Bakeries Which Are Diabetic Friendly

In the case of having diabetes all the foods that are being taken into the system should be taken into moderate consideration before consumption and this includes all the sweet foods. For some persons this means no consumption of ice cream, cakes, chocolate and other kings of sweet treats as this was the olden requirements, but now there are slightly different ways of dealing with the issue such as diabetic cheese cakes that are provided by some bakeries that supply cakes for people who are diabetic.

So if you are a diabetic that loves to eat cakes and lots of deserts then finding one of these bakeries should be ideal for you. The specific bakeries that bake cakes for diabetics use certain ingredients that are specified for the use in diabetic food recipes, and the two main substances which they use are Xylitol and Fructose and these have significant impact on the body and are also great for flavoring the cakes and deserts.

And apart from using those two ingredients some bakeries also use whole wheat graham and also whole wheat flour in most of their pastry creations as well. These ingredients just mentioned are the best and are about twice as health than the first two ingredients that were mentioned. So the issue of eating a diabetic cake not only deals with your desires for sweet but it is also a healthier way to be living whether you are an individual who has the condition of diabetes or not.

Gastric Band Surgery Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

Gastric band surgery can dramatically improve the quality of your life. On average Patients lose 70 percent of their excess body weight over a period of two to three years. Gradual weight loss over the ensuing few years after the procedure can bring significant improvements in health.

Lap-band surgery patients who have undergone the surgery can reduce the risk of developing sever health conditions related to morbid obesity, such as hypertensive, high cholesterol, heart disease, sleep apnea, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, acid reflux disease, asthma , and osteoarthritis.

Gastric band surgery is one of the most popular procedures at most obesity clinics and carries several advantages over other bariatric techniques. This is because it does not involve any cutting, stapling, or other permanent alterations to the stomach and intestines.

Gastric banding patients are quite often very motivated patients, and in the long term weight loss has the added benefit of giving the patients a more active and fulfilling sex life, add to this an increase in self-confidence, increased mobility, less illness and a longer life-expectancy Make this type of weight loss very attractive for patients and surgeons alike.

Bariatric surgery does not have a few known risks , but these are usually quite rare. One of the main risks as with any surgery is the risk of developing an infection following the adjustable lap band placement according to university of Pittsburgh medical center. Infection symptoms such as fever, inflammation or pain at the surgical site located around the area of ​​the abdomen where the ring is adjusted should be reported to a doctor as soon as possible.

Following surgery you would be required to follow strict diet and fitness guidelines to ensure long-term weight loss. The lap band will make it so that you want to eat less because you feel fuller, but you also have to learn about your attitudes and desires when it comes to food.

If you are obese or overweight, are desperate to loss those access pounds, and if nothing else has worked for you before then you owe it to yourself to find out if gastric band surgery could be the solution you are looking for.

How to Choose Skin Care Products to Get Young and Vibrant Skin

Have you ever noticed a few people having an extraordinarily clean and clear skin? Do not be surprised if I tell you that you too can have it and that too too spending hours in front of the mirror. Yes, you too can get a beautiful and youthful skin provided you use the right skin care products.

Talking about the skin care products, the most important point to keep into consideration is the ingredients used in the product. Agreed, that usually it will be a really long list, but the least that you can do for your skin is to ensure that it does not have any chemicals.

Chemicals laden creams are extremely harmful for your skin. They not only take away its moisture but also make it rough, itchy and sometimes result into severe allergies too.

So, simply avoid them. Make no exception for seemingly harmless fragrances and perfumes. They too have side effects and are something which you will never find in the best skin products.

Another important thing to stay away from are home remedies. The Internet today is flooded with "instant" home remedies to treat skin problems. But do you really believe that the key to a clean, clear and vibrant skin lies in your kitchen cabinet?

Unfortunately this is one mistake that many people make and end up trying anything and just everything on their face. Although in most of the cases, these remedies are harmless but they are ineffective and very slow acting.

What you need is the power of natural herbs and species combined together in right form and concentration – this is something which can give you the right results and that too too having any side effects.

While it seems to be an extremely difficult thing to achieve, it is not so. Thanks to the natural skin care products which contain all the required natural ingredients in right proportion.

All you need to do is to look out for such natural and effective products and start using them as per the specified instructions to use.

The important natural ingredients which best skin care products should contain are – Extrapone Nutgrass which reduces the Melanin content and helps eliminate age spots, Phytessence Wakame, which protects the skin from harmful UV radiations coming from the sun, Cynergy TK (TM), which stimulates the production of skin proteins, makes it firm and elastic and hence prevents wrinkles.

I hope this information will help you in choosing the right skin care products . For more information on one such product, visit my website listed below.

Advice On Removing Stretch Marks

Thousands of women look for information on how to dissolve stretch marks. They are unappealing, embarrassing, and they affect your self esteem. They develop regularly during pregnancy when the skin expands beyond its normal means and the tears turn into deep white scars in the stomach and lower back. Finding an effective stretch marks treatment is dependent upon boosting the skin’s strength and removing the existing scars. Luckily for you, dissolving stretch marks just got a whole lot simpler with a new all natural ingredient.

Stretch Marks Treatment

It is very difficult to be sad and depressed when you first hold your new bundle of joy but when women gaze at their abdomen and the damage inflicted by pregnancy, they are. Not only have women been living with perpetual urination and back pain, but now they have to deal with the undesirable development of embarrassing stretch marks. Rather than going to the beach with one piece bathing suits the rest of their lives, women look for anything that takes away stretch marks. Unfortunately what they usually find is not always beneficial.

Repair for Stretched Skin

Dermabrasion, laser procedures, and moisturizing creams are the accepted treatments for stretch marks. Each option has a down side and as a whole, none of them truly repair stretch marks.

Dermabrasion is a rather serious surgical procedure that involves local anesthesia and a machine that looks like a belt sander. How does this sound so far? The machine abrades the superficial layers of skin in order to give it a softer appearance. This can remove dying skin, renewing the skin’s look but it is not effective in reduilding tears in the dermis layer of skin. Since stretch marks are buried deep, superficial removal just won’t do the job.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

Many individuals fall prey to improvements in science. Well let me tell you a secret, lasers are not the consummate treatment for stretch marks. People think anything so progressive has to be helpful but you will just end up paying thousands of dollars for an ineffective treatment. In order to fully remove stretch marks, elastin and collagen fibers must be stimulated and flushed into the scar site which lasers do not do.

Moisturizers and cocoa butter temporarily add water but they are not useful in dissolving or preventing stretch marks. The treatment of stretch marks relies heavily on dissolving scar tissue and rejuvenating collagen and elastin components in the skin. Cocoa butter sounds beneficial and pretty but it does not dissolve stretch marks or trigger skin collagen or elastin proliferation.

Natural Methods to Remove Stretch Marks

There is no reason to lose all hope. You no not need to call a dermatologist or schedule a surgical procedure to get rid of stretch marks. You can now boost the natural renewal process of your own skin and exfoliate old, dying cells and scars and let new, flawless ones emerge to give the skin a healthier appearance with an all natural skin care ingredient. It helps naturally repair stretch marks from the inside with no harsh side effects.

When applied to your skin, the unique ingredient will fuse with your own skin cells and:

* gently digest damaged structures and stretch marks within the skin and use the amino acids that the enzymes set free to activate fibroblast stem cells. This is important for increasing skin strength and skin renewal.

* regulate skin fibroblast development and prevent excess collagen formation. This prevents and diminishes abnormal scars such as keloids, hyperthropic scarring, and stretch marks. This same action helps get rid of depressed acne scars.

* arouse the capacity of the skin to stay hydrated by stimulating the biosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, the molecules that give skin its capacity to keep in water. This helps to solidify the skin resulting in a less stretch marks and tears.

Swear Words

In the early days of our ministry I wrote a story about moerse gaps, an Afrikaans swear word describing something very big. It was a letter to my friend whose dad had died in a car accident and I wanted to describe the enormous gap that his dad had left behind with his sudden and unexpected death.

In response I received a oneliner e-mail from a well-known and loved theologian: “The gospel does not need swear words to give it impact.” At first, I did not take this criticism too well, but later on I realised that it didn’t matter how well I could justify using the word, it was still a swear word and not nice to hear.

8But you know better now, so make sure it’s all gone for good: bad temper, irritability, meanness, profanity, dirty talk.

We get so used to the language used on TV that we start thinking that it’s simply common today for people to use profanity in everyday talk. Even among our friends we hear that kind of language and it is not unusual for us to speak that way too. But the question is whether Jesus likes it. If Jesus was standing there with you and your pals, would you feel embarrassed for Him if the others (and you) told your usual stories in the language you normally used?

We must narrow the focus on our words. The words that come from our mouths must honour God. It must certainly not detract from God’s value. Look, it’s really horrible when people use God’s Name as a stop word. My dad really didn’t like it and even wrote a poem about it describing how disturbing it was to go to Newlands to watch the cricket with the beautiful trees and mountains all around, and to hear the crowd calling out God’s name when the cricketers hit a six. With all the beer cans, empty or full, the mess, the litter all around, they call out God’s name. When a player is given out LBW, the crowd calls out his Name over the inswinger; they speak his Name behind the stand in the dirt and the stench. Is that God’s image, to be called out over beer cans and stench, he asked in the poem.

Make sure that God likes to hear what comes out of your mouth.

And sometimes we slip up and can’t help laughing out loud about it, like Linda’s story:

On a funnier note, I would like to tell you this true story.

My cousin and her little boy was on their way to the family holiday home in the Southern Cape. She asked her son to send his grandparents an SMS to find out when they were leaving for the holiday home. He did it and when the response came back, she asked him to read it to her.

He read that his grandfather had said that they were leaving “donners vroeg” the next morning.

She was really surprised, because her dad NEVER swore. She asked her son to read exactly what was said in the SMS.

He read: “We are leaving tomorrow morning DV.”


Colossians 3:7-8


What do your words look like?

Do you have to make a few changes?

How will you do it?


Father, please help us to choose our words so as not to offend anyone. Amen.

How to Overcome Depression and Anger

Only wisdom can help you if you are depressed and angry because you have lost the most important person of your life. Wisdom explains the meaning of life and death, and gives you many answers to questions you did not even think of asking. Only wisdom can slap you in the face when you complain, and show you how much you have yet to do and learn.

If you believe you did not deserve so much suffering, you better examine your own psyche because you will certainly discover the reason for your pain in the mistakes that you would have made according to your character if you were not preceded to, due to the misfortune in your life. Perhaps this loss was a protection because you could have lost more.

Why you?

Other people are not in so much despair! Everyone lives and laughs …

You want to disappear …

Because, my dear, some people are wonderful, other people are artificial and only a few people in our world are genuine. You are an exception: you are alive, you understand, you care, you are not indignant to what happens in your life, you think and you can feel. You are for real!

That, for you life is difficult. You had to lose.

However, you are now wiser only because you know how insignificant you are and how empty life can be. You are not naïve …

Time will pass, other situations and notions will complete your journey and only then will you understand why things had to be so hard for you now that you have begon your journey. Things change a lot, but the human being survives and moves on. There is a future that is completely different from the past, which is waiting for you when you heal your wounds.

Pay attention to your dreams and take notes. The wise and saintly unconscious that produces them is in fact a doctor and a teacher. By translating these strange dream images into words that your consciousness can understand, you will be able to develop all your capabilities and become more intelligent or even a genius with continuous dream interpretation.

Most people care for their dreams only when they are depressed or when they have serious problems, in the same way that they go to the doctor only when they are very sick. But dream interpretation is not only free and safe psychotherapy for you, it is also a treasure you must explore! You can learn whatever you desire and solve all your problems with the guidance of the unconscious.

When you start analyzing your entire life since birth in your dreams, you will forget that you were depressed and angry before. This is a new world, your internal world, which is the most important one for you. Not only will you have the answers for all your questions but also for those you did not even think of asking.

Through dream interpretation, you will discover the wisdom that will reveal exactly why we pass through pain and what to do in order to live free of suffering and discover true and eternal happiness.

Understand the Anxiety Self Help Tips and Cure Anxiety Forever!

Anxiety could become less unhealthy and stressful in nature if we know how to battle it out. Some people who do not know how to manage anxiety can further lead them into a mental disorder. Anxiety must be handled by the willingness of the person and must be embroidered by his determination to fight anxiety. Although worrying too much is ineluctable, we could easily get from it if we only understand the anxiety self help tips. These tips are being imparted by psychologists and other mental health experts to convey a message to people that these approaches are proven affective for anxiety disorders. However, they would be less of use if we do not realize and cooperate with the citations. In order to realize the anxiety self help tips, we should first be open-minded about the possible benefits and if possible, eliminate negative thoughts about the following tips.

Anxiety self help tips can be very useful in treating anxieties without undergoing much of psychological or anxiety tests, management classes and rehabilitation. Simply follow the tips and evaluate results after the courses. Your full cooperation and compliance are needed. Here is a list of tips which can be done to at least lessen, prevent and eliminate anxiety:

1. The acceptance of ambiguity or uncertainty can be a great tool in moderating anxiety. Worrying about the future is all locked up and natural to almost all people. Worrying for the future is somewhat our scapegoat on worst things that could happen. Just simply thinking about the bad things that would happen can lead to anxiety disorders. Since worrying is inevitable, the safest way to do is bring earnest answers to your "what ifs" in order to avoid worrying much more.

2. Lessen your worry periods. Since worrying is inevitable as stated, do not overdo it. Have time to relax your mind and spirit and get rid of those worries even for a short period of time. Continuing worry can destroy your health and lifestyle.

3. Learn how to counteract negative thoughts. If you always think negatively about the things that will happen, you will surely lose track of your activities and be bombarded with anxiety. Negative thoughts can ruin the way you think about the beauty of life and the goodness that the world could offer. This could also bring up many other emotions such as anger, self- pity, annoyance and many related effects.

4. Relax. This is the best way to release all your angst and worries. Take some time to go to the spa for meditation and yoga. Treat yourself with frequent body massages and other forms of treatments. These treatments can stabilize your breathing as compared to being worried everyday which gives you rapid breathing and lightheaded. These can also improve the relaxation of your muscles, your body and your spirit.

5. Learn to pamper yourself by having a right diet, getting enough sleep, exercising daily, avoiding vices and seeking for emotional help.

Anxiety self help tips are natural ways which could help us treat anxiety. We can start treating anxiety by creating a plan in following the tips. These will guarantee you a healthier lifestyle at the end part.

Having Trouble Falling Asleep? Or Staying Asleep? All Natural Insomnia Treatments For Sound Sleep

There are many people who, regardless of how tired they are, simply can not sleep at night even after struggling for hours and hours. There are also those who may fall asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep.

This problem of sleeplessness happens to be quite common and is referred to as insomnia. Along with feeling fatigued through the next day, there are many other health problems that people can suffer from if they are not getting enough sleep.

Feeling drained, moody and unable to carry on with the rest of the day are common problems that people might experience if they have not slept well the previous night. Similar diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are severe health problems that can be caused by chronic insomnia.

Fortunately this condition of sleeplessness is not something that can not be cured using all natural means. People who can not sleep at night can get their sleep back by looking for a natural cure for insomnia.

1. Among the major reasons that people are no longer able to naturally fall asleep at night is because they regularly drink coffee, alcohol, or other beverages containing caffeine. It may seem like alcohol has a sedative effect however that will always wear off and when it does people find themselves awake at night with an aching head, a full bladder or an aching stomach.

Similarly, caffeine acts as a stimulant for the brain and will simply not let the brain relax for people to fall sleep; her own consumption should be limited.

2. If people are finding it hard to fall sleep naturally than sleep they might have to induce sleep and a good way to do this naturally is by drinking some herbal tea before bed. Teas made from plants such as chamomile, passionflower, valerian, can help relax the body and mind, helping an individual feel sleepy.

Drinking these teas around fifteen minutes before going to bed can cure sleeplessness naturally. The relaxation that is felt after drinking herbal tea will make it quite easy for people to fall sleep.

3. Those who are getting no sleep and want to immediately fall asleep the moment they lie on their bed, should try to eat light snacks containing amino acid tryptophan before going to bed.

The amino acid tryptophan is typically contained in foods like cashews, chicken, cottage cheese, turkey, etc. that can be consumed for naturally curing insomnia.

4. Another way of curing insomnia naturally is by getting a massage before going to bed since this can help in relieving the stress and tension that are major causes of insomnia. Back, head, foot, full body or just about any sort of massage can help an individual feel relaxed and instantly fall sleep.

You could even purchase a massage chair if you do not have someone who can give a massage.

The number of insomniacs in the world is quite large and those in search of a natural cure for insomnia should consider the above mentioned methods to help themselves fall asleep, rather than using sleeping pills that can cause dependency, ans extremely give you a greater problem.

How To Develop Full And Natural Breasts

If you have always wanted larger natural breasts, there is no need to play with the idea of ​​surgery or implants. There are various natural techniques you could use that would provide you with a fuller bosom. The following information should allow you to have a better understanding as to what strategy you should take up to help increase your cup size, without any pain or serious expense.

Perhaps the easiest option would be to massage the breast tissue on a daily basis. This will simplify blood flow and encourage the growth of new tissue. It is important to understand the right techniques to achieve results, you can do so by visiting a specialist masseur or by searching for an online guide. Massaging on a regular basis would also allow you to identify any abnormalities that should be checked out by a GP.

Herbs have been prescribed by practitioners of alternative medicine for centuries as a way of bringing about an augmentation of the chest's size. One of the best options in this category is fenugreek. Fenugreek has a number of health effects, including minimizing the symptoms of menopause. As it contains phytohormones, it is believed to help the body in producing a greater amount of breast tissue. In a similar vein, saw palmetto and wild yam can also be used for chest enhancement.

Herbal remedies are available in capsule form, as well as in creams that can be directly applied to the bust. For a reliably small outlay, you can develop the size of your chest naturally and without worrying about any nasty side effects.

It is also possible to receive the same results as using herbal supplements by making alterations to your diet. There are certain foods which contain phytoestrogen. For example wheat, barley, tofu, and soy can all play a role in boosting the voluptuousness of your figure. Also, manganese and bromine, which are found in fruits such as apples and pears, can also stimulate the production of sex hormones. It is suggested that sea food can also work in a similar manner.

There are some women that have been able to bring about a positive change in their figure by undergoing hypnosis. Although most practitioners of modern medicine may dismiss the idea, hypnosis can help an individual by allowing their subliminal mind to focus on enhancing natural breasts. Never understimate the power of the subconscious and hypnosis, it may be the technique that works best for you.

Now that you are armed with this information you will be able to make a better decision about your health care products.

Different Types of Ovarian Cysts and What You Should Do Next

After you read through this article and determine the type of ovarian cyst you have, I’m gonna show that little secret your doctor doesn’t want you to know about, but could at best – save and improve the quality of your life.

A side comment though which bears great importance: many ovarian cysts do not cause symptoms. As such, it is your responsibility (especially if you are a woman between the ages of 35-50, and regardless of your race) to get constant and regular screenings to ensure that you do or do not have such a health condition.

Now, of all the different types of ovarian cysts, the most common one is the functional cyst. It often forms during the menstrual cycle, of which are two types: follicle cysts and corpus luteum cysts.

Follicle cysts are the ones that form when the sac doesn’t break open to release the egg. The result is the sac keeps on growing. This type of cyst usually shows up for just 1 to 3 months.

Corpus luteum cysts on the other hand, form if the sac doesn’t dissolve. Instead what happens is that the sac seals off after the egg is released; thereby, causing the fluid to build up inside. Most corpus luteum cysts go away after a few weeks, but the problem is they can also grow to almost 4 inches. And along with it, they may twist or bleed the ovary and cause you so much pain. Though rarely cancerous, they definitely reduce the quality of your life.

Doctors would often recommend upon diagnosis of your ovarian cyst, procedures such as surgery or hormonal treatment. And they’re all supposed to be for your good, but here’s the problem though. Traditional medicine focuses on symptoms and while some physicians have the best intentions in mind for you, all these things do is to cover up whatever symptoms you are having.

Hormonal pills actually do nothing to prevent different types of ovarian cysts in the future to develop. And surgery has the same dilemma. It can take care of any cysts currently on the ovary, but can’t prevent any future ones from developing.

There is a natural and safer treatment for your ovarian cyst and it focuses more on the cause. And if you can stop that, you can imagine what’s coming next. The cysts will go away on their own.

Natural treatments have been known to work quickly and be even more effective, and believe it or not, can be done right from the comfort of your own home.

Erosive Lichen Planus

My problems started when I was 42 with an initial flare up of vulval pain on Christmas Eve 2003, although looking back I had had mouth soreness and ulceration for about a year prior to this. I went to my GP three or four times and was treated for thrush. Eventually she referred me to a gynecologist who found nothing wrong. He thought the pain may be related to a back injury and referred me to an orthopedic specialist in 2004, I had an MRI scan, gynecological scan and x-rays of lumber area and many swabs – all test results showed nothing abnormal. I was repeatedly treated for thrush ‘just in case’ without evidence of infection.

In the spring of 2005 after many trips to 3 different GP’s and in desperation – almost suicidal – I took on the responsibility for finding out what was wrong with me. I researched into possible conditions, including lichen planus. When I read a small paragraph of the symptoms in Dr Howard Glazer’s ‘The Vulvodynia Survivor’s Guide’ it was as though a light bulb lit in my head – I KNEW this was what was wrong. But my theory was dismissed by my GP as it is usually only itchy not painful (true for the non erosive versions of LP).

Nevertheless I was referred to a dermatologist and an oral specialist who both confirmed visually a diagnosis of vulval and oral (erosive) lichen planus and I started treatment at end of July 2005 with high potency topical steroid and oral steroidal spray.

Time from onset of vulval symptoms to diagnosis and start of treatment: 19 months.

Number of GP’s seen: 3

Number of consultants seen: 4

LP is life changing. During a flare up, I can’t sit down for long without pain, cannot lie down for long in one position and have difficulty managing long journeys. Sex is painful, wearing trousers often impossible, can’t eat spicy, citric or hot food etc.

This often leads to emotional distress and depression. The worst thing of all is the isolation. LP is a disease you, your family and your friends have probably never heard of. You feel isolated and in pain. You ask the questions ‘why me’ and ‘what have I done to deserve this’. You shut out the ones you love, because they don’t – can’t understand the pain you feel. This is why UKLP was set up, to provide support to those living with LP.

I have periods of flare ups and long remissions from the symptoms, but I know that LP will be with me for life.

Pros and Cons of Drug Testing Methods

All the methods of drug testing have their own benefits as well as limits. Here, the choice of drug test depends entirely upon the requirement of the person, let us see commonly used testing types


Benefits: A urine drug test can be undertaken at the laboratory or at any other place, with the help of a kit. It is the test of choice for most people, and is even accepted by the government. Here, it is sometimes referred to as "the gold standard".

Limitations: If the urine sample collection is not closely observed, there is the possibility that the specimen may be substituted, leading to erroneous results. Drugs can be detected in the urine only a short time after they have been consumed. Here, if a person has consumed drugs just prior to the test, it would not have been reflected in the urine test. Moreover, for conducting a urine drug test, proper bathroom facilities are required. According to the SAMHSA or NIDA-5 guidelines, the drugs that are currently most abused in the society are not tested.


Benefits: Saliva drug testing kits are easy to use and non-invasive. As in the case of urine drug testing, saliva drug testing does not require separate bathroom facilities. Even fairly recent drug use can be detected using saliva testing. Moreover, as the saliva sample can be monitored closely, there are lesser chances of the sample being substituted as in case of a urine test. Only a few minutes are needed for obtaining the results. Different kinds of saliva tests can be utilized to detect the use of different drugs. It is an ideal method to detect recent drug use.

Limitations: It is unfortunate that most people are not aware of the benefits of saliva drug testing. Moreover, there are a lot of false beliefs regarding saliva drug testing, which have been spread mostly by laboratories as they have feel threatened that they might lose money on account of on-site saliva drug testing.


Benefits: Hair drug testing can detect drugs consumed by the user more than 90 days ago. As the sample can be collected under direct supervision, there are very few chances of the sample being changed Fairly accurate and reliable results can be obtained through hair drug testing.

Limitations: The major limitation is the requirement of laboratory facilities to test the sample. Moreover, drugs consumed recently before the test can not be detected in such way. A time period of around a week is required for the toxins consumed to be reflected in the results. Another drawback is the cost of getting results if it is compared to the other methods. Any person can resort to shaving off his hair in order to avoid the detection of chemicals.

Spray / Sweat

Benefits: Sweat drug testing is also very easy to undertake. It is a non-invasive method. Moreover, there is no need for bathroom facilities for the collection of the sample, unlike urine drug testing. Drugs consumed by the user a few weeks ago can also be detected through sweat analysis. The sample can be obtained under direct supervision and hence, there are lesser chances of manipulation of the sample. This method can provide the results within a few minutes.

Limitations: There are high chances of a sweat sample getting contaminated. Moreover, the rate of sweat production of different donors is different, due to which it is sometimes difficult to draw accurate results. These tests are less popular as compared to saliva or urine drug tests and hence, there is lack of new innovations in sweat analysis kits. These kits are also more expensive. Only a few toxins can be detected.

Types of Chemotherapy For Esophageal Cancer

Everyday persons affected by esophageal cancer are getting diagnosed all over the world with less than five years of poor prognosis. Even though chemotherapy is not the only treatment option for esophageal cancer it is one of the effective treatment methods when combined with other treatment options like radiation therapy and surgery in certain cases.

Types of chemotherapy drugs used for treating esophageal cancer include cisplatin, carboplatin, capecitibine and 5-fluorouracil. These chemotherapy drug types prevent the cancerous cells multiplying or replicating abnormally and also helps in eradicating them. Most often cisplatin and 5-fluorouracil is used along with radiation therapy. Each chemotherapy treatment can last in the time range of thirty minutes to few hours depending on the type of medication. Different types of treatment options differ based on the esophageal cancer type and stage.

Chemotherapy too can cause various side effects including loss of appetite, nausea, mouth sores, low blood count and hair loss. Esophageal cancer patients getting treated with chemotherapy may not face all the above side effects but may experience some and the fortunate thing is that the side effects caused by chemotherapy are only temporary. Patients taking chemotherapy can enjoy the benefits for a longer time than compared to other cancer treatment types. Unlike surgery and radiation treatments this is very systemic that the drugs travel all over the body making it very effective on metastasized cancer.

Drugs which are platinum based used in chemotherapy include platinol-AQ (cisplatin) and Paraplatin (Carboplatin). In esophageal cancer treatment either cisplatin is used or along with paclitaxel for diseases in the advanced stage. Carboplatin is less toxic that it is used as a substitution for cisplatin. Mitomycin or Mutamycin is an anticancer antibiotic which is used for treating esophageal cancer. Some of the possible side effects include rashes, lung damage, nausea, vomiting, kidney or lung damage, hair loss and lower blood count.

5-FU or 5-Fluorouracils are antimetabolites that can cause few side effects like throat and mouth infection, severe allergies, liver damage, fever, visual impairment, weakness, headache, confusion, nausea, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach ulcers, fever , nosebleeds and so on. Onxol, taxol or Paclitaxel and taxotere or docetaxel are taxanes which results in disease regression in approximately twenty five percent of stage III disease patients. These can result in side effects like nerve damage, diarrhea, edema or swilling, heart damage, allergic reactions that are life threatening and unusual infections. Vinorelbine or Vindesine are vinca alkaloids which are also used in the treatment of esophageal cancer. Camptosar or Irinotecan is one of the types of Chemotherapy drugs used for treating esophageal cancer. Like other drugs these too can result in side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, low blood count, dizziness, fever, insomnia, breathing problems, blood clots, rashes and hair loss.

Natural Remedies:

There are certain natural remedies that offer a promising cure for esophageal cancer. Along with the natural remedies and a well-researched different diet pattern, a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle can make a huge difference to your efforts for prolonging the life for several years. You can increase your chances of surviving esophagus cancer now by trying these proven natural remedies discussed here

Food Gardening

It is estimated that over 33 million households have a vegetable garden in their yard 2 million more grow at a friend, neighbors, or relatives. There are also 1 million households that grow in a community garden plot. That is a lot of vegetables being grown. The number one reason given by most vegetable gardeners is they grow for taste, followed by saving money, better quality food, and finally safety of the food. There seems to be a direct correlation between economic health of the nation and the number of households growing vegetables at home. When the economy is bad it is estimated that there are 20% more households growing vegetable gardens. This is not surprised as the average backyard garden costs about $ 80.00 to put in and returns a little over $ 500.00 in produce better than 5 times the cost.

Food gardening is a huge business and is one of the largest outdoor activities of most Americans. Gardening in general is consider the number one leisure time activity. So it is no wonder that so many people are enjoying the fruits of their gardening activity. On average the typical home vegetable gardener has been growing their own vegetables for 12 years. It is an activity that seems to continue long term and for good reason, especially if you have ever tasted a ripe red tomato just off the vine on a summer afternoon.

If you have been thinking about starting a vegetable garden of your own it is really not too difficult and will pay you back many times over for the amount of effort you will need to put into it. On average the typical home gardener spends about 5 hours a week tending the family vegetable plot. Considering the number of people that spend at least this amount of time everyday watching television, you can see this is not a big drain on your leisure time.

The average size vegetable garden is 20 feet by 10 feet and can produce enough fresh vegetables to supply a house with 6 months of fresh vegetables. If you can or reserve some of your produce you can even stretch the amount of produce to 8 or 9 months. The best part is that you know where this food is coming from and that it is safe from chemicals and pesticides. As an added benefit you are helping to reduce the amount of pollution and greenhouse gas produced by transporting the food you would buy at the local store that would have transported fro more than 500 miles away.

These are just some of the facts about growing your own but it is interesting to see how many Americans are actually involved in producing their own fresh food for themselves and their families.

The Most Common Types, Causes And Treatments Of Anemia

Although there are over 400 types of anemia, many are rare with only about a dozen being routinely seen in the United States. Even so, over 3.5 million Americans are affected by anemia. Medically speaking, anemia is not a disease on its own but rather a symptom of other disorders. Anemia is defined as the condition that develops when your blood does not contain enough healthy red blood cells. The symptoms of anemia are caused by the blood not receiving enough oxygen through the red blood cells. Teens, pregnant women and the elderly are at the highest risk for developing anemia.

There are three primary ways anemia is developed: blood loss, reduced or dysfunctional red blood cell production or the destruction of red blood cells in the blood. In this article we will discuss the most common types causes by each of the three main factors are well as the treatments for each type mentioned.

Blood Loss

Anemia caused by blood loss can occur over time and is usually very mild to start. As the blood loss continues or reoccurs and the anemia is not treated, the anemia becomes more severe and the symptoms may become more intimate and disruptive. Ulcers, certain types of cancer and the inflammation of stomach known as gastritis can cause anemia and may go undetected for a long time before being diagnosed. The anti-inflammatory medications known as NSAIDS, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, can also lead to anemia either by overuse or sensitivity to such products. That is why it is very important to follow dosing instructions and only use medications when needed or by doctor's recommendation. Finally, excessive menstruation and blood loss from childbirth (particularly when there are more than one baby) are liable for causing anemia in some cases. The only treatment for this type of anemia is to reduce or eliminate the cause of the anemia as much as possible.

Reduced Or Dysfunctional Production

The most commonly seen types are caused by reduced or dysfunctional red blood cell production in the bloodstream. This can happen from abnormal blood cells or from a lack of the proper nutrients for red blood cell production. The most common forms of anemia caused by decreed or dysfunctional blood cell production are sickle cell, iron-deficiency, and vitamin deficiency.

Sickle cell is an inherited condition affecting only African-Americans. The shape of the red blood cells in a person suffering from sickle cell is crescent shaped. These crescent shaped cells break down more quickly than normal blood cells, there before greatly reducing the amount of oxygen they provide. These abnormal blood cells also cause pain in their victims due to clogging of the blood vessels. Currently there is no cure for sickle cell anemia but treatment options are available and getting more beneficial everyday.

Iron deficiency is the most common type of anemia and the one most people are talking about when they mention anemia. Obviously, iron-deficiency is caused by too little iron in the blood. Iron is needed in the bone marrow for the production of hemoglobin, a part of the red blood cell, which is responsible for carrying the oxygen through the blood. Without enough iron, the blood does not get enough oxygen. This causes all sorts of problems for the anemia individual including fatigue, paleness, rapid heartbeat, trouble focusing or remembering, and shortness of breath, headaches and even nosebleeds. Poor diet and certain medical conditions can result in iron-deficiency anemia. The treatment usually consist of iron supplements and healthy diet recommendations.

Vitamin deficiency anemia occurs when the body is lacking the vitamin B-12 or folate. Both minerals are necessary for the production of red blood cells. Vitamin deficiency anemia is caused in much the same way as iron deficiency, poor diet or medical conditions. Pregnancy, alcohol abuse and specific medications can also interfere with the levels of B-12 and folate in the body. This type of anemia is also treated in the same way as iron-deficiency anemia.

The Destruction Of Red Blood Cells

Anemia that is caused by the destruction of the body's red blood cells is also known as hemolytic anemia. Whenever the red blood cells rupture more quickly than normal, anemia can result. Sometimes hemolytic anemia occurs for no known reason called spontaneous hemolytic anemia. However, many times the cause can be established. Known causes include inherited issues; the presence of stressors, such as infections, venom in the blood stream, or drugs; or theappropriate attack of the immune system against the red blood cells.

The treatment for hemolytic anemia varies according to the cause. If the cause were a substance, such as alcohol or drugs, then the treatment would include eliminating the substance from the person's lifestyle. Surgery may be necessary to remove or repair damaged tissues. Steroids can stop the immune system from attacking the red blood cells and pain medication is often given along with IV fluids to provide support to the other treatments. In some cases, no treatment is needed at all. Usually this is the case when the anemia is very mild.

In summary, anemia is a common problem that affects millions of Americans. Anemia itself is not a disorder but rather a symptom of another condition. Each type of anemia is caused by different factors and requires different treatments. If you suspect that you or someone in your family is suffering from anemia, it is important to schedule a visit with your doctor right away.