Tips to Buy a Ping Pong Table

Whether you want to play competitive or recreational games, you can use a ping pong table. As a matter of fact, these tables can offer tons of fun for your entire family. The great thing about them is that they stand the test of time. If you want to buy one, you can use the tips given in this article. The article sheds some light on different kinds of tables as well as their features.

Structure and Material

First of all, you should know that ping pong tables are not difficult to assemble, store or move. Most of these tables come with wheels that can be folded. Of course, they come in different sizes. So, you should shop around to get the right one. Moreover, most of tennis tables are made of aluminum composite. The tops of these tables are water-proof and laminated. So, they are a great choice if you love playing outside instead of inside.

Outdoor or Indoor

You can choose between an indoor or outdoor table. You have to assemble both of them yourself. They weigh between 100 pounds and 350 pounds. Make sure you go with a reputable brand.


Tables designed for beginners are an ideal choice for recreational purposes. You can put them in your garage or basement. Basically, they are designed for fun, not for a serious play. Most of the products come with a playback feature that allows you to flip up one side to serve as a board for your returning shots.


Durability is one of the greatest features of ping pong tables. If you have kids that love to play table tennis, you can buy them an intermediate one. You can fold up most of these tables. If you need to move the table very now and then, you can put the table in your game room or basement.


Advanced ping pong tables are of high standards. These standards meet the standards are established by the International Table Tennis Federation. So, if you want to take part in a tournament, you may want to get an advanced table.

Outdoor Tables

Generally, table tennis is an indoor sport. However, if the weather is good, you can play outside as well. The thin coating of aluminum on a good outdoor table protects them from the elements.

Convertible Top

Tables with convertible tops come with a great playback feature. You can elevate one side of the table to serve as a backboard if you want to do practice sessions. You can find this feature on the majority of beginner products. So, you can get this table if you want to do a lot of practice sessions from time to time.

So, this was a brief introduction to different types of ping pong tables and their features. If you love playing tennis, we suggest that you get your own table, especially if your kids also are into this sport. But make sure you consider your pocket size before you go to the market to make this purchase. Hope this helps.

The Benefits of Getting Your Child Into Taking Music Lessons

One of the leading conductors of the early and mid-20th century, Leopold Stokowski, once said, ‘A painter paints pictures on canvas, but musicians paint their pictures on silence.’ In both cases, both have virtually nothing to work on or start with except inspiration and passion.

Working from and with nothing can be tough, to say the least, and such is the challenge faced by musical composers. However, the minute a combination of notes starts streaming into their consciousness, they grab a music sheet and begin putting on paper those notes. They then grab a musical instrument and start playing those notes. Another musical composition is then in the works.

If you like your child to spend his spare time on something worthwhile instead of staying for hours in front of a computer or with his tablet or smartphone, why not enroll him in music lessons? There are certain benefits of music education, and here are some of them:

Brain development – Certainly, there are many other ways by which your child’s brain can develop. But musical training can help develop areas in the brain that involve language and reasoning while your child also enjoys the reinvigorating sound of musical notes. There are recent studies that show that taking music lessons can physically develop the part of the left side of the brain known to be involved in language processing.

Learning how to think creatively – Students of music are usually faced with many situations where they have to think creatively and even solve problems at the drop of a hat, especially if he’s playing music that requires improvisations in some parts.

Providing self-expression – People express themselves more effectively in certain ways. One of the many ways someone can express himself is by playing a musical instrument or by singing – or both. Studying music can help your child touch base with his core, and once he knows his true essence, it would be easier for him to express what’s deep within him.

Conquering fear – That may sound like something that would fall under the field of psychology, but believe it or not, enrolling in music lessons can help your child conquer fear and even take risks. Studying music helps your child deal with anxiety, and dealing with anxiety early in life will make it easier for him to deal with future anxieties or apprehensions.

These are just some of the many benefits you can get if you let your child have musical training. You’ll certainly do him and yourself a big favor if you get him into this type of education early in life.

What Is a Charm Bracelet?

Charm bracelets have been around for thousands of years, but the trend for wearing them has changed and developed dramatically during this time.

For instance, one of the most iconic images of a charm bracelet is that of famed jeweller Tiffany and Co, who introduced their first charm bracelet in 1889. This was a silver link bracelet with just one charm, a dangling heart. This heart charm has since gone on to become something of a trademark for Tiffany’s.

Charm bracelets and the wearing of charms dates back as far as 600 BC with materials such as clay and bone being used. It is also thought that back then charms were worn as a sort of talisman to represent good luck and fight off evil spirits.

The meaning and functionality of charm bracelets has also changed with time. In wartime, soldiers would bring home charms as a form of trinket for their loved ones, something made by a local craftsman that could be kept and worn as a memento of the place in which the soldier saw action. The 1950s saw these bracelets popularised by children, who would collect charms to represent different events and special occasions that occurred as they were growing up.

However, the latest incarnation of charm bracelets have been largely created in Europe, particularly Denmark where the brand Trollbeads led the resurgence during the seventies. These charm bracelets were of a modular design, meaning that charms were built to fit a particular threaded system employed by that make. For example, Pandora, another Danish jeweller and currently the market leader with over 900 different types of charms, uses a patented system which means their charms will not fit on other bracelets. These systems also ensure that charms fit securely onto their intended bracelet, where they can be added and removed with ease.

In addition, many charm companies include optional spacers or clips, which are a form of smaller charm that remain in a fixed position on the bracelet as a way of sectioning off charms and stopping them from sliding around the bracelet. Other brands that use threading systems in their bracelet design include Lovelinks by Aagaard, Chamilia and Links of London.

Despite Europe leading the charge when it comes to manufacturing these charm systems, they have also proved to be hugely popular in North America. The main draw of these more modern charm systems is the versatility they offer. Bracelets are still available as chain links, and these can take a limited number of dangling charms. However, more common are the solid bracelets which charms can be twisted onto. The bracelets are typically available in polished silver, oxidised silver, gold and sometimes leather.

Likewise the charms are crafted from a number of different materials and this, along with their design can affect the price greatly. Typically charms, or beads as they are sometimes referred to, are made from sterling silver, but are also available with enamel detail, semi-precious stones and gemstones, 14k gold and even wood.

Muscle Pain Remedies

Back muscle pain is the most common reason people call out from work. Most of population will experience back pain at some point in their lives and be searching for back pain relief. Do you know how to cure back pain?

A sore back can be caused by muscular dysfunction, but it can also be caused by a slipped or ruptured disc, spinal arthritis or a pinched nerve. The first step in curing your back pain is determining what caused it. B

The best treatment protocol is to never allow the muscle pain to start but with chronic pain patients it’s rare for any patient to have effective intervention prior to the muscle pain starting. Muscle pain is generally a secondary pain originating due to guarding, shielding, and posturing due to original pain sourcing.

There are also some homes remedies to relieve muscle pain. These include treatments like putting ice packs, engaging in physical aides such as wrist, wraps or back braces that tend to minimize muscle strain via helping to hold joints and bones in correct positions.

There are various reasons for a muscle pain spasm to occur. But when it does occur it needs to be dealt with quickly as the pain can be unbearable. Use of rest, ice, heat, massage, muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatories can be very effective. Medical advice should always be sought before beginning any course of treatment to ensure there are no underlying factors causing the pain.

There are a few things you should consider when it comes to causes of your lower back muscle pain. The first of which is pretty obvious, but often overlooked – your core. A strong healthy core or the deep abdominal muscles in the stomach region are the biggest supporters of the back.

Relief begins with prevention. Your actions greatly determine how much pain you will experience. This pain can manifest itself as cramps, stiffness, and spasms. It is all part of the same condition in which your muscles aren’t functioning properly.

There are many causes of joint pains making you restless and bothersome. Joint pain is not the disease itself but the symptom of mild to serious disease. Fever can be the cause of generalized joint pains. It can be caused due to sprain or ligament injury, cartilage tearing, dislocations and sports injuries such as tennis elbow and swimmers shoulder in the case of injuries with swelling and redness around the injured part.

Lower back muscle pain is not a pleasant feeling. You have to deal with the aches and the shooting pains, which can often be quite an experience. It’s also important to note that if you have other symptoms or a certain type of muscle pain, such as that which is located on one side of the back or the other, you will have to rule out other issues or medical conditions before you just chalk it up to muscle pain and leave it at that.

This type of pain occurs when the muscle is overstretched or torn. In this condition, the actual muscle fibers are damaged. Muscle fibers are related with a chain of muscle cells which are grouped together to form a muscle. Usually these chains are tightly grouped together. In the condition of back muscle strain the links of the muscle fiber are separated or it may be broken which results into the damage of minor tissue.

Implications of back muscle pains can be severe at times if they are left untreated or the root of the problem is not cured. Like people working in an environment where they make repetitive motions or exert continuous pressure on any particular part may become victim of muscle imbalance and may face severe muscular pains in future.

11 Steps to a Body of Your Dreams!

11 Steps that Absolutely Guarantee you'll have the Body of Your Dreams in 90 days or Less!

Get these tips and more on Audio.

1. Persistence!

Violate this step and you'll never achieve permanent results. We recently concluded a 10 year study which proves that persistence is the single most important aspect of any diet or exercise program. The study followed a group of people (group # 1) who practiced and diated very strictly, but sporadically and compared those results to a group of people (group # 2) who exercised mildly and followed a very basic diet, but this group never varied From their routine. Even though group # 2 exercised and dieted far less (but did so consistently) they got 68% better results than those who exercised and dieted VERY STRICTLY but only occasionally.

2. Workout around other people.

Working out with others will get you about 43% faster results !!!

3. Do not take bad advice.

Take ONLY the advice of those people who look strong & healthy themselves, and, what you know to be knowledgeable about health & fitness!

4. ALWAYS keep an eye on your pulse.

When doing aerobic or cardiovascular training! Keeping your pulse inside your 80% target heart rate zone will burn up to 9 times more calories. Dropping below your target heart rate will not burn nearly as many fat calories, and going above your target heart rate may lead to muscle breakdown.

5. Surround yourself with winners.

One of the key qualities of all successful people is that they avoid negative people and they spend the majority of their time surrounded by those who have already achieved what they themselves seek to achieve. So if your goal is to weigh 135 pounds by eating healthy and living an energy full life – then seek out others who already already live a healthy lifestyle and weigh 135 pounds. Hanging out with people who just talk about getting in shape but never take persistent action will ensure that you never reach your goal.

6. Know your outcome.

Have specific goals. Get a photo (or multiple) of what you WILL look like when you reach your goal, then focus only on that image. Quickly erase any negative beliefs or images that may enter into your mind during your day.

7. Increase you water intake.

Water is a key component to life. No living creature can survive without a fresh supply of pure water each and every day. If you do not consume enough fresh water every day, your body will age faster, appear fatter, be more susceptible to germs and colds, lose joint mobility, and much more. Generally speaking, most people who weigh under 150 pounds require no less than 8-10 glasses per day, those who weigh between 150-250 pounds require about 16 glasses per day.

8. Watch where your calories come from.

Without a doubt, we eat way too much sugar and fat. Moderation was the key in the past, now the key is moderation and the exclusion of junk food. One or two binges per year are generally OK if you are a normal healthy individual, but more is absolutely not OK.

9. Increase the number of meals consumed per day.

On average, you should be eating some form of protein and vegetable combination that's low in fat and high in fiber every 2 -3 hours of the day. Doing so will give you an almost unavoidable advantage over those who only eat the normal 3 meals (or less) each day.

10. Visualize Clearly and Often.

Design your new body in your mind first. You can not achieve your idea of ​​the perfect body if you do not have an idea of ​​what the perfect body means to you. Take 10 minutes when you are sure not to be disturbed by people or phone calls, get comfortable, fully relax, then begin to dream about what you will look like when you have achieved your goal. Be specific, what will your calves look like, your legs, your butt, your lower back, your stomach, your chest, your upper back, your shoulders, your neck and your face. Then review this image as often through each day as possible (never less than 3x / day).

11. Cardio … Cardio … Cardio.

Cardiovascular exercise does more for the health and the appearance of the human body than any other form of exercise. Learn how much and what type of cardio is right for your particular body. Then refer to step # 1 and do it persistently.

Self-Help Research


                        HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR

    ACONITE Napellus is a poisonous plant (called “dakra” in Hindi).  It is one of the five species of Aconite plant cultivated in America but also found in Europe and the Himalayas.

    This homoeopathic medicine is given to those suffering from acute inflammatory conditions of the brain, lungs, heart, kidneys and other organs of the body.

    Also, for those suffering from anxiety, great nervous excitability, generally reflected in the form of fear of death.

    The fear is so marked that at times a patient starts predicting the time of his death.

    These conditions may be triggered of by exposure to dry cold air, particularly in autumn when the days are hot but the nights are cold.

    This medicine is effective in removing children’s fear of dark places.  Also, for people who feel frightened after receiving a threat.

    The fear, in case of women, may lead to abortion, or stopping of menses.  They may suffer from fear of death at the time of first delivery.

  Also, for breathing difficulty for babies born after tedious labour.  A good medicine for school-going problem cildren, who are at times punished severely either by parents at home or by teachers at school.

    Frequent dose of 30 potency daily until condition improves.  For chronic cases, there are other medicines.

                        FOR TONGUE-TIED LAILA-MAJNU

        AMBRA grisea, also known as Ambergris, is prescribed to persons who are intensely shy and blush easily.  They cannot do anything in the presence of others.  They generally suffer from acute constipation.  It is also ideal for those who become nervous in the company of strangers.  They either begin to cough or suffer an attack of hiccups.  At times they become asthmatic and their heart begins to pound at the very thought of having to make love.

    Ambra helps get over the shock of repeated deaths or business loss in the family.  In certain cases the unpleasant memories of the past haunt the patient.  Concentration becomes difficult.  It results in fitful sleep.

    Ambra is ideal for stopping bleeding from the nose, especially if it occurs in the morning.  It provides relief to women who discharge blood in between menstrual periods.  Even a slight exertion is enough to start the bleeding

    During periods, the left leg turns blue.  At times the periods may commence one week before the scheduled date followed by soreness, itching and swelling of the genitals.

    Dose:  6 or 30 potency dose may be repeated after every 6 or 12 hours until improvement is noticed in the condition.

                                HOMOEOPATHIC BADAAM

ANACARDIUM is a homoeopathic medicine prepared from the seeds of marking nut (used by washerman for identification markings on clothes.  The Indian name of this plant is “bhilava”.

    It is a remedy for mental fatigue, when even a slight mental exercise brings on a dull pressing headache.

    Also, for those who suffer from sudden loss of memory; when things told at a given moment are forgotten minutes later.

    Anacardium is prescribed to overcome memory weakness after an exhausting disease, or due to old age.

    Impaired memory may lead to depression or irritability or aversion to work, lack of self-confidence.  Also, fear of examinations, interviews or public appointments.

    Confusion reigns supreme in such persons.  They may also become suspicious that they are being observed.  They cannot easily take a decision.

    A patient may also become violent, and suffer from profound melancholy and hypochondriasis.  He may cause bodily injury to others without any cruel, malicious or wicked intention.

    It is also suitable for those who are hypersensitive when it comes to religious issues.

    It acts as “smiriti sudha” for the students, if taken 10 to 15 days before the examination in 200 potency doses weekly.

    This dose is also advised for patients mentioned above.

                                         OH! MY STOMACH

    ANTIM crudum, is a chemical compound also known as black sulphide of Antimony.  This homoeopathic medicine is commonly prescribed for gastric trouble due to sluggish stomach.

    It is more effective for those who overload the stomach with fat food, milk, meat, sweet, etc, and find it uncomfortable later.

    Owing to this, there may be a thick milky-white or dirty coating on the tongue, with or without violent, cutting pain in the abdomen, along with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

    Diarrhoea often follows such dietic errors, where stool may contain indigested food with partly watery fecal discharge.  At times loose motions may alternate with constipation, particularly noticed in old people.

    Antim crudum is also given in old cases where the trouble began after a swim or after a cold bath.  Headache is a common complaint after a cold bath in chilly winter.

    A good medicine for gout and arthritis of fingers, where the swelling and pain are worse owing to cold damp weather or after a cold bath, and one gets relief by heat.

    Antim crudum is prescribed for corns.  It is also effective in curing brittle nails.

    It has been found efficacious in stopping ache in decayed teeth (stumps) when there is an unbearable pain after eating or after taking cold drinks.

    For the hysteric or other sentimental patients, who generally remain sad, impulsive and have suicidal tendencies, especially by drowning.

    Also for young children who may be irritable and fretful when touched or looked at.  Some among them who become obese, Antim crudum is a remedy.

  Dose:  6 or 30 potency dose may be repeated three times every day.

                              NIP THE COLD IN THE BUD

    ANTIM  tart, a salt commonly known as Tartar emetic, is an indispensable

life-saving homoeopathic medicine.

    Owing to its marked action on respiratory system, particularly of the lungs, it not only helps in the absorption of mucus secretion, but also strengthens the lungs to expel the mucus.  Also resists subsequent attacks of cold.

    This homoeopathic drug is mostly prescribed for bronchitis, bronchopneumonia (cold in chest), asthma and other chest complaints.

    It is beneficial for young children and old, weak people, who easily become victims of exposure to sharp cold spell in winter, and suffer from chest congestion.

    Patients cough but are unable to get phlegm (mucus) out owing to weak body or the lungs.  Thus, the chest rattles.  The victim feels difficulty in breathing while lying in bed.

    The newborn and other infants may have their first attack at the time of birth.  But such children become prone to subsequent exposure to cold later in life until they reach adolescent age, if not treated judiciously.

    During such attacks the face becomes cold and darkish blue owing to lack of oxygen supply.  They may have low or high fever with their tongue thickly white-coated.  The nostrils may be dilated and in flapping condition and the child coughs loudly.  He becomes dull, drowsy and unconscious.

    Antim tart also relieves asphyxia from drowning, from foreign bodies, such as buttons, seeds, pebbles or marbles stuck in trachea or bronchi(air passage) or may be due to paralysis of lungs where the victim is almost breathless and gasps for air.

Dose:  3x or 30 potency dose to be repeated three to six times a day during acute attacks until the patient is all right.  For chronic cases 200 or higher potency doses.

                        ARNICA:  MUST FOR EVERY HOME

    “FALL HERB” or Panacea lapsorum, better known as Arnica grows in the mountains of Europe in plenty.  The tincture is prepared from the whole flowering plant.

    Arnica is called the king of traumatic remedies in homoeopathy because of its extensive use in injuries, fractures and haemorrhage.

    The acute manifestations are soreness, bruises and there is ache allover the body.


    The patient does not like to lie down as every thing on which he rests seems hard and uncomfortable.  He, therefore; constantly keeps on changing position.


    There may be ecchymosis (black and blue spot) caused by a fall or an accident with or without fever.

    Arnica has been found effective when there is internal head injury due to fall or blows and is known to remove the clot.

    Also, for patients who avoid any contact on account of pain and intense agony, particularly in inflammatory condition of gout and rheumatism.


    Arnica is a great muscular tonic for the sportspersons, farmers, labourers and cyclists, etc. who are doing heavy physical work and when they feel limbs and whole body sore and aching.  The joints are also felt sprained.  It simply relieves discomfort even after hectic day of shopping, tours and picnics.

    Arnica alongwith other sports medicines, if taken under the guidance of an experienced homoeopath, may replace the use of drugs (anabolic steroids), generally taken for building up the stamina and the body muscles, without any fear of a positive dope test.

        After delivery

    It is effective in preventing abortion after a fall or shock.  Also, to prevent complications after delivery.  Helps contraction of uterus to expel placenta.

    A good drug for uterine haemorrhage, particularly after coition.

     It is excellent medicine for sore gums and is useful in stopping heavy bleeding and pain after tooth extraction.

    It removes the ill-effects of charcoal gas poisoning during winter season when a person becomes unconscious due to lack of oxygen.

    Dose – one thousand (or 1M) potency to be repeated as required.  For patients rendered unconscious after receiving head injury, etc., 10 M liquid drops would do the needful.

    Arnica should be kept in every house and everybody should know its use at the time of emergency.

                                  ARSENIC ALBUM

    ARSENIC album is commonly known as Sankhavisha or Sankhiya.

    It is effective in acute gastric disorders, maybe due to food-poisoning, gastroenteritis or cholera….. after consuming cold drinks, ice-cream, iced water, pickles, sauces, rancid food melon, etc.

    Arsenic album is an effective medicine for those persons who take excessive tea and smoke a lot, resulting in cardiac irritability and other heart problems.  This may lead to ascites and general swelling in the body, especially in those who are anaemic and weak.

    An excellent medicine for the gangrenous condition of mouth and throat, noma, aphthae and diphtheria, etc.  Also, for gangrene of internal organs and external body parts after injury, when there is sudden redness and shrivelled condition of the mucous lining.  The patient likes to keep the affected part covered.  It is also found useful in carbuncles and other spreading ulcers which ooze putrid watery discharge.

    Arsenic album acts wonderfully as a palliative medicine for those incurable cancerous problems where patient writhes with burning and stinging pain and suffers from agony.  Also, the chief remedy for angina, when it is of purely neurotic origin.

    It is a prime medicine for acute or chronic asthma which may often be associated with cardiac problems, where the suffocative attacks come at about midnight.

    It is good medicine in common cold when there is difficulty in breathing at night due to stuffy nose.

    Also, in tuberculosis of the upper one-third of the right lung, when the patient feels frequent but sharp pricking pain under the right collar bone.  The pain may be accompanied with a feeling of constriction in the chest, particularly noticeable on going upstairs or uphill.

    Arsenic album is an invaluable medicine for malarial fever when the patient gets attacks around noon or midnight.

    It is also an excellent medicine in those lingering cases of malarial fever (despite routine quinine course) when it takes the form of typhoid.

    This medicine is recommended in skin trouble (dry itching) of bran-like eruptions (as in dandruff) when the patient scratches the affected part until it is raw and bleeds.  At times scratching may lead to anxiety.

    Dose:  3 or 30 potency dose may be repeated at an interval of 3 to 4 hours until improvement beings.


 BELLADONA is a perennial herb which grows in the sandy parts of Europe and Asia.  The tincture is extracted from the entire plant before flowering time.  It was used as a cosmetic to brighten the eyes and flush the cheeks by Venetian ladies in olden times.  The medicinal value of this plant is due to its alkaloids, Atropin and Belladonin.

    This is the principal homoeopathic medicine recommended for relieving blood blood congestion in the head, chest, uterus, joints, skin, etc.  Owing to congestion in the brain, there is sudden and violent throbbing (pudpudi ka dard) in the head, particularly on the right side, which gets worse on bending down and lying down.  Belladona is especially prescribed to plethoric (with shining of cheeks) and vigorous persons particularly young children who are sensitive to changing atmospheric temperature.  They go to bed hale and hearty but wake up with sudden body temperature, which could be as high as 104 or 105 degrees Fahrenheit, may be with flushed face, red eyes, widely dilated pupils, moving the head restlessly from side to side.

    At times the child may become delirious and develop fear of imaginary things, or perform aggressive acts.  There may be convulsions due to high temperature along with strabismus (squinting of eyes).

    When there is no fever the child may wake up with a start and is frightened.  After falling asleep he may experience that he is falling down.

    Belladona is exceptionally good for pregnant women who marry late in life.  During labor, the uterus does not relax owing to deficient, ineffectual and spasmodic nature of labor pains, hindering the expulsion of the foetus.

    It also checks the bleeding after delivery.  Also, when the caking up of the breast (mastitis) of nursing women occurs and red streaks develop, this medicine is useful.

    Belladona is helpful in sore throat due to inflamed tonsils when the swallowing of liquids becomes difficult.  There may be a feeling of lump in the throat.

    Belladona is also useful in acute inflammatory conditions of stomach and bowels when there is a burning pain, great distress and distension.  Inflamed part is sensitive to slightest motion, touch and pressure, may be due to appendicitis, etc.

    It is equally useful in removing irritation of the bladder and urinary tract when there is retention of urine.  Also, dribbling of urine due to brain fever, etc.

    Belladona is effective in acute inflammatory rheumatism when there is painful swelling of joints which turns red.

    Dose:  200 or 1 m potency may have to be repeated at an interval of 15 or 30 minutes in severe pain or high fever

                               MULTI-PURPOSE MEDICINE

    BARYTA carb. or barium carbonate, is recommended for children who show signs of mental backwardness.  Such children are usually intensely shy and timid.  They slink away from strangers.  Their growth is stunted and their belly is swollen, face bloated, limbs emaciated and neck and groin glands are enlarged.  Their comprehension is weak.

    Baryta is also ideal for senior citizens who show symptoms of senile dementia (common feature is child-like behaviour).  It is effective in the treatment of enlarged prostate glands due to advanced aged among males.

    It is an excellent remedy for cerebral haemorrhage resulting in one-sided paralysis.

    Baryta is said to cure (as well as prevent) enlarged tonsils and related cough in children who are sensitive to cold and get frequent attacks of tonsillitis.

    If you are old and have difficulty in swallowing solid food, are hard of hearing, have tumours, lumps and tubercular growth and suffer from constipation, try baryta.

    Dose:  6 or 30 potency dose two or three times a day until improvement is noticed.  For higher potency dose consult your doctor.

                                     LIVER DISORDERS

CHELIDONIUM majus, also known as calendine, a herb is prescribed to those suffering from jaundice and other liver disorders.

Symptoms:  the skin is white, eyes are yellow, and the stool is whitish, grey or yellow and pasty.  The urine may be very pale.  Such patients may also have a strong desire for hot drinks.

The patient may be dyspeptic.  The taste of the mouth may be bitter and the tongue coated.  They may develop an intense dislike for food.  It is also prescribed for the treatment of gallstone and colic pain.  There may be fever owing to enlargement of liver.

Chelidonium is useful in pneumonia when the patient feels “tightness” in the chest, experiences difficulty in breathing and suffers from dry, spasmodic, paroxysmal cough, especially at night.

Also effective in neuralgia of the right side of the face, eyes and ear.  At times, neuralgia may precede pain in the liver and may extend from the right cheek to the teeth or the eyes.

Such patients may sometime experience “icy coldness ” on the tip of the fingers and at times their right foot may feel cold while the left is normal.

Dose:  6 or 30 potency dose to be repeated at 3-4 hours intervals per day in jaundice till the condition improves.  For gallstone, colic – 200 or 1 M potency doses may be given in consultation with the doctor.

                                                   AN AUTUMN CURE

    COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE, commonly called meadow saffron, is prescribed if the patient is sensitive to strong odours of raw or cooked food.  The reaction to odours may result in fainting nausea, retching and weakness.  It helps combat the feeling of nausea among pregnant women.  It is effective in controlling abnormal distension of the belly.

    Colchicum helps cure diarrhoea and dysentery, especially during the autumn season when the stools are bloody and full of scrapings from the intestine which may lead to protrusion of the anus.  Sometimes, stools may have jelly like mucus of variable character.  The patient may feel tingling, itching, burning or tearing pain in the anus.

    It is a splendid remedy for acute rheumatism and gout, specially in joints of fingers or the toes.  The pain generally gets worse on cold day and due to dampness, generally in the evening and particularly during the period of fall.

    It is lso recommended for summer rheumatism when the heat may slow down the flow of urine or the quantity of solids in the urine.  The urine becomes black or ink like.

    Colchicum is useful in wryneck.  Symptoms:  severe pressing pain in the neck and the muscles become tense.  At times swallowing becomes difficult.

    It helps prevent rheumatism and gout from affecting the hear, which otherwise leads to valvular defects along with muffled heart sounds and tight feeling in the chest and breathing difficulty.

    Dose:  30 potency dose may be repeated at 4 to 6 hours interval.  For distension 200 or 1 M dose may be repeated at 5 to 10 minutes interval until improvement in the condition.


    Calcarea carb is common calcium carbonate.  This homoeopathic medicine is generally prescribed for delayed development and maturation of bones.  As a result an infant learns to stand and walk late.

    At times bones are formed irregularly leading to rickets (crooked bones),
knock-knees, bow legs, spinal curvature, delayed teething, exostosis, osteomalacia (adult rickets) and laryngomalacia, i.e., poor development of voice owing to weak voice box.

    Also, head bones and sutures take long time to close.  The head seems enlarged in relation to the size of the body, and at times the child is unable to hold his head up.  The enlargement may be due to hydrocephalus (collection of fluid).

    Calcarea carb is an excellent medicine for obesity in children and other grownup persons.  Also, for women who become corpulent after delivery.

    Such persons may be fair-skined or blond but flabby.  They sweat profusely all over the body.  The sweat is more pronounced on the head, nape, chest, armpit and genitals.

    Also, for persons who feel cold, particularly in the head, abdomen, feet and legs.  Since the patient is also sensitive to cold damp air, at times the body gets swollen.  The feet too are cold in winter.  But in summers the feet burn.

    Calcarea carb removes intolerance of milk in milk-fed babies during teething.  Also, for children who crave for eggs.   And for indigestible things like chalk, coal, slate pencils, earth, clay, etc.

    The abdomen of such children is distended like an inverted saucer, and painful to pressure owing to accumulation of wind, etc.  The rest of the body may be emaciated, with glands of the neck and lower jaw swollen.

    It is also a good medicine for polypus growth in the nose, ears, vagina, uterus, and bladder.  Also, for cystic growth and papillomata (benign tumour).  At times there is bleeding from these orifices owing to polyps.

    Calcarea carb removes cramps of calves, fingers and toes, etc.

    An excellent medicine for deafness, fever, painful limbs and paralysis, etc, occurring commonly among potters, brick-makers, fruit growers, etc.  Also for those who have breathing problems as a result of living in shady and cold places.

    Calcarea carb is also for women who are anaemic, have late menses or no menses at all, and thus rendered sterile.

    Calcarea carb is recommended to lactating mothers who have the problem of excessive or deficient milk secretion.

    It is also effective for males who have involuntary nocturnal emissions.  It removes the ill-effects of masturbation and too frequent sexual indulgence, where coition is followed by excessive perspiration, weakness, irritability, etc.

    Calcarea carb is beneficial in ulceration and opacity of the cornea.  It is an excellent medicine for those who have kidney and gallstone problems and experience profuse perspiration on the hands and feet during colic.

    Dose:  30 potency, two to three times a day as per requirement.  In severe pain 200 or 1 M potency repeated doses may be given until improvement starts.

                                   FOR WINTER COLD

HEPAR SULPH, also known as Hahnemann’s calcium sulphide, is prepared by mixing powdered oyster shell with pure flowers of sulphur in equal parts.

    This homoeopathic drug is prescribed for patients who are inherently irritable and whose speech and actions are hasty.  They may finish long sentences in one breath.  Every small thing disturbs these patients and make them intensely angry and violent.

    Also suited to dyspeptic patients who have great longing for vinegar, wine and sour and strong flavoured things.  Such patients are also oversensitive to pain.  The skin of the affected part may become very sensitive to touch, and the patient cannot even bear the touch of clothes.

    Hence useful in boils, abscess, ulcers, felon, and many other inflammatory and suppurative conditions of glands such as tonsils.

    Hepar sulph is also recommended to babies who are irritable and are always smelling sour, in spite of much washing.  They may have sour-smelling diarrhoea.

    It is an excellent medicine for cough and cold caused by sudden change of temperature, especially when sudden icy-cold winds blow.

    The patient coughs more in the mornings and evenings.  There is no chest congestion, though there is rattling, barking sort of sound while coughing with soreness in the chest.

    There may be stuffy feeling in the head, face and chest with blocked nose and hoarse voice in the beginning.  But profuse nasal and throat discharge takes place subsequently with pricking pain in throat.  The throat may become worse after eating any thing cold.

    There may be weakness of bladder and urine is passed slowly.

    Dose:  It can be taken in 30 potency, to be repeated at an interval of 3 to 4 hourly daily till the condition improves.

                                 FOR SENSITIVE WOMEN


    IGNATIA Amara (or St Ignatia bean) is derived from a climbing shrub found in Cochin and some other parts of the world.  The tincture is prepared from the seeds of its fruis.

    This homoeopathic medicine is especially meant for those with a nervous temperament, particularly sensitive women.  It is one of the chief remedies for hysteria.

    For those who easily get excited, keep brooding or have experienced disappointment of love!

    Persons who are mentally and physically exhausted owing to grief.  Also for mental  sufferings due to regular conflict and tensions at home.

    Ignatia Amara is beneficial for those who often take drawn signs, much sobbing, etc.  Also, for those who are unhappy and can’t sleep because of grief.

    For those who have lost a near and dear one and are unable to control their emotions.

    The present socio-political state of turmoil may also lead to hysteria, at times leading to suicide.

    Ignatia Amara is meant for patients who have symptoms mentioned above.

    A small dose of 6 or 30 potency may be given everyday in the morning until the condition improves.

    For those who are chronic patients, should consult a Homoeopath.

                                           SPRING AILMENTS

LACHESIS is also known as “bushmaster” of “surukuku”, a deadly poisonous snake of South America.  The venom of this snake is used as medicine.

    This homoeopathic medicine is mostly prescribed for new and old inflammatory conditions and other troubles which generally begin on the left side of the body and later spread to the right side whether it is sore throat, tonsillitis, mumps, headache, eye, ear, kidney or ovary problems.  Even in arthritis, paralysis, etc.

    Also, for persons who are often unable to swallow warm liquids.

    Lachesis is effective in dry hacking cough in children caused by tickling in throat, particularly in the voice box.  The cough becomes worse during sleep.

    Lachesis is effective in heart diseases when a patient’s face becomes purple and bloated.  The patient wakes up with palpitation, experiences breathlessness and suffocation.  The patient is afraid of going to sleep.

    The palpitation of the heart may also occur when a patient goes into warm room or has hot water bath.

    Lachesis is very effective in overcoming insane jealousy and suspicion.  The patient suspects every one without any reason, even servants and children.  He may not take medicine even from a doctor suspecting that he would be poisoned.

    At times, a person becomes too talkative.  The patient seems to be in a hurry and becomes impatient.  Sentences are at times left half finished.

    It is also a good medicine for headache, especially in left temple, maybe due to heat in summer months, but mostly due to disrupted natural discharge, such as menses and nasal discharge.  The headache occurs in the morning after waking up.

    Lachesis is useful in gangrene when the affected part is purple or mottled in appearance.  Also, effective in fistulous openings, fissures and piles.

    It is equally useful in whitlow (felon, carbuncles, abscesses, malignant pustules, pemphigus, herpes, chickenpox, malignant ulcers, etc., when the affected part is sensitive to touch and bluish purple in colour.  Also useful for heavy drinkers who develop a red nose.  At times the nose may be red owing to heart problems.

    It is also effective in paresis (semi-paralysis) of the tongue.

    Lachesis is a leading medicine for menopausal disorders, when the period stops and all sorts of troubles make their appearance, such as hot flushes, headache, mania, etc.  Also for painful menstruation where pains are relieved by the flow of the blood.

    Dose:  200 or 1 M potency single dose is sufficient.

                             LACK OF CONFIDENCE  


    LYCOPODIUM clavatum is a perennial herb which grows in Europe and Asia.  This homoeopathic medicine is recommended to all age groups, particularly for old persons with keen intellect.

    Also, for persons who are nervous and emotional.  Lycopodium is beneficial in failure of intellectual functions (sensorium), particularly in old men.  The patient may become forgetful.  There may be aversion to undertaking a new assignment.  And there is general lack of confidence.

    Thus a good medicine  for lawyers, lecturers and other public men.

    Effective for children who dread mathematics.

    Lycopodium is effective medicine for gastric trouble resulting from recent or old liver trouble.  The patient may have insatiable hunger (bulimia) with much bloating after eating, particularly after lunch hours or in the evening.

    At times there may be a feeling of satiety, which may alternate with a feeling of hunger of peculiar kind where the patient sits down at the table very hungry, but after a few morsels he feels distressingly full.

    Sometimes the patient may fast or miss one or two meals a day.  Such condition is generally observed in those patients who are either suffering from diseases like arthritis, gout or stone problems, or are likely to develop such troubles in the near future.

    Also in diseases where symptoms run from right to left side of the body as in sore throat, including tonsillitis and problems of chest, abdomen, liver and ovaries.

    It has cured many cases of right-sided hernia in children.

    Lycopodium is effective in snuffles (obstruction of nose) in children and young people.  The eyes may at times remain half open during sleep.

    Also effective in poor vision and night blindness.

    Lycopodium helps the patient of neglected pneumonia when it is associated with liver complications.

    It has been found useful in all fevers, particularly malaria, where attacks of chill may come between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. or between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. and the patient may shiver with incessant yawning and nausea.

    Lycopodium is an excellent medicine for kidney stones and there is red sediment in urine generally passed after a terrible attack of renal colic.

    It is one of the best remedies for impotent persons.  But it is not an aphrodisiac and its abuse can be dangerous.

    Equally useful for women when they have dryness of vagina leading to burning pain during and after coition.  Sometimes vaginal bleeding takes place after passing stool.  At times gas emits from female genital.

    Lycopodium has been found effective when there is premature greying of hair.  Also, for baldness at the top of the head.  And falling of hair after delivery in women.

    Dose:  200 or 1 M potency dose may be taken once every week until condition improves.

                         PROBLEMS OF EARLY GROWTH

PHOSPHORUS is a poisonous substance found abundantly in bone, flesh, cheese, peas, etc., besides as a mineral in rock phosphate.  Its therapeutic value lies in its inherent power to irritate mucus membranes of various body systems.

    This homoeopathic medicine is selectively prescribed for delicate but active, intelligent and sensitive young persons who register early body growth.  Such persons tend to stoop and may later suffer from ailments leading to tuberculosis, if proper care is not taken.

    Since these young persons have low vitality, they are easy victims of common cold; which may be protracted dry, irritating hoarse cough; worse in the evening, after drinking, eating, talking or laughing.  Or, persistent thin nasal discharge after an attack of pneumonia or bronchitis.

    Phosphorus is the prime medicine for recurrent bronchial diseases which follow common cold.  The most commonly observed complaints being bronchitis and bronchopneumonia (pasli chalna).

    It is useful in stopping bleeding in haemophilic and haemophiloids patients when the blood is bright red and noncoagulable.  Besides it has marked power to stop haemorrhage from any outlet, may it be the mouth, nose, vagina or anus.

    Phosphorus is the only homoeopathic medicine for the constriction of lower end of food pipe (Achalasia and scleroderma) when there is difficulty in swallowing and at times food comes out immediately after swallowing.

    Blindness, either due to paralysis of optic nerve or after electric shock or after lightening, can be removed by the timely use of phosphorus.  It is also useful in early stages of cataracts, when the vision is misty but patient can see better either by shading the eyes with hands or in twilight.

    A good medicine for acute or chronic diarrhoea when stool is passed involuntarily immediately after eating or drinking, with gurgling in stomach and down to intenstine.  The stool may be greasy.  At times fetid, painless stool oozes out.

    The most notable feature is that patient may have a desire for cold drinks even in the extreme chilly weather.  The patient is not able to lie on the left side as it causes anxiety, pain in heart and palpitation.  Thus useful in various heart problems, particularly the fatty heart.

    Phosphorus is an excellent medicine for the necrosis (degeneration) of the lower jaw of people working in match factories.  It is also an antidote for the ill-effects of chloroform, iodine and excessive use of the common table salt.

    Dose:  1 M potency one dose a day to be taken only once.  Normally, it should not be repeated without consulting a doctor.

                              FOR GENTLE AND TIMID PERSONS

PULSATILLA nigricans is commonly known as pasque or wind flower, which grows in Europe in plenty.

    This homoeopathic medicine is generally recommended to gentle and timid persons, particularly females who dread the opposite sex, and hence aversion to marriage.

    Also, for children who are fussy and easily get discouraged when snubbed or punished.

    These patients may have a dislike for fat or fried food, such as omelette, channa-bhatura, puri-parantha, meat, pork, etc., owing to weak digestion.  Often the patient complains of bad taste in the mouth in early morning.  The tongue may be coated, and despite dry mouth there is no thirst.

    A patient complains of heavy stomach after eating.  Sometimes pain may occur in stomach after an hour of eating.

    Pulsatilla is effective in rheumatoid arthritis, etc., when pain shifts rapidly from one joint to another.

    It is an excellent medicine for toothache when pain is almost unbearable.  The patient feels relieved after keeping water in the mouth.

    Also, in ear-ache in children and others when the pain appears in the evening or at night.   The ear may appear red and puffed.

    Good medicine for cold that primarily settles in the nose and later in the chest.  The discharge is thick, yellowish green and bland.

    It is helpful in bronchial asthma in children from suppressed rash in measles, or in women from suppressed menses.

    Also effective in recurrent styes, especially the upper eyelids.

    Pulsatilla is an excellent medicine for eye problems when the patient is always rubbing the eyes.  The vision may be dim due to early stage of paralysis of optic nerve.

    Delayed menses at puberty which may be due to nervous nature or severe anaemia.  At times violent headache may be felt by girls owing to non-commencement of menses.  Also, when the labor is delayed and difficult owing to wrong position of the foetus in the womb.

    Pulsatilla is equally effective in leucorrhoea (white vaginal discharge) when it is thick milky white or creamy, may be associated with low backache.

    Also, when there is milk in breasts of the girls at puberty and non-pregnant women during menstrual flow.

    It is commonly prescribed to cure the after-effects of mumps when breasts and testicles get inflamed and swollen.

    Als effective in suppression of gonorrhoea.  Normally such patients are afraid of lying down, as they get an irresistible urge to pass urine frequently.

    A little girl child who kicks covers of at night and has involuntary urination at night, can be given Pulsatilla.

    A typical Pulsatilla patient sleeps on her back with hands over the head, and wants the head high as she feels uncomfortable with one pillow.  And she does not wake up fresh.

    Dose:  3x or 30 potency dose may be repeated after 4 to 6 hours daily until improvement starts.

                                 FOR SPRAINS & STRAINS


RHUS tox, also known as poison oak, is prescribed for sprain and overexertion of muscles or tendons.  This can also be caused by lifting heavy objects or stretching to reach an object at an uncomfortable angle.

    This homoeopathic medicine is recommended to overcome weakness of joints from sprains after a dose of Arnica has removed the first and most painful symptoms.

    In women there may be prolapse, or uterine haemorrhage, due to weakness of pelvic muscles from strain or lifting of heavy load.

    Rhus tox also cures fevers and paralysis of the limbs resulting from exposure to cold damp weather.  There is frequent urge to urinate.


    Also useful in involuntary urination (bed-wetting) by children, particularly boys at night owing to weakness of the bladder.

    For those suffering from enlargement of heart owing to strenuous and violent exercise (athlete’s heart); or any other organic heart disease where the pulse is quick,  irregular and weak resulting in numbness of the left arm.

    Recommended for inflammation and redness of the skin, with intense itching particularly of the fingers or toes; owing to cold weather or due to frost bite.  There may be vesicles herpes, eczema like condition of the skin, particularly during the rainy season where the areola (base) is red or purple in colour.

    Rhus tox is suitable in chronic rheumatoid arthritis, spondylosis and spondylitis, when the patient initially finds it difficult to move.  The patient feels better after walking or warming up for some time, therefore he gets exhausted because of weak joints.

    Excellent medicine for eye complaints during rainy season due to excessive dampness.  There is redness of the eye with profuse gush of hot tears on opening the swollen lids (eye flue).

    Rhus tox is forbidden for women in early stages of pregnancy.

    Dose:  30 potency doses repeated daily for acute cases.  For chronic cases of arthritis, etc., 200 potency weekly.

                                    TV AND ACHING EYES

RUTA graveolens, or Rue, is a native plant of South Europe.  The tincture is prepared from fresh herb gathered shortly after blooming.

    This homoeopathic drug is prescribed for the wounds on bone surface caused by a blow, accident or a fall.  The patient complains of soreness and aching pain at the fractured site even after the repair process.

    Ruta is also known to remove contraction of hands and feet after injuries.

    For the tubercular outgrowth of the bones and repeated dislocations, particularly of the knees, ankles and the wrist joints.

    A perfect medicine for farmers, carpenters, gardeners, labourers, cobblers, tailors and mechanics, who use iron instruments resulting in formation of hard nodules (corns) in the palms and fingers.  Also for students and other people who hold their pens tightly while writing.

    An excellent medicine for the ganglion (the cystic tumor) particularly of the right hand.

    Ruta is given to those with aching eyes after too much reading, or doing fine needle work or watching TV continuously.  This may result in frequent winking of the eye.

    A valuable medicine for the prolapse of the rectum, especially after delivery.

    Dose:  200 potency single weekly dose until the visible signs and symptoms have been overcome.

                                        FOR WEAK CHILDREN


SANGUNARIA canadensis, commonly known as the “blood root is a perennial plant that grows abundantly in the United States of America.  The tincture is prepared from the fresh root.

    This homoeopathic medicine is prescribed mainly to young children who are weak either from birth or afterwards.  They do not have normal appetite.  But they are fond of toffees, ice cream, golgappa and other sweet, sour or saltish things.

    “The child brings his only chappati back home in tiffin”, is the general complaint of mothers of such children.  Grinding of teeth at night along with salivation while asleep, may occur in such children.

    Children with pinworms (chalune) may feel irritation in anus and the surrounding area, thus spend sleepless nights.  Or they may complain of mild pain in the belly.  The children are sensitive to cold and sour things and may develop a red patch on the cheek owing to chest problems, such as acute or chronic bronchitis, bronchopneumonia and tuberculosis, etc.

    Sangunaria may particularly be required in pneumonia when lungs are filled with blood and the sputum (in grownup persons) may appear rust-coloured and smell offensive.

    Sangunaria is an excellent medicine when women have headache during menopause.  The headache begins on waking up at the time of sunrise.  It continues to get worse during noon and then diminishes at sunset.

    The headache begins from the nape of the neck and spreads upward and settles over the right eye.  It generally gets aggravated by light, noise and strong smell.  The patient likes a dark room, is compelled to lie down.  Sometimes when the headache is severe, the patient vomits food, bile or the slime, and gets relief from pain.

    Sangunaria is effective in rheumatoid arthritis of the parts where bones are least covered with flesh, particularly right shoulder, the elbow or the knee.  Also, good medicine for the stiffness of the neck or the back when the pain extends to the head on right side, or to the right arm, especially in spondylosis.

    Dose:  3x or 6x potency dose three or four times a day in pneumonia.  For other problems 30 potency dose, two to three times a day until improvement starts.

                      HOMOEOPATHY & BIGREY NAWABS

    NUX VOMICA is known as poison nut, “kuchla” in Hindi.  This homoeopathic medicine is prepared from “poison nut” seeds.  One third of all the diseases are reportedly cured by this medicine alone.

    It is said “if you do not know what should be prescribed then give Nux Vomica.  It is often used as an antidote for over-drugging.

    Nux Vomica is generally prescribed to males who are thin, irritable, and lose temper by slight provocation.  Also for those who do a good deal of mental work, study a lot or handle business affairs and lead indoor life.

    Because of mental strain, such people often seek the help of stimulants, such as coffee, liquor, or use sedatives like opium or any other cannabis preparation.

    People who take rich food, attend parties and generally overindulge themselves until late night, often have irregular bowel movement (or have constipation).  They take laxatives like Hajmola, liver tonics, etc.

    Nux Vomica soothes and calms over-excited nervous system and improves digestion and bowel movement.  It increases appetite, vigour and gives potency to males who have ruined themselves by excessive use of stimulants.  That is why it is called the medicine of “bigrey” Nawab (spoilt men).

    It may be taken in low potency of 6 or 30 (in case of irritable over-excited persons), and above 200 or more potency in case of habitually constipated and hard drinkers.  It is one of the best remedy for mania-a-potu (acuge alcoholism).

Nux Vomica of 6 and 30 potency should be taken once a day before going to sleep at night.  If it is 200 potency then it should be taken once a week.  If it is still higher then once a fortnight.

Acne Vitamins – Which Vitamins Are Needed For Healthy Skin?

A healthy diet containing enough vitamins and minerals is essential for proper function of the body and for the health of the skin. Many people do not eat a diet adequate in these vitamins and minerals, especially those eating a diet high in junk foods, sodas etc. With not enough fresh fruit and vegetables. This can be especially true of teenagers who are also the most prone to acne. Proper nutrition is essential for the good health of the skin and to help prevent acne flareups. Many of the vitamins and minerals are powerful antioxidants which can help to remove free radicals and toxins from the body. Some are also essential in the proper functioning of the immune system and some even have anti-microbial effects.

It is also necessary to be aware that an overdose of vitamins is dangerous and you should never take more than the recommended daily dosage. If you are pregnant please check with your doctor before you take any multi-vitamin supplements.

Important Vitamins In the Treatment of Acne

Vitamin A

This vitamin is probably the most important in the treatment of acne. Vitamin A brings the production of oil from the sebaceous glands and is essential for the production and repair of skin tissue and mucous membranes. It is also a very powerful antioxidant and can be found in many skin preparation products for a variety of uses including anti-wrinkle creams, anti-aging creams and preparations for the treatment of rosacea.

Vitamin B Complex

The various B vitamins are needed for healthy skin and many have been found helpful in relief of stress and anxiety which has been known to make acne worse.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – This B vitamin is essential for healthy circulation, is an antioxidant, and helps digestion.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) – This B vitamin is also necessary for healthy circulation and is used in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) – Pantothenic acid has been found very helpful in the treatment of stress and is also needed by the adrenal glands for their proper functioning.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) – The immune system needs pyridoxine for proper functioning and it is also used in the production of antibodies.

Vitamin C

This is a very important vitamin as the body needs it for repair and growth. It is essential to help repair the damage caused by acne to the skin. Vitamins C also helps the body to fight infections and helps to increase immunity.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is needed by the body to repair and cured damaged tissues and is a powerful antioxidant.

Minerals to Help In the Treatment of Acne


This is an important mineral to help fight skin infections. Many people are deficient in this mineral as it is not easily absorbed from food and is also lost during food processing. A diet high in sugar so cause a deficiency of this mineral.


Zinc helps to heal damaged tissues and can help in the prevention of acne scarring. It is also used by the body to help regulate the oil produced by the sebaceous glands and is needed to heal wounds. Zinc is also a powerful antioxidant.


A good multi-vitamin that also contains zinc and chromium is recommended to help heal and prevent acne flareups. Try to avoid once a day multi-vitamins as the body can not adequately process the minerals and vitamins properly at one time. It is much better to take the supplements twice a day. In addition you need to eat a healthy diet that contains plenty of colorful and green fruit and vegetables, whole wheat grains and plenty of water. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. A gentle cleansing routine that does not further irritate the already sensitive skin is needed. Use a mild sulfur-based soap, no more than twice a day, and be careful not to scrub or rub the skin unnecessarily. Preferably go without makeup alike. If you must use makeup pick one that is light and oil free.

Balanced Diet- The Top 5 Advantages

A proper balanced diet is your key to health and fitness. Excess amount of any nutrient can be very harmful for the body, and low amount of any essential component can also increase the risk of acquiring many diseases. It is quite interesting to note that, without increasing your weight notably also you can increase the risk of getting many ailments, so this means that you will not get any symptom that you are actually housing some of the most dangerous disorders in your body. In this article we will learn about the advantages and benefits of a balanced diet.

Prevention against colon cancer

If your diet constitutes of high saturated fats and cholesterol then your colon (part of the digestive system) will give them the surface to accumulate gradually. The extreme condition will result in colon cancer. So it is important that you maintain a healthy balanced diet in order to prevent such diseases. Most dieticians will recommend a balanced diet which does not incorporate too much of fats irrespective of your  body weight.

Prevention of high blood pressure

Too much of fats will naturally affect your blood pressure. Let us think of it in this way, if any heavy or dense liquid is mixed with running water, then naturally the density of water will rise and the flow will no more be smooth.

Similarly when fatty oils and fatty acids, the end products of fat digestion flow in the blood, the flow of blood will be difficult causing pressure on the blood vessels through which it would flow. In this way blood pressure will rise and in later stages can cause blockage in many important vessels and risk of heart diseases increase along with this.
Prevention against diabetes

Intake of carbohydrates more than required can cause diabetes mellitus in you. The end product of carbohydrates is glucose, which can give rise to hyperglycemia which will ultimately result in diabetes. On the other hand if you are reducing the intake of carbohydrates it can lead to a condition called hypoglycemia, so make sure you go for a balanced diet which gives the right amount of everything.

Prevention of many illnesses

With a proper well planed diet you can ensure that you are not becoming a victim of malnutrition. A deficiency in protein can cause kwashiorkor in many children which hampers their growth during the formative years. Apart from these some of the diseases caused due to lack of nutrition are beriberi, scurvy and colorblindness and many more. So it is very important to have a well balanced diet.

Stay in shape

Lastly the cosmetic part of a balanced diet can not be denied. If you want to stay fit and beautiful, you should maintain a balanced diet.
So the above 5 advantages clearly states the importance of a balanced diet.

The Causes and Treatment of Toothache (Odontalgia)

According to the British Dental Health Foundation “about 5 million people visit their dentist with toothache every year”. Toothache is a common problem that can be prevented with good oral hygiene.

Toothache occurs because the pulp of the tooth is exposed, disturbed or infected. The pulp is the inner layer of the tooth which is engulfed in a layer of dentin and then by the hard layer that we see called the enamel, which is packed full of minerals. Toothache can also occur if just the outer enamel layer is damaged exposing only the dentin.

It is very important that you go to a dentist if you have toothache so that they can find a cause and apply appropriate treatment to ease your discomfort.

The most common dental causes of toothache are:

  • Tooth Root Sensitivities – over-sensitivity when consuming hot or cold, sweet or sour food and beverages.
  • Tooth Decay – also known as tooth ‘cavities’ or tooth ‘caries’.
  • Tooth Abscess – a complication of tooth decay.
  • Gum Disease – also known as gingivitis and in severe cases periodontal disease.
  • Jaw Disease – also known as TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) dysfunction.
  • A Cracked Tooth.

Tooth Root Sensitivities occur when bacterial toxins get to work and dissolve the bone around the root of the tooth, the gum and bone recede exposing the root of the tooth causing the sensitivity and toothache. This is then likely to lead to chronic gum disease.

Treatment: Visit your dentist. Fluoride gel and sensitivity toothpastes that contain fluoride will both help the root to become stronger and in turn reduce the toothache. If the root sensitivity causes the inner pulp to die a root canal procedure or tooth extraction will need to be carried out to stop the toothache.

Tooth Decay occurs when the minerals of the enamel are dissolved by acid created by bacteria in our mouths (a build up of this bacteria is known as plaque). This demineralisation of the enamel forms a hole in the tooth exposing the dentin causing the toothache. If the toothache is severe then the hole has most likely exposed the inner pulp as well.

The obvious prevention for tooth decay is to eat as little sugar as possible because the acid that causes the enamel to decay is created by the bacteria eating the sugar and starch left in our mouths. So brush your teeth preferably after every meal or snack with fluoride toothpaste. Flossing will also help a lot. Being thorough with your brushing and flossing will stop any build of plaque forming.

Treatment: Your dentist will in most cases apply a filling to the tooth cavity, large cavities may need a crown. If the cavity damages the inner pulp then a root canal procedure or extraction of the tooth may be necessary to stop the toothache.

Tooth Abscesses occur when a dental cavity has been left untreated. The bacteria has infected the tooth from the inner pulp all the way up to the bone tissue at the end of the root causing severe toothache.

Treatment: Your dentist will have to carry out a root canal procedure where the pulp of the tooth is removed and then filled and sealed with an inert material. If this is unsuccessful then the tooth will have to be removed.

Gum Disease occurs when the soft tissue in our mouths becomes infected due to a build up of plaque or tartar along the gum line. It is highly likely that your toothache will be accompanied with bleeding gums if you have gum disease.

Treatment: In mild cases of gum disease your dentist will help you become more informed in order to improve your oral hygiene, they will also remove any build up of plaque. Root planning may need to be done which is the removal of plaque and tartar from the exposed roots. In more severe cases the surface of the inflamed gum tissue will have to be removed which is known as subgingival curettage. Oral antibiotics will also need to be taken alongside these procedures.

Jaw Disease usually occurs when there has been an impact or injury to the head such as whiplash. Bruxism (grinding of the teeth) often leads to TMJ as well as arthritis and having an over-bite. Jaw disease is often characterised by pain in the muscles around the jaw and limitations in jaw movement.

Treatment: Your dentist will fit a special intraoral splint for you to wear. If your bite needs to be fixed then crowns and orthodontic treatment are likely as well as medication to relieve the toothache.

Cracked Tooth can occur for many reasons such as an injury to the mouth, bruxism, chewing on hard objects or extreme changes in temperature on your teeth (such as eating hot food immediately followed by an iced drink) can all cause a tooth to crack and expose the dentin or inner pulp. The toothache may occur when the crack closes after releasing the pressure of a bite. The toothache gets worse over time if left untreated as the inner pulp can become infected.

If you have visible a crack in your teeth that is not accompanied by toothache then it is known as a ‘craze’ line and is considered to be part of the natural anatomy of the tooth, they usually occur as we age.

Treatment: Your dentist will evaluate the treatment needed depending on the severity of the crack. This can involve bonding for a small crack or a root canal treatment for a large crack where the inner pulp of the tooth has been damaged. In severe cases the tooth may need to be removed to stop the toothache.

In very rare cases toothache can also be caused by the following:

  • Angina – a disease of the throat marked by spasmodic attacks of intense suffocating pain
  • Heart Disease.
  • Myocardial Infarction – destruction of heart tissue resulting from obstruction of the blood supply to the heart muscle.

Whatever the cause of your toothache it is important you see a dentist so that they can determine the cause and apply the appropriate treatment or refer you to a doctor. If you have to wait for your appointment then to soothe the pain you can apply a cold compress to the area of the cheek where the toothache is. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water and taking aspirin will also help. A good oral hygiene routine will prevent any toothache occurring.

Marry a Filipina – Is it Really For You?

You have decided to seek a Filipino Bride. Have you really done enough research? Chances are, probably not. Educate your self and you will be on the right track to haveing a beautiful, loving and loyal Filipina wife. My Filipina wife and I have been married for 3 years in September. It was the best decesion of my life but it may not be for everyone. Check this out and see.

There are many things a man should consider when seeking a Filipino Bride. Of course the awesome endearing qualities of the Filipina are very attractive to most men on the planet. They are beautiful, loyal, family dedicated, respectful and are raised with a special sense of honor that is know as delicadesa. Which is a Spanish term. Directly translated to English means daintiness.

Before you start or expand your education there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Can you afford this adventure? In the USA you will need to provide proof of meeting your bride to be at least one time. Meaning you will have to visit her at least once in the Philippines. Or what ever country she resides. My wife was working in Japan when we met and when I went to see her we had a great time. I recommend you visit her twice and do NOT get married on the first visit. There is more on the reason why on our website. The average cost of taking a trip to the Philippines from the US is $3000 total. Which includes your flight and hotel and a few extras. If you reside closer to the Philippines then good for you.

2. Are you aware of the enormous amounts of scammers on most Filipino dating sites? There are many professional daters that are very good at conning men out of their hard earned money. I should know I lost more than a few $ on one. Since starting our site I have found her pictures on at least 5 different sites.

3. What exactly do you know about the Philippine culture? At the very least read up on some of the dos and don’ts of the culture here. Most Filipinos will tolerate the typical westerner but you will be more well liked and respected if you learn some of the practices of the culture here. It would also be wise to learn the Philippine history also. You will have a better understanding of the culture if you do. Here are some great sites to get you started. Philippine Culture and Philippine History.

Systemic Candida Infection Symptoms

Systemic Candida infections are usually the result if intestinal Candida infections where the Candida fungus has penetrated the walls and spread to other parts of the body. Toxins have been introduced into the bloodstream which cause a whole range of other symptoms.

Intestinal Candida symptoms include things like bloating, indigestion, perhaps even constipation or diarrhea. But when the infection turns to systemic Candida, then a whole set of other symptoms come into play. These are things like; irritability, memory loss, headaches, depression, poor concentration, anxiety, lethargy, joint pain, sore / stiff muscles, and even more.

The problem with systemic Candida infection symptoms is that they aren’t obviously symptoms of Candida. They can be symptoms of other ailments or conditions. And you’re unlikely to suffer them all at the same time, perhaps the odd one or two. The result is that most people don’t seek any medical help. The problem then is that it becomes much harder to eradicate.

Now whilst the localized symptoms of Candida of the vagina and mouth etc., can be treated with topical creams, lotions etc., systemic Candida infection symptoms need more serious medication such as tablets and even injections. But they are still antifungal, because Candida is caused by the Candida albicans flora which is fungal in nature.

And one of the problems with antifungal treatments is that the Candida albicans flora can become drug-resistant. So a deep-seated systemic infection can be difficult to clear with drugs. In addition they don’t address the underlying conditions that can trigger the Candida flora to ‘overgrow’ into an infection; things such as antibiotics, hormonal changes, poor diet, a compromised immune system, etc.

So many women are now using non-drug alternatives to treat the symptoms, and, a more natural approach in terms of dietary and lifestyle changes. Of course, such things should always be discussed with your doctor first.

To get more information on this natural approach, please go now to where you’ll get the facts on a complete natural treatment system being used successfully by thousands of women around the world today.

Rowing to Music – A Fun New and Effective Fitness Training

Physical training in indoor rowing machines have been popular in many rowing clubs. A new and motivating training form is to use training programs with rowing adapted music. In this article we will look at how to:

  1. Select music suitable for rowing training
  2. Get free tools for audio editing
  3. Adapt music to your rowing training programs
  4. Motivate and inspire your rowing club friends

The goal is to give you an understanding of how to make your very own rowing training programs with music of your personal taste. It is a fun and rewarding experience.

Energetic music with a clear and constant rhythm is perfect for your rowing program

Browse through your music library to find your favorite music that sounds energetic and motivating. Make a folder for the music on your computer and place copies of the music in it. A selection of slow, medium pace and fast music is needed. Ideally you should have about 10-20 songs of each pace.

We will only use music in 4/4 rhythm. To sort the songs pace you need to count the beats per minute (BPM) in the music rhythm. Music with a BPM within the range of 80 to 128 is suitable. On the internet you can find free software that can auto detect the BPM of your music. But the best and most accurate way is to count the BPM manually.

When training in a rowing machine we talk of rowing pace = strokes per minute. Therefore we divide the musics BPM by 4 to find which rowing pace (strokes per minute – SPM) the music rhythm equals. Add the SPM as a note to songs titles.

You can use a standard stopwatch to measure the BPM and divide it by 4 to get the SPM. There is a special stopwatch model called DIGI DT-320 which in a special mode can read out SPM directly, so you only need to push start and stop. Start the stopwatch when you start counting beats 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4 and then stop the watch when reaching the following beat 1. Next step is to edit the music.

Audacity is a free software tool for editing your music

Audacity can freely be downloaded from the Internet. There are versions for both PC, Mac and Linux. There is documentation for the software. Another nice source for learning Audacity is to look for tutorials on YouTube. Audacity offers many advanced features, but we only need a few simple functions for our purpose.

You only need to learn how to:

  1. Import your music into Audacity
  2. Cut away unneeded parts of the song
  3. Fadeout the last 2-3 seconds of the used part of the song
  4. Connect the songs on the timeline
  5. Export the edited songs as a new single music track (the final rowing music program)

The learning curve for using Audacity this way is reasonable short when using YouTube tutorials. Next step is to decide how you will build up your rowing program.

How to build your rowing training program with SPM and time intervals

A classic rowing program would consist of 24 SPM for 3 minutes then 26 SPM for 3 minutes and then 28 SPM for 2 minutes. This program equals approx. a standard 2,000 meter. You can mix the training music programs according to your personal training style and preference. The key to success is to use music that is easy to follow in rhythm. By counting the beats 1-2-3-4 you should end your rowing stroke at beat 1 and begin a new stroke at beat 3.

It is very important that the participating training partners rows synchronously according to the music beats. After a little practice you will find it easy, fun and very rewarding to exercise with music this way. Paces below 24 SPM and over 28 SPM are bit more demanding to follow for less experienced rowers. Remember to praise your training partners for their efforts. Training to rowing adapted music is growing very popular, because it is a lot more fun to train hard to good music. Have fun!

Unfolding Of Mind Through Vedic Astrology

It is astrology to note that no two human beings are alike (even the twins behave differently). Everybody is curious to know the factors which are responsible for these dissimilarities.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists are able to understand the defects and the behavior of the human being only when certain manifestations are observed and made known to them. Competent and best astrologers can predict what type of manifestations may occur. This is being done through the study of planets at the time of birth and their transits in the subsequent period of life. For this purpose Westerners turn to the progressed horoscopes where as Indian astrologers study meticulously the Dasa-Antardasa mechanism of various planets. This is the only Indian system which can help for indicating the events in broader lines of life and also longevity.

Competent astrologers can also forecast the various types of diseases that a subject is likely to suffer. These facilities are not available with the scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians. No physicians on this earth can tell accurately the type of diseases that a new born baby is likely to suffer in the near future. Astrology can really help us in this matter and if we take certain preventive measures, we can avoid (or atleast minimize its effects) many dangerous diseases. Physicians, psychologists do not understand the cause of mental disorders. From astrological stand point these diseases are t be viewed primarily from the affliction of Lagna, 4th house (Sukha Sthana), 5th house (Intelligence), Moon (Mind), and Mercury (symbol of intelligence). If a powerful affliction of Mercury or Lagna or the Moon has the contact of Rahu, one can be certain that no medical treatment would be of any avail. To tell the truth, present level of astrological knowledge however, may not enable us to pinpoint whether one’s insanity (melancholia, mania, hysteria, epilepcy, schizophrenia, amnesia, idiocy, perversion, obsession and lunacy) is due to mental or brain disorder. In this article I shall now describe how astrology can help us to understand the inner structure of mind and human nature.


Mind as per Oxford Dictionary means the seat of consciousness through volition and feeling. This seat is situated in the brain. The brain and mind is not identical but not unrelated. In fact, they are closely related. In the human body the brain acts as the controller while the other organs, feeling, willing, etc. Mind is divided into four major divisions: Super- Conscious Mind (9th house); Unconscious mind (6th house); Subconscious mind (8th house) and conscious mind (1st house) or alert mind (3rd house). Negative portion of the superconscious mind is the lower mind.

My researches have revealed that when lower mind is well developed (i.e. in the case criminals) super intelligence faculty is not enriched.

The conscious mind works while we are awake. But the subconscious mind works during both, the awake and the asleep position. In the awake position, the functioning of the subconscious is guided and corrected by the conscious mind. The conscious mind can take action; it can evoke memory when it wants to; it can think actively towards a certain objective.

It is estimated that the amount which can be stored in the subconscious mind is very many times more than in the conscious mind. The mind stores layers upon layers of thought in its subconscious. Unfulfilled desires are buried here. They live in day dreams, night dreams, nightmares, fears, intensified fears or phobia. In fact, in popular parlance, the conscious mind compared to the subconscious is often linked to the iceberg – the part of ice-berg not in the sea representing the conscious mind and the hidden part standing for the subconscious mind. Subconscious mind can also store signals, sounds, emotions, and impressions; but even though it is not active like the conscious mind, the subconscious mind can play a large part in the thinking and behavior of a person.

Many psychiatrists believe that the impression formed and stored in the subconscious mind during one’s early years – from birth to about five years – determine the action of a person for the rest of his life. During these early, the mind is not only like a computer storing everything visual. These early stored impressions play a big part in the action of a person in his late life.

It is for this reason that parents should pay social attention to their children’s upbringing during the vitally important early years of their life.

Much of the work of psychoanalysis is concerned with the subconscious mind, because by studying the subconscious mind, they are able to get behind the reason of their patient’s behaviour. While the study of the subconscious mind (dream analysis provides vital clues of the subconscious mind) is till a relatively new field of research, there are strong indications to suggest that in future, a man’s actions and behaviour can be detected and improved by having a better knowledge of the sub-conscious.

When a person has to get up early in the morning, the waking time is kept in the sub conscious mind, and when the time comes the person wakes up exactly at the right time. The conscious mind is clearly asleep but the subconscious mind is on the job. The exact relationship between conscious and sub-conscious mind is still not clear and an enormous amount of work still remains to be done on this very important and interesting subject.

At the conscious level the mind has a feeling of ego. The mind also works on a higher plane. Super consciousness is a situation when the feeling of the egoism is totally absent and it moves to a state of Samadhi. The super consciousness plane of the mind is the mind in its pure state. In a sense it is identical with Atman. Sri Ramakrishna has said,’that which is pure mind, is also pure buddhi (intelligece) that again is pure atman (spirit).’ Sub-conscious, unconscious and conscious mind can be controlled through Yoga or meditation.

The preliminary techniques of yoga like Yama, Niyama and Pranayam can generate a higher level of consciousness by removing impurity and strengthening one pointless. Yogic exercises not only free a great amount of tied up energy but lead to emotional and mental relaxation. It gives us better control of our body and mind. Every movement and object of Yoga are completely natural, desiged solely for the development of human potential. It brings discipline and controls the mind and body towards health and happiness. If the mind is impure, be sure one’s deeds will be impure and sufferings will be there. So it is of the greatest importance that the mind and body be kept pure.

Through meditation the psychic centers or Chakras are opened. The Muladhar Chakra is the seat of the unconscious, and the Swadhishtana Chakra is the seat of the subconscious. In meditation all these past Karmas and experience become accessible. The continuous practice of mantra purifies and dissolves the Karmas. Super consciousness can be reached by people who have controlled their minds at the other three levels.

Astrology of Alzheimer Disease

What is Alzheimer Disease?

  • Alzheimer is a progressive and degenerative brain disease which causes problems with memory, thinking and behaviours.
  • Amyloidal plaques and neurofibrillary tangles are two types of proteins responsible for destroying brain nerve cells causing Alzheimer disease.
  • Other contributing major factors for this disease are hereditary, old age, brain injury, Down syndrome, smoking, depression, elevated homocystein level, heart problems.

The symptoms of Alzheimer disease:

Short term memory loss, inability to perform routine work, power of judgment and reasoning deteriorate, change in mood, behavior and communication patterns, impaired language skills, emotional outbursts and in final stage the individual’s ability to recognize faces and to communicate is completely lost along with the ability to control bowel and bladder control.

Astrological significator for Alzheimer disease:

Ascendant: overall strength/weakness of health, head and brain

6th house: house of sickness, lifestyle

8th house: life expectancy, incurable diseases, traumas, low and lingering diseases, cause of death

12th house: hospitalization, sleep, mental disorders

Mercury:nervous systems, represents the principle sponsoring mental function, thinking, writing, hearing, all forms of communication

Saturn:chronic diseases, tumors, desiccation, shrinking, under-function, retardation, and collapse old age.

Mars: muscular system, inflammation of arteries leading to the brain, accidents, vitality, fevers.

Jupiter:circulatory system.

Uranus:indicates body electricity

Different combination’s for Alzheimer disease:

  • Mercury is retrograded /inauspiciously placed/set/debilitated/ hammed between malefic/aspected by malefic Saturn/Uranus indicates nervous disorders.
  • Mercury and Jupiter placed in 6th/8th/12th houses and aspected by malefic.
  • Mercury aspected/conjunct/associated with Saturn/Uranus indicates brain problems.
  • Mercury placed in 3rd house and aspected by Saturn/Uranus.
  • Sign Gemini and Mercury severely afflicted and related to 6th/8th/12th sign may cause Alzheimer disease.
  • Mercury and Moon are inharmonious aspect or in 12th house and aspected by Pluto.
  • 3rd house and Mercury are afflicted by Neptune.
  • Mercury/Saturn related to trine/6th/8th/12th house and aspected by Uranus


  • Moon aspected/associated with Saturn/Ketu indicates mental disorders.
  • Afflicted 4th house and Moon indicates depression and mental worries.
  • Moon in 6th/8th/12th house indicated mental disorders.
  • Heavily tenanted 12th House especially with a Luminary there could suggest mental illness and institutions


  • Saturn and Rahu association/conjunction/aspect gives delusion and mental worries and lingering diseases.
  • Saturn associated with trine/4th house, aspected by malefic indicates brain problems.
  • Rahu placed in angle/6th/8th/12th house, resulting in hypertension.
  • Mars, Mercury, Neptune conj in Cancer/4th house.

Can Viviscal Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair?

Viviscal boasts that it can stop and prevent baldness and grow new, thicker and fuller hair in both men and women with thinning hair. But does this treatment for hair loss really deliver on its promise of growing or regrowing new hair? Is Viviscal a scam or a credible treatment for men and women suffering from alopecia worldwide?

Recently, we learned that world renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. Glenn Charles has publicly endorsed Viviscal. Dr. Charles has an outstanding reputation for performing state of the art hair transplant surgery and regularly receives glowing accolades from his patients. When asked to comment on his public endorsement of Viviscal, Dr. Charles stated that he’s never had any of his patients display any negative afects. Dr. Charles describes Viviscal to his patients as a “natural supplement” that can promote a healthier scalp and hair. But promoting healthy hair growth is not the same thing as reversing the effects of male or female pattern baldness. Dr. Charles also explains to his patients that there is no guarantee with this product. Dr. Charles claims that most of his patients believe they saw some improvement with this product. However, some of Dr. Charles’ patients reported that they didn’t see any noticeable changes that neither they nor he can identify.

Other hair restoration experts are not as optimistic regarding Viviscal’s hair growth potential. Expert hair loss doctor Dr. Bill Rassman of Los Angeles, California is skeptical of the photographs showcasing alleged results by consumers using this product. Viviscal reportedly contains special marine extracts and a silica compound however, there’s no indication or evidence suggesting or concluding that this active ingredient can regrow hair. Dr. Rassman feels that if these photos were real, the product would have taken over the market years ago.

While there may be no harm in adding Viviscal to your hair loss treatment regimen, men and women considering this product should be aware that their product only claims to reverse thinning hair due to stress, poor nutrition and other health related ailments. Nowhere on Viviscal’s website does it suggest that their product can slow down, stop or reverse the effects of genetic male or female balding.

Viviscal appears to be one of the many products on the market with reported claims that it can stop or reverse hair loss. However, like most products on the market, there’s very little evidence supporting these claims, despite most of the hype people read on the internet.

Men and women suffering from hair loss are strongly advised to consult with their doctor before starting any medical hair loss treatments.