Mature Skin Care – 10 Simple Steps to a Complexion to Be Proud of At 60

Any woman can have a lovely complexion at any age. You can not buy it, it's not free but you can find out how to have a perfect skin too. 10 simple steps to getting a complexion that other women would die for. For these 10 simple steps you need only 10 minutes per day. What's important is every day, or do you think that lovely celebrities skip the night cream when its late!

Learn how to put your skin in the best light. Diminish, reduce or get rid of imperfections. Improve, pamper and protect. It's not about how much you spend but what you know about mature skin care, anti aging products and using them to achieve a complexion to be proud of. Here's how …

Deep Cleanse

To remove impurities and dead cells deep cleanse every night. Skin is in repair mode at night and night cream works better on skin without debris. Cleanse in the morning again with a gentle, calming cleanser to prepare skin for make up. Never, never leave your make up on overnight. Think, it could age you one one week every time. Cured?


Encourage fresh new skin by exfoliating regularly. Even dry skin will benefit from gentle exfoliating once per week. Skin pronone to enlarged pores around mouth and nose will need gently exfoliating 2 or even 3 times per week. Deeply cleansed pores gradually become finer and less noticeable, make up looks smoother. Makes sense does not it?

Show Your Skin some Gratitude

Treat your skin to a 15 minute relaxing, rejuvenating mask once per week. It's better if you relax but watching your favorite program is better than dropping the treatment. A calming mask works wonders for flushed sensitive skin reducing redness and irritation. The results get better every time. To really work on enlarged pores choose a deep cleansing mask and use only on the areas around the nose and mouth. You will soon notice that your make up does not settle in the pores like it used to. This kind of mask really works if you use it often enough.


Nourish your skin with anti aging day and night creams or serums for mature skin. These are packed full with anti oxidants, vitamins and ingredients that nudge the collagen production and skin cell renewal into action. The appearance of skin can be improved tremendously by cleansing, exfoliating and then nourishing. When skin cells are fresh, hydrated and invigorated they look firm and supple. Simple is not it?


Protect your skin especially in winter. When it's cold we always wear gloves to stop our hands getting chapped, red, and rough. What about the skin on our face? Never go out without least a protective layer of moisturizer on your face. You can even consider make up as extra protection for the skin in cold weather. The elements deal harshly with mature skin. If you walk, ride or work outside a lot, choose a heavier cream to protect and avoid thickening of skin and redness.

Moisturize, Moisturize

Skin's suppleness is the result of sufficient moisture inside and out. Try to drink 8 glasses of water per day. It is the least expensive anti aging treatment and good for the whole body too. Coffee and alcohol dehydrate. So try to drink a glass of water instead sometimes. Do not underestimate how serious this is to mature skin to keep it soft and supple. Use a good anti aging moisturizer in the morning and again during the day when you freshen your make up.

Learn to cheat the tiny lines and wrinkles

Sweep away tiny lines and wrinkles in seconds. This magic comes in a precision applicator to target wrinkles, filling and sealing in moments. It requires a little practice to get it just right and then it lasts all day. A must have for every mature woman. Stunning, simple and need not be expensive. How good does it get?


Weave some magic with under eye concealer even if you think you do not have dark circles. A yellowy based concealer applied light under eyes, at the outer corners and inner corners at the side of the nose brightens the whole face. With the right colors and techniques it is possible to successfully cover even the darkest of shadows. Try it and you will be amazed.

Foundation make up

Your very best friend is the right foundation make up, when you find it. Foundation make up for mature skin is available in fluid, cream, mousse and compact forms. Fluid is fine for quick application but usually does not offer the coverage that we need. A cream or mousse will cover redness and last longer. Mousse is wonderful because it disguises enlarged pores and tiny wrinkles. It needs a little practice to get right but is worth every moment invested.

Lipstick and Blusher

Youthful sparkle comes from clever choice of lipstick and blusher. Dark lipstick is harsh and makes teeth look less than white. Go for softer pinks with a creamy, moisturized texture. Use a lip brush to trace very slightly outside the natural lip line and add a dab of gloss in the center of the bottom lip. Then smile and whisk blusher high over your shoulders … perfect.

Your skin will respond with the dewy glow you thought was gone forever. All you have to do is make these steps part of your daily schedule like cleaning your teeth.

Stay on the project, be aware of new tips and techniques that could solve your problem. New ideas fit into a ten minute routine in no time! And lastly, paying attention to a balanced diet and a little exercise too, means living our lives longer and lovelier!

Toenail Fungal Infection Medication

Toenail fungus infection is one of the most common nail disorders that can be healed only under proper medication. Toenail fungus is an anaerobic organism that feeds on the nail's keratin, a strong protein. As a result the nail in turn produces more keratin which extremely results thickening of the toenail. The fungus grows on the nail bed, spreads and typically separates the nail plate from the nail bed. With time the skin around the nail becomes swollen as the fungi slowly creep into the skin. In fact, most common dermatological problems like Tinea Corporis or ring worm, jock itch, psoriasis, are caused by the same fungus that causes infection in a toenail.

The thick nail of the infected toe gradually curves inwards and causes severe pain. Sometimes the pain becomes too unbearable to walk properly. The color of the nail changes from yellow to black. The nail becomes brittle with flaky patches all over. There are various kinds of toenail fungus and in most cases the fungal infection is caused by a microbe called dermatophyte. A warm wet condition is suitable for the dermatophyte to grow. Fungi Thrive best in places that have less percent of oxygen. Here, one should always keep one's feet dry and allow nails to breathe in air to avoid being infected by fungi.

Toenail fungal infection or Onychomycosis can be classified into five types.

  • Distal Subungual Onychomycosis – Distal Subungual Onychomycosis occurs when the fungi grows and multiplies on the nail bed.
  • White Superficial Onychomycosis – White Superficial Onychomycosis is characterized by the appearance of white flaky patches on the surface of the nail plate.
  • Proximal Subungual Onychomycosis – Proximal Subungual Onychomycosis occurs in the proximal nail fold area.
  • Candidal Onychomycosis – Candidal Onychomycosis takes place when the nail is infected by bacterium candida.
  • Total Dystrophic Onychomycosis – Total Dystrophic Onychomycosis is occurring the worst type of toenail infection when the toenail gets completely separated from the nail bed.

Research shows that male patients suffering from psoriasis are delayed to getting infected by fungi. According to a study, the chance of getting affected by a toenail is 56% greater incase of people suffering from psoriasis than those of normal ones. Aged people with weak immune system get easily infected by the fungus. Even individuals having poor health and disorder in circulatory system are likely to get in contact with the infection.

At present there are various therapeutic ointments available in the chemist shops that are quite effective in fighting against toenail fungal infection. Maintenance of proper hygiene is probably the best remedial step to ensure fungus free toenails.

Get Freedom From Depression

Depression generally comes in two forms, physical or mental. They both intertwine with each other as it progresses. The opposite is true when you start to cure depression, one will heal the other. Read on to find out two ways you can get freedom from this chronic condition.

When you read the treatment methods commonly used in the heath-care sites you will find drugs and pills. Is that the way it has to be? No, in fact using these long term can actually do more damage than good. So what is the alternative?

Here are two things you can do to get freedom from depression

  1. Testing – there are a battery of tests that can be done if you suspect depression stems from a chemical imbalance. A recent accident, a hormonal imbalance or adrenal stress can all be looked at as a cause. Another under diagnosed issue is chronic pain. The two are not always connected by doctors and by solving the pain you can free yourself from depression.
  2. Mental Triggers – if your depression is being triggered by thoughts and emotions there is hope. The key is to simplify the recovery, do not add more stress. The best long term way to cure this is to control your triggers, start to understand how your thoughts can work for you and not against you.

Depression has to start with a thought, a thought of despair or a thought of anger, something that triggers a deaf emotional response. This can carryover to a chemical imbalance that manifests itself into a physical problem. There are classifications such as manic, dysthymia or bipolar. Whatever form of depression you have, the longer it goes the more damage it does.

You can get free from the grip of depression, understand and learn how.

Hypnotherapy for Aerophobia

Aerophobia is also known as aviatophobia or aviophobia. This is the fear of flying. Aerophobia is a phobia by itself but often it can be combined by other phobias like claustrophobia and acrophobia. Many people across the globe suffer from this problem. Aerophobia is a common phobia that has many people scared.

In today’s day and age, to have the fear of flying is a real handicap. If you are a business man, your job requires you to fly to different states or countries often. If you have the fear of flying, it may get into your way of business, thus you will lose clients. Also the fear of flying may restrict you from family trips or vacations to far off places, just because you can’t fly. Some people fly in spite of their phobia but experience great anxiety on the journey.

What causes the fear of flying?

Claustrophobia- fear of enclosed places like an aircraft or elevator

Acrophobia- fear of heights

Fear of turbulence

The feeling that you do not have control

Fear of flying over large masses of water

Fear of flying when it is night

Fear of death or injury

Is it possible to overcome the fear of flying?

Yes, you can be rid of this phobia. Depending on how serious your phobia is, there are plenty of treatments available. There are tons of books available on the subject that can help reduce or eliminate your phobia. There are several doctors too who can help you. There are several tapes available in the market that can help you work on your phobia and overcome it. But if you’re the type who doesn’t believe in visiting doctors or they type that likes to do things on your own. I suggest hypnosis. Do not worry, I’m not asking you to visit a hypnotist, though that could be an option. Our world of technology has developed so much that you can now even enjoy treatments of various phobias from the comfort of your home. What am I talking about? You now have on line hypnosis as an option. Yes you heard me right, on line hypnosis. You do not need anyone’s help. Just download one of the hypnosis on line and treat your self. Hypnosis is recommended to treat many a phobias and medical conditions. It is highly effective as well.

If you suffer from the fear of flying, you will know what it feels like to be ripped by unbearable fear and you will realize that there is an unconscious response that makes you feel the way you feel. Hypnosis reaches out to that unconscious part and corrects it, thus changing your attitude towards flying. It helps your mind to realize that an air plane is not something life threatening but is a mere means of transport. After your hypnosis sessions you will find that your mind even when in a conscious state, will be okay with flying. The fear of flying will soon disappear and you will be get onto many more flights without facing any panic or anxiety attacks.

How to Solve Anxiety?

How to solve anxiety? Anxiety is described as a reaction to the future threat or unknown. Whenever we move out of our comfort zone, some kind of anxiety is always there. Anxiety is a very common phenomenon. It is a common notification that anxiety is something wrong. Anxiety is simply a reaction of our body-mind to thecoming challenge.

It may be anxiety of giving a speech, giving an examination ,coming disease, going for a tour, catching a train, trouble in the market, social meetings, trouble at the work place, giving birth to a child, financial crisis, giving an interview etc. . . .

The fear of the future threat is so much that our heart beats go up, we start sweating, our body even trembles, we become tense, nervous. Now what happens is we start to control this situation & try to relax or suppress it. But both the things do not work. Our anxiety goes on increasing.

It becomes a vicious circle. The fear creates anxiety & anxiety creates fear. And if it goes on like this it can turn into a panic attack.

We have got two brains; left & right. Usually we live with the left brain which is rational brain, logical brain. This brain only thinks in a mathematical manner only. And life is rational as well as irrational. But as we have lost the balance of both the brains, we become tense in any difficulty & can not relax.

This century is living in left brain most of the time. Of course it has produced wealth in the world, but there is no juice in life. And anxiety & stress are the result of it.

How can we break this vicious circle & bring the balance in life? Anxiety is a indicator only, and if we can understand the reason, we can live a life of happiness, bliss & joy. Anxiety can become a creative phenomenon.

How to Take Off Fake Nails

When you have had your nails for some while and you are not thinking about getting new ones and want to get rid og the ones you have, here are some tips on how to do it. The glue that is on the fake nails is usually very strong so if it does not look like the nail is coming off by itself you should definitely not rip it off because that will hurt a lot and it may cause a permanent damage to your own natural nail.

To get the fake nails off, you should get some acetone and put it in a bowl and then sink your fake nails there for at least 15 minutes. Then take a wooden stick and gently pull the nails with the stick. If it sees like they are still not coming off, you should put the nails back in the acetone. If you don't have any acetone, you can try using hot water; it makes the glue go off.

Also if you do not have a wooden stick you can use a finger nail file to slowly remove the artificial nails. After removing all of the artificial nails, you can carefully try buffering the extra nail glue off your natural nails and after that put some lotion on your nails or some nail polish,

You should not in any case try ripping and tear off the fake nails because it really can ruin your own natural nails. It can rip off layers off your own natural nail too when the fake nail is ripped off and it makes the natural nail very thin and rough textured and when the nail is thin enough, the part of the finger where the nail is, becomes very sore and this will last for some weeks until the damaged nail grows out.

I Hurt My Back Lifting – Why You Need to Look Into Back Support When You Lift Things

How is your back doing lately?

Has something gone wrong?

Did you hurt it while you were lifting something and its just not the same now?

1.) The Purpose of This Article

We will discuss the possible causes of your back pain and also discuss why it is important to start thinking about getting a back support so things do not get worse.

2.) Back Pain From Lifting

If you have back pain then it might be from lifting alone. Or, you could have had some things going on in your back that you were not totally aware of and then the lifting pushed you over the edge. You would think that it would be due to lifting something really heavy, but back pain can also come on from lifting lighter weight objects with more repetition. – You know good body mechanisms are preached about a lot, and we recommend them, but there are times when we all forget. This is unfortunate but true. All it takes is for a semi-quiet back issue to be pushed over the edge by doing some lifting and then you have got a real problem on your hands. – We never wanted for you to have back pain, but when you do you need to really face your pain problems before they get worse.

3.) Back Brace Supports & Why You Should Not Over Look Them

One of the best things a back support can do for you is remind you not to make certain movements that will cause you a lot of pain. Lifting anything, even your own body weight can make your back pain soar, especially when we forget briefly about our mechanics. – Braces can help to also reduce the pain that you have from a back problem. Many people we know indicate that they pain relief comes on almost instantly and they now refer to the brace as their new pain pill, because they could get rid of the bottle of aspirin and think of the savings that their back support is providing to them. Back support can help reduce your pain due to the support that they can provide. The support a brace can provide can alleviate the pressure on your disks and help to reduce the strain on your muscles. In this sense they can help to promote healing.

* Remember that this is health information. We believe in the helpful aspects of back supports, but this information here is not a substitution for the advice that your physician will provide.

Men Who Are Too Forward – 6 Ways to Stop a Man Who Wants to Be Physically Intimate With You Too Soon

6 ways to stop a man who wants to be physically intimate with you too soon! “He is too forward,” Christine’s mouth twisted in disgust. “Just image, I just met him and he wants to touch me up. What does he think I am – a tramp?” Her indignation was beginning to grow into mixture of anger and embarrassment. Another girl told me how utterly despicable this guy was because all he seem to want to do is have sex and they had just only met. She crossed him off immediately. Should you reject a man because he makes sexual advances on you before getting to know you properly? Well this is what Christine (and most women) did. Do you agree? Well on the surface of things she is probably right.

However let’s drill down some more. After much studied thought I am slowly coming to the conclusion that a lot of women are missing out on having a great relationship and a good man because of something that can be fixed. First let me say that most men in one way shape or form entertain a remote idea of what it would be like to have sex with you. Most men – thank goodness – manage this thought and feelings. They don’t let you know that, because they realize that you may be offended like my client. By the way if you are attracted to the man you will think likewise but you won’t show this because you don’t want to appear like a common prostitute. FACT: most men are psychosexually programmed for sex. This has nothing to do with him being nasty, earthy etc. It is simply when his seminal vesicles (the part of his testicles that store sperms) are full; he gets a strong biological urge to have sex. This may be when he goes on the “prowl”. It is similar to the urges you get around your menstrual cycle.

That said most men make an intelligent effort to control it. Another reason when some men try to push your hot buttons is to test you. He wants to find out how easy it is to score on you. Of course if you give in he will have a great time but you ratings in his eyes will drop significantly. Of course if you give in he will have a great time but you ratings in his eyes will drop significantly. What can you do? How to you handle this?

1. First you must be clear about your boundaries and principles.

a. When do you feel safe to begin physical contact. No I don’t mean sex. Holding hands, kisses, necking petting

b. Determine if you want a good night kiss and what type of kiss you will allow eg peck on cheek, light mouth peck etc

2. Also be clear about how many dates or how well you want to know a guy before having sex e.g 2,3,4 months or dates. My strong suggestion is never to have sex on the first few dates.

3. If a man begins to touch you in uncomfortable places, do not get angry, simple take his hand and gently but firmly move it back on his leg, calmly explain that you don’t feel comfortable doing that at this point.

4. Tell a story of one of your friends who gave in to a guy recently, fell pregnant and the guy didn’t want to know. Explain how cheap and worthless she feels now. Emphasise that it’s never a great idea for a woman anyway since may be just a test.

5. Be sure to be light hearted about it all. Indicating through you attitude that it good to have fun and even do things together with him but you are not about to go down that (necking, petting and sex) road at this point.

6. If he continues get up and immediately terminate the date or meeting. Here the attitude you should adopt when men try to hit on you. “Sex is great but I don’t feel comfortable doing it unless I am in a secured relationship.”

Traditional Treatment For Cysts is Jeopardizing Your Health – What Your Dr Will not Tell You

Treatment for cysts on the ovaries is a broad topic with many alternatives. Cysts themselves have a wide range of impact on the body as they vary in type, threat level and size. Ovarian cysts can be as small as a pea and larger than a cantaloupe. Any cyst that is larger than 2 centimeters is generally considered an ovarian cyst.

Most cysts are filled with fluid, however occasionally they may be filled with tissue or blood. Sometimes hair and bone are found; These cysts are usually referred to as fibroids.

Most ovarian cysts are considered functional meaning that they are harmless and do not require treatment. Generally these cysts cause no pain or discomfort to the woman with them – she will most likely not notice their presence at all. When symptoms are present that may include:

  • Dull or severe, and sharp pain or discomfort in the abdomen, pelvic area thighs and sometimes legs.
  • Fullness, pressure and or bloating in the stomach
  • Breast tenderness
  • Painful periods
  • Irregular bleeding and spotting
  • Lack of menstruation
  • Weight gain
  • Nausea and or vomiting
  • Rib pain
  • Headache

When these symptoms become bothersome treatment for cysts may become necessary. Many women choose to consult their doctors for treatment.

For most women diagnosed with a cyst the first step will be "watchful waiting" meaning that one or two menstrual cycles will be allowed to pass while the cyst is monitored. To manage pain at this time, treatment for cysts will involve mild painkillers like Advil and Tylenol.

To manage pain you may try a heating pad or warm bath, ice can sometimes help as well. Many women will use a castor oil pack to help at this time.

When cysts are confirmed the most common method of treatment is the prescription of an oral contraceptive or "the pill". The pill regulates hormones related to menstruation and will sometimes be taken consecutively to prevent the release of an egg and therefore prevent cysts.

Limiting strenuous activity at this point is important to prevent rupture or torsion – meaning twisting of the cyst. This is a serious condition that can be very painful and requires medical treatment.

Other treatment for cysts include cystectomy which is surgical removal of part or all of the bladder, gallbladder or any cyst in the pelvic area. This is a drastic form of treatment that many women do not like to resort to though a benefit is that the ovaries are left intact so conception is still possible.

Other treatments include ovariotomy or orchiectomy, a surgical procedure where doctors remove one or both ovaries. These are permanently altering surgeries that are generally only used when ovarian cancer is suspected or confirmed.

Treatment for cysts can by quite invasive or it can take a more natural approach. Because cysts are caused by a variety of factors, which intertwine, holistic treatments are becoming more and more popular as they take into account the whole system rather than just addressing the symptoms themselves.

In many cases reduction of simple carbohydrates in the diet can have a large impact in insulin levels, and so on hormone regulation affecting the presence and symptoms of cysts.

I'm Always Tired and I'm Overweight – It Must Be My Lifestyle!

These are just a few of the many symptoms and conditions associated with Candidis (or overgrowth of Candida) or as it's better known, Yeast Infection. Cadida Albicans is just one of the many micro-organisms found present living both inside and outside the human body.

Thrush … Candida is the fungus responsible for Thrush.

Thrush most commonly affects women in their 30's and 40's. Candida is naturally found to be present in the vagina and is normally completely harmless! At certain times however, it can multiply to the extent that it becomes a problem causing swelling and irritation of the vagina and vulva. This is also often associated with a vaginal discharge.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

What is it?

In very basic terms, large spaces develop between the cells in the gut wall preventing bacteria and toxins to leak into the bloodstream. Our immune system is heavily affected by the condition of our digestive system. A healthy digestive system will normally provide an effective immune system. The intestinal tract contains a lining with hair like cell membrane extensions called microvillus. The microvilli are necessary for the absorption of nutrients. Leaky Gut Syndrome causes the microvilli to become damaged and as a result of the production of the necessary enzymes and secretions essential in a healthy digestive system to enable the absorption of nutrients.

As the intestine is weakened, there is then potential for toxins to leak through into the bloodstream. This will then cause the immune system to create antibodies and can become overloaded now putting stress on the liver. The result can be pain and inflammation throughout the body, various allergic reactions, food allergies and intolerances and migraines.

What are the Contributory Factors?

The answer this question is broadly thought to be an overuse of antibiotics. Perhaps we have been overexposed to antibiotics in the past, the medical profession in more recent times have been much more restrictive in the prescribing of antibiotics without absolutely necessary. Not too long ago, this was not the case and often antibiotics would have been applied inappropriately. This however is dismissed by the medical profession who generally believe that in a healthy individual, antibiotics could not lead to a yeast infection or candida overgrowth!

Other factors thought to be contributory include:

– Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

– Contraceptive Pill

– Dental Fillings (Mercury Amalgam)

– Chemical Poisoning either in the workplace, home or garden.

– General Stress.

– Hormonal Changes during Puberty, Pregnancy or Menopause

– The use of natural progesterone cream

– The use of Immuno-suppressive drugs

Learn How To Quit Smoking

What do I mean by LEARN, should not I be telling you to go buy some nicotine gum or some quit smoking NRT products. Hey! It's not that hard for anyone to stop smoking and NO you do not really need a pill, potion, patch or gum. As a matter of fact I believe you only need one thing to help you quit smoking and that's Knowledge, because knowledge is power.

Some historians claim that tobacco has been apart from our history since around 6000BC, although a little closer to our end of the time line in the pre-Columbian Americas the native Americans cultivated tobacco for ceremonial pipe smoking. Explorers like Christopher Columbus, Sir Walter Raleigh and France's Jean Nicot after whom nicotine was named began to popularize the use of tobacco as the new fashion through Europe. The process of smoking was learnt back in the early 16th century and it's still learnt the same way today. In the US every day 3000 new non-smoker kids become smokers! Each and every person has had to learn how to smoke.

You LEARNT how to become a smoker in the first place. You practiced the draw-back and various smoking techniques over and over, including all body body image traits until you finally achieved that great `smoker status'. You convinced yourself how good and cool it was – right! You just taught yourself how to be a smoker even when the first few cigarettes nearly made you vomit.

You may be asking yourself right now, how can I learn how to stop smoking. The answer is easy, if you want to become a non-smoker, then you need to learn how to THINK as non-smoker. The reality is that gums, patches or NRT's will not change your smoker mindsets, knowledge and understanding is the key!

Listen … 'If you think the way you always thought, you'll have what you always had.'

Answer this … Who talks to you the most? Your partner? your boss? your neighbor? your friends? your dog or cat?

Nicotine addiction is approximately 20% physiological and 80% psychological. Think about it, the chemical affect of the drug does not have to work very hard to keep you addicted because you will reinvigorate satisfaction with just about every cigarette through your thoughts and words.

I can show you a quit smoking process that will change your life forever. Your only problem will be deciding what to do with all that extra cash. Imagine the freedom of waking up every morning and thinking "I'm a non-smoker" now that's cool!

The bottom line is this – the nicotine addiction IS NOT your friend or buddy, it's a lying parasite that basically wants to kill you. Have you ever wanted to quit smoking?

To learn more please visit

The Animals That Rely On Our Trees

The trees in our yard are the lynchpin that holds the delicate balance of wildlife presence together. So many animals rely on our healthy trees to provide them with shelter, food, and even transportation routes, and without trees, none of those animals would be nearby to enrich our environment and our lives. Learn more about some of the wild animals that take up residence in our trees.


The first animal many people think of when it comes to woodland wildlife are frisky little squirrels. These amusing little mammals use our trees for shelter, to help them create nests to raise their young, and to provide them with food like acorns. But squirrels aren’t the only mammals that benefit greatly from trees. Flying squirrels, opossums, raccoons, bats, and others take up residency in our trees. Even mammals as large as deer feed off of acorns, and deer also use tree trunks to help remove the velvety coverings on their antlers and announce their presence to other deer.


Just about every wild bird in our backyards benefits from our trees. They build nests and raise their young in them, they forage for food in them, and they seek shelter from the elements in their branches. Without trees nearby, most birds are unlikely to take up residence in an area, and those that do can be destructive to human habitats because they are making our homes into tree alternatives. Birds help to control insect populations, disperse seeds, and generally make our worlds a better place with their cheerful songs. Our healthy trees encourage them to find our yards a comfortable place.


Whether you care for insects or not, they are some of the animals that benefit from our trees-and our trees can benefit from them too! Flowering trees attract honeybees, butterflies, moths, and other flying insects that consume nectar. These insects help to pollinate the trees and are responsible for the vast majority of fruits that grow on trees, including apples, pears, cherries, and citrus fruits. In the wild, honeybees even build their hives in trees so that they can produce their honey and raise their young. A host of other insects also use trees as sources of shelter, transportation avenues, and sources of food. These insects help to keep the ecosystem around us alive and running smoothly, and our trees help them to do that job.

Protect Your Trees

One of the best things you can do for the wildlife in your area is to help maintain your trees and their health. Have a professional tree service come out annually and after major storms to ensure that your trees are at their best to provide for their small dependents. They can also help to keep trees manageable by providing pruning services, which can help to make treetops easier to use for nesting birds. If a tree becomes dangerous and needs removal, have your professional tree removal team come in and safely remove it. If you have the space, ask if they will leave larger logs of the tree for animals to shelter in. Most local tree services are more than happy to oblige such requests.

Can Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Prevent Heart Disease?

In the last few years, medical scientists have had divergent opinions regarding the actual efficiency of common cholesterol-lowering medications. A series of experiments and clinical trials conducted in the past had revealed that commonly prescribed cholesterol medications such as statins were actually unable to effectively prevent the development of coronary disease and other conditions associated with high blood cholesterol levels. By contrast, other research findings suggested that statins were effective in lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease. Judging by the differentiated results obtained in the past, medical scientists have inclined to believe that the potency and the efficiency of statins may be influenced by various factors such as patients' age, gender and even racial provenience.

The findings of most experiments and studies conducted in the past were very confusing. Paradoxically, it seemed that even if commonly prescribed statins were effective in lowering blood cholesterol, these medications did not actually prevent the occurrence of heart disease. These findings have determined doctors to doubt the overall benefits of commonly prescribed cholesterol-lowering medications. Intrigued by the apprehensive inconstancy of statins and similar cholesterol-lowering drugs, medical researchers have recently conducted more elaborate clinical studies in order to reveal whether such medications actually work or not.

Recent study findings have finally unveiled the mystery regarding the fluctuant efficiency of such drugs. After they have carefully analyzed the results of recently conducted experiments, medical scientists have concluded that statins are most effective when they are administered to patients who benefit from permanent medical monitoring. While most hospitalized patients who receive cholesterol-lowering treatments with statins experience major improvements of their blood cholesterol values, people who receive the drugs outside the hospital appear to be less responsive to such forms of treatment. Thus, in order to maximize the effects of statins, patients who receive the drugs need frequent medical care and evaluation. Although people who receive these cholesterol-lowering drugs do not actually require hospitalization, they should receive medical guidance and frequent examinations over the entire duration of the treatment in order to maximize the effects of statins.

After interpreting the findings of recent clinical studies and experiments, medical scientists have infirmed the doubts regarding the inefficiency of commonly prescribed statins. Researchers have proven that as long as they are administrated in appropriate dosages, statins are indeed effective not only in lower cholesterol, but also in preventing heart disease and other conditions linked with high blood cholesterol levels. Medical scientists explain that the main reason for the controversial and confusing results obtained by previous research is actually inappropriate usage of statins.

In order to obtain the best results, treatments with cholesterol-lowering drugs need to be individualized and differentiated according to the patients' needs. Thus, people confronted with high blood cholesterol levels should be administrated statins in individualized doses and only after elaborate medical examination. In addition to an initial cholesterol test, people who follow cholesterol-lower treatment should receive frequent lipoprotein profiles over the entire duration of the treatments and a few months after completing the prescribed courses of medicines.

Your Dentist Might Stop Your Next Heart Attack

As the Webmaster for a site dedicated to helping people save money when they go to the dentist, I find myself having to consistently fight two different and distinct battles; one against the average Americans referance to pay the high cost of modern dental care and the other is the same Americans belief that seeing a dentist regularly just is not that important.

The first battle I have a decent chance of winning but the second battle I had to throw my hands up in surrender; I mean if someone does not care about their teeth enough to have them taken care of by a dentist, what can I possibly say to convince them otherwise?

How about this; "Did you know that your next visit to the dentist could have prevented a heart attack?"

Medical researchers have known for years now that there's a definite link between gum disease (ie gingivitis) and persons' risk for a heart disease (see . Evidence is mounting, however, that information gleaned from a routine panoramic dental X-rays-wide-angle frontal images –taken to establish the baseline condition of teeth and surrounding bone– may serve as an accurate early-warning system of risk of dying from heart attack or stroke.

According to researchers at the University of Buffalo School of Dental medicine, a study of 818 teeth and jaw x-rays of Pima Indians in Arizona found that those who had a build-up of calcified plaque in the carotid arteries were twice as likely to die from heart attack or stroke. Normally, calcified plaque is present in only about 3 percent of the general population.

An earlier study of 2,700 dental patients shown deposits deposits on each side of the carotid arteries can be spotted in x-rays of the teeth and jaw bone.

It makes sense that the dental x-rays would see the carotid artery – which carries blood from the heart to the brain and back– so dentists should be aware that it is screening tool for cardiovascular disease. If they see signs of calcification in dental x-rays, they tell the patient to see his or her doctor ASAP.

BOTTOM LINE: Most dental insurance plans allow you a yearly dental exam at little or no cost so schedule a complete check-up, including x-rays, with your dentist ASAP. If you do not have dental insurance, consider enrolling in a discount dental plan that fits your budget and then go see a dentist ASAP.

How To Give Your Woman A No-Touch Orgasm By Phone Sex (3 PROVEN Techniques!)

Women can have NO-TOUCH orgasms! They can experience this by having you talk to them (with no touching) by texting them, instant messaging them, or even PHONE SEX! Once you learn the technique you can use it with any type of medium. Learn this PROVEN METHOD today!

This is an exciting technique and concept. You can use parts or all of this technique in so many ways!

1st Tip. Make her feel comfortable.

Too many people, even women, start in too far, too fast. There’s a time to be crude and use vivid language and a time to wait. Start out with some momentum and make her feel comfortable.

Then, once she knows that you respect her. Nobody wants to totally be thought of as a sex object. The woman could tell you that she doesn’t want phone sex, yet love it when you do it in the right way.

The point is to start slowly.

2nd Tip. Getting her hot!

Now start at her mouth (actually her head) and head south. Ask her about her greatest unfulfilled fantasy or a sex game she’d like to try. The more you can get her to talk, the more you’ll turn her on.

If she asks what you’d like to do with her, then describe a very romantic scene. Give her details and set the scene with smells, feelings, taste, and texture.

Describe in detail, how her mouth would taste, and how you’ll enjoy french kissing her. Then ask her if she’s getting turned or – or damp.

3rd Tip. Driving her crazy!

Now, start with a detailed description of what you’d do with her breasts. Tell her you’d tease her breasts for a long time. Ask if her breasts fell swollen and ask her if her nipples are hard.

Tell her you’d want to give her a breast orgasm. You’d cup them, tease her nipples, suck them, and then put as much of her breast in your mouth as you could. Describe how you’d suck her breasts so fast and hard.

Now, tell her how you’d kiss her inner thighs and tease her clit with your tongue. Tell her how she’d have to arch her back and reach your tongue and finger. Describe how you’d drive your tongue inside her and reach her g-spot. Tell her how hard she’d shake and convulse.

Give her as much detail as you can, including feelings. You should have a great time and a new experience!