Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – The Mood Booster Vitamin

Vitamin B1 is known as the “mood-booster” vitamin because of its dramatic effect on our nervous system and our mood. Besides supporting the nervous system, vitamin B1 helps with carbohydrate metabolism, boosts our immune system, wards off mosquitoes, helps develop red blood cells, maintains muscle tissue, promotes growth in children and helps control motion sickness. A synthetic version of vitamin B1 is added to white flour in in order to ward off beriberi, but it is better to consume the natural form, found in abundance in whole grains. Because thiamine helps with carbohydrate metabolism, it also makes energy available for the body, including the brain. So if you are not getting enough thiamine, you may not be feeding your brain enough glucose for it to think well.

Extra Thiamine Requirements

If you are pregnant or nursing, use oral contraceptives, cigarettes or diuretics, you will need more vitamin B1. Those with diets high in refined foods, too much sugar and junk foods and/or alcohol will also have higher requirements for thiamine. Last, but not least, heavy metal pollutants like mercury and stress also use up thiamine in the body and will increase your need for it. B vitamins are used in detoxifying the body, and if you are exposed to more toxins, you will need more of the B vitamins overall.

Deficiency Symptoms of Vitamin B1

Fatigue and insomnia, bad memory, poor brain function and muscle coordination, headaches, weakness and confusion are all symptoms of Vitamin B1 deficiency. Insufficient thiamine has also been linked to mood changes, disorderly thinking, fear and feelings of uneasiness — all signs of mental depression that can often affect memory as well. Beriberi is a disease that can develop from a severe deficiency of B1, and is characterized by weakness, limb swelling and heart enlargement. It affects the nervous, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems, but is rare in the US today because of the synthetic B1 additive in white flour.

Food Sources of Vitamin B1

Although you may get enough vitamin B1 to ward off beriberi, many of us do not get the optimum amount, especially because of all the stress we are under, both physically and emotionally. Some of the best sources of Vitamin B1 are nutritional yeast, liver and whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, oatmeal and rice bran. However, other foods like watermelon, asparagus, fresh peas, pork, ham and beef, legumes, nuts and seeds like sesame seeds are also good sources of Vitamin B1.

Also, if your gut is healthy, and has a preponderance of good bacteria (probiotics), it will be making B vitamins. However, many of us have taken antibiotics over the years that have lowered the amount of good bacteria, so unless you have taken steps to overcome that, like with large amounts of probiotics, either in supplement form or with cultured vegetables or lacto-fermented beverages, you probably aren’t making all the B vitamins your body needs.

Should You Supplement with Vitamin B1?

If you have a healthy gut and no Vitamin B deficiency symptoms, and you eat a lot of the foods containing B vitamins, you might not need to supplement. However, most of us are under enough stress and also have eaten a lot of refined foods that have stripped B vitamins from our bodies, and so vitamin B supplementation can be beneficial. However, unless know you have a big Vitamin B1 deficiency and are taking only B1 for a specific purpose and certain length of time under the care of a health care practitioner, we do not recommend supplementing only with Vitamin B1. All the B vitamins work in conjunction with each other, and often supplementing with just 1 or 2 of them can cause other B Vitamin imbalances. We recommend adding a whole food supplement containing the B Complex vitamins, such as nutritional yeast and/or whole food based B vitamins. These are very hard to find, but it is worth it to your body to use food-based vitamin B, in our opinion. It can take 6 months to 1 year to replenish your body’s supply of B vitamins, so supplementing can really help you to catch up.

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Frank Torre – Detroit Michigan Entrepreneur and Businessman

Based in Michigan, Frank Torre is an entrepreneur with a history of successfully building, expanding, and growing companies.

Currently, Mr. Torre serves as CEO of Signal Restoration Services, a full-service disaster restoration contractor based in Troy, Michigan.

Since its founding in 1972, Signal Restoration Services has specialized in property loss mitigation both in the state of Michigan and nationally.

In 1992, Mr. Torre established Torre & Bruglio, Inc. and grew it into one of the largest landscape and horticultural services contractors in the Midwest with over 900 employees servicing more than 800 business accounts.

In 2000 Torre & Bruglio expanded into the golf course management business providing maintenance to golf courses ranging from 18 holes to 36 holes PGA Tournament courses as well as clubhouse hospitality and event management services. Frank Torre sold the landscape and horticultural services business to Brickman Group in 2008 who continue to follow Frank Torre’s philosophy of commitment to a culture of excellence for all clients.

Outside of his career, Mr. Torre remains very active in the community. Frank Torre serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, which is part of the Detroit Medical Center as well as serves on the Executive Board of the Tenet Healthcare Corporation, located in Dallas, Texas, which owns DMC.

Together with TV personality Rhonda Walker, Frank presented the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan’s Heroes Award to one of the patients, a young man from Detroit who was in a wheelchair.

As Chairman of the Boys Hope and Girls Hope Club of Detroit, an academic and philanthropic scholarship program for underprivileged youth in the metro Detroit, Pontiac, and surrounding areas, which supports various philanthropic endeavors and activities to promote education and opportunity for the underprivileged.

As a long time supporter of the initiative, during the 21st Annual Golf Classic held to support the Boys Hope and Girls Hope of Detroit at the Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, Mr. Torre was responsible for raising over $2. 5 million at this annual event to help strengthen the programs and initiatives of the Boys Hope and Girls Hope of Detroit.

Frank Torre, in collaboration with Roger Penske, owner of Team Penske and the Penske Automotive Group (PAG), maintains a major role in the annual Detroit Grand Prix races, a professional auto racing event which is held on Detroit’s Belle Isle that brings together public and private communities and international attendance.

Side Effects Of Cholesterol Medicine

Any prescription medication can have side effects. Most of these are not pleasant. The reasoning of why we put up with these side effects is that it is better to deal with them than the condition which the medication treats – in this case, elevated cholesterol levels. Such drugs work to lower cholesterol which, in turn, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

There are two popular classes of drugs used to treat high cholesterol. They are specifically aimed at lowering LDL cholesterol. One is the group known as statins and the others are bile acid sequestrants.The most well known of the latter group is Niacin (nicotinic acid) which comes in both prescription form and as a dietary supplement. Popular statin brands are Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, and Pravachol. Both classes of cholesterol medicine can have troublesome side effects. Higher doses of statins may be associated with a greater risk of side effects such that side effects tend to be dose-related and may disappear after reducing the dosage or, if necessary, withdrawing the medication. However, even if side effects are experienced, cholesterol medication should not normally be discontinued without consulting a physician. But speak to your doctor immediately. Do not wait for your next visit.

Side Effects Of Cholesetrol Lowering Drugs include:



Loss of appetite

Pain in the upper right part of the stomach


Flu-like symptoms


Extreme tiredness

Lack of energy

Rash, hives or itching

Muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness

Yellowing of the skin or eyes

Unusual bleeding or bruising

Difficulty breathing or swallowing

Swelling of the face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles or lower legs

Lowering Cholesterol Medication Should Not Be Taken In Isolation

In addition to taking a cholesterol-lowering medication, making certain changes in your daily lifestyle can also lower your cholesterol blood levels. Eating a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol with little to no grains and sugars and exercising for 30 minutes on most, if not all days, will make a big difference. As will losing weight if you are overweight. Eliminating sugar and grains will inevitably cause beneficial side effects, such as normalizing your weight, increasing your energy and lowering your blood pressure and triglycerides. Lifestyle changes will work in the majority of cases of high cholesterol so why not try those first and give yourself the chance to avoid the cholesterol medicine side effects. Your physician will be able to advise you on this.

5 Tips For Using Manuka Honey For Acne

Manuka honey has been getting more and more press coverage for its great natural healing properties, and a growing number of people are finding it a useful natural product to use for acne. So just why is it any good for acne, and what is the best way to use it?

First lets back up, and cover a few important points. Unfortunately there are some elements of over-hype and misleading promotion of this honey now. Fortunately there are ways for you to sort out the genuine quality article from that which is not.

The first important point is that not all manuka honey is the same. This is simply a fact of nature. Manuka honey has earned its healing reputation based on the solid scientific evidence of unique extra antibacterial properties. However only some of what is produced actually contains these special extra properties, and even then the level of potency naturally varies.

To protect consumers, and ensure they are getting the same quality of product as the research is based on, there is an industry standard for UMF® manuka honey. Only some honey meets the standard to use the UMF® mark on its label (as opposed to implying about it in marketing). This UMF® standard not only measures the additional non-peroxide antibacterial potency within the honey, but consists of a wider quality standard, for example also not allowing the use of an artificial booster (that manipulates the activity reading).

The only exception is for specific medical grade products that have gone through a separate official medical approval (eg FDA approval for the Medihoney Apinate dressings, or ManukaCare sterilised honey receiving a medical devices license in Europe).

If the honey is only labelled as ‘active’, then the problem is some companies are using this to measure the hydrogen peroxide activity, or the total activity, both of which are not equal to the UMF® rating (which is what the research behind manuka honey supports). All types of honey are active to some degree.

Back to acne.

The special extra antibacterial properties found in some manuka honey together with the wound healing effectiveness for these make this naturally occurring product very good in many cases for acne. Did you know that clinical trials of medical grade manuka honey (eg the ManukaCare product) on serious wounds such as leg ulcers have shown good positive results?

Tip 1

Apply medical grade manuka honey direct to spots and acne area. This puts the unique antibacterial properties and healing powers into direct action on the infected area. It also provides very good additional moisturising properties. The only downside is on a practical level, as using the pure honey will leave a layer of honey on the skin. This is fine while at home, but maybe not so suitable just before you are going out somewhere.

Tip 2

Eating manuka honey (UMF) is good for you, but will only have an indirect (rather than direct) impact on any acne. By boosting your digestive system it in turn helps your body to help itself. Don’t expect a quick fix from taking this honey internally, though it can help as part of an overall health campaign.

Tip 3

Where applying the medical grade honey directly onto the acne is not appropriate or practical, then look to use a good quality manuka honey based skin care range that is going to be gentle on sensitive skin, and remains all natural. Be wary of just ‘manuka’ being on the label, consider what quality of honey they use and how much (some products merely use an extract of the honey, or a minimal amount so they can put this popular name on their label).

Tip 4

Keep up all your other good skin care and health activity, eg eating healthily, drinking water etc. The right quality manuka is good, but don’t treat it as a magic bullet that will cure all on its own. You still want to try and reduce the acne reappearing.

Tip 5

This honey can also help reduce scarring, so keep applying it as the acne improves to fully aid the healing process. Plus remember it is a natural humectant, so provides very good moisturising benefits when used.

Wedding Gift For a Cancer Patient – 3 Ideas For Finding a Heart-Warming Gift

Cancer is a diagnosis nobody ever wants to get. But, like anything else in life, if and when the diagnosis comes there is nothing to do but to stand up and fight it head on. You could say that every cancer patient is a fighter, whether they like it or not.

In the fight against cancer, attitude is everything. The way that someone chooses to engage in this fight – and it is a daily fight – places a big role in their eventual success. Some people choose to begrudge their situation, wishing they had never run into such bad luck. Meanwhile, others choose to see it as a fight for their life, and they’re somehow able to continue to enjoy life in many unexpected ways.

In fact, some cancer patients even choose to get married during what others might dismiss as an awkward or inconvenient time. Talk about a strong spirit!

If you have been invited to the wedding of a cancer patient and are looking for a gift, you have the dual challenge of finding something appropriate for someone with cancer who also happens to be getting married.

If you are looking for a wedding gift for a cancer patient, here are 3 ideas for finding a heart-warming gift:

1. This is a time for celebration, so make it fun:

As you go about looking for the right gift, remember to keep your eye on the real goal of your gift: to highlight the fact that this is a celebration. Your gift to should express a sense of wonder and fun.

2. Keep his or her physical limitations in mind:

The gift you get for this unique occasion should be chosen in the spirit of fun. At the same time, your choice needs to take into account his or her physical limitations. That’s because, in addition to the cancer itself, the treatment regimen for cancer can be quite uncomfortable. During this time, he or she will have to take special care to conserve their energy. Hopefully, they will be back to their usual selves in no time. But until then, make sure your gift to will not force them to go far outside of their physical comfort zone.

3. Make sure it is something the couple can enjoy together:

Since this is a wedding gift, it should be something that they can enjoy together as a couple. This is a celebration meant for both of them as they embark upon a beautiful new stage in their lives.

Take these three ideas into account as you choose just the right wedding gift for this special person.

Top 59 Reasons Why You Should Take Acai Berries – The Benefits of Acai Berries

By now, the benefits of Acai berry have been the topic of conversations among health buffs and those who want to improve their health and shed off excess pounds. Natives of Brazil have used this wonderful gift of nature for many generations. Currently, this amazing health sensation is widely available and more and more people are enjoying its marvelous health benefits.

If you are still thinking of reasons why you should take these berries, here are the top 59 health benefits that this berry has to offer.

1. Promotes longevity

2. Boosts energy

3. Increases stamina

4. Increases vitality

5. Maintains blood pressure

6. Helps prevent cancer

7. Controls level of cholesterol

8. Regulates blood sugar level

9. Enhances sex life

10. Aids in losing weight

11. Eases headaches and nausea

12. Promotes sound sleep

13. Promotes good eyesight

14. Strengthens cardiovascular function

15. Suppresses lipid peroxidation

16. Fights against diseases

17. Boosts over-all immunity

18. Fights cancer

19. Safeguards DNA

20. Blocks tumor growth

21. Decreases negative effects of radiation therapy

22. Strengthen blood cells

23. Relieves dry cough

24. Suppresses arthritis and inflammation

25. Increases lymphocyte

26. Helps relieve symptoms of menopause

27. Inhibits morning sickness

28. Aids in fertility

29. Builds healthy bones and muscles

30. Helps maintain healthy kidneys

31. Improves memory

32. Helps maintain a healthy liver

33. Fights over-all stress

34. Good mood enhancer

35. Helps digestion

36. Promotes healthy gums

37. Prevents fibromyalgia

38. Prevents common allergies

39. Promotes children’s health

40. Promotes wellness

41. Increases chances of physical recovery

42. Aids in fast recovery from injuries

43. Decreases injuries

44. Gives relief from arthritis

45. Promotes skin clarity

46. Prevents Seizures

47. Fights Leukemia

48. Fights anxiety

49. Helps eliminate fat

50. Slows aging process

51. Essential source of vital vitamins

52. Essential source of important minerals

53. Fights free radicals

54. Essential source of fiber

55. Detoxifying agent

56. Prevents heart ailments

57. Improves concentration and focus

58. Improves blood circulation

59. Counters osteoporosis

Types of Store Fixtures

Store fixtures are used for visual merchandising and display. Different types of store fixtures are slatwall fixtures, gridwall fixtures, clothing store fixtures, hangers, display cases, shopping bags, jewelry displays, gondola shelves and mannequins. Store fixtures offer maximum exposure to products.

There are different sizes and colors of slatwall store fixtures. Slatwall is also referred to as slatboard, slotwall or grooved board. Slatwall can be used to display clothes, accessories, equipments and jewelry. The different types of slatwall store fixtures are panels, hooks, faceouts, floor fixtures, wire displays, wire baskets, wire shelves, corner forms, brochure holders, and acrylic displays. Hangers are another type of store fixture used to display clothing. Different types of hangers are wooden hangers, metal hangers and plastic hangers.

Display case provides security to the retailer. There are economy style and aluminum frame style display cases. This includes full vision, half vision, open cases, jewelry and register stands. Other type of display cases are special tower, countertop, oak cases, pedestal cases, portable and custom fixtures. Different types of store fixtures are used for jewelry displays. This include store fixtures for necklace, bracelet, ring display, chain and jewelry watch. Different materials used in jewelry store fixtures are acrylic, metal and wood and velvet.

Other types of store fixtures are gridwall panel and gridwall hooks. They can be used on the wall or floor in any store. Grid wall panels can be customized. Gridwall store fixtures include wire shelves, shelf brackets, grid exhibit, mini grid, sign holders, connectors and floor fixtures. Shopping bags are another type of store fixtures. Different types of shopping bags are white craft bags, tinted bags, natural craft, shopping baskets and Christmas bags.

Store fixture collections are used to display collection of products. This includes designer collection, metal store fixtures, ladder system, chain link and golf display. Gondola shelves are used for heavy duty products. These are made of steel and can support heavy products. Different sizes of gondola shelves are available. Mannequins are dummies usually used to display clothes. Mannequins store fixtures include adult mannequins, children, flexible, sports and system mannequins.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Dispute Resolution

Nothing is static, every thing is dynamic. Due to evolution of time every thing changes viz., process, tradition, way of living etc. The concept of dispute was very old and still in vogue. Alternate Dispute Resolution system is not a new phenomenon for the people of this country; it has been prevalent in India since time immemorial. Ancient system of dispute resolution made a significant contribution, in reaching resolution of disputes relating to family, social groups and also minor disputes relating to trade and property. Village Level Institutions played the leading role, where disputes were resolved by elders in their particular caste or kula and panchayat system, which was an informal way of mediation. In earlier days disputes hardly reached courts. Decisions given by the elderly council were respected by all. But subsequently boon accompanied bane, the very system lost its aura. The delay in justice dispensation, particularly in commercial and family disputes, causes great hardship and financial loss to the parties. In order to reduce delays in resolution of disputes, the Governments and the Judiciary are encouraging settlements or counseling techniques or conciliation which are part of ADR. In this present day, Life is a circus in the fast-moving 21st century. Juggling job responsibilities, work and home responsibilities, wage and age – it’s all a juggling act. Successful career aspirants don’t become obsessed with dropping the ball, because they know they will bounce back. Stay balanced on the high wire, and don’t be afraid to go a little off-balance.

Prevalence of gender biased laws and oppressive social practices over centuries have denied justice and basic human rights to Indian women. The need to establish the Family Courts was first emphasized by the late Smt. Durgabi Deshmukh. After a tour of China in 1953, where she had occasion to study the working of family courts, Smt. Deshmukh discussed the subject with Justice Chagla and Justice Gajendragadkar and then made a proposal to set up Family Courts in India to Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. Even after reformative legislation was enacted, implementation of reformed laws left much to be desired. Though the women of India demanded establishment of Family Courts in 1975, the Government of India took ten years to pass the necessary legislation. The Law Commission in its 59th report (1974) has also stressed that in dealing with disputes concerning the family, the Court ought to adopt an approach radically different from that adopted in ordinary civil proceedings and that it should made reasonable efforts at settlement before the commencement of the trail. The Code of Civil Procedure was amended in 1976 to provide for a special procedure to be adopted in suits or proceedings relating to matters concerning the family. However, not much use has been made by the Courts in adopting this conciliatory procedure and the courts continue to deal with family disputes in the same manner as other civil matters and the same adversary approach prevails. The need was therefore, felt, in the public interest, to establish family courts for speedy settlement of disputes.

Section 9 of the Family Courts Act, 1984 obliges a family court to persuade the parties to arrive at a settlement by conciliation.

Family dispute Resolution got more adjustability, why because APFC (HC) Rules enable the Family Courts to held sittings outside normal working hours and holidays if the Judge considers it necessary.

The Chief Justice of Bombay High Court has introduced an innovative mechanism. Those Judges who are interested in spending two hours after office hours in mediation, with training on the aspects of mediation, will take up matters of family disputes.

Section 23 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 recognised the need for ADR. Family Courts Act, 1984 also insisted on conciliatory approach to settle family problems. The process of conciliation received statutory recognition in CPC O.XXXII A, S.13 of HM Act. Though the women of India demanded establishment of Family Courts in 1975, the Government of India took ten years to pass the necessary legislation. It is a matter of regret that, even though the Family Courts Act was passed in 1984, in 1996 in

AP, they were established.

Genesis of Family Disputes:-

1. Ego often called self-respect

2. Balance their career and family, often leads to stress and strain i.e Family V Career.

Recently, there was a conversation between two young women at a popular coffee shop, one woman advising other friend woman, soon to be married and not to get pregnant, concentrate on career by taking pills. When the contraceptive pill was first introduced, it was a triumph for working women, a symbol of liberation. Women then were keen to get on it; today we know the side effects include “blood clots, diabetes, depression or anxious emotional states” and many women are keen to get off it.

The Hyderabad city has already earned a few sobriquets like being IT Development and the country’s suicide capital. And now, the city is heading towards earning the notoriety of being the country’s divorce capital after Bangalore. The rising number of divorce cases in Hyderabad has needed the state government to decide on setting up additional family court in CCC, Hyderabad..

Most applicants were found to be in their late 20s and early 30s, and the figures are only rising in the burgeoning corporate world here. While the number of applicants from the IT industry has always been high. Experts said women from the lower and middle classes a steady and stable income, reducing their financial dependency on their husbands. Financial stability had helped these women develop a strong element of individual choice, giving them an opportunity to formalise their marital dissatisfaction through divorce, experts said. Sources from the family courts informed that nearly 80% of the divorce cases were filed under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955.

While 70% of the total number of cases were filed by IT professionals, BPO employees and other private companies, the remaining 30% were filed by members of the other strata of the society, they added. Family problems are caused by a number of different reasons; ex. not being open with one another, not spending enough time together, drug and drinking problems, abuse and neglect… The reasons ranged from family disputes, bad debts, ailments and other miscellaneous reasons.

In case of marital disputes, professional counselling assumes a vital role. The root cause for differences between husband and wife become difficult to find, especially in case of divorce petitions where stereotypical allegations were made, he said. In this scenario, professional counselling becomes vital to unearth the true cause of the dispute and to bring about an amicable solution.

The false reasons presented for divorce exacerbated the situation, as both the parties felt wronged, which made reconciliation that much more difficult. The need for professional counselling and said that there were many cases where people reported to her that the counselling was improper. The need of the hour was pre-marital counselling, so that people entering marriage could be aware of the commitments involved in the relationship.

There were three stages of counselling people with marital disputes.

The first was the initial state where the situation had not yet deteriorated to the extent of approaching the law, the second was at the police station where many with marital disputes turn up and the third was during divorce proceedings. So there should be a stress for the need for counselling during early stages itself.

Counselling is a process through which one person helps another by a purposeful conversation in an understanding atmosphere enabling him/her to cope more effectively with life problems. It may be the one of the resolution for family disputes to settle amicably. As counselling is a face -to – face communication, the counsellor must have the skills to understand his/ her clients, develop a friendly relationship and give complete, correct and clear information, using an easy language.

Family Counselling is one of the resolutive mode for family disputes, useful for:

1. Problems developing in one or more family members which affect all (i.e.: children’s problems, anger, depression in one partner etc.)

2. Family or relationship change such as divorce, or children leaving home

3. Cultural and ethnic conflict within relationships

4. Individual Counseling


Recenly at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, Family Counselling Centre setup by the Police Commissioner in September last, couples, which are approaching the police with complaint, are returning home with a smile on their faces.

The counselling centre functions under the aegis of the Women Protection Cell located on the Commissionerate premises. Individual counselling is being given to both husband and wife, who approach the police to lodge a complaint related to domestic trouble. Based on the seriousness of the issue, the police even use the services of legal experts and psychologists to solve the problem. The experts seek the case details from complainants and offer suggestions to resolve the issue in a peaceful manner.


The police interference would not be there either in disposals of the case or any pressures over the members. The police should create the congenial atmosphere for the rapprochement of estranged couples explaining them the bitterness of life if they fail to live together.

Now family courts that are litigant friendly.

Imagine a courtroom complete with colourful walls, specially designed tables and chairs, games, a television and even baby sitters – all for kids. Two ‘family courts’ inaugurated in Delhi to sort out family disputes in congenial and supportive surroundings instead of overcrowded and repelling environs of regular courts. The aim of having such courts is to give friendly atmosphere to the kids who come with feuding couples, he said.

One such family court is already functioning in Dwarka court complex. “After witnessing an overwhelming response for Dwarka court, planning to extend it to all other district courts as well”.


1.To help ease the pressure on these family courts, the government has to provide them with necessary infrastructure and manpower.

2. To create awareness about the prevailing laws related to women and children.

3. To provide referral services like, free legal aid short vocational training and medical treatment.


Think for a minute: – ” Holding on to anger and ego is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; we are the one who gets burned. “


Natural Remedies For Male Impotence – Increase Penile Blood Flow and Cure ED

There are 2 main reasons why thousands of men are trying natural remedies for male impotence.

1. Many men know that ED medications can cause series side effects including permanent blindness and deafness.

2. It is proven that men who cure ED naturally are healthy and more confident because of the whole-body approach to increase penile blood flow.

In this article, you will learn some tips to increase penile blood flow and cure ED in a matter of days. Let’s get started!

Increasing Penile Blood Flow is Easy

Most ED medications work by relaxing the arteries around the penile region to increase the blood circulation downstairs. In other words, if you increase the blood circulation to your genital region, you will feel like a 20 year old again and be able to have an erection in literally seconds.

Unfortunately, many of our 21st century lifestyles are finally catching up with us. Living a sedentary (inactive) lifestyle can slowly but surely cripple your manhood if you are not careful. Eating foods with lots of fat, cholesterol and even carbohydrates can also clog your arteries leaving your manhood unresponsive.

This can be physically, mentally, emotionally and even socially frustrating. Most men see a doctor about this and get ED medications to increase the blood circulation downstairs. But it is proven that you can cure ED naturally and be healthier if you conquer this with some simple natural remedies for male impotence.

Natural Remedies for Male Impotence

1. Your diet is important for flushing your arteries and your body of the toxins, cholesterol and plaque which may be built up from years of neglect. You should immediately begin to eat vegetables and fruit regularly. Eat more vegetables (4-5 servings daily) for the fiber effect which will flush your body. Fruit can have lots of sugar and can make you feel lethargic so only eat 2-3 servings daily.

Eat lean meats and switch to fat free dairy. Keep your meals simple and fresh. Obviously, avoiding high fat and high cholesterol foods is important. Lastly, you should try to become a grazer when you eat which means you should eat 5-6 small meals daily and not 3 big meals.

2. Exercise is important! You should get at least 45 – 60 minutes of exercise daily. Start slow and begin to push yourself. Exercise can increase blood circulation levels by 15% and you will immediately notice a change. If you do work behind a desk, try to be active by taking the stairs and taking multiple water breaks to get up and walk! Drink 100 ounces of water daily too!

3. Moderate your caffeine can make you feel sluggish at the end of day. Try to wean yourself off of caffeine.

4. Sleep at least 8 hours a day for optimal health.

5. Vitamins are important. You should be taking a multi-vitamin in capsule form. You should also be supplementing vitamin A daily because research shows that being deficient in vitamin A can lead to impotence.

6. Lose weight and quit smoking! This is the perfect time to change your life and add years to it. Losing 10 pounds literally can make you feel 10 years younger. Smoking hardens arteries and builds plaque which can be deadly and very bad for your ED problem.

7. Herbal remedies are also popular because many herbs have been shown to relax the arteries much like ED medication. Try the herb horny goat weed which has been extremely popular.

Hymen and Virginity: A Social Humiliation

Nature discerns individuals of all the species enduring on the planet earth either as male or female who live together for a shorter time span or for a life time partaking in building up of a population by courtship and mating. Both male and female individuals are well-appointed with an exceedingly advanced reproductive system that becomes fairly intricate and condensed in females in comparison to males as females bear the child load in their wombs. Although females play a vivacious role in raising a child from birth till adulthood they face copious hardhips some are known and some unknown. In the human society life of a female undergoes incredible prompt changes since she is a little child. Life becomes radically multifaceted with every step as she grows further reaching adulthood. Her life experiences an abrupt turn right after marriage when her husband asks her “Are you a virgin?”.

Everyday millions of girls face analogous circumstances and at times conditions are so deteriorated that they are abused badly by their partners making the survival a burning hell. Nobody asks this question to a male who has slept with so many girls before marriage. Virginity is a very punitive social dishonor that has poisoned the minds of our societies throbbing the lives of girls. From where does this question of virginity crops up? The answer to this question is existence of a very elusive membranous structure “HYMEN” which is torn during sexual intercourse releasing a fluid allied to blood. Is it true that hymen makes a female a virgin? What if a female lacks hymen? Does it really breaks? There are plenty of such questions that frequently crawl in the minds of males and even some females. Inadequate knowledge, societal and cultural myths have actually hidden the truth lying between hymen and virginity.

The Hymen

The word ‘hymen’ is derived from a Greek signifying a membrane as well as the Greek god of marriage where science calls it a very gentle membrane covering the vaginal opening of a female that may or may not be shed off during the first sexual intercourse. Since times immemorial many cultures accentuate that a female experiences pain when during her first sexual intercourse as her hymen is broken. Some also believe that an examination must be carried out to detect hymen in order to ascertain whether a female is a virgin or not. However, many others believe bleeding occurs when hymen is shed off. It can be easily envisaged that new husbands are well pleased to see the bloody sheets right after having first sexual intercourse with their wives. From the scientific viewpoint hymen is not the key indicator of virginity of a female.

The anatomy of hymen exposes that it is an insubstantial tissue effusively or moderately adjoining the external vaginal opening creating a part of vulva forming altered shapes in different females but mostly crescentic in children. Sexual intercourse and parturition (child birth) contrarily affect hymen for instance, if hymen is elastic it may recuperate its original position while in other cases only fragments are accessible or it may also wane after recurrent penile penetration. A disease, an injury, medical examination, masturbation or any physical exercise may cast their undesirable shadow on this fragile membrane condemning the belief that it is pointer of virginity. Glaister Keen rod can ascertain the presence and degree of hymen rift.

Development of genital tract inaugurates from third week of gestation period to the second trimester where hymen conceals vagina of female fetus. Urorectal septum is formed separating the rectum from urogenital sinus in the seventh week. Müllerian ducts reach the urinogenital sinus forming uterovaginal canal joining the urinogenital sinus in the ninth week. During twelfth Müllerian ducts fuse together forming an aboriginal uterovaginal canal or unaleria and vaginal canal is finally formed during the fifth month where fetal hymen is poised of sinovaginal bulbs becoming holed before or shortly after birth.

Hymen of the newborn babies is pale pink, thick and redundant due to action of mother’s hormones which continues till the age of 2-4 years as infant’s body produces its own hormones making their hymenal opening annular. With further advancement of age hymen becomes thin, smooth, delicate as well as translucent becoming very sensitive to touch and liable to be ruptured. Later, diameter of hymenal opening amplifies approximately 1 mm every year which at puberty can be further inflated by tampon, pelvic examinations, physical activity or sexual intercourse. It is clear that once a girl reaches puberty the hymen becomes very elastic. A survey signpost that only 43% females underwent bleeding during first sexual intercourse signifying that hymen of majority of females is satisfactorily eclectic.

Hymenal opening procures different shapes in prepubescent girls proposing that it is austerely under hormonal control and life style where most common shape is crescentic. Estrogen and activity levels can make hymenal tissue thicker after puberty. In cases of rape or child sexual abuse, examination of hymen can be steered. Torn hymen heals hastily in younger children. After child birth vaginal opening often shows hymenal tags labeled as parousintroitus.

Hypoplasia, canalization defects, lateral fusion and failure of resorption cause various complications detrimental to the female reproductive system. Imperforate hymenal opening entails minor surgery if it fails to become perforated at puberty as it precludes escape of menstrual fluid. Cribriform or microperforate hymenal opening carries very small openings however, septate one bears countless tissue bands. Some cultures exceedingly value intact hymen at marriage as gage of virginity. Some women undertake hymenplasty to reinstate their dented hymen to verify they are virgins. Medical experts of the sixteenth century employed hymen as a tool to pinpoint hysteria. Many mammals like chimapnazees, manatees, whales and horses too hold hymen.

Universal Myths

Abundant myths exist in different cultures portraying hymen as the icon of spotlessness obligatory to be cracked at the first night of marriage but the reality discloses it as a very subtle mucosal tissue lining the vaginal opening procuring different shapes and may be thin, elastic, thicker and less stretchy. Flow of menstrual blood from the vaginal opening is actually allowed by this fragile membrane lying 1-2 cm deep inside vagina and putting a finger inside vaginal canal easily infiltrates the cervix without damaging it.

Some females contemplate that this tissue must break at the first penile penetration but this ‘first time’ belief is a myth as in many females full penile penetration ensues after several partial penetrations where hymen only expanses becoming bendable enough so as to accommodate penis. In some females a small amount of this tissue may break out but this may not necessarily happen for the very first time. Sexual intercourse must occur when a female is aroused, relaxed, lubricated where the penetration must be done slowly if it is the first time as in such cases question of bleeding can be ignored. Forceful penetration may upshot in bleeding however, some women bleed due to non-flexible nature of their hymen.

According to one myth hymenal tissue vanishes after having sexual intercourse but truth forecasts that this tissue never wanes but simply stretches becoming squeaky as time moves on. Inserting something into vagina will break hymen as a myth elucidates but in reality stretching with slight tearing occurs after introducing any entity analogous to the wideness of penis like a dilator or dildo but it never breaks. However, tampons or applicators with yeast infection are too constricted to cast their effect on hymenal tissue. Some cultures state that if hymen is spoiled before marriage the female is no longer a virgin but such belief is sternly a myth and has no correlation with virginity. Virginity is not having experienced penis in vagina (PIV). Some women believe that if their hymen is intact they can’t become pregnant but any female can conceive unless and until she is not using any birth control measure, her partner ejaculates near or inside vagina and she is free from any reproductive system malady.

Physical exercise like riding a bicycle can cause pressure of the perineum or the vaginal opening and may affect hymen but it is also not very true as the pressure needed to rupture hymen must be internal. Some females think if they will not bleed during first night they will not deliberated as virgins but no one can tell whether any female has experienced penetrative sex or not. Every woman’s hymen reacts differently as in some it remains intact event after penetrative experiences while in others first penetration is very easy without pain and bleeding. Some cultures treat females very bad if they do not bleed and such practice is inhuman. There ascends a need of shift from narrow mental level to reconnoiter the verity as females too have a right to live, express and soar high.

Myths Wrecked, Reality Exposed

Carol Roye, a nursing professor at the Hunter College and a nurse practitioner specialist in adolescent primary and reproductive health, recently published an article on hymen in the Women’s eNEws, also reprinted at Our Bodies Ourselves dooming all the myths about this tissue and sturdily commends girls to alter their thinking of bleeding at first night. Hymen is not a flat piece of tissue casing vagina as if it were the case girls would have failed to menstruate but it surrounds vagina. Some girls are even born without this tissue while some have a negligible piece therefore; bearing in mind that it is a critical body part is a myth. Roye explains that hymen can be torn during sex or any dogged physical activity but never breaks and torn areas may bleed but not necessarily. Some of Roye’s patients raise questions like whether riding a bicycle or use of tampons or if a partner inserts a finger inside the vagina can harm their hymens making them de-virginized whereas some parents ask to check whether their daughters are virgin. She simply tells them that it is not easy to tell whether a girl is virgin or not and no one can actually tell whether the girl was born with hymen or not. She believes that virginity is actually a state of mind and how an individual takes it.

Time to Break out The Cocoon

The concept of hymen still holds an emotional support demanding a change. Virginity has nothing to do with hymen but it is only a mental block that needs to be extricated. Some cultures treat females ruthlessly if they fail to bleed during first intercourse and such coldhearted violence against females must be clogged. It is therefore, entreated to males as well as females to come out from their narrow belief that hymen is the dial of virginity as some females are born without hymen and if present it never breaks but simply stretches during penile penetration with different responses in different individuals. As long as we are committed to this social stigma we will never be able to think on a broader perspective of living.

Dear males quit asking “Are you a virgin?” to your brides but love them, understand them and care for them so that you can live happily as well as make this earth a healthy and cheerful place to live because God has crafted every individual in His own image and has given the freedom of living.

How The Little Blue Pill Kills Your Sex Drive

I’m shocked to learn how many men in their 40’s, or even younger, are on the little blue pill known as Viagra. With any medication comes risk, and the side effects of Viagra are astounding, and as with all things natural, my opinion is there is a better way.

All medications interfere with your body’s natural ability to produce enzymes making it difficult to achieve homeostasis on its own. In the case of Viagra, the enzymes called phosphodiesterase are delayed which prevents them from working too quickly thereby helping maintain an erection when the penis is physically stimulated.

Sounds great in theory, and I’m sure brings a lot of relief to men who suffer from ED, or Erectile Dysfunction, but the harmful side effects should make any man question whether it’s worth it or not.

Firstly, if you have heart or circulatory problems and take nitrate medications for chest pain, you shouldn’t take Viagra because this combination may result in low blood pressure. Viagra can also affect your brain and spinal cord and lead to difficulty sleeping, slow reflex response, lack of coordination, tremors and vertigo, and you may experience depression, nerve pain or unusual dreams.

Some of the more severe side effects of taking Viagra include sudden visual or hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in your ears), chest pain, irregular heartbeat, trouble breathing and lightheadedness. And although it sounds like the ideal version of a wet dream, your erection can be painful and last longer than 4 hours.

Now, when it comes to the effects it has on your digestive system, side effects can include rectal bleeding, vomiting or dry mouth or infections in your esophagus, stomach, or colon, which most people will treat with antibiotics exacerbating an already compromised condition.

To make matters worse, the very reason you’re taking it in the first place can be jeopardized as there are sexual side effects that may occur as a result of sexual activity which include nausea, dizziness and numbness or tingling in your arms, chest or jaw. Not too sexy…

Viagra can also have devastating effects on your red and white blood cells, leaving you open to infection, and can contribute to low blood sugar leading to hypoglycemia or diabetes.

Although it may seem like there are no other options when it comes to impotency, there are. It’s a simple matter of balancing your body systems, particularly your hormones, so that you feel like a 20 year old again.

With all the toxins in our environment nowadays, it’s really no surprise ED is running rampant amongst men. Xeno hormones are man made hormones that block receptor sites and disrupt the natural uptake of hormones in your body, damaging your liver and leaving toxic waste in their aftermath.

According to the Mayo Clinic, in most cases ED is caused by something physical such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, low testosterone, smoking, diabetes, amongst others, and it can also be caused by psychological conditions like depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions. Stress is a well-known driver too along with relationship problems and an inability to communicate.

So what’s a horny middle aged guy to do if they’re not sold on the efficacy of Viagra? My solution: try enzyme therapy.

Enzymes are responsible for the chemical conversion process that takes place in your body which results in better digestion, better immunity, and more energy. How they do it is by getting nutrients past even a compromised gut and into your bloodstream where they’re needed.

The outcome is a perfectly balanced body, including your hormones like testosterone that depend on protein and fat to feed your endocrine system, so that it keeps functioning and producing erections.

No Viagra needed.

To learn more about how enzymes can help with ED, and more, CLICK HERE to book a 1-time complimentary Enzyme Consultation!

Does Your Fireplace Make Your House Warmer Or Colder

When you see the picture of the perfect American living room in a home, there’s a cozy room with a couch, recliner and a fireplace burning beautifully. People love to sit by the fireplace watching the flames encircling the logs. Not only does the fireplace add warmth but it adds atmosphere. Unfortunately a fireplace in a home is not perfect. There are many issues that make a fireplace very inefficient.

When a fireplace is burning, it radiates warmth into the air around it. But it also creates a current that actually pulls that air out of your room and up through the chimney. So basically warm air is escaping and your fireplace has to work even harder to warm your room. Yes, there is a damper on a chimney that supposedly keeps the inside air from escaping and the outside air from coming in. But most are not constructed very well and the seal around the edges of the damper still allows air to escape.

There are some things you can do to fix this problem. There is a damper that you can buy which is installed at the top of the chimney. This damper acts like a storm door and has a seal so that the air cannot sneak around it. You can get such a product online and you can install it yourself if you’re comfortable going on top of your roof.

Another option you have is to change your wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace. You can get a gas fireplace insert which can look just like a regular wood burning fireplace. These heaters have artificial logs that look just like they’re burning. Depending on your home construction and budget, you have several options on how to install and vent the fireplace. Most gas fireplaces use propane or natural gas sources. Many homeowners go with this type of change because they get tired of having to keep cut wood around and disposing of the ashes. A gas fireplace eliminates that need.

You can also replace your fireplace with an electric heater. There are portable electric heaters that look just like fireplaces. You can get an electric fireplace heater that has a fan which can very efficiently heat a whole room quickly. Electric heaters are very efficient in the way that they heat a room. 100% of the electricity that is used is turned into heat and put back out into the room.

Another inconvenience is that the fireplace is usually in the room with the thermostat. The room with the fireplace becomes very warm and the thermostat turns off the heat. This makes rooms in the rest of the home cooler because the fireplace is not heating them. This may cause you to look into getting a portable space heater for other rooms in your home.

Breast Reduction: Upper Back and Neck Pain Treatment

If your breasts are D-cups or larger, you have an increased risk of upper back and neck pain. The body’s natural center of gravity is at the hips, and carrying a heavy weight above this center can stress the spine and tissues around it.

Large breasts can cause back and neck pain due to simple muscle strain. The muscles in the back, neck and shoulders must work to support the upper body, which is heavier than the muscles are built to support in large-breasted women. Postural changes occur as the body tries to compensate; the upper back and neck will often be pulled back, causing the lumbar spine to arch inward more. Eventually, altered posture can cause abnormal curvature of the spine.

The spine naturally curves inward in the lumbar region of the lower back, outward in the thoracic region connecting to the rib cage, and inward again in the cervical portion in the neck. Both women who adjust their posture in the aforementioned way and those who simply stoop forward due to the weight of their breasts will eventually disrupt this natural curvature.

As the distance and angles between vertebrae change, increased pressure is placed on sections of spinal discs. These discs act as cushions between vertebrae, consisting of a gel center and a tough exterior. As pressure on the discs becomes consistently uneven, it is possible for them to bulge, the gel being pushed to one side and weakening the exterior ring.

Bulging discs can have no side effect at all. Some women with large breasts, however, may experience tingling, weakness and numbness in the arms and hands. This is especially typical of bulging discs between the 4th and 5th and 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae. Effects along this nerve pathway indicate that the bulging disc is impinging the nerves that exit the spine and travel to upper body parts. Nerve impingement can be a serious condition, and in order to avoid the risk of long-term nerve damage, treatment to restore normal disc shape should be sought.

For women with large breasts, a treatment plan for upper back and neck pain must include steps to disseminate the weight of the chest. The best way to limit strain is to wear the appropriate bra size and find bras that support and distribute breast weight. Many women wear the wrong bra size, and for large-breasted women, that can be an expensive and painful mistake. It is a good idea to get fitted by professionals. Search your area for panty shops that do fittings, like the one found here: Though the cost of a good bra may seem prohibitive at first, it’s much cheaper than surgery.

Postural retraining is another step along the recovery path. A physical therapist can help you build up supportive muscles in the back and shoulders, relieving pressure off the discs and better equipping your upper body to carry the weight of your chest. By assessing your posture and movement, a physical therapist can help you to retrain your body to maintain a more natural curvature of the spine.

If physical therapy and special bras do not relieve your neck and back pain, it is time to consider breast reduction surgery. This will immediately remove the burden of oversized breasts. The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery averages the cost of breast reduction at $6,000 in the U.S., a number far lower than most surgeries for spinal discs. Insurance may cover a portion or the totality of the procedure if it is recommended by a doctor or orthopedic specialist.

It must be noted that having breast reduction surgery usually will not cure your upper back and neck pain overnight. The prolonged strain on your muscles and spine still needs undoing. Without retraining posture and relaxing chronically tense muscles, back pain will continue. If physical therapy was ineffective before surgery, it will likely work well as a supplement.

More information on breast reduction surgery can be found out Surgery is always a last resort; educate yourself on more conservative treatments before considering surgery.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms – The Silent Killers

Sleep apnea symptoms are not that known to a lot of people. Even sleep apnea itself is still a broadly researched topic. Do you know that it is a rather common disorder of sleep? It has been said that it now affects more than 10 million people in America alone. Let us try to learn more about this disorder before trying to understand its symptoms.

Sleep apnea is a broad term, since there it has subtypes. The most common is called sleep apnea. It is considered as an obstructive disorder since it results from the obstruction of the respiratory system that leads to difficulty in breathing. Another form of apnea is called central sleep-apnea, wherein the damage is in the area of ​​the brain which controls breathing during sleep. There is also something called mixed apnea. As the name suggests, it is a combination of the symptoms of obstructive and central apnea.

Sleep disorders can happen to everyone. It can occur in infants, children, and adults of any age. People who are overweight tend to be at high risk for apnea. But suddenless, it can occur to anyone at anytime.

The symptoms of this disorder are generally not easy to distinguish because they seem to be a part of a person's sleeping pattern. The most common and probably the most obvious is snoring. Almost all people who have sleep apnea snore, but it does not need to indicate that you have apnea once you snore.

Another symptom to spot is fatigue. Again, this is a very hard symptom to distinguish since everyone can experience fatigue. The explanation has something to do with your breathing. If you have apnea, you cease to breathe during sleep and the body is forced to wake you up to let you breathe again. Usually, when your body wakes you up, it is not enough for you to be aware that you are already awake. In short, you will have short sleep throughout the night and it will mostly be interrupted. Therefore, you will wake up in the morning feeling tired and you will actually feel weak through the day.

Like any other illness or disease, apnea will also have an effect on your blood pressure. Most people who suffer from sleep apnea notice that their blood pressure increases. But this symptom is generally ignored, since a lot of people do not monitor their blood pressure everyday.

One other symptom that is not so easy to spot is problems with memory. A person who is suffering from this disorder may find it hard to remember things from the past or things that were recently learned.

Lastly, anyone who is suffering from this disorder for quite some time already will experience experience impotence. The decline in sexual activity and function will lead to impotence.

These symptoms do not necessarily mean that you have a sleep disorder once you experience one or two symptoms. But if you think that you are experiencing all or most of it, then it's best to consult your doctor right away. Remember, sleep apnea symptoms are not easy to spot.

Keep Your Child Safe – Why Some Parents Buy Baby Monitor Hidden Camera Devices

In today's society, many parents want the option of being in five places at once. While this is still physically impossible, technology has allowed parents to buy baby monitor hidden camera devices that allow them to guarantee their children's safety. This type of hidden camera can help parents ensure that their children's caretaker is doing the best job to their ability and that their children are happy and healthy while the parents are away. Purchasing this type of device allows parents to have the peace of mind they deserve when they can not be with their children.

The Number One Reason Parents Buy Hidden Cameras

Most parents opt to buy baby monitor hidden camera toys in the form of stuffed animals or other objects that can be displayed in a child's room without raising suspicion. The reason for the hidden camera, or what has become known as the "Nanny Cam," is to ensure their child's safety. While it is widely known that most nannies and other caregivers live for their charges and are very good at taking care of children, there are some that are less than desirable.

Baby Monitors as a Method of Prevention

This is where it is important to always know what is happening with your child. Some parents wait to buy a baby monitor hidden camera until their child's behavior or mood changes dramatically, or they suddenly appear to have more than the average amount of bruises or scraps. While all of these could be indicators of abuse, they are also indicators of natural growing pains of a normal active child, so the parents will first install a camera to either prove or disprove their suspicions. While this is the most popular reason that parents will invest in this type of baby monitor, it is not the only reason.

Whether it is to prevent neglectful childcare workers from watching their children or to prevent theft, parents have more than one reason to buy baby monitor hidden camera devices. They have been very successful in ensuring a child's safety, and to give parents the peace of mind they are looking for. When it comes to choosing the device that is right for an individual, the sky is the limit as there are even some that have built in webcams.