Food for Better Eyesight – The Vision Benefits of Okra

A gummy green vegetable that is often overlooked at the grocery store but, nevertheless, is a healthy food for better vision and general health is the Okra vegetable. The Okra is a vegetable popular in the Caribbean, China and especially the South. It is chock full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron to name a few. Additionally, it is very low in calories and fat. This eye food spans a wide range of health benefits including cholesterol reduction, diabetes prevention, better digestive health, Cancer prevention, Brain health, and weight control to boot. Therefore, if you are interested in foods for better eyesight and general health, that are different from traditional vegetables, here are a series of reasons why adding Okra to your diet is a wise nutritional choice:

Eye Health: When it comes to vision improvement, Okra consists of the following eye promoting nutrients that help to support the healthy functioning of the visual system: Vitamin A, C, Lutein, and Beta Carotene. Vitamin A and C helps to support healthy tissues in the eyes, the mucous membranes, as well as the skin, thereby guarding against health problems associated with eye infections. Vitamin A and Beta- Carotene are antioxidants useful in the prevention of age- related vision disorders such as Macular Degeneration and Cataracts.

Okra consists of Lutein which is a potent Carotenoid credited in research studies with providing vision protection from harmful blue light and preserving sharper eyesight. It has also been shown to contribute to a reduction in the risks for Cataracts and Macular Degeneration by staving off free radicals that damage healthy eye cells.

Here are a series of the general health benefits of Okra:

Heart Health: This nutritious vegetable with its Pectin and fiber content helps in the reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol) levels thereby improving heart health.

Diabetes Prevention: Okra is known for its ability to absorb sugar efficiently in the digestive tract. Therefore, it is helpful in regulating healthy normal blood sugar levels. For example, a 2011 study published by the Journal of Pharmacy and Bio Allied Sciences, involving participants who ate dried and ground Okra peels and seeds, revealed an interesting health benefit: a reduction in the blood sugar levels of the test subjects. In Turkey roasted Okra seeds have been utilized as an effective natural home remedy to aid in the treatment of Diabetes.

Boosted Immune system and Better Digestion: there is a link between a properly working digestive system and good immunity. Therefore, Okra produces the good bacteria which is vital to improving the function of the digestive tract thereby also boosting our immune health.

Cancer Fighting Properties: With its rich antioxidant content it strengthens the body’s immune system defenses against damaging free radicals. This aids in the body’s protection from harmful cells that works in the prevention of diseases like cancer.

If you are not particularly thrilled about the taste of this nutritious food you can make it more appetizing by slicing it and adding it to gumbo, soups, or stews.

Even though Okra may not be the most popular vegetable on the planet, due to its rich vitamin and mineral content, you cannot underestimate the nutritional value of this healthy food. With health benefits ranging from better eye health, to numerous general health benefits, in addition to the advantage that comes with consuming a food very low in calories and fat, ultimately, Okra is an appealing addition to your diet.

A Nose Destroyed When Turbinates Are Terminated

Most people are not familiar with the term “turbinates” unless if these complex, critically important structures are removed from the nose. These structures, the primary ones which are similar in size to our fingers, are sometimes removed or reduced in size in the nose to help open up the airway. Turbinates can become swollen and block the nasal airway because of allergies, non-allergic rhinitis, overuse of intranasal decongestants, or it may be caused by a septal deviation. So doctors trim them down and for good reason.

Remove too much of the turbinates, though, and your life will become a mess. It is sort of like removing your fingers – but far worse. Your breathing and nose become significantly affected. Just like your hand won’t be fully functional if you remove your fingers, neither will your nose if you remove the turbinates. These structures are not visible to the eye because of their location in the nasal cavity, so you can’t tell if someone’s turbinates are present and fully functional or if they have been removed – until you look at the CT scan. Because these structures are “hidden,” in a sense, removal is not as obvious of a problem as people who have their fingers removed. The end consequence of turbinate removal is there is nothing left to remove from the nose! It is already gone!

The turbinates consist of bone sandwiched between mucous layers, and they are rich in blood vessels and nerve endings. The outer portion is thick with significant mucus-producing capabilities. The turbinates serve many important functions for the 18,000 liters of air we breathe and 1-2 liters of mucus that goes through our nose and sinuses each day, including:

1) Directing airflow. The nose directs airflow in an orderly pattern so that air is experienced throughout all regions of the nose.

2) Providing nasal airflow resistance. The nose provides greater than 50% of resistance in overall airflow to our lungs, ensuring optimal lung functioning.

3) Containing nerve cells. Laminar airflow strikes the nasal mucosa, which is embedded with trigeminal receptors (nerve receptors that detect airflow motion and temperature) and these nerve cells tell the brain you are breathing.

4) Humidifying the air we breathe. The turbinates help moisten the air we inspire so it is near 100% humidity by the time it reaches our lungs.

5) Warming the air we breathe. Turbinates help warm air not only by providing nasal airflow resistance, but also the larger and lower turbinate (the inferior turbinate, which is rich in blood vessels) has significant expanding (to decrease cold air intake) and contracting (to allow more air to enter our nose) capabilities. Specifically, the anterior portion of the inferior and middle turbinates plays a significant role in directing and warming air upon inspiration.

6) Filtering the air we breathe. The turbinates provide much surface area to allow infectious particles to strike them, entrapping them in mucus, which is swept into the pharynx where it is harmlessly swallowed.

7) Smelling the air we breathe. The turbinates project a small amount of air, 10% or less, toward the superior turbinates where olfactory bulbs are present that help detect smell.

8) Swelling. The turbinates swell on one side of the nose while the other side constricts ever 2-4 hours, a process known as the nasal cycle.Directing airflow. The nose directs airflow in an orderly pattern so that air is experienced throughout all regions of the nose.

Clearly, the primary turbinates are incredibly complex, serve many important functions, and should be treated with utmost respect. It is important before undergoing any nasal or sinus surgery to have an honest, open discussion with your doctor about how the surgery will affect the mucosa of the turbinates. Before it is too late.

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5 Reasons that Blood Tests are Done

If you have had a doctor’s appointment recently for anything other than a cold, then you probably had a blood test done. This is a very common procedure and can yield some very important information for the doctor as to your health and wellbeing. There are a multitude of reasons for a blood sample to be taken and for the subsequent tests to be run, we will discuss a few of the more common reasons here.

1- Perhaps the most common reason what a blood test is performed is to validate, or not, the suspicion of a pregnancy. While there are over the counter early pregnancy tests that will give you a result, most doctors to not take this information at face value, preferring instead to get their result via blood. If in fact you are pregnant, this will be the first of many blood tests over the course of the next nine months or so.

2- A sample of blood can also prove or disprove the presence of many diseases, such as HIV, diabetes and prostate cancer to name a few. The early detection of these and other diseases is only possible through routine blood tests. The sooner they are detected, the sooner an effective treatment for them can be implemented.

3- Most states still require that at blood test be performed before a couple is allowed to be married. This type of blood test generally looks for certain vaccinations, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases that can be cured. In some cases, this information is helpful with future decisions that they couple may make.

4- A common blood issue is also detected via the use of a blood sample test; anemia is a condition that is caused by low iron in the blood. The symptoms are tiredness and pale skin. The blood test is utilized to track the iron levels to be sure they are appropriate for each individual patient.

5- As you can see, a blood test is a helpful tool that the doctor has as his or her disposal and often on that they use. So, instead of staying a way from the doctor like a baby, the next time you are in for a physical, suck it up, stick out your arm and give the doctor your blessing. Oh, it might help you to look away while the blood is being drawn, the doctor won’t call you a sissy for this, I promise.

When Does Pregnancy Occur?

It is fun to enjoy sex but the consequences might be more than expected. May be you wanted that good feeling that comes with sex but to your astonishment you learn that you are pregnant. This is why women need to be careful while having unprotected sex. It can turn out to be a nightmare. Things work differently in life. It is like nature has its own laws which ensures that the opposite of our expectations happen. I say this because there are many women out there who are trying with all their might to conceive. They are busy gathering information about the most fertile days in a woman’s reproductive cycle. There are a lot of questions about when Pregnancy Occur but according to research only around 30 something percent of women usually have their fertile days between the 10th and 17th day of their menstrual cycle. This validates the suspicion by women who have gotten pregnant accidentally.

Believe it or not fertility in a woman is not limited to only some days of the menstrual cycle. Research has revealed that every day in a woman’s cycle is a potential day for a pregnancy to occur. The fertility rate is very high for women who are between the age of 25 and 35. This is because it is the prime reproductive age for women given that their periods are most certainly regular. The fertility of the teenagers and women who are on the verge of menopause is unpredictable according to research. For people who use safe days method to avoid pregnancy they might be shocked since even on the very day they are expecting their menses, it is not a wonder if Pregnancy Occur.

Two percent of women started being fertile on day four of their cycle while 17% hit it on day seven according to a certain epidemiologist. The first day of menstruation is actually the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Most women are said to be in the fertile window before the day 10 and after day 17. This boils down to the fact that safe days are not the safest birth control method. The “rhythm” method is unreliable. It is not strange if Pregnancy Occur unexpected. A sample urine from the women is taken daily and tested for progesterone and estrogen. If there is a sudden change in the two hormones, this marks the onset of ovulation period. It helps in identifying the ovulation days for a particular woman.

The fertility period lasts for six days at most. The fertile window ends on the day the ovulation occurs. It is not a guarantee that Pregnancy Occur every time a healthy couple engage in sex during the fertile days. Some factors also determine whether pregnancy occurs. These are: the viability of the egg and the sperm and also how the ability of the uterus to receive the reproductive cells. Doctors advises the couples who are looking for babies to actively engage in sex two or three times a week. However, the frequency of the sexual act does not really dictate when a pregnancy should occur. Single acts of sexual intercourse have resulted to pregnancies in many women.

Compassionate Touch and Alzheimer’s

Before we consider compassionate touch or massage, and Alzheimer’s disease, we need to know what Alzheimer’s disease actually is. It is a neurological disorder characterized by a loss of memory, speechlessness and paralysis. It is a progressive disease that destroys parts of the brain, and is therefore incurable.

Compassionate Touch and Deciding on Massage Approach

For the person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who has lost memory, your compassionate touch may be the one thing with which he or she connects. Hold your loved one’s hands, give a gentle massage to his or her feet, legs, or arms. Even if the one suffering from Alzheimer’s does not recognize you and cannot communicate verbally, this is one way of reassurance and love. Alzheimer’s massage decreases physical agitation and improves sleep patterns in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

A 26-minute video available on – “Compassionate touch: benefits and effects in Alzheimer’s care” – shows the use of attentive touch and gentle massage in caring for and relating to people with Alzheimer’s disease. Massage is therapeutic and its application in Alzheimer’s disease has shown reduction in behaviors such as wandering, aggression and agitation.

The stimulation provided by massage helps Alzheimer patients to communicate physically. The direct physical contact provides the Alzheimer sufferers to relax, and so reducing the anxiety associated with it. The compassionate touch therapy through massage offers immense relief and aids the drug therapy, which the sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease may have been prescribed with. The massage therapy can be effective in two ways: it can induce relaxation by alleviating some of the anxiety associated with Alzheimer’s, and it can stimulate the nervous system that is in decline because of the disease.

The elderly sufferers of Alzheimer’s generally experience a loss of sensitivity to touch and the compassionate touch of massage can help to re-invigorate it. Alzheimer’s massage can have other benefits as well. In addition to helping eliminate or reduce anxiety, massage can also decrease the amount of pain experienced by Alzheimer’s sufferers. Compassionate touch is an expression of intimacy and emotional connectedness and if carried out by family members, can elicit increased contact and improved communication.

The relations between compassionate touch and Alzheimer’s is only being realized now. Alzheimer’s massage benefits the sufferers not only by relieving pain, but also by their over-all protection. Building the nervous system’s response to stimuli enables the elderly Alzheimer’s patients to resist physical and mental decline.

Ergonomic Office Chairs And The Technical Writer

If you work at a technical writer, there are a few things more precious to you than your workstation and your chair. Whether you do technical writing, technical editing or some other form of documentation development, these two pieces of equipment will become the foundation from which you will conduct your work. So in this article we will look at the ergonomic chair, as related to technical writing.

Regardless of how many hours a technical writer spends in their office chair, there are some important things to consider when selecting a good ergonomic office chair. But what exactly is ergonomics? In plain language, ergonomics is the study of how a human body functions in a particular environment with the tools and equipment of that job. That equipment and environment impacts the human body in various ways and the field of ergonomics involves identifying risks for injury and controlling those risks.

When you, the technical writer considers purchasing an ergonomic office chair, these are some of the issues to look at before that purchase.

1. How do you sit at your desk? Do you put your feet squarely below you? Do you sit with one leg folded underneath you? Do you sit far away from the keyboard or hover closely over it? After you purchase a good ergonomic office chair, be sure to sit with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle and your feet firmly on the floor or a foot rest. Get used to writing with good posture and life will be much better in the end.

2. How is your workstation configured? Is everything you need within an arm’s length reach? Are all of your work surfaces at comfortable heights? It’s important that your monitor be an arms length away and at eye level and that frequently used equipment and supplies are within easy arm’s reach. Technical writing can sometimes involve getting into the “zone.” We all know that means you just think and write. You don’t move. It’s then that the configuration of your workstation, your posture and the quality of your chair become especially important.

3. What is lacking in your current office chair? Is the height adjustable? Does it roll or are the rollers long since missing? Is the seat pan adjustable and does the seat pan size fit your bottom size? Is the back of the chair adjustable? If your desk is not height adjustable, then begin adjusting your ergonomic office chair from the floor up. This means sit squarely with your knees bent. Lower the ergonomic office chair until your feet are flat on the floor. Next make sure your feet do not dangle. Sit up straight and adjust the seat pan and chair back to evenly distribute and support your weight.

4. Do you need armrests? I think armrests are vital for technical writers. Most ergonomic evaluators agree that for most office workers, adjustable arm rests are vital and allow the use to relax their arms and shoulders. This prevents undue strain. Adjust arm rests so shoulders are relaxed and elbows hang comfortably, and forearms, wrists and hands are aligned in a straight, neutral position. Remember your hands you be relaxed as you type. Do not make the mistake of leaning on your elbow on your bare desk. A very painful condition of inflammation can flare up in your elbow and send you running for an ice pack.

5. Finally, what are your work habits? Do you sit for hours on end, crunching numbers or writing? If so, no ergonomic office chair will fix your stiffness or soreness from doing this to your body. Working in a healthy manner means taking breaks for your body. Get up and walk around or stretch in some way at least once an hour. This break will loosen up stiff joints, promote circulation and reduce muscle tension.

Buying a good ergonomic office chair is a great first step towards avoiding an ergonomic injury. Technical writers want to beware of this because a repetitive strain injury could sideline you from your job while your body rests or heals. If you are an independent technical writer, and not a salaried corporate worker, this can even translate into loss of income. The world wide web is a great place to find tons of information on ergonomic office chairs, or ergonomic injury prevention.

Save Rudrasagar Lake – The Lone Ramsar Site of International Importance in Tripura

The Rudrasagar Lake falls in the Melaghar Block under Sonamura Sub-Division in the West Tripura District and at a distance of about 55 km from the state capital of Tripura. Geographically the lake is located in between 23029 'N and 900 01' E. It is Under the Jurisdiction of Department of Fisheries, Department of Tourism, and Department of Agriculture / Horticulture / Soil Conservation where Department of Fisheries, Government of Tripura is the management authority of the lake.

According to the Annual Report (2005-2006) of Ministry of Environment and Forest Govt. of India,
Rudrasagar Lake is listed in the LIST OF WETLANDS IDENTIFIED UNDER NATIONAL WETLAND CONSERVATION PROGRAM and was stated in THE LIST OF WETLANDS OF INTERNATIONAL IMPORTANCE UNDER RAMSAR CONVENTION (INDIA). Rudrasagar Lake (Ramsar site no. 1572.) was identified as Ramsar site on 08/11/05 at the 'CoP' 09 (Conference of Parties) meeting held at Uganda during 8-15 November, 2005. Secretary General, Convention on Wetlands , Ramsar site has declared and included Rudrasagar Lake as in the list of wetlands of International Importance. This certificate has been communicated by ministry of environment and forest, govt. of India on 29-02-2007.

Hydromorphologically, Rudrasagar Lake is a natural sedimentation reservoir, which receives flow from three perennial streams namely, Noacherra, Durlavnaraya cherra and Kemtali cherra. After settling the sediment from the received flow, clear water discharges into the river Gomati through a connective channel namely Kachigang. The lake bed has been formed by silt deposition. As such no rock formation is found with 50m is silt (Clay loam) and below formation is sandy. Surrounding hills are of soft sedimentary formation. Owing to high rainfall (2500mm) and downstream topography, the wetland is regularly flooded with 4-5 times annual peak, assisting in groundwater recharge. Lake water is fresh with insignificant pollution with a depth varies from 2 m to 9m. Fluctuation in water level variants from EL 9m to 16m.The downstream area of ​​the lake is 750 ha with a temperature variation from 370C to 50C and rainy during May 15 to October 15. Lands are owned by the state with perennial water areas leased out to the consistent fisherman's cooperative, and surrounding seasonal water bodies are cultured for paddy.

The lake is abundantly in commercially important freshwater fishes like Botia spp, Notopterus Chitala, Mystus spp., Ompok pabda, Labeo bata, Mystus aor, Wallago attu, Heterophneutes fossilis and freshwater scampi, with annual production of 26 metric-tons, and an ideal habitat for IUCN Redlisted Three-striped Roof Turtle Kachuga dhongka. Apart from these species other important fish species are: Puntius sophore, Esomus danrica, Chanda ranga, Nandus nandus, Anabus testudeneus, Colisa fasciatus, Notopterus notopterus, Cirrhinus reba, Mastacembelus pancalus, Channa punctata ,, Macrognathus siamensis, Gudusia chapra, Cylonia spp, Labeo rohita, Mystus gulio, Ompak paba, Channa marulius etc.

Currently the lake is increasingly facing several anthropogenic pressures which are threatening the ecological balance of the lake. These problems are-

Eco-zoning of Lake Shoreline : Breaking the IUCN conservation guidelines, the shoreline was disturbed with number of malpractices such as anthropogenic dumped garbage, deposition of solid waste and construction materials along the shoreline etc.

Eutrophication : Uncontrolled growth of alien invasive species such as water hyacinth, excessive algae was observed in the lake which caused loss of aquatic biodiversity. Cultural Eutrophication which was observed to a great extent is considered to be the major parameter for poor water quality management in Rudrasagar Lake.

Soil erosion and Siltation in the lake : Major soil erosion in catchment area of ​​the lake is one of the key problems to decrease the lake area and to decrease the depth of the lake also. For such reason and others, the area of ​​Rudrasagar Lake has been decreed drastically from 1000 ha. Prior to 1950 to more or less 100 ha. at present. Siltation is occurring due to increased erosion as a result of expansion of human habitat and agricultural areas, deforestation, flood, immersion of idols by the religious activity and such other land disturbances taking place in the drain basin of the lake.

Agricultural activity : As the water area has been decreed, the society used to use out the adjacent area of ​​the lake to the members for agriculture purpose. Good numbers of farmer use pesticides and chemical fertilizers in their paddy field which is deleterious to the living organizations of the lake.

Deforestation, filling, draining and degradation of wetland areas : Clearing and removal of native vegetation due to the rapid unplanned developmental activity in the lake area is not only reducing the native vegetation biodiversity, but also reduces fauna biodiversity through the loss of habitat for breeding, nesting, and feeding and increased competition for existing habitat areas ..

Lack of awareness, scientific knowledge and negligence in protection by law : Landowners of the surrounding areas are not aware about conservation aspects of biodiversity on their land. Due to lack of scientific knowledge, and the complexity of ecosystems, it is often difficult to predict what impacts certain activities will have on certain species or ecosystems, or what factors are causing individual species decline. Every year during November to April, peoples from different parts of the state as well as from outside, visit the place for picnic purpose. But it is surprising to see the solid waste dumped by the picnic parties in the lake shoreline as well as in the lake water itself. Not even a single signboard or banner has been hung in the areas by the concerned authority to protect and prevent the lake to be contaminated by these anthropogenic activities. The wetland is not having a definite Wetland Authority too.

At present there is a need to create strong awareness to save this wetland from the deleterious anthropogenic activities. The Rudrasagar Lake holds scope for development of eco-tourism also. The Lake is blamed as one of the most beautiful place in the state from tourism point of view for the water palace 'Neermahal' which was constructed by the then Tripura king Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur in between 1935-1938 as summer resort. However development of tourism has been unplanned and spontaneous. The optimal nature of the present resource appropriation in light of its sustainability needs to be worked out through further ecological assessments and definite regulatory framework should be in place to restore the ecological balance of the ecosystem.

Delayed Ejaculation – Causes & Treatments

When it comes to male sexual problems everyone’s heard of impotence and premature ejaculation. But despite being the third most common form of sexual dysfunction in men, very few ever think of ‘delayed’ ejaculation in the same light. For the eight percent of men who do suffer from the problem however, delayed (also referred to as ‘retarded’) ejaculation can be a very real issue that can cause ongoing frustration, resentment from partners and even relationship splits.

According to various statistics, most men reach climax within 2 – 4 minutes of entering their partner. Men who thought they suffered from premature ejaculation may find this great news, but it can be quite a depressing titbit for those who just can’t seem to manage to ejaculate at all.

Delayed ejaculation is medically defined as a total inability to ejaculate during intercourse or to be only able to ejaculate after prolonged intercourse. What constitutes ‘prolonged’ intercourse to me is somewhat subjective, but most medical references seem to define it as sex lasting for half an hour or more.

Of course, in reality you only suffer from delayed ejaculation if either you or your partner finds it an issue. If you find yourself banging the bedstead against the wall for hours trying to reach orgasm with growing frustration; or if the length of time it takes you to reach your peak makes sex a dreaded prospect, then obviously there’s a real problem that has to be addressed.

The Causes of Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation can have both physical and psychological causes. Out of the two however, psychological issues seem to be most common. The interesting thing is that many men who suffer from delayed ejaculation when having sex find that they can still reach orgasm through masturbation. And if this is the case, physical causes can be pretty much ruled out of the equation.

At the route of most psychological causes of delayed ejaculation are feelings of anxiety, guilt or difficulties dealing with intimacy.

Men who’ve had particularly strict upbringings and who’ve always been taught to keep their emotions well hidden seem to be prime candidates for delayed ejaculation. It seems that being able to ‘let go’ as well as being comfortable with intimacy and the associated vulnerability that brings, are all major psychological factors necessary to achieve orgasm.

Sex therapists report a whole host of additional anxieties that are causative of delayed ejaculation. Fears of pregnancy, that the act of sex is hurting their partner or that sex is ‘dirty’ can all erode one’s ability to ejaculate. Furthermore, those who have been brought up with the instilled belief that sex is sinful often find that their religiously driven guilt is to blame.

Delayed ejaculation is also often associated with some type of past negative sexual experience. This can be something as simple as being caught masturbating in early adolescence; to the more extreme of either you or your partner having been caught having an affair. And indeed, feelings of negativity don’t necessarily have to stop with the actual act of sex. Negative feelings towards one’s partner – be it distrust, anger, resentment or whatever – can also have a major impact.

Basically, if the physical act of sex makes you stressed, anxious, ashamed or guilty (either consciously or subconsciously), then it seems that unfortunately you’re likely to have a hard time reaching orgasm.

As is true of many sexual dysfunctions, the more one worries about delayed ejaculation, the more of an issue it becomes. There is nothing more likely to worsen the problem than feeling under pressure to ejaculate, whether this is self-induced pressure or pressure from one’s partner. Becoming preoccupied with the process of ejaculation and in so doing losing sight of the pleasure of sex, is a key performance anxiety that can turn a small problem into a major one.

Physical Causes of Delayed Ejaculation

Those who’ve experienced a sudden onset of delayed ejaculation may find that the problem is caused by some underlying physical issue. The litmus test simply seems to be whether or not any sort of self stimulation can lead to ejaculation within a ‘reasonable’ length of time. If you can’t manage to ejaculate through self-stimulation, then you can make a reasonable assumption that the problem has physical roots.

Most commonly, such physical causes of delayed ejaculation are caused by various drugs, both medicinal and recreational. Medications to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies and most notably anti-depressant medications can all be responsible for switching off the ejaculatory process. Likewise, alcohol and recreational drugs such as marijuana are well known to have a nasty habit of anaesthetising the penis and ruining your chances of achieving orgasm.

At the other end of the spectrum, pretty obvious neurological conditions such as strokes or nerve damage sustained to the pelvic area or to the spinal cord can also be the culprit. Of course, these are extremely serious conditions that would show numerous symptoms well before you found out that you had problems ejaculating, and as such are unlikely to be the cause if you are in otherwise good physical health.

Treatment Options

If your symptoms of delayed ejaculation coincided with taking a new medication, then the good news is that your doctor should be able to prescribe you an alternative that totally alleviates the problem. And of course, if you suspect that the problem is alcohol or recreational drug induced, you should try your best to limit your intake of these substances – particularly when sex is on the agenda.

Unfortunately, for those suffering from deep rooted psychological issues that affect their ability to ejaculate, there are no quick fix solutions. There’s no magic potion to alleviate the condition and treatment tends to consist of sex therapy involving both the man and his partner.

Such therapy doesn’t focus its attention on the physical symptom i.e. not being able to ejaculate, but rather tries to address and remove the underlying emotional anxieties that are preventing the man from ejaculating.

To this end, the first course of action is to remove any pressures or stresses the man may be experiencing due to his inability to ejaculate. The emphasis is placed on focusing on the pleasure of sex, which in so doing should help to alleviate his performance anxieties.

Couples are often advised to abstain from penetrative sex in the short term and instead focus on other methods of stimulation that can gradually help the man ‘let go’. As a first step this often includes the man ‘learning’ to feel comfortable ejaculating through masturbation in the presence of his partner. Once comfortable with this, the next step is to transfer feelings of ‘control’ by simply substituting her hand for his. By doing so, the man learns to gradually lose his inhibitions.

The trick, over time is to learn to feel comfortable ejaculating closer and closer to the vaginal opening through this type of stimulation. And eventually, getting to a stage where the man is able to insert his penis into his partner’s vagina just before climax and then letting nature take its course.

By using this technique, one can gradually get more and more comfortable with the prospect of ejaculating inside your partner, and over time this behavioural adaptation may well lead to a total resolution of the problem.

In practice, this technique seems to work best where couples are in otherwise very secure and loving relationships and where both individuals are highly motivated to resolve the problem. Likewise, better success rates are often noted in men who have had positive sexual experiences in the past and who have an otherwise healthy sex drive. For those who are experiencing relationship troubles, therapy to improve the relationship and to enhance feelings of intimacy between the couple are often a vital first step.

This type of sex therapy seems to be effective in about 70 – 80 percent of cases, although both partners should be aware that the whole process can be quite slow. Typically, sex therapy sessions running into the double figures are required for a successful outcome; and being aware and accepting of this is vital. As stated before, feelings of pressure and anxiety only exacerbate the problem and therefore, placing time constraints on recovery are totally counterproductive.

With the help of a non-critical loving partner who is patiently prepared to give the issue time to fully resolve, the problem can often be totally alleviated. Sometimes, men also find that hypnotherapy sessions to reduce their overall stress and anxiety levels are also helpful in aiding the whole process.

Put simply, where psychological factors are to blame, the more you and your partner are prepared to accept the current situation and totally remove any associated pressures or anxieties, the better the chances are of a successful outcome.

The unfortunate thing is that problems relating to delayed ejaculation very really seem to clear up on their own and the longer they’re left, the harder they become to treat. If you are suffering from delayed ejaculation and its becoming a real issue, it’s better to do something about it now rather than later. Dismissing the problem will not help it to go away. The key to a full and successful recovery seems to be for you and your partner to be able to first accept there is a real problem, after that the solution is likely to slowly but surely fall into place.

7 Ways to Market Your Content Globally and Locally

Do you seriously think writing good quality web content will get you readers just like that?

Unfortunately the internet is full of good content so how would people get to “the good” content of yours?

That is exactly where modern inbound marketers chip in, now let me give you a fool’s idea about what they do!

Content marketing is a marketing program that centers on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your target audience — usually online — the goal of which is to attract new customers.

Not just online, here we will try to go deeper on the local marketing business too!

Now before you start asking me to blabber about what is an ideal content strategy, I should probably tell you why it is needed at first place!

Content marketing! Um… why?

Why you should be bothered about content marketing and what’s it that you will extract from it?

Especially when considered alongside marketing programs that provide more immediate gratification — like list purchasing, Pay-Per-Click, or trade show marketing that deliver names and email addresses in mere minutes. Often, content marketing is used when businesses realize those programs as either ineffective, too expensive, not salable, or all of the above. Here’s what I mean, using the “vacuum cleaner” example above for demonstrations.

Let’s say you’re using Pay-Per-Click as your primary means of generating leads for your business. You need more leads, and decide to bid on the term “vacuum cleaner” for $1.5 a click. At the end of your month-long campaign, you generated 1,000 leads and spent $10,000, not bad right?

But what about next month? You will have to spend $10,000 again. And again. And again. That is, if you want the leads to keep coming! Now let’s contrast that experience against, say, blogging.

You write a blog post about your vacuum cleaner, and included a link to the tool in the post so people can try it for themselves. Let’s say the visitor-to-lead conversion rate is the same on this blog post as it was in your Pay-Per-Click campaign — 2%. That means if 100 people read that blog post in your first month, you’d get two leads from it. But your work is done now. And over time, that one blog post you wrote years ago will continue to generate leads over, and over, and over, every single month. And not just that blog post,every blog post you write will do the same.

So which one do you think is more salable, efficient and what we say “good for the business”?

I’ll let that slip into your good judgment!

Well now you know pretty much about “why” but the question still remains unanswered, how?

That how is probably going to be the worst of its kind when you don’t know about your targeted market!

So, “what about it”?

“What about what”?

“Content marketing strategies”?

“Yeah! What about them”?

“Stop with your bad sense of humor, just tell me already”!

OK as you already know that I have a bad sense of humor, what you are about to witness is a much worse explanation of How to market your content in local and global market!

For global and local market these are the steps in order to build a good enough content marketing strategy.


Just like the elemental substances of the nature, the term in content marketing refers to the type, topics it will address and the style used in writing that piece of content!

Communication is the key to save and reform your business, need and solution depends on it!


The structure of anything in this mortal world has to be defined and it helps us to have a better understanding of it!

The structure is nothing but formatting, organizing and ultimately meets the eyes!

The structure also deals with providing access permissions to the users who are going to interact with it!

Before designing the structure keep in check for the deciding factors such as accessibility, utility and uniformity, it will help you safeguard your content!


Designing workflow includes tools and process upon which your content is manufactured!

A good example of efficient workflow is splitting up your content into different areas and attributing a certain area to particular user or group, allowing them to have access and responsibility over everything in that sector. This allows a larger degree of accountability and helps to ensure that the quality is maintained and the content is effectively managed.


How the top level decisions of content marketing strategy are performed along with how the various alterations are passed down through the lines of communication, that is pretty much governance!

Just because it comes at last doesn’t have to mean that it is not important at all, without good governance countries got destroyed!

Think your content stand a chance when North Korea and Syria collapse!

If the proper decisions must have been taken at right time, these great countries wouldn’t have to suffer such great losses!

Pardon me for dragging you in this lonesome emotional business of mine, we all are watching them suffer so my humble request to you is don’t turn a blind eye towards the refugees!

Anyway, to save your content from this jeopardy, key decisions must be taken and communicated quickly and in an efficient manner!

You might need to make some extra arrangements in order to bring the delicious food on the table of locals, such as

Feature local experts in your blog

To woo the locals, you can go with the strategy of featuring some local experts related to your niche.

Like I did by featuring quotes of Oscar Wilde, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King Jr. etc.. Though tangential but it surely did me favor!

I know you would not want to exploit their emotions so go with the experts related to your niche, only!

Suck out the opportunities right out of throat

Didn’t get it?

Well that simply means to look out for any chance of attention!

See, I just gave you a live example of how to intrigue people!

No? Well I’m definitely not the very best to satisfy explanatory purposes! Told you before!

To not suck at business and to suck out the opportunities, here’s what you can do!

Become an event sponsor!

Attend trade shows!

Donate goods or services to serve greater gods!

These are not only good networking opportunities to build brand awareness, they’re also great fodder for content creation. Take and share pictures from an event and create blog posts about the experience.

Encouragement on social media

Display some of the featured comments on your blog post both positive and negative!

Why include negative also, simply to not look fake!

Don’t worry about whether to choose paid option on social media or not, choose it straightaway!

Believe me it will serve your business greatly!

I don’t know if you followed me till here or not but if you did then exploit my advises and just use it wherever you think it applies!


Buy Movie Online

Buying movie online is not a new concept. In fact, many websites did offer consumers the option of buying or downloading movies online but it has only taken off recently.

One of the main reasons is because the technology and ecommerce sophistication has become stable in the last few years and consumers are no longer resistant to such new technology. Fast broadband adoption by many consumers have provided the platform for streaming videos and DVD movie download.

As a result, many websites have begun sprouting on the internet where you can buy movies online either via DVDs or online downloading and movie streaming.

Here are the top movie sites that you can buy movies online


CinemaNow is an online movie download site that offers a wide selection of movies to download or rent. Most new Hollywood movies are available and if you choose to buy a movie online, it is stored in CinemaNow’s digital library. You can then download it as and when you like. For rental, there is a time period of 24 hours for you to watch the movie online.

It is more economic to get subscription plan if you plan to watch a lot of movies each month. It cost $29.95 per month and is pretty affordable.


Movielink is a joint venture that is supported by the major film distributors. Movie heavyweights such as Sony Pictures, Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures among others contributed their latest movies on Movielink for rental or download.

Currently, it cost less than 5 bucks per download. Older movies typically cost less, usually you can rent or buy a movie online for less than 1 dollar. Be sure to check their website though as prices sometimes may changed.


Vongo is pretty new and is based on a subscription plan. Basically you pay $9.99 per month and you can download unlimited movies online. There are separate charges for premium movies and TV shows but it is still relatively cheap.

If you want to buy movie online, I highly recommend Movielink as it has the largest selection of current Hollywood movies and the prices are reasonable.

Development Of A Research Design


The research question is ‘Do social democratic policies limit growth and efficiency in the economy?’ Many experts argue that social democratic states are actually powerless and defenseless. They assert that countries with such regimes are usually characterized by high budget deficits, low industrial regulation, privatization of welfare state systems and instituting tax cuts. There is a need to look into these issues and come up with recommendations on whether the claims are in fact true.

Formulation of the problem

In the European Union, numerous countries have instituted social democratic parties. However, in the recent years, these countries have not been performing well. Taking the example of the United Kingdom -Prime Minister Gordon Brown has slumped down in performance. Also, countries such as Spain recorded surprises in terms of the performance of their economy. Similarly, France has not been doing very well either. This is because the country’s socialist leaders have undergone numerous challenges over the past few years. As if this is not enough, Germany, which is currently run by a coalition government is having problems amongst member parties with social democrats included. Also, in Italy, its coalition of center left collapsed.

An attempt to develop assumptions for the hypothesis

The hypothesis mentioned in the introduction are ‘social democratic parties limit the growth and efficiency of economies’ This hypothesis has numerous assumptions. (Saunders et al, 2003) For instance, it is assumed that the nature of the policies within this respective country are in fact linked to the political system. It also assumed that other factors inherent in respective countries are so small that it can be ignored.

Overall research approach

Before getting into details about the overall research approach, it is essential to clarify the fact that the research will have a positivistic philosophy. In this case, a hypothesis has been formulated about social democracy. Consequently, the research aims at ascertaining that theory is in fact true. Through the research, one can be able to familiarize himself/herself with the research problem. The research will also focus on facts that prevail within the research environment. There will be collection of data, which will then be analyzed and results presented in statistical means to either nullify or validate the theory. (Bell  and Bryman, 2003)

In terms of the research approach, this research will have elements of deductive and inductive reasoning however, the most predominant one will be deductive reasoning. In this case, the research is using a positivistic approach. A theory has already been established and the purpose of the research is to affirm or reject the theory by gathering evidence. The following will be some of the qualities that make the research approach inductive

  • Application of scientific principles
  • Movement form a hypothesis/theory to collection of data
  • Quantitative data will be collected
  • Concepts will be operationalized
  • Controls will be applied to incorporate validity
  • Variables will have causal explanations
  • The researcher will be independent of the research
  • It is a structured approach
  • Will require high sample size.

Frame of reference

The current state of the social democratic states may be summarized as follows; most countries are undergoing serious financial and economic problems. The issue of the credit crunch has been plaguing numerous social democratic states. There is a sub-prime problem in European continents because a large number of corporations are plagued with debts. Besides the latter, countries are also faced with problems of mixed loan packages. These issues have caused a lot of criticism from former social democrats who have opted to leave the party or from other political parties such as economic liberalists and the radical socialists. The latter group asserts that social democracy is not the way to tackle today’s problems. They claim that social democrats have instituted policies which make it impossible for businesses to operate under a free market. On the other hand, the radical socialists argue that social democrats are overly dependent on capitalist systems to establish some sort of reform within the state. Consequently, it has become very difficult for social democratic governments to continue in operation given the latter issues.

It should be noted that most states are actually battling with issues surrounding the re-introduction of certain social democratic principles. For instance, they want to deregulate, create a balance in privatization, re-focus corporate management among others. All the latter issues are supposed to be the task of social democrats but it seems as though the latter group are failing.

In light of these issues, it seems as if there is a party to blame for the ongoing issues in the later mentioned countries. It is therefore necessary for one to ascertain whether the respective party system have caused those prevailing problems as will be seen in the subsequent portions of the essay.

Methods:  a combination

There will be a combination of methods through a process known as triangulation. (Saunders et al, 2003)  Sociologists and scientists alike define triangulation as the process in which a number of research methods are used to ensure that deficiencies in one methodology are compensated by the strengths in another methodology. The research will employ the use of secondary and primary data. Primary data will be conducted through structured interviews. As mentioned earlier, participants will be political analysts who are family with some international political systems especially those ones with social democratic ideologies. The structured interviews will be conducted by asking participants about their opinions on the research question. Through this method, those who fail to understand the questions can clarify and it also increases the response rate since  interviewees can see who they are communicating with.

The second approach will be through the use of secondary data. The reason why secondary data was chosen is that other authors have already looked into the topic. However, inferences have not been made about the research hypothesis. Secondary data will allow a quick analysis of macro-economic issues that can be difficult to obtain through the use of primary research. Besides that, secondary data allows a narrower focus into the issues rather than spending too much time dealing with  non-issues. This is usually the case with primary research. Through secondary research, findings from primary research will be validated and also there will be an examination of whether those respective issues studied in the primary research actually collude with previous research. Besides the latter, secondary research will save on time and money. (Yates, 2004)

Selection of people for the study

There are two types of sampling frames in any research. The first type is the use of existing frames while the second type is through the use of a constructed frame. Existing frames are usually records of relevant information about the research’s interests. In this regard, when one decides to use an existing frame, then they will be only considering pre-existing issues. This may present ethical dilemmas in the research.  Ethical, problems can arise in stances where respondents who participated in the first survey feel burdened by having to take part in another piece of research. Also, due to attrition, it may be necessary for one to look into the intricate issues of obtaining permission.

In this case, the frame of sampling will be constructed. What this means is that that one can establish for themselves a list of potential participants and then a suitable sample collected from there. In this case, the topic is on social democracy. Consequently, the participants must be well informed about the topic and they must have ample knowledge about political science. Consequently, the sampling frame will consist of a series of political analysts within the country. However, focused enumeration will be done to ensure that only those groups that meet minimum requirements are incorporated in the interview. This will be ascertained by interviewing the respondents. Most of the participants of the interview should be familiar with political ideologies in general and social democratic systems in particular. A number of telephone addresses  will be used for this purpose. The potential participants will be called and given a short questionnaire to find out if they meet these respective qualities. Those that do will be the potential participants.

The last portion about participation will be with regard to the actual recording of the participants. In this case, participants must be wiling to take part in the survey. It becomes particularly difficult to estimate who will accept or reject participation in the research until the actual day when it happens. Consequently, it would be necessary to be prepared for this. The sample size will be relatively large as thirty participants will be required for the research.  A larger sampling frame will be created of fifty people in order to leave room for any eventualities. The participants will represent six firms with five representatives from each category.

Analysis of validity and reliability

Validity and reliability will be ensured by checking on the level of synchronization between primary and secondary data. Also, care will be taken in establishing an accurate sampling frame and hence sampling strategy. (Yates, 2004)

Problems in the study

A number of issues can be raised in the process of conducting the research. For instance, some participants may choose not to take part in the interview. This will give a low response rate and will thus affect the accuracy of the findings.

It may also be a problem trying to obtain the right political analysts. Since this is a topic that does not deal directly with the country’s political ideology, then responses my not be very well founded. Additionally, the sampling strategy may present some problems because interviewees may not take the issue of answering some questions across their telephone well. This means that the participants might be self selective i.e. the research may only rely on opinions of receptive people and not necessary competent political analysts.

There is the danger that the primary research might not yield resultants corresponding to secondary data. In the event that the relationship between social democracy and the economy is quite low, then it will be necessary to repeat the primary research. In this case, a larger sample size will be used. The reason behind this is that in order to infer that there is no relationship between two variables, then statisticians need to reduce their margin of error by using larger sample sizes. This may take up considerable resources and respondents may not be wiling to repeat the interview. Consequently, there will be a need to look for a fresh set of respondents.

Interviews as methods of collecting data have their own deficiencies. For instance, they are prone to interviewer bias. Sometimes participants may give answers that are expected of them rather than honest responses and this can impede the accuracy of the research.

2) Ways in which the research has been influenced by Chalmers

In Chalmers’ most recent book; How to Sink America, the author talks about certain critical issues that bear resemblance to this particular research. First of all, the book discusses the country’s potential economic collapse.  In the process of addressing these issues, Chalmers focuses on some political ideologies that could have caused such problems within the country. For instance, he discusses matters such as poor educational systems, over expenditure within the country’s military system and the desire to dominate the world. These are all issues that have been brought about by poor political systems. The author establishes his theories about why the American economy is doing very poorly and then validates them using other frames of reference. The same approach will be used in this research. The research has already established that some of the issues affecting the social democratic states in Europe are due to those country’s political ideologies. Consequently, the purpose of the research will be to affirm this assertion. (Veal and Ticehurst, 2000)

Chalmers has also touched on numerous topics in the past that deal with political ideologies. Some of these books include MITI: The Japanese miracle and Communist power and Peasant nationalism. In all these books, the author first came up with theories and backed that up with data from a series of methods. Chalmers is fond of using a positivistic approach. He also uses a lot of inductive reasoning or his research. Since this is one of the most prominent political science writers, then many research designs has been designed to reflect the approaches of one of the most successful writers of this time.

Since the research will involve a combination of secondary and primary data, then one can assert that such an approach may have been derived from Charmers’ work. Chalmers employed sound scientific methodology in his books and this is the same thing being done in this research. . (Veal and Ticehurst, 2000)

3) Critical discussion of this discipline of political science

The discipline chosen for analysis is social democracy. Social democracy began in the nineteenth century and has since evolved over the years to what it is today. Some groups define social democracy as an ideology while other like to think of it as the state of a society. However, many pieces of literature prefer the use of the former rather than the latter approach. In the former definition, social democracy is a political ideology that aims at checking the excesses of capitalism or its dominance while at the same time incorporating some socialist tendencies. It should be noted here that social democracy differs from Marxism in that the former emphasizes on co-existence with capitalism while the latter focus on elimination of capitalists completely. The major route used by most social democrats to enforce change is through creation of organizations to minimize injustices, establishment of programs that can assist in the process of amelioration and also through state regulation. These methods are founded upon the principles of democracy and reformation of capitalism.

It should be noted that radical definitions of social democracy are widely not accepted by scholars. In fact, this has brought a lot of confusion about the difference between social democrats and democratic socialists. Democratic socialists are more radical than their counterparts. They are usually characterized by a large following of working class voters and interaction with left movements in the past. On the other hand, a socially democratic party would have the following traits

  • Middle class voters
  • Mainly leftist
  • Market economy

It should be noted that the latter definitions are not necessarily fixed because certain countries may choose to forge their own definitions. Nonetheless, some international bodies or groups have agreed on certain common characteristics among social democratic states or parties. One such body is known as socialist international. This body claims that social democratic parties have largely socialist characteristics which are founded on the following; First of all, a socialist party needs to be founded on the concept of freedom. Its members must have both political and economic freedom. Besides the latter, it is necessary for a social democratic party to be just. This implies that members of such states ought to be exposed to equal opportunities. Lastly, socialists are usually characterized by a sense of compassion for those who are unduly oppressed. In this regard, they have a lot of solidarity amongst themselves.

While social democracy has evolved tremendously over the past decades, it is essential to examine some of the characteristics that apply in today’s definition of social democracy. Any state claiming to be socially democratic must have an economy that combines elements of both private and public enterprises. This means that that state should privatize a large chunk of their corporations. However, there should still be some elements of government subsidization in certain parts of the economy. For example:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Child care

A socially democratic state must also be characterized by a system that does not provide too much power to the private sector. These countries ought to have certain bodies or systems that regulate the private sector. Such a step is necessary because it protects the interests of the electorate. Private enterprises have the ability to control prices or offer undue competition in their respective industries. This means that care should be taken to ensure that such scenarios do not occur. Additionally, private companies may also infringe the rights of their employees if left unchecked or they may subject their counterparts to undue competition. In light of the above, it is necessary for government bodies to step and check their powers.

A socially democratic state must also institute free and fair trade. Usually this means that a country must institute laws and polices that encourage the latter concepts. Besides that, they need to ensure that the policies are followed down to the letter at the grass root level.

Social security is another crucial part of this discipline. In this sense, citizens must be shielded from vulnerability to loss of income in certain eventualities. For instance, in scenarios where citizens have to retire, there should be some form of system to assist them in the process. A socially democratic state needs to ensure that their citizens do not loose employment or their means of earning a living due to small issues such as retirement or illness. Besides the latter, it is necessary to come up with a mechanism that can minimize poverty rates within the state.

Usually, socially democratic states have a system of taxation that is adequate enough. This means that governments ought not to operate under systems that cant self sustain. In this regard, the taxation system should be value added. In most cases, it is usually moderate or high.

There are certain aspects that are also synonymous with socially democratic states. These include the issue of environmental sustainability. Such countries are usually dedicated to environmentalists’ principles. Besides the latter, such economies are usually in support of immigration, progressive social policies, human rights and social liberties.

4) When and during which conditions facilitate the start up of a scientific revolution

A scientific revolution can start when specific individuals feel that there is need to challenge the way things are being done. Normally, one can start a scientific revolution when they are unhappy with current methodologies. As it is today, there are many procedures that may make social scientists unhappy with the status quo. For instance, the issue of scientific elites has solicited a lot of sharp remarks from critics. The latter group are usually prejudicial and may discriminate upon certain  categories of persons. Also because of the emphasis on peer review, the creation of a scientist elite has been propagated.

A scientific revolution may also occur when it becomes relatively difficult for new ideas to be accommodated. As it is today, many scientists are not open to new ideas. They usually oppose them with a lot of vigor yet those respective groups may have the ability to inject new life into the system. Normally, new ideas are usually accepted into the sciences when old ones have began displaying some cracks. This signifies that there ought to be a paradigm shift in the way things are done.

Additionally,  a scientific revolution can occur when emerging scientists have little access to resources. Most of the practicing scientists have very little access to funding as the scientific elite are the ones that mostly control these funds. Through such unfair practices, then emerging scientists are discouraged from participating in the process.


Social democracy is a popular political ideology in the world. However, there is a need to look at whether this system is eon its way to extinction. The research will utilize a positivistic approach through inductive reasoning. Data will be collected through secondary research and structured interviews. (Thorpe et al, 2002)


Bell, E. and Bryman, A. (2003): Business Research Methods; Oxford University Press

Thorpe, R Easterby-Smith, M. and Lowe, A. (2002): Management Research: An Introduction; Sage Publications

Saunders, M., Thornhill, A.  and Lewis, P. (2003): Research Methods for Business Students; Prentice Hall

Veal, A. and Ticehurst, G. (2000): Business Research Methods- a managerial approach; Thomson Publishing.

Yates, J. (2004): Doing Social Science Research;  Sage Publications  and Open University Press

Travelling As a Hobby

A hobby, whatever it may be is definitely a fun activity and a stress buster. There are so many activities people do in their free time and to relax their stressed mind. The common and popular hobbies are Stamp and coin collection, music, painting, photography, reading and cooking. Among long, long list of various hobby activities, there is one interesting, informative and adventurous hobby which is also one of the most popular and loved pastimes. That is travelling.

For some it is a waste of time and money. They argue to use an alternative and read a book or watch a film related to places to be travelled. For others, there is no doubt that a person gets more life experience by walking a mile than reading an entire book. It’s a feeling of freedom, Freedom from routine and a great experience each time. You can make new friends, get rid of day to day frustrations, and give yourself some time to experience something new.

People who like and enjoy travelling have different options to try every time; a crowded market, historical momentum, a lonesome beach, and high hills and many more. The world is so big and there are so many places to visit. Each has a different beauty, various creatures, culture, speciality, language, history, and weather. The hobby of travelling is a hobby of enduring the beauty of God’s creativity and skill fullness.

If you are travelling to an historic place then chose to get prior information and an authorized guide. If you are going to any adventurous place then prefer to go in a group or with trained a person with emergency box ready with you. If travelling to a new country then make sure of having details and include a list of hotels, food, culture, language, laws, travel options, emergency numbers, currency of that region and other many more minute details. If as a traveller you like to have a nice and a planned trip without any hurdles then you are better off planning your trip.

You can take the details about the place to be visited. A wisely chosen spot, or a package will help you reduce your expense, as travelling is an expensive hobby. The planned trip is very helpful for the lone woman travellers. If you are from those who love adventures then the sky is your limit, although, you have to be smart, and informative enough to handle the experience waiting next step. You can enjoy hill walking, hiking, canoeing, caving, water sports, snow sports, and many more adventures activities.

Travelling gives you a great break from your routine and an opportunity to learn a new culture, old history and make lifelong friends. The people you come across and interact with, will give you a new heritage. They may open up your mind from a particular bend of thinking. Travelling is a perfect educational hobby as it helps you learn a lot of new things in life.

Puppy Dog Training- A Time Table For Companionship

Puppy dog ​​obedience training is as easy as 1,2,3. But if you do not know what you are doing it will seem very difficult in the beginning. This article will provide you with professional training tips that you should utilize when considering bringing a new puppy dog ​​into your home, so pay attention.

1) You have to establish yourself as a leader of the pack or also known as alpha dog. If this is not done than your new companion will think he / she is boss. This step should be done rather quickly, because it will not take your new arrival long to think they can be boss.

2) Be patient, persistent and repetitive. Use a firm steady voice and stay calm. Try training your new friend in 10-15 minute sessions 5-6 times a day. Be in tune with your dogs mood this will make training easier for both you and your new best friend. Do not expect your puppy to learn everything in one day.

3) Positively reinforce by giving a treat for good behavior. Also correct bad behavior while it happens not after. Let your new puppy know that you are in control of the things that value most like their toys and treats.

There is no other situation where patience with your puppy will be as important as the first several weeks in your home. Proper dog training will take time, will take obedience, and a lot of care. So be sure if you are going to train a puppy dog ​​you know what you are doing.

Teenager Travels Through Time With Hunky King Tut in New YA Novel

Fifteen-year-old Rosa is one of those rare people gifted with the ability to hear the dead speaking to her. Usually, however, the dead are pesky people who want to talk to her while she’s busy doing things like taking math tests; in one such instance, when she tries to get rid of the dead person so she can concentrate, she finds herself in a shouting match and is soon after sent to the principal’s office.

Of course, no one believes Rosa can really speak to the dead, so her life isn’t easy, but it’s about to get a lot more interesting. Rosa is already obsessed with Ancient Egypt, but she can hardly believe it when King Tut not only starts speaking to her, but he appears before her eyes. Once she gets past noticing what a hunk he is, she realizes he’s trying to enlist her on a time travel mission that not only seems impossible but downright dangerous.

Hunk or not, Tut has his heart set on his ancient love, his wife, Ankhesenpaaten. They have been separated for centuries, but now she is trying to communicate with Tut through Rosa, and Tut needs Rosa’s help to lead him to his love’s final resting place.

Time travel does indeed happen, and before Rosa knows it, she’s witnessing Tut’s life story as well as facing the fierce General Horemheb, who succeeded Tut’s family as pharaoh and wants to wipe out all traces of Tut’s family history in Ancient Egypt. Before the story is over, Rosa will find herself channeling the dead, being locked up in a tomb, and discovering that all the gold in King Tut’s tomb is of little value compared to true love.

Cheryl Carpinello’s new novel Sons of the Sphinx is a riveting madcap ride through a fascinating time in Ancient Egypt’s history. Readers meet not only King Tut but his controversial father, King Akenhaten, and his famous stepmother, Queen Nefertiti. Insights are given into ancient life, and Egyptian mythology is explored. Best of all, the story is both fun and educational, which led to its designation as a “Literary Classics Award Winning Book.” The book also has a glossary in the back of Egyptian gods, people, places, and terms.

Cheryl Carpinello, as a longtime educator and the author of several other young adult books, including Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend and The King’s Ransom, knows how to entertain young readers in a way that makes them want to learn more. And as an adult reader, I learned a lot about King Tut and his time that I didn’t know, and I now want to learn more, so if I feel that enthusiastic about this book, I can just imagine how excited I would have been as a child reading this book. I’m certain it’s destined to be a favorite among young readers.

A companion volume to the book, titled Tutankhamen Speaks, is also available; it tells King Tut’s full life story in his own words.

3 Postures That Can Help You Lose Weight With Yoga

Yoga is a sophisticated and challenging mind body exercise that produces countless benefits on the physical and mental health and fitness of the body. Yoga has been known to do anything from tightening your muscles to changing your attitude towards life.

One of the important benefits that yoga offers is to help you lose weight. Although, it is true that the calorie count burn during an hour of yoga is less than an hour of aerobics, but yoga is exercise and it does work on your body to take off the extra pounds.

According to doctors and personal training experts, yoga's deep breathing and slow poses can seriously trim and tone your body as well as improve your mental and spiritual fitness. There are some poses and yoga types that are more suitable for weight loss than others. As aforementioned, yoga is an aerobic exercise which can get you in shape when done at a moderate speed and you can significantly lose weight with yoga when done over a period of time and supervision of a yoga expert.

Here are three postures that can help you lose weight with regular practice and commitment.

Half Moon Pose

Half-moon pose is great for toning your upper and inner thighs and buttock. When you stretch on the side of your tummy, it helps burn the fat as well as strengtens your core. You should avoid this if you have digestive disorders, a spine injury or high blood pressure. You should stand with your feet together and raise your hands above your head. Put your palms together and extend your arms toward the ceiling. Bend sideways from your hips with your elbows straight. Come back to the standing position and repeat the process on the other side.

Warrior Pose

Warrior pose helps with the weight loss as well as strengthening of thighs, buttock, tummy and back. You should stay clear of the pose if you have blood pressure and knee, back or shoulder problems. You should start by standing with your feet together and hands by your side. Extend your right leg forward and your left leg backward. Bend your knees to get into the lunge position. Twist your torso as to face your bent right leg. Turn your left foot sideways for support. Strengthen your arms and raise your body up. Stretch them upwards and tilt your torso backwards slowly. Your back should form an arch. Straighten your right knee, push off your right leg and reassume your original position. Repeat the post carefully and slowly.

Chair Pose

In addition to weight loss, chair pose strengthens the core muscles as well as tones the buttock and thighs. You should avoid this pose if you have back or knee injury. Assume the Namaste position and stand straight on your yoga mat. Raise your hand above your head and bend at the knee so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Bend your torso forward a bit and breathe. Maintain the position as long as possible and go back to the standing position.