Tattoo Cover Up Advice

Tattoo is a permanent mark on the body for life. However, it can be removed by laser and often it can be changed or covered, but not always!

Tattoo can be covered if it is old and faded. Fresh tattoo ink is too strong to be covered with colours, so the best option is black. If the tattoo is quite small and you want to cover it with a bigger tattoo- then there is no problem. The only thing you need to do is to find a right artist, one who enjoys doing cover ups and has a portfolio with lots of them in it. You may go to the nearest or cheapest shop, they will say that they will do it for you and it will be cheap. But you know what happens next, don’t you? You end up having a bigger tattoo to worry about that is not easy to cover anymore! Best cover up tattoo advice I can give you: Find somebody who knows what they are doing and follow his advice!

A tattoo is OK to cover with color if the image is faded and is at least 8-10 years old. Fresh tattoo ink can be covered with black over it only. If somebody tells you that they can cover black with red- beware!

The colors that work best as a cover up are blues and browns, not reds, oranges or yellows…

The new tattoo will always be bigger than old one. Otherwise the corners would be sticking out or you would end up with black square. I doubt that this is what you want! A good sign of a successful cover up is when no one can tell that it is a cover up at all. If you see some lines showing through or corners sticking out- you will know that something was underneath and other people will notice that too! And you will still get asked “what was there?” A good cover up looks as though there was nothing there before.

If you choose your tattoo wisely you will not need to worry about cover-ups. Do not get something that in the future you may want to change. Girlfriends/ Boyfriends and Husbands/ Wives names are the biggest danger if it’s even in Chinese or Arabic. The ex is gone and the name stays! How many times have you seen that? There are no guaranties in life what concern your love life. Another thing to avoid is fashion! Notice what the most popular tattoo is and do not get it. What was popular ten years ago looks silly now. So will this year’s too sooner or later. Good idea is to ask your tattooist for information on what is the most popular. (I tell you one word- “stars”).

The main tattoo cover up advice I can give you is this: choose what you want to get and find a person who is good at covering up tattoos. They will be honest with you and tell you what works and what doesn’t. If there are no cover ups in the artist’s portfolio it is better to find somebody else who does have pictures of successful work rather than being a canvas for experiments. Remember, your ideas may not work so be open for suggestions. The most important thing here is to get the mess sorted and replaced with something that you will enjoy. Do not think that you old tattoo can be covered with anything just as long as it is covered! It has got to be something that you like. You will have to live with it.

In some cases tattoos can not be covered and laser treatment is the only option. It is well worth to go for a few sessions and make your tattoo fade until it can be covered with anew one. In the end you will be happy with the result!

Choose careful and think before you get inked!

Organic Lotion

Organic lotion is a good, effective alternative to the typical commercial lotions we use. You skin is extremely important so taking care of it should be high on your healthiness list. Buying it isn’t as hard as you might think it would be. You want to look for ingredients such as Aloe vera, Pure Beeswax, wild slippery elm, rosemary extract, sesame oil, bergamot, lavender, sweet orange, organic coconut oil, licorice root, and clary sage just to name a few. These lotions won’t necessarily be found at your local stores so try specialty health food stores.

I think these natural body care products makes great gifts because they help promote healthy skin. Those who you use regular lotions might not think of natural lotions to use. Sometimes giving something such as natural and organic body care products as a gift can open up a different world to a person they might find interesting and will look further into. You give them organic lotions and they might start eating organic foods perhaps, it’s just as idea.

You can also make your own organic lotion at home which might take longer but you can create your own recipe with the different amount of organic herbs you can use. One of the most basic ways to make an organic and natural lotion is to use petroleum jelly, scented oil, Epsome Salt, mix in a bowl and use. Organic lotion is not 100% organic keep in mind but it should be no less then 70% to be considered as organic lotion.

Addiction to Worry

Carole started counseling with me because she was depressed. She had been ill with chronic fatigue syndrome for a long time and believed her depression was due to this. In the course of our work together, she became aware that her depression was actually coming from her negative thinking – Carole was a constant worrier. Many words out of her mouth centered around her concerns that something bad might happen. "What if I never get well?" "What if my husband gets sick?" "What if I run out of money?" (Carole and her husband ran a very successful business and there was no indication that it would not go on being successful). "What if my son gets into drugs?" "What if my kids do not get into good colleges?" "What if someone breaks into the house?"

Her worry was not only causing her depression, but was also contributing to her illness, if not actually causing it. Her worry caused so much stress in her body that her immune system could not do its job of keeping her well. Yet even the awareness that her worry was causing her depression and possibly even her illness did not stop Carole from worrying. She was addicted to it. She was unconsciously addicted to the sense of control that worry brave her.

I understood this well because I come from a long line of worriers. My grandmother's whole life was about caring. She lived with us as I was growing up and I do not remember ever seeing her without a look of worry on her face. Same with my mother – constant worry. Of course, I picked up on it and also became a worrier. However, unlike my mother and grandmother, who worried daily until the day they died, I decided I did not want to live that way. The turning point came for me the day my husband and I were going to the beach and I started to worry that the house would burn down and my children would die. I became so upset from the worry that we had to turn around and come home. I knew then that I had to do something about it.

As I started to examine the cause of worry, I realized that those who believe that worry will stop bad things from happening. My mother worried her whole life and none of the bad things she worried about ever happened. She concluded that nothing bad happened because she worried! She really believed that she could control things with her worry. My father, however, never worried about anything, and nothing bad ever happened to him either. My mother believed that nothing bad happened to my father because of her worry! She really believed until the day she died (from heart problems that may have been due to her constant worry) that if she stopped worried, everything would fall apart. My father is still alive at 92, even without her worrying about him!

It is not easy to stop worrying when you have been practicing worried for most of your life. In order for me to stop worrying, I needed to recognize that the belief that worry has control over consequences is a complete illusion. I needed to see that, not only is worry a waste of time, but that it can have grave negative consequences on health and well-being. Once I understood this, I was able to notice the stomach clenching that occurred whenever I worried and stop the thought that was causing the stress.

Carole is in the process of learning this. She sees that her worry makes her feel very anxious and depressed. She sees that when she does not worry, she is not nearly as fatigued as when she allows her addiction to worry to take over. She sees that when she stays in the moment rather than projecting into the future, she feels much better. The key for Carole in stopping worry is in accepting that worry does not give her control.

Giving up the illusion of control that worry gives us not easy for anyone who worries. Yet there is an interesting paradox regarding worry. I have found that when I am in the present moment, I have a much better chance of making choices that support my highest good than when I'm stuck thinking about the future. Rather than giving us control, worry prevails us from being present enough to make loving choices for ourselves and others. Worry actually ends up giving us less control rather than more!

Make Your Wife Appreciate You More! Advice for Husbands Feeling Emotionally Neglected

No one told you on your wedding day that your marriage would end up quite like this, did they? You likely envisioned a relationship filled with wonderful, loving and fulfilling moments. Of course you knew that there would be bumps along the way but overall you probably imagined that your wife would fawn over you forever the way she did the day she became your life partner. Real life has kicked in now and you’re feeling a bit neglected and emotionally bruised. You may feel that your wife puts everything and everyone else before you. Maybe you sense a growing distance between you two or perhaps what you’re feeling is all related to the fact that she takes you for granted. Whatever it is, it’s unpleasant and it’s making you resent her. That has to change. It’s not fair for either of you and you certainly can’t continue living in a marriage in which you feel unappreciated.

When a husband feels neglected by his wife, he’s bound to change his demeanor around her. It’s very difficult to remain close and loving to someone who doesn’t appreciate everything you bring to their life. You feel disconnected from your wife and that’s understandable given the circumstances. Unfortunately, unless you address what is going on by talking to your wife and changing the behavior patterns within your marriage, the growing distance that is there will only widen to the point that the relationship will be in jeopardy.

Talk to Your Wife About What is Happening Between You Two

You don’t need a reminder of how important communication is within your marriage, but this is certainly a time when it’s paramount to the future of your connection. Your wife may be oblivious to the fact that you feel that she’s not appreciating you the way you need. Just as you may have times in your life when your focus is on work or other things, that may be what is occurring with your wife right now. Calmly explain to her that you’re concerned that you both have been taking each other for granted. If you present it this way, she won’t feel as cornered or attacked and will be more open to listening. It’s important that you are direct when speaking with her about this and can offer suggestions for how you each can show the other how much you value them.

Show Your Wife More Appreciation

Sometimes in life we have to take the lead to get what we want. Such is the case with a marriage. If your wife undervalues everything you bring to the family and your home, you need to start complimenting her more on her own contributions. This is likely going to feel a bit foreign given the fact that you’re carrying a lot of difficult feelings about how she doesn’t fully appreciate you, but view it as a means to an end. By bringing the focus onto what your wife does to help you and your family, you’ll be subtly suggesting to her that thanking each other is important. This type of psychological pressure can help your wife have her own awakening in which she’ll realize that she hasn’t been giving you the appreciation and attention that you deserve. The key to making this work well is to be gentle, understated and consistent with your own compliments to her.

Small Gestures Can Make a World of Difference

There’s great value in doing small things each and every day that brighten your wife’s life. When a woman feels more cherished by her husband, she’s going to feel immeasurably closer to him on every level. This, in turn, will translate itself into her appreciating her man more and that’s exactly the goal that you’re chasing after.

By doing small things for your wife, you’ll be showing that you value her as not only a life partner, but a woman as well. Nothing extravagant needs to come into play. You can bring her a copy of her favorite magazine if you are at the store picking up a few grocery items. Maybe she has a coffee blend that she absolutely adores so pick up a cup of it and deliver it to her office one chilly morning. You may also just want to send her a text message now and again saying how lucky you feel to be loved by someone like her.

Anything like this, when done on a frequent basis, can literally transform how your wife views you. She’ll begin to see the treasure you are again and that will manifest itself in her actions and words. Not only will she come to appreciate you more, she’ll start going out of her way to make you see and feel how valuable you really are as her partner.

Crafting Different Uses for Your Food Dehydrator – 10 Ideas to Get You Started

Let’s play a word association game. What is the first thing you think of when I say, “Dehydrator”?

Long-term food storage? Survival food? Fruit leather? Beef jerky? Craft projects?

Wait – “Craft projects?” From a food dehydrator? What kind of craft projects can possibly use a food dehydrator?

Quite a few, actually. Here are 10 ideas* to get you started.

  1. Dried apples aren’t just for eating. Slice apples into rings, dust with cinnamon or nutmeg if desired, and dehydrate. String them onto a length of jute cord, alternating with other dehydrated fruits, nuts, cinnamon sticks, and colorful strips of cloth tied in bows. Tie a knot in each end of the cord or tie ends together. Hang it on a wall, above a door or window, over a curtain rod. Drape it on a mantel or shelf.
  2. Fill a large decorative jar with dehydrated fruits, nuts, berries, flowers, and cornhusks. Seal it with a tight-fitting lid. Set it on a mantel, hutch, or table for a rustic look.
  3. Don’t throw out your flower bouquets! Dehydrate them while they still have color, then use them in arrangements, wreaths, or potpourri. You can dry the whole flower or just the petals.
  4. Dress up your yard sale, bazaar, or craft sale items. Tie dried flowers with a bit of ribbon or twine, then set them in a vase, pitcher, or crock. Mason jars could hold such treasures as home-made trail mix, dried fruit slices, and yogurt taffy. A pretty bowl might hold potpourri.
  5. Glue dehydrated flowers, nuts, fruit, and seed pods onto wood letters, then paint if desired. Attach the letters to a wood base for stability. Spell out your name for a unique desk plaque. Use thicker pieces of wood for individual, stand-alone letters.
  6. Use your dehydrator as a quick way to dry papier mache, clay figures, or plaster-of-paris. Tip: You may want to line the bottom of your dehydrator with parchment paper sheets or a tray liner for easy clean-up.
  7. Dough art is a fun way to get the whole family into crafting! With a basic recipe and a little imagination, you can turn out dozens of dough ornaments, plaques, and figures – perfect for any occasion! Using your dehydrator prevents the cracking, baking, breaking, and browning that can happen in the oven. When your work is dry, it’s ready to be painted and sealed.
  8. Make your own edible cake decorations in advance. Pipe frosting onto solid tray liners or plastic wrap sheets, then dehydrate. Have flowers, swirls, ropes, and dots ready when you need them!
  9. A plain wood frame becomes a work of art when you attach dehydrated items to it. Customize the frame to complement the picture it will hold.
  10. Dehydrated citrus fruits – oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit – make interesting decorations. Thin slices tied with gold or silver cord can be hung on a Christmas tree or in a window. Use whole fruits as candle holders, paint or carve whimsical faces on them, or set them out as air fresheners. You can even use the rinds to make small dolls and animals.

With the yard sales and fairs of summer, the bazaars and craft sales of autumn, and the holidays of winter, now is a great time to be crafting. What will be your next project?

*Some of these items may be large, requiring removeable trays and door for maximum drying space. Be sure of your dehydrator’s capacity and capabilities before beginning your project.

Keep Your Daily Intentions Pure

I was speaking with an old friend of mine the other day who has been through some tough personal battles in recent years. He proudly informed me of how long he has been sober and the steps that he was taking to continue that trend. In the same breath, he stated, very honestly, “I can’t say that I’m never going to drink again. But I’m not going to drink today.” I was impressed by that and it got me thinking.

There are so many goals that I want to accomplish for myself and my family that I often get overwhelmed by concentrating on the number of steps it will take to reach those goals. So when my daily intentions get lost, my head starts spinning and I stop accomplishing anything, I hit the reset button and get my concentration back on today. That means slowing down and taking it one day at a time. What can I accomplish today that will move me towards my goals? This is the question that we need to ask ourselves everyday. We then need to answer that question with what we can do, not what we can’t.

Keep your intentions pure and remind yourself everyday of what those intentions are. By doing so, you can be certain that you are moving closer towards your goals every day. I can’t say that I am always going to make the right choices. However, I can say that my intentions will be pure and I will learn and grow from the mistakes that I make. As a result, I will be a better, stronger person tomorrow.

How to Score High for the USMLE Step 1

You worked hard for your basic sciences and now you need to pass the USMLE Step 1 with a kickass score. Fortunately, the resources required for the Step 1 is not as a vast as the Step 2 CK. It all boils down to two resources: USMLE World question bank and the First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 book.

The resources overall:

Dr. Najeeb Videos

Dr. Najeeb videos is gold and I think when you do not know anything, you should start watching those videos first before trying anything else.

Kaplan Videos

Kaplan videos are very comprehensive, but they waste a lot of time reading off the slides to you instead of drawing things out like Dr. Najeeb. The Behavioral science section for the Step 1 is perfect which provides excellent explanation of Ethics and Biostatistics.


Dr. Sattar, from University of Chicago, does a great job smoothly explaining the pathology behind every diseases. He offers an online video course and book to follow along.

First Aid for the USMLE Step 1

This should be your bible for the Step 1 as it has an outline for 80% of what will be on the test. Remember this is not a book so you can not just open it from page one and expect to read it smoothly to the last page. However, make sure you write all your notes on this.

Doctor In Training (DIT)

This DIT course is excellent if you can not figure out how to use First Aid for the USMLE Step 1. This course helps in going back and forth and how and what to annotate on the book to fully understand each and every concept.

USMLE World Question Bank

USMLE World for the Step 1 is the ultimate resource which is a must. It is the most difficult question bank I have ever used but it helped me get a good score on the test. This question bank should be done simultaneously as you are doing DIT and reading the First Aid book.

These are the resources I used and I scored a score higher than the national average for the USMLE Step 1 . It's up to which resources you will use to study for the exam; however, you should note that USMLE World question bank and the First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 book is mandatory to use. This test is not easy and it requires a lot of time and effort so you have to be fully committed to this test, as in you should breath, dream, and live this test.

How To Get Your Penis Bigger With The Jelqing Exercise

The jelqing exercise is a method used for enlarging the penis. It is performed over the course of several weeks and it involves only the use of your hands.

Learning how to get your penis bigger with the jelqing exercise can be broken down into 7 steps:

1. Semi-Erect. Here’s the first thing you need to do for learning how to get your penis bigger with the jelqing exercise. It involves achieving a semi-erection. Many make the mistake of trying to jelq with a full erection, but rather a partial, 50-60% erection is the proper state to be in for this exercise to be effective.

Tip: Use a warm wash cloth and wrap it around your penis. This will increase blood flow and make it easier to achieve a partial erection quickly.

Tip #2: Another option that is rarely talked about for warming up the penis, is taking a hot shower. This is actually very convenient for performing the jelq exercise after regular exercise, as you can hop in the shower and simultaneously warm down from your workout, and warm up for a set of jelqs.

2. Lubrication. It’s important to apply a generous amount of lubrication to your penis. This makes the exercise easier and won’t cause any redness to occur either. Lube up your penis really good.

Tip: Do not use water, use safe lubrication for the skin. Many guys think for some reason water is a lube alternative, but it’s not.

Tip #2: What’s the cheapest form of lube to use? If you have a dollar store in your area then you can lubricate for a buck! Most dollar stores have petroleum jelly which can work great for jelqing lubrication.

3. OK sign. This is where you are going to want to take your hand and join your thumb with your forefinger, making what is known as the “OK sign”. This is the hand position you want for performing the jelq exercise.

Tip: If for whatever reason you are more comfortable joining your thumb with your middle finger then by all means you can use this position. This is rarely mentioned in any jelqing instructions and hence it seems to have become a “golden rule” of sorts that the thumb MUST be jointed with the forefinger. Personally, I have found it most comfortable alternating workout from workout with the middle finger to thumb, and forefinger to thumb.

4. Start Position. You now want to take the “OK sign” and wrap it around the base of your penis. This is the proper start position for the exercise. After each stroke you will want to return to the base to begin the next stroke.

Tip: Envision “clamping down” (gently) with the OK sign to the bottom base of your penis. Many guys get lazy and start the exercise higher up than they should. This “clamping down” makes sure you are at the base.

Tip 2: Rarely mentioned anywhere else is the fact that pubic hair can often interfere with the clamp down. It slows the exercise down and makes it less smooth of an exercise to perform. So trim the pubic hair! Your clamp down will be more comfortable, and the exercise will go much more smoothly.

5. The Stroke. Once you are in position, you then take your hand and gently stroke upwards in a slow, controlled manner. This is done in one motion ending just before the head of the penis.

Tip: Try for 2-3 seconds for each stroke.

Tip 2: A personal tip I’ve found for staying focused and motivated during each stroke, is repeating the numbered stroke aloud (“one”, “two”,etc.).

6. Repeat. You now repeat the stroke, but this time using your other hand. Then you simply alternate hands back and forth for a certain number of repetitions.

Tip: Keep your rhythm steady. Don’t speed up the exercise as it may be tempting to do.

Tip 2: One of the best ways to “get in the zone” while jelqing, is by listening to your music. Put your earphones on and play some tunes. Jelqing will go by much more quickly this way.

7, Frequency. You usually want to perform the jelqing exercise 4-5 times a week. It’s always important to take a few days off for rest and recovery. The number of sets and reps you do will vary depending on what particular routine you choose to follow. The best routines will usually require at least 6-20 minutes a day, and as mentioned, 4-5 days a week.

Ten Parameters of Good Corporate Culture

Sometime in the 1980s, I read a book written by Manfred Kets de Vries who claimed to have found six types of corporate cultures. The most intriguing thesis of the book was that actually most organizations are not sick, but not entirely healthy: the so-called lingering organizations. The other five types of organizations are: the dramatic organization, the depressive organization, the paranoid organization, the coercive organization, and the schizophrenic organization.

The dramatic organization is hyperactive, impulsive, very adventurous and dangerously unrestrained. The decision-makers base their ideas on intuition and impressions instead of facts. The leaders use their charisma to concentrate all the power in the top. They can therefore undertake very risky operations. They do these things to create a completely different environment without really considering the existing business environment. Their goal is unlimited growth. The man in the top wants to be the center of everything. He wants to show what a good leader he is. Without really considering the reality, this kind of behavior can easily result in great disasters.

The depressive organization is characterized by apathy, lack of self-confidence and conservatism. The communication climate is passive and aimless. The activities are implemented according to predetermined programs and routines. The employees are never asked to show initiative. In stable markets, long established companies can withstand many crises despite their depressive state. They can survive as long as the technology and the competitive pattern remain the same. The environment of these organizations is usually protected with trade agreements and fixed tariffs.

The paranoid organization is characterized by extreme suspicion at the top. This is mirrored by the extreme emphasis on procedures which are aimed to collect information and exert control. A complex information system is created to analyze all the dangers of the outside world. Procedures are written down in detailed manner and everybody is obliged to continuously write reports. This need to regulate everything and be alert all the time results in ‘the institutionalization of suspicion’. There are a lot of meetings to collect the same information from different people. The advantage is that the leaders will get the right information, but the side effect is that mutual trust is diminishing. A lot of precious time and energy is lost while the morale is decreasing all the time.

The coercive organization is addicted to rituals. Every move is literally planned. The implementation of the plans is carefully monitored; all activities are usually routine activities. The emphasis is laid on correctness and completeness when the predetermined methods are used. Rituals have become norms. Just like in the paranoid organization, the coercive organization depends on formal control and information systems. There is, however, one important difference; coercive organizations are really meant for monitoring budgets and productivity. The paranoid organization on the other hand, is mainly interested in things which lie outside its span of control.

Like the depressed organization, the schizophrenic organization is suffering from lack of effective leadership. The leaders of a schizophrenic organization are not doing a good job. They are afraid to establish new contacts because they had bad experiences in the past. These leaders have reached a stage in their career in which they are not interested in leading anymore. If they are lucky, this problem is solved by the middle managers, but these middle managers are usually only interested in their own interests. The average middle manager will usually become servants who just want to win the favors of their directors. The directors are constantly in doubt, because they don’t know which proposals to accept from their subordinates. A consequence is that plans are implemented half-heartedly and actions depend on the mood of the day. Lack of consistent and consequent leadership is the most important characteristic of the schizophrenic organization.

The lingering organizations, finally, usually have problems with the central values, norms, and beliefs. If the leaders are not trying to disseminate these aspects or are even against it, subcultures will be created which are not independent. Other characteristics of lingering organizations are: internal company politics is more important than efficiency, promises and deals are oftentimes neglected and the leaders are not really interested of their employees.

So, what are then the characteristics of truly healthy organizations? Here are ten parameters of good corporate culture:

1. Pride of the organization:
Employees defend their company against unjustified critique and they say that they like working for their company;
2. Orientation towards (top) achievements:
‘In our company, everybody tries to do a better job’ and ‘our company is number one and that should stay so’;
3. Teamwork and communication:
Employees listen well and try to understand the ideas/opinions of others and employees and managers really try to help each other;
4. Supervision and leadership:
Managers are really interested in the problems of others and it is customary to ask help when needed;
5. Profit orientation and cost awareness:
All expenditures are evaluated if they are effective or not and all members are strongly thinking about profit;
6. Employee relationships:
Employees are not trying to better themselves from the mistakes of other employees and new employees are accepted quickly;
7. Client and consumer relations:
Everything is oriented towards a better service for the customer;
8. Honesty and safety:
Safety rules are strictly implemented and everybody sees company properties as being sacred;
9. Education and development:
Everybody supports education and training programs and the company really tries to develop its employees
10. Innovation:
Systems and procedures are constantly being pursued and new ideas are always welcome.

Being a Christian, Being Bipolar and a Prophetic Christian

The Manic high beats everything

I asked a friend one day, a friend from my school days who has Bipolar like me, “Compared to all the drugs you have done, where does the “Manic” high stand?”

“It beats everything,” he replied with a knowing smile.

Well the only drug I have done is pot and that made my head go a bit crazy and I only had it a few times and the more I refused it, the more I was offered the drug for free from all sorts of people. So I have to take my friend’s advice on it.

Because the high is so powerful and the visions of grandeur so darn good, anybody would want to really achieve what your mind tells you. For many years, I believed I was one of the two last prophets that are going to visit the earth shortly before Christ returns. These prophets have a whole chapter devoted to them in Revelation chapter 11 and I wanted to know all about my job and spent many years trying to find the “other” prophet. This caused me a lot of heartache. In all the years I believed that I was one of the two prophets, few people ever seemed to agree with me. The idea of being one of the most important people in the history of the world gave me great feelings of importance and boosted my low self image considerably.

The Bipolar “high” is a feeling for me that I am all powerful and that I am right and everyone else is wrong and when I need to go to hospital I am the only one that seems to think I don’t have to go. This causes people who love me much distress.

Your friends and family suffer.

My friends and family have suffered much from my sickness and I am confident this is why I will remain on my medication. I have seen my mother in tears and really worried and this image is always in my mind. The illness can be very deceiving to a person when they suffer and the “Voices” tell you everything is fine when everything is not fine. I have much compassion for the loved ones of people who suffer.

I might add that the feeling I was one of the two prophets mentioned did not go away in the six years between hospital visits, yet my need to tell people that I was, diminished considerably.

Anti Depressants make me high.

I have experienced a strange thing, and I am told it is possible. I have been in the midst of a chronic depression and yet been manic. That seems impossible but it happened to me.

I have been on about six anti-depressants and all of them have after a few weeks made me manic. So in the midst of a medicated depression I went through the roof in a state of mania and was very close to being admitted to hospital. On that occasion I stayed up three days, I had two full nights without sleep before my house-mate reported me to my case worker and the medical guys came around and questioned me.

Let me add here a notice for people who suffer depression or people who know people who suffer. The ONLY medication that didn’t make me high but treated my depression and took the ill feelings away was St Johns Wort. I took it in tablet form and it was very effective for me and whenever I fall into serious depression, for me about once a year, I take St Johns Wort and it takes about three weeks to build up and be effective in my system.

You can lose your creativity on medication.

As a writer I lost my ability to write when I became medicated. I have written two four-hundred page novels and two one-hundred and twenty page film scripts and I went about three years on medication without being able to write and that was very sad for me. I have in the past few years retrieved the gift and I am most happy about it. I have to warn you if you are someone who looks after someone with Bipolar or any other mental illness that the compulsion to give up the medication so you can get back to creativity is very strong. Medication stealing a talent off you is very sad. I imagine for many artists the choice between creativity and staying sane is a hard choice indeed.

Being up for days gives me a buzz and gets me creative.

It’s hard to explain and put into words the feeling I get when I stay up for two days. My creativity seems to increase and in Christian terms I become more “anointed.” It’s exciting to be able to stay up a full day with friends and late into the night and then go home and stay up and do another whole day and night. Around the second night up I am so in the flow of things and to type a message or write something seems really easy, as easy as just finding the keys of the keyboard. All my loved ones seem to worry when they find I have been up for a few days. All of them seem to know if they get a phone call early in the morning that I have been up all night as they know my habit of sleeping in. I look at the story I wrote about the man called Legion in the article called “The Man That Juggled Olives That Changed My Life Forever” and it must be one of the finest pieces of writing I have ever done in my life and it was done after being up all night. Writing for me is something I love and I feel my illness helps me with this. I think if my illness were taken away so might my gift for writing.

With my three breakdowns I lost self confidence.

I have to say that having Bipolar is not an easy thing. One of the things it has done to me is that it has stripped away some of my self confidence. What used to be easy like having a full-time job and doing life like an ordinary person is harder now and the idea of working full time is something that is too hard for me to comprehend at the moment.

Bipolar has a stigma also that takes its toll.

People assume because you have something wrong with your mind that you are stupid also. As a born again Christian who hears from God this puts me in a funny camp. Some people consider because I am Bipolar that I am NOT hearing from God and am deluded. This sort of relegates me to the side or the fringes in my Christian experience. Because I hear “voices” people assume that I NEVER hear the right “voice” and that they should not listen to anything I say that I feel God is saying to me and to them.

Of course when I consult a professional they are not too helpful as they call my voices auditory hallucinations. I am not really sure what they think, in all my years of seeing doctors, but they definitely DON’T think I am hearing from God as they don’t believe in God.

On the other hand I go to a church that does not seem to consider demon possession to be something today and so they can’t help much either. This is upsetting.

Sometimes I wish I knew a Christian expert in mental illness. Some-one that knows the “Voices” I hear are both the Holy Spirit and evil spirits, some one that knows the difference between them being “in me” these spirits or just communicating with me.

Besides being misunderstood and having a stigma, we are left to suffer alone or to have other friends who suffer with us to talk to. This can get you down at times. I find that this loneliness helps me with my relationship with Jesus.

People may say I am too spiritual. People seem to like to have Jesus Christ and their spiritual life in a compartment in their life that only comes out on Sundays.

No one wants to listen in the mental health system.

One thing that upsets me is in the twelve or so years of being in the mental health system is that no one has ever really seemed to listen to me. The doctors listen long enough to work out what is delusional and what they want to know but no one seems to dig out the core issues in a person’s life and refer them on to counsellors that can help with these emotional issues. That upsets me as I feel that I am not the only sufferer.

One great thing that I have to say is that the medication for me really works. When I am not on medication the voices go crazy and they deceive me and have me doing really crazy things. Without medication I would be in jail all the time I reckon.

So sadly, churches seem to fail me and the mental health system fails me in some respects and both seem to be at odds with each other. One time I told one of my doctors if hearing from God was a pre-requisite to being mentally ill, then most of the preachers in the world should be on medication.

The educated world runs on science but what is happening inside is spiritual.

In the scientific world, Noah’s flood did not happen, nor did the ten plagues of Moses, nor did the miracles of Jesus Christ.

Yet I know a man that made two bottles of Coke appear out of thin air, a man who raised a man from the dead with a prayer, a man who blessed some oil which healed a whole district’s cows, and another man who was raised from the dead after being dead for three days. Both of these men live in India and they are doing today the mighty miracles of Jesus Christ.

I know not many of my articles will convince sceptics of things spiritual. I don’t write these things to educate doctors. I just write to share my heart with Christians who suffer Bipolar or Christians who know people that do.

I suffer as sometimes all I can do is sleep.

Mentally ill people suffer. I am staying up tonight simply because I have been stuck in a cycle for three days of sleeping all day which if it continues will put me into depression. Something I don’t want to happen, so I am trying to break the cycle.

You just can’t snap out of clinical depression.

Clinical depression is not something one can just snap out of. I know that Jesus Christ and His peace and joy can counteract it, but you have to access to that kind of blessing. St Johns Wort does not seem fashionable with doctors as they say it is dangerous to take with other prescription medications and yet I have never seen a doctor worry about two or three prescription medications playing up with each other. If your loved one can’t get their depression under control, St Johns Wort will be valuable in many cases. Take it from someone who has suffered major depression.

Hearing evil spirits it not good.

As a person who suffers, I often hear a voice that I assume is the Holy Spirit (God’s voice) but in actual fact it is a demon(a fallen angel) pretending to be the Holy Spirit. This false Jesus, who speaks to me can be very damaging to me and can distort some things for me and lead me to say and do things that are not good. Last week a pastor that runs a good church I have started to go to told me what I can ask my “voice” to confirm if it is the Holy Spirit. A good friend of mine who is Bipolar asks the same question and so now I have adopted it. 1 John 4:1-6 speaks on this matter.

It is this spirit that told me I am one of the two last prophets and got me into all sorts of trouble through the years. It is tempting as a Christian just to switch off and not listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit or this spirit and I did that once for a whole year.

I told my doctor once that I could turn off the voices by an act of self will and he was shocked and wondered why I would not do it. I told him if he was hearing from God would he turn to voice off, and he told me that God doesn’t exist. That was not a very profitable conversation except that I really shocked him, which kind of shocked me as he has about three hundred patients and I was surprised another one of them had not told him the same.

There are many people hearing voices, some make a profession out of it and are called mediums and clairvoyants and make money.

Hearing from God brings blessings.

There are also people who hear the Holy Spirit very clearly and get messages for individuals or groups of people and this gift is called prophecy. In church every few weeks the LORD gives me a message for the people in the church and I am often happy when the songs and message preached that day line-up with the prophecy.

Many times I have messages from God for total strangers and people are very happy to get a message from God and most of the people are very blessed with the message. Something as simple as telling a male and female that God designed them both for each other and they should get married often brings the ladies great delight and gives the men confidence.

I hope the hours I have put into this will benefit you. I hope you have a little more insight into my mental illness now. I also have schizophrenia symptoms, and yet I did not put that in the title.

I would not turn my voices off, the gift of prophecy is something that brings me and others much blessings. For a year I have offered free prophecy to Christians all over the world on the web. It is amazing how blessed some people have been.

I have my ups and downs but some people suffer more than me.

God bless!

Tips For Using Minoxidil and Finasteride For Treating Hair Loss

Minoxidil and finasteride are two excellent options for men and women who want to do something about their hair loss. These are two of the most widely available hair loss medications and have been proven to be effective at preventing further balding and even re-growing hair.

The main difference between minoxidil and finasteride is the application process. Minoxidil is sold as a liquid solution that must be applied directly to the scalp in the area of hair loss. Finasteride is an oral tablet.

Tips on Using Minoxidil – Men:

Minoxidil was the first FDA approved medication for the treatment of hair loss. Minoxidil is a topical solution that is applied directly to the scalp. It can now be purchased without a prescription and in generic formulations in concentrations of 5% (for men) and 2% (for women). The exact mechanism by which minoxidil works is not known, but the drug is felt to increase the duration of the hair follicle growth cycle (called anagen), improving the length and thickness of miniaturized follicles. Minoxidil solution comes in a generic formulation and can be purchased over the counter. The foam is available in brand-name only.

Minoxidil only works where you apply it. Apply it to all areas that are thinning.

:: Minoxidil can work anywhere there is miniaturized hair (where the area is not totally bald)
:: Minoxidil will work in the front part of the scalp and temples if these areas are just starting to thin – so it is important to apply it to the front part of your scalp and hairline if you are thinning in these areas.

Minoxidil must be applied to the scalp to work – it doesn’t work on the hair per se.

:: Minoxidil 5% solution is the most effective if you have some hair, as the solution will be easier to apply to the scalp.
:: If the 5% solution is irritating to your scalp, try the 5% Foam which does not contain propylene glycol, the most common irritant.
:: If the 5% solution is too greasy and you find you are not using it, switch to the foam.

Although the minoxidil works best when used twice a day, using it once a day will also be effective (and better than not using it at all).

:: Many patients find applying the medication once a day at bedtime to be the most convenient way to use it.
:: When using minoxidil once a day, use at least double the recommended dose, so that it will be applied to the entire area of thinning.

Minoxidil can be applied to damp scalp when you first get out of the shower and this can make grooming easier.

For minoxidil to be effective it must be used continually and regularly. Do not stop and start it. You may experience shedding during the first 3-6 months of treatment. This generally is an indication that the medication is working, so unless you are having side effects, do not stop the medication. If you do stop the medication, you will lose all of its benefits (although you will not be any worse off than if you had never used it).

Minoxidil works best when used with finasteride. Of the two medications, finasteride is more effective.

Tips for Women Using Minoxidil – Women:

Minoxidil solution is available in a brand name and a generic formulation and can be purchased over the counter. The foam is still available in brand only.

Minoxidil is generally prescribed as a 2% solution for women to be used twice a day. If twice a day is inconvenient, then use the 5% men’s formulation just once a day.

Minoxidil can cause increased facial hair. Although the 5% is more likely than the 2% to cause this, when the 5% is used one a day, the side effects seem to be about the same.

Minoxidil only works where you apply it. Apply it to all areas that are thinning.

:: Minoxidil can work anywhere there is miniaturized hair (where the area is not totally bald).
:: Minoxidil will work in the front part of the scalp and temples if these areas are just starting to thin.

Minoxidil must be applied to the scalp to work – it doesn’t work on the hair per se.

:: Minoxidil solution is the most effective if you have some hair, as the solution will be easier to apply to the scalp.
:: If the solution is irritating to your scalp, try the Foam which does not contain propylene glycol, the most common irritant.
:: If the solution is too greasy and you find you are not using it, switch to the foam.

Tips on Using Finasteride:

Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is caused by the effects of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on genetically susceptible hair follicles that are present mainly in the front, top, and crown of the scalp (rather than the back and sides).

Finasteride causes a significant drop in both scalp and blood levels of DHT and its effect is felt to be related to both of these factors. Finasteride 1-mg/day decreases serum DHT levels by almost 70%. Finasteride is a prescription oral medication that is now generic (in the 5mg dose). This formulation is just as effective as the brand name version and is about 1/3 the cost.

The general starting dose of finasteride for hair loss is 1mg a day. For this dose, you can either take one 1mg brand name tablet or ¼ of a 5mg tablet of generic finasteride each day. Your doctor may increase the dose over time, based on your response to the medication.

If you chose to use the generic medication, a pill-cutter can be purchased from any pharmacy for a few dollars. Please cut only two pills at a time.

Finasteride does not have to be cut into equal parts to be effective. Just cut it into the recommended of pieces and take one piece each day.

Finasteride can also be taken any time of the day without regard to food or other medications.

You may experience shedding during the first 3-6 months of treatment. This generally is an indication that the medication is working. Do not stop the medication if you see shedding.

It takes up to a full year to see the effects of finasteride, so be patient.

Common Misconceptions about Finasteride –

Myth: Women can’t touch the medication.
Fact: Pregnant women should not handle crushed or broken tablets.
Myth: It only works in the crown.
Fact: It potentially works any where on the scalp where there is some hair, even in the front of the scalp.
Myth: Once you start it you must take it for ever.
Fact: You can stop the medication any time you want – you just lose its benefits when one stops.
Myth: Finasteride lowers testosterone
Fact: The medication, on average, causes a rise in serum testosterone levels by 9%.
Myth: The sexual side effects are frequent and irreversible.
Fact: The sexual side effects occur in 2% and are reversible when the medication is stopped.
Myth: Finasteride causes birth defects if a man takes it when his wife is pregnant.
Fact: Exposure of pregnant women to semen from men treated with finasteride poses no risk to the fetus.
Myth: Brand name finasteride was originally a prostate medication that was found to prevent hair loss.
Fact: Any kind of finasteride is not a prostate medication that was by chance noted to have a side effect of hair growth, it is a medication that was known since its discovery that it could grow hair.

Of course, in some advanced cases of hair loss and balding, medication is not an effective treatment option. Individuals in these cases are often candidates for receiving a hair transplant or other forms of hair restoration surgery.

Home Remedies – A Basic Introduction

What are home remedies? Home remedies are nothing but something that can cure you simply with the things and natural food items available in our kitchen closet. Home remedies are a kind of first aid therapy to the body. Something that we all can try at home and get good results. We can just forget the doctor for a while and believe in the words of our old grannies who have transferred us the simple knowledge of making safe treatment for some simple ailments sitting within the premises of our home at anytime of the day and don’t need to bother the doctor for simple problems like cold, cough, gastric pain.

Home remedies for Stomach disorder

– For gastric pain –Boil Jeera powder-1/2 spoon, Ajwain -1/2, Sauf -1/2 spoon, Mint leaves-6-7 leaves in one glass water and when ½ glass remains. Drink that sip by sip and the pain is gone.

– Just take hing-1/4 spoon with luke warm water and pain is gone.

– For acidity drink coconut water.

– For constipation -boil 2 dates in milk at night and drink that milk. It is a mild laxative.

– Take figs at night. it is also a good laxative and easy home remedy

– For loose motions drink Souf water every 2 hours.

– Again for smelly loose tummy drink 1 spoon termuric in cold water and the stomach upset is set right.

– Drinking Butter milk with jeera powder in that is wonderful for loose motions.

– For blood in stools— squeeze one lemon in cold milk and drink that instantly. It immediately stops blood in stool.

– Massaging castor oil on the tummy at night also helps to evacuate easily in the morning.

Stomach discomfort in infants

– When the little one is crying all the time and squeezing on tummy. So it is for sure that the baby has gastric pain. Best remedy is to apply Hing mixed in water on the tummy.

– A pinch of hing in 1 spoon mother milk should be given to the 1 or 2 month old baby to release gas from the body. This is a wonderful home remedy.

– Legs of the little one should be pressed on to the tummy to help him release gas.

– If the baby is constipated for 3-4 days and is in discomfort. Add sugar in water and boil that water and make him drink 1 or 2 spoon. This will act as laxative for the baby.

– When the baby is teething and passing stools. The best home remedy is giving him souf water.

– Other home remedy for loose watery stools is to give boiled rice water with little of Dhania powder in that.

– Squeeze a lemon in milk and boil and make fresh cheese. The water of that should be given to the child and this helps in controlling loose motions.

– For vomiting squeeze onion juice and give few drops. this immediately controls vomiting in little babies.

Common Cold Weather Snow Blower Problems

Snow blowers are made to run in the cold weather but when it gets REALLY cold outside, funny (or not so funny things) can develop. Same goes for a snow blower that is stored outside or in an enclosure where the temperature is at or near the same temperature as outside. If you have a heated garage, or a way to heat your garage or shed or wherever you store your snow blower, then you are way ahead of the game.

I don’t know how winter is in other parts of the country but, here in the Northeast, when there is a snow storm the temperature is generally in the twenties or low thirties. But sometimes it snows when the temperature is in the single digits or close to zero and that is when some new and not so nifty things start happening to snow blowers stored in the cold. Handles won’t depress. Impellers won’t engage. Engines that were running fine won’t start. Belts start to smoke and squeal when engaged. Cables break and starters won’t engage.

A lot of that has to do with putting away a recently used “hot” snow blower without cleaning off the snow. The snow now melts and freezes in the strangest places. Let’s address most of these problems assuming we have a two stage wheel propelled snow blower. But first, a brief explanation of the types of snow blowers out there.

A two stage snow blower has the large steel auger up front that turns at a fairly slow rate of speed and scoops in the snow. The second stage is the smaller, faster turning fan below the chute that actually throws the snow. A single stage snow blower has a fast turning impeller / auger that turns at a fast rate of speed and both scoops and throws the snow. The wheel propelled single stage snow blower is becoming rare as the rubber-paddled units have taken their place. They are lighter and less expensive to make and they throw the snow just as far or farther.

1) Let’s take the smoking belt or impeller won’t engage scenarios (usually related) first. You grab the auger engagement handle and no snow comes out of the chute but the belt starts squealing or smoking. Let go of that handle RIGHT NOW and shut down your snow blower. Tip it back on it’s handle bars if possible. If the gas tank is full, put some plastic from a grocery bag under the filler cap to keep the gas from pissing out of the cap vent. Reach in back to the second stage impeller. That’s the 3 or 4 bladed fan that throws the snow out of the chute on a 2 stage snow blower. See if you can turn it by hand. If not, it is probably frozen to the bottom of the drum it is housed in. There is usually a drain hole at the bottom of the drum to prevent this but it is not always sufficient. Occasionally the impeller blade coasts to a stop with one of the blades straight down. This makes it easier to freeze.

2) How to repair: Drag or drive your snow blower into an area where you can turn on some heat to thaw out the snow blower. If you don’t have this luxury, use a hair dryer. I’ve also seen people make a tent with a tarp over the snow blower and using a space heater to thaw out the unit. Be careful how close you set up the heater and the direction you point it. A space heater can melt or start a plastic tarp on fire. You could just direct the space heater into the auger area and hope for the best. It doesn’t usually take too much to melt the ice. Using a propane torch is the least desirable and most unsafe option, as an open flame is dangerous near any outdoor power equipment. Just a little bit of gas spilled nearby can be a potential disaster waiting to happen. You’ve read about it in the newspaper so don’t even go there or you’ll end up in the newspaper too. I can’t tell you how many times, back in the business, when we just dragged a bunch of frozen snow blowers into our warm shop prior to entering the “triage unit” and that was all that was needed to cure the problem.

3) How to prevent: Clean the snow off the snow blower and inside the impeller /auger housing when done snow blowing. Then make sure that none of the impeller blades is pointing straight down where the melted snow can puddle and freeze.

4) Auger or wheel drive handle won’t engage: This generally occurs on models with cables rather than linkage. The cable gets moisture inside and freezes. If you don’t have cables, follow the linkage to a pivot point that is frozen. This may require removing an access cover. Thaw out cables or linkage using same method as frozen impeller; safely applied heat.

5) How to prevent: Remove both ends of the cable and apply low temperature or white lithium grease. Work the cable back and forth to coat the entire inner length. WD40 or any rust penetrant may do the trick but the grease is more permanent. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a grease gun or use grease out of the tube or tub on your snow blower, make sure it is LOW TEMPERATURE GREASE. It will say so on the container. If unsure, ask the sales person – if you can find a knowledgeable one these days. The grease is usually blue in color. Don’t use regular ball bearing or general use grease on your snow blower. It will gum up when it is cold out and make parts stick or harder to use. On units that have linkage instead of cables, thaw out and spray or apply low temp lubricants on all pivoting parts.

6) Manual or electric starter won’t engage: This is why it is a good investment to buy the optional electric starter for your snow blower. If one starter doesn’t work the other one might. Again, safe heat applied in the proper location may solve the problem temporarily but it will probably happen again when the weather temperature drops. If your manual starter won’t engage or the rope stays out, it should be removed. There is generally a metal “dog” that freezes. It should be fairly obvious when the starter is removed where the “dog” or metal tab that engages into the starter cup is located. You shouldn’t have to remove the pulley but you should remove the center screw so the lube gets down into the pivot area. In this case, any sort of grease is usually NOT recommended. Use WD40 or similar liquid lubricant. Grease just gets gummy in cold weather, especially on a smaller gadget such as the starter dog.

If your electric starter sounds like it is spinning but it is not turning the engine over, then chances are the starter gear is frozen to it’s shaft. Thaw with safe heat. To help prevent freezing, a light lubricant on the gear shaft is recommended. On some machines you may be able to use a spray lube with the plastic nozzle extension on the shaft without removing the starter – but removal of the starter may be required. That way you can slide the gear all the way out and spray the shaft with low temp lube underneath where the gear slides or parks when not in use.

7) No start: A snow blower that ran fine the last snow storm but now won’t start, especially if it is very cold out, might just have a small amount of moisture in the tank, fuel line or carb that is frozen. Thawing out safely and adding gas line anti-freeze should do the trick but, if there is too much water in the fuel, you may have to remove the fuel line and drain the tank. But that doesn’t remove water in the carb. Some older snow blowers have a spring loaded drain on the bottom for that purpose. If not, you can crack the high speed adjustment screw or jet (as the case may be) open a few turns to drain the float bowl. This a messy job as the fuel usually goes in all directions or down your arm so have a coffee can and some rags ready.

Removing the carburetor or bowl itself is best left to a trained technician. But if you feel confident enough to try it yourself, be warned that if removing the float bowl (assuming it has a float type carburetor) is done in the horizontal position, the float and /or float needle can fall out. It is best to prop the unit up safely on it’s nose with an empty or near empty fuel tank. With clean rags and coffee can at the ready, the bowl can then be carefully removed and cleaned out. Carefully remove the float and check by shake it to determine if it has water or ice inside. If it does, replace with a new one and consider a carburetor rebuild kit while you are at the parts store.

Note: Some snow blowers have a diaphragm carburetor, and regardless of design, should have a carburetor kit installed if you are disassembling. Older Briggs engines with diaphragms have the carburetor bolted to the top of the gas tank and have to be removed as a unit.

As you can see, some preventative maintenance can go a long way towards avoiding cold weather freeze ups. If you are mechanically inclined but, can’t afford a mechanic, purchase a repair manual to help you with your project. It’s a good investment towards doing the job right the first time and it will feel good to do the job yourself.

Living My Authentic Life Through the Mind Resonance Process


Living an authentic life starts with heart centered consciousness. Heart Centered Consciousness is the door that leads to the Divine Holographic Energy Field. Without Heart Centered Consciousness one cannot access the portal to the vital energy needed for survival, peace and happiness. Complete awareness of the heart is the first step to embracing one’s authentic self. A monumental shift occurred in my life when I embraced my authentic self while applying a personal development tool known as the Mind Resonance Process®. The Mind Resonance Process® (MRP) was designed by Nick Arrizza M.D., a former medical doctor and psychiatrist. It is a powerful tool that helps build self esteem, self confidence, self worth, inner peace, and a focused and positive mind. It also promotes a sense of wellness, a passion for life, an awareness of one’s true sense of purpose – a personal sense of empowerment, joy and contentment for life, leadership capabilities, creative abilities, enhanced motivation and enthusiasm, emotional awareness and inner knowing – thus providing a connection to the Divine and an ability to remember and effortlessly express one’s true authentic self.

Being Fully Aware

Being fully aware comes from living a life emerged within the authentic self. The term “Authentic Self” is defined as embracing the essence of who a person truly is. In other words, accepting one’s self without judgment, without blame, without fault and being able to embrace one’s talents, beauty, and the authenticity of one’s inner and outer being. Through implementing the Mind Resonance Process®, I was able to regain my authentic self. I realized that my authentic self is a state of being, a state of knowing and a state of ultimate consciousness that is both powerful and gentle at the same time. When I’m living my authentic life I am feeling calm, centered, empowered, light, grounded, all-knowing, objective, peaceful and worry-free.

So how can living one’s Authentic Self accomplish all these wonderful attributes?

Realigning with the Authentic Self created awareness in my unconscious mind. It brought about a working connection between my conscious and unconscious mental states. Once I become aware of the natural rhythm of my heart on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – I knew that I was in harmonic resonance with the Divine Holographic Energy Field. I knew this because I felt good, and I felt comfortable and I felt peaceful. These feelings were much more than emotions I normally felt, they were feelings of stirring consciousness and a connection with the Divine as well as a sense of profound peace and well being.

The difference between core emotions and conditioned emotions is that conditioned emotions are brought on by emotional trauma and core emotions are innate to our Devine Self. Examples of conditioned emotions are: fear, envy, jealousy, resentment, skepticism, victimization, sadness, anger, guilt, disappointment, lack, worry and self-doubt. These emotions arise as protection devices based on false beliefs. On the other hand, core emotions are: love, joy, peace, happiness, contentment, relief, freedom, courage, abundance, fulfillment, self-worth, self-esteem and passion. Humans are born with these emotions. Dr. Arrizza says they are expressed as “a result of the Divine Self reclaiming its rightful place in our physical body”.

One specific way to tell the difference between a core emotion and a conditioned emotion is that core emotions make us feel light, peaceful, energetic, free, love, expansiveness and more enlightened, while conditioned emotions drain us, sap our energy, make us feel heavy, unprotected and lower our self-esteem and our self-worth. When I reclaimed my authentic self, I had feelings of joy, contentment, clarity, peace, empowerment, increased energy and most importantly the feeling of being alive!

So how does one go about reclaiming one’s Life Force Energy through their Authentic Self?

According to Dr. Arrizza, in order to reclaim one’s life force energy one must recognize what is progressively draining it in the first place. Vital force energy gets drained by negative or stressful memories that have accumulated and been stored in the mind and body at a conscious and unconscious level. Arrizza states that “memories that you assume and accept must remain there for the rest of your so-called life because of the belief that ‘the past cannot be changed'”.

Before MRP when I remembered any one of the many negative memories in my life, I automatically felt drained and depleted which affected my life force energy. What the Mind Resonance Process® provided was a means for regaining my powerful authentic self that I have rights to as a Divine Human Being.

What does MRP involve?

MRP involves a simple question and answer process that helps you become more consciously aware of and permanently erase deeply buried false beliefs that anchor other limiting negative thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions and behaviors into one’s unconscious mind, body and energy field. According to its founder, Dr. Arrizza:

“Life Force Energy is essentially the energy that gives your mind and body life, the capacity to function, their optimal structural integrity and their form. It is also what is responsible for and imbued with many of the positive qualities many search for during their lives and often feel deficient in, i.e. self esteem, self confidence, self worth, inner peace, inner strength, resilience, energy, courage, a feeling of wellness, a focused and positive mind, the ability to discern, inner truth and knowing, a sense of purpose, passion for life, clarity, creative abilities, charisma, attractiveness, and so on. As one goes through their life they experience negative events that then become stored in the mind/body or energy field as memories of those events”.

These memories act as what Arrizza calls “Life Energy Parasites” that serve to deplete one’s Life Force Energy from their energy field. This leaves one feeling deficient of all of the necessary positive qualities their Life Force Energy affords them.

One issue I’ve been struggling with is the absence of financial abundance in my life. It was my experience that these “energy parasites” would not only encourage my feeling of lack of abundance, but would also haunt me in my dreams in the form of nightmares where I would wake up feeling depleted and scared. The feeling that I didn’t deserve abundance has been a common theme throughout my childhood and adult life. So what can one do about negative memories if one can’t change the past?

According to Dr. Arrizza, the past can in fact “be changed” or rather completely erased! This implies completely releasing these life force energy parasites which are essentially holographic viruses that reside within your life force field and deplete (i.e. feed) off of you!

I held the false belief that “I don’t deserve financial abundance in my life”. Whereas a true belief should make me feel the core emotions of love and affection, happiness and peace, secure and safe, and give me strong self-esteem and high self worth; instead, this false belief acted as the catalyst for the very experience I wish to avoid – a lack of financial abundance. The false belief of “I don’t deserve financial abundance in my life” is actually life depleting. It created conditioned emotions. In truth, this false belief made me feel small and defenseless, angry and tearful, disempowered and weak, crippling and shallow.

In order to avoid falling back into the same conditioned response when life poses financial challenges, I use an MRP algorithm to release this false belief from my bio-field. Tapping into my Devine Self, I make the following two statements:

1) It is my desire to purge the belief that “I do not deserve financial abundance” from my bio-field now and forever. This is so powerful that just thinking it makes my heart sing. Saying it aloud is even more powerful as it sends an edict into the universe. I also affirm that

2) It is my desire to purge all feelings of lack from my bio-field and from my body at every level – now and forever. Saying this statement aloud shifts my consciousness across all the dimensions of my being – throughout my body, my mind and my spirit.

These statements, by their very authority, evoke a command to the universe that I no longer wish to follow false beliefs, but instead wish to live a life of truth, honoring my authentic, Divine Self.

Is MRP a Spiritual Movement?

Prior to participating in the Mind Resonance Process®, Spiritual Enlightenment meant understanding the “mind of God”. For example – how God made the universe, how universal life force works in all of creation, how all of creation relates to itself. This was all very cerebral, locking me into an intellectual debate that kept me thinking about enlightenment instead of feeling what enlightenment really is. A monumental shift has occurred since applying the Mind Resonance Process® in that I went from intellectualizing how God’s creation works to feeling God’s creation at work. This was a huge shift for me. Feeling God-like is so peaceful, serene, comforting, loving (I love all people and all things). Living my authentic self feels so creative. I’m much more open-minded, expansive, objective, calm, worry-free, still, powerful, gentle, caring, compassionate, all-knowing, and grounded. Since spirituality is a personal experience, I would have to say that MRP is indeed a spiritual movement – on a personal level. There is no judgment in the process, no blaming, no accusations, only a remembering of what and who one really is. MRP is a form of enlightenment.


By participating in the Mind Resonance Process® l experienced changes in how I now know and experience myself in every aspect of my life. There were major changes in how I perceived the “uncontrollable” variables in my life. I am currently experiencing the affects of a deep economic recession and yet was able to find a good job, one I really like that provided benefits I had been paying for out of pocket for years. MRP gave me greater clarity and discernment through objectivity and greater feelings of awareness that emerged from my heart. I have also experienced greater peace, calmness, confidence, self esteem, self worth, resilience to stress in my life, as well as greater feelings of presence and aliveness. I also feel a greater sense of well being, greater passion for life, more energy, and an awakening of my true life’s purpose. I now have the ability to know my truth and live it courageously in the face of any criticism or judgment. This is because I’ve accepted myself without criticism or judgment, seeing my authentic self in the presence of the Divine Holographic Energy Field. Thank you Dr. Arrizza for this life changing experience.