How Does a CD Player Work?

Today there is a wide range of CD players available for the consumer and choosing the right CD player can feel like an arduous task. Style, quality, design och technical solutions vary greatly between the different players. Some players are portable; others are included in larger sound systems. Some players can only handle one disc at the time; others can easily skip between 50 discs or more. Some CD players are very cheap, others are highly expensive. The list goes on and on. Regardless of which CD player you choose it will however consist of three basic parts that are found in all moderns CD players: a drive motor, a tracking device and a laser and lens system. Another thing that all CD players have in common is that they interpret data that has been stored in the form of elongated bumps on a CD (compact disc).

The drive motor in your CD player is the part that makes the disc spin round and round at a correct pace. The drive motor will gradually adjust the speed, since the correct pace depends on which part of the disc that is currently being interpreted. At some spots, the pace will be no higher than 200 rpm, while at other spots the pace needs to be increased up to 500 rpm. As the disc is rotated round and round by the drive motor, the tracking mechanism will adjust the laser assembly and make it possible for the laser and lens system to focus on the minuscule bumps where data has been stored. The laser is constantly being pushed from the center and outward over the disc by the tracking mechanism.

The data interpreted by the laser and lens system has been stored in the form of elongated bumps on the surface of the CD. One single bump is very small and no wider than 0.5 microns. The height is greater than 125 nanometres and the length is 0.83 microns or slightly more. All these bumps are very neatly organized at the surface of the CD in the form of a 5 kilometer (3.5 miles) long spiral.

The CD itself is made up by several different layers, including a polycarbonate layer and an aluminum layer. When the laser tries to interpret data that has been stored on the CD, it will first penetrate the polycarbonate layer. The aluminum layer will then reflect the laser beam, and the light alterations will be detected by a special optoelectronic mechanism in the CD player. Since the bumps in which data has been stored reflectors light in a different way compared to the areas between the bumps (commonly referred to as "lands"), the CD player can determine exactly which parts of the disc that is made up by bumps and which parts that are not.

If a CD is scratched or injured in any other way, it can be impossible for the CD player to interpret it. Sometimes only a minor part of the data will be skipped, but larger damages can render the entire CD useless. Always store your CD's in a protective casing to decrease the risk of scratches. When you clean your CD's, carefully move your hand from the center and outwards to the edge rather than just swabbing around. Scratches that occurs from a radial movement tend to be less damaging than other scratches.

Drum Vs Disc Brakes

When purchasing a car, many potential buyers notice the aesthetics of the car right away. However, the type of brakes that the car has are not so apparent. Perhaps you have heard mechanics talk about disc and drum types of brakes or maybe you have never realized that there are two types. Well the purpose of this article is to inform you of both types and what they can mean for your car’s performance. All earlier automobiles had drum brakes, but these were switched out with disc brakes in the 1970s. According to, some cars have disc brakes on all four wheels, but other cars have the disc kind on the front wheels and the drum type on the back wheels. Disc brakes are not necessarily better because they are newer just as drum brakes are not necessarily worse than disc because they are older.

As explained in HowStuffWorks, a drum brake operates by having brake shoes press against the drum, which is on the wheel. Since the shoes are dragged a little by the drum while stopping, the shoes are pulled back into their original position by the springs that are part of the drum brakes. Whenever the shoes are pulled too far from the drum, the adjuster does its job to bring the shoes as close to the drums as it can. You definitely want to make sure that the shoes are in good shape. If they are not, or you are not sure, you may want to visit your local brake repair shop to get them checked out. According to Car Talk, when it comes to discussing stopping power, drum brakes have better stopping power in the rain because they always stay dry. However, states that the disc type have greater stopping power than the drum type on average.

HowStuffWorks explains that disc brakes work by having the brake pads apply pressure to the rotor which in turn slows and eventually stops the wheel from spinning. Therefore, this is a hydraulic force that transmits stopping power to the wheel. Disc brakes need to be kept at a certain temperature and keep from overheating. One way overheating is prevented is though the use of vents to allow air to flow through the discs. Chances are that your car has at least one pair of disc brakes. For these types, the pads should be checked occasionally by a brake repair service to make sure that they are in good condition. There is always a wear indicator located on the pads to notify you when it is definitely time to take your car to a brake repair service. This wear indicator is what causes the squeaking sound when you pull to a stop sometimes. According to The Car Guy, a driver should not wait until the squeaking sound occurs when stopping, instead a driver should get their car checked routinely for safety.

A car tends to be the primary means of transportation and carries the most precious cargo. A car has many parts to it and is used frequently, so it is a good idea to be somewhat familiar with at least the main parts of the car. Brakes are just as important as any other part of the car. Perhaps they are even more important than any other part because stopping is usually what drivers do to avoid an accident. Therefore, it is good idea to be familiar with your brakes and how they work, which was covered in this article. Whether you have disc or drum brakes, make sure to have them checked routinely and make sure they are functioning properly.

Great Techniques on How to Cure a Head Cold

You do not like being sick and to make matters worse, you have a head cold. You're coughing, have a sore throat, have a sinus headache that is pounding and a runny nose. Stop that nose from running a marathon and get rid of that head cold. Why should you feel sick, when you can get better? There are some techniques you will be able to do in order to feel better. Please take note that we are not doctors; we're not even close to being a doctor, we write for a living. So what makes us qualified to give you this type of information? Nothing really. However, we have had many head colds in our life and we know some tricks to getting rid of them. Continue reading this article to learn some tricks on how to cure a head cold.

Are you still reading this article? Of course you are, because you know you are going to find some great tips. First of all, you should turn to some herbal tea. Herbal tea is known for soothing the body and will help out with that head cold you are having. Herbal tea with mint in it is especially good for your body.

Do you like chicken noodle soup? Good, because this will help cure a head cold as well. Good, old fashioned chicken noodle soup is good for your body, be sure to drink the juice from the noodles. Speaking in drinking, you should drink plenty of fluids. In this case, we believe water would be perfect for you.

You can always take some medication that will treat a head cold until it is cured. However, a little words of warnings: taking more medicine does not mean you will get rid of that cold faster. You should always adhere by the directions on that label. In the end, if you still have that head cold, then you should turn to your doctor for advice on how to cure a head cold. Your doctor will more than likely prescribe some medication for you.

Why Are People Scared of Pills?

I was recently looking at the news online and came across an article that talked about pills that have a positive effect on cancer prevention and / or treatment and why people do not use them.

I do not know about you but I've been taking multivitamins for years now and I'm all for taking medicines that help prevent diseases as well. With such generous breakthroughs in technology over the past several years I personally have a lot of faith in most medications that the FDA approves and that companies market to help prevent diseases. I think the reason I'm so confident in these medications is because they have gone through rigorous testing prior to being approved. If a doctor suggested that I take a pill in order to prevent a disease I would do my own research before saying yes but most likely I would take the pill.

According to an article I was reading it appeared that most people who are at high risk of certain cancers would rather not take a pill because they are afraid of side effects. And this is even after their doctor has explained that the benefits far outweigh the risks. This just does not make any sense to me since the only other alternative might be a painful and agonizing death brought on by the disease. I must say the human psyche is very interesting in this regard. This is known as Omnia Bias which means people tend to worry more about a low risk of harm from something than they do about a higher risk of harm from doing nothing.

I must say I'm really amazed by this finding. I can not say I have this bias since I have too much faith in technology nowdays. I think the media plays a big role in why people are so scared of side effects to be honest with you. I have to admit that I do not watch the news very much because 99% of it is just negative. A common theme I see on the news is people dying from taking medicines that were supposedly to help them. Of course they usually fail to explain that of the 100,000 people taking a drug that only 5 have died from it. I do realize there are side effects to taking these kinds of medications but in all reality your risk of developing serious side effects are very low. I would rather take a pill knowing that there is a 95% chance I will benefit from it than a 5% chance I will have serious side effects from it. I think these are better odds than doing nothing and having a 99% chance that I will die from a particular disease because I was too worried about possible side effects.

Diabetes – What Type of Diabetes Diet is Best?

For some, changing your diet can be one of the most difficult processes you will face while controlling our diabetes. The good new is there is not one specific type of diabetes diet. You have a variety of ways to practice healthy diabetic eating and still enjoy the food you eat.

Being committed to healthier eating and controlling your blood sugar begins in your mind. Just like the old saying goes, "If you think you can, you can not get there. do not take control of your diabetes the consequences could be brutal and even life threatening.

For me, just thinking about the complications caused by poor diabetes control is enough to motivate me to choose healthy nutrition for diabetes. Blindness, heart disease, kidney failure, and amputations are all primary complications of diabetes. The sad part is that if a person just makes the conscious decision to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise, the number of these complications could be drastically reduced. Avoiding these horrible complications takes daily management … not just an occasional thought of diabetes control. Eating to control your diabetes rewards you with a much healthier body, and that allows you to live your life as you choose rather than as your diabetes and health allows.

Understanding Healthy Food Choices

Eating a health diet for diabetes does not require a specific type diabetes diet. Today there is not one set diabetic diet. You'll find more than one way to control your food intake to help you control your diabetes. Eating healthy for diabetes involves portion control, and balancing your intake of each of the three main food categories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Of the three main food categories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, carbohydrates have the most impact on your blood sugar levels.

Good nutrition for diabetes begins with a basic understanding of how what you are eating affects your diabetes and your blood sugar ranges. Balancing food with your activity levels and your diabetes medications or insulin will help you get your blood sugars close to a normal range blood sugar. Of the three main food categories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, carbohydrates have the most impact on your blood sugar levels.

In general eating no more than 45 to 60 carbohydrates per meal is recommended. Try to stay away from processed foods and refined carbohydrates. These foods do not contain the same vital phytonutrients as fresh fruits and vegetables. Processed foods and refined carbohydrates can also cause a spike in blood sugars, making them more difficult to control. Portion control is vital to healthy eating for diabetes. Watching serving size and not overestating will help to control blood sugar as well as help to manage weight.

What Causes Rosacea – How Someone Gets It and Ideas to Prevent It!

Today I'm going to share with you what causes rosacea as well as how to prevent this condition. Have you ever been in a situation where you were really embarrassed and your face gets red? Rosacea starts when a person blushes more easily than others. Overtime this condition can get worse and a person can see permanent redness in the center of their face, which can grow with size.

As the condition worsens blood vessels can even be seen on the face. The skin could look like it has a lot of pimples and the eyes may appear dry and unhealthy. The bad news is once a person has this condition there is no way to get rid of it, according to many people in the medical industry. There are ways someone can keep it from getting worse and potentially easing any pain associated with it.

Many people in the medical community feel that the cause of rosacea is due to a combination of genetics and environmental situations. We can not really control genetics, but we can control environmental factors. What do you think is one of the worse things someone can do to their skin and it understands the outdoors? The sun is very damaging to the skin and contrary to what some people may say a suntan does not give someone more protection from it. Suntans are really just damaged skin cells.

Another culprit could be anything that irritates the skin such as beauty products. The fact is a lot of beauty products have ingredients that harm the skin. Something called parabens in skincare products can cause allergic reactions. Other harmful ingredients could be dioxine, mineral oils, toluene and there are a bunch more.

A few other causes could be stress, anger problems, cold weather exposure, spicy foods, alcohol and drugs that dilate the blood vessels. There is even a theory that poor digestion causes rosacea.

You could improve your digestion through a supplement with digestive enzymes as well as prebiotics. Another idea on preventing this problem is that there are a lot of remedies that reduce inflation such as coconut oil, green tea and aloe vera that could be applied to the face.

To sum everything up rosacea can be caused by sun exposure, beauty products, stress, cold weather, spicy foods, alcohol, drug use and poor digestion. To prevent this condition a person could limit their exposure to the causes of it, as well as improve their digestion through prebitoics and enzymes. Also someone can use something that reduces inflammation on the face.

5 Essential Steps to Ageless Skin

1. Cleanse – Rule No. 1 for getting the best skin in the world: Always wash your face before you go to sleep at night. Your skin needs relief from the impurities it's endured all day. First, wash your hands to avoid rubbing in dirt and bacteria. Using warm water, wet your face and gently massage the perfect cleanser for your skin type on to your face in a circular motion. Start on the forehead and work your way down to the neck, do not forget your nose. Rinse your face thoroughly and blot dry with a towel.

2. Exfoliate – As the skin ages and cell renewal slows, dead cells collect on the it's surface. Exfoliating removals unwanted dead cells, deep down dirt and unwanted oils. Use the same circular motion as with cleaning but with a lighter touch. Spend some extra time on those areas of fine lines, visble pores and dry, or flaky skin.

3. Freshen – Restore your natural balance and refine pores for a fresh, clean face.

4. Moisturize – Moisture creates a barrier between you and the elements. It also hydrates your skin by locking moisture in. If you have oily skin it is also important to moisturize. Oil and moisture are two different things. Do not let your oily skin become dry by not moisturizing it. Find the right care formula for your skin type.

5. Protect – Protect your skin from sun and environmental factors. Second to smoking, sun damage can cause damage and for you to age faster than any other factor. Protect yourself every time you go out into the sun.

A lifetime of beautiful skin begins with you and taking that first step.

Removing Unwanted Leg Hair When There is Eczema or Psoriasis on the Legs is a Really Difficult Task

Leg shaving with eczema or psoriasis all over the legs is really difficult. This article focuses on how the different hair removal method affects in case of psoriasis or eczema.

First of all, Shaving is not an option in this situation. It cannot be done on open sores. Shaving scrapes off the eczema’s top and leaves it painfully raw. But sometimes eczema does not cover the whole leg, so the parts which are not infected can be easily shaved. But that too requires shaving cream to be applied.

Also the Depilatory (hair removing creams) should not be considered. The chemicals of the depilatory will burn the skin portions infected with eczema or psoriasis and will cause lesions. Fumes can also be painful application. Moreover, it is difficult to wash the cream off without getting it on the sores. If still a person wants to use a depilatory, it should be first tested on a more sensitive area rather than the ankle and forearm. The eczema or psoriasis infected body parts are more sensitive than others.

Waxing is also not advisable on open sores as well. However when the sores are close and are not quite dry, waxing works better compared to shaving. Waxing is also less drying. The sugaring method would also have similar results. Using it on open or half healed sores might rip the skin. It should be kept in mind that the injured areas are more sensitive to heat.

At last, Twee zing remains the one and only hair removal method which is suitable for removing leg hair with Eczema or Psoriasis. Though, Twee zing is time consuming, but it is the only hair removal method which is effective and feasible with conditions like eczema sores. Hairs in the sores come out very easily. The tweezers which are needle pointed are the best for this condition because they grip the hair without pinching the skin at all. Help of another person may be needed to reach the hard places like backs of the thighs.

Any of the above mentioned methods should be applied gently on the skin. The skin should not be ripped, rubbed, or scratched. If any reaction is happened, cool water to washing the area off will work, but it should not be rubbed at all. Doctor can be consulted if it is not healed.

Can Probiotics Help Relieve Allergies

The truth is as we age, we tend to become sensitive to some things. It is possible that at the time you were young, things like dust never really mattered to you. But now, that you are older and well advanced in age, you find that dust is not something you even want to smell. Otherwise, you are likely to develop asthma. This scenario is quite common. You see a lot of adults these days with asthma and other allergic reactions to different substances, and surroundings. Asthma which is one of the most common allergies in the United States is suffering by over twenty million people. A larger percentage of who are kids under the age of 15. In fact, some medical sources make so bold as to say that two out of ten people are likely to have some form of allergy.

Allergies differ in their intensities and in their sources. For example, asthma is usually triggered by smell. People who suffer from asthma are often advised to keep away from smoky or dusty areas or even avoid certain foods like onions and fried foods. People who develop rashes or welts on their skin after eating cheese or tasting oil are also said to be suffering from allergies. In essence, allergies are the ways in which the body responds when something it considers harmful is suddenly introduced into it. At the time, it is fighting the source by all means and this creates different reactions such as difficulty in breathing as in asthma and excessive itching after the consumption of nuts.

Research has shown that allergies can also be caused by bad bacterium residing in the body. What often happens is the good bacteria often over over or covers the stomach walls preventing the penetration of the bad bacteria into the bloodstream. But when some kinds of foods are introduced into the body, the good bacteria becomes over powered by the bad ones. This can often happen in minutes. In the cases of food induced allergies, it is thought that the food creates an enabling environment for the bad bacteria to rapidly spread an infiltrate the walls of the gastro intestinal tract. When it does this, it then enters into the bloodstream where the white blood cells try to fight it off. During this time, the body often times, goes into a state of shock which reveals itself as allergies.

Certain research results have shown that when this happens a dose of good bacteria as contained in probiotic pills and drinks can do the magic. Since the bacteria in these are alive, they are introduced directly into the system from which they immediately aid the god bacteria and bring to equilibrium the good bacteria and the bad bacteria. In most cases, it will even help stop the rapid proliferation of the bad bacteria. So, it is advised that you should take probiotics if you suffer from any form of food induced allergies.

Seven Foods to Avoid for Brain Fog Relief

“The wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let food be your medicine.” – Hippocrates

It’s essential to understand that foods reflect how we feel and this is especially true for those who struggle with brain fog (depersonalization) and other anxiety reactions. Some foods fuel the system and help maintain stable serotonin and blood sugar levels. This leads to a keen sense of well being. Other foods do the exact opposite and often trigger anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of brain fog and even phobic reactions. This is why it is important to learn which foods will work for you and which foods to avoid if you suffer with anxiety reactions.

Foods to Avoid:

1. Sugar: Sugar will temporarily induce pleasant sensations in the brain and body but within a short period of time these feelings will subside and crash, leaving the individual feeling foggy, anxious, irritable, hungry and lethargic. Anyone who has ever struggled with anxiety or brain fog will notice that sugar is their number one enemy. It will also disrupt sleep patterns and exacerbate feelings of OCD and Panic Attacks. Giving up the excess use of sugar provides one with such dramatic relief that this in itself proves out the fact that sugar is detrimental to anyone suffering with feelings of brain fog and anxiety. Remember, that chemical sugar substitutes are equally as detrimental.

2. Alcohol: Alcohol is known to many as “liquid sugar” since it is rated highest number on the glycemic index. It will temporarily lift one’s spirits but a steep price is paid for this for this fleeting illusion. Alcohol also affects one’s blood sugar levels, sense of well-being, serotonin levels and results in feelings of intense brain fog, anxiety, sleep interruption, irritability and inability to maintain stable blood sugar levels the day after imbibing. One often experiences spikes and drops in blood sugar levels the following day as the body tries to restore stable blood sugar levels. This produces discomfort and enhanced brain fog along with a plethora of anxiety symptoms for anyone who has experienced this effect.

3. Caffeine: Unfortunately, caffeine, found in a multitude of substances, is a very difficult chemical to endure if one is sensitive to brain fog and anxiety reactions. It is speeds up metabolism, increases heart rate, creates irritability, enhances anxiety reactions and is found in many foods we normally eat. Yes, we all know that coffee and tea contain caffeine and substituting these drinks with decaffeinated versions is essential, but there are some decaffeinated brands that still have a degree of caffeine within. Certain coffee shops that offer decaffeinated substitutes have had their decaf tested and some still rate high on the caffeine chart. Your best proof is the way you feel after using these brands. Believe me, your body will alert you. Also, herbal teas, for the most part are caffeine free but there are many that are not. Check out your green teas and make sure you are selecting the one’s that are decaffeinated since even small dosages of caffeine will have an effect on a sensitized body. Chocolates also carry a caffeine load, some more than others. Avoid dark chocolates as they are higher in caffeine.

4. Certain Food Additives: Sorbitol, Xylitol, Mannitol are chemicals used to sweeten foods and products we often use on a daily basis. They are in drinks, desserts, cereals, mouthwash and toothpaste. They not only create problems with brain fog and anxiety but also upset the stomach and add to IBS symptoms as well, even if you’ve never experienced IBS in the past. They are best avoided because they have zero benefits to those with brain fog or anxiety.

5. Low Fat Products: Whenever you see “Low Fat” on labels you will know the fat has been replaced with SUGAR. This is easily recognized by reading the labels of all low fat foods. Do not be fooled by “low fat” claims because the sugar which replaces the fat will do a good job of adding fat to the body and in some cases more so than the original fat.

6. Healthy Juices: Juices are delicious and often provide high levels of Vitamins, essential for good health, especially Vitamin C. This is why I’m not stating to avoid juices altogether but instead suggesting to add water to your 100% breakfast juice and by doing so will avoid the huge sugar rush connected with this product. You will still reap the benefits of the juice without the side effects of too much sugar.

7. Healthy Snacks: Read labels carefully. Most of these “healthy snacks contain far more sugar and chemical products than you want to ingest. For years people were eating products such as low fat granola bars and rice cakes, believing they would maintain a good figure and feel healthy as well. Not true. Their blood sugar levels soared and so did their feelings of brain fog and panic episodes.

There are so many “clean” foods that one is able to obtain which help maintain a healthy mind and body. Also, learning how to use proteins to produce balanced and stable blood sugar levels is essential. One is actually able to choose the way they wish to feel once they learn the basics of good eating, especially for feelings of brain fog and the anxiety condition. Shop smart by steering your cart to the peripheral of the market. This is where all the fresh foods are placed. Avoid those center aisles filled with processed and refined foods.

Eating correctly, in conjunction with learning how to think correctly, will allow you the benefit of eliminating all sensations of brain fog and anxiety reactions.

Take the time to learn which foods work for you. It is well worth the effort because you deserve to feel your best. It is your choice and by doing so, you are able to create a clear mind and body that remains calm and relaxed. It is always your choice, so take responsibility for your good health by learning the natural path to an increased sense of well being.

Want to Battle Depression? Learn How

The question is not to battle depression, but to know the habit patterns & fight with them. It will be surprising to note that depression is our own creation. We have sown the seeds & as a result, harvesting the crop. Thoughts are the seeds & habits are the crops. If we have sown incorrect seeds, the result is pessimism; but if we sow true seeds, result will be positive. So our job now is to root-out the erroneous plants & sow the correct seeds. But the question is that, can we sow correct seeds right now? The answer is no. As we know that before sowing, the farmer clears the field from weeds, which grow by it-self. How to make the mind uncontaminated? The first thing we can do is to stop giving nutrients to our negative emotion tree.

The plant will die by it-self, not getting the nutrition. The second thing we can do is to sow the right thoughts. There are several ways to do it. There are various techniques of clearing the mind from pessimism; some of them are as follows: Catharsis: There are many ways to vacate the mind from the junk of thoughts. Psychoanalysis is one of the ways. Jogging, physical exercise, go for a walk, running etc are also helpful in eliminating negativity. Gibberish is a technique to throw out your depressing emotions. Pillow beating can be used to release anger, hatred etc. Suppressed anger is one of the causes of depression. Re-living the past is a method to clean the hangover of thoughts. Meditation is the most powerful means to break the depressed thinking patterns.

Do not watch TV or Movies which are mostly full of negativity. Do not read news papers, as they are filled with depressing news mostly. There are many ways to bring optimism in life. Some of them are as follows: Be near the nature more as natural world gives us positivism. Go in a forest, at a hill station, near a river, near the ocean or in a garden. Stare at the sky, lying down, will help a lot. Read positive & motivational books.

Listen to positive & motivational tapes & seminars. Be with the positive go-going people. Meditation is the most powerful means to bring optimism. There are healing techniques like reiki, nad-brahmma, chatting onkar (om) etc. Self hypnosis is very much helpful in developing self-esteem & self confidence. Doing some creative work like singing, writing, painting, etc are antidote to convert the negative energy into positive. It is difficult to overcome depression but not impossible. Only thing, which we are missing, is awareness. Understanding is the key to solve any problem, like depression, anxiety & fear etc. Life can be full of songs, colors & dance without depression.

Discover How to Quickly Overcome Fears and Phobias

All In The Mind

Remember that fears and phobias are all products of the mind. Fear is a feeling, but your mind is the one that tells your feelings to fear something or someone. An amuck is said to have lost his mind, which is why he has no fear of killing and being killed. Here, in remedying your fears and phobias, you also have to "lose your mind" a bit. When you have less thoughts or imagination to play with, fears would be kept to a minimum – just enough to make you take precautions as you proceed.

Fears are parts of life. You can not run away from your fears forever. You can not overcome them permanently. Once you welcome them, you will have to exceed them again – and even in greater measures the next time around.

When you have grown to master your fears, they do not really disappear – they just became weakened by your powerful will and subjected to your able and expert management. Remember, you need healthy fear.

Once you become an expert at anything, it feels as if you do not need to exert any effort in doing it. When your fears have been tamed like trained dogs, they begin to be like friends. Dogs you did not train and tame will prove to be fiercely enemies.

With phobias, you can do the same. A phobia is treated by repeated exposure to the stimulus (or the cause) of fear until you overcome it. See? The treatment process is really mind stimulation. It is all in the mind. By making phobias bow to you, you can even speed up the treatment. Learn to use your phobias to your advantage.

Understanding that emotions and reactions (including fears and phobias) are all matters of the mind. These are often manifest words of pain or trouble blown out of proportions. Then, they are transformed into monsters by your imagination. Imaginations can play very nasty tricks on you if you are not careful.

You must also realize that mobilizing your fears and phobias to positive use is not just about being brave. The power to rule over your fears and phobias entails a wise determination to surmount them, above anything else.


Fears and phobias begin with perception. Once a stimulus has a powerful first impression on you and it is retained in your mind, you begin to have an awareness of it. Then it is reinforced by further impressions so that you now have a perception. At times, a single but very potent impression produces an outright perception.

A waterfall is an awesome creation. You can be fascinated or frightened by it, depending on how you perceive it. If you see it as a scenic spot, you associate it with fun, adventure, and beauty. If you see it as a dangerous setting, you associate it with accidents, drowning, and tragicy. Yet, in reality, it is nothing but the action of freely falling water on rocks and the river below. It can not mean harm on anyone because it can not think and make such plans. It is an innocent flow of nature. Its being dangerous or fun really depends on people's perception of it.

Perceptions can change. A sea resort can be seen as excellent for swimming, surfing, and diving. Its shores are great for sun bathing. But if an earthquake strikes, killer tidal waves rise up, or a lost shark has attacked a swimmer in that resort, people might begin to see that resort differently.

A schoolteacher can be so liked by students because of his intelligence, gentleness, kindness, looks, and athletic skills. Yet, if he does one night but serious insult (ex: he was accused of making advances to a student), people might suddenly perceive him as a monster. Although he remains to be intelligent, kind, gentle, handsome, and athletic, the perception will change from a hero to a villain.

This is also true the other way around. Bad impression can suddenly turn to a good one by a change in perception. The same intimidating person who wears scars on his face and tattoos on his arms can become so popular and loved by all if he turns out to be a hero.

Thus, knowing fears and phobias – and all other reactions – depend on perceptions. We can easily work things out for our good by merely changing and re-labeling our perception of things, people, and places.

Alternative Therapy: Yoga, An Ancient Technique in Treatment of Panic and Anxiety Disorder

Yoga as an integrated form of exercise may be used for treatment of panic and anxiety disorder in combination with standard treatment.

Panic and anxiety disorder is a mental condition characterized by recurrent unexpected panic attacks. of sudden periods of intense fear inducing palpitations, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, numbness, or a feeling that something really bad is going to happen.

Yoga, the ancient technique practice for harmonized external and internal body well beings, through breath control, meditation, bodily movement and gesture … has been best known for people in Western world and some parts in Asia due to health benefits reported by various respectable institutions' research and supported by health advocates.

In the study of total of 20 subjects diagnosed with panic disorder, randomly assigned to both experimental groups: Group 1 (G1-Yoga: 10 subjects) attended yoga classes and Group 2 (G2-CBT + Yoga: 10 subjects) participated in a combined intervention of yoga practice followed by a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) session, researchers filed the following results:

1. Both group displayed a statistical analysis in reduction of anxiety levels associated with panic disorder, panic-related beliefs and panic-related body sensations

2. The combination of yoga and CBT (G2) showed a better reduction in all observed parameters in comparison to only yoga group.

Dr. Vorkapic CF, the lead author, after taking into account of other con-founders said, "… improvements in different mental health parameters after the practice of contemplative techniques alone or combined to psychotherapy" and "(Understanding) joining psychological and physiological variables could help better elucidate the mechanisms through which mind-body practices work to improve mental health. "

Other, in the review of literature published on quality of life in panic disorder from 1980 to 2010 on database of MEDLINE, PsycINFO, and PubMed, indicated that yoga intervention in combination of standard treatment may ameliorate basic quality of life impairments in panic disorder, improve mental and physical health … and be used as post-treatment in enhanced quality of life (QOL) in these group of patients.

Dr. Davidoff J, the lead author went even further to suggest, "understanding the nature of comorbidities in panic disorder (PD) as well as to determine whether additional interventions that have been studied in other psychiatric disorders, such as exercise, meditation, yoga, humor , massage, and nutritional supplements, can be utilized to improve QOL in PD to normal community levels.

Interestingly, in the review of literature published on PubMed in English up to December 2012 to evaluate the effect of complementary and alternative therapies in panic and anxiety disorder, researchers also found that

1. Data based illustrated that depression evidence base is significantly larger than anxiety disorder

2. Yoga was considered as levels 3 line of treatment of patients with panic and anxiety disorder due to the quality of available evidence.

Taking altogether, there is no doubt that yoga may be considered as an adjunct exercise in combination with standard therapy for treatment of panic and anxiety disorder.

Easy Daily Routine to Cure Insomnia

Repeated loss of sleep affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Insomnia can affect your daily performance. If it goes on for a long period of time it can compromise your productivity and possibly lead to health problems. Fortunately, most people can cure insomnia without medication by including some easy steps into their daily life.

In the morning when you wake up, get out of bed at once. If you stay in bed half-sleeping, you will just get more tired. Also make sure that you eat a large breakfast, so you have enough energy to be physically active during the day.

Try to be as active as possible during the day, both mentally and physically. If possible go for a walk during lunch time, and about about problems at work during your lunch break. Even better would be going to the gym. If you really must have caffeine during the day, do not drink coffee after lunch. If you drink coffee or soft drinks containing caffeine in the evening, you may have trouble falling asleep.

In the evening, make sure to get rid of all the stress that you may have built up during the day. You may want to include an evening stress-relief exercise into your day. Only eat a light meal in the evening and be careful with alcohol. You can reward yourself with a glass of red wine, but that should be it. Note that heavy exercises in the evening should be avoided, your body needs time to cool down afterwards.

Try to create a bedtime routine that you use every evening before going to bed. This will teach your brain to start to cool down and prepare for sleep. One very important thing to do in the evening is to write down everything you need to do tomorrow. Once your list is done, decide to worry about those things tomorrow, not now. Instead of worrying about things that may happen, try guided imagery and make tomorrow a successful day in your mind.

Once you go to bed, you can listen to special audio CDs which will teach your brain to slow down. This will make it easier to fall sleep. Another track can help you sleep the whole night. So that you do not wake up in the middle of the night and then can not get back to sleep again.

How to Obtain Ageless Radiant Skin, Hair, and Nails

For most women their skin, hair and nails are very important. If these areas are healthy it gives a women youthful radiant appearance. Many people seem to think that skin maintenance starts on the surface when in actuality it starts within. To maintain flawless beautiful skin, you must develop a few regular habits that are not too difficult to follow. Create a routine that fits your daily schedule. Here's the daily routine I follow, feel free to use it or create your own:

– Drink plenty of water.
– Stay positive and smiling is good for the soul.
– Get enough rest.
– Eat healthy mainly raw fruits and vegetables.
– Exercise daily.
– Use some natural skin care products, these can be found at companies like Mary Kay, Avon, and Xtend-Life.

Try to use luke warm water or even cold water to cleanse your face. Hot water can damage the skin and create un-wanted wrinkles. Get a good natural moisturizer, wrinkle creams, and other anti aging creams and skin products. A good moisturizers can provide vitamin C and E, soy, protein and minerals.

Finding the right anti-aging, anti-wrinkling, will provide firming for eyes, neck, face, and body, removing stretch marks and scars, eliminating toenail fungus, acne and spider veins. Use homemade skin care whitening products like sandal wood powder, lemon juice, tomato juice, cucumber juice, milk cream, turmeric powder, gram flour, dry orange peel and rose water.

Give these remedies a try and find what works best for you.