selenium. These are best given in combination: give 100IU of Vitamin E, 100mg of Vitamin C and 20 ug if Selenium per 10 lbs of body weight daily.

Another natural solution is to try the herb Ginkgo Biloba. It has been shown to reduce cortisol production, similar to anipryl (see below).

High cortisol levels will make your pet feel anxious. A herbal solution to reduce anxiety is to try Valerian. The dog dose is 1 drop per lb of body weight twice daily.

When it comes to conventional solutions, try Anipryl. This is a newer, safe medication to treat the disease, available from your Veterinarian. It must be given daily, and can be quite costly to treat a large dog. It works directly on the pituitary gland helping to decrease cortisol production.

If you find these remedies useful, I guarantee that you will find the other remedies in my book and home study course, Veterinary Secrets Revealed, just as practical. If you use only a few of the remedies I offer, you will see how easy it is to save money at your Vet.

These remedies work – I use them every day in practice.

Best wishes…

Weight Loss Diets – Based On Your Metabolic Type Work

If you're wondering where that double chin came from, the high fructose corn syrup used in some of your favorite processed foods may be partially to blame. This ingredient has been getting a lot of press lately because it is believed to be a major player in the rising obesity epidemic.

Sugar contains nothing but empty calories. When you eat this stuff, a large portion of it gets stored in the body as fat. If your goal is to slim down, being heavy-handed with the sugar is not going to help. This is not even the worst of it. Sugar can also depress the immune system, feed cancer cells, contribute to heart disease, raise your risk of osteoporosis and make you look decrepit.

Give Artificial Sweeteners the Boot

Foods that should be staples in your healthy meal plans include fresh fish, naturally raised meats, organic poultry, organic whole eggs, raw nuts, fresh herbs, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Natural foods are better for you because they are low in calories and filled with plenty of nutrients your body can use.

Also, natural foods are not loaded with a laundry list of additives that contribute to weight gain, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and other health problems.

Experiment with Recipes, Flavors and Cooking Methods

Unlike processed junk, healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans typically raised meats, organic poultry, raw nuts, seeds and organic eggs are naturally low in calories. When you eat reasonable portions of these foods, you automatically reduce your caloric intake and lose weight without feeling hungry, deprived or bitter.

There is so much nonsense in processed foods. When you eat them, your body does not have a clue what to do with the calories; So they just get stored as fat. When you eat nutritious foods instead of processed junk, your body actually benefits from the calories so they are less likely to get stored as blubber.

Proper Nutrition Helps Fuel Your Body

All nutritious (and I mean truly nutritious) eating plans will allow plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and beans in the diet. These foods provide the healthy carbohydrates you need to fuel your body and keep your metabolism performing properly.

If you come across a diet that tells you not to eat healthy carbohydrates, run away from it as fast as you can. Your body absolutely has to have healthy carbohydrates (healthy being the operative word) to survive.

Eating Healthy to Burn Fat …

Here's some great news. Healthy diets that include protein can help you build lean muscle tissue, which can kick your metabolism into high gear. This is definitely a plus if you want to send that double chin packing.

When you eat protein rich foods, your body releases a hormone that helps you burn fat. Protein also helps make meals more satiating so you eat less (bringing on the protein, baby). Some nutritious protein sources include naturally raised lean meats, organic poultry, beans, raw nuts and whole organic eggs.

Why put yourself through the drama of dieting just to be disappointed with the end results? Healthy eating is a much better option for dropping unwanted pounds. Remember though, nutritious eating is just one part of the weight loss puzzle. If you want to keep those results coming, get plenty of exercise and drink lots of water.

Natural foods include fresh produce, whole eggs, free-range poultry and lean meats. These foods are not processed and they do not contain trans-fats, preservatives or any of the other chemical additives that make them dangerous for human consumption.

Use Organic Fruits, Veggies and Meats Whenever Possible

Are calories good or bad? The less food you eat, the more weight you'll lose, right?

Sorry, but it just does not work this way.

If your idea of ​​the perfect diet plan for weight loss is popping crackers and diuretics, you're headed for disaster. Besides being downright miserable, a starvation diet can thwart your weight loss efforts and do some serious damage to your health.

If you really want "The TRUTH" when it comes to losing fat … no fads, no pills, no starvation … see my bio below for more information on these subjects.

Here are some of the great topics I recommend concerning your diet:

* How to determine the exact types of foods that are most suitable for your specific body and metabolism type. After all, we are all different, so 1 specific diet is NEVER right for everyone.

* The dangers of eating certain types of soy products … which types are OK in moderation, and which types should not be eat at all, unless you WANT more belly fat!

* What you need to know about dairy before ever buying another dairy product again

* Why "whole grains" are not always as healthy as the label claims, but there is an "other type" of grain that is a contender for the superfood lists

* Is organic food worth the price?

* The honest truth about carbohydrates and how much you really need

* The major misconceptions about diet fat that you need to know about

* Ideal protein-carb-fat ratios based on your specific metabolism and body type

* Everything you need to know about salt, sweeteners, alcohol, and more

In my opinion, this kind of info is a MUST-SEE for everyone that cares about their health and that of their loved ones, and wants to finally fully understand nutrition and how to get a lean body for life.

If you want much more information for a better and healthier life and a weight loss diet based on your "Metabolic Typing", see my bio below for access to more information in detail.

The Secret to Putting Rhythm

Golfers use their putter more than any other club in their golf bag during a round of golf, however, putting is one of the least effectively practiced parts of their game. Mike Shannon, putting instructor at Sea Island Golf Learning Center, and considered by many to be the world’s best putting instructor, has some great advice regarding establishing a repeatable putting stroke.

According to Shannon, establishing a consistent rhythm to the putting stroke is essential. For every golfer, speed is everything in putting. Says Shannon, “When you talk about speed, you have to talk about the rhythm of the putting stroke.” To establish an individual’s rhythm, a simple drill is in order. One that makes use of a metronome.

Establishing a Rhythm

According to Shannon, “Ninety percent of all the (tour) players have a rhythm of 76 beats per minute.” All tour players, says Shannon, have a rhythm of between 72 and 80 beats per minute (bpm) with a metronome.

A golfer can establish his or her rhythm using a metronome by putting 12 or so balls to a cup that is approximately 25 feet away. Set the metronome to 76 bpm, clip the metronome to a pocket, and practice putting to the cup in time with the metronome. As Shannon demonstrates, the putting stroke will consist of starting with one tone of the metronome and impact the ball at the next tone.

After putting the 12 balls a few times, says Shannon “most of your balls should be in a pattern.” Most of them will be in a two to three foot radius somewhere around the cup.

“If most putts are right around the cup, then 76 beats per minute is right for you. If several are past the hole, three, four or five feet, 76 bpm is too slow, giving you too much time to make the stroke, so turn the metronome up to 77 or 78 bpm. If the pattern is short of the cup, then 76 bpm makes your stroke too short, so turn the metronome down.” (

Once the optimal putting rhythm is established using the metronome, more consistency will be achieved. For putts of differing lengths, although the putting stroke will be either longer or shorter, the rhythm that is established will not change. According to Mr. Shannon, “For good distance control and good speed control, get your metronome and do some work.”

Mike Shannon has been recognized as a top teacher by both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.

Benzoyl Peroxide Drug ( Medicine) Information

How to Take Benzoyl Peroxide

Take Benzoyl Peroxide exactly as prescribed by health care provider. Benzoyl Peroxide is generally available in market in the form of Capsules 100 mg , Capsules 200 mg . Cream, gel, or lotion is usually applied to affected area(s) qd or bid. Thoroughly wash and pat area(s) to be treated dry, then apply a thin film of cream, gel, or lotion to cover skin areas with acne lesions. Avoid contact with eyes, eyelids, lips, and mucus membranes. Cleanser is usually used qd or bid. Wet skin area(s) to be treated prior to use of cleanser.

Dosage Instructions for Benzoyl Peroxide Drug

Treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris and as an adjunct to antibiotics, retinoic acid, and sulfur or salicylic acid-containing products in treating more severe cases of acne.

What are the Side Effects of Benzoyl Peroxide –

Like other medicines, Benzoyl Peroxide can cause side effects. Some of the more common side effects of Benzoyl Peroxide include

* Excessive drying, manifested by marked peeling,
* erythema,
* possible edema, and
* allergic contact sensitization/dermatitis.

Warnings and precautions before taking Benzoyl Peroxide :

* Advise patient before using Benzoyl Peroxide that medication is applied topically to skin lesions qd or bid.
* Teach patient with acne proper technique for applying cream, gel, or lotion: wash hands; thoroughly wash and pat dry area(s) to be treated then apply a thin film of cream, gel, or lotion to cover skin areas with acne lesions. Wash hands after applying medication.
* Caution patient before using Benzoyl Peroxide to avoid contact of medication with hair or colored fabrics because bleaching may occur.
* Instruct patient before using Benzoyl Peroxide to avoid concurrent use of topical alcoholic cleansers, tinctures, astringents, abrasives, and peeling agents unless advised by health care provider.
* Caution patient not to cover treated areas with bandages or dressings.
* Warn patient that applying medication more often than prescribed or in excessive quantities will not produce more rapid improvement or better results but will result in greater side effects such as redness, scaling, and discomfort.
* Advise patient if an application is missed, not to try to make it up but to return to normal application schedule as soon as possible.
* Warn patient to avoid contact with the eyes, eyelids, lips, and mucous membranes.
* Advise patient if cream or gel comes in contact with the eyes to wash eyes with large amounts of cool water and to contact health care provider if eye irritation persists.
* Advise patient before using Benzoyl Peroxide that local stinging, burning, tingling, dryness, and redness are the most common side effects and to notify health care provider if they become bothersome.
* Advise patient before using Benzoyl Peroxide if severe skin reactions occur to stop using the medication and contact health care provider.
* Warn patient to avoid unnecessary exposure to sun and sun lamps while using this medication. Advise patient to use sunscreens and protective clothing over treated areas when exposure cannot be avoided.
* Advise patient before using Benzoyl Peroxide to talk to health care provider before using any other topical agents (eg, medicated soaps, astringents, cosmetics, or other acne products) on treated skin.
* Advise women before using Benzoyl Peroxide to notify health care provider if pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.
* Warn patient not to take any prescription or OTC drugs or dietary supplements without consulting health care provider.
* Advise patient before using Benzoyl Peroxide that follow-up visits to examine the skin lesions may be necessary and to keep appointments.
* Caution patient before using Benzoyl Peroxide not to take any prescription or OTC medications, herbal preparations, or dietary supplements unless advised by health care provider.

What if Overdose of Benzoyl Peroxide ?

If you think you or anyone else taken overdose of Benzoyl Peroxide , immediately telephone your doctor or contact your local or regional Poisons Information Centre Seek medical attention immediately. You may need urgent medical attention. Excessive scaling, erythema, edema are may be the overdose symptoms of Benzoyl Peroxide .

What if Missed Dose of Benzoyl Peroxide ?

If you miss a dose of Benzoyl Peroxide medicine and you remember within an hour or so, take the dose immediately. If you do not remember until later, skip the dose you missed and go back to your regular schedule. Do not double doses.

Storage Conditions for Benzoyl Peroxide :

Store Benzoyl Peroxide at controlled room temperature (59° to 86°F).

By: ashu

Why Learn Abnormal Psychology?

I majored in psychology when I was in college and took many classes in the matter, however the one which constantly is the most unique to me, and the one which has best served me over time, was Abnormal Psychology.

It had been a class focused especially with the study of psychological disorders and psychoses and it turned out utterly fascinating. Abnormal psychology not just taught me about such things as depression, anti-social personality disorder and schizophrenia, but it also showed me how you can recognize possible symptoms of psychological disorders in other people.

I took the course in my junior year mainly because it had been needed for my degree, and I instantly became obsessed by the class. Abnormal psychology was so interesting, in fact, that I would normally forget my studies in other courses because I had been investing all of my time reading and researching the material in that class.

One of the things that I found most interesting had been the amount of people who were in the course that were not necessarily psychology majors. Quite a few people of the class were English, education and also music majors, but had just believed that the class appeared like it would be fun and decided to enroll in it being an elective.

I met with one of those friends a few years ago in a local bar and grill, and we discussed the program ten years after we had graduated and moved on with our lives. She was now a band director for a middle school, however said she was constantly grateful that she had considered that class because it allowed her to recognize psychological conditions that a few of her students, as well as some of their parents, were having.

I think what I thought so captivating about abnormal psychology was that it is really the core of what psychologists do. It trained me in precisely why people who are afflicted by mental health disorders have the problems they do, be it a chemical imbalance and is in need for medical treatment, or a personality disorder, and can be tackled with behavior changes as well as therapy.

I recall talking with the teacher of the course about how much I enjoyed the class and how interesting it had been to me, and the man opened up that out of all of the courses he taught, abnormal psychology was his favorite as well. He explained he had seen far more pupils have that moment of affirmation that they had chosen the correct major in that class compared to any other he had ever taught.

For me, the abnormal psychology class is certainly one that i continue to look back on as the program which made me recognize that I had selected the right training program. It trained me in much more about the concept of psychology than any other class, and I will still return and study from the courses’ textbook every once in awhile.

Health Wealth Tip – Dealing With Mental Anguish

Did you ever hear someone say, “I feel like I’m going crazy”…? With that look of pure mental anguish on their face; muscles tense, blood pressure climbing, pulse racing, and knots in their stomach.

Maybe you have been there, or you are there now. In my younger days, I was there a few times. But, I have learned how to have peace of mind and peace in my heart.

We live in a stressful world. Many people blame the economy, their boss, their spouse, or their parents. The news tells of random drive by shootings, angry employees killing their co-workers…useless, senseless, crimes.

I understand there there is such a thing as mental illness. I know when people get physically sick it will often affect their mental clarity. Sometimes, when your hormones get out of balance, you feel depressed, have anguish, and mood swings that drive you up a wall. But, I also believe that if you get your mind and heart right with God and your fellowman, many of the problems would solve themselves.

Here are a few Health Wealth Tips that may give you some insight, and some ways to deal with the situations in your life.

Take Responsibility For Your Own Actions. Don’t blame others for your problems. Remember the old spiritual that said, ‘Its not my brother, or my sister, but its me, O’ Lord…standing in the need of prayer?’ There is a divine law of ’cause and effect.’ If you mess up, you gotta pay. Or, as the Bible teaches, you will reap what you sow..

Learn to Love Yourself. How can can you expect others to love you and offer help if you don’t care for yourself? We can forgive others, but, often we have a hard time forgiving ourselves.

Learn to Say I’m Sorry. If you offend someone, or hurt their feelings, be quick to apologize. Realize that you don’t have to be ‘right’ all the time. Don’t hold grudges. Let it go…

Think For Yourself. Don’t allow others to dump their garbage in your mind. Don’t listen to a ‘wagging’ tongue…gossip. As my dad would say to me, “If you can’t say something good about someone, just don’t say it.”

Say Your Prayers. It’s amazing how much better you will rest if you say a simple ‘Thank you’ to your Creator, before you go to sleep at night

Judge Not. Don’t be guilty of saying, “Why, if I was him I would do so and so…”. You don’t have to agree or approve of what someone else does. Just remember, it’s their life. You are not responsible for their actions and decisions, and you can’t live their life for them.

One of the hardest lessons for me to learn was this. After I gave someone a gift, it is none of my business what they did with it.

For example; Let’s say that I give my son a car. He is an adult, so it’s his responsibility to take care of it. If he wrecks it, trashes it, gives it away…it is none of my business. I may not approve, it may hurt my feelings, but, it is no longer my car. But, rest assured, I won’t give him another one.

I have eight children. All are grown, except my 14 yr. old daughter. I never interfere with their life. I never pass judgement on them. I never tell them what I think they should do, unless they ask me.

I pray for them every night. And, they know the ‘door is always open’, when they need to talk. They are good kids, and I love them with all my heart.

I hope you take this information to heart. Meditate on it. Use it for your benefit. As you apply these principles to your daily life, you will find that step by step, things will began to improve for you.

I am always here to help if you get stuck ‘between a rock and a hard place’…as the old saying goes. Contact me anytime. I would love to hear from you.

Traction Alopecia – The Result of African American Women’s Hairstyles

Many African American women are at risk for developing hair loss as a result of their popular hair styling techniques. Traction Alopecia is a hair loss condition caused by damage to the dermal papilla and hair follicle by constant pulling or tension over a long period. It often occurs primarily in persons who wear tight braids, especially “cornrows”, that lead to high tension, pulling and breakage of hair. This condition is most prevalent in African American women who commonly wear tight braids when cornrowing and weaving their hair. It can also occur with the wearing of dreadlocks, tight ponytails, and single extensions. Traction Alopecia occurs most commonly in children, teenagers, and young adults. It is seen less often in the older individual.

Traction Alopecia can also be caused by overprocessing the hair – also a common practice in African American females.. This would include chemical straighteners, dyes, and bleaches which damage the keratin structure of the hair. As a result, the hair becomes very fragile and falls out with routine combing and brushing. These processes of straightening and braiding of the hair put the African American female at a great risk for developing hair loss from traction alopecia.

Often overlooked, is the negative impact traction alopecia can have on women. This includes:

  • inability to style the hair
  • dissatisfaction with appearance and body image
  • low self-esteem
  • loss of personal attractiveness and fear of not looking attractive to others
  • embarrassment, loss of confidence, shyness
  • social teasing and humiliation
  • feeling of depression and introversion
  • work-related problems
  • negative effect on social life

Traction alopecia can be reversed if detected and treated early. However, if the condition is protracted, the condition is often irreversible. Hair styles and procedures that put undue stress and tension on the hair must be replaced for more “gentler” and looser styles. Stylists who service African American women have an obligation to inform their customers of the potential risk of significant hair loss inherent with certain hairstyles.

Unfortunately, there is no medical treatment available to reverse late-stage traction alopecia. Hair transplantation is the only practical solution to date once severe and extensive hair loss has taken place. Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that involves moving individual hair follicles from one part of the body to bald or balding parts. The procedure, however, is very expensive and may be unaffordable for most women.

African American women who feel they may be suffering from the early stages of traction alopecia must see a licensed dermatologist to prevent further hair loss. Hormonal and nutritional treatments may be beneficial. Counseling may also be indicated if the negative effects of the hair loss are severe.