Leukemia – Cancer of the Blood

Leukemia is cancer of the blood cells. In leukemia, the bone marrow starts to make a lot of abnormal white blood cells (leukemia cells). These abnormal cells out number the healthy cells gradually leading to anaemia, bleeding and infection. The exact cause of leukemia is unknown but risk factors have been identified. leukemia is grouped into how quickly the disease spreads (acute or chronic) and which blood cells are affected ((lymphocytes or myelocytes).


Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML).

It mainly affect adults. It affects the myleoid cells and usually grow slowly at first. It has little or no symptoms in the initial stages. It is usually diagnosed in the chronic stage when treatment is very effective for most people.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)

This kind almost never affects children. It is found in people over 55 years. It affects the lymphoid cells and grows slowly. It is the most common chronic adult form of leukemia. You may feel well for years and not need any treatment.

Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)

Most common types of leukemia in children even though adults may get it. It affects lymphoid cells and grows very quickly

Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML)

It is the most common type of acute leukemia in adults. It affects children too. It grows rapidly and affects the myleoid cells.

There are also rare types of leukemia like hairy cell leukemia



This increases your risk of AML.

Past chemotherapy or radiation for another cancer makes you a high risk candidate of this cancer.

Exposure to high levels of radiations.

Exposure to these high levels of radiation greatly increases your chance of getting the disease. eg nuclear bomb accidents increases these high level radiations.

Family history.

If members of your family have been diagnosed with leukemia, you have a high risk of getting it too.

Exposure to chemicals

Exposure to chemicals like benzene can cause AML. Benzene is widely used in the chemical industry and found in gasoline and cigarette smoke.

Genetic disorders .

Genetic or inherited disorders such as down syndrome increases your risk.

Blood disorders Myelodysplastic syndrome and certain other blood disorders increases your risk of AML.

Human T-cell leukemia virus type I (HTLV-I): increases your risk of rare type of leukemia called adult T-cell leukemia.


Treatment is based on a lot of factors like type of leukemia, overall health and age.


This is the major form of treatment for leukemia. The drugs are used to kill the cancer cells. You may have a pill or injection into your vein depending on the type of leukemia you have.

Radiation Therapy

X-rays or other high-energy beams are used to damage leukemia cells and stop their growth.

Stem cells transplant

The aim of this type of procedure is to destroy the cells in your bone marrow including leukemia cell and replace them with normal healthy cell. .


Motivate Yourself By Planning to Shock The Bullies And Critics

Hopefully you have not been bullied or intimidated or criticized by any one.

As a self-defense instructor, I find that some of my students have been humiliated by a bully and start taking classes to make sure that the situation is not repeated.

At least one student became so confident through training that others came to her for protection. Over twenty of my students have survived violent attacks and several have flattened their attackers.

The thought of shocking the people who have beaten or underestimated you is a powerful motivator. It has been used to motivate people to buy a solution by advertisers for generations.

You may remember the famous line in an effective advertisement: "They laughed when I sat down to play the piano." The thought of people laughing at you is a powerful motivator. We all want to see the laughter turn to looks of admiration and are happy to spend good money on lessons to make sure we win respect instead of ridicule.

The older generation, including me, remember the bully who kicked sand in the face of the man on the beach and went off with his girl. The weakling buys a body building course by Charles Atlas
and returns to shock the bully and win back the girl. Nobody kicked sand in my face but I bought the course anyway!

Revenge is sweet and revenge is often a key idea behind the shock the bully scenario. It is almost worth being beaten up to later enjoy the experience of reversing the situation and putting the
bully in his place.

Revenge is a key story line in many films. Spiderman takes on the schoolbully in the school corridor and bamboozles him by evading his attacks before he administers the coup de grace. Everyone is stunned including the bully.

Half the joy of turning the tables comes from having an audience to witness the final discomfort of the bully. The Karate Kid facts his revenge in front of a large competition audience.

Changing from an apprehensive weakening into a powerful master of destruction is a key self-defense ploy. If someone has a knife against your throat and is claiming money, appearing cool and confident is not always a good idea.

Instead, act as if you are terrified. This should not be too difficult in this kind of situation and then distract the knife man with a question like "Do you want cash or my credit card?"

While he is considering the answer, attack ferociously like the Hulk after he has been tormented into turning huge and green. The shock to the mugger's system should take you halfway to victory.

Audiences love the underdog who ever comes out on top. If you take steps to rectify any weakness if it is lack of strength or being overweight, you can almost guarantee an audience who will reward you with praise and respect.

If someone unfairly criticizes your ability to control your finances, let your indignation fuel your efforts to improve your financial skills.

Transforming yourself can produce both revenge and applause and these are powerful motivators. But the necessary motivation needs to be kept alive by daily visualization of the output you desire.

If you wish to be strong instead of weak, visualize yourself performing the exercises which will make you strong.

See yourself hanging from a branch or bar like a gorilla using your own bodyweight to double your strength. Imagine yourself doing at least twenty press ups a day.

Of course, you must actually do the exercises you visualize though visualizing them first will make them easier to perform.

See the looks of shock or admiration from all those who thought you were a weakling. Enjoy the tone of respect when people speak to you.

If your problem is being over weight, see yourself taking the walks which will help you lose those extra pounds. See the healthy foods which you will start eating and then, of course, go for the walks and eat the broccoli!

Imagine enjoying the inspiring looks from the opposite sex and the feeling of renewed energy and power which comes from being slim and healthy.

If we regularly visualize and emotionally anticipate our success, we may find ourselves well on the way to turning our visions into reality. We must, of course, take action as well.

However, there may be set backs if and when we backslide.

We need to just get back on the right path as soon as we can and continue to visualize and take action. Sweet revenge and respect should always be ours.

When people laugh at you to your face or talk behind your back about your weakness or lack of self-control, you can either sit down and feel sorry for yourself or you can stand tall, visualize the turning of the tables and take decent action to eradicate your weaknesses.

Does this advice work? There is only one way to find out.

Do we need to shock the bullies and confound the critics? I think so even if it means taking risks.

As Kevin Kostner says in the western 'Open Range' when the towns people claim that they are butchers and bakers and not gunmen who can face up to the local bully:

"Well, you are men are not you? There are worse things than dying."

If you have any unpleasant experiences in the future when someone belittles you, make good use of the
motivation that such treatment can give you.

When Needing A Change – How To Accomplish Your Goals

At best, the ego can only fade away, and as it does it strives to buy more time. It does so by looking for ways to divide and separate even further.

Many of us certainly strive at how to accomplish goals, and if you’re like successful others falling short of your goals wouldn’t be an option you like to consider. I’m sure there is probably a list of things you are setting out to accomplish, but something seems to be holding you back.

Let’s look closer at the ego-based mind for what it really is, which is nothing but a bundle of errors, split and fragmented into unrecognizable and uncountable parts. The ego thinks it has a unified goal, just as the gifts of the Holy Spirit do. The ego can never reconcile with your Teacher’s goal.

Living the dreams your heart desires

Consider when you say to yourself, such as needing career change or a career choice, where you may be on a wrong path and just can’t figure out how to accomplish goals, the dreams your heart desires. The prospect of having to make a change leaves you feeling incomplete, not to mention the stress and anxiety that go with it.

Ultimately we will all achieve this, along with the rest of humanity, which is why I suggest we enjoy the ride and relax.

The Holy Spirit is constantly showing you how to accomplish goals by uniting and healing, which is the process of shifting to One-Mindedness by way of the right-mind.


Is it your perception, or is it your own knowledge of the incompleteness of how to accomplish goals, and the misery that convinces you that needing change must be sought after?

It may have started out when you perceived not-so-good feelings about your choice, until finally, after consistent efforts in your chosen career, you just came to know you much seek change, to something you will enjoy.

A Course in Miracles sheds light on this type of situation by stating, “To think you can oppose God’s Will is a real delusion.”

To “en-joy” is to live in accordance not only with God’s Will, but also your true desire, or free will.

Letting go of your fears

Remember, the ego is not evil; but it is erroneous due to its lack of a knowledge it can never attain. Evil is only a projection of your fears

The laws of the universe are a gift, in that the more and more we operate from truth, the more we are able to see through the dream of projected images and how to accomplish goals.

The ego will not concern itself with God’s Will unless it’s to threaten you with it. How many times in our lives, especially growing up, were we told to do things we really didn’t want to do because it was said to be God’s Will?

Why do we have fears? Due to the guilt we place on ourselves for believing that time and space are real, when deep down within and behind it all, we know the truth.

To living a life of your dreams

Furniture and Its Significance in Today’s World

Furniture is used as a mass noun to describe any movable object that is intended to support various types of human activities. These include sofas, chairs, tables and beds. All these objects support human activities like sleeping, sitting, etc. Thus the significance of furniture can obviously never be undermined. It has the ability to transform your entire standard of living in a very short span of time. Furniture also ends up using a majority of the space in your house. This in turn increases its significance and importance.

Tips for choosing appropriate furniture

The following tips must essentially be followed in order to complement your entire furniture shopping process.

• Always select furniture of appropriate color. This color must be in matching terms with your house in order to make a great match.

• Never purchase furniture that is not required essentially. This can only take away space and there will not be any returns.

• Select your furniture from the best stores and outlets. There are a lot of brands available in the market right not and all these brands are competing with each other. Thus it is up to you to make an informed and wise selection.

• Choose furniture that you feel will be comfortable and good for you in the long run. This will help you to get a good value for your money. As a customer this is the most important tip that must essentially be followed.

• Before going furniture shopping, you need to make enough space in your home in order to place that furniture in an appropriate location when it arrives. This essentially means planning in advance.

• Never fall for the looks of a furniture. Sometimes when an item looks very good, it does not offer the same standards of quality. This can decrease your value for money and will obviously make you unsatisfied.

The significance of furniture has increased over the period of time. This is because a majority of the people around the world are concentration on improving their standard of living by choosing appropriate furniture that not only look good but also offer high level of comfort. In the long run, it is only the comfort that matters. This comfort can be enjoyed by each and every one in the household. Thus it is essential to make a very informed decision in order to benefit from it. It is one of the important things to remember.

Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

Lifestyle reflects our beliefs, attitudes, customs, behaviors, and values. A lifestyle can fill us with joy, keep us healthy, and allow us to become more successful. It can also contribute to illness or hold us back from the things we are capable of accomplishing.

Fortunately, we can choose actions and habits that keep us happy, healthy, and successful. We have that choice daily.

Maltbie Babcock summarized this very elegantly when she wrote, "A day dawns, quite like other days; in it, a single hour comes, quite like other hours; but in that day and in that hour the chance of a lifetime faces us."

That chance, however, presents a challenge. A familiar lifestyle is not easy to leave behind, even when negative habits or tolerations make it uncomfortable. Doug Firebaugh wisely said, "Something must die in order to grow – your old habits, your old self image, your old thinking, your old life … must be weeded out for the seeds of success to grow."

People want to be free from the consequences of their vices, but not necessarily from their vices. Many attempt changes that are too large to be realistic. Others try to change too many things at once. Old behaviors creep back very quickly.

For example, if it would burden you to carry out a new action on a regular basis, it is probably not a realistic change. Smaller changes carried out routinely more often lead to repeating change. Begin with one new action that can become a regular lifestyle behavior. Then look for tangible results from that change.

If you are not already living your ideal lifestyle, take time to think deeply about the following questions. Then write your answers in a journal. This exercise will help you create a clear picture of your ideal lifestyle. It will also help you to design a plan to begin creating the lifestyle that you want.

What is my current lifestyle?

How have my beliefs created that lifestyle?

What is my current lifestyle costing me?

If my lifestyle were to become ideal, what differences would I notice immediately in the major areas of my life?

For example, what would you be doing differently on a daily basis? What habits would you adopt, and what habits would you discard? Consider the changes you would notice in these areas:

  • Relationships (Family and Career)
  • Home environment
  • Wellness and self-care
  • Energy level
  • Serenity and inner stillness
  • Finances
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Temperament
  • Happiness and contentment

How would I look and feel most of the time if I lived my ideal lifestyle?

What tolerations, habits of thought, and actions are limiting me from living my ideal lifestyle?

What would it require of me to remove those limits?

What is the first thing in my current lifestyle that I would really like to change or improve?

Am I willing to commit to the necessary changes in thought and action to live my ideal lifestyle, and if so, when will I begin to make the first change?

How will I feel when I have adopted new habits of thought and action?

What is one positive change I could comfortably make today?

This exercise will open your mind to the possibilities and options available to you for positive change. When you have a clear picture of your goal and the changes needed, you can begin moving forward toward a lifestyle that will bring you more success in all the important areas of your life.

These questions might lead to additional questions you will need to answer. You will need to evaluate your progress on a regular basis, make changes in your initial plan, and adjust your actions accordingly. A professional life strategies coach can also help you to expand these questions to a level level, find necessary answers, and design a plan to achieve the lifestyle you want.

Envision your ideal lifestyle. Determine necessary changes, and design a realistic plan to achieve your vision. Then make at least one small change in your thoughts and actions immediately. These suggestions will help you begin moving toward your ideal lifestyle today.

Weight Loss – Making Physical Activity Work for You

Exercise is commonly considered a source of benefits and an irreplaceable component of a healthy lifestyle. It is not without reason. But physical activity still can work against you in unexpected ways. Let us take a look at the reasons why…

1. Exercise burns calories, but… The No. 1 reason many gyms are in business is they offer the resources for exercise with the purpose of helping people lose weight. Even though exercise should be seen primarily as a way to improve the quality of life and maintain well-being, it is usually done for its caloric effects. If training no longer burned calories, we would see even more sedentary people in our society.

So in this sense, it is effective as an initiative to get more people active. But the problem is it also fires up the appetite. And it is this drive that is to blame for the reason many people are overweight, to begin with.

2. Exercise stimulates your hunger. Going for a half-hour jog is a great way to burn calories and melt some of your stubborn fat. But it also makes you incredibly hungry since it causes a tremendous insulin spike. If you are not careful, there is a good chance you may consume enough calories during the following meal, canceling out your weight loss efforts that day.

Do you know anyone in your life that complains about a lack of progress, despite working out consistently? Sometimes, physical activity can even act as a hindrance. It is crucial never to forget having a balanced and sensible diet is just as essential as exercising.

3. Make physical activity work for you, instead of against you. It is not difficult to allow exercise to enrich your life. You just have to take some practical (and mental) precautions. You must have the discipline to control your portion sizes and not increase them just because you have exercised. Be mentally ready, because you are going to feel hungrier on the days you exercise – especially if cardio is your go-to.

If you are looking to lose weight or lower your blood sugar levels, prudence is a virtue. You cannot be too careful and never lose sight of your goal.

4. Your nutrition matters. Lastly, it bears repeating how and what you eat does matter. No amount of exercise will change that.

It is only when your nutrition is taken care of your health prospers. Exercise and a physically active lifestyle are merely the finishing touches.

Working With a Mental Health Problem: Knowing One’s Rights

“The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.”• Juliette Lewis

The American actress’s above admission aptly highlights the tussle she faced like several other people suffering from mental disorders. People with a mental health condition are often wary of disclosing their condition to the employers fearing discrimination and stereotyping. While there are laws in place for preventing biases from creeping in with regard to race, gender and disabilities, there is an implicit bias existing to this day in respect to the people with a mental health condition.

Apart from this, many employers go out of their way to ensure a suitable working environment for the people with a disability, particularly physical disabilities. However, they have not succeeded much in creating similar opportunities for mental patients. The need of the hour is to support the mentally ill join the workforce and other aspects of life.

It has been widely accepted that a steady employment is a kind of treatment in the case of people with a range of mental illnesses. Since mental patients often exhibit a range of talents and abilities, it is essential to make adequate investment in the vocational strategies particularly targeting them. This will also be in the line of the defined rights of the mentally ill patients.

With the growth in awareness about mental illnesses, many offices nowadays staff full-time counselors and offer online chat services to address common mental health related problems, such as stress, anxiety and depression, all the while maintaining the privacy of the employee. Some of the legal rights safeguarding the rights of the people with mental illnesses have been discussed in this article.

Legal rights to protect from discrimination

Whether it is with regard to the right of being treated with respect and dignity or the right to receive remuneration and services as per one’s entitlement, there are laws to ensure that any employee with a mental illness is not discriminated on any of these levels because of their condition.

  • Workplace privacy rights: This set of rights disbars an employer from enquiring about a person’s medical condition, including mental health. One is entitled to reveal his or her condition only when he or she wants to access the benefits as defined by the law.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Though certain antisocial tendencies, such as kleptomania, pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, etc., have been excluded from the ambit of this law, most mental health conditions, such as major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and schizophrenia, have been included. The Act was passed in 1990 and has injunctions against any kind of discrimination based on physical and mental disability in workplace, government services, etc.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): As per this Act, certain employees can take up to 12 workweeks of unpaid but job-protected leave during a 12-month period for a host of conditions, including for taking care of a child or spouse with a serious health condition that can either be a physical or mental illness.
  • Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA): This Act provides tooth to the government-based bodies, jails, prisons, state- or locally-run mental health facilities or developmental disability and mental retardation facilities, etc. to arrest problems related to abuse, neglect, and rehabilitation.

On the ground of the existing bias, implicit or explicit, and stereotypes with regard to mental health conditions, an employer cannot decide whether a person can perform a task as per the requirement. Moreover, the employer on the basis of the laws mentioned above cannot claim that the employee concerned is a safety risk to others.

It is necessary for the employer to provide substantial evidence for any kind of changes in the work and role of the employee suffering from mental illness. The evidence should be led by reason and objective in nature and not be hearsay. An employee with a mental health condition is well within his or her rights when he or she refuses to divulge information about his or her condition.

There are few instances when he or she would be required to provide information about his or her mental condition:

  • The grant of a reasonable accommodation to enable a person with mental illness to do his or her job in the best possible manner, including work from home possibilities.
  • Mandatory for all employees to share information related to mental health.
  • Reliable evidence to corroborate that the employee concerned poses a security risk because of his or her condition.

For most conditions that are “substantially limiting,” or wherein a person is incapacitated because of his or her disorder from fulfilling his or her work to his or her optimum capacity, a reasonable accommodation can be sought. Most mental health conditions, such as major depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and OCD, come under the category of “substantially limiting.” Therefore, depending on the nature of employment, one could either work from home or seek flexible work environment and timings.

Dealing with mental illness

With proper medication, counseling and therapy, it is possible to keep at bay some of the far-reaching and life-disruptive symptoms of a mental health condition that could interfere with the rigors of employment.

Remedial Astrology by Lal Kitab

A weak Saturn brings seriousness in mind. Tendencies of cleverness and laziness also can be seen in a person.

A person stricken by an inauspicious Saturn is regularly gloomy. Such someone might get addicted to junk meals or alcohol and different addiction forming substances. The cause behind steady sorrow and problems for someone can be a weak Saturn. It also keeps the thoughts dissatisfied and restless.

While Saturn is vulnerable or inauspicious, one has a tendency to get excessively irritated. He is probably humiliated by his own human beings due to his cruel or ignorant movements.

People stricken by Saturn are stubborn and determined. They continue to be stressed till they take revenge from their enemies.

If Saturn is weak then one may additionally be afflicted by stomach related illnesses like an ache in your belly and gastric issues.

Financial loss and troubles arrive on any woman going through the phase of an inauspicious Saturn.

Any part of a constructed house or a house below production may additionally fall due the effect of an inauspicious Saturn. One also can face other problems related to the house.

Restore an iron nail at the main entrance of the house to defend your own home. Doing this could reduce sick- outcomes of Saturn.

Feeding rice or pulses to the fishes will carry advantages of Saturn.

Fill mustard oil in an earthen or glass box and bury it within the backside of a pond to strengthen Saturn.

Keep away from trading of heavy equipment.

Treatments to reduce the sick effects of an inauspicious Saturn

Lal Kitaab explains the outcomes of Saturn and also tells about its related remedies. To increase the auspicious consequences of Saturn, some easy remedies are supplied in Lal Kitaab.

Black Surma ought to be buried inside the ground to get benefit in enterprise.

You ought to apply mustard oil on bread and feed it to a canine to hold Saturn strong and get its beneficial consequences.

Donating mustard oil together with the field on Saturday reduces the sick consequences of Saturn and offers the blessings of solar.

Set afloat or donate the matters ruled through Saturn like Urad, sesame seeds, iron and leather.

Preserving a good conduct and averting meat and alcohol reduces the damaging consequences.

Providing milk on the foundation of a banyan tree then applying the moist soil as Tilak for your forehead increases favorable consequences of Saturn.

Visit a temple regular. Donate Urad, black pepper, black peas and sandalwood to the temple in line with your capacity.

Precautionary Factors to Remember in Home Construction

Building or constructing a house calls on all your abilities and skills in planning, budgeting and executing the task in hand. Although you may not be physically involved in the actual building up, as the home owner you have the responsibility of building a safe, secure and healthy home with all the factors considered.

There are several areas in home construction that need attention from the roof to the floor literally and everything in between. A building contractor or expert can provide advice on the basic necessities that include all matters relating:

• Building engineering like rooftop, walls, ceilings, floors etc.
• Plumbing
• Electrical works
• Heating, cooling and ventilation
• Woodwork
• Masonry
• Water proofing
• Damage proofing or earthquake proofing

These form the basic concepts of home construction; it makes a world of difference getting them right the first time because constant corrections, repairs, renovations and alterations can weak the structure of a house rendering it unsafe and unworthy.

Apart from the concept of a solid home construction, there are many precautions that are useful to consider that will extremely provide healthy living. Some of the important factors that go into a 'precaution list' as far as a home is concerned are:

1. Building in a clean location – Choosing the right site for building a home is top priority. A home should be built in a clean area where the air is of good quality and the vicinity is free from pollution.

2. Doing soil testing for strength and presence of pests is very essential. Every home needs a prior anti-pest treatment to prevent insects and pests from invading living spaces.

3. Remembering basic elements of physics – The shape of a house matters a great deal in construction; unnecessary nooks, corners and angles are not only a hindrance but also negatives as far as energy efficiency is concerned.

4. Giving adequate attention to structural elements – Proper laying of foundations and concrete in roofing and flooring and giving it adequate time to harden and strengthen are very essential to prevent cracks, seepage and other harmful effects.

5. Installing proper plumbing and adequate drainage – Pipelines and sewer lines must be given a lot of planning to prevent backflows and flooding. Access to pipelines must be easy to get hold of to carry out repairs and maintenance if necessary.

6. Controlling infiltration – A proper mechanical ventilation system minimizes the amount of uncontrolled infiltration serving to improve the quality of indoor air and prevent exposure to outdoor chemicals and toxins. Using multiple approaches like heat recovery ventilation, central exhaust and other fresh air circulatory approaches have advantages.

7. Use of solid wood or metal for fittings – Readymade bathroom and kitchen cabinets are made of wood and wood products and coated with glues and substances that have high formaldehyde content. Wooden or metal cabinets and fixtures that are custom made provide better and safer alternatives.

8. Using water based adhesives and paints – Water based paints and products tend to have much lower levels of VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). Beside VOCs there are other contents and ingredients used in paintings that can cause health problems. Adequate ventilation is very essential for painting jobs for a completely dry effect and for coats to last long without peeling and caking.

9. Testing sensitivity tolerance to substances and chemicals – Upholstery, carpeting and drapes can sometimes cause allergies and reactions in people with very sensitive dispositions; wall, floor and wood coverings should be chosen suitably keeping these factors in mind.

10. Avoiding floor carpeting without absolutely necessary – Carpeting is one of the ways in which allergens and pollutants flood a home; the microbes, mites, dander and dust that accumulate under heavy carpeting is almost impossible to clean. Shampooing and washing off with strong chemicals add to the problem.

11. Ensuring that the house remains dry in all weather conditions to prevent mold, fungi and other moisture carrying content from damaging interiors and exterior of the home.

Tips on Golf

Golf is a competitive sport, and a very famous recreational activity played by people of different ages and with different ability. Golf retains its players throughout their lifetime, unlike any other sport. Golfers in their eighties claim to be physically and mentally fit. Golf strengthens the shoulders as well as the back, and helps to maintain spine rotation, which is necessary for healthy back.

There are many golf tips which are very useful for those who need to gather more information about the sport.

Basic golf tips

A proper grip on the golf stick reduces the tendency to slice. A good grip keeps the club head square at impact and keep the shaft from turning in your hands. Try for a relaxed and comfortable feel. A tight grip will hinder your rhythm and release.

Your grip is the foundation of your golf swing in order to develop a simple, comfortable and effective grip. Make sure that you are comfortable with your grip. It is important to develop a neutral grip during the swing. Every golfer has different types of swings and grips.

Golf is usually regarded as a gentle aerobic activity that does not require superb fitness to play. To reduce the risk of an injury, a reasonable level of fitness is necessary. A certain level of stamina and flexibility also enhances the performance and enjoyment. Each of the four phases of golf swing (take away or back swing, acceleration or down swing, impact and follow through) imposes stress on specific areas of the body, particularly the wrists, lower back, and outside of the elbow.

Stretching exercises for the back, upper body and legs improve flexibility and reduce the injuries caused by rotational stresses. Strength training and flexibility must involve both sides of the body as the golf swing tends to develop one side of the body more than the other. Normally, right handed golfers suffer more injuries down the left side of the body.

Do and don’ts

There are certain golf improvement tips which you should be aware of. These tips will certainly improve your knowledge about the game. Never grip the club too tightly. Tight grips inhibit a smooth swing and follow through. Always keep the grips on the club in a good condition as worn grips will force you to hold the club too tightly. When you are learning about the grip for the first time, keep a club around the house and practice gripping and re-gripping the club for a few minutes. Remember to keep the arms relaxed and the fingers secure.

There are many sites which could offer you the golf instruction tips on the internet. If you are a true lover of the game then go and learn about the game as much as you can.

Where Does Titanium Come From?

You may have heard about all of the uses for titanium. From replacement body parts to jewelry to spacecraft materials, titanium is used to build lightweight and durable materials. However, have you ever wondered where this metal actually comes from? You may not know that titanium is obtained but never in its purest form. Before titanium can be ready for use, it must be combined with other materials to form usable alloys.

Titanium is the ninth most abundant element in the crust of the Earth. Its found in soils, sands, rocks, clays, water, plants and animals. It is never found as a pure metal because it reacts so readily with oxygen. It, instead, is found in ores. It also is combined with other materials to form alloys in order to increase the durability of the metal.

Originally named by German chemist, Martin Klaproth in 1795, titanium was named after Greek rulers known as Titans. Today, titanium is known for its light-weight and durable characteristics.

Titanium is typically manufactured through what is known as the Kroll process. During this process titanium dioxide is formed into titanium tetrachloride by being reacted with chlorine. Then, it is allowed to react with magnesium, which removes the chlorine and leaves a pure titanium sponge. This is then melted into bars known as ingots. The leading countries for titanium production include Japan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and China.

Titanium is combined with iron, aluminum and other metals for uses in so many items. Almost 65 percent of all titanium produced is used in marine equipment and aircraft manufacturing since it is so incredibly light and strong and resistant to corrosion. It improves our quality of life since it is long lasting and therefore used in bone plates, screws, pace-makers and artificial replacements. It is extremely popular in jewelry and high-end sports cars.

How Do You Choose the Right Hair Extensions?

Here’s what you need to know about hair extensions to make the right choice:

Depending on what you want, you can add to your natural hair either volume or length or even both.

If your hair is too short, the extensions can not be caught and will look unsightly. To look naturally, you should have a medium length hair.

You can play with different nuances of extensions for a special look.

The fastening process is not a painful one, regardless of the method of attaching the extensions.


If you choose extensions that attach to your hair by sewing, hot stamping or microring you will need a specialist to make the catching. These are also those that can be worn for a longer period. Clip On, Queue, or Flip In Extensions are very easy to fix and can be removed and placed at any time.


Extensions can be made of natural or synthetic hair. The ones in natural hair are really more expensive than the synthetic ones but their quality is also superior. In addition to blending perfectly with your hair and looking naturally, these extensions are versatile and unlike synthetic, can be painted and trimmed with the hair plate or the wave trimmer. Moreover, natural hair extensions are more durable and you can enjoy more time.


Hair extensions need special care. Must be washed with a gentle shampoo and hydrated with appropriate products. Frequently apply masks for hair removal and shine. There are also special brushes with which you need to comb your extensions to avoid damaging them. Take care of the styling products used, they must be of high quality.

Use a silk cushion cover to protect the hair, electrify it, or break it during sleep. Also, grab your hair in a horse queue when you sleep.

In conclusion, take care of extensions as you care about your natural hair.


When purchasing hair extensions, you should avoid having too much weight. If they are too heavy they will damage your hair naturally. Consult specialists when you have any questions about this.

Choosing the right extensions is not easy, so it is best to consult a specialist before taking the step. But the most important aspect to keep in mind is that the extensions you wear will be of high quality.

In order to buy best natural extensions you need to choose a good hair supplier.

Aliexpress and Amazon is a good source of cheap hair extensions if you choose the right natural hair sellers.

Roofing: A Guide to Lead Valley Installation

Roof valleys are a frequent source of leaks in older houses. Installation procedures differ depending on the roof type and materials used. We will look here at the basic installation of an open lead lined roof valley.

A roof valley is basically a gutter set between two meeting pitched roofs. Depending on the roof area it serves, the valley is the exit point for a large volume of water so extreme care should be taken with installation. If the roof has been leaking for a while or if there are any signs of rot, you will need to start by replacing the valley boards. Lead sheet is not self supporting and should be placed on treated roofing boards of sufficient strength to hold a large person. (Most roofing contractors are big guys!) Fit boards of sufficient width to accommodate the lead plus 100mm either side. This will give you something to nail the roofing batons to.

The top of the valley boards should be at the same level as the top of the roof rafters. If you lay the boards directly on top of the rafters it may cause the roofing tiles to kick up and restrict water run off. You will need to cut the valley boards to fit in between the rafters. Support the valley boards with studs or noggins. The valley should finish on an even plane at the eaves. It should not kick up higher than the bottom rafters. If it does, you will need to cut the fascia board or adjust the gutter to suit. It is a good idea to fit a tilting fillet each side of the valley. This angled strip of wood runs along the valley length and should be a minimum of 150mm from the centre of the valley. It should sit no higher than the roofing batons with the thinnest end closest to the centre of the valley.

It is common practice to fit a single sheet of roofing underlay the entire length of the valley. The adjacent roofing underlay will rest on top of this sheet. I recommend you use one of the new advanced synthetic underlay materials. The older bitumen based felts are fine for normal roofing situations but are not suitable for valleys. Over time the bitumen will bond the lead to the boards and restrict thermal movement. You should ensure you buy lead of a sufficient grade/code for valley applications. This should be between 1.80mm and 2.24mm thickness. If you are unsure ask your roofing merchant of the correct grade. The lead should be cut into sections no larger than 1.5 meters in length to allow sufficient thermal movement. Bend a welt into the lead 25mm each side. This acts as a last line of defence for water penetration. It also has the added benefit of stiffening the lead, which makes carrying it up the roof a lot easier.

Starting at the bottom of the valley, dress the lead neatly onto the valley boards and over the tilting fillets. The bottom of the lead should allow correct drainage into the gutter. Fix two rows of nails at the very top of the flashing. Use copper or stainless steel nails. Never use galvanised or aluminum nails which will just react with the lead and corrode. I recommend you use the minimum amount of fixing possible to hold the lead in place. If you over fix lead sheeting it will eventually split due to thermal movement. So don’t nail the sides. When you have successfully dressed the first sheet you can move up the roof laying subsequent sheets. Overlap each sheet a minimum of 150mm. On lower pitched roof valleys you will need to increase the lap. Where the valley ends at the ridge, you will need to dress the lead so it can sit neatly under the ridge tiles. You are now ready to start fixing the batons and laying the roofing tiles. The key points to remember are to keep the sheet lengths down to 1.5 meters and don’t over fix. If you follow the procedure outlined and take care with the dressing you will produce a durable maintenance free valley.

Getting Infertility Insurance

As you begin to consider all of the options and treatments, you must also consider the costs. You will want to consider the cash paying options and the insurance options that you have. Although health insurance may pay for some or even all it is not clear as to exactly what is covered and what is not covered. There is a phone number you can contact for help in reading your insurance policies to figure out what is covered and what is not covered. Fertility Lifelines can help you at 1-866-LETS-TRY (1-866-538-7879). They can help you decipher what your plan covers. If you are not covered by an insurance plan, there are other options to help you pay.

How to Pay When Not Covered By Insurance

A new program called FertilityAssist can increase your chances for success by making treatment more affordable. If eligible, you can even get your meds through Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. In some places, there are insurance advocates that can help you find the information you need to get the help you are looking for. There are insurance specialists that you can talk to and counselors that will help you. Take advantage of all the help options that are available. There are steps that have to be followed and some times these steps can be overwhelming. Get help when you are confused and make sure you ask questions.

Ways To Find The Help You Need

Along with talking to information lines and insurance advocates, you can also go online to talk to some specialists in your community. The clinic or hospital may also be able to help you. Mayo Clinic is well known for their reputation and help; you may want to talk to them. You will go through counseling before taking the steps so be sure you voice your concerns about how to pay for such a procedure. Remember there are loopholes to every thing and if you do your research and find someone who knows about these you may find a loophole that will help you pay for all of the treatment.

Finding the right infertility insurance [http://www.infertilitytreatmentoptions.com/Infertility_Egg_Donation/] will lift massive amounts of stress off of you during a delicate life changing process. If you are lucky enough to have insurance then a big part of your battle has already been won. If you are still searching and still not sure how you are going to pay there are financial aids available to you. Keep searching and something good will happen.

Your Home Is Not Safe For Your Children!

More and more children in Queensland are being injured in the home and yet what is amazing is that the rooms most parents think are benign are some of the most dangerous areas for children. In this article we are going to look at some of the danger areas parents need to look at when making their house safe.

For 20 years, both the state and national governments in Austraila have run safety campaigns for parents on the home yet there are some really basic areas that are being missed. Most people know that the key danger areas in the home are the bathroom, kitchen and garage.

First Aid Organisations like Lifesaving Australia and my own company, One-on-One Professional Business Training will tell you that the bathroom is an incredibly dangerous area in the home for drowning. More children under 5 die due to drowning in the home than any other way in Queensland. The key facts are that you only need about 2 to 5 cm of water for a child to drown in, so here is the scary aspect. Most parents neglect another key area… the toilet.

Whilst researching this article, I was reviewing statistics from around the world on how children actually drown and there is a trend for children under 5, in the western world actually drowning in the toilet. A common thread was that the young child would try to climb onto the toilet to use it and whilst doing so fall in and not be able to get out. Many of the American style toilets with a larger style bowl and higher water were most dangerous. It was easier for kids to fall in and a larger amount of water to drown in.

The key issue for parents to be aware is that they need to ensure they use child restraint locks on the toilet lids so that the child needs to come and get you if they want to use the toilet or parents need to install child seat in which the child cannot lift the large toilet seat. At least this way, having to deal with possibly a mess is better than a child drowning.

We know that kitchens are dangerous but did you know that the lounge or family area can also be very dangerous as well. In the 21st century we all love our LCD Screens however their stability can be easily be upset by a 3 year old pushing on the screen. Many family rooms have their 50″ LCD screens sitting on a coffee table which is great for the adults but extremely dangerous for children.

I was watching a video on YouTube a few days ago where a 2 year old ran up to kiss the screen and she did it with that much force the television fell over on top of her. If you are going to purchase a large LCD screen most child safety experts now recommend that you have the LCD Screen mounted onto the wall to remove the chance of the television being pulled over.

The laundry is once again another danger area where children can be injured. We have seen over the last few years a transition where many homes are converting their washing machines from being top loaded to being front loaded washing machines. This is another area where parents are neglecting in the area of child safety.

I have read about a number of case studies in which children have been playing hide and go seek and a small 2 or 3 year old has literally opened the washing machine, climbed inside to play, only to die from suffocation. There have been other cases where parents have part filled the washing machine, not realised their child have climbed into the machine and they have turned the machine on.

I know when I first heard about these cases, I honestly thought they were made up or the parents were just despots, but having now seen the evidence on places like YouTube and other video posting sites, these are definitely issues that parents need to be aware of.

My greatest advice to any parent is this, accidents will happen in the home and that is a reality that all parents need to accept. The only thing you can do is to make sure you have the skills to deal with any emergency that comes up, so that is why I recommend that both parents do a regular first aid course so that you know how to save your child’s life. It could be the difference between life and death!