What Causes High Triglycerides and How to Lower Them

First question: what causes high triglycerides? Second question: how to lower triglycerides? Third question: can we prevent increment in triglycerides? Last question: if we are genetically inclined to obesity, is there any way to prevent the triglycerides from increasing in our bodies?

What causes high triglycerides is the food that we take. Especially when the type of food that we overly enjoy, the home cooked meals that mom makes that brings us back memories of gathering around the breakfast nook, talking and just having fun. The excess eating alone will make the triglycerides increase, especially when we start drinking along with the eating. This bad combination will not only overwork the liver, but the overwork will make the liver fat as well, a condition called fatty liver.

What cause high triglycerides aside from the obvious? Well, junk food. We do not eat them in excess usually but when we do, the combination of the oils and spices as well as the processed meats involved will make the triglycerides shoot through the roof and they are hard to expel. These foods are stored in just about all the usual places like the oblique muscles, the abdominal muscles, the jowls, the chin, you name it, it's there.

Aside from the excess and the junk, which causes high triglycerides is also maternity. No not of the mind, the physical maturity. The elderly we get the body finds it harder to process a lot of that excess junk that we pound into it and the body can get tired. When it gets tired, the triglycerides can not be expelled.

To the question of what causes high triglycerides with the genetic angle? Well, there is a valid correlation here. People who are predestined to be obese will get obese if they do not take the proper precautions. Knowing that there is a predisposition does not mean that you should give up and just take it! Instead of just sitting there and not doing anything, stand up, take priorities, eat properly the healthy foods available out there and exercise. That should prevent the high triglycerides from increasing.

If you are really scared or simply confused, go to the doctor and talk it over. Doctors are only willing to educate you and they will help you and your endeavor to take yourself out of that high risk category. What causes high triglycerides is really the irresponsibility of some to take responsibility of their bodies.

Music (Murmurs) of The Heart – Pleasant to Hear and Nothing To Fear


A heart murmur is not a disease or condition: it is simply a noise. Most heart murmurs in children are innocent (nothing at all) or are minor problems that do not require surgery. Think of your child’s murmur like music of the heart: pleasant to hear and nothing to fear.


How should you react if your child’s doctor finds a murmur on physical examination? First, do not panic. This is NOT a reason to cry or even to start worrying. If the doctor is worried that the heart problem could be life threatening, she will tell you. Second and most important, heart murmurs in children are usually benign – nothing at all. Finally, in those rare cases when it is something, your child likely has a very minor problem that does not require surgery.

As a pediatric cardiologist, I often hear the following:

o How serious is my child’s heart murmur?

o Will he outgrow it?

o They had to operate on my neighbor’s murmur, and he died.

A murmur is not a hole in the heart or a leaky valve. It is a noise, not a genetic disorder, a disease, a condition or even a problem. Think of the “murmuring brook” common in storybooks. We murmur sweet nothings in our loved one’s ear.

A murmur is caused by blood that does not flow smoothly, what is called turbulence. Imagine the sound of water going over a waterfall: Niagara Falls is very loud. In our minds, we connect these sounds with heart problems because flow through a hole in the heart or through a narrow valve is turbulent and therefore makes noise.

Most children have noises with absolutely nothing wrong with the heart. These are called innocent, benign, or flow murmurs. They can come and go: half of all children will at some time during childhood have an innocent murmur. The sound has a characteristic quality that can be identified by a well-trained pediatric cardiologist. Most of the time, an experienced cardiologist can determine if it is innocent simply by listening. Occasionally, a child will need an echocardiogram, which is the test to take pictures of the heart using sound waves.

Echocardiograms are totally safe. Why don’t we do one in every child with a murmur? The simple answer is money. The cost is around $200 per test. The charge is over $1500 and actual payments vary from $75 (a money-loser) to $450 (a profit center).

Your child might have serious heart disease and have no murmur. If the hole in the heart is big enough, there is no turbulence and therefore, no noise. Thus, the doctor cannot use the presence or absence of a murmur alone to determine the presence or absence of heart disease.

This does not mean that listening is useless – quite the opposite. What the doctor hears, in combination with other physical findings, is very helpful in deciding if the child might have a significant problem and might need an echocardiogram or even a heart cath.

Think of your child’s murmur like music of the heart: pleasant to hear and nothing to fear.

Asthma Causes And Treatment

Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways, characterized by periodic attacks of wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. The inflammation of the airways causes airflow into and out of the lungs to be restricted. These symptoms can be triggered by Exposure to tobacco or wood smoke, Breathing polluted air, Inhaling other respiratory irritants such as perfumes or cleaning products, Exposure to airway irritants at the workplace, Breathing in allergy-causing substances (inhaled allergens) such as molds, dust, dust mites, pollen or animal dander, Emotional excitement or stress, Food or drug allergies, Respiratory infections such as cold, flu, sinusitis, or bronchitis, Exposure to cold, dry weather and physical exertion or exercise.

With proper self management and medical treatment, symptoms can be decreed and most patients can lead normal lives although there is no cure for asthma. Treatment involves the use of rescue and control medicines. Rescue medications are taken after an asthma attack has already begun. Short-acting beta-agonists are the most commonly used rescue medications. Inhaled short-acting beta-agonists work quickly, within minutes, to open the breathing passages, and the effects usually last 4 hours.

Albuterol is the most frequently used short-acting beta-agonist medication. Anticholinergics are another class of drugs useful as rescue medications during asthma attacks. Inhaled anticholinergic drugs open the breathing passages, similar to the action of the beta-agonists. Ipratropium bromide is the inhaled anticholinergic drug currently used as a rescue medicine. Controller medicines help minimize the infection that causes an acute asthma attack. Long-acting beta-agonists are drugs chemically related to adrenaline, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Inhaled long-acting beta-agonists work to keep breathing passages open for 12 hours or longer. They relax the muscles of the breathing passes, dilating the passes and decreasing the resistance to exhaled airflow, making it easier to breathe. Salmeterol and formoterol are long-acting beta-agonists.

Inhaled corticosteroids are the main class of medications in this group that act locally by concentrating their effects directly within the breathing passages. Beclomethasone and triamcinolone are examples of inhaled corticosteroids. Leukotriene inhibitors are another group of drugs that work by blocking the chemicals that produce inflammatory response and thus reduce inflammation. Zileuton, zafirlukast and montelukast are examples of leukotriene inhibitors. Cromolyn sodium is another medicine that can prevent the release of chemicals that cause asthma-related inflammation and is especially useful for people who develop asthma attacks in response to certain types of allergic exposures. Following preventive measures is another important step that will in reducing attacks and the use of medication. All known allergens and respiratory irritants should be eliminated from the house. Exposure to dust mites and molds can be reduced by encasing mattresses and pillows in allergy-impermeable covers, removing carpets and by vacuuming the house regularly as well as lower indoor humidity. Allergy desensitization may also be helpful in reducing asthma symptoms and medication use.

Ginko Biloba and Green Tea Gives You Great Protection

Ginko biloba and green tea when taken together give you a great protective role against all kinds of nasty aging diseases. Some of the benefits that green tea is known for is its prevention to skin cancer caused through sunburn. This is good news for anyone who likes the sun but it is not only the risk of cancer that should keep you out of the sun. The UV radiation of the sun soon makes your skin look old and leathery as it dries out the moisture in your cells.

It is the polyphenols in green tea that are the antioxidant that is believed to play the major role in this protection You can also benefit in other ways from taking green tea as it is known to be effective in treating stomach disorders, vomiting and diarrohea. Ginko biloba on the other hand has amazing protection against developing Alzheimer's disease and strokes and some research on it also shows that it increases cerebral blood flow to the brain.

I am sure that you can see the benefits of taking these two specialized nutrients, ginko biloba and green tea, but when you take them together their effectiveness is compounded by their synergistic effect. A friend introduced me to some supplements that actually have not only decaffeinated green tea extract and ginko biloba but over 70 life enhancing nutrients to give your body exceptionally good protection against the ravages of aging.

I love taking this supplement and I have noticed that my energy levels have increased since I started taking them. I wonder now why it took me so long before I tried them out. Any I now know first hand the benefits of taking ginko biloba and green tea together to help give optimal health. And it's great!

For more information on optimal health visit my website www.total-supplements.info today.

Better Late Than Never – Attack the Back Ache Symptoms!

There are many reasons for back pain. Back ache symptoms are usually a result of malfunctioning of the spinal due to damage to the spine, ligaments, disks or muscles. These symptoms could occur due to an injury during accidents or due to exercise which causes inflammation in the spine. Back pain symptoms can be minor or major depending on the cause. Therefore their treatment also varies depending on the intensity of the pain.

Five Things You Should Know If You Encounter Symptoms Of Backache:

Are you confused about the nature of your back pain? Are you able to decide whether you should take a pain killer or visit a doctor? What could have been the intensity of the pain? Could these back ache symptoms lead to major problems? If these are some of the questions that bother you, answering these simple questions could help you solve your questions about back pain.

1. Since when am I facing the symptoms of backache?

The first and foremost thing to know about back pain is the period since when you have been facing the pain. Is your pain periodic or persistent? These questions will help you know if your pain is of acute or chronic nature. Acute pain usually usually lasts for weeks and can be cured immediately. However chronic pain may last for months and needs on-going treatment for complete relief.

2. Has there been a sudden transition in my routine?

A lot of times, sudden transition in the routine can be a root cause to the problem. Eg Change of work shifts, change of nature of job, sleeping habits etc.

3. Have I changed my exercise pattern or mode?

A change in exercise pattern or taking on learning a new sport may also be the cause of backache. eg: Back pain can be encountered during sports like tennis or badminton. These types of pains are muscle pains which are usually relieved by over-the-counter medications.

4. Am I over weight?

Obesity can also be a root cause to backache symptoms. As the lower back bears most of the weight of the body, excess weight can cause a back ache.

5. Has there been a recent change in any of the daily commodities that I use?

Watch Out!

Your new mattress, pillow or a new chair at work could also be the main culprit behind your backache. It is important to observe these changes carefully by alternating between two different commodities to understand the true cause.

Although back ache symptoms may seem to be a major problem, they could be cured to a great extent via back pain exercises. There are various exercises that one could undertake depending on the back ache symptoms. However it is very important to be regular with these exercises and take the right treatment to be able to cure these symptoms of back pain at an early stage.

Sore Knees Inside – The Monster You Can not See – Special Report on Painful Knees That Make You Suffer

Do you have sore knees?

Or, maybe we should ask, "do your sore knees have you"?

Knee pain and soreness is no laughing matter to the thousands of people on a regular to daily basis. Sore knees inside can affect the way that a person moves, walks and carries out their every day lives. In fact, soreness in the synagogues can make it near impossible for some people to bend down or even get out of bed. This is why it is vitally important for anyone who is experiencing any type of inexplicable pain in the knee or has sore knees inside, to immediately seek out the assistance and diagnosis of a trained physician.

An internal soreness or pain could have been the sign of a torn, ripped or bruised muscle or ligament. If proper treatment is not taken, then the individual experiencing the pain could end up further damaging their knee and causing life-long physical problems that they may never be able to recover from. How's that for a wake up call?

When a knee is injured in a way that can externally be seen with bruising, abrasions or swilling then a physician can usually determine the amount of the damage without having to run costly and time consuming tests. They can usually provide a strategy for physical therapy to repair the damage caused to the knee and will sometimes provide medication to assist with dealing with the pain and soreness.

Your Sore Knee Could Be Your Fault!

Did you know that 80% of all knee injuries and pains could have been avoided if the individual experienced them had had proper preventive measures to insure that such an injury did not take place? This is extremely true of individuals who use their knees in a way that causes them to bend or move in ways that they are not accredited to or intended to be used on a regular basis.

Case in point is sportsmen and individuals who may work in jobs that require them to consistently bend and move their knee in a repetitive manner for extended periods of time.

The same can be said of sportsmen who due to their sport have to bend their knees for prolonged periods of time in ways that the knees were not designed to move.

Take Measures To Prevent Sore Knees!

By simply wearing a knee brace or sleeve, these types of knee injuries could have been avoided. It is now typical in factories to see workers wearing simple back braces, for example. People who are active have knee issues all the time and a little extra support can really go a long way for you. Many inside knee pains and injuries could have been avoided if the person suffering them would have taken preventive measures by wearing a knee brace.

If you are experiencing sore knees inside you should seek the advice of a physician to determine the cause of the pain and to take action to prevent the pain in the future.

If you are not experiencing sore knees inside but do take part in activities or have a job where you are using your knee in a repetitive wave of motion, then you should highly consider taking preventive measures and using knee braces to avoid potential problems in the future .

How to Conquer Panic Anxiety Disorder

Are you experiencing fears to certain situations or objects that somehow lead you to attacks? Or experiencing out-of-place degree of fear to consequences of not carrying out specific routine? Or suffer from depression and complain panic attacks to some situations? Then you might be a candidate for panic anxiety disorder. Here are some easy and independent ways to conquer panic anxiety disorder.


One way to defeat panic anxiety attacks is through meditation. Our body regularly adapts to everyday pressures however, if our conscious system were unable to handle such negative thoughts patterns this will gradually affect our subconscious. A person may encounter even in a normal workday a sudden unusual experience of dizziness and suffocation ever found complaining with chest pains and palpitations but in the end doctors could not give any reasons why that person kept on having these "life threatening attacks" and unable to conquer panic anxiety attacks.

You can use meditation to overcome panic anxiety attacks. Through meditation the mind is channeled to alpha state. Brainwaves are energy aspect of the brain and it is measured by electrocephalograph. Beta waves are the usual state of the mind specifically when doing active chores such as playing and working. Also, during this state, mind is incompetent for memory. While, alpha waves are present when a person's mind is calm and balance.

Inside the brain is what we called adrenal glands, these glands releases glucorticoids. Glucorticoids is a stress hormone released when the body system experience stress. However too much secretion of the said hormone can affect two organs that are both important for memory formation these are hippocampus and amygdale. Prolonged exposure may lead to shrinkage of hippocampus and contrastingly leads to hyperactivity of the amygdala. Meditation stimulates the limbic system where amygdala could be found, it is fired in every meditation practice causing a feeling of regeneration physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thus, meditation can help you conquer panic anxiety attacks.

It will help to conquer panic anxiety attacks when you meditate and find a quiet place to seat and relax for at least 10 minutes. Close your eyes and concentrate on your heart (heart meditation technique), feel the beating of your heart. Imagine a brilliant white light engulfing your heart. Add positive essences like peace, prosperity, vitality and love. Let the light expands until it engulfs your whole body. Then, forget your visualization and be passive. Regular meditation would gradually lower disturbing thoughts, sense of fears and depressed emotions and will help you overcome panic anxiety attacks.

Classical music

In ancient India people believed in the law of sound that connects man and nature. Ragas are Indian classical music that can create fire or rain and even cure diseases. Chants must be precise to achieve its exact benefits.

Like Bruckner, Vivaldi and Mozart are few western classical composers who adopted the same principles. Western classical music helps attune to alpha waves and leaves positive effects to its listeners. It is also proven that listening may obtain the same benefits as taking Valium an anti anxiety treatment to conquer anxiety panic attacks. In addition, nightmares and sleep disturbances, upset stomachs, migraines and headaches are also signs and symptoms of panic anxiety disorders but proved to be resolved by listening to classical music.

Perspire regularly

The concept with regards to exercise is to enhance the circulatory system and helps release toxic substances through perspiration. The heart pumps the blood wherein the blood carries the hormones, food and oxygen or carries waste and disposed to liver, kidneys and lungs. If the blood flow is blocked definitely the hormone will also prohibit as well as a cell without nourishment will die and at the same time waste may end up accumulating inside the body. If you get a chance to observe people who regularly perspire you would observe the color and the glow of their skin and normally these people have a positive outlook towards life. Thus, regular exercise can help you to conquer panic anxiety attack.

Proper diet

Diet also plays an important role when you try to conquer panic anxiety attacks. Avoid excessive meat, protein from meat produce waste products such as uric acid that an excess of it weakens the kidney. Take plenty of water and foods that have high water content such as vegetables and fruits This very help the kidney in cleansing the body.

Frequent and proper bathing techniques

Taking a bath daily excrete waste and purifies the blood. When taking a bath use a scrub to thoroughly clean the body. Nurses use circular motion techniques when performing bed baths to their patients. Thorough scrubbing and circular motion techniques enhance and stimulate the nervous system and help you relax and conquer panic anxiety attacks.

How Sick Days and Infection Affect Blood Glucose

High blood glucose levels may be the first sign that you are sick or have an infection. The rise in blood glucose is due to hormonal changes, natural reactions of your body to help you feel better and fight an illness or infection.

At these times you may not feel like eating. If you eat less or do not eat, you may think you should stop taking your diabetes medicine. Do not stop taking it. In fact, you may need more. Also you need to keep eating and drinking fluids. It is best to develop a plan for such times before they happen, so discuss this with your dietitian and doctor.

Do call your doctor if you are unable to keep food down or you have ketones in your urine, or at any other time discussed with your doctor.

You can start preparing now for a sick day by gathering foods to have on hand when your appetite is low, or you are having trouble keeping food down. You may want to keep these foods in a special cabinet or a shoe box, along with other instructions from you diabetes care team. Include several sick day menus that you and your dietitian have developed. When you are not feeling well, you do not want to be running to the store or worried about having something available that you like at these times.

You may wonder about using low-sugar medicines such as low-sugar cough syrups. These medicines can contain sugar alcohols which can cause stomachaches and diarrhea. They may be helpful because they are low in sugar, but be aware of their side effects.

If you can eat, you can follow your basic food plan – just substitute easy to swallow and chew foods, and your "comfort foods" for other foods. You do not need to replace protein and fat; concentrate on replacement carbohydrates choices with others. Examples include cream soup, plain yogurt, mashed potatoes, ice cream, vanilla wafers, unsweetened applesauce, and popsicles.

You can become dehydrated when you are sick because of sweating, vomiting, or dirrhea. Because of this you need to drink or sip liquids when you can. Even a tablespoon of liquid every 10-15 minutes is helpful. Once you can tolerate this amount, have a 1/2 cup to 1 cup of food or liquid every one to two hours, or one carbohydrate choice for every hour you are awake. If you are following your basic food plan, have sugar-free beverages between meals.

Hunting the Executive Head Hunter

5 tips to win over an executive head hunter or management recruiter

Many job seekers find themselves overwhelmed with dread at the prospect of hunting down a new career position on their own. That's why many people hope to hang their hats on the connections of executive head hunters to do their hunting for them in their ongoing (never-ending?) Quest for the ultimate trophy career.

In order to convince a reliable executive head hunter, a job seeker has to plan his attack. A well connected executive recruiter will not take on just any person in a suit. You have to build a solid foundation well in advance of making contact.

Just like animal-hunting needs supplies, recruiter hunting requires strategy and supplies, too. Here are five tips to successfully capture the prize – the services of an executive recruiter.

Do Your Homework

The savvy job-seeker must be well armed with knowledge – not just about his or her interests and skills, but also in the head hunter's interests and specialties. Yes, it helps to approach a head hunter who understands your field and has built connections, because there is very little need for chemical engineers at an accounting firm (although chemical makers have been forced to allow accountants into their sanctums, but that's another story ).

At the same time, an executive management recruiter has no interest in your skills, even if you have won dozens of awards for the French pastries you have created.

Of course, it helps to familiarize yourself with the job market. That is the executive recruiter's job, but it is also yours.

You will also get a lot further if you have assessed your own skills, not just your desired employment. If you clearly are not qualified for what you seek, you will not sell yourself to the head hunter. And if you can not sell yourself to the head hunter, he or she will not bother trying to sell you to anyone else.

Identify Reputable Executive Recruiters and Head Hunters

Unfortunately, in the 21st century there are a growing number of conmen and scam artists who have injected themselves in the business of executive head hunters and recruiters. Therefore, as you begin your search for a bona fide and qualified executive recruiter, it is vital that you ask around.

Before you approach an executive head hunter, find out all that you can about their operations, history and experience from as many independent resources that you can access. Make it a point to find other men or women who have used their services. Find out who has actually landed jobs for other people, before placing your career in the hands of a charlatan.

Prepare a Solid Resume

OK. so this might be obvious. But it is not always done. Prepare a professional resume before you make contact with the executive head hunters on your list. Your resume is your calling card, and it will determine whether the recruiter will even want to let you waste his secretary's time.

Line Up Solid References

Before knocking on head hunter doors, make sure that you have a list of professional references.

Just as you will want to know the details about any executive recruiter you approach, these professionals will want to know a good deal about you as well. They will want to be able to contact your references, men and women who can support your professional aspirations with solid testimony about your prior accomplishments, your character, your skills and even your weaknesses, too.

Make sure to ask permission from each reference in advance, so they do not get a cave off and say something like, "well, uh, let me see, um … you were calling about who?"

Schedule a One on One Head Hunter Meeting

Finally, when you have all your ducks lined up, you are ready to meet the executive head hunter who will land you that ultimate trophy career. Of course, it helps to pick more than just one recruiter, and it also helps to schedule a meeting at their convenience.

There you have it. You are ready to go and hunt an executive head hunter. Job-searching could not be more fun unless it came with a candy cherry on top and a complementary subscription to Laugh magazine. Happy hunting.

Plant-Based Homeoplasmine Properties and Usage

Homeoplasmine is a plant-based, homeopathic remedy in pomade form intended for skin irritations. It is only officially available in France. Homeoplasmine contains extracts of plants as well as an antiseptic. Homeoplasmine ointment is intended to alleviate the irritation of nasal membranes commonly affected by colds and rhinitis. According to Boiron Laboratories (the product manufacturers) it is also effective on scratches, grazes, bruises, and cracks of the skin.

Homeoplasmine was originally created to heal the nasal passages from colds, allergies, and freezing temperatures-which is why it’s highly effective on lips when temperatures drop in harsh climates during winter. Parisians have been using it for decades as it is widely available and effective.

Homeoplasmine has been used by make-up artists during winter fashion shoots and runway shows to treat wind-chapped, windblown, and jetlagged models suffering from skin peeling from the cold. Minutes after application, skin looks hydrated again, radiant, and portrays an image of health. Gwyneth Paltrow’s site Goop.com further indicates Homeoplasmine’s efficacy stating, “Meant for skin irritations, Homeoplasmine is a life-saver when it comes to dry, winter-ravaged skin.”

An effective method of use when doing make-up is to apply Homeoplasmine ointment liberally to red and chapped areas below the nose and on the lips for a few minutes, then wipe off and apply foundation as normally done. Homeoplasmine has a matte finish. According to Style Magazine, “Pretty much every makeup artist, Francophile, and international beauty junkie swears by Homeoplasmine as the go-to for chapped lips and dry patches. Unsurprisingly, it’s as awesome as they say and the aluminum tube is really satisfying to use.”

Further accolades include Stylist.com (UK), which adds, “Another perennial backstage beauty must-have, Homeoplasmine is the insider’s alternative to Vaseline. An emollient that cures chapped and dry skin; it softens lips with a matte velvety finish.”

Homeoplasmine ingredients are Calendula officinalis, Phytolacca officinalis, Bryonia, Benzoin, Boric acid, and Vaselinum album. It is not for children under 30 month’s old, or pro-longed use at any age. It should not be applied to breastfeeding areas. Short-term use is recommended at 1 to 3 times per day to clean skin.

The product is mildly scented with a slight tint, and packaged in an aluminum sealed tube. Plans to sell Homeoplasmine directly to consumers outside of France have not been made public at this time. Reasons for manufacturers limiting their marketing mainly to France are unclear given the product’s simple ingredients list.

Skin Cleansing Basics – Keep Your Skin Youthful and Beautiful

You probably already know the importance of skin cleansing in your daily routine. Keeping your skin clean should be the first step in your daily skin care regimen.

Unfortunately, not many people know how to do cleansing skin care properly. There are so many misconceptions about skin cleansing that you could end up causing more harm to your skin than good.

The first error is to scrub your skin vigorously. Your facial skin is very delicate and you could damage it by using rough and heavy handed motions while washing it. Also, do not use harsh products on it. Ordinary bar soap comes in this category. The chemicals in it are very strong and make it unsuitable for facial use.

Products marketed as facial scrubs should be avoided at all costs, unless they contain micro-granules.

You may also feel very satisfied if your skin is very tight and dry after a wash. This is actually a sign that you have washed all the protective natural oils out of your skin in addition to the dirt. On the other hand, if a cleanser is too mild for your skin type, you will not be able to dislodge all the dirt and grime from your face. This will increase your risk of acne, blackheads and enlarged pores.

Harsh and drying products rob your skin of moisture and oils and can cause wrinkles to happen earlier than they otherwise would.

The best way to do cleansing skin care is to use a mild facial cleanser once or twice a day. If you feel the need to wash your face more often, use plain water without any cleanser. This will help you retain all the oils while washing away the surface dirt.

These cleansing skin care basics are the foundation of keeping your skin young and glowing.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus HEPA Air Purifier

Whether or not you have heard of IQAir, this company is commonly viewed as the best in the industry. Today we will take a look at their flagship model, the IQAir HealthPro Plus HEPA Air Purifier. This company has consistently won awards year after year, and this particular model has gotten more # 1 reviews than any other purifier on the market.

It's not just the average consumer either; some of the top consumer magazines, websites and air purifier experts are all agreeing that this unit is one of the best made. Taking a look into how this unit operates will help us understand the great reviews.

The heart of this system is a 4 stage filter purification process. The first stage is a micro-particle filter. This filter snagsall those particles which are indeed tiny, but do not need the efficiency of a HEPA filter. This helps prolong the life of the filters that follow it in the system.

The partially cleaned air then moves on to the second stage of filtration, a granular activated carbon absorption filter. This stage is mostly responsible for the odor eliminating qualities of this purifier. The carbon has an extremely porous surface which provides a lot ofarea for chemicals to bind. These VOC's, or volatile organic compounds are the compounds which are easily released into the air from things in our home and stay in the air a long time before settling.

The third stage of filtration uses a pelletized chemisorption filter. This unique feature helps by neutralizing harmful chemicals floating around in the air. By using an oxidation process, it renders harmful chemicals inert and thus harmless by changing their chemical structure. Very cool!

The final stage is the obvious one, the one we've all been waiting for, the HEPA filter. Now IQAir uses their patented HyperHEPA filtration system as the fourth and final stage of this purifier.
As far as I can tell this is just a quality HEPA filter which takes care of removing viruses, bacteria, and smoke and combustion particles through a typical HEPA filter matrix of nano-fibers. These filters are known to be the best offered on consumer grade purifiers.

To summarize, while this is a high-end HEPA air purifier and does cost a bit more than some models you may have previously considered, it may be well worth it. Not only do quality proven products tend to last longer and work better through their lifetime than cheaper products, the health benefits offered by the efficiency of an air purifier like this one may be well worth the extra cost. Used by hospitals around the world, I would say this purifies passes my "good enough for my family" test!


Phentermine works by suppressing your appetite, and, therefore, decreasing your cravings for food you do not need. You should use it along with a general meal and exercise plan to decrease weight. You should improve your diet and increase your health at the same time you're losing weight.

How Do I Use Phentermine?

Take Phentermine once every day in the morning, half and hour to one hour before your first meal. You may break the tablet or cut it in half. Do not chew up or crush your tablet. Try not to take Phentermine in the afternoon or evening, as it will cause you to have trouble sleeping.

Follow the prescription and instructions your doctor gives you. Do not continue to take Phentermine for a longer period of time than instructed. Also, do not take higher doses than you are told to, as this will only increase possible side effects.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

Sleeplessness, irritability, dry mouth, constipation or stomach upset may be experienced in the first several days while your body is adjusting to Phentermine. If these effects continue to bother you, please talk to your doctor.

Is Phentermine Safe?

Inform your doctor of your entire medical history. Make sure to talk about any problems you have, such as an overactive thyroid, diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, or emotional conditions. Before you buy Phentermine, talk to your physician if you may be pregnant, or are currently breastfeeding. You shoud also avoid consumption of alcohol because it will probably increase a possible side effect, dizziness. Phentermine is not designed for use by children or young adolescent. Talk to your doctor for more information about this medication.

How Does Phentermine Interact With Other Drugs?

Please let your doctor know of every medication you are using or have recently used, (prescription and non-prescription) if you use MAO inhibitors (example: selegiline, phenelzine, furazolidone, tranylcypromine), medications for high blood-pressure, or any other medicines for weight loss. Be cautious about using "stimulant" drugs which could potentially raise your blood pressure and heart rate. These include drugs such as caffeine or decongestants. Decongestants are usually found in over-the-counter cold and cough medicines.

What Should I Do If I Miss My Dose?

If you miss one of your doses, do not take twice as much at the next scheduled time. Simply skip the dose you missed, and begin again with your next dose at the scheduled time.

What Else Should I Know?

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Depression Natural Treatment – Natural Cure For Depression

It can seem overwhelming when you are looking for a depression natural treatment that will work. There are hundreds of supplements and remedies which are being marketed as natural depression treatments but despite the claims being made, by the major of the companies selling these products their results need to be analyzed. There are nonetheless some that are effective and safe natural depression treatments. So what is the best way of finding out which ones are worthwhile and which ones you might as well throw in the bin before you use them? It is important to judge a potential natural depression treatment according to a few key considerations.

1. Does the natural treatment for depression contain an ingredient or ingredients which have been proven to relieve depression by clinical research that has been carried out?

2. Are the ingredients in the treatment provided in their proper and proven dosages?

3. In terms of herbal extracts and other remedies which can vary in terms of potency, does the treatment use ingredients that are standardized to contain a sufficient and consistent amount of the active constituents?

4. Is it a high or low quality product?

5. Finally is the product manufactured according to acceptable quality control standards and does it use pure, potent or premium quality ingredients?

The worth of natural depression treatments should be looking at are those that have been proven to treat depression in well designed clinical studies. credible scientific research.

One treatment that has strong evidence to support that is good as a natural way of treating depression is St John's Wort extract. There have been over 20 controlled clinical trials of it which shows that it effectively relieves depression. In fact studies show that it works just as well as prescription antidepressants such as Paxil and Prozac and also has fewer side effects than them. So with this in mind, people should consider St John's Wort as their first choice for treating depression naturally.

Another depression natural treatment that is available is SAM-e which is also backed by scientific evidence. Although the research carried out is not as strong as that for St John's Wort, what has been carried out is promising nonetheless. It also suggests that SAM-e offers certain advantages over both St John's Wort and prescription antidepressants. The only disadvantage to this depression natural treatment is the cost since costing more than $ 100 or more per month, this is the most expensive of natural depression treatments which are available.