Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise – Three Reasons Why You Are Sedentary

Are you sedentary? If you are unsure of what it means to be sedentary by definition, you ought to ask yourself about physical activity. Are you physically inactive? If so, you are likely sedentary. Unless you have an unconventional physically active job, you are likely not involved in enough activity.

It is probably just another reminder to you but remaining sedentary over the long-term poses serious consequences. You leave yourself vulnerable to some of the worst health complications just because of a lack of exercise. It is merely a fact physical activity is an essential ingredient for not only preventing health problems but also living a good life.

If you are sedentary, do you know the reasons why? Perhaps you know you ought to make time for exercise, even though it feels you do not have much time available as it is. Lack of spare time is only one reason, as there are others that may be relevant to you…

1. You work a typical job. There is nothing wrong with working a regular job. Most typical jobs, however, do not involve enough activity. Which means you are likely sitting for many hours each day. We have evolved as physically active beings who like to be involved in physical work. In fact, in the past, it was atypical to not be reasonably active for most of the day.

Recognize working at a regular job predisposes you to continue your inactive tendencies, even after your workday is done. If you work in an office or sit for many hours during the week, it means you ought to make time to move. Go for a walk in the evening. Hit the gym for a workout, even if it is for as little as 20 minutes. Going to the gym for 20 minutes on four nights a week would help turn your health around, help with lowering both your blood sugar readings and your weight.

2. Too much screen time. The primary predictor of sedentary behavior during downtime is screen time. If you spend more than an hour on average during your weekdays watching TV or surfing the web, it is pretty much a guarantee you are sedentary. For reference, the average North American spends hours in front of a screen during weekdays alone.

There is no harm done by decreasing your screen time to make time for exercise. Only good can come of this.

3. It is harder to be disciplined, and easier to be relaxed. Discipline takes work; being passive is much more comfortable as it takes less effort. You do not have to convince yourself to relax at home when the alternative tends to require motivation.

But neglect has a price. Physical inactivity…

  • leads to weight gain,
  • decreases your energy levels, and it
  • can hurt your mood.

And it invites health problems like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

You do not have to exercise all of the time. But you do need to be reasonably active if you are to avoid the health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Even if all of the above applies to you, you can still make changes. Better to become active sooner rather than later.

Obesity Treatments That Real People Use

Obesity can be treated by dieting and exercise programs, or by the use of drugs and surgery. The best way to figure out which one is best for you is to consult a doctor who will have a good idea of ​​what type of diet or weight loss program will best suit your specific condition. A qualified doctor's prescription is much safer and effective than what you usually find in diet magazines. As an added advantage, you can have your condition monitored by the doctor who can take you off of treatments that do not seem to be working. If your obesity is the result of hormone imbalance, an endocrinologist's advice is called for.

Simultaneous exercise with dieting often works well. Here also, it is better to consult your doctor to learn which forms of exercise may be more useful for you. But be sure that you can handle the exercise you have been recommended to do. If overeating is your problem, try to resist the temptation by following suitable methods and say 'no' to food when necessary. Consult a psychiatrist if your eating problems are more psychological than physical.

Drugs for weight loss fall into several categories; appetite-changing drugs like Sibutramine, metabolism-changing drugs like Orlistat, and energy-boosting drugs like Ephedrine. A doctor must be consulted before you use any of them because they may produce serious side-effects if taken arbitrarily.

Two types of surgery have been recommended to treat people having sever obesity. The first one is gastroplasty, which surgically reduces the size of the stomach and gastric bypass surgery that creates a small stomach pouch and connects this pouch to the second portion of the intestines. Liposuction is no more than just a cosmetic method that removes fat cells at certain points of the body.

Gerard Houllier – A Celebrity Speaker

Houllier is an accomplished and confident speaker. His wealth of experience has been acquired through success in a number of domestic and national administrative roles. He is able to transcend the boundary from sport to business and pass on some of his inspirational insights into leadership for the benefit of others.

Houllier had six seasons with Premiership football side Liverpool before leaving in 2004. During that time he guided them to five trophies, including the UEFA Cup, the FA Cup and League Cup in a memorable 2000-01 season. This was the first time that any club had won three knock out competitions in the same year.

After an early career in teaching, where he became deputy headmaster at Ecole Normale d'Arras, Houllier moved to football and started as player / manager with Le Tourquet Athletic in 1973 in his native France. He quickly progressed to becoming a youth coach at Arras and then head coach at Noeux-les-Mines. It was here that he first tasted managerial success with two consecutive initiatives that took his team into the French second division.

He rarely moved to Lens in 1982 where he guided them to promotion and qualification for the UEFA Cup and in 1985 he moved again to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and won the French national title in 1986.

Houllier also experienced the highs and lows of national team football. He was manager of the national side that failed to qualify for the World Cup in 1994 and resigned immediately. However he remained as technical director of the team and contributed to his sides' victory in the 1998 World Cup.

An advocate of youth development, Houllier left Liverpool in 2004 and took up a two year role as manager of Olympique Lyonnais in May 2005 until 2007 winning the French League title twice.

Houllier's experience of England predates his spell at Liverpool FC. Whilst studying for a degree in English, he spent the 1969 – 70 year as an assistant at Alsop Comprehensive School in Liverpool. It was here that he first witnessed the club that he would later manage as he attended the 10-0 victory over Irish side Dundalk FC.

Houllier is still active in football at the highest levels. He is due to be a keynote speaker at the FFA National Coaching Conference in Brisbane Australia in March 2010 and is a key member of FIFA's Technical Study Group into trends in football ..

In recognition of his services to football, Houllier was awarded the Legion d'Honneur in France and an honorary OBE in the UK.

Is There Treatment for Chronic Urticaria?

Chronic urticaria is an allergic skin rash that lasts longer than six weeks. Also referred to as hives or a nettle rash, urticaria is most often brought on by an allergy to pets, latex, a bee or insect sting, medicine or foods. The rash is composed of round or oval bumps on the skin, sometimes red in color and often itchy. They are caused by a release of histamines in the skin which causes the small blood vessels near the skin’s surface to leak fluid. It is this fluid that causes the irritation and swelling consistent with hives.

The best way to treat chronic urticaria hives is to treat the itching, as scratching the rash will only prolong and exacerbate the hive outbreak. Calamine lotion is a proven way to soothe the skin and decrease itching. Antihistamines taken orally or applied topically are among the most widespread treatment options for such skin rashes. There is also a wide variety of herbs that can impair histamine production, speeding the recovery time and minimizing itchiness. These include Paeonia and Forsythia extract, which can be found in a variety of dietary supplements. Lotions containing green tea have shown antihistamine properties, and their application on rashes will soothe and relieve itchy skin.

Cholinergic urticaria are hives that are caused by profuse sweating, usually in response to overheating of the body because of exercise. The hives are generally small, ranging from 2 mm to 3mm and are often restricted to the upper torso and arms, although sometimes these hives have been found as low as the thighs. These urticaria hives develop quickly after a rise in body temperature, usually appearing within twenty minutes of increased internal temperature.

These hives are most often noted as a result of exercise or stress, and usually dissipate on their own within thirty minutes. The most severe incidents are sometimes accompanied by headaches, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and abdominal cramps. The best way to treat cholinergic urticaria is to cool the body down, by simply resting in a cool area, taking a cool shower, or drinking copious amounts of water.

Sometimes urticaria hives are not brought on by an allergic reaction. These can be triggered by extreme temperatures, acute stress, prolonged exposure to sunlight or a sudden increase in body temperature due to exercise or climate. By reducing daily stress and physical exertion, urticaria hives can be minimized and chronic urticaria can dissipate. Keeping the body hydrated is an important component to keeping it cool, and this can help prevent urticaria hives. Identifying and preventing the cause of urticaria is the most important step to keeping the number and intensity of chronic urticaria incidents to a minimum.

If you find yourself breaking out in hives and think that you may have chronic urticaria or cholinergic urticaria, you should call your doctor, especially if you have just started taking a new medication or were stung by a bee or other insect.

Our Body – Oxygen Curing Cold Sore

The human body is a prerequisite mechanism which needs to function very rigidly and precisely because disorder creates imbalances throughout the entire system. Herpes Simplex is a virus that will take advantage of a body which is suffering from imbalance.

There are numerous methods of treatment for this disease, there are over the counter medicines and ointments which can be used to cure this virus temporarily. There is, however, no permanent cure for this virus. So, the basic fact we need to understand is that our immune system needs to be strong and healthy from the inside and also from the outside.

Many people affected with this virus have seen it affecting only their lips but they do not know that this virus can cause Alzheimer's, facial palsy, etc. There have been cases of this virus attacking new born babies and the retina. This virus can be dormant for several years but when it gets triggered it can do nasty things to your lips and other parts of your body. This virus also has the potential to destroy the basic building blocks of your life – proteins.

Oxygen and water are two very important essential compounds without which human body ceases to perform normally. Oxygen is present in all the cells of the human body and if the oxygen content level in these cells decreases they tend to become weak. These weak cells are easily susceptible to herpes simplex virus and other diseases such as cancer. Vitamins, nutrients and proteins which we take can not save an oxygen deficient human body. Cells become too weak when oxygen deficient and can not perform their basic duties.

Herpes simplex virus is anaerobic which means that it survives in conditions where there is low amount of oxygen. Low amounts of oxygen inside the human body increases acid levels and this acidic nature of the human body is the ideal condition for herpes simplex virus because it can not survive in alkaline conditions. Herpes simplex virus can not be destroyed permanently but it can be put into remission. Human bodies tend to suffer from oxygen deficiency and this is normal in this day and age of air pollution.

There are certain over the counter oxygen supplements which can increase the oxygen level of your body. The amount of oxygen in the air is not sufficient to supply the required amount we need because the amount of oxygen in the air is decreasing gradually over time. Previously it was around 40% and now it hovers around 15 – 20%.

Natural Eczema Remedy – How Dry Brushing Can Reduce Your Eczema

Eczema is undoubtedly accompanied by dry skin. Dry, weak skin allows irritants to enter the skin more easily, setting off the dreaded itch-scratch cycle. Because there are so many ways to treat eczema and dry skin, it can be confusing to know what works or not, and whether the methods are safe. Treating eczema is mostly about finding a combination of several things that work, creating a daily routine out of them, and sticking to that routine. Dry brushing is a safe, natural eczema remedy that can be included in this routine.

There are several benefits to dry brushing:

  • It is inexpensive, only requiring a brush and your time
  • It brushes away dead skin cells
  • It is a great way to relax and relieve stress

Even if you have eczema, you can still enjoy the benefits of dry brushing as long as you avoid brushing over broken, sore, and weepy lesions. Many eczema sufferers have hardened scales on their skin that make it look dull. Daily brushing will improve the texture of the skin and help tighten the skin by improving the blood circulation.

The best dry brush is made out of natural bristles (not synthetic) and preferably has a long handle so you can easily reach all areas of your body. It is available at health stores. Skin brushing should be performed in the morning before bath, but since some people with eczema might not like bathing, it is advisable to get in the habit of dry brushing anyway and wipe the body clean with a towel at the end. Bathing or showering can be added later.

Brushing can be either from head to toe or toe to head, as long as you are brushing towards your heart. Use small, circular motions and gently rub your skin. Don’t use too much pressure or scrub too hard, as that will be damaging to the skin.

Over time, you will find dry brushing a satisfactory natural eczema remedy that is also therapeutic. There is nothing like starting your day in absolute quiet, paying attention and taking care of your skin.

Five Tips to Pinpoint Yeast Intolerance Symptoms

There are various symptoms that people suffer from when they are yeast intolerant. When someone is yeast intolerant it means that their body is over produce candida, or yeast. Actually, everybody has a level of bacteria in each of our bodies. However, the beneficial bacteria that we have must keep the bad bacteria in our bodies in check. When the bad is winning over the good, then there is a problem. Hold on, it’s not the end of the world! It just means that you have to adjust the foods that you are eating to maintain a healthy, symptom free life! How does that sound?

In essence, If someone continues to eat yeasty, highly refined, sugary diet, that is just the food that the yeast needs to grow at rapid speeds. Let’s get started identifying some symptoms.

1) You have muscle soreness, joint pains, sluggishness and depression: All of these items listed go together. You might feel like this but I promise you, there is a way to rid these symptoms. When you begin to ingest the right foods, and perhaps add minimal exercise, your entire mood and attitude will change. You will feel more energetic when you start living your life yeast free.

2) Weight Gain: Too much yeast in the system is that we are probably eating too many foods that contain yeast. The fungi typically thrive on simple sugars, bread, and biscuits. They also thrive on fermented foods like yogurt, cheese, and alcohol. For the most part, a person in good health can usually keep candida under control, but if the immune system is weakened by illness or stress the fungus can grow quickly. The typical foods that contain yeast are ones that tend to add those extra pounds.

3) Chronic Yeast Infections: Yeast infections can occur in both men and woman. Others might experience something called thrush which is a yeast infection that occurs in the mouth. White patches in the mouth and on the tongue will be present in the case of thrust. Thrust happens to babies because their immune systems are not strong enough to combat or control the growth of yeast.

4) “Hangover” symptoms: A person who has excess amounts of yeasts, which is also fungi, in his system will produce alcohol-like substances that get into the blood stream and intoxicate the brain. Thus, brain fog, memory problems, lack of concentration, and attention disorders can occur. Amazingly enough, a person with yeast intolerance can have many of the same symptoms of an alcoholic; pretty much an addiction and craving for yeast. The proverbial sweet tooth. Is this an addiction? Some may argue yes.

5) Diarrhea &/or Constipation

There are some other symptoms of yeast intolerance. If you experience any of these symptoms, don’t worry or panic or throw yourself a pity party. You may also be experiencing one or two of these symptoms and very minimally. Whether your case is mild or severe, you can get rid of some of the uncomfortable feelings that correspond with these symptoms fairly quickly by avoiding some foods in your diet. Some people go six to eight weeks of a yeast free diet to completely cleanse their body of yeast. If you do not want to go that drastic, you can start to eliminate some foods from your diet and slowly integrate them back in your life from time to time.

Herbal Remedy for Allergies – All-Natural Cures

Allergies are rejected from the over reaction of our body immune system towards allergens (things that trigger allergies) such as grass, dust, pollens, fungi, molds, particular foods, and any other things containing chemicals which include cosmetics, soaps, perfumes, cleaning agents, and sunscreens. Symptoms of allergies are various depending on the allergens. Commonly, people who suffer from allergies tend to have watery eyes, repeated sneezing, runny nose, skin irritation (eg inflammation, rashes, itching), and sinus headaches. Others may also have wheezing, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea, and chronic indigestion. Many plants around us have healing properties to cure or lessen the symptoms of allergies. Here are some commonly used ones:

1. Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

This root is the most common remedy used to relieve allergies. This tropical plant is about two feet in height, has lanced-shaped leaves as well as yellow- or white-colored flowers. Some symptoms that can be relieved by ginger among others are colds, nausea, arthritis, and asthma. Ginger can also be used for protecting our digestive system and liver from parasites and toxins. The root can be used fresh or dried. Fresh ginger is beneficial for dryness and heat symptoms, while the treated one is used for relieving chill and dampness. For preventing infection, chopped ginger roots are usually used; meanwhile, powdered ginger is used for asthma and other allergies.

2. Eucalypts (Eucalyptus globulus)

Eucalypts is a member of clove family. This plant is used for many symptoms of allergies such as infections, fevers, colds, flu, and sore throat. Eucalypts is also beneficial chest infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia as it can clear nasal passages, improve blood flow in muscles, loose phlegm, and protect our skin from bug bites. To alleviate the symptoms, the plant is commonly made into aromatic or essential oil. Beside made into oil, eucalypts is also made into capsules and teas.

3. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)

When accidentally touches the skin, this plant's leaves can leave pain that can last for one hour or more. To tie it, rub crushed yellow dock leaves onto the stung area. Although quite dangerous (still, not toxic), nettle has many healing properties. Its leaves, roots and seeds are particularly beneficial for our health. Drinking nettle daily can help breastfeeding mothers maintaining lactation, treat anemia (as it is high in iron, Vitamin C, and chlorophyll), and serve children with good source of vitamins and minerals. Nettle can also be alternative to processed milk and high-sugared juices since dark green nettle leaves taste like milk. The plant's root extract can relieve seasonal allergies symptoms (eg watery eyes, itching, and sinus congestion), while its fresh leaves and seeds are made into tinctures and medicinal oil.

What Are the Effects of Insomnia? – What Happens If You Do not Get Enough Sleep?

Feeling tired is the least debilitating effect of insomnia. There are potentially far more serious opportunities that come from the continued lack of sleep. Memory loss, irritability and slowed reflexes are all common complaints. In addition, 85 percent of individuals suffering report other health problems that arise from the disorder

Memory and concentration problems.
Getting up in the morning without sufficient sleep will negatively affect your memory and cause concentration problems. Headaches and a fuzzy brain are similar complaints. Obviously these can lead to poor results at school or in the workplace. Your brain needs to rest as much as your body to reinvigorate the experiences of the previous day. If you miss out on insufficient REM dreaming than your cognitive abilities will decrease. You may forget important things, miss key moments and even the simplest things may slip your mind.

Mood swings and irritability
We all know how tough it is to get out of bed in the morning if we have not slept well. It's so easy to be angry with our friends, family and workers for no reason and to let the small thing get the better of us. It's not just trivial things either. Many sufferers report that their relationships break down because of personality changes brought on by the lack of rest and an accessibility to adjust socially. Fights and marriage stress can cause anxiety and unfortunately make the chance of insomnia even worse.

Slowed Reflexes
Insomnia does not just cause mental issues. Sleep is essential for repair of cells and body functions damaged during our day to day activities. The cost of not getting enough is a slowed response to outside stimulus, or slowed reflexes. This is potentially deadly when combined with driving cars or operating heavy machinery. Some studies have shown that poor rest is the equivalent of several alcoholic drinks before getting behind the wheel. It is a scary thought.

Poor sleep is directly linked with adverse health outcomes, memory and concentration lapses, bad moods and a short temperature and an increased risk of accident leading to injury or even death. Many medications that are used to treat the disorder can make things even worse. Do not underestimate the negative effects of insomnia.

Understanding Depression Treatments – Depression Treatments Work

There is a variety of depression treatments available for those who experience it. Depression does not respect age – even young children can become depressed. It is something that if left untreated could be seriously dangerous, especially in the most severe cases. These treatments will be discussed and a summary will provide a concise list of some of these treatments.

The most common depression treatments include counseling. This involves talking to a professionally trained person about behavior, emotions, and other things that can trigger depression. Triggers are different for everyone but common ones include some kind of trauma like abuse or loss of a loved one. The counselor helps the client to recognize triggers and how to overcome the depression in the face of such triggers.

Medicinal or Pharmaceutical approaches are used because depression is linked to an imbalance of chemicals in the brain that controls moods / depression. Depression medications can be very beneficial. Sometimes more than one medication may required but only a physician can determine this.

ECT-Electroconvulsive Therapy is also known as shock treatments. It is quite literal just that – a treatment where an electrical shock is administered to induce a seizure. This is believed to cause the brain to produce chemicals that facilitate communication between nerves. It is used primarily in treating sever cases of depression. The unfortunate consequences of using shock therapy are that it can cause memory loss and it can create disorientation.

Vagal Nerve Stimulation – VNS is a technique wheree a small device similar to a pacemaker is placed in the chest and intermittent shocks are delivered to the nerve (Vagal Nerve) that runs from the neck to the brain. It is FDA approved and is used to treat long-term or recurrence depression. It is widely used to treat epileptic seizures.

Non-traditional therapies include HRT- hormone replacement therapy. This depression treatment is most commonly used in menopausal women. RTMS-Repetitive Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation is also used. In this treatment magnets are placed on the head and it is believed this will alter the electrical current to the area controlling mood.

Depression treatments can be counseling, medication use, and therapies like Shock Therapy and Vagal Nerve Stimulation. These are used primarily in the most severe cases and have been effective. Hormone replacement is a treatment for some menopausal women. While these and other treatments are effective it is best to consult a professional before deciding on a treatment.

What is EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

Hello, my name is Richard MacKenzie. I am a Hypnotherapist and author, and a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique. In this article, I shall cover my thoughts and findings on Emotional Freedom Technique from over the years that I have been a practitioner of the process.

Many Emotional Freedom Technique practitioners (including the creator of EFT, Gary Craig) believe that this process deals with meridian energy lines that run around the body. They believe that blockages within these invisible meridian energy lines could be the cause of certain emotional fluctuations, which can range from things like phobias to depression.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a process of tapping on these points where the blockages can occur and clearing any blockages that you may have. The process also calls on you to hum a tune, count out loud and move your eyes around in certain directions all while thinking of the thing that is causing your emotional disturbance.

Before we get onto my thoughts and observations of Emotional Freedom Technique, I really do want to stress that I do not and never have doubted the amazing effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a process that astounds me every time that I see its swiftness in dealing with a whole range of issues and a lot of the time working where nothing else has!

So the bottom line for me is that Emotional Freedom Technique is effective; maybe not 100% of the time, however in my experience it is pretty close to that mark. I truly believe that it is one of the greatest tools that we can have at our disposal as modern day therapists.

So, now we move onto my thoughts and observations on Emotional Freedom Technique. First of all, while reading this article I want you to put a big cheesy grin on your face and see how it feels! For most people that do this will feel uplifted, even if just a little. Some may even feel a little giggly and may even want to laugh out loud. Here is my point; by doing something that is a little quirky we are able to lift our spirits. The next time that you are feeling a little run down, try this simple exercise and you should notice a 'lift' in the way that you feel.

So why does this happen? Well, when we are in a state of happiness, the minimum that we tend to do is smile, and of course the maximum is probably to roll around on the floor laughing in stitches. It is a physical response to an emotional feeling. And the best thing is that this is a process that we can use in reverse. So, for instance, if we are not feeling particularly happy, you could smile, firing off this brain / body link in reverse. First we smile, and then emotionally we feel happier! This link between emotions in our mind and our physical reactions is something that happens in many other areas of our lives too.

OK, so what does this all have to do with Emotional Freedom Technique? Well, say for instance that you have a phobia of spiders. Usually, when people experience a phobia, they may get sweaty palms, their hands might shake or they might even find it hard to breath, their tummy might be feeling really heavy, almost like lead. These are all typical phobic responses and usually they are there to either help us fight the situation or run away from it – you have probably heard of the flight or fight response, and this is it. I think that you will agree that these are negative physical responses, particularly when we understand that all phobias are irrational. If you feel that your phobia is rational then chances are that it is a fear and fears are generally good things to have! For instance, a fear of touching something that is very hot is excellent as it protects you from being burnt.

For most, even when thinking of their phobias, they will be able to experience the negative environment of these phobic responses and in fact an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner will encourage you to imagine your phobia, so allowing you to understand just how negative it feels to you. One important thing to note is that as we begin to think of our phobias, the psychical responses that we get are automatic. Just like a computer program, they are preloaded so that every time we face our phobia we get that feeling in our tummy or feel dizzy. They are all responses that just happen automatically.

After getting you to imagine your phobia, the Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner will ask you to take a measure of that fear from zero to ten. Zero means non-existent and ten means the worst it could be. Once they have this measurement the practitioner can work with you on reducing this feeling, this negativity and this phobia. First of all the practitioner will take you through a series of affirmations. These typically can be, "Even though I have this [phobia], I fully respect and accept myself". The practitioner will lead you through various tapping routines, tapping an assortment of different parts of your body. These typically start on the face and move through to the chest, under your arm and the on to your fingers. Then you will be asked to tap a certain spot on the back of your hand and whilst doing so, moving your eyes in certain directions, humming tunes and counting out loud from one to five.

It has been my experience (although not all of the time) that many clients find this process a little strange, even a little quirky. However, in this process I believe that two very important things occur. The first is that while you are doing these quirky actions, you are still thinking about your phobia, but slowly your mind is being taken off it by trying to follow the practitioner's instructions. Also humming a tune (usually "Happy Birthday"), which, just like a smile, allows us to feel a little uplifted if not daft. So basically we are beginning to change those physical feelings or responses that we associate with our phobia by mixing in new ones from what we are doing through the process of Emotional Freedom Technique. So before, our mind just had the set responses of butterflies in our tummy or a restriction in the chest, and now, it is experiencing something different and has more options on how it could feel about situations that trigger your phobia.

The second and what I believe to be the most important aspect of what I believe is occurring is that while doing all of these things you are using various parts of your brain, such as you coordination by tapping on certain parts of your body, and you 're using your memory and other parts to hum a tune. You are also using a different part to count out aloud, allowing your body and your brain to be in a different 'environment' from it would be when you usually experience your phobia. This gives it a new set of experiences to attach to this phobia, so allowing your body and brain different options in responses to the phobia.

So, there it is … I believe that Emotional Freedom Technique is as simple as that; after all, is not it nearly always that the simplest answer is the most effective? You see, phobias, like many other negative things that occur in our minds, are just beliefs. Perhaps beliefs that certain things are going to happen when we face our fears. I used to have a phobia of public speaking and although I never used to partake in it, often it effected me greatly. Every time that I thought about doing it, I would begin to feel my own phobic responses and would start to feel nervous and embarrassed. I was feeling all these things because I believed that if I did speak publicly, I would stumble on my words and that I would look ridiculous and blush. Because this belief was active, I experienced all of the physical trappings that went with this phobia, until I decided to work on it and create a positive belief to have in its place.

I hope that this article has begun to challenge your beliefs about how effective processes like Emotional Freedom Technique actually work. However, I also hope that whatever beliefs you have in life will also be challenged! Once upon a time, the world's leading minds thought that the world was flat. That belief was challenged, and now we believe it to be round. Some days I wonder whether the things that we believe today about the universe, about love, happiness and success are not just beliefs waiting to be developed, are not just hypotheses waiting to be disproved. If you take nothing else away from this article today, please take away the fact that Believing is Seeing – when we believe, we will see. When we have limiting beliefs, we will be limited in our achievements. When we have beliefs that are positive and well formed, we can break through our limitations and achieve the life of our dreams!

What is Baby Stranger Anxiety?

Baby stranger anxiety is your childs very first fear. The onset is usually around 6 or 7 months of age with a peak at 10 or 12 months. This is a time when a once social, content baby becomes shy and clingy. These changes are just a common part of a child’s development and are very appropriate. This article will discuss the causes of baby stranger anxiety and give some tips on how you can help your baby through this stressful time.

For the first few months, a baby is unaware that they are their own person. They feel attachment to their caregiver and security, but they soon start to realize that there are different people. When a child realizes they are not attached to their care giver and they are their own person they will start to examine the people around them. Your infant who once cooed and smiled at everyone may now start to prefer certain individuals over others. You may notice they prefer women over men or like or dislike certain facial features like beards. This is all just part of their learning process. Baby stranger anxiety is really the start of a baby learning they are an individual and independent.

A baby learns very early in life that some things and people bring them comfort and joy, like their parents touch and their favorite teddy. At the same time they realize that other things bring them pain and discomfort, like if the family cat bites them, or they hit their arm on the coffee table. This causes them to start being a little timid around things and people who are new, and to cling to things that are familiar and safe to them. When babies where attached to their parents they were protected and safe. Now that they realize they are on their own and can get hurt, they can be unsure of things. Everything is new and scary to them, so they will tend to hold on to what they know and want to stay where they feel safe.

When your child is suffering from baby stranger anxiety it is important that you realize this is a real fear and try to comfort your worried child. There are many things you can do to help your child get through these fears and worries. Make sure to give your child time to adjust and get use to new places and people. When you are going somewhere new let your child stay close to you for comfort and if possible let your child adapt at their own pace. If you have to leave your baby, make sure that you set enough time to let them warm up to the new place or person before you leave. When you are having a get together with friends or family, try to have it at your house. This way your baby is at a place where they feel safe and secure. They will not have to adjust to the environment and people. Let others know that your child has baby separation anxiety. This way they know what to expect and will not get upset or try to approach a timid child too quickly.

Take the time to understand baby stranger anxiety so you can help your child cope with their fears and anxiety. In time your child will learn to adjust quickly and new things will not be as scary for them. Baby stranger anxiety is your childs first fear, so give them time to adapt and learn. Before you know it your child will be ready to go off on their own and explore and you will be the one wanting them to stay behind and cuddle.

12 Effective Herbal Remedies for Sleeplessness and Insomnia

Insomnia may be defined as a difficulty in sleeping or maintaining sleep or both. Insomnia is sleeplessness which leads to low quality and quantity of sleep. One can not specify the number of hours required to sleep because every body's need is different according to their lifestyle and work. But on an average, it is said an individual requires anywhere in between 7 to 9 hours of healthy sleep for the body to function properly during the next day.

If the sleeplessness lasts for few days, it is known as transient insomnia, whereas if it lasts for more weeks, it is known as short term insomnia. It is called as chronic insomnia if the symptoms last for longer than three weeks. Women, people under stress, travelers, aged people, pregnant women, and alcoholics are more prone to get this condition. Anxiety and depression also raises the risk of getting insomnia. Effective insomnia treatment may be undertaken if it is caused by a reversible factor. Sleeplessness caused by aging for example can not be reversed. Factors that can result in short term sleeplessness are jet lag, stressful conditions, medical condition, certain medications, alcohol or uncontrolled physical symptoms like coughing, diarrhea, etc.

The symptoms can be poor concentration, accidents, fatigue, memory loss and impaired motor coordination. Herbal remedies for sleeplessness are available and certain medications are also present in the market. These medications like sedatives and anti depressions can cause side effects and also determine to be effective once the body gets used to them. Other ways to sleep healthy are not to oversleep, avoid alcohol and smoking, do not sleep hungry, do not consume caffeinated drinks before sleeping, relax with a soothing bath, listen to soothing music, remain stress free and avoid taking naps in the afternoon.

Herbal remedies for sleeplessness are effective insomnia treatments. Some of the herbal remedies for sleeplessness are as follows:

1. St John's Wort: This herb prolongs the deep sleep cycle.

2. Valerian: This is a popular herb and is used for treating insomnia.

3. Kava: Kava has sedative properties and helps to relax being an effective insomnia treatment.

4. Passion Flower: Passion flower relaxes the muscles in the body and Promotes sleep.

Chamomile: Chamomile has been used to make tea and it has mild sedative properties.

6. Hops: Hops is also used to make herbal tea which aids in promoting sleep and eases indigestion.

7. Oat Straw: This nourishes and relaxes the nervous system therefore being one of the effective herbal remedies for sleeplessness.

8. Skullcap: This herb is known to promote sleep too.

9. Lemon Balm: Lemon Balm is useful in the condition of sleeplessness.

10. California poppy: California poppy induces sleep and helps to relax.

11. Jamaica dogwood: This herb eases pain and is good in the condition of insomnia.

12. Wild Lettuce: Wild Lettuce is used for inducing sleep and relieving pain.

Apart from taking these herbal remedies for sleeplessness, an effective insomnia treatment is taking herbal baths and consuming herbal teas. The herbs mixed with warm bath water increase the sedative properties of the herbs. Also the fragrances of the herbs calm the body and mind. Herbal teas had before going to sleep can aid getting healthy sleep. Aaram capsule is an effective herbal remedy for sleeplessness that you can take safely without worrying about the side effects. A healthy quality sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body and mind!

Amazing Camping Tips and Tricks

Want to make the next camping trip really enjoyable and impress your campmates with your incredible knowledge of outdoor tricks? Here are some amazing snippets of useful tips that will make them wonder how you acquired such information. A warning though: you have to swear to keep these things secret. Like a magician, you never reveal your sources.

– Rub liquid soap on the outside of pots and pans. The black soot will come right off after cooking over an open fire.

-Keep the bottom of your pots that you use over the open fire clean by wrapping them in tinfoil.

– Spray flies or bees with hairspray and watch them run for cover

-Spray your garbage and trash with ammonia to keep animals away.

-Sleep naked in your sleeping bag. It will reflect your body heat back to you

-Use baking soda to rid your clothes and hands of cooking odors so the bears won’t smell food on you.

– Take some warmth from the campfire or stove to bed. Keep a pot of hot water simmering on the campfire and when you turn in fill up water bottles and place them in your sleeping bag.

-Buy orange juice in plastic bags and freeze it so it can be used instead of ice in the cooler. Then,when it thaws out you have refreshing cold juice for later.

-Take a headlamp, instead of a flashlight,so your hands are free

– When finished eating an orange, wipe exposed skin with the inside of the peel. Insects will stay far away from you.

-To cut down on cooking time of baked potatoes, start the potatoes in your microwave and bake till half done before you leave. Wrap them in aluminum foil and toss in the cooler until yo need them.

-Old shower curtains make great ground tarps to pitch your tent on.

-Waterproof matches by dipping them in nail polish.

-Waterproof matches by dipping in melted paraffin.

-To Dry wet socks, sleep with them around your middle. Your body heat during the night and your warm sleeping bag will dry them by morning.

– Whenever you leave camp always have a watch, a whistle, a cell phone, a flashlight and a knife with you in case of emergency.

-Bottles with sticky contents (corn syrup, honey, maple syrup) can get harder to open so before using the bottle for the first time, wipe the threads with a light coating of cooking oil. The lid will never stick and won’t be difficult to open or you can wrap a small bit of plastic over the bottle opening after you open it.

-To keep warmer at night wear a hat to sleep in. You lose 80% of your heat heat through your head.

-Use glow sticks for a bit of soft light at night.

– To hang a lantern, get those lightweight metal rods that are used for hanging plants and stick them in the ground.

What Is Low Platelet Count? – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Options

You may have symptoms of Low Platelet Count and not yet realize what is going on or what is behind it. If you are unknowingly suffering from this condition it is important to learn the facts to get treatment as soon as possible.

What Are Platelets

Platelets are the cells in your blood stream that promote clotting. They need to exist in large numbers and if these fall below a certain level (the accepted range for blood platelets is around 150,000 to 450,000) than clotting time becomes longer and this can cause all kinds of health issues. The obvious risks are during times of injury or trauma, but there are also unseen risks were excessive bleeding can become a serious issue. Our bodies are amazing. Bone marrow is responsible for platelet production and platelets last around 7-10 days before they need to be replaced with new ones.

Symptoms Of Low Platelets

Every day activities may have to be curtailed because of having low platelets. Bleeding gums is a common sign and this causes brushing one’s teeth to become a challenge. Unstoppable bleeding from minor cuts, abnormal menstrual flow, blood in stool or urine, unexplained bruising or tiny spots on the skin are all symptoms pointing to the problem of not having enough platelets.

Possible Causes

So you are asking “what causes low platelet count in the first place?” There are many known factors that can cause or at least contribute to this blood disorder.

*Side effects from medications for treating other illnesses can cause destruction of platelets faster than the body can produce them, even aspirin can upset production causing the blood to thin and platelet levels to drop.

*Leukemia and autoimmune disorders can result in lower counts. The spleen is responsible to remove old platelets from the blood stream but can be responsible for removing them to early, faster than the bone marrow can produce them. This can be a consequence of an autoimmune disorder. Many time doctors recommend spleen removal to correct this.

*Often the platelet balance is upset or damaged by things we eat or don’t eat or even our life style. Nutritional deficiencies, smoking, excessive drinking and food allergies to name a few. Many times counts can be greatly improved by eliminating the daily factors and improving one’s life style.

Low platelet count can be a manifestation of any of the above or a combination of them.

Treatment Options

The first and most important thing if you suspect Low Platelet Count is to see a doctor. I know this seems obvious but you would be surprised how many people stall this off out of fear or just not taking things seriously enough. The tests and advice received all contribute to making an informed decision in treatment methods.

By seeing a doctor as early as possible you will give yourself a larger window to try more non-invasive treatments to turn things around instead of waiting until things are in emergency status and powerful drugs or surgery are your only options. Don’t under-estimate the value of natural treatment methods. These can go a long way in helping avoid the more drastic medical procedures and can even assist you to wean off of prescription medications if you are all ready taking them.