Drug Free Hair Loss Treatment

Case studies reveal that 92% of men with hair loss, baldness, receding hairlines and thinning hair suffer from a condition known as Androgenetic Alopecia. Over 50 million men in the US suffer from Male Pattern Baldness today and that has created a billion dollar a year market for hair loss products.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder also called “spot baldness” that can result in hair loss ranging from one area to every hair on the whole body.

It is characterized by a receding hair line and baldness on the top of head. In men it is often referred to rightly or wrongly as Male Pattern Baldness. Male pattern baldness can include a receding hairline, balding on the top of the head and near the neck and ears. This type of baldness occurs when hair follicles are instructed to stop the grown of hair. While there are treatments available, knowing more about the cause of male pattern baldness will help you be able to determine which treatment to seek.

Food For Thought

The first signs that testosterone is linked to male pattern baldness were the eunuchs, who unlike their uncut male friends, never lost any hair. Eunuchs, who produce no testosterone, never go bald even if they have a baldness gene. However, if castrated men with a family history of baldness are given testosterone, they lose hair in the classic horseshoe-shaped pattern. Interesting!

In 420 BC, Hippocrates also attempted to cure baldness with the following very interesting mixture: a mixture of opium, horseradish, pigeon droppings, beetroot, and various spices applied to the scalp, I wonder if it worked?


Fortunately, there are treatments available that will help fight baldness, first and foremost, your nutrition can “boost” your natural tendency to Male Pattern Baldness, digesting the right nutrition that is formulated to assist in hair retention can help albeit in a subtle way. Oral supplements are designed to treat hair loss from a systematic viewpoint and block the progression of DHT (dihydrotestosterone a derivative form of testosterone produced in your body) before it is able to attack and damage the hair follicle. Since you would need to take the DHT blocker for the rest of your life in order for it to be effective, cost definitely be a deciding factor in whether or not you choose over-the-counter DHT blockers to treat your hair loss.

Medical treatments are available that will help minimize hair loss by keeping testosterone from changing into dihydrotestosterone, which is what will cause baldness in some men and some women. Baldness and hair loss is caused by testosterone, and in particular a version of it known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT, the male hormone that makes us look and sound like guys.

Tackling hair loss as soon as it starts is the best way of dealing with baldness – remember offense in this case is the best form of defense! While some choose to live with thinning hair or even baldness, others decide to aggressively approach hair restoration.

Natural Alternatives

A number of natural vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other powerful nutrients have been shown to be quite effective in the war against baldness. If a person does not have sufficient hair vitamins then the deficiencies can lead to thinning hair or even total baldness in the most severe cases. If you are looking for a natural hair loss remedy for male pattern baldness, there are many to try.

How to Fix ‘Bad Pool Caller Error’ in Windows Instantly – Stop This Error From Reoccurring

Errors of all types generally happen with Computers. Some of them are very common and we get used to them and then do not worry when they pop up again after some time. But some errors could be new like ‘Bad Pool Caller Error’ that is referred as computer error running on Windows operating system. You get signals of this error when computer screen shows blue color while booting and shows error message with a cryptic number. It is advisable to shut down your system immediately so as to prevent loss of data.

There could be various reasons for ‘Bad Pool Caller Error’ to occur in the System.

  • It can appear during up gradation of OS or after you have added some new hardware.
  • It may also appear because of installation of some software programs or after updating system. It shows something like “stop: 0x000000c2” on the screen.
  • It can also come on your computer screen due to defective memory chip.
  • If driver is incompatible with hardware of system or there is some problem in management of memory, then also your system may show this error on screen.

To fix ‘Bad pool caller error’ in windows immediately,

  • First of all you must check that all hardware is properly functioning.
  • Perform memory test (Tools -> Windows Memory Diagnostic).
  • Press F1 to change mode to advanced mode or enter in safe mode using F8 key.
  • Unplug complete hardware from the system and look for the problem. You can add cards to PC to detect problem area.
  • Set up BIOS indicating for boot to happen via disk. After accessing Windows, run ‘Run Scanner’ memory test to find the problem lies.
  • If memory test shows no booting problem, it means that there is no problem with PC hardware but there is some error in software.
  • Perform a thorough check on Windows Registry. There may be a problem in registry that shows ‘Bad Pool Caller Error’ as registry gets corrupted at times during installation/ un-installation of software. Scan the registry files to fix the error. Choose a reliable registry cleaner.

Try all these tips and fix the error instantly to make your computer free of various errors/ disruptions. This error shows message which says “Windows has detected some problem and is shutting down to prevent damage to computer” on blue colored screen. You can repair ‘Bad Pool Caller Error’ easily and without spending any money. After you have scanned and fixed your PC, it will start working at amazing speed. To stop it from reoccurring you must use registry cleaners regularly and install only licensed software.

Running antivirus software regularly also helps in detecting and cleaning malware.

Do It Yourself Homemade Tattoo Removal at Home

When you are looking for do-it-yourself homemade tattoo removal methods to apply at home, you may have noticed some of the ideas and tips shared online are effective… and some are simply a waste of your time.

Because among many of the articles and guides you may find online about how to remove a tattoo at home using free simple methods, some of these ideas or cream recipes only bring you a temporary effect. Not to mention the health effects some of these homemade recipes may have on your skin later on.

So how can you find out which solutions help you fade out your tattoo easily and as fast as possible? Here are a few low cost do it yourself tips to help you get started…

1. Tattoo Bleaching Creams

If you drop by your nearby drugstore or pharmacy and ask for a tattoo removing cream, you will notice several popular brand available there. Some of them claim to bring you noticeable results in as fast as a few weeks.

But is it really true? Do tattoo fading cream recipes really work? And is it really safe to use these chemical material on your skin for several weeks?

First of all, it is always useful to read the manual included with the cream carefully to be aware of any side effects or allergy alerts. The next step would be trying it on your skin for a few days and watching how it reacts.

At the end, the effect of these tattoo bleaching creams really depends on your skin type, how small or large your tattoo is, and your age.

So if you are really looking for a easier and low cost method comparing to laser tattoo removal, you can try a popular bleaching cream to see how well it works in your case.

2. Homemade Tattoo Removal Recipes

If you are not a big fan of using chemical creams or skin products to remove your tattoo, you have a second option here: making your own safe tattoo removing recipe at home.

Here are some simple ideas that have been proven to be effective on most people:

  • Lime juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Sea salt
  • Hydrogen peroxide

By mixing these items together, or simply rubbing them on your tattoo area separately every day, it will help bleach your tattoo gradually and fade it out eventually.

This homemade method it especially helpful if you are looking for a do-it-yourself solution to help you fade out and bleach your tattoo easily at home. Also these ingredients are safe and proven to be allergy free.

How to Have an Out of Body Experience in 24 Hours Or Less (Without Drugs Or Danger)

Who else wants to have an out of body experience? Are you interested in exploring the ethereal realms….but don’t know how to get there? Have you read SO much stuff on the OBE, astral projection and all sorts of other odd experiences, that you simply can’t separate the fact….from the fantastical fiction?

If you are anything like I was, the simple truth is you are fascinated with the power and potential of traveling outside of your body….but simply don’t know what works, what doesn’t, and what the BEST ways are to quickly prove it all to yourself. If this sounds like you….the GOOD news is I’ve written this article with YOU in mind..:-) Curious to know what I’ve learned along the way? Continue reading as we take a closer look immediately below!


Are out of body experiences real?

Absolutely! And of course….it DOES depend on what your definition of real is as well. If you mean an AUTHENTIC, potentially life changing experience that transforms you from being a skeptic about matters of the soul into a full ON believer that we are MORE than our physical bodies, the OBE is definitely real.

Are parts of the OBE illusory in the sense that things you SEE while out of the body are not really there in our material world?

Absolutely as well. There are experiences you can have on the ethereal realms that do NOT correspond to things you’ll see on the physical plane…….but that’s only because the two worlds (and the many others that are out there to explore as well) do NOT necessarily match detail for detail. I’ve personally had plenty of out of body experiences where SOME stuff I’ve seen “here” has absolutely been verified later to be 100% accurate….while other stuff didn’t correspond at all. The only way to understand this….is to experience it for yourself. (as the answers unfortunately won’t be found in articles like this one that support the OBE, or in articles that purport the whole experience is fantasy, either. You’ve got to get out there and DO it to see for yourself..:-)

Okay….so what is the FASTEST way to have an OBE in 24 hours or less, without drugs or danger?

Very simple.

Binaural beats are the absolute BEST way to entrain your brain to enter into a state of consciousness that is conducive to having an OBE.

Using nothing but a pair of headphones and very special sound technology (which is all binaural beats are) you can expand your consciousness awareness in UNDER an hour, and begin to feel the “buzz” of your spiritual self beginning to expand…first WITHIN your physical body, and then very quickly…..work it’s way into the ETHEREAL realms in a hurry! (very cool….and again, something that transcends being able to accurately be described with words alone)

Want the Truth?

I had my FIRST out of body experience in under 30 minutes when using brain entrainment sound technology about 8 years ago…after trying without ANY success for months beforehand. The GOOD news? You can now have the very same experience from home, and what cost me hundreds of dollars to experience, you can explore for FREE!

Japanese Reiki is Energy Medicine

Japanese Reiki is a method of healing that exercises which we refer to in modern English as the "bio-energy field" or simply "life energy". The life energy has different names in different traditional healing rationales, such as prana in Ayurvedic Medicine, qi in traditional Chinese medicine and ki in Japanese Reiki healing.

Simply put, the idea is that there is an energy field that surrounds all living things. It's easy enough to understand the idea, but not so easy for some people to accept. It is hard for some people to accept the existence of anything that they can not see with the naked eye, but modern science would not have advanced this far if there were not people who could accept the existence of things that they could not see.

History of Japanese Reiki Healing

There are many stories and legends surrounding the beginning of Japanese Reiki. The fact is that Usui Maiko operated a dojo or school in Japan in the early 1920s, at which he taught students to recognize and use the bio-energy field to heal illnesses of all types. In the West, the word dojo has come to mean a school of martial arts, but in Japan, the word is used to refer to any school and literally means "place of the way".

Usui called his system "Reiki Ryoho", a system of healing that involves the use of the Universal life force. The term "Japanese Reiki" is sometimes used in the West to refer to the system that he designed, because over time different teachers have taught different versions of the healing art.

The idea of ​​"healing with the hands" did not begin with Usui. He simply created a system that made it easy for people to learn the art. Whether or not he was divinely inspired is a matter of personal opinion. He was apparently "inspired" in some way and believed that it was important to teach others.

It is a fact that he taught many people, including officers of the Japanese Navy. It is a fact that he formed a society known as Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkei. The society still exists in Japan and is called Usui Kai.

One of Usui's students, Chujiro Hayashi, went on to teach the Hawaiian born Japanese American woman Hawayo Takata. Takata ever taught Japanese Reiki healing in Hawaii.

Many of her students continue to teach. Currently there are Japanese Reiki teachers or masters in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and many parts of the world. The system is still taught in Japan, as well.

Simply and briefly stated, that is the history of Japanese Reiki healing. Several authors have written books composed almost inevitably of the history of Usui Maiko and his students, probably hoping to dispel some of the myths that surround the man's life, ie he was a professor of Christian theology at a Japanese University and studied at the University of Chicago in the United States. There is no evidence that either of these is true.

Practitioners may have perpetuated stories like these in order to add credibility to a practice that is sometimes viewed with skepticism. But, no matter what you "believe", the truth is that learning Japanese Reiki can re-energize your life, relieve stress, restore harmony and balance and allow you to help others achieve overall good health. To learn more, please visit http://understanding-reiki.com .

The Miracle of Topical Vitamin C – Beautiful Skin Without Exfoliation

Function of the Stratum Corneum: The Skin’s Natural Barrier

The skin is composed of several layers, each of which serves a particular function. The topmost layer, called the stratum corneum, is actually composed of dead cells glued together with an oil our skin produces called sebum. Because this layer is the one exposed to the elements, it can easily become damaged, thinned, rough and discolored. The function of the stratum corneum is essentially to act as a barrier between the environment and deeper layers of our skin which are in fact alive. The environment contains such harmful things as chemicals, ultraviolet light, and bacteria. Thus the stratum corneum protects us from exposure to these noxious agents.

Over the past 20-30 years, it has become popular to exfoliate and use abrasives on our skin to effect a smoother, more radiant complexion. Most of the time, if the skin is healthy, it can handle an occasional facial; however, more and more cosmetics and so-called wrinkle creams contain glycolic acids, retinols or abrasive substances. Daily use of these products leads to excessive removal of the stratum corneum and reduces its barrier function.

Problems With Exfoliation

Some of the more common problems associated with thinning of the stratum corneum include development of milia, age spots, perioral dermatitis and allergic eczema.

Milia are those small, hard, white granules just under the skin around your eyes, forehead or cheeks. They are frequently associated with the use of exfoliating chemicals, abrasives or astringents and they can resolve after several months when these products are discontinued.

Age spots are usually associated with excessive ultraviolet radiation exposure from the sun or tanning beds. Age spots, known as lentigo or seborrheic keratosis, are benign but can be found alongside malignant conditions of the skin called actinic keratosis. A visit to your dermatologist is the only way to be sure the age spot is a benign lesion. Age spots darken with further ultraviolet exposure and can lighten considerably if ultraviolet light is avoided with the use of a wide-brimmed had or long sleeves.

Perioral dermatitis is usually due to a superficial bacterial infection of the skin around the mouth, nose or eyes. This condition appears as small red pustules which can be itchy or painful. Bacteria more easily gain entry to the skin and set up an infection if the stratum corneum is thinned or breached. This condition usually requires treatment with antibiotics to effect a cure, however some people repeatedly suffer from bouts of perioral dermatitis. One aggravating factor may be the daily use of exfoliating chemicals or abrasives.

Allergic eczema is another condition caused by thinning of the stratum corneum. Environmental chemicals such as chlorine, detergents or other allergic sensitizers may gain entry to the deeper layers of the skin when the stratum corneum is not able to exclude these substances.

What if you didn’t have to exfoliate to produce smoother skin?

In fact, topical Vitamin C produces a smooth complexion by normalizing the stratum corneum. Rather than exfoliating, the stratum corneum retains its normal thickness, but the skin’s tone, texture and pore size are improved in just two weeks of daily use of topical Vitamin C. Even better results are seen with the combination of a Vitamin E cream.

Studies at Duke University demonstrated that topical Vitamins C and E protect skin cells from sunburn and tanning. Each vitamin alone protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and there is a synergistic effect when the vitamins are combined.

Daily use of Vitamins C and E has also reduced the numbers of age spots and milia in some patients.

Finally, Vitamin C is an important cofactor in the synthesis of collagen. Topical Vitamin C speeds healing after burns and infections. More rapid wound healing and reduction in fine wrinkles may be related to Vitamin C ‘s ability to increase collagen synthesis.

Before you run out and buy the first Vitamin C product you find, realize that Vitamin C, when mixed in a solution or cream has a very short shelf life of only two months. Most Vitamin C is, in fact, mixed by the manufacturers; however in the process of shipping and storing, the shelf life is exceeded in many cases. Vitamin C turns yellow or brown after two months and it loses most of its effectiveness when it turns color. Sometimes, coloring or bleaching agents are added to Vitamin C creams so the yellow color is not apparent. To be sure you are getting the most effective Vitamin C product, be sure to buy a product that requires mixing after purchase. This way, you are probably getting the highest concentration of active vitamin for the entire two months of its shelf life.

Daily use of Vitamin C serum is recommended to improve the appearance of your complexion and to provide ultraviolet protection. Use of a hat and sun protective clothing is also important since the Vitamin C will lose effectiveness over time due to perspiration and free radical generation on your skin, so reapply it frequently.

How Does Phentermine Work? Learn How To Stop Neurotransmitter Depletion

Why has Phentermine stopped helping me lose weight?

Many people are experiencing the same problem you face right now. We’re all in the same boat when it comes to being frustrated about Phentermine tolerance. For some of us, the appetite suppression diminishes within a few weeks of beginning treatment. Others enjoy the effects for a longer time, but we all seem develop tolerance eventually. So, I decided to step up to the plate and help you continue toward your weight loss goals.

Phentermine, like many other prescription drugs, works with chemicals called neurotransmitters in your brain. It actually stimulates your neuron bundles to release a particular group of neurotransmitters known as catecholamines, these include dopamine, epinephrine (formally known as adrenalin), and norepinephrine (noradrenalin). They signal a fight or flight response in your body which, in turn, puts a halt to the hunger signal. As a result, you lose your appetite because your brain doesn’t receive the hunger message. This is perhaps due to phentermine’s affects on leptin levels in the brain. It is theorized that phentermine can raise levels of leptin which signal satiety. It is also theorized that increased levels of the catecholamines are partially responsible for halting another chemical messenger know as neuropeptide Y. This chemical initiates eating, decreases energy expenditure, and increases fat storage.

What are Neurotransmitters?

Neurotransmitters are chemicals in your nervous system and brain. They act as messengers, relaying electrical messages between the cells (neurons) of the nervous system or brain. Some people have naturally low levels of neurotransmitters. This condition may lead to diseases such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and obesity, and others.

How do prescription appetite suppresants work?

Prescription drugs work by moving neurotransmitters from one place to another, but do nothing to increase the supply of neurotransmitters in the nervous system or brain. These drugs trick your brain into thinking there are more neurotransmitters than there actually are. Because of this, your brain slows down the production of neurotransmitters.

Has Phentermine permanently depleted my supply of neurotransmitters?

We know of no studies which have shown that Phentermine can cause permanent depletion of your body’s supply of neurotransmitters in the brain and nervous system. After thorough research on the depletion of neurotransmitters by prescription drugs, we’ve concluded that it is possible to reverse the negative effects of Phentermine usage.

An independent team of researchers has developed a solution called amino acid therapy. This method of replenishing the supply of neurotransmitters is discussed below.

What steps can I take to make Phentermine effective again?

Section 1: Amino Acid Therapy

You can do a number of things that will help to reverse the depletion of neurotransmitters by Phentermine. The first is, as mentioned in Section 2, therapy using the basic amino acids that promote production of neurotransmitters. To undergo therapy, you can take two supplements which are currently known to improve the situation.

The first supplement you can use is called D5. Developed by a company called Neuroreplete, it is designed to be used in combination with another supplement, CysReplete. It is also crucial to take a multivitamin in conjunction with these supplements to ensure adequate amounts of B vitamins which are essential to maintaining proper metabolism of nutrients in the body. If there are insufficient B vitamins ready for controlling bodily functions, they might be taken from the supplements. B vitamins are co-factors for the production of neurotransmitters from amino acids, if your body borrows them from the supplements, the production of neurotransmitters is compromised.

NOTE: Neuroreplete states that in order to use D5 safely and effectively, patients must use proper dosing of Cysreplete. Prolonged use of D5 without proper CysReplete dosage has been proven to result in irreversible dyskinesias. Dyskinesias are neurological conditions characterized by sudden episodes of abnormal involuntary muscle movements. For your safety, you need to read more about this warning.

Visit D5 page on the NeuroReplete website below:


Dosing and safety testing instructions for using Neuroreplete’s supplements

may be found at this web page:


You can purchase the D5 and CysReplete supplements at the Longevity Medical Center website, operated by Hans D. Gruenn, MD. Do not proceed with a purchase until you have talked with your physician about treatment. Your physician is the only one who can decide what dosage you should take, or if you can take these supplements at all. Proper dosage may differ between different people.

Section 2: Less Complicated Forms Of Therapy

Studies from the Wayne Diet Clinic Nutrition Guide show that lemon water can help prevent or slow tolerance to Phentermine. The formula for lemon water contains:

2-3 ounces of lemon juice

1 quart of water

The Wayne Diet Clinic has also found that avoiding drinking sodas and other caffeinated beverages can help slow or prevent Phentermine tolerance. This is because caffeine speeds up metabolism, which has a diuretic effect and in turn causes you to excrete Phentermine from your body much more quickly through urine.

Making an overall improvement in your eating habits might play a large role in improving your production of neurotransmitters as well as other vital chemicals in the body. Since amino acids are the building blocks of neurotransmitters it is essential to ensure adequate protein in the diet. I am in no way a licensed doctor, dietician, or nutritionist; but if there was any diet I would recommend, it would be the Zone Diet. I used to have to try hard to follow the diet, balancing protein and carbohydrates, but in no time, my body was used to the diet and I was almost disgusted by unhealthy foods or unhealthy amounts of food in general. My brain power and energy shot up, as well as my overall physical condition. So, I must recommend that you try the Zone Diet in combination with taking Phentermine. Trust me, it will probably be the 2nd best decision you’ve ever made in your life!

You may look over the Zone Diet website here:


What substances should I avoid to help enable Phentermine?

You should avoid caffeinated foods and drinks as much as possible. Caffeine is a naturally-occurring substance found in the leaves, seeds or fruits of over 63 plant species worldwide and is part of a group of compounds known as methylxanthines.

The most commonly known sources of caffeine are coffee and cocoa beans, cola nuts and tea leaves. Caffeine is a pharmacologically active substance and, depending on the dose, can be a mild central nervous system stimulant. Caffeine does not accumulate in the body over the course of time and is normally excreted within several hours of consumption. It is toxic in large doses.

Caffeine speeds up the excretion of Phentermine from your body. Because of this, Phentermine has less time to suppress your appetite.

In the human brain, the centers which tell your body whether you’re hungry or full are controlled by neurotransmitters. Increased levels of the neurotransmitters called norepinephrine and dopamine suppress the feeding center. Increased levels of norepinephrine in the satiety center stimulate eating, while increased levels of serotonin in the satiety center suppress the appetite.

Some researchers theorize that tolerance to Phentermine 37.5 and other doses is due to the fact that there is a limited amount of norepinephrine in the human system, and that those limited stores are depleted by repeated administration of phentermine. Others believe that the cells that respond to phentermine or norepinephrine become exhausted after repeated stimulation. Another theory is that the body is able to metabolize and excrete phentermine more and more efficiently as time passes. Eventually, the drug is metabolized so rapidly that effective blood levels are not maintained long enough for the drug to exert the desired therapeutic effect.

General Phentermine Facts:

The following non-bold, bulleted text was taken and adapted (into bullet points) from the Wayne Diet Clinic web site:

• Phentermine is available in several dosages and forms. The form produced and distributed by Medeva Pharmaceuticals is a 30 milligram capsule known as Ionamin. The active drug is bound to a resin complex that releases the drug over time.

• Fastin was a form of Phentermine produced by SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals. It supplied as a 30 milligram capsule. This brand name is no longer sold, but is available in its generic counter-part, the blue-white capsules.

• The form of the drug produced and distributed by Gate Pharmaceuticals is a 37.5 milligram pill known as Adipex-P.

• Neither Fastin or Adipex-P has timed-release characteristics.

• Adipex-P reaches a higher level in the bloodstream than any other form, but it is cleared from the bloodstream faster than the timed-release form. (7)

• There are generic forms of Fastin and Adipex-P, but there is not a generic form of Ionamin available.

• There is also a generic phentermine hydrochloride (the form of the drug used in Fastin and Adipex-P) that is available in a 15 milligram dose.

• One of the most frequently asked questions at the clinic by patients is whether they should use the brand name or the generic form of the drug. Most patients believe that brand name and generic drugs are identical. In reality, generic drugs can be compared to generic foods or other generic products, in that there are appreciable and measurable differences between brand name and generic products. Also, one company’s generic product can differ from the generic product of another company, and there are several companies that produce generic phentermine in pill and capsule form.

• A brand name product has to be within a five percent tolerance of the ideal, with the ideal being defined as 100% bioavailability of the drug.

• Bioavailability is defined as the percentage of the drug dose ingested that actually enters the system and reaches its target organ or action site.

• Generic brands can meet the lower standard of being within 25% of the ideal, and still be marketed under the name of the parent compound.

• Because of the wide variation in patient response to phentermine, there is no hard and fast rule that can be adhered to in regard to the brand versus generic issue.

• Each patient must try all forms and brands of the drug to ascertain which is the most effective and well-tolerated form for their particular circumstances.

• In our experience, the main reason to prescribe Fastin rather than Adipex-P is in those patients who experience side effects such as insomnia, jitteriness, irritability, or palpitations, with the higher dose of phentermine that is present in Adipex-P. Ionamin would also be an appropriate drug in those circumstances, since the resinated (timed-release) form of phentermine is associated with lower peak blood levels of the drug. Higher peak blood levels of phentermine are associated with more undesirable side effects in some individuals. Most patients at our clinic (88%) prefer brand or generic Adipex-P, as they perceive that the higher dose gives them greater appetite control.

You may find the full Wayne Diet Clinic text at their official website:


For extra information from the Wayne Diet Clinic, visit their homepage:


Now it’s your turn to educate me!

I would appreciate it very much if you could contribute more information to be added to this report. I am not a nutritionist, doctor, or research scientist. I am just trying to help remove some of the fog in the world of Phentermine tolerance. I am no expert, and this report is the result of non-professional research. I know many Phentermine users who are much more educated than I am in this field, so if you happen to be one of those people, please let me know if I’ve provided incorrect information, or if you would like to add something to the report.

I do hope my Phentermine tolerance report has been beneficial to you in some way. If it has, please let me know at your convenience, as I always love to hear your opinions and questions.

The contents of this document and the Shoppe.MD web site (referred to in this disclaimer as the Web Site), such as text, graphics, images, information obtained from Shoppe.MD’s licensors, and other material contained on the Web Site (“Content”) are for informational purposes only and does not render medical advice or professional services. The information provided in this document and on the Web Site should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this document or on the Web Site.

Shoppe.MD disclaims any liability whatsoever for any documentation, information, programs, software, or other material which is or may become a part of this document and the Web site. Shoppe.MD does not warrant or guarantee that the information will not be offensive to any user. User is hereby put on notice that by accessing and using the Web Site, user (you) assumes the risk that the information and documentation contained in the Web Site may be offensive and/or may not meet the needs and requirements of the user.

The main point is as follows: Consult your medical doctor or physician before taking any actions based on the information provided in this document, the Phentermine Report.

Raising A Kangaroo: How To Take Care Of Orphaned Ones

Exotic animals are good to have as pets. However, you should be reminded that they are beyond ordinary because they’re not like your ordinary house pets at home. You have to take a lot of factors into consideration if you decide to have these animals as companions at home. In this article we will be looking the steps that you need to do when you are raising a kangaroo that has been orphaned.

First of all, you should know that raising a kangaroo that no longer has its parents by its side should never be taken lightly. If you know some experts in your area, it would be best to ask some help or assistance from them. If possible, it would be good if you hand the joey over to a rescue center or a vet. This is perhaps the best option that you can do as this will ascertain the well-being of the joey. However, if you want to raise this exotic animal at home, you must first check the legal requirements concerning this within your state because some states don’t allow the rearing of wild animals without a permit. You have to know that raising a young joey isn’t something well-suited for those who are faint-hearted. This requires a good amount dedication and commitment. Even if you pour out a lot of care and devotion to doing this, there’s still a chance that your orphaned exotic can’t be saved. If you are left with the option to do things on your own because expert help isn’t available within your area, you don’t have to worry. Instead, you should spend time on learning the proper method of doing things.

Young orphaned animals of any type are fragile so they should always be handled with care. They may be sick, injured, or dehydrated. Most certainly, they will be stressed and might be in a state of shock. The most important thing that you need to do when you’re raising the joey is to keep it warm and quiet. If it has suffered from an injury, you need to take it to a vet if possible. However, if you think that it is in good health, then you have to make sure that it’s warm before you do anything else. Joey’s are usually found lying inside the pouch of a doe that has been hit or run over by a car or one that has been shot. If the joey has been dead for quite some time already, the baby must be feeling cold already. It is vital that you raise is body temperature but you need to do this slowly. If its paws and feet are cold to touch, his body temperature is most probably down. In this case, you need to wrap him with something that’s going to offer warmth. Tuck him underneath a jumper while you attend to other arrangements that will are needed to provide permanent warming. An artificial pouch is needed to provide good warmth to the joey.

What Are The Causes And Effects Of Skin Cancer

Like all cancers, skin cancer is caused when the cells are exposed to some external environmental condition. This causes the cells, or more specifically the genes in the cell to mutate and become known as a oncogene. An oncogene promotes tumor growth. In many cases of cancer it is not always clear what the environmental condition or conditions may be. In fact, it may not be just one condition that promotes cancer growth but a multitude of them making it harder to prevent the development of the disease. In the case of skin cancer, the environmental condition is thought to be exposure to ultraviolet radiation. And the most common source of ultraviolet radiation that most people are exposed to is sunlight.

However, some people can be exposed to sunlight more than others and never appear to develop skin cancers. It seems that some people are more sensitive to the ultraviolet radiation than others (although too much exposure to the sun will result in skin cancer for most people eventually). This is true and is based on the amount of melanin in the body. Melanin is the body’s natural defense against the sun. It turns the skin brown as a way prevent it from burning. This is the tan that many people cultivate.

People with low amounts of melanin will have paler skin. The skin will most likely turn red rather than brown and will burn before it tans (if it tans at all) depending on the melanin level. This is fair common knowledge to most people. Indeed, people with pale or blue eyes and fair hair are in the same category. They are likely to burn in the sun and this suggests that they have been exposed to too much ultraviolet radiation.

Even if you do not fit this genetic makeup, you are still susceptible to skin cancer if your family has a history of developing the disease.

The effects of skin cancer can vary. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer. It will often look like a mark on the skin that could be brown or red. It may be raised from the skin or flat to begin with. It generally doesn’t spread and is considered to be a benign cancer. It can appear anywhere on the body but mainly on areas that are directly exposed to the sunlight.

Squamous cell carcinoma is another form of skin cancer that is normally found on parts of the body that are exposed to sunlight. Again, it does not always spread from the original location but is more likely to spread than basal cell. If it does spread it will normally only spread to surrounding cells. So if it is on the surface of the skin you will notice a mark that is brown or red that starts to get larger over time.

Melanoma are the third type of skin cancer. They are the most serious and rarest form of skin cancer. They can appear anywhere on the body and are not uncommon in parts of the body that are not normally exposed to the sun, like the feet. They could take the form of a brown spot that gets larger or simply a lump under the skin.

A Melanoma can be malignant, meaning that they will continue to grow in a random fashion at an uncontrolled rate. This becomes a problem when the melanoma becomes invasive. This means it will interfere with surrounding tissues and organs to the extent that it destroys them or stops them functioning properly.

Depending on where the cancer spreads or metastasizes this can be extremely hard to treat and potentially life threatening.

Limiting your exposure to sunlight and other forms of ultraviolet radiation is the best preventative care you can take. Getting your skin checked out from time to time by your doctor is also a good idea. This is especially good advice if you notice any new or unusual moles or spots on your skin. Or if these lesions appear to have changed in any way.

Wheel Chair Lifts in History

Wheel chair lifts have been one of the most significant advances in disabled mobility since the wheel chair itself was invented. They play a supporting role. Certain kinds extend the range handicapped people can move about directly, by transporting them across the stairs that would otherwise hinder them. 

Wheel chair lifts are designed to lift a person who needs to utilize such a device for mobility in an area where a person without one would ordinarily go by negotiating stairs or some other route that is difficult, hazardous, or impossible in a wheelchair. To safely and reliably lift both a person and the wheelchair he or she sits in, the lift must be quite powerful. Generally, these lifts consist of a platform that can be wheeled onto and a motor that raises the platform up or down to one or more different levels.

Before the invention of wheel chair lifts, buildings could only provide handicapped access through ramp systems. In some cases, ramps work perfectly well, and they are widely used to this day. Sometimes, however, a ramp is impractical for one reason or another, and in these cases, the lifts are employed instead. The most common reason for using a lift instead of a ramp is architectural. Sometimes there isn’t room to build a large ramp anywhere conveniently. Wheel chair lifts take up far less room than ramps, because they don’t entail any horizontal movement. In most cases, they move in a direct, vertical direction, just like an elevator. Ramps are also often impractical where stairs are prolonged or steep, because a gradual ramp would need to be dangerously steep or inconveniently large.

When wheel chair lifts were first implemented, they were often found in the private homes of those who were handicapped or who wished to accommodate handicapped guests. Houses rarely have room for ramps, especially if they were designed without this accommodation in mind. Since the staircases in houses rarely see heavy traffic, wheel chair lifts in private residences are often built directly over the stairs. In this case, they follow the path of the stairs, which means moving horizontally as well as vertically. The advantage of this system is that it saves space. The disadvantage is that when wheel chair lifts of this sort are in operation, it usually keeps others from using the staircase.

These lifts are important, not just for handicapped Americans, but for all Americans. The handicapped are better able to make their contributions to society when they have uninhibited access to all areas. In addition, providing equal access with ramps and wheel chair lifts supports the values that the United States was founded upon.

We believe in inalienable rights and dignity. We believe in opportunity, rather than privilege. We also believe in self-reliance. Rather than believing that certain people deserve or garner power over others, Americans believe that individuals naturally carry power and responsibility for themselves. Wheel chair lifts allow handicapped people to be independent, rather than reliant on others.

Wheel chair lifts have been important to disabled people and to supporters of equality since their invention decades ago and have gradually found service in more and more locations worldwide. Today, they are woven into the everyday lives of those who use wheel chairs. They have facilitated disabled people in ascending, literally and figuratively, to the stage and to the highest places in society. Upward mobility has never so gracefully emblemized itself.

The Amazing Range Of Sex Toys

The variety of sex toys is surprising. Sex toys vary from purely male or purely female sex toys to toys that can be used by both sexes. There are also some sex toys that can also be classified as sex aids or marital aids.

The Purpose Of Sex Toys

Some sex toys aid the man’s erection, stimulate the female genitals to become more sensitive or provide a different feel to ‘normal’ sex. Other sex toys provide an ‘environment’ for variations in sex, for example so called orgy bed sheets. Sometimes they are used to help a person who has difficulty with unaided sex to achieve sexual satisfaction. However most sex toys provide a new way to directly stimulate the male or female genitals to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Using sex toys can provide new experiences and variation in the sexual experience. It can also provide a fantasy element for enhancing or revitalising a relationship.

The usual expectation is that a sex toy provides direct stimulation of the genitals in foreplay and/or during sexual intercourse or as a means to obtain orgasm through only the stimulation provided by the sex toy.

Types of Sex Toys

Vibrating Sex Toys

Probably the most well known sex toys are ‘vibrators’ which, as the name suggests, provide stimulation of the genitals using vibration. They are mainly used to stimulate the clitoris, but may also be used to stimulate any other part of the female body or that of a man’s.

The simplest of these are pencil or wand shaped (though normally thicker than a pencil). They often have an internal battery (or two) which powers a small electric motor. Sometimes the battery pack and controller are external and connected to the vibrator by a wire. This motor is fitted with a small, out of balance, weight attached to the shaft. As this weight rotates it throws the motor and vibrator into a small circular movement which causes the vibration you feel.

With a vibrator that has a controller, as the power is increased the speed of the motor increases and with it both the rate and strength of vibration. Both the strength and rate of vibration effects how stimulating you find the sex toy. The best effect may not be as strong and as fast as possible. The optimum settings may well change as your degree of excitement builds. To get the best results it is worth buying a vibrator which is controllable.

Different vibrators will have different characteristics and you may well find you prefer one combination much more than another and your preference may even vary depending on which part of your body you are stimulating.

More recently electronic vibrator controllers have appeared which provide not only the static control of power/speed but also allow you to select patterns of power pulses and surges. These can be very effective.

There are also other vibrating sex toys such as butterfly stimulators and vibrating penis rings.

Other Powered Sex Toys

There are some sex toys that use other ways to provide mechanical stimulation. These usually depend on a motor that makes the sex toy continually change its shape which provides a sort of rotational movement or makes it move back and forth. The back and forth movements are sometimes powered by an air pump rather than a motor. The movements have been used to create, for example, mechanical licking tongues, vibrators that ‘penetrate’ the vagina and mouth simulators to give a man a ‘blow job’.

On a bigger scale and much more expensive, there are ‘sex machines’ that incorporate thrusting and vibrating dildos.

Combination Sex Toys

So far we have covered vibrating, moving and thrusting sex toys. As you may have guessed these are all offered in a bewildering array of combinations.

A common combination in many ‘Rabbit Style’ vibrators is clitoral stimulation using vibrations and vaginal stimulation using movement and sometimes a thrusting motion as well.

Many sex toys add varying textures to their surfaces; a dildo or vibrator may have ridges or soft spikes or a rippled shape.

Sensation Change Sex Toys

Some sex toys rather than provide vibrating or moving stimulation, change the feel of sex.

For instance there are a variety of sleeves to put over the penis to provide different sensations for both partners while engaged in penetrative sex.

There are rings that squeeze the base of the penis and/or tighten the scrotum that assist the man’s erection and also changes his sensations. There are penis extenders and thickeners which may give a man’s partner greater sensations during penetration.

There are a wide variety of lubricants that can significantly change the feel of sex.

There are PVC and Polyurethane bed sheets that are water and oil proof that can be used for slippery or messy sex.

Why Use A Sex Toy?

A good question is: why do people use a sex toy? Surely fingers, tongues, penises, clitorises and vaginas etc all provide great sexual stimulation and enjoyment.

Well, apart from therapeutic uses (eg erection assistance), sex toys can drive the imagination (being taken by a machine), provide variety (new ways to do old things), vary the stimulating effects in otherwise normal sex (penis sleeves) and some can provide experiences not possible with ‘normal body parts’ (particularly vibrating sex toys and electro-stimulation).

Where To Start

If you have not tried a sex toy before and don’t yet have an idea of what you might like, try one of the simpler vibrators first. Most probably you will enjoy the experience and then start to wonder what other delights can be found with more sophisticated vibrators and other sex toys …

If you then find you do enjoy sex toys try out a few others and find what suits you. Above all, have fun trying them out!

Top 3 Nutrition Tips for Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

About 2% of Americans have been diagnosed or are suspected to have fibromyalgia. There are probably millions more who have symptoms of fibromyalgia and go undiagnosed. Fibromyalgia is becoming more and more prevalent today, probably due to poor nutrition, environmental toxins, and stress – the perfect disease trifecta.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

– Chronic muscle pain (across some or all major muscle groups)

– Chronic Fatigue

– Numbness or tingling sensations in hands or feet

– Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

– Restless Leg Syndrome

– Dizziness

– “Brain Fog” or “fibro fog” – People with fibromyalgia often have frequent loss of memory or general feeling of confusion and an inability to do basic tasks or focus for long periods of time.

If you have any of these symptoms, you might have fibromyalgia. Most doctors will say that there is no cure for fibromyalgia, and they’re right. But there are some very practical, simple, and effective things you can do to help your body recover and feel better.

Fibromyalgia Nutrition Tip #1:

Eat more fresh, raw, organic fruit and vegetables and consider a concentrated fruit and vegetable supplement.

Fruits and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is highly associated with fibromyalgia and can contribute to fibromyalgia symptoms such as muscle pain. The more anti-inflammatory foods you eat, the better you will feel. So load up your plate with fresh, raw fruits, veggies, and berries.

Fresh produce also helps balance the immune system which is often compromised in those suffering from fibromyalgia. Boosting your immune system with fruits and vegetables will also help you stave off colds and infections and keep you healthier year round.

Fibromyalgia Nutrition Tip #2:

Supplement with Vitamin D.

We need 4000 to 6000 IU a day of Vitamin D and most people don’t get nearly enough. Even though the RDA for Vitamin D is only 400 IU a day, it’s sorely outdated. Researchers have found that over 70% of children are deficient or extremely deficient in Vitamin D today and this contributes to immune system imbalance and is correlated with fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases.

Fibromyalgia Nutrition Tip #3:

Eat more Omega-3 Fats.

Most Americans are extremely deficient in Omega-3 Fats and so experience inflammation and immune system dysfunction as a result. Scientists suggest that we should have a ratio of Omega-3 fats to Omega-6 fats in our diet of 1:1 whereas the average American today has a ratio of between 1:15 and 1:45!

Omega-3 fats are anti-inflammatory while omega-6 fats are pro-inflammatory. This huge imbalance in our diets can contribute to inflammatory diseases and conditions like fibromyalgia. Omega-3 Fats are very good for those with symptoms of fibromyalgia.

You can get more Omega-3 Fats by eating flax seeds, walnuts, deep-sea fish, or supplementing with flax seed oil or fish oil.

Fibromyalgia and Nutrition

Nutrition plays a key role in any fibromyalgia patient’s life. Try following these 3 Nutrition tips for fibromyalgia and take your health to the next level.

Taking Trade Show Displays On A Plane: Air Cargo Packing Basics For Every Type Of Trade Show Booth

Airline travel is the most common form of conveyance to distant conventions and expos, and with good reason: it’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s one of the safest methods of transit available. For humans, staying safe on a plane is a simple task. You simply sit back in your seat and enjoy a flight, complete with refreshments and staff to help you enjoy your trip. For your trade show booth, it takes a bit more to have an enjoyable journey. Many companies choose to bring their trade show displays along on the plane, and are able to enjoy a much higher degree of certainty about their stand’s arrival time at a lower cost. At the same time, many are unaware that trade show exhibits that travel on a plane must be carefully packed and protected. If properly wrapped for travel, an airline flight can be a great way to move your unit cross country – but the wrapping stage is absolutely critical.

Two Different Ways To Send Your Trade Show Booth On A Plane

If you’ve ever flown on a plane before, you know that there are two main types of cargo: carryon bags and checked luggage. Carryons are limited in size and number, but they’re brought onto the plane with you and can stay with you (and potentially in your site, if you like) throughout the flight. In contrast, checked luggage has much less restrictive limitations on its size, and much more liberal restrictions on how much can be checked per passenger. You may end up paying a nominal fee ($50 or so) for additional checked luggage, but it’s usually cheaper than shipping your unit.

Carryon luggage is typically as safe as if you packed your trade show displays in a car. It’s very hard for them to suffer damage, even if they’re packed in just a light carrying case. Checked luggage is more difficult to protect because airline baggage handlers are notoriously harsh with such bags. While your suitcase might have limited options for protection, your exhibits can be much better suited for these harsh conditions. You simply need to be willing to invest in the necessary gear.

Custom Carrying Cases For Trade Show Displays

The best option for protection is a hard-sided custom fit carrying case. This case will be crush resistant, giving your trade show exhibits the ultimate degree of protection against damage from other luggage and from any accidents during handling. Inside, the case should securely protect the elements of your booth from hitting each other, preferably with the use of foam or some other impact-resistant agent. These cases are not cheap, but they’ll serve you well for future flights and for any future shipping, if needed.

Inexpensive Airline Travel For Trade Show Exhibits

Even though you have to purchase a case for your unit, you are still likely to find that sending it via plane is less expensive than sending it via a traditional shipping option. Simply ensure that your case has the proper dimensions to fit either as a carryon or as a piece of checked baggage. Typically, banner stands are the only units small enough to fit as carryons, but the exact dimensions should always be confirmed before you fly. With a strong case and a good plan, you’ll be able to enjoy the friendly skies with your unit safely in tow.

Penis Health Benefits of Vitamin E – The Secret to a Smooth Shaft

Sexual health is an important part of a man’s overall health and wellness, and a healthy penis is obviously a key player in this respect. Everyone knows that to keep the body healthy, it is important to work out, eat right, take vitamins, get plenty of rest, avoid smoking, manage stress and limit alcohol intake – but few men take the time to give their penis a little extra TLC. Proper penis health care should be integrated into the daily routine of every man; the use of a penis vitamin creme containing Vitamin E is one way to improve the skin quality and health of the penis.

What are the Health Benefits of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E has many health boosting properties, one of which being its antioxidant function – antioxidants fight free radicals in the body which can cause cancer, as well as signs of premature aging. Vitamin E also reduces cholesterol in the body by stopping cholesterol from being changed to plaque. Plaque is responsible for narrowing the blood vessels and damaging cardiovascular health, which can lead to coronary artery disease. Vitamin E also reduces joint inflammation caused by arthritis, boosts immune functioning, and works with other essential nutrients to regulate hormones in the body. Vitamin E is an especially important nutrient for skin care, as it helps retain moisture, prevents skin dryness and can help protect the skin from UV rays.

What are the Penis Benefits of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E carries with it several penis-specific benefits. Vitamin E can improve the quality and appearance of the penis skin as it penetrates the skin cells, soothing irritation while moisturizing, smoothing and revitalizing the skin on contact. Vitamin E is also beneficial for men suffering from Peyronie’s disease – a condition in which the penis painfully curves due to scar tissue – vitamin E can help improve existing symptoms of Peryonie’s disease and may have preventative properties to keep the penis tissue healthy and straight. It can also prevent shortening of the penis tissue caused by Peyronie’s. Vitamin E increases blood flow throughout the body, all the way to those tiny blood vessels that make up the penis, this speeds healing and helps maintain the health of the penis tissue.

Sources of Vitamin E

There are many food sources that contain Vitamin E. The Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine recommend adults intake 15 mg of Vitamin E daily. To ensure the daily dose is met, load up on the following foods:

  • Wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and palm oil
  • Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts
  • Spinach, collard greens, dandelion greens
  • Avocados, asparagus, broccoli, beets, turnips, tomatoes, sweet potatoes pumpkin
  • Mangoes, papayas, kiwi

For individuals who aren’t the biggest fans of fruits and veggies, vitamin E can be found in over the counter daily multivitamins, or as a vitamin E only supplement.

Maintaining Penis Health

While vitamin E can be taken in pill form to reach the recommended daily intake, to achieve the best result for the penis, it should be applied directly to the skin. An all-natural penis vitamin creme (most professional recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamin E can be gently rubbed on the area to soothe, heal and protect the skin. When choosing a creme, ensure it is intended for use on the genital area, as lotions and cremes which are not formulated for the penis, may cause irritation of the skin. Other key ingredients a penis creme should contain include: shea butter, for moisturizing; Acetyl L Carnitine, for nerve healing; Alpha Lipoic Acid, for cell metabolism; vitamin A, for anti-bacterial properties; vitamin D, for anti-oxidant properties, and vitamin C, for collagen production.

A Headache Can Be Helped With Hot And Cold – Try Both

Some headache sufferers swear by a brisk walk in the cold air to clear their heads. For others, this would be a trigger to bring on a humdinger that would fell an elephant. Some leap into a hot shower at the first sign of a headache. For others, this would be just the thing to bring one on.

Both hot and cold treatments can be hugely effective with bringing relief from headaches. Some people prefer hot, some cold and some like to alternate. This is such an individual thing. You have to cautiously experiment and find out what works for you.

Why do hot and cold work so well?

It’s all to do with the muscles and the blood vessels. Many headache pains are caused by enlarged blood vessels pressing on surrounding nerves. Applying something cold to the area can help to constrict those vessels, reducing their diameter and lessening the pounding headache.

Some headaches are caused by tension and anxiety. This tightens up the muscles which then pinch nerves and enlarge blood vessels. Applying cold or heat to them (or alternating between the two) can loosen them up, releasing the pinched nerves and calming down the blood vessels.

Diversion tactics

Another great way to use get rid of a headache is to sit and soak your feet and ankles in a bowl or bucket of hot water. This works because the heat dilates, or enlarges the blood vessels in your feet and legs and helps to draw the blood away from the head. This releases pressure and calms the headache.

You may find this even more effective if you apply cold to your forehead and temples at the same time. This is because it will stop the heat from the foot-bath heating up your head as well – which is what we’re trying to avoid. When you’re finished, put on some thick, fluffy socks, to keep your feet warm and keep the blood flow diverting away from your head.

Note of caution

If you don’t own a cold pack – or you are trying out the different variations before investing in one, be careful how you apply cold.

A bag of frozen peas is ideal as it has a soothing weight to it and it molds to your face, neck or head. Be sure to wrap it in a cloth or thin towel to avoid getting ‘freezer burn’ on your skin. If you’re making your own pack from ice cubes, put them in a strong plastic bag and then wrap in a towel as before.

In either case, don’t leave the cold pack on for more than half an hour. You can always apply it again after a short rest.

Cool your brain with ice cream!

You know that piercing headache that you get when you eat an ice cream? Some people call it ‘brain freeze’. It’s not very comfortable but only lasts for a short time and is a great way to cool your brain down. It can stop a bad headache and can prevent a migraine developing further by cooling down the hypothalamus of your brain. This area is thought to be involved with the creation of migraines.

Got your ice cream ready? Put a spoonful of ice cream right into the back of your mouth. Keep it there with your tongue until it melts. If it becomes uncomfortable you’ll have to swallow it and try again.

What is the best hot or cold pack to buy?

If you’ve decided to go for a hot, or cold pack, or both so that you can alternate, there are many to choose from. They range from simple stick-on cold forehead patches, to squashy rectangular packs and fully fitted masks. Take some time to decide which will be best for you.

I’m too busy to stop and apply a pack. What can I do?

This is a common problem for full-time workers and moms at home with small children. But remember, this is a damage limitation exercise. If that headache or migraine gets a grip, you will be out of action, no matter how busy you are. There are cold packs available in the form of a band that you wear around your forehead and temples. They fasten with velcro, so you can put it on…and carry on.

My neck and shoulders are so tight and giving me a headache

Try a moist heat neck wrap. It may help to relieve that tension.

My headache is from dental problems or TMJ

Try a cold wrap that sits under your chin and fastens over the top of your head.

My whole head is throbbing and hot. Help!

Invest in a cooling ice pillow. These are also great for menopausal women or those on tamoxifen, who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats.