Complete Information on Bright’s Disease

Bright’s disease, or nephritis, an inflammation of the filtering units in the kidneys. It is typically denoted by the presence of serum albumin in the urine, and frequently accompanied by edema. Lack of understabreinding of kidney function naturally meant that several different conditions could be considered Bright’s Disease. These include inflammation of the kidney, commonly called nephritis. Inflammation may be the result of too much protein being shed through the kidneys, called proteinuria, or hematuria, which causes blood in the urine. As well, Bright’s Disease might describe kidney failure due to high blood pressure or retention of fluids.

The symptoms are generally of a severe nature. Back pain, vomiting and fever commonly signal an attack. Edema, varying in degree from slight puffiness of the face to an accumulation of fluid sufficient to distend the whole body, and sometimes severely restrict breathing, is a very common ailment. The urine is reduced in quantity, is of dark, smoky or bloody color, and exhibits to chemical reaction the presence of a large amount of albumin, while, under the microscope, blood corpuscles and casts, as above mentioned, are found in abundance. Acute Bright’s disease was treated with local depletion, warm baths, diuretics, and laxatives.

Some types of kidney inflammation might be treated if they were not indicative of progressive kidney illness. Some people suffered attacks that could respond to early diuretics or laxatives. The urine will appear dark and smoky or bloody colored and will test positive for a large amount of albumen. If left untreated, the severe cases of this condition can be rather dangerous, and potentially fatal. There was no successful treatment for chronic Bright’s disease. Current treatments for kidney failure of various types, like kidney transplant or dialysis, can significantly lengthen the lives of those who would once have been diagnosed with Bright’s Disease.

What is Aspartate?

Aspartate, or also known as sodium poly, is an amino acid found in the human body responsible for the maintenance of certain body processes. In mammals, aspartate is considered to be a non-essential amino acid, and it simply means that it is produced inside the body. Among microorganisms and plants, aspartate also serves as a precursor to amino acids including methionine, isoleucine, threonine, and lysine.

There are also numerous sources of aspartate aside from it being naturally produced in the body. Aspartate is found in foods through meat products such as luncheon meats and sausage meat. It is also present from vegetable sources like sprouting seeds, asparagus, avocado, oat flakes, molasses, sugar beets, and young sugar canes. Sources for aspartate other than food products may come in the form of dietary supplements like salts or sweeteners like NutraSweet, Canderel, Equal, among others.

The function of aspartate may be quite diverse. One particular use of aspartate is in diagnosing periodontal diseases through aspartate transaminase, a type of enzyme that is found locally in the liver and heart. Laboratory tests are done to check if there are any occurring damages found in these organs. These tests can be included as a part of a normal medical check up where a blood sample will be obtained to undergo further examination.

In addition, aspartate aminotransferase can also be found in our skeletal system and heart tissues. The aspartate aminotransferase test is thus used to diagnose heart attacks and related issues about cardiology. This test is however mostly used in monitoring liver treatments and recognizing liver abnormalities.

Aspartate also serves as a by-product in a urea cycle. It is also one of the components used in gluconeogenesis, a series of chemical reactions that results in the production of glucose from substances such as glycerol, lactate, and glucogenic amino acids. It also serves as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Neurotransmitters are released chemicals from neurons that stimulate the transmission of impulses from one cell to another and throughout the entire nervous system.

All in all, aspartate is beneficial in monitoring organ functions and nerve transmissions in our body. By consuming foods that are rich in aspartate, one can easily monitor and allow an asparate aminotransferase to be done to check your heart and brain functionality. But most importantly, aspartate that is used in an aspartate aminotransferase would help easily detect any liver problem and stop liver failure from happening.

History and Health Effects of the Grapefruit Diet to Help Celebrities Lose Weight

With the recent trends in obesity and expanding body sizes, nutrition and weight loss have become popular topics in everyday conversations. The ever-expanding diet industry has spawned numerous products and off-the-wall nutrition tips to cash-in on our increasing obsession. Many of these “fad diets” make pseudo-scientific claims that appeal to people eager to drop a few pounds. The focus around one particular food group or a secret health food gives many of these diets the mystique to become popular. In recent history, one of the more popular of these fad diets has focused on consuming just grapefruit.

The grapefruit diet, also known as the Hollywood diet, originated in the United States in the 1930s. The diet centralizes on the claim that grapefruit has extraordinary weight-loss properties, such as a fat-burning enzyme. The grapefruit diet is considered unhealthy by most nutritionists due to the absence of essential vitamins and minerals and the low number of calories (less than 1,200 calories per day). On the other hand, incorporating a grapefruit with every meal can prove beneficial to the diet of a healthy person, provided that the dieter is not allergic to grapefruit or is taking medications that interact with citric fruit.

The grapefruit diet is a low-carb diet that generally occurs in a two-week cycle (12 days on the diet with 2 days off) that is repeated until the desired body weight is obtained. Advocates of the diet suggest that grapefruit helps burn body fat when eaten with foods high in dietary fat. Accordingly, the diet includes the consumption of meat, eggs, and fish, while restricting the consumption of sugars, sweet fruits, grains, and other carbohydrate sources. For best results, the diet requires three meals that are rich in fat and protein, complemented by one grapefruit, and with daily caloric intake below 1,200 calories.

The diet gained popularity in the 1970s after being mislabeled “the Mayo Clinic Diet.” Although the Clinic had no connection with the diet, the name-branding helped to bring the diet into popularity. In the 1980s, the diet was shortened to just 10 days with 2 break days, earning the nickname the “10-day, 10-pounds-off diet.” A 2004 study by the Florida Citrus department analyzed if grapefruit could aid in weight loss. Participants were encouraged to eat half a grapefruit with each meal and exercise regularly. The results were encouraging: a number of participants lost more than 10 pounds over 12 weeks. Note that the study focused on the addition of grapefruit to a healthy diet, not adopting a normal grapefruit diet. Nevertheless, a number of people claim short-term success with the diet, but long-term weight-loss maintenance still requires adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

MDS Leukemia – Living With the Disease

MDS (or Myelodysplastic Syndromes) generally refer to a group of blood cancers. Other types of MDS are non-progressive and may have no definite effect on the patient’s health. While other sub-types are slow-progressive and may be related to leukemia, which will definitely have serious effects on one’s health and life expectancy.

Myleodysplastic syndromes typically affect the cell-forming activities in the bone marrow. These cells are normally developed into mature red or white blood cells and platelets before they flow out to bloodstream. Myleodysplastic syndromes prevent blood cell formation. When blast cells in the bone marrow and blood are significantly higher, but dying before or after release into the bloodstream; the non-functional cells will continuously build-up inside the bone marrow. These abnormal activities of the blood cells may develop into a disease called MDS Leukemia.

In many cases, myleodysplastic syndromes will worsen into a type of leukemia – MDS Leukemia. When blast cell occurrence is in low proportions, doctors refer to the disorder as MDS. When there are higher proportions, the condition has worsened into a cancerous stage and is referred as MDS Leukemia. Thus, MDS and Leukemia are often joined together and have same methods of treatment.

The number of new cases of MDS in the United States is unknown. However, medical reports shown that the number of MDS cases is equivalent to the number of patients suffering from acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). Around 12,000 people were diagnosed with AML in 2006.

AML is incurable and often found in patients 60 years of age and above; but less common in children.

Are You Making It Hard To Be A Well-Paid Health & Fitness Professional? 3 Gut Checks Inside

You have your license to teach Zumba® and/or your certifications to teach all the hottest fitness formats. Sprinkle in that group ex certification, CPR/First Aid and maybe personal trainer, nutrition as well.

You work your ass off learning everything there is to know to teach an amazing class… and you’ve taught one amazing class after another. But some of your classes have been whomp whomp too.

You can’t stop thinking about all those little things you need to do in order to keep your fitness business going… marketing, advertising, practicing, the details with maintaining your space, how to get more peeps in the door, the latest thing you’re going to do, am I good enough to be successful?…

These thoughts of yours are running through your head while you are driving your kids to school (what did you say honey?), or making dinner (at the kitchen counter with your mind a million miles away), or washing your hair in the shower.. or putting veggies in your cart at the grocery store.

But there is something missing.

You are doing everything “right”.

You are following the advice that was given to you in all your different certification and continuing education courses.

You believe in what you are doing and you’re super passionate about it.

You’re a good person and you work hard.

So, why does it feel like such a struggle?

You are so busy, trying to juggle your fitness business with your personal life and the other paying jobs you have.

Being a full-time health & fitness professional is not happening, which is why you are pulled in so many directions.

You want a never ending stream of happy clients who are getting crazy results and who schedule their life around working with you (sorry Doctor, that’s my Zumba® day!).

You want to solely do health & fitness as your job, which really is your passion and purpose.

You want to use your expertise and passion for health & fitness to create a better life for yourself – have more control and freedom over your schedule and your lifestyle.

You CAN have those things. But let’s do a GUT CHECK first so you can get real with yourself.


Many fitness instructors feel like frauds – we call it “fitness fraud”. Feeling like a fraud can be described as “a high-achieving individual marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud.”

What do I mean by that? In our industry, a health & fitness professional who feels like a fraud is overweight, underweight because of body image issues, battling food addictions and unhealthy eating habits, not practicing the healthy lifestyle that you preach, and not feeling like you are a modeling a good example of a healthy person with a healthy lifestyle (not walking the walk or talking the talk).

In other words, you are hitting the drive-through in a frazzled mess after you teach your fitness classes and preach to your peeps about drinking water and taking care of their bodies, yet you’re sucking down the sugary drinks and cocktail bevvies.

First of all, we are all human. Just because we look at someone who seems “big” doesn’t mean they weren’t over 300 pounds the year before and have actually lost a ton of weight!

Embrace the journey you are on and share your milestones along the way. You are not going to be perfect all the time.

#bossqueen Advice: If you are feeling like a health & fitness fraud it’s time for you to stop and go within. Ask yourself WHY this is happening to you. WHAT are you really looking for when you self sabotage? WHAT are you really needing?

Then, take action. Purchase that health & fitness program you’ve been eyeing. Hire a coach. Put yourself first.


Having a big heart and loving to serve people is a pre-requisite if you want to be a successful health & fitness professional. However, if you want to have a thriving health & fitness business, you need to set your Mother Teresa avatar aside and get real with that it’s going to take for you to make some money.

You need to love business. Embrace the fact that you have to have smart and savvy marketing and advertising skills. Sharpen your leadership and your people skills, because business is no longer “just about business”, it’s very personal too.

At the end of the day, your bottom line that is going to make you money is if you are leading a vibe tribe – this is my term for your “niche” or your clients and future clients.

#bossqueen Advice: Sit down and answer these questions honestly.

Are you serving your vibe tribe in ways they can’t get from other health & fitness professionals that may be your competition?

Are you managing your day well enough to be a #bossqueen or are you just treading water, responding to the needs of everyone and everything around you and never getting ahead?

If your answers are no, then you need to get someone else’s perspective, such as a professional or coach who knows how to help you focus and create an intelligent, highly strategic plan of action.


Limiting beliefs are beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind which constrain our lives and have far reaching consequences. They are toxic to your life and your business causing self sabotage and negative thinking which results into negative decisions, bad behaviours, and feelings of sadness, anger, and depression.

All of us are programmed with negative beliefs which run our lives. They began from the moment we were born (some people even believe that programming started pre-conception and during gestation) and continued on during our childhood based on the experiences we had and the relationships we formed.

By the time you completed about 7 years old, all of your subconscious beliefs about who you are, the world, your relationship with yourself, others, money, success, food, safety, sex, love, spirituality, work, etc. were programmed.

Unfortunately, many of us still operate from that negative, primitive programming.

#bossqueen Advice: If you are working your butt off, doing everything “they” tell you to do and still not experiencing the success you deserve and desire, then negative subconscious programming could be at play and you need an operating system update!

Some people have success with meditation, affirmations, positive thinking, and/or reading personal development. Those are all great forms of helping you create self awareness and become a better, more successful person in life and in business.

Personally, my method of choice is PSYCH-K®. It’s a technique to access your subconscious mind and transform negative beliefs that are controlling your life into positive, self enhancing beliefs.

High Uric Acid in Urine – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

High uric acid in urine can be a sign of excruciating gout to come. Discover, here, why high levels of uric acid can occur in your urine and blood, and, how they can lead to gout and kidney stones. You’ll also learn about treatment for high uric acid, both drug-based and natural. First, though, let’s look at the symptoms of high uric acid in urine…


Having high levels in your urine (or blood for that matter) doesn’t necessarily present any symptoms at first. Normally, the first indication is when these high levels produce the painful symptoms of gout and / or kidney stones. So how can high acid levels lead to gout and kidney stones?…


Uric acid is a natural byproduct of the breakdown of natural chemical compounds called “purines” which exist in our bodies and in our food. Purines are vital for us, because they help to produce our energy and protein needs.

Your kidneys process the acid produced and expel excess levels out of your system via your bladder and urine. A small amount is expelled in stools. But if there is just too much acid being produced for your kidneys to handle, or, your kidneys themselves can’t process it effectively enough, excess acid is retained in your blood and not expelled. And of course circulated around your body.

This excess can then be deposited as needle-like crystals in your joints and surrounding tissues. When this happens you get the symptoms of gout; swelling, redness, inflammation and unbearable pain. And, the high levels of uric acid can also cause painful kidney stones over time.


Remember how your kidneys process your blood, remove uric acid and then expel it via your bladder and urine? Well, comparing the levels of acid in your urine and blood over a 24 hour period, can give some interesting results…

High levels in urine and high levels in the bloodstream indicate that you have higher than normal levels in your body, but your kidneys are functioning o.k. It is just that your body is producing much higher levels of uric acid than normal and your kidneys — although they are working fine — just can’t cope with the increase.

On the other hand, low levels in urine and high levels in blood show that it’s your kidneys’ inability to process the normal everyday production of uric acid efficiently enough that has lead to increased levels backing up in your blood.

Whichever is the case, all too often, painful gout attacks are the result. And repeated attacks of gout can lead to permanently damaged joints, and, kidney damage such as kidney stones, and even, kidney failure in extreme cases.

You should also be aware that, once having had one gout attack, you’re almost certain to have repeated attacks unless you can find a way to manage your condition so that you can prevent future occurrences.


Drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs), corticosteroids and colchicines are used to address the inflammation and pain of gout. Others, such as allopurinol, are targeted at reducing uric acid levels. These are the types of medications that your doctor is likely to prescribe once high acid levels with gout have been diagnosed.

These can be effective, but, they have numerous nasty side effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, bleeding, stomach ulcers, etc. and, they can be very expensive especially over time with repeated attacks. Which is why so many sufferers like yourself are seeking out totally natural remedies…


Home remedies use a whole range of natural approaches, like, the use of fruits, fruit juices, certain vegetables, a whole range of herbs, natural supplements, natural kidney cleanses, dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and so on; too many to go into here unfortunately.

Three of the most popular and effective are…

(1) Cherries – Eat a bowl every day to take advantage of their natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Natural cherry juice is also beneficial.

(2) Apple Cider Vinegar – Drink 3 teaspoons of raw, un-distilled apple cider vinegar in a 8oz glass of warm water (add honey to taste if you want) three time daily. This remedy will help adjust your blood pH, which in turn can lower high uric acid levels.

(3) Water – Drink at the very minimum 2 liters of water every day. Do not drink lots a few times a day, rather, drink smaller amounts more frequently and regularly during the day.

But, you diet is one of the most important factors in having, and dealing with, high uric acid levels…

You need to avoid food that is high in purines such as red meat, offal, some fish, shellfish, etc. And avoid alcohol, especially beer. There’s a lot more, but too much to go into here.

But as a general rule of thumb, anything that is high in protein is high in purines. However, it’s definitely not recommended that all protein food is eliminated! You have to learn which foods to eliminate, which to replace those with, and, which foods to retain.

The Best Hospitals in Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city of Brazil and was the capital of the country up to 1960. Rio is the third largest metropolitan area in South America. The headquarters of many international oil, telephone, media and communication companies in Brazil are located here. Rio will also host the final match for 2014 Football World Cup. Rio de Janeiro has been Brazil’s primary tourist center by virtue of its world famous Mardi Gras parades, beaches and many world famous landmarks such as the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer, Corcovado Mountain.

Rio de Janeiro is a major center of research and development in the country and also houses many world-class hospitals that offer latest medical treatments. These well equipped private hospitals have special international patient sections and offer service of English speaking staff.

This is a short description of some of the popular hospitals in Rio de Janeiro.

Hospital Copa D’or located at Rua Figueiredo Magalhães, 875 – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro is owned and operated by the Rede D’Or group. All of their hospitals are internationally accredited and follow international standards in their management.

Hospital Copa D’or, Rio has latest generation of equipment and eminent doctors providing care. The hospital offers the best possible service in their surgical center, post operative center, center for diagnostic imaging, neuro-intensive treatment center, out-patient hospital, adult and pediatric emergency rooms, physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychiatry, infectious diseases, hemodynamics, clinical nutrition, pediatrics and coronary care unit. The surgical centers of this hospital are state-of-the-art, they can perform the most complex surgeries.The hospital has centers for intensive care including intensive care unit, cardio intensive care unit, semi- intensive care unit and even a special pediatric ICU. The hospital accepts all major health insurances. Tel:e 21 2545-3600

Hospital Samaritano located at Rua Bambina,98 -Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro is one of the well trusted, modern private hospitals in Brazil provided  with state-of-the-art medical  technology and service of eminent doctors. The hospital offers a complete range of medical and surgical service of global standard in all relevant departments. The well known cardiology department of this hospital has excellent coronary unit, hemodynamics laboratory and cardiac surgery center.

Hospital Samaritano‘s specialized sections include imagery diagnostics department with computerized tomography, radiology unit, magnetic nuclear resonance and PET-CT and modern nuclear medicine department with scintilography, myocardial scintilography and sentinel linfonode research. The hospital has an accredited emergency room staffed by physicians approved by the American College of Surgeons for trauma care. All the beds in this section are provided with modern equipments for trauma care like portable monitors, breathers, defibrillator and artificial pacemakers.

The Intensive Care Unit of Hospital Samaritano is notable with newest facilities and has 10 beds, all provided with breathers, infusion pumps, artery pressure, oxygen level, and heart beat monitors. Hospital Samaritano is also a pioneer in medical education, research and training. This is a favorite hospital among the foreign communities and all major health insurance companies are accepted here. Phone (21) 2537-9722 • Emergency: (21) 2535-4000

Hospital Sao Jose is another reliable hospital in the city with modern health care facilities. This hospital founded by the Santa Catarina Congregation, a religious group with wide reputation, has been providing effective and modern medical service to the people at a reasonable cost since1923. This large hospital with an area of more than 625 sq miles has full fledged departments in all major branches of medicine. The hospital’s emergency department including a 5-bed special cardiac ward offers round the clock service. Sao Jose Hospital’s international patient section with English speaking staff is also well known for providing complete medical service and best personal care. Tel: (21) 2741-4300.

How Long Do I Need to Keep This? – A Guide to Receipts, Statements and Financial Clutter at Home

In most homes, paper causes clutter. And it seems to mysteriously multiply by itself. But just how long do you need to keep all those receipts, bank and credit card statements and other financial papers? Below is a handy In most homes, paper causes clutter. And it seems to mysteriously multiply by itself. But just how long do you need to keep all those receipts, bank and credit card statements and other financial papers? Below is a handy reference that you can use for dealing with your home paper trail.

Toss after One Month

ATM and bank deposit/withdrawal slips

  • keep in a file folder until monthly statement received
  • reconcile with your statement to ensure that charges and payments have been properly processed
  • if for major purchase with warranty, staple receipt to the owner’s manual and file for the term of the warranty
  • if for major purchase without warranty, keep receipt if item replacement cost is higher than the deductible on your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • if for minor purchase without warranty, shred

Cash purchase receipts

  • enter into your chequebook or computer software to ensure that you are accounting for all your purchases
  • if for major purchase with warranty, staple to the owner’s manual and file for the term of the warranty
  • if for major purchase without warranty, keep receipt if item replacement cost is higher than the deductible on your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • if for minor purchase without warranty, shred

Credit card receipts

  • keep in file until monthly statement received
  • reconcile with your statement to ensure charges and payments have been properly processed
  • if for major purchase with warranty, staple to the owner’s manual and file for the term of the warranty
  • if for major purchase without warranty, keep receipt if item replacement cost is higher than the deductible on your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • if for minor purchase without warranty, shred

Toss after One Calendar Year

  • Bank/Financial Institution monthly statements (unless needed for home business)
  • Brokerage/Mutual Fund Statements (Monthly/Quarterly)
    • reconcile with your annual statement
  • Credit card monthly statements
  • Credit reports

    • you should request your credit report annually to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date, especially with regard to accounts you have closed in the course of the year
    • requesting this file annually helps to prevent identity theft, so you can see who has requested the report and for what purpose
  • Monthly Mortgage Statements

    • reconcile with your annual statement
  • Pay stubs

    • shred after reconciling with your W-2 or 1099 (US) or T4 (Canada)
  • Telephone/Utility bills

Keep for 7-10 Years

  • Any T4 Forms – including T4E, etc. (Canada)
  • Annual Mortgage Statements
  • Supporting documentation (cancelled cheques/receipts/statements) for tax returns including but not limited to:
    • donations
    • retirement account contributions
    • child care receipts
    • alimony/child support paid or received
    • medical expenses
    • mortgage interest
    • property tax payments
  • W-2 or 1099 Forms (US)
  • Year End statements from Credit cards (if provided)
  • Year End statements from utility companies (if provided)

Keep Indefinitely

  • Adoption Records
  • Auto/Home/Life Insurance policy information
    • keep purchase records for as long as policy is in force
  • Automobile Records (ownership certificate/registration)

    • keep for as long as you own your vehicle
    • if annual registration required, keep only current registration paper
  • Birth Certificates
  • Business Income Tax returns, and supporting documentation, if self-employed
  • Death Certificate
  • Divorce Agreement/Child Custody Court Orders
  • Investment records clearly showing beneficiary information

    • purchase records
    • sales records
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical records
  • Immunization records to children
  • Military service records
  • Pension Plan records
  • Receipts for major home improvements/renovations
  • Receipts for major purchases that have long life expectancy (refrigerator, stove, freezer, vehicles)
  • Religious records
  • School/Education records
  • Tax Returns

    • In the US, the IRS has 3 years to from the date you file your tax return to examine your return for errors and up to 6 years to audit your return if they suspect that you have underreported your gross income by 25% or more. There is no statute of limitations on an audit when deliberate fraud is suspected.
    • In Canada, CRA advises you to keep your tax returns, Notices of Assessment, and all supporting documentation for 6 years from the date of filing your personal income tax return.
    • NOTE~I recommend keeping these indefinitely because they take up little space and can often be a valuable resource if there is any dispute over such things as income tax paid, child support/alimony paid or received and pension plan benefits.
  • Will and/or Power of Attorney

    • should be kept securely in a fire-proof home safe or safety deposit box at your financial institution
  • Year End Investment account summaries

Now what?

Now that you know what to keep, where are you supposed to put it all?

Set up a simple home filing system to cover the basics, and invest in a couple of sturdy cardboard or plastic filing boxes for the information you should keep log-term or indefinitely.

And a final caution – when you decide that you no longer need to keep certain documents, make sure you shred them and DO NOT put them in the general trash or recycling. Sensitive financial information or personal information should always be DESTROYED to avoid any chance of identity theft that could lead to headaches greater than you can imagine.

3 Easy Ways to INCREASE Sexual Stamina Without Drugs or Danger

Why does sex seem to END so fast? Am I doing it wrong? Am I disappointing my partner? Is there any way to increase my sexual stamina and staying power without doing anything weird, odd or expensive?

Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at how to increase your ability to make sex LAST longer, and dispel a few common myths and misconceptions about great sex and stamina as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Categorized: How long do Most Men Last?

Believe it or not, the biggest myth and misconception about sexual stamina is the idea that EVERYONE lasts longer than YOU. The truth is, and this has been validated by hundreds and even thousands of sexual studies and surveys, the average man is able to “last” about 7 minutes once intercourse begins.

This is true across just about every age demographic, and every culture and community around the globe as well.

If you are significantly ABOVE that figure? Congratulations! You are probably considered an extraordinarily good lover by your partner!

If you are significantly below that?

You most likely are NOT lasting long enough to please your partner, and should probably apply some of the simple strategies below.

3 Ways to Make Sex Last LONGER (100% Natural)

1 – A Focus on Fitness

Study after study shows that men who are physically fit last longer in bed, and have far more sexual control over their bodies as well.

The truth is, we know that the body is a complete system of moving parts… and the better the machine is maintained overall, the better each individual element works as well! It may sound like a goofy metaphor… but in 2013, the science of sex, and physical health clearly demonstrates a relationship between your cardiovascular system, your nervous system, your overall musculature and your sexual stamina, libido and overall appetites as well.

2 – Dietary Distinctions

Believe it or not, your DIET can play a huge role in your ability to perform sexually… and what you eat can lend itself to improving sexual stamina and staying power as well.

Foods high in phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, omega fatty acids, and a whole host of naturally occurring compounds that are found in many dark colored fruits, leafy vegetables and even spices work wonderfully well for optimal sexual performance.

While there is a lot of myth and misinformation and “spammy” mens health products that try to take advantage of this discovery, the simple fact of the matter is it’s TRUE! The healthier the ingredients you put into your body, the better you will be in bed.

3 – Men’s Health Oriented Activities

There are many exercises and optimizations that men can do to improve sexual stamina as well – from Kegal exercises, (well known to strengthen the pubecocous muscle, thought to regulate ejaculation response) to PC elevation exercises, to other anatomically specific approaches that strengthen the parts of our anatomies that logically apply to enhancing sexual performance.

While controversial and occasionally over hyped in the online informational space, these exercises DO work, and are used and recommended by Urologists and sexual wellness educators around the world with great success.

Lastly, there is a good argument that confidence is CRITICAL to improving sexual staying power as well. The truth is, the better you feel about your body, and your ability to perform… the more control you will have over your mind over matter reflex.

A good percentage of men suffer from sexual insecurities which directly contribute to premature ejaculation and poor sexual stamina, and my hope is, the 3 simple steps above will help YOU overcome those, and dramatically improve your ability to last in bed to boot!

Nephrotic Syndrome and Nephritic Syndrome – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Nephrotic Syndrome is a disease seen more in children aged 18 months to 8 years and also in adults, and is characterized by high levels of protein in the urine, low levels of protein in the blood, and high cholesterol. This results from damage to the blood vessels in the kidneys, usually due to disease, infection, some cancers, medicines, or unknown causes. Treatment outcome is usually more favorable in younger children.

Nephritic Syndrome, also known as Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis, is seen more in adults. This is characterized by reduced urine output, presence of blood and protein in the urine, and swelling in the body. This disease also results from damage to the filtering mechanism in the kidneys. Mostly the cause is unknown, but it is also believed to result from a malfunction of the immune system of the body, resulting from viral infection or autoimmune disease. The treatment outcome in this disease may not be so favorable.

It is important to note that symptoms for both the above syndromes may overlap with each other and with other diseases of the kidneys.

The commonest physical manifestation of kidney-related disease is swelling in the body, more so below the eyes and in the feet and ankles. This swelling is known as “Kaphaj Shoth” in Ayurveda. Diseases caused by disturbed kapha dosha present gradually, and the response to treatment is also slow. Hence, such disorders, including kidney-related diseases, need long-term treatment.

Ayurvedic formulations useful in kidney disease are: Gomutra Haritaki, Chandraprabha, Arogya Vardhini, Punarnavadi Qadha, Gokshuradi Guggulu, Punarnavadi Guggulu, and Saarivadyasava. Herbal medicines used are: Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa), Shunthi (Zinziber officinalis), Deodar (Cedrus deodara) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula).

A special combination of jaggery and ginger in equal proportion, called as “Gudardrak Yoga” is used in all kidney-related swelling with very good results. The dose is first increased gradually for the first ten days, and then gradually reduced for the next ten days till the starting dose is reached. A gap of a few days (usually a week) is given, after which the medicine is restarted. Several such courses are given.

In refractory patients, special medicines are used which act on the tissues which make up the kidneys, with the aim of trying to repair the damage caused due to disease. Medicines like Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) and Punarnava are used to bring the immune system to normal.

Is Vitamin E An Effective Treatment For Melasma Or Skin Hyper Pigmentation?

Melasma is a skin condition that is most often seen in the face. Although it can be present in men, it’s most common in women. It’s commonly found in pregnancy and in women who are on hormone replacement therapy. Melasma often shows itself via hyper pigmentation on the nose, chin, cheeks, and upper lip, although it can appear in other areas. Sometimes, it’s patchy or it shows itself in a spotty appearance. Other times, it just appears to be an area on your face that is darker than other areas. When mine first surfaced, it almost looked like a mustache because the area above my upper lip was noticeably darker. Eventually, it increased to include other areas in my face. And eventually, the dark patches had tiny little white spots within them.

One treatment that I sometimes get asked about is vitamin E. This is a very inexpensive, all natural treatment that can be taken internally or in oral form. Vitamin E is known to be an effective treatment for skin in general because it is a powerful antioxidant. It’s said to offer some protection from ultra violet light (and sun damage,) pollution, and cell damage. It’s also been used as an anti aging ingredient and some believe that it helps with wrinkles and age spots. There’s also some literature which suggest that it can help with inflammation.

Because I have some experience with melasma, I have both researched and tried vitamin E both topically and orally. I could not find any clinical studies or trails that have studied vitamin E as a treatment for hyper pigmentation or this condition. However, I did find a study that mentioned vitamin E within it’s literature and findings.

The study that I’m speaking of was testing the effectiveness of pycnogenol (which is the bark of a plant and extremely powerful anti oxidant) as a treatment for melasma. The study indicated that pycnogenol was believed to recycle vitamin C and regenerate vitamin E within the body. And at the end of the 30 day treatment, pycnogenol was said to have an 80% effective rate. In the literature outlining the study, pycnogenol was noted as more powerful than vitamins C and E. However, since this substance seemed to bump up antioxidant production (including C and E,) you could possibly make some general inferences about these vitamins and the skin.

In my own experience, I believe that vitamin E makes for a powerful topical. It makes my skin look a bit brighter. But, I also did not experience dramatic results in terms of my melasma with it alone. At the end of the day, it became part of my regimen because I believe that, as an antioxidant, it is important for skin. But as a treatment for this type of hyper pigmentation, it’s only my opinion that there are better options. And there are some commercially available products that contain both pycnogenol and vitamin E so that if you believe that treatments based on antioxidant is something that you want to pursue, it’s easy enough to do so while covering all of the bases.

The bottom line for me (and you may certainly disagree) is that treating melasma often requires a combination of many different approaches and a trial and error approach. I’ve heard from people who believe that E may be helping them slightly, but not enough to make significant enough of a difference. Many people chose to stay with it though because it does seem to help with your skin’s overall appearance and it’s inexpensive.

More Reasons to Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the leading cause of heart attacks among people in their thirties and forties, but, unfortunately, most people still need an alarming health report and quit smoking only on prescription. What’s worse, when it comes to persuading smokers to quit smoking, health arguments don’t always work.

The majority of smokers want to quit and have tried to quit smoking in the past 12 months, but only around 1% of smokers who try to quit on their own successfully do so. That is because the relapse rate among them is very high. After trying to quit smoking two to three times, they become frustrated and start smoking even more. However, if given psychological counseling, the quit rate improves to 11%.

Anyway, smoker should be motivated enough to quit smoking, or, if we try to think positively, smoker need grave reasons not to smoke during hard smoking cessation period, when nicotine addiction in collaboration with smoker’s mind are going to find tons of reasons to smoke “just one”. Below are just some reasons to quit smoking:

– You will be able to enjoy flowers, food, fresh air, taste of food, etc. far better

– You will be less wrinkly. After 10 years, smoking can speed up your skin’s aging process by narrowing your skin’s blood vessels and damaging the tissues that give the skin its strength and elasticity.

– Quitting smoking will improve the color of your teeth and fingers… otherwise, yes, they are yellow… and will be brown.

– Clean up your children’s lungs. Secondhand smoke is now believed to be a risk factor for children to develop asthma; it also contributes to respiratory infections, such as pneumonia and bronchitis, and ear infections, as well as coughing, wheezing, and decreased lung function.

– You will be more patient. Smoking addiction raises irritation levels. You will be more calm. Addiction causes anxiety that smoking temporarily relieves.

All smokers harbor the secret hope that they will be spared the disease and death that follows nicotine addiction. We tell ourselves we’ll quit in time and somehow dodge the bullet that smoking is. But with four million people dying every year due to tobacco use around the world, the odds are not in our favor. So, quit smoking to be free and have more control over your life. Find more quitting smoking tips at Quit Smoking Pro.

The Reverend Billy Graham on Hypnosis

The Reverend Billy Graham when asked his thoughts on hypnosis stated that hypnosis was neither good nor bad. Like most tools it depends on how it is used. The Pope in 1956, the British Medical Society in 1957 and the American Medical Association in 1958 endorsed hypnosis as a complementary tool in health care. Even with those endorsements many in our educated society (and some are physicians) still misunderstand and fear the natural nature of hypnosis. Linking it with hocus-pocus, witchcraft and even mind control.

Would you be surprised if I told you that we all naturally go into hypnosis many times each day. The simple act of driving to work and not remembering stopping at red lights or stop signs is a hypnotic state. It is in that day dreamy time that hypnosis occurs. Our thoughts during that hypnotic state truly shape our lives.

In the 1950s, the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale wrote the greatest inspirational bestseller of his time. Over 3 million copies of his book The Power of Positive Thinking were put into print. In it he said that, “In formulating this simple philosophy of life I found my own answers in the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

He wrote his book to help you release your inner powers. The Power of Positive Thinking shows:

× How faith in yourself makes good things happen to you

× How to break the worry habit

× How to get other people to like you

× How to energize your life to give yourself the vitality and initiative needed to carry out your ambitions and hopes

× How to avoid the jitters in your daily work

× How to believe in yourself and in everything you do

× How to live a controlled relaxed life no matter how fast the pace may be

× How to build new power and determination to a simple formula that really works

× How to develop the power to reach your goals.

× How to think the k

Paul Harvey would say, “Now for the rest of the story.” Because of his book the board of deacons, in their ignorance, requested that Norman Vincent Peale, the pastor of the largest protestant church in New York City resign his position.. Why? Because The Power of Positive Thinking is a book describing the use of self-hypnosis. Dr Peale did not resign. He was supported by the membership, which overruled the board of deacons. They understood that he wrote The Power of Positive Thinking out of a sincere desire to help them and you.

The Power of Positive Thinking was followed by Dynamic Imaging the powerful way to change your life. Daydreaming, creative visualization, guided imagery, and hypnosis are basically the same mindfulness states that allow us to change our lives for better or worse. It depends on whether we think positive thoughts and create positive outcomes or think negative thoughts and create negative outcomes. Worry is an example of a negative hypnotic thought. So if you want healthy changes in your life have Healthy Visions.

World Hypnotism Day January 4, 2006.

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miserable Without You – Get Him to Yearn For You

If you want to make your ex boyfriend miserable without you, you need to give him a taste of his own medicine. You need to remember that you are not doing this to take revenge. You are just showing him how much hurt he has caused you by making him feel at least a small amount of the pain you are feeling right now. You need to do this in love and not in hatred. The main goal is to get him back and make him love you with all his heart.

The first step towards making him feel at least a portion of your hurt and pain is to dump him. But how do you dump him when he has already dumped you? Well, he is under the perception that he has dumped you but you are still after him. This is what most guys feel after they have dumped their girlfriend. They also assume that if they turn around and ask their girlfriend to come back, they would literally run and fall into their arms. Well, you need to give him a surprise. You need to show him that his assumptions are wrong.

So write him a short note saying that you agree to the breakup! This might sound counter-intuitive to all that you have heard before. But as I said earlier, you have to give him a taste of this own medicine. He broke the relationship because he felt that it should end. Now you too say that the relationship should end. So write to him saying that you thought about it for a while and you are convinced that a breakup is the right thing for both of you.

This would come as a big jolt to him. Now he can no longer assume that you are after him anymore. He knows that you are out of his reach. Even if he wants you back, there is the possibility that he may not get you. Now that is powerful! A guy will start to feel very uncomfortable when he is no longer in control of a relationship. He can no longer call you and make you dance to his tunes. You are no longer ‘his girl’. Now that is going to give him sleepless nights. You have got him now! He’s hooked. As long as you keep running behind him, he has control over the relationship. But once you agree to the break up, his knees will start to shake.

Pediatric Crash Cart Medications

Pediatric crash cart is a crash cart or a “code cart” that is used for the emergent needs of young patients, six years and younger. Just like the adult code cart, the pediatric emergency code cart is placed in the hospital areas where it is expected that it could urgently be needed, in places where kids “crash”, or where the chances are that the kids may lose consciousness and need be resuscitated. Places such as in and near emergency rooms, intensive care rooms, delivery rooms, recovery rooms. We will explore the main differences between the pediatric, or child crash cart, and the adult trash cart here.

If you are in a position where you must decide on the type of the emergency carts that you are looking to acquire for your medical center or hospital, then this information will be valuable to you. You will be better able to see exactly whether you need a pediatric crash cart and why.

The main differences between the pediatric code cart and the adult medical code cart are: The type of the AED device used for reviving the child’s heart, the types of medicines, and the types and sizes of incision equipment, tubing, and other life-saving supplies.

AED devices for pediatric crash cart

Automatic Electronic Defibrillators, AEDs, or AED machines, are designed in two sizes, adult, and pediatric. Children’s hearts are smaller and beat faster. Their bodies are smaller and they require smaller electrode pads for defibrillation. Therefore, a pediatric code cart needs to be equipped with a pediatric AED machine, and with the appropriate sized electrodes. In an emergency, there is no time to switch over the machines and the electrode pads, so it is best to keep a pediatric AED machine ready on a pediatric code cart.

The pediatric crash cart medications

Not all medicines that are suitable for adults will be suitable for the children also. Some narcotics, for instance, may simply be too strong for the child’s body to sustain without the adverse reaction.

The medications you will find in regular emergency cart contents but you will not find on the pediatric crash cart medications list include the following drugs:

  • Amiodarone
  • Magnesium Sulfate
  • Procainamide
  • Vasopressin
  • Verapamil
  • Etomidate

Different sizes of incision equipment and tubing

All types of scalpels, tubes, syringes will be of smaller size, suitable for the size of a toddler or a small child. They include endotracheal tubes to access the inside of child’s windpipe, tracheotomy tubes to construct artificial opening into the windpipe due to difficulty breathing, nose tubes or nasal cannula, air flow meters, laryngoscope supplies, exam gloves, and suction devices such as suction catheters. Many of these come in child sizes to better fit the small bodies, be it for diagnostic or for resuscitation purposes.