Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency in My Wife

I often preach the value of taking a daily multivitamin pill, particularly in light of how our modern lives are lived. In an article I have posted elsewhere entitled “Should You Take a Daily Multivitamin”, point out how we live our lives these days and how people’s individual situations usually make it in their best interest to at least supplement their nutritional intake with some general, all purpose, daily vitamin pill.

However, I have seldom studied, written about, or discussed the value of individual vitamins, minerals, or supplements.

A recent personal experience, combined with a little research, has moved me to write about one nutrient in particular. At least when I began my researches, I was looking into Vitamin D only, but I soon learned that to discuss this topic without mentioning calcium is only telling part of the story.

The personal experience was that my wife, a particular person with a particular medical history, began experiencing what a doctor eventually determined was probably symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency. When my wife began to take a Vitamin D supplement regularly, a major portion of her symptoms cleared up.

This led me to do the research I mentioned, and what I learned led me not only to write this article, but to look at my own vitamin and mineral supplementation regimen as well.

My Wife’s Symptoms

First, my wife is 51 years old, overweight (she admits it freely), does not get outside much, and had the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery about seven years ago. I will add that she began having some of her symptoms a couple of years ago, about five years after she had the surgery. She does take a daily multivitamin supplement and a daily B-12 supplement.

A while back, my wife began experiencing chronic fatigue, heart palpitations, an increase in Candida infections, high blood pressure, and depression.

She had a history of anemia and her iron was low, so she was treated for that. She began menopause about the same time, so some of her experiences were ascribed to at least possibly being related to that. While in training for a new job, she began having dizzy spells, more heart palpitations, and mini-blackouts. Some testing indicated that she had a growth in her abdomen (tumor?), and on her thyroid. Her iron levels, which had been treated, had dropped again. She was going through menopause, constantly fatigued, she lost her new job because she could not perform the required actions, she was depressed (surprise?), and she had to undergo a long and expensive series of medical testing.

While she got a little immediate relief from some of the fatigue by receiving intravenous iron treatments, the seemingly unending round of testing showed that everything seemed to be normal, and there was no apparent medical reason for all the problems she was experiencing.

Then, one doctor diagnosed a possible problem which had been overlooked by other physicians. This doctor felt that my wife was exhibiting symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.

We pointed out that my wife was already taking a daily multivitamin with Vitamin D, but the doctor countered that, particularly due to the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure, she probably needed to supplement even more.

My wife started taking a daily Vitamin D supplement and experienced relief from the fatigue and depression in a few days.

Now, I do not want to imply that she began running around the room, singing all day, and everything was all better. No, but she DID experience visible (to me and her) relief from several of the symptoms which had been troubling her. She now has more energy and has lost the depression which was clouding her life for so long.

As I said, this experience led me to do some research on the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, and this is what I found.

You cannot look at Vitamin D without looking at calcium. The relationship between calcium and Vitamin D is integral, and one cannot be separated from the other. Vitamin D’s main function is to assist the body in making use of calcium. In fact, if you examine what happens when a Vitamin D deficiency exists, you will note that the symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency are almost identical to those of a calcium deficiency.

Rickets and Osteoporosis

While my wife did not experience these, at least not to our knowledge, Rickets and Osteoporosis, both conditions of the bones have long been linked to deficiencies in Vitamin D and/or calcium.

However, recent research is illuminating other symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, depression, fatigue, heart palpitations…the list goes on, and you may have noted some of my wife’s symptoms listed there.

Vitamin D is normally formed in our bodies by a reaction to direct sunlight on our skin. However, if we do not get enough sunlight, a deficiency can occur. Also, as we age, we have a bit more difficulty making and using Vitamin D. People who are obese also have a problem as Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and can be absorbed by the fat in the body, essentially taking it out of circulation.

People with digestive problems, either natural or artificial have problems using Vitamin D as some of its action occurs in the digestive tract.

My wife’s doctor pointed out that people who have had gastric bypass surgery, such as the Roux-en-Y procedure often experience symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency a few years afterwards.

Our personal experiences and beliefs are not to be taken as a medical diagnosis, as many of the conditions discussed in this article can arise from a wide range of causes. However, if you are experiencing what seems to be some of the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, you definitely should discuss this with your doctor and do a little research on your own.

John Wayne Launches a Ship

The launching of a naval vessel is a special event in the US Navy. Dignitaries are invited and speeches are made, followed by a ceremonial breaking of a champagne bottle which starts the ship sliding down the ways. On one occasion though, it took the intervention of movie star and American icon John Wayne for the ceremony to be a success. It happened like this:

On September 25, 1975, at Bath Maine, the Navy prepared to launch the first of a new class of guided missile frigate, USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7). The Perry was of a new generation of sub-hunters, a grand total of 71 eventually being constructed, with versions serving the navies of Australia, Poland, Bahrain, Egypt, Taiwan, Turkey, and Spain. To witness the proceedings, the Navy invited many distinguished guests, including a much younger Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and legendary Hollywood Western actor John Wayne.

All seemed to be going as planned. The speeches were completed and as tradition dictated, a lady crashed the ceremonial champagne bottle against the hull as a signal for the launch. Nothing happened. The shipbuilders were confounded and the Navy embarrassed. Everything was tried to budge the vessel, but nothing worked. It was becoming a public relation’s nightmare! It was here that Wayne stepped up to save the day, as he had pretended to do in countless films over the pass 40 years. Coolly striding to the 3600 ton warship, the maverick actor known as “the Duke” gave Perry a gentle shove, probably in jest, and the giant vessel moved. Into the water slipped the frigate to the great astonishment of all those present!

The USS Perry went on to serve her country with distinction until she was decommissioned in 1997. Already suffering from the effects of cancer, actor and American legend John Wayne died at UCLA Medical Center on June 11, 1979.

Joris-Karl Huysmans: Against Nature – A Review of the Literature

Huysmans’, Against Nature, is novel written in Decadent aesthetics and is inspired by many other Decadent authors, like Baudelaire. Huysmans develops a character called Des Esseintes whom has characteristics of a solitary nervous person that reflects on living alone in his house of artifacts. Against Nature is written with a beautifully descriptive setting. The beginning of the book expresses his surroundings from top to bottom; for example Huysmans takes the reader through a sensory pleasing journey through Des Esseintes home. The setting involves all of his decorating schemes and begins to inform the reader about his large library of his most treasured literature; Baudelaire, Edgar Allen Poe, Dickens, Petronius, and many more. Huysmans eventually explains Des Esseintes wide knowledge of literature, art, and trade interests, like perfume manufacturing. His thoughts are always conflicting; for example, he contemplates the importance of Christianity versus Paganism. Throughout the book, he is torn between his knowledge of many conflicting ideas, which mainly leads to his schooling with the Jesuit Priests. Although he is suffering from a nervous disease, he escapes from his illness by reading literature and conversing with his imagination rather than real people.

Des Esseintes is a very melancholy type of man, but little mental desires keep his soul alive during his sickness. One example of a short-lived desire, is his yearning for a tortoise; because of his eccentric imagination, he has the tortoise’s shell covered in his favorable gemstones and he loves the contrast of the animal against his gold flooring. Of course the tortoise dies from a weighed shell and lack of nutrition, but he doesn’t show any emotion towards the death because the tortoise has already grown old to his taste. Like most Decadent writers, the character Des Esseintes is very narcissistic.

His house is covered with expensive literature, fake flowers and art. Des Esseintes especially favors religious paintings by Gustave Moreau and he imagines Salome goddess as being in movement with the other figures in the painting. Salome seems to intimidate him, and he always reflects more towards the art and literature that are threatening. Huysmans also mentions Des Esseintes artwork entitled Religious Persecutions, “These pictures, replete with abominable imaginings, stinking of scorched flesh, oozing with blood, filled with shrieks of horror and curses, made his skin crawl, keeping him riveted to the spot, unable to breathe, when he entered that red room.” (Huysman, J.K., 1884)

As mentioned before Des Esseintes has many short-lived desires that he quickly fulfills; then he begins his boredom conquest for something new. During his boring lifestyle, he conjures up old memories from Paris; one being about a young boy that he tries to mold into a murder. While he was living among society in Paris he meets a young boy, Auguste, which he calls, “the Little Judas.” He introduces Auguste to a night of drinks and sex at a bordello, and he hopes to build the boys sexual frustration to the point of murder. Des Esseintes examines the newspaper for months, waiting to see the boy murder some un-necessary people on the streets, and he is disappointed that his devious plan didn’t work.

Another memory is that of his former mistress; Urania, a ventriloquist that fills his sexual desires of committing adultery, in which she uses her many voices as an illusionary husband ready to knock down the door. As he experiments with aromatics and making perfume, he imagines a mistress that, “…would go into raptures over particular aromatics…a nervous woman who liked to have her nipples soaked in perfume.” (Huysmans, J.K., 1884) during Des Esseintes experiment with aromatics, he faints, which begins the reality and intensity of his nervous illness.

While he is continuing in a dreamlike state, possibly caused from early stages of dying, he takes an imaginary trip to London. The trip is full of eating, conversing, drinking, and observing. Huysmans wrote this imaginary trip with more description than a real vacation might entail. Des Esseintes says, “I would be insane to risk losing, by an ill-advised journey, these unforgettable impressions”, Huysmans explains that his imaginary trip was worth much more than actually taking the trip; He actually felt the exhaustion from the mental vacation as if he would from a real one.

Des Esseintes begins to become bored of his literature, art, and his home. He explains his book collection as if he is supporting his intelligence as he grows weaker. He mentions Baudelaire many times, and he says, “[Baudelaire’s writings]….eventually reaching those regions of the soul in which the nightmare growths of human thought flourish.” Towards the end of the book, he realizes that he can longer take laudanum, opiates, or hashish to enhance his imaginary journeys because his body will reject anything he ingests. At this point of Des Esseintes illness, Huysmans explains Des Esseintes mirror image of himself, which is that of a malnourished man. He calls upon a doctor that prescribes him enemas of certain nutrients, which he is very excited to have, “…eliminated the tiresome, vulgar chore of eating.” (Huysmans, J.K., 1848) The doctor orders him back to Paris, and society, rather than being confined in the walls of his home in Fontenay. Des Esseintes comes to the conclusion that he should reconcile with Catholicism along with his move to Paris, and he explains that he should give up his art of comparing all of the religious skepticism so his mind will be at peace.

In general, he uses his imagination to fulfill his need of pleasure and adventure. It seems that he moved to Fontenay to bring upon self reflection, but during his solitary lifestyle he begins a nervous illness. The reflection on his memories cause him to get caught up in comparison of the knowledge he has acquired in life; from his beginning years with the Jesuit Priests, to his adulthood in a Modern Paris society. Des Esseintes is an artist of critiquing art, literature and societal class. He is a master of religious teachings in comparison of a realistic scientific view. Because of his struggle with collecting his knowledge into truth, he almost dies because of neglecting his basic needs for survival.

Stereotypes of Astrology Signs

Your Sun sign or just plainly “sign” is associated with many stereotypes these are typically the first thing a person hears about before learning Astrology. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Sign? Sun Sign?

In Western Astrology, the Sun goes in and out of the 12 signs of Zodiac about once a month. If you do not know your Sun sign or are right on the edge and aren’t sure, do a quick search.

I don’t mean to offend- they’re all explained below.

Aries: Foolish and Impulsive

Summed Up

Fire sign Aries is adventurous and innovative. They are stereo-typically known for being naive, impulsive, and intrusive.

The Real Story

Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac wheel, is thought to be the youngest on their journey of the universe. They can be intrusive, frank, and sometimes very loud. Unlike most signs, though, they really don’t need to second guess themselves- they often get things right. They are moving fast and always searching. Their fresh and new views of the world keep things exciting and their competitive side keeps it always growing. Wisdom, on the other hand, well, they won’t be dogmatically reciting what they’ve read in old dusty books- they’ll learn more from experience which they’ll gain in time.

Taurus: The Penny Pincher

Summed Up

Earth sign Taurus is solid and practical. They are stereo-typically known for being materialistic, stubborn, and too careful.

The Real Story

Taurian Suns often get stuck with the somewhat selfish role of being stingy with money. In truth, this sign often has a very complicated relationship with money/possessions. They see they must play the game, as others do, to make a living but this doesn’t always match their career goals. They are often very creative and if they can learn to mix this with earning cash, they will be happy and generous to those in need. Otherwise they will continue to have a strange love/hate relationship with it. In focusing so much on Taurus’ stubborn and materialistic ways people often forget to describe this sign’s good taste for the finer things in life and their robust energy.

Gemini: The Fickle Jack-of-All-Trades

Summed Up

Air sign Gemini is curious and responsive. They are stereo-typically know for being changeable, flaky, and having a poor memory.

The Real Story

Though many Gemini Suns are proud to be a “twin” this isn’t entirely the whole story. This changeability is more flexibility rather than a split personality. Gemini Suns can jump between the extremes and stay sane. They prefer to learn a little bit of everything to experience and communicate/connect with others.

Their restless energy has them jumping from one thing to the next, as well. As for their memory, this is common with a chart ruled by air, not necessarily with just having a Gemini Sun. There is no mistake, though, Gemini Sun prefers to keep things light and if they do forget something other’s find important, they were simply thinking of other things- this will be a reoccurring misunderstanding for the Gemini Sun in personal relationships.

Cancer: The Home- Body

Summed Up

Water sign Cancer is intuitive and caring. They are stereo-typically known for being anxious, moody, and passive aggressive.

The Real Story

Cancer Suns have gotten a real bad reputation. It seems like all people have to remark on is their domestic and moody ways but really, you’ve got to give Cancer some credit. This sign is the Cardinal quality of the Water element, therefore, they are the leaders in all that involves channeling, intuition, and clairvoyance. Even if a Cancer Sun isn’t psychic, they have a deep vibrational energy that is underlying and strong to those who can see the sixth sense. To explain their need for home- Cancer Sun is nostalgic and feels deeply for childhood- they know that these roots color patterns in the future, as well as the ability to let love in.

Leo: The Melodramatic Performer

Summed Up

Fire sign Leo is proud and dignified. They are stereo-typically known for their gaudy-attire, attention-seeking, and leadership.

The Real Story

It’s not entirely false that the Leo Sun isn’t a little showy but there’s more to them that meets the eye. Sure they boast and brag but their self-confidence is contagious. Others feel important around them. Leo Sun believes in bravery and heroism. Their message is true and they commend others for their strength. SO yes- they can be dramatic in relevance to the rest of us but they believe in what they preach and in what they create.

Virgo: The Health Nut

Summed Up

Earth sign Virgo is hardworking and self-aware. They are stereo-typically known for their modesty, critical minds, organization, and health consciousness.

The Real Story

In modern times Virgo Suns have prevailed against these crude conceptions. They are now becoming known for their charm, independence, and common sense. The health concerns, however, stem from a sensitive digestive system, (this sign rules the intestines), which occurs mostly only in 1st and 2nd decan Virgos, (about from August 22-23 to September 10-12). This doesn’t always mean they are health nuts but many may decide to remove meat or dairy from their diets in later life if it starts to become a problem.

Libra: Superficial

Summed Up

Air sign Libra is harmonious and they like to weigh things out and compare/contrast. They are stereo-typically known for their love of beauty, justice-seeking, and seeing only what’s on the surface.

The Real Story

I believe Libran Suns to be misunderstood. They are idealists* and in an attempt to rid the world of filth they only cover it with smoke and mirrors. Without Libras there would be far less beauty in the world, justice, and the fairy tale of love and companionship would be all but carnal desires. I don’t think it should be viewed as “superficial” but more of a subtle tenacity in bringing beauty and harmony to the world through their own reflection and gestures.

Scorpio: Possessive & Intense

Summed Up

Water sign Scorpio is dissecting and reflective. They are stereo-typically known for being hypnotic, intense and especially possessive.

The Real Story

Scorpio is a very easy sign to pick out of a crowd- they seem determined and ready to defend themselves. This sign’s neighbors are Libra and Sagittarius- both considerably lighter than Scorpio.

*If you have Mercury in a different sign than Scorpio, your mind will not hold the brilliant dissecting qualities this sign has to offer and you’ll typically be much lighter in spirit.

Scorpio Suns seem synonymous with mystery and what is hidden. Past experiences have conditioned them to be untrustworthy. The possessiveness is simply misunderstood. Scorpio does not wish to own anyone they just wish to have another’s loyalty.

Sagittarius: Overly Frank & Blindly Optimistic

Summed Up

Fire sign Sagittarius is philosophical and freedom-loving. They are stereo-typically known for being sarcastic, blunt, and unrealistically optimistic.

The Real Story

Sagittarius Suns are the philosophers of the Zodiac. They could go for days on end metaphysically opening up all the doors and possibilities. Sagittarius as a character has a trust within the universe that is misunderstood to most. This optimism may get them into strange situations and will probably make them many new friends. I wouldn’t say they are completely blind to negativity and cynicism- they’re just indifferent to it.

Capricorn: The Old Goat

Summed Up

Earth sign Capricorn is ambitious and self-reliant. They are stereo-typically known for being set in their ways, slow-moving, and cynical.

The Real Story

The Sun set dead in the winter, in Capricorn, gets a reputation for being a little boring. Capricorn Suns are focused on career and, in this, they range from being very ambitious to a crazed workaholic. People sometimes think that Capricorn isn’t listening to them- it seems that this person is thinking of better times- the “good ol’ days” and not open to new suggestions. The truth of the matter is, Capricorn has fought for the things that they have earned and feel that others should work just as hard to earn what they get in life- they have a little trouble in seeing any short-cuts to success just for this reason. All earth signs, (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), are potential geniuses with materials and earthly values, however, so anyone with a little earth in their charts are bound to be misread for “materialistic” or “boring”.

Aquarius: Highly Impersonal

Summed Up

Air sign Aquarius is friendly and a humanitarian. They are stereo-typically known for being people watchers, eccentric, and personally cold.

The Real Story

It may sound a little strange- when people think of Aquarius Sun they think of a person who is kind and generous. Aquarians typically do well with large groups and shy away from one-on-one conversation. Personally, Aquarius Sun can be described as cold and intellectual. Aquarius is perhaps the most misunderstood of all the signs. They observe people and learn mannerisms of them so when they do get up close and personal, their intellectual theories intercept their emotional reactions. So, yes, everyone wants a quirky Aquarius friend but they must remember they are not so easy to catch.

Pisces: Easy to Confuse and Spacey

Summed Up

Water sign Pisces is imaginative and sympathetic. They are stereo-typically known for being impressionable, spacey, and easily amused.

The Real Story

As the last sign of the Zodiac cycle, Pisces is typically thought to be the wisest but many people think them to be a little air-headed. They often have fantastic imaginations and escape the “real” world to retreat to their day-dream world. They’re easily forgiving and this is seen as a weakness- it’s seen as naivety instead of compassion. Why does Pisces get such a bad reputation? Because most feel they don’t need to explain themselves- they are what they are, it is what it is, and this, too, shall pass.

Three Common Objections to Buying Insurance and Their Effective Rebuttals

Have you ever tried to sell your insurance products to someone who has objections or excuses for not purchasing those products? Many times it is obvious that some potential clients are just making an excuse to put off buying insurance but other times it may simply be that they are basing their decision on misinformation. Following are three very common objections that insurance sales personnel hear and how to effectively rebut each objection.

  1. “I don’t need that kind of insurance because it will never happen to me.” This is one of the most common insurance objections that people give for life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance or long term care insurance. However, the people who use this as an objection to these types of insurance will have enough coverage on their vehicle that will reimburse them in case they total their car. It is just as unlikely that a person will total their car as it is that they will need long term care insurance or disability insurance in the future. But if they ever do need it, they will be thankful that they have it. One way to rebut this objection is to make it personal. How would their family deal with the situation if they needed long term care or became disabled and didn’t have insurance to help defray the costs? Spending a few dollars now can save thousands of dollars later. And if the person never needs to use this insurance, the can consider themselves blessed.
  2. “I’m happy with the insurance agent that I have right now.” There’s nothing wrong with being satisfied with the service that a client is receiving from their current insurance agent. After all, you would hope that your current clients would say the same thing about their agent! However, life situations change and current coverage can change over the years. This means that reevaluating your insurance needs and premiums should be revisited every few years. If your potential client’s current agent has simply neglected this task for several years, show them how much money they could be saving if they reevaluated their current coverage and changed some services. Be honest with the comparison and tell the client that the decision is totally up to them once you show them the new information.
  3. “Why should I change my current coverage?” Assure the client that you are not suggesting they change their coverage unless it makes sense to them. Simply ask them about their current coverage and the price they are paying for their premiums and offer to “crunch some numbers” for them to see what you can do. Review what is available currently that meets their needs and then discuss their options with them. In some cases, it may make more financial sense to stay with what they already have. But you never know until you run the numbers.

Selling insurance is a bit like an art form. There is no right formula or wrong formula for being successful at it. But you do have to be flexible and knowledgeable about what you are talking about. When you exude this type of attitude, your potential clients will be more likely to work with you and listen to the ways you can help them save money.

Seniors in Denial of Aging – Limitations Are a Problem

Denial of the aging process and diminishing abilities of seniors cause problems Vanity often keeps the elderly from getting the aids they need for a better quality of life. Aids that could make their life better, such as glasses, a hearing aid or a cane to prevent falls are all ignored. Often reduced night vision is the first sign that driving ones self may soon be something that has to be given up. To give up driving is a real blow to the ego as well as limiting the seniors mobility.

For our children a parent who fails to recognize their aging related problems is an area of frustration. The children live in constant fear that the parent might do major damage to themselves and others in a driving accident. Perhaps they might not be taking their medications on schedule or over dosing on their medications.

Often seniors will not admit or recognize the fact that they cannot do things as well as they used to do. When we look in the mirror we see a few wrinkles, a couple of gray hairs but it is usually hard for us to imagine that the person in the mirror will someday reach a point in their life where they will have altered their life style or address issues never before because of aging. Those seniors who are in aging denial often create very serious problems for themselves and for those who care about them. Getting older is nothing to be ashamed of, not preparing for old age is.

They often tend to ignore or excuse away the problems. Not being able to keep track of the medicines a senior is taking, missing doses and not letting anyone else help is a problem. They often will withhold vital health information because of embarrassment, feeling it is trivial or in fear of the co-payments that treatment might cost. Ignoring preventive measures such as balance exercises because that is for the really old people.

The senior who fail to admit or recognize the reduction in abilities due to aging is a problem for all concerned. Their desire to carry on as they have always done can be life threatening. Their reluctance to make necessary adjustments can and will often lead to disaster.

Sometimes they just pretend to understand things they really do not comprehend. Seniors often fake it, not wanting others to think they are old and unable to comprehend what is being said. They do such things as faking understanding with their doctor, which can lead to not following the advice and procedures necessary to maintain good health. They will reject the idea of senior proofing their home, even to the point of covering up a fall. Not willing to ask those they love for help or for even willing to admit they need help.

Seniors often will go to great lengths to cover the fact that their mental and or physical abilities are diminishing, presuming the realization has sunk in. Being in a state of denial, they are not open to ideas that could help them have a better quality of life that compensates for the aging process. In actuality, denying the aging process will often accelerate the symptoms.

Natural Ways to Lose Weight Fast

America has an obesity rate that is increasing in this era of fast food .

Around 35% of Americans are overweight or obese. Our day starts at 5:30 am with a pop tart and juice and ends at the local drive through 12 to 14 hours later. However we can not leave out the convenience foods. These are the foods we take home to our families because we had a hard day at work. They are practically ready to eat, along with the preservatives and the msgs just to name a couple added ingredients.

Natural ways to lose weight fast

Make a list

The first thing we have to do is to decide if we are willing to make the changes that are necessary. Mind, body and spirit need to be balanced. You can do this by deciding what you want to happen in your physical being. Make a list of the things that keep you from enjoying your life.

Do you suffer from fatigue, memory loss, or depression just to name a few symptoms that we acquire as we age. These could have symptoms of a vitamin b deficiency. As we age our bodies are less able to absorb these vitamins not to mention the lack of proper nutrition in the foods we eat. Our mind being in balance is one of the natural ways to lose weight fast. When we feel good mentally and emotionally we are able to be more physically active.

Review the Food Eaten

As a child and young adult my father always told me to eat as close to God as possible. What he meant by this was eat natural and fresh foods. I learned the hard way after years of eating the fast foods and the convenience foods that go with today's lifestyles. Here are some things to help you get started.

  • Drink plenty of water through out the day.
  • Have a piece of fruit or vegetable for snacks.
  • Eat smaller portions
  • Eat slower.
  • Cut out sugar, use natural sweeteners. (Stevia)
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Do a whole body cleanse.

If you do all these things you will lose weight naturally, your energy will increase and so will your exercise.

These are all natural ways to lose weight fast. If time and convenience are important because of your busy lifestyle, maybe you should try meal and snack replacement products.

Natural meal and snack replacement substitutes are the way to go.

These meal replacements are natural, contain fewer calories, take less time to prepare and are more nutritious than the foods you have time for during the day. These are well balanced nutritional products, high in protein, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids and carbohydrates. They are stimulant free. I especially like the natural weight loss capsule. This capsule contains the exclusive ingredient blend called Converta. Use the weight loss capsules before meals. Replace 2 meals and 2 snacks a day with these natural products. Have your regular evening meal. This is two of my natural ways to lose weight fast.


The third thing you need to do is exercise. Figure out which fitness level you are. Start where you are at, do not force yourself. You can challenge yourself at every level. You will see your body tone and reshape as well as lose weight. Your energy level will increase. You can start to enjoy the things you have not been able to do, like ride a bike or hiking to name a few. Maybe you just want to feel better and have a better quality of life in your own body.

Walking is a great way to exercise start slowly and gradually go longer distances. A lot of people do not have a safe place to walk. If you do not have a safe place to walk there is one piece of exercise equipment that takes the place of a whole gym. You can do both cardio and strength training. The point is to do something you will enjoy and be consistent with.

Consistency is the key to Natural ways to lose weight fast.

Tunturi Exercise Bike Reviews

Quite simply, Tunturi make some of the best exercise bikes on the market and arguably make the best display consoles of any bike. The company makes different models to suit different fitness and feature-list requirements. The bikes range from mid-price to expensive. You could do far worse than opt for one of its machines. To help you along, here are some reviews of Tunturi bikes.

Tunturi are a Finnish company and its exercise equipment is very popular in Europe. Recently, its equipment is making inroads in the U.S., which isn’t surprising when you take at look at what’s on offer. Few competitors can match their build quality, feature-list and stylish looks.

What is fairly unique to Tunturi, though how long this will last before others also incorporate it into their products, is the ergometer function found on most of its bikes. What’s really cool about ergometers is that they provide detailed feedback on a variety of data during a workout. They’re useful if you want to repeat the same exercise routine, or monitor your calorie consumption during your workout.

Tunturi exercise bikes come with the best display consoles of any machine available. Many users, especially at entry-level, like displays that give great feed back, and are easily read and understood. A display should provide the motivation a user needs during a workout. The company provides two main types of display; T-Ride and T-Road.

The T-Ride is the base level display for the Ergometer bike range. The 3.8″ color LCD console tracks speed, distance, time, heart rate, energy consumption and effort. There are a number of landscape programs where slope affects the training intensity. Obviously, going uphill increases the intensity of the workout while going downhill decreases it. What’s nice about Tunturi’s bikes is that when in downhill mode the bike responds and feels exactly the same as if you cycling outdoors.

The T-Road is the more advanced display. The 7″ color LCD console displays the workout program as a real life, outdoor video stream. The video is perfectly synchronized with the intensity changes of the program; the faster you pedal, the faster the landscape changes.

The Tunturi F30 is the base level upright bike and retails for around $300. Its plus points are that it has built-in grip sensors and its recovery heart rate measurement evaluates fitness in just 60 seconds. It also comes with magnetic resistance of 9 levels. However, this model does lack the ergometer function and does not come with either the T-Ride or T-Road console.

The E40 is the next model up retailing for around $600. It does have an ergometer function and you get T-Ride console with 5 preset programs. You also get T-Scale, which allows you to edit and adjust the 10 pre-set HRC, power and resistance programs even whilst you’re working out. You select the training duration based on your target time and scale the training intensity based on your personal requirements. One drawback is that the wireless heart rate monitor comes only as an optional extra.

The E60 upright model retails for around $750. You get the same features as the E40 but you also get the wireless heart rate monitor. This machine would suit any serious cyclist.

The E80 is the top-end upright retailing for around $1,000. Additions to the E60 include the T-Road console, a race function, USB PC connection, 512 Mb USB memory stick included for data transfer and a versatile 20 user register for better feedback accuracy, personal settings and program memory. There is also an E85 version. The only difference between them is that the frame of the E85 is slightly different, being designed for the competitive cyclist. For the vast majority, the E80 is the better choice.

As well as uprights Tunturi also make recumbent exercise bikes. The models available are equivalent to their upright counterparts. Therefore the E40R has exactly the same features as that of the E40. Likewise the E60R is exactly the same as the E60. The E40R and E60R retails for around $800 and $1,000 resp.

They aren’t cheap but a Tunturi exercise bike does come with a ton of features and is extremely well built. If there is one criticism it is only about their price. Being imported does mean they are more expensive than other brands. But, having said that, they are still worth every penny if you take exercise seriously.

Dog Grooming Tips For Beginners

Dog grooming can be very expensive if you visit a pet grooming salon. However, you must not compromise your pet's hygiene and overall physiological and psychological health by ignoring its need to be well-groomed. Just like people, they also need some pampering and grooming now and then so that they look and feel better.

Fortunately, you do not need to spend a lot of money on dog grooming. There are various ways in which you can take care of your pet by yourself in your own home. All you have to do is purchase some grooming tools and supplies and follow these tips on how to properly groom your pet.

The first thing you have to consider is your dog's coat. You do not want your pet to develop problems with fleas and other pests so you must always clean and maintain your pet's hair. One very essential pet supply is the soft-bristled brush. You have to make sure that you brush your dog's coat every day to prevent it from becoming tangled. Regular brushing will also make the coat shiny because it stimulates and spreads the natural oils found in the coat. It prevails shedding because it removes dead and dying hair.

As well, you need to have your dog's coat trimmed every month or two, depending on the breed. If you want to do this on your own, you need to have clippers or trimmers, scissors, a brush or a comb, a blow dryer, and towels.

Next, when it comes to bathing your dog, you need to get a good dog shampoo and soap, towels, comb, and brush. Before the bath, brush your dog's coat so that it does not become tangled when it gets wet. You have to bathe the dog every month (for dogs with long hair) or every two months (for short-haired dogs) or whenever the dog needs it (eg when it has rolled over in the mud or something smelly). Regular bathing will prevent your dog from getting fleas and other skin diseases. It also keeps the dog smelling nice and feeling clean.

Dog grooming also involves nail clipping. Your dog's nails grow just like yours and longer nails can do a lot of damage to your home. They may also break off, which would be painful for your pet. Therefore, you must cut your dog's nails about once a month. This is not like clipping your own nails because a dog's nails are shaped differently and are much thicker. You'll need to use a dog nail trimmer. You should also have some blood-clotting powder handy if the need arises.

Twice a month, check your dog's ears for fleas and infections. Then clean them using cotton balls, warm water, and mineral oil.

Finally, not only people have to brush their teeth. Your dog can also develop cavities and other diseases of the mouth, teeth, and gums. You need pet toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean the mouth twice a week.

Studies Show Vitamin B3 Aids Stroke Recovery

Studies show that Vitamin B3 aids stroke recovery, this was revealed by Henry Ford Neuroscience Institute’s director Dr. Michael Chopp last February during the International Stroke Conference held in Texas.

Commonly known as Niacin, Vitamin B3 releases energy from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats so that these can be used by the body. This way, it helps control blood sugar levels, keeps skin healthy, and maintains proper functioning of the digestive and nervous systems. It is useful in the treatment of osteoarthritis and prevent diabetes or delay the need for insulin.

Niacin’s role in stroke prevention is one of the new discoveries in terms of benefits. It prevents stroke, particularly ischemic stroke due to atherosclerosis, because regular intake of Vitamin B3, which is commonly found in most of the food we consume daily, actually helps increase good cholesterol in the blood and reduces arterial plaque. A fact most beneficial if combined with Vitamin A and E than Niacin alone, according to research.

Now, Niacin’s role in stroke care is increasing as the study of Dr. Chopp seem to indicate. The study involved rats induced with ischemic stroke and given niacin, which in turn revealed an increase in nerve cells and blood vessels. The study indicates that Niacin helps restore neurological functions after stroke.

Dr. Chopp’s team observed that the brains of the ischemic stroke-induced rats showed growth of new blood cells, sprouting of nerve cells, and improved neurological outcomes after these were given Niacin. Thus, they found that Niacin helps restore neurological function in the brain of animals following a stroke by rewiring the brain.

However, since testing of its benefits on stroke treatment is still in animal level, human testing is still needed before Niacin can be proven effective in treating stroke. They are now in the process of conducting human trials through an extended-release form of Niacin in stroke patients.

Their study also confirmed the effectivity of Niacin to increase High-Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol (HDL-C) in the blood, also known as the good cholesterol, which helps get rid of fatty deposits in arterial walls that lead to atherosclerosis. Niacin’s increasing of HDL-C in the blood also increased blood vessels in the brain and axonal and dendritic growth leading to a substantial improvement of neurological function.

Niacin is a water-soluble vitamin that can be found in red meat, poultry, potatoes, yoghurt, pasta, fish, nuts, milk, eggs, and foods fortified with it such as breads and breakfast cereals.

Studies show that Vitamin B3 or Niacin aids stroke recovery by rewiring the brain and recreating aspects of it. While studies such as these are still underway for human trial, the fact remains that, as of this time, Vitamin B3 or Niacin is still best for stroke prevention. Meanwhile, stroke victims have NeuroAid to use for their stroke treatment as it still remains effective in neurological functions recovery.

How to Ejaculate More Semen

Do you want to increase your semen volume? Most men yearn to be able to produce more semen so that you can enjoy massive ejaculations and intense orgasms like porn stars. There are some simple and easy ways to make you ejaculate more semen.

One of the best ways is to take care of your diet and make sure you get enough of zinc and essentials fats. Zinc is not just important for the production of testosterone but is also crucial for increasing semen volume and sperm count. It is not surprising that almost 70% of the zinc in your body is actually contained in your semen.

You lose it with every ejaculation and hence it becomes extremely importantly for you to replenish it. Some of the best sources of zinc include oysters, red meat, dairy and poultry, nuts and beans etc.,

Besides this, essential fats like Omega 3 are also extremely important for the production of testosterone. This is the hormone that controls your sex drive and reproductive function. Olives, olive oil, canola, flax seed oil etc., are great examples of such foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Fish like salmons and sardines are another great source.

Role of Natural Semen Pills

Besides certain foods, natural semen enhancing pills are the most effective and popular option to increase the volume of your ejaculate.

Such pills are loaded with potent herbs, amino acids and other nutrients that can make you increase your semen production manifold. Some of the best semen enhancers can make you produce up to 5 times more semen within a couple of months. This can be great for your sex life. More semen can enhance pleasure on ejaculation.

This is because your body expels extra semen through stronger contractions which tend to intensify pleasure.

Not only this, natural semen supplements also enhance the force with which you ejaculate so that you can experience stronger orgasms.

Another advantage of such semen pills is that they increase blood flow to the penis. This not only enhances your libido or sex drive but also ensures harder and stiffer erections.

Top notch supplements do not have any side effects and are also backed with clinical approvals. Not only this, they are also recommended by reputed doctors.

This is why a large number of men are buying such pills to enjoy more satisfying and pleasurable sex.

So, If You Want to Ejaculate More Semen, Check out the Best Semen Pills Ever!

The Tinnitus Diet – 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever noticed how the buzzing, ringing hissing, cracking in your ear seems to be worse on some days and then not as bad on another day? Just take a moment now to think what you just ate? Did you have burger and fries or a few cups of strong coffee? My T. used to be worse after a Chinese take away! As you know there’s a lot of salt in one of those. Having a good diet is essential for managing the volume and frequency of the tinnitus noises you hear. As you read this article you’re going to discover 5 do’s and don’ts of the tinnitus diet.

DO…give your body premium fuel. Your body needs it to function properly. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and whole grains,beans, nuts olive oil, cheese, yogurt and eggs. Go organic if you can! These foods will be rich in vitamins and minerals and will boost your immune system.

DO NOT…eat junk foods. The are filled with empty calories. They are also very high in salt. Salt makes tinnitus symptoms worse by restricting the blood vessels, increasing blood pressure and reducing the blood flow to the ears, eyes and brain. When intake of salt is reduced, people report that tinnitus sounds are lessened. Most processed foods are also high in flavour enhancers such as Glutamate. Glutamate floods the neuroreceptors in the auditory pathway and excites them to a point where they fire continuously.

DO…make sure your tinnitus diet includes vitamin A, B1,6 and 12, C Iron and Zinc. Zinc is known to be particularly effective in reducing tinnitus noises. It can be found in oysters, lamb pumpkin seeds, eggs and beans. Include between 2 and 5 mg. of Manganese found in foods like bananas, celery, green leafy vegetables, beans and nuts.

DO NOT…take any mineral such as manganese in excess as this can be dangerous!

DO…include non-gluten grains such as millet, quinoa and amaranth. Wheat can cause inflammation of the inner ear and worsen tinnitus symptoms. Soy and soy products are a great source of anti-oxidants and help the body to produce vitamin B.

DO NOT…choose cows’ milk products, although your tinnitus diet should include a moderate amount of dairy products such a yogurt, milk, and cheese. Try to choose organic produce and opt for sheep or goats’ products.

DO…eat unsaturated fats from vegetables, nuts and fish. These are the fats that are necessary for life and should be included in your tinnitus diet. They lower undesirable cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation in the inner ear. Use olive oil as a cooking oil!

DO NOT…eat fried or fatty foods high in saturated fats as they raise blood pressure, a direct cause of tinnitus and increase blood level fats. This restricts oxygen and nutrients to the inner ear and hearing loss.

DO….eat food as close to its natural state as possible. The best tinnitus diet is the Mediterranean diet that is made up of whole, freshly prepared foods, fresh food and vegetables, whole grain breads, pasta unsaturated fats, beans and nuts. It’s no wonder that incidents of heart disease are so low in Mediterranean countries.

DO NOT…drink caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and cola. Avoid alcohol. They increase tinnitus noise by creating unnatural highs and lows, which can increase anxiety, stress and depression in some people.

Herbs Used As A Natural Cure for Premature Ejaculation

Finding a natural cure for premature ejaculation requires that we first define the reason for the quick ejaculation in the first place. Once the trigger that sets off the premature ejaculation has been identified, a regimen of herbs can be used to deal with and resolve the problem. Here are some examples.

One of the possible causes for premature ejaculation is high blood pressure. By treating the high blood pressure with a combination of hawthorn berries, garlic, and cayenne, the situation will begin to subside as the blood pressure begins to return to normal levels. Many people may choose to take hawthorn capsules once or twice a day, along with garlic capsules of tablets and then have a cup of tea made with a teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper and hot water after each meal. Within a few weeks, the blood pressure will be dropping to normal levels and the problem with premature ejaculation will begin to subside.

Another possible reason for premature ejaculation is stress or anxiety that is consistent. While all of us need some stress in our lives, excessive amounts can cause different people to react in different ways. With some men, early ejaculation occurs when the stress level has been high for an extended period of time. The treatment is two fold – reduce stress as much as possible, and take herbs that help to alleviate stress, such as damiana, dong quai, and gardenia. As the herbs are able to get into the system and help to maintain a level mood, the stress will begin to have less of an impact on sexual function and allow the body to respond normally to sexual stimuli.

There are a number of other conditions, such as prostate problems, excessive masturbation, and caffeine that can lead to early ejaculation during sex. By consulting a homeopathic physician, the root cause for the problem can be uncovered and a diagnosis made. Using a natural cure for premature ejaculation is often free of side effects and will make improve your love life and general health a great deal.

Natural Remedies For Impotence

Impotence or erectile dysfunction among men is a highly common sexual problem. There are millions of men worldwide who suffer form erectile problems but a large majority of them do not seek treatment to it since they feel embarrassed to talk about it.

Here are a few simple and easy remedies to cure erectile dysfunction:

  1. Diet- Take care of your diet. You are what you eat. There are certain foods that you should avoid. These include alcoholic drinks that affect blood flow to the penis and can lead to erectile dysfunction. Moreover, you should have foods that are rich in zinc and help boost testosterone production. Such foods include oysters, animal protein, dairy, milk products etc.,
  2. Quit Smoking- Smoking excessively not just restrictions blood flow to the penis but also damages your sperm. It is known to lower sperm count. As such you must quit smoking. Although it is hard to quit smoking, health benefits are immense.
  3. Erectile dysfunction can also stem from psychological factors such as stress and depression. The key is to relax and reduce stress in life. Exercise is a big stress reliever.
  4. Exercising regularly not only helps ensure good blood circulation but also improvements testosterone levels which is important to maintain a healthy sex drive and sexual function.
  5. Certain medications can also lead to erectile problems in men. These include medicines used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, cancer etc., However, it is difficult to avoid such medications. If you think any such medicine is affecting your erections you must consult your doctor.

Moreover, there are some herbal and natural supplements that can help boost blood flow to the penis and ensure rock hard erections without any side effects.

Check out more on Natural Remedies for Impotence and herbal cures to treat ED that have become a huge hit among men seeking sexual enhancement.

Ways to Keep Tragedy-Related Anxiety in Children at Bay

While no one wants a disaster or a stressful event to come knocking on his or her doors, coping extreme distress in the wake of a tragedy is no ordinary task. Being uncontrollable in nature, tragedies can take the form of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and droughts, or manmade havocs, such as terrorism, war, violence, murder and abuse.

The sheer magnitude of anxiety, stress and tension experienced during a tragedy can render people helpless and powerless, especially children. Unlike adults, a child or an adolescent does not have the experience or the maturity to put things into perspective.

Therefore, it is unknowingly that they are in a position to constructively deal with the consequences of a tragedy. In addition, because each child responds to a tragedyly differently, some are at risk of deciphering it as a personal danger compared to others. Therefore, it is essential to teach copying measures to children to face any adverse situation.

Open communication – a way to safeguard children from anxiety

The times of distress offer a unique opportunity that could be utilized by parents to teach positive lessons about life to their children. The exposure to such situations builds their innate capacity to deal with any kind of catastrophic event. For children learning to face a variety of emotions like anxiety, fear and insecurity, it is crucial for them to trust their parents to constructively cope with a crisis. Therefore, parents have a huge responsibility of strengthening their relationship with children.

The open discussion on personal tragedies not only allows the child to be more self-reliant, but also prepares him or her for any kind of adverse circumstances escalated by unaddressed anxiety in the long run.

Teens and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the anxiety triggered by their personal tragedies. Being an impressionable mind, it is essential to provide accurate information to children to avoid building up of false perceptions. Beside providing emotional support, parents through candid discussions can help them understand the situation better and cope with the tragedy. During such moments, some of the things to keep in mind include:

  • Avoid providing any misleading sense of reassurance to children. Instead, explain them that tragedies are rare in a simple language. Be sensitive about words and actions to be used during such discussions, as children emulate their parents.
  • Restrict exposure to media to prevent the exacerbation of anxiety due to the coverage of tragic incidents. Any kind of dreadful report or news on the internet, television, etc. can trigger the sense of panic and insecurity. Parents can rather motivate their children to express their feelings through creative activities, like painting, poetry, letter writing, etc., during prime time to protect them from graphic details of such incidents.
  • Console children suffering from anxiety through words and actions to make them realize their importance even in the time of crisis. It is essential to convey to them that their safety and security is the top priority. Moreover, parents should allow them to state their questions and concerns.

Although teenagers are better equipped to assess the amount of a tragedy, it would be inaccurate to expect them to fully comprehend and mitigate the effects. Adolescents affected by a tragedy may regress to older habits out of fear and anxiety. Parents should encourage them to talk about their feelings and vent out their concerns. Adolescents often seek the company of their peers for support; therefore, inviting their friends and families to discuss the tragedy could help the teenagers to agree their anxiety in a better and effective way.

Establish an anxiety-free life

Experiencing tragedies, especially during childhood, can spill over into one's adulthood when not addressed effectively. They have the ability to create a sense of panic and anxiety that can coerce people to respond to dangerous situations, such as disasters, personal loss, etc., in a negative way. In fact, deep-rooted unaddressed anxiety is a major risk factor for the development of full-blown anxiety disorders.