Diseases Commonly Found In a Childrens Hospital

A childrens hospital accommodates kids from 0 of age to 19 years old afflicted with different kinds of diseases. Among those that isregularly received as out-patient are ill-stricken with respiratory syncytial virus (VRS). It is a condition somewhat similar to the seasonal flu. However, it develops more severe versions of the symptoms – cold, fever and cough. Only 2% of those diagnosed actually pursue hospitalization since it can managed at home. It is typical among kids aged 2 years old and it may develop into pneumonia and bronchiolitis for children below 1 year old. Now, since it is a viral infection, it is self-limiting and lasts only for about two weeks – which is an advantage. But there are no known immunities to RSV and the child may contract it again and again.

Scarlet fever is another commonly found illness among children in hospitals. It is a condition developed from group A Streptococcus infection. It usually manifests along with strep throat, fever rashes, and strawberry tongue. Prior to the invention of antibiotics, scarlet fever was known to be a deadly childhood disease. But now, they can be taken cared of with prescribed doses of medication in the hospital setting. In addition to the list, there is also gastroenteritis, brought about by the ingestion of bacteria or virus that causes irritation of the bowel. It can also be brought about by food poisoning and is characterized by diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting and fever. Although this may resolve in a few days, there are times when the dehydration is so severe that hospitalization is required to get the right amount of fluid replacements to the child on time.

Pertussis or whooping cough was also among the most conventional grounds of hospitalization among children, with a recorded 27,550 cases in 2010. It is basically an effect of bacterial infection and can be contagious. It is also contracted by adults but children have it worse due to the fact that they cannot manage the disruption in respiratory function. Those under 12 months old need to be admitted to a childrens hospital and those that are yet to be infected must get vaccination. It is important to note that the immunity effects wear out after 10 years, so parents must get their kids and themselves booster shots to avoid cross-contamination.

Now, these are just a few of the non-serious medical conditions one would see in a childrens hospital. Other normal causes for prolonged confinement are cancer and autoimmune diseases. There are several subcategories under each of these illnesses. For cancer, there is leukemia, neuroblastoma, Wilmstumor and rhabdomyosarcoma, to name a few. And for autoimmune, one can expect celiac disease and lupus. Leukemia accounts for 34% of all the cancer cases among children. This affects the blood and bone marrow, with joint pain, fever, weight loss, weakness and bleeding as its usual symptoms. Celiac disease, meanwhile, is a genetic abnormality found commonly among kids three to five months old. And it is described as an inability to process protein, resulting in weight loss, diarrhea, and the lack of appetite. It cannot be cured so a monitored gluten-free diet is required. Although this can be manageable with age, those kids that still solely depend on milk must be observed carefully for the aggravation of the condition.

Sample Wellness Coach Resume

The wellness coach is the person helping the candidate for attaining mental and physical well being. They are also known as fitness coach. They design the fitness program depending on the physical capability of the candidate and train them in the physical exercises for maintaining good health. You will need a wellness coach resume when you wish to work as a fitness coach. These coaches are required in fitness centers, schools, colleges, gymnasiums, etc. They also work as a private fitness coach and provide the physical exercises and design the diet programs for gaining good health. Here we discuss about the job profile of the fitness coach and provide the wellness coach resume example. This sample will help you to get clear idea of the details to be included in this type of resume.

These coaches motivate the candidate for attaining mental and physical well being. They must understand the physical capabilities of the candidate and provide the exercises accordingly. They must have accurate knowledge of nutrition planning and they must design the proper diet plan for the candidate. They perform the duties of the fitness coach. When working as the fitness coach, you need to understand the potential of the candidate and teach them the physical exercises. They also understand the psychological needs of the customers and help them in boosting their self confidence. Here we provide the sample wellness coach resume to help you in designing the resume if you are applying for the similar position. After going through this wellness coach resume sample you will know the tips for writing the coach resume and significant points to be included in it.

Sample Resume

Carmen Thompson

543, Radio Junction, Down Street, New York, USA

Mobile – 09287567099

E-mail ID


Well trained and experienced fitness coach looking for the position of a wellness coach in an esteemed organization to train the candidates and help them become mentally and physically strong.

Career Summary

• Over 6 years of experience working as a fitness trainer and nutrition specialist

• Gained extensive knowledge in diet planning for weight loss and weight gain regimens

• Possess the ‘A’ grade certification in nutrition planning and wellness

• Have psychology background focused on the study of human behavior

Key Strengths

• Excellent verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills for effective interaction with clients

• Effective time management skills and organizational skills

• Knowledge of computer skills for maintaining the health records and diet records of the clients

• Certification in nutrition planning

• Ability to work within rigorous deadlines with good quality work

• Good team player and possess leadership qualities

• Ability to understand the potential of the candidate and provide the exercises accordingly

• Makes effective use of the available resources

Educational Credentials

• Diploma in Nutrition Planning, 2005

University of Houston, USA

• Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, 2002

Houston University, USA

Work Experiences

Active Health Club, New York

Designation – Wellness Coach

Duration – June 2005 till date


• Determined the physical standard of each candidate and provided the exercise accordingly

• Designed appropriate diet programs for people with different needs

• Educated people regarding preventive care measures and mental and physical well being

• Conducted the seminars to state the importance of good physical and mental health

• Monitored the fitness regimen of the clients and guided them for practicing proper exercises

• Kept record of payments of every candidate and presented it to the authorities whenever demanded

• Interacted with the clients, understood their problems and provided necessary solution

• Set goals for the customers and encouraged them to accomplish these goals

Personal Profile

Name – Carmen Thompson

Date of Birth – 4th June 1979

Gender – Female

Nationality – American

Marital Status – Married


Mr. Joe Meyers

Chief Administrator,

Active Health Club, New York

Mobile – 09578658898

E-mail ID

You can also include some more references in your resume. Also you can prepare a separate sheet mentioning the references and present it to the employer at the time of the interview when demanded. The resume of the wellness coach must include all other relevant details that are required for working as a fitness coach. Do not unnecessarily increase the length of resume by including irrelevant details, but include all things that you feel may help you in your job. You may not know what things are expected by the employer and you may miss the opportunity if your miss any of your job specific details.

How Narcissists Use the Silent Treatment to Punish Their Victims

Narcissistic partners are fond of using the silent treatment and other passive aggressive punishments on anyone who dares to call them out on suspicious or questionable behaviors. Particularly demoralizing, invoking the silent treatment is a narcissist’s way of teaching the victim a lesson and asserting control in the relationship. I speak from experience when I say that subjecting someone to a silent treatment is one of – if not the most – hurtful things a narcissist will do to fulfill his relationship agenda. What the silence “says” to the victim is that he or she is not even worth acknowledging… that the victim’s very existence isn’t worth the narcissist’s time of day.

My ex-narcissist boyfriend of twelve-years subjected me to a narcissistic silent treatment about every three to six months in the beginning. Twelve years later, the silence was coming to me on a rotation of two weeks on and two weeks off. Of course, the relationship had become so ridiculous by that point that I would almost welcome the silence as hurtful as it was. Even now, I hate to think about the girl who was suffering at the other end of that rotation because I’m sure she existed.

No matter how long or how often you are subjected to a silent treatment, the feeling you are left with is indescribable. To ramp up the pain, the narcissist, sociopath, or psychopath typically will not even fully elaborate on why he or she is ignoring you. This causes feelings of desperation and often compels the recipient to apologize simply to apologize, hoping to end the nightmare. Of course, everything the victim feels when shunned and ignored is exactly what the narcissist intends that person to feel. Remember, everything a narcissist does or says is a means to an end. Behind every narcissistic action, there is always an evil motive. With the silent treatment, the motive is all about control.

Meanwhile, as the victim suffers, the narcissist goes on about his/her business until, at some point, the punishment becomes “enough”. When this happens, the narcissist usually returns unexpectedly offering barely, if any, explanation as to why he was gone or not answering the door, phone, emails, or texts. Having felt so broken and dejected during the silence, a victim is often so relieved that it’s over that she demands no answers anyway. This particular response, by the way, is an intended result of this type of passive-aggressive punishment and one of the powerful ways that a person with this personality disorder manages down the expectations of others so that they expect less of him and he gets away with more.

You must understand that there is never a good reason for absolute silence. Communication is key to any relationship and it is not be controlled by just one person. The narcissistic partner will stop at nothing to hurt you and will cross all boundaries – personal and otherwise – to break your spirit and, literally, destroy you. The silent treatment is just one weapon in the narcissistic partner’s never-ending arsenal of pain producers and you are the only one who can stop it. Trust me, the narcissist never will.

When Should You Use 3rd Party Medical Insurance Claims Requests In Your Practice?

When one thinks of healthcare in the US today, there are three key components to consider. They are the patient, the provider, and the one who pays the bill. It is no secret that the health insurance industry, both government and private insurance carriers, pays for most of the health care for US citizens. About 70% of all the payments to hospitals, doctors, labs, diagnostic centers, rehab facilities, and other certified providers are made by insurance payers. The patients pay the other 30% or so out of their own pockets. What happens when your medical insurance claims are not paid timely?

Medicare and Medicaid are taxpayer-funded and are highly regulated, as are the private payers. However, almost all private health care insurance companies are "for profit." This means that they must take in more than they pay out in insurance claims to providers, and the amount of positive cash flow must be sufficient to pay all overhead costs, employee salaries, variable expenses, and stockholders, plus a required amount of cash in reserve as required by various federal and state laws. Even Medicare and Medicaid are required to simulate that model, or at least not lose money, which means all payers (both government and private) have strict rules regarding reimbursements, or payouts for legitimate claims. To patients and providers, these regulations may often appear arbitrary and unfair, which is why there are state and federal agencies to monitor and police the insurance industry.

But who acts on behalf of the medical providers? The legislation of the past five years, including the HITECH Act and the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) has added to the financial burden. The providers, as the recipients of the payment for health services, are feeling the crunch of lower reimbursements from payers, and higher accounts receivable from patient balances.

Downward pressure on Medicare payments is not a new cash flow issue for medical practices. Reimbursement complexities such as this have already led much of the medical community to enlist the aid of third parties to efficiently manage cash flow and accounts receivable in this changing healthcare financing environment.

Although there are state and federal regulations for insurance payers regarding time limits on reimbursements of non-disputed claims, the payers are still often asserted, officially and unofficially, of unfortunately slow payments to providers, or simply not paying at all until the amount is due by the provider who is owed the money. Watchdog agencies, mostly made up of attorneys and consumer advocates, often investigate and expose the most blatant payer indiscretions, but deferred payment delay tactics are often extremely hard to prove. For providers, the best defense is a good oath and that is why third parties have been so helpful to providers. Overall there is a huge benefit for providers who engage help from outside receivables professionals.

Is 3rd Party Medical Insurance Claims Processing Right For My Practice?

In a recent unofficial poll of a dozen or so third parties, specifically accounts receivable management professionals for multiple medical providers, one recurring theme was disclosed concerning how payers responded to inquiries on unpaid claims. In each case the third-party, legally acting on behalf of small medical offices, had better success in obtaining information regarding "non-disputed" unpaid claims than the typical medical office. The reasons third parties appear to fare better with payers can be debated, but one reason is certain. Dedicated professionals who are skilled in cutting through red tape; have time to contact multiple payers at once; and who can prioritize their inquiries to fit the small window of time the payers allot to inquiries, are bound to achieve better results in getting claims paid as quickly as possible.

All payers, government and commercial, will often use legal tactics and technicalities to slow the process of paying even legitimate claims to providers. Such legal tactics often hinder the busy medical practice, which multi-tasking employees have scarce time to make frequent calls to payers and wait on hold, sometimes 30 to 40 minutes for complaints. Third parties, who are not associated with the many tasks of a busy medical practice, can focus on consistent follow-up on these payer claims and often save time for all parties, while making cash flow improvements for the provider.

How Can You Find Out More About 3rd Party Medical Insurance Claims Processing?

Cure Acne Vulgaris Fast And Permanently – The Solution Revealed

Acne Vulgaris is the general name given to common types of acne such as pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. You, like millions of other sufferers, might think that it is incurable. If so, then you’re wrong. There is a treatment available that can get rid of acne vulgaris quickly and permanently.

Overactive sebaceous glands are the immediate cause of acne vulgaris. They produce excess oil that combines with dead skin cells to block pores in your skin. This creates an ideal environment for bacteria, inflaming the surrounding tissue and producing all the classic acne symptoms.

Most sufferers react to an outbreak of acne vulgaris by rushing off to see a dermatologist or buying expensive creams from their local pharmacy. Sadly, these solutions rarely work. They may succeed in reducing the severity of outbreaks, but any improvement is usually only temporary. Indeed, many acne medications have harmful side effects that outweigh their benefits.

If you want to cure yourself of acne vulgaris then you must use a treatment that neutralises your acne triggers. Most sufferers make the mistake of using ‘cures’ that target the symptoms but ignore the underlying causes of their condition. For example, you could buy a chemical to remove excess oil from your skin, but a better approach would be to stop your sebaceous glands producing so much oil in the first place.

The underlying causes of your acne vulgaris are internal and may include:

  • An imbalance of hormones such as happens to adolescents or women during pregnancy.
  • Toxins in the body that build up to high levels.
  • Poor internal and external hygiene.
  • Stress due to, for example, a lack of sleep.
  • Lifestyle issues such as a poor diet.

These acne triggers also interact with each other in ways that aggravate your skin condition. A person’s genetic makeup determines the nature of these interactions, and so their impacts vary from person to person.

Obviously, a person’s ‘internal acne environment’ is a complicated place. You’ll find that conventional acne treatments nearly all target only one underlying cause and so either don’t work or produce a partial improvement that is often temporary. If you want a smooth, well-toned skin then you need a treatment that:

  1. Will neutralise all the internal factors contributing to your skin acne.
  2. Will establish and maintain a natural internal balance to ensure that your skin condition is cured permanently.
  3. Is easily customised for your body’s unique requirements.
  4. Is simple, realistic, and easy to incorporate in your current lifestyle.
  5. Cures your skin acne permanently and quickly, within weeks or just a few months.
  6. Provides ongoing counseling and support from competent health professionals.

Such a treatment can free you forever from acne vulgaris and save you all the emotional anxiety that is part and parcel of being an acne sufferer. It will also save you large sums of money that would otherwise be spent on medications that either don’t work or work short term.

If you’ve been searching unsuccessfully for an effective treatment for acne vulgaris then you should consider trying the holistic approach. It is a safe, natural alternative that attacks the underlying causes of acne without resorting to drugs or special creams. It works on all parts of the body and is effective against all types of acne.

Worst Curse on Humanity is Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is the worst curse that humanity is suffering from. It has affected the whole human race and taken away millions of lives. Opiate addiction has spread like a plague and engulfed mostly the teenagers all over the world. It must be uprooted from our society; otherwise our future generations have to face unforeseen consequences. Drug addiction is a disease that has taken control over millions of human beings all over the world. The most common form of drug practiced nowadays by the people is the painkiller addiction. The teenagers are worst hit by this form of addiction. Since, painkillers are legal and used for its medicinal properties; they are found in any medical stores and are easily available.

In order to cure people from opiate addiction, many drug rehabilitation centers have grown up which provide great treatment facilities to the patients. Opiate addiction comes for various reasons, sometimes it comes from depression, loneliness and sometimes it comes from mere curiosity. Teenagers often try to show their smartness in front of their friends and take these drugs, which later turns to be addiction. Due to the easy availability of opiates like the painkillers, the teens get them very easily. They are not well informed about the effects of painkiller addiction, so they do not see any risk in consuming them. But, when the effects show up, it becomes too late for them to get back.

These intentional uses of painkillers are nothing but few steps towards their premature death. The side effects are so strong, that it is almost impossible to get rid of the addiction. The only way to get out of opiate addiction is proper treatment in an opiate rehab. The latest method of treatment used to cure the patients is the buprenorphine treatment. The use of this medicine has proved to be very effective in the treatment of opiate addicts. But, only medicinal treatment is not enough for complete rehabilitation of a person. The drug addicted patients need a lot of attention and care during the treatment process. The treatment process also needs a comfortable atmosphere which must be calm and soothing for the drug addicted patient. The main treatment of a drug addicted patient is the psychological treatment. The patient must be forced to realize that he can live without these drugs.

The first process that is conducted in the treatment process is the rapid detox process. During this process, all the toxic drug materials are eliminated from the addict’s body. The opiate withdrawal effects that show up are very painful, most patients are unable to tolerate. It has been observed that many patients run away from the rehabs and get back to their usual life of addiction to get relieved from the pain. This is because most drug rehabilitation centers cannot provide the required care and comfort that helps the drug addicted patient to overcome the withdrawal effects of painkiller addiction.

Getting treatment from a well renowned rehabilitation center is the only way of treatment and complete rehabilitation.

Chronic Renal Failure – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Chronic Renal Failure is a disease affecting the kidneys, in which there is a gradual decline in kidney function and urine output over time. Mild kidney disease can lead to increased blood pressure and frequent urination at night. Moderate disease can lead to mild anemia and increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and other diseases. However, severe decline in kidney function leads to excessive retention of waste products in the body (a condition called “uremia”), for which heamodialysis or peritoneal dialysis is necessary. Kidney failure is a serious disease, and all affected patients should be under the supervision and treatment of an experienced and qualified Urologist.

Chronic renal failure is known in Ayurveda as “Mutra-Kshaya”. While the physiology of production of urine in Ayurveda is quite different from that of modern medicine, the ancient Ayurvedic texts recognized the importance of chronic kidney failure, and gave it due consideration and importance.

Traditional Ayurvedic medicines which are useful in chronic renal failure are: Gokshuradi Guggulu, Punarnava Guggulu, Punarnavadi Qadha(decoction), Arogya Vardhini, Chandraprabha Vati, Gomutra Haritaki, Surya Kshar and Yava Kshar. Single herbal medicines useful in this condition are: Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris), Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa), Shilajit (Purified Bitumen), Varun (Crataeva nurvala), Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia),Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Apamarg (Achyranthus aspera) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula).

According to Ayurveda, the kidneys are made up of a combination of two tissues, “Rakta” and “Meda”. It is believed that the medicines which act on these two tissues also act upon the kidneys and help to preserve and restore function. Some of these medicines are: Patol (Tricosanthe dioica), Saariva, Patha (Cissampelos pareira), Musta (Cyperus rotundus), Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa), Chirayta (Swertia chirata), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Chandan (Santalum album) and Shunthi (Zinziber officinalis).

Some Ayurvedic physicians recommend a soup made from the intestines of goat to improve kidney function and urine output. Yet others recommend rice and jowar, processed like popcorn, to be eaten in large quantities.

Multiple courses of “Basti” or medicated enemas, both the “Anuvasan” and “Niruh” types, are recommended. It is believed that this treatment modality acts upon the “Apana Vayu” which in turn acts upon the kidneys and improves kidney function.

Ayurvedic treatment, taken regularly for prolonged periods, may help to reduce the frequency of dialysis and improve kidney function. However, the decision to reduce or stop dialysis should be taken by the attending Urologist, and not by the patient.

A Look at Vitacost Vs Swanson

There are two major names in the healthy living category over the internet and they are Swanson Health Products and Vitacost. Both companies have a wide range of affordable products and they are worth taking a look at if you are trying to find a product to improve your life, help you achieve your dieting goals, or boost your muscle gain results. A quick comparison of the two companies will help you choose the best one for you particular needs.

Vitacost Overview

Vitacost is a natural company that promotes health and wellness through their selection of supplements, vitamins, natural foods, and health products. The website is laid out in easy to understand way and you should have no problem locating the health product that you are looking for.

A Vitacost promo code is often offered to visitors and finding one for yourself is a great way to save yourself some money when you first start dealing with the company.


• Easy categories

• Plenty of variety

• Herb and food products


• Less vitamin and mineral variety

Swanson Overview

Swanson Health Products is a specialized company that has a very impressive selection of vitamins and supplements to choose from. If you are looking for a supplement or a vitamin to enhance your diet and your health, they are a great provider to take a look at. Not only do they have just about every kind of supplement that you can think of but they are affordable as well.

If you are looking for a specific kind of supplement but you aren’t too picky about the brand you can often save yourself a great deal of money in their deals section of the website.


• Huge selection of vitamins and minerals

• Sort by brands

• Site provides useful health information


• Limited to only vitamins and minerals

• Less focused categories

• Overwhelming amount of supplements to choose from

Major Differences Between the Two

Swanson focuses on Vitamins and Supplements almost entirely while Vitacost branches out into other areas as well such as natural food, pet supplements, and natural baby products. If you are interested in purely supplements, you may be better off with Swanson while Vitacost can provide you with all of the additional products to choose from as well.


One of the main similarities between the two companies is that they both offer a sales page for their customers. That means that upon entering either of the company sites you can find the products that are being offered at significant discount rates (like a clearance section at your local store) and buy from those discounted products first before paying full price for other items. They both provide a great money saving opportunity for customers.

Both of these websites are useful for finding health products to improve your life. Your specific needs should dictate which site is better for you and you can even shop at both of the stores to get the best of both worlds and stop worrying about figuring out which is the better of the two.

New Generation Cervical Cap Adds Convenience and Intimacy to Assisted Conception at Home

Technologies of all kinds have advanced dramatically since propeller planes were common, phones had cords and pop music came on vinyl records. Improvements also have brought assisted conception into a new era of convenience, flexibility and efficiency.

Just as in many other fields, the principles of assisted reproductive technology remain unchanged – while new materials and methods simplify the steps. That makes a huge difference for medical providers and prospective parents.

Modern technology helps couples often overcome common fertility challenges as partners in the privacy of their bedrooms rather than as patients in a medical office. The approach – a cervical cap to help sperm reach an egg – is decades-old. What’s new, thanks to a lightweight silicone cap, is a do-it-yourself technique that lets couples proceed naturally and with dignity.

Reproduction pioneers of the 20th century would be amazed by how much has changed, though they’d recognize a process that adapts their path-breaking work.

As early as Sept. 26, 1938, Time magazine reported on a cervical insemination procedure “performed when the couple cannot afford the preferred intrauterine insemination treatment”:

“The patient lies on the examination table; a doctor or nurse inserts a speculum into the vagina; the semen sample is then placed into the cervix with a plastic catheter. Sometimes a sponge or cap is placed into the vagina before removing the speculum to keep the sperm near the cervix, and can be taken out about six hours later. Success rates for the intracervical insemination treatment are in the region of 5 – 10% per treatment cycle.”

A dozen years later, Dr. M. J. Whitelaw published research describing how pregnancy was achieved for couples “whose marriages were inexplicably sterile, using a plastic cervical cap filled with the husband’s semen applied to the cervix for 24 hours.” His 1950 report appeared in the first volume of Fertility and Sterility, a journal created for doctors in that emerging specialty.

Awkard, Uncomfortable Origins

While Dr. Whitelaw’s day-long procedure used a rigid plastic cap, other gynecologists of the time inserted a heavier version made of surgical steel. After husbands produced semen at the medical office, their wives had to recline with hips elevated for four to six hours before going home.

In the November 1985 issue of the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing, two nurses described that decade’s first-stage technology for helping couples conceive:

“The most common method of artificial insemination is to draw the semen into a syringe attached to a thin plastic tube and to insert the semen into the upper vaginal/cervical area. An alternate method is to place a plastic cup over the cervix and introduce the semen around the cervix through a plastic tube attached to the cup…. Immediately after the insemination, the woman lies on the examining table with a pillow under her hips.”

The laborious, time-consuming efforts often failed. A 1983 medical textbook, “Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility,” reports pregnancy rates of 18 to 20 percent from vaginal, cervical and even uterine insemination approaches. The two nurses’ 1985 article also reflected the long odds:

“Individuals and couples need to know that their efforts at artificial insemination of the husband’s/partner’s sperm may take many months and the prognosis for conception is often poor.”

Encouraging Success Rates

In the current century, family practice physicians and gynecologists tell couples that holding a semen-filled cap against the cervical mucus greatly increases chances that sperm will swim into the uterus for fertilization – the basic idea described in Time magazine before World War II. The path-shortening technique addresses problems caused by a tilted cervix, poor cervical mucus, low sperm motility or production, an unfavorable vaginal environment or abnormal penis opening.

In contrast to the decades when steel, rubber or hard plastic cervical caps were the only choices, new-generation models are soft and don’t need custom fitting by a physician because side flanges adjust to varied cervical dimensions. Cervical fluid holds the cap in place, just as capillary action keeps contact lenses from slipping. Users resume normal activities, including exercise, at any time and then easily remove the cap after six to eight hours via an attached loop. The trial of hips held high to get pregnant is over forever.

After European use and American clinical trails, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2000 approved the Oves Conception Cap for use here. And in 2007, it cleared prescription sales of a Conception Kit with a three-month supply of the same thimble-size cap, made of implant-grade silicone. Couples also get sperm collectors, ovulation predictors, conception timing wheels and other support materials.

Medical Studies Confirm Effectiveness

In addition to gaining easy, lower-cost access to a lightweight cervical cap for home use as a first step on the assisted reproductive technology continuum, couples can be encouraged by pregnancy success rates that are far different than in cap insemination’s early era.

Forty-four percent of Oves cap users become pregnant, according to a Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine study published in May 1986 in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine. Among women with secondary infertility after at least one successful pregnancy, the success rate rises to 67 percent, according to a 1983 report by four researchers at Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University, published in Fertility and Sterility. They also found a 43-percent pregnancy rate among women with primary infertility.

Along with solid reasons for optimism, couples begin assisted conception efforts with intimacy and dignity — keeping romance as part of starting or expanding a family.

The Importance Of Medical Biotechnology In Our Lives

Science has advanced to a very large extent and has touched our lives in every way. Biotechnology deals with living creatures and studies their functions. It is a science that uses technology to gain knowledge and invent medicines and create new ways to deal with problems that have challenged mankind. Medical Biotechnology is a constantly growing field and there have been many advancements in the technology of this field. It is also a highly controversial field and there are mixed reactions about the extent to which biotechnology can be used to manipulate science.

Medical Biotechnology is most commonly used to produce medicine. Many Biotech companies have emerged to solve the medical mystery of cures and inventions. It has been widely used to find out how plants for example can have medicinal value or healing quality for us. This is done by first identifying the plant if the plant has a healing quality. Plants have been around us for many years and have to be identified for cures. The way to do it is to test different bacteria against it. If it kills the bacteria, then the compound needs to be isolated. This is a very time consuming process since biotech companies have to try these products and make sure they are safe.

Genetic testing is another very important use of biotechnology. It is an extremely useful scientific process and requires a great deal of accuracy and precision. Gel electrophoresis helps in testing the different strands of DNA in cells. This is a very important discovery and it can help in various different ways, for example to identify the father of a child or a criminal in some forensic cases. There are many other uses of this testing and it will help us in understanding how we work and live. It can be used to develop different kinds of drugs to treat diseases. It can also be used to project if you may have a pre condition for some illness. This is very important to treat some dreadful diseases and save mankind.

Gene therapy is another upcoming field of medical biotechnology. Though it is very complicated, but its use can be extremely amazing. Through medical biotechnology, it has been discovered that viruses are spread by bacteria by injecting genes into animal cells. A lot of research has been done in this field to come up with different cures for diseases. This can be done by injecting some bacteria into people that will not harm them but actually help them. Biotechnology has also resulted in the evolution of Biofuels that are derived from sugarcane, plant vegetable oils, animal fats and recycled greases, thereby providing a cleaner and greener environment.

Many scientists are also doing cloning by which we can take DNA from animals and grow it to create an identical organism. This helps you make an exact replica of another species with precision that reaches every atom in the body. This is extremely controversial. If it is used for ethical purposes then it can be justified. but using it for unethical reasons can be extremely dangerous and controversial for the future of mankind. Medical biotechnology has many advantages if it is used in a way to enhance research or cure illnesses or prevent the onset of life threatening illness. It is extremely important to use it for better health and inventing new ways to cure illnesses. May be at last we have found the cure and the solution.

Healing Power of Dew – Beliefs and Practice From Ancient Time to Today

The magical creation of dew on vegetation has long been the subject of research and special consideration. In some areas of water scarcity, the use of dew for healing, nourishment and sanitation can be a lifesaver.

Paracelsus believed the dew on vegetation possessed the healing energy of the plants as well as the various planets in the sky. Others believe that the dew on grass may act as a conductor to help transmit the healing energies of our magnetic earth and the universe. The famous Bach’s floral remedies, for instance, are based on the principle of dew capturing the essence of various flowers. Of course, flowers in themselves are believed to contain considerable amounts of energy, since it is the flower that provides the wellspring for fertilization and creation.

If we were to perceive the presence of dew as small twinkling drops of liquid crystals, our minds might then grasp how each drop captures the energy of the universe, and the energies of our living world. If one thinks about it – a drop of dew may be seen as a hologram of our universe.

One common technique for healing the body with dew is to kneel and brush the open fingers and palms of one’s hands across dew-laden vegetation. Once this is done, the cool virgin moisture is gently applied over and over again to whatever part of our body needs healing: a scar from a wound or operation, an inflamed or injured joint or bone, our emotionally or physically injured heart, our face, etc.

Using dew to moisturize one’s face is believed to help in retaining a youthful appearance while also energizing and refreshing the five bodily senses. The sense of seeing, for example, may be invigorated by repeatedly applying dew to one’s closed eyelids.

Another method for touching our bodies with dew is to lie down partially of fully naked on soft dewy grass and roll about. This is especially cosmic when done under one’s celestial birth sign or when the light of the Moon is smiling or in full bloom. While rolling about in the grass or moisturizing one’s face, it may be sensed that the essence of the vegetation’s odor is carried into the nostrils as the dew is transformed to water vapor by our body’s warmth. In this fashion, we may enjoy a form of cosmic aromatherapy – since we are also inhaling the essence that was captured by the dew as it formed on the vegetation.

Taking a barefoot walk in fresh dew is also highly recommended, since it is easy to do and offers many health benefits. It is believed that the special properties of the dew are absorbed transdermally through our skin. Elaborating on the concept of walking through dew is the Swissborn Dr. Alfred Vogel, who is world renowned as “the Nature Doctor.” Dr. Vogel has been researching, writing about, and practicing herbal medicine for more than sixty-five years. His 1952 book The Nature Doctor has been translated into over fifteen languages and has sold more than 2 million copies. In the revised edition published in 1991, Dr. Vogel gives this advice about the healing values of dew:

If you go for an early morning walk on dewy grass you will soon notice that going barefoot makes you feel really good, generating new strength when you have been feeling tired and worn out. It is like recharging one’s batteries, so to speak, recharging your run-down nerves with energy. It seems as if Mother Earth is giving off energy that improves the glandular functions. That is why I consider it rather strange that, although overtired and worn-out, we do not take full advantage of this simple regenerative treatment, which is able to stimulate our endocrine glands to increase their activity…. Take care, however, to walk only on natural ground, for the more unspoilt the ground the greater will be the benefit derived from its magnetic field. Never believe that walking barefoot on asphalt, concrete or any other artificial surface will do the same good. No, it is better to wear your shoes on this kind of surface, because you will not stand to gain anything by it, rather the opposite.

The Nature Doctor is a wonderful book, and the world is most fortunate to have Dr. Vogel as a resource for alternative healing.

Beyond the use of dew for healing, there is also the joy of running and jumping stark naked through thick fog or during a rain, sleet, or snow shower. While doing so, we may feel inspired to use our hands for massaging the virgin-like water into our skin and hair, or pounding our chest like a gorilla in the wild.

Along with the playful joy of experiencing various waters from the sky and our Earth, we may also have the urge to make sounds by singing, shouting, whistling, or humming. Perhaps this urge for making sounds as we play with water will help remind us of our childhood, or just how closely we are related to other life forms.

As a final thought on dew, I offer these lines from James Whitcomb Riley’s Thoughts fer the Discouraged Farmer:

Fer the world is full of roses, and the roses full of dew,

And the dew is full of heavenly love that drips fer me and you.

Sebastian Brandt, the Master of the Gruninger Workshop and Virgil’s "Opera"

Virgil (70-19 BC) is regarded as one of greatest Poets of ancient Rome. Arguably, his most known work is the “Aeneid” – the epic tale of Aenaes’ search for a new homeland – that follows a model similar to Homer’s epic poems “Iliad” and “Odyssey”. At the time of Virgil’s death, however, the “Aeneid” remained unfinished.

Despite being an unfinished work, “Aeneid” is among one of the most important poems in the history of Western Literature and is widely considered to be the poet’s finest work. Reputedly, when Virgil recited extracts from the work before Emperor Augustus, the impact was such that it caused the Emperor’s sister, Octavia, to faint.

“Aeneid” consists of 12 books describing the journey of Aeneas – the mythical ancestor of Romulus and Remus (founders of the city of Rome) – as he flees to Italy from Troy, battles with the local prince Turnus and founds a city upon which Rome would be built. The work was reputedly commissioned by Augustus and may have modeled the work of Homer – with the “Odyssey” being similar stylistically to the first 6 books of the “Aeneid” and the “Iliad” holding the same relationship with the final 6 books of Virgil’s great work. Throughout the course of the tale, Virgil recounts mythical events including: Aeneas’ escape from Troy and Juno’s attempts to interfere in Aeneas’ fate by driving his fleet ashore in Africa; the favour bestowed on Aeneas by Dido, the Queen of Carthage; the story of Greek treachery at Troy involving a giant wooden horse, the death of Laocoon, the escape of Aeneas and members of his family and the journey of his fleet until it was driven ashore in Carthage; Aeneas’ abandonment of Dido and her subsequent suicide; the death of Anchises (Aeneas’ father); Aeneas’ journey to the underworld; the Trojan settlement in Latium; and the epic battled between Aeneas and Turnus.

Virgil’s “Eclogues” (also know as the “Bucolics”) is a collection of 10 poems on rustic subjects in the style of the Greek poet, Theocritus. Following the publication of these works, they became popular performance pieces on the Roman stage. Featuring a combination of political commentary and eroticism, they contributed to Virgil’s fame. Eclogues 1 and 9 deal with issues related to frequent land confiscations that occurred in the Empire and the consequential effects on the countryside. Eclogues 2 and 3 are based very much in the farming milieu and deal with homosexual and panerotic themes. Eclogue 4 – known as the ‘Messianic Eclogue’ – links the birth of a child with heralding a Golden Age. Eclogues 5 and 8 deal with the myth of Daphnis – the mythical shepherd, flutist and inventor of pastoral poetry – in a singing contest. Eclogue 6 describes the mythological song of Silenus – the companion and tutor to Dionysus. Eclogue 7 deals with a heated contest among poets. Eclogue 10 describes the life of one of Virgil’s contemporaries, the poet Cornelius Gallus – a man who is thought to have been instrumental in the repatriation of the land confiscated from Virgil formerly.

The “Georgics” includes four books dealing with farming matters – the title “Georgics” is derived from the Greek term for ‘working the land’. The Books respectively deal with raising crops (Book 1), growing trees (Book 2), raising livestock and horses (Book 3) and beekeeping (Book 4). Tradition holds that Virgil was convinced to dedicate time to the “Georgics” by Maecenas – a political adviser and confidant of Octavian (later Emperor Augustus).

In addition to “Eclogues”, “Georgics” and “Aeneid”, a collection of small poetic works survived to the Renaissance. So, too, there were numerous surviving examples of attempts to finalize the “Aeneid”, including that of Maffeo Vegio from 1428. It was that collection of works that caught the attention of Sebastian Brandt (1457-1521) – the German Renaissance Humanist and Satirist – at the beginning of the 16th Century when he was commissioned by Johannes Gruninger to edit the collected work of Virgil for the first illustrated Edition.

Brandt had studied at Basel and became a doctor of law in 1489. In the intellectual maelstrom of the Renaissance, Brandt found himself drawn to Humanist circles and gained a degree of popularity with his Latin poetry. His literary endeavors continued apace and in 1494, his “Das Narrenschiff” (“The Ship of Fools”) was published – it was a work that received widespread popular acclaim and has been identified as a significant precursor to the Protestant Reformation.

It was from the workshops associated with the Gruninger printing works that the artwork for the 1502 Edition was prepared and it was that reference that leaves us with the title the “Late Master of the Gruninger Workshops” for the artist who is responsible. The honorific, “Master” indicating the import of the illustrations accompanying the 1502 Edition of “Opera”. The suite is a positive tour de force – incorporating many two-page and full-page illustrations, in addition to woodcuts integrated into the text. In sheer number, with more than 210 woodcuts included in the suite, it is deserves to be a significant work, but it is also the utterly sympathetic depiction of Virgil’s text that marks the suite as a masterwork.

Royal Baby Is Born! All About Its Astrology Chart

The interconnectedness of family astrology is fascinating. This child has the same Sun sign as his father, Cancer, and the same Moon sign as his mother, Capricorn! Astrology is very powerful and there are no accidents. He has the inverse to his mother with Cancer Sun and Moon in Capricorn, while she has Capricorn Sun with Moon in Cancer.

The sign Cancer powerfully links all three of them and is the sign of great wealth, ancestry, family business, inheritance and roots. Kate’s Moon in Cancer is conjunct the child’s Mercury, so there is going to be a very strong bond between them and the ability for the child to speak openly with his mother. Cancer is not known for being open emotionally, but all three of them share this extreme sensitivity and will be able to empathise and understand one another often without the need for words.

What is particularly interesting about this child’s chart is that his Sun sign is at 29 degrees and 59 seconds of Cancer. So had he been born just 20 minutes later, he would have had Sun in Leo. And not only that, he also has the Moon in Capricorn at a late degree of 28 degrees and 17 minutes and his ascendant is also the late degree of 27 degrees and 11 minutes of Scorpio. This is a very old soul with much to accomplish in his lifetime and there will be a sense of urgency for him to complete his mission.

The 29th degree is called the Anaretic Degree or the Karmic Degree by astrologers. If you have planets at 29 degrees, this means that you are very close to mastering an important lesson of the universe. It is only when the lesson of this planet is mastered that you can progress emotionally and spiritually.

With this child, in Cancer, it can indicate the end of a home cycle or some kind of change in the family structure. And it is also sometimes known as the millionaire’s degree! How apt for a royal who is third in line to the throne of England!

Often, people with Sun or another planet in the late degrees of Cancer have inherited property and wealth. Donald Trump, for example, has Venus and Saturn in late Cancer. Or he could be born into a family business which he must continue – yet again, astrology hits the nail on the head.

There is a huge Scorpio overtone in the chart and he may not be quite as open as William has been with his Sagittarian ascendant nor Kate with most of her planets on the Western side of the chart. He will have an introspective nature.

With no Air in the chart he will not find it easy to do “small talk.” Lack of Air in a chart can often indicate a genius and a great thinker. Some examples of famous people without Air are: Goethe, Hemingway, Flaubert and Tolstoy. Many famous actors have no Air: E.g., Richard Burton, Rex Harrison and Laurence Olivier.

Stelliums, that is three or more planets in the same sign, often run in families. And this is true for all three. Both Kate and William have stelliums in Libra, while the royal child has a stellium in Scorpio. Even the chart of their wedding had a stellium of planets in Aries.

This child has an incredibly complex chart. Not only does he have late degree planets, no Air and a stellium, he also has the Cardinal T-square with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and three Cancer planets: Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. This indicates that he will need throughout his life to be very observant and to keep his opinions to himself or he could get himself into serious trouble.

He also has the Grand Trine in Water with Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, giving him immense psychic and creative abilities.

How To Identify Unreliable Sources Of Financial Information

There are some people that want to assume control of their finances by reading a book or consulting a financial advisor because they were smart enough to realize that they’re not financial savvy. But you must be aware that there are several challenges and pitfalls when choosing an advisor.

There’s also a problem when reading to learn how to manage your finances. Although reading a book is good and fundamental to your learning process, you can find sources not too reliable and get misinformed and that is something to avoid at all costs.

You may think that any renowned investment guru would make you rich but beware of that. I remember one formerly bestselling book about personal finance that gave the advice to “Buy disability insurance only if you are in poor health or accident prone”. There are two major problems with that statement. First, how in the world would you find an insurance company that is concerned on making a profit that will extend a disability policy once you have fallen into poor health? And second, can you please tell me how would you know when you are accident prone? It seems to me that if you follow this kind of advice you will need the help of your horoscope to see disabilities coming.

Consider also the famous investment seminars offered everywhere. These seminars promote themselves promising huge returns that don’t seem credible. Most of the time this seminars promise you will have returns as high as 20% per month on your investments and comparing the annual return of 10% the stock market generates over long term, you can easily spot some kind of fraudulent publicity.

This is why you have to understand how all those investment gurus get so popular even with visible defects in their advice. In most cases this gurus work the media and given that many members of the media are financially illiterate themselves, they get great coverage and publicity and get quoted in the press and get invited to renowned talk shows.

Be aware that talk shows and the media in general provide useful information on a wide variety of topics, but sometimes bad advice appear. Don’t assume that just because someone with something to sell is getting good publicity is going to be a good advice to you. It can only be a good job on public relations and marketing.

More important, remember that virtually all the newspapers, magazines, web sites, television, radio, etc. are completely dependent on the money from advertisers. And in some cases these advertisers are the ones dictating the content you read, listen or view in the media.

You may be wondering how can you identify or separate good publications from the biased publications and following are some ideas on the subject.

First, consider how dependent on advertising a publication is. For example, most of what is published on the internet is driven by advertisers. Many of the sites publishing investing advice on specific stocks are derived from brokerage firms looking for more clients.

Your feelings must always be involved to determine if some publication, television show or radio program is oriented to consumers and if you believe they’re looking for your interests or the advertisers’. For example, if you are reading a car publication and you see a lot of auto manufacturers advertising, is that publication talking about the importance of saving money when buying a car or is it just telling you to buy a car by all means?

Debt Aid – How to Prevent Debt Relief Misuse

When it comes to enrolling for a debt relief program, it is prudent that we employ a lot of discretion and caution. It is vital that we choose a debt relief company that will work towards ensuring that we get rid of our debt in the quickest and easiest way possible. There are been multiple cases of gullible consumers being duped by fraudulent debt reduction companies that operate solely with the intention of making profit and could land the client into a much bigger financial mess than (s)he was in earlier. Now the Federal Trade Commission has brought about new regulations that take care of the misleading practices to an extent. However, it is our responsibility to ensure that we take the right judgment while choosing the debt relief company that will represent us.

As consumers we should be aware of certain precautions that can be taken to prevent the debt relief companies from conning us and causing damage to our already fragile financial situation. While enrolling for a debt relief program, the company may make a lot of promises to the debtors about getting rid of their existing debt balance. Beware of any company that tells you that they will be able to ensure that the debt settlement will have absolutely no impact on your credit rating. Your credit score will definitely be significantly damaged – the only benefit being that the damage will be lesser than that caused by filing for bankruptcy.

There are also certain companies that claim that once you enroll with them; all your financial debts have been eliminated. For this they charge a very high fee and give you a document that purports to absolve the consumer from credit card debts. They claim that the original line of credit extended by the creditor was illegal and the document provided by them “certifies” that you are no longer in debt. Consumers who end up falling for this scam could be presented with higher debts, ruined credit and calls from a collection agency.