The Uses of Leggings For Girls and Toddlers

It’s fall season, and with winter just around the corner, more and more you see in the stores leggings for girls and toddlers. Is this just a fashion trend or is there a reasonable use for these trendy leggings?

Many of the fashion trends are followed by real needs. For example, hats in the summer can protect from the sun and exposure to the wind, however in the winter, the same hat will protect you from the snow or rain. Footless tights follow the same pattern and although very popular in the fall and winter, to protect from the cold weather, they can also be worn in the summer to protect from the sun rays.

Usually Leggings for girls are worn under a dress or skirt to compliment the outfit, turning a look that is boring into something sassy. However fashionable they may seem; baby, toddler and girls need the protection that these leggings can offer. In the spring and summer when the pollen is in the air, often times, babies and toddlers will have allergies that can be minimized by protecting the skin from the outdoor environment with leggings. They can also serve the purpose of protecting the skin from the sun rays or wind when playing in the park or in the back yard.

In the winter, keeping the bodies warmth is very important and can be achieved with the use of leggings. Under a dress, skirt or loose pants, these leggings are equally important to protect baby, toddler and girls’ legs from the harmful effects of cold and windy weather.

Although the intention was to create a product to protect skin from the outdoor influences, leggings turned into a fashion trend that has lasted many years. They are available in many different styles in a variety of colors. Usually made of polyester and cotton, giving them a tight fit, can be purchased with lace, different fabric styles, with and without rhinestones, embroidered.

The latest style of leggings for baby, toddler and girls are lace leggings made of 100% cotton for comfort.  Lace leggings for baby, toddlers and girls were made to follow the comeback of vintage style skirts and dresses.

Whether you are looking to purchase Lace Leggings  for it’s use or fashion, this is a must to every baby girl’s closet! After all, don’t you want your baby to be the most stylish girl in town?

Pneumothorax – Diseases

As your healthy lungs expand and contract, each of the two layers of the pleura, a membrane that surrounds each lung, slips smoothly over the other. A pneumothorax occurs when air gets into the pleural space between the two layers, and separates them. Part of the lung, sometimes the whole lung, collapses, and is there emptied of air. A pneumothorax may be caused by a chest injury, or, more commonly, by air escaping in to the pleura from the lung. A small pneumothorax will often simply disappear. But sometimes more air enters the pleural space, which can cause a larger and larger area of ​​the lung to collapse. What are the symptoms?

The major symptoms of a pneumothorax are breathlessness and chest pain, generally on the affected side, but sometimes at the bottom of the neck. The pain is usually sudden and sharp, although it may be barely more than a sensation of discomfort. You may also have a feeling of tightness across your chest. The severity of the symptoms depends on the size of the damaged area and on your general health. If you are young and in good condition, you may have little pain and little difficulty in breathing, even if you have a large pneumothorax and a large portion of your lung collapses. If you are middle-aged and have chronic bronchitis, a small pneumothorax can be extremely painful and cause extreme difficulty in breathing.

What are the risks?

Pneumothorax is reliably rare. It occurs chiefly in otherwise healthy young men, for no apparent reason, and in middle-aged people, both men and women, whose lungs are already damaged by asthma, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema.

The seriousness of a pneumothorax depends on how air is getting into the pleura. Often a small pneumothorax is inconsequential and heals by itself. But if there is a hole that allows the pneumothorax to get larger, you will have increasing breathlessness and pain as more and more of the lung collapses. If the disorder remains untreated, death from respiratory failure can follow.

What should be done?

If you suspect that you have this condition, consult your physician. An examination of your chest with a stethoscope should detect a large pneumothorax, but your doctor may need a chest X-ray to find a small one. In any case, even if there is only a suspicion of a pneumothorax, you will probably be admitted to a hospital. There you will be carefully observed by your own doctor and others. Some tests may also be performed.

What is the treatment?

The treatment depends on the size of the pneumothorax and the condition of your lungs. Since the disorder may heal itself, you may need only a few days of X-ray observation and bed rest to make sure that the air in the pleural space is gone and that the collapsed portion of the lung has regained its elasticity and is full of air again. Treatment, if required, consists primarily of trying to suck the air out of the pleural space with a tube known as a catheter, which is inserted between the rocks and into the pleural space. If this procedure does not improve the condition, your physician will need to get a clearer idea of ​​the source of the problem. One possible approach is to inspect the inner side of each layer of the pleura, using an instrument called a thoracoscope. When a thoracoscope is inserted between the ribs and into the pleural space, it may be possible to find the hole through which air is seeing and seal it up.

Double Your Revenues with Joint Ventures

The best way I know of to multiply your online results, such as doubling the size of your opt-in email list, or increasing your sales, is through the use of joint ventures.

Joint ventures are partnerships created with other reputable business people that create a win-win situation for not only you and the person you partner with, but also your customer!

A great example of a joint venture that can be used to double the size of your opt-in subscribers overnight, is to partner with another publisher who publishes a newsletter for a related, but not competitive, product or service as yours. This is called co-registration.

Here's how you do it. Create a subscription page for your newsletter. Once the visitor subscribes to your ezine, have them automatically forwarded to a 'Thank You' page that offers your partners ezine along with a recommendation. The recommendation will greatly improve the response you get so give your partner a good one.

Now all you have to do is have your partner do the same thing. Provided you are both generating approximately the same amount of new subscribers per day, you will DOUBLE your subscription rate!

This technique can be done with simple programming or the use of a pop-up window. You can find the script for a pop-up window at: . To see a sample of how I use this technique check out: – You will notice, I have modified the technique a little to suit my needs. What I have done is forward the subscriber to my content-related, ezine subscription page, where other publishers pay me to collect thousands of subscribers for them every month. To learn more about this service visit: .

The second type of joint venture is in the form of a personal endorsement that each partner sends out to his respect ezine readers. This technique will yield you amazing results.

What you want to do is work out a deal with your joint venture partner while you can offer it subscribers a special offer or discount for your product or service. By doing this, your partner wins because in the eyes of his readers he is making them an exclusive offer (and therefore, the subscriber wins too). Your partner may also reap the rewards of any referral fees you might give him. And you win because of all the new business that is generated for you for free!

Below is a sample of my latest joint venture endorsement letter that a partner of mine sent out to her entitlement subscription list. I in turn sent out a similar letter to my subscribers. The letter will give you a clear picture of how you can implement this technique right away.


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You have permission to reprint this article provided you include the following resource box:

Causes and Symptoms of Femoral Hernias

The abdominal cavity wall in someone's body is made up of tendons and muscles that are tough and durable. All of these tendons can be found between the ribs and down to the groin. This section of your body operates as a natural barrier that will hold in all of the contents held within your stomach.

There is a weakness in the stomach wall where the blood vessels and the nerves travel through. This weak section moves along the femoral canal in the groin. In different people the weak part in the muscles and tissues close to this region will open up and let the contents of the abdomen to pass through. When this occurs it creates a bulge that is referred to by doctors as a femoral hernia.

The symptoms of the hernia may be challenging to determine. There is really only one symptom that is easy to find when determining whether or not you have a femoral hernia is to search for the bulge or large lump that is produces. The lump will appear as large as a grape in your groin or in the upper inner portion of your thigh.

It is viable for people to reduce the hernia by pressing it back in the belly. While this is easy and painless this is not a remedy and may only work for a short time period. Now and again the hernia will get stuck inside of the femoral canal. When this comes about the doctors will have diagnosed it as an incarcerated or irreducible femoral hernia. This stage of the hernia may create extreme pain.

There is a risk that the hernia will become strangulated. This happens when a part of the intestine has been woven together with the hernia and is there before thinning the
blood supply or stopping it completely. Strangulation can also make the hernia to become bigger and more painful.

Femoral Hernia Causes

There are many elements that can induce a femoral hernia. For several people it occurs naturally on its own and will only grow in size because of pressure being placed on the region of the body where the hernia is located. The type of pressure that can increase it in size includes:

Straining during bowel movement
Straining while lifting heavy objects
Straining of muscles during physical activities.

Unfortunately hernias do not have the ability to go away on their own. It may take some time for them to grow in size and at times individuals might have the power to force it back inside of the abdomen. However, to collectively handle the problem and to prevent serious problems like strangulation the patient should speak to their doctor about surgery hernia treatment. Your doctor will have the ability to explain all of the dangers involved.

Japanese Eating Etiquette: Rules You Didn’t Know

When it comes to eating etiquette, the Japanese are not a particularly fussy people, but, unless you want to draw disapproving looks while dining in Japan, take a look at these seven rules of Japanese eating:

1. Make noise while you eat–especially noodles (soba or udon).

A noisy eater is enjoying the food more, according to the Japanese. If you want to show how much you’re savoring a bowl of udon, slurp and smack to your heart’s content. On the contrary, if you take care to eat quietly, your attempt at politeness is seen as a failure on the part of your Japanese host–he failed to offer you tasty food that you can enjoy.

2. No donut dunking–don’t dip anything in your beverage.

Japanese don’t dunk cookies, donuts, or anything else in their nomimono (beverages), from a sense that the dipped item (cookie, donut, etc.) is soiling the beverage with crumbs.

3. No tipping in Japan.

Tipping is virtually unheard of in Japan. At a typical Japanese restaurant, if you leave a tip on the table, your server is likely to call out to you as you leave, saying “o-kyakusama, o-wasuremono desu yo!” (“Sir, you forgot this!”) If you want to insist on the server keeping it as a tip, reply with, “chippu desu kara, o-uketori kudasai.” (“It’s a tip, so please accept it.”)

On the other hand, bell hops and other employees at large Western hotels in Japan have grown accustomed to tip-toting Westerners. They don’t expect a tip for service, but neither are they likely to decline a proffered tip.

4. Don’t eat on the street–unless it’s an ice cream cone.

This custom is slowly changing in Japan, but most Japanese still avoid eating while standing or walking on the street or waiting at a train station. The sole exception is an ice cream cone, called sofuto kuriimu (“soft cream”) in Japanese. You are free to enjoy an ice cream cone on the street, but most Japanese still frown on ice-cream eating inside train stations.

After you board a Japanese train, the rules are just as strict: eating or drinking is a faux pas on most Japanese trains (the shinkansen bullet train is an exception). However, as plastic bottles (“petto botoru“) have been popular, more young Japanese be seen taking sips from a bottle of ocha (green tea) that they keep concealed in a tote bag.

5. Place your chopsticks down carefully.

When you have finished a Japanese meal, there is etiquette involved in how to place your used chopsticks. If you have a chopstick rest (“hashi-oki“), rest your chopsticks in it. If there is no chopstick rest available, place the chopsticks across your bowl, again side by side with no space in between. If they won’t span the bowl, let the used ends rest inside the bowl, but try to keep the two chopsticks nestled together.

The point is to avoid separating the two chopsticks. Never stab your chopsticks upright into a bowl of rice–this is the way rice is offered to the spirit of a deceased person, so Japanese consider it the worst offense in chopstick etiquette.

6. Use a napkin only if you must.

Japanese are frugal with napkins. At many Japanese restaurants, the only “napkin” is the disposable hand towel you receive when first seated for the meal. Finer restaurants may offer a cloth napkin, but the large paper napkins found in most American eateries are rare in Japan.

7. Drink soup directly from the bowl.

Japanese soups, such as miso-shiru, are properly eaten by raising the bowl to your mouth and drinking from the bowl. While you hold the soup bowl with one hand, you can use your chopsticks to stir the liquid or pick up tofu or other ingredients. The rim along the bottom of Japanese bowls (“chawan“) is designed for holding; it keeps the hot contents away from your fingers and allows you to hold the bowl with just one hand.

Bipolar Disorder – Everything You Need to Know

Bi polar disorder is a brain disorder that causes sudden and unexplained changes in a person's mood, which in turn changes the individual's energy and ability to function. While virtually everyone experiences their own ups and downs every now and then, the symptoms of bi polar disorder are more severe, often damaging personal relationships and performance in school or work. Untreated, it can even lead a sufferer to suicide. Until recently, it was known as manic depression, manic-depressive disorder, and bi polar affective disorder, among other medical terms.

It is medically classified into four types, namely:

1. Bi polar I

2. Bi polar II

3. Cyclothymic Disorder

4. Bi polar Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

Mental health experts use this classification to identify the symptoms, which differ among individuals. When the type has been identified, doctors can prepare a treatment program that's most suitable for the individual.

The disorder affects both men and women of all ages. In America alone, about 5.7 million people 18 years and over (2.6% of the population) suffer from it. Most sufferers exhibit their first symptoms in their early twenties, although research states that the first signs actually can occur much earlier. Adolescents, and even children, can suffer from the disorder.

The first symptoms can happen during childhood, late in life, or anywhere in between. Behavioral patterns between children and adult sufferers can differ, making the diagnosis of the disorder very difficult. Often people may suffer from it for years before it is properly recognized and treated. Once diagnosed, this long-term illness must be carefully managed throughout the rest of the individual's life, much like diabetes or heart disease.

The disorder is a recurring problem. Left untreated, sufferers have a 15% risk of death by suicide – in the developed world, it is the third leading cause of death among people between 15 and 24 years of age, and is the 6th leading cause of disability (lost years of healthy life) for individuals aged 15 to 44. Many people are aware of their situation and attempt to "self-treat" it by turning to drugs and alcohol. This can lead to substance abuse and dependence, which only serves to aggravate the disorder's effects.

To date, the exact cause of bi polar disorder is not known. Many experts, however, believe that a number of factors are involved in causing the problem, which includes a certain genetic component. It has been found that it tends to run in families – meaning if a person has bi polar disorder, then his / her relatives are at a higher risk of suffering from it as well. It has also been found that a sufferer's identical is also much more susceptible to likewise suffering the disorder. In most cases, however, the disorder lies dormant within a sufferer's system until triggered by some sort of emotional stress.

The theory it that it's caused by multiple factors, both genetic and environmental, is supported by research. Sleep, for instance, has been linked to bi polar disorder – past research has shown that patients have more difficulty sleeping and suffer from more sleep-related problems than normal individuals.

Much research about is currently pending, some of which attempted to ignore the reason why many sufferers turn out to be creative geniuses.

Chinese Medicine For Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that has been plaguing the human race since time memorial. Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease that affects all of the cells in the body. It is characterized by the body's ability to produce or burn sugar.

In a more accurate description, Diabetes is the condition wherein the body can not create, use, or store glucose. Glucose is found in the blood stream and it is the substance measured by doctors to determine the severity of the disease in a patient. There are two types of Diabetes, Type I and Type II Diabetes.

Type I Diabetes is called insulin-dependent Diabetes. It commonly occurs in children and takes place the moment the body stop producing insulin. In order to survive, the patients suffering from it have to take insulin injections on a daily basis.

Type II Diabetes occurs in older individuals. Here, the patient's body fails to produce insulin or is unable to use it properly. It usually strikes individuals who are overweight and has a history of diabetes in their family.

In Chinese medicine, acupuncture is the most common way to treat this disease.
There are also several effective herbs to fight it off.

Astragalus membranaceus has been used by countless of generations in treating diabetes, as far as Chinese heritage is concerned. This medicine could reduce the blood sugar level of the body, while improving kidney functions and ensuring the health of the nerves. When put to a test, this medicine had faired a high score of 97% effectiveness against type II diabetes.

Berberine appears in the list of Chinese herbs that can be used for diabetes. It can be obtained from the bark and roots of Chinese medicinal plants. If the plant can be used to heal wounds, chances are, it has high Berberine content. For diabetic patients, berberine works by activating a body enzyme that increases the sensitivity of the body tissues to insulin. The effect is lowered blood sugar level. Recent medical research had demonstrated the potency of this substance to diabetic patients.

Lianjin Chong, a doctor and director of Beijing's Red Cross Hospital, created the Yu Xiao San 8805 formula.

This Chinese medicine is designed to bring back the health and normal functions of the pancreas. The formula will also enhance the production of the insulin-producing cells of the body. Taking the therapy on a regular basis will effectively lower one's blood sugar levels while increasing the secret of insulin for better management of the disease. It also regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, improves the circulation of the blood, and lowers blood cholesterol. The Yu Xiao San 8805 formula contains herbs like Radix Ginseng, and Clemetidis Chinensis, among others.

His formula has undergone a series of tests both in the United States and China and had produced best results in each one. The medicine is being used for many years now and in more than 50 countries worldwide.

It is also good to note is that this medicine does not produce any allergic reactions or any adverse effects on the patients taking it. It will not affect the kidneys, liver, or any other organ of the body. Yu Xiao San 8805 is best used for Type II Diabetes.

Obesity Facts

Obesity is a worldwide health problem which is defined as the excess accumulation of body fat. Many people think that it is a state of overweight, but that's not exactly true. Being overweight indicates an excess amount of weight that includes bone, muscle, fat and water. But, obese persons have a surplus of body fat. According to health professionals, a man having over 25% body fat is obese, while a woman is obese if she has more than 30% of fat.

Typically, the level of obesity is determined using a value known as body mass index (BMI).

BMI is defined as weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters. A normal BMI value is between 19 and 25 Kg / m2. In a mild obesity state, one has a BMI value of 30 Kg / m2 or more. But, severe obesity begins when the BMI value reaches 40 Kg / m2 or more.

Obese people always suffer from a number of health problems and diseases. The general health issues are heart disease, hypertension, non-insulin dependent diabetes, gallstones, sleep apnea, reproductive disorders, osteoarthritis of weight bearing joints, and some types of cancers. Therefore, obesity needs careful attention for both prevention and treatment.

Sedentary lifestyle, consumption of pre-packaged food, and certain medical disorders are the causes of obesity. Along with weight loss medication, diet and exercise treatments are the preferred treatment options for mildly obese patients. Obesity surgery such as Lap Band or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is suitable for some who have failed to lose fat by any other method.

Today, obesity has become the number one public health issue in the United States. Researches show that obesity and overweight are the other important causes of preventable death in America, close behind tobacco intake. Around 1 / 3rd off all Americans are overweight people and an added 1 / 3rd are obese. According to the National Institute of Health, 300,000 deaths per year are caused due to obesity.

Herbs For Those With Stomach Ache Ulcers and Heartburn

What is the largest mistake people make about stomach ache?

Calling it stomach ache. The stomach (fortunately) does not ache. Usually when people say their stomach aches, they mean they have a gas pain. Gas pain can be severe pain. My friends who work in emergency rooms say you would not believe how many people come in for what turns out to be gas pain.

What herbal allies would you recommend for those dealing with:


Herbalists, myself included, see heartburn as a lack of HCL (hydrochloric acid) in the stomach, instead of the prevalent opinion, that it is caused by too much acid. So instead of trying to turn off production of HCL (as drugs attempt to do), herbalists seek herbs that increase HCL, such as dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale ).

You can use any part of dandelion: the flowers make dandelion wine, you can cook the greens, or eat them in salad, you can even cook the root, or make a vinegar with it (my favorite), or tincture it. Some people make a coffee substitute from roasted dandelion root. Any way you take it looks to work. (A standard dose would be 10-20 drops of the root tissue taken at the beginning of the meal.) Dandelion, and its friend chicory ( Cichorium intybus ), which is a fine substitute should you have access to one and not the other, are true tonics. That is, the more you take them, the less you need them. You do not have to keep taking this remedy forever. After 3-6 weeks you'll find you need it less and less.

In Europe it is customary to take bitters before a big meal. Most mild bitters, such as yellow dock ( Rumex crispus ), cronewort / mugwort ( Artemisia vulgaris ), gentian ( Gentiana lutea ), barberry ( Berberis vulgaris ), and Oregon grape are liver tonics and digestives. They aid in digestion, and decrease risk of heartburn, by increasing production of both HCL and bile.

A few more tips for those who suffer from heartburn:

  • Eat less at each meal
  • Stay upright after eating; no lounging around or sleeping
  • Avoid eating late at night
  • Reduce the amount of coffee you drink
  • Do not overdo it with the orange juice, either
  • Use slippery elm lozenges (available in health food stores) for immediate relief from heartburn


The herbs that increase HCL in the stomach, such as dandelion, also decrease ulcers, which are the result of a bacterial infection. When stomach acid is increased, that bacteria has a harder time of it and is less likely to cause ulcers.

Amusing is not it that medical science says "OK, there must be a mind / body connection, because gastrointestinal ulcers are caused by stress"; only to find out what my herbal teachers taught me long ago: bacteria cause ulcers.

Here's one way to kill that bacteria (including taking drugs): Get a food grater with a very fine grinding side. Grate a large potato as finely as possible. Into another bowl, grate to to of of a cabbage. Let them sit for 10-15 minutes, until liquid starts to collect in the bottom of the bowls. Use your hand, or something hard, to press and squeeze the potato until it is dry. Throw away the pulp and keep the liquid. Repeat with the cage. Do not use a juicer. There are plant starches that you do not get when you use a juicer. A food processor is ok.

Put the liquids in separate jars in the refrigerator, taking 1-3 tablespoonfuls 2-3 times a day. The more severe the symptoms, the larger and more frequent the dose would be. I expect symptomatic relief within 36-48 hours. But this remedy is safe to take for weeks at a time if needed.

If you can not make the potato liquid, you can buy potato starch and mix it with water. Instead of the cage liquid, you could buy coleslaw. It is not the same as grating the potato and the cage, but it is better than nothing. And even if it does not work as fast, if that is what is available to you, use it.


To me, this means gas pain. Herbs that treat gas pain are called "carminatives" because they make you "sing" (carmen). Many aromatic herbs are carminatives, especially the seeds of members of the Apiaceae family including dill seed, caraway seeds, fennel seeds, anise seeds, coriander seeds, and cumin seeds. Just put a big spoonful in a cup, cover well with boiling water, steep five minutes, sweeten if you like, and drink.

Ginger is another readily-available carminative. Especially warming to the gut. You can make a tea with powdered ginger, or use up to a tablespoon of fresh ginger per cup of water for a strong brew. Ginger works best sweetened with honey. NASA found it would counter the nausea of ​​space-sickness. You can also buy crystallized or candied ginger to take traveling with you.

The fastest remedy for gas pain is two capsules of acidophilus. I expect pain relief in 5-10 minutes. And I do not pay much attention to the expiration date on it. I keep mine in the refrigerator, and use them so rarely that I often have a bottle for ten years – and they still work.

Eating yogurt helps prevent gas pain, and can be used as a remedy, but it is not as fast as the acidophilus. A quart of yogurt a week is a good goal. And buy plain yogurt. No need to pay a fancy price for white sugar and poor quality fruit. Add maple syrup or honey and fruit of your choice, fresh or frozen at home. Make your own fantasy yogurt creation.

And the bitter tonic herbs mentioned above are also excellent allies to take long-term if you have frequent gas pains.

When I was in Spain I often had to eat late at night. Then I would take a sip of their very strong coffee, served in tiny cups. It had just the right amount of push to get that food into my digestive tract and still allow me to fall sleep at a reasonable time.

But most people in America drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach. Might this be one reason so many are in such digestive distress? Instead of coffee, try this:

  • Put one ounce by weight of discharged peppermint leaf in a quarter jar and fill to the top with boiling water.
  • Cap tightly and allow to steep for 4-8 hours. (OK to let it steep while you sleep.)
  • Strain the plant material out after the allotted time, squeezing it well.
  • Then drink the liquid: hot or cold, salty or sweetened, with milk or whiskey or what have you.
  • Refrigerate what you do not drink then. This will stay good in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.

Peppermint helps move the intestines and make you feel really awake, just like coffee. I would not use it if someone were feeling nauseated, as it tastes vile on the way back out.


(See above)

With dandelion, you often see results in the first 24 hours.


(See above)


The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 90% of the health care given on any day is given in the home by the woman of the home. Just by cooking dinner a woman can heal her family and keep them healthy. She can protect her husband's heart by using lots of garlic. And protect his libido by serving less soy.

Many Americans have food phobias. Think about how many people are afraid of drinking milk. How many will not eat bread. I go into the health food store to get bread and there are loaves with no flour, and those with no yeast, and those without wheat, and I wonder where all the bread has gone.

We have a national history of food phobias, starting with Graham (inventor of the healthy graham cracker), continuing with Kellogg (of breakfast flake fame), and right into the modern day's current fads (no fat? No carbs? All protein? All raw?). Not too much has really changed. More and more people are learning about herbal medicine, but I am sure many of them think it is difficult and arcane. They may be unaware that herbal medicine is the medicine for the people, of the people, and by the people.


I specialize in safe, food-like herbs. I prefer them to drug-like herbs. The remedies I have suggested here are as safe as foods, taken in food-like quantities. When herbs are powdered and encapsulated, they can be dangerous. They are more like a drug and you have to be more careful. I use herbs because they are not drugs.


Beans! The magical fruit. So good for us, but so hard on the guts. And even worse when they are soy beans. The gas people get from tofu and tempe and soy beverage is outrageous.

From regular beans, try this simple five-step approach – guaranteed to reduce how much you "toot"

  • Soak your beans overnight in a generous amount of cold water. Add a piece of wakame or kombu if desired.
  • Rinse beans thoroughly in cold water (retain seaweed).
  • Cover beans with fresh cold water, add retained seaweed, and cook until tender.
  • Cool.
  • Reheat beans to serve.


Yes, I believe all peppers are adjusting to the digestive tract. I suggest avoiding black pepper and cayenne, jalapeno and all others if you are sooner to heartburn, have frequent gas pain, or suffer from irritable bowel or even simple diarrhea.

Green Blessings!

Legal Disclaimer : This content is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Any suggestions made and all herbs listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, condition or symptom. Personal directions and use should be provided by a clinical herbalist or other qualified healthcare practitioner with a specific formula for you . All material contained herein is provided for general information purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or consultation. Contact a reputable healthcare practitioner if you are in need of medical care. Exercise self-empowerment by seeking a second opinion.

Severe Diaper Rash – What to Do Before You Call the Doctor

Most babies get diaper rash at some time or the other. It’s just a part of baby life, and while parents can do their best changing diapers, wiping bottoms, and using diaper rash ointment as needed, diaper rashes are just going to pop up now and then and even sometimes linger on for a while. However, when a parent notices raised or fluid filled bumps on baby’s bottom or extreme pain from the intense redness and peeling, a normal situation has turned into a severe diaper rash that needs additional attention. When that has happened, follow this treatment for severe diaper rash, and you may find you can clear the rash and ease the pain without a doctor’s intervention.

1. First of all, don’t freak out. Simply having a baby with severe diaper rash does not mean you are a bad parent or that your baby will most definitely require emergency care or suffer long term. Even skin disorders to this degree can happen due to frequent stools and wiping, diarrhea and resulting bacteria from antibiotic prescriptions, acidity, and even sometimes allergies to something a toddler or nursing mother has eaten. While you always want to change diapers frequently, gently clean and allow baby’s bottom to dry before diapering again, and use the best diaper rash cream for your baby on a regular basis, flare ups can and do occur even with the best parenting Also, there are both severe diaper rash cures you can do right at home that provide relief and healing and then additional steps your doctor can routinely recommend or prescribe if needed, so this is usually a simple obstacle that parents need to go through. Even the severest of this kind of condition may not mean anything other than something just happened that needs mom’s and dad’s attention now, and just a little extra loving care and concern is all that is needed to quickly correct the situation, many times without even the need for a doctor.

2. You’ll still want to make sure you are changing your little one’s diaper frequently, but do not use scented baby wipes when your child has a severe rash. In fact, you may want to opt for unscented baby wipes all the time due to the fact that some babies are sensitive to the fragrances used in these kinds of wipes. However, when dealing with a severe diaper rash, definitely change to an unscented diaper wipe, or even better, use plain water to clean your baby’s bottom at this time. Depending on what is most comfortable for you and also on the type of soiling that has occurred, you can either gently pat your child’s bottom with a wet, soft wash cloth, or you can squirt water on your baby’s behind using either a squirt bottle or a plastic bulb syringe. Do this with every diaper change during this time, making sure your baby’s bottom is dry before putting a new, dry diaper on. You should also consider actually placing your baby’s behind one or two times a day in a baby bath with Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment for Baby, or put oatmeal in a knotted sock or half hose and place in bath water to provide great soothing relief to your child’s pain during this time. Using plain water and extremely gentle cleaning strokes (or none at all if you can just squirt water) for diaper changes and then providing skin conditioning and relief with an oatmeal mixture (using Aveeno or old-fashioned oatmeal itself) together can go a long way in helping baby deal with the pain and get better more quickly.

3. While you should make sure your infant’s little bottom is always dry before you put another diaper on, there is no more important time than now to do that. In fact, exaggerate this step and make this a part of healing your child’s severe rash. After using plain water for diaper changes and then supplementing that with an oatmeal-based butt bath, keep diapers off completely as long as possible to allow for air drying. If you need to immediately replace a new diaper, then simply pat your baby’s bottom with a soft towel or cloth as gently as possible. Do not stroke or wipe with long motions across your child’s bottom. Just gently pat. If you do not need to replace the diaper quickly, let your baby go diaper free for a few minutes or even for longer if possible. Air has great healing powers for sore little bottoms.

4. Supplement the steps above with a superior diaper rash ointment that other parents have found trustworthy in dealing with bad diaper rashes. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment, Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash, and Diaper Rash and Thrush by Motherlove Herbal Company are all known as great severe diaper rash remedies. Some parents have found Aveeno Baby Diaper Rash Cream and even plain extra virgin olive oil works well too, even sometimes in extreme cases. If you want to use olive oil, make sure you are using extra virgin olive oil as that is the preferred grade of olive oil that is best for using on the skin. (I’ve routinely used extra virgin olive oil on my own skin a lot and can personally tell you it absorbs very well and is a very good healer of all sorts of skin disturbances.)

5. Immediately discontinue giving your child any highly acidic foods and do not eat any acidic foods yourself if you are nursing. Expelled acid can not only trigger severe diaper rashes, it can make any diaper rash worse. Processed fruit juices are perhaps some of the worse offenders, but other offenders include mom’s coffee and colas, white bread and bagels, processed meats and cheeses, peanut butter, bananas, chocolate, and eggs. Do internet searches for acid foods list to avoid on the internet, and make sure you are very careful with foods for both your child and you right now if you are a nursing mother.

6. As an additional note, consider whether the rash may be a result of a change of disposable diaper brands or detergent, or even added bleach if you are using cloth diapers. Perhaps your baby is reacting to something he or she has had introduced via their diapers or clothing, and if so, make any changes necessary to change or remove the new culprit. If you are bleaching cloth diapers, sometimes adding white vinegar to the final rinse will remove any bleach remains from the diaper. Better yet, use an equivalent amount of white vinegar or 2 teaspoons of 100% tea tree oil in place of any bleach at all to brighten, deodorize, or sanitize clothing and diapers. These more natural alternatives are not only good during diaper rash flare ups but can be used all the time for a more gentle, natural household for baby’s and toddler’s needs.

Severe diaper rash treatment at home come take one to three days or even a little longer, but if you see definite improvements and are helping relieve your child’s extreme pain throughout that time, these initial steps can sometimes provide the exact needed attention required to solve the problem. If your baby’s rash worsens or does not respond to these first crucial steps, then a call to the doctor might then be order after all. There might possibly be a form of candida yeast or bacterial infection that requires medical attention, or your baby may have some other health issue your doctor might want to investigate and address. However, these steps are immediate steps that can make a crucial difference in intense cases sometimes and can certainly help your child feel better in the meantime.

Keeping Skin Healthy Is Crucial In Cradle Cap

Child's health is something, which can not be compromised. Parents are very cautious about healthy upbringing of their baby. Everything they feed the child to the clothes, each thing is noticed for hygiene. The health of the baby is a delicate issue and needs adequate care. Minor health issues like cradle cap can be remedied using parental care only. Parents of the baby must seek medical supervision in several cases of the skin condition. Products made for soft skin must only be used during this condition.

This skin condition occurs due to improper functioning of sebaceous glands. Excessive sebum flows and accumulates over the baby skin. Cradle cap occurs atop the head of the child and the areas where concentration of sebaceous glands is more. The sebum dries up and takes the form of scales, which appear crusty, oily and greasy. Although the skin condition starts with a reddish appearance of skin but later takes a patchy shape. The infant's skin has to be cared all through to this infantile seborrheic dermatitis heals.

The cradle cap mostly occurs in the infant months of a child and it is a neonatal disease, which takes time to heal. Although it is harmless for the baby but definitely needs rigorous care to avoid any deterioration of skin. Parents must adopt the use of products soft on infant skin. Application of baby oil to patchy and affected area is helpful when allowed to soak. This procedure loosens the scales, which can be removed while rinsing with shampoo. Brush toddler's scalp with soft bristles, which will remove scales.

The baby will feel relieved with repeated procedure and the skin health will be maintained. The use of health advice and baby products from experts can be used in cradle cap. Internet is a helpful and can be used to source such products.

Is Penis Advantage the Real Deal? Penis Advantage Exposed – Find Out the Real Facts

You have probably seen quite a number of products online that claim to enable you to achieve your penis enlargement goals. Men are confronted with many confusing options including pills, patches, creams, pumps, extenders and even surgery but the safest of all of these methods is unnaturally natural penis exercises.

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Many men have questions about the Penis Advantage program before they purchase. The main ones are answered below:

Penis Advantage FAQ:

Why is Penis Advantage rated so highly?

In a nutshell the program is simple, highly effective and has proven itself to work for men in all age groups. The instructions as to how to perform the exercises and in what sequence is extremely clear and the videos are like having your own personal penis coach to watch and copy. The content is based on sound research and there have been no reports of this program working incorrectly.

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How does the Penis Advantage program work?

It works by using specific sequences of exercises that can be performed with the hands. It is uncomplicated and does not require any special equipment. The routines can be performed in around 6 minutes per day. There are workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced students as well as specific workouts targeting length, girth, preventing pre-ejaculation and strengthening the PC muscle for sexual stamina. The program makes it very clear as to when you are ready to move to the next workout stage.

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How long will it take to see results with Penis Advantage?

A typical user can expect to experience gains of between 1-4 inches. As to how fast this is achieved is up to how vigorously you perform the exercises but consistency is the main key. The exercises are simple 6-minute workouts that any man can understand and perform so it is not unrealistic to see these sorts of gains within weeks. It's just like working out at the gym – the more you train the more you'll gain.

Penis Advantage – The Final Verdict

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Nail Fungus Symptoms Will Vary From Person To Person

The first symptom of a toenail fungus infection is discoloration of the nail. The symptoms of a nail infection will vary depending on the type and severity of the infection.

Nail fungus infections, also known as onychomyscosis, account for about half of all nail disorders. They can be difficult to treat and repeated infections are common. The infections are particularly prominently in nails that have been continuously exposed to warm, moist environments like sweaty shoes or shower floors.

Toenail fungus infections usually begin with a white spot under the tip of the nail. As the fungus spreads deeper into the nail, the following symptoms may occur:

o Thickened nails

o Brittle, crumbly or ragged nails

o Nails that are distorted in shape

o Nails that are flat and dull

o Yellow, green or black nails

o Pain in and around the nail bed

The nail may develop white, yellow or brown patches. In some cases the nail may become brittle and appear chipped. There may also be flakey, scaly skin surrounding the infected nail.

A toenail infection that has an incompetent odor may be in advanced stages and you should see a doctor immediately. If the infection is severe, you will have significant pain and will find it difficult to walk.

Thickening of the nails is another symptom of toenail fungus infection. If your nails thicken, you may find it difficult to wear shoes. Sometimes thickening leads to an ingrown toenail which can be painful and limit mobility.
If the symptoms are left untreated, fungal infections of the nail can cause permanent damage to the nail, leaving it ragged and distorted. The fungus can spread to the skin surrounding your nail causing paronychia, a surface infection of the skin around the nail.

Paronychia can cause painful lesions, redness, swelling and pus-filled blisters. You can avoid the pain and embarrassment of paronychia by treating your nail fungus infection symptoms in their early stages.

The type of treatment plan you choose will depend on the severity of your symptoms and your personal preferences. Some people prefer to try home remedies before consulting a physician for prescription medications. Many of the prescription medications that are available to treat nail fungus infections have unseen side effects. The most commonly prescribed oral medications are Sporonax, Diflucan and Lamisil.

It is important monitor your nail fungus infections symptoms to make sure they do not worsen. For effective treatment, you should address nail fungus infection symptoms when they first appear.

Gluten Allergies, Celiac Disease and Dairy

Gluten is found in the protein of cereal grains. It can be found in a wide variety of foods and some people have allergies to it. Allergies to gluten are found in women more than men and tend to affect those of European descent.

Gluten allergies can cause eczema, skin rashes, itching and hives. More severe sufferers may develop asthma. Nearly 43 percent of gluten allergy sufferers who never seek treatment will get arthritis. Fifteen percent who go on a gluten-free diet because of their allergies will get arthritis anyway.

Celiac, also known as Celiac is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract that very often forms directly from an allergic reaction to gluten. Its symptoms are similar to those of a regular gluten allergy, but it can also cause brain dysfunction, arthritis and inflammation of the lungs. You might also notice a clay-colored greasy stool. It is much more serious than the allergies it came from and must be guard against.

Symptoms that gluten allergies have turned to Celiac are diarrhea, weight loss, iron deficiency, bloating, abdominal pain and malnutrition. The latter is caused by a decreased ability to absorb essential nutrients like iron and vitamins K and D. Celiac sufferers are at higher risk for esophagus, pharynx and small intestinal cancer. Fibroid lung disease looks to occur at a higher rate in gluten allergy and celiac sufferers.

The treatment for both gluten allergies and Celiac is avoidance of gluten. There is no cure for any allergy. One must simply avoid the allergen. When doing so, it's a good idea to take some natural supplements to replace the nutrients you're missing in your gluten-free diet. They'll help build your body back up to its normal, healthy state.

So what is a gluten-free diet? It's one in which you eat no food containing wheat, oats, barley or rye in any form whatsoever. It can be difficult, but once you start finding alternatives to grains, you'll start feeling better quickly. It's important to find other tasty foods in order to keep yourself away from those that will make you sick.

It's important to note that if you have been diagnosed with a gluten allergy, it's very likely you too are sensitive to dairy products. Milk or dairy allergies are sensitivities to proteins found in cows' milk. Most cows eat a lot of grain and sometimes a link can be inferred.

Milk allergy symptoms can occur within minutes or hours after consuming the dairy product. They can be triggered by a very small amount of milk protein in the system. Like gluten allergy symptoms that can be skin reactions, like swollen lips, tongue, mouth, face or throat. They can also be digestive reactions, such as vomiting, stomach cramps or dirrhea. Respiratory reactions can include a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes or shortness of breath.

The needed nutrient in dairy products that must be replaced when embarking on a gluten- and dairy-free diet is primarily calcium. Aside from natural supplements, increase your intake of calcium-rich foods like seafood, spinach, broccoli and salmon.

A gluten allergy is not the end of the world. There are plenty of fresh, colorful and tasty foods that contain no grain or dairy. But you must stay vigilant to keep your allergies from turning into something much worse.

Male Menopause and Irritable Male Syndrome

Dr. Fred: Jed, your book, Irritable Male Syndrome opened up my eyes to what I’m dealing with as a man. I can identify with the “irritable male” and have recommended the book to many of my clients and associates.What had you choose males as a focus for your writing and clinical practice?

When I began working in the field 44 years ago, most of the focus was on women. I felt the field of men’s health needed a champion.

Dr. Fred: Especially as they relate to the Third Age (45 to 75 years of age), would you summarize what are the key issues that men are dealing with?

There are issues that both men and women must deal with as we age: Aches and pains, illness, dying parents, young-adult children, etc. But there are also issues that are unique to men such as Male Menopause (Andropause), Irritable Male Syndrome, and male-type depression that I discuss in my books.

Dr. Fred: Much of what we offer our readers has to do with debunking the myth of midlife crisis and relating to midlife as a transition. What is your view on this subject?

I see mid-life, in many ways, as similar to adolescence. At both times of life we are making a major transition. In the case of adolescence, we are moving from childhood to first adulthood. In the case of mid-life, we are making the transition from first adulthood to what I call superadulthood. For the first time we have a chance to be truly who we were meant to be.

Dr. Fred: In the products and services you offer, you write on depression, menopause and irritable male syndrome. How are they related?

I think of these issues as three separate but overlapping circles. Male Menopause affects all men, sometime between the ages of 40 and 55, though it can start as early as 35 or as late as 65. Irritable male syndrome affects a smaller, but still significant number of men(perhaps 60-80%). Male-type depression affects a smaller number of men. We’ve assumed that women suffer depression at rates that are twice the rate of men. But my research shows that many depressed men are underdiagnosed and undertreated because we use the wrong criteria for diagnosis.

Dr. Fred: How would you distinguish or differentiate (key aspects) Irritable Male Syndrome from similar syndromes?

Irritable Male syndrome has four key causes: Hormonal fluctuations, changes in brain chemistry, increased stress, and changes in male identity. It takes a skilled practitioner to distinguish IMS from such things as depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADHD and other disorders.

Dr. Fred: You say that “IMS is ultimately about violence.” Would you elaborate on this?

We live in a world that is violent. We see it expressed in childhood where children are mistreated (including being circumcised, which I believe is a form of child sexual abuse). As we get older this destructive childrearing expresses itself in irritability,hypersensitivity, anger, and rage. When it is turned inward it can lead to suicide. When turned outward it can lead to violence and war.

Dr. Fred: What is it about men that has them be susceptible to IMS?

Some is our inherent hormone complement. Having testosterone makes us vulnerable to aggression. Many are familiar with the rage that results from taking anabolic steroids (so called ‘roid rage). We would see that in football players or weightlifters. Though it is a problem, it has really been overhyped. The real problem it turns out is not too much testosterone, but too little. When males lose their testosterone, they become more restless, irritable, and angry. Changing exercise patterns and dietary changes can be helpful. So can testosterone supplementation for some men.

Dr. Fred: Why is it important for women to be aware of this syndrome and Male Menopause?

IMS may be a problem going on within men, but it often impacts women. Many women have told me that their husbands irritability, anger, and withdrawal is undermining their marriage and causing problems within the family. They seek help for the man, but also for themselves.

Dr. Fred: In our culture, men tend to have a “lone ranger” mentality. They’re not overly communicative and often in denial about issues like depression and IMS. What can their female partners do that would assist their male partners in coming to terms with these issues?

Men are often afraid to seek help. They see it has unmanly. This includes even going infor their annual medical checkup. As one male client put it. “I go in for my annual check-up maybe once in 10 years.” Women are often the ones who gently, but firmly tell the man that he needs to get checked out. I have a whole program I’ve developed for women on how to help themselves while they are helping the man in their lives.

Dr. Fred: What in your view would most contribute to Third Agers experiencing authentic happiness?

We need to accept who we are and that includes the different changes that men and women experience as we age. Becoming an older man poses different challenges than becoming an older woman. We can learn a great deal from each other. But to do that we have to be willing to let go of “right” and “wrong” and seek ways to communicate and heal.

Dr. Fred: What new projects are you working on?

I have a new book: “Mr. Mean: Saving Yourself and Rescuing Your Relationship from the Irritable Male Syndrome” and I am working on a new book that I target for release by the end of the year titled, “Tapping Power.”

People can receive my Free E-Book: Andropause (Male Menopause) What Is This Crazy Thing We Are Going Through? by visiting my website