10 Signs You Have a Pot Addiction

There are many signs you have a pot addiction whenever it be warnings while you are smoking or sometimes things that have happened when you have tried to quit. Some people freely admit they are or were added while others struggle with the concept of being added to a drug that has no physical dependency issues like cigarettes or heroin but is instead a psychological addiction making it harder to recognize from your own view point. Some things you may want to look for in yourself or in others who might be addicted to marijuana are as follows:

Have tried to quit smoking pot and failed

Quitting any habit can be hard but those that may be added to a behavior or substance (or both) often realize that this is harmful to their life and have tried to stop smoking weed and have failed even though they may know it is for the best .

Lack of motivation

While many might just confuse this with a lack of direction many habitual marijuana smokers report having a sever lack of motivation to do anything that can be very harmful on relationships, work and more. This is usually found in long term users and may be linked to brain chemical changes over time that regulate mood.


Depression is a strange thing and some people can feel depressed when smoking weed or they become depressed after stopping their marijuana habit. Depression has also been linked to brain chemistry but also to environment as a result as well, this means there could have been a mixture of drug abuse and problems and issues that could cause this which often leads people to smoke more to get away from it. If smoking weed or quitting weed causes fluctuations in depressed symptoms something is wrong and could be linked to an addiction.


Much like depression anxiety and panic attacks can be found during or when stopping pot smoking. If you are trying to quit and suffer panic attacks or general anxiety this could have considered a sign of addiction if it drives you back to smoking.


As marijuana plays with your brain and alters your mood regulators some people find anger and rage an issue which drives them to smoke more which is a short term solutions to their anger problems which might be linked to marijuana or a separate issue that is covered up by excessive use making them addicted to the substance.

Relationship problems

Not only romantic relationships but friends, family bonds and so forth. If you find yourself having difficulty interacting with anyone who is not a pothead or you feel you are drifting further away from your loved ones due to marijuana but feel powerless to stop it you may have found more signs you have a pot addiction.

Shifting Priorities

Do you find yourself spending money on pot when you should be spending it on rent, food, tuition, health or anything else that is of prime importance to yourself? When smoking marijuana becomes something you sacrifice to do it is considered an addiction.

Any Excuse

Do you find you are making excuses to smoke more weed? Putting off invitations, skipping school or work or lying so you have more time to get high?


Do you find yourself becoming aggressive when people confront you about smoking pot when they are not trying to defend you but are trying to help?


Do you feel that you do not just want pot and want to get high but you feel NEED to smoke and without it your life will be poor, have no meaning or be too hard to deal with? Signs you have a pot addiction like this are the core part of a psychological addiction.

Birth Control After Pregnancy – A Must For Your And Your Child’s Wellbeing

For you and your child’s wellbeing, you have to take an informed decision regarding birth control after pregnancy. There are many types of birth control methods available in the market today; however, only some of these methods will suit your body. It thus becomes imperative that you weigh the pros and cons of various birth control methods before you choose one.

After the pregnancy period is over your hormones will undergo dramatic changes. Some women will not show any interest in sex, while others will witness an increase in their sex drive. Physically most women are fit to have sex two weeks after giving birth, as the vagina typically takes two weeks to heal and the cervix also closes by this time.

If you are interested in sex after pregnancy, you should understand that there is a huge chance that you could get pregnant again even two weeks after giving birth. Therefore, you have to choose your contraception carefully. Ask your doctor if it is absolutely okay for you to have sex.

Lactational Amenorrhea Method

There are basically four types of birth control after pregnancy methods that women can choose from. Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM), also called the breastfeeding method, can be used by women who are nursing and have not had their menstrual cycle after pregnancy. For this method to be effective you need to breastfeed your baby from both breasts every four hours and in the night every six hours. This method of birth control while breastfeeding works for six months after the baby is born and then you would have to shift to contraception.

Barrier Methods

Barrier methods for birth control after pregnancy include condoms, female condoms, sponges, diaphragms, cervical caps, and shields. They would not cause any harm to your nursing infant.

Hormonal Methods

The hormonal methods for birth control after pregnancy should be taken after careful considerations. If you are nursing, you should not take combination hormone treatment that has estrogen or ethinyl estradiol in it. You can pass on the estrogen to your baby via the breast milk. Progestin-only methods of birth control, like mini-pills, Depo-Provera, etc. are often said to be safe for both you and your baby; however, some doctors claim that progestin can also be passed on to your baby.


Intra Uterine Devices, like Copper IUD, are safe and effective birth control devices. An IUD will not have any affect on your breast milk, so you can use it even while nursing.

Besides the above mentioned methods you can do what many other women do – keep track of your fertility cycle. Your doctor can help you learn about your fertility cycle. Then all you need to do is abstain from sex on your unsafe days.

Birth control will ensure that you do not get pregnant again soon after giving birth. This will give you time to properly look after yourself and your baby. Most importantly this will also give you time to get back into shape so that you look good after pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about birth control after pregnancy and decide accordingly.

The 3 Things You Must Know About Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Recommended By The American Heart Association

By now, everyone has heard that smoked salmon is a delicious addition to any meal But did you know all of the benefits of this fantastic fish? Whether smoked salmon has been hot or cold smoked or even cured, the healthy nutrients inside are priceless to the human body.

Studies have shown that smoked salmon can help fight off coronary heart disease due to the Omega-3 oils it contains. These oils can decrease blood lipids, increase relaxation in large arteries and other blood vessels, and can also decrease vascular system blood clotting as well as inflammatory processes in blood vessels. There have also been recent studies that which show that besides lowering the risk of heart disease, smoked salmon has also been known to help individuals who have asthma, psoriasis, certain cancers and arthritis.

Smoked salmon is also high in Vitamin E, which is also a great antioxidant. Vitamin E can reduce or lower the risk of heart disease and has also been shown to play a protective role against cancer as well.

For all of you watching your weight, most smoked salmon versions are also very low in carbohydrates. With some types of smoked salmon containing zero carbs total. A healthy diet containing smoked salmon to help you lose weight as being another great way to cut your risk of heart disease. So, the next time you are evaluating your diet and/or your health, know that you can include smoked salmon as a great way to protect you against such dangers to your well being as heart disease.

Getting Your Omega-3 From Smoked Salmon

There couldn’t be an easier or more delicious way of getting your Omega-3, than eating smoked salmon. Omega-3 has been shown in several studies to greatly reduce the risk of sudden death and abnormal heart rhythms. Also Omega-3 protects against heart disease by lowering blood triglycerides and preventing blood clotting.

Smoked Salmon Delivered offers you Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon which is the most beneficial salmon available. The American Heart Association Dietary Guidelines strongly suggest Americans to eat fatty fish, such as smoked salmon at least twice a week because of the high content of Omega-3.

The medical benefits you gain from eating smoked salmon goes on. Eating smoked salmon can significantly reduce men’s chances of developing prostate cancer by 40 percent. Women are rapidly joining the ranks with their male counter parts when it comes to developing heart disease. Consuming smoked salmon at least two to four times per week reduce their chances of dying with a heart attack by 30 percent. Consuming smoked salmon can reduce a man’s chances of having the most common stroke by 40 percent. Eating smoked salmon can deter depression in pregnant women. The benefits of eating smoked salmon promote a healthier brain.

As you can plainly see consuming smoked salmon can offer health benefits for men and women alike. Smoked Salmon Delivered can help you get on the road to better health, and assist you in reducing your risk getting many life threatening diseases.

Don’t Worry About Mercury With Smoked Salmon

Did you know that you can eat smoked salmon without all of the worry about mercury? Most deep water fish such as swordfish, shark, large tuna and marlin are known to accumulate high levels of contaminants. Contaminants such as mercury can be dangerous as they become concentrated within the fish and are toxins to the human body when consumed. Wild salmon such as is used in smoked salmon, has consistently had negligible mercury levels in EPA studies.

Smoked salmon can be considered as one of the best choices as highly recommended seafood to add much needed nutrients to your diet. Smoked salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. These miracle nutrients are known to help prevent blood clots from developing and also promote a healthy, steady heart rhythm.

Not only is smoked salmon free of the worries of mercury and we have heard about all of the health benefits, it is also extremely tasty. Smoked salmon can be added to just about any dish you wish to prepare from salads and soups. Ethnic dishes such as Mexican, Italian and Chinese dish sparkle when you add smoked salmon. Not only is it versatile, the lack of contaminants in this fine fish make it a confident choice to feed your family.

In addition to preparing meals with this wonderful fish, you can also be proud to give it as a gift. Smoked salmon is not only affordable, it comes in a variety of packages and it makes a unique gift.

Visit http://www.smokedsalmondelivered.com for more information.

The Prostate

What's the most common health complaint for middle-aged and older men?

THE PROSTATE! (Technically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) If you fall into this category then read this Statistics confirm that you have a one in three chance of developing a prostate problem at some stage in your life.

Here's the good news. Most serious prostate problems are avoidable! New findings published recently, report that there is a link between consuming a greater amount of folate with a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer.

Promising findings are not they?

In 1999 it was revealed that almost 25,000 men were diagnosed as having prostate cancer and this number is expected to continue increasing.

Reduce the risk by over a third! Folate is the form of the B vitamin folic acid that naturally occurs in leafy green vegetables like spinach. Folic acid is essential for the proper synthesis and repair of DNA and therefor for cell division.

Although commonly referred to as an essential vitamin for pregnant women, new findings have found that folic acid is as important for men.In a case-control study of prostate cancer over a period of 11 years researchers in Italy analyzed data from almost 1300 patients.

All diagnosed with prostate cancer! This was compared to 1,451 patients with growths (but not associated with tumors or cancer) who were admitted to the same hospital. Researchers then evaluated over 78 different foods that had been eaten by these patients up to two years prior to their diagnosis or hospital admission.

It was found that Folate intake was directly related to prostate cancer risk! A 34% LOWER risk of prostate cancer was found in men who included a lot of folate in their diets. This was compared to men whose intake of folate was significantly lower and based on these findings it was concluded that there is a very strong relationship between a high intake of folate and lower levels of cancer.

So mum was right all those years ago – Eat your greens because they're good for you "

Another Product known to benefit the prostate issue is Saw Palmetto, a product used as a treatment of its symptoms. Many men regularly use both products. Studies have shown that it is effective in decreasing symptoms associated with BPH. Saw Palmetto appears to have efficiency similar to that of medications like Finasteride.

It is also believed to be easier for the body to tolerate and of course it is much cheaper. There are no known drug interactions with Saw Palmetto, and reported side effects are minor and rare. No data on its long-term usage are available however. Today, Saw Palmetto remains the leading selling of natural prostate remedies, out selling all other herbal products combined . The conclusion? Protect your prostate by increasing your intake of folate and seriously considering adding Saw Palmetto to your daily supplement take.

Food information!

Foods high in folate include: Dark green leafy vegetables like greens, spinach, broccoli, eggs, orange juice, fortified breakfast cereals and vitamin supplements (in the form of folic acid). The recommended dose for folic acid is 400 micrograms daily, and 320mg of Saw Palmetto, both preferably taken at mealtimes.

The Right Business Smartphone Lets You Have a Holiday

In Australia it is currently the school holidays. Families head off to the snow or, if they do not like the cold, they head off to a tropical island somewhere to escape (like my accountant did!) It's actually my accountant who inspired me to write this article because of a conversation we had before he left. He wanted to have a chat about how he was going to keep in touch with his clients while away on holidays.

And that's where I come in! I've deal with SOHO businesses in the past that just shut down their business over a holiday period. I do not particularly like this approach to business, especially in an always connected world. I'm not saying that you need to be answering emails 24/7. I understand that sometimes you do need to switch off and you should not work 10 hour days, 365 days a year, but there is now technology available that allows you to keep the work going while you are on holiday to ensure the world does not end. With new mobile phones and wireless broadband, you can still log in for an hour or so each day to make sure that your business keeps running (for some people it actually reduces stress when they are traveling.)

Here are some examples of how the best smart phones can improve your holiday:

You can keep in touch with the office or clients- You do not have to do a full day of work but with the latest mobile phones you can check your email once or twice to see if any of your staff or clients have tried to get in touch with you. It is much better to nip a potential crisis in the bud before it gets out of hand and discourages you from ever taking a holiday again. You can also use tools like Dropbox and a variety of other useful apps to check files and update them from your device if need be.

You can keep the kids entertained- If you are traveling with children a smartphone may just be your best friend. You can keep kids entertained with the latest music, games and videos. Smartphones are great in airports or on long car trips.

You can make productive use of downtime- The best smartphones let you jot down ideas as you have them so you can make use of downtime. If you get up before everyone else, churn out an article. If you are exercising in the hotel gym, jot down some blog post ideas while riding on the exercise bike. The options are endless.

Rather than ruining your holiday, a smartphone may actually save your holiday. You'll know what is going on back home but be able to easily switch off when need be. Do yourself a favor and find the best smartphone for your situation today.

Adventure Land Tickets and Cypress Garden Tickets Exclusively For the Family Holidays

Disney's Adventure land offers various interesting adventures to its visitors. You can climb a tree, fly over the desert, explore the jungle, sail on the high seas and visit a tropical island where birds talk and sing. So, if you love to experience these adventures then be in Adventure land. Except these adventures, you will be pleased to see the exotic ambiance of the Caribbean.

Book in advance the Adventure land tickets, so that you need not to stand in a long queue for tickets. This fantasy land of storybook will definitely caste a spell on you and will make you forget the harsh realities of life.

The characters like Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook, Rafiki and other Disney characters will create the whole atmosphere, a perfect dream land. You will newly discover the childlike mind that prevails inside you. Thanks to Walt Disney for creating such a lovely place in Walt Disney World Resort.

Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, etc are the most popular attractions in Adventure land.

The theme park Cypress Gardens is located in Winter Haven, Florida in the United States. The water ski shows and Southern Belles make this place more lovable. Numerous thrilling rides also includes its great features.

The Roller Coasters include Fiesta Express, Triple Hurricane, Galaxy Spin, Star liner, and so on. Apart from Roller Coasters, thrill rides like Power Surge, Yo-Yo, Thunderbolt, etc are the most popular rides of the park.

The beautiful garden and its thrilling rides draw endless tourist every year. Elements like Southern belles in hoop skirts and water ski shows were assimilated into the park, which had only single-handedly relied on the lure of its undeniably manicured, if not beautiful botanical gardens.

Walt Disney World tickets will bring your way the most happening events of your life. Your family especially your kids will definitely find it wonderful to spend time in Disney World.

How To Touch A Girl And Have Her Melt In Your Arms

Learning how to touch a girl will allow you to gauge her level of comfort with you every step of the way of how you relate with her from a date, to holding her hands, to kissing, to foreplay, and to lovemaking.

When you understand how to touch a woman she will be melting into your touch, smiling, or rolling her eyes back, and then you can lead her further in exploring her sensual and sexual opening.

If she is tensing up, crossing her arms, or moving away, then you know that she is not yet ready for that level of touch intimacy.

If you are not with a girl right now, get a piece of fabric and practice touching it in the ways that I will go over.

If you are dating or in a relationship, put these distinctions into practice this week!

Think of it as practicing your kicks in martial arts, foul shots in basketball, serves in tennis, and driving in golf. In beginning to learn how to touch a girl, you will have to dedicate yourself to the art of touch.

If you are uncomfortable with touch in general, start to get comfortable and touch everyone and everything around you. When I say touch, I don’t mean grope, I don’t mean just walking up and directly and grabbing someone. While learning how to touch a woman, everything needs to be smooth and progressive rather than rough and abrupt. This means your initial touch might be a light brush that lasts half a second.

I will start you off with some mindsets you need to have as you begin to get comfortable with touching girls.

How to touch a girl tip #1: Stroke her as you would a cat

When you touch or stroke your woman, approach slowly, gently, softly, and with no sudden movements. Be intentional and sensitive in your touch. Feel into what parts of her is relaxing into you and whether to use broad or short strokes.

Notice the speed of your touch, the rhythm of your touch, and how to use your body as part of the touch. If you are not sensitive in your touch, a cat will run away or even scratch you. Same thing with a woman, so practice your ability to touch women with delicate artistry

How to touch a girl tip #2: Touch her as if you have all the time in the world

Most guys mess up with girls and make them feel creeped out because they’re in a hurry. The girl can tell that the guy is after something – sex. Even if the touch is brief, the sense of timelessness can linger with her if you touch her with presence.

If you can use your touch to lead her out of her mind, the busy day, and the stress and tension of life into a realm of timeless pleasure, then you will become a haven for her. The way you touch her will convey to her what kind of a lover you are in bed so make it feel like an eternity.

Girls will be wishing they could be with you and stay with you long after you’re gone if you can create these kinds of feelings and moments.

How to touch a girl tip #3: Touch her as much as you can

Girls love being touched. They crave it actually. Of course, they don’t want to be touched by just any man, or in any way. A woman has to be feeling some kind of existing connection to you before she’s ready to be touched sensually and often by you. Create that readiness in her through your words and attitude first.

Playfulness and humor are always a great place to come from to get a woman to open up to you on a more sensual level. When a girl says something funny, touch her as a way to connect. You’ll notice that when you say something funny, women will often touch you as they laugh. When she does something incredible, or shows a part of her personality that you really enjoy, touch her as a sign of your approval.

When she is tense, but her body language is open, give her a massage. When she feels a bit stressed, pull her toward you and hold her.

If you are having dinner, sit next to her and stroke her hair to add to the pleasure and sensations from the food. You get the idea.

How to touch a girl tip #4: Romance her with your touch

Almost half of all books sold in the US are romance novels. This shows you how much women want romance.

Give her what she wants! Touch her as if you are an amazing lover waiting to sweep her off her feet. Hold her and create a protective bubble where the rest of the world does not exist for a moment. Enchant her with the way you draw her out with your touch. Express your passion for her through your touch.

How to touch a girl tip #5: Touch her as if she means the world to you

This mindset might feel like a stretch in the beginning, but with time, it will become more and more natural to who you are, and you will naturally give more of yourself when relating with women.

How would you touch her if you chose her 100%?

If this is the woman you cherished beyond almost anything in your life, your car, your house, your money, anything you possess, how would you touch her?

How would you touch a girl who you would risk your life to protect?

Feel into all of these questions and transfer the feeling into your touch.

If you are already practicing a bulk of these distinctions in touch, then congratulations, you are way ahead of the game. If you haven’t been, or if you didn’t even know that you can have these mindsets and practices, then today is the day to start!

There is no time like the present. Practice petting a dog, a cat, or a piece of fabric if your girl isn’t around. If you are dating or are in a relationship, put these principles into practice immediately. You will accelerate your knowledge in how to touch a woman through practice, so just do it! You are just getting a peek into what’s available to you in your possibilities as a man. Get into action and put these principles into practice and make some women happy!

Uveitis – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Uveitis is inflammation of the uvea, the middle part of the eye between the sclera and the retina. Depending upon different affected parts of the uvea, the inflammation may be termed as iritis, cyclitis or choroiditis. Uveitis may be related to different causes such as herpes zoster, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis or arthritis. Symptoms may be either acute or chronic and include sensitivity to light, blurred vision, pain and redness of the eye.

Prompt treatment of uveitis is necessary to control pain and inflammation and minimize the chances of loss of vision. Eye drops, especially steroids and pupil dilators, are usually used for this condition, in addition to other oral medications. Ayurvedic medicines can be given as additional therapy in order to improve the therapeutic response and prevent complications. Medicines like Arogya-Vardhini, Triphala-Guggulu, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut-Guggulu, Punarnavadi-Guggulu, Saptamrut-Loh, Triphala-Ghrut, Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Behada (Terminalia bellerica) are used to reduce inflammation in the eye. Eye drops containing Triphala (Three fruits), Haridra (curcuma longa), Daruharidra (Berberis aristata), Nimba (Azadirachta indica), Chandan (Santalum album), Usheer (Vetiveria zizanioidis), Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), rose water and honey can also be used for this purpose.

Treatment is also given according to the known cause of this condition. Kaishor-Guggulu, Ekang-Veer-Ras, Maha-Vat-Vidhvans-Ras, Bhumiamalaki (Phyllanthus niruri), Yashtimadhuk (Glycerrhiza glabra) and Bhrungraj (Eclipta alba) are used to treat viral infections such as herpes zoster. Medicines like Sukshma-Triphala, Ras-Parpati, Triphala-Guggulu and Gandhak-Rasayan are used to treat fungal and parasitic infections. Arthritis can be treated using medicines like Yograj-Guggulu, Trayodashang-Guggulu, Vat-Gajankush-Ras and Vish-Tinduk-Vati. Complications of the eye such as glaucoma, cataract or new blood vessel formation need to be treated separately using medicines like Gokshuradi-Guggulu, Punarnavadi-Qadha, Triphala-Churna, Maha-Manjishthadi-Qadha and Saarivadi-Churna.

Iritis or cyclitis usually have an acute onset and may be controlled within 6 to 8 weeks. The onset of choroiditis is much slower and may be more chronic and more difficult to treat. All such patients should be under the regular care and supervision of an Ophthalmologist.

The Minnesota Model of Addiction Treatment – What is It, What Works, and What’s Next?

The Minnesota Model is described by McElrath in 1997 as being “inextricably interwoven with the program, practice and philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)”. The AA movement conferred the belief that alcoholism is a physical, mental and spiritual illness and developed the Twelve Steps, which outline a spiritual solution, and the concept of a fellowship where recovery can take place.

The Hazelden Foundation was established in 1949 as an environment in which respect, understanding and acceptance of the dignity of each patient was promoted. The belief developed that time spent in association with other alcoholics, talking with one another and sharing life experiences, was central to recovery. Alcoholism was conceptualized within the disease model as a complex, existential condition of “dis-ease”, which could be relieved by sharing experiences. Furthermore, there was a fundamental belief that addicts have an inherent ability to change their beliefs, attitudes and behaviors to restore health.

Two long-term treatment goals of the Minnesota Model are total abstinence from all mood-altering substances and an improved quality of life. Consistent with the philosophy of AA, the objectives for the individual are to grow in transcendental, spiritual awareness, to recognize personal choice and responsibility, and to develop peer relationships. The resources for recovery, then, lie primarily within the addict with treatment providing the opportunity to discover and use those resources and the therapeutic atmosphere conducive to change. This approach is by nature client-centered.

Much of the work done by clients toward achieving those goals is done within the context of group therapy. Engaging with counselors and members of the peer group, the alcoholic / addict is encouraged to develop meaningful relationship experiences and clarify feelings and definitions of reality. Success of the process is characterized by relief, peace, increased sense of self worth, acceptance by self and the group, and the existential restoration of meaning to life.

The success of the Minnesota Model stems from it addressing the fundamental existential issues of addiction. Common to AA, it is rooted in existential philosophy and incorporates a treatment philosophy and treatment approach that addresses the core issues of addiction. This existential philosophy allows for a caring, nurturing, client-centered environment where the Twelve Steps provide direction and patients suffering from addiction can find healing.

Patients with co-morbid mental health conditions receive concomitant treatment for both conditions within a co-therapy concept. A common mental health diagnosis among chemically dependent patients is borderline personality disorder (BPD), a pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affect along with impulsivity. About 40% of chemically dependent subjects are also diagnosed with BPD. Those with BPD seem especially prone to the use of substances in order to cope with unwanted affective states.

The frequent co-occurrence of addiction with other mental health problems is of relevance and importance to chemical dependency (CD) counseling. For example, patients with BPD are likely to evoke strong and often negative responses among CD professionals. There is a risk that patients presenting with symptoms of BPD may be negatively stereotyped and treated inappropriately. There may be the tendency for staff to describe the patient in vivid and dramatic terms that can set negative expectations even before the patient arrives on the treatment unit. There may be a tendency to react to self-harming or suicidal acts with horror and/or anger. The CD counselor needs to understand this behavior in the context of the patient’s underlying pain and distress and their inability to express or process those feelings. Counselors need to be educated to understand the etiology and manifestations of disorders such as BPD in order to appreciate the worldview of patients with dual disorders and enhance empathy and respect shown all patients.

Thus, while the Minnesota model has become recognized as the gold standard of chemical dependency residential care across North America, it has some inherent limitations. The disease concept, while introducing scientific rigor and a conceptual framework for conducting research and assigning treatment, is limited by the tendency to label clients as ‘sick’, risking breeding stereotypical views and treatment approaches by clinical staff. Viewing the problem as being the ‘disease’ tends to shift the focus from the individual, manifested within the model by the tendency to conduct group therapy to the relative exclusion of individual attention and therapy.

The next generation of addiction treatment must be more holistic in nature, addressing the whole person as an individual with a problem, rather vice versa. The potential for sterile, text book approaches to diagnosis and treatment must be tempered with compassion, accurate empathy, behavioral modification, growth of interpersonal relationships, and spiritual development. It is time to accept the advances and learning of the Minnesota model with gratitude, and move forward with a more humanistic and loving approach in a less clinical setting, such as a home setting that is warmer, safer, and more client focused and outcome oriented.

Ringing in Ears Blood Pressure Problems – 3 Tips to Stop the Whooshing Noise in You Ears

You probably already know that hearing loss and its unwelcome cousin, tinnitus is most often caused by subjecting your ears to loud noises. Other causes include head injuries, sinus and ear infections, wax build-up, high cholesterol, TMJ problems or dental problems, food allergies, certain types of tumors and high blood pressure. If you have an odd whooshing or thumping ringing in ears, then high blood pressure may be linked to the cause. Here’s help to get over this confounding problem.

Say Hello to Pulsatile Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the medical term for “ringing in the ears” although some people hear other sounds. Normally the noises can’t be heard by anyone else and there is no obvious cause of the noise in your ears. You may hear it in one ear or both ears. The noises vary, but in pulsatile tinnitus the noise is described as a drumming, thumping or whooshing noise in the ears. Anyone of any age can experience of tinnitus. Some times the noises last for minutes, other times the noise never goes away.

Does the sound in your ears beat in time with your pulse? This is called pulsatile or vascular tinnitus. Approximately 3% of tinnitus patients experience this kind of tinnitus. When you have pulsatile tinnitus you hear a rhythmic pulsing, often in time with your heartbeat.

Ringing in ears blood pressure related noises are caused by a narrowing or a partial blockage of your arteries or blood vessels caused from an atheroma. The most common cause of pulsatile tinnitus is arterial turbulence, a noisy blood flow caused by plaques or kinks in the arteries in the head or neck. An atheroma is an abnormal accumulation and swelling of cholesterol and fatty acids, calcium mineral and fibrous connective tissues within the walls of your arteries. It can be made worse if there is also hypertension. The good news is that many forms of pulsatile tinnitus are treatable.

Tips To Stop Ringing In Ears Blood Pressure Problems

Pulsatile tinnitus is a symptom of a more serious condition and you are advised seek out your physician’s advice to reduce your cholesterol levels as soon as possible. Here are some natural steps to ending your pulsatile tinnitus.

1. Salt contains sodium. Sodium causes the sounds of tinnitus to become louder and more intense. High sodium levels lead to high blood pressure problems. So back off or completely stop adding salt to your food. Search out low sodium products when buying canned or pre-packaged foods.

2. Try lowering your blood pressure without synthetic drugs. Add omega rich fish oil to your diet and eat more fiber. If you love oatmeal or oat bran flakes eat it every day as they offer the largest cholesterol lowering effects of all grains.

3. Dairy products can aggravate tinnitus and add to cholesterol problems (which lead to pulsatile tinnitus.) Try eliminating all dairy products from your diet for 10 days. Keep a daily log of any changes (good or bad) in your ringing in ears blood pressure related noises. If at the end of 10 days you noticed a reduction in the pulsatile related noises, then continue on without dairy or slowly add it back in with skim/low fat dairy products.

Cartoon Drawing Tips: How to Add Depth and Life to Your Drawing

You are a cartoon fan who loves to draw, and show off your master pieces to your friends, parents and teachers. And you are appreciated by them for your work. But at times you yourself be engulfed by a feeling of inadequacy a feeling that the drawings that you create lack life of their own. True what you make is good in terms of details but still for some reason unknown to you it looks flat.

If the above lines describe your situation do not be frustrated. Let me tell you that you are not alone there are many beginners who face this problem. But fortunately you are different, you are reading this article, and it shows you are brain storming to take some action to address the problem. I would ask you to keep on reading, you are about to discover a number of simple things that when applied to your drawing will make it more lifelike.

Many times beginners highly concerned with getting the basic form right ignore this area. They spend considerable amount of time to be good at drawing hands, practice for hours to learn about various shapes of human nose.

Do not get me wrong I am not out here to say these exercises are not required or to suggest that you can draw beautiful figures without being good with these skills. Only thing I am trying to stress upon here is along with these details some more softer aspects are also important to make the characters and whole composition life like.

So equal importance needs to be given to the softer skills and these will help to add depth to your drawing. Here in this article I talk about the soft skills that will make your drawing stand out in the crowd.

1. Do judicious use of shadows in your drawing.

Please keep in mind adding shadows to your drawing need not be difficult. Because you won’t be adding perfect real life shadows in your drawing instead what you will be adding is indicative shadows, this is basically to serve two main purposes.

a. It will convey the weight of your fingers,

without this your characters will appear to be floating on thin air. Just imagine how unbelievable that will make your work to look at.

b. Using shadow in your drawing you can convey the time of the day and mood of your composition.

If it is midday [or the mood of the composition is bright] the shadows will be deeper whereas in the evening or the mood is not so euphoric shadow will be lighter.

2. Ensure that your characters are wearing garments that are in line with current fashion unless of course you are trying to portray historic characters. If you do this your viewers will relate to the character in better way subconsciously. While selecting color and patterns of the clothing make sure those are compatible with the mood of the composition. Bottom line is the more you align your characters with your viewers imagination the more acceptance you will receive.

If you are trying to represent a historic period in your drawing then make sure your knowledge of the period you are trying capture is sufficient for the work. Even if you are creating a comic strip you will require to do your research diligently and sufficiently. Just think of Asterix and how detailed those funny characters are in terms of garments, hairstyles build of the characters etc.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of action lines: action lines are lines that are used mostly in cartoon drawings to convey motion of the characters. When telling a story with your drawing the task at hand would demand drawing figures that are jumping, running or engaging in different kinds of interesting activities. And there is no better way to represent and make this actions believable than using action lines. Carefully used action lines can infuse life in your action heroes.

4. When you are not clear how to express an emotion through your characters body language. Go in front of a mirror and hold and process the thought that your character is supposed to have in your own mind and closely observe your body language and facial expression. Then create the character using the image that you just saw in the mirror.

5. Props are also important, unless the style of props and their organization go smoothly with the story your character might look like fish out of water. But on the contrary if the props are compatible it will enhance the believability of you creation hugely.

6. Use line thickness to your advantage: Do not create your whole drawing with lines that are all of uniform thickness, especially when you are creating outdoor scene. Use thinner lines to represent distant objects, and thicker lines are to be used for objects that are close to the viewer. Also do not forget to make distant objects smaller than equally sized objects that are close to the viewer. Following this two guidelines will automatically add a sense of depth to your composition.

7. Learn to draw animals: When talking about making good drawing people normally remain oblivious to the fact unless we attain a certain level of proficiency in drawing animals especially common animals like cats, horses and dogs we will have hard time in making a drawing that really will be a pleasure to look at. So here I would suggest to give some thought and time for enhancing this skill.

Take this as an wide open opportunity because many artists invest so much time to perfect their skill of human drawing that the animal drawing skill is hard to come by. If you be even moderately good at drawing animals you will be in a distinctly advantageous position as an artist.

So if you are serious and want to make improvements to the drawing that you produce read the above tips and suggestions again and start utilizing them from today itself.

As a simple fun exercise have some of the drawing that you have produced now in a safe place where you can reach them easily whenever you want. Now follow the given suggestions for 2 months. And at the end of 2nd month compare both set of drawings and see the difference if you have been sincere you yourself will notice the difference.

Remember the techniques presented here are simple and doable, so you do not have any excuse of postponing their adoption.

Delayed Ejaculation – A Problem Waiting to Be Solved?

Male orgasm usually has two components – an extremely pleasurable sensation, due in part to muscle contractions, as orgasm takes place, and the ejaculation of semen.

Ejaculation takes place when semen enters the end of the urethra and creates a build up of pressure, which triggers a series of co-ordinated contractions of the pelvic muscles, which forces the semen out of the body.

But, strangely, some men have trouble reaching orgasm and ejaculating during sexual activity, a condition which is known as male orgasmic disorder, retarded ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation.

Delayed ejaculation, the term I prefer to use, is defined by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) as “persistent or recurrent difficulty or delay attaining in orgasm, or the absence of orgasm, following sufficient sexual stimulation.”

So how common is delayed ejaculation? Estimates vary widely. In 2003 a study of men attending doctors’ surgeries in London reported a rate of 11%. A representative sample of American men aged between 18 and 59 years revealed that 7.8% of men had experienced delayed ejaculation for at least one month over the previous year. And a study of UK men aged between 16 and 44 found that 5.3% had been unable to reach orgasm for at least one month in the previous year. A lower proportion of 2.9% had the problem for at least six months in the previous year.

What causes such a strange condition? No-one really knows, but it has been suggested men with delayed ejaculation may have slower sexual reflexes, lower penile sensitivity, or reduced spinal nerve stimulation…but the fact is, no-one really knows.

Some authors have suggested that insufficient physical stimulation during sexual activity may be the problem. This is because men who prefer autosexual stimulation – that is, stimulation by their own hand – to any kind of partnered sex may have a physically hard way of manipulating their penis as they pleasure themselves, to which they have become habituated. This hard, even aggressive, stimulation lowers their ability to ejaculate during intercourse just because they don’t receive enough stimulation during the gentler act of lovemaking.

And some evidence suggests that intensity and ease of orgasm declines with age. The sexual organs atrophy, testosterone levels decrease, and erections are harder to achieve, all of which points to an age-related decline in the functioning of the sexual system.

Sometimes there are congenital abnormalities of the sexual glands and ducts which could lead to the inability to ejaculate. We also know that pelvic surgery may affect a man’s ability to ejaculate; in particular, radical prostatectomy often results in loss of erectile function and ejaculation. And trans-urethral resection of the prostate, an operation often carried out to resolve problems caused by the enlarged prostate gland, can cause delayed ejaculation.

Other factors associated with delayed ejaculation include vascular disease, smoking, alcohol, physical inactivity, and many drugs approved for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression, together with antiadrenergic, anticholinergic, psychoactive and antihypertensive drugs.

In addition, researchers have observed that almost every psychological problem known to man has been associated with delayed ejaculation! For example, a man who is ambivalent about his sexual relationship may “hold back”: not only from full emotional presence in a sexual relationship but also from sexual intimacy – this can be seen as a type of overcontrol, a way of assuming power in a difficult relationship. This assumes that men with this problem are overcontrolled and resist “letting themselves go” – in every way: psychologically, emotionally, and sexually – including the release of ejaculation.

But there again, sometimes things are not so complex, for as another author has observed, a creaking bed, thin walls, and children wandering about, may inhibit orgasm and ejaculation very effectively. So can penile pain: a phimotic foreskin, painfully stretched over an erection, or a recurrent painful torn frenulum.

In getting to the bottom of what’s going on in cases of delayed ejaculation, a doctor needs to consider whether the problem is physical or emotional. An assessment of the penis and nervous system can exclude peripheral neuropathy, autonomic dysfunction, and spinal cord pathology, as well as other physical causes.

Treatment of delayed ejaculation has often involved vigorous hand stimulation of the penis, using a lubricant, in an attempt to overcome the “block”, and “decondition” the non-ejaculatory response.

Other suggestions have included the use of masturbatory exercises, missionary position sex (which is more physically arousing to men than some other sexual positions), and the use of vibrators to increase sexual arousal. In reality, these are crude approaches which do not take account of the fear or anxiety which may be inhibiting ejaculation: fear of pregnancy and fear of sexually transmitted infections are high on this list. These all need the attention of an understanding therapist or counselor. Hypnosis may be helpful for relaxing a man and encouraging him to “let go” during sex.

In summary, retarded ejaculation treatment must address both physical, emotional and relationship factors, and therapy must be tailored to the individual’s needs.

The Dangers of Wearing Glasses With the Incorrect Prescription

If you’ve been wearing eyeglasses for a long time and you are sick of the annual check-ups at your optometrist because you know that your prescription has changed, yet again, and you are in need of a new pair of prescription eyeglasses. This probably upsets you and it’s an understandable feeling. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life – eyesight deteriorates earlier for some, and faster than others.

While your eyes can start deteriorating at any time, you don’t want to be stuck wearing an outdated pair of frames with old prescription lenses. Although wearing eyeglasses with the wrong prescription will not damage your eyes, it can cause some very unpleasant side effects that are really not worth suffering through just to save a few dollars on buying new eyeglasses. Just think, how would you like to suffer from nausea, headaches, blurred vision, strained eyes, dizziness and vertigo? Aside from making you feel sick; these side effects can also prove dangerous if you are in a situation such as driving, carrying glass or hot beverages, handling machinery and so on. Your reluctance to buy new glasses and suffer the side effects instead, can cause harm, not only to yourself but to others as well.

Incidentally, even without a formal trip to your eye doctor, these side effects will be your first clear indication that your eyesight is waning and that you need a new, stronger optical solution. If you are stubborn enough to continue wearing your old prescription eyeglasses, the symptoms of nausea, dizziness and headaches may reduce, or even completely disappear; however, the blurred vision and eye strain would remain because you aren’t seeing properly and the lenses are no longer compensating for your loss in optical strength.

Similarly, when you begin to age and your eyesight begins to change, you will not be able to continue wearing regular prescription eyeglasses when you actually need multifocal glasses. If not corrected with the appropriate prescription strength, you will continue to strain your eyes and suffer from these other unpleasant symptoms.

When you decide to give in and invest in eyeglasses for the sake of your overall health, you should know that following a thorough eye examination, your eye doctor will have your most updated eyeglasses prescription. This will allow you to get lenses made with the correct prescription strength to fit your vision difficulties and allow you to see as you should.

You should keep in mind that the first time you put on your new pair of eyeglasses, you will feel a bit dizzy and nauseous. This is because you eyes will need a few short moments to adjust to their new advanced vision. If, after an hour or two, you still feel these negative symptoms, then it is a sure sign that the lenses were not manufactured exactly according to your prescription and they will need to be changed.

This, however, is a little bit different in the case of multifocal glasses. With these, the adjustment process is a little bit more difficult as there is an optical jump within the lenses that take some getting used to. This adjustment period could take a while, but they usually normalize within 72-hours. Some have even reported a month or more, however, in the end, there is no doubting that your visual needs will be completely taken care of.

Should you be suffering from any of the above-mentioned side effects, or you have already visited your eye doctor and your updated eyeglasses prescription dictates the need for new frames, do not hesitate! Get eyeglass frames that will give you the perfect sight that you deserve! It is not a waste of money; it’s a favor that you do for yourself, to enjoy your health and your life.

Adopting a Non-Egoic Model For Therapy


Much of what is motivating for human behavior is action that serves the ego of the individual. The term as it is being used herein, may not relate directly to the psychoanalytic view of ego which is conceptualized as the buffer between the Id and the Superego, but more of ego addressed to a broader and more universal definition of all things related to the self of an individual. Therefore ego in this writing relates to the individuality and one’s singular identity, which some may consider the foundation of personality.

Society has become increasingly “self-focused” and there exists in many arena of culture a fundamental tyranny generated by the supremacy of entitled selfhood. Some might call the entitled self, by negative labels such as selfish or self-centered, but for the purposes of this paper those labels are unhelpful and un-descriptive in nature. What is clear is that rampant entitled selfhood has created or supports many societal woes and personal tragedies. Entitled Selfhood, can play out in any number of possibilities in the lives of an individual, for example one might enter a helping profession to meet some need of their selfhood and when that need is not readily met through their labor with clients, they become fatigued and overly stressed, which may indeed contribute to burnout in professional service providers.

There exists a natural occurring psychological heuristic which each normally function human being possesses, that makes comparisons and judgments almost constantly while conscious and alert. The foundation of those comparisons and judgments are based in comparisons to the individual self, with those things that support the ego being “good or right” and those that do not support the ego as being “bad or wrong”. This binary mental activity is most often in servitude to our selfhood. Herein lies a danger for the healer, it becomes very easy to apply our own evaluations to others and judge the goodness or appropriateness of their behavior based on what our individual measuring stick might be.

To function optimally it is essential for the counselor/healer to understand and effectively restructure their own ego dependency and demandness, so that they are not burdening others with their judgments, biases and injunctions. Perhaps the most successful way to achieve this release from the tyranny of the entitled selfhood is to find avenues of compassion and charity that do not come with price tags. Price tags are the expectations that are often the companions of the entitled self. When one has the price tag of acknowledgement, recognition, or the price tag of being a savior to others, this makes the helping about the counselor/healer’s ego needs.

Healing begins when the counselor/healer find within themselves the ability to consistently invite the helped into a sanctuary of acceptance, compassion and charity. That singular activity can provide tremendous results even without techniques or skills. This is not a new idea in the field of helping others, but has remained a steady and supportable component of the philosophic fabric of creating healthy change in others.

Moving Toward Non-Egoic practice

The idea of NON-EGOISM may be a new concept, but hopefully it will be a concept that opens the windows of heaven and admits a light and warmth that has been missing in clinical work. In the changing clinical world where the practitioners are focusing more on strengths, and helping clients move through their problems using the skills that they already possess, it is time to look at the Non-egoic models of therapy. It is herein postulated that one cannot truly be strength’s based if one has not achieved a certain ability to be consistent in selfless charitable compassion. Some might say that love unfeigned by the demands of emotional or psychological price tags.

Perhaps a definition of this concept might serve to the reader at this point. On first hearing there have been a number of therapists that seem perplexed by the idea of non-egoic models of therapy, preferring instead to focus on the individual, and therapies that are designed around the egoic nature of the human condition. While it is thoroughly and completely apparent that all human beings are egoic there are certain practical considerations that must be equally apparent. Each individual possesses an abundance of unique history that has embedded particular meaning and value within the contextualized relational architecture of living life on a daily basis. Much of this meaning is in service of preserving the entitled selfhood of an individual. One of the challenges faced when adopting a non-egoic view of the helped is that is counterintuitive to our fierce though false sense of a separate individualism, seeing the entitled self as a unique and separate being from everyone and everything else around them.

Defining Non-egoic approaches to therapy falls into two distinct frames. One frame is the counseled and the other frame is about the counselor. The entitled selfhood which is a form of egotism in therapy has a long and well established history; it is easy to acknowledge that most of the traditional approaches of therapy, other than systems approaches have treated the individual as a unique entity, which is absolutely true. The challenge is that the traditional models tend to attend too little to the relational architecture within which the unique individual lives. Non-egoic models tend to look at the unique individual as an interacting agent with the relational environment or architecture.

The second and maybe the most important aspect of non-egoic models of therapy have to do with the clinician. Many times the clinician’s entitled selfhood becomes an element in the therapy of the individual. Milton Erickson used to compare this to inviting a guest to dinner and then dictating what, and how they should eat. Many therapists want to control the kind and type of experience the client discovers as they participate in the therapeutic process. Still others have set semi-rigid ideas of how recovery and healing appear, and have in the past taken the stance that clients that did not fall into line with their “superior belief” of how it should be were guilty of resistance. This all communicates an interaction with compassion price-tags, of varied value and urgency for the counselor/healer.

Most Human beings possess the egoic view of life, seeing themselves as separate from everything and everyone else. Developmental psychologists cherish the stage named individuation childhood development as a profound and necessary step in one’s ability to differentiate the self from the world. This differentiation creates a totally personalized and unique view of reality, what one might label as a personally subjective reality. This process of individuation is not complete in most people until they finish adolescence. Clearly there are many sound psychological and emotional reasons to see the self as separate from the world and environment within which one functions. The difficulty becomes that in the rush to cherish this egoic separatism a tremendous truth is lost. That truth is that all things are inseparably interconnected; therefore, we are never truly alone. In fact one might argue that many mental health issues are related to this feeling of separateness and aloneness live out in the lives of people who are interacting with a relational architecture within which they fell disconnected or disenfranchised.

In physics, the idea of Presence (heightened awareness of self and environment) is expressed in the theory of energy. In simple terms, the entire universe is composed of the presence of energy in various forms. Each cell in our bodies is a function of energy, each breath we take, every step, every movement, every relationship; every event is an expression of energy. It is impossible to consider that we might separate ourselves from the source of energy. Indeed, even after death, our energies transmute into other energetic forms. This idea is so elementary; a universe without energy is inconceivable and absurd. Egoic separatism minimizes and ignores the fact that while each person might be considered individual, the relational architecture within which the life of this INDIVIDUAL unfolds is an exchange of energy with everyone and everything they interact.

The therapist or counselor that understands the relational architecture of an individual, or at least as much of that structure as possible, will be more effective in helping the individual find recovery, hope, healing and connection. This professional views the relational architecture as a living organism that is in the business of exchanging energy within the framework of an individual’s life. The therapist does not over focus on one individual element of the relational architecture, and therefore therapy will look and feel very different from individual therapies which are highly egoic in nature.

What is being suggested in this work is that it is possible to transcend the normal egoic dimensions of the individual and explore other realms that are mystical in nature. For example, a physicist can describe the mechanics of gravity, and these mechanics can be measured. It is recognized immediately that if there were no gravity, this universe would not hold together. Our normal experience of life is filled with ideas of multiple things that seem solid and separate. We have a strong intrinsic sense of the world as a binary production where there are clearly definable (this & that; here & not here; right & wrong) that encourages the development a perspective that distinguishes fundamental differences in shape, color, form, solidity, temperature, light, and so on. Therefore, when looking at a client it is easy to become deceived by the habituation of all the mental differentiations and distinctions that actually arise out of a basic limited ability to perceive the individual as a part of an interactive system rather than a standalone entity.

The therapist who manages to observe and attune to relationships and human beings as on-going acts of creation can be free from the rigid expectations of what healing should look like. Creation is an unceasing phenomenon. The important point, however, is that creation itself is a process. Generally it is impossible to know the starting point so exploring the mental archeology of a problem provides a limited benefit to the therapist in understanding the current creative process within which clients are involved.

A metaphor that illustrates this point is taken from the work of Rabbi Abner Weiss If we walk into a room with a light shining, we do not know when that light was turned on. Many people have taken the egoic stance that help cannot be derived until it is known when the light was turned on, or the history around the lighting. This does little for the light shining in the room. In much the same way, an individual is operating and has been for some time, looking at the process of what they are doing is much more productive than trying to plumb the depths of their collective histories. Returning to the metaphor of the light; it may have been turned on the instant before we walked in.

Imagine that the creation of the relational architecture works the same way. The therapist is a creator, in as much as they can help a unique individual reformulate the functioning of their relational architecture. Taking the stance that a client is in a constant state of creation suggests that it is never known if the existence of a certain form will persist, or if something will instantaneously take on a completely new form. Indeed, although there are few absolute truths in this creation, one of them is that things are constantly changing. This means that we never have certainty from one moment to the next if the sustained flow of creation will persevere.

The point of this is very simple, egoic focus on the individual thoughts, feelings and behaviors feel comforting and familiar to the therapist, but have limited effectiveness in understanding or clarifying the dynamic creational experience of an individual’s relational architecture. Eckhart Tolle (2005) asserts in A New Earth that one of the greatest challenges facing a person is how he or she transcends the tyranny of the ego and it’s endless striving to be gratified which tends to have the effect of influencing people to look for satisfaction out of themselves, be it material object or something conceptual which they may associate with increased worth, love, likability. Many helpers have been trapped by their ego strivings, looking to meet their needs through the helping relationship. These strivings can absorb attention, energy, effort and distract the helper from being fully present with the client.

Stay Healthy With Green Drink Recipes

Most diets you come across claiming to help you lose weight, fight fatigue and lower your blood pH will inevitably have you removing food from your diet. This is what people typically think of when starting a new diet and to be honest, it’s what scares most people away. We hate not being able to eat the foods we love! Well, I’m sick of doing things the hard way and you should be too.

This approach has you adding things to your diet instead of taking away and will leave you healthier than ever. By utilizing green drink recipes, we can easily do this. Adding a healthy green smoothie or drink to your diet will have a profound impact on how you structure your meals. This is how it works:

  • Add a green drink or smoothie to at least one meal a day (breakfast is probably the best choice).
  • Drink it before you eat the rest of your meal.

What does this do?

Since green drinks and smoothies consist of very pure, nutritious ingredients like leafy greens, fresh fruit and fresh vegetable or fruit juices, this is a fantastic way to consume all your necessary vitamins and minerals without having to resort to a multivitamin.

It also allows you to eat less “junk food” because your stomach will be satiated from the nutritious green drink and you won’t have enough room for a giant meal afterwards. This is great for people who have a problem with overeating.

How will this help you lose weight? Simple, you’re eating less junk food and more low calorie nutritious food.

How will this help you fight fatigue? By adding a fresh green drink to your diet, your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs to operate at full capacity.

How will this lower your blood pH? Green leafy vegetables are extremely alkaline and eating alkaline foods will lower your blood pH which helps remedy all sorts of dis-eases.

Soon, your body will start to crave food that is of higher nutritious quality and because of that, you will naturally start to eat better, lose weight, and be healthier overall.

Here’s a recipe you can try out:

6 strawberries

1 cup pomegranate seeds

1 apple

1 stalk of celery

1 peach

1 handful of red grapes

1 handful of fresh spinach

1 banana

1 cup water

Just toss everything into a blender and blend until your desired consistency. Enjoy!