Fear of Spiders – Self Hypnosis Help For Spiders Fear

Having a phobia of spiders can be overwhelming at times, especially considering that these creatures are quite common. This fear becomes too much to handle when your mind is unable to control natural responses to fear. Self-hypnosis is a viable solution to this problem.


Arachnophobia is the clinical term for the fear of spiders that has developed into a phobia. You can rest assured that you are not alone in this fear. Arachnophobia has been the inspiration behind.

Fears are natural and actually meant to help you protect yourself but it is important to remember that you can control the way that you deal with the emotion.

Symptoms of Spider Phobia

Recognizing your condition is the first step to recovery. Simply exploring the subject of indications that the fear of spiders is troublesome. The symptoms are uncomfortable, to say the least, and they may lead to problems in your daily life.

People who have spider phobias exhibit uncontrolled responses that can be embarrassing. The behavior seems unnecessary to onlookers but the internal fear is so empowering that it can not be helped, or so it sees. The fear along with possible embarrassment creates great anxiety.

Physical Responses to Phobia of Spiders

The human body is designed to protect itself and your fear is simply a protective agent that keeps you from entering dangerous situations. Your body responds in a way that makes you very uncomfortable when you face something that may cause harm. Part of the experience is physical.

Your body responds to intense fear automatically. You may jump, scream and swat your hands quickly when faced with spiders. You feel a chill run up your spell and you begin to sweat. It can be difficult to catch your breath and your heart pounds fearfully. You may feel nauseous.

Ramifications on Your Daily Life

When you have steady fear and anxiety on a daily basis, it definitely has some serious ramifications on your ability to function. You may find yourself avoiding situations that may expose you to danger. The stress of not being in control of your fear can interfere with you social interactions.

The phobia of spiders can leak into every aspect of your life. You may feel great anxiety at work, making it unable to concentrate. People who are close to you are affected by the fear as well. Children may learn to be equally afraid of spiders.

Getting Help for Your Fears

Intense fear can be overcome with the right intervention. The struggle to gain control of your phobia is far too great to do on your own. Self-hypnosis is ideal for treating this condition because it helps you work with your subconscious rather than against it.

You are consciously aware of your fear but your emotions and natural responses are deeply rooted in your subconscious. Self-hypnosis helps you reach your inner thoughts in order to gain control of your phobia of spiders.

How To Recognize Anxiety

Many people don’t know that they suffer from anxiety or anxiety disorders. That’s because anxiety involves a rather wide range of symptoms. Each individual can suffer from a subset of these symptoms and your specific subject determines the kind of anxiety disorder you have.

Many of the signs of anxiety manifest themselves in the form of thoughts, beliefs, bodily sensations, behaviors, all of the above, or a mix and match of all the above.

If you are thinking anxiously then you can show some of these symptoms:

  • Worrying a great deal about what others think of you
  • Living in the future and predicting the worse
  • Magnifying the importance of negative events
  • Poor concentration and focusing skills
  • Racing thoughts

Physical manifestations of anxiety can occur in the form of:

  • accelerated heartbeat
  • high blood pressure
  • dizziness
  • tiredness
  • stomach aches
  • bodily aches and pains
  • muscle tension
  • sweating

The behavior side of anxiety can be described as the act of avoidance. People with anxiety almost always attempt to avoid from the things that make them anxious or worried. Whether it’s groups of people, driving, paying bills or reminders of bad times, the anxiety sufferer will always find a way out of their situation.

In the short term you might think avoidance can help lower anxiety and may make you feel better but in the long run, avoidance maintains and actually heightens anxiety to worst levels.

Yoga Poses For Stretching – Broad Classification And Benefits

Yoga poses or Asanas make yoga a unique way of attaining physical, psychological and spiritual health. The secret of increasing awareness and popularity of yoga internationally lies to a greater extent in various yoga poses. The objective behind performing yoga is attaining both strength and flexibility. And this unique combination hardly found in any other work out is an outcome of yoga positions. These positions are several combinations of stretching and breathing. Yoga poses are classified into several types depending on the posture and the resulting benefits. Some of them are for a certain part of the body and benefit that particular part while some are performed using whole body and offer benefits to the whole body. These poses are broadly categorised as standing poses, seated poses, back bends, forward bends, balance, twists, supine and prone poses, inversion and relaxation poses.

Standing positions

Mountain pose (Parvatasan) is considered to be the most basic standing pose and can be used to form several other asanas. These poses are mainly intended to benefit legs and hips and they help attain improved posture. Remarkable benefits of standing positions are strong leg muscles, increased mobility in neck and shoulder and improved flexibility in pelvis and lower back.

Seated positions

Lotus Pose (Padmasana) is a basic seated pose and is used in several other asanas. There are mainly two types of seated poses, one with legs crossed and other with legs folded back. These poses are intended for strengthening back, lower back and hips. These poses offer agility to spine and flexibility to hips, knees, ankles and groins. Combinations of deep breating, normal breathing, fast breathing and breath control with the basic seated position are used for attaining benefits like mental peace and curing breathing related ailments.

Back bends

As the name suggests, the positions aim at strengthening chest, rib, cage, arms and shoulders. The poses result into relaxing the front body, hips, arms and shoulders and improving the stability of the spine. Proper back bends help cure old backache and shoulder pain.

Forward bends

The positions are beneficial for strengthening lower back, back, spine, shoulders and neck. The positions are ideal for escaping from old neck stiffness and spinal pain. These positions are helpful in attaining a feeling of relaxation and calmness.


Balance or Santulan poses are intended for improving body posture, muscle toning, concentration and co-ordination. It aims at strengthening the spine and obtaining control on it to stop you from falling an increasing your stamina. However, these type are poses should be performed only by advice of and in presence of yoga experts.


Even though the name sounds strange, these poses performed properly with expert guidance help to release body tension and stiffness. Performed to the both sides of the body, twists result into increased shoulder and hip mobility, spine flexibility and escape from backache.

Supine and prone poses

There are several asanas in supine and prone poses. Supine poses are performed on one’s back and ideally offer improved spinal mobility and strong abdominal and hip muscles. In some combinations of these poses the body is either totally kept flat on the floor or is lifted up from the floor totally or partially with the support of hands or legs or both.

Prone poses are performed facing the floor. These poses help strengthen arms, shoulders, spine and legs. They also help relaxing back and lower back and are used as a solution for backache. In some of the combinations in these poses, upper half or lower half or both the parts are stretched and lifted a little up supporting them by abdomen.


As the name suggests, these poses are performed keeping legs at higher position than heart. This leads improved blood circulation in the upper body. One of the most famous asanas in this pose is Sheershasana, which is keeping your body upside down for few seconds.


These poses are simple relaxing positions, which calm the body and mind after performing other poses. They help to cool the body down and attain mental peace.

There are several poses in each of the above sections. From its origin in ancient times, there have been several additions, modifications in yoga poses and their combinations. Yoga poses can effectively be used as therapy for curing some of the old ailments and pains which otherwise do not respond to modern medicines.

Resume Tips to Nail That Job Interview

Your resume is extremely important. Think about it. In the span of a few pages, you need to convey that YOU are worthy of at least being considered for that job vacancy. It really does not matter if you are applying for a manager job or an executive position, what's important is that the resume contents and resume layout fit the position at hand. Sadly, many ruin their chances at job success because they can not format their resumes properly. Do not be one of them. Follow our resume tips and you'll get the chance you deserve.

Resume Tips to Help you Get that Job Interview Call

Before you go on your hunt for great job interview tips, you should first focus on writing a great resume. After all, the job interview will come IF your resume says you deserve it.

Resume Tip No. 1 – Different resume types require different resume formats.

Your resume is really your 'first impression' and just like any real, one-on-one interview, it's important that your resume conveys the right 'image'. For instance, an executive resume is best presented with a cover letter outlining the highlights of your career. For the succeeding pages, it's best to list your work experience in reverse chronological order (ie, most recent first). For mid-level positions, a cover letter is not really required. For new graduations, it's best to start your resume with your educational attainment and any related 'on-the-job' training or seminars even if you are currently employed.

Apart from the above, you can not go wrong with using a clear, easy-to-read font like Times New Roman 10 pt or 12 pt. Also, assuming you send in your resume via email, use general Word processing software like Microsoft Word. Do not use the latest version as it may not yet be used by those handling recruitments, rending your resume un-open and then, useless.

Resume Tip No. 2. Include a no BS executive summary.

Job recruiters get really annoyed when they're fed with Executive Summaries that are VAGUE. The Executive Summary must answer the question on why you are the best candidate for the job. The best resume layout for this would be to enumerate your skills in a bulleted list. Each skill should be written so that it clearly shows how that skill makes you a perfect fit for the job vacancy in particular, and the company in general.

Resume Tip No. 3 – Do NOT lie.

Who does not embellish his resume to get that job interview? That's true … but do not exaggerate to the point of lying either. For instance, you know that figures are great in resumes, but do not say "Managed a $ 50 million dollar publishing project …" if it you can not back up that figure. Do not forget that job recruiters, especially for managerial and executive positions, really do check up with previous employers.

Resume Tip No. 4 – What about online resumes?

A great resume tip that does not cost anything at all is to view sample online resumes! There's a lot of information out there for different types of resumes with samples to boot so do give them a try. Apart from free samples, there are also ready-to-use online resume templates you can purchase where all you need to do is just 'fill out the blanks'. If you opt for this, just ensure that the template really fits your resume needs.

Resume Tip No. 5 – Hire a professional resume writer.

When all else fails, or if you do not have the time, or the job is simply too important that you want to go in with your BEST chance at landing a job interview, then by all means, get the services of a professional resume writer. Not everybody is blessed with having that special way with words so a professional CV writer can definitely help you. Note too that such a person can help you 'smooth out' some job history problems you may have such as employment gaps or 'job hopping' trends (ie, moving from one job to another in relative short periods of time).

When it comes top writing resumes, you should always put your best foot forward so you get called for that job interview. Hopefully, the resume tips we've provided here helps you achieve exactly that.

Breast Cancer – A Death Sentence Caused By Neglect

The largest majority of women who concern themselves over developing breast cancer are the ones who do not even bother to do a self examination (Not all)

Self inspection of the breasts should be a main priority for every woman. Breast cancer caught in the early stages of growth will give better odds for the patient to control the disease with the help of today`s modern medicines and technology.

Breast cancer is common among the female species and can be a death sentence if ignored. By neglecting yourself in this department with absent regular check ups then you can expect a painful road ahead – congested of heartache and pain for those close to you as well. Breast cancer is treatable, so now is the time to set a date in the diary for regular self breast examination.

One of the first signs or symptoms of breast cancer is a lump in the breast. You will find that most breast lumps discovered early are rated as 9 out of 10 as being benign. Breast lumpiness can be that of breast change which usually becomes more obvious just before the start of a period, particularly in women over the age of 35

Also cysts / sacs of fluid is not uncommon in the breast tissue causing a sense of lumpiness. Fibroadenoma is a collection of fibrous glandular tissue which is more often known to occur in younger women
If you notice a change in the shape / size of the breast or a lump even thickening then always check this out with your doctor. Other signs to look out for is dimpling of the skin or nipple shape changing, for example, if the nipple turns in or sinks back into the breast. Blood-stained discharge from the nipple or an unusual blemish or rash around the surrounding area needs to be checked out.

A swelling or lump under your armpit can also be a sign. If you have found that you have any of the above symptoms then seek medical attention right away.

Do not worry at this stage because breast lumps as such do not necessarily mean cancer. However the above mentioned inverted nipple or blood stained discharge etc can mean another type of ailment, either way these will need attention

The doctor will examine the breast and if necessary will refer you to a specialist for further checks. If the results from a mammogram or ultra sound shows a cyst, then to have it removed may entail draining it through a fine needle. If the lump is solid then treatment will be with the use of a very fine needle where a sample of tissue will be taken and tested for cancer cells.

This is a disease you can fight but once it spreads, then the breast cancer becomes a battlefield leaving you fighting for survival. Early detection can stop this war.

The 2 + 2 + 2 Strategy to Complete High School and College in 6 Years

We have pioneered the process of helping students complete high school and college in six years. Our 2 + 2 + 2 strategy moves the ambitious student through two years of high school to develop the foundation of skills and abilities to tackle college level courses early, two years of dual credit college work combining the last two years of high school and the first two years of college, then completing the last two years of college. Here's how we do this.

Most community colleges will allow juniors to cross-enroll for dual high school – college credit. Ambitions students can take this opportunity to double up on credit and shave two years off of high school and college.

1 – You have to be advanced and ambitious. If you are not a consistent AB student and tend to just get by, this is not for you. You have to prove yourself capable of doing college work. This means being mature, responsible, and self-motivated.

2 – You need to make sure you have proper counsel and advice. Do not take advice from anyone who has not done this. Certainly do not listen to people who want to pooh-pooh the idea.

3. Course substitutions. Remember, you still have to meet certain secondary school requirements for a high school diploma regardless of the number of college courses you take and what grades you make. Here is a generic list of college courses and the high school requirements that would satisfy:

• Freshman Composition I and American Literature I (English III)
• Freshman Composition II and British Literature I (English IV)
• US History I & II (American History)
• US Government (American Government)
• Introduction to Economics (Economics)
• College Algebra (Algebra II)
• Pre-Calculus (Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus)
• Speech Communications (Speech)
• General Biology (Biology I) – Some states only require 2 years of science so you might not need this.
• Introduction to Sociology (Elective) – Usually not required for high school, but many colleges require this or similar courses.
• Introductions to Psychology (Elective) – same as Sociology
• Humanities (Elective) – same as Sociology
• Introduction to Computers (Technology)
• Personal Fitness (PE) – Believe it not, most colleges require PE.

This is provided as an example. Your personal situation may be different, as may your high school requirements.

One factor you need to consider is that you will be taking actual college courses instead of AP classes – which means you get real college credit instead of AP credit. Also, because you will already be in college, you probably do not need to take SATs or ACTs (some colleges require some sort of entry or placement test), and you do not need to worry about class rank.

A second factor is that when you do this, you will enter into a whole new world where conventional rules do not apply. You will not be in any sort of competition for admission or scholarships. Your focus will be to position yourself for a transfer scholarship to a four-year college. Your grades will speak for themselves. Many four-year colleges set aside significant scholarships for junior college transfers. I have worked with many students who received full transfer scholarships to four-year colleges – even Harvard!

A third factor is that you probably will not be getting a scholarship for community college, though some do offer them. You will, however, be able to apply for Federal financial aid. Even if you do not, most community colleges are very affordable.

I can count dozens of students who have done this. Many have gone on to graduate school, medical school, and law school. This might be an option for a more ambitious student who is getting bored with high school.

Workplace Dangers of H2S

Hydrogen Sulphide gas (H2S) is a byproduct in many different industries and is one of the leading causes of death in the oil and gas sector. Workers can become exposed to H2S on worksites during the drilling and production process. H2S gas is heavier than air and can collect in low areas such as sewers, pits, tunnels, and gullies and can quickly reach lethal concentrations in confined spaces.

Understanding H2S and how to handle exposure is critical to workplace safety.

The Danger of H2S

H2S is a colorless, toxic, flammable, and explosive gas that is heavier than air. It does have a strong odor similar to rotten eggs at low concentrations, but can only be detected by smell at concentrations ranging from 0.01-0.3 parts per million (ppm). Detecting H2S gas by relying solely on its odor is not a good idea because at concentrations above 100 ppm it quickly deadens a person’s sense of smell.

Exposure to even very low concentrations of H2S can produce symptoms including eye irritation, light sensitivity, and vision problems, reduced sense of smell, sore nose and throat, difficulty breathing, headache, confusion, nausea, disorientation, and vomiting. In higher concentrations, H2S can paralyze the muscles that control breathing and cause death within seconds.

H2S in any concentrations should be considered dangerous as it is impossible to determine exactly what level will result in symptoms because everyone’s body processes it differently.

How to Reduce the Risk of H2S

The most effective way to reduce the risk of H2S exposure is to eliminate the source. If that’s not possible, other risk controls should be used:

1. Engineering Controls: These involve making modifications to facilities, equipment, and processes. Some examples include scrubbers, ventilation, air monitoring equipment and alarms, and wind direction indicators.

2. Administrative controls: These involve changing work practices and policies. Some examples include exposure control plans, warning signs, rescue plans, and training.

3. Personal protective equipment (PPE): This involves equipping workers with the proper respirators, eye wear, and protective clothing, and ensuring that PPE is regularly inspected and tested.

H2S Alive Training

H2S training is required for any worker who may potentially be exposed to H2S trade, regardless of occupation. H2S Alive is the standard training course for the oil and gas industry in Canada and combines theory and hands-on learning in a classroom environment. It is a full day course that reviews the physical properties of H2S, how to identify it, locations where it can be found, and its health hazards. Hazard recognition and control is discussed and various detection methods are discussed and demonstrated. The course will also cover approved breathing apparatuses and how to inspect and operate them effectively. The Initial Response Strategy will also be reviewed along with doing various rescue and drag techniques on victims. The goal of the training is to enable workers to save their own life or others in the event of an H2S release.

Upon successful completion of the course, the H2S Alive certification is valid for three years.

H2S is a potential hazard on any oil and gas worksite. Understanding the risk, putting controls in place, and making sure that all workers receive proper training is critical to ensuring workplace safety.

Are Drinking Water Stations Poisoning Our Children?

We send our kids off to school every day and for the most part we assume that they will be safe. But recent studies have shown that the very places we trust with our children may actually be poisoning them with lead contaminated drinking water. Those drinking water stations or water fountains where kids love to congregate can actually be a hidden source of danger to our children's health.

Recently, during a three-month investigation, news reports found that thousands of children could be ingesting water from drinking water stations with unsafe levels of lead and that often school district officials may have known about the problem for years.

The investigation began when reporters learned from concerned parents that teachers were telling the children not to drink the water. A number of parents pushed the school district to test the water and what they found was pretty shocking.

One drinking water station was found to have more than seven times the level of what the Environmental Protection Agency says is a safe level of lead. When sampling was done at 30 other schools it was found that nine out of 30 schools tested, or 30 percent, had some fountains with unsafe levels of lead.

According to US EPA standards, drinking water is unsafe if it has 15 parts per billion of lead or more. One fountain tested had 32 parts per billion. That's more than double the unsafe levels of lead. Three of six drinking water stations tested had above the safe level and one school's entire kindergarten area had even higher level of lead-laced water.

At one school the tap water in the nurse's office, used to give kids water to take medicines, was tested and shown to have more than two and a half times the EPA acceptable levels of lead.

These are lead levels that could have serious effects on our children. Even low levels of lead exposure in young children can cause persistent nervous system damage, low IQ, attention deficit disorder and a number of other learning and behavioral problems. But a more serious fact to consider is that the very high levels of lead pollution, like those found at some school drinking water stations, can cause mental retardation, coma, convulsions, and even death.

In recent years a number of tragic events have shown us that our schools are not always as safe as we had thought and we can no longer take for granted the fact that children are not poisoned by lead contaminated drinking water. That this is a problem that can actually be easily remedied within any school district by filtration systems, is a tragedy within itself. Parents have a right to feel secure in knowing that when their children are laughing and jostling around that drinking water station, the water they are drinking is safe for consumption.

Perhaps the school districts need to join the millions of families that have bought water filtration systems before our children feel the consequences.

Types and Symptoms Of Heart Valve Disease

There are two types of heart valve disease – heart disease resulting from narrowed heart valves, and heart disease resulting from leaky heart valves. Each of them stems from several different causes, ranging from birth defects, to bacterial infection, to aging.

Congential Heart Valve Disease
Congenital heart valve is the most common, and can result in inflexible or narrowed, or floppy, valves, or irregular valve flaps. Congenital heart valve disease is often diagnosed within a few days of a baby's birth, but if the defect is minor, it may not be discovered until much later. Heart valve disease can be very hard to diagnose because some forms of it do not produce symptoms.

Some people, however, acquire heart valve disease because of complications from another disease such as heart muscle disease, coronary artery disease and heart attack. A child who has suffered from a rheumatic heart disease because of a simple strep throat will likely have a valvular disease when he or she reaches adulthood.

Heart valve disease, however, can also develop as a complication from some other illness; children who have had rheumatic fever following an untreated case of strep throat have a greater than fifty percent chance of developing scarring on their heart valves. A heart with scarred valves has to work harder than one with smooth ones, and as the years mount, the extra strain on the heart can lead to rheumatic heart disease.

Another form of heart valve disease which can result from infection is endiocarditis. Endiocarditis develops when bacteria enter the bloodstream during surgery or dental procedures, causing inflammation of the heart and scarring both its valves and leaflets. In the case of endiocarditis, the scarred leaflets will allow blood entering the heart to back up, or "regurgitate," diminishing the blood volume within the heart and the amount of blood and oxygen which reaches the body's other organs.

The elderly are susceptible to heart valve disease resulting from calcification, or calcium deposit buildup, along the valves.

Testing For Heart Valve Disease
Echocardiograms and MRIs are the tests best suited to diagnose heart valve disease. Either one will give the cardiologist a good look at abnormalities both in the main chambers of the heart and all its smaller structures including the valves.

Symptoms of heart valve disease [http://www.treatheartdiseasehelp.com/Heart_Valve_Disease/] can include vertigo resulting from a quick shift of positions, such as standing up or sitting, heart palpitations or racing, shortness of breath after minimal activity, and sever afternoon fatigue.

Those experiencing any of these symptoms on a regular basis should arrange to see a cardiologist and be tested for a heart murmurs, a strong indication of heart valve disease.

Bio Terrorist Attack Plans

Recently Las Vegas finished a simulated biological attack on the Paradise City Strip. In the simulation they quickly blocked off the area and washed 500 people. They have a plan in place as they are an obvious target. Las Vegas is not the only city that has had practice drills like this, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco also. Washington DC after the fireworks had a massive plan that they tested to get everyone quickly out of the city. We must face the new created reality, which includes possible biological attacks.

One of the worst fears among our citizenry is the possibility of Bio Terrorist threats. Some of this fear is incited by mass media and some of it is real. As the world becomes closer together and information technology makes it easier for rogue nations and scientists to produce deadly diseases, pathogens and viruses using relatively simple dispersion devices, it is necessary to plan to defend against such attack. With a structured plan in place which will net a few losses of life, International Terrorists the weapon of fear by use of Bio Terrorism will most likely not be the first choice of these attackers.

By having a plan, which can be executed quickly and deliberately, there is a chance to have a zero death rate incase of such attack. This is the goal of this research project. After much work in studying the plans of other groups both in the private and public sectors and studying the previous actions and bio-weapons Research of rogue nations, many are putting together such a plan to prevent and deal with a potential attack.

Many believe that if this plan is implemented a large city or community can be isolated and quarantined quickly, treated and be back to normal in 48-64 hours with little or no deaths. The plan requires the cooperation of many agencies, municipalities and private businesses to succeed. Once the plan is in place American Citizens know that in the event of an attack, they will be safe.

Many believe that the alleviation of this fear from the Average American's plate, our people can feel safer and move towards the fulfillment of their pursuit of happiness with their families, hobbies and careers. If we can have plans in place across America to act quickly we will remove the threat and the effectiveness for the International Terrorists and win the war on Terror, by beating the enemy in advance. Think on this.

What's the Difference Between Cold Sore and a Canker Sore?

A cold sore is the outward symptom of an outbreak of (and previous infection by) the herpes simplex virus, probably the type 1 strain. Cold sores are the most common form of herpes simplex infection and are otherwise known as "herpes labialis", which is the infection that occurs when the virus comes into contact with oral mucosa tissue or abraded (scratched) skin.

A canker sore, otherwise known as an aphthous ulcer, is a type of painful oral ulcer that typically occurs inside the mouth (normally on the inside of the lip) or in the upper throat. The disease is also known as "aphthous stomatitis", and when you keep getting it over and over again (it keeps recurring), that particular condition is known as RAS: Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis, and it's one of the most common oral conditions since around 10% of the population is afflicted with it.

The fastest way to distinguish a canker sor from a cold sore, 98% of the time straight away, is this: cold sores almost always occur outside the mouth, it's extremely rare that that they are ever found inside, whereas canker sores always occur inside the mouth.

Canker sores are generally classified into three groups based on size:

1. Minor sores have a diameter of 1-10mm. They are the most common (80% of all canker sores) and usually only last about 7 to 10 days.

2. Major sores (10% of canker sores) will have a diameter of more than 10mm and they may take anywhere from 10 to 30 days to heal. Also, they may leave a scar after they heal.

3. Herpetiform ulcers (the other 10% of all canker sores) are formed by a cluster of multiple small individual sores (less than 3mm each). They also normally heal within 7-10 days.

The most effective current treatment of canker sores has been found to be Vitamin B-12, which is just as effective regardless of whether or not there is a B-12 deficiency present in the patient. Also, anti-biotics and anti-virals are sometimes effective, depending on the situation, but these are rarely prescribed. One of the best things to do to avoid canker sores is to avoid spicy foods and to practice proper dental hygiene on a regular basis.

Bronchitis While Pregnant

During pregnancy, one is prone to getting many infections. Care should be taken to avoid these infections. Bronchitis during pregnancy is caused by viruses and bacteria. The most common causes are the viruses. These are the rhinos viruses, adenoviridae, and the syncytial virus. Infections as a result of these viruses lasts for a few days. The symptoms usually disappear on their own. Bacteria infections need to be medicated using antibiotics.

Bronchitis during pregnancy can cause a lot of distress to the patient. Self medication should be avoided at this time. A proper doctor's diagnosis should be thought for. This will establish the true nature of the condition and the pathogens at play. The pathogens need different treatment plans. You should realize that whatever action you take, it can adversely affect the health of the baby. A doctor's consultation will guide you on the best way to handle the disease.

Bronchitis during pregnancy can worsen some conditions one could be having. These are high blood pressure and morning sickness. Since bronchitis makes one cough a lot vomiting at this time can worsen too. Foods should be taken moderately. A lot of fluids should be taken so as to avoid dehydration. Medication given by the doctor should be taken according to the prescription. The dosage should be finished so as to avoid a re-infection.

When pregnant, you should avoid people who already have the disease. If you have already contracted the disease, immediate action should be taken to avoid the condition progressing to pneumonia. Medication should not be taken without a proper doctor's prescriptions.

Examples of Three, Simple Joint Ventures

When people think Joint Ventures are complicated or difficult, it's good to review some simple examples of real Joint Ventures that I have recently done. Here are three of them:

A Member of the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum (I only deal with Members) set up a meeting with a well-known seminar leader, who agreed to have me speak at one of his seminars. Out of the 30 people attending (each was paying $ 3,000 to attend the program), 14 signed up as Members. This is an unusually high percentage. Anyways, the seminar leader and the Member each made good decisions. This seminar leader has 3,500 people in his database and the next step is to arrange a more formal relationship and also to use a teleconference to sign up more Members. This is a win / win / win / win scenario, done with no cost or risk and very little time. The Member and seminar leader will naturally get good awards on any of those new Members who attend Bootcamps in the future, as well.

Another Member, who is involved in a local church, is arranging for me to present a Bootcamp at the church as a fund raiser. We have agreed on a minimum amount payable per delegate, and all the money will go to the church. I will receive a tax receipt equal to the amount of money raised. We expect, given the amount of church members and the demographic profile, to raise between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 for the day. The church incurs no cost or risk and uses very little time. I sign up new Members and the Member who arranges the JV gets paid on all Members that sign up. In addition, his own business will get great exposure. Everyone wins. This can work for service clubs, sports clubs and societies as well.

A third Member has linked me up with a well connected and influential entrepreneur in another country. All it took was a simple phone call. Any resulting bootcamps or business will make the Member serious money, and as I have not worked in that country before, the sky is the limit.

A Joint Venture Broker is simply someone who understands the power of linking people to solutions. You should spend very little time and money and take no risk. Once you have set the deal up, you can stand back and collect the regular income generated. That's why Joint Ventures is the ideal business. If you have not yet used Joint Ventures, you're missing an amazing opportunity.

South Beach Diet and Diabetes – Switching Lifestyles

Is there a connection between the South Beach diet and diabetes?

This medical condition is a chronic disorder where the level of sugar or glucose in the blood becomes increasingly high or elevated. Glucose in the blood is an important source of energy for the body in order to perform bodily functions.

At a healthy level of body sugar, our bodies are able to function well. When this level consistently elevates or depreciates, metabolic processes are affected resulting in complications that affect the kidneys, the heart, blood vessels and nerves, and even the eyes.

A Matter Of Lifestyle

Until today, there is no known cure to diabetes, and most medical treatment of this condition depends on lifestyle modifications such as dietary support, exercise and insulin injection. Because of this, diabetes is said to be a “lifestyle” disease. The latest news however is that the South Beach diet may just be the right approach to take in countering the deleterious effects of the “Western” lifestyle.

It was cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston of Miami, Florida who started the so-called South Beach diet. It is a diet plan that emphasizes the consumption of “good carbohydrates” and “good fats.” It was first developed for cardiac patients based on the scientific dieting research of Dr. Agatston.

The basic principle surrounding the South Beach diet involves the excess consumption of the so-called bad carbohydrates found in carbohydrates with high glycemic index, which creates an insulin resistance syndrome, resulting in the insulin’s inability to properly process fat or sugar.

Bad Fats Versus Good Fats

Dr. Agatston also believed that consumption of “bad fats” such as saturated and trans-fats increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. In order to avoid these possible conditions, the South Beach diet reduces consumption of both bad fats and carbohydrates and encourages eating of good fats and carbohydrates.

Recent statistics show that incidence of diabetes is significantly higher in developed countries where people live a fast-paced life. This shows the connection between a lifestyle indicated by stress, consumption of processed food and the lack of healthy food, and the concentration of cases of diabetes.

While at the moment a direct cure to diabetes have yet to be discovered, treating diabetes would involve changing lifestyle patterns that aggravate the metabolic disorder. This most importantly involves altering food habits and eating patterns.

A healthy diet is an important ally in the fight against diabetes. Altering lifestyle patterns can significantly contribute towards the prevention of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. An example of such a healthy eating pattern is the South Beach diet. By reducing consumption of both bad fats and carbohydrates and encouraging intake of good fats and carbohydrates, one can lose weight and also maintain a healthy level of body glucose.

Bad Carbohydrates Too?

Like most diabetic diet plans, the South Beach diet differentiates food products into good and bad carbohydrates based on the glycemic index or the pattern, which identifies the rate when and where digested food can increase levels of glucose in the blood.

Consuming bad carbohydrates, according to the South Beach diet, causes an increase release of insulin and makes one feel hungrier, resulting in overeating and gain in body weight. Increased body weight makes a person susceptible to diabetes. From this perspective, a South Beach diet is a good way to maintain a healthy diabetic diet meal plan.

Some people, however, remain skeptical about the South Beach diet’s ability to help persons with diabetes. A number of diabetic specialists believe that the glycemic index does not indicate a significant role in controlling weight. It is rather the quantity of carbohydrate intake that affects weight.

A Shift In Perspective

Like a healthy diabetic diet plan, the South Beach diet emphasizes a permanent shift in one’s eating attitude, choosing from a wide range of health food and creating a meal plan with ease and flexibility. It encourages eating whole grains and vegetables together with ample amount of mono and polyunsaturated fats like omega 3 fatty acids that can be found in fish. Consumption of processed food products, meat with high fat content, and saturated fats is strongly discouraged.

John Kenneth Galbraith, a contemporary writer and author of the book The Affluent Society, wrote, “More die in the United States of too much food than of too little.” Clearly, whether or not the South Beach diet significantly or directly reduces the effects of diabetes and helps control glucose within moderate levels, it evidently shows that what kind, how much, and at what time do we eat can greatly affect the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. By embracing a healthy eating pattern, such as the South Beach diet, the occurrence of diabetes may just be controlled.

Causes of Childhood Obesity and How to Avoid Them

One of the more prominent causes of childhood obesity is good old mom and dad.

Yes, it’s true our children learn a good part of all their behavior and develop future habits from their parents, relatives and friends, especially when they are very young. Their eating habits are no different, in fact healthy eating habits or the lack thereof, more than any other behavior… starts at home.

– If you allow your children to dictate the rules, the results will not be good.

They certainly will not always do as you ask, but monkey see, monkey do. If fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods are a staple in the home, they’ll pick up on it. That’s not to say we need to eliminate all the goodies, we all need those from time to time. We just need the basic framework to be in place

Other Causes of Obesity

Unhealthy eating habits learned at a young age, while certainly a root cause of obesity for some kids, is not the sole cause for many others. Physical inactivity is also a large contributor in many children. Video games and obesity unfortunately can often go hand-in-hand.

With all the unbelievably realistic video games, movies, and constant new additions in electronic devices, it can be tough to get off the couch, for adults as well as for the kids.

How to Escape the Effects of Childhood Obesity

Well, number one of course is to set a good example. They learn from you, so do your best to show them the importance of physical activities, and how much fun they can be. Take the family biking, camping or hiking or even just a walk. Any number of fun physical activities should be a regular part of the family routine.

While it’s true that many children are picky eaters, they learn from us what is healthy and what they should be eating. To avoid the causes of childhood obesity, the rules of healthy eating and the importance of a balanced healthy diet must start young, and the sooner the better.

If your child is overweight, let them know they are loved and appreciated no matter what. If they eat healthy and continue to be physically active, they’ll grow up healthy and happy and the weight will usually stabilize. If not, it’s all the more important our kids know that they have our acceptance and approval.

Where to Start?

– Again, show them how much fun being physically active can be, the key word being “fun”. Children should get a minimum of 1 hour of physical activity each and every day. Shut off the computer and take them to the park or ball field if you have to!

– Limit television and computer time, it’s really a must these days.

– Make sure to provide a balanced healthy diet for the family, and keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand so when they do get hungry, and you know they will, the right stuff is available and handy. A bowl of apples, oranges and believe it or not, even carrot sticks will disappear fast when young stomachs growl.

– Eat meals at home and as a family as often as you can, where you can guide their food choices to healthy ones.

– Don’t allow foods or snacks of any kind when watching TV. If the kids need a snack, eat it in the kitchen, a habit that will serve them well in the future. Never use food as punishment for your child’s bad behavior, or as a reward for good behavior, it sends the wrong message.

– Avoid all sugary drinks if possible, encourage water as the drink of choice. It will save their teeth, their waistlines, and your pocketbook… not to mention their health!

The habits that are formed by our kids as children, will follow them throughout their lives, try to make them healthy habits.

Remember that 70% of all overweight or obese adolescents will become overweight or obese adults!