Should You Go on a Hunting Safari in Africa?

Some people go on safaris in order to enjoy the sights of nature, others to enjoy the outdoors in exotic locations. Still, others like to combine the two with their love of hunting. Traditionally, hunting safaris in Africa was the main draw and the source for the traditional look you'd expect from these, with khaki clothes, pith helmets, and all. For those who are looking for a new experience while hunting, a safari in Africa may be just what you need, though there are many things to consider.

The Animals

Years ago, you might go on a hunting safari in Africa expecting to bag a lion, or perhaps an elephant with some huge tusks. But due to the endangered status of many African animals, those sorts of safaris are merely a thing of the past. Still, you can expect to hunt exotic creatures like the kudu and the impala while on a hunting safari in Africa. And while you will not be allowed to shoot at any lions, for those looking to hunt tougher game, you can shoot a cheetah or leopard for your trophy.

The Guides

Most packages for hunting safaris in Africa include a personal guide, which can be a valuable asset for hunters. African game animals have plenty of natural predators to watch out for, so an experienced hunter can make the difference between a trophy and a miss when you're going after one of these highly-aware animals. Many companies that offer hunting safaris in Africa also give a guarantee that you'll get a trophy, since they're so confident in their guides. And best of all, even if you do not bag any game while out hunting, you'll still basically have your own personal guide; most hunting safaris in Africa consist of one or two guides and one or two customers.

The Cost

One thing that you do need to keep in mind while planning a hunting safari in Africa is that they do cost a lot of money. In order to prepare for such a trip, you would need to get a passport, immunize yourself against local diseases in some cases, and ship appropriate clothing and equipment to your destination country. And then, once you've bagged an animal, you often have to pay trophy fees; most hunting packages include a few in the cost, but only for specific animals. If you bag a leopard, for instance, you'll have to pay a hefty fee on top of what you've already sent. This can quickly add to the cost of your trip. However, if you're willing to pay the cost, then a hunting safari in Africa may provide the unique hunting experience that you've been looking for.

How to Make Calendula Ointment

Calendula Officinalis has been used for centuries for various skin problems – from diaper rash to dry skin to varicose veins and mild scratches and scratches. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help heal damaged skin like that of psoriasis and eczema. It also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and has been used successfully to get rid of fungus such as Athlete's Foot. Calendula has been used for wound healing for centuries of years.

And what is really wonderful you can make up an ointment of calendula marigold very easily yourself. Many already have Pot Marigold growing in the yards but if not one can get it at the local nursery – just make sure you ask specifically for Calendula Officinalis.


Calendula Officinalis: This is marigold. But do not use any marigold – Calendula Officinalis is often referred to as Pot Marigold. Use 2 Cups of the flowers.

Oil: Olive oil is often used – I prefer to use grapeseed oil as it has its own wonderful benefits for the skin. Use 4 cups

Beeswax: this to help give some substance and thicken it into a salve or ointment. 1/4 to 1/2 cup – (depends on how thick you want the ointment.)

Add a bit of lavender oil to help reserve.

Making the Calendula Ointment:

1. Crush the Calendula in a blender.

2. Use some muslin, cheescloth or screen colander to separate out the juice.

3. Mix the resulting liquid into the grapeseed oil.

(If you have the patience you can also combine the crushed flowers with the oil and let sit in a container for two weeks – then strain.)

4. Add the lavender

5. On a very low heat so that the mixture does not boil, warm the ingredients so that the wax melts, stirring occasionally.

Once melted, pour into smaller containers and let cool.

It should keep in the refrigerator or a cool dark place for up to a year.

The resulting salve can be used for itchy skin, small wounds, minor burns, insect bites such as mosquitos and can help relieve the pain of bee stings. Use on your cracked heels in the summer and cracked dry fingers and hands in the winter. Additionally, because calendula is a humectant if you put it on your skin before going outside in the winter it can help prevent the drying of windburn.

The calendula ointment is hypoallergenic and if you put very little lavender or none at all, there is no perfume smell so that it can be used in offices and around other people that have sensitivity to these sorts of things. Your Calendula ointment can also be used safely on animals.

Shea Butter Skin Care For Men

Shea Butter is extremely beneficial to our skin, hair, fingernails, and many other things. While a lot of people are familiar with the healing benefits of unrefined Shea Butter, a lot of people mistakenly think that it's something that is just for women. That is most definitely not true. It does not discriminate. It loves men too! Here are some great uses that men have for Shea Butter, and it's amazing benefits.


Shea Butter is especially great for shaving. On sensitive facial skin, using it for shaving is a wonder lotion. It allows the razor to glide smoothly across the facial skin and still allows for a close shave. It also helps prevent razor burn and those little red bumps that shaving can often leave behind. While it is helping men shave, it is also benefitting their skin through some amazing healing properties. Start by using your normal warm water to open your pores and soften the hairs on your face. Then, smooth a generous amount of it on your face. Shave the way you usually shave, and rinse. Use a towel to wipe away the excess Shea Butter. You will notice smoother, softer skin, and easier shaving.


It is great for protecting the skin against irritations. For men who work outdoors, or who are athletic, it can be great. Men who experience heat rashes, bumps, or irritation can smooth it on before their workday or sports. Then after your shower, you can re-apply. This will help the skin be protected from the usual irritants that can happen, especially for hot weather.

First Aid:

One of the things that it is great for is small cuts, scrapes, and burns. It has healing properties that can help things like this. If you have a minor sunburn, scrape or something else that does not require a doctor's attention, smoothing on Shea Butter can help it heal more quickly and can also minimize the appearance of scars.

See, guys. Shea Butter is not just a girly product. It has serious benefits that even the most manly man can appreciate!

What You Should Know About Massage Oils

There are so many massage oil products on the market today, in this article we'll take a look at various types, which ones to choose from, and which ones to avoid like the plague.

There are two main groups of oils used: vegetable fats and oils, and mineral oils. Many massage products today contain mineral oils. They are synthetic, and even though they have a long shelf life and provide good lubrication, they can be very bad for the skin and body.

Mineral Oils create a thin film on the surface of the skin, which clogs the pores and stops the skin from breathing. Also, they do not contain any vitamins and disrupt the body's natural ability to absorb fat soluble vitamins. Even though mineral oils appear to moisturize the skin, in reality they are preventing normal, healthy functioning. The skin becomes dependent on these mineral oils and with long-term use these results in a deterioration of the skin's ability to stay healthy.

Vegetable fats and oils on the other hand are easily absorbed by the skin and give vital energy to the body. They are used to create new cells. Most vegetable oils contain vitamins which are necessary for healthy skin. They also soften the skin and help it to retain moisture. Certain vegetable oils with a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids like Avocado and Almond oil provide great lubrication, keep well, and nourish the skin.

The other group of massage oils that are used are Polyunsaturated fatty acids. A lack of these essential fatty acids can lead to rashes, eczema and dry skin. These oils act as a vitamin for the skin.

A couple types of polyunsaturated fatty acids are Linoleic and Linolenic acid. They need to be combined with vitamin E to stop them from going bad quickly. They are thin liquids which are easily absorbed by the skin, drier than other fatty acids and they reduce the size of skin pores. They are great for people with oily skin and large pores. Some vegetable oils that contain a lot of polyunsaturated acids are Sunflower Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Grape Seed Oil.

Oils should always be Cold Pressed to make sure that the vitamins and fatty acids are not destroyed during the manufacturing process. Most commercial grade vegetable oils which are intended for use in cooking are obtained by solvent extraction and then refined which destroys most of the beneficial properties in the oil.

Now we'll take a look at some of the properties of the most popular healthy oils:

Almond oil is an excellent emollient (softens and soothes the skin) and helps the skin to keep it's moisture balance. This is one of the more popular carrier oils used in aromatherapy and massage as it's non-greasy, spreads easy and is great for nourishing the skin.

Jojoba oil is also an excellent moisturizer and is great for all skin types. It can usually be used on blemished skin without irritation. Jojoba penetrates the skin easily and is suitable for all skin types. Preferably, Jojoba should be blended with other oils as on it's own it does not give enough nourishment to the skin. Also, Jojoba keeps for up to 5 years before it goes bad. Grapeseed oil is rich in linoleic acid. It is known to have regenerative and restructuring quantites as well as excellent moisturizing properties.

Grapeseed oil is non-greasy and contains vitamins, minerals, protein, Gamma Linoleic Acid, and a small amount of vitamin E.

Apricot oil has moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing properties and is particularly helpful for dehydrated, delicate, mature and sensitive skin. It also helps to soothe infection. This finely textured oil spreads easily and is particularly rich in oileic acid and linoleic acid.

Avocado oil is often used for clients with dry or mature skin, and for people with eczema, psoriasis or similar conditions. It is also very useful for treating skin that is damaged, dehydrated and undernourished. It is known to regenerate the skin and soften the tissue. Although it can be used pure, it is in most cases mixed with another carrier like Almond oil or Grapeseed. It is easily absorbed into the skin and deep tissue and excellent emollient properties.

Wheat germ oil has a high vitamin E substance and lots of essential fatty acids. It is known to help promote a smoother, youngger looking skin and assists in healing scar tissues as well as stretch marks. It is too sticky to use on its own, but it is excellent when blended with lighter carriers such as almond oil. It is known to to promote the formation of new cells, improve circulation and help repair sun damage. Also it is helpful for the symptoms of dermatitis. This carrier is known to stimulate tissue regeneration and is often added to other blends because of its antioxidant properties.

Hazelnut oil is fine in texture and has excellent moisturizing properties. Hazelnut can also help tone and tighten the skin while strengthening capillaries and assisting in cell regeneration.

I suggest that you experiment with mixing different oils together and see how your skin responds. We all have different types of skin and what works well for one person may not work for another. Remember to use Cold-pressed oils whenever possible, they may cost more but your skin is worth it.

The 5 Best Stretch Mark Removal Methods

Do you experience a cold feeling whenever you notice those thin parallel lines on your body? Stretch marks appear like a scar which an individual can experience on any body part. If it bothers you, then it's the time to get rid of them.

There are many stretch mark removal options. Let's have a look at some of the most popular ones that are proven to work.

1. Massage
Massage is a great solution which has been practiced since several decades. It works well when the marks are new. As a matter of fact, it's easier to treat stretch marks in the early stages. Massage is not only a productive means to treat stretch mark scars, but they are also very cost effective. One needs to message the body about 4 times in a day with the help of good oil. The effectiveness of this method would hugely depend upon the selection of the oil used for messaging. Olive oil, flaxseed oil and cod liver oil are known to work great.

2. Stretch mark removal creams
Unlike massage, stretch mark removal creams work great for new as well old scars. These creams are readily available, and have a different price range depending upon the brand you select. There are certain brands which involves high cost. However, when it comes to selecting the best one, it's recommended that you do not consider the cost factor. It would not be a wise decision to spend on cheap products which fails to deliver. It's important to consider the ingredient present in the product. One needs to ensure that the product contains collagen producing components. Collagen has several properties which can aid in the stretch mark removal process.

3. Chemical Peel
Chemical peels are widely used technique considered for many skin ailments. They are responsible for the renovation of the skin cells which is why they work great against stretchmark removal as well. Chemical peels helps one get rid of the loose skin by thickening the dermis. The thickening of the dermis leads to the reduction of stretch marks. Although effective, potential side effects have been reported with this method. Burning sensation, redness and dark spots are among the most common side effects.

4. Laser Treatment
Laser treatment is the costliest cure for stretchmarks. Although it involves a huge cost, unlike other methods the results are permanent in nature. It stimulates the production of collagen in the body.

5. Dermatologist
It's not uncommon to experience failure after trying out all those creams and lotions. It can be frustrating to deal with this failure. The creams and lotions which may have worked wonders for a particular individual may not work on your skin. If you have already tried your hands on several methods without success, then it's advisable that you get in touch with a dermatologist. The dermatologist will examine your skin and health condition before setting you off on any treatment plan. The dermatologist may prescribe you certain creams or lotions to try out. As a last resort, he or she may ask you to undergo laser treatment.

Eating The Wrong Fruit Can Kill You

Does you stomach fill with gas when you eat an apple? When you eat a banana does your mouth become itchy? Does your throat swell when you eat raw peaches? When you eat raw pineapple does your throat burn or do you break out in hives?

If you experience any of these conditions, you may suffer from Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) also known as pollen-food syndrome.

Oral Allergy Syndrome is most commonly associated with allergy to pollens such as ragweed, birch, plantain, and other grasses. The immune system mistakes the food proteins for the pollen proteins and causes an allergic reaction.

Other allergic reactions caused may be itching of the eyes or stuffiness of the nose. Or you may experience redness of the lips, tongue, gums, and palate. The most severe reactions can trigger asthma or anaphylaxis shock.

Fruits and nuts are the primary culprits for OAS but other foods can cause these symptoms as well. This disease can be especially discomforting for strict vegetarians who want to eat raw fruits and vegetables.

Generally OAS is associated with eating raw foods. So if the food is cooked, this will usually prevent an OAS reaction from occurring. This is because the proteins in these foods are temperature sensitive. Heating them usually makes them far less less allergenic because they change the basic nature of the protein to one that the immune system does not recognize.

In other cases, however, the symptoms will simply migrate to the intestinal area where you'll experience gas, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, or other gastrointestinal distress.

OAS is usually not a severe condition and in most cases the discomfort will only last for a few minutes. For others, however, the reactions can be severe and even be life threatening.

A wide range of raw fruit and vegetables can cause a reaction. Some of the more common foods known to cause OAS are bananas, strawberries, honeydew melons, watermelons, pineapples, cantaloupes, cucumber, soy, pears, apricots, and zucchini.

A typical treatment for Oral Allergy Syndrome are allergy shots which are usually given as a treatment for allergies such as cats, dogs, and pollen. These shots work by gradually building up a person's resistance to allergens until he is no longer affected by them.

The people most at risk for OAS are those with asthma or hay fever allergies. Those suspectible to OAS usually experience symptoms right away. If you experience symptoms such as your throats passwords narrowing or threatening, you should contact your physician immediately.

11 Effective Home Remedies for Stress

Stress is a term to which many are familiar these days. The modern era is an era of a predominantly fast paced life. Every one is in a hurry to reach the peak of success in all spheres of life, beating contenders and making the most of the time at hand. The craze for luxury and wealth has made the situation worse. Such a rat race marked with ambition to squeeze as many as achievements possible within every minute, has propelled one in to the gall mouth of a problem called stress which is detrimental to the emotional, psychological and also physical health of a human being.

The term stress in the context of biology and psychology, was coined in the 1930's, but has become more common in the present times. When one becomes a victim of stress, he or she fails to handle well the emotional and physical threats. When difficult or challenging situations arise in life, the brain starts releasing cortisone and adrenalin, the two major stress hormones. These hormones elevate blood pressure and prepare the body to cope with the situation. If one fails to counter the situation, the stress hormones remain unreleased in blood for a long period, resulting in physical and mental complications. Stress is relative in nature and can attack all age groups. It may be job related, family and relationship oriented and many more other types. Prolonged period of stress may take a serious toll on the health of the individual by exhausting the immune system

Causes of Stress or Stressors

1. General causes: Physical, social or financial threat, fear and its imagined consequences, feeling of uncertainty, cognitive dissonance or the failure to do as we wish or dream for.

2. Life causes: Death of loved one, soaring responsibilities, environmental change, paucity of money or owed or investing it, argument with any one, sexual dissatisfaction, lack of sleep, new work hours, health related stressors like injury, illness or pregnancy , qualms of conscience after a crime, self abuse etc

3. Work related stressors: Demands of job, relationship with colleges etc.

Symptoms of Stress

Symptoms of stress may be emotional, behavioral, physical or cognitive. Some symptoms are as follows:

1. Moodiness
2. Irritability
4. Unnecessary and excessive caring
5. Poor judgment
6. A negative outlook towards every thing
7. Agitation
8. Feeling of loneliness and depression
9. Aches
10. Constipation or dirrhea
11. Eating too much or skipping meals
12. Sleeping too much or suffering from insomnia
13. Nausea
14. Dizziness
15. Chest pain
16. Neck pain
17. Rapid heart beat
18. Excessive sweating
19. Social withdrawal
20. Nicotine, drug or alcohol dependence
21. Neglecting or shirking duties or responsibilities
22. Nervous habits like nail biting, walking up and down.

Home Remedies for Stress

1. Yoghurt is a very good remedy for stress. It can deal very well with stress induced insomnia and headaches.

2. Including sprouts in diet can manage stress well.

3. One may take a cup of tea made by boiling one teaspoon dried sage leaves in a cup of water, and sweeten the tea with honey. This would relieve stress.

4. Drinking a cup of hot milk mixed with honey and cinnamon calms a stressed mind.

5. One may boil few rose petals in a cup of water, strain and add sugar and drink the mixture to get relief from stress.

6. Chewing of basil leaves can relieve stress because basil is rich in adaptogen, an anti stress agent.

7. Alfalfa and sunflower seeds can treat stress effectively.

8. Sniffing ajwain seeds can relieve stress.

9. Hot water bath and pouring few drops of essential oil in to the bath water can relax both mind and body. This is an effective home remedy for stress.

10. Brisk walk for at least 45 minutes can help one cope with stress.

11. Practicing yogic exercises, breathing exercises and meditation can help one deal with stress.

Bipolar Depression

The criteria for diagnosis for depression specify that a person is in a depressed mood and / or experience loss of interest or pleasure for two weeks or more. Five or more of the following symptoms may be experienced by the person most of the day almost everyday, such as depressed mood (irritable, feels sad or empty, appears tearful), markedly declined interest or pleasure in activities he previously enjoyed, significant weight loss or weight gain, insomnia or hypersomnia, psychomotor agitation or retardation, fatigue or loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness or excessive inappropriate guilt (which may be delusional), diminished ability to think, concentrate and decide, and recurrent thoughts of death, suicidal idea without a specific plan or a suicide attempt. The symptoms can cause significant distress or injury in social and occupied functioning. It is important to note that the symptoms are not caused by effects of any substance taken by the patient. Moreover, the symptoms can not be accounted for by recent events such as bereavement after losing a loved-one, calamity, or losing a job, house, and the like, (Depression is normal after these events but should last less than two weeks).

The key symptoms of depression are a depressed mood and loss of interest and / or pleasure. The depression one feels is worse than the usual feelings of anguish and grief. The depressed person feels hopeless and worthless. He feels anxious. Others have difficulty crying or have many unprovoked crying spells. Others may just be plain passive and indferent. Almost all depressed patients have reduced energy and they may find tasks at home, work or school too burdensome. They have difficulty finishing their work and may find no motivation to start anything new. A depressed patient may also complain of changes in his sleep pattern (eg trouble in sleeping or waking up in the morning or multiple awakenings at night, during which he contemplates on his situation). The depressed person may also complain of aches and pains that have no real physical causes. A majority of depressed patients have tried to kill themselves or thought about it.

Tips for Handling Anxiety – How to Relax Completely and Let Go of Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common problem today. A lot of people tend to suffer from it. Luckily, there are some different relaxation techniques available for people to try to cease their anxiety. Some techniques work for some and not for others. So, it's really up to you to find the relaxation techniques that work best for keeping you anxiety levels at bay. Once you find something that works, stick with it. These techniques will not rid your anxiety forever, but they will provide a temporary fix. So, reuse techniques that work for you when your anxiety makes an appearance in your life.

One relaxation technique that tends to work well for people who suffer from anxiety is breathing techniques. When people take slow deep breaths, they tend to lose any high-stress anxiety levels that once had. As you are diverting your attention onto your breathing, your body is able to slow down and drop your anxiety levels. Your nerves will begin to calm down and you will soon be able to regain your thoughts and composition again. You will then be able to continue what you were doing prior to your anxiety getting the best of you.

Another method that seems to have a benefit for those who deal with anxiety is progressive muscle relaxation. With this, you flex your muscles beginning with your feet and working your way up. Your muscles will slowly begin to lose tension and will loosen up. During this process, your mind and body will be able to relax. Once you go through the entire process, you will feel completely relaxed. Then you will be able to go back to do your tasks.

When you concentrate your mind on something else, you are generally able to lose any trace of anxiety you had. Given this piece of information, there is something you can do that will really calm your nerves and take away your anxiety with little to no work on your part. All you have to do is read a magazine or a book. As you focus on what you're reading, it will relax you and take your mind off of whatever made you angry in the first place. Once you finish reading you will feel a lot better. You can read for as little as ten minutes or for as long as you want. As long as you fully concentrate your mind on what you are reading, you will gain a benefit from it as you lose your anxiety.

Using these relaxation techniques, you will find yourself having the ability to rid any anxiety that you get. You will be happy as you free your mind and body of the extra added stress anxiety partnerships. You'll be able to live a calmer, carefree life.

The 2 Best Natural Sleep Supplements to Help You Kiss Insomnia Goodbye!

There are many natural sleep supplements you can consume to help you sleep better. The following are the top 3 nutrients you should include in your dietary supplement and we'll explain why shortly.

Passion Flower

Also known as Passiflora incarnata, it is a flowering plant that is indigenous to an area from the southeast US to Argentina and Brazil. It gets its name from the fact that it reminded the early pilgrims of the suffering (or passion) of Christ.

Passion flower is sometimes referred to as Apricot Vine, Passion Vine, Granadilla, Maracoc and Maypops. It has been used historically as a tranquilizer and tobacco substitute (among other things). In addition to having a comprehensive effect on the central nervous system, passion flower also acts as an anti-spasmodic on the smooth muscles of the body, including the entire of the digestion system, which accounts for its ability to ease and promote digestion.

It is considered by some to be the herb of choice for treating intransigent insomnia. Passion flower does not have any ill side effects and when used for insomnia results in a restful, relaxing sleep with no grogginess the next morning. It is non-addictive and can be used in both children and the elderly without complication.


You are probably familiar with chamomile tea aka Matricaria camomilla. Chamomile is now widely cultured in the United States, Australia, Argentina, Egypt, and northern Africa. The dried leaves and flowers are commonly packaged as a tea and can be purchased over the counter in both bagged and loose form.

Chamomile has been used throughout the ages as a very effective sleep aid. It has been administrated in a variety of ways including being brewed as a tea and used in a sachet placed underneath a pillow. Unlike some herbal sleep remedies, chamomile does not have to be used on a regular basis to be effective as a treatment for insomnia. It can be used on the spot to provide quick relief for sleeplessness and anxiety.

It has been found that chamomile can be especially helpful in relieving the symptoms of mild insomnia (aka transient insomnia). Chrysin, a flavonoid component of Chamomile, is the chemical attributed to Chamomile's ability to treat anxiety and promote sleep. Chrysin can also be found in Passionflower.

Chamomile is also known to reduce the histamine-based swelling produced by allergic reactions, and is an excellent solution when contaminated sinuses or food allergies contribute to sleeplessness. It should be noted that it is not uncommon for Hay fever sufferers who exhibit an allergic reaction to ragweed and its close botanical relatives (such as chrysanthemum and aster) to have a similar reaction to chamomile.

Causes of Toenail Fungus Infections

There are many possible causes of toenail fungus infections. One of the most common is the constant exposure to water or moisture. This explains why many athletes, particularly swimmers and divers, have a higher incidence of toenail fungal infections than other people.

Fungus naturally grows much faster in wet environments. If your feet are constantly wet, they become very attractive to toenail fungus. In addition, the warmth of the feet also promotes the growth of toenail fungus. To minimize the chances of acquiring toenail fungus infection, you should dry your feet as thoroughly as possible before putting on your socks and shoes.

Besides warmth and moisture, there are also genetic causes of toenail fungus infections that are beyond your control. Certain diseases and conditions contribute to the chances of getting a fungal infection in the toenails. Such conditions include Down syndrome, Raynaud’s disease and Cushing’s syndrome.

Diseases such as HIV and diabetes also make certain people more prone to toenail fungus infections. It is interesting to note though that male diabetes patients are thrice as likely to get toenail fungus than women with diabetes.

The other causes of toenail fungus infections are related to the practice of improper foot hygiene. For instance, some people do not think twice about wearing shoes while their feet are still wet. As mentioned before, it is important to completely dry your feet before putting on your shoes.

If you expect to sweat a lot while wearing your shoes, it is advisable to apply some foot powder before wearing your socks. You should also make sure that the socks that you buy are made from cotton materials as these are very good in absorbing excess perspiration and moisture.

While you’re at it, you should also check the materials used in your shoes. Synthetic materials such are plastic are a no-no as these prevents the natural air circulation in your feet, trapping more moisture and germs inside the shoes. Toenail fungus is also contagious so you must avoid sharing footwear with other people, even if they are family members.

Wearing very tight shoes is also among the causes of Nail fungus infections. Footwear that do not fit properly will not only make your feet hurt but they will also constrict the toes and pave the way for ingrown toenails. These painful abnormalities of the toenail are among the chief causes of toenail fungus infections that can not only result in severe inconvenience but can also take up to several months to cure.

Now that you know the common causes of toenail fungus infections, you can take care of your feet and toenails much better and avoid the hassle of having to deal with toenail fungal infection.

Laser Scars Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing or "laser peels" is generally used to minimize the appearance of fine lines, mainly in the areas around the mouth and the eyes. It is also an effective solution for treating facial scars or areas of uneven pigmentation. Laser resurfacing is performed both on the whole face as well as in specific regions. The procedure is frequent done in conjunction with another cosmetic operation, such as a face lift or eyelid surgery.

The benefits of laser resurfacing of skins are ahead of those offered by another skin rejuvenation option. It is the best treatment to ensure overall improvement of chronically photo damaged skin.
Skin damage caused by photo aging is presented in various forms like rhytides and actinic keratoses, scarring from severe acne, surgery, or trauma. These are all cosmetic disfigurements posing psychological problems to the patients. Most of these problems can be effectively cured by laser scar resurfacing.

The laser resurfacing procedure uses a light beam from a CO2 laser. The idea is to vaporize the upper layers of damaged skin at specific and controlled levels of penetration.
A significantly positive side of laser resurfacing is that it produces less bleeding, bruising and post-operative discomfort than is typically seen with other resurfacing methods.

Eligibility for laser resurfacing

Before you proceed for laser resurfacing, you need to consult a doctor to check your eligibility.
The consultation will include a careful assessment of the problematic area.
Your skin condition will also play a crucial role in this regard. For example, dark skin types are more likely to complications from skin pigmentation after laser treatment.

Skin conditions helpful for laser resurfacing

A full-face laser resurfacing is likely to produce dramatic result mainly in processed, sun-damaged skin where actinic and seborrheic keratosis, lentigines, and telangiectasias are common. Beside, CO2 laser surgery apparently gives good results for all scar types.

However, laser scar resurfacing is a better option for saucer-shaped distensible areas, rather than pitted scars for which dermabrasion is a better option. Laser scar resurfacing is also a suitable option for problems like atrophic facial scars, hypertrophic scars and traumatic scars, which can also be ablated with the consideration of their appearance.
Laser scar resurfacing is of great help in blending the scar with the texture and color of the patient's skin.

Skin conditions not suitable for laser resurfacing
However, laser resurfacing has certain limitations as well. For example, the procedure is not that effective in treating the nasolabial folds.

Risks and uncertainties in laser resurfacing

Handling of laser resurfacing by a qualified and experienced surgeon reduces the risks and level of complications. However, the outcome of the surgery is not completely predictable.
The risks you should be prepared for in this surgery include –

o burns or other injuries caused by the heat of the laser energy

o Scarring

o Obvious lightening or darkening of the skin area that has been treated

Sometimes the healing seems abnormal or delayed. Sometimes, sometimes there is evidence of abnormal pigmentation or scarring. In such cases additional coercive measures and treatment may be required. The risks can be reduced to a great extent by choosing a plastic surgeon specifically trained in laser surgery.

Ednometriosis and Chemical Cells Salt – Calcarea Phosphorica (Calcium Phosphate, Ca3 (Po4))

As we mentioned in other articles, endometriosis growing somewhere else other than the endometrium also responds to hormonal signals of the menstrual menstrual cycle, building up tissue by breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period. As we know chemical cells salt play a very important role in some culture in treating some kinds of diseases. In this article, we will discuss how Calcarea Phosphorica (calcium phosphate, Ca3 (Po4)) helps to treat endometriosis.

I. Definition

Calcarea Phosphorica (calcium phosphate, Ca3 (Po4)), also known as phosphate of lime. it plays an important role for body growth and nourishment. It has been used in treating people with anemia in homeopathic medicine.

II. How Calcarea phosphorica (calcium phosphate, Ca3 (Po4)) effects endometriosis

1. Anemia
Calcarea phosphorica is a homeopathic medicine that is said to help increase the production of red blood cell and blood. It is essential for women with heavy blood flow during menstruation for replacing blood loss.

2. Tissue relaxation
It is also said to help support the body tissues, including the abdominal muscle tissue, thereby it helps to relax the muscle tension caused by hormone imbalance resulting in decreasing the menstrual cramps for women with endometriosis.

3. Coagulation
Calcarea phosphorica is also helps to support body tissues by blood clotting that helps to reduce excess menstrual flow by helping the capillaries and blood vessels in the abdomen to clot.

4. Water retention
It also helps to stimulate waste disposal through lympathic functions thereby reducing the risk of water retention caused by excess sodium and deficiency of potassium.

5. Numbness and crawling
Numbness and crawling is caused by irregular function of tissues due to tension of nervous system. By improving the body tissues' function such as muscle and blood flow, calcarea phosphorica helps to relax and reduce pain for women with endometriosis.

Just Diagnosed With an Ovarian Cyst? The Shocking Truth About Most Ovarian Cyst Treatment!

I am sure that you can remember your doctor delivering the news that they had discovered an ovarian cyst…like it was yesterday. Things like that always seem to stay with you. You visualize it over, and over…your head spinning from that piece of information. You do not even have time to process the fact that you have a cyst on ovary, when you are hit with…your possible treatment choices. Some of these physicians are actually insensitive enough to press for an answer…immediately! Unless you are in intense, agonizing pain…do NOT make a decision at that time…you may regret it later.

It surprises me how most people faithfully follow the conventional healing methods, complete with all of the dangerous medication…and continue to get more and more ill…and they wonder WHY!

Surgery and deadly prescription drugs are not always the best solutions…in fact…they very rarely are! But…will your physician tell you that?

You are smart enough to know that they will always try to steer you towards something where THEY will be compensated monetarily.

So, what are your treatment choices when you have an ovarian cyst?

Believe it or not, if the cyst on ovary is not causing a lot of pain or discomfort…the first plan of medical treatment is the ‘wait and see’ method. You reschedule another appointment in one to three months…pay for the ‘care’, and if the cyst got smaller…the doctors claim a victory! If the ovarian cyst either remained unchanged, or got larger…the next course of treatment could be…

Oral contraceptives, or…birth control pills, are sometimes given to you to see if the cyst either shrinks, or disappears completely. The pill prevents ovulation, which allow the hormone levels to adjust, and…the cyst may very well ‘just go away’. If not…

The physician might suggest draining the cyst with a needle…does not sound like a great option to me, but I am not big on needles. But it is actually better than…

Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy…ovarian cyst surgery for short. This type of operation is less invasive…a few tiny cuts are made and a little scope is inserted that sends images to a monitor for your surgeon to see. They can remove small cysts with this type of surgery however…

If there are cysts on both ovaries, the cyst is large, or cancer is suspected…the doctor will perform a laparotomy, or…open surgery.

And…after ANY of the doctor’s treatment options…the cyst has a very good chance of coming back…wonderful!

Just between you and I…the doctor will not tell you about the treatment that is in your best interest…a natural remedy for ovarian cysts…that works on more than ninety five percent of all cysts. I know that you have already figured out why they are not going to suggest this course…you would not need to see your doctor if the cysts went away and never returned. Or, have a bunch of unsafe pain pills, hormone pills, etc. prescribed…which can sometimes cause more problems and complications than the cyst presented in the first place.

The only type of cyst that this natural ovarian cyst relief secrets will not totally eliminate and keep from recurring is… a rare dermoid cyst that is filled with bone and teeth, and such. (I know…it sounds so disgusting, doesn’t it)

Do yourself a favor…do not commit to any of the more risky treatments until you explore all of your options…it is your body and your life!

Consulting Jobs – How to Land a Consulting Job

If you are one of those people who's growing sick and tired of having a boring 9 am-5pm job, you may consider being a consultant. Do not worry as you do not need to be a scientist or great in calculus to land this job. As long as you have in-depth knowledge on one specific field (advertising, search engine optimization, career change, parenting, software creation, computer, crisis management, investments, leadership, communications, customer service, time management, weight loss, etc. ) you have great chances of making it big in this endeavor.

Here's how you can land a consulting job:

1. The first thing that you need to do is to sell yourself as someone who is an expert on your chosen field. This is very important so you can entice people to do business with you. Start by creating your own website where you can take as much space as you need to talk about your relevant experiences, trainings, accomplishments, and impressive portfolio.

2. Connect with your target market. Invade forums and blogs that are often visited by your target market. Mingle with these people. Say your hi and hello and later on, participate on their discussion. Your goal here is to build rapport with your target market and to provide assistance to earn their trust. Offer an expert advice when they talk about their problems and offer the most appropriate answers to their questions. It is through this that you'll slowly create a name within a community that you would like to target.

3. Convert your prospects to buying clients. You will need to create a very aggressive sales pitch to convince people to swipe their credit cards. You may call them up (cold calling) and set up an appointment where you can freely discuss about the selling points of your consulting services. Make sure that you highlight your competitive advantage and those elements that set you apart from the rest.

4. Offer 100% satisfaction. Make your clients feel that they were not wrong in doing business with you by giving them great value for their money. Aside from offering them expert advice, you can also offer them more time and more services that can improve their buying experience. You will need to do this not only to get your buying customers to come back for more but also to get them to recommend you to other people. As you know, this can lead to more clients and more revenue.