Defining Five Element Acupuncture for Practitioners of Chinese Medicine: The Elusive CF

What is CF?

Is it the Causative Factor described by the late J.R. Worsley, father of Classical Five Element acupuncture as it is practiced in the West. Is it the Central Focus described by Dr. Gary Dolowich and similarly described by many other leading Five Element practitioners in an attempt to remove the cause and effect implication of CF? Either way, what does it mean to us as practitioners and why does it matter so much in this medicine? How do we discover this elusive CF anyway? Why is it so slippery to diagnose?

First things first, no matter how you slice it, Causative Factor (CF) is the central diagnosis made by a traditional acupuncturist. To the best of my understanding, J.R. Worsley used this concept to describe the initial imbalance that occurs in a human being — most likely happening early in childhood. This primary imbalance is sometimes described as our first break from original nature en route to becoming individuals. Causative Factor can be caused by any imbalanced reaction to a certain wanted or unwanted stimulus. We can respond to affection by “going overboard” with joy and then react with total lack of joy when the affection is removed. Anger may arise upon contact with an unwanted stimulus. Similarly, inappropriate fear, sympathy, or grief may also present itself. J.R. Worsley taught that it is the CF that is the cause of the patient’s current imbalance no matter how far removed from that original reaction we may be, and J.R. adamantly advocated treating the CF of the patient exclusively.

Other practitioners interpret CF more loosely. Gary Dolowich likes to use the acronym CF to describe something he calls the Central Focus. In his line of thinking, Causative Factor comes too close to implying that this initial imbalance causes all of our imbalances and diseases – a concept far too linear and western in thought for him to accept as “ancient Chinese wisdom”. In this line of thinking, CF is still the central diagnosis of disease but is defined a little differently. To Dolowich, CF is determined by considering a set of seemingly unrelated observations and symptoms to see what factor they have in common — not so much what caused them. We then use that CF as the basis for treatment. Either way, Worsley and Dolowich both advocate treating the CF to bring the whole person into balance. Dolowich however, does find exception to this guideline.

CF is important to traditional acupuncture practitioners because in addition to being our diagnosis, it provides the hub around which a much greater treatment is focused. CF can be looked at as not simply an imbalance but also the purpose, challenge and “cause” we must work at in this life. Acting in accordance with this inner purpose is what five element practitioners consider “fulfilling our destiny”. Like the central theme of a novel, our lives too have a central theme that can offer us a glimpse the special manifestation of divinity present within each of us. This is the reoccurring theme that we will continually return to throughout the novel of our lives. Our specific destiny cannot be known as this is as unknowable as the universe itself, but by knowing the central theme of our lives we can utilize the divine within us to help move us from patterns of disharmony to harmony. By knowing our patient’s CF, we are able to treat that patient in a way that speaks to their being most directly.

By treating on the CF we are going straight to the core of that person as opposed to treating the periphery. It’s like the final scene in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi where Luke Skywalker annihilates the Death Star by flying into its interior and destroys its core. Now of course we are not trying to “destroy” anyone in the treatment room, but try and see the analogy as a metaphor for going to the source of an imbalance. Surely with all of their firepower, the Jedi fleet could slowly chip away at the exterior of the Death Star and could perhaps weaken the enemy enough to disable the Death Star. So too can an acupuncturist treat a patient on many different points and see benefit due to the inner-connectedness of the energetic pathways running through the human bodies, but by going to the core of the imbalance (treating on the CF), the acupuncturist can expect the most potent treatments. Luke affected change via the most direct and potent path and instantly rid the galaxy of the evil empire. Correctly diagnosing the CF and treating the patient on that CF is analogous to finding the well-hidden core of the Death Star and directly destroying it. It took the Jedi the entire film to figure out where to find and how to take out the core of the Death Star. Why is finding this core imbalance so hard for both the Jedi and acupuncturists? How do we diagnose CF and what makes it so tricky?

The how to diagnose sounds quite simple. First, we look at four points of observation. I’ll call them CSOE from now on: The Color emanating from a patient, the Sound quality of a patient’s voice, the Odor of a patient and the least appropriate Emotion they present. Any aspect of CSOE can show the influence of more than one of the five elements but should have one element that dominates what we are observing. Of these basic CSOE properties, we can make a diagnosis as long as the dominant element revealing itself is the same for three of the four CSOE properties. This sounds simple but is actually quite difficult for novice practitioners for a few reasons.

First, all of these CSOE observations are quite subtle. Color, for example, is not the obvious color of the skin, but is better described as the color of the sheen of the skin. Odor is not the obvious body odor or the odor created by perfumes and fragrances but is actually the odor beneath the perspiration, shampoos and fabric softeners. To observe these subtle realities in a patient, a practitioner must refine his powers of observation far beyond what he is accustomed to observing. This takes time and practice.

The other complication in diagnosing the CF is that what we observe about the basic properties is constantly in a flux. The colors that express themselves are dancing and shifting, and the sounds in the voice are many and are influenced by culture and situation. All of the CSOE observations have this complexity. It takes experience to know what is being expressed least appropriately.

Just as a Jedi is trained for all of her life before she is ready to take on the Empire, so too must a practitioner be well practiced before she will be particularly effective at observing and affecting the Empire within. It is interesting to note that the training of a Jedi is very similar to the training and practice of a good practitioner of traditional acupuncture. In addition to the knowledge and skills necessary to be a competent healer or Jedi warrior, there must also be an inner practice that cultivates morality, concentration, and wisdom. It is this inner practice that propels an acupuncturist to perceive the subtleties of CSOE and therefore to treat the CF…and hopefully be around to see the patient destroy the evils in his own personal empire and live to fulfill his destiny!

How to Make Your Own Jigsaw Costume For Halloween

Jigsaw, the puppet like bearer of bad news from the Saw movie series, would be a rather interesting costume for Halloween and pretty easy to make too. I really love the Saw movies so I think it would be a really great costume, and it’s not one you see very often so it would be pretty unique as well.

And it would always be a relevant costume around Halloween too because that’s the time the latest installment in the Saw movie series always comes out. And who knows, if you do a really good job at it, that you may even win a prize or something at your next costume party this Halloween.

If I was to dress up as the character Jigsaw from the Saw movies for Halloween, I would probably concentrate on the mask. Now I wouldn’t recommend this costume for anyone who was going to be around children however, especially enhanced with any of the further details like a saw, because I’m sure that they or their parents might find it pretty disturbing.

The Jigsaw mask would make it rather evident that you were trying to be him right away. To make the mask I would recommend taking a white mask and then dressing it up with the Jigsaw features. These features could easily be painted on a plain white mask. You can also find the Jigsaw mask at several locations but if you wanted to save money you could make it yourself using some paint and a few other items.

The obvious first features would be the red spirals on the cheeks. Also, the Jigsaw mask is like a dummy mask so there would have to be lines drawn down from the middle of the lips to the bottom of the chin to make it look like that part of the mask would move if the character were to talk. Deep red lips with some red blood dripping from them would also make the mask even scarier if you’re trying to go for a scary look.

Other than the mask the costume is quite simple – you could wear mostly black or dress up in a suit as I believe Jigsaw does whenever you see him in the movie. If you wanted to allude even more to the movies you could put something on the Jigsaw costume like something from one of the scenes. The first thing I thought of was needles from the needle pit that they dove into in Saw IV. Although this would be a safety hazard if you used real needles you could just use pictures of needles on your costume or something similar like toy syringes.

I also would think of using a hack saw from the first Saw movie, with chains attached to your legs or something like that. Again though, be cautious and make sure that it doesn’t have a blade that could harm people. I think most people would understand that your costume is simply based on the mask though.

So, I hope that if anyone decides to make their own Jigsaw costume that they have a lot of fun doing it and also have a lot of fun wearing it. Jigsaw costumes have a lot going for them – they are not too common, but are creepy as you’d ever imagine. So go rent a copy of Saw and get ready for even more Jigsaw costume ideas.

How to Go Down on Your Man and Give Him the Best Oral – Shocking Fellatio Tips for Bad Girls Only

Do you really want to shock and awe your man in the bedroom? Do you want to give him some pleasure that literally causes him to explode in pure ecstasy? If you want to do that for your man tonight, then you have got to learn these tips.

There are fellatio tips out there that are shocking to most women but the bad girls of the world will just eat them right up. These tips are designed for women who want to go down on their man and to give him the best oral of his life. These tips are not for the faint of heart, so if you don’t feel like you can handle them, look away now.

If you are a naughty woman and you want to be a very bad girl in the bedroom for your man, then you have got to master these new and very shocking fellatio tips. When you do, you are going to notice that when your mouth touches your man down there, it has a completely new effect and it will literally have him driven wild.

Here are those shocking fellatio tips for women to go down on a man and to give him the best oral ever, for bad girl’s eyes only:

Give him oral when you driving. Some call this road head but it is something that every woman should try. When you and your man are driving at night, it’s a perfect time for you to get a little naughty. You can get down with your bad side, unzip his jeans and go down on him right there. No one is going to see but the idea of someone potentially seeing will drive him wild. In addition, your man has to focus on driving so he is going to try his hardest to ignore what you are doing, but it will be impossible for him. This is a super sexy way to give him oral and it will be something that he will never forget.

Do the 69. One of the sexiest ways to give him a blow job is to allow him to perform oral on you at the same time. The 69 position is for bad girls only. This position gives you both access to each other’s bodies and this will surely heat up the moment. Not only does he get to feel amazing pleasure from you, but he also gets to please you and that turns him on a lot.

Finish it off right. You can do all of these tips but you can ruin it all when you spit out the ejaculate at the end of the experience. Don’t be that woman who ruins it and who turns him off. Instead, be the bad girl he wants you to be and swallow it. This simple gesture will really turn him on and get him going in the bedroom. That is how you finish it off the proper way and really give him what he wants.

Bladder Cancer Risks Of Smokeless Tobacco

Ever think about the dangers of smokeless tobacco? If you use smokeless tobacco your first thoughts are probably the chance of contracting lip, tongue, throat and stomach cancer. These are certainly cancers that have been proven to develop from smokeless tobacco use.

Many people are not aware that smokeless tobacco has a more far ranging effect on the human body than those diseases mentioned above. It has been shown that smokeless tobacco can increase greatly the chances of developing bladder cancer. What is frightening is that so many people now using and those who will soon begin to use smokeless tobacco have no idea of the serious effects this substance can bring down upon unsuspecting users.

Carcinogins found in tobacco have been shown to increase the risk of bladder cancer by up to 400% in users vs. those who do not use. Even more frightening this risk factor remains for years even after the user quits tobacco completely. Scary thought, huh?

What educators in the tobacco cessation arena need to be aware of is finding a way to get across the truth that just because smokeless tobacco is smokeless it isn’t harmless. Smokeless tobacco doesn’t just stay in the oral cavity. It gets swallowed into the stomach and it gets into your esophagus and bladder.

I would like to add an interesting paragraph from a study called: Clinico-pathological features of bladder carcinoma in women in Pakistan and smokeless tobacco as a possible risk factor

Muhammad Rafique1

1Department of Urology, Nishtar Medical College, Multan, Pakistan

Corresponding author.

Muhammad Rafique: rafiqanju/at/

Received April 12, 2005; Accepted August 5, 2005.

.”Transitional cell carcinoma is the most common bladder malignancy in women in Pakistan. Most women with bladder carcinoma have long history of use of smokeless tobacco. At the time of diagnosis 75% women have muscle invasive bladder carcinoma. In women using smokeless tobacco, there is significant correlation between stage of bladder carcinoma and duration of smokeless tobacco use. Further studies are required to clarify the role of smokeless tobacco in the development of bladder carcinoma.”

Does chewing and dipping cause bladder cancer? We have seen a lot of evidence that points to a correlation of bladder cancer and tobacco use. There remains a lot of research left to do before the final verdict is in. In my humble opinion, the information that I have studied in preparation to write this short, general article has convinced me that the possibility that it does cause bladder cancer far outweighs any scientific information stating that it doesn’t.

When it comes right down to it, knowing all of the things that the use of smokeless tobacco certainly does makes the use of it illogical. When we add the fact that there is much sound evidence that smokeless tobacco can affect the body to the degree of producing bladder cancer, it just makes good sense:

1) If you don’t chew, dip or smoke – don’t.

2) If you do use tobacco in any form – seriously consider finding a good cessation program and quit.

If you want detailed information of the dangers of smokeless tobacco please use the following link to read a FREE eBook entitled, “Stop Using Smokeless Tobacco Now!” []

Life is full of choices. Choices require decisions. What decision will you make?

Technical Writing – FrameMaker – Display Conditional Text in FM by Using a Single Text Block

You want to display different versions of the same text in a FrameMaker technical document.

You’d like to toggle different versions on and off.

There is one condition however: you do not want to use multiple copies of the same text block (with perhaps different paragraph tags assigned to them) for fear of messing up the formatting of your pages.

How would you do it?

It’s simple, but you need to watch out for the simple tricks explained in this article.

For example, let’s take this hypothetical case: how to display the same text in different colors without changing its paragraph tag?

1. Create as many Conditional Text conditions as you like. Let’s say; Blue and Red, turning the selected texts into blue and red, respectively.

2. Select your text and apply ALL the conditions to the same text. The resultant color may be something like Pink. That’s okay.

3. Do this to all your target texts (or apply the copy-and-paste trick explained at the bottom of this page). Now you can de-select everything. Your main document does not need to be selected at all in order to turn on and off different colors as explained below.

4. Click the Show/Hide button in the Conditional Text dialog box to display the Show/Hide Conditional text dialog box.

5. Move into the Show list-box the condition that you want to make active. Click Set to turn the color of all previously “conditioned” set of texts to your selected color.

6. IMPORTANT: To shift to another color, you first have to move ALL conditions back to the Hide list-box. This will cause all text to disappear momentarily.

7. Move into the Show list-box the NEW condition that’d like to be active. Click Set to turn the color of all previously “conditioned” set of texts to the NEW color.

COPY and PASTE TRICK: You can copy and paste the “conditioned” text as long as you also copy and paste the PARAGRAPH MARK at the end of the text. The conditioning information is embedded not in the text itself but the paragraph mark that follows it (just like in MS Word).

That way you can assign multiple conditions to only one block of text; copy and paste it with its paragraph mark; and then type over the pasted and “conditioned” piece of text any new content you want.

A Day in the Life of a Fit Model

When most people think of modeling, they think of high fashion magazines and runway shows. But there are many kinds of models.

I’ve done just about all of it, but I spent the bulk of my career as a fit model.

What is a fit model?

Here’s what Wikipedia says:

A fitting model (sometimes fit model) is a person who is used by a fashion designer or clothing manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a ‘real’ human being, effectively acting as a live mannequin.

This is a technically accurate definition, but it fails to account for the myriad of fun and challenges that goes into the day in the life of a fit model.

I used to start my workdays at 5am in military fatigues driving my car downtown for boot camp with a group of type-A wall streeters to sweat and stay fit. With music blasting and singing at the top of my lungs, I’d be psyched to work out by the time I pulled into my parking spot outside the gym.

Everywhere I went, everyone was wearing clothes I had fit and I was always working… at the gym, at a charity event, everywhere people wore clothes!

Even when I wasn’t actually in a fitting, which was almost 24/7, I’d be asking women questions about the clothes they were wearing that I had fit. I would shop the brands I fit as well as the competition, measure all the clothes, take photos of myself and others wearing the garments and give clients digital and written reports of how to improve the garments we fit. All the women at boot camp wore Gap Body undergarments and they were major consumers with excellent feedback (which made a great start to the day.)

After class, I’d re-organize my backpack for the day.

The staples in my daily New York City fit model backpack were:

*PDA, headset, extra cell phone, notebook

*approximately 6 different types of bras

*5 different styles of underwear

*Shoes: ballet flats, flip-flops, kitten heels & stiletto heels

*Makeup, hairbrush, comb, clear nail polish, manicure kit, tampons, hair ties and clips

*tape measures

*voucher books (model time sheets)

*composite cards & business cards

*safety pins, double stick tape, baby wipes, tissues, disposable plastic bag

*paperwork, pen, pencil, small stapler, scissors

*wallet with multiple metro cards

*fitted tank tops and leggings

*water bottle, meals and snacks

*always a few surprise items

Once I left the house, I probably would not be back home again until midnight-ish, so I always had to have everything I could possibly need for any situation in my backpack. By 7or 8am I would be at my first fit modeling job of the day.

When modeling, everyone always asked me how I maintained my toned figure and my response was always… I ran here and I’ll run to my next appointment & run to next and the next after that until that night, and I’d carry a very heavy bag.

I’d run by lots of interesting people every day, but never had time to chat or stop.

On one particular day, running in the garment center, I was moving quite fast but was abruptly forced to stop by several men on W36th Street as I approached a red light.

Each one was handing me a bra or a pair of underwear and yelling fire! Apparently the zipper of my backpack unzipped with the motion of the bouncy run and my undergarments were strewn all over 7th Avenue.

Luigi handed me a demi-bra as Joe was twirling my thong around his finger. I quickly gathered all I could before the light changed, but as if the personal contents weren’t embarrassing enough, I literally was on fire too!

I had a pack of matches from a restaurant in my bag that sparked from the friction of the movement and created smoke and fire in the pocket. Luckily, I had plenty of assistance and even rain overhead to douse the flames. (I made it to my appointment on time.)

During the course of the day I’d have all manner of clients and wardrobe mishaps. Once a client cut my bra off and sliced my underwear with scissors in the butt crack area when cutting jeans I was wearing.

Another time, I came home late from a fitting and noticed horrible, dark bruises all over my back. For hours, I thought I was injured or had blood clots until I finally figured out that I had worn a garment with a huge “SAMPLE” ink stamp inside the clothes that had rubbed off on me.

Once, while running to a client in the rain, I jumped into a taxi and completely split the back of my pants but I had to keep moving and get to the next job on time. With my backpack around my butt, I ran into a seamstress who could fix it and had another pair of pants to hand me. I changed behind a tree in the lobby. Clients said they set their watches by me so I could not be late.

Staying the same size wasn’t always easy. I took a colon cleanser to slim down one day and went to the bathroom so many times in a row, I got too skinny and had to pig out while running to my next fitting to get my waist back to spec in minutes. With fit modeling, it’s not about being skinny, it’s about being the same size all the time!

Life as a fit model always offered new and exciting adventures. So what does it take to be a fit model?

To be your most marketable self, being a renaissance woman definitely increases your chances of being selected by clients for fit modeling job. In addition to looking beautiful, a model needs to do her homework and bring knowledge and valuable comments to fittings. Prima donnas need not apply.

Natural optimists, multi-taskers with lots of endurance and resilient egos are best suited for fit modeling, provided she’s blessed with the proportional, standard figure and can maintain that body, ALWAYS.

A smile is a must with designer wardrobes. Clients enjoy interesting, honest, organized people and there should be a solid person with a good heart underneath the fashionable garb. Excellent communication skills, the ability to read and uplift people’s spirits, flexibility and patience are key!

The Benefits Of Physical Conditioning

Regular exercise and physical activity are extremely important and good for your overall well-being and the development of your CHI. Here are some positive benefits to your overall well-being and CHI by regular exercise and physical activity:

* You can reduce the risk of premature death.

* You reduce the risk of developing and/or dying from heart disease.

* You reduce high blood pressure or the risk of developing high blood pressure.

* You can reduce high cholesterol or the risk of developing high cholesterol.

* You reduce the risk of developing colon cancer or breast cancer.

* You reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

* You reduce or maintain body weight, or low body fat content.

* You can build and maintain healthy muscle, bones and joints.

* You reduce depression and anxiety.

* You improve your psychological well-being.

A nice by-product of your improved physical condition is that you can enhance all domains of your life, i.e. recreation, work, relationships etc. Incorporating aerobic exercise into your physical development adds benefits as well. An individual can increase their maximum oxygen consumption, which is their V02 Max. This means that they can work out longer and harder before lactic acid releases into your muscles and makes them slow down and tire. In addition, an individual gains an overall improvement in their cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary functioning in their heart and lungs. As an individual continues aerobic exercise they increase the maximal cardiac output, which means that the amount of blood pumped in their heart every minute increases.

For individuals training for competitive events that require prolonged physical exertion, aerobic exercise can increase their threshold for lactic acid accumulation, lower their resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A nice by product of aerobic conditioning is the ability to reduce body fat and gain control over body weight.

Another way to improve your physical being is through weight training. There are some important benefits of lifting weights. First, an individual can increase their muscular strength. Second, a person can experience an increase in the strength of their tendons and ligaments in their body. Third, increased range of motion in joints and improved flexibility are a result of strength training. An additional by-product of lifting weights is an individual can reduce their body fat and increase lean muscle mass.

Important systemic benefits can occur as a result of lifting weights. First, an individual can potentially decrease their resting systolic and diastolic blood pressures. In addition, a person can experience positive changes in blood cholesterol. With continued lifting of weights, the human body is given improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. As an added bonus, an individual can experience overall improved strength, balance and functional ability as they get older.

Are These Weird Problems Really Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Women?

Symptoms of yeast infection in women are easy to diagnose when they manifest as a thick, cottage cheese-like discharge with vaginal itching.

However, yeast overgrowth can masquerade as a host of other symptoms and diseases that are not easily linked to the yeast.

Generally these difficult to diagnose and treat problems come after a progression of health problems and treatments that usually only make the yeast overgrowth increase.

One of the most common downward vicious spirals begins with numerous treatments with antibiotics for recurrent bladder infections, chronic sinusitis, acne or other ongoing recurring infections.

As these antibiotics pass through the gastrointestinal tract, they kill off the normal friendly bacteria that help keep the yeast in check. Then the yeast overgrow more and become more virulent.

In the correct balance in the intestines, the yeast grow as little round benign spores. But with the aid of antibiotics they send out branching tree limb-like structures that may even invade and grow into the intestinal wall.

The digestive tract is now compromised in two ways:

First of all, food is not digested well, leaving larger particles of food that travel into the blood stream. The body recognizes these larger food particles as foreign invaders and dispatches the immune system to “fight” them.

As the immune system becomes more and more stressed defending against food particles, it may start attacking the body’s own tissues leading to autoimmune disorders.

The first wonderful young nurse that I hired had been diagnosed with Lupus shortly before I hired her. She had positive ANA tests and several of the symptoms of Lupus. Even worse, periodically she developed so much dysfunction in her right leg that she had to drag it when walking.

Amazingly as she instituted the measures to subdue the yeast in her body, all of her Lupus symptoms disappeared and she no longer had elevated ANA in her blood tests. She became yeast-free and freed from the Lupus.

Yeast overgrowth can contribute to or be the main cause of other immune system disorders too.

Secondly, in the gastrointestianal tract as the more virulent yeast mycelia invade the intestinal wall they create a space between the cells. Intestinal contents that were never meant to enter the body now have access into the blood stream. This problem has been labeled “Leaky Gut Syndrome”.

Yeast toxins (by-products of their metabolism) may leak into the blood and eventually find their way to any organ. So can the larger food particles.

If either one of these abnormal substances winds up in the brain, you can feel spacey, fatigued, irritable, grouchy and even confused.

As the body becomes more and more overwhelmed by the yeast toxins (yeast chemicals), some women become sensitive to small amounts of chemicals in the environment. They can’t stand to be around perfume, even a small amount left in the clothing from washing with a scented detergent or fabric softener.

Tobacco smoke, new clothing stores, cleaning product aisles in grocery stores, and many other products make them so sick that they cannot function well enough to perform the chores of daily living. They have become chemically sensitive.

Some have such severe chemical sensitivity that they have to live as recluses in a very controlled environment.

This is just a brief review of symptoms of yeast infection in women. We might call the yeast overgrowth problem the “Great Masquerader”. Suspect it in complex diseases that have been difficult to treat.

With more knowledge and an astute holistic doctor even these very difficult problems that at first glance do not seem to relate to yeast at all, can be overcome.

As you institute the healthy lifestyle steps to reverse the yeast overgrowth and discover the yeast’s co-conspirators you are on your way to restoring abundantly good health.

Migraine Headache Relief – L Arginine Side Effects and Warnings

L arginine helps the body get rid of wastes and synthesize proteins. Promised as a bodybuilder’s dream, it has also been found to provide migraine headache relief. Usually the body produces enough L arginine to remove bodily waste but there are times when this doesn’t happen as efficiently as possible.

Your body needs L arginine to produce urea which is the waste product you get rid of when you urinate. Removing waste products from your body is essential to remove all of the toxins that have built up through normal life processes and also from choices an individual has made for consumption. L arginine helps your body regulate its waste and improves certain chemical imbalances. If there is too much waste in the body, it will react with pain and discomfort, triggering migraines for many.

L Arginine Side Effects

  • Abdominal pain
  • Breathing problems
  • Low blood pressure
  • Diarrhea, bloating, nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Gout
  • Worsening of asthma

L Arginine Warnings: L arginine should be used with caution if you have allergies or asthma. It has been known to cause an allergic reaction and increased airway swelling worse than normal. If you have low blood pressure, this could cause problems. Also, do not take L arginine if you have suffered a recent heart attack. Stop taking L arginine two weeks prior to scheduled surgery because of its effect on blood pressure.

When used in combination with other pain drugs such as ibuprofen, L arginine has been known to reduce migraine pain more quickly than ibuprofen alone. This combination can sometimes work in as little as 30 minutes.

Most people get enough arginine through the food they eat (dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, and nuts) or what is produced by the body in the liver and the kidney. If, however, there is excess waste in the body, this could possibly be a cause of your migraines.

Before seeking migraine headache relief with substances you know little about, do your homework. Learn as much as you can and ask your doctor specific questions about dosages, expected results, side effects, and any warnings that you should be aware of. It is your body and your migraine pain, take any opportunity that you can to prevent the migraines all together.

Best Laser Hair Removal In New York City

New York has been called the hair removal capital in the world. This could well be true. But which among the hair removal facilities, known as spas, clinics or centers, are the best? There have been polls on this and several personal evaluations. Variations are seen in the results.

The latest trend in hair removal is laser technology. If you were a potential candidate, the ideal thing would be to do some checking and select the clinic you like best. If you have difficulty in finding one in your area, the New York State Association of Laser Hair Specialists can be

The first point to verify is the type of medical supervision. A board-certified doctor has to be on site to provide overall treatment management. Normally, nurses or technicians carry out the procedure. They should be either New York State Licensed aesthetians or Certified Laser Specialists. Ask for their credentials and experience; you are the one who is paying and you have all the right to ensure that you are in proper hands.

The next step is to make sure all the equipment used is approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). It is prudent not to trust any device or procedure that does not have this clearance. The FDA website could have been a source for verification.

Typically, you get thirty minutes for a free initial consultation. Discuss the treatment plan and see whether you feel comfortable with it. This could be repeated with a couple of other clinics. Check about any warranty; some centers offer a 3-year comprehensive guarantee.

Be wary about any facility that offers permanent hair removal. The FDA clearance is only for permanent hair reduction. After a period, some hair will grow back.

You can be the judge for choosing the best hair removal in New York.

Elliptical Trainer Reviews Do not Get The Facts Straight

There are many misconceptions regarding elliptical trainers. I believe this is a result of the large number of elliptical trainer reviews Websites popping up on the Internet each and every day. In an effort to tout the benefits of elliptical training, Webmasters post the usual laundry list of the well-publicized advantages of elliptical trainers. In the process, like the old game of "Telephone", each time the message is repeated, it gets slightly or sometimes significantly garbled in the retelling.

To make matters even worse, sometimes medical and fitness professionals along with the manufacturers of elliptical trainers will give out unproven or even incorrect information. This article will address the most common misconceptions and inaccuracies regarding elliptical trainers.

1. Elliptical trainers are zero impact fitness machines – Since back here on the planet Earth where all mass is subject to the Law of Gravity you will still experience some impact when using an elliptical trainer. There's just no way around this. Not even in the zero gravity environment of outer space, since an elliptical requires gravity in order to work. I'm sure Sir Isaac Newton would be spinning in his grave if he knew how many times this misconception gets propagated.

Yes, elliptical trainers are low-impact machines and the impact is noticeably less than running on a treadmill, but there is still a small degree of impact. People who have knee injuries or chronic tendonitis in their knee may find that even the low impact forces of an elliptical trainer to be uncomfortable.

2. Elliptical trainers are not weight bearing – This is a corollary to Misconception # 1. The fact that you are standing up on the foot pedals when using an elliptical trainer makes it a weight bearing exercise. Again the force of gravity is acting upon the mass of your body, which is supported by your legs. It's not the same as when you are located on a stationary bike or rolling machine. Weight bearing exercises such as elliptical training are a good way to strengthen the bones in your lower back and hips.

3. You need to workout longer on an elliptical trainer than on a treadmill because the higher impact of the treadmill causes you to expend more energy – The goal of any aerobic exercise is to get your heart rate into an elevated state – either in a fat-burning or cardio-conditioning zone and keep it there for the duration of your training session. Subjecting your joints to excessive impact in order to get there is just plain crazy! The way to do this is to get the large muscles of your lower body in motion and if you can also involve the muscles of your upper body by using the moveable handles of an elliptical trainer then so much the better.

4. The upper body handles of an elliptical trainer are meant to build up the muscles of your upper body – there is actually a small bit of truth to this belief, but the thing to remember is that cardio machines are aerobic in nature and are not very effective at building muscle. Save muscle building for your weight training sessions.

The real benefit of upper body handles on an elliptical trainer is to involve the muscles of your upper body in the exercise in order to get your heart rate up quicker. The more pieces you get working at the same time the more efficient the whole process becomes.

5. It's possible to build a high-quality elliptical trainer using cheap components and cheap labor – This is hands down the biggest misconception out there. It's mostly put forth by the fitness equipment manufacturers, but unfortunately many consumers fool them into believing it's true.

People certainly can not be faulted for wanting to save money and when faced with better quality ellipticals that sell for upwards of $ 800 and beyond, they settle for the $ 150 special from Wal-Mart. In most cases this turns out to be a decision decision they soon come to regret. The machine is unsteady and creaky and then just self-destructs after a short period of time.

The best advice is to take your time, do your homework and make an informed decision after weighing all of the risks against all of the benefits.

Staxyn – An overview

Every man in this world has been known to experience some or the other health problems, the numbers now increasing. Sexual problems are a part of these health problems that are experienced by men. The most common sexual problems that are experienced by men include ejaculation problems, problems regarding orgasm, lack of sexual problems and erectile dysfunction or impotence. Although impotence is used for referring to erectile dysfunction, it actually includes all of the above mentioned sexual problems. Sexual problems are usually experienced by men at least once in their life time.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is quite commonly experienced by men around the world. This problem is experienced by men at least once in their life time. It usually occurs for a temporary period of time, but some men experience it for a prolonged period of time. It is basically a condition, in which a man has difficulties with achieving or sustaining erections during a sexual act. Men usually experience erectile problems when the process that bring about erections is disturbed. The factors responsible for disturbing the process can be physical or psychological in nature. You can treat this condition with the help of medications or mechanical vacuum pumps.

What is Staxyn?

Staxyn is a newer version of the well-known and effective erectile dysfunction Levitra. It has especially been designed for men who have trouble swallowing a tablet. You are simply required to place this pill on your tongue, which then dissolves within seconds. At present, Staxyn dosage are available in strength of only 10 mg, which actually helps in reducing the risks of its users suffering from the prospective side effects. It can be taken with or without food, and its effects are known to last for up to three hours. This pill consists of vardenafil as its active ingredient as well.

How does Staxyn work?

A man achieves an erection when the corpora cavernosa muscles of the penis relax and increase the blood flow. The chemical responsible for carrying out this process is cyclic GMP or cGMP. Once ejaculation occurs, this chemical is broken down by another chemical known as the PDE-5, which tightens the penile muscles and leave it flaccid. When the production of PDE-5 increases, you are likely to experience erectile problems. Staxyn, with the help of its active ingredient, works towards relaxing the penile muscles and increasing the blood flow in your penis. This helps you in achieving better and longer erections for a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

The necessary precautions and side effects of Staxyn

Before you start taking this pill, it is advisable that you consult your doctor if you are experiencing underlying health complications such as hypertension, unstable angina, myocardial fraction or are having a history of heart attack or cardiac failure. Some of the commonly experienced side effects of this pill include nausea, facial flushing, diarrhoea, upset stomach, nasal congestion, headache, blurred vision, chest pain and low blood pressure. Some men can also experience Priapism, a condition in which a man experiences erections that are painful or for longer than four hours.

Take special care while using Casodrex 50 mg in prostate cancer

Casodrex 50 mg contains the drug molecule bicalutamide, an anti-androgen drug, which is administered in adult and elderly male patients suffering from prostate cancer. The main action of the drug is to obstruct the action of male hormones especially testosterone. Casodex 50 mg is given in combination with a LHRH analog to treat carcinoma of the prostate as the stage is considered androgen -sensitive. There is a positive chance of response in this method of treatment.

Casodex 50 mg is not for females and children. You require a prescription from the doctor to buy it online. It should not be taken by patients, who are sensitive to the drug.  The medication should be undertaken cautiously in patients with liver disorders. Patients with Casodex medication should be monitored if they are using coumarin anticoagulants and prothrombin.

Before taking Casodex 50 mg, the serum transaminase level has to be estimated constantly during the treatment at regular intervals. You should also test the blood glucose level to report any chance of diabetes. Common side effects include hot flashes, back ache, asthemia, and constipation, pain in the pelvic region, nausea, infection, dyspnea, edema, diarrhea, hematuria and nocturia. If the patient feels side effects to be bothersome, he should immediately contact the doctor for suitable remedial actions including stopping the medication of Casodex 50 mg.

The normal dosage of Casodex 50 mg in a combination therapy is one tablet twice daily before or after food. It is further suggested that the medication should be taken at the identical time every day. Certain drug molecules interfere with Casodex 50 mg, which are cisapride, anti-histamine molecules like terfenadine and astemizole. You should tell the doctor about all medicines that you are taking including anticoagulants, cyclosporin and calcium channel blockers for cardiac troubles. You must take special care for the medication with Casodex 50 mg. Ask online stores for your stock of Casodex 50 mg at reasonable price and avail cost benefits.

Casodex is a well known drug and at the same time it is widely considered as the best option for most of the strange diseases that you might come along. It is always advised to buy these drugs at a CanAmerica Global, as you can save a lot of time and money.

Sachin smashes 99th century !

The Nagpur Stadium was renovated at a cost of 100 crores. There were 45 K
crowd on Saturday. Some Indian fans have gone to the extent of purchasing
tickets at more than 15 K rupees per ticket. They were expectant of an India
victory. The tricolour ocean of 45,000. After the match, the fans were
caught in a big traffic block on the 20 acre parking space. What can the
Team India say to these fans ? Forgive us for our pathetic performance !

Cricket is Religion and it is an emotional disaster if the home team lose.
All fans were celebrating when the ultimate over commenced, when SA needed
13 runs. All hell broke loose then from the Indian perspective. The first
ball was edged for four and the next ball was lofted for six and the match
was over !

What India should learn from this defeat

1. Do not change the batting order ( Pathan was sent in early and he
perished in the Powerplay ).

2. The Powerplay is a trap. Dont use the ‘hit out or get out’ attitude.

3. India is weak in the last over.

4. Powerplay does not mean lofting each ball.

5. You should give chance to other players like Ashwin, Sreeshant and Raina.

6. Sreeshant is India’s lucky charm. When he plays India win ( 2007 T20 WC
final ) and when he is dropped India lose ( T20 WC of 09. In the match
against BD he played and India won. In the other matches, he was dropped and
India put in pathetic performances).

7. With weak bowling, even if you score 350, the opposition can overtake
you. Raina can fill the role of the allrounder and if play him, you have
four allrounders in Pathan, Yuvraj, Bajji and Raina ! India won the 1983 WC,
because of her all round strength ( India had Kapil Dev, Madan Lal, Roger
Binny, Kirti Azad, Amarnath as allrounders or bits and pieces men ).

Arun Lal has opined that the seventh batsman is not needed. But Pathan is an
allrounder and his services as a bowler can be useful on turning tracks.

Ashwin and Raina should play in Chennai. It is their home ground in the IPL.

“From chokers to champions” said Gavaskar about the rise of South Africa. SA
came back into the game, after India were off to a flying start, after India
were 142/0. India perished in the Powerplay and from 267/1, India fell to
the abysmal depths to 296 all out ! A pathetic display by the middle and
lower orders !

The matches of yesterday were one sided and inconsequential. Both NZ and AUS
confirmed their QF berths. No doubt the opposition played well, Kenya and
Canada played well, scoring more than 260 runs, but then the principle ”
Might is Right” proved eventually. Unfortunately both Canada and Kenya are
out the World Cup.

Ashish Bagai, the Canada skipper scored 84 and Hansra scored 70 not out. B
McCullum scored a century and Clarke scored 93. These matches never stirred
spectator or viewer interest !

Meanwhile, Jack Kallis has opined that it was team work that brought the
bacon for SA. It was South African resilience which was the cause of the
morale boosting victory. ( There are many, like Andre Botha, who feel that
these two teams can be the finalists ). When India were 260/1, the TV
commentators were speculating about a 400 run score ! When Sehwag left, the
Indian challenge more or less ended ! The run rate was more than 8, when
that aggressive maestro was there. Once he got out, India slowed
considerably. Sachin tried a rash shot and that was finis for India !

Meanwhile one fan sarcastically remarked

India = Sachin + Sehwag + Nine Rolling Pins.

Two catches were dropped – by Yuvraj and Gambhir – and Indian catching was

Laser Experiments You Can Share With Your Homeschool Kids

The word "LASER" stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is an optical light source that emits a concentrated beam of photons. Lasers are usually monochromatic – the light that shoots out is typically one wavelength and color, and is in a narrow beam.

By contrast, light from a regular incandescent light bulb covers the entire spectrum as well as scatters all over the room. (Which is good, because could you light up a room with a narrow beam of light?)

There are about a hundred different types of atoms in the entire universe, and they are always vibrating, moving, and rotating. Think of kids on sugar. When you add energy to these atoms (even more sugar to the kids), they really get excited and bounce all over the place.

When the atoms relax back down tot heir "normal" state, they emit a photon (a light particle). Think of the kids as coming down from their sugar high, and they all collapse on the couch.

A laser controls the way energized atoms release photons. Imagine giving half the kids sugar, and picture how they would bounce all over the place (like light from a bulb) when it took effect. They would be very high-energy among the other half who were potentially sitting down.

Now imagine those sugar kids jumping in unison (a focused laser beam). The sugar-kids are infectious, and pretty soon, the kids around them are joining in and sharing in their excited energy. This is how a laser charges the atoms inside the gas medium.

Now imagine a cat-flap that lets out a limited number of kids out at a time, while the rest are bouncing around inside, charging up everyone. That cat-flap exit is the laser beam exiting the laser. The atoms remaining inside the laser bounce off mirrors as they charge each other up.

Before we start, you'll need eye protection – tinted UV ski goggles are great to use, as are large-framed sunglasses, but understand that these methods of eye protection will not protect your eyes from a direct beam. They are intended as a general safety precaution against laser beam scatter and spinning mirrors. (Yes, you will be wearing sunglasses in the dark!)

A very neat addition to the experiments below is a fog machine. (Rent one from your local party supply store.) Turn it on, be sure you have good ventilation, darken the lights, and turn on the lasers for an outstanding laser experience!

A quick note about lasers: keychain lasers from the dollar store work just fine with these projects. Do not use the green lasers sold in astronomy stores – they are too dangerous for the eyes.

Plastic Bottle Beam: Fill up a plastic water or clean soda bottle with water and add a sprinkle of cornstarch. Turn down the lights and turn up the laser, aiming the beam through the bottle. Do you see the original beam in the bottle? Can you find the reflection beam and the pass-through beam?

Light Bulb Laser: In the dark, aim your laser at a frosted incandescent light bulb. The bulb will glow and have several internal reflections! What other types of light bulbs work well?

CDs: Shine your beam over the surface of an old CD or DVD. Does it work better with a scratched or smoother surface? You should see between 5-13 reflections off the surface of the CD, depending on where you shine it and how good your "seeing" conditions are.

Glass and Crystal: Pass the laser beam through several cut-crystal objects such as wine glasses or clear glass vases. Is there a difference between clear plastic or glass, smooth or multi-faceted? Try an ice cube, both frosted and wet.

Lenses: If you have an old pair of eyeglasses, pop out the lenses and try one or both in the beam to see the various effects. Try one lens, and then try two in line with each other to see if you can change the beam. If you have polarizer filters, use two. You can substitute two sunglass lenses – no need to pop out the lenses – you can just use two pairs of sunglasses. Just make sure they are polarized lenses (most UV sunglasses are). Place both lenses in the beam and rotate one 90 degrees. The lenses should block the light completely in one configuration and allow it to pass through the other way.