Famous Supernatural Events in 19th Century America

Supernatural or paranormal events have long been a newsworthy topic, attracting the attention of believers and skeptics alike. It seems that when anything seemingly unexplainable happens, especially when mysterious circumstances like ghosts are involved, it isn’t long before neighbors start talking, newspaper articles begin popping up, and soon enough the story has become something of a legend. Over the years, these stories become more and more embellished, and they are soon part of a community’s lore. There are numerous fantastic examples of these supernatural tales, and following is an overview of three of the most well-known.

The Bell Witch – One of the most famous hauntings in America occurred in what is now Adams, Tennessee, on the land that was owned by John Bell in the early 1800s. The tale begins in 1817 when John, a farmer, was working in one of his cornfields and spotted a bizarre looking animal. The creature appeared to have a dog’s body with a rabbit’s head, and John wasted no time in trying to shoot the thing. After several shots, the animal simply vanished, and John returned to his home. That evening, a series of loud banging sounds began, as if something were beating on the outside of the home. John and his sons went to inspect the noises and found nothing amiss, but this was only the beginning of the bizarre and terrifying events that the family would suffer. Before long, the Bell children began experiencing strange sounds in their bedrooms, covers being yanked off them at night, and even painful pinching and slapping. Betsy Bell was the main recipient of these unwelcome events, but the whole family was being traumatized as well. Faint whispers, laughing, and crying sounds were also occurring, and soon John Bell was forced to tell his close friend and neighbor about the strange happenings. News of the haunting began to spread, and people as far away as Nashville began to take interest in what had begun to be called The Bell Witch. As the years passed, the entity’s antics did not cease; rather, they became more frequent and severe. Betsy continued to endure the physical abuse of the Witch, and it wasn’t until John Bell’s death in December 1820 that the events apparently began to die down. Bell family descendants have reported the return of the spirit on a few occasions, and to this day, people in the area claim mysterious things still go on around the old Bell place.

The Lemp Mansion – One of St. Louis’s finest homes from the 19th century is the Lemp Mansion, located right in the heart of the city. The home was built in the 1860s by brewing tycoon Johann “Adam” Lemp, who became world-famous for his lagers. Lemp and his sons amassed a fortune operating their brewery that covered five city-blocks, and were well-known in St. Louis for their wealth and power. With so much success in the brewery, William Lemp, Sr., son of Adam, built the 33-room mansion that became the family home for all the Lemps. Problems began for the family in 1901 when William’s favorite son died quite suddenly from health issues, and only continued for the Lemps with scandalous divorces, dwindling success in the brewery, Prohibition beginning in 1920, and finally, multiple suicides. By 1922, three of Adam Lemp’s children had committed suicide, with another son doing the same in 1949. With the brewery permanently closed and eventually sold, and the family name so tarnished, the remaining Lemp descendants lived rather quiet lives. But the mansion, it seems, was anything but quiet. Paranormal events first began to be reported in the 1950s following the fourth suicide. At that time, the home had been purchased and transformed into a boarding house. But with the strange sounds and eerie footsteps echoing through the house, tenants didn’t stay long. In 1975, the Lemp mansion was sold to Dick Pointer and turned into a restaurant and inn. Patrons of the place have reported mysterious sounds, the feeling of being watched, and objects moving of their own accord. Though the Lemps have long been gone from the mansion, it seems that their absence is only in the physical sense, and that their spirits linger, unable to leave the family home.

The Fox Sisters – Sisters Leah, Kate, and Margaret became undoubtedly three of the most famous mediums in America when they began receiving messages from the dead in 1848. Living in a house with a reputation for being haunted, it wasn’t too far of a stretch for people to believe that the young girls had been selected by a spirit to serve as links between the living and the dead. Through a series of knocks, a code was developed where the girls asked yes-no questions and the spirit answered with a certain number of knocks. These communications led to the discovery that the ghost was that of a murdered man who had been buried in their cellar. Word quickly spread, and soon the girls were famous, traveling and giving public séances. As interest in Spiritualism escalated, so too did the skepticism surrounding the Fox sisters, with critics loudly proclaiming that they were frauds. It wasn’t until many years later that Kate and Margaret confessed that they were responsible for the knocking sounds, producing them through the cracking of the joints of their toes. Though they admitted to duping the public about their spiritual communication, their story furthered a growing interest in the supernatural and remains one of the most well-known examples of paranormal activity today.

Melanomas – Visible and Invisible

Melanoma is essentially skin cancer. If detected early

enough, it can be cured in ninety-five percent of the

cases. However, it can also be fatal if allowed to run its

course. Melanomas can be almost invisible in some cases, so

a cursory examination is not effective in some cases.

Hidden melanomas are, fortunately, relatively rare.

All melanomas are formed from cells that produce pigment.

These are called melanocytes. So the cancer can develop

wherever there is pigmentation in the body. Hidden

melanomas can occur in difficult to detect parts of the

body, hence the need to do a thorough check annually.

An example of an unusual location where a hidden melanoma

can develop is the eye (intraocular melanoma). So the eyes

should be included in the check-up. An effective

preventative would be to use high quality sunglasses with

one-hundred percent UV protection. If you have prescription

glasses, photochromic lenses with UV protection are


It is useful to be aware that melanomas can also develop in

areas that are not exposed to sun rays. These include the

palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, in-between toes,

under the nails, and on the scalp! Even harder to detect

areas that the cancer can develop in are the genitalia,

anus, and mucosal lining of the mouth.

A potentially dangerous phenomenon is a “halo nevus”. This

manifests as a white halo around a mole or brown spot. It

appears that the mole or spot is shrinking, but a more

lethal process is underway – the melanoma is actually

digging deeper leaving less of itself on the surface.


It is of vital importance that you do a body skin check

every month, looking for brown spots in all the areas

outlined above. What you should also be looking for are new

spots or moles, or any changes to existing ones over a time

period of a few months. Potentially dangerous growths are

those that have asymmetrical ragged borders, or are six

millimeters or more in diameter. Another danger signal is

when growths disappear and reappear, or growths that bleed

easily. Melanomas under the nails usually occur in the

thumbs and large toes, and appear as black or brown

coloured streaks.

Possible symptoms of hidden melanomas, such as in the mouth

and esophagus, are inexplicable bleeding from the nose,

genitalia or urinary tract, throat pain and difficulty

swallowing, and a tightness in the esophageal area.

In addition to your personal monthly skin check, it is

strongly recommended that you have an annual examination

conducted by a qualified dermatologist.


Melanomas can develop in anybody, but the following are at

a higher risk:

Those who have had a previous skin cancer.

Those with a family history of skin cancer.

Those with several abnormal appearing moles (dysplastic nevi).

Fair skinned people with light eyes, who easily sunburn.

Blacks, and dark skinned people, are susceptible to under

the nail melanomas (subungual), and mucosal melanoma.


Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, but don’t be obsessive

about it. Remember, sunlight stimulates the formation of

vitamin D, which is important for the body. Conduct

frequent checks on yourself, especially if you fall into

the high risk group. And, studies show that if you exercise

regularly, you gain protection from melanoma. Researchers

think that this might be because exercise enhances a

process called UVB-induced apoptosis, in which the body

kills sun-damaged cells.

Indian Railways – The Pride of India

Indian Railways and IRCTC share an important pattern inside the central government machinery. Since its launch in 1857, IRCTC has been Indian Railways' best service ever produced. Operating between 7100 stations with more than 61,000 coaches, Indian trains is the 4th largest rail network in the world. IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited) came into online operations when the online trend was gaining momentum. It is the marketing portion of the Indian Railways and both are working together to bring reforms to organizational performance.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, DMRC, is an integral part of Indian Rail and it was launched in 1995. The latest achievement of DMRC is the successful completion of Delhi Metro rail lines before Commonwealth Games. Certainly, Delhi Metro is an example of flawless technology and perseverance. Like IRCTC, Delhi Metro has greeted laurels to Indian Railways.

If you visit the IRCTC website, you will come across holiday offers, hotel bookings and rail packages too. Prior to IRCTC, railway booking was done through ticket counters at railway stations or any some public service offices. But, with the advent of IRCTC, railway booking can be done online and it has become a painless affair. You can get etickets at this site. Students traveling on etickets should carry Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School / College. Other passengers should carry a Nationalized Bank Passbook with photograph. This was put to effect from 15 June 2010.

Railway booking can be done virtually for any class. From AC coaches to disability support, everything can be booked online at IRCTC. There is an extensive feedback machinery setup by Indian Railways in order to generate general public opinion about all Indian Rail operations, including IRCTC. Such endeavors help the govt. organization stay abreast with public demand and expectations. Till date, Indian train has made major developments such as Delhi Metro, building new stations, implementing better reforms, IRCTC and disability support services, which helps billions of passengers on a daily basis travel at ease. Hope, 'the pride of India' Touches greater heights in future.

Visiting destinations by train is always fun. Right from the departure to arrival, you will enjoy myriad experiences; the diverse sceneries as you pass by are no doubt a feast for the eyes. IRCTC of Indian Railways always innovates, introducing passenger-advantageous packages from time to time.

Are you aware of the fact that the IRCTC portal of Indian Rail is the largest and fastest growing e-commerce website in the Asia-Pacific region? Well, there are lakhs of users who do their railway booking online. No wonder IRCTC has been honored with a number of awards till date because of its contribution to the travelers' community at large.

Goal Setting – How to Turn Your Desktop Wallpaper Into a Motivational Aid Using a Picture Collage

Although you may already have a number of goal setting strategies in place, I’d like to share another one with you that I recently incorporated into my day. The seed for this article was planted on Oct 29, 2008 while attending the Success Blueprint Workshop put on by Master Certified Coach Andrew Barber-Starkey of the ProCoach Success System. Andrew indicated that one of the best ways to build self confidence and to reach your goals is to always look for ways to “Impress Yourself”.

Impress Yourself Screen Saver

I find “Impress Yourself” to be one of the better motivational quotes I have heard and wanted to have it somewhere highly visible in my everyday life. I thought the best place to put this motto was on my computer monitor as a screen saver. With this creative idea I would be seeing the motivational quote “Impress Yourself” floating across my computer monitor many times over the day. My plan was that this visual aid would remind me of my previous goal setting activities, so I could refocus my efforts and move forward.

The Generation of an Idea

While I found the screen saver to be a powerful technique, this next idea I found to be even more so! I went to Bob Proctor’s weekend seminar “Create Your Own Economy” in May 2009. Both Bob Proctor and Gerry Robert were at this seminar. I find these two entrepreneurs to be great educators and feel inspired and motivated by what they have to say. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a picture of myself with each of these men at this conference. I planned to use these pictures as one of my desktop themes. I knew seeing these pictures on a daily basis would help me in the area of self improvement and motivation.

This presented me with a dilemma. Up to this point, I had been rotating the desktop wallpaper picture on my computer screen on a semi regular basis, generally using my children individually or together at different events or phases of their lives. As I did not think my children would appreciate being displaced from my monitor, I decided to create a simple photo collage of my children and educators.

A Simple Picture Collage

In my first attempt to produce my own free desktop wallpaper featuring my children and educators, I used Microsoft Word. I added the pictures to one page of a Word document and then added the motivational quote “Impress Yourself”. I copied and saved the file in Paint as a .jpg and used it as my computer wallpaper. This simple picture collage inspired me on a daily basis as I saw it every time I was working on the computer.

The Big Picture Collage Idea

Around the same time as I was working on my simple Word collage, my nine year old daughter was making a massive photo collage using PowerPoint. She was pasting numerous pictures onto the same slide and overlapping them. As I watched her create her masterpiece, my mind raced to create one of my own. It became immediately apparent that creating a picture collage in PowerPoint was much faster and easier than using Word. You can easily drag pictures around the slide, arrange their layout as you wish and overlap the pictures.

Building My First Large Photo Collage

For my first large picture collage, I added about 75 pictures to a standard PowerPoint slide, but I soon learned that unless your computer monitor is the same length and width as a standard piece of paper the photo collage will be skewed. I changed the size of my PowerPoint slide to match the exact size of my computer monitor screen, added more pictures, a couple of motivational quotes and saved this picture collage as one of my desktop backgrounds.

For a standard 19″ LCD computer monitor, which has a viewing area of around 180 square inches, I estimate you could be looking at between 75 to 150 pictures instead of just one. My largest picture is about nine square inches while my smallest is about one square inch. You may think that a small picture one square inch in size is too small but I find that this is all you need to prompt yourself. For example, I have a small 1 inch square picture of a multi family house on my picture collage. As soon as I look at this picture, I immediately see and visualize a house I would like to build for low income earners. The rooms are small but it is a home which people can afford and with ownership hopefully comes the building of self esteem. While you may not totally be able to pick out the details in the photo, the purpose of the picture is to trigger your mind to remember your goals. I find pictures of this size address this concept very well.

Personal Goal Setting

I find that there are two major advantages of including your goals in your computer desktop wallpaper. First, all of your past accomplishments and future goals are right in front of you on a daily basis. Seeing what you have already accomplished assures you that you are capable of creating more for yourself. Second, the time required to review your goals in picture format is quite quick. For instance, I have a dream book which contains what I want to accomplish in the future. However, as I am generally under time constraints, I rarely look at my dream book. Yet everyday I am reminded of my goals when I am working on my computer through my computer wallpaper photo collage. In essence, my computer desktop wallpaper has become my vision board as well as my dream book.

Personal growth educators generally want you to review your goals as much as possible. By using this photo collage technique, I have my whole dream book and vision board in front of me every day. I think this is a great goal setting tip and a good self improvement and motivation technique. This simple idea is not only easy to implement but fun to put together. Additionally, it very quickly reminds me of my goals on a daily basis. This gentle reminder tends to stop me from doing things which do not advance me and focus me on what needs to get done to achieve my personal goals.

My Results

One of my main goals is to become a better stock trader. Since viewing the phrase “Impress Yourself” and looking at my photo collage on a daily basis, I have tried very hard to always use extreme discipline when trading stocks. I find I can do this best by controlling risk, always having stops in place and by generally limiting the time I am in the stock market. For me, just a slight shift in mental attitude has improved my ability to trade stocks.

Your Challenge

What small shift in thinking do you need to dramatically change your life around? What goals are you searching for? Can you use this self improvement and motivation technique in your life?

Are you ready to start to build your first picture collage and use this simple idea to inspire you on a daily basis which hopefully will lead you to an improved life? When building your photo collage include the pictures that you think will best motivate you to succeed. You can also include inspiring, motivational quotes to further guide you.

In a picture collage, you can put a large picture on the bottom and then put a number of pictures on top of it. Simply send the large picture to the back. In this manner you can increase the number of pictures on the slide. If you are unsure about how to build a picture collage in PowerPoint or Word I have put the required information on my website.

I hope looking at this type of photo collage on a daily basis is as inspirational to you as it has been for me.

Liquid Vitamins That Taste Good & Are Easily Absorbed

Liquid Life Mango

This mango flavored supplement is specifically designed to meet daily requirements of human body. It also contains minerals derived from the TRC plant. In addition to that it also contains numerous minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes. Some other ingredients found in Liquid Life Mango supplement are as follows.


One serving of Liquid Life Mango offers 15 mg of zinc. Zinc is a very important element for human body. Some cells including the brain cells secret zinc ions. It can help you against developing flu. As zinc is found in the soil, so it can be found in plants for example in sunflower seeds and beans. It is also found in oysters. It is believed that zinc along with other antioxidants can help reduce the degradation of muscle over the age. Acute zinc deficiency may lead to death or disease known as Acrodermatitis enteropathica. Its deficiency can also cause wasting of body tissues, diarrhea and hair loss.


One serving of Liquid Life Mango offers 2 mg of copper. An adult body requires about 1.4 to 2.1 mg of copper per kg of body weight. Copper helps to repair connective tissues, it is also essential for the color of skin. It is needed by human body in minute quantities, it helps different metabolic processes. It actually combines with different proteins to produce enzymes that are required for metabolic processes. Copper is very important for heart and arms; its absence deficiency may lead to developing heart diseases.


One serving of Liquid Life Mango offers 10mg of manganese. Manganese is mostly found in kidneys, liver, bones and pancreas. It is required for the proper manufacture of mucopolysaccharide. Manganese is also essential for the skeleton system and the connective tissues. It acts as a catalyst in many chemical processes accruing in the human body for the creation of cholesterol and fatty acids.


One serving of Liquid Life Mango offers 100 mcg of selenium. It is a very important mineral for human body. It is required by the body in very small amounts but its deficiency may lead to serious problems. It removes harmful free radicals. These free radicals may accelerate the aging process in human cells. In some cases it can prevent cancer and heart diseases due to its antioxidant action.

It is also helps in maintaining normal blood pressure; it is also required for the efficient functioning of the immune system. Use to alcohol and tobacco decrease the absorption of selenium in the digestive system, which is their regular use might lead to acute deficiency of selenium.


One serving of Liquid Life Mango offers 1.5 mg of thiamin. It is also known as vitamin B1 and is water soluble. In human body this muscle is found in muscular tissues. It is essential for the proper functioning of digestive and nervous systems. It also plays an important role in metabolic processes. Thiamin is mostly found meat, nuts, fern and fresh water fish. Its deficiency may lead to beriberi and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Extensive use of beverages like coffee and tea have may cause thiamin deficiency.

Creating a Nutcracker Theme With Outdoor Christmas Lights

Some people love to decorate their yard elaborately for Halloween. For others, the season for total lawn decorating comes with the Christmas season. Of course, outdoor Christmas lights are a natural choice for any Christmas theme. However, if you’re looking to do something different, like the Nutcracker theme, it can be more complicated. A few things to consider are:

o Staying away from traditional Christmas decorations

o Using theater props

o Having imagination and creativity

Outdoor Christmas Lights For Theater Props

The basic scene that most people try to recreate is the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” This immediately draws certain ideas to mind. In particular, the picture in people’s minds is of sparkling white. Of course, it is a natural choice to use white outdoor Christmas lights to recreate a sparkling white and frosty backdrop for your nutcracker decorations.

Using Your Imagination and Creativity

Of course, the Nutcracker is a ballet. With that in mind, you have an opportunity to use fabrics in a very creative way. In order to recreate the Nutcracker theater theme, a combination of outdoor Christmas lights and ballerina tulle can be used. This is especially beautiful when decorating trees or porches.

Nutcracker Decoration Caution

Following this theme requires one word of caution. The Nutcracker theme immediately makes everyone think about ballerinas. One of the things that is amazing about dancing is the ability to float in the air. It can be a real temptation to buy a mannequin or make a giant doll and dress it to look like a Nutcracker ballerina. Of course, this doll is decorated much like an angel or ballerina with lots of fluffy white materials.

Everything seems like a good idea until it comes time to display your ballerina. Suddenly, you realize that you’ve made a terrible mistake. Unfortunately, one of the few ways that you could display your ballerina would be to hang it up. This can be a shocking sight for many people to see. They might think that someone has committed suicide in your yard.

A human size figure that is out of place is a big distraction for people in oncoming traffic. Unlike the ghost that hangs in a tree during Halloween, people will turn their heads to see what you have going on in your yard. It is a natural response of human beings to want to take care of other human beings. They will look in your yard to make sure your ballerina is not human because of instinct. If you want to display a large decorated ballerina, choose someplace like a front porch rocking chair. You can use outdoor Christmas lights to draw emphasis to the ballerina.

What Do Those Blood Pressure Numbers Mean?

The body is an amazing and complicated system. Every time a person’s heart beats, blood is released from the heart and spread throughout the body via the blood vessels (arteries, capillaries and veins are types of blood vessels). Oxygen is retrieved from the lungs and deposited throughout the body via the blood vessels. Carbon dioxide is carried to the heart via the blood vessels and is sent to the lungs so the carbon dioxide can be released and a new supply of oxygen can be picked up.

Nutrients are also carried throughout the body via the blood vessels. Waste products travel through the blood vessels and, as they travel through the kidneys and liver, the waste products are left behind. The average person has 11 pints of blood traveling through the vessels in their body. To keep the blood moving and all the necessary processes working correctly, some pressure is needed.

Blood pressure measures the amount of pressure in the arteries. A device called a sphygmomanometer (the inflatable arm cuff with the attached air pump and pressure gauge that we are probably familiar with) is used to measure the pressure.

There are two different numbers that make up a person’s blood pressure. The systolic pressure is the top or left-hand side number. The diastolic pressure is the lower or right-hand number.

Systolic pressure is the amount of pressure exerted when the heart contracts. Diastolic pressure is the amount of pressure that remains in the arteries between heartbeats, when the heart is resting. If someone has a blood pressure of 112/70 (spoken as “112 over 70”). it means that person has a systolic pressure of 112 and a diastolic pressure of 70. Both the systolic and diastolic numbers are important and need to maintained at healthy levels.

What is a healthy and normal blood pressure? Experts say 119/79 is the healthiest blood pressure for an adult and is what every adult should strive for. Blood pressure between 120/80 and 129/84 is normal. High-normal blood pressure is between 130/85 and 139/89. When blood pressure reaches 140/90 and higher it is considered high blood pressure. The higher a person’s blood pressure gets after it is greater than 140/90, the greater the risk for serious damage to the body’s organs.

A person’s blood pressure changes throughout the day depending on what a person is doing physically, feeling mentally (strong emotions can increase blood pressure), food that has been eaten, and depending what time of the day it is. It is natural for a person’s blood pressure to fluctuate somewhat.

To get a good blood pressure reading it is better to have it taken after getting up from sleeping and moving around for a few hours, rather than right away in the morning. Try not to have it taken right after vigorous physical activity because blood pressure stays lower than normal for a while. Also, try to not to drink anything with caffeine or alcohol in it, or smoke for at least thirty minutes before having a reading taken. The tobacco and caffeine could temporarily raise blood pressure, resulting in an inaccurate reading. And depending on the person, alcohol can artificially raise or artificially lower blood pressure for a short time.

If a blood pressure reading is high, the person will likely be asked to come back in a day or two to have another reading done so an average blood pressure can be established. One high blood pressure reading doesn’t necessarily mean a person has high blood pressure but it shouldn’t be ignored either. In addition to the factors mentioned above that can temporarily and artificially raise blood pressure, other things–such as the stress of being in a medical setting–can also temporarily raise it.

The Health Benefits of a Simple Egg Sandwich

This is the typical conversation most mornings and sometimes at weekends during snack time, between my wife and my 4 year old daughter.

“Mum, I’m hungry.” “What would you like to eat?” “Egg sandwich.”

She wants a fried egg, cooked in a small dab of virgin olive oil over moderate heat with a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper in a sandwich of freshly baked wholegrain homemade bread. I introduced her to eggs when she was a toddler. Eggs are easy to chew and should be part of a daily diet given to any child of one year old or older. I remember when my daughter as a toddler would eat the egg white first and then pop the whole yolk of a hard-boiled egg straight into her mouth. I still remember when I was a child and my mother used to give me a hard-boiled egg whenever I was hungry. What happened to the good old fashioned days when eggs were given as snacks?

Today, we live in an addiction-prone society. Of all the addictions out there, one of the most deadly is one that is most often overlooked: Junk food. We feed our kids junk food everyday without realising it. We are all guilty of doing this. It is easier to pull out a bag of crisps when a child is hungry rather than have them suffer pangs of hunger. This practice is acceptable for the rare occasions but the problem with our society is that we use this kind of junk food as a common everyday snack.

Did you also know that processed food is junk food? The first image that comes to mind for most people when they hear the term “processed food” is a wrapped burger and a sleeve of fries served over a counter at a fast food joint. But the truth is the very food you have in your cabinets is processed if it’s boxed, bagged, canned or jarred, frozen or dehydrated and has a list of ingredients on the label. Processed foods have been altered from their natural state for “safety” and convenience reasons. Processed foods are more convenient, it’s so much easier to bake a cake by opening up a box, pouring out a dry mix, and adding an egg and some oil than starting from scratch. Instead of making a dish with fresh ingredients, why not pick up a ready-made meal from the store? Isn’t it easier to just pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes? No pots and pans, no mess! But processed food are laced with colours, those are often inedible, carcinogenic and harmful to the body. Studies have found that food colouring can cause hyperactivity and lapses of concentration in children. Chocolates, colas, flavoured drinks and snack are full of artificial colouring. These are not the only additives in processed foods. Don’t forget the refined salt, sugar, preservatives, flavour enhancers and other so called “beneficial supplements”. Children are especially vulnerable to these unnatural ingredients. Poor diets can slow growth, decay new teeth, promote obesity and sow the seeds of infirmity and debilitating disease that ultimately lead to incurable disease and death or worse make life insufferable.

Did you know that approximately 80% of mothers, who is usually the main parent controlling their child’s diet, considered that their child’s diet was ‘very good/good/healthy’ hence overestimate the quality of their child’s diet. This is extremely worrying, since mothers who do not perceive that their children follow an unhealthy diet will not make the appropriate amendments to improve their child’s dietary habits. Do not be one of these mothers, feed our children correctly and this can only be done by reducing your introduction of processed junk food into their diets. If you think you are one of these mothers who have already done this, think again. Do you feed your child bread from the bakery? Do you give them bottled “freshly squeezed” juice? Do you give them fruit yogurts? Do you spread their toast or sandwich with commercial butter or margarine? Do you use canned tomatoes to make your sauces? Do you feed them frozen sweet corn or peas? Worst of all, do you give them apples that you have not washed? This line of questioning could go on but if you answered “yes” to most of these questions already, your child has an unhealthy diet! (If you want to know more about the foods described above and why they are considered unhealthy read our research in “Is Your Food Killing You?”).

How can a simple egg sandwich contribute to a healthy diet? A fried egg sandwich for instance, consists only of bread, egg and possibly butter and the oil used for cooking the egg. The benefits of homemade bread are described in our article “Wholegrains and their benefits”. The benefits of homemade butter are described in our blog. The egg is a nutrient-dense food, containing high quality protein and a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

As a whole food, eggs are an inexpensive and low calorie source of nutrients such as folate, riboflavin, selenium, lecithin and vitamins B-12 and A. Eggs are also one of the few exogenous sources of vitamins K and D. Furthermore, whole eggs are a complete source of proteins as it contains all the essential amino acids needed by the human body. Although, eggs were found to have lower amino acid content compared with beef, the biological value of egg protein is greater. The protein source from eggs are good for the development of skeletal muscle and egg protein is widely used by athletes to increase muscle mass.

We all know the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids especially eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and mortality from heart diseases. Low levels of DHA have been associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Chicken feed is now enriched with omega-3 to increase the omega-3 levels in their eggs. Consumption of DHA-enriched eggs can greatly enhance current dietary DHA intakes from non-fish sources and help approach or surpass recommended intakes for optimal human health.

Eggs had fallen in and out of favour through the years mainly due to the perception of cholesterol-rich eggs as a “forbidden food” developed in response to the highly publicized 1970s recommendation by the American Heart Association (AHA) to restrict egg consumption and limit dietary cholesterol intake to 300 mg/d. The dietary cholesterol guidelines are similar in the most recent AHA report;however, their position regarding egg intake has become more specific. It was stated the intake of one yolk a day is acceptable, if other cholesterol contributing foods were limited in the diet. Although an egg contains 212 milligrams of cholesterol, dietary cholesterol has less of an effect on blood cholesterol than once believed. Also, cholesterol is a dietary component that has elicited much public and scientific interest in conjunction with CHD but extensive research has failed to establish a definite link between dietary cholesterol intake and disease progression. In fact, a recent review of years of research has concluded that healthy adults can enjoy eggs without CVD. Many conclusions can be made about the ill-effects of eating eggs but these have to be taken with caution. For instance, one study concluded that eggs were linked to increased risk of Type 2 diabetes but this was not the real story as the result of manifestation of this disease was the associated bad nutrition, mainly sausages and bacon taken with eggs in the individuals tested. The reality of the situation is that although egg intake has steadily declined since the original recommendations in the 1970s, CHD and Type 2 diabetes as well as obesity are still the leading causes of death in the U.S. today.

Eggs have been getting some attention for their role in maintaining eye health and potentially helping prevent age related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the United States. This condition develops from long-term oxidative damage caused by the exposure of the eye to intense light. Recent research has shown the value of lutein, a natural pigment or carotenoid in egg yolks. Lutein and zeaxanthin accumulate in the macularregion of the retina therefore, because of their chemical properties; these two carotenoids may function to reduce the risk for development of AMD. Epidemiological studies support the fact that those individuals who consumed a greater number of foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin had a lower risk for AMD. Even though eggs contain less lutein than leafy greens, the lutein in eggs is more easily absorbed. One yolk has been found to provide between 200 and 300 micrograms of these carotenoids. In a study that measured the total carotenoid content of several foods, lutein represented 15-47/100 parts of the total carotenoid found in various dark green leafy vegetables, whereas eggs were found to contain 54/100 parts. This suggests that one would benefit more by eating an egg than getting lutein from other sources. Lutein and zeaxanthin are also classed as antioxidants and their intake also may be associated with a decrease in the risk for rheumatoid arthritis, CHD and chronic diseases such as cancer.

Eggs contain many of the minerals that the human body requires for health. In particular eggs are rich in choline, an essential nutrient needed for the normal functioning of all cells. It is especially important for proper liver, brain and neural network, memory development and even in inflammation hence reducing risk of heart disease and breast cancer. The potential public health implications of not consuming enough of this essential nutrient have only recently begun to be examined. There is a significant variation in the dietary requirement for choline. When fed a choline-deficient diet, some men and women developed fatty liver and liver and muscle damage, whereas others did not. This brings in a genetic variability to the need of dietary choline. Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended not just for kids but also for moms-to-be as eggs are a concentrated source of choline without the added calories. To get the same amount of choline found in a single egg (125 mg/72 calories; most of the choline is in the egg yolk – 680 mg/100g), one would need to consume 3 ¼ cups of milk (270 calories) or 3 ½ ounces of wheat germ (366 calories).

Despite all their positive features, eggs sometimes are linked to food safety issues. They do need to be stored and handled properly. Eating raw eggs is not considered safe because eggs may contain salmonella, a type of bacteria that especially is dangerous for the very young, old and immune-compromised. In cases where raw egg is called for in a recipe, ensure that it is pasteurised.

If judged as a whole food, and not simply as a source of dietary cholesterol, the positive contribution of eggs to a healthy diet becomes apparent and far outweighs the myths about dietary cholesterol from eggs. Because eggs are a conventional food containing nutrients that play fundamental roles beyond basic nutrition, their promotion as a functional food should be considered. In conclusion, it is time is right to change the egg message. For the consumer,the most essential image is probably that eggs taste good. Taste is highly important to consumers. The second image needing change is that eggs be recognized as a nutritious food which also has health benefits beyond basic nutrition.The concept of eggs as a ‘functional food’ is new to many and requires a change in the perception of role of eggs in the diet. And finally, the evidence that eating eggs is unrelated to heart disease risk needs to be widely disseminated to health professionals and the public so that everyone can benefit from including eggs in the diet.

Rosacea? Try Proactive Daily Help With Handmade Soap

Rosacea is a chronic skin problem that is little understood, but which may be more common than you think, and using handmade soap daily could help reduce outbreaks and flushing. Millions of people in Europe and America suffer from this skin condition, and although scientists have no cure, there are ways to minimize the persistence of milder forms.

Rosacea sensitises skin and some forms reveal noticeable red lines such as Telangiectasia which became enlarged and appear swollen when flushing begins. Essentially there is no known remedy but topical treatment daily using handmade soap can help maintain skin control.

The first steps to regaining control is to know what triggers outbreaks. Apart from stress, cold weather, alcohol, hot drinks and spicy food, rough facial cleansing with products that aggravate the condition has been identified as a significant factor.

As Rosacea affects mainly women, dermatologists believe the cleansing of more delicate female skin is an important way to begin treatment of visible blood vessels and flushing. Choosing a chemical free or non reactive cleanser is essential.

Handmade soap which uses traditional saponification and powerful essential oils not found in synthetic high street soaps is ideal. Essential oils of Chamomile, Jojoba, Lavender, and Rose are gentle, nurturing essences excellent for any sensitive or allergic skin but especially Rosacea. For preference, find a handmade soap with Rose as it is especially soothing for flushed tender skin and known to help rebuild capillary walls that could benefit skin by reducing outbreaks.

How you cleanse is equally important as your cleanser choice. If possible, lather the handmade soap and apply using your hands rather than a face cloth which may cleanse more thoroughly, but will feel rough and have an unwanted exfoliating effect. Pat the lather on gently and with as little pressure as possible then rinse with warm water, never hot.

Again pat very dry with a towel, do not rub as it will have a stinging, abrasive effect.

Overcoming Rosacea is a challenge. Doctors believe a holistic approach should include regular exercise, such as swimming to help oxygen circulation, and minimizing skin irritation with gentler cleansing, which makes handmade soap the natural choice for Rosacea.

Signs of a Yeast Infection

There are so many signs of a yeast infection but, before you consider them, you must first know exactly what a yeast infection is. It is caused by a fungus that is referred to as Candida albicans by scientists. The infection is called candidiasis. The one celled fungus is found naturally in our skin and various other parts of the body including the gut and the vagina in women. The yeast becomes dangerous when it overgrows and this can happen because of various reasons. Some of the reasons include wearing very tight clothing. When your skin is not exposed to fresh and cool air, it is likely to encourage the development of yeast. The yeast thrushes in moist and warm areas and therefore very tight cloths will work to encourage the fungus.

Women are known to suffer from the infections more than men and therefore you are likely to find more signs of a yeast infection in them. The infection in women is facilitated by various reasons which include hormonal imbalance. Several things cause this and they are menopause, birth control pills, menstrual periods and pregnancy. When the acidity of the vagina changes, the environment is made favorable for the yeast to thrive. If you use birth control pills, you might want to consider another method which is friendlier to your body. Signs of a yeast infection will resemble signs of another disease and when you suspect to have the infection, do not treat it without confirming that you have the condition. This will help you avoid treating symptoms of another disease.

Men will get yeast infections from their sexual partners and when this happens, it is advisable to have both of them treated to avoid other infections. Other causes of these infection are the use of douches for women, chronic diseases, poor immunity, poor dietary habits and many others. The yeast infection will affect many parts of the body including the mouth, skin folds, toes, gut and the list goes on. When the yeast infection affects the mouth, it is referred to as thrush. Thrush can affect everyone including children and a white patch is a sign of a yeast infection. These patches can be very painful and those who suffer from the infection are advised not to touch the patches.

When the yeast infection occurs on the skin, you will get to experience redness and itchy episodes that never seem to go away. The skin can also become very scaly and dry. This is usually very evident in babies where their bottom develops rashes. When the infection occurs in the male organ, they will experience itching on the male organ, soreness, pain while urinating and sexual dysfunction. In women there will be a whitish discharge which can be compared to cottage cheese in color, they will experience soreness and pain during sexual intervention. There are many more signs of a yeast infection and the internet is filled with resources which you can study and gain so much.

Nature Made Fish Oil – 5 Major Benefits You Probably Do not Know About

Nature made fish oil is quality fish oil made from wild ocean fish, not farmed fish. You've probably heard that fish oil is protective for your overall heart health … but the benefits do not stop there! Here are 5 more ways natural oil from fish can make you healthy.

1. Keep Inflammation Under Control

If you have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, or a more serious condition involving your immune system, then the oil of fish can help. Just 3 grams each day can relieve inflammatory symptoms and help keep flare ups at bay. Additionally, the essential fatty acids in oil from fish protect your skin from UV rays and reduce the incidence of acne breakouts and wrinkles.

2. Joint Relief

The stiffness and pain of all types of arthritis can be more than just annoying … it can be debilitating. Nature made fish oil has been shown to be effective in relieving the symptoms and improving mobility as prescription medication.

3. Feel Better

Many studies have found an association between people who live in areas where fatty, cold water fish is a dietary staple and a low incidence of depression. The membranes of your cells use omega 3 fatty acids in their structure, and it is believed that this enables easy transport of seratonin between cells. Natural oil from fish can help this transport, and less depression symptoms.

4. Think Better

Natural oil from fish has been found in numerous studies to improve focus in children and adults who have attention deficit disorder. If you have trouble getting or staying focused, or just want to give your brain a boost, fish oil can help you.

5. Make Smarter Babies

Pregnant women who take fish oil tend to have babies with higher IQ's, and less incidence of learning disorders or intellectual delay. Nature made oil from fish also seems to prevent the likelihood of post partum depression for new mothers.

These are just 5 of the many additional benefits to taking a quality, natural oil of fish daily. Not only will you protect the health of your heart, but you will improve your mood, brain function, skin and the health and function of your joints. There are many other benefits to supplementing with fish natural oil, and you owe it to yourself and to your body to find out as much as you can, and take advantage of this natural health and wellness miracle!

Trail Running Shoes

Trail running has grown in popularity and is enjoyed through the United States. Trail running takes place along paths that are often inaccessible by road, except at the trailheads. A typical trail traverses through rough terrain, mountains, hills and forests. Common distances in races are between 10 km and 50 km. Participants often ascend and descend thousands of feet through steep grades. People in the Mountain States, the Western US and California are avid trail runners.

Trail runners use specially designed shoes, which have stiffer soles and are more rigid and protective than normal shoes used for road running. Shoe manufacturers in the US like North Face, Nike, Salomon and Vasque specialize in trail running shoes.

Trail running shoes are geared towards keeping the feet dry in wet conditions and comfortable on slick terrain. They are also designed to grip on ice and stablize the feet. All running shoes are designed to provide biomechanical protection from injuries. Road-running shoes are built to provide cushioning and motion control to prevent repetitive movement or overuse injuries such as over-exertion, shin splints and knee pain. Trail-shoe design generally emphasizes on stability, a feature that protects against acute ankle sprain, which is the chief cause of injury in trail running. Trail shoes are tested on a wide variety of surfaces, including single-track, fire roads, jagged technical trails, gravel paths and even pavements.

The industry standard for the lifespan of a running shoe is between 350 and 500 miles. Different models offer varying results. A runner averaging 20 miles per week could expect a pair of shoes to last from 16 to 25 weeks, or about 4 to 6 months. Many factors affect how long a shoe would last, including the runner's weight, the runner's style and the surfaces run on. A trail shoe is required to be sturdier than normal shoe because of the greater wear and tear involved in trail running. Therefore, it is recommended that trail runners wear shoes that are especially designed for trail running.

Are Parasites and Lead in Tap Water?

Don’t buy any drinking water filter system until you have reviewed the performance data sheet for that particular product. The data sheet lists all of the contaminants that the system has been certified to remove, as well as, what percentage of that contaminant is blocked.

You would hope for at least 99% and you might think that any drinking water filter system will do the job. If that’s what you think, then you’re wrong and you could be endangering the health of your family. There are thousands of contaminants in tap water. The biggest immediate threat to your health is very tiny. They are called cysts.

Cysts are actually immature parasites that can live in water. Once swallowed, they can grow inside of your body, causing illness and in some cases death. The FDA says that even the best treatment facilities cannot guarantee the absence of cysts in public drinking water. They also say that there is no “feasible” way to check for them. But, a good in-home drinking water filter system can remove nearly 100% of them.

Treatment facilities add chlorine to the water, because it kills most cysts, bacteria and other living organisms. But, the cyst that grows into the parasite cryptosporidium is resistant to chlorine. Cryptosporidium was responsible for the deaths of over 100 people in Milwaukee. It was in the tap water.

In order for a drinking water filter system to remove cryptosporidium and other cysts, it must contain a micron filter. The product performance data sheet will provide information about cyst removal and much more, but, there’s a catch.

Depending on where the manufacturer is located, they may not be required to provide the information. You should not buy a drinking water filter system that does not include performance data along with its other literature. It’s just not safe.

Most of the other contaminants that a good drinking water filter system should remove are chemicals. In many cases, they are by-products of industrial pollution. But, two contaminants, chlorine and lead, cannot be blamed on pollution.

Chlorine, as you know, is added to the water at the treatment facility. Since, as a disinfectant, it kills bacteria and other living things, why anyone would think that it is safe for human consumption is a curiosity. Only an activated carbon drinking water filter system will remove chlorine.

Lead is a toxic metal. For many years, it was used to line, of all things, water pipes. It was also used as a soldering agent for joints and fittings. Now, because everything eventually seeps into the water, lead has been found in tap water.

Lead paint has been illegal for years. Toys made in other countries are recalled if it is learned that the company uses lead paint. There is no safe level of lead in drinking water, but it may be there. The FDA says that you should get your water tested, if you are concerned.

The other option is to buy a drinking water filter system that is certified to block lead. It’s the safest solution.

Ready For Solid Foods

As a parent, we want the best for our children particularly the food intake by our children. Obviously, the child's basic need is proper nutrition. At the start of pregnancy, you eat a lot of nutritious foods such as drink a lot of milk and eat fresh fruits and vegetables in order for the baby absorb proper nutrition. When the baby comes out, either breast milk or infant formula is required. At the age between 4 and 6 months, the baby will be ready for what we called "solid foods". These can be available in the market or you can make your own using a blender.

As I remember, when my baby is almost 4 months, I almost asked my entire neighborhood if my daughter is ready for solid foods. At first, I give her cereal rice mixed with either breast milk or formula. Then I added other foods at the rate of one per week. Little by little, I added other cereals, then vegetables, fruits, and finally meats. In this way, I can easily detect if my baby has food allergies which can be present with diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, hives or a rash. Do not add ingredient foods until you make sure that the child is not allergic to any individual ingredients.

Also, I make it sure that the food has no additives or seasoning like salt, sugar or preservatives. The baby will not miss what she never had. In addition, I do not want to contribute to the development of a sweet tooth.

Make sure to move the food from the jar to a bowl. Saliva is introduced from the baby's mouth to the jar if she fed directly from the jar. Then if it is served later, the germs in the saliva will have grown into something that could make the child sick. It is better to be safe as far as child's health is concerned.

Make sure that you serve a balanced meals and snacks, using a variety of foods from the basic food groups. A child learns to eat what you prepared. You may serve a whole grain cracker and fruits for snacks, rather than cookies or sweetened drinks. What if the baby does not like a new food? It is just a reaction to a new experience; try again after a couple of weeks. Do not ever force a child to eat something. It is a battle you may win as a parent.

Stomps: High-Resistance, High-Intensity Intervals for Indoor Cycling (Very Cool)

If you do cycling workouts and have ever done stomps, you may think I’m crazy when I say this, but I’ve always liked them. They’re extremely tough but appeal to that twisted part of me that enjoys hard training.

If you’re an outdoor cyclist or an indoor cycling instructor, you probably have that part, too.

Stomps are designed to increase power in the saddle. Chris Carmichael is generally given credit for them; his guidelines involve 20-second stomp intervals outdoors. The indoor program I taught followed the format below.

Because stomps are difficult and can stress knees and lower back, a solid warm-up is essential. Roll the legs for several minutes, then run this pattern several times: 2:00 seated at 110-120 rpm; 1:00 of 80-rpm standing runs; 1:00 seated with resistance at 80 rpm; 1:00 of recovery at 90 rpm.

A stomp interval is 60 seconds; recovery is 60 seconds. Allow 25 minutes or more for a set of 5, a 5-minute break, and another set. The break can be longer. Resistance during stomps is very high and drops during recovery. Recovery cadence is individual, but I suggest 90 to 100 rpm.

Stomp at a strict 80 rpm. Fatigue will tend to slow the legs, so it helps A LOT to have an 80-rpm song to beat-match. We often use Hallogallo by Neu! It’s a precise 80 rpm and is 10 minutes long, which helps sustain the energy of the training. Repeat or change music for the second set.

Keep the body centerline on the bike. Don’t move side to side, as you would in climbing. Keep hands in position 1.

Rules for a beautiful, circular pedal stroke don’t apply during stomps. Exaggerate the down-stroke and smash against the resistance, without moving the body side to side. I cue it as “punching the pedals.”

Heart rate isn’t the point; however, there are no heart rate limits on this exercise. If you or your riders are seriously stomping without modifying the resistance, heart rate can spike quite high. (Intervals under 60 seconds may yield lower rates.)

Avoid “mushy” cueing. One instructor would cue his class with, “Okay, you guys, do another stomp now.” There’s no way that will elicit a rigorous stomp interval from your riders.

Instead, start cueing about 5-6 seconds before the interval. In a firm voice, say, “And load the bike… AND… STOMP!” The slight pauses and the delivery should time the word “stomp” with the first second of the interval. Cue time at about 30 seconds and with 10 seconds to go.

Find some feature on the resistance knob to mark the resistance used on the last stomp. It’s much easier than trying to re-determine resistance for each interval. Cue that reminder for your riders.

Resistance can be ferocious during stomps. Every time I do them – about 8 times per year – I notice I can still raise the resistance for each interval, despite growing leg fatigue as the training proceeds. Don’t ask me to explain that, but it’s too consistent to be a fluke. It happens even when I do the training on my own. You might cue your riders to keep increasing the resistance so they get the added strength and power benefit.

If you use high-intensity intervals in your workouts or your classes, this training could fit right in with that approach. With the emphasis on strength and resistance, stomps offer a change from, say, speed intervals.

Stomps are a killer workout.